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1 Gloso Tech. Inc TAIWAN PAVILION Guangzhou Top Electronic Technology Limited 1F04 GMC-I Messtechnik GMBH / Toppower is a professional manufacturing- GMC-Instruments (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 2M06 enterprise of DC-DC converters. We focus on miniature DC-DC converters researches, produces and markets, Our products including Isolated After over a hundred years of development, power modules and switching power supply have GMC-I is well known for reliable test & been used in many fields; such as: Industrial measuring instruments, successful implementation Control System, Power system of customer-specific solutions and the brand GOSSEN METROWATT, DRANETZ. GMC-I products are conceptualized and developed for the fields of electrical measuring and test Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Stock Co., Ltd. 6E31 technology, energy management, measuring transducers, control technology, power supply technology, recording technology Questions regarding current, voltage, resistance and energy are essential for the reliable evaluation of electrical process. We are keeping the basic need for safety. GW Delight Technology Co., Ltd. 4A01 GW Delight Technology Co., Ltd. is a high- Gravotech (Shanghai) Engraving Equipment tech enterprise of optical access at edge network, offering GEPON and multi-service Co., Ltd. 1F06 products with professional design. Relying on a strong system design, software and chip Garvotech Marking Group products are for engraving and marking development capabilities, a comprehensive equipment, engraving software and materials, and products services. quality management system, sales and marketing network all over the country and standard after-sale service, our products are used in various carries and exported to overseas. Our industrial Ethernet products have been widely used in electric power, coal, oil, railway, highways and other areas. And it has Guan Development Area 1H13 / 1H20 passed a lot of tests by the authority organizations of electrical industry. Guan Development Area upholds the concept of coordinated development and environment Haefely Test AG 5B04 first, and constructs five functional regions of north electronic information industry base, north auto parts industry base, modern The High-Precision Dielectric-Loss Analyzing equipment manufacturing industry base, System 2840 is designed for measurement of urban core region and life supporting region very low dielectric losses and impedances backed up by scientific planning. (Dissipation Factor and Power Factor) of high- voltage apparatus (e.g. extruded insulation on power cables). Guangzhou HuiteS Electric Co., Ltd. 1H17 HAITEC 6B24 Guangzhou South Electric Power Science And Its products are easy to mount and maintain, wide output reduction ratio, large torque and good Technology Development Co., Ltd. 4J01 capability of enduring overloads. It also runs stably with low noise and wearing well. The company also known as Guangzhou Keli General Electric Co., Ltd (KGE) is one of the largest suppliers of power metering system in China. It operates through several major divisions-power metering technologies, power distribution and monitoring technologies and electric vehicle charging technologies. It worked closely with the power smart grid in the development of the EV charging and switching products and solutions. With years of experience and technical reserves in the field of green energy technologies Hanbit Eds Co., Ltd. 5H12 for power system, KGE has released VCS series EV charging facilities and EV charging / switching station solution. Hanbit EDS Co., Ltd. was founded as the spin-off system of KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation) in 1999, and has pursued the development and Guangzhou St. Measurement And marketing of the monitoring and diagnosing systems for power equipment as main business. They Control Technology Co., Ltd. 6E30 developed the worlds first Grounding resistance meter on the hot-line state, and possess the diagnosing Infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer technology for GIS, arrester, and transformer, the professional line for temperature measurement, monitoring technology for power-transmission cable temperature control, has its own unique and tower, the power stabilizing technology, and advantages for small targets, high-temperature various measuring technology. objects 9

2 HANGUANG 2H11 Hebei Guoyuan Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. 5M05 Hangzhou Greatstar Sheffield Hensel (Qingdao) Electrical Installation Tools., Ltd. 1G20 And Distribution Systems Co., Ltd. 2E07 Hensel was founded in 1931. The innovative product range of modern installation and distribution board systems has made it into one of the market leaders in the distribution of electrical energy in the low voltage sector. Their high-quality products are processed in particular by the electrical trade, industry and in electrical installations. Wherever environmental influences, dust and humidity required particularly sophisticated installation technology, its innovative Hangzhou Huali Instruments Co., Ltd. 5H15 solutions enables the reliable and safe distribution of energy up to degree of protection IP 67. (www.hensel-electric.de) Main products are oil temperature indicators and winding temperature indicators for power and distribution transformers. Hitachi, Ltd. 3C02 Pursuing the mission of contributing to Chinas technolongical progress and social development , it has always been providing advanced power generating epuipment, covering thermal power equipment, hydraulic power equipment, nuclear power equipment, renewable sources, environmental protection equipment for a long time. Looking into the future, they plan to make more contributions to China ontinuously. Hangzhou Newland Technology Co., Ltd. 6B27 SF6 gas recovery series products apply to oil-free recovery of SF6 gas, vacuum and filling operations HM Power (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. 2K04 of SF6 gas insulated electrical equipments (such as circuit breakers, GIS, transformers, etc.) of power Its products have future safe design of basic transmission and distribution system. The SF6 gas equipment for smart grid with maintenance recovery device is equipped with a special SF6 gas free and fixed circuit breaker and providing recovery compressor which has the characteristics solutions for distribution grid upgrade and of no oil lubrication and high pressure exhaust, improvement. Also, there is air insulation with the maximum discharge pressure up to 5MPa, compact structure for No SF6 greenhouse to ensure oil-free recovery and liquefied storage of SF6 gas. gas and active unique design to ensure highest personnel safety Single phase insulated and self-healing structure, no danger of phase-to-phase short circuit explosion. The products are smart and flexible combination that equipped with smart modules, compact structure per Hans Von Mangoldt GMBH & Co. KG 2N02 users different distribution proposals. Hans von Mangoldt GmbH & Co. KG (Mangoldt) has been producing reactors since 1941, the company restarted in Hongshang Heat Shrinkable Materials Aachen (Germany) in 1949. In the 1970s Co., Ltd. 5D09 development and production both low voltage and medium voltage reactors. HVM is one of the worlds leading suppliers of iron core reactors for reactive power compensation, harmonic Hongshang heat shrink tubing will insulate a variety of cables with XLPE, PVC, filters, power inverter and motor drive applications as well as for other power and MI/MIND paper insulation. Performance and long term reliability are quality solutions. They built a subsidiary company in Suzhou of China, sell guaranteed, with excellent weathering resistance. HVM reactor. Hoshimoto 1C03 Harting (Zhuhai) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch 1J07 We manufactures (and direct supply) of: - Hinges, handles, knurled screws, post hinges, pulls, copper busbars, earth terminals, stud Compact and highly efficiently solutions are called bosses, stud bolts, round nuts, pins and posts for renewable energy markets PCBs must be for distribution boards, control and cubicle. quickly and reliably connected to Han industrial - Header products, die dusting products, connectors. Han-Fast Lock makes the process to various machining processes by NC lathe, be more flexible, convenient, simple and possible press machine, machining and milling. without additional components. 10

3 HT Italia S.R.L.China Office 1Y02 Intech (Beijing) Holdings Limited 1J14 Locks, latches, hinges, handles-all are touch points that help enhance the Huahonghengye (Beijing) Electric end-users perceptions of your Technology Co., Ltd. 6E33 products. They ensure a positive first impression while never overlooking the importance of optimum safety and secure operations. Southco has a comprehensive range of innovation latching solutions for all your application requirements. SOUTHCO touch points are designed and developed under systems that meet the requirement of the most stringent quality and environmental standards including ISO/TS16949 , ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and AS9100 Janitza (Shanghai) Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 2M07 HUBBELL 5B09 The first step towards saving energy and improving operational processes is the measurement of the most important parameters of your electrical Hyundai Heavy Industries China 3D01 energy supply while monitoring the peak loads. Janitza Electronics offers you a complete range Hyundai Heavy Industries has earned a of power monitoring units with the corresponding reputation as a reliable business partner accessories - The UMG Series. These equipment in the power industry by manufacturing and power analysers help you gain a and supplying the highest quality electric comprehensive overview of your energy supplies equipment, including GIS up to 800 kV, and introduce the correct measures. The power quality is also monitored switchgear, low & medium voltage circuit according to the general valid standards (e.g. EN50160). breakers, for the customers. Hyundai, as a leading global enterprise, has taken the initiative in becoming environmentally responsible, developing advanced smart grid products to help create a greener future for everyone. Jean Mueller Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2F01 The Scope of products is Fuse-links, Fuseways, SMC cabinets, LV power distribution system and INCON 2D05 FRAKO Power Factor Correction and Power Quality system. The products are widely used in INCON is a manufacturer of predictive Wind Power, Photovoltaic, Power Distribution, monitoring equipment for the power utilities. At industries and various types of OEM. the e-Exhibits the OPTImizer2 will be released. It builds upon the strength of INCONs 20 year experience in monitoring breaker contactor condition monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities with the recent addition of SF6 gas Jiangsu Cosine Electric Co ., Ltd. 1A01 monitoring and trending. The monitoring of SF6 gas is complete with programmable warning and alarm thresholds for gas density levels in both low Jiangsu Cosine Electric Co., Ltd level warnings and lockout alarms. These features is a manufacturer of middle are additionally complemented by trending data and low voltage products which provides a forecast for days remaining for integrated with research, SF6 refill before lock-out occurs. production and selling.We mainly manufacture 35kV and lower transformer, capacitor, ammeter and other products. Inoforges Forging and Maching (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 5G08 Jiangsu Modun Electric Co., Ltd. 6C22 INOFORGES Forging & Machining (Suzhou) Their reactive power compensation products, Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in non- used in power supply system of improving power ferrous metal and alloy forging and factor effect, reduce power transformer and processing. The command of die forging transmission line loss, improve the efficiency of and the numerous related advantages today power supply, improve power supply environment. enables INOFORGES to provide optimised and competitive solutions in multiple areas of automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, electronic equipment, decoration. 11

4 Jiangsu Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. 2D01 KoCoS Messtechnik AG 2M11 VJG-Z type smart vacuum circuit breaker is the KoCoS is a leading manufacturer of measurement and test equipment for the integrated vcb , and has perfect online power supply industry. Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 attests to monitoring function. Users can real-time their high quality standards. Their product spectrum consists of measuring and monitoring circuit breaker online operation test systems for use in the field of power engineering. The systems deliver state, the integrated design making the circuit measurement values of essential importance for increasing the operational breaker run more reliable. safety of electrical networks and improving power quality. KoCoS offers Breaker Analysis, Resistance Measurement, Relay Testing, Digital Fault Recording, Power Quality Analysis, Meter Testing and Electronic Power Sources Jiangsu Seung Lim Electric Co., Ltd. 5C09 Kunshan Ltec Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. 5G01 Jiangsu Seung Lim Electric Co., Ltd., was established in 2006, is located in Zhenjiang Ksltec (Kunshan Rett Motor Company Limited) City, Yangzhong Xinba Province Science and was established in 2002 with manufacturing Technology Park Dam in Jiang Su. It produces plant in Jiangsu kunshan and Taiwan city. We electrical contacts(Cu-w, Ag-w,etc), conductors, are the domestic low-voltage reactive power and semi- assembly parts. The Company was compensation reactance and filter production invested by Seung Lim Carbon Metal Co., Ltd. and sales of the largest professional in korea, the Schunk Group in Germany. It provides a reliable quality, manufacturers. excellent service for the global electric utilities with your partner. Kuvag (Xiamen) Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. 5E08 Jilin Yongda Group Co., Ltd. 2B01 In its capacity as a group comprised of innovative Jilin Yongda Group Co., Ltd. (Stock Code:002600, Stock Name:Yongda high-tech companies, KUVA has produced and Group) is located in Jilin Province Jilin City which is the important research sold insulation products for more than 30 years in center and biggest manufacture base of high and low voltage permanent the field of electrical energy, traffic engineering, magnetic switch in China. The company has passed ISO9001 Quality System wind energy and medical engineering. With Certification. insulators of epoxy resin for the medium voltage and high voltage industry and composites for discerning applications, in which a high mechanical strength and electrical insulation K.S. Terminals Inc. 5D12 capacity are necessary, KUVAG assumes a leading role today. K.S. Terminals Inc. (KST) was founded in 1973. It was successfully listed in Taiwan in 2002, which was fully committed to the connector Laizhou Hongyuan Bench Vice Manufacture Co., Ltd. 6F31 developing, manufacturing and sales. KST has many offices all over China, and the factory is located in Suzhou. The company supplies the power line fittings to many USA companies and produce 12000 Ton each year. Sales Turnover of power line fitting is $700,000,0. They also obtained the Quality Management Systems of ISO9001:2000, Kai Sun Sun Enterprise Co., Ltd. TAIWAN PAVILION TS16949 and GS certificate. Knipex Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 1B10 KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG (founded in Lanso Konly (Shanghai) Instruments 1882) is the leading company for pliers for use Co., Ltd. 4J08 in industry, trades and crafts. Over 45,000 pliers are produced in this family-run enterprise every day. The range covers around 1,000 Optical fiber is used as communication medium to articles for every area of application. KNIPEX is transmit the monitoring SF6 gas density data to represented in 100 countries today and has an implement the function of remote monitoring online, export rate of about 60 %. It has its own and can be widely used in SF6 gas insulated distribution branches all over the world, for substation-GIS, circuit breakers, switches on column example in the USA, Russia, VAE and China. and transformers. It is suitable for high electromagnetic interference and strong electrostatic conditions. Multiple solutions can be provided for new substations and intelligent transformation of existing substations. Product features Optical communication interface, large data capacity, speedy communication, wide adaptability and long life. The switching points are adjustable and up to three. 12

5 Laser Technology (Asia) Limited 2L09 Manlakis (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd. 4C02 Linbo Technology Group Co., Ltd. 3K01 MAR-BAL, Inc. 5B05 All Mar-Bal Standoff Insulators are molded from a flame retardant and track resistant glass Linkotech Electronic Co., Ltd. 4J07 reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound recognized for current carrying We mainly focus on Control & Testing Equipment devices under UL Material Recognition Number E & Instrumentation. 80533 (N). They combine high mechanical strength with high arc resistance and dielectric properties at elevated temperatures and humidity. These shatter resistant insulators meet the most exacting standards for a variety of applications. LIOS Technology GmBH 2M08 Maxwell Technologies Sa 5B06 LIOS Technology is the global leader in the development and supply of state of the art frequency domain based distributed temperature monitoring Its product is state-of-the-art capacitors for HV systems. The LIOS DTS product line comprises a range of real-time fiber optic substation equipment and laboratories with based linear temperature measuring devices. Building on an innovative highest quality, reliability lifetime performance. development in the field of fiber optic sensor engineering, LIOS provides customised solutions in various markets for modern asset management and global condition monitoring. With more than 2500 installations worldwide, LIOS sets the benchmark in reliability and track record. LS Hongqi Cable & System (Hubei) Co., Ltd. 2C01 Mecano Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 1C09 The companys range products cover LV, MV and UHV cable, as well as cable accessories, overhead conductors, aerial insulated cable, submarine cables Mettler Toledo 4C05 and railway, mining, shipboard, computer, wind power and special cables for the nuclear industry, etc. Mobiltron Worldwide Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 6F03 To develop and produce Nothing but HEAVY DUTY power tools is only one part of the Milwaukee promise. These tools need to last Lucy Electric (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 5H10 day in and day out. For this reason, service ability is incorporated into every tool produced. At Milwaukee, Heavy Duty is more than just a The Lucy Switchgear Aegis products are the slogan. It is a promise to offer the best to professional users. Milwaukee vacuum circuit breaker ring main units (RMU) engineers not only design tools, but also get the job done better, faster, which are designed for secondary distribution reliably and safely. networks. The rate voltages are up to 24kV and rate currents are up to 630A. They are mainly used for protection of the descending feeders with circuit breaker, transformer and downstream Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 7F06 equipment protection. Motic (Xiamen) Electric Group Co., Ltd. 5A01 Man Diesel & Turbo Shaghai Co., Ltd. 2E03 The company was established in early 1990 in Xiamen. It manufactures and supplies insulation components for the MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, based in Augsburg, use in electrical power T&D networks, apparatus and Germany, is the worlds leading provider of equipment. It also develops and consequently manufactures large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery such insulating components used in electrical apparatus for marine and stationary applications. It designs such as indoor or outdoor switches or other related two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are functional electrical equipment. Among the key process manufactured both by the company and by its technologies it employs for the manufacture of such licensees. The engines have power outputs ranging from 450 kW to 87 MW. engineered insulating components are i.e. Vacuum Casting, It also designs and manufactures gas turbines of up to 50 MW, steam turbines Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG), Vacuum-Pressure of up to 150 MW and compressors with volume flow of up to 1.5 million m/h Impregnation (VPI) and others. and pressures of up to 1,000 bar. 13

6 Mubea Automotive Components National Instruments 5A10 (Taicang) Co., Ltd. 2L08 NI CompactRIO combines an open embedded architecture with small MUBEA is internationally synonymous with highest size, extreme ruggedness, hot- standard disc spring. Their products are manufactured swappable industrial I/O modules, in Germany. Chinese plant located in Taicang, Jiangsu and is powered by reconfigurable province. I/O (RIO) FPGA technology. This platform empowers engineers and scientists around the world to build advanced computing and control solutions to gain grid condition visibility, situational awareness, event analysis, and the ability to quickly take corrective action to ensure a reliable electric network. Ningbo Supu Electronics Co., Ltd. 1C13 Mun Hean Hong Fei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. 2D03 SUPU is one of the national main brands to apply spring clipping technology into the terminal block. We specialize in all kinds of terminal block, PCB circuit board connection etc. All products have passed or are applying for certifications from international authentication organizations, which are CQC ,CCC,UL ,TUV CSA, CE, ROHS, etc. Our products have been applied in wild range of industries, such as electricity, petroleum, railway, shipbuilding, elevator, chemical engineering etc. Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd. 4A04 Nippon Tungsten, which shares the top share Nanyang Jinguan Electric Co., Ltd. 4C04 of GCB/GIS electrode marketing in Japan, has started manufacturing in joint-venture factory in China. Our products arcing-metal Since 1979, our company has and Cr-Cu support material adapt advanced developed and built the equipment of technique in friction welding. power transmission and distribution. 500kV surge arrester bid winning rate in the scale bidding of State Grid Corporation of China is the top one during the same industry in China. We Nitto Kogyo (China) Corporation 3N04 are authenticated as excellent supplier by State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid. Now our technology on 1000kV extreme high voltage surge arrester is in the industry leading level. Our main Nitto Kogyo provides comprehensive electric products are Dia.32-138mm Metal Oxide Varistor, 0.22-1000kV Metal systems for a wide range of users from large Oxide Surge Arrester, 35-500kV Current and Voltage Transformer, On-line factories to private homes. With high technology monitor for 10-1000kV etc. and information playing greater roles, system applications, energy saving, and enhanced safety are increasingly required for electric facilities. Nitto Kogyo provides economic and Nanyang Jinniu Electric Co., Ltd. 6G04 high-quality products based on its standard items. We, covering an area of 20, 000 square meters, was established in 2007 with a total investment of RMB 20 million, which is a high-tech enterprise in Henan Province, specializing in the production of electrical products for lightning protection. The main products are metal oxide varistors, Zinc Oxide arresters, high energy resistors, varistors, cutout fuses, composite insulators, isolating switches and so on. NKT Cables Ltd., Changzhou 2L11 NARI B-1B01 NKT cables Ltd, Changzhou is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NKT Cables Group. Depending on the advanced German industrial technology and scientific management, NCL absorbs excellent talents and advanced equipment, and now it has formed a complete management system for production, technology and quality. 14

7 Ohyun Industry 5E13 Phoenix Technology Group Co., Ltd. 1H07 The company is a national high-tech enterprise group based on production and sale of electric Olympus (China) Co., Ltd. power fittings, high voltage electrics, cable Shanghai Branch 6D23 accessories, plastic products, electrified railway contact net accessory. It has registered the capital of 150,300,000 Yuan for the core Olympus as world-renowned endoscope enterprises and more than160,000 sqm factory detection technology leader, with a strong lineup buildings and over 2000 employees and 100 branches (offices).. It has been of industrial endoscope can meet all kinds of consecutively awarded as China well-known trademark, national high-tech industrial field extensive application. Olympus enterprise, leading in passing the authentication of ISO9001:2008 industrial endoscope are ideal for quality control International Quality System and CE Authentication. and maintenance, automatic inspection, R&D, and so much to help you improve productivity safety, and reliability. PLANSEE SE 3H03 Ormazabal NRG (Beijing) Switchgear Limited/ Ormazabal Zhuhai Switchgear Limited 5C01 High Performance for Power Technology PLANSEE is the leading manufacturer of powder metallurgically processed refractory and special Ormazabal China manufactures SF6-insulated medium-voltage switchgears, metals. For Power technology, they supply high compact substations within the voltage range of 12kV, 24Kv and 40.5kV, as quality components for high and medium well as cable distribution boxes for power supply networks, industrial plants, voltage. Their products face the most demanding consumers installations, wind turbine generators, etc. conditions of extremely high temperatures and mechanical loads. With their engineering skills and broad expertise in joining technologies, they provide cost efficient ready-to-install solutions according to customers requirements. OSI Co., Ltd. XiAn, China 1G18 Electric power operation, safety first, equipment selection and reliable first. Germany STEINER PNC Technologies Co., Ltd. 5J11 Binocular is military pedigree, reliable and durable and all-weather XunXian choice. Founded in 1999, PNC Technologies is the leading Korean manufacturer in the field of electrical power industries, especially for Substation and Distribution Automation, Power Protection, Power Measurement, Communication and SCADA system. Our products include Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), SF6 Gas Insulated Load Break Switch: Pole/Pad- PFISTERER 3D03 mounted LBS, FTU (Feeder Terminal Unit) for Distribution Automation Pole-top Load Break Switch, Pad-mounted Multiple-Circuits Load Break Switch, and Auto-Recloser, RTU & Communication Gateway, Numerical Protective Relays and Windows NT -based SCADA Software 7. Digital Power Meter Phenix Technologies, Inc. 5A05 Their products are AC/DC Dielectric Test Systems Power Plug Busduct Sdn Bhd 1F03 & Equipment, Resonant Test Systems , Variable Frequency Resonant Test Systems, Motor Test Systems & Equipment, Transformer Test Equipment, They are manufacturer of busduct trunking system Partial Discharge Measurement Equipment, AC/ (Basuay), Ampere ratting from 315A~6300A, DC Kilovoltmeters, Liquid Dielectric Test Sets, KEMA full type test certified. The products quality is Insulation Analyzers, AC/DC Hipot/ widely recognized and sold worldwide. Megohmmeters, Circuit Breaker Test Equipment, Recloser Test Systems, Heat Cycling Test Sets, Electrical Protective Rubber Goods Test Equipment, Variable Voltage Transformers & Stabilizers. Wingman Safety Supplies (Shanghai) Company Limited 1J03 Phoenix Contact 5J01 The NOVAX rubber insulating gloves are made in Malaysia, the heart of the largest latex rubber producing Phoenix Contact offers three terminal block region in the world. They are personal protective types for the distribution, measurement, equipment (PPE) used in carrying out works with and switching of energy: energized parts, and are mainly used by lineman involved in the maintenance of power supply lines. They form the first line of defence against electrocutions in the utilities, telecommunication and transportation industries, in particular, the electric powered trains, hybrid automobiles and Formula 1 racing circuits since the introduction of KERS system. 15

8 Precision International Corp 6E01 Rittal Electro-Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2E01 Precisions products include Portable IR SF6 Analyser, Oil filter, GRU SF6, Ri4Power-structured system solutions are reliable, fast assembly of low-voltage Automatic protection relay test systems switchgear systems for machines, plant, and buildings. Rittal Ri4Power is the and Circuit breaker analyzers, HVD new name in low-voltage switchgear and distribution enclosures under single cable test, Multi-channel waveform roof-in accordance with the worldwide standard (IEC 60439-1 and IEC61439- recorder, ACL Staticide and Static Detection Meter, EMCP Electromagnetic 1/-2). Ri4Power Form2-4 is an individual system for the configuration of type- Compatibility Tester. tested low-voltage switchgear with inner form separation. With extensive busbar insulation and sub-division of the compartments, the occurrence and spread of accidental arcs is largely prevented. Qingdao Qingzhi Instruments Co., Ltd. 6B33 Multifunctional power-monitoring meter is for S&C Electric (China) Co., Ltd. 3A01 medium-low voltage electrical distribution system. It offers power parameters measurement, Company focuses on manufacture MV&HV four-quadrant energy accumulation, energy switches which are applied in transmission and quality analysis, programmable over-limit alarm distribution field, and promised to provide record and event record. The meter includes an excellent to customer. Now Type XS Fuse Cutout, RS485 Modbus communication port (RTU) and Ormi-Rupter Switches, Loadbuster Disconnects, digital input & output, which can be integrated Circuit-Isolator IITM disconnects as our company with intelligent distribution system and energy management system. So you main products and obtain the customers can have rich monitoring and energy management data. appraise a lot. Now we are focus on Smart Grid developing in China, and our IntelliTeam SG automatic restoration system, Intellirupter PulseCloser, Scada-Mate CXTM switching are suit for it. Qualitrol Company LLC 3A02 The ultimate in power management, the Smart Saft (Zhuhai Free Trade Zone) Batteries Grid allows for exponentially greater precision Co., Ltd. 5D10 in the control and monitoring of electrical flow. The Smart Grid enables the operator to swap Saft, the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of electricity between substations to meet increased high-tech industrial batteries, is showing a wide power needs as they arise, as well as to assist in portfolio of advanced battery technologies , developed greater accuracy of all associated costs. to ensure exceptional reliability and optimized Total Evaluating demand and automating regulatory Cost of Ownership. Saft is showing its compact Tel.X functions are dramatically simplified with the nickel-based batteries that provide a high-energy introduction of this powerful energy network. performance solution in floating applications and also shows maintenance-free Uptimax battery optimized for stationary power backup applications in the oil and gas, utility and electricity industries. Raisecom Technology Co., Ltd. 1A13 Raisecom Technology devotes to SBB Towers 4C03 independently develop electrical communication products and provide Worldwide leading supplier of Emergency Restoration stable, reliable and professional Systems (Emergency Towers) for Power Transmission communication system solutions. Their Lines. technologies and solutions have not only won good reputation from electrical power utility clients like State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG) and power companies, but also be widely used in construction of Smart Power Grids Schenck Process (Tianjin) Industrial Ranger Enterprise (Shanghai) Company Limited 2C03 Technology Co., Ltd. 3N01 PMA plastic cable protection is the pioneer of the field. ETA provides Modupower SMPS---The Value Choice Solution for a High innovative, enclosure solutions for industrial & electronic, applications Performance ESP. MULTIDOS HPG Feeder----The next generation in Stock Equipments long line of feeder models. This latest model incorporates two centuries of feeder experience as shared in a collaborative design effort with Ripley Company 5E14 the Schenck Process Group. Clyde Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system----The Professional Solution for bulk material handling. 16

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