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1 Fall 2012 STEINBECK COUNTRY EQUINE CLINIC Tim G. Eastman, DVM, DACVS NEWSLETTER Alexandra Eastman, DVM, MS Matt Durham, DVM Wade Tenney, DVM Jonathan Hirsch, DVM, DACVS Marchadors Sarah James, DVM Nick Carlson, DVM Laramie Winfield, DVM by Laura Hinson When people first see Netuno, they give him a second look, then ask what breed he is. I know exactly how this is In this Issue going to go. I routinely say, he is a Mangalarga Marchador. And routinely they say, A what? I then proceed to tell them what I am about to tell you here. Netuno is one of a few hundred Mangalarga Marchadors, the National Marchadors by horse of Brazil, who reside in the United States. How cool is it that a country has a national horse? He has his own Laura Hinson Facebook page too. (Netuno Lapidade, a Mangalarga Marchador) And he was imported from Brazil by 4 Seasons Pg. 1 Marchadores in Montana. ( Authorized Agent I had been looking for another gaited horse for a long time. by Dr. Tim Eastman, SCEC When I discovered this breed, I was completely enamored by New Weekend them. The Marchador is very versatile. As with many Spanish Hours! & breeds they are good cattle horses. They are known for setting Welcome Back the Guinness Book of World Records endurance ride of 8,694 Nick & Laramie! miles in 1994. A perfect trail horse, they could also excel in Pg. 2 other disciplines that require agility, stamina, speed and a sound The Equine mind.Training of this breed is facilitated by its intelligence, Limb--Monterey and uses for the breed are unlimited. This breed is extremely Conference Pg. 3 docile and is commonly ridden by children. I bought Netuno to compete in Trail Trials. Monterey Horse Park by Connie The Marchadores possess their own smooth, distinct gaits which include the picada with the feet moving laterally Quinlan Pg. 4 and separately and has moments of triple support. The batida is characterized when the horse places the feet diagonally and with moments of triple support. These movements are unlike other gaited breeds including Missouri Joint Injection Reminders, West Foxtrotters and Paso Finos. The footfall pattern for the batida is 4:3:2:3:4:3:2:3. Marchadores can also possess three Nile Virus Pg. 5 clear gaits including normal walk, trot, smooth rocking horse lope and fast, open gallop. Prascend/ Netuno has been exactly what is described in all the books about the breed. No kidding. Quiet, easy, friendly, Pergolide by Dr. spirited, trainable, brave, willing, smart, not spooky, a lovely gait, and I could just go on and on. While they are still Chris Ryan Pg. 6 rare here, the word is getting out. The association can be found at All the US breeders and importers can be found there. Enjoy discovering a breed you most likely did not know about. And know that New Waiting one of them lives here... in Carmel Valley. Room Pg. 7 SCEC Interns Pg. 8 Like SCEC on Facebook! Upcoming Events Please visit our page! It is being remodelled! Pg. 9 Find out why SCEC has a gumball machine in the waiting room. Local Equine Transporters Pg.10 1

2 SCEC to Open Saturdays! Steinbeck is excited to offer Saturday appointments starting in November! While SCEC has always been open for emergencies on weekends, as of November 10th, 2012, we will also be opening on Saturdays 9 a.m. 1 p.m. Both ambulatory and hospital services will be available. We hope that by offering additional time on Saturdays for appointments we can better meet the needs of your busy schedule. We also now have an emergency doctor available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m - 5:30 p.m. To make it even better, we will not be charging an emergency fee during normal daytime business hours. Nick and Laramie Return to SCEC!!! Steinbeck is thrilled to welcome back two very talented veterinarians, Dr Nick Carlson and Dr Laramie Winfield. Dr Carlson completed a one year internship at Steinbeck (and was asked to stay for an additional year) and has spent the last three years working as an ambulatory practitioner at Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center. Dr Carlsons interests include advanced equine dentistry and surgery. He will be completing a three year surgery residency at Steinbeck and is very excited to be back in the Monterey Peninsula. Dr Laramie Winfield also completed a one year internship at Steinbeck and has been at UC Davis for the last three years completing a large animal internal medicine residency. Her interests include equine neurology and neonatal care. Dr Winfield will be working as an associate at Steinbeck focusing on internal medicine. As some of you may remember, the couple was married locally in 2009. *See our Fall 2009 Newsletter for wedding photos. We are delighted to have them back on our team. They are always willing to jump in and help, or rush out on emergencies, consistently demonstrating their deep care for the well-being of their patients. Authorized Emergency Agent/Contact Many of us wouldnt leave town without leaving a signed medical release for our children. In case of emergency, we diligently appoint an individual to make emergency medical decisions. When horses are left with caretakers, their feeding regimes, supplement administration, turnout protocols, blanketing protocols and grooming regimes are covered. However, it is commonplace to leave town without designating someone to make emergency medical decisions for our horses. However, things dont always go as planned. When a horse gets a serious injury or suffers from a significant colic, it is frequently a struggle for horse owners to decide which course of action to follow. Imagine the difficulty of having to make that decision for someone elses animal! When you leave town give your caretaker some guidelines on what extent you would be willing to go to for each of your horses. Alternatively, you can call the clinic and have the office put a note in your horses record regarding the financial limit or degree of heroics you would like us to adhere to in your absence. Thanks and have a safe trip! Local Olympic Contestant One of SCECs clients, Tiana Coudray, competed with her horse Ringwood Magister on the U.S. eventing team in this summers Olympics in London. Tiana began eventing in 2003, and was the U.S. Eventing Associations Young Rider of the Year in 05, 07, and 09. Ringwood Magister aka Finian is an Irish Sport Horse. Tiana started competing with him back in 2008. Tiana and Finian have been training in England this last year. Last fall they earned a second place in dressage at the Fidelity Blenheim Horse Trials and earlier in the summer they finished 5th at the Barbury Castle Horse Trials. Tiana and Finian Source: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe Lex 2

3 SCEC News SCEC will be attending the 2012 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention Dec. 1-5 in Anaheim. This conference offers education in the latest veterinary science and technology. On 9/11/12 Dr. Matthew Durham was one of three speakers at a Livestock and Land Presentation on the topic Silicosis: Exploring Risk and Best Management Practice Alternatives. Also speaking were Ken Oster NRCS Area Resource Soil Scientist, and Susan Hoey Lees NRCS Engineering Technician. On 9/8/12 A Respiratory Wet Lab for veterinarians sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health was held at SCEC. This event was led by Dr. Nicola Pusterla. Dr. Wade Tenney has been the initiator for the new Northern California Association of Equine Practitioners that meets to share information on veterinary topics. Wendy Hirsh is regional representative for the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians and Assistants. Dr Casille Batten has been accepted as an associate at Sonoma-Marin Veterinary Services in Petaluma. The Equine Limb Conference 2012 Monterey, CA Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic is to host The Equine Limb Conference to evaluate the entire equine limb using the latest diagnostic advancements. The Event will be held November 2nd and 3rd, 2012 at the Monterey Convention Center. The focus will be on MRI, Regenerative Medicine, and Updates on Laminitis. Separate farrier-targeted talks will be offered concurrently with the scientific sessions. Saturday afternoon, Nov. 3rd, will include small group discussions and wet-labs at Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic. *Clients who attended the morning program are welcome to join the events Saturday afternoon at SCEC. Owners Program Saturday Morning--November 3rd Monterey Convention Center Register at: 9:00 - 10:00 Laminitis - Whats Hot/Whats Not by Dr. Nora Grenager 10:00 - 10:10 Q & A 10:15 - 11:00 Equine MRI Basics - What An Owner Needs To Know by Dr. Alexia McKnight 11:00 - 11:10 Q & A 11:15 - 12:05 Regenerative Medicine - What Is All The Hype? by Dr. Clare Yellowley & Dr. Sarah James 12:05 - 12:15 Q & A 12:15 - 1:30 Box Lunch *Drive to SCEC for optional afternoon program. Veterinarians, Technicians, and Farriers will be attending continuing education classes taught by doctors and specialists: Whats New In Laminitis/ Laminitis News Hour by James Orsini, John Peroni, Nora Grenager, Tim Eastman. Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells, PRP, Irap), Methods For Collection And Processing, & MRI Case Studies - See, Do And Teach! by Natasha Werpy. Laminitis Case Studies Including Venograms Interpreting & Prognosticating For Laminitis by James Orsini, Tim Eastman, Nora Grenager. Making, Fitting And Using The Hand-Forged W-Shoe by Chris Gregory. Therapeutic Advances For The Laminitic Horse by Raul Bras. Introduction To Equine MRI; Basics Of MRI Interpretation, *Indications For MRI In The Horse; Articular Cartilage Lesion Seen At 0.25T, MRI Of The Equine Stifle - 61 Clinical Cases Case Discussion by Alexia McKnight. Understanding MRI Reports - Finding The Lesions To Show Your Clients, *The Progression Of Lesions On MRI Studies And The Importance Of Recheck Examinations, MRI - Is It Great At Everything?, Understand What Lesions Show Best on Ultrasound and Radiographs and How MRI Improves Our Interpretation Skills with Other Modalities by Natasha Werpy. Stem Cells: Biology, Preparation, And Actions, Stem Cell Migration And Platelet Rich Plasma by Clare Yellowley. Stem Cells: Concepts Applicable To Clinical Use, Other Blood Derived Products & Justification Of Clinical Applications by John Peroni. Regenerative Medicine Therapy For The Laminitic Horse by John Peroni, & Raul Bras. Introduction To The Principles Of Using A W-Shoe On Foundered Feet by Chris Gregory. Foot Infections * A Practical Approach To Treat The Laminitic Horse by Raul Bras. 3

4 Monterey Horse Park Kicks Up Some Dust by Connie Quinlan The trail to the Monterey Horse Park has been long and dry, now progressive activity is making dust clouds! With the expert help of Monterey Downs, the Environmental Impact Report is in the works. This involved and expensive report incorporates three projects: Monterey Downs, Monterey Horse Park and the Veterans Cemetery. The EIR is due to the City of Seaside this December, a public comment period will follow the submission of the EIR, and then the Seaside City Council will vote on the report. The EIR is a major step in the approval process. During the public comment period, and the subsequent Council vote, it is vital to have a strong show of support from our local equestrian community. The presence of pro-Horse Park supporters during the public comment period will go a long way in convincing council members that these are worthwhile projects. Additionally, Monterey Horse Park is actively collecting names of project supporters, which will be used to verify community support. This survey asks three separate questions: 1. Do you support Monterey Horse Park?; 2. Do you support Monterey Downs?; 3. Do you support the Veterans Cemetery? Please take a few moments to answer to 3 questions and email your response to mailto:[email protected] By responding to this survey, you will not be added to any mailing list. If you would like to be notified, via email, of community meetings or of the progress of Croxies filly Thorns N Roses Monterey Horse Park, note that in your response. If snail mail is preferred, include that was born March 29th! (You may remember Croxies story from our contact information. last newsletter.) * See recent article in the Monterey Herald. 4

5 Joint Injection Reminders by Dr. Tim Eastman For years we have sent reminder cards about your horses routine health care, vaccinations etc. Suzanne Thomas, a client in Carmel Valley, had what I thought was a great idea. Her horses receive soundness examinations and joint injections at fairly regular intervals. She called and asked if she could have the times for her horses joint injections sent out as reminder cards. This proved to be easy and could be applicable to other areas, ie regular bloodwork, soundness checks, etc. So, if your horse has something done on a regular basis you would like a reminder of, just call the office and you will receive a card in the mail prior to when the work needs to be done. West Nile Virus Update by Dr. Laramie Winfield West Nile Virus is a mosquito transmitted disease that first came to the United States in 1999. West Nile Virus is on the rise with 92 human cases, and 20 horses infected in the state of California already this year. You can protect your horse from West Nile infection with a vaccination, which we recommend on an annual basis. Horses that are not vaccinated or incompletely vaccinated (horses that have not received a yearly booster or adequate primary series) are at a much higher risk for contracting infection. Additional precautions that will help prevent West Nile Disease include mosquito control measures such as management of standing water. Rabies, a viral disease transmitted via the saliva of infected animals and is easily preventable with adequate vaccination. Rabies is fatal in animals and can be spread from animals to humans, creating public health concerns. Rabies vaccines are protective as long as they are kept current and given properly. Vaccination against Rabies and West Nile Virus are both part of the list of core vaccines recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners. If your horse has not been vaccinated for West Nile or Rabies or is not current on their vaccines please make an appointment today. Twenty Confirmed Equine WNV Cases in California 2012 Equine West Nile Virus (WNV) Update: Twenty Confirmed Equine WNV Cases On September 25, 2012 the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Animal Health Branch confirmed two additional cases of West Nile Virus (WNV); a 16 year old unvaccinated horse from Yuba county and a two year old unvaccinated horse in Shasta county. Both horses were euthanized. For 2012, a total of twenty horses have been confirmed positive for WNV. The positive horses are located in the following twelve counties Butte, Calaveras, Fresno (3), Glenn, Kern(2), Merced, Sacramento(2), San Joaquin (2), Shasta (4), Stanislaus, Yolo and Yuba counties. Seven of the positive horses have been euthanized. CDFA continually monitors and investigates equine neurologic cases for the presence of WNV in California. CDFA urges horse owners to consult their veterinarian concerning a WNV vaccination program to ensure maximum protection of their horses. 5

6 For information about Rabies in Monterey County, visit the KION News Website: and the CDPH: Pergolide/Prascend by Chris Ryan,DVM Equine Cushings disease, or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID), is a common disease in older horses. The symptoms of this condition can include a shaggy hair coat, lethargy, pot-bellied appearance, decreased immune function, and increased risk of laminitis. The best treatment available for these horses is careful management and a daily dose of an oral medicine called Pergolide mesylate. When Pergolide mesylate was withdrawn from the human market in 2007, it left veterinarians and owners reaching for compounded Pergolide made at local pharmacies to fill the void. Unfortunately, studies have shown that this compounded Pergolide does not meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for stability and potency over time. Dr. Chris Ryan at Farm Day However, late last year the FDA approved Prascend, a new formulation of Pergolide mesylate specifically for the treatment of PPID. It comes in a tablet containing 1 milligram of Pergolide and can easily be broken in half if necessary for each patients dosing regimen. Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic will be carrying and prescribing Prascend for the treatment of our Cushings patients and we hope that the improved stability and consistency of this new product will enable some horses to be managed with a smaller dose than previously possible. Talented Daughter Charlie Tobias DVM and his wife Lisa have even more reason to be proud of their daughter Grace. This year she was not only Miss San Benito Rodeo, but was the first runner up for Miss California Rodeo. The largest category of criteria (40%) in the competition is horsemanship which includes equitation, dismount, re- mount, reining pattern and queens run. Grace participated in the Salinas Grand Entry and did her fly-bys (Queens Run) on her mare Mocha. Recommend a Horse Book SCEC recommends True Unity: Willing Communication Between Horse and Human by Tom Dorrance and Tom Dorrance: More Than a Horseman by Margaret Dorrance and John Saint Ryan. Other favorites are The Life and Times of a Western Artist by J.N. Swanson and Horse Heaven by client Jane Smiley. If you enjoy vintage books, you might like: Juvenile Fiction: The Sweet Running Filly by Barbara Van Tuyl & Pat Johnson Adult Fiction: Airs Above the Ground & The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart (Horses play key roles) Adult Non-fiction: My Horses, My Teachers by Alois Podhajsky Do you have a favorite adult or juvenile horse book you would like to recommend? Please email Analynn: [email protected] Dr. Alex Eastmans Filly Carlin was born on August 4th! 6

7 New Client Waiting Room & Andrea Johnsons Art For a long time Drs. Tim and Alex Eastman wanted to remodel the SCEC waiting room to make it more comfortable for our clients. This spring Dr. Alex tackled the project with the help of her brother-in- law, Brian Riddell of Riddell Construction. With faith in her vision (which included tearing out a support wall) Alex quelled the worries of unsettled office staff and helped with every step, for example, packing and unpacking the office to make it easier for her employees. The result has been an uplifting opening of space in the waiting room, better flow, more light, comfort, and the added warmth of a cozy fireplace. Snacks and bottled waters are also provided. (The whole clinic was also freshly repainted.) We have some lovely art hanging in the new waiting room. Andrea Johnsons relationship with Corral De Tierra, Steinbecks Pastures of Heaven has been the focus of her paintings for the past ten years. Although she moved to the Monterey Peninsula 22 years ago, it took a while for the hills with the bulls and cows that roam them to become her focus. The morning or early evening light as it touches the hills and crosses over the monumental forms of the bulls that wander by her studio have been a constant source of inspiration. She carries her camera with her everywhere and has a huge inventory of landscape and animal photographs from which she then forms her compositions. Andreas paintings are hanging in the newly remodeled entry of Steinbeck Equine clinic where her son-in-law, Dr. Nick Carlson, and daughter, Dr. Laramie Winfield, are both employed. One of Andreas paintings depicts a calf owned by Sabrina and Arthur Miller which was delivered via C-Section by Dr. Chris Ryan. Sabrina reports that Ben is doing well. He loves to jump the cross-country course and seems to think he is a dog. Ben Portrait of Ben by Andrea Johnson Dr. Chris Ryan delivered Ben. 7

8 Meet the New Interns Melodee Ingram was born and raised in Cardiff-by-the-sea CA, where she grew up training and competing in equestrian show jumpers, progressing from childrens jumpers to the open amateur jumpers. Melodee completed her undergraduate education at Washington State University in Animal Science and this is where she developed interest in equine reproduction. She went forth and completed a Masters Degree in Animal Science with a specialization in Equine Reproduction from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. During her Masters Degree, she studied the effects of the sperm surface protein HSP-7 on equine fertilization. Melodee was then admitted to Western University of Health Sciences where she completed her veterinary degree and graduated in 2012. During veterinary school, Melodee was the president of the Student Chapter of American Association of Equine Practitioners, was awarded multiple equestrian related scholarships and had the opportunity to gain clinical experience from many international veterinarians and participate in the age old traditions of the Palio horse race (Siena, Italy) in 2010. Melodee joined Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic (SCEC) in 2012 and is eager to grow as a veterinary professional with her SCEC colleagues. Melodees professional interests include: equine sports medicine, advanced therapeutics, diagnostic imaging, lameness and orthopedics. Away from the clinic, you can find Melodee enjoying the Monterey Peninsula with her husband, Jon and her 10 year old Boxer, Titus. Weston Warnock was raised in Bastrop, Texas, on a family-owned, and operated, feedyard and commercial cattle ranch. Growing up, he was actively involved in the show cattle industry and rodeo. Weston pursued undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University in Animal Science, before proceeding on to veterinary school at Texas A&M as well. Throughout veterinary school, he was involved with the Student Chapters of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, serving as the president of the latter in 2010-2011. He was also admitted to Phi Zeta, a veterinary honors society, and awarded the Cardwell Scholarship for Excellence in Bovine Medicine. Weston received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M in 2012, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and was excited to join SCEC in 2012. His professional interests include soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, gastrointestinal disease, lameness, and ophthalmology. Outside of the clinic, he enjoys hunting, fishing, ranching, and team roping. SCEC Externship & Internship Programs Weve had roughly 280 veterinary students come to visit from ~ 39 schools, from across the states and thirteen other countries. Veterinarians have also come to visit, like our dear Dr. Terry Boretti, originally from Brazil. We have also helped veterinarians, like Dr. Raj Kang, who obtained his veterinary degree in another country and needed to pass the large animal portion of the testing in the U.S. Weve seen young volunteers and shadows come back again as technicians, externs, and interns. Over the years, weve had the chance to meet many bright and enthusiastic students. They Intern Photo Wall ride along in the trucks, assist with treatments, and are asked to give a presentation during in the Conference Room the doctor rounds. The intern selection time is always bittersweet because we cant accept all the gifted students we would like, but we enjoy hearing their familiar names come up when they send us referrals or are listed at special veterinary events. We know they are out there doing well in their careers. Weve had 18 veterinary interns now, from 7 different schools. Some of our interns chose to return to their home states immediately after their year was over, or to accept a residency elsewhere, or to open their own practices. Others have stayed for residencies at SCEC. Dr. Nora Grenager completed her 3 year board certification in internal medicine and then joined the practice temporarily as an associate. Dr. Sarah James is currently completing her ABVP residency with us, and Dr. Nick Carlson has started his surgery residency. It is always fun to hear from our former externs and interns, receive baby photos and news updates, such as the fascinating ones from Dr. Grenager about her 8 time abroad caring for horses in Dubai.

9 Upcoming Events Please see: horseshow.html and for more details and links. 10/12-10/14 Randy Rieman - Horsemanship & Introduction to Rope Handling & Stock, 530-347-0212, Cottonwood, CA, Send E-mail, 10/12-10/15 Peter Campbell Horsemanship, 408-489-1129, 831-728-9139, Watsonville, CA, Send E-mail, http://, 10/12-10/14 Jerry Tindell Clinic, 650-726-4814, 650-450-0516, Half Moon Bay, CA, Send E-mail, 10/13 Horse Day at U C Davis, Davis, Ca, Send E-mail,, Event Type: Conference, Breed: Mustangs 10/13/12 Day of the Horse, Ride & Fair 10 - 2:30 Woodside Town Hall, 2955 Woodside Rd. CA 94062 10/13 Hands on Approach to Equine Topics, 5307544156, Davis, CA, Send E-mail, 10/13-10/14 Courtney King Dye Dressage Clinic, 408-332-2706, Gilroy, CA, Send E-mail, content/uploads/2012/09/Courtney-King-Dye-Flyer.pdf 10/14 Western/English Pleasure All Breeds Schooling Show, 408-314-5251, Watsonville, CA, Send E-mail, http://, Event Type: Horse Show, Schooling, Breed: Open, Discipline: Open, 10/14 Horsemanship Clinic with Wylene Wilson, 5307232420, San Martin, CA, Send E-mail, 10/19 GRAND National Rodeo Drill Team Jackpot Competition , 443-8619, San Francisco , CA 10/19-10/21 NCWHA Oktoberfest Open Gaited Breed Horse Show, Santa Rosa, CA, Send E-mail, 10/20-10/21 Gail Hoff-Carmona Clinic at Sheltering Sky Ranch, 408.710.5790, San Martin, CA 10/20 Dressage Clinic with Jec Ballou, Monterey, CA, Send E-mail, 10/21 The Big Ride - Stanford vs Cal Equestrian Scrimmage, Stanford, CA, 10/23-10/25 Nick Karazissis Riding Clinic, 650 851-1114, Portola Valley, CA, 10/24-10/28 Lets Show Halloween, 916-947-4305, Rancho Murieta, CA, Discipline: Hunter / Jumper 10/27 Pacific Ridge Halloween Horse Show at Westwind Barn, 650-245-1896, Los Altos Hills, CA, Send E-mail, http://pacificridge. 10/27 The WHOLE HORSE SYSTEM Clinic, 831-634-1049, CA, Send E-mail,, Event Type: Clinic 10/27-10/28 Julie Renfro-Cross hosts Craig Johnson No Resistance Reining Clinic, 707-483-1624, Santa Rosa, CA, Send E-mail, http: // 10/28 Hunter Pace with Los Altos Hounds , Woodside, CA, Send E-mail, 11/8-11/11 Equine Photography 101 Workshop with Scott Trees, 607 865 5215, Santa Rosa, CA, Send E-mail, http://events.equinephoto, 11/10-11/11 Dr. Deb Bennett, PhD, Horsemanship and Anatomy Clinic, 408 888-8703, San Martin, CA, Send E-mail, http: //, 11/10 Fox n Horn Indoor Year End Horse Show, 831-277-0531, Morgan Hill-Thorson Indoor Arena, CA, Send E-mail, http:// 11/10 DAlonzo Equestrian Center - Western Summer- Fall Series, 209-465-8535, Stockton, CA, Send E-mail, http:// 11/11 White Rock Ranch Hunter/Jumper Show , 408-314-5251, Watsonville, CA, Send E-mail, http:// 11/11 English~Western~Driving~Reining~Saddleseat Schooling Show, 408-314-5251, Watsonville, CA, Send E-mail, http:// 11/11 DAlonzo Equestrian Center - English Summer Series, 209-465-8535, Stockton, CA, Send E-mail, 12/1 DAlonzo Equestrian Center - Western Summer- Fall Series, 209-465-8535, Stockton, CA, Send E-mail, 12/2 DAlonzo Equestrian Center - English Summer Series, 209-465-8535, Stockton, CA, Send E-mail, 12/5-12/6 Joe Fargis Clinic at WoodMyst Farms in Gilroy, 408-483-2409, Gilroy, CA, Send E-mail, 12/15 DAlonzo Equestrian Center - Western Summer- Fall Series, 209-465-8535, Stockton, CA, Send E-mail, 12/16 DAlonzo Equestrian Center - English Summer - Fall Series, 209-465-8535, Stockton, CA, Send E-mail, vvv 9

10 Coming soon to SCEC--StemLogix Making Stem Cell Therapy quick and affordable. *** Please call ahead to order prescriptions and supplies. This gives the front office staff time to check that we have your medication in stock, to get the doctors okay, and to have your order ready at the front desk. Remember, Rattlesnake Vaccine is now available by special order. Waggs and Naggs Quality Pet Sitting by Jan Petersen * Jan may have assisted you when she was a veterinary tech/receptionist at SCEC before retiring to run her business full-time. Pet/Horse Services Waggs N Naggs was established in 2000 to provide a clean, safe, loving, fun environment for your pets in a spacious country retreat. We have been highly recommended by many local veterinarians. All runs are indoor/outdoor allowing your dog the freedom he/she needs to feel comfortable. Your pet will go on a vacation with us and have a great time!! Equine Transportation Services Available for Hauling, including Emergencies: Wayne Willnauer Transportation Wayne: 408.761.0054 Brett (Son) 408-656-4022 Michael Ducharme Equine Transport 707.753.1850 831.659.2125 Light Star Horse Transportation Terry Konkle 877.254.5112 or 408-839-9709 Arthur Miller Equine Transport 831.277.1389 Late Night: 831-484-7344 Alisha Robinson Transport 707-292-5153 Mike Scully Equine Transport 831.236.4305 Tomrich Farms Horse Transportation Richard Woodward 831.917.1120 Tom Swan 650.714.7529 10

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