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  • Jun 5, 2012
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1 FOLLOW UP STATEMENT FROM THE 2012 NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF MOVIMIENTO ESTUDIANTIL [email protected] DE AZTLAN (M.E.Ch.A.) IN REGARDS TO THE BOOK ENTITLED: MEChA LEADERSHIP MANUAL BY ROBERTO TIJERINA CANTU National Movimiento, Estudiantil [email protected] de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.) DOES NOT ENDORSE Roberto Tijerina Cantus book entitled: MEChA Leasership Manual. National M.E.Ch.A. DOES NOT ENDORSE Roberto Tijerina Cantu s presence and influence in any M.E.Ch.A. spaces, circles, websites, etc after National M.E.Ch.A. was presented with Mr. Cantus opinions of M.E.Ch.A. reflected in his book, MEChA Leadership Manual at the 2012 National Conference at Arizona State University. Tijerina Cantu does not represent the views, philosophy and opinions of M.E.Ch.A. as a whole, and National M.E.Ch.A. DEMANDS that Tijerina Cantu ceases to represent MEChA and MEChistAs as a whole. Due to the title, the constant use of the term MEChistAs, the list of MEChA chapters in the back of his book, the breakdown of his claim on how MEChA works, etc., the book, MEChA Leadership Manuel, claims to be, and is interpreted to be a representation of MEChA and MEChistAs as a whole that our organization has not approved nor been included during the writing process. Tijerina Cantus book is a threat to MEChistAs by its misrepresentation of National M.E.Ch.A. and directly contributes as a source so that outside opposition can continue to threaten the lives of MEChistAs for being affiliated with the organization. Tijerinas words can be used as a threat to the lives and safety of MEChistAs as a whole. National MEChA does not endorse sexism, racism, classism, ableism, xenophobia, ageism, homophobia, or other forms of hate that has been used to divide our communities from within for many years. In order for all our gente to be liberated, we must not combat each other from within but realize that all of our gente come in different shapes, sizes, colors, religions, ages, sexual orientations, genders, etc. All systems of oppression are connected to each other, and we cannot prioritize ones struggle over the other. With this being said, the so called MEChA Leadership Manuel does nothing for the liberation of our gente. This book is not only sexist, but is also clearly homophobic. National MEChA DOES NOT ENDORSE sexism and homophobia. National MEChA does not endorse .Tijerinas Western European Religious values to oppress in regards to the Queer community and of mujeres. Tijerina Cantus views reflected in his book hinder any work toward true liberation of

2 our people by dividing what makes up our communities. Tijerina Cantus words are seen by National MEChA as hateful and oppressive to our people as a whole, and betray El Movimiento to the liberation and self-determination of nuestra gente. Disclaimer: This is not to offend anyone, this is not an attack on Christianity, but an attack on an individual who uses fundamental beliefs to persecute others. On page 386 of the MEChA Leadership Manual, In Chapters 17 and 18 of the Holy Bible, God sets down rules that are abominations to him. God is not just picking on jotos. To mention the rules quickly, they are not to eat blood, not to have sex with any relative, not have sex with any relatives through marriage, not to have sex while a woman is on her menstruation, not to have sex with neighbors, not to curse by the name of the Lord, not to have sex with the opposite sex, and not to have sex with animals. God is saying that you must not support any of these abominations, either with family or strangers. The people committing the abominations will be cut off from there people. If hes a Chicano gay, he will be detached from his family and community. Is he not detached? There are gay individuals who do come out of the Chicano community. For the most part, they are tolerated because they are family members. Fundamentally, through, their lifestyle is not accepted. Many gays move to communities where their lifestyle are accepted. Gods warning is that we should not commit these abominations because they create more confusion, and the land itself will spit you out because there will be a price to pay at reckoning. Keep in mind that in a perfect world, de jotos, God would have created Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve. (Tijerina Cantu 386). National MEChA demands that Mr. Roberto Tijerina Cantu CEASES from representing MEChA through his guest speaking, in MEChA spaces and circles, and on his websites. National MEChA DEMANDS that Mr. Roberto Tijerina Cantu and the publishers of MEChA Leadership Manuel, to stop selling Mr. Tijerina Cantus book, MEChA Leadership Manuel. National MEChA asks for a formal apology from Mr. Roberto Tijerina Cantu for publishing his separatist agenda under MEChA name and logo. National MEChA also asks that MEChA de UCR STOP exposing this individual to our youth who are vulnerable to his words. NATIONAL MEChA MEChA National Conference hosted at Arizona State University Centro March 22-25, 2012

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