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3 PRODUCTION FACILITIES OF STF BACS Location Samara, Russia Year of foundation 1992 Production space 5 000 m2 Specialization Systems for gas and oil quality control measurement, Quality control units, Automated Process Control Systems, Design. 3

4 PRODUCTION FACILITIES OF MASHDETAIL PLANT Location Ulianovsk, Russia Year of connection to BACS 2010 group Production space 5 000 m2 Specialization Sets of meter runs, flanges, filters, filter separators, heat exchangers, reducers and their components, axles, spindles, rotors, enclosures, plates. 4

5 PRODUCTION FACILITIES OF GAZAVTOMATIKA PLANT Location Astana, Kazakhstan Year of connection to BACS group 2009 Production space 6 000 m2 Specialization Production of automated gas distribution stations, gas measuring stations, Gas and oil metering skids 5


7 GEOGRAPHY OF SUPPLY More than 20 large measuring complexes, 100 small and average analytical systems and 2000 analytical instruments and equipment have been produced and supplied during only last three years. 7



10 GAS MEASURING STATIONS (GMS) Technical features Flow rate of gas, standard Uncertainty not more than 0,8 % conditions Surplus pressure Uncertainty not more than 0,065 % Dew point (moisture and Uncertainty not more than 0,5 % hydrocarbon) GAS QUALITY AND QUANTITY METERING UNIT (GQQ METERING UNIT) Modular shelters All production has certificates Pipeline diameters up to 1200mm Uncertainty: from 0,7% (metering units of 1st According to GOST 8.733-2011, category); from 2,55% (associated natural STO Gazprom 5.37-2011 gas, flare gas) The dynamic range of flow measurement Min. pressure 1 bar. 1:120 (metering units of 1st category, DGS, before dellivery to Gazprom main pipe), Velocity of gas from 0,03 m/s 1:1500 (flare metering units, associated gas) 46 m/s 10

11 GAS QUALITY CONTROL UNIT Key features We supply modular solutions that are ready-to-use. Full automation minimizes necessity of maintenance and increase safety. We use a known-how for our straight lines production, modular shelters and automation system. Technical specifications and climate zone version could be modified according to customers requirements (nominal diameter up to DN 1200, pressure up to 25 Mpa, measurement error from 0,7%). AUTOMATED GAS DISTRIBUTION STATION (AGDS SAMARA) BASC produces automated gas distribution stations with productivity from 1 to 250 000 nm3/h. Purification of gas from condensed moisture and mechanical impurities, and following removal of cleaning products Gas heating before pressure reduction; Gas pressure reduction after main pipe and maintaining pressure at a required level and necessary uncertainty; Measuring of gas consumption; Automatic control of operating modes of technological equipment and remote alarm signals Data communication 11

12 GAS TREATMENT UNIT Purification unit Odorization unit Prevention of hydrate formation unit Total gas consumption measurement unit and separate measurement on each output Pressure reduction unit Operator room OIL QUALITY AND QUANTITY MEASURING SYSTEM Block of measuring pipelines with filters flow measurement Block of verification units and measurement of quantity of oil and petrol Oil quality measurement unit control of oil and petrol Purging block, proover quality parameters 12

13 OIL QUALITY CONTROL BLOCK Application Crude oil metering units Oil loading station Units of acceptance of oil and petroleum products in the main Customers acceptance test oil pipelines Linear production-dispatching station Location Modular building with heating, emergency protection, ventilation and lighting Heat chamber with two-way access AUTOMATION OF OIL AND GAS FACILITIES design and development of APCS ACS of commercial and ACS of gas quality control units, liquefied operating measurement of hydrocarbons, petroleum products and APCS of storage tanks gas quantity, condensate, oil petrochemical fractions and oil products ACS of oil preparation units and ACS of gas distribution stations and points ACS of high-pressure gas booster compressor stations pipelines ACS of plum / loading of oil products 13


15 ANALYTICAL DEPARTMENT Structure of Department R&D center Testing laboratory Production OUR R&D TEAM 15

16 EVOLUTION OF PROCESS GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY IN BACS MICROCHOMRE PGC 90.50 MAG In collaboration with In collaboration with Own development of SevKavElectropribor DANI Instruments STF BACS 16

17 MAG SERIES PROCESS GAS CHROMATOGRAPHS MAG is the series of newest modern process GC developed by BACS which provide excellent performance thanks to years of experience in chromatography and usage of the advanced technologies Key benefits Compact design with Ex d explosion-proof enclosure Easy to use with 12 LCD touch screen and integrated software Completely automatic operation due to built-in PC Variety of the data transmitting opportunities Low operating and maintenance cost owing to low power and gas consumption Integrated power supply unit 220V Ability to measure up to 4 streams (8 as an option) with built-in stream selector External devices (like pressure sensors) can be connected via intrinsically safe circuit Comply with international standards Wide range of models and applications 17

18 SPECIFICATION OF MAG GC SERIES Technical characteristics Detectors Thermal conductivity (TCD) or electrochemical (ECD) Internal controller Own design with integrated software Display and data input 12 LCD with touch screen Stream selector Built-in, up to 3 analyzed and 1 calibration streams. Can be extended. Thermostat mode Isothermal from 45 to 150 Explosion protection 1Ex d[ib]IIB+H2 4 Gb Ingress Protection Marking IP65 Weight, kg no more than 40 Dimensions, lengthwidthheight, mm 365310465 Chromatographic columns Capillary, micropacked, packed Electrical characteristics Power supply 220 V, (501) Hz up to 180 W (start-up) Power consumption up to 80 W (typical) Interfaces RS485/RS232, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, 4-20, intrinsically safe connections Ambient conditions Temperature, from -10 to +50 Atmospheric pressure, kPa 84,0-106,7 Relative humidity, % up to 95 (without condensation) 18

19 APPLICATIONS OF MAG GC: NATURAL GAS ANALYSIS Scope of application Configuration and parameters Analysis of natural gas composition Two analytical channels with -TCD; according to ISO 6794 with calculation of C6+ backflush precolumn; calorific values, relative and absolute Total analysis time up to 5 min; density, compressibility factor and Wobbe Carrier gas (He) consumption up to index in accordance with ISO 6976. 12 ml/min (1 40 L cylinder per year). N2+O2 iso-butane n-butane Ethane iso-pentane Hexanes n-pentane CO2 neo-pentane Propane Time, min Time, min 19

20 APPLICATIONS OF MAG GC: METHANOL IN NATURAL GAS Scope of application Configuration and parameters Control of methanol concentration in Standard configuration for NG natural gas is an additional option for NG analysis can be used; composition analysis. Test gas with methanol is required; It is important to control methanol in NG Detection limit 5 ppm for methanol. in order to reduce its consumption as a hydrate inhibitor, during LNG production or at gas processing plant. Methanol Time, min 20

21 APPLICATIONS OF MAG GC: ANALYSIS OF ETHANE FRACTION Scope of application Configuration and parameters Control of noncondensable gases in One analytical channel with -TCD; ethane or ethane-ethylene fraction Backflush of heavier hydrocarbons according to ASTM D 2504. increases analysis speed; Analysis is applicable at gas refining Different impurities can be analyzed plants and petrochemical industry due to flexible GC configuration. including production of polymers. Ethane Methane Propane i-butane n-butane 21

22 APPLICATIONS OF MAG GC: ANALYSIS OF SULFUR COMPOUNDS Scope of application Configuration and parameters Determination of sulfur-containing Analytical module with capillary column substances in natural gas including H2S and high-sensitive electrochemical and mercaptans and following detector (MAG-S model); calculation of total and sour sulfur Compressed air as a carrier gas; according to ASTM D 7493, ISO 19739. No auxiliary gases required; Detection level from 0,01 ppm; Analysis time up to 15 min. hydrogen sulfide methyl mercaptan ethylmercaptan i-propyl mercaptan sec-butyl mercaptan propyl mercaptan tert-butyl mercaptan iso-butyl mercaptan butyl mercaptan Time, min Analytical module of MAG-S 22

23 APPLICATIONS OF MAG GC: ANALYSIS OF LIQUEFIED HYDROCARBONS Scope of application Configuration and parameters Quality control of C6-C10 hydrocarbons One or two analytical channels with according to ASTM D 2597 at complex -TCD depending on component list; gas treatment facilities and gas Special pneumatic-actuated injector- processing plant, and also in commercial vaporizer is used for direct injection of liquid hydrocarbons measurement units. vaporized sample at the operating pressure and temperature of liquid; Max. sample pressure: 70 bar; Max. injector temperature: 185; nonane decane acids Injector-vaporizer 23

24 APPLICATIONS OF MAG GC: ANALYSIS OF VARIOUS LIQUID SAMPLES Scope of application Configuration and parameters Quality control of light hydrocarbons, One or two analytical channels with trade and technological NGL, pentane- -TCD depending on components list; hexane fraction, control of isomerization, External heated sampling valve for quality control of incoming raw materials liquid products with low sampling and final products at plants producing volume; MTBE and MTAE. Max. sample pressure: 70 bar; Max. valve temperature: 175; Butene-1 n-butane Trans-2-butene Cis-2-butene isobutane Methylpropene Sampling valve 24

25 ANALYZATOR SOFTWARE Analyzator software is developed by BACS for handling and controlling of laboratory and process GSs Key features System control and automatic calibration; Data acquisition and custom reports generating; Library of physical and chemical parameters of measuring compound; Touch-screen version for operating directly from instruments screen; Flexible can be easily configured according to customers needs; Multi-language interface, easy to add new languages. Export data to common formats; Safety multi-level user interface; Warning and alarm system. 25

26 MAG GC AND COMPETITORS COMPARISON Process gas chromatographs for natural gas analysis specifications comparison chart Manufacturer/ STF BACS DANI BACS Siemens ABB Elster Emerson characteristics (Russia) (Russia-Italy) (Germay) (USA) (Netherlands) (USA) Model MAG PGC 90.50 MicroSAM NGC8200 EnCal 3000 Danalyzer 700 Weight 35 kg 50 kg 15 kg 13 kg 32 kg 80 kg Size (HWD), mm 450360310 1355385470 360220 (H) 406230(H) 370370 (H) 914 x 462 x 483 EExdepxllB+H2 Explosion protection 1Ex[ib]dllB+H2T4 1ExdllCT4 ExdllT4 ExdllBT4 1Ex d IIB+H2T4 T3/T4/T6 Power supply and 180 W / 80 W 325 W / 120 W 60 W / 18 W 45 W / 7 W 170 W / 120 W 80 /33 W consumption 220 V 220 V 24 V 16 V 24 V 24 V Operating temperature -10 +50 +5 +40 - 20 +50 - 18 +55 -20 +55 -18 55 Start-up time 1 hour 2 hours 30 min 1 hour 2 hours 1 hour Number of analyzed 4 1 1 4 4 4 streams Carrier gas consumption 10 ml/min 20 ml/min 40 ml/min 12 ml/min 10 ml/min 18 ml/min Detection limit* 4 ppm 4 ppm 5 ppm 5 ppm 4 ppm 4 ppm Time of analysis 3 min 22 min 3 min 5 min 5 min 5 min Software type Internal Internal External External External Internal Hydrocarbons up Hydrocarbons up Hydrocarbons up Hydrocarbons up Hydrocarbons up Hydrocarbons up Analyzed compounds to 6, CO2, N2 & O2 to 9+, H2S, CO2, to 9, CO2, N2+O2 to 9, CO2, N2+O2 to 9, CO2, N2 + O2 to 9, CO2, N2+O2 separately O2 Built-in power supply 220V yes yes no no no no * according to ISO 6974 requirements (S/N ratio = 10) 26

27 TESTING AND CERTIFICATION OF MAG GC MAG series GCs have all necessary certificates for Russian and CIS market, including Explosion-proof certificate; Software certification; Pattern approval certificate. MAG GC has passed validation tests in accordance with requirements of ISO 10723, ISO 6974 and GOST 31371 standards in VSL Dutch Metrology Institute, Netherlands in 2012. Efficiency (peak separation/resolution), repeatability, reproducibility, linearity, and accuracy of GC were tested using 7 test gas mixtures with wide range of composition. Elements of construction of the GC are protected by patents. MAG GC successfully passed extended industrial tests and has been supplied to gas metering facilities of Gazprom and other companies in Russia and CIS countries. 27

28 OXYGEN ANALYSIS IN NATURAL GAS Relevance of oxygen analysis According to new requirements of developing European standard EN 16726:2015 Gas infrastructure Quality of gas - Group H at network entry points and interconnection points the mole fraction of oxygen shall be no more than 0,001 % (or 10 ppm), expressed as a moving 24 hour average. Gas chromatography allows to analyze only a mixture of 0, N and Ar or 0 and Ar in case of using of MolSieve column. Detection limit for oxygen in this case is 10 ppm at best. 02 28

29 ANOX - PROCESS OXYGEN ANALYZER AnOx modern process analyzer based on advanced electrochemical detector to measure low- ppm level of oxygen with outstanding accuracy Applications Natural gas analysis Refinery gas analysis Petrochemical processes O2 measuring in industrial gases Features Electrochemical sensor with high sensitivity (from 1 ppm); Wide detection range (up to 100%); Fast response; Completely automatic operation and calibration; Up to 2 analyzed streams; Simple design and easy installation; Integrated software and power supply unit. 29

30 SPECIFICATION OF ANOX ANALYZER Metrological characteristics Technical characteristics Detection range Absolute uncertainty, ppm Principle of operation Electrochemical 0 - 200 ppm (1,5 + 0,05in) Explosion protection 1 x d IIC T4 Gb Number of analyzed 0 - 2 000 ppm (5 + 0,08in) Up to 2 streams 0 - 10 000 ppm (100 + 0,06in) Analysis cycle Continuous 0 - 100% (0,5 + 0,03in) Calibration Automatic by test gas mixture Software Built-in and external 35 days in nonvolatile Data storage Ambient conditions memory RS232/RS485, Ethernet, 4-20 Temperature, from -40 to +50 Interfaces mA, GSM / GPRS Atmospheric pressure, kPa 84,0-106,7 220 V, 50 Hz Power supply up to 90 W (start-up) up to 95 (without up to 30 W (typical) Relative humidity, % condensation) Dimensions, weight 425435275 mm, 37 kg 30

31 ANOX ANALYZER AND COMPETITORS COMPARISON Process oxygen analyzers specifications comparison chart Manufacturer/ GE Sensing EMEA (Panametrics), Teledyne Analytical STF BACS, Russia characteristics USA Instruments, USA Model AnOx O2X1 Transmitter Model 3020 Principle of operation Electrochemical Electrochemical Electrochemical Design, No of channels Stationary, 2-channel Stationary, 1-channel Stationary, 1 or 2-channel Explosion protection 1ExdIIT4Gb II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4 Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D Ingress protection IP66 NEMA Type 4X NEMA 4/7 Detection range 0-10.000 ppm 0-100% 0-10 ...0-10.000 ppm 0-10 ...0-10.000 ppm 0-10 ppm (1,5 + 0,05in) Allowed uncertainty 0-200 ppm (5 + 0,08in) 0 10000 ppm 6% 0-10000 ppm 5% 0-1000 ppm (100 + 0,06in) Continuous, result is average of 1 Analysis cycle Continuous From 5 sec. minute measurement Manual or automatic by test gas Calibration Manual by test gas mixture Manual or automatic mixture Software Built-in and external no Built-in and external Data storage 35 days in nonvolatile memory no no Data display On external PC or built-in LCD external 4-20 mA readout On PC, built-in LCD or readout device Power supply (220+22-33) V, (50 1) Hz 24 to 28 VDC 50 mA 115 / 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz Interfaces RS232/RS 485, Ethernet, Analog 4-20 RS232, analog 4-20 Operating temperature from -40 to +50 from 0 to +45 From 0C to 50C Dimensions, weight 425435275 mm, 37 kg Diameter 57 mm, length 184 mm 651387279 mm, 38 kg 31

32 PORTABLE OXYGEN ANALYZER FOR NATURAL GAS Portable oxygen analyzer provides performance and reliability of stationary AnOx in compact casing. Applications Fast field control of oxygen level in natural gas, including monitoring of oxygen level in pipeline during starting-up and after maintenance. Mobile oxygen analysis in gas and oil refinery, petrochemical, chemical, food and other industries. Features Wide operation temperature range (from -40); Can be used in explosive area due to intrinsically safe Ex ib protection; Long time of autonomous work on built-in battery even in cold conditions; Can be charged either from 220 V or from car 12 V power supply; Neither auxiliary gases nor external sample preparation required; Compact size and light weight; Easy to handle and service. 32

33 SPECIFICATION OF PORTABLE OXYGEN ANALYZER Technical characteristics Calibration Manual by test gas mixture or oxygen generator Analysis cycle Continuous Sample gas pressure, bar 1 0,5 Sample gas consumption, ml/min 200 - 1500 Power supply 12 V DC up to 17 W (start-up) Power consumption up to 7 W (typical) Time of autonomous work at -40, hours no less than 6 Explosion protection 1 Ex ib mb IIC T6 Gb Ingress protection IP65 Dimensions, LWH, mm 256175150 Weight, kg no more than 4,5 Life time, years no less than 10 Metrological characteristics Detection range of 2 Maximum allowed absolute uncertainty, ppm 0-500 ppm (1,5 + 0,05in) 0 - 2000 ppm (5 + 0,08in) 0 - 10000 ppm (100 + 0,06in) 0 - 100 % (0,5 + 0,03in) % 33

34 ANOD - PROCESS ODORANT ANALYZER AnOd - simple and reliable solution for odorant level measuring in gases. Process control of odorization allows to keep required intensity of gas smell and significantly improves safety of natural gas consumption. AnOd measures the total concentration of mercaptans in gas separated from Features hydrogen sulfide. Fast analysis time; Another sulfur-containing odorant, such No auxiliary gas is needed; as THT, could also be analyzed. Completely automatic operation; RSH H2S No interferences with other components of natural gas; Automatic calibration with internal permeation tube; Simple design and easy installation. No heated cabinet required. 34

35 SPECIFICATION OF ANOD ANALYZER Metrological characteristics Technical characteristics Principle of operation Electrochemical Sample gas pressure, MPa 0,2 1,2 Detection range, mg/m3 0-100 for mercaptans Automatic by built-in Calibration permeation tube Display range, mg/m3 0-50 for mercaptan sulfur Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz Maximum relative uncertainty, % up to 90 W (start-up) For range 0-10 mg/m3 25 ( 20*) of full scale Power consumption up to 30 W (typical) For range 10-100 mg/m3 25 ( 20*) relative Start-up time, min up to 60 Analysis cycle from 5 min. RS485/RS232, Ethernet, Interfaces * Depending on validation means. 4-20 mA, GSM / GPRS Explosion protection 1Ex d II T4 Gb Ambient conditions Ingress protection IP 66 Temperature, from +5 (-40**) to +50 Dimensions, LWH, mm 435275425 Atmospheric pressure, kPa 84,0-106,7 Weight, kg no more than 39 up to 95 Relative humidity, % Life time, years no less than 10 (without condensation) ** Optional. Heated gas inlet required. 35

36 TESTING AND CERTIFICATION OF GAS ANALYZERS Gas analyzers AnOd, AnOx and portable oxygen analyzer have all necessary certificates for the Russian and CIS market, including Explosion-proof certificate; Pattern approval certificate. All analyzers successfully passed various industrial tests and have been supplied to different facilities of Gazprom and other companies in Russia and CIS countries. 36

37 COMPLEX FOR PROCESS ANALYSIS OF H2S AND MERCAPTANS IN OIL Complex is designed for continuous measurement of H2S and light mercaptans in crude oil and oil products based on headspace sampling. Complex consists of process GC MAG-S and sophisticated headspace sampling system. Headspace sampling unit Features Technical characteristics Continuous automatic operation; Analyzed H2S, methylmercaptan, components ethylmercaptan Reliability and long lifetime; Measurement H2S: 0,5 300 ppm No moving parts in headspace range CH3SH, C2H5SH: 2 300 ppm 3% sampler; Repeatability up to 6% (at low concentrations) MAG-S with electrochemical Analysis time up to 10 minutes detector and air as a carrier gas; Detector Electrochemical (ECD) Column Capillary Patented headspace sampling unit Explosion proof EExdllCT4 with no competitors on the market. Interfaces RS 485, RS 232, Modbus RTU/TCP 37

38 COMPLEX FOR PROCESS ANALYSIS OF H2S AND MERCAPTANS IN OIL Complex has all necessary certificates and documentation for the Russian and CIS market, including Explosion-proof certificate; Validated measurement method; Pattern approval certificate on MAG-S; Construction of headspace sampling unit is protected by patent. Complexes successfully passed industrial testing and have been used by different Russian oil companies. 38

39 PORTABLE GC FOR H2S AND MERCAPTANS ANALYSIS S-CHROME Portable GC S-Chrome compact instrument for sulfur-containing compounds analysis in various media for stationary and mobile laboratories Applications Analysis of H2S and mercaptans in Natural gas (NG) and associated petroleum gas (APG); Liquefied gases (NGL); Oil and oil products. Chromatogram of sulfur compounds in natural gas 39

40 PORTABLE GC FOR H2S AND MERCAPTANS ANALYSIS S-CHROME Features Direct injection of oil ensures Technical characteristics representative sampling; Analyzed High-sensitive electrochemical components H2S, mercaptans detector; Measurement range from 0,2 to 600 ppm Wide detection range and good Repeatability 3% up to 6% (at low concentrations) linearity; Analysis time 6 min (up to ethylmercaptan) Air as a carrier gas, compressor Detector Electrochemical (ECD) could be used for mobility; Column Capillary Fast analysis; Interfaces RS 485/232, Ethernet, 4-20 Power supply 12 (24), 220 V, 50 Hz, Compact size and low power Power consumption 13 W consumption. Dimensions, mm 355280155 GC was successfully tested in Weight, kg no more than 9 laboratories of Russian oil companies and metrological institutes 40

41 CHROMATOGRAPHIC COMPLEX HELIUM-MICRO Application Quality control of pure helium up to 6.0 grade and liquid helium. Analysis of trace concentrations of Ne, CH4, O2, Ar, N2, CO, CO2 and H2. High sensitivity is achieved by sample enrichment during cryoconcentration and cryofocussing at the temperature of liquid nitrogen (196) followed by separation and detection of individual impurities with laboratory gas chromatograph. Features No pure gases required; Detection limit: from 0,05 ppm; Fast analysis cycle: from 10 minutes; Own software for chromatographic data acquisition and cryoconcentrator control; Long lifetime and stability of equipment. Cryoconcentrator ASC-1 41

42 CHROMATOGRAPHIC COMPLEX HELIUM-MICRO Complex configuration Laboratory gas chromatograph with thermal conductivity, thermochemical or pulsed helium detectors; Automatic cryoconcentration system ASC-1; PC. Metrological characteristics Detection Allowed divergence Relative expanded Component RSD (n=4), % range, ppm (n=3), % uncertainty, % Ne 5 110 1,0 5 20 0,10 1,0 10 H2 20 1,0 50 1,0 4 0,10 1,0 10 O2+Ar 20 1,0 50 1,0 4 0,10 1,0 10 N2 20 1,0 50 1,0 4 0,20 1,0 10 CH4 20 1,0 50 1,0 4 0,10 1,0 10 CO 20 1,0 50 1,0 4 0,10 1,0 10 CO2 20 1,0 50 1,0 4 42

43 CHROMATOGRAPHIC COMPLEX HELIUM-MICRO Chromatogram of helium 4.5 grade (99.995%) Complex has: Validated measurement method; Pattern approval certificate; Construction is protected by patent. Complex was successfully tested at the Helium plant in Orenburg, Russia and now is being supplied to the customers. 43

44 PROCESS ANALYZER OF H2S AND CO2 IN AMINE ABSORBENTS Application On-line control of regeneration of amine absorbents used for gas sweetening Process analysis of H2S and CO2 in ethanolamine before and after regeneration with headspace sampling and gas chromatography. Features + Withdrawal of samples of ethanolamine directly from process with special sample preparation system; Extraction of analyzed components from sample using headspace sampling unit; Process GC with sample Calibration by test gas mixture; preparation system Allows to optimize the amine acid gas removal process. 44

45 PROCESS ANALYZER OF H2S AND CO2 IN AMINE ABSORBENTS Technical characteristics Analyzed components H2S, 02 Measurement range H2S 0,02-10,0 g/l 02 0,02-10,0 g/l Detector TCD Analysis time up to 15 min Detection limit 0,002 g/l Carrier gas Helium 4.5 grade (99,995%) Calibration with test gas mixture Explosion proof EExdllCT4 Chromatogram of ethanolamine Complex has: Validated measurement method; Pattern approval certificate; Construction is protected by patent. Complex successfully passed industrial tests and has been used at the Gas processing plant in Orenburg, Russia. 45

46 MECHANICAL PARTICLES INDICATOR Application Technological monitoring of mechanical particles concentration and process control of condition of filter elements for natural gas. Features Easy to install directly on pipeline; Reliability, doesnt require regular service; Suitable for measuring of any kind of mechanical particles. Technical characteristics Principle of operation Triboelectric Detection limit 0,1 mg/m3 Particle size 0,3 m Sample gas pressure, MPa up to 25 Sample gas velocity, m/s up to 25 Sample gas temperature, up to 140 Ambient temperature, from -60 to +60 Explosion protection 1Ex mb llC T6 Gb Ingress protection IP65 Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 3 W Interfaces 2 solid-state relays (170 mA / 200 mA) Weight, kg no more than 3 46

47 PROSPECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS Process HCDP and WDP Raman analyzer Application Fully automatic measurement of hydrocarbon and water dew point in all kinds of gases including natural gas. The analyzer can also be used in custody metering and quality assurance in gas distribution and metering stations Features Compact size and small weight; Low TCO. There is no need in any auxiliary gases or special sample preparation system; Direct determination of chemical nature of condensate by means of Raman Spectroscopy method. Analyzer correctly distinguishes Dew Point types: pure water, water+methanol, hydrocarbon (including separate components); Wide measurement range. Due to special design of the measuring cell, it is possible to detect Dew Point at temperature -50 C and lower; Simple in operation; Ex-proof. The analyzer is designed to be used in explosive area. 47

48 SPECIFICATION OF ANOD ANALYZER Process HCDP and WDP Raman analyzer Specification Metrological characteristics Measurement principle Condensation method with Raman Spectroscopy Measurement range -50 +30 C Measurement cycle duration 10-20 min Technical characteristics Input pressure, bar Up to 120 Flow rate, ml/min 50-200 Power supply 110 V AC, 220 V AC or 24 V DC Up to 100 at heating stage and not Power consumption, W more than 50 during other stages of operation Explosion protection 1Ex d II 4 Gb Size, LxWxH, mm 405 x 230 x 338 Weight, kg no more than 25 48

49 PROSPECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS Process analyzer of water vapor content and WDP The analyzer is designed to measure water vapor content and water dew point in gases including natural gas. Measuring principle sorption. Technical specifications Measured parameters Water content, WDP WDP range -70 +20 Absolute error 2 within range -70 -60 C Features 1 C within range -60 +20 C Simple and reliable; Analysis duration 30 sec High sensitivity (lower detection Ambient temperature -10 +40 limit is -80 ); Input pressure Up to 120 bar Sample flow rate Less than 0,1 nl/min Low sample gas flow rate; Interfaces RS 232/485 , Ethernet No need in any auxiliary gases; Explosion protection 1d II B + H2 4 Fully automated measurement; Power supply 220 V, ~ 50 Hz, 20 W Measurement cycle is not more Size, LWH, mm 275 362 197,5 than 30 sec; Weight, kg Less than 25 No moving parts contacting with Life time, years More than 10 the sample gas. Time between calibrations 1 year 49

50 PROSPECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS Process dew point analyzers specifications comparison chart Manufacturer/ Vympel, Russia Michell, UK STF BACS, Russia STF BACS, Russia Specifications Name KONG-Prima-10 Condumax II Raman analyzer WDP analyzer HCDP (range, accuracy), -30 +30 ( 1) -34+30 ( 0,5) -50 +30 ( 0,5) - -30 +10 ( 1) WDP (range, accuracy), -30 +30 ( 0,25) -60+30 ( 1) -100 +20 (up to 2) -50+30 ( 0,5) -50 +10 ( 1) -70-60 ( 2) 100 for HCDP module, Working pressure, bar 160 or 250 120 120 206 for WDP module 1-2 Flow rate, nl/min 1-5 0,1 0,1 15 (within range -50 +10) Analysis duration, min 5-30 30 12-20 0,5 Dark spot (corrugated Condensation method with Meas. principle HCDP Cooled mirror - cooled mirror) Raman Spectroscopy WDP is calculated from WDP is calculated from water water content which is Condensation method with Meas. principle WDP Cooled mirror content which is measured by measured by impedance Raman Spectroscopy impedance sorption method sorption method Ambient temperature, -40+40 -20 +50 - 10.+40 - 10.+40 Size (HWD), weight 580410185 mm, 17 kg 335310245 mm, 25 kg 275362197 mm, 20 kg 275362197 mm, 20 kg - The nature of Dew Point is + The nature of Dew Point is + Insensitive to impurities on + Highly reliable and simple in not determined directly that determined more correctly the cooled surface. operation. gives a lot of mistakes than in classic method + Highly reliable. + Selective determination of because the analyzer just - A fine sample filtration is water vapor content. + Direct determination of the does not know what has needed (2 um unlike chemical nature of the + Competitive price in Advantages / Problems condensed. ordinary 7 um). Very condensate. comparison to analogues. - The technical capacity of sensitive to impurities. + One module determines all - WDP is calculated which the method is limited, so it - WDP is calculated which kinds of Dew Point. gives some error. has a big error. gives a big error. + No influence of the cross- condensation. 50

51 PROSPECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS Process Mercury Analyzer for gas Hg is a catalytic poison Hg can cause damage of equipment due to amalgam formation especially at low temperatures Application Process control of mercury concentration in gas: In gas processing industry and petrochemistry; Waste treatment; During LNG production. Features Technical characteristics No complex sample preparation Principle of operation Atomic adsorption required; Analyzed component Elemental Hg High sensitivity; Measurement range, g/m3 0 2 000 Wide measurement range; Detection limit, ng/m3 2,5 Sample gas consumption, l/min 7 - 10 Completely automatic operation; Explosion protection 1 Ex d IIB + H2 T4 Gb No auxiliary gas are needed; Interfaces 4 - 20 , RS 485/232, Fast analysis time; Ethernet Power supply 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz; 120 W 51

52 PROSPECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS Total sulfur analyzer for oil and oil products Principle of operation X-ray spectroscopy. Technical characteristics Measurement range, mass fraction from 0,0005 to 6% Relative error 2% in range 0,1-6 % Analysis time 100 Sample temperature, up to 200 Sample pressure, bar up to 60 Ambient temperature, from -20 to +50 Features Meets requirements of Fast and accurate analysis; EN ISO 20847:2004 Easy maintenance; High reliability no moving parts. 52

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