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  • Jun 14, 2016
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2 GROWING INTO WHO YOU ARE BECOMING When you first got up on two wheels, you didnt know how to ride a bike. And you didnt start by reading a how to book. Instead, with support from others, you created a kind of performance you pretended to be a bike rider. THE By performing BECOMING as a bicycle rider, PRINCIPLE you became one. Its how we all learn and grow as kids by being who we are and who we are becoming. But most of us dont keep learning this way. The The Becoming Principle is Performance of a very rich and supportive environment for learning Lifetimes method for producing breakthrough goes away. We go from being praised for trying leadership and professional development solutions. something new even if we dont get it right, to being told we didnt get it right even though we We help leaders to start becoming again by tried something new. As a result, we stop taking accessing their capacity to perform. When leaders risks and tend to stick to our old habits, focusing perform (the way actors and improvisers do) they on doing things we already know how to do. experience both who they are and who they are not yet that is, who they are becoming at the For leaders, this is a big loss. same time. They simultaneously grow socially, cognitively and emotionally. Seen through this lens, all teams and organizations are performing ensembles, with the capacity to create new performances both with one another and with their customers. In our instructional design, facilitation, and coaching, this insight and practical approach produces breakthrough results for our clients. 2 3

3 OUR SOLUTIONS An excellent experience for leaders to grow and develop . Vice-president, Sun Life Financial PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS High-touch, immersive, one- to two-day workshops that focus on enhancing specific leadership performances executive presence, influencing, storytelling, feedback and coaching, high-stakes EXECUTIVE OFFSITES conversations and more. LEADERSHIP High-impact strategic planning DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS sessions designed to engage leaders in closing the gap Comprehensive, custom-designed INTERACTIVE KEYNOTES development experiences for between the status quo and their The Becoming Principle comes to your high-potential and executive desired future. Follow-up coaching life for your team or oganization leaders. These six- to nine-month for individuals and groups with these engaging and inspiring helps leaders develop the new programs include workshops, keynote presentations. These performances essential to driving action learning experiences and experiences include exercises business strategy. group coaching to support real and practical tools from our growth and transformation. book, Performance Breakthrough: THE HUMAN SIDE OF STRATEGY A Radical Approach to Success Organization and enterprise-wide at Work. programs that address the human and cultural elements of strategy and transformation. 4 5

4 OUR METHODS All human beings have the innate ability to play, pretend Human beings are not only who we are. Were also who were not and perform. yet who were becoming at I would absolutely the same time. But as adults, we forget this process of discovery. recommend this program. Performance of a Lifetime helps leaders become again by It irrevocably changed my accessing their innate ability to perform, improvise and play. life as a leader. PERFORMANCE The Becoming Principle accesses the ability to Director, American Express perform as a way to kickstart adult learning and development. So in all of our programs, we put our participants onstage! They do acting exercises, try out different characters, and experiment with different choices in emotion, body language, what to say, and how to say it. IMPROVISATION Improvisation involves a set of creative rules for how to connect, build and interact with others. When leaders learn how to improvise in everyday life, they become more relationship-oriented, and grow as listeners, collaborators and conversationalists. SIMULATIONS AND ROLEPLAYS Performance is the pathway to seeing and acting on new possibilities. Our business simulations and roleplays help leaders simultaneously develop new and more effective ways of interacting, and learn that they can keep performing and directing their scenes (conversations, relationships) at work and everywhere. 6 7

5 HOW WE WORK OUR PROCESS Crafting solutions that challenge and impact Engaging and effective live experiences Our design team is a mix of innovative Our high-touch solutions are brought to life by instructional designers and creative theater our talented global team smart, caring, and professionals writers, directors, improvisers passionate facilitators and coaches who are and actors who bring extensive experience dedicated to helping leaders and leaders-to-be developing solutions for leaders at every level to grow and learn. To them, performance is not and across industries. We work closely with our just a breakthrough way to reignite peoples clientsas we tap into our library of cutting-edge capacity to learn and grow; its a method human development and leadership designs. for creating change both individually and Wethen craft custom learning experiences that collectively. And whats even more fun is you can activate participants intellectual, creative and also see our team on Broadway, the West End, emotional capacities in relevant, engaging and Bollywood, and your latest favorite TV show. fun ways. DESIGN DELIVERY DISCOVERY MEASUREMENT Your learning starts with our learning Using the lens of both an instructional designer design and performance director, ourdiscovery process We use a participatory evaluation and ensures that our solution is grounded in your qualitative measurement approach. With your organizations context and culture.We approach vision for success and expected business the discovery process as a development activity. impact in hand, we create ways for program An exhilarating journey When we engage with participants in surveys, participants to play a role in creating and interviews and observation, were inviting conceiving how they will monitor and drive everyone to reflect, and the learning process of discovery, hard work impact. This kind of approach is yet another way begins immediately. Discovery is ongoing not to develop leaders, build teams, and sustain just something that happens at the start of our organizational learning and growth by giving and important growth. programs.With thisin mind, your design team, your participants, and Performance of a Lifetime participants ownership in the measurement and evaluation process. can continuously learn from the impact of Director, oncology nursing, the work as it emerges, which informs any Johns Hopkins Hospital future design. 8 9

6 LEADERSHIP Comprehensive, custom-designed experiences DEVELOPMENT for your key leaders, delivered over time, to SOLUTIONS support real growth and transformation. BECOMING A LEADER BECOMING A PEOPLE MANAGER Performing on a bigger stage The art of relationships Your performance challenge Your performance challenge Transition managers to leaders Jump-start the development of new managers Develop functional experts into enterprise-wide Enhance the skills of experienced managers leaders Strengthen specific skillsets: feedback and coaching, Guide leaders through broader and more complex delegation, building teams business challenges Essential program outcomes Grow high-potentials at any stage Ownership of the managers role in shaping the Essential program outcomes employee experience and success at work Performance on a bigger stage Ability to achieve results by aligning, directing and Confidence and skill to make more relational and developing talent authentic leadership choices Capacity to lead key managerial conversations and Interpersonal agility to influence at all organizational build great relationships levels A community of managers who support one another Presence and power to inspire through greater transparency and storytelling BECOMING A HIGH PERFORMING TEAM Setting the stage for strategic growth BECOMING A TEAM MEMBER Readying for onboarding Your performance challenge Improve executive team alignment Your performance challenge Lead large-scale change or cultural shift Ready recent college graduates to perform Drive enhanced innovation, creativity and professionally collaboration Accelerate experienced hires capacity to add value Essential program outcomes Enhance executive hires ability to influence and lead in Deepened relationships and trust your culture Development of core teaming muscles flexibility, Essential program outcomes creativity, thoughtful risk-taking and handling the Awareness and appreciation of your organizations unknown and unexpected culture Enhanced listening, communication and collaboration Capacity to read the environment and flex style Capacity to initiate and navigate high-stakes Motivation and skill to engage in conversations and conversations build relationships essential to the new role Commitment to new communication, leadership and Development of a peer network decision-making practices 10 11

7 We use Performance of a Lifetime now to help all of our senior folks. The difference is mind-boggling. Chief Creative Director, Grey Advertising High-touch, immersive, one- to two-day workshops that focus on enhancing specific leadership performances. THE ART OF CONVERSATION THE ART OF INFLUENCING The performance of listening The performance of presence and story Handle high-stakes conversations internally and with Engage and inspire with stories clients Craft and deliver high-impact presentations PROFESSIONAL Enhance consultative selling and client relation- Flex communication style ship-building skills Influence and lead transformation Inspire and strengthen networking and relationship DEVELOPMENT building Establish a culture of rich dialog and healthy debate THE ART OF TALENT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS The performance of coaching THE ART OF COLLABORATION Establish a high-expectation, high-performance culture The performance of building Give direct and supportive feedback relationships Coach and guide the development of key talent Build high-performing teams Build a community of peer coaches and mentor Drive collaboration across silos and/or geographies Develop leaders who influence without reliance on authority Enhance facilitation skills of leaders, managers, trainers 12 13

8 PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGH Cathy Salit THE KEYNOTE THE BOOK In this engaging, entertaining and interactive In Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach presentation, CEO Cathy Salit and other POAL to Success at Work, CEO Cathy Salit presents the executives introduce large audiences to The Cathy Salit has revitalized the revolutionary approach to learning and growing Becoming Principle and how this revolutionary that she and Performance of a Lifetime have been approach can help individuals, teams and entire traditional keynote! I wanted her using for twenty years. Performance Breakthrough shows how you can use ideas and techniques organizations grow, develop, learn and transform. Unlike traditional presentations, POAL speakers to energize and motivate our from theater and improvisation, along with the new I know from my own experience bring stories, insights and exercises from our book members, and she gave us an science of performative psychology, to enhance having Cathy Salit as a teacher to life using theater, improvisation and audience your performance at work and become who you participation. immersive, performance-based are not yet. that her lessons can be life- Audiences will experience: experience that delivered all of Performance Breakthrough helps readers hone changing. This remarkable book How performing in everyday life and work helps their listening, relationship and communication you learn, grow, and lead that and much more. skills; recognize and act on opportunities; build will electrify your work and healthy working relationships; and grow as leaders. How listening like an improviser will improve your conversations and relationships CEO, Chamber Music America No matter what the challenge, the combination enliven your soul. of case studies and practical exercises will help How creating with crap the kind you get handed every day will make you more you realize your potential and deliver your own top Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is productive and innovative. performance. Human and Drive 14 15

9 ABOUT US SOCIAL MISSION WHO WE ARE We are committed to advancing and innovating how the world sees and achieves human With backgrounds in the performing arts coupled in New York City, we serve Fortune 500 and development. Were bringing our revolutionary with training in philosophy and performative innovative, upstart brands on a global basis. approach not only to businesses and people psychology, our team of coaches and human Our work is featured in in our book, Performance with means, but to all, especially the poorest development experts leverage The Becoming Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success communities who need and deserve the best. Principle to engage leaders and entire organi- at Work, in Daniel H. Pinks best-seller To Sell zations in discovering, creating, and acting on Is Human, and on the pages of the Wall Street new and uncharted possibilities. Headquartered Journal, Business Week, Wired, and Fast Company. OUR CLIENTS In Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids, police officers and inner-city teenagers perform together in improvisation-based workshops to create new relationships and understanding. KEY MISSION PARTNERS: LETS PERFORM! CONTACT US CONNECT WITH US [email protected] @PerformLifetime 212-343-2884 16 17

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