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  • Dec 13, 2011
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1 Realize Your Product Promise Explicit Dynamics

2 ANSYS explicit dynamics repeatedly enables us to solve complex explicit problems for our customers. We can get answers to them quickly due to the programs ease of use. The state- of-the-art solution methods and extensive material models produce accurate results, a necessity for creating follow-on business. Chris LeBoeuf Principal Engineer ABS Consulting ANSYS explicit dynamics takes over when implicit isnt enough. For specialized applications, ANSYS offers the split-second insight you need along with ease of use and trusted results. If your product needs to survive impacts or and other complications that are difficult to solve short-duration high-pressure loadings, you can with general-purpose implicit solution methods. improve its design with ANSYS explicit dynamics. Specialized problems require advanced analysis A short learning curve is a hallmark of our tools to accurately predict the effect of design products. The GUI speaks the language of the considerations on product or process behavior. engineer or scientist. Consequently, the softwares Gaining insight into such complex reality is internal complexity is hidden from view, even Sheffield Hallam especially important when it is too expensive as sophisticated, state-of-the-art mathematical University used our or impossible to perform physical testing. algorithms resolve problems. explicit solution to simulate ball-on-tennis- racket impacts. Their The ANSYS explicit dynamics suite enables you Defaults are safe and reasonable values for most research centered on to capture the physics of short-duration events for options, which means that you spend less time the coefficient of friction products that undergo highly nonlinear, transient setting up and running problems and more time between strings and dynamic forces. Our specialized, accurate and optimizing products for performance, durability ball, and the position easy-to-use tools have been designed to maximize and cost, as well as removing design flaws. of the rackets balance user productivity. point. The value of In many cases, the accuracy of an explicit physical testing is limited With ANSYS, you can gain insight into how a solution can be verified only via comparison with in evaluating these structure responds when subjected to severe physical experiments. For some problems (such as potential improvements loadings. Algorithms based on first principles explosions), it may be too expensive or impossible because of the high cost and time involved in accurately predict complex responses, such to perform tests. Yet ANSYS users around the building the huge number as large material deformations and failure, world rely on the accuracy of explicit results: An of new designs that need interactions between bodies, and fluids with extensive list of publications is testament to the to be evaluated. rapidly changing surfaces. correctness of our algorithms and models. An extension of our structural mechanics suite, explicit dynamics software shares the same graphical user interface (GUI), serving mechanical engineers who need to study highly complex problems especially ones with high strain rates 2

3 Explosion 1e-4 Drop Test Problem Complexity Event Duration Collision 1e-2 Courtesy Orica USA. Quasi- 1e-1 Static Courtesy CTC, Tokyo, Japan. 1e+2 ANSYS Mechanical ANSYS Explicit STR ANSYS LS-DYNA ANSYS Autodyn ANSYS explicit dynamics Broad spectrum of Entry level; well suited General purpose with Easy to use for multiphysics tools help users meet solution capabilities covering for designers and extensive capabilities; and sophisticated material requirements of various range of analysis Mechanical users who best suited for expert response; well suited for complexities based on types need to solve highly analysts and designers and analysts who nonlinear problems researchers use ANSYS Workbench to problem details and user requiring explicit easily solve complex realities expertise. solutions Wire crimping, a complex Deformation of constant Failure of window crank Blade-off containment contact problem velocity boot mechanism, modeling demonstrating failure of material failure under bonded connection and dynamic loading subsequent complex body interactions (contact) ANSYS explicit dynamics tools help engineers to explore a wide range of challenges: Short-duration, complex or changing-body Penetration mechanics interactions (contact) Space debris impact (hypervelocity) Quasi-static Sports equipment design High-speed and hypervelocity impacts Manufacturing processes with nonlinear Severe loadings resulting in large material plastic response deformation Drop-test simulation Material failure Explosive loading Material fragmentation Explosive forming Blaststructure interactions 3

4 The ability to couple Eulerian and Lagrangian frames of reference is especially helpful in blast field modeling. With ANSYS explicit dynamics, energy is easily transferred between the two for accurate modeling of the entire blast process. Dale Preece Global Technology Development Orica USA Inc. Almost any severe application can benefit from the embedded deep physics in our explicit suite. With ANSYS explicit dynamics products, you get Smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is a mesh- a comprehensive set of advanced tools to help free method best suited for problems involving gain insight into virtually any event that can be material separation, such as hypervelocity impacts simulated. or crack propagation in brittle materials. For example, the FE (Lagrange) solver is the most You can combine Lagrange, Euler, ALE and SPH in commonly used and the computationally fastest a single problem to produce the most efficient and method to represent structures. It is best suited highest accuracy results possible. for tracking shock waves and peak pressures. Water jet impacting Within each element, Lagrange captures the surface material location of the discretized model and follows its deformation as forces are applied, resulting in distorted elements. The Euler method follows the flow of materials Courtesy Ozen Engineering. throughout a region represented by a fixed mesh. It is ideal for modeling severe deformations of solids as well as the flow of liquids and gases. With the ANSYS virtual Euler solver, the mesh is Automatic body-by-body meshing for analyzing generated automatically without any user input. cell phone assembly via explicit drop testing Arbitrary LagrangeEuler (ALE) combines the advantages of Lagrange and Euler while eliminating some of their shortcomings. It is Courtesy Ozen Engineering. ideal for simulating materials with severe deformations in which high-resolution shock response is desirable. Cell phone with solder connection submodel 4

5 Virtual prototyping, from Sports equipment design using composite materials Additional complexities with material response CAD to blow molding to are enhanced with tools that enable fluidstructure drop-test analysis interaction (FSI). Examples include a high-speed projectile moving though a liquid (shown here) or movement of a structure from a blast wave. A critical requirement for efficient and accurate explicit analysis is a high-quality mesh. Our explicit products benefit from integration in the National Laboratory. ANSYS Workbench environment, which includes Courtesy Sandia powerful automatic mesh generation. You can create high-quality hex (brick) elements for more complex geometries using multi-zone meshing, a standard tool within Workbench that automatically decomposes more complex geometries into parts High-quality mesh generated in ANSYS Workbench using automatic multi-zone method that can be swept to create hex elements. Some geometries, especially those created for manufacturing and imported from CAD data, are too complex to be swept to produce a full hex mesh. Tetrahedral (tet) elements can accurately represent small portions of a parts geometry that cannot be swept. An ANSYS explicit special tet-element formulation called nodal-based strain (NBS) eliminates shear locking, a problem encountered with traditional tet elements. Accurate tet elements make it easier to create working meshes that can represent complicated geometries. 5

6 Our single resource offers clarity and insight into your advanced technology needs. ANSYS explicit dynamics tools are one part of our Explicit dynamics accuracy is, in part, a function suite that delivers cutting-edge functionality of element size. Generally, the smaller the Courtesy ESSS and Eletronuclear S.A. depth, breadth, a plethora of advanced capabilities elements, the more accurate the results but and integrated multiphysics providing this requires longer compute times. ANSYS HPC confidence that your simulation results reflect techniques allow you to improve accuracy as well Eletronuclear S.A. used real-world outcomes. The comprehensive range as to examine multiple designs in a given time. ANSYS explicit dynamics of solutions provides access to virtually any field Reducing elapsed time for calculation leads to tools to simulate a hypo- of engineering simulation that a design process better, more optimized products. The end result thetical explosion near requires. Organizations around the world trust is confidence that your product will thrive in the a nuclear power plant. ANSYS to help them realize their product promises. real world. The initial stage was simulated with the multi- Productive Environment Design Analysis and Optimization material fluid (Euler) solver, as different types The interface for our tools, ANSYS Workbench To understand a designs performance, you of materials can all be enables users to model all applications, from very must identify the effect of all design parameters modeled in the same re- simple to very complex. The platform can take which can easily lead to meeting product gion. The Euler FCT solver came into play after the weeks, sometimes months, out of a CAE process by requirements. ANSYS DesignXplorer provides explosion, as it simulates eliminating manual file transfer, results translation in-depth product understanding, illustrating the response of ideal and errors that often come from manual data the relationship between design variables and gases with second-order entry. Workbench eliminates the labor required product performance all before building a accuracy very quickly. to produce updated simulation results brought single prototype. about by design changes. It includes an extensive material library and automatic meshing, which Managing Simulation Data further reduce problem setup effort and time. Simulation engineers especially those Advanced Study performing explicit dynamics analyses generate large volumes of data that need to be archived Modern CAD tools create geometries that are real- in a searchable format. ANSYS Engineering life accurate. Because most CAD geometry models Knowledge Manager (EKM) enables capture are created for manufacturing purposes (but and management of simulation data along with not for analysis), they often include overlapping workflows and best practices. The tool can surfaces, gaps and other dirty forms. ANSYS improve simulation efficiency and productivity. pre-processing tools clean, correct and reduce CAD complexity, making it possible to increase accuracy and speed. 6

7 ANSYS Explicit Dynamics Geometry Engineering Data Remapping Drop Test Post-Processing Automatic Report in Space and Tools Generation Solver CAD geometry simplified for Material model drop test for CU-ODHC2 2-D Euler-shaped Heavy equipment charge mapped Deformation into 3-D Lagrange contour of failed oblique penetration fan (front cover into masonry wall removed) Robust NBS tet elements, which do Water cooler bottle not lock up in shear Pre-Processing Simulation Post-Processing Archive Other ANSYS Engineering Simulation Capabilities CAD Integration Multiphysics HPC Design Optimization Data Management ANSYS ANSYS Workbench To help ensure a High-performance Good design starts ANSYS EKM DesignModeler and is the framework successful product, computing enables with identifying the addresses critical ANSYS SpaceClaim for the industrys R&D teams must creation of large, relationship between issues associated DirectModeler broadest and deepest accurately predict high-fidelity models performance and with simulation provide modeling suite of advanced how complex prod- that yield accurate design variables. data, including and geometry engineering simu- ucts will behave in and detailed ANSYS DesignXplorer backup and archival, creation functions lation technology. a real-world envi- insight. ANSYS enables engineers traceability and for explicit analysis. It delivers unprec- ronment. The ANSYS offers scalable solu- to perform design audit trail, process The entire ANSYS edented productivity, suite captures tions and partners of experiments automation, suite is CAD indepen- enabling Simulation- the interaction of with hardware (DOE) analyses, collaboration and dent, enabling data Driven Product multiple physics: vendors to ensure investigate response capture of engi- import from various Development. structural, fluid that you get the surfaces, and analyze neering expertise, sources. In addition, dynamics, electro- power and speed input constraints in and IP protection. we collaborate with mechanics and you need. pursuit of optimal leading CAD devel- systems interac- design candidates. opers to ensure an tions. A single, efficient workflow. unified platform harnesses the core physics and enables their interoper- ability. 7

8 ANSYS, Inc. ANSYS is dedicated exclusively to developing engineering simulation software that fosters rapid and innovative product design. Our technology enables you to predict [email protected] with confidence that your product will thrive in the real world. For more than 40 years, 866.267.9724 customers in the most demanding markets have trusted our solutions to help ensure the integrity of their products and drive business success through innovation. ANSYS and any and all ANSYS, Inc. brand, product, service and feature names, logos and slogans are registered trademarks or trademarks of ANSYS, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States or other countries. All other brand, product, service and feature names or trademarks are the property of their respective owners. LS-DYNA is a registered trademark of Livermore Software Technology Corp. 2011 ANSYS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MKT 90

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