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1 Johns Hopkins Books in Education 2013-2014

2 Spring 2014 The Athletic Trap Transforming a College How College Sports Corrupted the Academy The Story of a Little-Known Colleges Strategic Howard L. Nixon II Climb to National Distinction updated edition How the commercial model of college sports en- George Keller tangles presidents, boards, and their institutions with a new foreword by Leo M. Lambert in a complex web of dysfunctional commitments. 2014 144 pp. 2014 240 pp., 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-1447-8 $24.95 paperback 978-1-4214-1195-8 $29.95 hardcover Also available as an e-book Also available as an e-book The Attainment Agenda Essential Documents in the History State Policy Leadership in Higher Education of American Higher Education Laura W. Perna and Joni E. Finney John R. Thelin foreword by Patrick Callan A dynamic and thoughtful collection by the Effective state policy leadership is the single fields top scholar. greatest indicator of high college attainment. 2014 384 pp., 2 halftones, 3 line drawings 978-1-4214-1422-5 $29.95 paperback 2014 320 pp., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1406-5 $49.95 hardcover Also available as an e-book Also available as an e-book Postsecondary Play Professors and Their Politics The Role of Games and Social Media edited by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons in Higher Education Dispels the prevailing belief that colleges are edited by William G. Tierney, Zo B. Corwin, hotbeds of liberalism. Tracy Fullerton, and Gisele Ragusa 2014 352 pp., 15 line drawings Games and social media can improve college 978-1-4214-1334-1 $49.95 paperback access, attract and support students, and boost Also available as an e-book rates of completion. The Boy Problem 2014 320 pp., 6 halftones, 6 line drawings 978-1-4214-1306-8 $45.00 hardcover Educating Boys in Urban America, 18701970 Also available as an e-book Julia Grant Transforming Students A historical perspective on the factors that Fulfilling the Promise of Higher Education disadvantage boys in school. Charity Johansson and Peter Felten 2014 248 pp. 978-1-4214-1259-7 $45.00 hardcover 2014 128 pp. Also available as an e-book 978-1-4214-1437-9 $24.95 paperback Also available as an e-book 2 Johns Hopkins University Press

3 Fall 2013 How Universities Work Presidencies Derailed John V. Lombardi Why University Leaders Fail and How to Prevent It This is an important book for people interested Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, in how one of Americas most successful Gerald B. Kauvar, and E. Grady Bogue organizational designs can continue to be a key How do some university presidents lose their contributor to national success in the decades way, and why are their consequential dismiss- ahead.Michael Crow, president, Arizona State als given so much media attention? University Without qualification, this book is and will remain 2013 240 pp. 978-1-4214-1122-4 $24.95 paperback the classic on why university presidents succeed Also available as an e-book or fail. Not to mention the lessons also apply to all top leadership!Warren Bennis, University of Remaking College Southern California Innovation and the Liberal Arts 2013 184 pp., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1024-1 $34.95 hardcover edited by Rebecca Chopp, Susan Frost, Also available as an e-book and Daniel H. Weiss This collection of essays by presidents and Gap Year other leaders in higher education is both clear- How Delaying College Changes People sighted about challenges facing small, liberal in Ways the World Needs arts colleges and inspiring for the ways in which Joseph OShea it clearly illustrates both the great flexibility of OShea asks whether gap years are worthwhile the sector and the deeply held values that fuel with gusto and authority. His rich qualitative its continuing creativity.S. Georgia Nugent, approach, packed with student interviews, President, Kenyon College provides ample evidence that the answer is 2013 232 pp., 3 line drawings Yes. That year, done well, can be a springboard 978-1-4214-1134-7 $45.00 hardcover Also available as an e-book to college success by giving students strength, grit, confidence, inspiration, knowledge, curiosity, empathy, and more.John B. Bader, author of Deans List: Eleven Habits of Highly Successful College Students 2013 200 pp. 978-1-4214-1036-4 $29.95 paperback Also available as an e-book Johns Hopkins University Press 3

4 Recently Published Suing Alma Mater The Sustainable University Higher Education and the Courts Green Goals and New Challenges for Higher Education Leaders Michael A. Olivas James Martin, James E. Samels This careful reading of six legal cases in & Associates American higher education is an essential primer for understanding contemporary In a series of case studies and examples, litigation. the authors conclude there is, ultimately, no common path to sustainability success. How- 2013 240 pp. 978-1-4214-0923-8 $32.95 paperback ever, administrators and community partners Also available as an e-book can work together to find the solutions that work best for them.University Business Rebellion in Black and White 2012 352 pp., 5 halftones, 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-1251-1 $29.95 paperback Southern Student Activism in the 1960s Also available as an e-book edited by Robert Cohen and David J. Snyder Turnaround foreword by Dan T. Carter Leading Stressed Colleges and Universities Rebellion in Black and White recovers a rich to Excellence history of protest and activism on southern James Martin, James E. Samels college campuses in the 1960s and early & Associates 1970s and disrupts the framework that has All university leaders will find it a handy long shaped popular understandings of that era.Patricia Sullivan, author of Lift Every reference.Times Higher Education Supplement Voice: The NAACP and the Making of the Civil 2008 328 pp., 1 line drawing Rights Movement 978-1-4214-0954-2 $25.00 paperback Also available as an e-book 2013 368 pp., 12 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-0850-7 $29.95 paperback Also available as an e-book UniversityPress 4 Johns Hopkins University Press

5 Cheating in College Cultivating Inquiry-Driven Why Students Do It and What Educators Can Learners Do about It A College Education Donald L. McCabe, for the Twenty-First Century Kenneth D. Butterfield, Clifton Conrad and Laura Dunek and Linda K. Trevio This book revitalizes the notion of a well- With academic dishonesty on the rise, this rounded education by describing how book explains why students cheat, how to inquiry-driven learning is critically important foster integrity, and why it matters. for these times.Matthew Hartley, University of Pennsylvania 2012 240 pp., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-0716-6 $39.95 hardcover 2012 152 pp., 1 line drawing Also available as an e-book 978-1-4214-0599-5 $24.95 paperback Also available as an e-book Getting to Graduation The Completion Agenda in Higher Education The Organization of Higher Education edited by Andrew P. Kelly Managing Colleges for a New Era and Mark Schneider edited by Michael N. Bastedo What will it take to achieve President Obamas higher education completion A bold work whereby Bastedo and his agenda? colleagues attempt to span the scholarly chasm between higher education and orga- 2012 344 pp., 8 line drawings 978-1-4214-0622-0 $45.00 hardcover nizational studies.Teachers College Record Also available as an e-book 2012 376 pp., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-0448-6 $30.00 paperback Success on the Tenure Track Also available as an e-book Five Keys to Faculty Job Satisfaction Cathy Ann Trower A critical resource for administrators and other campus leaders interested in improving conditions for faculty on the tenure track, including women and faculty of color.On Campus with Women 2012 288 pp., 18 line drawings 978-1-4214-0597-1 $45.00 hardcover Also available as an e-book Johns Hopkins University Press 5

6 Is Graduate School Really for You? The Whos, Whats, Hows, and Whys of Pursuing a Masters or Ph.D. Amanda I. Seligman For an undergraduate curious about graduate school, this book is a perfect guide.NACADA Journal 2012 184 pp. 978-1-4214-0461-5 $19.95 paperback Also available as an e-book The Morehouse Mystique Becoming a Doctor at the Nations Newest African American Medical School Marybeth Gasman with Louis W. Sullivan An excellent resource for researchers interested in the unique story of the creation and development of African American medical schools in the U.S.Choice 2012 200 pp., 28 halftones, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-0443-1 $35.00 hardcover Also available as an e-book Degrees of Inequality Culture, Class, and Gender in American Higher Education Ann L. Mullen Educators Award, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Outstanding Publication in Postsecondary Education, American Educational Research Association, Division J Paints a vivid and disturbing picture of the growing class divide in American higher education.Innovations blog, Chronicle of Higher Education 2011 264 pp. 978-1-4214-0574-2 $30.00 paperback Also available as an e-book Diversitys Promise for Higher Education Making It Work Daryl G. Smith A must-read for anyone working in higher education . . . This book offers a deep, broad, and forward-looking approach to making diversitys promise for higher education a closer, rather than a distant reality.Review of Higher Education 2010 352 pp., 27 line drawings 978-1-4214-0573-5 $30.00 paperback Also available as an e-book 6 Johns Hopkins University Press

7 Professors Behaving Badly The States and Faculty Misconduct in Graduate Education Public Higher Education Policy John M. Braxton, Eve Proper, Affordability, Access, and Accountability and Alan E. Bayer second edition This book discusses examples of a range of edited by Donald E. Heller faculty misconductand how to avoid it. There may be no better survey of state 2011 240 pp. policy in higher education.Review of 978-1-4214-0219-2 $45.00 hardcover Higher Education Also available as an e-book 2011 288 pp., 27 line drawings 978-1-4214-0122-5 $25.00 paperback A History of American Higher Also available as an e-book Education second edition American Higher Education John R. Thelin in the Twenty-First Century Social, Political, and Economic Challenges Destined to be the standard work in this area for years to come.Journal of College third edition Student Development edited by Philip G. Altbach, Patricia J. Gumport, 2011 504 pp., 16 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-0267-3 $25.00 paperback and Robert O. Berdahl Also available as an e-book This excellent compendium is an indispens- able reference.Journal of Higher Education STEM the Tide Outreach and Engagement Reforming Science, Technology, Engineering, 2011 520 pp., 2 line drawings and Math Education in America 978-0-8018-9906-5 $29.95 paperback Also available as an e-book David E. Drew The well-researched arguments are enthusiastically presented, and the book heralds another call for the renovation and enhancement of a vital part of the curricu- For examination copies lum.Choice go to 2011 264 pp., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-0094-5 $35.00 hardcover Also available as a book Johns Hopkins University Press 7

8 O rder F orm Books in Education Save 25% CUSTOMER INFORMATIONPlease print or type METHOD OF PAYMENT TO ORDER: Billing Address: (required by credit card company) o CHECK enclosed (Payable to PHONE: 1-800-537-5487 or 410-516-6965. Call from anywhere within the United States or Canada, Name _______________________________________________ Hopkins Fulfillment Service in U.S. Mon.Fri., 8:30-5:00 ET; (Mention your four-letter discount code for 25% off) dollars, drawn on U.S. bank.) FAX: 410-516-6998. Bldg/Rm# ___________________________________________ o VISA o MasterCard web: (enter your code at checkout). Street Address _____________________________________ o Discover o American Express MAIL: Return this form with payment or complete credit card information. Institutions request- Please note: Credit card charge will ing billing should provide a purchase order and authorized signature. If you do not have an City/State/Zip __________________________________________________ state Hopkins Fulfillment Service established account, please supply three business references and a copy of your state tax exempt certificate (if state tax exempt). Daytime phone _____________________________________ Account #:________________________________________ This catalog is intended for distribution in the u.s. and canada only. Customers with shipping addresses outside the U.S. and Canada should order through their Shipping Address: (if different) Exp. date: ______________________________ local bookseller or distributors. Prices and discounts may vary. All prices subject to change. Signature:_________________________ Name ________________________________________________ ISBN # Author Title Price _________________________________________________________________________ Sec. code: ______________________________ Bldg/Rm# _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ To receive your discount when ordering by Street Address _______________________________________ phone or on the web, mention or insert the _________________________________________________________________________ four-letter DISCOUNT CODE located on City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________ the mailing label. (If no code appears, your _________________________________________________________________________ code is HUZA.) _________________________________________________________________________ Daytime phone _______________________________________ 8 Johns Hopkins University Press Return to: Subtotal: ________ Johns Hopkins University Press c/o Hopkins Fulfillment Service Box 50370, Baltimore, MD 21211-4370 Nonprofit Org. Deduct 25% of Subtotal: ________ Do not use this form for U.S. Postage examination requests. For PAID Residents of CA, CT, DC, FL, GA, HI, MD, MO, NJ, NY, PA, TX, ________ information go to press.jhu. and Canada,_please add applicable sales tax or GST. ________ Baltimore, MD edu. For faster service, return this form with the mailing P ermit 1717 Shipping: Prepaid orders only$5.00 first book, $2.00 each addl. ________ label in place. Outside the U.S. $10.00 first book, $6.00 each addl. ________ TOTAL ________ 2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218

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