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2 CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOLVER INTERIOR COLOURS Creating the perfect colour scheme for your home has never been easier with the wide range of interior colours from Solver. With over 90 years of experience in paint and colour, you can trust Solver to protect your walls from the scuffs and stains of every day wear and tear. Create a picture perfect finish that will last for years to come. before after colour INSPIRATION How to use THIS card Feature Wall Colours Testing your colour choice View our selection of stunning interiors Solver has made choosing your perfect Solver has selected four popular A sample pot is the perfect way to confirm to help provide inspiration for your own interior colour scheme easy for you. feature wall colours at the bottom your final colour choice. Brush out one colour scheme. We have arranged our most Choose the colour palette or room image of each palette. These colours have square metre of paint and view your colour popular colours into easy to use colour that appeals most to you. Each palette been designed to complement colours at different times of the day. Before making palettes. Select your personal favourites to has been laid out in a range of popular in each palette. Mix and match colour your final colour choice, check that it reflect your style and taste, or choose from colours which are suitable for walls combinations to create your perfect co-ordinates with accessories and trims. the extensive range of Solver colours. and feature areas. colour scheme.

3 COOL NEUTRALS HINT Elephant Electra Use a half strength of your Neutrals have a timeless appeal to them. They work as neutral shade for your ceilings a perfect backdrop to display your favourite rugs, artwork to create a feeling of height or accessories. Choose neutrals such as creams and to your room. browns to add warmth to your room, or cool, grey based neutrals in rooms that receive all day sun. CRYSTAL Feather BALL Dawn Breeze Icing Feather Dawn Quartz SF1-100 / 28-10A SD1-140 / 23-50B SE6-110 / 28-20B SB2-090 / 22-20D Soft Apparition Crystal Ball Screen Idol Electra SF3-110 / 28-40A SF5-050 / 28-50A SD4-090 / 25-60A SA1-120 / 23-50C Dawn Rain Colorbond Dune Silk Noil Pewter SE6-060 / 27-10A SF6-060 / 23-30B SD3-070 / 24-60A SF6-140 / 22-30E Grey Granite Storm Ice Volcano Stones Throw SF4-050 / 28-20C SF6-180 / 28-40C SD2-080 / 25-30E SA1-050 / 23-10B Feature Wall Colours Kedron Blue Elephant Urban Tribe Charcoal SF1-020 / 27-40E SA1-180 / 28-50B SD2-010 / 25-10C SF6-200 / 28-20A

4 WARM NEUTRALS HINT Bleached Straw Silk Screen Warm neutrals create a The colours of nature in soft, warm yellows classic look. Combine with bold colour accessories; and browns create enveloping and welcoming cushions, throws and rugs. spaces in your home. Combine with warm white on trims and ceilings. Colorbond Vintage paperbaNk White Loam White Vintage White Intermezzo Silk Screen SC3-100 / 17-30A SD3-100 / 25-40B SB6-060 / 17-20A SD3-110 / 11-50A Colonial Beige Thredbo Snow Bleached Straw Colorbond Classic Cream SC3-130 / 24-30C SC2-080 / 18-10C SC4-080 / 17-50A SB6-070 / 17-60A Colorbond Paperbark Cashmere Cape Barley Field Ivory Colt SC5-050 / 24-10A SD3-080 / 19-10A SC1-130 / 18-20A SC1-120 / 10-50B Peace Pipe Colorbond Sandbank Honey Honey Caramel Whip SD1-040 / 24-30D SC6-060 / 18-40D SC2-040 / 18-40A SC6-160 / 18-10B Feature Wall Colours Crag Grey Turkish Coffee Natural Burlap Rich Straw SC4-030 / 24-40C SC4-050 / 24-20D SC6-050 / 24-60D SC4-170 / 11-40D

5 CHIMICHURRI Cream Beige Pale Biscuit Crushed Marble Modesty Cream Beige SC1-080 / 17-40A SC4-090 / 11-30A SD2-110 / 18-50A SB6-080 / 18-30C Pale Buff Manchester Fromage Irish Cream SB5-080 / 17-30B SC5-150 / 11-50B SC4-120 / 11-20D SB3-100 / 16-60C Peachtone Bamboo Honey Honey Orange Tiger SB2-060 / 16-30A SC3-170 / 18-40B SC2-040 / 18-40A SB5-050 / 17-20D Western Red Cracked Wheat Aztec Gold Chimichurri SB4-020 / 16-50D SD3-050 / 17-50D SC4-150 / 11-60C SB3-030 / 10-10A FEATURE WALL COLOURS Black Russian Russet Terracotta Tone Fernando SA1-010 / 23-50E SB2-020 / 9-30D SB5-020 / 10-20B SB3-190 / 9-40C REDS & YELLOWS HINT Use warm colours in Warm, earthy tones are ideal colours for rooms that do not receive brightening up dark spaces and lifting a mood much natural light to add in a room. Use shades of brown to add warmth a cosy feel to your home. to living areas and bedrooms. Aztec gold

6 Tulip White Tulip White Pale Mocca Soft Comfort Paper White SF6-130 / 22-50A SD1-130 / 25-20D SA6-090 / 8-60A SD1-070 / 22-30A Reflection Taupe Soft Touch Pixie Pink SF5-110 / 8-10C SA4-070 / 22-20A SB1-110 / 8-50B SA2-090 / 8-20A Prague Spring Sedge Iced Berry Tinkerbell SF5-100 / 22-10D SA3-070 / 22-50B SA2-080 / 1-30B SA2-070 / 8-30A Opal Essence Claudia Tess Rambling Rose SF5-130 / 7-60C SA3-050 / 22-30D SA5-110 / 1-60D SA3-130 / 8-30D FEATURE WALL COLOURS Gorgeous George Barossa Vale Murray Rose Spanish Onion SA2-140 / 8-10D SA2-040 / 22-10E SA4-140 / 8-50C SA3-010 / 15-20B PURPLES & PINKS HINT Use complementary Luxurious pinks and purples add a sense of colours such as yellow formality to living areas. They work well with or orange as accessories metallic accessories such as ornate mirrors to your purple walls. and picture frames. TULIP GORGEOUS WHITE GEORGE

7 Dresden Mediterranean Blue Dawn Eleanor Rigby Dresden Blue Nymphea Water Blue SE4-130 / 7-20B SE4-090 / 13-50A SF1-120 / 21-10A SE5-080 / 20-60A Angel Eyes Ethereal Grey Devon Blue Magdeline SE5-140 / 20-40A SE6-050 / 27-20A SF2-080 / 14-30A SF3-100 / 7-50C Horizon Blue Blue Lagoon Lilac Lakes Mediterranean Dawn SE4-160 / 20-30A SE5-060 / 20-50C SF3-170 / 21-40A SF3-070 / 21-40D Eucalyptus Haze Winter Dreaming Breezy Spinnaker Magnetic Blue SE4-030 / 20-30B SE6-040 / 27-10D SF2-130 / 14-20C SF1-050 / 21-10C FEATURE WALL COLOURS Indian Ocean Colorbond Deep Ocean Denim Enigma SE5-030 / 20-50D SF1-010 / 27-40C SF3-190 / 14-40D SF4-200 / 21-40C BLUES HINT Using a Solver Colour Tester Soft blues and greens add a sense of tranquillity will give you a more accurate to a room. For a timeless look use deeper idea of what your colour will shades accented with crisp whites. look like on your walls. LILAC Feather Lakes Dawn

8 GREENS HINT White lace MANGE TOUT Always view colour swatches Greens are restful colours and are easy to in different light sources to live with. They work well in living areas and verify your colour choices bedrooms. Accessorise with soft yellows as they may differ between and stone coloured neutrals. natural and artificial light. HANGING LEMON GARDENS GREEN Mayan Mist White Lace Softly Softly Lemon Green SE6-130 / 13-40C SD2-140 / 26-10A SE3-130 / 13-20B SD5-110 / 5-60A Belair Winter Cloud Limelight Lemon Myrtle SE4-060 / 20-20D SE3-110 / 26-40A SD6-100 / 19-60C SD3-160 / 12-20A Frigate Serenity First Leaf Vintage Memories SE4-040 / 26-50A SD6-060 / 26-10D SD6-130 / 19-50C SD5-160 / 12-30A Sea Turtle Cloud Romany Green Mange Tout SE3-050 / 20-10D SE2-060 / 26-40D SD6-070 / 25-60B SD4-030 / 19-20D FEATURE WALL COLOURS Waterhole Seal Grey Dawn Grey Hanging Garden SE4-020 / 20-10C SE1-020 / 26-20B SF6-050 / 26-40B SD5-020 / 25-50D

9 SOLVER INTERIOR PAINTS Whatever the surface you are painting in your home, Solver has the perfect paint finish for your job. Solver paints are made to the very highest professional standards, with a range of finishes to suit every application from trims and doors, to walls and ceilings. Maxi Enviroguard Maxi Enviroguard offers a complete range of ultra low odour, technologically advanced, low VOC interior acrylic paints, formulated to provide an environmentally preferable painting solution with superior performance characteristics. Improved indoor air quality means that rooms can be reoccupied sooner after painting. Maxi Wash Maxi Wash is Solver technology at its best. Comprising a range of highly washable, easy to apply stain and burnish resistant finishes, Maxi Wash helps to retain that just painted look for longer. Maxi Ceiling WHITE Formulated to allow tinting to a wide range of designer colours, Maxi Ceiling White is an easy to apply Ceiling paint featuring exceptional hiding power and minimal spatter. Aqua Trim A complete range of water based enamels designed to provide outstanding durability and performance on interior and exterior doors, windows and trims. When used in combination with Maxi Enviroguard, water based Solver Aqua Trim provides the perfect solution to green building requirements. TRIMS A complete range of traditional solvent based enamels designed to provide outstanding durability and performance on interior and exterior doors, windows and trims. Preps Preps is a comprehensive range of high performance undercoats, primers and sealers for Broad-walls, Timber and Metal. Comprised of both water and traditional solvent based products, theres a Prep coat for every application. For more information call us on 132 101 or visit our website: All printed colours have been matched as close to the actual paint colour as the printing process will allow. Slight variation in shades may occur. Photographic and printed images may not represent the true colour. Solver, Maxi Wash, Enviroguard are registered trade marks of WP Crowhurst Pty Ltd. ABN 65 007 527 371. COLORBOND and BlueScope colour names are registered trade marks and TM colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. SOL15 CCSLV001

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