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1 May 2016 IR News & Views Newsletter Volume XV, Issue III Special Announcement: IR Class of 2016: Student Voices IR Curriculum Changes Approved! We asked the IR Class of 2016 to send us any Over the past year and a half, IR Program faculty advice they would like to offer to future IR majors CONGRATULATIONS committees met regularly to discuss curriculum (as well as comments on studying abroad and oth- IR Class of 2016! issues in the following thematic concentrations: er general comments). Here is what some of them TC2, TC4, TC5, and TC6. We are pleased to an- had to say: nounce that the proposed changes have been ap- proved by the Arts & Sciences Curricula Commit- ADVICE for incoming/future IR majors: tee as follows: ~See about a double major with a field similar to TC2 International Economics no longer your concentration. You'll go more in depth into requires a US Role in World Affairs your subject. course. ~Don't rush into picking a concentration - try out Best wishes for a TC4 International Security - in addition to different classes, especially in the core require- the currently approved culture courses for ments. Also talk to professors with research topics bright future! Please TC4, students in TC4 may alternatively that interest you. That will give you a better idea keep in touch and let of what you're truly interested in. fulfill the culture requirement by taking a us know what you are course from the linguistic region they are doing. using to fulfill their language requirement. ~Plan out your four years well--even if you don't end up following the plan it will help you organize The NEW TC5 concentration is titled your time for classes and help you have time to go Globalizations. The OLD TC5 The United abroad. States in World Affairs is available to Class In this issue: Years 2017-2019 only. The NEW TC5 fo- ~Plan in advance what classes you want to take, cuses on the spread of ideas through global so as to have a cohesive, holistic IR degree. practices and behaviors such as human rights, IR Curriculum 1 migration, urbanization, media, technology, ~Definitely keep a balanced workload. Changes empires and colonialism, and the study of culture. TC5 addresses global phenomena ~Keep track of requirements and save your cap- IR Class of 2016 1-2 that may involve identities, security, econom- stone course until junior or senior year. Student Voices ics, environment or microbes but not as a central focus. ~Go abroad. Choose a concentration that truly IR Events Recap 3-5 interests you. Consider a second major if it has from 2015-2016 The NEW TC6 concentration is titled overlapping classes (IR/EC, IR/CH, etc) to make Identity. The OLD TC6A/6B Ideas and the degree more skills-based and applicable to the Identity is available to Class Years 2017- real world. Spotlight on IR 6-7 2019 only. The NEW TC6 focuses on how Core Faculty individuals perceive themselves in their rela- ~Don't let Intro to IR be a deterrent from the ma- Publications tionships to the world through prisms such as jor. gender, class, religion, race, nationality, and Spotlight on 8-9 ethnicity. Courses in the TC6 concentration STUDY ABROADwhat students liked IR Student must foreground how identity bears upon BEST: Accomplishments international affairs. and Awards ~Living in Paris. Befriending French people. A very special thanks to the IR Curriculum and Traveling around Europe. Exposure to a new edu- Class of 2016 10 Executive Committee members who spent a great cation system. deal of time and effort to make these changes hap- Statistics pen. ~Traveling throughout Australia and getting to Tips from the IR 10 engrain myself fully in one country. Office: Studying Visit the IR website under Academics ~Getting away from Tufts campus and being in a Abroad for more information/details: less insular environment. ~I loved being in Istanbul. I really enjoyed the continued on page 2

2 IR News & Views Page 2 IR Class of 2016: Student Voices immersive experience in a new and thor- simultaneously concentrate on a topic I'm oughly vibrant global city. extremely interested in - international eco- nomics. The professors are very knowledga- ~Being away from the campus bubble. ble and helpful. I am so happy to have com- pleted this major with amazing classmates ~The French language immersion and the alongside me. I look forward to continue on opportunity to live as a local in a foreign to my career post graduation as a research country. analyst at a strategic advisory firm and con- tinue using what I learned at Tufts every ~Bettering my Spanish and getting to know day. ~Mod Boon-Long other Tufts kids (on the Tufts-in-Chile pro- ~An interdisciplinary major, IR has allowed gram). to me explore my interests in different de- in was the fact that I could be exposed to ~Honestly, my favorite part of studying partments and inspired my passion for all different cultural and academic environment things international. Thank you Tufts. ~Abby abroad was having fun. I also value that I got every time I traveled abroad. In particular, Curran to explore the world, improve my Spanish, different academic environment and courses and learn about Spain. each institution provided were extremely ~My favorite thing about the IR major is that helpful in widening the scope of my under- two students can take their studies in com- ~Spending lazy afternoons strolling through pletely different directions, but still have the standing. Madrid and traveling. same solid grounding in theory. The IR pro- GENERAL COMMENTS: gram allowed me the freedom to specialize in ~I studied abroad twice, once in China and the area that was most relevant to my future once in South Korea. One thing that I en- ~The IR program has been incredibly re- plans, development economics. I really ap- joyed the most with regards to the study warding as it allowed me to receive a very preciated this flexibility. ~Adrienne Larson abroad programs that I was able to participate well rounded education about our world, and Calling all IR Alumni (and that includes you Class of 2016)! Let us know what you are doing (e.g. jobs/careers, graduate schools, internships, scholarships, travel, etc.). Please keep in touch! Dont be a stranger!

3 IR News & Views Page 3 IR Event Recap from 2015-2016: Dur ing the 2015-2016 academic year, the IR Program staff and student groups worked tirelessly to provide quality service, support and numerous events and programs to the vast IR community. Academic and Career Resource Events IR Freshman Orientation gagement. The one day conference consisted of three panels Secu- On Sept 4, the IR Program staff hosted an orientation (information rity & Conflict, Rights & the State and Politics & Identity. session) for the incoming class of 2019. Over 100 first year students DLC Crash Course: Refugee Crisis attended. On Nov 12, Professors Amahl Bishara (Anthropology) and Kelly Fireside Discussion on the Iran Nuclear Deal Greenhill (Political Science) discussed the global refugee crisis. On Sept 10, the IR program co-sponsored an event featuring Yaacov Sponsored by the IR Program and the DLC. Amidror, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel Seminar on Southeast Asian Maritime Trade and head of the Israeli National Security Council and Nicholas On Nov 13, the Institute for Vietnamese Culture and Education, Burns, Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Re- Tufts Vietnamese Students Club, and Tufts IR Program co-sponsored lations at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. a seminar in two main parts. First, a documentary on maritime trade State Department Information Sessions with the Diplomat in on the Bien-Dong Sea Residence (South China Sea). Follow- On Sept 16, the Diplomat in Residence hosted two separate infor- ing the documentary, mation sessions. The first to talk with students about the application presentations were given process for State Department internships and what it is like to intern by Dr. Tran- Duc Anh Son for the State Department domestically and abroad; the second to dis- and Dr. Ta Van Tai on the cuss careers in the Foreign Service and Civil Service at the State role of the South China Sea Department. and Vietnam in the mari- time trade network of the The Journey of an Entrepreneur: From Start-up to Billion Dol- world between the tenth lar Company Lecture With Gerry Ford, F84 and twentieth centuries, On Sept 22, Fletcher Alumnus and Chairman and Chief Executive of and on state regulations on Caff Nero Group Limited, Gerry Ford, spoke to students on the top- foreign maritime trade are- ics of developing consumer brands and entrepreneurship. Caff Nero as and merchants and state expeditions to archipelagos in the South Group Limited is Europes largest independent coffee house group. China Sea under various dynasties respectively. DLC Crash Course: The Greek Financial Crisis Order & Chaos: The World Ahead On Oct 14, the IR Program Director, Professor Drusilla Brown, dis- On Dec 8, the new IR Professor of the Practice, Ulrich Schlie, gave cussed the simple analytics of the Greek financial crisis. The event an introductory lecture for students interested in taking new INTR was hosted by the IR Program and the IR Directors Leadership classes in the spring. Council (DLC). Career Networking with Fletcher Students IR Concentration Fair On Dec 8, the Ralph Bunche Society for Diversity in International On Oct 20, the IR Program and the DLC hosted a fair allowing pro- Relations and the IR Program were pleased to invite Tufts under- spective majors to explore all the different International Relations graduate students who are considering careers in international affairs concentrations by talking to current students. to join Fletcher students with extensive experience working in the Uncertainty and Technocracy in US and internationally across a range of fields for a panel discussion Mathematical Economics and Rawls and networking event. On Oct 20, the IR Program co- Career Center Resources for IR Students sponsored a lecture given by Visiting On Feb 12, Nicole Anderson from the Tufts Career Center talked to Professor, Eric Schliesser. Schliesser IR majors about the many resources and funding opportunities for is a research professor in philosophy jobs and internships within the field. and moral sciences. He explores sev- enteenth and eighteenth century phi- DLC Crash Course: Syrian Civil War losophy and its relationship(s) with the On Feb 24, the DLC and the New Initiative for Middle East Peace sciences, moral philosophy, and politi- hosted a lunch with Professor Hugh Roberts, an expert in Middle cal economy. Eastern History, who discussed recent developments in the Syrian Civil War that has Religion, Law, and Diplomacy Con- raged on in excess ference at the Fletcher School of five years. On Oct 31, the IR Program co- sponsored this first-time conference that brought together academics, practitioners, and religious leaders to demonstrate the role that reli- gion plays across a myriad of issues spanning security to civic en-

4 IR News & Views Page 4 Academic and Career Resource Events Luncheon with Mr. Banbury, Former United Nations Assistant Greek Daily Kathimerini and SKAI TV, spoke about the US role in Secretary-General for Field Support the dual crises Greece is currently facing, both economic and migra- On April 2, former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for tion. Field Support and Head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola SIR induction Ceremony Emergency Response (UNMEER) shared his experiences followed On April 26, fifty IR students were inducted into the Beta Chi Chap- by a Q&A session with students. ter of Sigma Iota Rho, the Honor Society for International Studies. DLC Crash Course: Special Ops in the Middle East See page 8 for a complete list of the newly inducted students. On April 5, Major Todd Dahmann led an off-the-record discussion DLC Crash Course: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on the overutilization of special operations forces in the Middle East. On April 27, Professor Joel Trachtman (Fletcher School) led a DLC Fletcher Mentors Speed Dating & Networking Luncheon crash course on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). On April 5, Fletcher students met with undergrad juniors and seniors The Destruction of the Cultural Heritage of Syria and Iraq: Cur- interested in international affairs degrees. Pairs of Fletcher students rent Debate and Protection Efforts in similar fields sat at tables around the room with groups of six un- On April 28, Salam Al Kuntar, Syrian archaeologist and a Research dergrads for seven minutes. This was a great opportunity for under- Fellow at the Penn Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, spoke grads to gain exposure to the immense range of fields in the interna- on the destruction of cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq. tional sector. Behind Closed Doors: The US Role in Greeces Dual Crises On April 20, Katerina Sokou, the Washington correspondent for the IR Research Events and Scholarships Anne E. Borghesani Symposium & Dinner Thesis Exchange The IR Program proudly stewards the Anne E. Borghesani Memorial This annual event is an opportunity Prize, which was created to inspire personal and intellectual growth, for Tufts seniors to present their increase understanding of all peoples, and encourage a commitment research findings in a full day cele- to community by providing students with funding to travel and con- bration of undergraduate scholar- duct research abroad. On Nov 18, students interested in learning ship. On April 29, fifteen students more about conducting research, traveling abroad, and applying for from the IR Program and Depart- funding through the Borghesani Prize were invited to listen to last ments of History and Political Sci- years prize recipients share their experiences. For a list of this ence presented their senior thesis years winners (who will present next year), see page 9. projects. For a list of this years IR majors who wrote a senior honor IR Research Scholars Program thesis, see page 8. The IR Research Scholars Program supports original, high-quality under- graduate international research. The award consists of financial support and faculty mentorship for intensive summer research work. This compet- itive program is aimed at IR majors (sophomore standing and above) who Picture (left): Monthly Thesis Seminar Meeting Picture (bottom): Thesis Exchange, April 29, 2016 anticipate producing an upper level research paper in their senior year. For a list of this years winners, see page 9. Thesis Seminar (Monthly Meetings) Thesis seminar meetings, hosted by IR Core Faculty member, Prof Jeanne Penvenne, provided an oppor- tunity for thesis writers to share their research and experiences with each other throughout the year. Feedback and support received during these meet- ings was an invaluable resource.

5 IR News & Views Page 5 IR Alumni Outreach Event Annual IR Career Symposium On Feb 27, the IR Program host- ed the International Relations Career Symposium, an annual event which brings together re- cruiters, alumni, and students to help current Tufts students plan their academic and professional careers in international relations. Dr. Alex Crowther, Cyber Policy Specialist, Center for Technology & National Security Policy, National Defense University, delivered the keynote address, followed by a networking lunch, career panels, and breakout sessions. Dr. Alex Crowther IR Social Events IR Fall Social and Information Fair On Oct 5, the IR Program hosted a lunch to connect IR majors with various Tufts resources includ- ing the Career Center, Study Abroad Office and the College Transition Advisers. Information was provided about new IR resources as well, including Neeraj Prasad who taught extracurricular clas- ses on STATA and Excel throughout the year. Dining with the Stars: An IR Student-Faculty Dinner On Dec 2, the IR Program sponsored an event in which students had the opportunity to share a delicious meal and converse with IR Core Faculty. IR Program and Political Science End of the Year BBQ On May 2, the IR Program and Political Science Department held their first joint BBQ event. This year, due to rainy weather, the BBQ took place in the Remis Sculpture Court. Over 100 students and faculty attended the fun and delicious end of year celebration. IR Senior Reception On May 21, IR staff, faculty, seniors, family, and friends gathered together for a pre- commencement celebration! Once more, congrats to the IR Class of 2016! Best wishes for a bright future! Stay tuned to the IR Weekly e-mails (sent out every Friday during the academic year) for special announcements and IR related events at Tufts and around the Boston Metro area! Interested in submitting an announcement through the IR Weekly? Send a message to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

6 IR News & Views Page 6 Spotlight on IR Core Faculty: Publications Congratulations to the following members of the IR Core Faculty who published books and journal articles this past academic year. The list below is courtesy of the Deans Annual Publications Party, held on April 27, 2016. Hatcher, B.A. Inouye, Charles Jankowsky, Rich- (2016). (Ed.). Shiro. (2016). The ard. (2015). (Ed.). Hinduism in the End of the World, The Bloomsbury Modern World. Plan B. Greg Kof- Encyclopedia of New York: ford Books. Popular Music of Routledge. the World Volume 10: Genres of the Middle East and North Africa. Lon- don: Bloomsbury. Lowe, L. Mazzotti, J.A. Mazzotti, J.A. (2015). The (2015). (2016). Encontrando Intimacies of Declinaciones un inca: ensayos Four Conti- Latinas escogidods sobre el nents. Duke (antologa del Inca Garcilaso de la University exilio). Houston/ Vega Boston/ Press. Mexico City: Eugene/New York: Literal Books. Axiara Editions & Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Espanola ANLE). Mazzotti, J.A. (2016). El Naginski, Isabelle. One article in volume. Zorro y la Luna. Poemas (2016). Approaches to Teaching Sand's Indi- reunidos 1981-2016. Boston/ ana, D. Powell & P. Prasad eds., New York: Eugene/Nueva York: Axiara MLA. Editions & Academia norteamericana de la Lengua Naginski, Isabelle. 5 entries in the 2 vol- Espaola (ANLE). umes. (2015). Dictionnaire George Sand. 2 vols. S. Bernard-Griffiths & P. Auraix- Jonchire, eds., Paris, Honor Champion. Additional Publications by Mazzotti, J.A.: Mazzotti, J.A. (2015). Apu Kalypso/ palabras de la bruma. Lima: Hipocampo Editores. Mazzotti, J.A. (2015). (Ed.). Bosquejo gram m atical de la lengua iskonawa, by Robert Zariquiey. Con la colaboarcin de los ltimos Mazzotti, J.A. (2015). Literatura y afrodescendencia) of the hablantes de le lengua: Juana Campos Meza (pibi Awin), Nelita Revista de Crtica Literaria Latinoamericanana, June, 81. Campos Rodrguez (Nawa Nika), Isabel Campos Rodrguez (Kishte), Pablo Rodrguez Sangana (Wini kora), Jos Rodrguez Mazzotti, J.A. (2015). Hispanismo y hegemona en las Amricas) Prez (Chibi Kanw). Boston: RCLL, CELAP y latinoamericana of the Revista de Crtica Literaria Latinoamericanana, 82. Editores. IR Core Faculty Publications continued on page ?

7 IR News & Views Page 7 Spotlight on IR Core Faculty: Publications Congratulations to the following members of the IR Core Faculty who published books and journal articles this past academic year. The list below is courtesy of the Deans Annual Publications Party, held on April 27, 2016. Roy, Modhumita Norrin M. Ripsman, and Elizabeth Am- Jeffrey W. mons (2015). Taliaferro, and A special thanks to the Sharing the Earth: Steven E. Lobell. IR Core Faculty An International (2016). Neoclassi- from the IR Staff Environmental cal Realist Theory Justice Reader. of International Year after year IR faculty de- Athens, Georgia: Politics. Oxford: Oxford University vote a great deal of time and The University of Georgia Press. Press. energy to the IR Program and its students in addition to re- sponsibilities and commit- ments in their home depart- ments. They teach, advise, su- pervise honors theses and di- Palou, P.A. (2015). Penvenne, J.M. Demonios en Casa, (2015). Women, rected research projects, write (Short Stories), Migration & the letters of recommendations Mexico, Universidad Cashew Economy and nominations, serve on IR Veracruzana. of Southern committees, and attend IR Mozambique. meetings and eventsthe list Palou, P.A. (2015). London: Currey. goes on and on. La Casa del Silencio. Aproximacin en We want you to know that we Tres Tiempos a Contemporneos. are enormously grateful for all Mexico, IVEC. that you do. Congratulations to Nancy Bauer on her new appointment as Dean of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts! Newly Published Journal and Book Articles Eichenberg, Richard. (2016). " Gender Differ ence in Amer ican Yannis M. Ioannides. (2016). Lar ge ver sus Small States in The Public Opinion on the Use of Military Force: Evidence from Before Eurozone, The Democratic Deficit, and Future Architecture. Mich- and after the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 1980-2013." Internation- aelides, Alexander, and Athanasios Orphanides. (Eds.) The Cyprus al Quarterly. Bail-in Policy Lessons from the Cyprus Economic Crisis. World Scientific Imperial College Press. Eichenberg, Richard. (2015). " The Acceptability of War and Support for Defense Spending: Evidence from Fourteen Democra- Yannis M. Ioannides (2015). Neighbor hoods to Nations via So- cies, 2004-2013." Journal of Conflict Resolution. cial Interactions. Economic Modelling. 48, pp. 515. Eichenberg, Richard. (2016). " Public Opinion on For eign Policy Murdoch, H. Adlai. (2015). Locating History Within Fictions Issues." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. New York: Ox- Frame: Re-Presenting LEpope Delgrs in Maximin and Lara. ford University Press. Journal of American Studies, Special Edition. Acts of Emancipa- tion. vol. 49, 2. pp. 241-66. Jeffrey Cohen, Yannis M. Ioannides and Wirathip Thanapisitikul. (2016). Spatial Effects and House Price Dynamics in the U.S.A. George Norman, Lynne Pepall and Dan Richards. (2016). Journal of Housing Economics. 31, 1, pp. 113. "Sequential Product Innovation, Competition Patent Policy." Re- view of Industrial Organization. Vol. 48, 3: pp 289-306. Yannis M. Ioannides and Chr istopher A. Pissar ides. (2015). Is the Greek Crisis One of Supply or Demand? Brookings Papers on Economic Activity.

8 IR News & Views Page 8 Spotlight on IR Student Accomplishments Sigma Iota Rhos Beta Chi Chapter: 2015-2016 New Inductees Guy Ah-Fenne Claire Hoffman Rachel Rapaport Erik Anderson Rebecca Hutchinson MD Rasimul Rasim Nicole Arata Morgan Jordan Jason Rathman SIGMA IOTA RHO Neha Bhatia Julia Kang Ella Rivas-Chacon Yuchun Bian Dana Kaufman Noa Rosen The Honor Society Austin Brush Georgia Kay George Roumeliotis for International Richard Cohn Alison Klemencic Emily Schacter Studies Justin Corben Alexander Knapp Zachary Shufro Ray-Ting Fan Max Kober Shai Slotky " he purpose of this or- T Jacqueline Faselt Adrienne Larson Emily Spak ganization shall be to Joscelyn Garcia Lara LoBrutto Shane Suksanglum promote and reward Hannah Gersten Thomas Lucic Lilly Tahmasebi scholarship and service Kathryn Gibb Michaela Mellen Lyla Wilton among students and Adriana Guardans-Godo Jessica Muganza Samuel Worthington practitioners of interna- Dana Guth Hashim Pasha Qinyue Yu tional studies, interna- Sarah Hamad Brian Pollock Sarah Zheng tional affairs, and global Ana Haubold Madeleine Prior studies and to foster in- tegrity and creative per- formance in the conduct Congratulations to the Class of 2016 IR Seniors (below) of world affairs." who successfully completed a Senior Honors Thesis! Rebecca Cooley Joseph Leone International Relations & Political Science International Relations The Swinging Pendulum of History: Politics, Ped- Dynamic Consociationalism: Integrative Lessons IR Major Awards: agogy, and Unconsolidated Memory in Nicaragua for a Unified Israel-Palestine John S. Gibson Award Kyle Daniels Kristen Lueck International Relations & Community Health International Relations The John S. Gibson Award The Impact of Menstruation on the Well-Being of Demand for clean water in rural Haiti: a random- is named after the first Adolescent Girls in rural Tamil Nadu ized controlled trial on the impact of bucket pric- director of the International ing on willingness to pay for household water Relations Program at Tufts Roland Gillah treatment University. The award International Relations Quitting Violent Extremism: Motivations for Dis- Samira Manzur included two categories seminar paper and senior engagement International Relations honors thesis written by an The Rana Plaza Tragedy: A game changer, or Gabriel Rondon Ichikawa business as usual? undergraduate majoring in International Relations & Economics IR. Is Wage Theft Worth it? An analysis of the profita- Jason Peluso bility of wage theft and the role of reciprocity in International Relations Congratulations to this the factory-worker relationship in Vietnamese Covert Regime Change Operations: Success and years winners! apparel factories the Support of Elites in Targeted Countries Outstanding Thesis: Adrienne Larson Abuzar Royesh International Relations & Community Health International Relations Rebecca Cooley Women's Empowerment and Mental Health: evi- Heirs to a Broken Kingdom: Should Afghanistan dence from a multi-country study and randomized Attempt Social Construction Through Transitional Outstanding control trial Justice? Seminar Papers: Christopher Jarmas Bryan Lim IR Major Awards: Distinguished Achievement Award in International Relations Congrats to this years winners! Abuzar Royesh and Emily Schacter The Distinguished Achievement Award in International Relations is given annually to one or more outstanding international relations majors of high academic standing. The recipient will have partici- pated widely in the program and displayed a deep understanding of and sensitivity to the richness of the international community.

9 IR News & Views Page 9 2015-2016 Scholarships, Prizes, and Awards 2015-2016 IR Research Scholarship 2016 Tufts University General Awards and Prize Winners IR Major Recipients Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize Erik T. Anderson, A16 Frederic J. Shepler Memorial Prize in French Mia Ellis, A18 Research Topic: Entrepreneurship and the Informal Yasmin M. Badr, A16 Sector in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) Audrey L. Hale Award Catherine A. Caffey, A16 Ariel Gizzi, A18 Chinese Program Alumni Prize Research Topic: Department of State Internship (Rome, Italy) Rebecca I. Cooley, A16 Charles F. Seymour, Jr. Prize Robert Hrabchak, A18 Research Topic: Haughton-Mars Project Research Station Claire C. Forgan, A16 Frederic J. Shepler Memorial Prize in French (Nunavut, Arctic Canada) Hannah C. Gersten, A16 Rachel Martel, A17 Frederic J. Shepler Memorial Prize in French Research Topic: Predictors of Urogenital Schistosomiasis James C. Golden, A16 Knowledge Among Schoolchildren Tufts University Alumni Association Award (Eastern Region, Ghana) Christopher M. Jarmas, A16 Nicholas Roberts, A17 Russian Prize Research Topic: Project with PHASE Nepal (Nepal) Robert W. Korycinski, A16 Katherine Saviano, A17 Constantine Ghikas Prize in Romance Languages Research Topic: Internship with Refugees Ethan C. Krauss, A16 (Amman, Jordan) Russian Prize Sophia C. Lloyd-Thomas, A19 Tisch Library Undergraduate Research Award IR Research Scholars Margot H. Rashba, A18 Ariel Barbieri-Aghib, A18 Albert H. Imlah European History Prize Research Topic: Quechua and Aymara in the Peruvian Ella M. Rivas-Chacon, A16 Educational and Political Landscape (Peru) Frederic J. Shepler Memorial Prize in French Abuzar Royesh, A16 Clara Belk, A18 Prize Scholarship of the Class of 1882 Research Topic: A Case Study of Qatar and Al-Jazeera (Medford, MA) Sharad V. Sagar, A16 Wendell Phillips Memorial Scholarship Mia Kazman, A18 Emily A. Schacter, A16 Research Topic: Women in Latin America Laminan Prize in Romance Languages (Medford, MA) Claire O. Sleigh, A16 Marion Ricker Houston Prize Scholarship in Economics WoongJee Song, A16 Funded by the Aidekman Endowment Chinese Language & Literature Prize Brian McGough, A17 Mengqi Sun, A16 Research Topic: Family Universalized Feminisms Class of 1911 Prize Scholarship (Matagalpa, Nicaragua) Funded by the IR Program Other Prestigious Scholarships and Awards IR Major Recipients Courtnie Phillip, A17 Research Topic: ChildAccra and Marie Stopes Interna- Fulbright Scholarship tional Accra Research Internship (Accra, Ghana) Rebecca Cooley, A16

10 IR News & Views Page 10 IR Class of 2016 in Numbers Total # of IR seniors graduating (Feb/May) = 168 Total # of double majors = 95 Number of IR seniors nominated for magna or summa honors = 77 Thematic Concentration breakdown for the Class of 2016 TC1A Eur ope and the For mer Soviet Union = 19 TC2D Inter national Economics: Development = 15 TC1B East and Southeast Asia = 13 TC3 Global Health, Nutr ition, and the Envir onment = TC1C Afr ica = 1 23 TC1D Middle East and South Asia = 11 TC4 Inter national Secur ity = 39 TC1E Latin Amer ica = 5 TC5 The United States in Wor ld Affair s = 4 TC2A Inter national Economics: Tr ade = 8 TC6A Ideas and Identity in IR: Ideologies = 4 TC2B Inter national Economics: Finance = 22 TC6B Ideas and Identity in IR: Empir es/Colonialism/ TC2C International Economics: Environment = 3 Globalization = 1 Tips from the IR Office Planning on studying abroad this summer or next year? Find out all you need to know about the transfer of credit process (for both Tufts and the IR Program) by visit- ing the following link: 4 Important Things to Keep in Mind: 1. The transfer credit process should be completed BEFORE you leave to study abroad. Follow the steps at the above-mentioned web link to secure pre-approval for the courses taken on any foreign study program (Tufts and Non-Tufts programs). 2. Courses taken at Tufts and Non-Tufts Programs must be approved by the IR Program in order to be used to fulfill IR requirements! 3. The IR transfer of credit limit is as follows: 3 courses from abroad are permitted towards the core/thematic concentration requirements (note: only 1 of which can count towards the core) and an unlimited # of courses are permitted for the language requirement. 4. Visit the Tufts International Travel Safety link below for important info on staying safe while studying abroad: Questions: Contact Cristina Logg ([email protected]) and Elizabeth Gottlieb ([email protected]) - please copy both on all e-mails. ANYONE considering a senior honors thesis should visit the following links for important guidelines and suggestions. from the IR Program website from the Tufts Academic Resource Center about potential Tufts funding

11 International Relations Program Tufts University Cabot Intercultural Center, Room 605 Medford, MA 02155 Phone: 617-627-2776 E-mail: [email protected] Wishing everyone a relaxing URL: summer break! IR Program Staff Drusilla Brown, Director Kathleen Devigne, Asst Director Cristina Logg, Program Administrator Elizabeth Gottlieb, Program Advisor Student Interns: Kevin Kelly, A17 Natasha Khwaja, A18 Carolyn Morton, A17 Jake Taber, A17 The IR News & Views newsletter highlights events and people in the Tufts IR community. The publication appears twice a semester and welcomes feedback and submissions from students and faculty. Cabot Intercultural Center, Room 605 Medford, MA 02155 USA

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