The Hofstede Multi-Focus Model on Organisational - Geert Hofstede

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  • Apr 14, 2016
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1 The Hofstede The Hofstede Multi-focus Model is a strategic tool aimed at helping Multi-Focus Model organisations by visualising: on Organisational Culture The actual culture in an organisation We define Organisational Culture as the way in Possible external restrictions which the members of an organisation relate limiting the optimal to each other, their work, and the outside organisational culture world in comparison to other organisations. Your organisational culture can either enable The condition for change or hinder your strategy. The Hofstede Multi-Focus Model was further developed by itim International founder, Bob Waisfisz, and is based on research by Geert Hidden pains 1 2 3 Hofstede. It consists of eight dimensions: D1 Means-oriented vs. goal-oriented PROJECT START D2 Internally driven vs. externally driven Define the target and D3 Easy-going work discipline plan the course of vs. strict work discipline action. D4 Local vs. professional OPTIMAL GAP ANALYSIS IMPLEMENT D5 Open system vs. closed system CULTURE CHANGE D6 Employee-oriented vs. work-oriented D7 Degree of acceptance of MEASURE leadership style Measure the current culture D8 Degree of identification with your of your organisation through organisation an online survey and/or Define optimal See whether your Apply change tools: interviews. culture for your culture enables or Levers of Change Learn more about the organisational culture organisation hinders your strategy Executive Match 360 model with our application: [email protected] the hofstede centre, itim International 2016

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