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1 Insights Relationships from data from insights G R O W I N G R E L AT I O N S H I P S T H R O U G H D ATA dnb.com @dnbus

2 Contents 3 Executive Summary: Growing Relationships through Data TARGET BETTER 7 Deterministic Data for Businesses: The Challenges for Todays B2B Marketer 10 Audience Targeting: The Art & Science of Data-Inspired Marketing New Ways to Think about B2B Targeting and Data Management NURTURE BETTER 14 Leveraging Data at Scale for Prospecting in Marketing Automation 15 Customer Story: Entrust Datacard Increases Lead Effectiveness with D&B Direct for Eloqua from Dun & Bradstreet and Oracle CLOSE BETTER 19 Oracle Data as a Service for Sales: Drive Sales Intelligence and Opportunities with New and Enriched Data on Companies and Business Decision Maker 21 The Power of Integrated Data BEST PRACTICES 26 Driving Growth with Customer Data Management: An Exclusive New Study Proves the Value of Smart Data Strategy for Marketers 35 Case Study: Dun & Bradstreet Uses Oracle Eloqua for Marketing Automation Excellence Power Users Share Modern Data-Driven Marketing Strategies 2 | Dun & Bradstreet

3 Executive Summary Growing Relationships through Data Dun & Bradstreet data puts the Buyers build business cases and select right information in the hands of a short list of vendor candidates sales and marketing teams, so they all before their first contact with a can succeed in building strong, marketer or salesperson. Marketers vibrant relationships with their and salespeople must build the customers. Relationships are the relationship by providing additional, lifeblood of business. In a modern relevant information during that first digital economy, accurate data conversation and responding in a gives end users the ability to create way that increases buying motivation relationships with depth and scale and retains interest. With key never before possible. With the insights about a prospective buyer worlds largest commercial database, from Dun & Bradstreet, marketers Dun & Bradstreet is a leader in and salespeople understand what delivering business insight, in real motivates buyers in each industry, time, to modern, best-in-class know the challenges unique to their platforms like Oracle Data Cloud, business and have line of sight to Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Oracle their business footprint. Sales Cloud. Growth. Companies use Dun & Why is this valuable? Buyers now Bradstreet data within the Oracle control the buying cycle. Sales Cloud to find new customers and information is readily available to to identify cross-sell opportunities anyone and everyone. Marketers within existing customer accounts. and salespeople no longer control access to product information. Relationships. Dun & Bradstreet Prospective buyers research products tracks over 240 million companies and solutions online and tap into globally as well as over 4 million their social networks for guidance corporate family trees. Knowing long before they engage with a sales how companies are related provides person. tremendous cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Dun & Bradstreet | 3

4 Quality, Quantity and Coverage Dun & Bradstreet was founded unique capabilities natively within to help companies foster growth the Oracle Cloud, empowering users and build relationships, with data to find new customers and to identify and analytics at the core. Dun & cross-sell opportunities within Bradstreet data unleashes these existing customer accounts. WITH DUN & BRADSTREET POWERING THE ORACLE CLOUD, USERS CAN: Create a single, integrated view Receive data-enriched profiles of relationships tied together tailored to specific needs across by the D-U-N-S Number, Dun sales and marketing. & Bradstreets unique global Leverage the DUNSRight business identification system patented process for gathering that identifies, validates and links and curating global data, which businesses worldwide. ensures unmatched data quality. Access the worlds largest DUNSRight turns an enormous commercial database, with more volume of data into the high- than 240 million company records quality information Oracle Dun & Bradstreet derives from customers need to build their 30,000 data sources and updates most valuable relationships. 5 million times per day. Dun & Amplify the power of Dun & Bradstreets global coverage is Bradstreets data by delivering more than twice as large as its it within the DaaS workflows of nearest competitor. the Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle Track more than 4 million Marketing Cloud, and Oracle corporate family trees, providing a Sales Cloud. unique picture of company linkage for powerful cross-sell and upsell opportunities. TARGET NURTURE CLOSE BETTER BETTER BETTER Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet On average, customers customers use Dun & Bradstreet manage campaigns customer information customers close 46% more effectively 46% more effectively sales better by 29% than non-customers 4 | Dun & Bradstreet

5 Sales and marketing teams are heavy A new study by a top global analyst users of business information. Their firm examined data management day-to-day jobs require business data practices by Dun & Bradstreet to: customers and non-customers. capture quality leads and qualify It reveals strong ROI for Dun & those leads Bradstreet users: build campaigns or conversations Dun & Bradstreet users manage targeted to the right prospects campaigns more effectively by develop deeper relationships with 46%. They use customer data customers. better for segmentation and Business information also provides campaign execution purposes. the raw data to: Dun & Bradstreet users harness customer information better by construct effective marketing and 46%. They are more effective at sales systems using customer data to improve improve territory alignment customer contacts and qualified segment customers leads. lead score Dun & Bradstreet users close sales route leads better by 29%. They are more ensure compliance. successful in using customer info to close deals. +10% Better performance in revenue performance on the most for Dun & Bradstreet important metric customers over of all: non-customers Dun & Bradstreet | 5


7 TARGET BETTER Deterministic Data for Businesses The Challenges for Todays B2B Marketer B2B MARKETING SPEND PROBABILISTIC VS. DETERMINISTIC ON THE RISE Many marketers face this challenge When it comes to digital display with a probabilistic approach to ad sales, B2C marketing is (and data generation. They use proxy has always been) the predominate models to define targetable prospects big spender. But B2B spending is that they then feed into their closing that gap with significant YOY marketing engines. Unfortunately, growth. In fact, its grown by over probabilistic can be problematic 25% and is expected to be 15% of if proxies are based on incorrect the total US digital ad spend this year. assumptions. Conversely, theres deterministic data data gathered The reason for this surge in part from verified sources and vetted for is B2Bs discovery of Programmatic quality. Its not derived using models Marketing, which consumer and assumptions. Its real business marketers are already really good at. data sourced from real business Programmatic is driven by data, and people, collected, aggregated, edited in the B2C world customer data is not and verified daily, resulting in better only pretty straightforward, theres data thats suited to the specialized lots of it. needs of B2B. Dun & Bradstreet | 7

8 TARGET BETTER The Dun & Bradstreet Solution INTRODUCING AUDIENCE OUR APPROACH SOLUTIONS Rigorous collection and quality Thats where Dun & Bradstreet assurance processes result in a set of comes in. Weve gathered and 100% deterministic business data, continue to gather deterministic all owned by Dun & Bradstreet. Our business data on over 240 million Audience Solutions team employs organizations worldwide. Leveraging market-leading matching methods approximately 700 attributes, our and partners to bring this data new Audience Solutions group online in a secure and anonymous maintains a deep understanding of fashion that maintains the highest every role and business behavior standards in PII protection and user within a company. This helps privacy. Our agnostic approach to marketers identify trends and syndication and distribution makes patterns in data, discover insights data available to customers where, that can lead to game-changing when, and how they want it, in the decisions, create better, more platforms they rely on to execute relevant campaigns, and deliver their digital marketing strategies. precision targeted offers that achieve business goals. WHICH DATA SEGMENT IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Our data is packaged and available in the following ways: Standard: Create awareness Premium: Reach and engage and advocacy among a vast a more discreet professional business audience with broad audience via predictive indicators firmographics (including company such as spend propensity, size & sales, major industry marketability or company growth, classifications, job role/function). as well as more specific job roles and functions. 8 | Dun & Bradstreet

9 TARGET BETTER 5 quality drivers ensure accuracy All collected and enhanced data is subject to the rigorous and proprietary DUNSRight quality assurance process, which includes over 2,000 automated checks in addition to many manual ones. INPUT OUTPUT Global Data Collection 1. brings together data DUN & BRADSTREET The most accurate GLOBAL DATABASE and highest quality from 30K+ sources B2B data worldwide Data is D-U-N-S Corporate Predictive integrated Numbers Linkage enables Indicators through our are applied to our customers use statistical Entity Matching unlock a wealth to view their analysis to rate a process to of value-add data, total risk or businesss past produce a single, including physical opportunity performance comprehensive and mailing across related and to indicate and accurate addresses, doing businesses. how likely the picture of each business as business is to business and its names, principal perform the global corporate names, industry same way in the structure. classifications future. and more. 2. 3. 4. 5. Data anchored on and built for B2B REACH YOUR B2B AUDIENCE Company information, including BY LEVERAGING: number of employees, annual revenue, and maturity Business data tied to a D-U-N-S Number Functional data for contacts, including area of responsibility, domain expertise, and seniority Decision-maker contacts in IT, financial, and business roles and hundreds of other attributes Dun & Bradstreet | 9

10 TARGET BETTER Audience Targeting: The Art & Science of Data-Inspired Marketing New Ways to Think About B2B Targeting and Data Management For todays digital marketers the Unlike B2C, the B2B decision world is rapidly changing. Gone are journey is typically longer and more the days of running ads and hoping complex, requiring many layers to reach the right people. Digital within an organization to participate channels are now highly measurable. in a decision making process. To best With more precise targeting, communicate with these important marketers have new ways to control stakeholders, businesses must have a campaign outcomes and steer way to understand critical roles and towards achieving their goals. business behaviors within a company and individual and target them Todays customer has full control effectively. It requires access to data of the buying process. No longer and insight that enables the right dependent and bound only to conversation with the right decision information pushed to them maker at the right time. customers and prospects learn and research the products and services Many marketers solve the challenge they want to buy in the manner with a probabilistic approach to theydesire. data generation. Proxy models have been created to define targetable This shift in empowerment to the prospects. It all works well as long as customer creates a big challenge for the right assumptions are made. On businesses and an opportunity for the other hand, deterministic data is those that can leverage new data gathered from verified sources and strategies. Customers now compare vetted for quality. Its not derived consumer experiences to business using models or assumptions because experiences and the expectation is it is actual business data sourced that all the companies they interact from real business people, collected, with understand their unique aggregated, edited and verified needs from the start and respond daily, resulting in more accurate appropriately. information thats better suited to the unique needs of B2B. 10 | Dun & Bradstreet

11 TARGET BETTER Todays leading digital marketers 2. AGGREGATE THE DATA. see the value in this rich data source Once acquired, the next step is to as a faster way to identify trends pool the data into logical chunks. and patterns in data and discover The process of aggregation makes insights that quickly lead to game- the data more manageable and gives changing decisions. Theyve seen this it more context related to the way as the way to create more relevant you plan to use it. For example, a audiences and campaigns, deliver Real-time Bid (RTB) bid stream now precise targeted offers that help them becomes a count of impressions, achieve their business goals more clicks and conversions in a given competitively. platform on a given day. Aggregation also prepares the data for the next Here are four steps to managing this step; analysis. new robust data that combine the art and science of data management. We call it the As of data management: 3. ANALYZE THE DATA. Real value can only be seen after 1. ACQUIRE THE DATA. you analyze the aggregated data. In this stage, youll begin to see Understand and curate the data sets whats working and whats not. You that are valuable to your business. can create unique combinations of Data is available in various types attributes and generate segments and formats 1st party or 3rd that have a meaning for your specific party, online, offline, structured objectives. You can query the or unstructured. Data comes from aggregated data and create reports to different channels display, search, address specific business questions. social, email, direct mail, CRM and so on. Whatever the source or type of data, the management process begins with ingesting the raw assets and storing them in a way where it can be manipulated. At this point, the volume is huge, but the value is minimal. Dun & Bradstreet | 11

12 TARGET BETTER 4. ACTIVATE THE DATA. Passing data through this four-step Philosophically, creating a customer- process can help your business realize centric targeting approach begins the true value of data by converting it with complete, integrated, high into the type of actionable knowledge quality data and insights. The degree critical to succeeding in a competitive to which a business can become environment. truly customer-centric is directly The Best Practice: Take the lead correlated to their commitment and on the data initiative and nurture a approach to leveraging data and market-minded, intellectually curious insights. organization that isnt afraid to Isolating data within the systems that leverage data and analytics for stand- facilitate acquisition, aggregation out insights. and analysis brings no business value At Dun & Bradstreet, data is in our until you begin to use it. You can DNA. Making sense of the worlds do this by syndicating segments to data turning it into insight is downstream systems for targeting, core to our business and proud history. and helping drive optimization in Through our partnership with Oracle, campaign management systems. Dun & Bradstreet has defined more than 260 B2B audience segments you can use to benefit from a deterministic approach to audience data, when, where and how you need it. Quality Assurance Demographic Data Syndication Harmonization Onboarding Social Graph Firmographic Data Identity Segment Activation Creation Resolution 12 | Dun & Bradstreet


14 NURTURE BETTER Leveraging Data at Scale for Prospecting in Marketing Automation DATA ACTIVATION TO THE ONE DATA SOURCE FOR ORACLE MARKETING CLOUD B2B PROSPECTING, LEAD QUALIFICATION, AND PROFILE As a marketer, you need to attract ENRICHMENT the right prospects, convert them into leads, and quickly turn leads Partnering with Dun & Bradstreet, into customers. But what do you do Oracle gives marketing and sales when invalid prospect data, poor access to the largest business conversion, and low-quality leads are database in the world to find, grow, slowing down your revenue engine? and connect with new customers. Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) for Oracle DaaS provides qualified and Marketing provides Eloqua users enriched business data to Oracle with a source of clean and complete Marketing Cloud Eloqua users to business data, resulting in better drive competitive prospecting and segmentation, higher conversion, profile enrichment, powered by and ultimately faster growth for your trusted and transparent data sources. business. KEY FEATURES & CAPABILITIES Drive Efficiency with Data Driven Qualification and Prospecting generate new B2B targeting lists with data on more than 240 million companies PROSPECT through trusted partner, Dun & Bradstreet, and prospect new qualified contacts through Eloqua campaigns. Target the Right Companies and Connect with Decision Makers by Enriching Your Marketing Databases add critical data fields including TARGET competitive and social information for deeper qualification and more ways to engage key decision makers. Keep Your Data Up To Date correct missing and inaccurate data, merge duplicates, and leverage both company and contact matching. With just contact CLEANSE and company name you can match and enrich leads across 100mm records worldwide ensuring data accuracy and higher return on your marketing outreach. Unify Cross-Channel Prospecting Efforts provide consistent and impactful messaging to your prospects anywhere across email marketing and digital UNIFY media. With better insight into your prospects and customers you will deliver more personalized content and higher qualified leads. 14 | Dun & Bradstreet

15 NURTURE BETTER CUSTOMER STORY Entrust Datacard Increases Lead Effectiveness with D&B Direct for Eloqua from Dun & Bradstreet and Oracle For many businesses, ensuring theyre dealing with trusted identities and that their online transactions are secure is a major concern and pain point. In January 2014, Datacard Group and Entrust joined forces to become one global, industry leader focused on a joint mission to deliver powerful technology advancements and new innovations in identity-based security solutions across digital, physical, mobile and cloud domains that protect physical and digital identities. The Challenge TARGETING, PROSPECTING AND from the import of leads through INCREASING LEAD EFFECTIVENESS segmentation and close. To ensure they could effectively message key Understanding the value of data and customer audiences with marketing, insight when it comes to identity they needed to better understand and verification, Entrust Datacard their target markets and the leads was looking for a way to assess they had. cross sell and upsell opportunities with common customers after their With their existing audience merger. With a focus on business targeting efforts, they found that growth, Entrust Datacard also their Director-level decision maker wanted to improve their targeting, was too broad a category to prospecting and segmentation to effectively give the same message. ultimately move the highest quality As a result, they were working to leads to their sales teams in an better identify leads received on automated way. business cards by appending Dun & Bradstreet basic firmographic data They also wanted to improve their on the company such as number of marketing campaigns and automate employees, etc. in order to deliver their lead generation processes to more concise and targeted messaging maximize their lead effectiveness to these hot prospects. Dun & Bradstreet | 15

16 NURTURE BETTER The Solution How It Works CONNECT THEIR MARKETING Using D&B Direct for Eloqua AUTOMATION TOOL TO THEIR CRM allowed Entrust Datacard to create TO FACILITATE ACTION BY SALES campaigns and push more qualified Entrust Datacard was looking for leads to their CRM application to a direct integration to their Eloqua facilitate immediate action by sales. Marketing Automation tool. They With help from Dun & Bradstreet, leveraged Dun & Bradstreets Cloud what was initially a batch database Connector through D&B Direct exporting process requiring a manual for Eloqua with cleanse, match and turnaround is now done on a daily append and full global access to basis with real-time capabilities company profile, corporate family including lead scoring in their CRM linkage and number of employees. application so they now have: They are using D&B Direct API A faster turnaround time on the behind the lead form to allow data appending process prospects to self-identify and to achieve higher-quality and more Greater insight on new leads to complete data without requiring the filter on size of company and user to fill out a long form. Coupled revenue with a nightly data append and a Better quality leads by a large confidence score on the data, Entrust magnitude Datacard is able to segment against a stronger database of contacts. Now we can more easily answer the question of how many Fortune 1000 leads we have, and were no longer questioned on the quality of the data. Our reporting has become much more transparent and detailed and we can more precisely point to the number of leads weve converted to sales. Dax Davis, Director, Marketing & Social Media We are now light years ahead of where we were with marketing automation. Our relationship with Sales is probably the best it has ever been. Meetings are constructive with more trust and greater reliance on marketing to help drive leads. Its a very positive outcome. Dun & Bradstreet has helped with this. Kathy Kauffman, Marketing Automation, Segmentation & Planning Manager 16 | Dun & Bradstreet

17 NURTURE BETTER Results & ROI As a result, Entrust Datacard has Entrust Datacards marketing team advanced their marketing approaches is now seeing a quicker routing of and messaging development. leads to sales, and more inbound The group that receives inbound leads. If you look at conversion at emails can focus more on other every stage of the funnel, our close opportunities since the appropriate rates are better than average. Weve data is already appended. With had ebbs and flows on the quantity more precise titles and insight, they of leads, but we are now doing more are no longer flooding the same value messaging and weve increased contacts with messaging and burning the ratio of sales qualified leads and them out. They have looked much marketing is driving inbound leads. harder at close rates on leads and understand the direct correlation of Dun & Bradstreet has helped us quality leads and leads that close. to better assess our marketing effectiveness and with higher quality When it comes to leveraging social data, we can spend more time media, they are developing their developing the right messages. Our own content marketing strategy, entire process has been positively identifying personas and tweaking impacted by the improved data. their value propositions and creating more blogs and videos. Entrust Datacard offers trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that allow consumers, citizens and employees to make purchases, cross borders, access e-gov services or log into their corporate networks. These audiences increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences. With more than 2,000 Entrust Datacard colleagues around the world and a network of strong global partners, the company serves customers in 150 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.entrustdatacard.com. Dun & Bradstreet | 17


19 CLOSE BETTER Oracle Data as a Service for Sales Drive Sales Intelligence and Opportunities with New and Enriched Data on Companies and Business Decision Maker The use of third party data to low quality data. Oracle Data as qualify and prospect new business a Service (DaaS) for Sales enables can significantly increase sales smarter selling by helping discover efficiency and revenue. However, and reach prospects with the highest mapping external intelligence to quality and most comprehensive existing sales systems requires third party data including millions resources to procure, manage, of companies, contacts, and social and integrate information, and media profiles. navigate a market crowded with BENEFITS Stronger data quality through Discovery of new and existing rigorous identity-based contacts and touch-points to cleansing and validation, fast build pipeline and improve speed to adoption, and robust sales efficiency information governance Intelligent, data driven Predictive and deterministic qualification of companies ratings of companies and and contacts using business contacts using proprietary performance and social insight and intent formulas influence metrics (coming soon) Enhanced ROI from simple Looking to learn more? Contact enterprise license agreements [email protected] Dun & Bradstreet | 19

20 CLOSE BETTER Broadest Reach B2B Data Delivered as a Service Oracle DaaS for Sales is an Unconstrained Data Usage: enterprise-ready solution that Centralized cross-enterprise dramatically improves lead data access and vendor agnostic qualification and prospecting using application integration (BI, CRM, Dun & Bradstreets market leading HCM, marketing automation) collection of companies, decision with cost-effective record-based makers and social media profiles. pricing, not by user; simple, transparent enterprise license Comprehensive Commercial agreements Data: 240 million companies and 100 million business and technical Enriched Data and New contacts across 200 countries Opportunities: seamless mapping including name, address, phone between Oracle DaaS and Oracle and email; access from modern Sales Cloud to create new accounts search and match interface or or enrich existing accounts with through flexible APIs external data Highest Quality Information: Dun & Bradstreet industry leading B2B data high quality, validated, and trusted with proprietary governance, unique identifiers (DUNS Number), and 5million records updated daily 20 | Dun & Bradstreet

21 CLOSE BETTER The Power of Integrated Data Seeing, understanding and taking action based upon whats going on beyond the four walls of your business gives you power to impact your business outcome the power of integrated Dun & Bradstreet data. DATA TO: Target new customers using the Clean data to maintain integrity profile of your best customers. and quality of existing Oracle Filter prospects and build Sales Cloud account information. campaign lists based on multiple Properly segment existing criteria including revenue, industry customers to uncover cross sell type, employee counts, and more. and upsell opportunities. Driving Insight in CRM CRM is being adopted around the globe as a means to sell more, faster and more eciently However, bad customer $611 data drains BILLION annually in squandered resources, sales, and opportunities.* Outdated, duplicated data can lead to failed CRM initiatives, low adoption, negative ROI and missed opportunities Dun & Bradstreet | 21

22 CLOSE BETTER With D&Bs data feed directly connected with your CRM, improve your sales eectiveness with insight on 240 MILLION+ businesses worldwide with millions of updates daily 360 D&Bs globally recognized D-U-N-S Number enables VIEW a 360-degree view of accounts while preventing duplicates D&B INSIGHT OFFERS Customer Energy Automotive segmentation Construction Real Estate by industry, size (employees & revenue), years in business, HQ vs. Retail single locations, public vs. private 22 | Dun & Bradstreet

23 CLOSE BETTER Location of accounts, prospects, suppliers Product Product A B Purchaser Purchaser Product C Purchaser Customer Concentration Identication Low High of cross- and up-sell opportunities Critical Current Buyer Non-Buying Location Links Corporate Hierarchies uncover non-buying opportunities within existing customer families Current Penetration Penetration analysis Total Universe of the existing companies in a targeted geography and in what Dallas New Chicago Seattle Los Boston percentage you Orleans Angeles currently do business Dun & Bradstreets insight delivered through the Oracle Sales Cloud | DaaS for Sales enables improved productivity, analytics, cost control, revenue generation and market share Dun & Bradstreet | 23

24 CLOSE BETTER HERE ARE SOME MORE BEST resources to the four industries PRACTICE EXAMPLES OF WHY AND and had the inside sales team HOW DATA MATTERS. handle everything else. By Despite lots of manual scrubbing, targeting their efforts on the four one online retailer couldnt industries, revenues skyrocketed. improve the accuracy of the A national food service company customer database, which led to noticed the number of food trucks low response rates and declining was increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, customer satisfaction. To solve traditional small restaurants were the problem they matched their disappearing. They needed to gain customer records against the Dun insight into the changing patterns & Bradstreet global database. The of their industry. By integrating result was clean, accurate, up-to- Dun & Bradstreet data into their date information, and they were CRM they could readily see when able to exponentially understand a restaurant went out of business the true nature of their customers. or when a new food truck opened. Revenues increased and customer service improved. The sales team Companies open and close their made their number. Customer doors quickly. Businesses change happiness increased. Even the names, phone numbers and locations CEO smiled. all the time. Most people dont know or realize that business data changes A manufacturer was growing, but rapidly. Keeping up with the changes not as fast as their competitors. is time-consuming, error-prone By adding Dun & Bradstreet and costly. Even a small change information to their CRM, they in business information can have were able to discern the fact that lasting, adverse consequences to sales they were getting great traction and marketing activities and ROI. in four specific industries. With With Dun & Bradstreet data, you this insight, they changed their can turn this significant problem into marketing and sales strategy. your competitive advantage. Instead of using the traditional geographic approach, they aligned marketing and outside sales 24 | Dun & Bradstreet


26 BEST PRACTICES Driving Growth with Customer Data Management An Exclusive New Study Proves the Value of Smart Data Strategy for Marketers Successful modern marketing Organizations that achieve superior depends on the ability to create and levels of lead generation frequently manage a companys most important have mature data management and valuable relationships with practices underlying this marketing customers and prospects. While that relationship engine. To gain a deeper responsibility isnt particularly new understanding of the connection or revolutionary, how marketers between data maturity level and do it is dramatically different in the marketing best practices, Dun & digital age. Their success building Bradstreet engaged a team of world- long-term, sustainable relationships class analysts. Their research was today lies in the ability to develop designed to uncover: and execute on highly refined, interconnected lead generation The connection between data practices that let them effectively maturity and sales and marketing target, nurture and close. success The value of investing in customer data management best practices Our latest forecasts show that Quantifiable marketing enterprises are realizing the most performance improvement valuable assets they have are solid, long-term customer relationships. resulting from the use of data best practices Louis Columbus, Forbes contributor quoting Gartner, Inc. 26 | Dun & Bradstreet

27 BEST PRACTICES Research: Proving the connection between data maturity and marketing success Leading global analyst firm surveyed and interviewed 135 companies customers and non-customers to quantify the importance of data maturity and the value of working with Dun & Bradstreet data Dun & Bradstreet Data-mature companies are more sales and marketing customers successful than less mature firms THEY EXPERIENCE IMPROVED TARGET NURTURE CLOSE PERFORMANCE ACROSS MULTIPLE BETTER BETTER BETTER FUNCTIONS COMPANY-WIDE The researchers selected 135 sizes, from $100 million to more companies, comprising both non- than $1 billion in revenue, and customers and customers of Dun & several business functions including Bradstreet. These companies were IT, Sales, Operations, Marketing surveyed about the current state and Analytics. The companies of their Data Maturity and their were spread across six main relationship-building best practices, vertical markets: Manufacturing, including their use of third-party Commercial Services, Finance, data enrichment. Participants Retail, Wholesale/Distribution and represented a variety of company Insurance. Dun & Bradstreet | 27

28 BEST PRACTICES Innovative data and analytics leveraged across your company drives results. Tied together by the D-U-N-S Number, a relationship platform can create a single, unified, end-to-end view of prospects in the digitally driven age of self-directed buyers. COLLECT INTEGRATE CLEAN SUPPLEMENT Relationships arent a series of With our help you can collect, isolated interactions. They are an integrate, supplement and clean interconnected web of engagement your data to get a complete that evolves over time. picture of your most valuable A relationship platform creates a relationships. singular, integrated view of the data Lets look at a few use cases where and insights required to manage Dun & Bradstreet data enables what is often a complex web. relationships for Marketing Master Data Management and organizations and the proof of Customer Data Management is the the value of that as borne out of the process that puts structure around research. the information and intelligence that empower companies to do this. The D-U-N-S Number ties it all together and helps our customers create a single, integrated view of relationships. 28 | Dun & Bradstreet

29 BEST PRACTICES Driving data-inspired growth Marketers must activate data to create an end-to-end, global view of relationships with current and potential customers, defined by data and managed with creativity -Who are your most valuable prospects? -What do they need from you? -How can you convert more of them into profitable customers? Dun & Bradstreet customers understand this dynamic and manage it effectively. Marketers are the initiators of With the help of our data and their new and the nurturers of existing creativity they have the insight to relationships. know who are the most valuable They form first and lasting relationships, what they need and impressions. how to engage them to buy. And they do it all without talking, seeing or hearing. Dun & Bradstreet | 29

30 BEST PRACTICES Better prospecting for valuable potential relationships Improvement Outcomes of Definition of Effectiveness: Best Practices: Best Practice Implementation* Better customer demographics -More segmentation -Higher MDM/CDM-mature help improve segmentation and with deeper data profiles companies manage campaigns target campaigns within those segments 12% more effectively. -Multi-dimensional -Dun & Bradstreet customers campaigns targeting by manage campaigns 46% more industry, geography, linkage effectively than non-customers. + Eec3veness of Segmenta3on and Target Campaigns Non-customers Customers +46% * Average percent improvement in results expected by survey participants Ask any marketer today whats on Dun & Bradstreet customers have their wish list: the ability to apply best practices in segmentation and targeting They want to create and maintain relationships And those that do are able to manage campaigns 46% more They want the best customer effectively than non-customers demographics to segment better and to create the most targeted They initiate MORE VALUABLE campaigns relationships with our insight 30 | Dun & Bradstreet

31 BEST PRACTICES Better nurturing of promising relationships Improvement Outcomes of Definition of Effectiveness: Best Practices: Best Practice Implementation* Better contact data improves -Unified profiles of leads -Higher MDM/CDM-mature the ability to manage customer are enhanced by additional companies use customer information contacts and find leads firmagraphics from third parties 16% more effectively. -Wider arrays of lead sources -Dun & Bradstreet customers use customer information 46% more effectively than non-customers. + Eec3veness of Customer Informa3on Non-customers Customers +46% * Average percent improvement in results expected by survey participants Marketers need to continuously We now know that Dun & learn about their customers to Bradstreet customers use better nurture and grow these customer information 46% more relationships effectively than non Dun & Dun & Bradstreet customers Bradstreet customers following best practices have wider Better contact data provided by arrays of lead sources and unified Dun & Bradstreet improves a profiles enhanced with additional marketers ability to manage their third party firmographics customer contacts and find leads Better nurturing leads to MORE PROMISING relationships Dun & Bradstreet | 31

32 BEST PRACTICES Accelerated closing of new relationships Improvement Outcomes of Definition of Effectiveness: Best Practices: Best Practice Implementation* Holistic customer information -Consistent customer/prospect -Higher MDM/CDM-mature helps close deals, expand profiles that are streamlined companies close sales 12% customer penetration and yet comprehensive more effectively. improve sales efficiency -Activate data profiles for -Dun & Bradstreet customers close existing customers to sales 29% more effectively than explore cross-sell non-customers. + Eec3veness of Sale Closes Non-customers Customers +29% * Average percent improvement in results expected by survey participants Holistic customer information cross sell opportunities, on average helps close deals, expand customer close sales better than non- penetration, and improve sales customers by 29% efficiency Specifically, Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet customers customers see improvements in following best practices of using Lead to Sales, Average Selling consistent, comprehensive yet Price, Cross Sales and Sales streamlined customer profiles as Efficiency. well as active data profiles for 32 | Dun & Bradstreet

33 BEST PRACTICES Dun & Bradstreet customers TARGET manage campaigns 46% more BETTER effectively than non-customers Dun & Bradstreet customers use NURTURE customer information 46% more BETTER effectively than non-customers On average, Dun & Bradstreet CLOSE customers close sales better BETTER by 29% than non-customers Throughout the customer lifecycle on your particular needs across the we are able to provide you with customer lifecycle including: directional values of where you can Target Oracle Data Cloud see improvement in effectiveness | Bluekai powered by Dun & when using Dun & Bradstreet. Bradstreet Audience Solutions And just on the few examples we Data discussed, the numbers are quite Nurture Oracle Marketing Cloud compelling. | DaaS for Marketing powered by Dun & Bradstreet Data And we have a variety of products and solutions across these areas with Close Oracle Sales Cloud | DaaS our strategic alliance, Oracle. Joint for Sales powered by Dun & solutions implemented depending Bradstreet Data Dun & Bradstreet | 33

34 BEST PRACTICES But above it all what we are most We are thrilled to be able to excited to share is provide you with our benchmark report for your use in creating How your revenue can be your ROI. impacted and we can now say Dun & Bradstreet customers on Now lets discuss how we can help average see at least 10% revenue you in your journey. performance improvement when Dun & Bradstreet is leveraged as a To Learn More, please visit: part of the MDM/CDM strategy! www.dnb.com/oracle Better performance on the most important metric of all +10% in revenue performance for Dun & Bradstreet customers over non-customers 34 | Dun & Bradstreet

35 BEST PRACTICES CASE STUDY Dun & Bradstreet Uses Oracle Eloqua for Marketing Automation Excellence Building Relationships with Modern, Data-Inspired Marketing Strategies SENIOR LEADERSHIP CALLS working with Eloqua to improve FOR INCREASED CUSTOMER customer interactions with a focus ENGAGEMENT on driving more leads, engagement and pipeline. And once again after Dun & Bradstreets activation of seeing strong initial successes with Oracle Eloqua began with a few the mid-to-large business segment, small steps that have become great the U.S. team began to build a leaps forward. business case for the expansion It started in 2009, when Eloqua was of Eloqua to other channels and named a Market Leader by CRM business divisions. magazine for the second consecutive Fast-forward to today: Eloqua is year. Dun & Bradstreets Canadian currently in place across all sales team adopted the Toronto-based channels for sales enablement, marketing automation solution events and campaigns, letting Dun for lead management and demand & Bradstreet engage customers generation. After the Canadian team with a variety of triggers and tactics achieved strong out-of-the-gate that also allow for measuring the marketing results and ROIs with effectiveness of all communications. Eloqua, it was easy to see that it made sense to bring Eloqua into the U.S. TAKING A DATA-INSPIRED Senior leadership was looking for a MARKETING APPROACH way to increase customer engagement and sales successes with mid-to-large On the marketing automation customers those businesses with journey thinking through annual sales in excess of $250MM the various phases, from target and total employee size of 500 to lead to buyer each click, or more and Eloqua enabled a each content engagement and modern, new approach. each point of contact adds to the creation of a bigger picture and, Within this subset of customers and ultimately, a lead profile. As D&B prospects, Dun & Bradstreet began has advanced with an increasingly Dun & Bradstreet | 35

36 BEST PRACTICES broader use of Eloqua across the In this regard, Eloqua has helped us organization, the company taken a leverage one marketing automation data driven approach practicing system as a centralized hub for what we preach by incorporating all our outbound and internal all the best practices we regularly marketing efforts. advocate to customers who turn to us for customer data management With the worlds largest commercial solutions. While not immune to database, Dun & Bradstreet is some of the same struggles that naturally data-inspired, and this many large companies face, Dun & single view of customers and Bradstreet has been able to move prospects is made possible with away from marketing in silos, where the use of our D-U-N-S Number, a different divisions dont have the unique business identifier and well benefit of a single customer view. regarded industry standard. After we append the D-U-N-S Number to a company file, basic company data THE D&B D-U-N-S NUMBER enriches our account records. AND BASIC COMPANY DATA With a firm foundation of data, Foundational data company name, address, phone number, insight and analytics, customer SIC Industry code profiling helps us score and prioritize Firmographic data data lead routing based on a leads fit on the number of actual for our solutions. For example, we employees, sales and the year typically route in two ways: the business started Sales acceleration highest Hierarchical | Corporate Linkage and family tree scoring leads are prioritized for information on more than 3 follow up. million organizations gives Lead Nurture lower scoring us insight on the relationship leads are routed to nurture between parent and subsidiary programs designed to further companies qualify opportunities and educate Public Records and Trade along the buyers journey. Experiences add dimension based on more than 1.5 billion Dun & Bradstreet builds trade experiences and public relationships with these leads in four records such as outstanding main ways: Digital Optimization, suits, liens, judgments and/or bankruptcy filings Predictive Targeting, Lead Nurture and Sales Acceleration. 36 | Dun & Bradstreet

37 BEST PRACTICES Digital Optimization is the way outbound campaigns of acquisition, D&B captures leads on its web cross sell or win backs. site by creating an engaging web Using Eloqua, Dun & Bradstreet site experience that compels web can build automated lead nurturing visitors to share their professional campaigns that engage prospects information in exchange for valuable at all stages of the buyers journey insights or promises of service. New (learn, solve, compare and purchase) strategies with digital optimization with compelling content focused on include web visitor identification use cases they care about. Content abilities that allow D&B to is developed for the use case and personalize the online experience for mapped to the buyers journey a visitor. With this insight, response phase. Once a campaign is created rates and click throughs are driven and email creative is developed, the up by leveraging what is known program is set up to run on autopilot about the audiences being targeted. over a set period of time. During the With Predictive Targeting, Dun nurture campaign, a Lead Scoring & Bradstreet segments its customer strategy determines how and when a and prospect base to apply high lead passes from one buyers journey performing analytic strategies phase to the other. The goal is to such as propensity to buy profiles thoughtfully engage the prospect to that zero in on the companies and take action. Content paths that contacts most likely to be the best prospects can take along the buyers prospects for products and services. journey drive the engagement at the D&B also uses segmentation to right time. help divide customers into two key categories that increase targeting In Sales Acceleration, we see all effectiveness: engaged and non- the effort thats been put in comes engaged customers. to fruition. Did we establish a viable relationship? Was growth achieved? These propensity-to-buy profiles Did a lead become a win? Was a are bolstered by new strategies for lost customer won back? Was a predicting future behavior, including lead effectively nurtured across the the use of D&B proprietary buyer journey? The answers to these anticipatory analytics such as questions are the ultimate measures Material Change and Signal data. of success. From there it is simpler to effectively identify high quality prospects for Dun & Bradstreet | 37

38 To help brands build valuable relationships with B2B buyers, Dun & Bradstreet is proud to partner with Oracle Data Cloud. Target your best prospects by combining online B2B data from the worlds largest commercial database with one of the worlds leading data management platforms. Visit us at www.dnb.com/oracle to learn more. Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. 2015

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