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1 The Everything You Need to Know Guide to Email Marketing

2 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Getting Started with Email Marketing 3 How to Build a Successful Email List 8 Part Art, Part Science: Writing 12 the Perfect Email Maintaining Your Email Marketing List 16 Measuring Email Marketing Efforts 18 Increasing Email Conversion Rates 20 with List Segmentation Taking Email Marketing to Infinity 25 and Beyond Ready to Hit Send on Your 28 Strategic Campaign?

3 Introduction Think email marketing is dead? Or that it wont work for a small business owner like you? Think again. Despite the constant changes with the devices we use and the ways we communicate, email marketing is a tactic thats here to stay. DID YOU KNOW? Email has one of the highest ROIs in marketing, returning $44.25 for every $1 spent. (DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION) 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality. (SOFTWARE ADVICE SURVEY) The email marketing industry is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2016, with more than 192 billion emails sent every day by then. This is an annual growth rate of 10% (THE RADICATI GROUP, INC.) But, as with all successful marketing channels, you must figure out how to stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise. Now is the time to become a skilled email marketer. You know this, and thats why youre here. This is The Everything You Need to Know Guide to Email Marketing. From identifying goals to building your list, maintaining it, measuring it and setting it up for the future, its all right here. Let us walk you through the process of becoming a skilled email marketer. Its easier than you might think. 2

4 Getting Started with Email Marketing Email is a proven marketing channel for small business owners and retailers. Its easy to implement, inexpensive to run and the ROI is HUGE. You recognize that, and youre eager to achieve similar ROI for your business. What you want to know is: Where do I begin? How do I get started with email marketing? How do I make it work for my business? If you think crafting an email marketing strategy sounds intimidating, know that youre not alone. But remember, email works because its personal and its relevant. Let those principles guide you as you build a plan around four simple questions. YOUR AUDIENCE CONTENT TYPES EMAIL FREQUENCY YOUR VOICE 3

5 Who Is Your Audience? You have visions of email marketing success. But whom do you envision reading your messages? If you dont have a current email list, consider who you want to attract. How do you envision using email marketing to grow leads and build your business? Youre starting fresh thats a great position. If you do have a current email subscriber list, who are these subscribers and how did they opt in? Are they past customers? Or are they new leads who provided an email address in exchange for a downloadable resource or contest entry? If your email subscribers match up with real customers, start by uploading your current prospect or email list to MyAcxiomPartner to get a clearer understanding of who your audience is. To get started, all you need are the names and addresses of your prospects. This will allow you to craft more targeted messaging. For Example: The Portrait Reports ( within MyAcxiomPartner are designed to analyze hundreds of variables and elements, giving you the demographics and psychographics of your target audience, while also appending new data. This provides a whole new understanding of the consumers youre trying to reach! 4

6 Below are some of the reports small businesses have at their disposal: Look-Alike Report: The report applies approximately 20 important demographic elements including age, gender, race, education, income, marital status, family size, presence of children and home ownership. Enhanced Look-Alike Report: Building on the traditional look-alike report, this report also shows the sectors in which you have a strong or weak market presence, applying more than 170 demographic and interest elements. Personicx Portrait Report: This report uses Acxioms 21 Personicx groups and 70 Personicx clusters to break your audience into identifiable segments, putting names like Rural Parents and Thrifty and Active to behavior patterns. Data Portrait Analysis: This workbook provides a detailed view to help you learn about the demographic and lifestyle elements that best contrast, define and describe your customers. Later, well show you how to use this information to generate more advanced customer segmentation. By identifying who your audience members are, you also identify their motivations for subscribing and the type of messages that will keep them engaged. 5

7 What Content Types Will You Use? Once youve identified your audience, how will you use email marketing to engage these consumers? Obviously, youll want to send emails about new offers and content that inspires past customers to return. But what else can you send? Content may include: Customer Media mentions Event recaps New product success stories information Product hacks Content published How To articles Branded videos (fun ways to use old on your blog products better) Trend reports Founder/employee Deals, discounts, profiles promotions! The opportunities for content types are endless, but you dont have to pick just one! Keep your subscribers interested by rotating content types during your email cycle. Maybe its a video every month or a trend report every quarter. Give them something to look forward to and something fresh to read. 6

8 How Often Will Emails Go Out? You know who and what, but how about when? Theres no perfect frequency for email marketing. Instead, youll want to test what works best for your audience and focus on providing value. You may find you can comfortably share a weekly Friday message to send subscribers into the weekend with hot deals. Or, you may find the opposite is true, and opt to send a monthly email that touches on industry news or presents your promotions for the next month. Or, you may fall somewhere in between. Thats okay! As a general rule, aim to send something at least once a month to maintain top-of-mind awareness. Strive to be the always helpful, always informative friend in their inbox. Be the email they cant wait to read. What Is Your Voice? Is your brand happy or serious? Are you conservative or do you live on the edge? Do customers find you warm and personable, or authoritative and reserved? Just like people, businesses should have distinct voices and personalities. These elements help brands become recognizable and familiar to customers. Think of your favorite song. How many notes do you need before you can identify it? Not many, right? Close your eyes and imagine your grandmothers apple pie. Can you smell it? This emotional DNA is essential to your brand and should be maintained through all customer touch points. You cant expect to write a quirky email newsletter if your website is super corporate and straight-laced. Youll send mixed messages to your audience and fragment your brand persona in their mind. By understanding your audience, your messaging, your frequency and your voice, youll begin building the framework for email marketing success. 7

9 How to Build a Successful Email List Building your email list takes time, strategy and dedication. Below are some tips to help you build a successful email list from the ground up. Enable Your Website To Attract Subscribers For You 1 Use Strategic, Obvious Sign-up Locations This makes sense, right? If gaining subscribers is a priority, the sign-up to do so should be in a prominent location, on prominent pages. 2 Keep the Form Simple Remove roadblocks! Encourage email subscriptions by making it easy for visitors to get on your list. When designing your sign-up form, ask only for information you absolutely need first name, last name and email address. Additional information can be collected later. Asking for too much information up front will scare leads away, and they may not come back! 3 Highlight Benefits Attract more email subscribers by providing a prominent sign-up location and an enticing reason for them to sign up. Let them know they will receive special offers, hear about news first or have access to a special resource section on your site. Treating your visitors as VIPs is a smart strategy and provides reasons to not only subscribe but also to remain a subscriber for the long term. 4 Be Upfront Explain how often subscribers can expect emails and what types of communications theyll receive. 5 Use Contests and Promotions Having periodic contests is a great way to increase your subscriber list. Remember customers who sign up for contests may not be as responsive as normal subscribers, as they may have joined because of the lure of a free iPad. Because of this difference, they may warrant a different email strategy. 8

10 6 Consider Pop-ups Yes, pop-ups may be obtrusive. Yes, they may turn off some of your audience. However, pop-ups are also really effective and can provide that much-needed nudge to encourage someone to take action. Variations in size, location and triggering action of the pop-up can all be tested to find the best combination to generate results. 7 Use a Welcome Email A welcome email is like a face-to-face interview with your prospective new customer. Welcome emails get high open rates, so make the most of the opportunity by presenting attractive offers. There is a lot your new prospect may not know about your site or your brand. Welcome emails should be sent in real time, almost instantly after the customer signs up. 8 Make It Part of the Sales Cycle A prominent email sign-up box is important, but it shouldnt be the only way in which you are collecting email addresses from your audience. Ask customers to provide an email address at checkout to opt into special deals and promotions, link to a form in your email signature, offer freebies or use direct mail marketing to encourage new prospects to join your list. MyAcxiomPartner: Your Partner in Email In addition to using your website to attract new subscribers, leverage the MyAcxiomPartner application to help you be quicker and more efficient in your email marketing efforts. Append Email Addresses for Existing Customers If youre new to email, you may not have email addresses for all your customers. It may not have been information youve collected. Thats OK. MyAcxiomPartner can fill in the holes of your existing customer database with a permission-based process. 9

11 Heres how it works: Upload your customer database. This list has to be for current customers 1 only (not prospects) and must meet certain requirements. Once uploaded, customize a permission email that will be sent to everyone 2 on your list, asking if they would like to receive marketing messages from your company and giving them the ability to opt out. Acxiom will append email addresses to your data and send 3 a permission email. Upon receiving the permission email, consumers will have the option to do 4 nothing and opt in, or opt out and not receive any further emails. In approximately 10 days, Acxiom will send you a list of email addresses 5 for customers who have not opted out. This is a great way to build your email marketing list, as it gives you the chance to add people who are already familiar with your brand. 10

12 Run a Customer Acquisition Campaign with Acxiom A customer acquisition campaign run through MyAcxiomPartner takes the heavy lifting off you and bumps up your own resources giving you the full power of Acxioms in-house digital marketing team to help you plan, design, write, optimize, test and report on your email marketing! These campaigns are specifically tailored to attract new prospects. Acxiom is also a resourceful partner for full internal campaign management. For details on how to run a full-service email marketing campaign with Acxiom, call us at 866.977.6018 11

13 Part Art, Part Science: Writing the Perfect Email On the one hand, email messages must be succinct. Theyre only a few sentences. Easy, right? On the other hand, email messages must be succinct. The right few sentences must compel someone to open it, read it and act on it. Not so easy, right? In fact, it takes practice, and strong copywriting skills. Craft the perfect marketing message by following these four steps: 1. Write to the Medium and Audience Email, more than other marketing channels, is intimate. When you send an email to a subscriber, youre contacting them via a very personal place their inbox. Youre mixed in with other important messages from friends, family members and colleagues. Respect that relationship. Respect your recipients by keeping their uniqueness and interests top of mind. Ask yourself: How did they opt in to your list? Are they subscribers only or have they made a purchase in the past? What are their interests? What motivates them? What are they likely to be doing when they receive your message? What would make them stop what theyre doing to open and read your message? What pains are they experiencing, and how can you portray yourself as the solution? Use the Portrait Reports ( outlined earlier to gain a deeper understanding of your subscribers demographics, interests and behaviors. The more you can keep these elements top of mind in your messaging, the more effective your emails will be. 12

14 2. Write a Killer Subject Line We cannot overstate the importance of a finely crafted email subject line. Your email subject line determines whether or not your message is opened and read or deleted and ignored. Because of that importance, spend an equal amount of time writing your subject line as the rest of your email marketing message. Make it count. 64 % 33 % 22.2 % 64% of people say they 33% of email recipients Personalized subject lines open an email because open email based are 22.2% more likely of the subject line. on subject line alone. to be opened. (CHADWICK MARTIN BAILEY) (CONVINCEANDCONVERT.COM) (ADESTRA JULY 2012 REPORT). The most effective email subject lines are short and descriptive. They provide the reader with a reason to open the message and explore further. Find the balance between being engaging enough to stand out in someones inbox and not being so overly cheesy you are ignored. 13

15 3. Write a Succinct Message The body of your email should be as direct, succinct and compelling as the subject line youve paired with it. Think of how you read emails. You dont read them at all. You scan them looking for the benefit, the offer, the so what. Your audience behaves the same. Craft emails to be scannable, using bullets, headings, subheadings and additional formatting elements to allow a reader to get the gist of your message without focusing on every word. Be clever enough to grab attention, but dont get stuck there. Too many attempts at humor, or too many puns, will cause your audience to lose interest or get confused with your message. Catch their eye, but use simple, descriptive and direct language to convey your message. When writing, be conscious of the voice and personality being used. As discussed earlier, the voice and personality should reflect your brand. Will it be personal or formal? Will it be serious or playful? Will it sound like its coming from a friend or will it read like an urgent message? The voice you choose will be deliberate based on the audience for the piece and the relationship they have with your brand. 4. Present the Call to Action Its not enough to simply present the offer compel the reader to act with a strong call to action. This is where you get readers to download that ebook, subscribe to that newsletter or click the button you want them to click. Tell readers what you want them to do whether it is to register, call, subscribe, join, visit ... whatever it is. If you dont tell them, they dont know what to do with the rest of the information youre providing. 14

16 Anatomy of an Email From: Acxiom 1 To: [email protected] Subject: Hate Telemarketers? Be a Marketer Who Segments 2 3 TIPS & TRICKS to Segmenting Your Marketing Campaign 4 Susan, do you ever wonder why telemarketers frustrate you so much? Its not just because they always call during dinner 5 (which they do). Its because theyre not actually talking to you. Theyre reading from a script, the same script theyve read off countless times before. And you can tell. So dont do the same to your customers. Use customer segmentation to always send the right message to the right person at the right time. 6 How can you make customer segmentation work for you? Keep reading! HELP ME REACH THE RIGHT PEOPLE! 7 2015 Acxiom | 601 E. Third Street, P.O. Box 8190 | Little Rock, AR 72203-8190 | 888.3ACXIOM unsubscribe | privacy policy 8 1 From Name 3 Headline 5 Voice 7 Call to Action 2 Subject Line 4 Personalization 6 Images 8 Social Integration 15

17 Maintaining Your Email Marketing List The success of your email marketing program depends on a quality list. Without proper maintenance, your list will become stagnant and stale, resulting in fewer opens, lower click rates and less engagement from an unstimulated audience. You cant afford this. Maintain your email marketing list by following six steps. 1. Process Change-of-Address Notifications You send an email. It bounces back. You send it again. It comes back even harder. Welcome to life. People change jobs. They change names. Heck, they even change email clients. Set up your email system to receive these address-change notifications. When you receive them, process them by continually updating your database to keep it healthy and up to date. If you arent continually updating your database with these changes, over time you will lose a significant percentage of your files. 2. Verify Email Addresses Email verification services within MyAcxiomPartner also help ensure youre only sending emails to addresses that are valid and still in use. This not only helps you maintain a positive reputation with email service providers, but it also saves you money as you avoid paying for invalid or outdated email addresses. How does it work? Simply upload your customer database and MyAcxiomPartner will scrub it for you. MyAcxiomPartner will flag old or outdated email addresses and give you the correct email address when available. It can also help identify bad domain names, spam trap email addresses, bad extensions or email addresses that are not formatted correctly. To keep your email reputation high, the application also flags addresses of people who often complain about the email they receive, leaving it up to you to decide whether or not you want to include them in your list. 3. Append Email Addresses for Existing Customers As mentioned earlier, the Email Append services available through MyAcxiomPartner help you fill in the holes in your existing customer database. By regularly uploading your customer database, you can be sure you have the most complete information for everyone on your list. 16

18 What Is My Email Reputation? Good question! Your email reputation, or delivery score, is a trust indicator used by email service providers (like Gmail or Zoho) to determine whether or not your message lands safely in your prospects inbox or if its filtered and identified as spam. Your email reputation is influenced by many things, including complaints from recipients, the number of emails you send a week, your bounce rate, the rate at which people unsubscribe, and more. 4. Remove Inactive Email Addresses Do you obsessively check your analytics? Hit publish on an email campaign and immediately check to see who opened it, who deleted it and where people are clicking? We do, too. There are many factors you can use to determine whether or not your audience is engaged. Look at the last time a recipient opened or clicked an email. Or the last time they purchased a product or visited your site. Identify what an engaged subscriber looks like to you, and then determine a removal formula for subscribers who routinely dont meet those criteria. These could be subscribers who havent opened or clicked in six months or have not purchased in over a year. Then, remove those subscribers from your list. Having a smaller, more responsive list will allow you to better gauge the success of your ongoing email promotions by eliminating non-responsive emails. In addition, you will likely save money on your email service provider fees. These costs may be minor, but over time they add up. 5. Dont Permanently Delete Inactive Subscribers Its good to clean up your file and market only to subscribers who are active and engaged. However, keep the removed email addresses in a separate database. Email them occasionally with an offer that may reengage them. For those who respond, add them back into your active file. 6. Never Stop Building Maintaining your list means you never stop building it. Develop an ongoing strategy to attract new subscribers, whether its through regular contests, creating helpful resources or content assets, storytelling or killer offers and VIP experiences. 17

19 Measuring Email Marketing Efforts Establish Goals Youre pretty far into this best practice guide. Can you remember how it began? What did we say was the first thing you had to know? It was your audience and what you want them to do in response to the email marketing messages you send. Do you want them to sign up for something? Do you want them to purchase more of Product X? Do you want them to share your newsletter and increase brand awareness? These things get down to the goal of your email marketing. As with any marketing campaign, you want to set measurable goals for what you want to achieve. For example, if the goal is to increase brand awareness, then youll want to measure things like new inquiries, increased brand sentiment and increased brand mentions. These are signs your email marketing is working and that your brand awareness is growing. Identify your goals for email marketing to determine whether or not you are hitting them. Track Online Analytics There are many benefits to using email marketing. Weve already discussed several of them its cost-effective, its easy to get started, and the ROI is high. Another is that email, like other digital marketing efforts, is super trackable. 18

20 Below are some of the specific metrics youll want to look at. Open Rate: This tells you how many people opened your email. While somewhat of a faulty metric (an open can sometimes be triggered even if the recipient didnt open the email for example, if it is opened in their inbox preview pane but not actually read), it is useful when benchmarking emails sent to the same list. Click-Through Rate: This tells you how many people opened your email and then clicked through to your website. This gives a good indication that people are opening your emails and following through on your call to action. Conversion Rate: This tells you how many people received your email and then took the action you laid out for them to take, whether thats making a purchase, downloading something or registering for an event. List Growth Rate: This tells you how much your email list is growing. Email Forwarding: This tells you the rate at which your subscribers share or forward the emails you send them. This is important to note because it shows your subscribers are engaging with and enjoying your emails. Its also how you attract new subscribers, as friends, family members and colleagues of current subscribers refer them to you! Bounce Rate: This tells you the percentage of your emails that could not be delivered to the recipients inbox. A hard bounce signifies the email address is no longer active. MyAcxiomPartners Email Verification services help update your list. A soft bounce indicates there may have been a temporary problem with the recipients server perhaps it was full or down when you sent the email. Track Offline Sometimes your email campaign may not be intended to drive subscribers to an online action. Sometimes the email will be about an exciting winter promotion or an in-store event. Or, perhaps a subscriber received your email about your winter sales event but decided to go to your store to make a purchase. You want to be able to track these events as well. One way to do that is to offer promotional codes in your email that are not available elsewhere. Then, if a subscriber visits your site via the email campaign but converts later on a different device or in-store, you can still tie the purchase to the email campaign. 19

21 Increasing Email Conversion Rates with List Segmentation Earlier we showed you how to use the Portrait Reports within MyAcxiomPartner to learn more about your audiences interests, hobbies and lifestyle. This information can also be used for advanced segmentation. List segmentation allows you to send the right message to the right consumer at the right time. It allows you to take a broad list and create subcategories based on a common characteristic. By segmenting your subscribers into different subcategories, you can create a more targeted experience for them. 20

22 How should you segment your email marketing? By Interest Group Segmenting your list by interest allows you to personalize your email marketing efforts and add greater relevance. The Portrait Reports ( within the MyAcxiomPartner application analyze hundreds of different variables about your audience to aid segmentation. For example, the Personicx Portrait Report will help you by breaking down customers into interest clusters like Career Building and Rolling Stones. Once you have a few clusters to work with, you can craft customized messaging directly relevant to their interests. That means sending warm-weather vacation messages to your customers who may prefer the tropics, and ski packages to your customers who may identify as skiing enthusiasts. By segmenting your audience by clusters, you can use deliberate messaging and verbiage more likely to resonate and convert. Or upload your current email list, and the Look-Alike Report will present you with a demographic portrait of your audience to help you understand who they likely are and what they likely look like, noting the markets where you are likely to be most successful. It will also break out approximately 20 demographic elements including age, gender, race, education, income, marital status, family size, children and home ownership to help you understand your success in reaching these consumers. Once youve identified the elements that make up your audience, utilize them to create better messaging. By Persona A persona is a detailed representation of a segment of your audience, which allows you to provide more relevant marketing by focusing in on their likes, desires and motivations. Personas can be built based on your own research of your subscribers by using the Portrait Reports or by taking advantage of Audience Propensities ( in MyAcxiomPartner. Audience Propensities gives you access to pre-built consumer behavior models to build personas based on psychographic data. You will learn not only who that customer likely is but better predict what he or she is likely to do as well. 21

23 For Example: Audience Propensities can be used to identify customers who Currently Drive a Minivan. This is valuable insight. Customers who drive minivans have a distinctly different lifestyle than someone who drives a pickup truck or a convertible. Their core needs are different. Their wants are different. The features that drive them are different. This information allows you to paint a clearer picture of who your customers are and what is important to them, so you can use it to create more relevant marketing. Similarly, Audience Propensities can tell you that your prime audience is likely into Leisure Time Bird Watching. Imagine how valuable that information would be when selecting analogies for an email marketing campaign, writing subject lines or choosing images. Or imagine if you sold mobile phone accessories and could segment your list by customers who are likely to own an Apple iPhone vs. customers with a preference for an Android or Blackberry device. This gives you the opportunity to send the right offer, and the right messaging, to the right customer. Audience Propensities unlocks this information. 22

24 By Your Best Customers Your best customers are the customers you want more of. Theyre the customers who convert higher and at less cost than others. Mine your customer database looking at factors like lifetime value, purchase value and social value to find the common characteristics that make up your best customer set. Once youve created your initial customer portrait and identified a sample representative of your best customers, let MyAcxiomPartner dig deeper and break out your most desirable target audience. To learn more about how to identify your best customers and attract more like them, download Your Comprehensive Guide to New Leads & Better Customers. ( By Geography Segmenting your email list by geographic region allows you to target your list by specific climate, lifestyle or even language factors. For example, an ecommerce store selling womens fashions may use geographic segmentation to market the right Must Have accessories to the right audience advertising winter coats and scarves to one batch of email addresses while marketing bathing suits and beach towels to another. Or a sports retailer may use geographic segmentation to tease a New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox game to one email list and a Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland As game to another. 23

25 15 Ways to Segment Your Email List AGE GENDER INTERESTS PERSONA GEOGRAPHY INDUSTRY PAST PURCHASES BUYING FREQUENCY BUYING LEVEL BUYING STAGE EMAIL CLIENT SOCIAL PROMINENCE You can use all of this easily accessible information to send more relevant email campaigns, speaking to your audiences IN-STORE ONLY WEB-ONLY SHOPPING CART most likely interests ABANDONERS and wants. 24

26 Taking Email Marketing to Infinity and Beyond The desktop computer in their home office. The laptop at work. The tablet on the couch while watching the game. The smartphone while grabbing an afternoon coffee. From any device while in bed. Due to the diversity and flexibility of todays devices, its impossible to know how a subscriber will first receive your message. In fact, nearly half of all emails (48 percent) are now opened on a mobile device (Litmus*). Almost half! Now, more than ever, 48 % you need to make your message easy to read, from anywhere and on any device. * 25

27 How can you make your email strategy mobile-friendly? Test your template to see how it looks on various mobile devices. Offer HTML and plain-text emails. Use short subject lines, paying special attention to the first four or five words. Ensure your subject lines are written to spark interest and clearly communicate the emails purpose. They may be the only words a reader can see from a smaller screen. Make it easy to click links. This means making clickable areas prominent, larger and with enough padding. You should also pay attention to how links are being distributed, avoiding placing multiple links near one another to encourage ease of use and lower the possible frustration of clicking on the wrong link. Pack light: Your mobile-optimized email should be as light as possible to make it easy to download on a smartphone or other mobile device. Experts recommend keeping emails under 20kb and also including a text-only version for users who may only be able to view (or may opt to view) text-only mobile emails. Optimize the landing page associated with the email. If a user clicks through from his or her inbox, what page will he or she see next? Test, Test, Test: Back to our first bullet point, because its that important. See how your message looks and acts on mobile devices. Can you click on the links, or are you pinching your screen in frustration? Do the images load? Does the text read correctly? 26

28 Of course, mobile isnt the only consideration when integrating email into the rest of your marketing efforts. You also have to think about social media and how to make your emails socially friendly. Here are some tips to help you do that: Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Emails Did you know that emails that contain share-to-social links have a higher click through rate then emails that do not have social sharing link? Its true! In fact, one study found an increase click through rate with social sharing to be 6.4%, up over 150% from a click through rate of just 2.3% for emails without these links. Adding social sharing buttons to your emails will extend the reach of your emails by encouraging recipients to share your content with their networks. If subscribers are loving your content (and were sure they are!), theyll want to share it. Make it easy for them to do so and generate new prospects. Target Social Users MyAcxiomPartner helps you understand you audiences likely interests and habits that includes whether or not they are likely to use social media channels. Send targeted emails to subscribers who are likely to be active on social media. Grow Your Email List Through Social Networks Leverage your social media presence to give followers a reason to subscribe to your email list and advance their relationship with your brand. For example, consider placing a call-to-action on your Facebook page or embed an opt-in form so they can sign up directly from their favorite network. Make sure you determine and highlight clear benefits of email subscription so that you can turn your social media followers into subscribers. 27

29 Ready to Hit Send on Your Strategic Campaign? Email marketing provides a direct, intimate connection with your audience. It allows you to send personalized messages at the right time with one of the highest ROIs in marketing. These are just some of the reasons email marketing works and why its become a proven marketing channel. Whether youre just getting started with email marketing or are looking to generate more revenue from email, MyAcxiomPartner will maximize your impact by adding more subscribers to your database and give you the insight you need to send them more relevant emails. Need help using the services within MyAcxiomPartner or perhaps an extra hand managing internal email marketing campaigns? We can help. Contact our email services team directly at 866.977.6018 28


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