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  • Jun 19, 2015
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1 Report on ASIA DAIRY NETWORK activities (2014/15) John Moran Coordinator, Asia Dairy Network, APHCA & Profitable Dairy Systems Kyabram, Victoria AUSTRALIA Website: www.profitabledairysystems.com.au June 2015 1

2 TOPICS COVERED ADN Key objectives ADN Key roles Activities 2014/2015 Dairy Asia website E-Learning programs Golden Rules Thailand & Bangladesh workshops Small holder Dairy Innovation Program (SDIP) Other activities My latest book Thanks to you all 2

3 ADN Key objectives productivity along cow-consumer dairy food chain Concentrate efforts at SHD farm level quality and access to input support services Improve organisation of SHD farmers to bargaining power Encourage private sector investment (PPP v govt) Minimise environmental damage (soil, pollution, GHG) Strategically and pro-actively promote interests of Asian dairy producers and consumers dairy 3

4 ADN Key roles Maintain producer bias, all inclusive of farm size Ensure practical inf is available to all SHD farmers in Asia Avoid active advocacy and remain neutral Provide relevant inf on websites and/or printed material Facilitate capacity building programs Form and promote regional linkages Promote dairy development throughout Asia Collect and disseminate high quality information & knowledge Promote SHD contribution to food security and socio- economic well being, incl importance of women 4

5 ADN activities 2014/2015 One E-Learning program on feeding management Dairy Asia website development Newsletters Q & A Forum Publications from ADN activities Country Champions & National Dairy Profiles Subject Matter Specialists E-consultation for May 2014 future planning workshop Nov 2014 workshops in Thailand and Bangladesh Development of Golden Rules Completion of draft manual on SHD dairy production technology Evolution of Small holder Dairy Innovation Program 5

6 Dairy Asia website www.dairyasia.org Web platform giving public access to practical information 919,722 hits as of 11 June 2015 Storage of current & valid national data Key repository of practical knowledge relevant to SHD farmers Regular ADN Newsletters (Completed No 10 in Mar 2015) Expert roster Q & A forum Information resources (published technical information) Ongoing projects Links (to other websites) 6

7 E-Learning programs Feeding management of SHD cattle in tropical Asia One 4 week program (Sep 2014) with 10 participants Covered theory and practical aspects of feeding SHD stock 16 modules (4 per week) and 3 Skype sessions Expectation & evaluation of each program Topics ranged from Principles of dairy nutrition & feeding management Annual lactation cycle Likely milk responses & trouble shooting feeding problems Ration formulation Specific aspects of feeding young stock and for fertility Second program planned by FAO in Apr 2015 with up to 30 participants 7

8 The Golden Rules These comprise take home messages relating to farm activities They have been put together in sheets with cartoon drawings 8

9 Thailand & Bangladesh workshops Over 18 days in Nov 2014, I conducted five workshops in Thailand and Bangladesh on: Key Performance Indicators Best Management Practices for feeding and herd management Golden Rules Farm Business Management Also visited dairy cooperatives, government research stations and 6 commercial farms Provided the opportunity for over 200 farmers and support stasff to better understand the principles and practices of BMP on small holder dairy farms 9

10 Small holder Dairy Innovative Program (SDIP) This has evolved over the 3 year consultancy into an integrated, capacity building package based on principles of adult learning with five key strategies: Simple take home messages; Golden Rules Quantifying benefits from adoption; KPIs Demonstrating on farm benefits; model farms Farmer friendly environment; farmer discussion groups Monitoring benefits on home farm; farm business performance The program also includes practical hands on workshops I have prepared a work book summarising the key activities Plans are to pilot SDIP in Malaysia and Indonesia in 2015 Commenced a pilot workshop in West Java in May 2015 with 30 dairy advisers (cooperative, milk processors, government) This may be extended to East Java later in 2015 10

11 The Smallholder Dairy Innovation Program (SDIP) process 1. Golden Rules for tropical dairy farming A series of take home messages for day to day activities on tropical small holder dairy farms Quantifiable measures of how the farm is performing, relative to other farms 2. Key Performance Indicators for Golden Rules To provide quantifiable measures of how the farm is performing, relative to previous years and to other farms 3. Model Farms Seeing is believing so farmers can more easily understand how to do things better through regular visits to the same progressive farmer 4. Farmer Discussion Groups So farmers can share their knowledge in a more relaxed and structured learning environment and learn more from each other rather than an adviser 5. Farm Business Performance of individual project farms So each farmer can monitor the economic success of his/her management improvements hence more permanently integrate them into their dairy systems 11

12 Other activities Country Champions Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar appointees National dairy profiles Bangladesh completed Subject Matter Specialists To answer questions from Q & A Forum National dairy training programs Farmers Golden rules Thailand dairy adviser training Steering Committee Inviting senior Asia dairy managers to join Committee Publications Review of self sufficiencies of Asian dairy industries My Cow Talk reference book 12

13 My latest book Tropical dairy farm books published by CSIRO Publications 1. Tropical dairy farming: Feeding management for small holder dairy farmers in the humid tropics (2005) 2. Business management for tropical dairy farmers (2009) 3. Managing high grade dairy cows in the tropic (2012) 4. Rearing young stock on tropical dairy farms in Asia (2012) 5.Cow talk: Understanding dairy cow behaviour to improve their welfare on Asian farms (2015) All these books are freely downloadable from my website www.profitablefarmingsystems.com.au Cow Talk is an essential resource for farmers who want to improve animal welfare, farm advisers who can assist farmers to improve their welfare practices, educators who develop training programs for farmers and dairy advisers, and other stakeholders in tropical dairy production such as local agribusiness, policy makers and research scientists. A happy cow is a productive cow. Happy cows make happy farmers!! 13

14 Thanks to you all! I would like to thank all my APHCA colleagues and new found friends, especially those from Thailand, Bangladesh and Myanmar, for my most enjoyable last three years. This has been a great experience for me to travel around and see the many innovations that farmers (and advisers) have developed from their own experiences and intuition. I truly hope that my presence and input has stimulated people to maybe think maybe a bit differently about developing solutions to their dairy farm problems My motto is I have failed unless I learn something new during each and every day of my professional career. This includes confirmation that solutions can come in many forms. I can rest contented knowing that I have achieved this goal. If the opportunity arises, I look forward to further collaborations with you all. 14

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