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1 SEPTEMBER DECEMBER 2016 KENSINGTON September 2016 New Releases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 October 2016 New Releases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 November 2016 New Releases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 December 2016 New Releases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Backlist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Rights Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Kensington Sub-Agents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78 Ordering Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79

2 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER TEXAS TALL THE TYLERS OF TEXAS SERIES Sigrid Estrada Janet Dailey Packed with the authentic Western flavor and rugged, all-American men that have made her a world-wide bestseller, the third installment of Janet Daileys the Tylers of Texas series spotlights three brothers unafraid to stand tall against any odds, and the women strong enough to stand beside them. She cant forget him. The born rancher who stole her heart, her ex husband, the tough, tender father of her childTori Tyler cant let Will Tyler go to prison for a crime that was a simple accident. But she cant deny that her feelings for the man run much deeper than loyalty, and her desire for his strong, sure embrace has never died. Protecting him is second nature, until an unexpected terror threatens to shatter them bothand Tori needs Wills fierce love more than ever before. He cant let her go. The sassy, sexy wife he never meant to drive away, the gorgeous woman who haunts his memory and his fantasiesWill can accept the blame for the destruction of his marriage, but he cant believe that he and Tori wont have a second chance to make it right. With the ranch in trouble and his freedom on the line, fighting for her is the only thing that matters. PRAISE FOR THE TYLERS OF TEXAS SERIES A riveting story weaving together a sinister mystery and a spirited romance. The pacing keeps the excitement building until the very end. Meeting fans expectations of an honorable cowboy with depth of character and the strong woman who entices him, Texas Tough is a winner.RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars Dailey vividly brings to life the mystique that embodies Texas and artfully weaving romance, intrigue, greed, jealousy and murder, Dailey creates multiple dramas swirling around the Tyler family.Texas Tea & Travel Big, Bold, and Sexy, Texas True is Janet Daily at her best!Kat Martin The gallant and charming Tyler brothers wont soon be forgotten.RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars on Texas True Janet Daileys first book was published in 1976. In 1979, Dailey became the first romance author to transition from writing category romances to writing single title romance novels. Her first mass market romance novel, Touch the Wind, reached the New York Times Bestseller List. She has written 100 more novels with 325 million copies of her books sold in 19 languages in 98 countries. She is known for her strong, decisive characters, her extraordinary ability to recreate a time and place, and her courage to confront important, controversial issues in her stories. You can learn more about Janet at 2 S EPTEMBER 2016

3 KEY SELLING POINTS: The Tylers of Texas series is Janet Dailey at her bestcompelling romance and taut suspense married to her signature spare yet evocative writing style. Janet Dailey is a publishing legend, with more than 100 novels to her name and 325 million copies sold in 98 countries. This is the third in a series featuring the charismatic Tylers of Texas, the kind of home-grown American heroes that made Janet Dailey a household name. Contemporary Western-set series are favorites among readers, as evidenced by the success of Linda Lael Millers McKettrick series and Kat Martins Against series. Kensington has an exclusive contract for additional brand new Janet Dailey titles. Readers are more frequently drawn to Brand Name authors, and there is no one more recognizable than Janet Dailey. She has become the go-to author for readers who want distinctly American stories and heroes. CATEGORY: Romance ISBN13: 978-0-7582-9401-2 PRICE: $26.00/$28.95 RIGHTS: OBE PAGES: 368 TRIM: 6 x 9 SPINE SIZE: 1 1/4 PACK: 32 SALES HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover Texas Tough 6/15 (978-0-7582-9397-8) MARKETING PLANS: Texas True Cross promotion with Christmas on My Mind 8/14 (978-0-7582-9393-0) (Zebra MM, 10/16) Bannon Brothers: Triumph Advance reading copies 6/13 (978-0-7582-5578-5) National print and online advertising eBook: 978-0-7582-9402-9 Email marketing and promotion Social media advertising and promotions Early reviewer promotions through Goodreads, NetGalley, & Kensington kLovers program Digital marketing campaign Promotion on and 3 S EPTEMBER 2016

4 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER MURDER AT ROUGH POINT THE GILDED NEWPORT MYSTERY SERIES Alyssa Maxwell In glittering Newport, Rhode Island, at the close of the nineteenth century, status is everything. But despite being a poorer relation to the venerable Vanderbilts, Emma Cross has shaped her own identityas a reporter and a sleuth. In this fourth installment of the Gilded Newport Mystery series by USA Today bestselling author Alyssa Maxwell, Emma works with Edith Warton to investigate an artists murder F ancies and Fashion reporter Emma Cross is sent by the Newport Observer to cover an elite house party at Rough Point, the cottage owned by her distant cousin Frederick Vanderbilt, which has been rented as a retreat for artists. To her surprise, the illustrious MARKETING PLANS: Advance print and digital reading copies guests include her estranged Bohemian parentsrecently returned from Europeas well Extensive print and as a variety of notable artists, including author Edith Wharton. online advertising Select author events But when one of the artistsan English baronetis discovered dead at the bottom of a cliff, Rough Point becomes anything but a house of mirth. After a second guest is found murdered, Social media advertising and promotions including no one is above suspicionincluding Emmas parents. shareable images Even as Newport police detective Jesse Whyte searches for a killer in their midst, Emma tries Blogger outreach and promotion to draw her own conclusionswith the help of Mrs. Wharton. But with so many sketchy Targeted ARC mailing suspects, shell need to canvas the crime scenes carefully, before the cunning culprit takes Push for early online her out of the picture next reviews through NetGalley and Goodreads KEY SELLING POINTS: Promotion on Kensington Fans of Downton Abbey will love the dynamic, well-written characters, the rich, detailed storytelling, and the gorgeous historical setting of Alyssa Maxwells CATEGORY: Mystery historical mysteries. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0328-6 Murder at the Breakers was a USA Today bestseller. PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 Beginning with hardcover release of Murder Most Malicious in January 2016, RIGHTS: World Kensington began publishing a second historical mystery series by Alyssa PAGES: 304 Maxwell. The reviews for her A Lady and Ladys Maid series have been just as TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 positive as those she has received for the Gilded Newport Mystery books. SPINE SIZE: 1 Audio rights and large print rights have sold for Murder at Beechwood, PACK: 40 Murder at Marble House and Murder at the Breakers. AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Coral Springs, FL PRAISE FOR ALYSSA MAXWELLS GILDED NEWPORT MYSTERIES SALES HISTORY: AbsorbingAn appealing puzzle enhanced by a blend of fiction and history. Kensington Trade Paperback Murder at the Breakers Publishers Weekly on Murder at Beechwood 4/14 (978-0-7582-9082-3) Maxwells second entry has a credible mystery, solved by a female detective whos Murder at Marble House 10/14 (978-0-7582-9084-7) likeable.Kirkus Reviews on Murder at Marble House eBook: 978-1-4967-0329-3 For readers who always have fun viewing how the other half lived, this new Gilded Newport mystery will be a heck of a lot of fun.Suspense Magazine on Murder at Marble House Alyssa Maxwell began a love affair with the city of Newport years ago. She and her husband reside in Florida, but part of her heart remains firmly in that small New England city of great historical significance. For more info please visit 4 S EPTEMBER 2016

5 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER A CATERED TEA PARTY A MYSTERY WITH RECIPES Isis Crawford Armed with an appetite for solving mysteries, plus plenty of delicious recipes, the Simmons sisters find themselves steeped in a whistling kettle of murder at an elaborate tea party. Fans of Diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Fluke will enjoy the investigative and culinary antics of the nosey sisters(Library Journal). E veryone in Longely is talking about Blue House, an art complex that will bring the town a theater, an art gallery, and even a restaurant and coffee bar. But theyre less than enthusiastic about Ludvoc Zeb Zalinsky the self-made billionaire whos funding the MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print media campaign complexand rubbing everyone the wrong way. Bernie and Libby reluctantly agree to cater Print and online advertising the Alice in Wonderland themed tea party hes planned, but it quickly becomes clear that Zeb is madder than the hatter hell be dressed as Featured in the bimonthly Killer Cozies eNewsletter The night of the benefit arrives and Westchesters finest show up in droves, having paid Extensive social media $500 apiece to attend Zebs meticulously-orchestrated tea party. But just when it seems the advertising and promotions production is going according to plan, Zeb lifts an electric tea kettle, clutches his chest, Push for early online and falls to the floor in fittingly dramatic fashion. The kettle shorted out and his pacemaker reviews through NetGalley malfunctionedbut it doesnt take long for police to decide that this seemingly random and Goodreads accident was actually cold-blooded murder Promotion through both Kensington and authors social As Bernie and Libby set out to find the culprit, they realize Zeb might have had more enemies media platforms, newsletter than money. With so many possible culprits to sort through, only one thing is clear: Zeb was subscribers, and fan groups poured a steaming cup of revengeand a second serving may be on the menu CATEGORY: Mystery KEY SELLING POINTS: ISBN13: 978-1-61773-333-8 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 A Catered Tea Party will appeal to readers of food-related mysteries by Joanne Fluke, Diane Mott Davidson, and G.A. McKevett. RIGHTS: World PAGES: 304 Readers love series with continuing characters, and Crawfords culinary mystery series has built an audience of devoted followers. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 Includes delicious recipes. PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: PRAISE FOR ISIS CRAWFORD Hastings-on-Hudson, NY Lively and entertainingRT Book Reviews, 4 Stars, on A Catered Mothers Day SALES HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover High action and clever sleuthing keep this mystery moving. A Catered Mothers Day 5/15 (978-0-61773-329-1) RT Book Reviews on A Catered Fourth of July A Catered Fourth of July Cozy fans will appreciate the zany characters, witty dialogue and puzzling plot. 7/14 (978-0-7582-7491-5) Publishers Weekly on A Catered St. Patricks Day A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange 11/13 (978-0-7582-7489-2) Fans of Diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Fluke will enjoy the investigative and culinary eBook: 978-1-61773-334-5 antics of the nosey sisters.Library Journal on A Catered Birthday Party Isis Crawford is married, with twin boys, she presently resides in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, where she is working on the next Bernie and Libby culinary mystery. 5 S EPTEMBER 2016

6 D AFINA H ARDCOVER THE STRIVERS ROW SPY Jason Overstreet Stunning, suspenseful, and unforgettably evocative, Jason Overstreets debut novel glitters with the vibrant dreams and dangerous promise of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, as a recent college graduate is recruited by a young J. Edgar Hoover to become the first African American FBI agent. F or college graduate Sidney Temple, the Roaring Twenties bring opportunities even members of his accomplished black bourgeois family couldnt have imagined. His impulsive marriage to independent artist Loretta is a happiness he never thought hed find. MARKETING PLANS: Advance print and digital reading copies And when hes tapped by J. Edgar Hoover to be the FBIs first African-American agent, Print and online advertising he sees a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure real justice. Kensington Fresh Voices marketing campaign Instead of providing evidence against Marcus Garvey, prominent head of the dangerously radical back-to-Africa movement, Sidney uses his unexpected knack for deception and Library marketing and ARC mailing undercover work to thwart the Bureaus biased investigation. And by giving renowned leader W. E. B. Du Bois insider information, Sidney gambles on change that could mean a fair Select author events destiny for all Americans Social media advertising and promotion But the higher Sidney and Loretta climb in Harlems most influential and glamorous circles, Feature title on the more dangerous the stakes. An unexpected friendship and a wrenching personal tragedy threaten to shatter Lorettas innocent trust in her husbandand turn his double life into a and fast-closing trap. For Sidney, ultimately squeezed between the Bureau and one too many ruthless factions, the price of escape could be heartbreak and betrayal no amount of skill can help him survive. CATEGORY: Fiction KEY SELLING POINTS: ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0176-3 A debut author, Overstreet is young, attractive, and easily promotable. PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 Kensington will publish one new trade paperback historical mystery by him RIGHTS: World each year. PAGES: 384 The Strivers Row Spy is based strongly in historical fact and on the timeline of TRIM: 6 x 9 events surrounding the FBIs quest to take down Marcus Garvey. Many readers SPINE SIZE: 1 1/32 will be interested in this largely overlooked period of history between 1919 and 1923 when The Bureau, known now as the FBI, hired African American PACK: 32 agents to infiltrate Harlem. AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, CA Overstreets novel will appeal to readers of mysteries and spy fiction, as well as readers interested in the early Harlem Renaissance, the lives of historical eBook: 978-1-4967-0177-0 figures such as Claude McKay, James Wormley Jones, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Du Bois and the FBIs activities around a cultural period that paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement. Jason Overstreet lived in Colorado, Texas and New Mexico before moving to Southern California, where he pursued a B.A. in Communications and a M.A. in Education. He worked in Education for a decade before turning to writing full time. Overstreet lives in L.A. and is a member of the Los Angeles Writers Group. Please visit him online at 6 S EPTEMBER 2016

7 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE LANGUAGE OF SISTERS Cathy Lamb From acclaimed author Cathy Lamb comes a warm and thoughtful novel. The Language of Sisters is as poignant as it is humorous and explores the echoes of the past that cling to the presentand how love, laughter, and family can rescue us time and again. T oni Kozlovsky cant explain how she knows exactly what her sisters are feelingonly that the connection seems to happen out of the blue. Since Toni, Valerie, and Ellie were little girls in Communist Russia, their parents have insisted its simply further proof that MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print media campaign the Kozlovskys are special and different. Print and online advertising Now a crime and justice reporter, Toni lives on a yellow tugboat on Oregons Willamette Outreach to reading groups, River. As far as her parents are concerned, the pain of their old life and their dangerous book clubs, and womens escape should remain buried in the Moscow they left behind, as should the mysterious past fiction websites of their adopted brother, Dmitry. But lately, Tonis talent for putting on a smile isnt enough Feature title in the Kensington to keep memories at bay. Fiction eNewsletter Social media advertising and Valerie, a prosecuting attorney, wages constant war against the wrongs she could do nothing promotion about as a child. Youngest sister Ellie is engaged to marry an Italian, breaking her mothers Promotion on heart in the process. Toni fears shes about to lose her home, while the hard edged DEA agent down the dock keeps trying to break through her reserve. Meanwhile, beneath the and culture clashes and endearing quirks within her huge, noisy, loving family are deeper secrets that Toni has sworn to keepeven from the one person she longs to help most. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-0-7582-9510-1 KEY SELLING POINTS: PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Lamb has a gift for writing uplifting novels with endearing, unusual heroines RIGHTS: World who must overcome their dysfunctional backgrounds. PAGES: 480 Like all of Lambs novels, The Language of Sisters touches on timely subjects. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 It explores issues of immigration, culture clashes and widowhood. SPINE SIZE: 1 5/32 The First Day of the Rest of My Life, Such a Pretty Face, Henrys Sisters, and PACK: 32 Julias Chocolates all sold to the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, AUTHORS RESIDENCE: among other book clubs. Beaverton, OR SALES HISTORY: Henrys Sisters was an Indie Next List Notable. Kensington Trade Paperback My Very Best Friend PRAISE FOR CATHY LAMB 8/15 (978-0-7582-9508-8) Lamb is an amazing storyteller, weaving seamlessly through the past and present and If You Could See What I See 8/13 (978-0-7582-5940-0) bringing fantasy and reality together to make a memorable tale. A Different Kind of Normal RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick GOLD on My Very Best Friend 8/12 (978-0-7582-5939-4) A Different Kind of Normal is as equally heart wrenching, touching, and uplifting as any of eBook: 978-0-7582-9511-8 Lambs previous offerings.San Francisco Book Review Eloquent and triumphant.The Oregonian on The First Day of the Rest of My Life Cathy Lamb was born in Southern California and grew up in Oregon. Cathy Lamb writes full time and lives with her family in Beaverton, Oregon. Readers can visit her website at 7 S EPTEMBER 2016

8 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK ROOT, PETAL, THORN Ella Joy Olsen In this beautifully written and powerful debut novel, Ella Joy Olsen traces the stories of five fascinating women who inhabit the same historic home over the course of a centurybraided stories of love, heartbreak and courage connect the women, even across generations. I vy Baygren has two great loves in her life: her husband, Adam, and the bungalow they buy together in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, Utah. From the moment she and Adam lay eyes on the home, Ivy is captivated by its quaint detailsthe old porch swing, MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Outreach to special interest ornate tiles, and especially an heirloom rose bush bursting with snowy white blossoms. groups and book clubs Called the Emmeline Rose for the homes original owner, it seems yet another sign that this National media campaign place will be Ivys happily-ever-afterUntil her dreams are shattered by Adams Select author appearances unexpected death. National print and Striving to be strong for her two children, Ivy decides to tackle the home-improvement online advertising projects she and Adam once planned. Day by day, as she attempts to rebuild her house and Kensington Fresh Voices her resolve, she uncovers clues about previous inhabitants, from a half-embroidered marketing campaign sampler to buried wine bottles. And as Ivy learns about the women who came before her Social media advertising the young Mormon torn between her heart and anti-polygamist beliefs, the Greek immigrant and promotions during World War II, a troubled single mother in the 1960sshe begins to uncover the Promotion on lessons of her own journey. For every story has its sadness, but there is also the possibility of blooming again, even stronger and more resilient than before and Features a Reading Group Guide KEY SELLING POINTS: A key element to this Salt Lake City-set novel is that the historical characters are Mormons and the subject of polygamy plays an important role. Readers who enjoy successful womens fiction in trade and hardcover, such CATEGORY: Fiction asOrphan Train, Big Little Lies and What She Left Behindthat examine ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0562-4 the past as well as the present and explore the relationships between women PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 will enjoy this Kensington debut. RIGHTS: World English Olsen has spent nearly a decade on the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake PAGES: 320 City Public Library system. She is also a member of Womens Fiction Writers, Writers @ Work and the SLC Bibliophiles Book club. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 25/32 PACK: 48 Ella Joy Olsen lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a century old brick bungalow with her husband AUTHORS RESIDENCE: and three children. She has spent nearly a decade on the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake Salt Lake City, UT City Public Library system (and even more years browsing the stacks), and is a member of eBook: 978-1-4967-0563-1 Womens Fiction Writers and the best book club ever, (SLC Bibliophiles). Visit her website at, follow her on Twitter at @ellajoyolsen, and find her on Facebook. 8 S EPTEMBER 2016

9 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK MURDER WITH MACARONI AND CHEESE THE MAHALIA WATKINS SOUL FOOD MYSTERY SERIES A.L. Herbert A high school reunion takes a deadly turn in the second in A. L. Herberts fresh and inventive series set within the bustle of a top soul food restaurantthe first cozy mystery series with a predominantly African-American cast. W hen the organizing committee for her upcoming high school reunion desperately needs a caterer, Halia agrees to help out. Soon shes serving up her signature macaroni and cheese and famous chicken wings to a host of appreciative ex-classmates. MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print media campaign, Some folks have blossomed since graduation. Others, like manipulative Raynell Rollins, and digital marking campaign. currently married to a former football star, havent changed nearly enough. Extensive social media campaign When Raynell is found dead the morning after the reunion, the role call of possible suspects NetGalley placement for early could fill the school gymnasium. Extra-marital affairs, mega-church scandals and sports online reviews, and blog tour. secretsRaynell had her perfectly manicured hand in a lot of sticky situations. With her African American book cousin Wavonnes bungling assistanceand a helping of unwelcome dating advice from club outreach her mother, CeliaHalia is on course to track down the killer, before she becomes the Author events and recipes alumna most likely to meet an untimely end featured on Feature title on KEY SELLING POINTS: Includes five delicious soul food recipes that will appeal to foodie fans. and First cozy mystery series with a predominantly African American cast. CATEGORY: Mystery Readers who enjoy a dash of comedy with their mysteries will enjoy reading ISBN13: 978-1-61773-176-1 about Halias quirky family. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 First book in the series, Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles, received RIGHTS: World fantastic reviews. PAGES: 288 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Will appeal to fans of female sleuths and cozy mysteries. SPINE SIZE: 23/32 PACK: 56 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Arlington, VA PRAISE FOR THE MAHALIA WATKINS MYSTERY SERIES SALES HISTORY: Foodies will welcome Herberts amusing debutPublishers Weekly Kensington Trade Paperback Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles I cant wait for second and third helpings of this scrumptious soul food mystery series. 3/15 (978-1-61773-174-7) Leslie Meier, author of French Pastry Murder eBook: 978-1-61773-177-8 Soul food and sassy characters combine in this series debut for a feast that will satisfy the appetites of readers.Library Journal This first in a planned series, complete with recipes, is funny and refreshingly straightforward.Kirkus Reviews A.L. Herbert grew up in both Prince Georges County and Charles County, Maryland. A.L. Herbert is currently working on the next Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery and more delicious comfort food recipes. Visit 9 S EPTEMBER 2016

10 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE WILSON DECEPTION THE FRASER AND COOK MYSTERY SERIES David O. Stewart Against the backdrop of the Paris Peace Conference that would remake Europe in the wake of World War I, David O. Stewart reunites Dr. Jamie Fraser and Speed Cook, protagonists of the acclaimed The Lincoln Deception, in an intriguing presidential mystery T he Great War has ended, and President Woodrow Wilsons arrival in Paris unites the city in ecstatic celebration. Major Jamie Fraser, an army physician who has spent ten months tending American soldiers, is among the crowd. As an expert on the Spanish influenza, MARKETING PLANS: Cross marketing with The Babe Ruth Deception (Kensington Fraser is also called in to advise the presidents own doctor on how best to avoid the deadly HC, 10/16) disease. Despite his robust appearance, Wilson is more frail than the public realizes. And Print and online advertising at this pivotal moment in history, the presidents health could decide the fate of nations. Social media advertising and promotions While Fraser investigates Wilsons maladies, he encounters a man he has not seen for twenty Promotion on years. Speed Cookex-professional ball player and advocate for Negro rightsis and desperate to save his son Joshua, an army sergeant wrongly accused of desertion. Pledging to help Cook, Fraser and his friend are soon embroiled in dramatic events unfolding throughout Paris. At stake is not only Joshua Cooks freedom, but the fragile treaty that may CATEGORY: Mystery be the only way to stop Europe from plunging into another brutal war. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0325-5 PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 KEY SELLING POINTS: RIGHTS: World English In The Wilson Deception, David O. Stewart reunites Dr. Jamie Fraser and PAGES: 304 Speed Cook, protagonists of the acclaimed The Lincoln Deception. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Stewarts expertly researched novel includes a cast of vividly drawn SPINE SIZE: 3/4 historical figures, including includes T.E. Lawrence, David Lloyd George, PACK: 48 and Winston Churchill. AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Stewart is also the author of award-winning nonfiction, including The Summer Garrett Park, MD of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution, which won the Washington PUBLISHING HISTORY: Writing Award as Best Book of 2007. Kensington Hardcover 10/15 (978-0-7582-9069-4) A talented speaker who does dozens of events for each book release, SALES HISTORY: Stewart has spoken at many prestigious venues, including the Library of Kensington Trade Paperback Congress, Virginia Historical Society, National Book Festival, Enoch The Lincoln Deception Pratt Free Library, the Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum, and the Woodrow 9/13 (978-0-7582-9067-0) Wilson Presidential Library. eBook: 978-1-4967-0325-5 PRAISE FOR DAVID O. STEWARTS HISTORICAL MYSTERIES TerrificThe Washington Post on The Wilson Deception Most Lincoln fiction is dreadful. This fast-paced and smartly researched first novel is astonishingly good, complete with sharp and colorful characters, nicely drawn by Stewart. Bloomberg News, 6 Best Books of 2013 on The Lincoln Deception David O. Stewart is an award-winning author and the president of the Washington Independent Review of Books. He is the author of several acclaimed histories. Stewarts first novel, The Lincoln Deception was published last year to wide critical acclaim. He lives in Maryland and readers can visit his website at 10 S EPTEMBER 2016

11 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK BEYOND YOUR TOUCH THE DARK HEART SERIES Pat Esden The second book in Pat Esdens three-book new adult paranormal series, about exorcism and dark magic rooted in a familys mysterious past, is perfect for fans of Jeaniene Frosts Broken Destiny series. She wants more than he can promise. MARKETING PLANS: His desires could lead to betrayal. Advance reading copies But without each other, neither can survive the dangers ahead. Print and online advertising Annie Freemont knows this isnt the right time to get involved with a man like Chase. After Feature title in the Kensington years of distrust, shes finally drawing close to her estranged family, and hes an employee on Fiction eNewsletter their estate in Maine. Though she never intended to stay on the estate for long, her fathers National print media campaign illness and the mysteries surrounding her family made leaving impossible. And now with the Early reviewer promotions newfound hope of rescuing her long-missing mother, Annies determined to be involved with through Goodreads, Net Galley & the familys plans one way or another. Kensington kLovers program Publicity outreach for reviews, If only she could keep her mind off Chase and focus on the impending rescue, but theres round-ups and feature coverage something about the enigmatic Chase that she cant resist. And shes not the only woman. Blog tour and ongoing Annie fears a seductive stranger who is key to safely freeing her mother is also obsessed with blogger outreach him. As plans transform into action and time for a treacherous journey into a strange world draws near, every move Annie makes will test the one bond shes trusted with her secrets, CATEGORY: Fiction her desiresand her heart. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0007-0 PRICE: $12.95/$13.95 KEY SELLING POINTS: RIGHTS: World This is an original series by a debut author. PAGES: 320 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 With the strong paranormal hook, this New Adult series will also have a broad SPINE SIZE: 25/32 PACK: 48 appeal to fantasy YA readers looking to expand their horizons. AUTHORS RESIDENCE: near Burlington, VT This series offers the hallmarks of new adult fiction with a unique paranormal SALES HISTORY: mythology that will stand apart from the pack. Kensington Trade Paperback New adult is one of todays hottest genres and appeals to two huge readerships, Hold on Me fans of YA and romance. YA authors who have crossed over into new adult 3/16 (978-1-4967-0005-6) include Maggie Stiefvater (Shiver, 7/14) and romance authors who have eBook: 978-1-4967-0008-7 crossed over into new adult: Jeaniene Frost and J. Lynn/Jennifer L. Armentrout. Pat Esden spends time in her northern Vermont home writing stories about brave, smart women and the men who capture their hearts. An antique-dealing florist by trade, shes also a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, and the League of Vermont Writers. Her short stories have appeared in a number of publications, including Orson Scott Cards Intergalactic Medicine Show, the Mythopoeic Societys Mythic Circle literary magazine, and George H. Scitherss anthology Cat Tales. You can find Pat online at,, Twitter @PatEsden, and 11 S EPTEMBER 2016

12 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE FORM OF THINGS UNKNOWN Robin Bridges With the same mix of teen angst and intriguing literary and cultural references that have propelled John Green to success, The Form of Things Unknown explores the subject of mental health issues as two teens grapple to fit in with peers, and realize that while they may see the world a little bit differently, real acceptance can only come from within. N atalie Roman isnt much for the spotlight. But performing A Midsummer Nights Dream in a stately old theatre in Savannah, Georgia, beats sitting alone replaying mistakes made in Athens. Fairy queens and magic on stage, maybe a few scary stories backstage. And MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising no one in the cast knows her backstory. Early reviewer promotions Except for Lucashe was in the psych ward, too. He wont even meet her eye. But Nat through Goodreads, NetGalley & Kensington kLovers program doesnt need him. Shes making friends with girls, girls who like horror movies and Ouija boards, who can hide their liquor in Coke bottles and laugh at the theaters ghosts. Natalie Publicity outreach for reviews, roundups, and feature coverage can keep up. She can adapt. And if she skips her meds once or twice so they dont interfere with her partying, it wont be a problem. She just needs to keep her wits about her. Email marketing and social media promotion KEY SELLING POINTS: Blog tour and digital Robin Bridgess debut YA fantasy, The Gathering Storm, was published by marketing campaign Delacorte, Random House in October 2012 and received glowing trade reviews. CATEGORY: Young Adult Fiction The main characters struggle with mental illness, which is highly topical and ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0356-9 a prevalent issue facing many teens today making Bridges characters relatable, PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 grounded and of-the-moment. RIGHTS: World Robin has a beautiful website, a book video for her fantasy Katerina series, PAGES: 304 and an active blog. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 She attends multiple reader cons and has organized successful signings for SPINE SIZE: 3/4 her previous books. PACK: 48 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: PRAISE FOR THE GATHERING STORM Gulfport, MS An imaginiative, complex blend of history and magic.Publishers Weekly SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback The plot is rich and intriguing.School Library Journal Dreaming of Antigone 4/16 (978-1-4967-0354-5) eBook: 978-1-4967-0357-6 By day, Robin Bridges is a mild mannered writer of young adult fiction. By night, shes a pediatric nurse who pokes small children with needles. Robin lives on the Gulf Coast with her family, two dogs, three cats, thirteen fish, and two starfish. She is the author of the historical fantasy series, the Katerina Trilogy, published by Delacorte/Random House. You can learn more about Robin at 12 S EPTEMBER 2016

13 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE COTTAGE ON PUMPKIN AND VINE Kate Angell, Jennifer Dawson, and Sharla Lovelace Intriguingly linked novellas about the cottage on Pumpkin and Vine, where the magic of three couples romances comes to life amidst the sexy fun and flirtation of a Halloween costume party. Welcome to Moonbright, MaineWhere the scents of donuts and cider waft through the MARKETING PLANS: crisp night airwith just a hint of magic. Advance reading copies Its time for the annual Halloween costume party at the cottage on Pumpkin and Vine, the Print and online advertising perfect place to celebrate the pleasures of the season. Guests return to the picturesque B & B Early reviewer promotions year after year to snuggle up in its cozy rooms, explore the quiet, tree-lined streets and enjoy through Goodreads, NetGalley & Kensington kLovers program all the spooky fun of the holiday. But local legend whispers that its also a place where wishes have a strange way of coming true. Holiday advertising Publicity outreach for reviews, For three unsuspecting revelers, its going to be an enchanted weekend of candy corn kisses roundups, and feature coverage and midnight black kittens, along with some real Halloween surprisesthe kind that make Blog tour your heart skip a beatfor many more celebrations to come Social media advertising KEY SELLING POINTS: and promotions Summer and holiday themed anthologies are common but Autumn/ Halloween Promotion on themed romance collections are rare. This one is certain to stand-out on, bookshelves as well as on blogs and in reviewers circles.,, Kate Angells also participated in the successful The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart and Swap (Kensington TP, 10/13) as well as That Mistletoe Moment (Kensington TP, 10/16). Contemporary romance with a touch of magic is a hot trend. CATEGORY: PRAISE FOR THE AUTHORS Contemporary Romance Fast-paced. Fun characters. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0688-1 Lori Foster New York Times bestselling author on Kate Angell PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World An author to watch out for.RT Book Reviews on Jennifer Dawson PAGES: 320 A writer with a fresh new voice. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Jodi Thomas New York Times bestselling author on Sharla Lovelace SPINE SIZE: 25/32 PACK: 48 New York Times bestselling author Kate Angell lives in Naples, Florida. Please visit her on AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Naples, FL(Angell); Facebook or at Chicago, IL(Dawson); Port Neches, TX (Lovelace) Jennifer Dawson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from DePaul University with a degree in psychology. She lives outside of Chicago. Visit her at eBook: 978-1-4967-0690-4 Sharla Lovelace is a bestselling, award-winning author of sexy small-town love stories. She is the author of five stand-alone novels and the exciting Heart of the Storm series. Please visit her at 13 S EPTEMBER 2016

14 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK R EPACKAGE R EISSUE THE HEALING POWERS OF VINEGAR Revised And Updated Third Edition A COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURES MOST REMARKABLE REMEDY Cal Orey The book that launched The Healing Powers series! This revised and updated third edition of The Healing Powers of Vinegar is a complete guide to vinegar and its amazing powers for health and well-being. Includes many vinegar recipes. More comprehensive and more up-to-date than any other book on the subject, The Healing Powers of Vinegar appeals to every age and demographic group. R evised and updated, this comprehensive book draws on the latest scientific studies and interviews with top health researchers to reveal how apple cider and red wine vinegarsas well as balsamic, fruit, rice, and herb-infused vinegarscan help you stay MARKETING PLANS: Online advertising Social media advertising healthy. Youll also find proven home health cures, innovative cosmetic secrets, lively and promotions anecdotes, and environmentally friendly household hintsfrom making countertops Feature title on sparkle to cleaning up kids and pets. Take advantage of vinegars natural therapeutic, antioxidant, and culinary virtues as and this 5,000-year-old healer evolves in new uses and productsfrom sipping vinegars to CATEGORY: Health home-cooked foods. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0380-4 (R) Learn how vinegar helps lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Discover how vinegars acetic acid kills bacteria, and may help prevent tuberculosis RIGHTS: World and combat antibiotic-resistant superbugs. PAGES: 368 TRIM: 6 x 9 KEY SELLING POINTS: SPINE SIZE: 29/32 Third edition of the bestselling book in the Healing Powers series. PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: The Healing Powers of Vinegar has sold more than 200,000 copies, has been Lake Tahoe, CA translated into more than a dozen languages, was featured in Bookspans book PUBLISHING HISTORY: clubs and in Preventions Rodale book club. Kensington Trade Paperback Updated with new recipes, the latest research on the health benefits of vinegar, 9/06 (978-0-7582-1529-1) and back-up studies. 10/00 (978-1-57566-609-9) SALES HISTORY: Featuring a new foreward by Dr. Will Clower, an award-winning author, Kensington Trade Paperback neuroscientist, nutritionist, and founder of Mediterranean Wellness, LLC. The Healing Powers of Olive Oil 1/15 (978-1-61773-453-3) The Healing Powers of Coffee PRAISE FOR THE HEALING POWERS OF VINEGAR 8/12 (978-0-7582-7330-7) A practical, health-oriented book that everyone who wants to stay healthy and live longer The Healing Powers of Honey should read.Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D., author of Apple Cider Vinegar 10/11 (978-0-7582-6159-5) The essential book on vinegarthe number one superfood of all time! eBook: 978-1-4967-0381-1 Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of The Fat Flush Plan Vinegar is right there in your cupboardwaiting for you to open its health properties for you and your family.Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness Cal Orey is an accomplished author and journalist. She lives in northern California. Readers are invited to visit her website at, read her blog The Writing Gourmet at, find her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter. 14 S EPTEMBER 2016

15 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK R EPACKAGE R EISSUE DEAD MANS SONG THE PINE DEEP SERIES Jonathan Maberry New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry has been hailed as the new master of horror. Kensington is proud to repackage and reissue his second novel in the Pine Deep trilogy, which launched his career. Now for the first time in trade paperback, this spine-tingling roller-coaster ride of thrills will appeal to fans of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Bentley Little, and Dean Koontz. S omething evil has awakened in the town of Pine Deep. While a local newsman tries to piece together the gruesome events of a long-buried crime, others are preparing for the return of an unstoppable scourge. Bodies mutilated beyond description, innocents driven MARKETING PLANS: Print and online advertising Social media advertising to acts of vicious madnessa monstrous legacy is preying on the living and the dead. There and promotions are those in Pine Deep who are not what they seem. Who are driven by a thirst for blood Promotion on and revenge. And who are quietly building an army of the undead and KEY SELLING POINTS: CATEGORY: Fiction First trade paperback edition of the second novel in the trilogy that launched the career of New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0540-2 (R) PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Kensington will cross promote Maberrys 2016 reissues with his new novel Kill Switch (St. Martins Griffen, 5/16). Exciting new cover art will create buzz and RIGHTS: World attract new readers. PAGES: 512 Ghost Road Blues won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel of 2006. It TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 was also nominated for Best Novel. SPINE SIZE: 1 1/4 PACK: 32 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: PRAISE FOR JONATHAN MABERRYS PINE DEEP SERIES San Diego, CA Maberrys vampire novels are unique and masterful.Richard Matheson PUBLISHING HISTORY: Pinnacle Mass Market Horror on a grand scale, reminiscent of Stephen King.Publishers Weekly 7/07 (978-0-7860-1816-1) Maberrys works will be read for many, many years to come.Ray Bradbury SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback Jonathan Maberrys horror is rich and visceral. Its close to the heartand close to the Ghost Road Blues jugular.Kevin J. Anderson 6/16 (978-1-4967-0539-6) Citadel Press Trade Paperback Maberry will scare the hell out of you.Tess Gerritsen Zombie CSU 9/08 (978-0-8065-2877-9) eBook: 978-0-7860-2213-8 JonathanN Maberry is a New York Times bestselling and five-time Bram Stoker Award-winning horror and thriller author, editor, comic book writer, magazine feature writer, playwright, content creator and writing teacher/lecturer. He was named one of the Todays Top Ten Horror Writers by Horror Novel Reviews. His award-winning young adult novel Rot & Ruin is an American Library Association Top Pick. His novels Extinction Machine and V-Wars are in development for TV, and Rot & Ruin is being developed for film. His books have been published in more than two-dozen countries. He lives in southern California. Readers are invited to visit him on Facebook and at 15 S EPTEMBER 2016

16 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK THE SCORE Kiki Swinson Kiki Swinson, the bestselling author known for fast, tension-packed (Library Journal) novels featuring the glamour and grit of Virginias most notorious streets, shows what happens when a criminal partnership takes a detour that puts its members on the road to jealousy, revenge, and murder Going once MARKETING PLANS: Identity theft mastermind Lauren Kelly has always had a taste for the finer things. With her Cross marketing with Schemes lover and accomplice, Matt Connors, by her side, theres nothing she cant buy or steal (Dafina TP, 10/16) Print and online advertising Going twice When their partner, Yancy, stumbles onto a tycoons multi-million dollar bank account, Online promotions and publicity Lauren expects the latest scam will go smoothlyuntil she discovers Matt and Yancy are Social media advertising planning the ultimate betrayal and promotions Promotion on Someones going to die Fortunately, Lauren is one step ahead of Matt. Once she disappears with every last dollar, and theyll have no doubt they chose the wrong woman to deceive. But all three of them chose the wrong target CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-61773-966-8 KEY SELLING POINTS: PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World Kensington has had great success reissuing Kiki Swinsons previously published titles in mass market and pairing her in anthologies with other top PAGES: 256 urban authorsnow she is back with an ambitious, original new story. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Im Still Wifey spent seven months on the Essence bestseller list. SPINE SIZE: 25/32 Audio rights for Playing Dirty, Notorious, Heist, Lifestyles of the Rich and PACK: 48 Shameless, A Gangster and a Gentleman, and Most Wanted were sold to AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Recorded Books. Virginia Beach, VA SALES HISTORY: Book Club rights for her books were sold to Black Expressions. Dafina Trade Paperback Includes a teaser for The Mark (Dafina HC, 2/17). Fistful of Benjamins 10/14 (978-0-7582-8028-2) A Gangster and a Gentleman PRAISE FOR KIKI SWINSON 10/12 (978-0-7582-5182-4) [A] well-crafted plot. Pitch-perfect dialog, juicy sexual trysts, cold-blooded betrayal, and eBook: 978-1-61773-967-5 ruthless violence mark this suspenseful fast-moving tale that is topped off by a shocking epilogue. Street lit fans will want this outstanding example of current urban fiction. Library Journal Starred Review for The Score A sizzling, action-packed, electric and gut-wrenching novel. RT Book Reviews on Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless Kiki Swinson is the national bestselling author of over 30 novels and short stories. She completed her first novel while incarcerated and her second novel, Wifey, became the first book in one of todays best-selling street lit series. Swinson resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Visit her online at 16 S EPTEMBER 2016

17 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK MY MARRIED BOYFRIEND THE LOVE & REVENGE SERIES Cydney Rax Known for delivering soapy, dramatic tales like Niobia Bryant, Cydney Rax returns with the second book in her sexy three-book series about a husband and wife, his mistresses, her affair, and the shocking antics that follow when all of their secrets are revealed. G orgeous Nicole is about to get everything shes hustled for. Shes having her rich, married lover Rashads baby, and a lucky break has made her a media heroineand the perfect new wife material. With one more deception here, a couple more little seductions MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising there, shell finally push Rashads wife, Kiara, completely out of his life. With her formidable Email marketing through competition gone, Nicole will lock down Rashads ever-wandering interest, and be the next eNewsletters and eblasts to Mrs. Eason for sure Kensington and author fan lists But there are some temptations even this sexy schemer finds tough to pass up. Especially Social media advertising and promotions her first love, ex-con Ajalon, whos just walked back into her life. His intense hunger, chiseled body, and mind-blowing endurance are throwing Nicole off her game and reigniting Promotion on emotions way too hot to controlor resist. But hes also handed Kiara, and another and interested ex, the perfect ammo to expose Nicole and blow her world apart once and for all. Now the only guarantee for all involved is shattering scandaland mutually assured CATEGORY: Fiction destruction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0138-1 PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 KEY SELLING POINTS: RIGHTS: World My Married Boyfriend is the second book in an explosive three-book series PAGES: 352 by Cydney Rax. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 All the books in this series will be priced competitively at $9.95 to entice SPINE SIZE: 27/32 readers to pick up these sexy reads. PACK: 40 Kensington has had much success in repackaging Cydney Raxs backlist AUTHORS RESIDENCE: mass market titles from Random House, but this is Raxs first original trade Houston, TX paperback series for Kensington. SALES HISTORY: Like Shonda Rhimes, the queen of television with successful shows like Greys Dafina Trade Paperback If Your Wife Only Knew Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder, Rax knows how to 1/16 (978-1-4967-0143-3) keep readers hooked by creating fast-paced, sexy and suspenseful storylines filled with mystery, romance, and high stakes. eBook: 978-1-4967-0139-8 PRAISE FOR IF YOUR WIFE ONLY KNEW Secrets, scandal, betrayal and revengethere are no clean hands in the first book of this saga. Every one of the characters has a false sense of entitlement, and they are so, so wrong. A wild ride, this story is engrossing, and I cant wait for the sequels. RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars Cydney Rax became obsessed with becoming a writer after reading Terry McMillans Disappearing Acts. Her author dreams were realized through her eyebrow-raising debut novel, My Daughters Boyfriend. Born and raised in Detroit, she resides in Houston. Visit her at 17 S EPTEMBER 2016

18 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER CHRISTMAS CARAMEL MURDER Kimberly Butler THE HANNAH SWENSEN MYSTERY SERIES Joanne Fluke Just in time for Christmas, New York Times bestselling author Joanne Fluke returns with a special holiday treat for her readersa mini Hannah Swensen mystery and even more delectable recipes! C hristmas normally descends on Lake Eden, Minnesota, as gently as reindeer alighting on a rooftopbut this yuletide season the only thing coming down Hannah Swensens chimney is a case of murder The holidays have arrived, and Hannah and her good pal Lisa have agreed to provide all the goodies for the towns annual production of A Christmas Carol. But before anyone can say Bah, humbug! a Santa-sized sackful of trouble ensues. Like the fact that Lisas husband will be playing Mr. Claus to his ex-girlfriend Phyllis Bates Mrs. Claus. Or that before the curtains even go up Phyllis is found dead in the snow wearing a costume that the real Mrs. Claus would put on the naughty list. Soon after the suspects pile up faster than snowdrifts in a blizzard, while a merry murderer remains on the loose. With clues even harder to find, it might take a visit from ghosts of Christmas past to wrap up this mystery in time for the holidays PRAISE FOR JOANNE FLUKES HANNAH SWENSEN MYSTERIES LivelyAdd the big surprise ending, and fans will be more than satisfied.Publishers Weekly on Double Fudge Brownie Murder Culinary cozies dont get any tastier than this winning series.Library Journal on Red Velvet Cupcake Murder Fans of this wildly popular series will not be disappointed. Fluke has kept this series strong for a long time, and there is still plenty to enjoy for foodie crime fans.Booklist on Cinnamon Roll Murder Flukes books are a reminder of days when friends and family unapologetically chomped, chewed and crunched on foods one now needs to pre-register with food police, days when lard ruled.The Sun Chronicle If your reading habits alternate between curling up with a good mystery or with a good cookbook, you ought to know about Joanne Fluke.The Charlotte Observer Joanne Fluke is the New York Times bestselling author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries, which include Wedding Cake Murder, Double Fudge Brownie Murder, Blackberry Pie Murder, and the book that started it all, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. That first installment in the series has been adapted for television as Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery, followed by Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Like Hannah Swensen, Joanne Fluke was born and raised in a small town in rural Minnesota, but now lives in Southern California. Please visit her online at 18 O CTOBER 2016

19 KEY SELLING POINTS: There are over four million of Joanne Flukes Hannah Swensen books in print. In May 2015, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premiered the original movie franchise based on Joanne Flukes bestselling Hannah Swensen culinary mystery series. Murder She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery starring Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison became the most-watched and highest-rated movie debut in network history, only to be topped in November 2015 with the second movie, based on Plum Pudding Murder. The third movie, based on Peach Cobbler Murder, premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in January. A Christmas Caramel will be a sweetly packaged, holiday gift book, similar to Debbie Macombers Christmas Cookbook (Harlequin, 2011). Two of Joanne Flukes biggest successes have been her Christmas themed mysteries: Sugar Cookie Murder and Plum Pudding Murder. Joanne Fluke also anchored two of our most successful Christmas collections: Candy Cane Murder and Gingerbread Cookie Murder. Joanne Fluke consistently publishes three New York Times bestsellers annually and is known as the Queen of Culinary Mystery. The Hannah Swensen Mystery Series have been translated into seven languages. Flukes titles are consistently chosen as Main Selections or Featured Alternates of The Mystery Guild, Doubleday, and Book of the Month Club. Will contain over 20 original holiday recipes! CATEGORY: Mystery ISBN13: 978-1-61773-228-7 PRICE: $20.00/$21.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 208 TRIM: 5 x 7 SPINE SIZE: 3/4 PACK: 44 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Granada Hills, CA SALES HISTORY: MARKETING PLANS: Kensington Hardcover Advance reading copies Wedding Cake Murder 3/16 (978-1-61773-216-4) Extensive print, digital and broadcast Double Fudge Brownie Murder advertising campaign 3/15 (978-0-7582-8040-4) Major media coverage Blackberry Pie Murder 3/14 (978-0-7582-8037-4) Promotion through both Kensington and authors social media platforms, newsletter subscribers, and eBook: 978-1-61773-229-4 fan groups Outreach to libraries and mystery-focused bookstores Teasers, videos, recipes, book club materials and shareable content on dedicated website Partnership with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries for cross-promotion with Joanne Fluke television movie adaptations National author tour Branded promo materials distributed to retailers, libraries, media, and fans 19 O CTOBER 2016

20 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER THE HOUSE ON Chelsea Claus Photography HONEYSUCKLE LANE Mary McDonough Mary McDonough welcomes readers back to the small town of Olivers Well, Virginia, first introduced in her debut novel, One Year, a story of holiday and homecoming, as three siblings gather for Christmas to remember, laugh, fight, planand find their way forward as a family once more. E ven in a town as picturesque and rich in history as Olivers Well theres something special about the Reynolds house on Honeysuckle Lane. Sturdy yet graceful, well-proportioned outside and within, its where Andie, Emma, and Daniel Reynolds grew upbefore they began to grow apart. For Danny, this first reunion since their mothers death is a chance for him and his sisters to relive cherished holiday traditionsattending the church concert, lighting the town treebefore finally settling their parents estate. But readying the house for sale proves no easy task when every piece of furniture and every moment together stirs up the past. Andie, the oldest sibling, didnt just leave home years ago, she left her young daughter too. Though shes found fulfillment and fame as a self-help author, coming back shakes her equilibrium. How can she presume to guide others if she cant be honest with those closest to her, much less herself? Middle child Emma struck out on her own instead of accepting her fathers offer to share his business. Yet now she finds herself drawn back to her towns quiet rhythms and routines, wondering if its possible to start over. PRAISE FOR ONE YEAR A heartfelt, charming story.Library Journal Mary McDonough, brings a unique storytelling skill to her debut novel, One Year. With keen insight into the human spirit, McDonough weaves a story about the trials and tribulations of a close knit Virginia family. Beautifully written with captivating characters, One Year draws you into the complexities of small town life where the bonds of family are tested. One Year is a heartwarming story of family reconciliation that is not to be missed.Michael Morris, author of Man in the Blue Moon Theres a lot to like in this tale of three generations of a family whose lives were all dictated by a single tragic event. The interplay between the relatives is real enough that readers will feel part of the Fitzgibbon family. And the frustration adult children feel as their parents age, and as they watch their now-adult children made decisions is palpable.RT Book Reviews Insightful, layered and compassionate, One Year is a story to remember. McDonough writes with warmth and wisdom about family, friendship, and what we hold dear in life.Jane Porter, author of Its You Mary McDonough starred as Erin on the award winning television series, The Waltons, for nine years, as well as in the made-for-TV reunion movies that followed. She wrote and directed the award winning film For the Love of May and continues to act on stage and screen. She is also the author of the novel One Year and the memoir Lessons from the Mountain: What I Learned from Erin Walton. Mary was the founding president of LUPUS LA, and created InTheKnow to raise awareness about womens health issues. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband. Readers can visit her website at 20 O CTOBER 2016

21 KEY SELLING POINTS: The House on Honeysuckle Lane will appeal to fans of sweet, heartwarming, small town fiction by authors such as Debbie Macomber (Ballantine) and Holly Chamberlin (Kensington). It will also appeal to fans of Mary McDonough and those readers who enjoyed the first Olivers Well novel, One Year. For nine seasons, Mary McDonough was Erin on the beloved TV show The Waltons, still in syndication around the world and selling millions of copies on DVD. Mary McDonough joins the other ranks of other TV celebrities, including Rick Springfield and Lauren Graham, who have moved from memoir writing to novels. Mary McDonough is much in demand as a life coach and motivational speaker. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-0-7582-9351-0 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: MARKETING PLANS: Denver, CO Advance reading copies SALES HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover National print and online advertising One Year 5/15 (978-0-7582-9349-7) Outreach to special interest groups and book clubs Select author appearances eBook: 978-0-7582-9352-7 Early reader and consumer reviewer promotions via GoodReads, NetGalley, etc. Social media advertising and promotion Promotion on and 21 O CTOBER 2016

22 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER BRITISH MANOR MURDER THE LUCY STONE MYSTERY SERIES Stephanie Foster Leslie Meier Leslie Meiers beloved sleuth Lucy Stone is saying cheerio to Tinkers Cove, Maine and jetting off to jolly old England! But when a murder occurs at the British manor where shes staying, she has to search for a killer among those who live upstairs and downstairs A lthough Perry, the earl of the house, and his sister, Poppy, are surprisingly accommodating to their jetlagged guests, Lucy feels uneasy after a fallen portrait sparks talk of a deadly family omen. The bad vibes come in quicklysnobby Aunt Millicent and her handmaiden Harrison unexpectedly drop by for the exhibition, and meals with the family are consistently tense. But real trouble begins when a body, bludgeoned by the chapels gold-plated reliquary, is found in a hidden, sealed off room. Stranger still, the corpse is identified as Harrisons son, Cyril. Considering the weapon and the clandestine location, Lucy wouldnt be shocked if the murder was an inside job. Cyril wasnt exactly a gentleman, and its unclear what business he had on the property. Was the victim trying to make off with the family riches before meeting his end? Or was a scorned country squire looking to settle an ancient indiscretion for good? One things for surethe criminal is privy to Moreton Manor secrets To end the reign of terror, Lucy must keep her ear to the ground and mind time-honored traditionsno matter how unusual. Because Lucy has a hunch that the killer has been in her company all along, just waiting for a chance to make blueblood run red PRAISE FOR LESLIE MEIER AND HER LUCY STONE MYSTERY SERIES Warm and homespun characters, plenty of seaside ambience and a fast-moving plot make this a perfect winter cozy. Publishers Weekly on St. Patricks Day Murder Longtime Lucy Stone series readers will be happy to catch up on life in Tinkers Cove in this cozy Christmas mystery. Library Journal on Christmas Carol Murder A delight from start to finish.Suspense Magazine on French Pastry Murder Reading a new Leslie Meier mystery is like catching up with a dear old friend.Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author Leslie Meier writes with sparkle and warmth.Chicago Sun Times Leslie Meier is the acclaimed author of over twenty Lucy Stone mysteries and has also written for Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine. She is currently at work on the next Lucy Stone mystery. Readers can visit her website at 22 O CTOBER 2016

23 KEY SELLING POINTS: There are over one million Lucy Stone mysteries in print! In this installment, the series sleuth travels to England to go on an estate tour with her friends. With its interesting setting and descriptions of the historical British manor, this book will appeal to armchair travelers and Anglophiles in addition to cozy mystery readers. British Manor Murder is actually Lucy Stones second visit to England. She first crossed the pond in English Tea Murder, which was one of our most successful Lucy Stone mysteries to date! While they enjoy all of the fun hijinks of the cozy mystery genre, Meiers Lucy Stone mysteries also tend to introduce more real issues than other cozies. CATEGORY: Mystery ISBN13: 978-0-7582-7710-7 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 RIGHTS: US, Canada, & OM PAGES: 304 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Harwich, MA SALES HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover Candy Corn Murder MARKETING PLANS: 9/15 (978-0-7582-7707-7) Advanced and digital reading copies French Pastry Murder 10/14 (978-0-7582-7704-6) National print review campaign targeting cozy mystery readers Christmas Carol Murder 10/13 (978-0-7582-7701-5) Print and online advertising eBook: 978-0-7582-7712-1 Feature title in the bimonthly Killer Cozies eNewsletter and promotion on Hobby Reads Social media advertising and promotions including shareable images Promotion title on and 23 O CTOBER 2016

24 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER THE BABE RUTH DECEPTION David O. Stewart Patrice Gilbert Distinguished historian and bestselling author David O. Stewart continues his historical mystery series as the unlikely detective team of Dr. Jamie Fraser and Speed Cook gets swept up in the maelstrom of the Roaring Twenties, when corruption seems everywherefrom the bootleggers flouting Prohibition to the cherished heroes of the American Pastime now tarnished by scandal. B abe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, is having a record-breaking season in his first year as a New York Yankee. In 1920, he will hit more home runs than any other team in the American League. Larger than life on the ball field and off, Ruth is about to discover what the Chicago White Sox players accused of throwing the 1919 World Series are learningbaseball heroes are not invulnerable to scandal. With suspicion in the air, Ruths 1918 World Series win for the Boston Red Sox is now being questioned. Under scrutiny by the new baseball commissioner and enmeshed with gambling kingpin Arnold Rothstein, Ruth turns for help to Speed Cooka former professional ballplayer himself before the game was segregated and now a promoter of Negro baseballwhos familiar with the dirty underside of the sport. Cook in turn enlists the help of Dr. Jamie Fraser, whose wife Eliza is coproducing a silent film starring the Yankee outfielder. Restraint does not come easily to the reckless Ruth, but the Frasers try to keep him in line while Cook digs around. As all this plays out, Cooks son Joshua and Frasers daughter Violet are brought together by a shocking tragedy. But an interracial relationship in 1920 feels as dangerous as a public scandaleven more so because Joshua is heavily involved in bootlegging. Trying to protect Ruth and their own children, Fraser and Cook find themselves playing a dangerous game PRAISE FOR DAVID O. STEWARTS HISTORICAL MYSTERIES TerrificThe books fun part is its name game, as familiar historic figures mingle with made-up charactersThe storylines dangling threads are braided into a tight, clever finish, worthy of a vintage spy caper or 007s own playbook. Now which president will Stewart select for his next escapade?The Washington Post on on The Wilson Deception Stewart deftly depicts the mood of an era and the colorful figures who shaped it.Publishers Weekly on on The Wilson Deception This fast-paced and smartly researched first novel is astonishingly good, complete with sharp and colorful characters, nicely drawn by Stewart, who in his other self is a lawyer-turned-historian.Bloomberg News, 6 Best Books of 2013 for The Lincoln Deception Dense with detail and intrigue, making a hearty read for conspiracy addicts.Library Journal on The Lincoln Deception David O. Stewart is an award-winning author, Pushcart Prize Nominee, and the president of the Washington Independent Review of Books. He is the author of the acclaimed nonfiction books Madisons Gift (2015), American Emperor (2011), Impeached (2010), and The Summer of 1787 (2008). His first historical fiction novel, The Lincoln Deception, was released in 2013 to much acclaim, followed by The Wilson Deception in 2015. Stewart has appeared many times on C-Spans Book TV, as well as Chris Matthews Hardball, CNN, and a variety of regional television and radio outlets. He has also practiced law for over 25 years, presenting arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court and an impeachment trial in the United States Senate. For more info and clips from David O. Stewarts media appearances, please visit 24 O CTOBER 2016

25 KEY SELLING POINTS: In The Babe Ruth Deception, David O. Stewart reunites Dr. Jamie Fraser and Speed Cook, protagonists of the acclaimed The Lincoln Deception and The Wilson Deception. The Babe Ruth Deception will appeal to fans of historical mysteries, as well as baseball enthusiasts! Stewart is also the author of award-winning nonfiction, including The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution, which won the Washington Writing Award as Best Book of 2007. The Lincoln Deception spent four weeks on the Barnes & Noble trade paperback bestseller list! CATEGORY: Mystery ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0200-5 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 RIGHTS: World English PAGES: 304 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 PACK: 40 AUTHOR----S RESIDENCE: Washington, D.C. SALES HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover MARKETING PLANS: The Wilson Deception Advance reading copies 10/15 (978-0-7582-9069-4) Print and online advertising Kensington Trade Paperback The Lincoln Deception Select author events 9/13 (978-0-7582-9067-0) Extensive publicity campaign eBook: 978-1-4967-0201-2 Social media advertising and promotions Library promotion and outreach Feature title in Kensington Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter Promotion on and 25 O CTOBER 2016

26 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER THE MURDER OF A QUEEN BEE THE HENNY PENNY FARMETTE MYSTERY SERIES Meera Lester In the bestselling tradition of cozy mystery stars such as Joanne Fluke and Diane Mott Davidson, Meera Lester presents a cute, engaging sequel to A Beeline to Murder, featuring beekeeping, organic gardening, pastry baking - and an engaging farmette owner who must solve a murder mystery in her small San Francisco Bay Area town. W hen Abby Mackenzie invites her free-spirited friend, Fiona Mary Ryan, owner of Ancient Wisdom Botanicals, to her farmette for lunch, she never imagines that Fionas no-show will lead to a murder investigation. MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising Only hours after their lunch date, Fionas body is found in a burning car in what at first Select author events appears to be a tragic accident. But after the coroners report is issued, its clear she was Feature title in the dead before being placed in the vehicle. Someone has gone to great lengths to cover up a Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter murder. But whoand why? Social media advertising and promotion Driven by her loyalty to her friend, and her deeply ingrained skills as a trained investigator, Feature title on Abby sorts through suspectswho seem to be sprouting up everywhere. and KEY SELLING POINTS: The series is based on the authors actual Henny Penny Farmette, which has CATEGORY: Mystery a popular website where she blogs about raising chickens, honey bees, and ISBN13: 978-1-61773-913-2 heirloom vegetables. PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 Each book in the series will include at least 5 yummy recipes. RIGHTS: World An excerpt from this book will appear as a teaser at the end of A Beeline to PAGES: 288 Murder (Kensington MM, 8/16). TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Meera Lester plans on attending Malice Domestic in Bethesda, MD (April SPINE SIZE: 1 29-May 1, 2016) and Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference in Corte PACK: 40 Madera, California (July 28-31 2016). AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Concord, CA (SF Bay area) SALES HISTORY: PRAISE FOR A BEELINE TO MURDER Kensington Hardcover A mystery featuring a lady cop turned farmer who cant help digging up clues? What fun! A Beeline to Murder 10/15 (978-1-61773-909-5) Joanne Fluke eBook: 978-1-61773-914-9 Meera Lesters engaging debut, A Beeline to Murder, offers beekeeping, organic gardening, pastry and bakingand an engaging mystery. Crammed full of homey farming advice, beekeeping tips, and recipes, this debut cozy will be popular with readers who love G.A. McKevett or Joanne Fluke.Library Journal Farming tips and murder vie for the readers attention in Lesters appealing debut cozy. Publishers Weekly Meera Lester is the author of the first Henny Penny mystery, A Beeline to Murder, and nearly two dozen nonfiction books. She is the proprietress of the real Henny Penny Farmette. She blogs about life there at You can also visit her at 26 O CTOBER 2016

27 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER R EPACKAGE R EISSUE AN ANGELS TOUCH Heather Graham Beautifully presented in hardcover gift format, this sweet, heart-warming novel is the perfect holiday read for Heather Grahams legions of fans. D on and Cathy Angel have never been apart since that fateful day they met in college. Now in their thirties and pursuing demanding careers in New York City, the two have only grown more closely entwined. Until tragedy strikes MARKETING PLANS: Print and online advertising Holiday promotions When a hurtling train strikes the couples car on a snowy Christmas Eve, Cathy and Don find Publicity outreach for round-ups themselves looking down at their mangled gray Beamerand their own bodies inside. and feature coverage Neither fully in this world or the next, they learn that in order to move on, they must perform Feature title in the monthly six miracles before midnight. But with no experience in the field of divine intervention, Romance eNewsletter both are convinced their mission can only end in disaster Email marketing, social media advertising and promotion But on this sparkling, silent night, these two reluctant angels will discover that there is no Target new reader reviews greater gift than the one we are all blessed to give: the gift of love through Goodreads, NetGalley and Kensington kLovers KEY SELLING POINTS: Heather Graham has written over 100 novels, many of which are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, and is a household name among romance fans. CATEGORY: Fiction Heather is a tireless promoter who attends numerous conventions each year ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0867-0 (R) in addition to sponsoring yearly fan events at the RT Book Reviews convention PRICE: $12.95/$13.95 as well as her own annual fan event in New Orleans. RIGHTS: World PAGES: 160 PRAISE FOR AN ANGELS TOUCH TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 A unique portrayal of the heavenly realm featuring a yuppie angel Gabriel. The realistic, SPINE SIZE: 5/8 punchy dialog is a plus for this short contemporary. PACK: 56 Library Journal on An Angels Touch AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Coral Gables, FL Just in time for the holiday season, powerhouse author Heather Graham Pozzessere brings forth a heartfelt and heartwarming story of true love and sacrifice. Wonderfully magic reading!RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars for An Angels Touch New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham has written over one hundred novels and novellas and is a founding member of the Florida Romance Writers chapter of RWA. She has been published in approximately twenty languages, and has been honored with awards from RT Book Reviews, Georgia Romance Writers, Affaire de Coeur and more. She has had books selected for the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, and has been quoted, interviewed, or featured in such publications as The Nation, Redbook, People, and USA Today. 27 O CTOBER 2016

28 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK GAINING VISIBILITY Pamela Hearon Poignant and uplifting, Gaining Visibility is an exhilarating story of one womans realization that even the deepest scars have a beauty of their ownand that its time to take her place in the sun once more J ulia Berkwiths daughter has moved to Alaska, her beloved mother-in-law is in a nursing home, and her ex-husband is in Hawaiiwith a younger woman. In her late forties, Julia is now used to being invisible. But even if she has to do it alone, shes determined to celebrate MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Outreach to special interest her victory over breast cancer by hiking Italys Cinque Terre. And while shes there, she can groups and book clubs scout out treasures for her interior design business back in Kentucky. National media campaign Invigorated by the beauty of the Italian countryside, Julia seems unstoppable, until shes Select author appearances injured by a rockone that happens to belong to thirty-something stone mason Vitale DeLuca. National print and Reluctantly, Julia accepts Vitales insistent offer of lodging while she recovers. But in his online advertising home, amid his exquisite sculptures, Julia sees beyond his charm and looks to something Kensington Fresh Voices special: a talent she must bring to the worlds attention. And once she does, she plans to step marketing campaign aside to leave him in the spotlight. But Vitale has seen something in Julia too, something she Social media advertising is no longer able to recognize in herself. And he is determined to find a way to show it to her. and promotions Promotion on KEY SELLING POINTS: and Great Southern voice and sensibilityperfect beach read and book club book. A survivor of breast cancer herself, Pamela is truly writing what she knows. Though there are many moments that tug the heartstrings, this is a book about hope, not grief. Other than the breast cancer angle, the greater theme in the book is women: CATEGORY: Fiction What is it to be a woman of a certain age and realize that the world doesnt ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0428-3 value you as it once did, and how to continue valuing yourself. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Pamela has been writing for Harlequin for the past five years, making her RIGHTS: World plugged in to a community of women who are the exact audience for this book. PAGES: 320 October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and there are many events TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 happening where Pamela can speak about her own experience. SPINE SIZE: 25/32 PACK: 48 PRAISE FOR PAMELA HEARON AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Illinois and Florida [A] nicely paced story, featuring a sizzling sexual attraction between the leads RT Book Reviews, 4 stars, on Out of the Depths eBook: 978-1-4967-0429-0 [A] testament to Hearons writing skill and her novel storytelling. RT Book Reviews, 4 stars, on His Kind of Perfection Pamela Hearon is a former teacher who began a second career as a writer. With several books published by Harlequin SuperRomance (including 2013 RITA finalist Out of the Depths), Gaining Visibility is her first womens fiction novel. Pamela splits her time between homes in Illinois and Florida, traveling the country with her husband. 28 O CTOBER 2016

29 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE COLDWATER WARM HEARTS CLUB Lexi Eddings Light-hearted yet heart-warming, Lexi Eddings first book in a new contemporary series is set in the fictional town of Coldwater Cove, Oklahoma, where you can fill up on comfort food and gossip at the Green Apple Grill, get your problems solved by the Methodist Prayer chain, and satisfy that nostalgia for home and community. F or Lacy Evans, returning to flyover country is the definition of failure. She had everything she wantedan award-winning design firm, a chic city condo, a handsome, aristocratic almost-fianc. Then her boyfriend ran off with her receptionist and her clients money. Now MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Outreach to special interest shes out of business and crashing on her parents couch. When she slides into a booth at the groups and book clubs Green Apple Grill, shes feeling lower than a worms belly. National media campaign But Lacys old classmate Jacob Tyler is happy to see her. Coldwaters football hero came Blog tour and ongoing back from Afghanistan short part of a leg and some peace of mind, but hes counting his blogger outreach blessings, and Lacy could be one of them. Then theres her ex, Daniel, wearing a sheriffs Email marketing and promotion badge and a wedding ring, but looking like young summer love. And a host of unlikely Early reviewer promotions serendipities: the selfless do-gooders who sneak around taming curmudgeons and through Goodreads, NetGalley & constructing second chances. The Fighting Marmots. The sprawling, take-no-prisoners Kensington kLovers program Bugtussle clan. Publicity outreach for reviews, roundups, and feature coverage Lacy thought she knew her hometown, and herself. She just wanted to get on her feet and Kensington Fresh Voices keep running. But the longer she stays, the more she finds to change her mind marketing campaign KEY SELLING POINTS: Social media advertising and promotions First in a trio of small town romances with big themes. Promotion on The Coldwater series will focus on women returning home, finding themselves and and rebuilding their lives while incorporating strong romantic elements. This book features a Wounded Warrior hero, which is highly topical and provides a unique hook for this book and will widely appeal to those with CATEGORY: family in the military. Contemporary Romance ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0403-0 Lexi is participating in an anthology titled Forget Me Not which will benefit Alzheimers research. PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 320 ADVANCE PRAISE FOR THE COLDWATER WARM HEARTS CLUB TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Readers of sweet romance will fall in love with Coldwater Cove. Lexi Eddingss talent shines SPINE SIZE: 25/32 in this edgy, fresh story.Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author PACK: 48 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: West Plains, MO Lexi Eddings is the pen name of multi-published author Diana Groe, who has written for eBook: 978-1-4967-0404-7 Kensington, Sourcebooks, and Entangled. Her historical romances have received glowing reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and RT Book Reviews. 29 O CTOBER 2016

30 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK A CHANGE OF HEART Vernice Dollar of Studio 16 Sonali Dev Delving beyond the surface of modern Indian-American life, comes an extraordinary story of secrets, danger, and the risks we take in the name of love by Sonali Dev, the author of A Bollywood Affair and The Bollywood Bride. D r. Nikhil Nic Joshi had it allmarriage, career, purpose. Until, while working for Doctors Without Borders in a Mumbai slum, his wife, Jen, discovered a black market organ transplant ring. Before she could expose the truth, Jen was killed. Two years after the tragedy, Nic is a cruise ship doctor who spends his days treating seasickness and sunburn and his nights in a boozy haze. On one of those blurry evenings on deck, Nic meets a woman who makes a startling claim: she received Jens heart in a transplant and has a message for him. Nic wants to discount Jess Koiralas story as absurd, but theres something about her reckless desperation that resonates despite his doubts. Jess has spent years working her way out of a nightmarish life in Calcutta and into a respectable Bollywood dance troupe. Now she faces losing the one thing that mattersher young son, Joy. She needs to uncover the secrets Jen risked everything for; but the unforeseen bond that results between her and Nic is both a lifeline and a perilous complication. PRAISE FOR SONALI DEV AND HER NOVELS A vibrant, emotional storyreaders will rejoice at the results.The Washington Post on The Bollywood Bride, Best Romances of 2015 Exquisitely writtenA bright, beautiful gem.Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review for The Bollywood Bride, Best Books of 2015 An impressive debutVibrant and exuberantly romantic, Affair is chock full of details that reflect Indias social and cultural flux. on A Bollywood Affair, 100 Most Swoon-Worthy Romances of All Time All the ingredients for a Bollywood movie can be found in this charming romanceA contemporary, transcontinental romance told with a light touch and lots of sizzle.Library Journal on A Bollywood Affair, Best Romances of the Year Sonali Devs first literary work was a play about mistaken identities performed at her neighborhood Diwali extravaganza in Mumbai. She was eight years old. Despite this early success, Sonali spent the next few decades getting degrees in architecture and written communication, migrating across the globe, and starting a family while writing for magazines and websites. With the advent of her first gray hair her love for telling stories returned full force, and she now combines it with her insights into Indian culture to conjure up stories that make a mad tangle with her life as supermom, domestic goddess, and world traveler. Sonali is an active member of RWA and WFWA. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her very patient and often amused husband and two teens who demand both patience and humor, and the worlds most perfect dog. Visit her on the web at 30 O CTOBER 2016

31 KEY SELLING POINTS: Sonali Dev is a rising star; her debut novel, A Bollywood Affair, was a critical and commercial favorite, as was her second novel, The Bollywood Bride. Her debut novel appeared on over a dozen Best Of lists, including Library JournalBest Books of 2014, ALA Reading List-Best Romance, RT Book ReviewsReaders Choice Award Nominee among many others. The Bollywood Bride was also featured as a NPR Best Books of 2015, The Washington Post Best Romances of 2015, Kirkus Best Books of 2015, among other Best Of lists. A Change of Heart will be cross-promoted with the mass market edition of A Bollywood Affair, which is being published in September 2016. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0574-7 PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Chicago, IL SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback MARKETING PLANS: The Bollywood Bride Advance reading copies 10/15 (978-1-61773-015-3) Print and online advertising A Bollywood Affair 11/14 (978-1-61773-013-9) Select author events eBook: 978-1-4967-0575-4 Extensive publicity campaign Email marketing and promotion Early reviewer promotions through Goodreads and Netgalley Social media advertising and promotions Promotion on and 31 O CTOBER 2016

32 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK A MARCH TO REMEMBER THE HATTIE DAVISH MYSTERY SERIES Anna Loan-Wilsey Traveling secretary Hattie Davish is taking her singular talents to Washington, D.C. to help Sir Arthur Windom-Greene research his next novel. But in the winding halls of the nations capital, searching for the truth can sometimes lead to murder H attie is in her element, digging through dusty basements, attics, and abandoned buildings, not to be denied until she fishes out that elusive fact. But her delightful explorations are dampened when she witnesses a carriage crash into a carp pond beneath MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Targeted online advertising the shadow of the Washington Monument. Alarmingly, one of the passengers flees the Push for early online scene, leaving the other to drown. The incident only heightens tensions brought on by the reviews through Goodreads much publicized arrival of Coxeys Army, thousands of unemployed men converging on and Netgalley the capital for the first ever organized march on Washington. When one of the marchers is Feature title in the Kensington found murdered in the ensuing chaos, Hattie begins to suspect a sinister conspiracy is at Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter hand. As she expands her investigations into the motives of murder and closes in on the trail Email marketing and promotion of a killer, she is surprised and distraught to learn that her research will lead her straight to Promotion on the highest levels of government KEY SELLING POINTS: CATEGORY: Mystery The Hattie Davish Mystery series blends history and a feisty smart heroine who ISBN13: 978-1-61773-728-2 solves crimesan irresistible combination. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Readers who enjoy Victoria Thompson, Anne Perry, Carol Carr, and Deanna RIGHTS: World Raybourn will love Anna Loan-Wilseys novels. PAGES: 304 Large print rights have sold for A Deceptive Homecoming and A Lack of TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Temperance. SPINE SIZE: 3/4 PACK: 48 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: PRAISE FOR THE HATTIE DAVISH MYSTERY SERIE Nevada, IA A well-written historical mystery that brought the period to life. SALES HISTORY: Mystery Scene on A Deceptive Homecoming Kensington Books Trade Paperback A Deceptive Homecoming Anna Loan-Wilsey has a real talent for pulling the reader into a past world of both charm 8/15 (978-1-61773-726-8) and chaosI cant wait to read her next adventure. A Sense of Entitlement Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of Finding Mercy 7/14 (978-0-7582-7638-4) Anything But Civil Delightfulcozy fans will eagerly await Hatties next adventure. 10/13 (978-0-7582-7636-0) Publishers Weekly on A Lack of Temperance eBook: 978-1-61773-729-9 This historical cozy debut showcases the authors superb research. Readers will be fascinateda warm beginning.Library Journal on A Lack of Temperance Anna Loan-Wilsey is currently working on her next book in the Hattie Davish Mystery series. She earned her B.A. at Wells College and had several poems published in their literary magazine, The Chronicle. Readers can visit her website at 32 O CTOBER 2016

33 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK SHOOT EM UP THE MAISIE MCGRANE MYSTERY SERIES Janey Mack Library Journal proclaims that Mystery buffs will not only be swept up in the ingenious and well-crafted plot but will love the irrepressible Maisie in Janey Macks debut Times Up. Now in her third mystery, Masie McGrane is undercover running guns with the mafia, while her familys running wild! M eter maid turned undercover cop Maisie McGrane managed to survive her first sting operation with just a few minor stab woundsand some lingering emotional scars. An assassination attempt on the mayor brings the ATF and DEA to Chicago, and theyre MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print and digital counting on Maisies underworld connections to help them infiltrate and cripple a cartel media campaign running guns and drugs into the city. But she wont be going it alone. The DEAs Online outreach to womens hand-selected charismatic hard-case Lee Sharpe as her partner and protector. And hes fiction site, mystery bloggers, taking his assignment seriouslyin every way. But with her meddling Chicago PD family and NetGalley users threatening to expose her true identity at any moment, Maisie will have to scramble to Feature title in the monthly stay one step ahead of them, the cartel, and her new partner before her cover is shot. Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter Social media advertising KEY SELLING POINTS: and promotions This is the third in a new three book mystery series, over the course of which Early review campaign through the main character progresses from meter maid to full-fledged cop. Goodreads and NetGalley Author is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, Desert Sleuths and Scottsdale Writers Promotion on The popular show Blue Bloods is also about Chicago police officers and The Maisie McGrane Mystery series showcases the same character-driven, humorous-yet-realistic sensibility as the massively success Stephanie Plum CATEGORY: Mystery series, as well as mystery series by Carl Hiassen and C.J. Box. ISBN13: 978-1-61773-694-0 PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 PRAISE FOR TIMES UP RIGHTS: World Mystery buffs will not only be swept up in the ingenious and well-crafted plot but will love PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 the irrepressible Maisie.Library Journal, Starred Review SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Macks outstanding debut conjures up equal parts Janet Evanovich (zany characters) and Scottsdale, AZ Michael Harvey (the Chicago political machine). Riotous characters, including the members SALES HISTORY: of the large McGrane clan, enhance a fast and furious plot that expertly balances menace and Kensington Trade Paperback laugh-out-loud hijinks.Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Choked Up 1/16 (978-1-61773-692-6) The most engaging new detective in a long time. Janey Macks debut is a stand-out. Times Up Hy Conrad, author of Toured to Death and the Mr. Monk mysteries 7/15 (978-1-61773-690-2) eBook: 978-1-61773-695-7 Janey Mack grew up always wanting to be a cop but her dad wouldnt let her, so she did the next best thing and created Maisie McGrane, who gets to do everything she cant. She lives with her husband and children in Scottsdale, Arizon. Please visit her at 33 O CTOBER 2016

34 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK H OLIDAY HOME WITH MY SISTERS Mary Carter Against a stunning winter backdrop, fan-favorite Mary Carter brings rare insight to the deep and complicated nature of sisterhooda bond that endures far beyond childhood, and can always bring us home again. F aith, Hope, and Joy. As children, the Garland sisters seemed to fit together as seamlessly as their names. Banding together helped them survive their free-spirited parents, who moved from place to place and whim to whim, until their father took off for good. But as the MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print and online girls grew up, they became virtual strangers. advertising This Christmas, they intend to spend the holidays in their usual way: far apart. But their ailing Holiday promotion grandmother wants her girls around her once more, and Hope, always the peacemaker, Outreach to reading groups convinces her reluctant sisters to travel to Leavenworth, Washington. Hope is immediately and womens fiction/romance websites charmed by the unique setting, modeled on a Bavarian village, and by her grandmothers handsome, mysterious neighbor. Still, theres scant trace of celebration within the Garland Reading group guide included family. Joys main motivation for visiting is to secure start-up funds for a coffee shop. Faith, Promotion on Facebook oblivious to her childrens unhappiness, is waiting until the holidays are over to announce and Twitter that her marriage is over and she has a new love. With a festive schedule of candy-cane Feature title on martinis, hot tubs, and snowball fights, Hope tries to expose and heal old resentments, but and moving forward as a family will take more than a little seasonal goodwill. CATEGORY: Fiction KEY SELLING POINTS: ISBN13: 978-1-61773-708-4 Mary Carters latest novel will appeal to fans of Jodi Picoult, Cathy Lamb and PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Wendy Wax. RIGHTS: World Home With My Sisters will also appeal to fans of Christmas themed fiction and PAGES: 352 those who enjoy books about the relationships between sisters. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Mary Carters acclaimed novels have been translated into eight languages. SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 PRAISE FOR MARY CARTER AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Chicago, IL A touching novel. Publishers Weekly on The Things I Do for You SALES HISTORY: A marvelous combination of wit and heart. Kensington Trade Paperback London From My Window RT Book Reviews on The Things I Do for You 8/15 (978-1-31773-706-0) The ending is as enchanting as the Ireland she describes, and this is guaranteed to become Meet Me in Barcelona one of the books on your shelf that youll want to read again. 8/14 (978-0-7582-8472-3) on The Pub Across the Pond Three Months in Florence 8/13 (978-0-7582-8470-9) The unique spin Carter takes on the familiar theme of self-discovery gives this a welcome, eBook: 978-1-61773-709-1 fresh feel.Publishers Weekly on My Sisters Voice Mary Carter is a freelance writer and novelist. Readers are welcome to visit her at, find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @marycarterbooks. 34 O CTOBER 2016

35 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK H OLIDAY THAT MISTLETOE MOMENT Cat Johnson; Kate Angell; Allyson Charles From Kensington favorites New York Times bestselling author Cat Johnson and USA Today bestselling author Kate Angell comes a novel about three single women who take a thoroughly modern approach to good old-fashioned romance, and wonder if the bestand most complicatedgift of all is just a click, tap, or swipe away MADE UP MARKETING PLANS: Like a Christmas miracle, the Build a Boyfriend App lets you simply input the stats of your Advance reading copies dream man, and witty texts, passionate emails, and hot Instagram pics start flooding in. No Print and online advertising more awkward questions or pitying looks as you face the holidays alone! Social media advertising MIXED UP and promotions But even the best technology has its glitches. When real-life emotions come into play, this trio Holiday promotion of twenty-somethings find themselves in a tangle of crossed signals, flying wrapping paper, Early reviewer promotions disastrous Christmas partiesand surprising kisses. through Goodreads, NetGalley & Kensington kLovers program MATCHED UP Publicity outreach for reviews, Yet despite the confusion of their mistletoe misadventures, when the New Year dawns, these round-ups and feature coverage very satisfied women just may find themselves waking up with true love beside them. Blog tour and ongoing blogger outreach KEY SELLING POINTS: New York Times bestselling author Cat Johnson has a wide following and this is her first holiday themed release. Kate Angell participated in Kensingtons popular holiday anthology The Sugar CATEGORY: Cookie Sweetheart Swap (Kensington TP, 10/13) as well as The Cottage on Contemporary Romance Pumpkin and Vine (Kensington TP, 9/16). ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0557-0 Contemporary romances with holiday themes are a perennial bestseller in the PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 category with readers craving cozy, heartwarming reads as the season changes. RIGHTS: World PAGES: 320 PRAISE FOR THE AUTHORS TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Johnson expertly tugs at the heartstringsA sweet and sizzling contemporary romance that SPINE SIZE: 25/32 will have wide appeal.Publishers Weekly Starred Review on Midnight Wrangler (Johnson) PACK: 48 Johnson is a master.RT Book Reviews on Midnight Ride AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Poughkeepsie, NY (Johnson); Naples, Angells settings are simply delightful, and her charming cast is wonderfully FL (Angell); San Mateo, CA (Charles) warm-hearted.RT Book Reviews on No One Like You eBook: 978-1-4967-0559-4 A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Cat Johnson writes contemporary romance in genres including military and western. For more visit USA Today bestselling author Kate Angell lives in Naples, Florida. Please visit her on Facebook or at Allyson Charles lives in Northern California. Shes the author of the contemporary romances Putting Out Old Flames and The Christmas Tree (Kensington Lyrical). You can find her at 35 O CTOBER 2016

36 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK H OLIDAY THE AMISH CHRISTMAS KITCHEN Kelly Long; Jennifer Beckstrand; Lisa Jones Baker Delicious homemade food is a hallmark of the Amish, especially during the Christmas season. So celebrate with this heartwarming collection of Christmas romances honoring the Plain ways that nourish both the body and the soul from these three outstanding authors. KELLY LONG Baking Love on Ice Mountain MARKETING PLANS: Newly married, Clara Mast and Daniel Kauffman have little to give but love during their first Advance reading copies Christmas season together. But generous hearts are always willing to be creative in this Gift Print and online advertising of the Magi inspired story. Featured in Bouquet marketing JENNIFER BECKSTRAND The Christmas Bakery on Huckleberry Hill program and outreach to Christian readers When shy Katie Rose Gingerichs dat sends her to Huckleberry Hill to secure a marriage proposal, she never expects to long for carefree Titus Helmuthor to hope that he might Holiday promotion want to spend every Christmas with her Early reviewer promotions through Goodreads, NetGalley & LISA JONES BAKER THE SPECIAL CHRISTMAS COOKIE Kensington kLovers program A charity auction, an unexpected friendship, and a stubborn spirit combine in an Email marketing and promotion unusual courtship. through eNewsletters and eBlasts to Kensington subscribers and KEY SELLING POINTS: author fan lists This anthology features three seperate stories, each with ties to a different Publicity outreach for reviews, Amish series. Readers of Amish romance tend to be superfans which makes roundups and feature coverage an anthology like this the perfect tool for book discovery. Social media advertising Beckstrand was nominated for a RITA Award for Inspirational Romance and and promotions a Reviewers Choice Award in 2015 for Huckleberry Summer (6/14.) Promotion on Long was a Finalist for the Carol Award from the American Christian and Fiction Writers. CATEGORY: Inspirational Romance PRAISE FOR THE AUTHORS ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0591-4 Long is an amazing writer. She knows what readers have come to expect and does not PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 disappoint.RT Book Reviews on The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain RIGHTS: World Beckstrands gentle love story, the latest in The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series is PAGES: 352 brimming with everyday details about the Amish way of life, making it a sweet treat for fans TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 of Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter.Booklist on Huckleberry Hearts SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 Kelly Long is a CBA bestselling author and the author of the acclaimed Amish Patch of AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Heaven series. Her novel Lillys Wedding Quilt was a Goodreads Favorite Book of the Year in Hummelston, PA (Long); Centerville, Ut (Beckstrand); 2011. Please visit her at Bloomington, IL (Baker) Jennifer Beckstrand is the RITA nominated and award-winning author of the Matchmakers SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback of Huckleberry Hill series. Readers can visit her website at The Amish Christmas Sleigh 10/15 (978-1-4967-0013-1) Lisa Jones Baker grew up near a small Amish town in Illinois that she frequented with her family on weekends. Raised in a Christian home, Lisa has always been blessed with love eBook: 978-1-4967-0593-8 and support. 36 O CTOBER 2016

37 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK STILETTO JUSTICE Camryn King Camryn Kings sizzling debut novel delivers an intriguing tale of three resourceful women with a ruthless senator in their sightsand even more explosive ways to take him down A successful businesswoman who used to live by the rules. A struggling single mother whose best is never good enough. A gorgeous rebel who lost by playing it safe. Each has a man unjustly sentenced to long prison terms by former prosecutor Hammond Grey. MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print, online, podcast Theyve tried every legal remedy to get justiceonly to see Hammond climb ever higher and social media advertising up the political ladder and secure himself behind power and privilege. So when Kim, Jayda, Online content and and Harley meet by sheer chance, theyve got no options left. Now its time for them to shareable graphics launch Plan B. And they wont stop at infiltrating Hammonds elite world and turning all his Email marketing through advantages into tempting traps. Because playing his weakness is the ultimate paybackand Kensington eNewsletter and the kind of lethal justice theyll gamble everything to get author lists Kensington Fresh Voices KEY SELLING POINTS: marketing campaign This is Camryn Kings debut novel! Major early reader and Though Stiletto Justice brings scheming, revenge, and surprise twists that consumer reviewer promotions are prominent in bestselling commercial fiction, fans of suspense and womens via GoodReads, NetGalley, etc. fiction will find the storys brazen, unpredictable heroines refreshing. Promotion at Stiletto Justice has a well-rounded cast of black and white characters in middle America. Stiletto Justice is about stong women who will do anything to get whats theirs much like the strong-willed characters of Cookie Lyon and Annelise Keeting from Empire and How to Get Away With Murder, respectively. CATEGORY: Fiction Includes a Reading Group Guide. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0216-6 PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 RIGHTS: World Camryn King was a senior writer and managing editor for a lifestyle magazine. An avid PAGES: 320 world traveler, shes lived in or visited more than two dozen countries and forty-two states, TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 and acquired endless fodder for upcoming novels. Stiletto Justice is her first release. SPINE SIZE: 25/32 Visit her online at PACK: 48 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Las Vegas, NV eBook: 978-1-4967-0217-3 37 O CTOBER 2016

38 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK DEAR YVETTE THE THROWBACK DIARIES SERIES Ni-Ni Simone Award-winning author Ni-Ni Simone returns with the second book in her fantastic urban young adult Throwback Diaries series about a teenager whos trying to escape her past, but nothings that easy to get away from. A ll sixteen year old Yvette Simmons wanted was to disappear. Problem is: she has too many demons for that. Yvettes life changed forever after a street fight over a boy ended in a second degree murder charge. Forced to start all over again, shes sentenced to live in a MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising group home far from anything or anyone shes ever known. She manages to keep her past Early reviewer promotions hidden, until a local cutie, known as Brooklyn, steps in. Slowly, Yvette lets him into her heart through Goodreads, & NetGalley and he gives her the summer of her dreams Social media advertising But in Yvettes world things are never as they seem. and promotions Newsletter and email marketing Brooklyn has a few secrets of his own and Yvettes past comes back with a vengeance. Will and promotions she face life head-on? Will she return to her old ways? Or will an unexpected letter decide Promotion on her fate? KEY SELLING POINTS: CATEGORY: Young Adult Ni-Ni Simones Upgrade U received the 2012 Street Lit Book Award Medal in the ISBN13: 978-0-7582-8776-2 Teen/Young Adult category. PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 At the core of the story are themes of good character, making good decisions, RIGHTS: World bucking peer pressure, substance over materialism, self reliance, and when to PAGES: 288 seek help from an adult. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Shortie Like Mine, If I Was Your Girl, A Girl Like Me, and Teenage Love Affair SPINE SIZE: 23/32 have been selected by YALSA as Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. PACK: 56 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Union City, NJ PRAISE FOR THE THROWBACK DIARIES SERIES SALES HISTORY: Simones story is reminiscent of Sistah Souljahs groundbreaking The Coldest Winter Dafina Trade Paperbacks Evera hard hitting tale of the inner citys unforgiving streets.Library Journal Down By Law 9/15 (978-0-7582-8774-8) Simone knows how to tell a storyand she can also bring the drama. Put Your Diamonds Up RT Book Reviews 8/14 (978-0-7582-8852-3) Get Ready for War 4/13 (978-0-7582-7355-0) Ni-Ni Simone is a Jersey girl with an obsession for reality TV and celebrity gossip. She eBook: 978-0-7582-8777-9 never intended to write teen fiction, but her editor and the literary gods had other plans. She whipped up her first novel, Shortie Like Mine, in two weeks, and has been in love with writing ever since. Shortie was the first of Ni-Nis books to be selected by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) as a Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, and its also a Virginia Readers Choice Selection. When shes not writing, Ni-Ni is soaking up inspiration from music, TV, and most of all, the teens out there hanging tough no matter what comes their way. Ni-Ni lives in North Jersey with her husband and their children. 38 O CTOBER 2016

39 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK SCHEMES Kiki Swinson and Saundra Street lit superstar and national bestselling author Kiki Swinson pairs up with up-and-coming author Saundra to deliver a double dose of drama! KIKI SWINSON Devil in Sheeps Clothing MARKETING PLANS: Karlie Houston hasnt seen a raise in forever, but the payday loan office she manages is Advance reading copies raking in the cash. So why not get what shes rightfully owed by masterminding a heist? Once Cross marketing with The Score her lover Sidneys boys hit all the companys locations at one time, theres a fortune to split. (Dafina TP, 9/16) But suddenly bodies start droppingand Karlie better devise the perfect plan to survive National print and online advertising SAUNDRA Twisted Deception Raised by a ruthless mother, Yazz Armstrong lives by scheme or die. So shes cool with Social media advertising and promotions helping her man, Kevon, take control of head dealer Caesars territory. And when the fallout racks up unexpected casualties, Yazz finds Caesars bed a refugeand his empire hers to Outreach to crime/suspense help rule. Too bad someone with an even more lethal agenda wont stop til Yazz and her fans in addition to readers of street lit dreams crash and burn for good Email marketing and promotion KEY SELLING POINTS: through both Kensington and authors social media platforms, Dafinas urban anthologies have performed well, and its because they combine newsletter subscribers, and the hottest authors of urban lit who always deliver thrilling, juicy tales that fans fan groups love. This is no exception, with Kiki Swinson, one of the hottest authors in urban lit, teaming up with Saundra. NetGalley placement for early online reviews Hard, edgy, and full of suspense and betrayal, this urban anthology will appeal to fans of Wahida Clark and Nikki Turner who similarly deliver shock-filled Promotions on novels about urban life.,, and Being paired with Kiki Swinson will expose Saundra to a whole legion of new readers and invigorate sales of the books in Her Sweetest Revenge series. PRAISE FOR THE AUTHORS Pitch-perfect dialogue, juicy sexual trysts, coldblooded betrayal, and ruthless violence CATEGORY: Fiction mark this suspenseful fast moving tale that is topped off by a shocking epilogue. Street lit fans ISBN13: 978-1-61773-365-9 will want this outstanding example of current urban fiction. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Library Journal Starred Review on The Score RIGHTS: World PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Kiki Swinson is the national bestselling author of over 30 novels and short stories. Swinson SPINE SIZE: 27/32 resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Visit her online at PACK: 40 Saundra grew up in Cleveland, Mississippi, and now resides in Indiana. Saundra self- AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Virginia Beach, VA;(Swinson) published her first novella, Owning Up, before being discovered by Delphine Publications. Fort Wayne, IN (Saundra) She is currently working on her next project. Visit her website at eBook: 978-1-61773-366-6 39 O CTOBER 2016

40 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER THE SEASON OF US Holly Chamberlin Against the irresistible backdrop of Christmas in New England, bestselling author Holly Chamberlin creates a heartfelt and memorable novela story of reunited family, new beginnings, and unconditional lovethe best gift of all. T o outsiders, Appleville, New Hampshire, is a storybook small town complete with a little white church and a gazebo on the village green. To Gincy Gannon Luongo, it was a place to escape from, as quickly and as permanently as she could. Since she moved away twenty years ago, Appleville has been her hometown in name only. But at her brother Tommys urging, Gincy is coming back to visit their recently widowed mother in the weeks leading up to Christmasand shes bringing her teenage daughter, Tamsin, with her. Ellen Gannon, once feisty and strong-willed, is mired in depression six months after losing her husband. Tommy isnt doing much better. Gincy starts restoring order to the household in her usual practical way, but the real issues run much deeper than an empty fridge or an unpaid bill. Imagined slights and lingering resentments have created chasms between them all. With each passing day, Gincy realizes she has seriously undervalued her mother and underestimated her brother. Only now, with the support of her husband, daughter, and best friends, is she starting to see how much she may have missed. For beyond the surface of every family and every picturesque town is something more complicated but infinitely more rewardinga tapestry of those small acts of acceptance, love, and loyalty that could transform this Christmas into the best Gincys ever known. PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF HOLLY CHAMBERLIN Nostalgia over real-life friendships lost and regained pulls readers into the story.USA Today on Summer Friends A great summer read but with substance. It will find a wide audience in its exploration of sisterhood, family, and loss. Library Journal on Summer with My Sisters A thoughtful novel.Shelf Awareness on Summer Friends A dramatic and moving portrait of several generations of a family and each persons place within it. Booklist on The Family Beach House This heartfelt and warm novel leaves readers with a sense of hope and wellbeingAppropriately paced and not overly dramatic, Summer With My Sisters is a wonderful summertime read.RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars for Summer with My Sisters Will draw you inWell-written and full of engaging characters, this is a great novel that is worth picking up. San Francisco Book Review on The Summer Everything Changed Holly Chamberlin was born and raised in New York City. After earning a Masters degree in English Literature from New York University and working as an editor in the publishing industry for ten years, she moved to Boston, married and became a freelance editor and writer. She and her husband now live in downtown Portland, Maine, in a restored mid-nineteenth century brick townhouse with Betty, the most athletic, beautiful and intelligent cat in the world. Readers can visit her website at 40 N OVEMBER 2016

41 KEY SELLING POINTS: The Season of Us will have an attractive cover price of $18.95, making it the perfect impulse buy for holiday shoppers and those looking to stock Christmas stockings! Holly Chamberlin is following in the footsteps of Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer, two New York Times bestselling authors who publish a new summer novel each year and have now started publishing short Christmas novels. In 2014 Elin Hilderbran published Winter Street and Winter Stroll in 2015 and Nancy Thayer published A Nantucket Christmas in 2013 and An Island Christmas in 2014. Another one of Holly Chamberlins most successful trade paperbacks is the Christmas-themed One Week in December, currently in its eighth printing! With the addition of her October 2016 hardcover, The Season of Us, to this years schedule, Kensington will be publishing two brand new Holly Chamberlin novels in 2016, in addition to three reissues. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0681-2 PRICE: $18.95/$20.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 320 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 7/8 PACK: 32 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Portland, ME SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback MARKETING PLANS: Seashell Season, 7/16 (978-1-4967-0152-7) Advance reading copies Summer with My Sisters, 7/15 (978-0-7582-7538-7) National print and online advertising in The Beach Quilt, 7/14 (978-0-7582-7536-3) the US and Canada eBook: 978-1-4967-0683-6 Reading group guide and book club promotions Promotion through both Kensington and authors social media platforms, newsletter subscribers, and fan groups Publicity outreach and Holiday promotions Select author appearances Major early reader and consumer reviewer promotions via GoodReads, NetGalley, etc. Social media advertising and promotion Promotion via and 41 N OVEMBER 2016

42 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER NO WITNESS BUT THE MOON THE JIMMY VEGA MYSTERY SERIES Phllis Garito Suzanne Chazin In this powerful novel from award-winning author Suzanne Chazin, a tense stand-off between a Hispanic police officer and an undocumented immigrant leads to the shooting death of one, the shattered life of the other, and the shocking connection between them O n a clear, moonlit night in December, police detective Jimmy Vega races to the scene of a reported home invasion in an upscale New York community. As Vega arrives, he spots a Hispanic man who fits the description of the armed intruder, running from the victims estate. Vega chases him into the woods. When the suspect refuses to surrenderand reaches into his pocketVega has only seconds to make a life-or-death decision. What begins as a tragic mistake takes an even darker turn when Vega uncovers disturbing links between the dead man and his own mothers brutal, unsolved murder. Vegas need for answers propels him back to his old Bronx neighborhood, a raw, menacing place where he is viewed as a disgraced cop, not a homegrown hero. It also puts him at odds with his girlfriend, Adele Figueroa, head of a local immigrant center, who must weigh her own doubts about his behavior. When a shocking piece of evidence surfaces, it becomes clear that someone doesnt want Vega to put all the pieces togetherand is willing to do whatever it takes to bury the truth. Only by risking everything will Vega be able to find justice, redemption, and the most elusive goal of all: the ability to forgive himself. PRAISE FOR A BLOSSOM OF BRIGHT LIGHT Chazins latest again deftly weaves some difficult and topical subjects into a police procedural.Kirkus Reviews Well-pacedFascinating, multidimensional lead characters.Publishers Weekly Chazins second entry in the Jimmy Vega Mystery series is as amazing as her first. Once again she tells a gripping story in a way that ensures that powerful topics such as race and hatred are still handled delicately. It makes an impactful statement about the underlying racism that can afflict any communityand how that can sometimes lead to unexpected tragedies.RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick From the first riveting pages A Blossom of Bright Light grabs you and wont let go. Terry Shames, author of A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge This is a literary mystery at its finest, captivating, smart, romantic, and impossible to put down. Jacqueline Sheehan, New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Chazin won widespread acclaim for the first mystery in the Jimmy Vega series, Land of Careful Shadows, and for its sequel, A Blossom of Bright Light. She is also the author of The Fourth Angel, Flashover, and Fireplay. She has twice been the recipient of the Washington Irving Book Award for fiction. Her fiction, essays and articles have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, as well as the award-winning short story anthology, Bronx Noir. She lives in the New York City area. Visit her on Facebook or at 42 N OVEMBER 2016

43 KEY SELLING POINTS: A Blossom of Bright Light received an Amazon Editors Pick for Best of the Month in Thrillers and Mysteries Land of Careful Shadows was chosen by the Latina Book Club as one of their 2014 Books of the Year. Third in a compelling mystery series featuring Latino police detective Jimmy Vega. A teaser excerpt for this book will appear at the end of the premium mass market edition of A Blossom of Bright Light (Kensignton MM, 8/16). This novel sensitively explores the lives of undocumented immigrants - a topic as timely as todays headlines. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0517-4 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 3/16 PACK: 32 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: New York City SALES HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover MARKETING PLANS: A Blossom of Bright Light Advance print and digital reading copies 11/15 (978-1-61773-635-3) National print and digital advertising campaigns Land of Careful Shadows 12/14 (978-1-61773-633-9) Social media advertising and promotions including shareable images, dedicated hashtags, eBook: 978-1-4967-0518-1 and promotional giveaways Push for early online reviews through NetGalley and Goodreads Blogger outreach Select author events Book club promotion and outreach Library marketing and targeted ARC mailings Feature title in the Kensington Mystery/Thrilller eNewsletter Promoted title on 43 N OVEMBER 2016

44 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER Stephanie Foster EGGNOG MURDER Leslie Meier; Lee Hollis; Barbara Ross Lisa Gizara Its Christmas in Maine! This holiday season, join New York Times bestselling author Leslie Meier and Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross and cozy up with a glass of eggnog and enjoy the spirit of murder and mystery in a Yultide treat perfect for those winter holidays LESLIE MEIER Eggnog Murder When a gift-wrapped bottle of eggnogallegedly from the Real Beard Santa Clubproves to be a killer concoction for a Tinkers Cove local, all Lucy Stone wants for Christmas is to find the murdering mixologist whos stirring up trouble. LEE HOLLIS Death by Eggnog Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell has never cared much for Bar Harbors grouchy town librarian, Agatha Farnsworth. But after the Scroogy senior has a fataland suspiciousallergic reaction to supposedly non-dairy eggnog, its up to Hayley to ladle out some justice. BARBARA ROSS Nogged Off Julia Snowdens tenant Imogen Geinkes seems to be jinxed. First, her poorly named Killer Eggnog gives all her co-workers food poisoning at the holiday party, then her boyfriends body shows up in Julias moving truck as shes headed back to Busmans Harbor. Now Julia has to get moving to catch the cold-hearted culprit. PRAISE FOR THE AUTHORS Meier continues to exploit the charm factor in her small-town setting, while keeping the murder plots as realistic as possible in such a cozy world.Booklist on Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier A fun Christmas cozy.Library Journal on Death of a Christmas Caterer by Lee Hollis This cozy series continues to stand out with its exceptional plotting, intriguing storylines and authentic detailing of the lobstering life. RT Book Reviews on Musseled Out by Barbara Ross Leslie Meier is the New York Times bestselling author of over twenty Lucy Stone mysteries and has also written for Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine. She is currently at work on the next Lucy Stone mystery. Readers can visit her website at Lee Hollis is the pen name for a brother and sister writing team. Rick Copp is a veteran film and television writer/producer and also the author of two other mystery novel series. He lives in Palm Springs, California. Holly Simason is an award-winning food and cocktails columnist living in North Carolina. You may visit their website at Barbara Ross is the author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries. The first book in the series, Clammed Up was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Contemporary Novel, the RT Book Reviews, Reviewers Choice Best Book Award for Amateur Sleuth, and was a finalist for the Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. She is co-editor/co-publisher of Level Best Books, which produces anthologies of crime stories by New England authors. She writes at her home overlooking the harbor in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. 44 N OVEMBER 2016

45 KEY SELLING POINTS: Candy Cane Murder and Gingerbreak Cookie Murder were two of Kensingtons most successful holiday collections. Eggnog Murder is anchored by New York Times bestselling author Leslie Meier, who has over twenty titles in her Lucy Stone mystery series and over one million books in print! All three novellas are set in Maine, which should give an added hook for publicity and promo opportunities. Each author will be featuring the sleuth from their Maine based mysteries series: Lucy Stone who lives in the fictional town of Tinkers Cove, Maine, Hayley Randolph, who lives in Bar Harbor, Maine and Julia Snowden, who lives in the fictional town of Busmans Harbor, Maine. CATEGORY: Mystery ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0447-4 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 320 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 1/8 PACK: 32 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: MARKETING PLANS: Harwich, MA (Meier); Palm Springs, CA (Hollis); Advance reading copies Somerville, MA (Ross) Print and online advertising eBook: 978-1-4967-0448-1 Early reviewer promotions through Goodreads, NetGalley & Kensington kLovers program Publicity outreach for reviews, roundups, and feature coverage Feature in the bimonthly Killer Cozies eNewsletter Social media advertising and promotions Promotion on, and 45 N OVEMBER 2016

46 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER POCKETBOOKS AND PISTOLS THE HALEY RANDOLPH MYSTERY SERIES Dorothy Howell A treat for those with a passion for fashion (Kirkus Reviews), Dorothy Howells humorous series features Haley Randolph, whose crazed obsession with designer handbags makes her the most stylish amateur sleuth in the game! W ith the extra duties shes taking on, Haleys positioning herself to be Employee of the Month. But when Haley discovers former Holts employee Asha McLean shot dead behind the store during orientation training, it turns out theres more to die for than hot MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising designer deals. The ensuing negative publicity could force Holts to close its doors Newsletter and email marketing permanently, sinking the surrounding shopping centerand Haleys jobinto oblivion. and promotions Haley cant fathom why anyone would harm Ashauntil she learns that her former Early reviewer promotions coworker, who secretly lived in Sherman Oaks and owned a mint BMW, was seriously shady. through Goodreads, NetGalley & Kensington kLovers program Upon closer inspection, Ashas duplicitous lifestyle not only earned lots of cash, but plenty of mortal enemies. Promotion in bimonthly Killer Cozies eNewsletter As authorities question her innocence and business wanes, Haleys desperate to sack the Social media advertising murderer and save Holts in time. Otherwise, instead of rocking a Mystique, Haley might end and promotions up full of holesor worse, locked away in a very unflattering shade of orange Promotion on and KEY SELLING POINTS: This is the ninth installment in Dorothy Howells much loved series featuring Haley Randolph. CATEGORY: Mystery ISBN13: 978-0-7582-9502-6 The Haley Randolph series appeals to fans of frothy, fun cozy mysteries by such authors as Laura Levine, Nancy Martin, and Kate White. PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 RIGHTS: World Tote Bags and Toe Tags was chosen by as one of their favorite books of 2012. PAGES: 320 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 British rights for Shoulder Bags and Shootings, Purses and Poison, and Handbags and Homicides were sold to Hodder/Headline, and British large SPINE SIZE: 1 1/8 print rights for these three books were sold to Chivers. PACK: 32 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, CA PRAISE FOR THE HALEY RANDOLPH MYSTERY SERIES SALES HISTORY: Enjoyablean unlikely but engaging sleuth. Kensington Hardcover Swag Bags and Swindlers Publishers Weekly on Evening Bags and Executions 10/15 (978-0-7582-9498-2) Dorothy Howell is one funny lady. I laughed out loud as I followed Haleys adventures Beach Bags and Burglaries tracking down both a killer and a Louis Vuitton organizer in this fast-paced, fun-filled 8/14 (978-0-7582-9494-4) page-turner. I recommend it highly. Evening Bags and Executions 7/13 (978-0-7582-5334-7) Laura Levine, author of Death of a Neighborhood Witch eBook: 978-0-7582-9503-3 Dorothy Howell was inspired to write her first Haley Randolph mystery, Handbags and Homicide, by her crazed obsession with designer purses. She lives in Southern California. Visit her website at 46 N OVEMBER 2016

47 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK DUTY TO THE CROWN THE DAUGHTERS OF NEW FRANCE SERIES Aimie K. Runyan Set amid the promise and challenge of the first Canadian colonies, Aimie K. Runyans vividly rendered novel provides a fascinating portrait of the women who would become the founding mothers of New France. I n 1667, an invisible wall separates settlers in New France from their Huron neighbors. Yet whether in the fledgling city of Quebec or within one of the native tribes, every womans fate depends on the man she choosesor is obligatedto marry. MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising Although Claudine Deschamps and Gabrielle Giroux both live within the settlement, their Early reviewer promotions prospects are very different. French-born Claudine has followed her older sister across the through Goodreads, Netgalley & Kensington kLovers program Atlantic hoping to attract a wealthy husband through her beauty and connections. Gabrielle, orphan daughter of the town drunkard, is forced into a loveless union by a cruel law that Publicity outreach for reviews, roundups and feature coverage requires her to marry by her sixteenth birthday. And Manon Lefebvre, born in the Huron village and later adopted by settlers, has faced the prejudices of both societies and is Social media and eNewsletter convinced she can no longer be accepted in either. Drawn into unexpected friendship advertising and promotions through their loves, losses, and dreams of home and family, all three women will have to Promotion on call on their bravery and resilience to succeed in this new world CATEGORY: Fiction KEY SELLING POINTS: ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0114-5 Duty to the Crown will appeal to fans of historical fiction, as well as fans of PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Philippa Gregory (Touchstone) and Barbara Kyle (Kensington). RIGHTS: World Aimie Runyan is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Womens PAGES: 352 Fiction Writers Association. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PRAISE FOR PROMISED TO THE CROWN PACK: 40 A heart-wrenching and timeless tale of friendship, love and hope that skillfully blends AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Frederick, CO history and romance to educate, entertain and inspire. SALES HISTORY: Pam Jenoff, author of The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach Kensington Trade Paperback This gripping debut brings to life the saga of three courageous women from disparate Promised to the Crown 5/16 (978-1-4967-0112-1) backgrounds starting over in New France. Aimie Runyan deftly guides us through the hardships and rewards of life on the early Canadian frontier. Promised to the Crown is eBook: 978-1-4967-0115-2 an absorbing adventure with heart. Jennifer Laam, author of The Secret Daughter of the Tsar A captivating tale of three courageous women. Promised to the Crown is an unforgettable saga of strength and sisterhood, one that will stay with you long after the final. Diane Haeger Aimie K. Runyan, member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Womens Fiction Writers Association, has been an avid student of French and Francophone Studies for more than fifteen years. Aimie lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. 47 N OVEMBER 2016

48 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE EDUCATION Gina Warren Photography OF DIXIE DUPREE Donna Everhart Narrated by her young heroine in a voice as sure and resonant as The Secret Life of Bees Lily or Bastard Out of Carolinas Bone, Donna Everharts remarkable debut is a story about mothers and daughters, the guilt and pain that pass between generations, and the truths that are impossible to hide, especially from ourselves. I n 1969, Dixie Dupree is eleven years old and already an expert liar. Sometimes the lies are for her mama, Evies saketo explain away a bruise brought on by her quick-as-lightning temper. And sometimes the lies are to spite Evie, who longs to leave her unhappy marriage in Perry County, Alabama, and return to her beloved New Hampshire. But for Dixie and her brother, Alabama is home, a place of pine-scented breezes and hot, languid afternoons. Though Dixie is learning that the family she once believed was happy has deep fractures, even her vivid imagination couldnt concoct the events about to unfold. Dixie records everything in her diaryher parents fights, her fathers drinking and his unexplained departure, and the arrival of Uncle Ray. Only when Dixie desperately needs help and is met with disbelief does she realize how much damage her past lies have done. But she has courage and a spirit that may yet prevail, forcing secrets into the open and allowing her to forgive and become whole again. ADVANCE PRAISE FOR THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE A searingly honest coming of age story with a heroine unlike any other Ive met in a long time. I read this book through from start to finish in one sitting, simply unable and unwilling to put it down. Heres to another beautiful novel from Donna Everhart. Holly Chamberlin, author of Seashell Season A poignant coming of age novel as gritty as red Alabama dirt. Dixie Dupree will stay with you long after youve turned the last page. Colleen Faulkner, author of Julias Daughters Secrets, lies, peach cobbler, grits, a hot Alabama sun, and a girl named Dixie Dupree who shows courage in the face of betrayal, strength when all falls down around her, and shining hope in the darkness. This is a story youll read well into the night. Cathy Lamb, author of The Language of Sisters Please open your heart to Dixie Dupree. With unflinching honesty and a voice that rings with authenticity, she survives the unthinkable. Her story celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit and the triumph of the imagination. An important novel, beautifully written, this is a story to cherish.Susan Wiggs, # 1 New York Times bestselling author Donna Everhart grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and has lived close to her hometown for most of her life. For several years she worked for high tech companies, specializing in project management and product introduction. She carries a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She lives in Dunn, North Carolina with her husband, and a tiny, heart stealing Yorkshire terrier, named Mister. 48 N OVEMBER 2016

49 KEY SELLING POINTS: A handful of books published in the 90s, early 2000s have similar elements regarding the southern setting and abuse namely Bastard Out of Carolina, The Secret Life of Bees, Ellen Foster, and As Hot As It Was, You Ought to Thank Me. Everhart is a North Carolina native and her characters speak with a true and unmistakable Southern voice. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0551-8 PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: MARKETING PLANS: Dunn, North Carolina Advance reading copies eBook: 978-1-4967-0552-5 National publicity coverage in print and online media Online promotion and advertising campaign Promotion through both Kensington and authors social media platforms, newsletter subscribers, and fan groups Blog tour Select author appearances and virtual events Major early reader and consumer reviewer promotions via GoodReads, NetGalley, etc. Email marketing and promotion through both Kensington and authors social media platforms Promotion on 49 N OVEMBER 2016

50 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER FINAL SCREAM Kimberly Butler Photography Lisa Jackson Repackaged and made available as a trade paperback for the first time, this gripping novel of suspense by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson, a small timber town nestled in the shadow of Oregons Cascade Mountains is the perfect place for a killer to hide F or the wealthy Buchanans, the town of Prosperity has delivered everything its name promises. Not that Cassidy Buchanan cares about money, cars, or expensive clothesunlike her beautiful older sister. All Cassidy wants is to ride her horses. Then her father hires Brig McKenzie, a handsome troublemaker who ignites a storm of rivalry. By summers end, a fatal fire rages through the Buchanans saw mill, tearing the family apartand Brig disappears, presumed guilty of arson. Seventeen years later, Cassidy has never stopped trying to uncover the truth about that terrible crime. Now married to Brigs brother, Chase, shes come back to Prosperity to find closure. Instead, she encounters a fresh nightmare. Another fire is set, deliberate and deadly. Some view Cassidy as a suspectothers believe shes the target. All Cassidy knows for sure is that neither her family nor her marriage is quite what it seems. And that her own final scream may be the last sound she ever hears PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF LISA JACKSON [Jackson] generates near-constant suspense, weaving together disparate plot turns, directing a large cast of characters, and playing up movie-star egos and show-biz gossip to give the novel a vintage Hollywood feel. With moderate gore, a hint of romance, and many dynamic female characters, After Shes Gone is a sure bet.Booklist A juicy creep-a-thonbuilds to a surprising cliffhanger ending.Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, on Without Mercy Jackson shows a mastery of the true-crime thriller formula that will please fans.Kirkus Reviews on Tell Me Immediate and visceralJackson definitely knows how to keep readers riveted.Mystery Scene on Never Die Alone A real page-turnerExcellent read!Suspense Magazine on Close to Home Lisa Jackson is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than seventy-five novels, including Close to Home, Tell Me, Deserves to Die, You Dont Want to Know, Running Scared, and Shiver. She has over twenty million copies of her books in print in nineteen languages. She lives with her family and a rambunctious pug in the Pacific Northwest. Readers can visit her website at and check out her blog at 50 N OVEMBER 2016

51 KEY SELLING POINTS: Final Scream spent nine weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, going as high as # 5, and spent a total of eight weeks on the USA Today bestseller list, Foreign rights for Final Scream sold to Norway, Sweden, China, and Portuguese Final Scream is currently in its 17th printing. While Lisa Jackson has a strong female readership, she also appeals to male thriller readers who enjoy such authors as Harlan Coben and John Sandford. Lisa Jackson also appeals to female thriller readers who dont necessary read romantic suspense but do read female thriller authors such as Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0567-9 PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World PAGES: 496 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 5/16 PACK: 24 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Lake Oswego, OR PUBLISHING HISTORY: Zebra Mass Market MARKETING PLANS: 8/05 (978-0-8217-7712-1) Print and online advertising SALES HISTORY: Special online campaign featuring Kensington Trade Paperback Whispers 11/15 (978-1-4967-0052-0) Feature title in the Kensington Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter eBook: 978-1-4967-0884-7 Social media advertising and promotions Promotion on and 51 N OVEMBER 2016

52 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK DEATH COMES TO KURLAND HALL THE KURLAND ST. MARY MYSTERY SERIES Catherine Lloyd With the Regency setting of Jane Austens beloved books and the subtle, well-crafted mystery of P.D. James, Catherine Lloyds third novel in her acclaimed series brings more murder to the little English village of Kurland St. Mary L ucy Harrington has returned to Kurland St. Mary to help with her friend Sophia Giffins wedding. But her homecoming is made disagreeable by the presence of Major Robert Kurland, whose bungled proposal has ruffled Lucys composure, and a meddling widow who MARKETING PLANS: Cross marketing with Death Comes to the Fair (Kensington has designs on her father, the village rector. HC, 12/16) Print and online advertising Wary of the cloying Mrs. Chingsford from the start, Lucy has doubts about the busybodys Feature title in the Kensington intentions with her father. But everyone else seems to think they make an ideal matchuntil Mystery/Thrilller eNewsletter the courtship is curtailed when Mrs. Chingsford is found dead at the bottom of a staircase. Social media advertising Its clear that it wasnt an accident, and in hopes of finding the culprit, Lucy and Robert call and promotions a truce and begin scrutinizing the wedding guests. Promotion on But the widow left behind plenty of enemies, and when one of them is the next to turn up and dead, Lucy and Robert discover that the truth is far more scandalous than anyone could have imagined CATEGORY: Mystery ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0501-3 KEY SELLING POINTS: PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Catherine Lloyds third historical mystery captures a world, in time and place, RIGHTS: World that will appeal to the same audiences as those reading Victoria Thompson PAGES: 320 (Berkley Prime Crime), Anne Perry (Ballantine), Carol Carr (Berkley) and Deanna Raybourn (Mira). TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 25/32 This is the third in Catherline Lloyds series, and a developing romance between its protagonists keeps readers invested and coming back. PACK: 48 Born and raised in England and with a Masters degree in history, Catherine AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Kailua Kona, HI Lloyd brings rich details to her work. PUBLISHING HISTORY: Kensington Hardcover 12/15 (978-0-7582-8737-3) PRAISE FOR DEATH COMES TO KURLAND HALL SALES HISTORY: This charming Regency series has a darker side.Library Journal Kensington Trade Paperback Death Comes to London This superb series contains rich historical details that transport readers into village life. The 12/14 (978-0-7582-8735-9) mystery is intelligently constructed and aided by devious intentions. Death Comes to the Village RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars 12/13 (978-0-7582-8733-5) The protagonists romantic power struggles are as appealing as ever.Publishers Weekly eBook: 978-0-7582-8738-0 A saucy tale of love and murder, Regency style.Kirkus Reviews Catherine Lloyd was born just outside London, England. Catherine currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and four children. Readers can visit her website at 52 N OVEMBER 2016

53 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK DEEPEST DESIRES OF A WICKED DUKE THE WICKED DUKES SERIES Sharon Page USA Today bestselling author Sharon Page sizzles again with the final book in her Wicked Dukes Trilogy, where powerful men indulge their decadent appetites and where women unlock the secrets of forbidden desire against the polished backdrop of Regency England. The final duke is about to meet his match. SINLESS MARKETING PLANS: Ten years ago the Duke of Sinclair called off his wedding to Portia after revealing his Advance reading copies debauched past and dark carnal desires. Portia has never known love since. Now she is in Print and online advertising Sins presence again, on a secluded island, witness to an orgy of sexual delights that thrill Publicity outreach for reviews, her in ways she never dreamed possible roundups and feature coverage SINFUL Early reviewer promotions Sin has never forgotten Portias beauty or innocence and he is shocked to find her tied to through Goodreads, NetGalley & Kensington kLover program his bed when he arrives on Serenity Island. But he soon finds his long ago love curious, then aroused, by the carnal acts all around her. Sin has secrets he can never reveal, but in Portia Blog tour and ongoing he discovers a sensuality that knows no bounds blogger outreach Social media advertising KEY SELLING POINTS: and promotions Sharon is a two-time consecutive winner of the National Readers Choice Promotion on Award and has twice received the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award. and Previous Sharon Page books have hit the Barnes & Noble and USA Today bestseller lists. CATEGORY: Erotic Romance Sharon Pages books appeal to the foreign markets as well, with sales to ISBN13: 978-1-61773-096-2 Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, and Italy. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF SHARON PAGE PAGES: 352 Embodies all the classic qualities of a strong, sexy historical erotica. TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Library Journal on Deeper in Sin SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 Scorching love scenes to make you sweat and an intriguing plot to hold it all together. AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Hannah Howell, New York Times bestselling author Ottawa, Canada Wickedly sensual and exquisitely drawn. Historical erotic romance doesnt get any better SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback than this.Kate Douglas, author of Wolf Tales Deeper in Sin 9/15 (978-1-61773-094-8) Sinfully delicious.Sunny, New York Times bestselling author Deeply in You 7/14 (978-1-61773-092-4) A writer, a wife, and a mother of two, Sharon Page holds an industrial design degree and eBook: 978-1-61773-097-9 also manages a scientific research and development program. She finds writing tales of sexy Regency rakes is the perfect escape from her technical world. Sharon Pages style is sharp, sexy, and will seduce you from the first page (Just Erotic Romance Reviews). She can be reached at 53 N OVEMBER 2016

54 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK THE THUNDER BENEATH US Nicole Blades For fans of Tayari Jones and Mary Monroe, Nicole Blades debuts on the Dafina list with an evocative and emotionally gripping novel about a woman coming to terms with her past and finally accepting her future. T o the world, Best Lightburn is a talented writer rising up the masthead at international style magazine James, girlfriend of a gorgeous up-and-coming actor, and friend to New York Citys fabulous. Then theres the other Best, the one who has chosen to recast herself MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print, online, podcast as an only child rather than confront the truth. and social media advertising Ten years ago, on Christmas Eve, Best and her two older brothers took a shortcut over a Online content and shareable graphics frozen lake. When the ice cracked, all three went in. Only Best came out. People said she was lucky, but that kind of luck is nothing but a burden. Because Best knows what she had to do Email marketing through Kensington eNewsletter and to survive. And after years of covering up the past, her guilt is detonating through every facet author lists of her seemingly charmed life. Its all unraveling so fast: her new boss is undermining and deceitful, her boyfriend is recovering from a breakdown, and a recent investigative story has Kensington Fresh Voices marketing campaign led to a secret affair with the magazines wealthy publisher. Major early reader and Best is quick-witted and headstrong, but how do you find a way to happiness when youre consumer reviewer promotions sure you havent earned itor embrace a future you feel you dont deserve? via GoodReads, NetGalley, etc. Promotion at KEY SELLING POINTS: and Nicole Blades debuts on the Dafina list with an evocative and emotionally gripping novel about a woman coming to terms with her past and finally accepting her future. She is a well-connected author. She is the co-founder of an online magazine, SheNetworks (featured in Wired), and was an editor for sports media CATEGORY: Fiction giant Her work has been featured in MORE, Womens Health, ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0459-7 Cosmopolitan,,, BlogHer, xoJane, PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 and HuffPost. RIGHTS: World PAGES: 320 Nicole Blades is a writer and journalist who has been putting her stories on paper since the TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 third grade. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, by Caribbean parents, Nicole moved to SPINE SIZE: 25/32 New York City and launched her journalism career working at Essence magazine. She later PACK: 48 co-founded the online magazine SheNetworks, and worked as an editor at ESPN and AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Womens Health. Now a freelance writer, her features and essays have appeared in MORE West Hartford, CT magazine, Cosmopolitan,,, BuzzFeed,, eBook: 978-1-4967-0460-3, and HuffPost. She also maintains Ms. Mary Mack, a blog that aims to bring compassion and common sense back to parenthood. Visit her online at 54 N OVEMBER 2016

55 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER DEATH COMES TO THE FAIR THE KURLAND ST. MARY MYSTERY SERIES Catherine Lloyd Catherine Lloyd returns with the fourth installment and its harvest time in the village of Kurland St. Mary as Lucy and Robert prepare to take their vowsbut a murderer has taken an unseasonable vow of vengeance A s Miss Lucy Harrington, daughter of the village rector, and Major Sir Robert Kurland plan their nuptials, the major is beginning to wonder if hell ever hear wedding bells. Hes seen complex military campaigns that involved less strategy, and hes finding Lucys MARKETING PLANS: Cross marketing with Death Comes to the Kurland Hall meddling family maddening. (Kensington TP, 11/16) Advance print and digital When the body of Ezekiel Thurrock, the church verger, is discovered crushed by a stone reading copies gargoyle that has fallen from the bell tower, the tragic death strikes a somber note and the Print and online advertising wedding is delayed. But the evidence suggests this was no accident, and Lucy wonders if Extensive push for early bad blood at the village fair had anything to do with the mans mysterious demise, since online reviews through there was much bitterness over Ezekiels prizewinning vegetables. NetGalley and Goodreads As Lucy and Robert uncover long-standing village feuds, the towns dark secrets begin to Feature title in the Kensington take their toll and the couple soon finds they too are in grave danger Mystery/Thrilller eNewsletter Social media advertising KEY SELLING POINTS: and promotions Catherine Lloyds third historical mystery captures a world, in time and place, Promotion on that will appeal to the same audiences as those reading Victoria Thompson and (Berkley Prime Crime), Anne Perry (Ballantine), Carol Carr (Berkley) and Deanna Raybourn (Mira). CATEGORY: Mystery This is the third in Catherline Lloyds series, and a developing romance between its protagonists keeps readers invested and coming back. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0204-3 PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 Born and raised in England and with a Masters degree in history, Catherine Lloyd brings rich details to her work. RIGHTS: World PAGES: 304 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 PRAISE FOR THE KURLAND ST. MARY MYSTERIES BY CATHERINE LLOYD SPINE SIZE: 1 A saucy tale of love and murder, Regency style. PACK: 40 Kirkus Reviews on Death Comes to Kurland Hall AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Kailua Kona, HI Excellent historical detail, delightfully flawed lead characters, and the doings of the season SALES HISTORY: make for entertaining reading. M. C. Beaton fans will enjoy this series. Kensington Hardcover Booklist on Death Comes to London Death Comes to Kurland Hall A pleasant combination of Regency romance and mystery that evokes fond memories of 12/15 (978-0-7582-8737-3) Georgette Heyer.Kirkus Reviews on Death Comes to London Kensington Trade Paperback: Death Comes to London 12/14 (978-0-7582-8735-9) Death Comes to the Village Catherine Lloyd was born just outside London, England, into a large family of dreamers, 12/13 (978-0-7582-8733-5) artists, and history lovers. Catherine currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and four eBook: 978-1-4967-0205-0 children. Her website is located at 55 D ECEMBER 2016

56 K ENSINGTON H ARDCOVER LONE WOLF THE F.B.I. K-9 SERIES Sara Driscoll In the first book in a thrilling new series, FBI Special Agent Meg Jennings and Hawk, her loyal search-and-rescue Labrador, must race against time as they zero in on one of the deadliest killers in the country. M eg and Hawk are part of the FBIs elite K-9 unit. Hawk can sniff out bodies anywhere living or deadwhether its tracking a criminal or finding a missing person. When a bomb rips apart a government building on the National Mall in Washington D.C., it takes MARKETING PLANS: Advance print and digital reading copies all of the teams extensive search-and-rescue training to locate and save the workers and Extensive print and visitors buried beneath the rubble. online advertising Social media advertising But even as the duo are hailed as heroes, a mad bomber remains at large, striking terror and promotions including across the Eastern seaboard in a ruthless pursuit of retribution. As more bombs are shareable images detonated and the body count escalates, Meg and Hawk are brought in to a task force Push for early online dedicated to stopping the unseen killer. But when the attacks spiral wide and any number reviews through NetGalley of locations could be the next target, it will come down to a battle of wits and survival skills and Goodreads between Meg, Hawk, and the bomber theyre tracking to rescue a nation from the brink Kensington Fresh Voices of chaos. marketing campaign Library marketing and targeted KEY SELLING POINTS: ARC mailing Dogs! Not only is the main character a K-9 handler, but her sister rescues dogs, Feature title in the Kensington which will tug at the heart of any dog lover. Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter One of the authors is a dog rescuer and can speak to how important it is. Promoted title on There is no other mystery series on the market that revolves around a K-9 unit. (All others are cozy or romantic suspense.) CATEGORY: Mystery Though Lone Wolf is harder-edged and more procedural, it will appeal to readers who like dog mysteries such as those written by Spencer Quinn, David ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0441-2 Rosenfelt, and Laurien Berenson. Fans of Iris Johansens The Search (2001) PRICE: $25.00/$27.95 and Nora Robertss The Search (2011), both about search and rescue dogs, RIGHTS: World should also enjoy Lone Wolf. PAGES: 304 TRIM: 6 x 9 Sara Driscoll is the pen name of Jen J. Danna and Ann Vanderlaan, authors of the Abbott SPINE SIZE: 1 and Lowell Forensic Mysteries. Jen is an infectious disease researcher at a cutting edge PACK: 32 Canadian university near Toronto, but loves to spend her free time writing the thrilling and AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Toronto, ON, Canada (Danna); mysterious. Ann lives in central Texas with five rescued pit bulls, including Kane, now a Round Rock, TX (near Austin) certified therapy dog. She also trains with Kane for competitive nose work. You can follow (Vanderlaan) the latest news on the FBI K-9 Mysteries at eBook: 978-1-4967-0442-9 56 D ECEMBER 2016

57 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK MURDER MOST MALICIOUS THE LADY AND LADYS MAID MYSTERY SERIES Alyssa Maxwell In the first in a new mystery series sure to delight fans of Downton Abbey, nineteen-year-old Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her ladys maid cross social boundaries to solve murders in post-World War I England. A s a difficult 1918 draws to a close, there is much to celebrate for nineteen-year-old Phoebe Renshaw and her three siblings at their beloved family estate of Foxwood Hall. The dreadful war is finally over; eldest daughter Julias engagement to their houseguest, MARKETING PLANS: Cross marketing with A Pinch of Poison (Kensington HC, 1/17) the Marquis of Allerton, appears imminent; and all have gathered to enjoy peace on earth, Print and online advertising good will toward men. Featured in the bimonthly Killer Cozies eNewsletter But on the morning of Boxing Day, the Marquis goes missing. Not entirely missing, however, as macabre evidence of foul play turns up in gift boxes given to ladys maid Eva Huntford Social media advertising and promotions and a handful of others. As the local constable suspects a footman at Foxwood Hall, Phoebe and Eva follow the clues to a different conclusion. But both young women will need to Promotion through both think outside the box to wrap up this casebefore a cornered killer lashes out with ill will Kensington and authors social media platforms, newsletter toward them subscribers, and fan groups KEY SELLING POINTS: CATEGORY: Mystery Fans of Downton Abbey will love the dynamic well-written characters, and the ISBN13: 978-1-61773-832-6 gorgeous historical setting. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Murder Most Malicious will appeal to all fans of historical mysteries, as well RIGHTS: World as fans of her Gilded Newport mysteries. PAGES: 304 Alyssa Maxwells historical mysteries feature the same rich, detailed TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 storytelling as Anne Perry and Victoria Thompson. SPINE SIZE: 3/4 Audio rights and large print rights have sold to both Murder at Marble House PACK: 48 and Murder at the Breakers. AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Coral Springs, FL PUBLISHING HISTORY: PRAISE FOR MURDER MOST MALICIOUS Kensington Hardcover Details of the lives of the nobility and their servants, and the aftermath of the war, are woven 11/15 (978-1-61773-830-2) throughout the story, and the forward-thinking Phoebe is a charming main character. SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback Booklist Murder at Beechwood 6/15 (978-0-7582-9086-1) Maxwell provides a neat little mystery and a heavily atmospheric look at life in a great house Murder at the Breakers after the trials of the war.Kirkus Reviews 4/14 (9 78-0-7582-9082-3 Murder at Marble House 10/14 (978-0-7582-9084-7) Alyssa Maxwell has worked in publishing as an assistant editor and a ghost writer, but knew from an early age that being a novelist was what she wanted most. She lives in South eBook: 978-1-61773-831-9 Florida in the current year, but confesses to spending most of her time in the Victorian, Edwardian, and post WWI eras. You can learn more about Alyssa and her books at 57 D ECEMBER 2016

58 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK THE ART OF CONFIDENCE Wendy Lee Hillery Stone Wendy Lee captured the struggle of the immigrant experience in her Kensington debut, Across a Green Ocean. Now her latest follows a painting as it touches the lives of five New Yorkers, including the famous artist and the elderly Chinese immigrant who makes his living from forgeries I suppose I did it because I wanted something to show for the thirty yearslonger than I had lived in my homelandthat I had been here in America. Something that was properly appreciated, even if someone else got all the credit. Liu Qingwu doesnt set out to commit a crime. He only wants to sell a paintingsomething more substantial than the Impressionist knockoffs he flogs to tourists outside New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art. But the lucrative commission he receives from a Chelsea art dealer is more complicated than he initially realizes. Liu has been hired to create not an homage to Andrew Cantrells modernist masterpiece, Elegy, but a forgery that will sell for millions. The painting will change the lives of everyone associated with itLiu, a Chinese immigrant still reeling from his wifes recent departure; Caroline, a gallery owner intent on saving her aunts legacy; Molly, her perceptive assistant; and Harold, a Taiwanese businessman with an ethical dilemma on his hands. Weaving together their stories with that of Cantrell and the inspiration for his masterpiece, Wendy Lees intricate, multilayered novel explores the unique fascination of great art and the lengths to which some are driven to create itand to possess it. PRAISE FOR ACROSS A GREEN OCEAN An affecting exploration of the immigrant experience and the search for forgiveness, acceptance, and a sense of belonging.Booklist Lee has written an honest and riveting portrayal of immigration, family and forgiveness in her second novel. The Tang family is made up of believable characters who readers can relate to and learn from, despite any cultural differences there may be. The journey of self-discovery of character is both raw and believable, and has readers engrossed in their lives from the first page to the last. Across a Green Ocean is a beautiful novel that will leave readers feeling hopeful and fulfilled.RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars In Wendy Lees Across a Green Ocean, the past is always present, and the present is never quite what it seems. From the tumult of Manhattans Chinatown to the turmoil of contemporary China, Across a Green Ocean takes us along on that most important journey of all: in search of reconciliation.Susan Choi, award-winning author of My Education Wendy Lee is the author of the novels Across a Green Ocean and Happy Family, which was named one of the top ten debuts of 2008 by Booklist and received an honorable mention from the Association of Asian American Studies. A graduate of New York Universitys Creative Writing Program, she has worked as a book editor and an English teacher in China. She lives in Queens, New York. 58 D ECEMBER 2016

59 KEY SELLING POINTS: Lee captures the struggle of the immigrant experience perfectly and her strong writing makes this a natural fit for the indies and book clubs. Each character comes to life vividly and youre compelled to keep reading to find out where their varied searches for identity will lead them. Lees first book, Happy Family received terrific reviews and was named one of Booklists top ten first novels of 2008. Includes a reading group guide. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-61773-489-2 PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 RIGHTS: World English PAGES: 320 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 25/32 PACK: 48 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: MARKETING PLANS: Queens, NY Advance reading copies SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback National print advertising Across a Green Ocean 2/15 (978-1-61773-487-8) Online promotion and advertising campaign Podcast advertising eBook: 978-1-61773-490-8 Promotion through both Kensington and authors social media platforms, newsletter subscribers, and fan groups Major early reader and consumer reviewer promotions via GoodReads, NetGalley, etc. Promotion on and 59 D ECEMBER 2016

60 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK QUEEN OF THE COOKBOOKS THE CHERRY COLA BOOK CLUB SERIES Ashton Lee In the latest in Ashton Lees charming series set in a quirky small town filled with Southern wit and warmth, the Cherry Cola Book Club is preparing for the opening of their new library! T he construction of Chericos cutting-edge library has been an epic struggle worthy of War and Peace. But the Grand Opening Ceremony is scheduled at lastfor the Fourth of July no lessfeaturing lakeside fireworks and a concert by country singer Waddell Mack. MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print media campaign Maura Beth has even devised a cooking contest among area chefs and aspiring Julia Childs to Print and online advertising crown the Queen of the Cookbooks. Yet even Maura Beths careful plotting cant prevent some glitches Promotion and appearances at regional and national Between a furniture fiasco that requires some creative problem-solving, and front-desk clerk library conventions Renettes major crush on Waddell Mack, theres equal parts drama and comic relief. Once Select author events the ribbon has been cut and the delicious recipes are judged, the Queen of the Cookbooks Targeted library mailings will take her crown, and the Cherry Cola Book Club, along with Maura Beth and her staff, will Reading group guide have the library of their dreams. But itll take luck, loyal friendships, and the shared love of Social media advertising a powerful story to make this a truly happy beginning and promotions KEY SELLING POINTS: Promotion on Fans of Fannie Flagg, Mark Childress, Rebecca Wells, and Dorothea Benton Frank will enjoy Ashton Lees Southern voice and gentle wit. CATEGORY: Fiction The setting of the Cherry Cola Book Club series makes it a perfect pick for book ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0578-5 clubs and libraries. PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Large print and audio rights sold for both The Cherry Cola Book Club and The RIGHTS: US, Canada, & OM Reading Circle. Large print rights have also sold for The Wedding Circle. PAGES: 304 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 3/4 PRAISE FOR THE CHERRY COLA BOOK CLUB NOVELS An intrepid librarian, a book club feast, and a cozy, heart-warming Mississippi mystery PACK: 48 whats not to love? AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Oxford, MI Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of SALES HISTORY: Bitter and Sweet Kensington Trade Paperback A Cherry Cola Christmas Lees buoyant David-versus-Goliath tale zestfully illuminates a real problem confronting 10/15 (978-1-31773-343-7) libraries and cities of all sizes.-Booklist The Wedding Circle 4/15 (978-1-61773-341-3) Charm, wit and a cast of characters so real they could be your next door neighbors make The Reading Circle The Reading Circle a sure-fire winner. Ashton Lees authentic Southern voice shines 4/14 (978-0-7582-7342-0) Peggy Webb, USA Today bestselling author eBook: 978-1-4967-0579-2 Ashton Lee, author of The Cherry Cola Book Club, was born in historic Natchez, MS into a large, extended Southern family which gave him much fodder for his fiction later in life. He currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi. 60 D ECEMBER 2016

61 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK A KNIT BEFORE DYING THE TANGLED WEB MYSTERY SERIES Sadie Hartwell Nothing says warm and fuzzy like a hand-knitted item. Nothing says cold and dead like a murder investigation. The reader gets both in book two of the Tangled Web Mystery series, in which a new business might add some much-needed charm to downtown Dorset Fallsand draw tourists to Josies yarn shop. But when someone gets murdered, a close-knit community could come undone S hop owner Josie Blair is finally settling into the pace of living in Dorset Falls, Connecticut. Between running Miss Marples Knits, jumpstarting a blog, and handcrafting items with the help of her knitting pals, Josies too preoccupied to worry about her past in New York. MARKETING PLANS: Advance print and digital reading copies And thanks to Lyndon and Harry, the owners of the brand new antique shop across the street, Print and online advertising she has another project in her midstrepurposing a box of vintage crocheted doilies Early reviewer promotions adorned with the most curious needlework through Goodreads and NetGalley But before Josie can formally welcome her neighbors, she discovers Lyndon stabbed to Feature title in the Kensington death by a rusty old pair of sheep shears on the floor of his shop. Police have pinned Harry as Mystery/Thriller eNewsletter the killer, but Josie isnt so sure. Now, shes lacing up for another homicide investigation and no eyelet or stitch can go unexamined, lest she herself becomes ensnared in the Social media advertising and promotions criminals deadly design Promotion on KEY SELLING POINTS: and Includes knitting tips! A Knit Before Dying will appeal to fans of Elizabeth Lynn Caseys Southern CATEGORY: Mystery Sewing Circle mysteries and Monica Ferriss Needlework Mysteries. ISBN13: 978-1-61773-720-6 This cozy, crafty series will appeal to the many knitting enthusiasts among all PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 age groups. RIGHTS: World English The first book in the Tangled Web Mystery Series, Yarned and Dangerous, was PAGES: 288 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 nominated for a 2015 RT Book Award. SPINE SIZE: 23/32 PACK: 56 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Enfield, CT PRAISE FOR YARNED AND DANGEROUS BY SADIE HARTWELL: SALES HISTORY: [A] smartly written cozyBooklist Kensington Trade Paperback Yarned & Dangerous This debut cozys well-drawn characters and a tightly knitted plot will bring a smile to 12/15 (978-1-61773-717-6) readers of Maggie Sefton, Sally Goldenbaum and Anne Canadeo.Library Journal eBook: 978-1-61773-721-3 [A] promising debutPublishers Weekly With a cast of secretive suspects and their sleepy town, Hartwells latest skillfully knits together the ideal amateur sleuth novel. After a couple of surprise twists and a hint of romance, readers will certainly hope that future books in the series revisit Dorset falls! RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick Sadie Hartwell grew up near the Canadian border in northern New York State. She attended St. Lawrence University, graduating with a degree in history, and has worked as a waitress, handbag designer/manufacturer, paralegal, and copy editor before turning to writing full time. Now she gets to play with yarn and make up stories whenever she wants, and wishes everyone had a job as much fun as hers. 61 D ECEMBER 2016

62 K ENSINGTON T RADE P APERBACK WRONG FOR ME THE MOTOR CITY ROYALS SERIES Jackie Ashenden On the heels of her successful series for St. Martins Press, author Jackie Ashendens second book in her sexy new romance series has a gritty Detroit setting and brooding heroes seeking to redeem their criminal pasts. A fter eight years in prison, Levi Rush is finally out and back on the gritty streets of Detroit to claim the future he was owed. A future that includes the one woman hes wanted for yearshis former best friend Rachel. Shes the reason he went inside and if getting her to MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising do what he wants means buying the building that houses her tattoo studio and using it as Online promotion, blog tour leverage, then thats what hell do. Because if theres one thing hes learned inside its that and digital marketing campaign if you want to win, you have to play dirty. Feature in e-blasts Rachel Hamilton is a tattoo artist and one hell of a tough girl. Detroit is her home, and shes and eNewsletters determined to make it a better place. But her plans are threatened when her old friend Levi Publicity outreach for reviews, reappears and gives her an ultimatum: she gives herself to him body and soul, or else she roundups and feature coverage and her business are out on the street. Levis got no room in his heart for anything but anger Early reviewer promotions and the lust hes been carrying around for so long. But the only thing stronger than the through Goodreads, Netgalley & secrets of their shared past is their fiery attraction to each other Kensington kLovers program Social media advertising KEY SELLING POINTS: and promotions Jackie Ashenden is the author of the ongoing Nine Circles series for Promotion on St. Martins. and Mine to Take, the first book in the Nine Circles series, received rave reviews. We will publish each book in the series approximately every four months, and CATEGORY: Erotic Romance they will be priced competitively at $9.95. ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0392-7 Readers are drawn to bad boy heroes who are rough around the edges and have PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 a hint of danger but conceal a heart of gold. With a proven track record, Jackie RIGHTS: World Ashenden is a leader in this sub-genre with a legion of rabid fans. PAGES: 304 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 SPINE SIZE: 1 PACK: 48 PRAISE FOR JACKIE ASHENDENS MINE TO TAKE AUTHORS RESIDENCE: The sex is dirty-sweet, with a dark lick of dominance and the tantalizing potential of Auckland, New Zealand redemption.Publishers Weekly, Starred Review SALES HISTORY: Kensington Trade Paperback Intriguingly dark and intensely compellingsure to keep readers in suspense. Dirty for Me RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, Top Pick 8/16 (978-1-4967-0390-3) eBook: 978-1-4967-0393-4 Ashenden twists and tortures her characters with impressive skill.The Washington Post Jackie Ashenden lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband, the inimitable Dr. Jax, two kids and two cats. When shes not torturing alpha males and their stroppy heroines, she can be found drinking chocolate martinis, reading anything she can lay her hands on, posting random crap on her blog, or being forced to go mountain biking with her husband. Jackie also writes the dark, sexy contemporary Nine Circles romance series for St Martins Press. Visit her at 62 D ECEMBER 2016

63 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK HIS LAST NAME Daaimah S. Poole A follow-up to Pretty Girls in the VIP, Essence bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole delivers high-octane drama in her latest novel, His Last Name, perfect for fans of Real Housewives or Basketball Wives. W hen her husband Damiens lucrative NFL career ends, Tiffany Holcomb targets hubby number two: Hollywood leading man Warren Michael Joseph. Trouble is, Damiens not giving up that easily MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies National print and online media Monique Hall is thrilled when her baby boy, Kadir, gets a multimillion-dollar NBA contract. Print and online advertising But Moniques romance with her sons teammate is a costly foul Early reviewer promotions through Goodreads, & NetGalley Zakiya Lees church community considers her a role model for a successful marriage. Too Publicity outreach for reviews, bad shell have to play dirty to get rid of her NBA star husband Jabrils side chickagain roundups, and feature coverage Shanice Whitaker has risen from video vixen to top mens magazine model. Now she wants to Social media advertising get back with the married man she loved and let go. And shes happy to play the position of and promotions Jabrils main mistress Promotion title on and To win back custody of her daughter from her vengeful NFL player ex-husband, Adrienne Sheppard has to do someone a shady favor. But it leads her into the arms of actor Warren Michael Josephand a secret that could fill her bank account and break her heart. CATEGORY: Fiction ISBN13: 978-1-4967-0158-9 KEY SELLING POINTS: PRICE: $15.00/$16.95 Daaimah S. Poole has been both an Essence and Blackboard bestseller. RIGHTS: World PAGES: 352 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 Daaimah S. Poole has great name recognition and a strong following among young, urban, female readers. SPINE SIZE: 27/32 PACK: 40 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Daaimah knows how to write novels that appeal to young twentysomethings Philadelphia, PA that want to be the next Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian. SALES HISTORY: Dafina Trade Paperback Pretty Girls in the VIP PRAISE FOR DAAIMAH S. POOLES NOVELS 2/14 (978-0-7582-4625-7) Pooles latest sizzles with sex, dazzles with drama, and captivates with boundless Another Man Will emotionexciting and compelling from the first to the last page. 9/12 (978-0-7582-4623-3) RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars on Another Man Will Whats His is Mine 10/10 (978-0-7582-4621-9) Though these strong ladies make some painful choices, talented writer Poole infuses them eBook: 978-1-4967-0159-6 with heart and reality enough for readers to relate. Booklist on Pretty Girls in the VIP Daaimah S. Poole is a mother and Temple University graduate with a degree in journalism. She began writing her first novel, Yo Yo Love, at age nineteen while working as a receptionist at her aunts beauty salon. Daaimah is a Philadelphia native. Visit her at 63 D ECEMBER 2016

64 D AFINA T RADE P APERBACK CHASING BUTTERFLIES Amir Abrams From one of the most authentic voices in young adult fictionand co-author with Ni-Ni Simone of the Hollywood High seriescomes a gritty, powerful tale about one girls unexpected journey to reconnecting with the father she never knew. A t sixteen, gifted pianist and poet Nia Daniels has already known her share of heartache. But shes managed to excel, thanks to her beloved fathers love and support. Nia cant imagine what shed do without himuntil an illness suddenly takes him. And Nias in for MARKETING PLANS: Advance reading copies Print and online advertising one more shocking blow: The man whod always been her rock wasnt her biological dad. Targeted mailings and outreach Orphaned and confused, Nia leaves the life shes always known in California and moves to to YA librarians the east coastto her biological father, Omar. Hes spent most of his lifeand all of Social media advertising Niasbehind bars. An ex-gang member, living in the hood, hes determined to do whatever and promotions it takes to win the love of his only daughterif only shell let him Promotion on KEY SELLING POINTS: CATEGORY: Young Adult The Girl of His Dreams was a 2014 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers. ISBN13: 978-0-7582-9482-1 Like his frequent collaborator Ni-Ni Simone, Amir captures the reality of life PRICE: $9.95/$10.95 for todays urban teens with honesty and charm. RIGHTS: World While the YA market thrives, Amir Abrams remains one of the few quality PAGES: 320 TRIM: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 authors writing from the African-American perspective. SPINE SIZE: 25/32 PACK: 48 AUTHORS RESIDENCE: Jersey City, NJ PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF AMIR ABRAMS SALES HISTORY: Abrams again tantalizes us, getting into the mind-set of the young, gifted, and beautiful. Dafina Trade Paperback RT Book Reviews on The Girl of His Dreams Lights, Love & Lip Gloss 1/15 (978-0-7582-8854-7) a drama-filled cautionary tale about getting in too deep. Caught Up Publishers Weekly on Crazy Love 12/14 (978-0-7582-9478-4) An engaging cautionary tale. Kirkus Reviews on Caught Up eBook: 978-0-7582-9483-8 Amir Abrams, a Brooklyn native, has spent most of his life working with teens and hopes to make a difference in their lives through his books. He is the co-author, along with Ni-Ni Simone, of the Hollywood High series. 64 D ECEMBER 2016


66 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Amir Abrams Ward Anderson Kate Angell Dana Bate Dana Bate DIVA RULES ALL THATS LEFT NO ONE LIKE YOU TOO MANY COOKS A SECOND BITE 0-7582-9480-8 0-7582-9430-1 0-7582-9130-2 1-61773-262-1 AT THE APPLE 978-0-7582-9480-7 978-0-7582-9430-2 978-0-7582-9130-1 978-1-61773-262-1 1-61773-260-5 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-260-7 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Young Adult Fiction Fiction Contemporary Romance Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Marie Bostwick Marie Bostwick Marie Bostwick Robin Bridges Rita Cameron APART AT THE SEAMS FROM HERE TO HOME THE SECOND SISTER DREAMING OPHELIAS MUSE 0-7582-6930-7 1-61773-657-0 1-61773-655-4 OF ANTIGONE 1-61773-856-5 978-0-7582-6930-0 978-1-61773-657-5 978-1-61773-655-1 1-4967-0354-5 978-1-61773-856-2 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-4967-0354-5 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $9.95/$10.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Young Adult Fiction Cate Campbell Mary Carter Lynn Carthage Holly Chamberlin Holly Chamberlin THE BENEDICT MEET ME BETRAYED THE BEACH QUILT THE FRIENDS WE KEEP BASTARD IN BARCELONA 1-61773-627-9 0-7582-7536-6 1-61773-741-0 0-7582-9230-9 0-7582-8472-1 978-1-61773-627-8 978-0-7582-7536-3 978-1-61773-741-1 978-0-7582-9230-8 978-0-7582-8472-3 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Young Adult Fiction Fiction Fiction Historical Fiction Fiction 66 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

67 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Naomi Chase Rosanna Chiofalo Pamela Christie Emily Beck Cogburn Amy Conner BETRAYAL STELLA MIA DEATH AND THE LOUISIANA SAVES MILLION DOLLAR ROAD 0-7582-8437-3 0-7582-7505-6 CYPRIAN SOCIETY THE LIBRARY 0-7582-9514-6 978-0-7582-8437-2 978-0-7582-7505-9 0-7582-8644-9 1-61773-993-6 978-0-7582-9514-9 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-8644-4 978-1-61773-993-4 $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Mystery Fiction Amy Conner Zaire Crown Christine dAbo Kate Defrise Anjanette Delgado THE RIGHT THING GAMES WOMEN PLAY 30 DAYS CHRISTMAS CHOCOLAT THE CLAIRVOYANT 0-7582-9512-X 1-61773-989-8 1-61773-954-5 1-4967-0023-6 OF CALLE OCHO 978-0-7582-9512-5 978-1-61773-989-7 978-1-61773-954-5 978-1-4967-0023-0 1-61773-390-3 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-390-1 Kensington Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Sonali Dev Sonali Dev Denesha Diamond Norman Draper Norman Draper THE BOLLYWOOD A BOLLYWOOD AFFAIR QUEEN DIVAS FRONT YARD BACKYARD BRIDE 1-61773-013-0 0-7582-9259-7 1-61773-307-5 1-61773-305-9 1-61773-015-7 978-1-61773-013-9 978-0-7582-9259-9 978-1-61773-307-9 978-1-61773-305-5 978-1-61773-015-3 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction 67 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

68 KENSINGTON BACKLIST James Driggers Terri DuLong Cynthia Eden Shelly Ellis Shelly Ellis LOVESICK FAREWELL TO PLAYING WITH FIRE THE BEST SHE THE PLAYER & 1-61773-475-6 CEDAR KEY 0-7582-8410-1 EVER HAD THE GAME 978-1-61773-475-5 0-7582-8815-8 978-0-7582-8410-5 1-61773-395-4 0-7582-9037-3 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-8815-8 $14.00/$15.95 978-1-61773-395-6 978-0-7582-9037-3 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Mystery Kensington Trade Paperback Paranormal Romance Dafina Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Sherri Wood Emmons Pat Esden Colleen Faulkner Candice Fox Candice Fox THE SEVENTH MOTHER A HOLD ON ME AS CLOSE AS SISTERS EDEN HADES 0-7582-8045-9 1-4967-0005-8 0-7582-5571-3 1-61773-443-8 1-61773-441-1 978-0-7582-8045-9 978-1-4967-0005-6 978-0-7582-5571-6 978-1-61773-443-4 978-1-61773-441-0 $15.00/$16.95 $12.95/$13.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Michele Grant T. Greenwood T. Greenwood Lois Greiman Lois Greiman ANY MAN I WANT THE FOREVER BRIDGE WHERE I LOST HER HEARTH SONG HEARTH STONE 0-7582-8966-9 0-7582-9053-5 0-7582-9055-1 1-61773-602-3 1-61773-600-7 978-0-7582-8966-7 978-0-7582-9053-3 978-0-7582-9055-7 978-1-61773-602-5 978-1-61773-600-1 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction 68 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

69 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Gregory Harris Gregory Harris Gregory Harris Tessa Harris Amber Hart THE BELLINGHAM THE CONNICLE CURSE THE DALWICH SECRETS IN THE STONES AFTER US BLOODBATH 0-7582-9271-6 DESECRATION 0-7582-9341-0 1-61773-118-8 0-7582-9269-4 978-0-7582-9271-1 1-61773-887-5 978-0-7582-9341-1 978-1-61773-118-1 978-0-7582-9269-8 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-887-6 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Mystery Kensington Trade Paperback Mystery Young Adult Fiction Mystery Mystery Sadie Hartwell Ellen Hawley Rhonda Helms A.L. Herbert A.L. Herbert YARNED AND THE DIVORCE DIET BREAK YOUR HEART MURDER WITH FRIED MURDER WITH DANGEROUS 1-61773-451-9 1-61773-122-6 CHICKEN AND WAFFLES MACARONI AND CHEESE 1-61773-717-8 978-1-61773-451-9 978-1-61773-122-8 1-61773-174-9 1-61773-176-5 978-1-61773-717-6 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 978-1-61773-174-7 978-1-61773-176-1 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Contemporary Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Mystery Mystery Mystery Trice Hickman Trice Hickman Michael Hiebert Michael Hiebert Brigid Kemmerer DEADLY SATISFACTION SECRET INDISCRETIONS A THORN AMONG CLOSE TO THE THICKER THAN WATER 1-61773-747-X 1-61773-743-7 THE LILIES BROKEN HEARTED 0-7582-9441-7 978-1-61773-747-3 978-1-61773-743-5 1-61773-737-2 0-7582-9426-3 978-0-7582-9441-8 $9.95/$10.95 $9.95/$10.95 978-1-61773-737-4 978-0-7582-9426-5 $9.95/$10.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Young Adult Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Mystery Mystery 69 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

70 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Jeffe Kennedy Jeffe Kennedy Susan Kietzman Sally Kilpatrick Sally Kilpatrick THE TWELVE KINGDOMS: THE TWELVE KINGDOMS: THE SUMMER COTTAGE BITTERSWEET CREEK THE HAPPY The Tears of the Rose The Talon Of The Hawk 1-61773-549-3 1-61773-570-1 HOUR CHOIR 0-7582-9445-X 0-7582-9447-6 978-1-61773-549-3 978-1-61773-570-7 1-61773-568-X 978-0-7582-9445-6 978-0-7582-9447-0 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-568-4 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fantasy Fantasy Fiction Cathy Lamb Cathy Lamb Shelly Laurenston Mary Lawrence Mary Lawrence MY VERY BEST FRIEND WHAT I THE UNDOING THE ALCHEMISTS DEATH OF AN 0-7582-9508-1 REMEMBER MOST 1-61773-509-4 DAUGHTER ALCHEMIST 978-0-7582-9508-8 0-7582-9506-5 978-1-61773-509-7 1-61773-710-0 1-61773-712-7 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-9506-4 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-710-7 978-1-61773-712-1 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Paranormal Romance Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Mystery Mystery Ashton Lee Ashton Lee Wendy Lee Catherine Lloyd Anna Loan-Wilsey A CHERRY THE WEDDING CIRCLE ACROSS A GREEN OCEAN DEATH COMES A DECEPTIVE COLA CHRISTMAS 1-61773-341-5 1-61773-487-X TO LONDON HOMECOMING 1-61773-343-1 978-1-61773-341-3 978-1-61773-487-8 0-7582-8735-6 1-61773-726-7 978-1-61773-343-7 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-8735-9 978-1-61773-726-8 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Mystery Mystery 70 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

71 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Lutishia Lovely Janey Mack Janey Mack Ronald Malfi Kerstin March THE PERFECT DECEPTION CHOKED UP TIMES UP LITTLE GIRLS BRANCHING OUT 0-7582-8668-6 1-61773-692-9 1-61773-690-2 1-61773-606-6 1-61773-526-4 978-0-7582-8668-0 978-1-61773-692-6 978-1-61773-690-2 978-1-61773-606-3 978-1-61773-526-4 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Mystery Mystery Horror Contemporary Romance Kerstin March Alyssa Maxwell Alyssa Maxwell Mary McKinley Kristina McMorris FAMILY TREES MURDER AT MURDER AT RUSTY SUMMER THE EDGE OF LOST 1-61773-524-8 BEECHWOOD MARBLE HOUSE 1-61773-257-5 0-7582-8118-8 978-1-61773-524-0 0-7582-9086-1 0-7582-9084-5 978-1-61773-257-7 978-0-7582-8118-0 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-9086-1 978-0-7582-9084-7 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Young Adult Fiction Fiction Mystery Mystery Tom Mendicino Emma Miller Mary B. Morrison Cindy Myers Noire THE BOYS PLAIN DEAD IF YOU DONT KNOW ME ABOVE IT ALL STONE COLD LIAR FROM EIGHTH 0-7582-9176-0 0-7582-7306-1 0-7582-9486-7 1-61773-495-0 AND CARPENTER 978-0-7582-9176-9 978-0-7582-7306-2 978-0-7582-9486-9 978-1-61773-495-3 1-61773-794-1 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-794-7 Kensington Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Mystery Fiction Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction 71 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

72 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Noire Monica Nolan B. B. Oak Rosalind Noonan Rosalind Noonan RED HOT LIAR DOLLY DINGLE, THOREAU IN DOMESTIC SECRETS TAKE ANOTHER LOOK 1-61773-491-8 LESBIAN LANDLADY PHANTOM BOG 1-61773-327-X 1-61773-325-3 978-1-61773-491-5 0-7582-8831-X 0-7582-9027-6 978-1-61773-327-7 978-1-61773-325-3 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-8831-8 978-0-7582-9027-4 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 Dafina Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Mystery Charles OBrien Grace Octavia Lindsey J. Palmer Cathy Pegau Sue Pethick DEATH IN HIS LAST WIFE IF WE LIVED HERE MURDER ON PET FRIENDLY SARATOGA SPRINGS 0-7582-8884-0 0-7582-9435-2 THE LAST FRONTIER 1-61773-842-5 0-7582-8638-4 978-0-7582-8884-4 978-0-7582-9435-7 1-4967-0054-6 978-1-61773-842-5 978-0-7582-8638-3 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-4967-0054-4 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Mystery Mystery Peter Pezzelli Kate Pearce Rebecca Phillips Rebecca Phillips Brandy Purdy FRANCESCAS KITCHEN MASTERING A SINNER ANY OTHER GIRL FAKING PERFECT THE SECRETS OF 1-4967-0545-9 0-7582-9021-7 1-61773-882-4 1-61773-880-8 LIZZIE BORDEN 978-1-4967-0545-7 978-0-7582-9021-2 978-1-61773-882-1 978-1-61773-880-7 0-7582-8891-3 $9.95/$10.95 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 $9.95/$10.95 978-0-7582-8891-2 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Fiction Erotic Fiction Young Adult Fiction Young Adult Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction 72 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

73 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Cydney Rax Kim Michele Richardson Stacy Robinson Nan Rossiter Nan Rossiter IF YOUR WIFE LIARS BENCH SURFACE NANTUCKET UNDER A SUMMER SKY ONLY KNEW 1-61773-733-X 1-61773-375-X 1-61773-650-3 0-7582-8391-1 1-4967-0134-8 978-1-61773-733-6 978-1-61773-375-8 978-1-61773-650-6 978-0-7582-8391-7 978-1-4967-0134-3 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $9.95/$10.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Saundra Jacqueline Sheehan Ni-Ni Simone Ni-Ni Simone; Amir Abrams Ni-Ni Simone; Amir Abrams HER SWEETEST THE CENTER DOWN BY LAW PUT YOUR LIGHTS, LOVE, REVENGE 3 OF THE WORLD 0-7582-8774-7 DIAMONDS UP! & LIP GLOSS 1-61773-985-5 1-61773-896-4 978-0-7582-8774-8 0-7582-8852-2 0-7582-8854-9 978-1-61773-985-9 978-1-61773-896-8 $9.95/$10.95 978-0-7582-8852-3 978-0-7582-8854-7 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback $9.95/$10.95 $9.95/$10.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Young Adult Fiction Dafina Dafina Fiction Fiction Trade Paperback Trade Paperback Young Adult Fiction Young Adult Fiction Calvin Slater Parrish Smith Lin Stepp Lin Stepp Lin Stepp GAME ON THE SCROLL SAVING LAUREL SPRINGS DOWN BY THE RIVER WELCOME BACK 1-61773-136-6 1-61773-455-1 1-61773-280-X 1-61773-276-1 1-61773-282-6 978-1-61773-136-5 978-1-61773-455-7 978-1-61773-280-5 978-1-61773-276-8 978-1-61773-282-9 $9.95/$10.95 $14.00/$15.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Young Adult Fiction Religion Fiction Fiction Fiction 73 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

74 KENSINGTON BACKLIST Lin Stepp Kiki Swinson; ReShonda Tate Billingsley Lorrie Thomson Lorrie Thomson MAKIN MIRACLES Denesha Diamond BOY TROUBLE A MEASURE WHATS LEFT BEHIND 1-61773-278-8 FISTFUL OF BENJAMINS 0-7582-8959-6 OF HAPPINESS 0-7582-9330-5 978-1-61773-278-2 0-7582-8028-9 978-0-7582-8959-9 0-7582-9332-1 978-0-7582-9330-5 $15.00/$16.95 978-0-7582-8028-2 $9.95/$10.95 978-0-7582-9332-9 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Dafina $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Dafina Trade Paperback Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Young Adult Fiction Fiction Christine Trent Christine Trent Christine Trent Harmony Verna Kristin von Kreisler DEATH AT THE ABBEY THE MOURNING BELLS STOLEN REMAINS DAUGHTER EARNEST 1-61773-645-7 1-61773-643-0 0-7582-9324-0 OF AUSTRALIA 1-4967-0043-0 978-1-61773-645-2 978-1-61773-643-8 978-0-7582-9324-4 1-61773-941-3 978-1-4967-0043-8 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-941-5 $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Kensington Trade Paperback Mystery Mystery Mystery Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Tiffany L. Warren Tiffany L. Warren Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker Ellen Marie Wiseman Mingmei Yip THE FAVORITE SON THE PASTORS RICH GIRL PROBLEM COAL RIVER SECRET OF A 1-61773-198-6 HUSBAND 0-7582-8375-X 1-61773-447-0 THOUSAND BEAUTIES 978-1-61773-198-3 1-61773-202-8 978-0-7582-8375-7 978-1-61773-447-2 1-61773-321-0 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-202-7 $15.00/$16.95 $15.00/$16.95 978-1-61773-321-5 Dafina Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Dafina Trade Paperback Kensington Trade Paperback $15.00/$16.95 Fiction Dafina Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction Kensington Trade Paperback Fiction Fiction 74 K ENSINGTON B ACKLIST

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77 Sub-Agents for Kensington Titles BALTIC STATES FRANCE JAPAN (non-exclusive) RUSSIA Tatjana Zoldnere Vanessa Kling Corinne Shioji Ludmilla Sushkova Andrew Nurnberg Associates La Nouvelle Agence The English Agency (Japan) Ltd. Andrew Nurnberg 19/21-21b Gertrudes St. 7 Rue Corneille Sakaguri Bldg., 4F Literary Agency Riga, LV 1011, Latvia 75006 Paris, France 6-7-3 Minami Aoyama 21 Tsvetnoy Blvd. Tel: 371 750 6495 Tel: 33 1 4325 8560 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan 6 Stroenie, Apt. 72 Fax: 371 750 3494 Fax: 33 1 4325 4798 Tel: 813 3406 5385 Moscow 127051 Russia [email protected] [email protected] Fax: 813 3406 5387 Tel: 70 95 9258188 [email protected] [email protected] BRAZIL GERMANY Meire Dias Julia Aumeller JAPAN SCANDINAVIA Flavia Viotti Thomas Schlck GmbH Misa Morikawa Philip Sane Bookcase Literary Agency Hinter der Worth 12 Tuttle Mori Agency Lennart Sane Agency AB 1580 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy 30827 Garbsen, Germany 2-17 Kanda Jinbocho, Sturegatan 16, 1 tr Suite 130 Tel: 49 51 3149 7560 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, Japan 114 36 Stockholm, Sweden Sunrise, Florida 33323, USA Fax: 49 51 3149 75868 Tel: 81 3 3230 4081 Tel: + 46 8 520 104 46 Tel: 954 860 0726 [email protected] Fax: 81 3 3234 5249 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] GREECE Nike Davarinou KOREA SPAIN & SOUTH AMERICA BRITAIN & Read N Right Terry Kim Jennifer Hoge COMMONWEALTH 26, Dimitriou Street Imprima Korea Agency International Editors Co. Dorie Simmonds Agency 34100 Chalkida, Greece 4F, GNC Media B/D, 352-11 Provenza, 276, 1 Riverside Quarter, #5 Tel: 302221029798 Seokyo-dong 08008 Barcelona, Spain One Eastfields Avenue Fax: 302221027423 Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-837, Korea Tel: 34 93 215 8812 London SW18 1FQ, England [email protected] Tel: 011 82 2 325 9155 Fax: 34 93 487 3583 Tel: 44 (0)20 7736 0002 Fax: 011 82 2 334 9160 [email protected] [email protected] HUNGARY [email protected] Judit Hermann TAIWAN BULGARIA Andrew Nurnberg Kft. KOREA (non-exclusive) Chris Lin Anna Droumeva Gyri t 20. Tae-Eun Kim Big Apple Agency, Inc. Mira Droumeva Budapest, Hungary 1123 Shinwon Agency 5F-4, No. 102, Sec. 1, Kamelia Emilova Tel: 36-1-302-6451 373-3 Seogyo-dong Dunhua S. Road ANA Sofia Fax: 36-1-550-0080 Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-839, Korea Taipei City, 105 Taiwan R.O.C. P.O. Box 453 [email protected] Tel: 011 82 2 335 6388 ext. 206 Tel: 886-2-8771-4611 Sofia 1000, Bulgaria Fax: 011 82 2 3142 1152 Fax: 886-2-8771-4311 Tel/Fax: + 359 2 986 2819 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] INDONESIA Santo Manurung NETHERLANDS THAILAND CHINA Maxima Creative Agency Linda Kohn Jane Vejjajiva Lily Chen Beryl Timur No. 41 Internationaal Literatuur Silkroad Publishers Agency Big Apple Agency Gading Serpong Tangerang Bureau b.v. 32/3 Sukhumvit 31 Road Zhongshan Bei Road 15810, Indonesia Keizersgracht 188-hs Bangkok 10110, Thailand No. 838, 3/F, Zhabei District Tel/Fax: 62 21 5421 7768 1016 DW Amsterdam Tel: 66 2 258 4798 Shanghai 200070, PR China [email protected] Netherlands 66 2 258 8266 Tel: 86 21 5116-4299 ex. 3618 Tel: 31 20 330 6658 Fax: 66 2 662 0553 Fax: 86 21 5116-4288 ISRAEL Fax: 31 20 422 9210 [email protected] [email protected] Beverley Levit [email protected] Book Publishers TURKEY CROATIA Association of Israel POLAND Ozgur Emir Judit Hermann Intl Literary Rights Dept. Urszula Jedrach Akcali Copyright Agency Andrew Nurnberg Kft. 29 Carlebach St. Literary Agency Graal Ltd. Bahariye Cad. No: 8-9/10 Gyri t 20. Tel Aviv 67132, Israel Ul. Pruszkowska 29 34714, Kadikoy / Istanbul Budapest, Hungary 1123 Tel: 97 23 561 4121 02-119 Warszawa, Poland Tel. 90 216 338 87 71 Tel: 36-1-302-6451 Fax: 97 23 561 1996 Tel: 48 22 895 2000 Fax: 90 216 414 22 65 Fax: 36-1-550-0080 [email protected] Fax: 48 22 895 2001 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ITALY Stefania Fietta ROMANIA CZECH REPUB. & SLOVAKIA Silvia Donzelli Agency Adriana Marina Kristin Olson Via Abruzzi, 11 Str. Banul Antonache 37 Literarni Agentura 20131 Milano, Italy 011663 Bucuresti 1 Romania Klimentska 24 Tel: 39 339 2541650 Tel: 011 40 21 316 4806 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic [email protected] Fax: 011 40 21 316 4794 Tel/ Fax: 4202 2258 0048 [email protected] [email protected] 77 S UB -A GENTS FOR K ENSINGTON T ITLES

78 Index A F N Abrams, Amir, 64 Final Scream, 50 No Witness But the Moon, 42 Amish Christmas Kitchen, Fluke, Joanne, 18 The, 36 Form of Things Unknown, O Angels Touch, An, 27 The, 12 Olsen, Ella Joy, 8 Angell, Kate, 13, 35 Orey, Cal, 14 Art of Confidence, The, 58 G Overstreet, Jason, 6 Ashenden, Jackie, 62 Gaining Visibility, 28 Graham, Heather, 27 P B Page, Sharon, 53 Babe Ruth Deception, The, 24 H Pocketbooks and Pistols, 46 Baker, Lisa Jones, 36 Hartwell, Sadie, 61 Poole, Daaimah S., 63 Beckstrand, Jennifer, 36 Healing Powers of Vinegar Beyond Your Touch, 11 3rd Edition, The, 14 Q Blades, Nicole, 54 Hearon, Pamela, 28 Queen of the Cookbooks, 60 Bridges, Robin, 12 Herbert, A.L., 9 British Manor Murder, 22 His Last Name, 63 R Hollis, Lee, 44 Rax, Cydney, 17 C Home With My Sisters, 34 Root, Petal, Thorn, 9 Carter, Mary, 34 House on Honeysuckle Lane, Ross, Barbara, 44 Catered Tea Party, A, 5 The, 20 Runyan, Aimie K., 47 Chamberlin, Holly, 40 Howell, Dorothy, 46 Change of Heart, A, 30 S Charles, Allyson, 35 J Saundra, 39 Chasing Butterflies, 64 Jackson, Lisa, 50 Schemes, 39 Chazin, Suzanne, 42 Johnson, Cat, 35 Score, The, 16 Christmas Caramel Murder, 18 Season of Us, The, 40 Coldwater Warm Hearts Club, K Shoot Em Up, 33 The, 29 King, Camryn, 37 Simone, Ni-Ni, 38 Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine, Knit Before Dying, A, 61 Stiletto Justice, 37 The, 13 Stewart, David O., 10, 24 Crawford, Isis, 5 L Strivers Row Spy, The, 6 Lamb, Cathy, 7 Swinson, Kiki, 16, 39 D Language of Sisters, The, 7 Dailey, Janet, 2 Lee, Ashton, 60 T Dawson, Jennifer, 13 Lee, Wendy, 58 Texas Tall, 2 Dead Mans Song, 15 Lester, Meera, 26 That Mistletoe Moment, 35 Dear Yvette, 38 Lloyd, Catherine, 52, 55 Thunder Beneath Us, The, 54 Death Comes to the Fair, 55 Loan-Wilsey, Anna, 32 Death Comes to Kurland Lone Wolf, 56 W Hall, 52 Long, Kelly, 36 Wilson Deception, The, 10 Deepest Desires of a Lovelace, Sharla, 13 Wrong For Me, 62 Wicked Duke, 53 Dev, Sonali, 30 M Driscoll, Sara, 56 Maberry, Jonathan, 15 Duty to the Crown, 47 Mack, Janey, 33 March to Remember, A, 32 E Maxwell, Alyssa, 4, 57 Eddings, Lexi, 29 McDonough, Mary, 20 Education of Dixie Dupree, Meier, Leslie, 22, 44 The, 48 Murder at Rough Point, 4 Eggnog Murder, 44 Murder Most Malicious, 57 Esden, Pat, 11 Murder of a Queen Bee, The, 26 Everhart, Donna, 48 Murder with Macaroni and Cheese, 9 My Married Boyfriend, 17 78 I NDEX

79 Ordering Information ALL U.S. & INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customer Service (U.S.) 400 Hahn Rd. Westminster, MD 21157 Phone: (800) 733-3000 Fax: (800) 659-2436 EDI: (800) 669-1536 Email: [email protected] USA minimum retail value: initials $100 / reorders $200 ALL CANADIAN ORDERS: Customer Service (Canada) 75 Sherbourne Street, 5th Floor Toronto, ON M5A 2P9 Phone: (888) 523-9292 Fax: (888) 562-9924 Email: [email protected] Canada minimum retail value: initials $100 / reorders $100 CANADIAN ORDERING & CUSTOMER SERVICE: (888) 523-9292 8:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday Fax orders: (888) 562-9924 Toll-free electronic orders (EDI) (800)258-4233 Minimum order: $100 retail for Initials and Reorders. Canadian prices do not include GST 79 O RDERING I NFORMATION

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