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1 NOW NOWTHEN. THEN. A MAGAZINE FOR SHEFFIELD. michael latimer. new roots. foreign beggars. no. 3. FREE. A MAGAZINE FOR SHEFFIELD. michael latimer. state of israel. something. FREE.


3 NOW THEN. ISSUE 3. JUNE 2008. PAGE 3. EDITORIAL. PAGE 4. PEACE IN THE PARK. PAGE 6. NEW ROOTS. PAGE 8. ISRAEL. PAGE 11. CLAUDE. PAGE 19. WORDLIFE. PAGE 26. MICHAEL LATIMER. PAGE 32. SOUNDCHECK. PAGE 35. REVIEWS. PAGE 37. FOREIGN BEGGARS. PAGE 41. OPUS. PAGE 43. FAVOURITES. WE AIM. To inform people honestly. To raise awareness of independent art, literature, music and trade. To reveal the links between art, music, Literature, culture and local politics. To create a pro-active community, which reflects and acts in an informed manner on cultural and social issues. To cultivate and empower independent choice, voice and responsibility. no messing about. CONTENTS. PAGE TWO.

4 ball of fire by chris bourke. now then. NUMBER Three. EDITORIAL. Weve had some interesting feedback from last month on the music editorial as well some of the contributor pages. Keep it coming. This month, features include artwork from Yorkshire based Michael Latimer, as well as news of the Burmese Karen living in Sheffield. This, alongside interviews with Foreign Beggars own MC Orifice Vulgartron, and reviews of the latest in independent news, art, music and trade. share your [email protected] APOLOGIES. Now, weve made some mistakes in the past couple of issues. Wed like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere apologies to the following folk. Well do our best to prevent this from happening again. Chris Bourke @ Kayombo Chingonyi. Joe Kriss. Cassie Kill. Chris Pritchard. Rogue State. Joanna Sutherland. Mark Hudson. The views expressed in the following articles are the opinion of the writers and not necessarily those of now then magazine. enjoy the read.

5 As well as being supported by the festival this year, they will be providing free activities on the day. This years Peace in the Park is a This years other local charity, Bens little bit different from recent years Centre, offers a crucial damp as the team have decided to stray service to street drinkers, from their normal home in the meaning they can access a Hunters Bar region to the wide range of services without Many Sheffielders have heard of Ponderosa, located between Crook- having to stop drinking first. Peace in the Park. You know, that es Valley Road and Infirmary Road Peace in the Parks international summer knees-up that takes over in Upperthorpe. This shift has been charity for 2008 is Chernobyl Chil- one of Sheffields parks for one motivated by another key goal of drens Lifeline. day each year and provides you the event to enrich the communi- with an excuse to get pissed at ties of Sheffield. This group brings children whose lunchtime, wear stupid clothes and health has been affected by the dance around like a loon. Well, The Upperthorpe area is a natural Chernobyl disaster to the UK on what you might not know is that location for the festival as it is home holiday. This break from the giving Sheffield folk this crucial, to both several gorgeous parks and environmental conditions at home yearly opportunity to free their inner a certain level of social deprivation. can have a profound positive party demon is not the sole raison A vibrant community festival like impact on their health dtre of the Peace in the Park crew. Peace in the Park can offer a c and wellbeing. Their other aim is to persuade you ultural leisure activity to people to part with your cash and/or time who may not otherwise have So, how can I get involved and to help worthy causes at home access to art and music events. soothe my newly aching and away. Contrary to what some conscience? I hear you cry! Well, may think, any money you put in a Furthermore, through building links the team is still looking for input collection bucket on the day of the with local community groups the towards some elements of this event goes directly to charities and festival team hope the day will years festival. Get in touch if you not to the organisers. provide an opportunity for people can offer any raffle prizes or are from all over Sheffield to find out interested in stewarding at the The festival is organised and run more about the services available festival. For the less active amongst entirely by a team of hard-working and how they can get more you, just turn up on 14th June, get volunteers, which is open to every- active in the community. pissed at lunchtime, wear stupid one. Each year, the committee vote clothes and dance around like a on a number of charities both One community group very loon. But just make sure you chuck local and international that have familiar with the Ponderosa is your change in a bucket on the put themselves forward to have Art in the Park. way home. funds raised for them at the event. Normally, one local and one inter- As mentioned here a couple of national group are supported but months ago, Art in the Park run this year there will be three chari- free, creative events for the public we need pictures - contact. ties funded as the committee found to get involved in, in parks and [email protected] it impossible to choose between green spaces around two local organisations. The lucky Upperthorpe, Netherthorpe and three getting your money this time Langsett. around will be Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline (international), Bens Centre (local) and Art in the Park (local). PHOTO - BENEDICT EVANS. HOTFLASH. planning your summer. PEACE INT PARK. PAGE FOUR.

6 New Roots on Glossop Road Churches meet behind closed doors, is a grocery and wholefoods in buildings others dont enter, as if shop which is often empty, save meeting secretly. A shop is a common for the lunchtime rush on the thoroughfare, where people easily vegetarian pasties and cakes. walk in, where they do their business. Christianity began in the public places But if you stand still, close of Galilee at the street level. We want your eyes and listen carefully, to be where ordinary life is happening. you can hear the frantic We really are the proverbial corner scramblings of a tiny group shop where people stop to chat, where of people trying to make the names are known, where people big wide world a better place. deliberately support us with their custom, and believe in the value of our The shop has a sister-cafe on Spital Hill being there. and both are supported by the Ashram Community, an organisation which The 40-year-old sister cafe at Spital Hill is celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. likewise a place for community. The flat Rev. Dr. John Vincent and his wife Grace above the cafe houses five asylum started the Ashram community in seekers who would otherwise be response to what they felt was a need homeless and destitute, and Dave to live out their Christian faith in Deacon Dave Havard, who is a peace practice. To them, this meant living and activist in Palestine for several months working in deprived areas in the UK, throughout the year. supporting the local community and meeting the needs of that The ethos and purpose statement, community. When they moved to written in 1988, applies equally to both Sheffield, the couple settled in Pitsmoor outlets and aims to act out the aims of and set up the first New Roots on the the Ashram community by selling fair Spital Hill site. The cafe is supported trade and local goods. financially by the Glossop Road shop which was started in 1987. The shop window of Glossop Road is used to raise awareness of a range of New Roots is a cheerful addition to issues such as nuclear power, wages Glossop Road with fruit, veg and flowers and conditions and reusable nappies. arranged outside the shop and the traditional green and white striped People trust us to be honest and fair, awning. Walk inside and have a read to tell the truth about our products and of the petitions on the counter, theres to make only modest profit, Grace said. always at least one protesting against a When buying fruit and vegetables in deportation. the wholesale market I am struck by the The noticeboard behind the front door amazement of the traders if I tell them I is only for use by groups which offer had a box of courgettes the day before their services for free or share an ethos that they hadnt charged me for. One of with New Roots. Yoga classes, offers to them once said of me to another, share allotments, details of meetings I believe everything she says. We are and upcoming Sheffield events. seen as people with convictions and principles, clearly running a business Everything in the shop is vegetarian or for reasons other than profit, and trying vegan, including the pasties, and staff to act on our beliefs. It soon became will happily refill your water bottle for clear at the wholesale market that we you. It was decided last year in one of were a bit different. Before the end of the staff meetings that it was morally Apartheid, when we boycotted all South wrong to add to the amount of plastic African goods, trades people would waste by selling bottled water. help me out. Not for you, Grace. Theyre Green-aproned volunteers add to the South African! they would say. posters decorating the shop as they want, current favourites read: Grace is 82 years old, but still buys the fresh produce at the wholesale market The world is not dangerous because of at 5am almost every weekday morning the people who do evil, but because of for the volunteers to sell.all ones days those who sit and let it happen. as if it were easy, that is faith. Albert Einstein As you walk out of the shop, turn for Never doubt that a small group of c one last look and your eyes alight on a ommitted people can change the tattered postcard on which it is printed: earth; indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Meade To choose what is difficult all ones days as if it were easy, that is faith. We chose a shop, because it is a public place, can embody and express, And that is what New Roots PHOTO - JOANNA SUTHERLAND. significantly, certain aspects of a radical stands for. faith, said Grace. good deeds and good feeds. NEW rOOTS. page six.


8 Sheffield Jews & the birth of Israel The national outcome Jews wanted from their efforts varied, and despite the The Jewish community in Sheffield political nature of the initial immigrants has been an active one, both in to the land, for those in Britain, such 1948 and now, 60 years on. It was as a group called Women Zionists in always small and, as now, it was Sheffield, there was much less interest mainly older people that made up in the states politics than in its cultural the Orthodox congregation in the and social basis. This reflects a similar city. One of them, Ms Wilenski, the and widespread feeling in the Jewish Vice President of the synagogue at Diaspora that Israel is first and foremost Kingfield Hall, Psalter Lane, was 11 the cultural homeland of the Jewish when David Ben-Gurion declared people - a symbol of their collective the formal independence of the resilience, security and importance - State of Israel and she remembers rather than as a political national entity. thinking that the event was a mira- From the tiny shtetl villages of Imperial cle. In May, she served up a feast Russia to industrial cities like Sheffield, to 80 guests from across the city Zionist associations were active and celebrating this anniversary. huge support was raised. Long before the days that Ms Wilenski In services in synagogues and on the remembers, however, the settlers that holidays of Pesach, Rosh Hashanah and lay the foundations of Jewish institu- Yom Kippur, Israel is both remembered tions in Palestine saw an untouched in its ancient Biblical form and as a land - free from the anti-Semitism of modern entity. This may help to explain the Holocaust and pre-war Europe and what many see as the unquestioning the perceived rootless status that was loyalty of many British Jews to Israel. imposed upon Jews there. By 1948, Clearly, this is a loyalty to the symbol of however, their own nationalism was to the Jewish homeland, rather than the lead to the isolated status of another politics and policies of the government people. Palestine was not simply the or state currently in power. blank canvas that was portrayed, as Fast-forward 60 years and today, speak- millions of Arabs and Palestinian citizens ing to Ms Wilenski, it was clear that she lived in the territory, then occupied by wouldnt comment about contentious the British army. Following the promises issues in modern Israeli policy. Many of Western leaders that the Jews would have responded to this by being highly have a state in this area, armed Jewish critical of Jewish communities. Whilst groups sought to establish political clearly the average British Jew cannot and territorial autonomy from both the be held responsible for every policy of military occupation and the indigenous the Israeli government, neither in 1948 Palestinian population. Thousands of nor 2008, there must be an honest as- Palestinians were killed or forced to flee sessment of the inhumane treatment and seek refuge in other countries, in- that many Palestinians have to suffer. deed in 2008, as a percentage, Palestin- Furthermore, mass pressure within Israel ians make up one of the largest groups and the Diaspora needs to be exerted of refugees in the world. to push for an end to the building of Israeli settlements and a rapid move- What makes the devastating history of ment towards the creation of a viable the Palestinians perhaps even more Palestinian state. poignant is the amount of faith, hope and ownership that was invested in Surprisingly, when it comes to forecast- the state-building project. This was not ing the future, Ms Wilenski is adamant confined to prayers or the socialist mi- in her optimistic view: There will be a grs who sought to build a new country two-state solution for the Jewish and through hard labour and collectiv- Palestinian people. However, the cur- ism on the land. Collecting money for rent situation is certainly untenable; with agricultural, educational and religious Hamas and the Israeli government at projects being constructed in Palestine loggerheads, the short-term prospects has been a central part of Jewish com- for peace are not good and on this an- munities across the world since the idea niversary, there remain the unresolved of a Jewish homeland in the Middle claims of two sides over the events, and East began to be promoted widely in the legacy, of 1948. the 1880s. The Sheffield community was no exception with every edition of The Sheffield Jewish Journal listing the large donations and the high targets mem- bers set themselves. MAX MUNDAY. 60 YEARS OF FLAG WAVING. ISRAEL. PAGE EIGHT.


10 In the May issue of Now Then, The bags the officer packed contained Our room here has two single beds. It is Claude NDeh spoke to Joanna clothes only for Majolie and the twins. about 4m by 5m. We cant drink the Sutherland about seeking We stayed in the vans at the police water in our room because the water asylum in the UK. station waiting for many hours. There from the tap is dirty. We have been were no nappies for the children. We given no towels, nothing. We have Claude is a French teacher were allowed to use the toilet once. one towel meant for one of the babies, from Cameroon where he was which we brought with us. This is all we imprisoned and tortured after At Yarls Wood, we were kept in the van have. There is no soap and no hot water. protesting against the police for nearly an hour. They searched our executing nine boys including bags and took photographs of us all. It gets too cold to sleep at night. We two of his cousins. They went through the protocol, which have no blankets. We were given two involved an intimate body search. sheets which are made of nylon. They Jason, my eldest, and Kirsty, one of are very thin and you can see through Claude and his family were taken from the twins, both have sickle cell anae- them if you hold them up. Two days their Sheffield home at 6am on Sunday mia and they need medication twice ago I told staff that the children needed 11 May to Yarls Wood detention centre every day. Majolie told the medical staff to be warm. They brought two more of near Bedford. They were told they were about sickle cell and they filled this in the same. This is a prison and people being deported the following Saturday on a form to inform the authorities. are ordered back to their rooms for a at 6.30am. After a legal battle through head-count regularly. I have credit on LYNS Claudes solicitor and campaigning by I asked staff to bring the medication, my phone, but if I try to phone my his friends, he has been granted a judi- but when they brought it yesterday it solicitor the answer comes cial review the day before the planned was warm. It should have been kept you cannot call this number. deportation and the family returned to in a fridge. The medication has been Sheffield on Saturday. Two of his children, here all the time, but they say they have Before I escaped from Cameroon, I was Jason, three, and Kirsty, 18 months, were been checking it before they will give in prison - as was Majolie. If I am so ill from the ordeal they were taken it out. It only lasts for five days. They now deported I will be put straight back directly to Sheffield Childrens Hospital. keep trying to give us the old medicine. in prison, as will we all. Majolie faced The following is part of an email he sent problems in Cameroon because of her to his supporters from inside Yarls Wood A doctor prescribed more medicine for relationship with me. She came to the on Thursday 15 May. Jason and Kirsty on Monday but this UK in 2004. When I came here on the hasnt turned up yet. Today is the first 20th January 2002 the British Red Cross Letter from Claude Ndeh. day that any medicine at all was given. helped me. The Home Office has all Yarls Wood detention centre. We need to administer the medication of that evidence. to Kirsty with a syringe but they wont There was a loud knock at the door give us one. I was the secretary and tract writer for around 6am. The door would have been the demonstration against the state broken if we hadnt opened it quickly. Jason isnt eating or drinking and has killing of nine children in Cameroon. Majolie saw from a window that it was lost weight. We are very worried that he The chairperson of the campaign was immigration and police officers. might not survive. The medicine Bethuel Kouatou. His claim for asylum My children were asleep upstairs. We controls the sickle cell; it cannot be in the UK because of his persecution for were ordered to sit on the sofa cured. He had a high temperature and organising this demonstration has been in the living room. was shivering a lot. All my children are l accepted yet mine hasnt. I asked for my phone so that I could ethargic. Kirsty also has sickle cell call my solicitor. The officers asked anaemia, but it hasnt manifested itself Claude is still fighting against where my phone was and I told them, like it has in Jason. Jason cant walk deportation. If you want to support thinking that they wanted to help at all at the moment because he is so Claudes campaign, email phone my solicitor. After that, tired and has no energy. He doesnt [email protected] I didnt see my phone. make any noise at all, which is very unusual for him. joanna sutherland. PHOTO - JOANNA SUTHERLAND. CLAUDE. PAGE ELEVEN. TRUTH CONTINUES.

11 No Cycling? Imagine my fury and maniacal laughter when I peered up from my sewing machine (I make cycling caps, incidentally, and will have a stall outside the Winter Gar- dens, Crucible theatre entrance, on Saturday 14th June. Furthermore, anyone arriving by pushbike will receive a 10% discount. Anyone wearing hi-vis will incur a 20% no-no charge. Plug over.) to see a gentleman bent over chalking No cycling thanks on the pavement. When I challenged this self-styled vigilante (an ex-solicitor I found out later), I was told that a repeat offender keeps cycling (thats right, repeat offender and cycling) on this stretch of pavement outside their premises, and that, furthermore, his wife added, Nearly mowed down a lady with a buggy. Well, heavens to Betsy. What next? Somebody found stopping to tie their shoe lace blocks an old lady in an electric wheel chair? Couple walk hand in hand whilst oncoming Goth has to step on to road for three paces before returning to the sanctuary and Nirvana which is the pavement? I got a little bit fucking wound up, I can tell you. Does our resident little Banksy armed with his chalk sticks think that if there had been a stabbing the day before, and he comes out, and next to the blood stains writes No stabbing thanks that will be it? That every cockknocker with a knife will see it and think, Yeah, thats well true, ja get me? I aint stabbing no more. Im well not gonna stab. I was told by his wife that it is a polite reminder to people that it is illegal to cycle on the pavement. Oh I tell you what then, next time I get burgled, Ill put up a note saying burgling is actually illegal. Gordon Bennett, what is wrong with these people? How chuffing patronising and condescending is that? Why not put a sign up in your establish- ment warning of the dangers of the outside world? Maybe issue people with those mirror things you can see around corners with. That and a suit of armour with a built-in stab vest and panic button with a direct line straight to the cop shop (you better hope the rozzers dont turn up on their push irons, though). As for pushchairs, how about spikes the size of jousting lances on the buggys wheels? Or a taser in the babys nappy, one which activates should a cyclist come within a four mile radius. I wonder what would happen if you wrote No pavements on your bike. On your bike. Yours in cycling and not a lot else, PHOTO - JOANNA SUTHERLAND. M D Hudson. CYCLING TIPS. WITH mockTORIAN GENT ABOUT TOWN, M.D. HUDSON ESQ. PAGE FOURTEEN.

12 Victims. But its These Kids Today, isnt it, Star Suspicions along those lines are re- Theyre a funny bunch. readers? Track-suited youths being warded two thirds of the way down the bounced off buses - if that story story when we get this line: Sometimes theyre just perfect the way appears in the Star, look for it under a they are, other times they need to be, buses getting tougher with hoodies The Americans called it a suicide shall we say, tweaked a bit. label. The difference between menacing attack and put the number of anti-social jerk and maligned victim of injured at seven. Later, they gave the The Star recently found a perfect one PC gone mad is, oh, about 16 to 18 age of the girl as between 16 or 18. when it ran a story about a postman years in this case. chucked off a bus for having his MP3 Dear. Sweet. God. player turned up too loud. The 34 But the Star didnt commit the most year old was listening to Hard Core Til heinous offence against victim The Metro had the correct age, but I Die by DJ Darren Styles and Re-Con age-tweaking in recent weeks. That they didnt drop it into the story until the - and never let it be said that Starwipe honour goes to the Metro, the point when the average Metro reader is not fair and just, he compliments the newspaper that asks the question has moved on to the ents section. Star reporter on coming up with that Hey, remember when skinny non- (Thats not an indictment of the average little knowledge nugget. blinking people asking you for 20p Metro reader, by the way, but of a paper were the most annoying folks hanging whose style encourages headline-and- The house-loving posties music was around outside the train station? top-graf skimming.) audible to the driver, who told him to turn it down. Then three security guards Because the Metro is a More Serious And the thing is, it would be a brutally asked him. The Star doesnt say what Newspaper with National and powerful story anyway. Teenage girl happened between the drivers request International Ambitions (as in, theyve suicide bomber? Yes, that fairly easily and three guards becoming involved. hardly got any of their own reporters meets our requirements for horrors of and fill their pages by yanking stuff off war. But it wasnt quite sexy enough for The story ran with a picture of the the wires), they cover stories in far-flung our scummy little friends at the Metro, aggrieved former bus rider holding places where seriously bad jujus who incidentally never did get around his MP3 player and looking sad. The going down. in the story to mentioning who exactly it story included a quote from a First bus was that thought the girl was as young company spokesperson - but with the Like Iraq. as eight. And did somebody say war photo, it was essentially packaged as a propaganda? Making the enemy out to Can you BELIEVE it? piece about what Maybe you saw the recent Metro front be little-girl-butchering animals? happened to a good, hardworking page as you attempted to dodge the postman. Metro Street Thrusters advances, that Fortunately, the Metros readers are a bit said Girl of 8 used as suicide bomber. smarter than the paper seems to give Now, Starwipe will come clean. There are And there you have it. Eight-year-old them credit for. few people in the world who get under girls are being used as suicide his skin like those who havent worked bombers, and the end of the world is Read the story on the internet and youll out proper decibel levels for personal clearly nigh. Start reading the story and see comments afterwards that seem to music players on public transport. Just it doesnt get any better. conform to a type. this past weekend on a train passing dangerously close to Alfreton, Starwipe Militants strapped explosives to a Liz Adams from Cornwall, for example, had to ask some ladies of a certain age young girl and used her to blow up asks how can you possibly justify that to (this is true) stop blasting the Tom an army checkpoint in Iraq headline with the actual content of the Jones. Why, why, why, indeed, Delilah. yesterday. They detonated the story? This is desperately inaccurate device by remote control as the and emotive stuff, terrible agenda-laden So Starwipe is not the best person to go child, thought to be as young as journalism. to for sympathy if youve been booted eight, walked towards a group off the bus for playing your tunes at of soldiers. Starwipe couldnt have said it better a level the driver can hear. Starwipe himself. expects he is not exactly alone in this That ... thats just ... that ... wait, hang on, sentiment. thought to be? ERIK PETERSEN. reading the sheffield star so you dont have to. STARWIPE. PAGE SIXTEEN.

13 I am going to be your mirror for a So what can we do now? moment. My reflection is that youre reading this article to grab a fast What are your options? pointer, some guidelines or useful information that would help get some Here are 3 immediate part of your life back on track, no psychological pit-stops to make matter how small. Any amount would the next time you get stressed - be significant, right? Thats good. Make sure you follow it up with some drops of consistency though. The Japanese call this Kaizen (pronounced kay-zin). Kai means continuous and its zen meaning is improvement. Using the kaizen philosophy in your life means making slow, incremental but constant improvement through time. Change how you use your body. 1. And for those of you thinking it sounds Notice what your body is doing Take care of your health. wimpy, consider the same philoso- when youre stressed. Check your physaved SONY and Fleetwood Mac. breathing. Play around with this LYNS So, what makes me qualified to write Not bad? Read on. and notice how that changes your an article on health care? feelings. This may take practice but stick with it. The results are worth Well, several things really. First off, Im a In Healthy Aging for Dummies, Agin it and believe it or not but that qualified complimentary health care Brent MD describes two forms of stress awareness is the starting point of practitioner who has seen a variety of that scientists commonly talk about: all conscious change. scenarios from clients who didnt do Eustress, which is good stress, or stress this and suffered. occurring from positive events, such as moving into a new house or having Thats why they came to me. a new grandchild. Distress, which is stress resulting from negative events, Secondly, I come from a family of such as losing a job or having health doctors and am well aware of problems. problems caused by psychological stress. Thirdly, I myself succumbed So, stress isnt all that bad really, is it? In fact, stress can be vital to life. Some say a gift. Just like problems are a sign of 2. Shift your mental focus towards to over work and was signed off with life. After all, they tell me when some- what you actually want from a colitis due to stress last year. thing is wrong and, if anything, shows situation rather than how you are me where I need to make changes, trapped by it. Choose an empower- This was the main turning point in make myself stronger or plan more in ing focus. This is taught to NASCAR my own career that forced me to shift advance. We just dont like the way the drivers to show them how to control my life back into balance as fast as I message is delivered to us. Thats the a car thats spinning out of control could. Anyone heard of the Niagara rub. But you must acknowledge the and about to crash. A shift in focus effect? message. can save your life. Start by asking how you can use or learn from situa- For me, balance is a constantly tions right now, and if not now then shifting measurement that doesnt Advice before you leave. If this has perhaps in the future? These same imply stasis. Stasis means no proven useful then take it with you, questions helped many POWs in movement or inactivity. Just think of a adopt it. At some point you will act on World War II survive the bitter Nazi couch potato. Im not a fan of stasis what youve just read. Dont leave this concentration camps. Questions because it signals zero growth which knowledge here. Facts left as fascina- give you the answers. means pain is not that far away. Can tion are never used as fuel. you relate to this? Our sense of what balance is to each of us is always Consider yourself a practical psycholo- changing through time. gist and use it. Thats important to know. I do believe Most of all, take care. its necessary to go to the land of not doing every once in a while. Relaxation works. But too much of it and we stagnate. Nobody wants that. 3. Look at what a scenario you are You dont get anything done and then experiencing means to you and fall behind. Not good for you. Thank ask if that meaning helps or hinders goodness youve got options. you? Often we can create mean- ings which just arent true or helpful to us. When stress clouds our vision we can very often translate reality in very disempowering ways that are totally inaccurate and detrimental to our wellbeing. So once again, ask and keep questioning what you find out until youre feeling better about it. Omar Abdul Kai. health. PAGE seventeen. get well soon.

14 your advert here. advertise in NOWTHEN. independent traders, community groups and good causes only. contact. [email protected] PHOTOGRAPHERS. Were lucky enough to work with some talented people. Our photographers are no exception. BENEDICT EVANS. Benedict Evans photographs can be seen at and he can be contacted for sales and commissions at [email protected] Much of the work printed in this publication has been converted to black and white for the purpose, with permission. All photographs Benedict Evans 2007-08 All rights reserved. JOANNA SUTHERLAND. NICK DELNERO. GEORGE OLIVER. If you love this city, if you are a professional or just have that one perfect snap of Sheffield, get in touch at - [email protected]

15 now then welcomes all feedback on all of our articles, get online at and join in on the forum. right hand A dream. WORD man and LIFE me. We held street maps up I dreamt of you last against sun lamps Night. And traced our muddy fingers across the shadows of A roads, You were pregnant; and smiling. We imagined ourselves as officers in plain clothes. Happy to have a bulge to both Plastic toy pistols tucked neatly Hide behind and allow into identical blue parkas You not to hide anymore. Both made in China, Me, fresh off the boat. It allowed you to hide in that We are a live literature It became a permanent, always We held our noses to high and music organisation adventure and traced the scent, safe and certain hiding place. that have been active in Searching for One-Eyed-Willies treasure In storm drains and air vents. And because it was so certain Sheffield since 2006. It meant you could allow We imagined stepping past sleeping Yourself to be more open, This is our section, dedicated to cobras and lethal boobie traps Honest, self-assured. At home the best creative writing from afterwards we would drink vimto In the truth of yourself. in a mutant ninja turtles glass. the Steel city. We encourage I havent seen you like that you to submit poems and The illusion would only be shattered In years. The way you short fiction pieces (750 when your mother called us in for tea, wed clamber in from the Talked, a tone that Id words) on any theme to back of the garden. Almost forgotten, existed; came sweetly back, Gentle. [email protected] Dirtied from that imaginary shoot out with a squad of foot soldiers, I could be my elf. I listened Outnumbered 1 to 3. to the kicking. When I said But we always got home things that were funny, you Dont be a stranger, Right hand man and me. laughed. You didnt look hurt anymore. You didnt The only game we play at now is The Wordlife Team. pretending were still related study the lines on my You forgot my birthday last year, my face. greetings were belated. I woke up from my imaginings when We parted, but if what were you didnt visit mum in hospital. doing recently Is parting, Your parents were buying Then what we did wasnt furniture they said, merely parting, They neglected to call. It was a goodbye, ciao, adios, a bientot. Sometimes Im still that kid Troubling fences with my Chinese pistol, Rescuing hostages from Soon, maybe, a condom will fail. the garden shed whilst I hope. Storming embassies with Navy Seals. We would have already riled the neighbours before settling down to watch Toxic Crusaders. Your appearances are spectral now A working man your dad says. You inherited his chauvinism I inherited my fathers silence A brothers burden As we were once. robert neumark jones. But I never stopped imagining My ideas just got bigger, Your imagination, frayed and dog-eared Memories of me held behind rusted locks You play adult games now. Those two brown boys in identical blue parkas, lost. roshan lal. PHOTO - nick delnero. PAGE NINETEEN.

16 she. modern symphonics. The brush strokes lick the canvas moist Gunners blow their trumpets and bullets come out. so it glistens pert, gentle in its warmth. For were fast in combat now and theres nothing but flair and money about; She is a melody, a breakbeat but those villages, cities and towns movingmore real, ever projecting just shop fronts in our minds and bounds. mutating waves of variance. So the shapes now collide in a modern symphonic. We hold each others flesh in the That like our smile so designed; will flitter and flutter shallows of the shore making waves across our faces, together if circumstance allows, if not mold our spines, lever our desires, we take it in turns to hold each others until there is nothing but what is best left for the Is. heads, by the jaw dry above the water in the open air. So the business hens will cluck and clutter in their haste for the big race to be over. While the hippies will crack Carved parted lips tasting stroked skin. dreadlock lines, Consciousness creates new talk of bohemian wines that leave arenas when content. no taste, nor trace. Drugs can open minds, and have So now our young gun species are left hanging opened mine, but courted at length from their doubts. Do we find the street lonely lock the negative boundaries. and the dinner table too? Do we see one more high rise canvas She the key to my sobriety, followed by another two? an acceptance of this reality, placed catharsis on my plate Are we pushing a generation to the sky, and I repenting smiled and ate. or merely out of view? For there is now no glare from the snare I ate in quiet contemplation, sun god, who has been detached from his thatched stole some weight and found myself brightness in the sky. relaxedat ease around your town, facing the wind with a still smile. No longer allowed that visible cloud, for the cry of this crowd, describes only nerves and electrons. Life is coloured with a vital beat, So come trade with me, presently, you put down my spliff in this market of speculation and discourse, where Karl and moved my feet. and Emile bid and did battle. Left/Right Left/Right owen cogan. Left/Right. Till we see the beat of our feet spells trouble, for weve just two visions and that means were all seeing double. So what does it take for the late barbarian to see his modern end, death from a big bomb mushroom, light-like lasers through a no atmosphere sky? I doubt it, I doubt it, I doubt it and so should you, for there are too few here with the clue for design and peace. Design and peace. James lock. POETICS. writing. PAGE TWENTY.

17 Psalter Lane campus buzzes So it is with a grey northern cyni- The art school has always been with activity as final year cism I discover that the art studios one of Hallams few gems and has art students temporarily are being moved to a basement no doubt had a massive impact on stop eating, sleeping, or with no natural light or air and the growth of our cultural indus- dramatically reduced in size. The tries. It has nurtured home grown consuming vast quantities people responsible have been talents such as Kid Acne, who has of snakebite, all in order to measuring use of the studios for left more than a mark on the city, have their work ready for a few years, deciding that if the as well as attracting talent from the annual degree show. students are not there all the time, elsewhere - Kate Jackson of The they dont need as much room. Long Blondes only dropped out of This year things are different. This the course when her band took off. will be the last time students show Bear in mind that this is not a The biggest fear is not a few poor their work at Psalter Lane. Come traditional painting and sculpture little art students condemned to September they will be housed in course. The Sheffield Hallam Fine underground boxes, but the long the new Furnival building in the city Art course is more on a par with term impact on the artistic and cul- centre amid the sports jocks and top London courses in the level of tural community. We are effectively business students that populate freedom it gives to students to pur- knocking down one of the citys City Campus. sue different media and approach- most uniquely positive assets. es, from video and photography, Accordingly, the show this year is through to music and performance, Still, spilt milk and all that jazz. In titled The Last Hurrah, and will form while still supporting students who times like these we must look to the part of a larger series of events to just want to paint. promise of youth. Final year shows celebrate the campus history. The form a useful platform for debate, steep sloping grounds of Psalter The space for these activities is not exhibiting art not yet quite tied to Lane and its mish mash of archi- measurable, even within an entire the limitations of an industry. The tecture from different eras have building. The great advantage of Last Hurrah will be a bit more spe- been sold to Redrow, who plan the art course is that the city is your cial as it will perform a swan song to turn it into a housing develop- playground. Studio spaces form a to the idea of a proper art school ment. They apparently intend to designated space to think things and all the sweet clichd bohemia retain key features such as the out, to plan, to interact with other this calls up. The title references old school building in the centre creative individuals, as well as to the 1956 novel by Edwin O Connor, which currently houses the library. actually work, to create objects, to which tells the story of an unbeaten But I suspect C-block, which has practise exhibiting things. but aged mayor finding himself been the art school home for many ousted by a new brand of politics. years, with its Brutalist concrete So I find myself slightly horrified. The city then mourns the loss of the forms that chop a striking silhouette Psalter Lane was the reason I popular mayor and the end of an into the leafy suburb of Victorian ended up in Sheffield. I was all era. The demolition of Psalter Lane, townhouses, will fall victim to the set to go to Leeds Met, with the like the downfall of Brutalism, will new development. promise of a bigger, better city. But echo through the concrete sprawl, I looked at the Art & Design course the voice of a lost ideology. The architecture of Brutalism, of in Leeds, with all its glossy newness which Sheffield boasts many exam- and Costa coffee outlets, and then The Last Hurrah ples (including the Park Hill flats), is theres the fact that unless you took runs from 30th May to 6th June associated with a socially utopian the painting and sculpture course open 7 days 10am 5pm. ideology. Many felt it failed its you were not given a permanent good intentions; the aching cool- studio space. Then I looked at Hal- *For more information on ness of exposed concrete losing lam for comparison, approaching purchasing a piece of luxury appeal beneath a cynical grey with intrigue this campus stranded living at the expense of the northern sky. Some consider these in peaceful greenery, with scruffy cultural industries buildings ugly and associate them corridors where the curious traces with the crippling social problems of past students work still remained, visit that developed in the 70s. miniature histories found in paint splashes on stairs. My decision was But in the context of an art school easily made. this style works. The architects of this era wanted plenty of light and And so yet another step towards a simple, functional open spaces that city like every other. All in the name emphasised the structure and skel- of profit. Apparently Hallam now fits eton of the building. Situated high in more students per square metre on a hill, the glass-walled staircase than any other in the country, sitting and studio windows boast a strik- in little identikit boxes. How proud ing view of the city. This building they must be. possesses presence and character, and whilst your average student may prefer something cleaner and newer, art students generally just dont. KIRSTY FOX. BRUTALITY. PHOTO - nick delnero. PAGE TWENTYONE. AN ODE TO PSALTER LANE.

18 surrogate by michael latimer. -

19 What got you into art in the I was pretty isolated with my style Running Lowercase industry first place? which let my stuff develop nicely must give you a lot of creative without interference. freedom, But it must be I suppose I started drawing when challenging being an I was little, copying other peoples Im not saying an art education independent artist, running a drawings, like most kids do - Im is bad, for instance I get ideas for business and having a day job? assuming they do anyway. things that I simply cant follow through because I dont have the Im a bit stubborn; if I dont have There were two things that really technical skill to do it. a good amount of creative drove home how important art freedom on something, I just wont was. The first was growing up You work with a lot of do it. I try and keep a bit of integrity skateboarding. Id stand in front of different styles and genres - needless to say I dont do much the racks of boards in Rollersnakes do you find any particular freelance work! in Nottingham and be blown away medium more enjoyable to by all the graphics. Id just stand work in? Its true that it is a bit of a there for hours checking em out, struggle being an independent getting up close, seeing how they First off, if I didnt find a particular artist. It makes you doubt yourself had been drawn. Ill honestly never style or medium enjoyable, I simply pretty much constantly, especially forget the feeling of getting my first wouldnt do it. Same with art in living in South Yorkshire, surrounded board designs back, I felt so proud general really - if I ever get bored of by so many incredibly talented to be an active part of something it I will walk away from it. people like Phlegm and Acne - its Id admired for the best part of my daunting. But, if you work as hard life. I like learning new stuff and this as you can you should see results; pushes me into new mediums and that sounded really cheesy didnt The second thing was the artwork styles. If I kept drawing bunches of it!? of Dave Nodz for Suburban Base interlinking monsters one after the records, an old school hardcore/ other Id go slowly insane. I find if I Lowercase isnt really hard work, pre-drum & bass label. The artwork work in one style, then move on to thats the point really; its not about for the sleeves on the vinyl blew my something else for a bit, by the time slapping logos on things and mind. I get back to doing the first Im flogging them, its about making really excited about doing it. a channel for my output to run If you can track some of his stuff Certain things I do seem to get through. down youll be able to see some more attention than others, but of the influences in what Im doing thats ok. The day jobs cool actually. Im today. I used to paint my bedroom creative director of an education with bits of that artwork, but at that A lot of the imagery in your company. It might not sound time hadnt really come up with work appears quite dark but exciting but I love the people I anything serious of my own. often the creatures in your work with there and its a pleasure work seem more distressed to go to work everyday. If I didnt What things inspire your art? than monstrous; do these have a day job Im pretty sure Id Do you find your art creatures represent anything lock myself indoors all day and mood-dependent? specific for you? not see a human face for weeks on end. That really wouldnt be Its very mood-dependent. As a God, I really dont sit there stroking good for me. person I tend to swing up and my chin trying to figure out what it It also means Im not worrying down in my moods, which is means with the monster type stuff! about scraping by doing crappy probably reflected in what I do. little design jobs to make ends I view them almost as lifeless little meet. At the end of the working If Im feeling shitty then Im not toys with a rudimentary brain; day I can walk away from the going to make the happiest stuff, so they are alive, but a bit day job and I am free to work on really, and vice-versa. rubbish, thats why most of them whatever I want. have stitches on their heads and As for inspiration, its cheesy to say, dribble so much. What new work have you got in but its from everywhere. Someone the pipe line? will say something, an obscure I really enjoy that style; I suppose saying, for example, and it sets off they represent me having a whale Ive not got any big masterplan. a little siren inside and Im like YES!! of a time with a pencil and brushes. Ive been working on a lot of new Theyre always challenging to do, stuff for my exhibition at the Forum, Youve got a really individual pretty exhausting and time which has given me a kick up the style. Do you feel your consuming to be honest, but I arse to actually produce more creativity has profited from cant see me ever stopping doing work. I would like to do more a less formal art education? them, even if no one was looking exhibitions. id still be doing them. Id say it has. I think because I havent been surrounded by I always try and put stuff in that visually creative people for most represents things that are of my time doing artwork, I havent happening in my life, subtly though had anyone to try and copy, if you - only I know about most of them. know what I mean. NICK BOOTH. MICHAEL LATIMER. FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION AT THE FORUM - STARTS 8TH jUNE. PAGE TWENTYSIX.


21 Recently Myanmar (Burma) has been hit by cyclone Nargis. Thousands have been killed or made homeless. The Burmese military regime has provided minimal support despite the condemnation of governments and aid agencies across the world. Whats new? The regime has been a law unto itself for dec- ades. Sheffield. City of Sanctuary. Whats amazing is that in different, small ways, people here do make a difference to the problems of ordinary people out there. Sheffield, for example, is a City of Sanctuary. This means that it tries to provide support to people in need of safety, for example, asylum seekers and refugees. About 70 local organizations, including Community Forums, student groups, charities and Sheffields main faith communities work in different ways to treat people in need of safety with understanding and respect. The Karen from Burma. One of the groups involved is the Karen from Burma. This is an ethnic group that came originally from Tibet. They live in northern Burma and Thailand, in the hill and mountain areas. There are about six million of them. The Karen are a peaceful people, originally animists, believing in spirits in nature. Many of them are now Buddhists, although a significant number are Christian, having been converted by Methodist or Baptist missionaries. In World War 2, the Karen fought with Allied troops against the Japanese. After the war ended Burma they thought that the British government would support their call for independence from Burma. In the event this did not happen and the Burmese to government became increasingly re- Sheffield pressive towards ethnic minorities such as the Karen, Shan and Chen tribes. For fifty years the Karen National Union has fought for independence though the liberation army of about 12,000 Via has had an uphill struggle against a Thailand relatively well-equipped Burmese army of 400,000. FEED YOUR HEAD. PAGE twentynine. we ask selected academics to raise the bar.

22 now then welcomes all feedback on all of our articles, get online at and join in on the forum. Amnesty has documented the My brother lives in Thailand now, Want to know more? appalling situation the Karen face in having escaped from Burma in the Burma. The Burmese regime has em- early nineties. He lives in Chiang Mai ployed a scorched earth policy in the with his wife, daughter and son. He If you want to find out more or villages and there is substantial helps other Karen there. see how your local group can evidence of ethnic cleansing lend a hand, including murder and rape. When my wife and I went to the night market there, one of the stall-holders visit As a result many Karen have escaped wouldnt let us buy anything from her. over the border into Thailand where She gave my wife a silk dressing gown they live in camps containing around because my brother had helped her so 100,000 refugees. Many of the Karen much when she escaped from Burma. where you can find out about have lived in these jungle camps for ten ways of getting involved like - years or more. Its not easy. His daughter works for the IOM (Inter- national Organisation for Migration). With infighting factions, all struggling for She visits the camps to prepare Karen Befriending and listening. independence, and the Burmese and refugees for life in the foreign country Thai governments keeping a watchful to which they will migrate. This is called Invitations to community eye, the situation can be tense. There cultural orientation; practical lessons about travelling to the UK, boarding a social events. are spies even in Thai border towns such as Mai Sot. plane, finding a seat, education, assist- ance they will receive, money, transport, Advertising services and work and culture shock and cultural activities to refugee UNHCR Gateway Programme. adaptation. Before that, she worked for communities. the BBC on a health education soap Other governments are aware of the programme which was broadcast by Karens plight and every year, within the the BBCs World Service into Burma. Offering volunteer placements. UNHCRs Gateway Programme, some Karen are allowed to move to other Karen and Sheffield. Providing meeting space for countries such as the USA, Norway, refugee community groups. Sweden, Australia and Canada. As part Two years ago my niece came to of this, about 50 Karen refugees are England with one group of refugees. allowed into the UK each year and they Promoting refugee events in settle in. Sheffield. After a year, the refugees are asked the local community. how it is going in Sheffield so that future There is a huge difference between life Karen newcomers can know what Offering short or long term in Sheffield and the jungle in Thailand, to expect before they arrive and be but at least they are safe and they have accommodation. prepared. From what my niece said to an opportunity for a better life. me, they feel much safer in the UK but life is not problem-free. For example, the Appointing refugees to So why this article? Karen find it difficult to get more than committees and positions of very basic paid work, especially as responsibility. There are some personal reasons. There during job interviews their peaceful and but for the grace of God go I. My gentle character inhibits them from brother and I are both Anglo Karen, the promoting their strengths. sons of a British soldier and a Karen girl who met in the war when he was Family life is also disrupted by how fighting Burma. strange it is here. At home in the hills and mountains, being aware of the My brother was born in Burma in 1947 surrounding natural beauty may have and I was born in England in 1948. Our been an often-used remedy for dealing mother died soon after I was born and with stress, but here alcohol can be too our father never went back to Burma. often the alternative. I was the lucky one, being raised in England. He and I never met until five Despite the inevitable problems which years ago. are a natural part of their move to this country, the Karen are settling here and But also Im telling you because its trying to build relationships with local another example of good things com- people. Some are learning English, ing out of very bad ones, of people some do voluntary jobs, some are abroad, or here in our country making suffering from culture shock and some a difference and helping others even have found paid employment. if it doesnt get reported in the major papers etc. T here is a Karen Community Association and recently New Year celebrations were held at Abbeydale Grange School at which about 300 local guests were treated to dancing displays and food. PAUL TEASDALE. FEED YOUR HEAD. This month Paul Teasdale on the Burmese Karen living in Sheffield. PAGE THIRTY.

23 It is a strange thing putting your opinions down on paper. They get printed and become per- manent statements. However, the nature of an opinion, much like the nature of a magazine, is that it is transient. It changes, develops and grows. What is true at one moment for one person may be false to oth- ers or even to that same person at a different time. It is all perspective. In the case of a review or an editorial it is one persons opinion on a series of events taking place at a certain time. We pick the writers for Soundcheck based on their musical knowledge, literary skills and, of course, their strong sense of opinion. After all, it would make for some pretty bland reading if all our articles were of a middle of the road, we dont want to offend anyone ilk. Now Then is an independent magazine made for independent thinkers and funnily enough most of our writers happen to be just that. We do not kiss asses to keep people happy; if we feel something needs to be said, we say it. That is the purpose of indie media. We do not exercise vast amounts of editorial control over our writers as we want them to develop their own voice within the magazine and to enable them to express themselves freely. The process of reviewing allows writers to do this; it gives the readership access to information about events taking place in Sheffield and offers opinion about them. We are not telling people what to think, merely what we think, and if people dont like it they can tell us. At the front of this magazine we state our aims and one of them is to create an active readership. To achieve this I believe you must challenge your readers. What do you think? If you have an opinion, then get in touch. PHOTO - nick delnero. REG REGLER. SOUNDCHECK. WHAT WE LIKE IN MUSIC THIS MONTH.. PAGE THIRTYtwo.

24 buena vista ItThe lore little out volent Buena of Vistawis our nos Social usual guerat inim ing ea faccum au-fall a Club underground, Burning ears applauded in City Hall with the hope of one social unsigned and independently amconsenibh erostrud et labelled criteria however we could more tune at the end of what was a fleeting romance with club. voloreet not allow diam thesequat, Cuban quat. Ut legends the musical melting pot of pratperformance praesequi tem incing in Sheffield to go pre-revolutionary Cuba. eros eliquatunnoticedla faccums and least of all andrerosto consendreet unmentioned. An encore ensued as the mostly elderly band gyrated 7th April. ulla am, quis numsan henisl Borne out of the jazz, Latin and illaNulputpat iustinci enthusiastically to their African infused music bla of 1940s entrancing Latin rhythms. @ adigna Havana, consecte molenit the fiery spirit of Cubas The music of the Buena Vista alis Buena nibh Vistaexer Socialaccum Club wasdolor- relit in sheffield Englands steel city percing el ut ver ilit luptat. this month. Social Club proved to have a far reach in Sheffield as the show city hall. Xer sum num inim quam ipsuscilit Members of the Buena Vista nis num quiabla attracted a diverse group of both Social Club enchanted captive young and old fans. faccum dolutat. audience in Sheffield City Hall Molor sectet, with old corem classicsqua- such as Achieving international acclaim tions dionsequis eum ex Guantanamera. with the Buena Vista Social Club film by German director Wim ecte feuissed dunt wis elis Wender and their 1996 album Awe-inspiring performances from augiam Cachaito irilisi. Lopes, Guajiro Mirabal, which featured American guitar- Venit euissi. AguajeRateRamos dolutpat. and Manuel ist Ry Cooder, the recordings of Ignim zzritled Galban estis theexeraesto crowd to throw the Buena Vista Social Club has odignaaway any coreetremnants loboreof English tet s revived traditional Cuban music ensibilities as pulsating rhythms through its success with veniatuerat. Ut laortisi tat. Western audiences. sent hundreds of feet moving in Iquat. Aliquam a seemingly conulpute delirious spell to the core vulla Cubanconsendre ea beats emanating con eros nonse from dolutat the stage. inisis aut la feugiam adipit aliquatio commy nonsent Haben Habteslasie endre tie min hent aliquis roots Yes, yes, yes. Hip hop is back on the menu and after a prolonged There is, however, one major problem - the sound. manuva. absence from the TTC stage, it was welcomed back by a sell out crowd, and rightly so. It is a well known fact that The Tuesday Club does not employ professional soundmen but instead Kidkanevil is probably one of the offers students a fantastic 13th may. most exciting producers in hip hop right now. Whilst his DJing tonight opportunity to learn the trade. @ was perhaps a little tame, spinning a selection of classic hip hop, it However, The Tuesday Club should have realised that when the UKs THE tuesday certainly got the crowd going for most reputed MC is gracing their the main event. stage, the sound must be perfect. club. Either pay out for an engineer or Roots Manuva is a mysterious ensure that the artist is bringing character and it is this edge, along one along and the problem kidkanevil// with (of course) the weight of his record releases, that captures hip is solved. toddla t// hop heads imaginations and con- sistently has the power to transfer Once again, Toddla T displayed why he is in so much demand, cash from their pockets. His set keeping the audience bouncing tonight was indeed confirmation of through to the very end with these facts as Manuva and DJ MK a skilful blend of niche, ripped up a set of classics, drop- dubstep, 4x4 and house. ping new and old tunes alike. The highlights have to be the tracks All in all this was a good night that from his debut album, Brand New could so easily have been great Second Hand,Movements and had there been just a little more Clockwork, retaining all the mys- knob twiddling. tery, power and seductive flow that they exhibited on their release in 1999. REG REGLER. SOUNDCHECK. PAGE THIRTYthree. buena vista social club. roots manuva. toddla t.

25 dubcentral. Opus. threads. listen every 4th may. 21st may. saturday. @ @ @ corporation. the green dq. room. Dubcentral have gained a certain The Green Room is the perfect Threads, is certainly a night akin notoriety amongst those in the place to enjoy a quiet (albeit with the scene, but in this case Im know for putting on heavyweight pricey) drink away from the hustle not just talking about skinny jeans bass fests that last until the early and bustle of West Street ; a good and mullets. Here one finds an hours. Sharing the main stage with venue for a first date or an after- unusually eclectic range of music. dubstep purveyors Dark Crystal, meal ale. What more appropri- Indie, electro, hip hop, rock, elec- there were plenty of treats in store ate place, then, for a free night of tronica and house are not uncom- for the bass junkies that found their chilled acoustic music. mon, but there is more to get excit- way down on a dreary bank holi- Billy the Lonesome Hobo begins ed about than unorthodox record day Sunday. the evening, playing some folk selections. Surprise DJ sets from tunes by his band, the Liverpool- The Reverend, Belle and Sebastian Leeds dub outfit, High Pressure, based Random Family, as well as a and Toddla T, not to mention that were slow to get started but soon couple of Dylan covers and a quick cheeky live set recently from The picked up the pace and began to fire, tongue-in-cheek rendition of Whip, all add to the excitement. lay down some seriously hypnotic R.E.Ms Its the End of the World As dubplates. The crowd were soon We Know It. After a brief interlude Tonights headliner, Alan Smyth is a drawn in and what started as a he returns, playing Frank Zappas Sheffield legend, a further display small group of revellers was soon Catholic Girls and some more of of Threads ability to book acts a mass of smiling steppas. After an his own material. He entertains with that are pertinent to Sheffields impressive set of enthralling dub his combination of intricate finger own scene and identity. Smyth has the DJs continued to impress, mov- work and lewd lyrics, and what he worked with and produced some of ing into aggresive amen breaking lacks in confidence he more than Sheffields greatest bands and the jungle which went down well de- makes up for in technique. opportunity to see him play records spite seeming a little bottom heavy Gentlemen of Junk start off with a provides a rare insight into his musi- due to the soundsystem. few stripped down numbers, guitar- cal inspiration. ist and backing vocalist harmonis- D1 of Tempa records was up next, ing well together. Their full-band It is hardly surprising that Alan moving things towards dubstep. set merges their songs to create Smyths record collection is an Though technically good, the set a forty-minute jazz blues goliath. enviable one and from the clas- didnt grab the crowd. Perhaps this Combining a few blues classics sics to the contemporaries Smyth reflected a bit of dubstep overkill in with their own material gives the displayed his taste for class as he the city recently rather than any- set a well-rounded feel, and the span his way through fantastically thing specifically wrong with D1s percussion and bass playing are varied set. set. tight and funky. The guitarist races through all manner of strange jazz Threads, is a refreshing event for a Rogue State and Autograff, brought chords, injecting a strong sense of Saturday night in town and their tired legs back to the front for one rhythm and lending a gypsy jazz commitment over the past two last dance with a high octane twist to proceedings. Well recom- years to a Sheffield based identity is blend of Niche and Junglestep, mended to Johnson and Django applaudable. Check it out showing the growing appreciation fans alike, theyre an odd bunch to Sheffield has for these homegrown look at but a joy to hear. sounds. Ideal for a TTC recovery or just to unwind, Listen is a night for rest and relaxation. Its a quiet affair everyone speaks with a respectful whisper and its intimacy warms the cockles. BEN DOREY. SAM WALBY. WILL HUGHES. SOUNDCHECK. dubcentral. billy the lonesome hobo. threads. PAGE THIRTYfour.

26 ItChicago lore volent wisMilez based trio nosBenjiman au- At times the album has overtones have released guerat inim ing a debut record that ea faccum of soul and R&B, with plenty of is as intriguingerostrud amconsenibh as it is perplexing. et electronically chopped beats Feel Glorious was released in April providing the backbone of the voloreet diam quat, on Tru Thoughts and promised quat. Utto production. In spite of their prat be:praesequi tem incing An album reminiscent of the obvious experimentation the album erosold eliquat la faccums Parliament/Bootsy electric retains sense of coherency; every crunch-funk sound. andrerosto But with an air consendreet song contains a heavy and groovy ulla am, of ethnentricity quis numsanbringing henisla funk that borders on a P-funk sound concrete, yet spiritual feel! (taken without ever infringing upon it. illaNulputpat from the groups iustinci officialblabio). As adigna may wellconsecte be expectedmolenit from any Tru That being said, Parliament and alis nibh exer Thoughts accum release dolor- Milez Benjiman Funkadelic are often imitated but seek to produce percing el ut vera hybridisation ilit luptat. of never bettered and Milez Benjiman Xer different sum num musical styles, inim quam in particu- have done little to change the lar they have created a blend of status quo. ipsuscilit nis num qui electric avant-funk that bla is sure to Milez faccum dolutat. get your toe tapping. Molor sectet, corem qua- The tempo of the album is relentless and you are often left benjiman. tionsFirst single Chopeum dionsequis comprised ecte feuissed dunt wis elisof Thatex a Wood is particularly wanting something a little more dynamic and less repetitive. charismatic vocal over a synth augiam irilisi. bassline that is laced with all Feel Glorious is not for everyone, feel Venit Ignim euissi. manner of Rate zzrit estis background dolutpat. electronic exeraesto noise. beeps and The message but if youre partial to a deep groove or two then this may be just glorious. of the song odigna unity is one lobore coreet through of creativity working veniatuerat. Ut laortisi tat. tetand together; what you were looking for. the sentiments are trite yet pleas- Iquat. Aliquaminconulpute ant nonetheless this funk infused corecontext. vulla Other consendre standoutea tracks con erosthe include nonse dolutat very lively Feel Glori- ous and inisis autalsola Hold Your Head feugiam adipit High milezbenjamin aliquatio commy nonsent of (oddly reminiscient SAM WALBY. Word Up by Cameo). endre tie min hent aliquis After a period of inactivity local ts a welcome relief from the (frank- favourites Bison are back in the ly) annoying Jason Pritchard that game the game being bass- comes before it an in-joke that, heavy, brass-driven, despite its energy, ultimately frus- lyrically-banterous ska reggae. trates. Who is this elusive character and why did he fart on your face? Saturday Big Shop kicks off with Stop Ya Moaning, providing a S.B.S. is packed with musical and condensed philosophy of the band lyrical tomfoolery, sometimes a little with its infectious refrain: If you too much to take in one sitting, but waste your time complaining then it more than competently achieves youre not appreciating your life. it aim of giving ska the Sheffield Despite the title track being about treatment. a whitey in Quiksave the album is fundamentally a feel-good, tongue- They also happen to be one of the in-cheek experience. best live bands currently doing the circuit in this fair city. BISON. Its packed with hooks that take control of your feet and wry lyri- See em. cism to make you laugh and think. SATURDAY Big Trouble in Great Yarmouth and Zig Zag do the job nicely, but BIG SHOP. RTT is without a doubt the band at its best. Driven by a mammoth bassline and a brass riff that lodges itself somewhere at the back of your brain and refuses to move, this is what they do best and what makes their live shows so involving. I allhailthebison SAM WALBY REVIEWS. PAGE THIRTYfive. milez benjiman//feel glorious. bison//saturday big shop.

27 the whiskycats. littlelostdavid. the kambourines. littlelostdavid thekambourines whiskycats Mancunian outfit Whiskycats have Possibly one of Sheffields most Norwegian born and Liverpool been around a fair while. In exciting young prospects, based, The Kambourines deliver November last year they even Littlelostdavid clearly demonstrates a lovely blend of folk and pop. headlined a sellout show at the why with his song offerings on that Wonderfully familiar meleodies Manchester Acadamy so it may unavoidable but annoyingly useful combine with carefully constructed come as a surprise that they only media forum, myspace. vocal harmonies leaving an ever released their first LP this month. growing catchiness on its listener Exhibiting six complete tracks, ears. Still, after dominating proceedings Littlelostdavid offers a wide range Long after the final notes of open- in this reviewers CD player over the of songs demonstrating his ample ing track, Finger on a Problem, last week it became quickly appar- technical ability as a songwriter, have sung out does one find the ent that it was worth the wait. guitarist and vocalist. hook stuck in the mind and an ab- sentminded humming of the tune From the moment the opening His truly haunting vocal quality is returning - undoubtedly the mark of track Slipped Disco drops, one equally matched by a range and a true pop song smith. is engulfed by a unique sound power that far supersedes most Whilst the backing on this E.P. adds probably best summed up as high other songwriters of similar musical to the weight of the tracks, the energy gypsy ska. However, what is ambition. Littlelostdavid provides straight forward approach of the most exciting about the Whiskycats a style of Americana that far from rhythm section could certainly be is the variety of influences they being downtempo as his myspace added to in terms song dynamics. draw upon, making each track an settings suggest leaves its listeners However, perhaps that straight out individual journey through music uplifted and spellbound. catchiness is what makes these as varied as jazz, skiffle, funk and tracks so memorable. swing. The musicianship throughout The subtle production The layered vocals, led beauti- is exemplary, allowing for some qualities on And Hell followed and fully by Ragnhild Kambo are the rousing woodwind and brass lines Bones, with ever growing brass truly awe inspiring quality to this that are expressive enough to accompaniment, reverb laden band and the promise of their live take over from the vocals as lead percussion and vocal harmonies performance sends shivers down melodies. lend an instant vintage feel to the spine. brand new music. Also note worthy, is the more deli- If one thing is lacking on this album cate, House Falls Down, revealing it is probably the vocals - whilst In no way however do The Kambourines deep folk roots, Matthew Whitakers lyrics are full of these tracks ever sound anything mandolins in and drums out. witty observations about modern less than exciting and fresh. The Influences from Gram Parsons and life, the energy behind his live arrangement of tracks such as The Beatles can be found here but performances hasnt carried over Dew will regularly surprise even The Kambourines unique vocal onto the record. This is a minor veteran lovers of acoustic music quality will always give them an quibble though, and the fact that but there is an essence here that identity that is undeniably their the rest of the album contains so strikes a familiar note and it will own. much to interest is ample drag you back again and again compensation. and again. ben dorey. JOHN SWIFT. REG REGLER. the whiskycats. littlelostdavid. the kambourines. REVIEWS. PAGE THIRTYsix.

28 FOREIGN BEGGARS. Pavan Mukhi What was your experience of coming into the UK scene like? What does the name Foreign Beggars mean to you as a group? Were obviously from outside better known as the scene, so coming in we were Its a piss take name really but MC always gonna have to do our own thing. I moved here from Dubai we are from all over the world. Dag Nabitt is half Norwegian, half Orifice when I was 19, just kind of inspired by the whole drum n bass scene. Scotish, born in Columbia. Ive got Indian parents, was born in Dubia, Vulgartron We started throwing drum n bass parties in Dubai and it drove me and have lived from San Francisco to Wales to South India,. Metropo- to move back here. I think we were lis is Ghanaian. Everyone speaks lucky in way. In Dubai there was two or three languages. Shlomo is the front man in Foreign no scene so we had to make our is Iraqi/Isreali/German and DJ Beggars and head honcho own. Before we even came to the NoNames is from Oxford but was for Dented Records. UK wed been putting on our own conceived in Afghanistan so we raves for 5 or 6 years, so when it let him in. All we need is a Chinese Born in Dubai and the son came to the Foreign Beggars wed lesbian girl with one arm and then had lots of live experience and I think we will be a completely, of Indian parents, his knew it was a much more of a universally rounded-off group. journey to the centre of multifaceted thing than writing a the British hip hop scene rap in your bedroom and putting it has been a little out on a record. of the ordinary.

29 Weve always tried to build it from all the angles; we make our own videos and have our own team doin the graphics. With a lot of artists, they think,Im a rapper, all I wanna do is write my raps and record them and then they expect to get blown up. I mean that can happen but you have to be very lucky. Do you find the demands of running the label a hindrance How have things developed to your creative output? since? We set the studio up and started Its a lot of work. Now that the la- the label and from there we just bel has got a lot bigger, the studio wanted to build. Our studio was is quite a lot of work to manage; in our kitchen for many years, the its a lot of rent to pay. Distribution vocal booth was our corridor and has always been a bit frazzled for some duvets. Thats how we did UK rap but weve just signed a big Asylum Speakers but now we got important distribution deal and a slammin studio in East London as an offshoot of that weve been with a big live room and rehearsal rooms. Its really an open forum, able to help a lot of people in our anyone who wants to bring some- immediate periphery. However, this Your first album Asylum has increased the admin maybe Speakers featured some of the thing to the table, youre welcome; whether youre a producer, DJ, MC, five or six fold already. Touring the UKs finest hip hop artists. beatboxer, musician, artist - any- Beggars as well is hard work. We How did that record come thing. If you wanna get involved do maybe 100 shows a year so we about? and you wanna make it happen are out and about a lot, you just - anyone bringing the heat, then have to be online and on point. Asylum Speakers did a lot of good bring it to the table. Thats kind of We like to party too but fuck it, shit for us and for the label. The the ethos of the label. its up to you if you want to be a way that record came about was waste man or not. No one at this just through us wanting to work You are obviously a very driven by the idea of point can really rely on UK rap for with people and get involved. One a proper salary so its up to you independence, what made you of the first people I met was Skinny- decide to take this route? to manage your skills. I mean you man, he was like,Yeah weve got could get a part-time day job and to do a joint. I think it was like two In the hip hop game where there rap half the time, but I just choose years from then until we actually isnt really an industry or a struc- to turn that part-time day job into got to do Hold On. It took me 6 ture so you have to make it hap- something that builds the rest of months to get him in the studio, pen yourself. We were never limited by the size of the jams that were my career. literally to the point where I had to go up to the park and beatbox the going on. In the beginning Id hit up all the open mics and all the Foreign Beggars will be touring beat to him and get him to write it, internationally before beginning shitty jams just to get out there. and then getting him into the stu- Then Foreign Beggars start doing work on their third album. dio to record it was another bitch. the circuit, but in London youre not In the end he just showed up. really gonna get booked at the big parties so we just started throwing our own jams. Any time we wanted to launch something wed put our own event on. REG REGLER.

30 What shows do you COM broadcast? Very varied. Musically we cover everything from local bands to folk, swing and music from PETIT around the world. We broadcast in 9 different languages including Urdu, Arabic, Spanish and French. We showcase local writers, ION actors and musicians. In all we have over 80 programmes. Can anyone get a show? In practice, yes. Sheffield Live! 93.2FM has been vibrating the Steel Citys We ask people to fill in a programme proposal form and encourage them airwaves since October last to come along to one of our training This month were throwing year, going from strength to courses so that they can learn more in tickets to an Opus show of strength in the process. about putting together a programme your choice as well as 2 tickets We ask you - on what other and using the kit. to Hijak Oscar and Clutch at frequency would you find Corporation this month. Canadian hip hop, philosophy Unfortunately, we only have a limited and an Irish breakfast show? amount of space. However, we are looking for people who are willing to do Dont miss either of What is your mission statement? interviews, learn to become producers, those two bands. carry out research for programmes and become involved in the Sheffield Live! 93.2FM exists to give the technical side of the station. Now, this months question is community the chance to be involved very simple. So, good luck. in radio. Through us you will hear many different voices, accents, stories, music There is also the opportunity to Which Sheffield born, organic and languages. We give air space to get involved with sales, reception, food outlets birthday is NOW local musicians, bands, DJs, composers administration and the development THEN helping celebrate and writers. We bring you the sounds of our web presence. this month? of a lively and diverse city and fight to break down the barriers of stereotype, enabling people who do not have ac- cess to mainstream media or who are A - McDonalds. misrepresented by them a chance to be heard. How can people get involved? B - New Roots. Tell us a bit about how the Ring us on 0114 2814082, e-mail us at project got on its feet. [email protected] C - B&Q. I live in Sharrow and was approached at the end of 1999 about running a ra- or visit our website at dio station for the annual Sharrow Festi- val. We borrowed a caravan and set up in the middle of Mount Pleasant Park for, 4 days. We broadcast 24 hours a day, Now were not saying wed danced a lot and had very little sleep where you can download a give the answer away but programme proposal form. but it was great fun. The broadcast was Jesus wept, use your brains so successful that we were inundated and send us an email. with people from all over the city want- Listen to Sheffield Live! at 93.2FM ing to get involved, so Sheffield Live! was born. We have broadcast live from or catch up on your Sharrow Festival every year since then. favourite shows online. In 2004 the law changed, enabling the licensing of full-time community radio stations. We applied - join the debate! and were successful. REG REGLER. SHEFFIELD LIVE. PAGE thirtynine. sheffieldlive. music for sheffield by sheffield.


32 Heres the history for newcomers... Opus Creations arrived in Sheffield three years ago with the aim of effecting positive social change through arts based projects. Opus stands for something different; in a society where the instant, catchy and corporate seem to be dominant, we seek the positive and the deliberate. Opus Listen We support independence and free thinking wherever it may be found. We Every Wednesday support community and the notion that @The Green Room each individual should have complete control over his or her own choices. We DivisioN Street support responsibility. Opus More to the point, Opus supports Once A Month action, doing. 2nd Sunday of every month priceless. Since operating in Sheffield we have @Dulo, CemetEry Road had the good fortune to be involved in hundreds of live music events for From Friday 13 June charities and communities, as well Opus as with unsigned and independently Sounds labelled artists from across Dir. Pierre Salvadori Every Thursday 1-2pm Sheffield and the UK. 12A | 2006 | France 1hr 46mins | Subtitled on Sheffield Live - 93.2fm Opus puts on a variety of events showcasing anything from poetry and narrative to laptop trickery, DJs and live bands. It is a policy of ours to make our Audrey Tatou (of Amlie fame) gigs as cheap and accessible as is back in a chic, sexy French possible. comedy about the pitfalls of choosing glamour over love. We currently promote four regular events in different venues around Annoyed by her latest wealthy Sheffield city. Come along and tell us victim, serial goldigger Irene Here we are again then. Number 3. what you think. embarks on a fling with a hotel Thanks to everyone who has put Opus is an organisation which aims to employee, Jean, in the belief forward their suggestions and favours provoke social change. We believe that that hes a rich tycoon. this month,tis much appreciated. by informing and motivating an Respect goes out to Clark, Scotch Egg, awareness or experience of artistic When shes discovered and P45, Tinnitus and 4D for their efforts at expressions, styles, and philosophies ditched, she flees to Nice, whilst last months Opus Sessions. The quality you can encourage an individual to of performance at that show was truly Jean follows her to discover that positively affect themselves and their the business of being a gigolo memorable so cheers to surrounding environments everyone involved. is more rewarding than or communities. he imagined Dare we say summer has finally arrived Opus currently operates a small studio at Sheffields door? We thought it might and set of rehearsal rooms called not turn up this year to be replaced by Studio 45. We also run a design, print floods and random hail storms. And and distribution service called breathe a sign of relief as we all Bad Monkey and host a weekly radio witness collectively the dissipation of show on Sheffield Live (Thursday 1-2pm, Sheffield temporary tenants and begin Showroom is located 93.2fm) opposite the railway station on to look forward to walks, picnics and free parties in the Peaks. Days get Paternoster Row - have a look Have a listen. longer, business slows, peoples purses at the map on the back. get a little tighter, but its important Thank you again to everyone who has to remember that here come the provided thought or effect in our community festivals, Ruskin Park, fun day up in Walkley, Peace in the Park in direction this month - you know who 0114 275 7727 you are and it is sincerely appreciated. June at Pondorosa and, of course, Sharrows annual 2 week festival in July. If anyone is interested in getting involved, were all usually to be found Get yourselves out to them and enjoy gathered in Dulo every 2nd Sunday at the sun and good humour of your Once a Month. neighbours and friends. OPUS. PHOTO - nick delnero. PAGE FORTYone. WHAT WE ARE UP TO IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS.

33 This is the lifestyle section OF NOW THEN. Lifestyle is about personal choice. The choice to act independently and bring your own character to your actions should be celebrated. Well be exploring the best of the underrated and overlooked independent traders and community groups here in Sheffield; cocoa. Urban Deli. not a chain store in sight. 462 Ecclesall Road Campo Lane [email protected] THIS MONTH THE THEME IS cocoasheffield INDEPENDENT sweet food. have a read, then go treat yersen. We dont think you need an Located behind the Cathedral, excuse to bring out the best china! Urban Deli is rustic with a mod- ern twist. It serves a feast of lo- CHECK OUT Kate Shepherd of Cocoa giggles. cally sourced, high-class lunches She and co-owner Anne White add presented on wooden chopping cocoa. to the charm of the chocolate shop boards and farmhouse-style crock- ecclesall road. as much as the vintage, romantic ery. This emphasises the natural decoration adorning the decadent processes that go into making its sweet haven. & food and their close connection with producers. She pours another cup of Black Urban deli. Forest Gateaux tea and sits back in Being a true supporter of all things campo lane. a white wicker chair in the local, the walls are decorated with pastel painted Cocoa Lounge Pete Mckees iconic paintings. But, the quaint tea room added b city life can seem a million miles WELL WORTH A VISIT ehind the nostalgic sweet shop. away when youre chomping on AND A FEW PENNIES... Cocoa stocks true chocolate, seasonal vegetables, thick crusty made in Bakewell and Castleton. bread and homemade soup. Feel free to let us know Theres no point in selling Green Their extensive collection of rare about your favourite independent gem so we can and Blacks like the supermarkets. STOP PRESS and interesting artisan deli prod- ucts is impressive with delights such Forget your preconceptions if you as anchovy relish, posh cheeses spread the word. want to stimulate your palette; and mustards and chutneys for experience white chocolate mixed every type of dish. for extended interviews and with black pepper and better still G&T truffles. Intrigued? Then book Spare change doesnt get you very features, visit a chocolate tasting evening for a far but consider it more as a treat, night out with a twist. as the relaxed settings, quality of meals and well crafted pantry es- We try about 15 different sentials available to buy are worth chocolates starting at 100% cocoa, the look in. working our way down to white chocolate. Our aim is to educate people. We keep it in the community, building lots of friendships. We have a knitting club on Thursday evenings and our book club starts on 3rd June. katie durose. Helen Barnett. INDEPENDENT. GOOD. TRADERS. PAGE FORTYtwo.

34 THE OLD RONEYS. SWEET SHOP. 276 Sharrow Vale Road 0114 2660 05 93 & PHLEGM COMIC. The Old Sweet Shop, 1 Nether Edge Road, Sheffield, 0114 255 8515 In this section were gonna Home of the legendary hot roast pork name a few Sheffield forms theoldsweetshopsheffield sandwich. We shouldnt really have to of fun, food, drink and say more. If youve not sampled this mammoth meal in a bap, then youve music; pretty much what- not totally understood the words full ever springs to mind. The up and content. Bring a copy of NOW aim of this is to give credit THEN and get a free can of drink to wash it down with. where credits due. PURVEYORS OF Roneys is a traditional free range Visit these places, do these INDEPENDENT LOCAL ARTS. butcher whose friendly service and unbeatable product have earned it a things and generally ensure loyal fan basis. Right up there with Two The Old Sweet Shop is exactly what it that YOU, have at least the says on the tin. In this case, purveyors Steps, this is a Sharrow Vale institution. opportunity to experience a of independent local arts. The Old Make sure you get yourself down there Sweet Shop was opened on Saturday before 1pm as they are likely to sell out NOW THEN good time. Tell us of pork. 2nd December 2006. Its aim was to what you think at showcase local independent artists from a range of genres and provide Enjoy. [email protected] an alternative to mass produced high street shopping. This is pretty much the one for us, so we felt the need to share in full. WE LIKE: First things first. The Old Sweet Shop THINKING continuously rotate their stock so make CHOOSING sure you check in regularly. Dont miss out. They feature photography, LAUGHING ceramics, mouth-blown glassware, paintings, prints, stained glass, BILASH. 347 Sharrow Vale Road. MUSIC handmade bags, books, graffiti art, Hunters Bar. ART sculpture and jewellery and the list goes on. 0114 2661746. INDEPENDENT FOLK Despite the high quality of everything PASSIONATE FOLK in this shop, we felt it important to pay GOOD CLEAN FOOD a particular homage to Phlegm Comic who is currently in the final month of VIVID EXPERIENCES exhibiting in The Old Sweet Shop. If household names were a good idea and anything in between! Phlegm is a Sheffield legend. If youve then Bilash should be one. The food not heard his name, or seen his art then here is excellent with quick, friendly consider yourself unfortunate and in service. There is a large selection of Keep us updated.. If you know dishes with great vegetarian options for dire need of a blinding spell of good of a great Sheffield event, luck. Forgive me a moments rant and the non-hunters among us. place, or experience to be let me tell you that here is a man who is not only utterly dedicated to the Bilash is a collection only restaurant, had, tell us and well go located on Sharrow Vale Rd behind development of his art, but equally, to check it out ourselves. its positive social effect. Hero. Eccy Road. It is to be found fortuitously placed near both an off-license as Head down to the Old Sweet Shop in well as a cash-point. Throw in a DVD Everyones a winner. and youre done. The standard here is Netheredge and check out whats on offer. superb and affordable. FAVOURITES. PAGE FORTYthree. THE OLD SWEET SHOP&PHLEGM. RONEYS. BILASH.

35 THE PEAKS. CORPORATION. DOG&PARTRIDGE. DOWNT ROAD. 2 Milton St, Sheffield. 56 Trippet Lane. CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. 0114 276 0262. 0114 2490888. Go to the Peaks. Its the summer. You Corporation has long since been one One of the few real pubs left in the city live in Sheffield. The greenest city in of Sheffields finest independent venues. centre, the Dog and Partridge, just off the UK. The only city to have a national Painted entirely black from head to foot West Street, is a traditional Irish pub park within its limits. Go to the Peaks. Corporation is a scary mother. Their with live music, great drinks and a tag line YOULL NEVER LEAVE rings true, fantastic friendly atmosphere. Go climbing, bouldering, drinking, ram- ironically, on a weekly basis. Cheap ble with your friends, picnics, swimming, drinks, friendly staff and great bookings For nearly thirty years landlady Annes free parties, the list goes on. make this place a gift to visit. been giving a true refuge not only to Sheffields Irish community but to Please look after yourselves and be Featuring a variety of top class live anyone else lucky enough to know responsible for any mess you make. acts, ranging from high profile metal, about the Dog. rock and dance acts right through to Check out any of these little spots. locals like 7 Black Tentacles and the Visit this place, whether its just to sit There are so many more. Bus routes Mirimar Disaster, Sheffield is a lucky and relax, contemplate a book, listen available from all over the city. city to have this musical captain in its to the traditional music thats on daily midst. or have a quiet drink with friends, LadyBower. you will not be disappointed. Castleton. This month, among many others, we Hathersage. recommend Clutch and Hijak Oscar. Bradfield. Buxton. Enter our competition and check em Stannage. out for free! THREADS. DULO. DRAM. Saturdays @ DQ. 17 Cemetery Road. 21 Commonside. Fitzwilliam St. 10 late. 0114 272 8218. 0114 2683117. One of the few club nights to run I have the fortune to live rather close Located up in Commonside, this is through the Summer, Threads is worth to this establishment, located just off the golden treasure of off-licenses. We mentioning twice. London Road. I can tell you it is nearly strongly recommend sending yourself, always open, that there is always music your friends and your business to the Threads. is largely run by resident on and that people are always down Dram Shop. Walk in and hear the door legends, Deano, Woodhead, Ohara and there having a good time. creak a hello while the musty smells Clipboard, all of whom compete on of wood, whisky and wine combine to a weekly basis to amuse each other Excellent in summer, excellent in winter. strike you in the nose. Perfect. as much as possible via the media of Notice the massive Kid Acne piece on well-toned posters and tune selection. the side of the building. Dulo has been Products are fairly priced, with a wide Expect music from all ages, styles and supporting the musical and artistic range of quality as well as quantity. heads. Leave your genres at the door. community around Sharrow for as long Once again proving that the character Tight jeans and southerners welcome as most people can remember, with has not fled from Sheffield trade. too. shows from Opus, Red Cloud Studios and Sharrowvale Festival featuring Visit the Dram Shop and tell them we Threads. is every Saturday night at DQ soon. sent you! from 10pm. Frog n Parrot for your pre bar. This night has repeatedly brought Get involved. Sheffield heroes to the decks - Pete McKee, Alan Smythe, the Reverend and Andy Nicholson, to name but a few. Long live Threads. THE PEAK DISTRICT. CORPORATION. THREADS, DULO. DRAM. FAVOURITES. PAGE FORTYfour.


37 1. Western. 15. Rare&racy/sue Callaghan. 2. the Bay tree. 16. the Green Room. 3. Janettes. 17. Rocky Horror. 4. Dram. 18. the Devonshire cat. 5. Hayman. 19. Corporation. 6. the Cobden view. 20. Dq. 7. the Shakespeare. 21. Dulo. 8. the Red house. 22. Mish mash. 9. the Harley. 23. Porter Books. 10. Jocosa. 24. Sharrowvale Laundrette. 11. the Red deer. 25. Roneys. 12. the Grapes. 26. Bilash. 13. Thou Art. 27. Cafe Euro. 14. Penelopes. 28. The Old Sweet Shop.

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