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  • Mar 21, 2016
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1 The Leadership Leading High Impact Leadership Learning Transition for Results Programme to Lead Participant profile Participant profile Experienced, mid-career executives in Middle-ranking or senior executives from Managers with at least 3-6 years Professionals making their first transition upper-middle to senior level positions all functional areas with more than 6 years experience in leadership roles (including from individual contributor to managing preparing to take on enhanced leadership experience as managers, who have made MBA graduates), who are looking for people and having responsibility for responsibilities within their organisations the transition from managing individual specific training in leadership and direct subordinates Particularly those who are moving from contributors to managing other managers management Drawn from all professional backgrounds functional or operational roles into roles Typically they have increasingly broad The programme will benefit a range and age ranges, participants share a that are more strategic responsibilities, high potential for more of candidates from high-potentials to desire to develop people-management senior leadership positions and can experienced technical specialists who skills, whether they are making the impact organisational results by inspiring have come to leadership positions late in transition or have made this move within extraordinary achievement their careers the last two years Programme content Programme content Latest leadership models and current T ransformation of experienced managers Understanding organisations: their Mastering the leadership skills essential to thinking on how adults learn and change into leaders able to set direction and structure, culture, and behaviour; how becoming a successful manager of people What leaders really do, whether they provide a results-oriented vision to influence and incentivise people Developing people skills to lead are born or made and comparisons to Improving effectiveness through leveraging formal structures and informal teams, motivate others, reinforce good renowned leaders and their styles detailed self-assessment and 360-degree networks performance, correct undesired behaviour Building networks, seeking continual feedback, culminating in a personal Leading teams: the interface between and provide constructive feedback self-improvement through 360-degree leadership development action plan the individual and the organisation; how effectively feedback and enhanced coaching skills Creating a culture of achievement to manage internal group processes and Learning frameworks, tools and techniques for change by aligning resources, developing develop talent; how to manage external to support different managerial roles capabilities and inspiring action sources of knowledge, information and support Developing leadership skills: hands- on workshop; practical sessions with coaching and group work to develop self-awareness, address personal weaknesses and build on personal strengths, culminating in the creation of an individual development plan with post- programme follow-up Key benefits Key benefits V aluable insight into leadership style Clear insights into the strengths and Understand how organisations work and Develop clear insights into individual and its impact weaknesses of your leadership style how to develop and use your professional strengths and weaknesses as a leader Develop a more constructive use of Resources for creating vision and setting network to achieve your objectives Acquire confidence and tools to create leadership power, allowing for more direction to guide individuals, teams and Learn how to create and maintain a high- vision and set team direction for greater effective behaviour and results as a leader organisations to create a high-performance talent, high-energy and high-performance success Become a more effective change agent, culture X-team Master frameworks and tools to inspire facilitating an increase in positive results Frameworks for inspiring people and Enhance your ability to obtain results people and motivate them to perform from senior-level initiatives motivating them to perform better through others by improving self- better Tools for energising individuals, teams and awareness, motivating your team, and organisations influencing your organisation 5 days + 2 days 5 days 5 days 3 days Length Length Fontainebleau Fontainebleau Fontainebleau Fontainebleau Location Location Singapore Singapore Singapore

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