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  • Aug 28, 2015
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2 The Company Live Media Group was founded on the principle of delivering consumer. This team handles creative vision, production logistics something unique. We believe that consumers want and deserve and more importantly is the first call when a client needs a partner a stellar experience. We also believe that the live experience for the execution of a live event. Success comes from experience. consumers receive should be high quality, ever evolving and social in Live Media Group has produced over 800 live events for a number nature. LMG is the only full-service, turnkey technology solution for of clients including many hollywood movie studios, television the creation, production, and transmission of premium professionally networks, live video consumer destinations as well as a number produced live events for the Internet and mobile devices. of entertainment, music, sports and advertising agency clients. A partial list of clients include Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Our diverse offerings ensure that our clients and the viewing Sony Pictures, Yahoo!, Live Nation, YouTube, CBS, ABC, and NBC. audience continue to experience groundbreaking high quality levels of content and social engagement across all devices. We offer a broad spectrum including concerts, music festivals, red carpet premieres, award shows, gaming, sports and fashion events. The Live Media Group team of experts is heavily involved every step of the way, from planning to managing to final delivery to our clients. A leading provider of mid-sized, HD production/uplink mobile production truck units, supporting client needs in multiple mediums Live Media Group was formed in January 2013 through the merger and across every industry. Live Mobile Group also serves the current of Premiere Entertainment and NowLive. Premiere Entertainment needs of Live Media Group to ensure best in quality in their live has been in business since 2008, setting the gold standard for live broadcast endeavors. Quality leads to dominance in the broadcast productions, producing to date over 800 live events for television space and Live Mobile Group has a long list of broadcast clients. and the digital world. Premiere Entertainment was an immediate Beyond trucks and equipment, Live Mobile Group operates the Los leader in the production of live events for movie premieres, red Angeles control rooms and encoding/satellite data centers and is carpets, concerts, music festivals and other live entertainment currently managing the build of the New York City data center. A events. NowLive is a video platform that was developed in 2010 partial list of clients include ESPN, Fox Sports, PGA, NBC, CBS, ABC, to provide advanced technology systems for web and mobile event NCAA and Fox. viewing. NowLive is custom-built for our clients, with their vision at the forefront, including advanced features that engage the viewing audience and create an environment that can be controlled by them. A proprietary interactive video platform accessible on all screens The Group and devices, providing a proprietary, revolutionary, multi-channel, user controlled viewing platform to Live Media Groups clients. At the request of many of our clients, we have spent years building, The formation of Live Media Group Holdings was recently established refining and inventing a platform that sets the bar high in the live as the parent company to three distinct, yet highly complementary, video delivery space. Embracing the web and current practices, then lines of business. Live Media Group Holdings consists of: quickly moving to mobile as the fastest growing delivery destination, we have built a product for our clients and their consumers to experience events like they never have before. An experienced production company and team providing truly turnkey production services for a number of live entertainment events, from concept through to production and final delivery to the LIVE MEDIA GROUP HOLDINGS - LIVE MEDIA GROUP - LIVE MOBILE GROUP - NOWLIVE

3 The Team BRAD SEXTON - CEO DON BRESHEARS - VP, LOGISTICS & ENGINEERING As Founder, President and CEO of a Live Media Group Holdings, Don Breshears comes to Live Mobile Group with 16 years of live Brad Sexton aims for perfection, knowing the live broadcast space sports and entertainment television experience. He has served to television and the digital landscape are identical in quality, as Technical Manager at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and most where consumers expect the best in class live content delivered recently for NBC at the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. In to all mediums. It is his mission to be a big part of the shift where addition, Don has worked on the LPGA, PGA, Champions and consumers look to the digital and mobile world for live content that Tours for Golf Channel and has covered the Master is on par with what is found on traditional television and vice versa. Championship at Augusta National. Other credits include: NFL With 3 companies under the Live Media Group Holdings banner Thursday Night Football, NCAA Football, Basketball and USA Track and the divisions within; Live Media Group, Live Mobile Group and & Field. nowlive, all set the standard for exceptional quality and best in class ALEX CHERNY - VP, PRODUCT & DEVELOPMENT reputation. Alex Cherny is Vice President of Product and Development at TERENCE BRADY - COO NowLive, a revolutionary and interactive video experience. Prior to joining Live Media Group Holdings as the COO, Terence Brady He brings over 10 years of experience in product development, was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and part of the analytical-driven product strategy, competitive analysis and senior management team at NEP Broadcasting for over a decade. product positioning. He has worked with various technology He brings his operational experience to Live Media Group Holdings solutions, including desktop, web and mobile applications, business and is instrumental in developing the strategic business planning intelligence, data integration and web services. During his tenure at for all operations and working closely with the CEO and Board of NowLive, he has helped reestablish the platform and brand as the Directors to ensure the company is prepared and poised for growth. leading experience controlled by the consumer and accessible on any screen or device. DAVID NAYOR - CFO As CFO, David brings 18 years of finance and banking industry KARIN MIHKELS - VP, SALES & STRATEGY experience to his oversight of all accounting and financial aspects Karin Mihkels comes to Live Media Group with 20 years of digital of Live Media Group Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries. Along with media experience. She developed corporate communications overseeing the day-to-day financial operations, David heads up all strategies for the launch of content divisions at AOL, on-boarded financial related strategic growth initiatives including acquisitions, brand acquisitions by developing the sales strategies to maximize joint ventures and partnerships and is also responsible for the revenue potential. Karin also led the entertainment sales structuring of all company debt and equity capital. teams through a merger, a spinoff while strengthening industry relationships and driving revenue growth. Skilled at developing DOUG SHELLOW - VP, PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS innovative & award-winning marketing campaigns for clients across Doug Shellow has spent the last seven years as a partner industries, Karin is well equipped to bring LMGHs best-in-class and producer with the online broadcast company, Premiere solutions to content creators and brands. Entertainment, specializing in red carpet, music, corporate and special event webcasts. Before starting Premiere Entertainment, Doug helped run the Physical Production department at Revolution Studios for almost seven years. There, he oversaw and managed all of the 46 feature films produced by the studio. Prior to joining Revolution, Doug produced his own short films and did freelance production work on hundreds of feature films, beginning his production career over 25 years ago. LIVE MEDIA GROUP HOLDINGS - LIVE MEDIA GROUP - LIVE MOBILE GROUP - NOWLIVE

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