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1 Our ofces ICS map server ATDI s.a. ATDI Ltd. ATDI Ibrica ATDI Inc. 8, rue de l'Arcade Kingsland Court, c/ Orense, 8 1420 Beverly Road, Suite 140 75008 Paris Three Bridges Road Piso 12-D McLean - VA 22101 France Crawley West Sussex, RH10 1HL - UK (Nuevos Ministerios) USA Tel +33 (0)1 53 30 89 40 Tel +44 (0)1293 522 052 28020 Madrid - Spain Tel +1 703 848 4750 Fax +33 (0)1 53 30 89 49 Fax +44 (0)1293 522 521 Tel +34 91 598 21 36 Fax +1 703 848 4752 [email protected] [email protected] Fax +34 91 597 03 01 [email protected] [email protected] ATDI Est ATDI OOO ATDI PTY Ltd Bd. Aviatorilor, 59 Sadovnicheskaya st. 72 bld 1 79 Macarthur Street - Ultimo Bucharest 115035 Moscow NSW 2007 Romania Russian Federation Australia Tel +40 21 222 42 10 Tel +7 095 252 96 10 Tel: +61 (0)2 9213 2200 Fax +40 21 222 42 13 Fax +7 501 408 50 74 Tel/Fax: +61 (0)2 9213 2299 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Main features of ICS map server Digital cartography 1. File formats 1.1 Native le formats - .IC1 - RSA - Celltec - DHM25 1.4 Projections 1.4.1 Geographic - Decimal degrees - Cutting - Resampling 4. 8 bit specic functions Remote sensing 2D and 3D cartographic data - .IC2 - Seconds - Bd Alti - Degree Minute Seconds - Palette editing - .PAL - Bil Intel - 107 supported datums - Cleaning - .DCW - Transformations - Bil Unix Satellite images - .IMG 1.4.2 Cartographic - .GEO - Alcatel asc - National grids (France, UK, Swiss, 5. 16 bit specic functions - .SOL - ASCII Grid Finland, Malaysia...) - Data extraction (contour & clutter) - UTM north and south / all zones / all - Rasterising Aerial photographs 1.2 External le formats datums 1.2.2 Exports - Quality checking and corrections 1.2.1 Imports - Targa 8 16 24 - Targa 8 16 24 2. Display 6.Requirements - Planet Geoconversion - Uncompressed 8 bit TIFF 2.1 8 & 16 bits common features - Windows 2000 SP4, XP - EDX - Planet - Zoom SP2, 2003 SP1, Windows XP - Colortrac / Tangent - Status bar Professional x64 edition - EDX - Uncompressed 8 bit TIFF - Layout - Processor Intel, AMD 2GHz or Geocoding - Uncompressed 24 bit TIFF - DTED more, Intel Centrino 1,4 GHz - Uncompressed 24 bit / greyscale BMP - RASTER / BIL 2.2 8 bit specic features - 1 Gb of RAM or more (SDRAM or - ASRP 1.0 - Palette - ASCII grid RDRAM) Vector information - ASRP 1.2 2.3 16 bits specic features - AGP graphic adapter with 32 Mb - USRP 1.2 1.2.3 Vector formats - Standard ref palette of RAM & 3D graphic accelerator - USRP 1.2-F - Vector Product Format (VPF / VMAP) - Classied palette (Direct X + OpenGL) - BILSpatioDef - 3D - 40 Gb hard disk drive Ultra ATA, - DCW (Digital Chart of the World) - Alchemy converter SATA or Ultra-wide SCSI - Standard images - DFAD (clutter) 3. 8 & 16 bit common functions - 19 inches screen - Display - DTED - Geocoding resolution 1024 * 768 or 1280* 1.3 Size & resolution - DEM - Geoconversion 1024, with 65,536 colors or more - NTF - 32000x32000 points, 2GB - No data cleaning - CD/DVD ROM drive - DSMM - Step >.0000001 - Tiling - CD/DVD writer for backup Software solutions in radiocommunications

2 ICS map server Importing ICS map server imports and handles existing cartographic Geoconversion A file previously geocoded to a certain geographical grid can data. This can be done from most standard formats for terrain, be easily geo-converted into another grid. Over 100 grid codes ICS map server is a complete solution for the handling and images and vector data. Also, ICS map server allows the user are implemented in ICS map server and transforming one to the production of high quality digital cartographic images, to process the imported data via a method for the production another is a feature provided with the software. Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and ground occupancy layers of layers to be used for radio planning. that can be used with ATDI radio planning software. Restitution of clutter ICS map server allows the creation of data from various Geocoding ICS map server is optimized sources such as paper maps, satellite views and aerial The process of geocoding allows you to project a raw layer into for the creation of clutter images or the conversion of cartographic files in various a cartographic grid with a known step and origin. The resulting files. It is able to describe the formats. layer can be accessed through its cartographic coordinates. topographical properties of the Geocoded images are easy to tile and assemble. ground (vegetation, buildings, ICS map server runs under Windows and provides optimal growth...). The extraction of quality and excellent precision for very large file sizes. DEM Extraction such data can be automatically processed (remote sensing ICS map server features an automatic upgrade engine ICS map server is optimized for production of DTMs on multi-spectral satellite imagery), manually processed or between the ATDI servers and the clients computer. or DSMs, using powerful algorithms for extracting the imported from GIS/vector data. X, Y, Z information from an existing Distribution of data through a ATDI cartographic expertise database (contour extraction, automatic network correlation...). ICS map server is capable of networking cartographic data. Many ATDI understands the constraints of time, pricing and quality when discussing cartographic data. In our 15 years of experience, we Sourcing of existing data F r o m t o p o g r a p h i c departments can access the same information simultaneously. maps, the contours Huge databases of images, DEMs and clutters can be remotely have accumulated a sizeable catalogue of existing worldwide ATDIs skilled professionals have accrued extensive experience a r e e x t r a c t e d extracted, tiled, overlaid and prepared for radio planning. cartographic data. That information is stored in our large scale in the sourcing of existing cartographic data. Using our automatically using servers. Portions of this information, used for radio planning, are available as a free service on our website: partnerships with industry leaders and government agencies around the world, ATDI is able to quickly identify existing data convolution and line tracking algorithms or New building layer For further information, please contact us on the web or at the sets and ensure their quality. manually with the mouse directly on the displayed map. The One unique feature in ICS map server is its ability to generate address listed on the back of this brochure. extracted contours can be displayed, modified, corrected building height files. This layer is essential to the planning of Acquiring data using an extensive set of tools. urban networks or for detailed terrain analysis. The layer that System integration contains building heights is added to the standard terrain layer Once ATDI has confirmed the quality of the data, its acquisition In addition to providing our customers with quality cartographic is swift. The aerial photos, ground control points, satellite Orthorectification in order to produce a composite DTM. Buildings are therefore integral part of the terrain database. Such files can be created data in a timely and affordable fashion, ATDI will also help images and maps are then processed and formatted for the ICS map server allows digitalization of map features directly from from a standard high resolution DEM and the extraction of the you to organize your network. Our team of professionals will customers. aerial photographs in order to collect accurate measurements from building outline or from external sources such as photogrammetry. assess your needs and customize a network that would best Usually, the accuracy of such files is better than 5 meters. ICS aerial photos. If needed, suit your business. Production it is possible to remove map server manages files down to one centimetre accuracy. ATDI proposes solutions for operators who face challenges In addition to providing the software used to create the digital geometric distortions in the networking, sharing and images and layers needed for radio planning, ATDI also has caused by camera tilt managing of large amounts impressive production capabilities. Our cartographic department and variations in the of cartographic data. manages a large high resolution laboratory, with extensive underlying terrain. True Oblique view with relief deformation production capabilities in digital stereo restitution and high orthorectification uses resolution digitizing. a high resolution DEM, containing an urban scene All planning and modelling begin with the set-up and to pitch the facades of the use of appropriate cartographic data. ATDI is able to buildings vertically, thus creating an orthogonal provide adequate data for every planning and modelling projection from a radial Vertical view with relief deformation task across the world. This capability extends to geo- projection. Without this process, antennas placed marketing data such as population databases, zip code at specific coordinates may appear on the databases and other demographic and morphological buildings facade instead information. of on the roof. Orthography View of a building layer

3 Cartographic solutions Cartographic layers International/National National/Regional Urban planning pack Digital Elevation Models Raster imaging planning pack planning pack DTM/DEM/DSM files can be imported, exported, produced and ICS map server manipulates 256 colors raster images produced manipulated. This includes : by a color scanner, or imported from other sources when available The national scale is a 100 % FREE mapping ATDI provides upon request same information If you have planned to work over a city area, (TIFF, TGA, BMP). The resulting image can be exported for as the free pack, but for larger areas at 3D DTM created by interpolation of contour lines extracted various applications. The images processed by geo-referencing solution that can be downloaded from ATDIs this package provides you with the high a very affordable price. The accuracy is resolution imagery, DTM, building layer, from topographic maps; can be used as GIS (Geographic Information System) support website, The user inputs the Canopy DSM showing the aggregate elevation of vegetation or for the generation of other cartographic layers. coordinates of a central spot, for example adapted to the needs of the customer and clutter files and associated geomarketing the project at hand. This dataset is designed information that you need. the location of a transmitting station, and and large structures, such as freeway over-passes and suburban gets 100 km x 100 km composed of a standard map and the associated DEM at to provide the maximum amount of detailed geographic information for regional areas, The metric resolution is dedicated to radio- rooftops which can interfere with RF signal propagation; Buiding layer in order to provide the radio-planner with planning of cellular networks (PMR, GSM, 500 m accuracy (100 m in the US). All this cartographic data that best suits the technology UMTS) in urban environments, point-to-point 3D building DEM mixing both terrain and building height The building layer describes each building outline in high information is copyright free. links and point-to-multipoint systems such as information. resolution and its height above ground level as well. Within the to simulate. LMDS, WiMAX, DVB-T, DVB-H, WLL... same radio-planning project, this file can be used to calculate Such cartographic datasets are dedicated to The medium resolution dataset is dedicated quick checks that do not require a high level to large scale radio-planning : radio-planning It allows an accurate positioning of subscribers, detailed coverage and interference Vector data the signal received over the building rooftops (for outdoor propagation) and the signal loss diffusion effect (for outdoor accuracy, such as rough evaluation of FM of broadcast networks, cellular networks in rural environments, network dimensioning analysis. ICS map server can create and display vector information over to indoor propagation). and TV coverage, identification of potentially of NLOS technologies. This type of cartographic dataset permits the the cartographic data, which can be used to highlight information large obstacles along the path of long haul microwave links. This pack is available for a minimum of 10,000 deterministic analysis of building obstruction or specific areas. The polygon outlines of buildings are essential km2 up to an entire province or country. (canyon effect), reflections on building walls for many RF technologies, working in Line Of Sight, near Line Of Please, contact our cartography department as well as outdoor to the indoor (diffusion) effect. Sight, or Non Line-Of-Sight. This information makes it possible at [email protected] to match addresses to rooftops and for a detailed geo-marketing analysis to be carried out in the planning tool. Content: Content: Content: Geocoded map at 100m resolution Image True orthophoto Ground occupancy layer - georeferenced - source - stereo (aeronautical chart) topographic map photogrammetry This layer, sometimes called the clutter layer, contains UTM projection, or satellite image, - resolution - 0.5 m information on the terrain morphology such as structures, roads WGS84 from 10 m to 100 m - accuracy - 2 m and vegetation. ICS map server features a brand new engine accuracy for the automatic extraction of clutter data from multi-spectral Landsat 7 imagery. Digital Terrain Model High resolution High resolution Different cartographic layers handled by ICS map server at 500m resolution DEM DEM (100m in the U.S.) - source - stereo - source - stereo UTM projection WGS84 photogrammetry - resolution -1 m photogrammetry - resolution -1 m SRTM : High quality and homogeneous data available for the - accuracy - XY 2 m, - accuracy - XY 2 m, whole world Z1m Z1m In 2000, the American space shuttle completed a ten-day flight, during which a worldwide Clutter - up to 20 Clutter file (raster topographic survey was performed using the interferometric radar technique. The data obtained during this survey has been made generally available by NASA with a planimetric Mapping for free land uses per map & vector format) resolution of 3 arc seconds. Address file (geomarketing data) The post-processing done by ATDI generates medium resolution DTMs, fitting many cartographic needs : large areas covered (regional, national and international scale); reduced cost and delivery times; Building file the technical specifications are homogeneous and clearly defined over the area of - source stereo interest. photogrammetry As SRTM data covers most of the earth with a single acquisition mode, its technical - resolution -1 m - accuracy - XY 2 m, specifications are homogenous and clearly defined. This allows ATDI to perform Z1m a time-effective post-processing with ICS map server and guarantee constant technical specifications. Credits: Nasa

4 ATDI product range ICS telecom nG as automatic frequency assign- HTZ warfare nG ment, automatic antenna alignment HTZ warfare nG is a compre- and automatic antenna height set- ICS telecom nG is the key package hensive radio planning software ting to meet clearance parameters, in a planner's toolkit. It is capable of application for civil and military link budget analysis, and interfer- modelling radio systems of any size networks. ence calculations are all standard from intensive local areas to extensive HTZ warfare nG can be congured features of the software. countrywide regions. by the user to be the specialist For each link, the user can open a ICS telecom nG provides benets at all toolbox for electronic warfare mis- microwave link analysis window, and stages of network ownership including sion planning, technical spectrum management, network planning or analyse the technical characteristics tasks such as : just as a simple coverage and link of the link: technology evaluation and Availability, quality, margin, losses planning tool for eld operations. business modelling ; HTZ warfare nG is designed to (diffraction, gases, rain...), RSL... infrastructure dimensioning, network allow integration into other systems, planning, network optimization ; spectrum optimization ; like system mission planning suites, spectrum management/monitoring Antios engineering data sharing. systems or individual system fre- Antios is a 3D software system quency management packages. ICS telecom nG enables the planning for the design of antennas and The HTZ warfare nG tool utilizes engineer to rapidly and economically digital terrain models to simulate antenna systems. The increasing design wide networks. It features communication effects from 10 kHz occupation of radio frequencies applications throughout all modern radio to 450 GHz. requires new antenna designs networks, both fixed and mobile and HTZ warfare nG utilizes a proprie- capable of meeting both frequency across the frequency range 10 kHz to tary three-dimensional cartographic allocation plans and the cover- 450 GHz, including : workspace (Digital Elevation Model) age requirements of each opera- analog & digital broadcast for all operations and analysis. HTZ tor. Mobile communications and TV and radio ; warfare nG analysis results can be broadcasting networks must satisfy displayed on 2D or 3D display. aeronautical & marine systems ; complex constraints designed to cellular, paging, and mobile data ; reduce or eliminate possible inter- xed wireless access including WiMAX ; ICS microwave ference. Modelling such a complex land mobile, Private Mobile Radio ; ICS microwave features a complete problem was solved with Antios microwave ; software dedicated to microwave software. This highly innovative radar, satellite. planning, well integrated with the product enables engineers to design whole ATDI software suite. For systems using multiple horizontal ICS telecom nG runs on a PC platform example, ICS microwave can auto- under Windows. It integrates its own or vertical dipole arrays arranged matically link BTS stations together around the support. A 3D diagram database engine and can also exchange to suggest a backbone network. data with any market-available ODBC- enables denition of the positions Microwave backbone networks are compatible database such as Microsoft SQL easy to manage thanks to advanced of antenna components and the Server, Oracle, Informix, Gupta, Microsoft yet easy-to-use dedicated functions, necessary phase shifts to obtain the Access etc. ICS telecom nG integrates and the database structure specic requisite propagation result. easily with an existing environment, to microwave links. Features such whatever its size or structure, in local mode or within a corporate network. ICS manager nG ICS manager nG is a software platform customizable process controls. ICS online provides networks on the net - dedicated to advanced RF spectrum As a synthetic tool, ICS manager nG The recently introduced ICS online represents a pow- nance services. ICS online is entirely designed to - network constituents (base stations, links...), management. Initially targeted at enables to: erful and yet simple internet / intranet gate to your answer typical questions such as: - technical notes (for installation, maintenance...), regulators, its exibility and ease of use make sure that new services do not network data, and a link between the network design - Where should we market the service? - real-time network status (failures, maintenance is of great value to operators as well. interfere with existing systems according to team and the marketing department, the sales force, - Can a particular prospect be connected? status...). ITU plans and regional & national plans ; the customer center and the installation and mainte- - Can I subscribe to your service? Main features The ICS manager nG platform is based on the guidelines of manage administrative procedures in - What are the installation instructions for this new >Works as an Internet or Intranet application. recommendation ITU-R. SM.1370. accordance with the national, regional client? and international rules ; - I cannot use the service today, is there a problem >Map display: Pan, Zoom in / out, Change map It offers: with your network? scale, Coordinate display. optimize the sharing of frequencies ; a safe database system Built using the latest Rich Internet Application technolo- >Coverage display by service. environment ; supply secure administrative and techni- >Address Query based on street number, street cal data storage and management ; gies, ICS online provides everyone in your organization powerful data exchange with an up-to-date, intuitive and exible map interface name, city, province... (handles misspellings). functions ; efciently share information between gathering all the relevant network information: >Coverage quality at the center point of the map. a customizable report actors. - mapping data handles multiple scales, Handles various kinds of coverages (eld strength, edition tool ; The set of standard modules of ICS - service coverage: handles multiple services, C/I, Ec/Io, Eb/No...). Customized comments on the dedicated data input interfaces ; manager nG covers all the needs of - geomarketing data (companies/clients, addresses coverage quality. enhanced visualization functions ; regulating authorities. and corresponding geographic coordinates), >Report including map extract, coverage details...

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