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  • Dec 10, 2014
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1 HAZEMAG Secondary Impact Crusher | HSI

2 Secondary crushing cost-efficient and modular The new HAZEMAG concept unites our know-how Grinding path of more than 60 years combined with the practical The HSI series may optionally be fitted with a experience and the demands of the plant operators. grinding path. The grinding path restricts the amount The HSI series has been designed for the economic of oversize and supports the generation of a cubical secondary crushing and, depending on its configura- and stress-free product. tions, processing of either soft and medium-hard or hard rocks is effected. Rotor The rotor is the key component in the crushing It is a modular system with the objective of fulfil- process. The optimum rotor type is selected according ling every scope of work in the bulk goods industry. to the crushing requirements and the characteristics The machines fittings as well as its control may be of the feed material. The blow bars are locked in modularly adapted to the individual requirements and position in the holders by means of wedges, which can wishes of the operators even up to a fully automatic be easily removed for blow bar changing. The rotor mode. Depending on the properties of the feed body together with shaft and bearings forms the material, the crushing ratio and the desired heart of the impact crusher. requirements on the product grain size, feed sizes of up to 450 mm and throughput rates of 700 t/h max. HAZtronic are possible. With the HAZtronic system, the crusher can be controlled and adjusted from the main control panel. Hydraulic suspension of the impact aprons All the settings which determine the end product Due to the hydraulic suspension of the impact aprons can be input and called up at the touch of a button not only a simple and fast adjustment of the opening without interrupting operation. This means that widths is guaranteed but also an overload protection. immediate reaction and adjustment to varying As soon as the crushing forces in the crushing operating conditions can be effected at all times to chamber exceed a predefined limit value, the impact ensure optimum productivity. aprons retract and thus protect the built-in parts, such as rotor, blow bars and impact aprons, from potential damages. After the retracting procedure the impact aprons move back in a controlled manner into their original position, so that the crushing operation can be continued without interruption. In addition the hydraulic suspension offers the comfortable possibility of a simple readjustment and a quick on the spot-adaptation to the individual procedural conditions on the machine or from the switchboard.

3 Secondary Impact Crusher HSI opened 0,010,02 0,05 0,1 0,5 1 2 5 10 20 50100 0,010,02 0,05 0,1 0,5 1 2 5 10 20 50100 0,1 99,9 0,1 99,9 1 99 1 99 5 5 10 90 10 90 30 70 30 70 50 50 50 50 Retained (%) Retained (%) 70 30 70 30 Passing (%) Passing (%) 80 20 80 20 90 10 90 10 95 5 95 5 98 2 98 2 99 1 99 1 99,5 0,5 99,5 0,5 Grain Size (mm) Grain Size (mm) Granulation Curve HSI without grinding path Granulation Curve HSI with grinding path

4 HAZEMAG redefines secondary crushing Rotor Inlet Capacity Hard Rock Soft to Medium hard, Low abrasive Dimesions Type x Width Height x 95% Edge-Length Installed Weight Edge-Length Installed Weight Width

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