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1 DIGITAL TRENDS REPORT 2014 33 Digital + Hotwire

2 About 33 Digital & Hotwire Contents Welcome to the year of digital maturity p4 33 Digital is an international digital PR and social media agency that specialises in building integrated, measureable and beautifully crafted campaigns for some of the worlds best-known companies and brands. We drink a lot The rise of niche networks p7 of coffee, know a lot about digital communications and operate at the cutting edge of consumer and corporate Data for the moment p9 technology and behaviour. Some of us drink tea. Digitisation of retail p12 The death of anonymity p15 Pre-emptive computing p17 Hotwire is a global PR and communications agency, dedicated to being the global alternative, an agile and Social media in school p20 innovative challenger to the established order, delivering breakthrough communications campaigns to the worlds most ambitious businesses. Since launching in 2000, weve emerged as one of the fastest growing international The digital artisans p23 communications consultancies in the world. We are home to the brightest and most ambitious communicators, From customers to community p25 challenging the status quo through innovation, unrivalled transparency and deep sector knowledge. Our group Big media is back p28 includes sister agencies 33 Digital and CPR, and together we work on global campaigns through our wholly owned offices in the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and those of our global affiliate network. But how much? p31 Conclusion p34 To find out more, please email [email protected] 2014 Hotwire & 33 Digital Press Photo credits: Andy Lamb, starmanseries, Chris Isherwood, Steve Bowbrick, IntelFreePress.

3 WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF DIGITAL MATURITY Our Digital Trends Report is now in its fifth are taking advantage of innovative new services and model enters its first stage of maturity, and everyone is similar to those from previous years. We have been year (thats a long time in internet world). As technologies. already thinking social by design. calling for the growth of niche or special-interest social this report will show, 2014 is set to be a year of This year however, we expect our clients to be Secondly, digital budgets have grown so that the networks for some time, and this year we believe this adoption, rather than innovation. We think this impacted less by innovative new service launches, work done by agencies and in-house teams is no longer a will be a major force in the way companies and brands means companies and brands will be more ready and more by the opportunities presented by those that niche, but is becoming part of the mainstream marketing market themselves, with many brands creating online than ever to step forward and embrace the new. already exist. Three things lead us to this conclusion: mix. destinations or campaigns that could be called social Firstly, the pace of new service adoption is now Thirdly, as digital communications and social media networks in their own right. Over the past five years we have documented the rise of overtaken by consolidation around existing services. marketing are becoming mainstream, services are being Other trends, such as brands and businesses adopting social media and mobile apps, charted emerging public Whereas in the past we have commented on the launch defined less by small pioneering groups, and more strategic agility (becoming, in the phrase of Nassim relations services such as community management, of promising new social media with regularity, such in terms of integration: a trend we wholeheartedly Nicholas Taleb, antifragile), are a function of the content marketing and data analytics, and offered our as Foursquare, Pheed, Instagram and Pinterest, there embrace. maturity of digital competencies within marketing view on how companies, brands and governments are now too many new networks to name, as the social The trends we have identified are in some cases departments. Companies are learning to reconcile 4 | | 5

4 themselves to the new world where the audience is in vigour in the media, as emerging strategies are 1 control of the message, by putting responsiveness at the more widely adopted, helping media outlets regain heart of their marketing communications operation. commercial strength. And, after years of talk, we expect THE RISE OF We now believe that entire sectors such as retail and to see communications and marketing departments education are ready to tip into a digital-first stance, finally making breakthroughs in measurement, as skills adopting techniques that have been used by innovators and techniques are adopted that help these teams not NICHE NETWORKS in recent years, with measurability showing they deliver only evaluate the work they do in better ways, but help results. them create activities that could deliver more measurable But we also expect 2014 to come with its fair share of results in the first place. adversity. The past six months have seen barely a week So were optimistic that 2014 may in fact be a year go by without more revelations from Edward Snowden. of concrete progress, where adoption of tried and Its a war on privacy. We expect the response from tested technologies and techniques delivers tangible companies and brands to be one of increased openness, results. Less talk innovation for its own sake and as they seek to maintain trust in their products and more walk putting into use the innovations in PR and services. However, we also expect this year to prove communications that have emerged over the past commentators such as Tyler Brule right, with an outburst five years. Whether its privacy concerns, a rise in mobile- the emergent blogging culture and brought elements of nostalgia for the analogue world we left behind a first apps, or social media fatigue there is of earlier concepts such as IRC and forums to the decade ago, and a short-term rejection of anything 1 a definite shift taking place in the way we mainstream. perceived to be digital for digitals sake. communicate and share content across our Since the Twitter and Facebook boom of 2008, each Nevertheless, we think there will be some major networks. Generic broadcasts to the masses are network has exploded in size with Facebook now at a steps forward in 2014. It could be the year where we out; marketing teams need to go to where the whopping 1.19 billion monthly active users and Twitter notice artificial intelligence in our lives for the first time. audience is, across multiple social networks. with over 230 million active users and growing. But as We predict the rise of pre-emptive computing, where we all know, its the quality, not quantity that counts. services offer us help before we even ask for it, pre- Social media enters the mainstream As the mainstream networks become overwhelmingly empting what we might want to know, or where we Its ten years since Facebook opened its doors to saturated, were already starting to see the social media might want to go. excitable students across the globe, and eight since magpies of this world shifting their allegiance from the After years of frustration, we expect to see renewed Twitter reimagined the text message. Facebook built on social media establishment in favour of something a little 6 | | 7

5 2 DATA FOR THE more focused think WhatsApp, Snapchat and Pheed each now very successful in its own right. But aside audience, which, if interacted with in the right way, can become your biggest advocate. MOMENT from the early-adopter teens, what else is accelerating Another force driving users into niche networks is this shift to interest-based niche networks and how can trust. We explore this in more depth in Chapter 4, but brands keep up? the Edward Snowden revelations have repeatedly called into question the security of information we post online, Sophisticated user looking for social network even when we have a reasonable expectation of privacy. who understands them As we become more aware of our online trail, and As social media ingrains itself deeper into our day-to- conscious of the availability of the data we share might Remember when Oreo tweeted during the perfectly timed moment of wit and responsiveness built day lives, users are becoming increasingly sophisticated that encourage us to think a little more strategically February 2013 Superbowl? Yes, of course you around a process that can handle the now. and much less interested in the generic hubbub that and selectively about what and where and how we are do. Its been the leading example, case study The past 12 months have been an exercise in agility dominates their Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. willing to engage? and benchmark for every journalist, blogger, for brands on social media, desperately striving to keep Theres now a choice: whether its Strava for cyclists, Whether you want to engage with greenies on Wiser, community manager and social brand all year. up with what theyve been told is the very height of StyledOn for fashionistas, Jelly for knowledge sharing or foodies on AllRecipes, emos on Vampire Freaks or real men Heres hoping however, as we shake off the dust social success. But what does success look like for the Current for businesspeople. These offer not only a true on Gentlemint or for that matter, use the ever-improving from 2013, that this is the last time you have to next 12 months? Should you wait for Oreo to make the sense of community, but time better spent. flexibility of web technologies to build your own network, read about it. next move or instead, listen to what data is telling you, In an increasingly interest-driven world, the 2014 is the year to get closer to your audience. truly understand what your audience wants from you, brands that invest time in understanding and valuably What Oreo managed to achieve wasnt an off the cuff, and learn from how they react? connecting with their audience will be successful. Niche 1 sudden lightning bolt of inspiration that came together Heres how to do an Oreo in 2014: first, take a networks relating to your brand offer a highly targeted in under 30 minutes when the lights when out. It was a fundamental understanding of social data. Add a cupful 8 | | 9

6 of skills training and data analytics. Then drop in a twist In the second half of 2013, we learned that context of pithy-yet-warm humour. Bake. The result will be is so much more important than just the message, and originality, recency and shareability in other words, starting the right conversations is more important than all those characteristics your content needs to drive merely starting any conversation. engagement and reach a large audience. Premier Inn for example implemented fergie time, There were moments brands got desperate in 2013. a 26-minute extension of checkout time in Manchester Think of the brands vigorously trying to capitalise on the when Alex Ferguson retired after 26 years at Manchester birth of HRH Prince George, with Samsung, Magnum United. A good example of knowing its audience, and Pizza Hut topping the list of most irrelevant spotting what news is being shared and making the mentions on social. Mentions that didnt go unnoticed by message relevant to the brand (full disclosure: Premier the media. Inn is a client). The problem with jumping on the bandwagon of With more data than ever before at their finger tips, whats popular or trending is that everyone else has the reaction from customers and communities online the same idea. People can spot that and in some cases should not only be known in 2014, but expected for have started to fight back. Some thoughtful soul, for brands who truly want to be digital. example, created Unbaby Me a Chrome app to block Of course none of this is possible with data alone, but all mentions of the royal announcement. ideas driven by data are better. The choice between data This is not a good example of using data for the and creativity is a false one. moment. Whenever baby number two arrives, the internet will be ready and brands, if not careful, will be 1 shamed all over again. 10 | | 11

7 3 DIGITISATION OF RETAIL The really big innovations in retail have tended to retailers in each region pursuing recognisable strategies clothes to provide a better browsing experience, and Blinkbox and Nolim respectively. Using Tescos Hudl focus on the point where consumers interact with based on a portfolio of offline formats, backed up by a Australian General Pants Co put iPad kiosks into its tablet, you are never more than a tap away from the the retailer and make purchases. Think of the fast-growing digital offer. stores to allow people to try on clothes and ask for media store on Blinkbox, and indeed the online store emergence of the out of town big box format, But we think there are reasons that may change. opinions using Instagram. for real-world shopping. As Amazon and Apple have the rapid growth of smaller, local express style Digital technologies are closing the gap between the But it seemed that even the mainstream retailers both shown, owning the screen gives you unique access grocery stores or the shift online. online and offline retail experience. In the past year, were determined to innovate. UK-based Tesco, Frances to the consumer, and can make a huge difference to the many well-known retailers have adopted the digital Carrefour, German Aldi and even Toys R Us made omnichannel retailer. Whether you look to North America, Europe or Asia, the fitting room technology of Burberry continued unexpected forays into tablets. Tesco and Carrefour Meanwhile, Amazon is battling on two other fronts. retail model today is essentially stable, with the largest to be a digital innovator, using embedded chips in backed this up by launching digital content services, It has demonstrated its belief that it can take on the 12 | | 13

8 traditional supermarkets for home-delivery of perishable consumers, turning the real world or digital content such 4 goods. Its same-day Amazon Fresh service in Seattle as websites, magazines or videos into virtual storefronts, will soon be expanded to California and has been better through which producers could sell directly to interested THE DEATH OF received than Walmarts early attempts at same-day consumers. Brands are often faster than retailers to adapt delivery. to new technologies, so the challenge for retailers is to Disruptive online retailers around the world such as increase their pace of change. ANONYMITY Amazon, Rakuten and Alibaba are also fostering another If the digital trends of the past decade have taught trend through their seller marketplaces: the emergence us one thing, its that frictionless digital technology has of a global army of small retailers and specialist the potential to delete the middleman. We expect to marketplaces to support them. Independent stores see retailers move upstream and become content and such as Tribal Style, which trades through Etsy, and product manufacturers, and downstream to own the Cambridge Satchels, which gained global recognition glassware in your pocket or living room. If they dont, by tapping into natural networks of fashion bloggers, they may face a challenging time ahead. operate using a business model that once would not have been viable. Craft stores offer new ways to add 1 brand value there are more than 25,000 items listed The arcane concept of privacy was thrust into on the day-to-day activities of promoting products and on Etsy as Made in Italy. These successes hint at the the limelight in 2013, after the revelation that services, and building relationships with publics. But the possibility of a post-industrial economy, such as that security services in some Western countries discussion that has been provoked is likely to have long- championed by Seth Godin in his latest book The Icarus were secretly observing the private online term effects, and those may begin to crystallise in 2014. Deception. activity of their citizens. As we enter 2014, the The first area that seems likely to change is around But we think that the most exciting trend of all is one debate still feels as though it is in its early stages, anonymity and the effect that has on public activity less talked about in the pages of the retail trade press. and there is a long way yet to go before a balance online. For years, anonymity has allowed the web As retailers of all types are digitally shape-shifting in the can be struck between the right to privacy and to remain an energetic, fragmented place of good hope that they will discover the key to unlocking a larger the need for security. and bad behaviour. YouTubes comments section for share of the consumer wallet, others are challenging example, was one of the rowdiest places on the internet, their role in reaching the consumer. Services by Kiosked For people working in PR, communications and sometimes funny, sometimes trollish, and generally and Glashion aim to connect brands directly with marketing, the revelations have so far had little impact surprising. 14 | | 15

9 Recently however YouTube dropped anonymity in company whose business depends on using consumer 5 favour of integration with Google+ and its 500 million data needs to beware the regulator in 2014. Companies more or less identifiable users. Facebook, Amazon will offer to become more transparent about when and PRE-EMPTIVE and Twitter have all created systems that would, with how information will be made public. Expectations widespread adoption, allow them to become a de facto of privacy will be codified in branded products and online passport. Irish startup Trustev wants to capitalise services. The Australian government was among the COMPUTING on this potential by using this identifiability to prevent first to advocate privacy by design for mobile services, fraud. a principle that has been widely recognised around the However, there is an inverse correlation between world as a fundamental best practice approach that will anonymity and online activity. The very fact that increase trust in products and services. people can share opinions without risk to their personal Trust in online services is crucial if companies are to reputation or career has in part fuelled the activity benefit fully from the data available online about use that many companies and brands have benefited from, of and attitudes towards their products. We advocate such as the stimulation of conversation online through using social media, crowdsourcing techniques and active comment sections, or social media. community management as ways for companies of A report by Pew Internet on Anonymity, Privacy and any type to benefit commercially from the free flow of Security Online found that the majority of Americans information. But this value is a fragile resource. have attempted to use the internet in such a way as The current privacy storm will no doubt have to reduce their digital footprint, such as deleting or a detrimental impact on the free flow of consumer Say artificial intelligence and most people There is another, very different model for artificial disabling cookies. A clear majority in the survey also information that has driven much innovation in recent will probably think of robots, chess-playing intelligence, which is altogether less proximate. It too believe it is important that information such as people years, but we expect companies to respond positively. computers or perhaps the Turing test, where has its roots in science fiction: Star Treks Borg and Ian M. they email, information they download or apps they use entrants attempt to design a computer Banks Minds were variations of a nebulous, connected should not be publicly available. 1 indistinguishable from a human interlocutor. form of intelligence where thinking done at a distance This awareness of how information can flow online Googles self-driving cars are a simplistic form for better or worse engages humans in their local means companies, governments and brands are going of intelligence built on the model of a proximate environment. to have to work harder to maintain trust. William brain replacing humans for certain tasks but This it turns out is a good approximation of a type of Eccleshare, the CEO of Clearchannel, suggested that any they wont be with us for years yet. artificial intelligence thats going to impact on our lives 16 | | 17

10 starting this year. We call it pre-emptive computing, and related to a website you recently visited, or making an guess what information you need right now. For example, Perhaps more importantly, this could have an impact you will either love it or hate it. impromptu suggestion about somewhere to go based on Google can guess youre heading home from work and on every service or brand. The introduction of new the kinds of places youve been to in the past, or where pre-check the transport system for you to let you know technology often results in changing public expectations. I know what youre thinking other people like you have gone. of any delays. iBeacon, which rolled out in Apples latest You can bet that people will respond more positively to Pre-emptive computing is the sort that is done in the mobile system updates, is a new hyper local identification unplanned notifications from brands and services that get background, based on a kind of mathematical hunch, Pre-empting, or interrupting? standard which will allow venues and retailers to pinpoint this right. The threshold for receiving notifications will and then served to you probably via a smartphone. The In the latest version of Foursquare, you dont need to check your location to within centimetres, and serve you with likely go up, giving you the opportunity to communicate thinking itself is done by servers running algorithms in. Rather, the app will figure out where you are, note how content, offers or one-offs tailored to your preferences. more regularly with your customers. designed to track and predict aspects of your life, such as long youve been there and use statistical analysis to work For companies and brands with large volumes of data, For some, this will feel like interruptive computing. where you go, what you buy and what you like. out where you might want to go next, based on patterns of now is the time to start thinking about how that data could But for those services that get the balance right, it Youre used to receiving notifications on your phone, your and others previous movements.. Then it will notify add value to services such as Now, Foursquare or those could herald a new way of engaging with customers or based on alerts youve set up. Now increasingly these you of this. that will be based on iBeacon. For example transport, audiences. notifications will be based on clever guesses made by the Google does the same thing with Now, which combines retail and public sector organisations could build a new cloud-based brains serving an advert for a product a wealth of historical, location and preference data to generation of services based on consumer behaviour. 1 18 | | 19

11 6 SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCHOOL Social media has become a life-line for teenagers. While theres a lot of fun and positive interaction to be using social media platforms in their personal lives. the risks of bullying and worse. Parents cannot always Eight-in-ten online teens use some kind of had online, there are risks that a lack of accountability While teenagers need to be taught about the positive be there to protect their children, particularly on social network and treat it as a platform for personal now could come back and bite in later life. opportunities that come with social media and how to media sites (which is why the British Governments interaction. Now that social media is mainstream In reality, many schools are keeping up-to-date with shape their voice and presence, theres evidence that attempts to censor offensive websites received strong and following shocking stories such as the the changes in social media; many are using social there are systemic and serious problems. At the start of criticism). Because of this, there is a need to educate bullying on, there is a pressing need to media platforms such as Edmodo and Google hangouts this year, Charity ChildLine reported a large increase in teenagers on how to present themselves online but also educate young people in the use of such networks. to enhance engagement in their lessons. Skype in the the number of children contacting it with concerns about to equip them to spot danger independently. Classroom connects school classes focused on shared online bullying in 2013 with 4,507 cases. We expect to see greater discussion around safe use Over the last 12 months teens shared more information subjects. If teachers are choosing to use these platforms Teenagers need to know how to balance freedom of of social media in 2014, and it is a subject that many than ever about themselves through their online profiles. in their lessons, they cannot ignore how their pupils are speech and the sharing of personal information with brands may usefully participate in. Nevertheless, while 20 | | 21

12 7 THE DIGITAL ARTISANS The past has always had a strong hold on the paper, the clatter of a vintage typewriter, or a Beatles-era present, but the advent of the Internet and the Vox AC30 amplifier as precisely rendered by plug-ins number of connected, engaged communities and apps but also for a new generation of producers has enabled us to indulge our nostalgia and and marketers. the need to prioritise social media education is apparent, the need for safe use of social media may be a necessary fascination with forms of the past in ever more In the artisanal economy, products are signifiers the question remains whose responsibility is it to educate defensive measure, but could be turned into a great profound, spooky and sophisticated ways. of craftsmanship, the act of taking ones time over the children? Is it down to parents, teachers, charities or PR opportunity. We expect that the communications details. They are bound up with the story of their maker. someone else? And should social media education be industry will explore their role and accountability in You can immerse yourself in the exquisitely unnecessary, This is a familiar marketing trope, beloved of breweries; added into the curriculum? These are all questions we defending the growing threats to young people on social yet appealingly vintage world of the Instagrammers, the build your app and plug it into the market using expect to be discussed in 2014. media in 2014. iPad sketchers, the digital scribblers or the USB typists. emotional cues. The difference between craft today and For brands wishing to target youth audiences, This has implications not just for those who derive of the past is the extent to which it plays out globally, taking a public stance on educating young people in 1 a certain aesthetic pleasure from expired film, ink on accelerated by online marketplaces. 22 | | 23

13 Nowhere is this more evident than Etsy, the us behind-the-scenes access, showcasing the processes 8 e-commerce site focused on handmade and vintage and people that make them unique. Rough edges items, whose aim according to chief executive Chad will be celebrated: these are authentic signs of effort FROM CUSTOMERS Dickerson is to humanise commerce and work. The and expertise, similar to the makers mark on a hand- Economist posits Etsy, founded in 2005, as the heir of shaped loaf of bread. Yet such stories are not enough by the Arts and Crafts movement inspired by William themselves; twee representations of a bygone age will TO COMMUNITY Morris in the late 19th century, linked by an obsessive not be celebrated. Leaders in the space know to underpin love of design and detail. But where Morriss followers content with clean design and slick systems of commerce were uncomfortable with modern technology, spending and sharing, enabling customers to review, rate, decades debating whether machines should play any favourite, share and find out more about the products part in production, Etsy wholeheartedly embraces and the people who create them. technology. Controversially, it introduced new Who are the makers and craftspeople in your guidelines in October 2013 which allow unique factory- organisation, and how can you tell their story? manufactured items. Even if some are unconvinced, Etsy may be on to 1 something. Arts and Craft couldnt cope with the cold realities of capitalism, fading away as it sought to recreate an artisanal age that never really existed. In the digital age by contrast, it is easy to fashion a golden In our first Digital Trends Report (back in contact channels. The trend is not true everywhere: in Polaroid summer, complete with the ambience of dust the heady days of 2010), we predicted that Italy, only 2 per cent of companies have blended social particles, scratches and light leaks. Etsy reached over community management would become a media and customer service, whereas in Australia Telstra $1 billion of sales in 2013, its most successful year yet. It mainstream communications discipline, and we operates a 24/7 social customer command centre that may launch on the stock market in 2014. feel this prediction has been vindicated. received over 300,000 posts and responded to 97 per cent What lessons can we marketers take from nostalgia of them, on average within a minute. in the digital age, the success of Etsy and its customers Some brands such as KLM, Nike Running and O2 have Part of the recipe for success is that they have not penchant for humanised products? gone on to align social media and customer service, been scared to invest in the bench. Nestle, in France, has Increasingly well see brands creating stories that give turning Facebook and Twitter into primary customer a team of 20 dedicated digital accelerators specifically 24 | | 25

14 employed to aid the company deliver inspirational expert at: tone of voice. No matter how difficult the customer service. crowd, talented community managers have shown that However, there has often been evidence of a its possible to stay on top. In a number of recent cases, disconnect between the social media managers and Tesco Mobile has even gone the whole hog, trolling its customer service team. Leaving teams to operate in trolls with charm and wit, and has been rewarded with silos, when the customer will be exposed to both, can positive media coverage and huge growth in the number have lasting negative impact effects. Examples from the of fans. past include Eurostar, which continued to tweet seasonal So what can customer service teams and community offers when its trains became stuck in the Channel managers learn from one another? Customer services Tunnel. At 11pm on 17 January 2013, Tesco also found typically work in collaborative teams, operate in a highly out what happens when the social media-marketing responsive environment, and have the authority to department has not been fully appraised of an unfolding actby resolving issues and making offers to customers. customer service disaster. The supermarkets infamous Community managers on the other hand are masters of hit the hay tweet during the horse meat scandal well-crafted, on-brand content, taking on conversations grabbed headlines for days. that inspire whole groups within a community, and The problem, often, is that the customer service team operating as one of the community. and social media community managers are coming at In our view, we will see customer service teams and their professions from completely different points of community management merging in 2014. Customer view. Customer service is typically a defensive culture, service teams will lose their reputation for starched- aiming to minimise engagement, while community collar-stuffiness, while community managers will gain managers are tasked with getting members of the public, authority to act on behalf not just of the brand, but also including customers, engaging as much as possible. of the organisation. And there are examples of one team simply not The big winners will be customers, who should understanding the nuances of the other. British Gas benefit from a more human experience all round. failed Twitter chat in October 2013 was a mistake from the beginning, but what turned it into a memorable 1 error was something that community managers are 26 | | 27

15 9 BIG MEDIA IS BACK The way the media interacts with the public has today most major media are adopting round-the- publishers need to craft content that inspires people to it has found a way to be profitable which doesnt rely on changed beyond all recognition over the past ten clock publishing. William Eccleshare, the CEO of tap stories on to their communities online. inundating users with banner and pop up advertising. years, and this trend will continue in 2014. Clearchannel, reckons the TV advertising model will die In 2013 traditional media organisations began to Instead, Buzzfeed works with brands to create clearly in 2014. But as some corners of the media are showing, imitate the model created by Buzzfeed. Trinity Mirror labelled native advertising clearly labelled sponsored Traditionally the media and news organisations in the shift to real-time publishing and feedback provides in the UK launched Ampp3d and we expect more articles. While such commercial behaviour is viewed particular have worked on a broadcast model, providing huge opportunities. organisations to follow suit in 2014 as the pressure to with suspicion by many journalists, who tend to believe content at set times to an audience, usually based on Social, rather than search, is going to be the attract ever-larger audiences increases. in the separation of church and state, commercial reality broadcast slots or print deadlines. This happened day-in, battleground for news organisations in 2014 as the viral Nevertheless, after launching French, Spanish and is biting. day-out, regardless of natural audience demand. news model pioneered by Buzzfeed and Upworthy is Portuguese translations, Buzzfeed remains the big media Another model that has been used to great effect The rise of 24-hour news subverted this, and more widely adopted. With shareability the objective, outlet to beat. Part of Buzzfeeds success lies in the fact is the immersive narrative, which combines media 28 | | 29

16 10 BUT HOW MUCH? of various formats to create long-form content that properties, including even the august New York Times Measurement in public relations and other are often low down the value chain: inputs such as the is perfect for consumption via tablet. The Guardian after its recent redesign. Its first native advert grabbed communications disciplines is often thought number of press releases written or outputs such as (Firestorm) and New York Times (Snowfall) are routinely attention by its very existence. about in the wrong way. At best, its seen as a attendees at events. These play a role, but a more holistic cited as best-practice in producing emotive, shareable But the biggest opportunity of all is in the changing service to be delivered, at worst a black box run approach is required that shows how these play a small narratives. However, this approach is not without expectations of the media consumer: there is less of a need by geeks. But measurement is a language, and role in building a business case for success. controversy, as an explosive online debate about a for shareable content to live on a media property at all. the communications industry is recognising that Whitehall Lane, a Napa Valley winery, predominantly Boston Globe article on the marathon bomber proved. 2014 will be a year where more companies and brands than fluency is not optional. use tasting sessions as a sales avenue, but started to For companies and brands, there are new ever take on the role of journalist, producing content from use social media to complement this. As a direct result opportunities to pitch stories that offer built- shareable lists to immersive narratives, specially designed Measurement is often seen as the preserve of data of social activity, they were able to increase direct sales in shareability, wit or emotion. There are also to appeal to fans and advocates. We are all big media now. analysts. We see too many campaigns conducted with month on month as well as increase member sales opportunities to capitalise on the closer relationship only a vague idea about how efficacy will be measured. 39% over the course of a year. Accurate social media between paid and natural content on big media 1 Where measurement is considered, the metrics used measurement helped pinpoint both the sales spike and 30 | | 31

17 the membership increase to social media activity, thus Net Easy score to define outcomes along with other communications teams identify what metrics to use But using the Framework provides a consistent way providing ROI. metrics. They could then tie back beneficial increases in when measuring campaigns, based on what data is to answer the questions: what shall we measure? How An essential part of effective measurement is having key metrics to the campaigns. available. They are now tackling the measurement of do these datasets relate to one another? How can we strong objectives that have been defined by clear data 2014 will be a breakthrough year for campaign social media campaigns, and have developed a strategy ultimately report important business results using the and insights. Toolkits such as Google Analytics, Radian6 measurement and particularly in the establishment of especially for that purpose. data we have? and our very own social data analytics tool Listening standards for measuring social mediafocused activity. The social media Framework emphasises the role of This presents an exciting opportunity for Post will become essential in all aspects of campaigns Partly, this will be due to the sharing of knowledge advocacy in the communications process. It puts more communications teams, who will be able to demonstrate to ensure the strongest possible measure of business and best practice among social media marketing weight on the ongoing relationship with members of value with more impact than in the past. But it all starts outcome. professionals. But it will also be thanks to the leadership the network, connected to a company or brand through with learning to speak this new language. In 2014, we Carefully defining your metrics is as important as of industry bodies such as The International Association social media. think its time everyone took some lessons. using the tools themselves. BT, realising that customer for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication The Framework approach is a reflection that there service was a differentiator in telecoms, aimed to use (AMEC). is no single correct way to measure campaigns, as 1 social media to improve it. Yet without a clearly defined AMEC has been working for the past few years on each will be built around different mechanisms to drive metric, the work was useless. BT created a system the a Valid Metrics Framework. This is a method to help sharing and engagement, and will deliver different data. 32 | | 33

18 CONCLUSION For five years, we have seen technology disrupt the Our phones will start to provide information for us status quo in communications. Our trends reports have based on previous paths. Schools will begin to embrace highlighted concepts, applications and mindsets that social media rather than shun it. Brands will reflect the have radically shifted the landscape for good. These artisan hipster trends and show off authenticity and reports have always been focused on the new. Social behind-the-scenes looks. Community management and media, mobile apps, content marketing, data analytics, customer services will finally merge. We will all become measurement: these are not words that occurred in most big media as the old media fights different models to marketers daily vocabulary half a decade ago. Now, remain profitable in a digital age. Measurement will they are commonplace. shift from being an extra to a core focus of work that But now is a time for maturity with these communications professionals undertake. technologies. Networks will becomes smaller, more This is the year when technologies become second targeted and niche. The access and use of data will speed nature - and the winners will be the consumers. up as insights and creativity come together. Retail online Marketing will become faster, and less bloated; more will not mean simply shopping using your favourite targeted and less stab in the dark; more trusted and less shops. Companies will strive to regain our trust with cloak and dagger. privacy. This is the year for digital maturity. 34 |

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