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1 TANIA BRUGUERA SELECTED BOOKS By Heart / De Memoria. Edited by Mara de los Angeles Torres. Texts by various authors. Bruguera, Tania: Postwar Memories. (ilust.) pp. 169 - 189. Ed. Temple University Press, Philadelphia, United States, 2003. ISBN 1-59213-010-0. XXD11. Ed. Bernhard Balkenhol, Heiner Georgsdorf, Pierangelo Maset. Texts by various authors. Juliane Krger & Tania Bruguera (interview). Ed. Kassel University Press.(ilust.) pp.76 - 79. ISBN 3-89958-506-2. La generazione delle immagini. Racconti didentit # 7. Edited by Roberto Pinto. Texts by Tania Bruguera, Harald Szeemann, Kendell Geers among others. Bruguera, Tania: Multiple identities, invisible identities, invisible behavior. Ed. Comune di Milano, Milan, Italy, 2002. (ilust.) pp. 10-35. Extreme Existence. (catalogue). Text by Klaus Ottoman. Tania Bruguera: Proyect Description. Ed. Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 2002. pp.12-13. Boundary 2 -an international journal of literature and culture- Vol 29, Number 3, Fall 2002. Edited by John Beverley. Text by various authors. Bruguera, Tania: Untitled (Havana, 2000). Ed. Duke University Press, North Carolina, United States, 2002.(ilust.) cover, pp. 34 - 47. ISSN 0190 - 3659. A Little bit of History repeated. (catalogue). Edited by Jens Hoffmann. Texts by John Bock, Ingar Dragset & Michael Elmgreen, Tino Sehgal, among others. Bruguera, Tania: The body of silence. Ed. KW, Berlin, Germany, 2001. Cityscape on New Feminism. Flash Art, Vol. XXXIII, No. 24, October 2000. Rosa Martnez & Tania Bruguera (Interview). Cuba: los mapas del deseo.(catalogue). Ed. Kunsthalle Wien, Austria, 1999. Text by Octavio Zayas & Tania Bruguera (Interview). Cityscape Havana. Flash Art, Vol.XXXII, no.204, January-February, 1999. Text by Eurdice Arratia & Tania Bruguera (Interview). Corpus Delecti -Performance Art of the Americas. Edited by Coco Fusco. Text by various authors. Bruguera, Tania: El peso de la culpa. Ed.Routledge, England; United States, 1999. (ilust.) pp.152-153. ISBN 0-415-19453-9 (hbk). ISBN 0-415-19454-7 (pbk).

2 TANIA BRUGUERA SELECTED BOOKS 2 Lo que me corresponde. (brochure) Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno, Guatemala, 1999. Text by Valia Garzn & Tania Bruguera (Interview). Tania Bruguera: descenso del performance. El peridico, Abril 23, 1999. Guatemala. Maurice Echevara & Tania Bruguera. (Interview). Art in America (the dream). Performance Research 3 (1), pp24 - 31. Ed. Routledge, 1998. Johannes Birringer & Tania Bruguera (Interview). 1990s Art from Cuba. Texts by Helmo Hernndez, Holly Block, Betti-Sue Hertz and Lupe lvarez. Betti-Sue Hertz and Tania Bruguera (Interview) Ed. Art in General, New York, 1997. pp.27-31. (Ilust.) 26-31. ISBN 1- 883967-07-4. Mythologies personnelles - L'art Contemporain et L'intime - Text by Isabelle de Maison Rouge. Ed. Scala, Paris, France, 2004. p. 107. ISBN 2-86656-345-X. Holy terrors: Latin American women perform. Edited by Diana Taylor and Roselyn Constantino. Texts by Jos Muoz among others. Ed. Duke University Press / Tisch, United States 2003. (ilust.) pp. 403, 411, 413. ISBN 0- 8223 3227 2 (pbk). ISBN 0- 8223 3240 x (hbk). Pintura anmica, cuerpo suculento. Text by Pere Salabert. Ed. Laertes. Barcelona, Spain, 2003. (ilust.) pp. 12, 287 - 289, 304. ISBN 84 7584 501 0. Art Tomorrow. Text by Edward Lucie Smith. Ed. PierreTerrail, Paris, France, 2002. (ilust.) p.10. ISBN 2-87939252-7. Espacio C. Text by Carolina Ponce de Len, Orlando Brito, Marcos Lora, Jack Beng-Thi. Ed. Espacio C, Espacio Internacional de Arte Contemporneo. Camargo, Spain, 2002. (ilust.) cover, pp. 128 133. ISBN 849545729-6. Art Cuba - The New Generation - Edited by Holly Block. Texts by Gerardo Mosquera, Eugenio Vlads, Orlando Hernndez and Antonio Eligio (Tonel). Ed. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York, United States, 2001. (ilust.) pp. 19, 52, 53. ISBN 0-8109-5733-7. Fresh Cream -Contemporary Art in Culture-. Texts by Iwona Blazwick, Amada Cruz, Bice Curiger, Vasif Kortun, Maria Lind, Viktor Misiano, Gerardo Mosquera, Apinan Poshyananda, Octavio Zaya. Ed. Phaidon Press Inc., England; United States, 2000. (ilust.) pp.160-165. ISBN 0-7148-3924-8. Performance Live Art since 1960. Text by Roselee Golberg. Ed. Thames and Hudson Ltd., London, England, 1998. (ilust.) p.142. ISBN 0-8109-4360-3. New Art of Cuba. Text by Luis Camnitzer. Ed. University of Texas Press, Austin, 1994 (ilust.) p.194, 326. ISBN 0-292-71149-2.

3 TANIA BRUGUERA SELECTED BOOKS 3 CATALOGUES: Esercizio di resistencia. Text by Roberto Pinto. Ed. Galeria Soffiantino, Turin, Italy, 2003. (ilust.) pp.80. The real Royal Trip. Text by Kevin Power among others. Ed. PS1 / MOMA, New York, United States, 2003. (ilust.) pp. 75 85. ISBN 0 9704428 8 2.. ISBN 84 7232 979 8. Poetic justice. 8Th Istanbul biennial. Edited by Dan Cameron. Text by Suset Snchez among others. Ed. Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003. (ilust.) pp 80 81. ISBN 975 7363 31 6. Pulse: Art, Healing and Transformation. Edited by Jessica Morgan. Texts by Jill Medvedow, Jessica Morgan, Thierry Davila, among others. Ed. ICA Boston, Steidl Publishers. Gottingen, Germany, 2003. (ilust.) pp 80 83. ISBN 0 910663 64 - 5. Documenta 11_Platform 5: Exhibition, Ed. Hatje Cantz Verlag Publishers, 2002. (Ilust.) p. 220. ISBN 3-7757-9086-1. Documenta 11_Platform 5: Ausstellung/Exhibition. Ed. Hatje Cantz Verlag Publishers, 2002. Mauch, Stephanie: Tania Bruguera (Ilust.) p. 50 ISBN 3-7757-9087-X. F.A.I.R. Ed. The Royal College of Art, London, England, 2002.(Ilust.) p. 23. ISBN 1874 175 691. Fusion Cuisine. Texts by Katerina Gregos, Jo Ann Isaak, Rosa Martnez, Lynne Tillman. Ed. Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece, 2002. pp. 104-105. ISBN 960-86973-1-X. ZOO 09. Texts various authors. Ed. Purple House Limited, Great Britain, 2001. (Ilust.) p. 223. ISSN 1466-2124. ISSBN 1-84118-030-0. Short Stories, new narrative forms in contemporary art. Edited by Roberto Pinto. Texts by Vasif Kortun, Anne Pasternak, Apinan Poshyananda, Eugenio Valds Figueroa. Ed. Comune di Milano, La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, 2001. (Ilust.) pp. 90-97. SPAN2. International Performance Art. (brochure). Ed. The Arts Council of England, London, 2001. (Ilust.) p. 2. La isla en peso. Text by Eugenio Valds Figueroa and Rafael Acosta de Arriba. Ed. Casa de las Amricas, May, 2001. (Solo show). Cuba. Los mapas del deseo. Texts by Edward Sullivan, Gerardo Mosquera, Gerald Matt among others. Ed. Kunsthalle Wien, 1999. (Ilust.) p.113, 136-139, 144, 243, 246-247, 252, 240-257, ISBN 3- 85247-019-6

4 TANIA BRUGUERA SELECTED BOOKS 4 The Garden of forking paths. Contemporary Artists from Latin America. Ed. Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen, 1999. (Ilust.) p. 30 - 32. ISBN 87-7441-067-9. La direccin de la mirada. Text By Eugenio Valds Figueroa. Edition Voldemeer, SpringerWien, New York, 1999. (Ilust.) p. 29, 32-33, 130. ISBN 3-211-83301-3. 23 Bienal de Sao Paulo. (Brochure).Text by Juan Antonio Molina. New Art from Cuba. (Brochure). Text by Antonio Eligio (Tonel). Ed. White Chapel Art Gallery, London, February 1995.

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