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1 Kaba ISSUE 5 OCTOBER to DECEMBER 2012 connect

2 Where Trust is Built Life Safety and Security Door Hardware Protecting lives and securing property for over 100 years Detex life safety and security door hardware products are a proven performer, trusted by millions of property owners worldwide to secure and protect their people and property. From retail, restaurant, school, hospital, manufacturing, warehouse or office, Detex products can provide the exact solutions required to protect the lives and property in your building. Phone: 1300 728 088 to see the product in action, visit DISTRIBUTED BY

3 Welcome and introduction Welcome again, this time to our fifth edition of Kaba Connect. We have been producing this newsletter for over a year now and although it is no longer new, we hope you still find it relevant and informative. This quarter saw Kaba Australia complete a number of interesting projects some of which we have included in this issue. We look at the North Beach Bathers Pavilion in Wollongong New South Wales, the Maroochydore Home Maker Centre in Queensland, Thebarton Senior College in South Australia, and the Adina Apartments in Bella Vista New South Wales. We also had a familiar face come and see us at Kaba Australia Head Office, with Henri Stunzi our former MD paying us a visit. We couldnt pass up the opportunity so we sat him down for a quick interview. We also sat down with Kathy Christie our Corporate Design Manager to see what she had to say as part of our regular Have you met segment. This issue also covers our regular product and marketing news segments as well as our involvement in the recent trade shows, Security 2012 and Security in Government 2012. This is certainly a jam packed issue and, and always, we hope you enjoy reading it. We certainly enjoy bringing it to you. Best wishes Nicole Richardson Marketing Manager Cover image North Beach Bathers Pavilion All photos of the Pavilion are copyright of CM+ architects Page 1

4 Content Kaba Australia chosen as the security Page 4-5 and door hardware provider for North Beach Bathers Pavilion Thebarton Senior College updates their Page 6-7 security with Kaba Kaba Australia provides the door Page 8-9 hardware for the new Adina Apartment Hotel Norwest Kaba Australia chosen as door Page 10-11 hardware supplier for iconic Maroochydore Homemaker Centre Product News Page 13-14 Interview with Henry Stunzi Page 15 Marketing News Page 17 Events Page 18-19 Have you met. Page 20-21 Page 2

5 Kaba Australia chosen as the security and door hardware provider for North Beach Bathers Pavilion Page 4

6 All photos of the Pavilion are copyright of CM+ architects Products used: Kaba experT high security master key system Kaba door furniture, including plate furniture, levers, hinges and door closers Detex customised, weatherised panic bars Originally opened in 1938, the Bathers Pavilion pavilion was also given an overhaul. Kaba was chosen as was designed to accommodate 2,000 as a place the security and door hardware provider and specified to dress before and after bathing. The site has the project and then supplied the builder with the significant heritage value sparking Wollongong architectural door hardware, a Kaba experT high Council to restore and renovate the Pavilion and security master key system and Detex customised, its surrounds, rather than letting it fall into a weatherised panic bars. state of disrepair. Kaba door furniture, including plate furniture, levers, The job of restoring and renovating the pavilion was hinges and door closers were installed throughout given to Conybeare Morrison Architects, who skilfully the building providing the perfect architectural crafted a design that would modernise the pavilion accompaniment to the pavilions modern interior and without losing its wonderful heritage feel, while heritage exterior design. the construction contract was awarded to Lahey Given the security requirements of the building, a high Constructions. security cylinder system was required and Kaba experT was the perfect choice, giving a tried and tested As well as repairing the aging building, the project restricted key system with keys that are virtually involved constructing a new viewing platform and impossible to copy. storage facilities for lifeguards, extending the male and Lastly, Detex panic bars were applied to the pavilions female amenities, creating an outdoor shower area and exits. The Detex bars were customised to include the a caf/kiosk to the building. Along with the building top portion of the vertical rod only to prevent sand from renovations, the surrounding areas were also given a impeding the device by becoming trapped at the entry face lift with a 3 metre promenade added overlooking point of the lower portion of the rod. the beach; refurbishment of current facilities, such as retaining wall, stairs and landscaping; the construction The end result is a secure, practical and architecturally of a new viewing platform; and the widening of the beautiful development, a true testament to Wollongong current pedestrian path and cycleway. Council, Conybeare Morrison Architects and Lahey Contructions for the care and attention they gave to the As part of upgrading the facility, the security of the project. Page 5

7 Thebarton Senior College updates their security with Kaba Page 6

8 Products used: Kaba exos system 118 Kaba c-levers 9 remote readers Thebarton Senior College is located in seven years ago with the installation of a Kaba Legic Torrensville, a western suburb of Adelaide and mechatronic oval cylinder system. Since then they caters for students aged 16 years plus. It is a have chosen to continue updating their security with unique school in that it offers many different Kaba as their needs evolved along with the college, learning paths, including SACE Stage 1 and including the installation of 118 Kaba c-levers and 9 Stage 2, Vocational Certificate courses (VET), remote readers. and training courses with industry accreditation. The schools courses are well regarded with The latest upgrade saw the school invest in the Kaba completion providing students looking to study exos system using Mifare technology. The school further with a pathway into TAFE of university. chose this upgrade in order to provide a more efficient system management to allow a more Beyond this, Thebarton Senior College also offers effective security system for staff. specialist courses in the English language. They Nelson Locksmiths installed the new exos system, provide specialist language programs for newly along with an update and validation point in the staff arrived adult migrants and refugees who, on room. The new system requires staff to validate their enrolment, speak little or no English. Their specialist access cards every seven days to retain their access English programs attract applicants from many rights, while they can update their access rights at different cultural backgrounds, an achievement that this point at any time, without needing to visit any was recognised when Thebarton became the first doors. The system is also sophisticated enough to secondary school in Australia to become a United allow the system manager to access the system Nations School for Global Peace. remotely to create, delete or modify access rights. The amount of learning opportunities available at The school is delighted with the new system, along Thebarton makes the school a sizable one with 150 with the efforts of Nelson Locksmiths and Kaba staff members and over 1,000 full-time students. Australia, with all parties looking forward to a lasting With a school this large, safety is paramount. The relationship. college began its relationship with Kaba Australia Page 7

9 Kaba Australia provides the door hardware for the new Adina Apartment Hotel Norwest Page 8

10 Products used: Kaba architectural door furniture Kaba Saflock hotel locks supplied through Vintech Systems Adina Apartment Hotels are part of the Toga Once the building itself was completed, the projects Hotels portfolio, which also operates the Medina builder, Taylor Constructions then professionally Apartment Hotels, Vibe Hotels and Travelodge installed the Kaba door hardware and Kaba Saflock Hotels chains. Adina Apartment Hotels are hotel locking system, along with the other high end designed to cater for the business traveller, fixtures and fittings that form the interior of all Adina offering serviced apartment that provide style, Apartments. comfort and convenience. With locations available in cities across Europe and Australia, The end result is premium, business accommodation Adinas newest Australian addition is at Norwest option alongside one of Sydneys fastest growing Business Park, Baulkham Hills in Sydneys business hubs. northwest. The new development was expertly designed by Scott Carver Architects and consists of 106 serviced apartments made up of studios and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom configurations. Kaba Australia specified the locking systems and door hardware for the project, specifying Kaba architectural door furniture and Kaba Saflock hotel locks. Kaba then worked in conjunction with Vintech Systems, Australias number one supplier of accommodation centric products, and distributor of Kaba Saflocks. Page 9

11 Kaba Australia chosen as door hardware supplier for iconic Maroochydore Homemaker Centre Page 10

12 All photos of the Products used: Maroochydore Homemaker Kaba architectural door Centre are copyright of furniture, including plate Leffler Simes Architects furniture, lever furniture, mortice locks, door closers and panic exit devices Maroochydore Homemaker Centre on the Naturally, Kaba Australia was extremely happy to be Sunshine Coast of Queensland is an impressive chosen as the door hardware provider for this retail space. Under instruction from retail giant project. We specified and supplied the required door Harvey Norman, the centre was expertly furniture, including plate furniture, lever furniture, conceptualised and designed by Leffler Simes mortice locks, door closers and panic exit devices for Architects, who also took responsibility for the over two hundred doors and worked closely with construction documentation and were on site Leffler Simes to ensure that our part of the project throughout the building process to ensure their was delivered professionally, on time and without plans for the centre were delivered perfectly. A incident. prominent Sydney Architectural firm, Leffler Simes have been working with Harvey Norman At Kaba Australia, we are proud to have contributed for many years and were the perfect choice to to such a large scale, architecturally significant ensure another successful and architecturally project with proven security products that will stand beautiful space was delivered. the test of time. Due for completion towards the end of this year, the centre occupies a five-hectare site and includes 32,000 square metres of bulky goods retail space, commercial office space, along with shopper-friendly additions, such as a gym, numerous cafes and an undercover car park which accommodates 900 cars. Page 11

13 The key to security is you Introducing the new keyless E-Flash range from Kaba At Kaba, we believe that everybody should be able to experience the convenience of keyless entry so we have created an electronic door lock just for you. Secure, reliable and simple to use, our E-Flash range will change the way you think about home security. Available in a proximity card version and a biometric (fingerprint) version, our E-Flash range takes electronic security out of the boardroom and into your home. E-Flash 780 Biometric E-Flash 680 Proximity Card

14 Product News Introducing the new Introducing the Kaba Kaba K760 Series Floor Cam Action Door Closer Spring The Kaba K760 Series floor spring is designed The CA25 Series surface mounted door closer is for heavy traffic doors where a compact design a heavy duty, premium product suitable for is required and can be fitted to timber, metal most common doors in architectural and and glass doors. commercial applications. The K760 is suitable for both double and single The unit offers slide track operation, while the action doors up to 1100mm wide and up to 150kg cam action feature provides a smooth and in weight. The K760 is power adjustable size 2-4 precise motion, facilitating minimal opening and is available in 2 models; hold open (90) or forces. non-hold open. The CA25 features a compact extruded The K760 Series Floor Spring is available now aluminium body, adjustable closing force and and can be ordered through your Kaba speed, a non-handed installation and is EN1154 representative or by calling 1300 780 088. rated. We plan on adding this item to our door closer brochure, in the meantime please contact your Kaba representative for more information. Page 13

15 Introducing the Ilco Kaba updates its Engrave-It Pro 2900 Series Harm Minimisation Furniture The Engrave-It Pro has been designed to provide Our custom designed range of 2900 Series door maximum flexibility so enable the engraving of a furniture was specifically designed and broad range of items. manufactured for use in detention facilities and mental health facilities, as well as areas where Simple to operate, the unit is capable of marking there is a high risk of vandalism, such as keys, typical lock cylinders, padlocks, ID plates/ councils, schools or hospitals. tags, laminated plates/tags, presentation plagues and the like. Since its release, our 2900 Series has been incredibly popular, prompting us to further The Engrave-It Pro allows the operator to select expand and improve our product offering within from diamond drag or rotary cutter engraving this series. styles. Using the supplied engraving software (with customers own PC), the operator can The 2900 Series will now consist of two different quickly and easily select from a menu list of styles, the N2900 Series which is our narrow common tasks or can create their own custom stile version, and the W2900 Series, which settings. consists of a N2900 primary plate and a square base plate. We have also added a new lever To learn more about the Engrave-It Pro, contact option, the 29 style lever along with some your Kaba representative or call 1300 728 088. additional functions. A new brochure will be available shortly, in the meantime please contact your Kaba representative for more information. Page 14

16 Interview with Henri Stunzi, We were lucky enough to have a blast from the past recently, with a visit from Henry Stunzi, the MD of Kaba Australia from 2001 until 2006. We thought we should take the opportunity to sit him down and find out what he has been up to for the last few years since retiring from the Kaba business. This is what he had to say: Q. Welcome back to Australia Henry. It has been a little while since you have been here. What do you miss most about the land downunder? A. The laid back and friendly attitude of the Australians. The meal prices. Australian wine, although I can certainly buy it in Switzerland. The low population density, which gives me a feeling of room. Q. What have you been up to since leaving Kaba Australia? A. I bought a home (4 apartments) Q. What do you think of Kabas A. Customer orientation. in Switzerland and am occupying new headquarters in Moorebank? Customers in the first instance are one of them. I went on a trip on a human beings and partners and container ship (freighter cruise) to A. I am really very impressed, the want to be treated accordingly. The Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and building as well as all the facilities personal level of contact is most India. are fantastic. I am proud having important and management has to been part of all this and could help further that. This was always one Q. What is you fondest memory setting up this company some of my priorities and Im sure the of Kaba Australia? years ago. I congratulate Cameron present management would agree on his achievements and am proud with me. A. This actually occurred after I having employed him and groomed left Kaba Australia. To come back him for the top job. and visit Kaba Australia about two years after I left and feel how Q. Kaba is a globally successful happy the Kaba Australia crew organisation and Kaba Australia always is to see me again, and, this has experienced enviable yearly applies from the factory floor right growth since establishing itself to the top. in 2001. What do you think are the key factors in continuing to grow the Australian business? Page 15

17 Celebrating 150 years of innovation Over the last 150 years, Kaba has grown from a small Zurich lock maker to a leading global provider of integrated security solutions. Our long heritage and continual growth can be attributed to our will to repeatedly impress the market with groundbreaking innovations and our commitment to customer satisfaction. With our 150 years of know-how, passion for perfection and tradition as a precision industrial manufacturer, Kaba offers its customers the unique combination of reliability, security and convenience. To learn more about our last 150 years, visit PH: 1300 728 088 Page 12

18 Marketing Budget Locksmiths make a statement with E-Flash Budget Locksmiths in South Australia have found a novel way of promoting the Kaba E-Flash range by vehicle wrapping both their locksmith vans in full colour pictures of the E-Flash locks. We may be a little biased but we think the vans look fantastic and hope they help to promote Budget Locksmiths as well as our growingly popular range of E-Flash locks. Posters Wed love to hear from you As part of our suite of materials for your If you have any feedback regarding the kaba retail space, we have A3 sized snap frames Connect magazine or if you would like to available. For those who already have a snap share something with the rest of the Kaba frame or two on display we will be releasing a dealer network, wed love to hear from you. new poster this month and you should receive yours shortly. Please send your feedback and story ideas to [email protected] or speak to your If you would like a snap frame or would like us Kaba representative. to mail you some new posters, please let the Kaba marketing department know by emailing [email protected] Page 17

19 Events Security 2012 Conference and Exhibition The annual ASIAL Security 2012 exhibition and conference is the largest event for the security industry in Australia and New Zealand. Running from 25 July to the 27 July, this years event was held in Darling Harbour and attracted a variety of exhibitors from across our industry. With delegates attending from many different industries, we took the opportunity to showcase our full range of products, covering architectural door hardware, high security cylinders and locks, electronic locking solutions, panic exit devices, door closers, mortice locks, high security safe locks, push button locks, access control systems, and entrance control systems. Carl Dean from Detex Corporation USA also attended, providing in-depth information to interested delegates on the Detex range of products now available in Australia via the Kaba network. Page 18

20 Security in Government 2012 Held at the Canberra Exhibition Centre from 3 September to 5 September, the Security in Government Conference saw representatives from various government sectors come together to discover the latest innovations in security along with current SCEC endorsed products. Kaba was a keen exhibitor, focusing primarily on our entrance control systems but also displaying our other government relevant products including access control systems, high security key systems and door hardware. The show proved a resounding success for Kaba Australia, and we look forward to attending again next year. Page 19

21 Have you met... Kathy Christie Corporate design Kathy is a much loved member of Kaba Australia. Having been with us for over 11 years, Kathy held numerous marketing roles in Sydney, before becoming the Marketing Manager from 2007 to 2011. She then decided to leave Sydney for the more relaxed atmosphere of Narrabri, where she now works remotely as our Corporate Design Manager. Page 20

22 We thought we would catch up staff at Kaba are a great bunch of A. I really enjoy the Kaba get with Kathy and find out what life people to work with and some are togethers, especially the family is like living in the country. like family to me. Christmas parties, knowing so This is what she had to say: many people at Kaba and their Q. Other than your beautiful familes just makes these occasions surrounds, what is the best thing very special. Q. Firstly, where exactly is about working remotely and what Narrabri and what made you is your biggest challenge? Q. Tell us a little about yourself. decide to undertake a What do you like to do when tree-change? A. Working from home gives me youre away from the home the opportunity to be at home with office? A. Narrabri is set in the heart of my beautiful daugther. I do face the Namoi Valley, in North West some challenges being away from A. I love being outdoors and taking NSW. We are situated 560km from the office. One is just being able to photos of the amazing scenery Sydney and 560km from Brisbane wonder into someones office and around us and of course family and 175km from Tamworth. get the info I need, also not being snaps to share with loved ones. My family and I love the country able to have access to product I also love animals so its great to life and had been visiting my family straight away to photograph and be on acreage and have chickens in Narrabri for a few years and also well, there is always the matter of, and a pony and look forward to one contemplating a move to the the internet connection, it has its day being able to run some cattle country one day but the timing just moments out here. and sheep as well. I also love wasnt right. We then heard that a cooking, which is a good thing as coal mine was opening up at Q. Describe a typical day. you cant just duck down the road Narrabri and looking for workers, for a kebab, turkish pide or sushi, My husband has previous A. My typical day starts off feeding so needless to say my recipe experience fixing mine equipment the animals, we have dogs, cats, a collection has increased quite a lot. underground and decided it was shetland pony, chickens and something he would like to do. parrots, after I deal with them its Q. With Kaba turning 150 this I also discussed the move with time for a wake up coffee. year, what is the one thing you Cameron and Mimi and was given When my daughter wakes up I get wished all of our customers knew the opportunity to work remotely, her orgainsed then its off to the about us here in Australia? we then found the house of our computer for the days work ahead. dreams and have never looked Usually I have plenty of projects on A. How much of a dedicated team back. at once so everyday is different, Kaba Australia has throughout the I can be doing anything from head office and branches alike. Q. You have been with Kaba for a photography and editing products considerable length of time. to setting up brochures, product Q. Anything else you would like What is it about Kaba that made release and specials flyers, to share with us? you stay with us even after updating the product catalogue relocating? and price list or designing Kaba Looking back over the years with Connect. Kaba its been quite an amazing A. I love a challenge, what can I journey for me marketing the say. Seriously, I love the work that I Q. You worked for many years in product lines that we used to stock do, ever day offers me something the Sydney office. What is your many years ago compared to what different and I enjoy being most memorable Kaba moment? is now under the Kaba umbrella. creative. The management and Page 21

23 Kaba Australia Pty Limited Tel: 1300 728 088 Fax: 1300 728 708 [email protected] Copyright Kaba Australia Pty Ltd

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