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  • Jan 4, 2007
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1 Spring Grove Dairy - Brodhead, Wisconsin Milking 1800 cows Alta Advantage Partner

2 Our Mission Alta builds long-term relationships by creating value for our clients. We improve individual dairy herd profitability by delivering trustworthy genetics and high quality reproductive and management services.

3 M odern dairy farming is the same everywhere. Whether the dairy is located in the USA, Mexico, Russia, Germany, China, Australia or Argentina the challenge of sustainable profitability is the same. Altas mission is clear deliver genetic products and reproductive management services that improve dairy herd profitability. Fullfilling that mission means working with our clients to create value beyond the straw of semen. Dairy farming is globalizing at a fast pace dairy technology is spreading and markets are liberalizing. When an economy starts growing rapidly and Cees Hartmans, CEO disposable incomes increase, the demand for milk, Alta Genetics Inc. butter, and cheese rises as well. The challenge for dairy farmers all over the world is to profitably Alta is also innovating in programs and management produce high quality milk in ever larger quantities. services to improve reproduction on the farm. We And thats exactly where Altas challenge lies as well. want our clients to maximize the value they get from their investment in genetics, so we bring a range of In order to produce milk you need strong, healthy services to each partner that increase pregnancies cows that fit the environment in which they have to and focus the AI program on creating cows that perform. And despite the globalization of the dairy contribute to financial performance goals. industry, its important to have the right animal for the local market youre producing milk in and for. The combination of programs built to get cows Whether it is component rich milk or maximum pregnant using tailor-made genetics is the best milk production that is needed, progressive dairy guarantee we can provide to our clients to maximize managers can be confident in choosing Alta as their their profitability. Alta offers excellent genetics, great partner. These production traits have been a focus value, solid commitment and we wish to do more. of sire sampling at Alta for several decades now. At Alta, we feel inspired by and aligned with our But more than that, farmers are looking for cows with clients. Our mission statement focuses on the profit- a will to survive that can produce with a minimum ability of the dairy farmer, as our future depends on requirement for extra management. Time is the most the profitability and long term success of our clients. scarce resource on progressive dairies, and high It is not about usit is about you. Alta is not suc- maintenance cows are not an option for profitability. cessful unless you, our partner, are successful. Strong, healthy cows that keep producing, that preferably never see the veterinarian and that get Im proud to be part of a team of professionals that is pregnant easily are what the dairy manager values committed and determined to live up to our credo: most. In other words: trouble-free cows. Alta is Create ValueBuild TrustDeliver Results. leading in genetics that deliver health, management traits and added economic value. - Cees Hartmans

4 Create Value scrutinized to the highest level ensure that Alta is uniquely positioned among AI Alta exists to do more than sell and deliver companies to keep its promises. semen from high caliber, top proven sires. Alta works with its clients to create value for them by striving to understand and deliver upon Deliver Results their individual needs and goals. Innovative It starts with consistently delivering high programs and reproductive services make the impact sires whose influence extends for difference at farm level. Tailoring programs generations. It also includes services to specific to individual client needs is Altas Brand improve and maximize reproductive Promise a promise that seeks to tangibly performance so that clients can maximize the improve individual dairy herd profitability. gain they can get from investing in genetics. Add people with a passion for the business Build Trust that can be counted on to deliver beyond the Providing top quality products and expectation. Alta takes full responsibility for services that deliver on their promise is its role in delivering excellence through the foundation upon which trust is built. products, programs and services that Product development initiatives that are generate profit. We wont let you down. Left Page: pictured L-R: Todd Koch - Alta Advantage Consultant, Kevin Fredrickson - Herdsman at Lagler Dairy, Dennis Lagler - Owner of Lagler Dairy and 35 Year Customer of Alta!

5 Our Foundation 1910 1940s & 1950s 1969 1975 1985 1986 Carnation Milk Carnation incorporates Doug Blair founds Caneda, founded by Landmark Genetics Inc. Alta Genetics Inc. Company a Breeding Division and the Western Breeders Mr. Wijnand Pon, starts is formed in the US is founded, is formed. sells bulls across the US, Service in Western marketing Canadian semen from the original specializing in gaining a reputation Canada and begins in the Netherlands. Carnation Breeding embryo transfer for quality. a Beef AI program. division. research. Western Breeders Service begins marketing Holstein Sires.

6 A lta Genetics Inc. has a rich history of involvement in the AI industry. Built on the foundation of the Carnation Milk Company Adding the European component, in the mid 1990s, made Alta what it is today. In 2000 Koepon Holding, owned by Mr. Wijnand Pon, and later Landmark Genetics in the US, and purchased Alta Genetics Inc. making it the largest Western Breeders Service in Canada, their privately owned AI company in the world. fusion brought together the best of both worlds. 1988 1993 1995 1996 2000 2005 2005+ Western Breeders Alta Genetics Inc. becomes Alta Genetics Inc. Koepon Holding of the Alta Genetics Inc. Alta builds AI stud Alta has positioned Service merges with a publicly owned buys Landmark Netherlands and Alta is purchased by in Brazil to develop itself as the global Alta Genetics Inc. company listed on the Genetics Inc. Genetics begin the Mr. Wijnand Pon tropical breeds. repro brand of choice Toronto Stock Exchange. AltaPon joint venture, and becomes a subsidiary for progressive dairies. creating the European of Koepon Holding and Sampling program; Caneda the largest privately is absorbed by AltaPon. owned AI company in the world.

7 A Global Presence A lta has presence in over 80 countries with bull studs, retail divisions, Koepon Farms and International Distributors giving increasing diversity, improving choice. Alta develops Holstein products in the US, Canada and Europe and offers a leading progressive it global reach. Jersey option from the US. In Brazil, a state-of-the-art bull stud, complete with And Alta emphasizes a global approach to lab and collection facilities, point to Altas the development of its genetics. The company understanding of varied needs and breeds melds bloodlines from around the world, in tropical markets. s s s s s Balzac, Alberta, Canada s Watertown, Wisconsin, USA s Uberaba, Brazil s Garnwerd, The Netherlands

8 Uberaba, Brazil Balzac, Alberta, Canada

9 Were Farmers Too! Kuhpon Kaarz - Germany Koepon Garnwerd - The Netherlands Coopon Carse - Scotland

10 W ijnand Pons 5 Koepon dairies located in Holland, Scotland, Canada and Germany - two of which double as Alta Nucleus herds - add to the companys global outlook. Collectively the Koepon dairies milk approximately 4000 cows which validates the statement that were farmers too! Coopon Flora - Canada Im proud to call myself a farmer. Wijnand Pon, Owner Alta Genetics Inc.

11 Strong Roots - Four Markets A ltas mission inspires our global approach to product development worldwide. We bring together three product development other: they all demand a partner able to deliver proven products tested in the same environment as they are meant to be used. programs in Canada, the United States, and the Progressive dairymen also demand trouble Netherlands to deliver a mix of products that free cows, recognizing the limited time meet the needs of progressive dairy farmers. available to manage expanding dairy In 2005, we also established a product develop- operations. ment program in Brazil for tropical dairy and beef breeds. Alta has one simple goal and one To these fundamental demands, progressive clear identity in product development: create dairy managers add subtle differences in products that improve the profitability of our product needs in order to meet their milk partners globally. marketing and management goals. Some demand a focus on high volumes of milk and Altas approach to product development is component yields, while some others would driven toward and depends on access to trade milk volume for higher component progressive partners. These partners are percentages. Some demand cows that suit and integral to sampling on a national basis, and perform in very challenging environmental to differentiating the resulting products for conditions. While others prefer focus on clients around the globe. Each location and classic Conformation. partner has been strategically selected for accuracy and for their dairys progressive Altas four product development programs position in their marketplace. Our partner make it possible to satisfy the complex needs selection criteria results in proofs the of progressive dairy farmers better better than progressive dairy manager can trust. any one single product development program ever could. In addition, a diversity of pedigrees Altas progressive dairy clients around the becomes a much appreciated bonus that comes world have much in common with each with global sampling programs.

12 Altas GO-Canada program results in bulls like AltaINTRUDER who have top-notch Conformation and cow family credentials to anchor their high Lifetime Profit Index (LPI) rating. Born and housed in the Netherlands and sampled through the Alta Advantage program in the US, AltaOLIVERs pedigree combines generations of excellence from both the Netherlands and the US. The result is a highly reliable no-nonsense product sure to deliver extreme profitability and designed specifically for commercial settings. Altas efforts in the Netherlands are proof that with a slightly different approach, a top quality product that will appeal to progressive dairy producers can be the result. With more Type than the traditional Dutch product, AltaLUCKY MIKE is the flag-bearer for a product that combines excel- lent component deviations with pleasing Conformation too. An uncovering of unique outcross pedigrees along the way is simply a bonus. Altas state-of-the-art stud in Brazil is innovative and focused on developing a strong tropical breed program. The Gir breed, of which MODELO is a shining example, is well suited to perform in high humidity and high heat climates. The breed produces milk efficiently and with little additional requirement in tropical environments. Altas program in Brazil is another example of our global approach to product development and value creation.

13 Our Innovation Its not about the bulls, its about the program... consistently delivering results I can trust. - Todd Doornink Jon-De Dairy Baldwin, Wisconsin Milking 1800 cows

14 T he modern dairy is progressive and profit oriented. Alta actively pursues opportu- nities in the progressive dairy market by US. First introduced in 1999, the Advantage program is designed to increase the accuracy of sampling through the collection of DNA focusing on the traits that effect profitability on all daughters. Resulting Alta Advantage most under modern management systems. data from dairies where cows must compete In order to meet the needs of these progressive under intense conditions is most relevant to producers, Alta has responded with innovation the management styles of progressive dairies in the areas of fertility, genetic quality and across the globe. Alta has raised the bar in accuracy, and management; delivering value product development by exclusively focusing to clients that goes beyond the semen straw. testing efforts in the most accurate, commercial, unbiased environments possible. The Alta Alta Advantage Advantage program is the standard to which The Alta Advantage program is Altas cutting- all other progeny testing programs will be edge product development initiative in the compared. Alta has taken a huge step forward in proving bulls that breeders can rely on. It costs a producer a lot of money when proofs are unreliable; Alta should gain the upper hand because of the confidence that can be placed in the numbers, due to the extensive sampling process the company follows. Randy Haile, Foster Farms Dairy Hickman, California Milking 5000 cows 14 daughters, 14 bulls, one herd.

15 Our Innovation ConceptPlus is the industry Producers who emphasize health The AltaPreg program at Alta is standard for fertility performance. traits such as Daughter Pregnancy redefining the role of AI suppliers in Sire fertility evaluations are based Rate, Productive Life, Calving reproductive management. AltaPreg on vet-checked pregnancies from Ease, Stillbirth and Somatic Cell provides one-of-a-kind consulting within Alta Advantage herds. The Score are appreciative of Altas services based on an exclusive information is updated quarterly HealthPlus program. The health business-to-business partnership with and is based on a bulls most recent index Alta created emphasizes herd owners. The team troubleshoots performance, thus breeders can be management traits simplifying in the areas of reproduction and confident in the use of ConceptPlus the genetic selection for longer nutrition, and provides on-farm AI bulls to increase conception rates lasting, trouble-free cows. Technician training. AltaPreg is a and fertility on their farm and, in key part of Altas business model turn, increase herd profitability. around the world.

16 document a sire selection thats genetic recessive traits. AltaMate is specific to each clients unique and unique in the industry and helps to individual needs. The selected sires take care of the generations to come. are used for individual mating. One size never fits all progressive dairies. AltaMate is the only mating and sire selection tool tailored to AltaMate is one of Altas most successful programs, utilized in Alta People your unique goals. A feature of 38 countries around the world! Alta continually benchmarks its AltaMate is the Alta ValueBuilder AltaMate optimizes matings to performance, establishing criteria tool, used to set goals, personalize implement a customers breeding and measuring progress against a sire rankings and make sire selec- goals, ensuring the breeding strategy higher standard. Employees are tion strategic. Alta ValueBuilder is stays focused. Its a convenient trained to deliver an entire an interactive process that helps program to guarantee logical breeding strategy, not just semen. producers to define their personal matings, inbreeding protection The result is a customized plan breeding goals. The MyIndex and neutralization of the negative for each herd, whose impact can feature is geared to customize and potential economic impact of be measured on the bottom line.

17 Our Aspiration

18 Aerial view of Brazil A.I. facility. A lta is a company you can trust. There is no other company in the industry that is more passionate about improving our practices are employed each step of the way. Every Alta employee works hard to create a product that produces the outcome and clients profitability. Alta is more than the experience that our customers want; they are name of the company. Alta is more than the at the center of our business. The continued first four letters in the name of our various commitment to progressive dairying and marketing products. The name Alta is a the development of functional, high statement of quality. From the bulls that are producing, long living cows drives us selected to enter the stud to the semen straw today and tomorrow. you purchase, you can be assured that best

19 Our Aspiration A s a company recognized for client care and management consulting services, Altas mission is to be the repro brand of choice for progressive producers. Each employee of Alta each link in the chain understands their role in ensuring that together we live the brand promise: Create Value, Build Trust, Deliver Results.

20 Alta is the Brand of Choice, Globally.

21 Canada USA Brazil The Netherlands R.R #2 Balzac, P.O. Box 437 Watertown, Av. Edilson Antumerweg 5, 9893 TA Alberta, Canada T0M 0E0 Wisconsin, USA 53094 Lamartime Mendes 613 Garnwerd, The Netherlands Tel: 403-266-0666 Tel: 920-261-5065 Uberaba, Brazil 38045-000 Tel: 0594-620-940 Fax: 403-226-4259 Fax: 920-262-8022 Tel: 034-336-1840 Fax: 0594-620-941 Toll Free: 1-800-465-8858 Toll Free: 1-800-932-2855 Fax: 034-336-2780 www.altagenetics.nl www.altagenetics.com www.altagenetics.com www.altagenetics.com.br

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