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1 THE WORLD'S ONLY DATA AND DATACENTER MIGRATION SPECIALISTS Theres no need to fear your next migration Data migration. Its a term that strikes fear into the hearts of IT administrators and managers worldwide...

2 We offer a comprehensive range of data migration, datacenter relocation and Data and Datacenter Migrations related services, including: CAN BE TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES ADVANCED DATA MIGRATION SERVICES Thats because migrations and relocations can be terrifyingly tense times, All open operating systems supported: Storage and SAN Systems supported: fraught with cost overruns and delays. Extended downtime and devastating Microsoft Windows, Linux, EMC, HP, HDS, IBM, FalconStor, data loses are all too common. And upon the success of your migration rides ESX VMWare, Microsoft NetApp, Dell, Nimble, XIO, the very future of your company. Hyper-V, Citrix, IBM AIX, Nexsan, Fujitsu, Oracle, Cisco, HP/UX, Solaris, Others Brocade, and many more No wonder data migrations and datacenter relocations are universally feared events. But it doesnt have to be that way TESTING AND ASSESSMENTS Testing services include: Assessment services include: Trust Your Data to THE Migration Specialists Performance testing Site and infrastructure analysis User acceptance testing Server consolidation and Theres no shortage of companies dabbling in data migration and datacenter Security testing virtualization recommendations relocation. They offer migration services as an afterthought add-on to a Development of a comprehensive multitude of service offerings. Data migration is something they do on the side. migration strategy But at DAG, we live and breathe data migration and datacenter relocation. Its what we do. Its all we do. Were the only company on the planet that focuses DATACENTER RELOCATION solely on data migration, datacenter relocation and directly related services. Risk and Resource Management Target Facility Physical Preparation Equipment Survey and Evaluation Project Planning and Management Thats why were better than anyone else at taking the fear out of Rack and Stack Physical Relocation (including transport migration events. and installation at the target datacenter) And our vast experience mitigates the risk of these common datacenter relocation problems: Physical damage to devices in transport Device failure due to age or internal equipment issues Power surge upon reinstall Environmental (cooling) issues at destination DATA AGILITY GROUP SERVICES OVERVIEW Perhaps youre replacing legacy equipment. Maybe youre moving to a new geographic DATACENTER CABLING AND INFRASTRUCTURE location. Or maybe youve decided its time to relocate to the cloud. Whatever the motivation We offer a wide range of structured cabling services, for your change, a migration stands between where you are now, and where you want to be. reflectingthe virtually limitless variations in IT products, including: For many companies, a migration has turned out to be a fearsome obstacle in their quest to fiber optic cabling, copper cabling, datacenter improve IT operations. But for DAG clients, a migration event is just a seamless transition from design, infrastructure build, testing & the old to the new, from the not-so-good to the better. documentation, relocations and migrations Making the change youre contemplating - going from where you are to where you want Cabling infrastructure solutions include: to be - might be the source of many headaches. But migrating your data and datacenter doesnt Network and SAN copper zoned cabling have to be one of them. Network and SAN fiber zoned cabling SAN port replication Thats why were here. Custom Patching solutions

3 DATA AGILITY GROUP Since 2007, DAG has safely migrated hundreds of petabytes of data for clients worldwide, on time and on budget. Our proprietary No-Downtime methodology assures a safe, smooth and seamless transition with no business disruptions. And we partner with industry-leading service providers and vendors, enabling a single point-of-contact for clients through all phases of the migration process. USA: 1212 Corporate Drive, #160 972-746-4604 Irving, TX 75038 [email protected] UAE: Dubai Internet City United Arab Emirates

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