1958 - Grays Harbor College

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1 THE 1958 N A u T I L u Published by s THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY GRAYS HARBOR COLLEGE Aberdeen, Washington Staff Editor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - John Greer Business Manager - - - - - - Louis Turk Photographer - - - - - - - - Dick Candey Make-up and Copy Editors: - - - - _ _ _ _ - - - Linda Hills, Alice Armstrong, Judy Hill, Marjorie Salmi, Sharyn Smith, Maureen McAllister Faculty Advisor - - - Mr. Elmer Wagner

2 Foreword Grays Harbor College was incorporated into the Aberdeen school district in August, 1930, and the first students were en rolled the following month. The college has been in operation since that time, although its location has changed. In 1941 the school became a state college under the junior college law passed in that year. In 1945 GHC moved to the Samuel Benn school where it remained until January of this year. At that time the new Grays Harbor College was occupied and is now in full operation. With these new facilities in mind, the 1958 Nautilus is designed to give present students something to look back upon and prospective students a fine school to look forward to. Dedication It is to the new Grays Harbor College campus, one of the finest in the state, that we dedicate this 1958 Nautilus. Because of the new, improved facilities, the students now at Grays Harbor and those who will attend in the future will find that a greater degree of learning can be achieved. The new campus will always serve as a milestone of education in this area. Here students can enjoy a real college atmosphere on a big-college cam pus away from the main part of town. Here also students and fac ulty can maintain college life as it should be.



5 The President's Message Students and Faculty of Grays Harbor College: I am pleased to have this opportunity to express these words of greeting and good wishes in your 1958 Nautilus. First, my congratulations to the graduating sophomores. I would like to see you often on our campus in future years, and I hope that each and every one of you will successfully continue his search for education. Second, my best wishes to the freshmen. I look forward to seeing many of you back at Grays Harbor College next year. Third, I would like personally to thank the faculty and students for their wonderful cooperation during the school year. Also I offer my sincere con gratulations to the annual staff for an excellent job on the yearbook. I am pleased with our new site and buildings, and look forward to a bright future for the college. EDWARD P. SMITH President, Grays Harbor College

6 CHACE ANDERSON.JR., M.S. ELMER HUNT, M.ED. History, Librarian Mathematics Social Science, Physical Education ays Harbor College; A.B., University of 8.A., Washington State College; M.Ed., - g on; A.B.L.S .. University of Washington Head Football Coach Washington State College A.M.L.S., University of Michigan B.S., University of Idaho; M.S. University of Idaho Faculty EDWIN STRICKER, M.ED. Chemistry, Engineering A.S.. Northland College; S.S .. University of Minnesota; M.Ed., Wisconsin State College RUSSELL R. SCOTT, M.A. English, Speech, Drama B.A.. Linfield College; M.A.. State College of Washington

7 JAMES RICHARD FROST, M.ED. LOUIS W. MESSMER Social Science CATHERINE GIBSON Biology A.S., Multnomah College; B.S. Lewis and Clark College; M.Ed., Lewis and Clark College Secretary B. S., University of Washington; M. S University of Washington ALFRED J. HILLIER, M.A. History and Sociology B.A., Linfield College; M.A . University of Washington JOHN S. STODDARD, M.ED. Social Science, Physical Education Head Basketball Coach A.A., Grays Harbor College; B.A., Central Washington College; M .Ed., Seattle University ANNE HOLEY, M.A. English B.A. Concordia College; M.A. Northwestern University VICKI SIGGSTEDT Business Manager

8 DOROTHY MACNEALY, B.S., R.N. ELMER WAGNER, M.ED. Practical Nursing A.A .. Grays Harbor College: Certificate of English, Journalism Nursing, University of Minnesota; B.S. in 8.A., Whitman College; M.Ed., University of Nursing, University of Washington Idaho ALFRED M. PHILIPS. M.S. Registrar, Physics 8.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.S., Kansas State Teachers College JOHN KILLIAN, M.B.A. Business Administration 8.8.A., University of Washington; M.8.A. University of Washington PETER PERISICH Vocational Education Director of Adult Education 8.A .. University of Washington HAROLD J. ENRICO, M.A. Foreign Languages, English 8.A., University of Washington: M.A. University of Washington

9 DALE BURGESS, B.S. JEANE JONES, B.S. VARNEY COREY, M.A. Chemistry Physical Education, Social Science Business Administration B.S., Indiana University Women's Advisor Physical Education B. S., University of Oregon A.A., Grays Harbor College;B.A. Centra.. Washington College; B . B.A., University c Oregon; M.A., University of Oregon MAURICE J. PHIPPS, M.A. Psychology EUGENE F. STENSAGER, M.A. Director of Student Affairs Music B.S., Black Hills Teachers College; M.A B.A . Washington State College; B.Ed., University of Oregon Washington State College JOH SMITH, B.S. Biology, Physical Science B.S., Montana State College RICHARD LANDBERG, tyi.F.A. Art A.A... Grays Harbor College; B.A., University of Washington; M .F .A .. University of Washington


11 Sophomores Dave Jaskar, Mary Ann Waara, Barbara Shelton, Larry Hubacka. Sharon Blaine Jerry Bevins Jeanette Graham Jack Henkel / Carolyn Hamilton Marilyn Zawislak Rudolph Pointinger

12 - . - r. .... Roger Cloutier Camille Fox John Greer Katherine Hansen Sherman Beidler Mary Docsanes Arthur Joplin Judy Hughes John Homchick Michael Hatch Carolyn Link Donald Thomas J udyth Messer Ernest Enz

13 o aid Johnston arian Keller r arles Vavrek a Ann Waara a es Newman Gale Bowen Larry Hubacka Dixie Sheary Craig Wellington Terrence Helseth Alice Anderson Marvin Jennings Jeanette Krogstadt Jack Wylie - Jerald Johnson

14 Becky Tobey Patrick Rundle Ruby Brownrigg David Nyman Arlene Wojs Janet Wylie Darrell Potter Sha,on Marsh Warren Clevenger Charles Atkinson Julie Nieman Clester Strouth Melvin Thompson Michael May Daniel McFarland

15 Ronald Laukkanen Karen Brunstrom Eugene Smith ouise Rosen Edward Merrill Mike Silvey William Apley Margaret McEvily Ray Wickre James Brown Joseph Malik Carole Reinhart Marlin Marsh Gene Dotson Mary Lynn Teale

16 Dean Turcotte Barbara Shelton Donald Purdy Marilyn Caldwell William Maynard . Dennis Lencioni Karen Sundblad John Gabriel Lewis Adams t Vincenta Marchese Jerry Snyder David Jaskar I Kwang Chough Carole Fisher Edwin Elkin

17 _:::.: e Lind _e-ry Berbells .... chen Tatro -=, Hogan be Rehm Ricky Warwick Richard Mattler Doris Anderson Edward Command Dorothy Easter Bruce Olson Gayle Egge Darlene Myhre Addison Ames Richard Candey

18 Freshmen Freshman class officers for 1957-58 are Karin Leaf, secretary, Chuck Daniels, vice president; Ray Hajduk, president; and Carolyn Jauhola, treasurer. First row: Ken Dugwyler, Kay Cannon, Bruce Flanagan Second row: Sally Bradford, Janet Corcoran, Bonnie Albertson, Deanna Colton, Merold Schmidtke, Darlene Duvall Third row: Wilbur Coonse, Bob Burkholter, Virgil Robbins. Jack Betterley, Bob Cole

19 First row: Nancy Travis, Rosalie Winkle, Janice Hite, Marlene Anderson, Phyllis Dick. Second row: Kim D. Yung, Bill Davison, Dave Taylor, Arnold Jacobs, Allen Koidahl, Earl Mann. First row: Joe Guedon, Earl Hughes, Gleih Gehlert, Rosemarie Nicola, Roy Savala, Budd Fogo. Second row: Larry Patton, Jerry Schaaf, Gary Belmont, Robert Everett, Duane Cox, Gerald Martin. First row: Audrey Wright, Bonnie Schelper, Judy Wiley, Patsy Spoon, Lorna Haavisto. Second row: Bjarne Bertelsen, Wallace Johannes, Dave Liukko, Dervin Ask, Neil Linder, Gerald Roderick.

20 Front row: Linda Hills. Alice Armstrong, Roger Christopherson, Lois Fry, Sandra Kenyon. Back row: William Fogo,_ Mike Curry, Eugene Elms, Allen Basore, Gary Apukka. John Rorick_ First row: Charlotte Davis. Karen Fretenburg, Jim Atkins, Lynne Ross, Barbara Hirschbeck. Second row: Ann Fairchild, Don Wise, Don Hall, Pearl Lilliquist. Front row: Sally Luark,Colleen Keller, Maureen McAllister. LaRee Phelps, Judy Hannukaine. Back row: Jim Arnold, Ron Butz, Lionel Weese, John Johnston, Dale Fishel.

21 - First row: Phyllis Strada, Lynne Hiley, Jane Vargas, Joanne Stone, Gwen Schroeder, Nadine Thompson. Second row: Judy Phelan, Carl Espedel, Richard Shipley, Tom Stephens, David Misitano, Roberta Tegen. Front row: Norm Lynn, Sheila Theriault, Andy Carlson, Nancy Clevenger, Bob Harrington. Back row: Ron Discher, Jim Cartwright, Ralph Light, Ronald Sund, Marty Flom. Front row: Donna Swason, Donna Shumway, Nancy Matthews, Tanya Christian, Alice Mercer. Back row: Christina Wilpone, Gordon Lanning, Larry Johnston, Dave Lukin, Darryl Davis, Alltrina Henning.

22 First row:Bob Johnson, jack Worrell, Wally Metzger, Dan Dougherty, Jebb Jensen. Second row: LarryrBates., Norman Bermen, Warren Gunderson, Bill Hohensee, Duane Nelson. First row: Patti Makin, Karin Leaf, Gail Guggenbickler, Betty Conley, Judy Farmer. Second row: Don Abrahamson, Joe Farnsworth, John Hart, Chuck Watson, Hugo Brodin. First row: Jeanne Moe, George Henning, Lillian Haglund, Sally Hill. Second row: Bruce Williams ,Ed Dahl, Jim Farley, Gerald Mallette, Mike White.

23 Front row: Linda Melvin, Alice Shoaf, Sylvia Winningham. Back row: Art Hegberg, Chuck Copeland. Darryl Pedersen. First row: Carolyn Jauhola, Sherry Aro, Sheila Francis. Second row: Sam Bertolami, Chuck Wetzel, Richard Anderson, Glen Nore. First row: W. Plakinger, Denise Johnson, Donna Gumtow, Marleen Ackerson, Kaye Murdock, Art White Second row: Mike Longheed, Bill Cox, Jack Prince, Walter Edens, Mike Thein, Ken Koivisto.

24 Front row: Jane Stopsen, Bob Learned, Susann Nelson. Back row: Ed Sheary, Norm Caldwell, Andy Jonassen. First row: Marilyn Vaughn, Marjorie Salmi. Betty Cogdill. Carol Simon. Second row: Joan Kent, Roy Lindley, Robert Zieman, Suson Fisher. First row: Iris Mullenix. M e r n a Ch.:imber. Ve;-a Legernes, Velma Salonen. Second row: James Paul. Jim Adams, Larry Wardlow.

25 First row: Myrna Bodnar, Judy Hill Carol Burckhard, Karen Anderson. Second row: Clarence Pope, Ron Thompson, Bruce Tedder. - First row: Doris Gamage, Allen Medley, Jeanette Johnson. Second row: Jim Graham, Dave Rabey, Bill Malstrom, Walter Sidor. First row: Ken Anderson, Sharyn Smith, Laurie Jones, Linda Bache. Second row: Ron Lofgren, Don McMinds, Jim Garrett, Ray Hajduk.


27 Sitting: Sally Luark, Gayle Egge, Kathy Hansen. Standing: Terry Helseth, Andrew Carlson, Dick Shumway, Ron Roberts, Mr. Hillier. FORENSICS During the past years Grays Harbor College forensics teams, under the able leadership of Mr. Hillier, have con sistently garnered regional and national honors. This year's squad was no exception. Participating in four tournaments, the 1958 team excelled in most events. Gayle Egge reached the oratory finals at Seattle Pacific, CPS, and Linfield Col lege, site of the regional tournament. Ron Roberts and Dick Shumway placed third in debate at CPS. Andrew Carlson reached the finals in interpretive reading at CPS and Linfield. Kathy Hansen placed third in extemporaneous speaking at the regional meet. Highlight of the year was the national Phi Rho tourna ment at Hutchinson, Kansas.

28 TYEE I Sitiing: Carolyn Hamilton, Varian Keller, Judy Hughes. Standing: Kathy Hansen, Miss Holey, Gayle Egge, Julie icman, Mary Ann Waara, Barbara Shelton. PHI THETA KAPPA "Ir- } First row: Mr. Spellman, Pat Rundle, Carolyn Hamilton, Karen Brunstrom, Carole Reinhart, Gayle Egge, Kathy Hanen, Gerald Johnser,1. Stcond row: Barbara Hirschbcck, Judy Fnner, Carole Fisher, Sally Luark, Sharon B!aine, Judy Hughes, Gail Guggenbick+er, Alice Anderson, Bonnie Albertson. Third row: Dave Jakar, Chuck Wetzel. Dave Liukko, Neil Linder. Kwang Chough. Terry Helseth, Dick Shumway, Daryl Clsen, Joe Malik, Allen Ba!.or. Rodney Boyer.

29 BAND First row: RichJrd Mattler, Betty Cogdill, Gail Gugger.,ickler, Sandra Johnston, Bob Johnson, Sue Miller, Lewis Adams. econd row: NJncy Clevenger. Laurie Jones, John Johnston, Gerald Johnson, Craig Wellington. Third row: Dick Candey, Larry Johnston. Melvin Thompson, Arlin Harrington, Ronald Sund Fourth row: Rick Warick, Addison Ames. CHARLIE CHOKER QUARTET Art Joplin, Gerald Martin, Jack Prince, Rick Warwick.

30 CHOIR ANNUAL STAFF Maureen McAllister. John Greer. Judy Hill, Sharyn Smith. Alice Armstrong, Marjorie Salmi, Dick Candey.

31 TIMBERLINE -- Benner, Gayle Egge, Neil Linder. RADIO SPEECH Sitting: Larry Walk, Stanley Lancaster. Standing: Dick Candcy, Warren Clevenger. Don Abrahamson, To"" Chaffey, Mr. Scott. V i ncen ta Marchese, Dixie She:iry, Carole Reinhart. Joe LaBreck, Neil Linder, Doug Pendergraft, Chuck Wetzel.

32 LETTERMEN First row: Paul Vigil, Jim Atkins, Jim Newman, Lewis Adams, jack Henkel, Bob Farquhar, John Gabriel, Robert Cole. Second row: Chuck Copeland, Sam Nel,on, Jim Graham, Mike Silvey, Dean Turcotte, Jack Betterley, Jack Wirk kala, Jerry Snider. Third row: Eddie Dahl, John Greer, Russell Messenger, Doug Pendergraft, Ted Bruener, Melvin Thompson, Dennis Lencioni. CHEERLEADERS Carole Hiley, Lynne Ross, Dixie Sheary, Dorothy Easter.

33 Jeanette Graham, secretary-treasurer; Varian Keller, president; Carolyn Jauhola, vice-president. The Associated Women Students consists of all the girls at Grays Harbor College. During the past year the Associated Women Stu dents has been under the leadership of Varian Keller, president, who was assisted by Carolyn Jauhola, vice president, and Jeanette Graham, secretary-treasurer. They were elected at the end of the last school year and will hold office for the whole year. The group began the school year with a tea to help the new girls get acquainted. Other activities of the year included bake sales, a dance, the Christmas "Toys for Tots" program and an annual spring tea which was held in honor of the mothers of all the college students. Miss Irene Campbel I is the advisor for the group.

34 Student Council f Associated Student Body officers for the year include, from left to right, Jerry Johnson, vice president; Kathy Hansen, treasurer; Carole Reinhart, secretary; and Joe Malik, president. The Student Council, led by Joe Malik, is the executive body for student government at Grays Harbor College. The council con sists of all student body officers and the appointed commissioners. The members are Joe Malik, Jerry Johnson, Carol Reinhart, Kathy Hansen, Wally Metzger, Larry Hubacka, Ray Hajduk, Oliver (Punk) Smith, Varian Keller, Bill Maynard, Carolyn Hamilton, Gayle Egge, and Betty Conley. This group decides upon the budget, social events, activities, and policies affecting the students throughout the school year.

35 LIBRARIANS Alice Anderson, Becky Tobey, Marilyn Vaughn, Kay Cannon. - - NURSES' AIDES MRS. MacNEAL Y


37 The annual GHC Homecoming festivities started with a talent review which took place at the Miller Auditorium on Friday night, October 25. The first event of the program was the crowning of the queen, Karen Brunstrom from Hoquiam. by Mr. Edward P. Smith. Members of the court were Bebe Rehm and Patty Peterson from Aberdeen, Katherine Hanson from Hoquiam, and Varian Keller from Raymond . Talent included a tap dance by Judy Fenner, pantomimes by Dorothy Easter and Addison Ames, a piano solo by Richard Mattler, and numbers by the college choir and the college dance band di rected by Eugene Stensager. The Harbor Lights, a boys' quartet from Hoquiam, compoed of Mike Corrigan. Bob Harrison, Perry Herron and Bill Wieland sang a few numbers. A play called "If Men Played Cards the Way Women Do" was presented by an all male cast. Autumn in New York was the theme of the dance which took place after the game on Saturday night. The dance was the last event of Homecoming.

38 WINTER "Red Silhouettes," this year's winter formal, was held February 14 in the CUB. The theme was carried out in the traditional colors of Valentine's Day-red and white. Above the lighted fireplace the words "Red Silhouettes" were written. Plush red hearts were placed on either side of this lettering.

39 FORMAL The pillars throughout the room were entwined with red crepe paper and topped with red and white balloons. At one corner of the room stood a large red and white heart which functioned as a back ground for photographs taken of couples attending the dance. The music was furnished by the Raindrops. During intermission the Harborlights, a local quar tet, entertained the crowd with several numbers.

40 "The Solid Gold Cadillac" The fall play, "The Solid Gold Cadillac," was presented by the GHC drama class under the direc tion of Mr. Russell Scott. This amusing two-act comedy starred Gayle Egge, Charles Watson, Judy Messer, Dale Fishel, Neil Linder ,Dick Candey, Darryl Davis, and Andrew Carlson. Oirc.o.,.or

41 Mary Curry, Neil Linder, Chuck Wetzel, Gayle Egge. "The Importance of Being Earnest" The first play to be presented in the new college studio was Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest." This delightful comedy, directed by Mr. Rus sell Scott, played to a full house for two nights. Members of the cast included Gayle Egge, Judy Messer, Mary Curry, Carol Fisher, Neil Linder, Chuck Wetzel, Darryl Davis, Richard Candey and Andrew Carlson.

42 Coach Chace Anderson and Assistant Coach Varney Corey ATHLETICS

43 Washington Junior College Standings W L T Olympic -------------------------- 6 l 0 Wenatchee---------------------- 6 1 0 Everett---------------------------- 5 l l Yakima--------------------- ------- 4 2 1 GHC -------------------------------- 2 5 0 Centraila ------------------------ 2 5 0 CBC -------------------------------- 1 6 0 LCJC ------------------------------ 1 6 0 GHC- 7 Bakersfield JC ...... 36 GHC- 0 Everett JC _ _ _ _ __ _ _______ 27 GHC-13 Yakima JC _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ 20 GHC-66 Centralia JC _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ 0 GHC- 7 Wenatchee JC ________ 13 GHC-19 Olympic JC _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ 40 GHC-27 Columbia Basin ______ 19 GHC-19 Lower Columbia _ _ _ _ 21 A game, but short on reserve strength, Choker squad finished the 1957 season tied for fifth place in the state junior college league. A trip to Bakersfield JC highlighted the season for a team that was ex citing to watch even when losing..

44 Front row: Jack Prince, Marlin Marsh, Mike Corrigan. Back row: Chuck Copeland, Jim Adams, Ted Bruener, Chuck Caldwell, Dennis Stepp. For a team lacking in height, the Grays. Harbor College basketbal I team did not want for determination. Finishing the season with a 9 won, 9 lost league record, the Chokers defeated every conference opponent at least once except for champion Columbia Basin and Olympic. 77 Madigan Hospital . .......... ............. . . 90 53 Portland Frosh .. ....... ... .............. . . . . 49 65 Seattle Frosh ... .......... ............ .. .. . . . 73 56 Washington Frosh .... .. . .......... . .. . .. . 80 74 Oympic JC.................................... l 04 76 Yakima JC.................................... 94 70 Centralia JC.................................. 60 72 Yakima JC ........................ .... . .. . . . 68 71 Wenatchee JC ... .... .... ...... ....... . . . .. . 61 61 Portland Frosh ... ....... ................. .. . 73 76 Everett JC . ................................. .. 73 65 Clark JC . ... ................ ....... .. .. .. .. . . . 78 81 Lower Columbia JC .. .. ... ........... .. . . 55 74 Seattle Frosh . . . ...................... ... . . . . 78 73 Skagit Valley JC .... ..................... . 70 62 Clark JC . .... ..... . .. .......... ......... . . . . . . 52 56 Skagit Valley JC .... .... . ... ..... ....... . . 62 41 Everett JC . ..... . . .. ........... ... ... . . . . . . . . . 74 61 Columbia Basin JC . ...... ...... .. .. . .. . . 76 55 Wenatchee JC ........ . ... . . ... ............. 72 54 Columbia Basin JC .... ......... ...... . .. 75 61 Centralia JC .... . .. . .. ................ . . . . . . 50 73 Lower Columbia JC ...................... 50 70 Olympic JC .. . ... ................... ..... . . . . 81


46 -:. Front row: Marlin Marsh, Jim Farley, Jim Giblin, Mike Corrigan, Doug Pendergraft, Jack Betterley, Mike Silvey, Arlen Marsh, Ted Bruener, Bob Bauman, Sam Nelson, Paul Vigil, Bob Whitney. Back row: Jack Henkel, Jack Wirrkala, Chuck Copeland, Bob Gibbons, Phil Bellgardt, Roger Cloutier, Bill Wi.eland, Jerry Snider, Cal Bagby, Jim Graham, Eddie Dahl, Perry Herron, Danny Kimmel, Larry Bates, Mike White.


48 natures way... new trees foilow the old Congratulations to Grays Harbor College pearson's from heron 'rlrees.- oberdeen wosh Copeland Glass and Paint

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51 Millwork and Cabinets Supplied By Suppliers e of READY MIX CONCRETE Knudson & Berg e CONCRETE PRODUCTS Millwork e BUILDING MATERIALS 411 South Alder Aberdeen 825 411 South Washington Ab 93 LUMBER - PAINT - BUILDING MATERIALS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Highest Earnings on Savings Broadway at Market Aberdeen Liberty Dru B ff Co. When You Think of Quality . Look For These Brand Na m e s Revlon Lipstick and Enamel PE1 DLETON MU SI GWEAR DuBarry Cosmetics CATALINA BOTA Y Elks Building Aberdeen, Wash. SWA K FAVORITE STORE FOR ME :: Elks Temple Aberdeen 667 ef.ff11&n 110 East Heron M.N" S 4Ji0 80Y"8 CLOTHING AJ;O &HOO Aberdeen, Wash. Fine Foods - Groceries Huff & Charette l 05 South Broadway Abrdn 1172 NECCHl-ELNA SEWING MACHINES IN ABERDEEN '' The Central Se w ing m- --=- Center Phone Abdrn 309 121 E. Heron St. Aberdeen

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