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  • Oct 20, 2015
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1 Broadband Access Terminal 1200 Transportable, Multi-Band Satellite Communications EASY TERMINAL SETUP AND NETWORK AQUISITION WITH THE VIASAT CAMP SMARTPHONE APP MINIMAL TRAINING Quickly provide broadband IP access at any location with the rapidly VIASAT BAT-1200 deployable ViaSat Broadband Access Terminal 1200 (BAT-1200). This TERMINAL AT-A-GLANCE multi-band capable satcom terminal delivers IP-based voice, video, and Rapidly-deployable broadband data networking over X-, Ku-, and commercial Ka-, and military Ka-bands, for IP communications anywhere and is ready for operation with ViaSats high-capacity satellite service. Multi-band capable and ready This portable flyaway terminal is ideal for Forward Operating Bases and for high-capacity satellite service emergency response operations, enabling warfighters and first responders IP networking for voice, video, to securely access networks and establish command post communications and data quickly and easily. The ViaSat BAT-1200 delivers office-like network access, Complete, integrated system for video conferencing, rocket-fast file transfers, real-time Command and one-person tool-less setup in less Control, and Situational Awareness information. Dismounted warfighters than 30 min can use this terminal to quickly access private government networks. Simple, accurate antenna pointing with ViaSat smartphone app The terminal includes a CBM-124 Scout Modem with an embedded Cisco Seamlessly adapts to topology and 5915 Router that does not require additional equipment or tools for setup architecture of your network (mesh, or operation. By using the included smartphone app for computer-aided hub/spoke, point-to-point) manual pointing (CAMP), one person can easily set up and accurately point this terminal in less than thirty minutes with minimal training. The ViaSat CAMP Android app makes antenna pointing remarkably simple, ensures accuracy by receiving network specific information directly from the modem, and greatly reduces the size, weight, power, and expense associated with auto-acquire systems.

2 ViaSat Broadband Access Terminal 1200 SPECIFICATIONS USER SYSTEM FEATURES ENVIRONMENTAL ConfigurationCenter fed, 1.2 M circular aperture Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C FinishTan Storage Temperature-40 to 60 C Azimuth range+/- 25 (after coarse setup) Wind 30 mph, gusts to 45 mph Elevation range10 to 90 (w/ anchors/sandbags) Ku polarization+/- 90 SETUP AND POINTING Leveling capability +/- 5 Setup/tear-down time10 min or less for a minimally trained two person team Shore Power DC 12 to 32 VDC, optional AC power supply, universal AC up to 305 VAC, maximum Satellite acquisition time 10 min or less terminal consumption: 200 W Waveform TechnologyLinkWayS2 SYSTEM PARAMETERS PARAMETER X-BAND KU-BAND KA-BAND 20.2 to 21.2 GHz RX Frequency Band 7.25 to 7.75 GHz 10.95 to 12.75 GHz Optional 17.7 to 20.2 GHz 30.0 to 31 GHz TX Frequency Band 7.9 to 8.4 GHz 13.75 to 14.5 GHz Optional 27.5 to 30 GHz Manually switchable Manually switchable Manually switchable Polarization circular LHCP or RHCP linear by 180, cross polarization circular LHCP or RHCP G/T (@20) 17.3 dB/K min 21.3 dB/K min 23.0 dB/K min EIRP (CW at midband) 51.1 dBW 55.6 dBW 55.5 dBW VIASAT CAMP SMARTPHONE APP FOR SIMPLE ANTENNA POINTING Unpack and assemble Set coarse elevation Refine elevation. Fine adjustments Automated, unmanned the terminal. Establish and polarity. to optimize Azimuth fault detection. clear line of sight to satellite. and Elevation. CONTACT SALES TEL 888 842 7281 (US Toll Free) FAX +1 760 683 6815 EMAIL [email protected] WEB UNITED STATES Carlsbad, CA & Washington, DC TEL +1 760 476 4755 FAX +1 760 683 6815 EMAIL [email protected] UNITED KINGDOM Wareham TEL +44 0 1929 55 44 00 FAX +44 0 1929 55 25 25 EMAIL [email protected] AUSTRALIA Canberra TEL +61 0 2 61639200 FAX +61 0 2 61622950 EMAIL [email protected] Copyright 2012-2015 ViaSat, Inc. All rights reserved. ViaSat, the ViaSat logo, and Linkway are registered trademarks of ViaSat, Inc. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the sole property of their respective companies. Specifications and product availability are subject to change without notice. 030-151020-018

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