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1 December 12-18, 2011 Copyright 2011 Ward Accepts The Mysterious, Magical Mangroves Plea Deal of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands of Voluntary Manslaughter in Cockayne Murder Trial Page 3 IEKHS Student Arrested for Stabbing 16-year-old Page 2 Basement Bill Not Likely To Pass Senate Page 5 St. John Tradewiinds News Photo by Caroline Rogers St. John Caroline Rogers Releases New Book Relay for Life ST VI Dr. Caroline Rogers will be signing copies of her new book The Mysterious, Magical Mangroves of St. John, U.S. Virgin .J OH N U S , Islands which details the amazing biodiversity of Hurricane Hole, above, on December 16, at Bajo el Sol Gallery. See Page 4 Count Down: 61 Days

2 2 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 High School Student from St. John DeCastro Clinic Resumes Normal Hours Department of Health Acting Commissioner Dr. Mercedes Dul- Arrested for Stabbing 16-year-old lum announced that the Morris F. de Castro Clinic on St. John resumed normal operating hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays. Residents can call 776-6400 to learn more about services of- fered in the following programs: Dental; Immunization; WIC; By Jaime Elliott in the back of the head, according to the report. MCH; Womens Health; Medical Assistance; Mental Health; and St. John Tradewinds When the victim turned around and punched Jack- HIV/STD/TB; Environmental Health (Food Handlers/Health Per- V.I. Police Department officers on St. Croix son back, a friend of Jacksons began punching mits). and St. Thomas arrested two high school students the victim, according to the report in the V.I. Daily Dr. Dullum reassured the St. John residents that the Department on Friday, December 2, on their respective cam- News. of Health will strive to provide excellent service to clients and con- puses. When the victim tried to run away, he fell to tinue raising the standards of healthcare in the territory. On St. Thomas, a 19-year-old Ivanna Eudora the ground, according to report. Jackson and his Kean High School student from St. John stabbed friend continued beating the victim while he was another student and on St. Croix, a student bran- on the ground and Jackson pulled a knife from his Financial Aid Night Set for Dec. 13 dished a weapon in the presence of monitors. pocket and stabbed the victim, according to the Gifft Hill School invites all St. John parents and students to Fi- IEKHS student Ronald Jackson, 19, of Estate report. nancial Aid Night on Tuesday, December 13, at 6 p.m. Hard Labor on St. John, was arrested shortly after The victim suffered stab wounds to his chin, While this program is most relevant for juniors and seniors and 5:30 p.m. on December 2 and charged with First chest and both sides of his body and had to re- their families, all interested residents are invited to join. This in- Degree Assault. ceive 50 staples to close the wounds which also formative evening will be hosted at the Upper Campus of GHS. VIPDs prepared statement said Jackson collapsed his left lung, according to the report in Suzanne Adrien, Assistant Director of Financial Aid at UVI, will stabbed a victim during a fight at the school. His the V.I. Daily News. present. In order to allow organizers to plan the evening, RSVP to bail was set at $75,000. Jackson was arrested at the Red Hook dock fol- Meghan Duffy at [email protected] or 776-1730. A story in the Tuesday, December 6, edition of lowing the incident and charged with first-degree the V.I. Daily News, however, painted a different assault, third-degree assault and weapons charges. STJ Historical Society Meeting Dec. 13 picture form the VIPDs press release. Instead of VIPD officials said Jackson admitted to the stab- a fight at the Red Hook high school campus, Jack- bing. Join the St. John Historical Society on Tuesday, December 13, son seemed to be the leader of a group of St. John V.I. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Alan at 7 p.m. at the Bethany Moravian Church Hall for the December IEK students who jumped the 16-year-old victim Smith advised Jackson of his rights on Monday, membership meeting, which will feature a presentation by Dan- at around 3:20 p.m. on December 2. December 5, and issued a $15,000 bond which had ish West Indies Society President Anne Walbom entitled, Another According to a probable cause fact sheet writ- not yet been posted. Jackson was being held at the Perspective: Images of the Danish West Indies by Emilie Langk- ten by VIPD Detective Nigel James, the victim Bureau of Corrections where he was awaiting a jaer, 1904-1913. said he was warned by another student that class- January 5 arraignment in V.I. Superior Court. Langkjaer is the earliest-known female photographer to docu- mates from St. John were planning to jump him, On St. Croix on December 2, Central High ment life in the Danish West Indies. She lived in Frederiksted from according to the report in the St. Thomas daily School student Kadeem Joseph of the John F. 1898 to 1913 and began taking photographs there in 1904. Wal- newspaper. Kennedy housing community, was arrested short- bom will share the best images from Langkjaers recently identi- The victim left the area, but Jackson caught up ly before 12 p.m. and charged with Brandishing fied body of work in what will undoubtedly be an entertaining and with him, according to the report. and Exhibiting a deadly Weapon. thought-provoking presentation. Jackson approached him and told him that VIPD said Joseph brandished a box cutter in he do not like snitches and he dont want him to the presence of two school monitors on cam- CAHS, Montessori Students To Perform snitch on him, James was quoted in the V.I. Daily pus. VIPD said Joseph was in possession of the Music students from Charlotte Amalie High School and the News. weapon when he was arrested. His bail was set at Montessori School will present a recital on Tuesday, December 13, The victim tried to walk away, but was punched $10,000. at 7:30 p.m. at the Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cruz Bay under the direction of John Cahill. A donation will be accepted for Horns for Haiti, an effort to carry musical instruments into Haiti, (which Cahill already has done following the 2010 earthquake.) Tradewinds Publishing llc Aboris DeJesus will perform Piano Classics by Wilbur Bill LaMotta, which she has just recorded for December release. The Community Newspaper Since 1972 Alana Davis, violin, will play a Telemann Sonata and pieces by Bach and Gretry. CAHS students, from the AP Music Theory Editor/Publisher columnists NEWSLINE class, will be heard on piano, voice, saxophone, flute, clarinet, MaLinda Nelson & Contributors Tel. (340) 776-6496 brass ensemble, steel pan, and as a speaking chorus. [email protected] Chuck Pishko, Malik Stevens, Adam Fax (340) 693-8885 For more information contact Cahill at 227-6808, or vimar- Lynch, Tristan Ewald, Paul Devine, News Editor Andrew Rutnik, Craig Barshinger, [email protected] [email protected] Jaime Elliott Maggie Wessinger [email protected] Subscriptions MAILING ADDRESS Tradewinds Publishing LLC Wreath Demo at Friends Store Dec. 14 Writers U.S. & U.S.V.I. only P.O. Box 1500 Stop by the Friends of the Park Store on Wednesday, December Andrea Milam, Mauri Elbel $85.00 per year St. John, VI 00831 14, from noon to 3 p.m. and watch local craftsman Ted Scheer demonstrate how to make a holiday wreath with tamarind skins. ADVERTISING Third Class PERMIT Copyright 2011 [email protected] U.S. Postage PAID Scheer has been making these local wreaths for years and is All rights reserved. No reproduction of Permit No. 3 news stories, letters, columns, photo- excited to share his craft with the public. There is no cost to attend CIRCULATION St. John, VI 00831 graphs or advertisements allowed without the demonstration and guests can purchase kits to take home and Rohan Roberts written permission from the publisher. make their own fragrant island wreaths for the holidays.

3 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 3 We as a family do not agree with any plea deal. The man [Ward] is guilty and now he is worried he will be convicted again. We are not happy that Ward accepted a plea deal of voluntary manslaughter. He will be free in no time at all. I guess it will save the territory the expense of a third trial. This is not justice. Jean Cockayne, mother of Jamie Cockayne Jahlil Ward Accepts Plea Deal of Voluntary Manslaughter After two murder verdicts, Ward gets plea deal in Cockayne murder trial By Jaime Elliott accepted a plea deal of voluntary St. John Tradewinds manslaughter. More than four years after James He will be free in no time at Jamie Cockayne was stabbed to There will be no justice for Jamie. Now all, said Jean Cockayne. I guess death on a Cruz Bay street, the case we wait for the sentencing with little hope. it will save the territory the ex- came to an end last week when his Crushed, devastated and without our Jamie, pense of a third trial. This is not accuser accepted a plea deal. justice. Jahlil Ward, 24, was facing his what will happen now only Hollar knows. Jean Cockayne held out little third trial on charges of murder- What I hope for at this point is the devil is hope that justice would be served ing 21-year-old Cockayne outside waiting and has a special place in hell for all to the man who killed her son. a Cruz Bay bar just after midnight There will be no justice for on June 19, 2007, when he accept- those involved. Jamie, she said. Now we wait ed the deal. Jean Cockayne, mother of Jamie Cockayne for the sentencing with little hope. In V.I. Superior Court on Crushed, devastated and without Wednesday, December 8, Ward our Jamie, what will happen now Jahlil Ward accepted a plea deal of one count only Hollar knows. of voluntary manslaughter, which third-degree assault and weapons pended, for weapons. They were What I hope for at this point carries a maximum 10-year prison first two arrests in the case. Kamal charges for the two men. also fined about $15,000. is the devil is waiting and has a sentence. The deal dropped a pre- Thomas and Anselmo Boston were Hollar threw out Thomas and Ward faced his second jury on special place in hell for all those viously included third-degree as- arrested and charged with first-de- Bostons verdicts after it came charges of murdering Cockayne in involved, said Jean Cockayne. sault charge. gree murder, assault and weapons to light that the Cockayne family December 2009. That time around, V.I. Superior Court Judge Bren- charges. On June 27, 2008, VIPD paid several witnesses who testi- the jury found him guilty of sec- da Hollar will sentence Ward, who arrested Ward when he returned to fied at court. The family had pub- ond-degree murder, third-degree has been incarcerated since his ar- rest in June 2008, on January 4 at 3 p.m. the territory from the mainland for the annual St. John Fourth of July Festival. licly issued monetary rewards for information leading to arrests in the case, of which the Department assault and weapons charges. At his sentencing on January 22, 2010, Wards defense attorney Mi- INDEX Two separate juries handed Initially, the three mens trials of Justice was aware. When Hollar chael Quinn petitioned for a new Business Directory .............18 murder verdicts to Ward, both of were joined and they faced a jury learned of the payments, however, trial on grounds that the prosecu- Church Directory .................18 which were thrown out by Hollar. together in October 2008. The trial she tossed the convictions. tion prevented a key witness re- Classified Ads .....................19 Ward was set to face his third jury lasted a week during which pros- Hollar vacated Wards murder lated to the jail house confession Community Calendar ...........20 on January 9 on charges of stabbing ecutors alleged that Boston and conviction when she learned that from returning to the territory Crime Stoppers ...................17 Cockayne eight times, including Thomas fought with Cockayne at the prosecution had not shared to testify. Crossword Puzzle ...............20 a fatal blow to the Pennsylvania the now closed Front Yard bar in a piece of evidence, relating to a Hollar found in Quinns favor, Ferry Schedules .................18 mans femoral artery. Cockayne Cruz Bay. After the fight, Cock- jail house confession, with the de- tossed the second jurys conviction Historical Bits & Pieces ......21 bled to death on the street in front ayne left the bar, followed by Bos- fense. and granted Ward a new trial. That Letters ...........................14-15 of the Fashion Palace before emer- ton, Thomas and Ward, according The second time around, Hol- third trial was set to begin in Janu- Police Log ...........................17 gency responders arrived on the to prosecutors. lar ruled that Boston and Thomas ary 2012, but Wards acceptance Real Estate ....................21-23 scene in the early morning hours The three men followed Coc- would stand trial separately from of the plea deal last will means he of June 19, 2007. kayne up the street and beat him Ward. Thomas and Boston faced will not face that third jury. In the wake of the murder, Coc- with two-by-fours and a pool stick their second jury in March 2010, Cockaynes parents, who have kaynes parents launched a media before stabbing the young Penn- and were convicted of third-de- attended every trial for all three blitz accusing V.I. Police Depart- sylvania man to death, prosecutors gree assault and weapons charges. men, were not pleased with the Thursday, Dec. 15th ment officials of inaction. Fam- alleged during the fist trial. Thomas was also convicted of news of Wards plea deal. ily members appeared on national The jury that time around found threatening and intimidating a wit- We as a family do not agree news shows Larry King Live and Ward guilty of first-degree murder, ness. with any plea deal, said Cock- Greta van Susteren, among others, third-degree assault and weapons The two men were sentenced to aynes mother, Jean Cockayne. but no arrests came in the case for charges. The jury found Boston 48 months, with 18 months sus- The man [Ward] is guilty and now several months. and Thomas not guilty of murder, pended, for assault, and a consecu- he is worried he will be convicted In August 2007, VIPD made the but handed down convictions of tive 10 years, with two years sus- again. We are not happy that Ward

4 4 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 Happy Holidays! St. John Tradewiinds News Photo by Caroline Rogers A fascinating bounty of biodiversity awaits snorkelers just below the waters surface in the mangroves of Hurricane Hole, above. Dr. Caroline Rogers Amazes and Educates with Book Mysterious, Magical Mangroves By Jaime Elliott tles and more, Mysterious, Magi- recognized as a nursery for juve- St. John Tradewinds cal Mangroves is a delight for its nile fish, lobsters and conchs. Dr. Caroline Rogers latest sheer beauty. MaLinda Nelson The designation meant the end book The Mysterious, Magical was the graphic designer and her to fishing in the area and set strict Mangroves of St. John, U.S. Virgin meticulous eye means the bright regulations as a no-wake zone Islands brings to life the stunning eyed fish and psychedelic colored with jet skis and water skiing pro- diversity of plants and animals un- sponges literally leap from the hibited. The federal designation der the surface of Hurricane Hole, books glossy pages. also helped V.I. National Park and which was designated a national But Rogers also had another Friends of VINP to install a storm underwater monument in 2001. motivation behind releasing her mooring system, saving the sea Gazing out across Coral Bay second publication education. floor from boaters anchors and from the Bordeaux lookout, one The objective of this book is further protecting the area. sees an expanse of calm water to help people discover an extraor- Rogers book explains and il- fringing the finger-like bays of the dinary ecosystem on St. John and lustrates why the area is so impor- islands East End. to increase their awareness of the tant and why its a resource to be That tranquil area known col- need to respect mangroves in gen- treasured. lectively as Hurricane Hole, com- eral, Rogers wrote in the intro- The book is a celebration of prised of Princess Bay and Mary, duction to the book. Mangroves the extraordinary biodiversity of Water, Otter and Borck Creeks, are even more endangered than the mangroves in Hurricane Hole, hides an amazing bounty of sea coral reefs and tropical rain for- she said. Hurricane Hole has life just under its surface. ests, with an estimated 35 percent been a haven for people on boats Rogers, a marine ecologist with of the worlds mangroves already for hundreds of years, providing the U.S. Geological Survey, culled destroyed, many filled for aquacul- protection during hurricanes. Now thousands of photographs taken ture or used as dumping grounds. it is also a haven for very diverse during weekly snorkeling trips to Boaters have long used the pro- communities growing on the prop the area for the 128-page publica- tected inlets of Hurricane Hole as roots of the red mangrove trees tion. She will be signing copies of a safe haven during storms and which are very fragile. her book on Friday evening, De- now they are is also a haven for The area is incredibly unique cember 16, at Bajo el Sol Gallery animals. The day before President with about 30 different coral spe- in Mongoose Junction from 5 to 8 Bill Clinton left office in 2001, he cies, said Rogers. As far as I p.m. created the Virgin Islands Coral know, there is no other mangrove With vivid images of corals, Reef National Monument to pro- area in the entire Caribbean with fish, sponges, sting rays, sea tur- tect the mangroves which were Continued on Page 16

5 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 5 Dowes Basement Bill Very Vague, Not Likely To Pass Through Senate By Jaime Elliott without prior approval or requisite St. John Tradewinds permits required from DPNR will About a dozen residents filled The bill is very vague and we have a number of corrections that be waived, according to the bill. the Nazareth Lutheran Church need to be made and misnomers to clarify. The amount of time we Beyond being vague the bill Hall on Thursday evening, De- were given was no where near what we needed to go through this bill. would basically create spot-zoning cember 8, to hear about a proposed I was invited to testify on the bill with two days notice. across the territory and in effect bill which could be voted on by change the zoning code, according the V.I. Senate this week. Stuart Smith, CCZP director. to Smith. Bill no. 29-0166, proposed by Any changes to the zoning code Senator Carlton Dowe, would al- require public hearings and public low people with illegal extra space Dowe, said Smith. We need to the legal process without DPNR and DPNR officials or the lo- notice, a process through which under their residential buildings to know how many people live in having time to thoroughly vet the cal building code, both of which this bill did not go, Smith added. enclose the space and rent out the every structure and where these bills language, explained Smith. would be impacted by the passage While the intent of the bill units. The bill has already passed structures are, whether they are The bill is very vague and we of Bill No. 29-0166. makes sense, I cant wrap my head through the Senate Committee on legal or not. have a number of corrections that The bill, as written, allows for around the zoning code implica- Rules and Judiciary, prompting the While knowing that many resi- need to be made and misnomers a two-year amnesty period for all tions, said Smith. The zoning Island Green Building Association dences in the territory have been to clarify, said the CCZP direc- existing structures with proper code would have to be amended to host a public forum last week built out of code and actually con- tor. The amount of time we were septic and parking requirements I see about 12 zoning code to discuss the bill and its implica- tain more dwellings than legally given was no where near what we with open space underneath to violations in this bill. Then once tion. permitted, DPNR officials were needed to go through this bill. I be filled in and the owners to be you talk about amending the zon- The concept for the bill looking for a way to quantify the was invited to testify on the bill cleared of all fines and penalties ing code, its impossible to do that which is seriously flawed and not number of people in a certain with two days notice. for building illegally. without giving public notice and likely to pass or be enforceable if building, according to Smith. This bill does not reflect our No later than 60 days after the having public hearings. passed, according to officials If there is an earthquake or concerns and is very vague, said passage of this Act, the Commis- From DPNRs perspective, this arose from discussions between some natural disaster, we need to Smith. This bill could in no way sioner of DPNR shall establish an bill needs a whole lot of work, Dowe and Department of Planning know how many units are in these be passed. There is no reference amnesty program for a period of Smith said. This bill as drafted and Natural Resources, explained structures, he said. It could also to the zoning code or the building two years, during which all fines has huge holes in it. This may not DPNRs Coastal and Comprehen- be important for FEMA and get- code. and penalties on building code be enforceable or legal. sive Zone Planning director Stuart ting grants and funds. We need to In fact, the bill does not men- violations for residential property Senators Craig Barshigner and Smith. know these numbers. tion either the V.I. Zoning Code owners who have made addition- Jeanette Millin-Young, as well as The idea for this bill arose The idea for establishing an am- which is currently undergoing al improvements or alterations a representative from Dowes of- from conversations between nesty period was discussed, how- a multimillion dollar rewrite by outside the permitted scope to a fice, attended last weeks IGBA DPNR and the office of Senator ever, the bill was rushed through Rutgers University consultants residential building or structure meeting. bacK TO yOUR Seafancoralbracelet beST SelF Present this ad and receive $10 off any 50-minute treatment.* Take your mind and body to a better place with a Westin WORKOUTTM or Spa Service. Full range of cardio and strength equipment Daily, weekly, and annual membership packages Massages, facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures For more inFormation, please call 340.693.8000, ext 1903/1904 R&I PATTON goldsmithing MongooseJunction 7766548(800)6263445 *Spa Services Discounts are available to residents of the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico with valid ID. a copy of this ad and ID must be presented when making appointment. limit one per customer. 2011 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. all rights reserved. Westin is the registered trademark of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., or its affiliates. [email protected] WR-FitnessClub TW 3.2011.indd 1 3/23/11 6:44 PM

6 6 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 After Nearly 30 Years at Wharfside, Low Key Watersports Debuts New Digs By Andrea Milam the next two months, Estes ex- St. John Tradewinds Its just so tasteful. plained. The Low Key Watersports team From the copper gutters With the new location comes packed up and said goodbye to to the tile roof to the new offerings, like a dive at their Wharfside Village beachfront French Cap, a dive at WIT Shoal marble bathroom, he location last month after nearly 30 and a Three Tank Safari, a trip that years at the shopping center. spared no expense. I circumnavigates St. John and is They didnt have far to go, how- havent seen something ideal for groups with both snorkel- ever. The company moved just of this caliber since they ers and divers. steps from their old location to the built Mongoose I. Low Key continues to dive the new I Bay Street, the commercial Ann Marie Estes, co-owner Wreck of the Rhone daily, and the building being constructed next to Low Key Watersports business has also started offering Grande Bay Resort by local real online snorkel gear rental, which estate broker Roger Harland. tourists can do before they even There were circumstances at the Beach Bar grew right in front arrive on island. Online gear rent- Wharfside that were no longer of us, really blocking a lot of our als come with a 15 percent dis- working in our favor, said Ann beach access, she said. People count as an added bonus. Marie Estes, who co-owns Low would meander through Wharf- Low Key continues to carry top Key with Bob Shinners. We felt side and have a difficult time find- clothing and swimwear lines at its that instead of being negative ing us. At our new location, we new location, including ONeill, about it, we wanted to take a posi- have clear ocean views, and when Teva, Reef, Maui Jim, DKNY, tive stance and change. you stand on the patio, there are Speedo and the hot new Australian And the move, which was com- our boats, right out in front. swim line, Sea Folly. pleted in November, has indeed Estes also lauded Harlands de- Were also the largest outfitter proved to be positive for the water sign choices. when it comes to basic masks, fins sports business. The contempo- Its just so tasteful, said the and snorkels, said Estes. rary look of Low Keys ground Low Key owner. From the cop- The Low Key co-owner lauded floor location at I Bay Street, with per gutters to the tile roof to the her staff for a successful move. polished cement floors and track marble bathroom, he spared no ex- I couldnt have done it without lighting, will be accented by 18 pense. I havent seen something of my great staff, she said. This 30x40 Steve Simonsen photo- this caliber since they built Mon- was a team effort. I probably have graphs featuring beaches and dive goose I. the most highly qualified staff Ive spots visited by Low Key, as well Easy access to the new Low ever had in 30 years, which is why as vendors that work with the wa- Key location will help with effi- we can offer so much. ter sports business. ciency, especially when it comes Estes approximated that the St. John Tradewiinds News Photo by Andrea Milam One of the most positive things to picking up and dropping off ox- finishing touches on their new lo- about Low Keys new location is ygen tanks. While parking spaces cation would be finished within Low Key owner Ann Marie Estes, left, poses in the new the accessibility, Estes explained. are currently occupied by roof tile four weeks. For more information location with sales associate Natalie Sutton There was no parking at our that has not yet been laid, ample on Low Key Watersports, call the old spot, and during our time there, parking will be available within dive company at 340-693-8999. barefoot design group,llc licensed architect AIA member NCARB certified professional design and development services mongoose junction, po box 1772 st. john, us virgin islands 00831 tel (340) 693-7665, fax (340) 693-8411

7 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 7

8 8 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 SJSA Hosting Two Ballet Master Classes During Holiday Break St. John Tradewinds In 1991 Kozadayev became er in the Colorado Ballet Acad- St. John School of the Arts will Ballet Master, choreographer and emy and Ballet Mistress for the host two Ballet Master Classes teacher for the Colorado Ballet, company. In 1998, she joined Salt open 6 d a y7s Nights . c l o sae Week d t u e ber sdays during the holiday break. where he staged all the major clas- Creek Ballet as Artistic Director. Open Sergey Kozadayev and Zhanna sical ballets and set his own chore- In 2006, Dubrovskaya was invited 693.7755 or w w w.latapastjohn . co m Dubrovskaya are Artistic Direc- ography for the company. In 1998, to participate as a judge at the In- tors of Salt Creek Ballet in Chi- he joined Salt Creek Ballet as Ar- ternational Ballet Competition in cago and are coming to St. John tistic Director. Jackson, Mississippi. for the holidays. They are visiting In 2006, Kozadayev was asked She has performed throughout several SJSA friends, who wanted to set his own choreography en- the world and is an accomplished the school to meet them. titled Divertissements, a ballet for ballerina with recognition in bal- Sergey Kozadayev, Artistic Di- select dancers from each of the lets such as Macbeth, Serenade rector, was born in St. Petersburg, member companies in Regional and Theme and Variations. Russia, and trained at the famed Dance America, to perform in Today, her students perform Vaganova Ballet Academy. Ko- Jackson, Mississippi during the worldwide in major dance compa- zadayev danced with the St. Pe- USA International Ballet Compe- nies and have received numerous tersburg State Ballet as a principal tition. awards at the Prix de Lausanne, dancer for 22 years, performing Zhanna Dubrovskaya, Artistic the New York International Ballet lead roles in Swan Lake, Sche- Director, was born in St. Peters- Competition, the Helsinki Ballet herazade, Nutcracker, Romeo burg, Russia, and trained at the Competition, the Youth America and Juliet, La Fille Mal Gardee, Vaganova Ballet academy. Du- Grand Prix and many others. Petrushka, Don Juan, Harlequi- brovskaya spent over 20 years as There are two classes sched- nade, Hercules, Flower Festival, a soloist with the Choreographic uled, one for younger students and Mozartianna. Miniatures Company led by L. (ages 6 and up) and one for older Kozadayev received the Merit Yacobson and the Maly Theatre of students (teens and adults). Hav- of Honor of the Russian Repub- Opera and Ballet (St. Petersburg ing prior ballet knowledge is rec- lic, signifying his reputation for State Ballet). Her repertoire in- ommended. the highest level of dance training cludes Swan Lake, Romeo and Ju- Beginner class will be on and performance and was featured liet, Paquita, Giselle, La Sylphide, Wednesday, December 21, from in a biographical documentary for Coppelia, La Fille Mal Gardee, 5 to 6 p.m. An intermediate class Russian TV. and Nutcracker. Madame Du- will be hosted from 6:15 to 7:45 He has choreographed and brovskaya holds a masters degree p.m. danced in more than 15 countries in teaching, coaching and choreo- The beginning class is $10 and and was the first Russian choreog- graphing from the St. Petersburg intermediate class is $20. This is rapher invited to participate in the Ballet Academy. an incredible opportunity for all American Dance Festival in North From 1991 to 1998, she was students who love to dance. For Carolina in 1990. Colorado Ballets principal teach- more information call 779-4322. Selling? Say No To WaPa Buying? Renting Island Solar Grid tie systems Seeking? Battery stand alone systems get Solar Hot water systems Solar Pool Pumps Seaview Vacation Homes, Inc. ReSultS! Short Term-Full Service Since 1985 Vacation Villa ManageMent 24 years of on island rental service St. John Tradewinds SAVE $$$$$$$ Classifieds Dan Boyd e: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected] Off-grid living for 10 years on Lovango Cay. w: t: 340-776-6805; toll-free 1-888-625-2963 t: 340-642-0351 e: [email protected] or call 340-776-6496 A V.I. Energy Office Authorized Vendor Licensed & Insured Experienced . Personalized . Professional . Proven

9 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 9 VIERS Celebrates 45 Years of Research and Resources Special to St. John Tradewinds On Sunday, December 4, more than three dozen people joined together in Lameshur Bay to cel- ebrate the 45th anniversary of the Virgin Islands Environmental Re- source Station. For the past 14 years, Clean Islands International has operated VIERS for the University of the Virgin Islands. In that time, they have improved both the facility and education programs, focusing on sustainability. Randy Brown, who is execu- tive director of Clean Islands In- ternational and has served as VI- St. John Tradewiinds News Photo ERS Administrator since 1997, welcomed everyone attending. He Clean Islands International executive director Randy introduced Allan Hunt, who serves Brown, above standing at center, celebrates the 45th as president of the board of direc- anniversary of VIERS with supporters. tors of Clean Islands and lives in Bermuda. While we celebrate VIERS long history today, Clean Islands Friends of the National Park and 1970s. is excited about the future, said the St. John Rotary. We often forget that VIERS Hunt. In the past six years that I Brown then jokingly stated that is more than what happened here have been coming to VIERS, I am he looked forward to the Park do- with the Tektite projects, said impressed by not only the physical ing something soon about all of Knight. changes but in how active VIERS the potholes on Lameshur Road, He presented Brown with one has become in the community. which has been an ongoing prob- of the societys books which has VIERS was established as a bi- lem for 45 years. several articles about Lameshur ology field station by UVI and the Speaking on behalf of the Uni- Bay and Project Tektite to the VI- NPS on November 1, 1966. While versity of the Virgin Islands was ERS library. several sites within the V.I. Na- Patrice Johnson, UVIs Public In addition to the presentations, tional Park were considered, VI- Relations Director. She congratu- tours of the Tektite Underwater ERS was originally housed in the lated VIERS on its longevity. Habitat Museum, the VIERS cab- bay rum ruins at Little Lameshur I know firsthand what good ins and the newly expanded solar Bay. work has been going on here since energy system were provided. &""* &#! VIERS moved to its present lo- my daughter comes to summer Brown also introduced Randy 2012 TheNew Years Eve cation after the conclusion of Proj- camp, said Johnson. Fish, who is replacing Jamie Ir- ect Tektite 1 in 1969. The facility, Even while the Seabees were ving, who served as VIERS man- Fiddler Returns which now consists of 22 build- still building the cabins, St. John ager for the past four years. # % ings, served as Tektites basecamp which was built by the Navys Seabees in 1968. students were visiting VIERS, said Brown. In 1992, UVI changed the name While rain on the north side of the island may have discouraged some potential attendees, most of Extravaganza!! '("#("'"" ("*"

10 $! VINP Superintendent Mark Hardgrove congratulated Clean of VIERS from Ecological Re- search to Environmental Resource the event was hosted outdoors. A light rain moved the event in- Summertime Special ~Making us dance Musical debut of Locals and on theparty 8 for years Islands on developing the facility as a model for environmental prac- to further enhance its commitment to education as well as research. doors where participants enjoyed a bountiful vegetarian lunch pre- Midnight Island's Largest Super Bowl Party!! VIERS hosts summer eco- pared primarily by Randy Fish and tices. They take what the National camps sponsored by Friends of Jamie Irving. Champagne

11 (&%"')+& Park Service is all about and deliv- VINP. Irving also made and decorated er it, said Hardgrove. Between Of all of our activities, our youth education programs are the anniversary cake. Captain Phil Chalker won the door prize of a Toast the park and the university, youve had to endure bureaucracy beyond probably the most important, said VIERS T-shirt. ~ Special appearance your wildest imagination. Joe Kessler, Friends president. This is just great, said Chalk- David Knight, president of the er. I have never won anything in by Pyros of the Caribbean Brown replied that he was actu- ally grateful for the relationships St. John Historical Society, spoke my whole life. I was going to get briefly about visiting VIERS dur- a VIERS T-shirt today and now I ~ Booty shakin starts @ 9PM! between all of the partners and several community groups such as ing Project Tektite and in the early have one.

12 10 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 V.I. National Park Is First NPS Site To Receive Blue Flag Designation St. John Tradewinds The Virgin Islands National Park was awarded a Blue Flag designation at the popular Trunk Bay beach on Friday, December 2, 2011. This international designation recognizes beaches and marinas worldwide that meet certain strict stan- dards for water quality, environmental management, safety and visitor services, and environmental educa- tion and information. After almost a year of water testing, assessment of criteria by the Blue Flag jury and development of a Blue Flag sign, the actual flag was awarded to four beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the USVI this program is supported by the V.I. Global Marine, LLC Department of Tourism, The V.I. Hotel and Tourism The Marine Transportation Specialists Association and the V.I. Conservation Association. St. John Tradewiinds News Photo Funding for the Trunk Bay sign was provided by the Win Friends of V.I. National Park. VINP Superintendent Mark Hardgrove, On September 28, the Blue Flag International Jury above at far right, accepts the Blue Flag awarded the Blue Flag to a beach and a marina in Sint from the international jury on December 2. Maarten as well as four beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the first time. a Washing Machine Sint Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands have In 2011, the Blue Flag sites around the world are therefore now completed their pilot phase and have in total 3,650. Each year, national Blue Flag juries as- achieved full implementation of the Blue Flag pro- sess all Blue Flag candidates to ensure they meet all Dryer gram. The International Jury decided to award the Blue of the criteria for beaches and marinas at the national and international level. Flat Screen TV Flag to 81 beaches and 13 marinas in the Bahamas, Those that do are then forwarded to the Interna- Brazil, Dominican Republic, French Departments tional Jury, who focuses on set criteria that varies and territories, Jamaica, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, from year to year, before giving a final verdict. Microwave Toaster Oven Free Commuter Pass Sint Maarten, South Africa, Turks and Caicos Islands, The International Jury is composed of represen- 2 Tickets Aboard the Glass Bottom Boat Discovery U.S. Virgin Islands and the United Arab Emirates. tatives from the United Nations Environment Pro- Blue Flag is proud to count so many qualitative gram, the United Nations World Tourism Organiza- HoW To EnTEr: sites in the world, and to see the interest for the pro- tion, International Lifesaving Federation, the World gramme increase as more countries join us, said Conservation Union, an international environmental Malcolm Powell, chair of the International Blue Flag education expert, the International Council of Marine Buy a round trip ticket aboard The roanoke Jury. Industry Associations and the Foundation for Envi- and automatically get entered in the raffle every time. Originally a French idea, the Blue Flag program ronmental Education. Raffle drawing: Friday, December 23. Not to be present to win. became an international award in 1987 and has since The Blue Flag International Jury congratulated all spread across the world, expanding from one to 41 sites awarded this year for their commitment to the For more information,11/10/11 CafeTWind12Ad.pdf call Global Marine, 8:44:15 AM Inc. at 779-1739 countries and reaching New Zealand, South Africa, program and the high standards achieved for the pub- Canada and Brazil. lic and the environment. C Norfolk Island Pines ROBERT CRANE Give a gift that keeps giving M Y ARCHITECT, A.I.A. CM P.O. BOX 370 Holiday Trees MY CRUZ BAY, ST. JOHN CY U.S.V.I. 00831 $75.00 - $90.00 CMY 4 to 7 feet (7-15 gallons) K (340) 776-6356 crane Coral Bay Garden Center Open Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Telephone: 340-693-5579

13 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 11 St. John Historical Society Hosting Top Chef Season 5 Winner Cooking Christmas Party Dec. 16 at Lindholm All St. John Historical Society members, family and friends Up GHS Fundraiser at ZoZos are welcome to attend the societys holiday event on Friday, De- cember 16, on the terrace of the Lindholm Guesthouse from 5 to St. John Tradewinds and Spirits, Bellows/West Indies Corporation. 7 p.m. Top Chef Season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg Chef Rosenberg will be joined by former Zo- The party, dubbed In Quest of Guavaberry Perfection, will will be the featured chef at a dinner at ZoZos Zos Executive Chef Brett Smith, as well as cur- be a sunset event with a twist: a celebration of one of the islands Ristorante benefitting the culinary arts program at rent Executive Chef Mikey Fortino. The evening oldest and most cherished traditions, the preparation and enjoy- Gifft Hill School on Sunday, December 18. is sure to be a great time and will benefit renova- ment of guavaberry. There will be guavaberry-inspired treats The fundraiser is the brainchild of ZoZos own- tions to the kitchen at GHSs Upper Campus as and snacks aplenty, as well as an opportunity to sample an array of er John Ferrigno, who is also a parent of two GHS well as reignite the culinary arts program for all local guavaberry recipes. This is a family-friendly event. students. Sixty tickets for the event were sold at students. $200 each, and lucky diners will enjoy personal Raffle tickets are available for $50, and the contact with Chef Rosenberg, a Veuve Cliquot lucky winner will enjoy airfare to San Francisco, Girl Band Concert at SJSA on Dec. 17 reception, and five courses paired with the finest private wine tasting for two at Martinelli Winery St. John School of the Arts with Eddie Bruce presents a Youth wines. in Sonoma County, and accommodations at a pri- Concert Series featuring Girl Band: Island Girl Swagg on Satur- Word barely got out before the event was sold vate cottage at the winery in September 2012. Call day, December 17, from 5 to 6 p.m. at the arts school. out! Event sponsors include S&P Seafood, Sea- GHS Development Office for more information The public is invited to this free event. Come out and hear mu- world Fisheries, Dionysus Wines, Prestige, Wines at 776-1730. sic and have fun. For more information call Angela Coleman at 714-7076. Next Chamber Meeting December 20 The St. John Chapter of the St. Thomas/St. John Chamber of How can you cut your electricity bill immediately Commerce will meet next on Tuesday, December 20, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at a location yet to be confirmed. St. John Singers Holiday Concerts Set for December 21 and 23 St. John Tradewinds and significantly? A renewable The St. John Singers, now in its 30th year under the direction of John Cahill, will celebrate the holiday season with concerts at 7:30 p.m. on December 21 in Cruz Bay and December 23 in Coral Bay. In addition to popular holiday songs and lesser-known Christ- energy system mas carols, the choir will sing a short work by J. S. Bach and a selection from A Ceremony of Carols by the 20th century Brit- Solar panels or ish composer Benjamin Britten. Long-time fans of the singers will be thrilled to hear that flut- ist Nancy Ruffer will be a guest soloist. Ruffer, a professional wind turbine musician who lives in London, has often performed with the choir when spending the holidays with her family at their home on St. John. Recent fans of the St. John Singers will look forward to an en- core performance by two young, talented Virgin Islands violinists, Now is the time: The Virgin Island Energy Office is Alana Davis and Isis Collier. Pianist Janice Ballard, who accompanies the choir, will lead the offering 50 percent rebates on photovoltaic panels and audience in a traditional carol sing. The first concert will be in Cruz Bay on Wednesday, December wind turbines. On top of that residents are eligble for 30 21, at the Nazareth Lutheran Church. The second concert, on Fri- percent income tax credit. day, December 23, will be in Coral Bay at the Emmaus Moravian Church. Both concerts start at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for students and will be avail- Quick calculation able at the door. 2Kw PV systems produces on average The St. John Singers have a special gift this year for St. Thom- as residents who wish to attend either concert their admission 9kwh of power per day is free if they show a receipt for the purchase of a round trip ferry 270 kwh per month at 41 cents ticket from Red Hook on the day of the concert. Concert-goers should be sure to ask the cashier for a receipt when they buy their $110 savings per month ferry ticket and present the receipt at the door. Call the Energy Office, 713-8436, St. Croix; 714-8436 St. Thomas

14 12 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 Lighting Path Towards Hope: Luminaria Bags for Sale St. Ursulas Advent Season Scheduled St. John Tradewinds people who have battled cancer and lived to tell the Christmas Eve service at St. Ursulas Episcopal Church will be The luminaria Ceremony is the soul of each Relay tale. Many commemorate the lives of those who have on Saturday, December 24, at 8 p.m. Christmas morning service For Life. been lost to this disease. All represent a person who will start at 9 a.m. on Sunday, December 25. At 9 p.m. on Saturday, February 11, at the Julius E. has been profoundly affected by cancer and the fam- New Years Eve service will be on Saturday, December 31, at 8 Sprauve School ball field, the community will quietly ily and friends who continue to be touched by that p.m. New Years Day service will start at 9 a.m. on January 1. remember those whose lives have been touched by experience. For mor information, call the St. Ursula's Episcopal Church at cancer. Please light a candle in 693-8580. Candles in white trib- support of or in memory of ute bags will line the track, a friend or loved one who each bearing the name of a has had cancer. Contribu- Gourmet Christmas Dinner To-Go loved one. In the soft glow of the candles, each partici- tions will help save lives, give hope and empower Available at Sam and Jacks Deli pant reflects on the courage people through the Ameri- Sam and Jacks Deli is ringing in the Holiday Season in style. and strength of all who are can Cancer Society and its The deli is offering gourmet Christmas Dinner to go for only affected by cancer. life-saving mission. $29 per person with a four person minimum for orders. A donation of $5 will Luminaria bags will be The gourmet deli, on the third floor of The Marketplace, is of- ensure a light in honor of available for a donation fering an amazing amount of food for the Christmas bounty. The a loved one. Remember a of $5 most Saturday and dinner to go includes a seven to nine pound guava pomegranate loved one lost, and honor Sunday mornings at The glazed spiral cut ham with brussel sprouts, pecans and applewood the survivors. Marketplace and at the smokes bacon, roasted squash puree and brown butter sage wild For many people who at- Cruz Bay U.S. Post Office rice with dried cranberries. tend Relay For Life, one of on January 1 and 21, and And the deli staff knows something sweet is needed too. A des- the most moving parts of the event is the Luminaria February 4. Just look for the Relay For Life sign. sert of classic passionfruit glazed cheesecake is also included in Ceremony. As the lights dim over the field and team Or make a $5 donation for a Luminaria at the St. the dinner package. members complete laps, the night is brightened by the John Community Foundation Office on the third floor Call 714-3354 to reserve a gourmet holiday meal to go. Din- glow of lighted bags called Luminaria, each of which of The Marketplace or by calling Karen Radtke at ners can be picked up on Christmas Eve between 5 and 7 p.m. has a special meaning. 779-4419. Luminarias are also available on the web- Happy Holidays! Some Luminaria celebrate the survivorship of site at

15 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 13 Essay Contest Attn: Tradewinds Holiday Issue: Dec. 19, 2011-Jan. 1, 2012 Set for Tortola Surf Classic How has surfing inspired you to make a positive difference in your life as well as in those around you? St. John Tradewinds The Second Annual Tortola Surf Classic, organized by Island Surf And Sail in Tortola and sponsored by BILLABONG on February 18 and 19, is allowing Using Sport For Social Change to host the 2nd Annual Essay Contest for local U.S. Virgin Island youth surfers Enjoy the freedom of a new Scotiabank credit card 8-17 years of age. The essay contest, in conjunc- at one of our best introductory rates ever! tion with the St. John Community Foundation, will allow up to 10 youth from the St. Thomas and St. John area to be selected from the Get everything on your shopping list and save with a new Scotiabank credit essay contest entries and will win card, now at the low introductory rate of 9.99% APR for a full six months from travel expenses to Tortola to com- pete in the surf contest. the day you activate it. For each contest winner and one Introductory adult chaperone (over 18 years of APR After the offer expires, the APR for the Scotiabank MasterCard age) of their choice, this will in- For the rst 6 months. and Scotiabank Gold MasterCard credit cards will be 18.00% and clude passage on the vessel Kekoa Offer ends December 31, 2011. 16.50% respectively. to and from the event, all customs fees, entry for all youth to compete in the Tortola Surf Classic and Whether you want a credit card that offers you cash back or convenience, lunch and beverages for all contest well help you choose the perfect card for you. winners and their chaperone. Already have a card? Valid passports for each person Visit is the responsibility of the partici- to learn about a special offer for you. pating parties. Entry forms with parent signa- ture must be received with essay and can be downloaded from the Apply today at your nearest branch. USFSC website www.usingsport- Visit or scan this code. The essay topic is How has surfing inspired you to make a positive difference in your life as well as in those around you? Entrees must be received via U.S. mail or email sent to one of the following address no later than January 31st, 2012. US Mail: Dean Doeling, USFSC, 20713 SW Imperial Ln. Aloha, OR. 97006 or email to [email protected] Conditions apply. Subject to credit approval. Subject to change without notice. Offer valid for new credit card customers only. The introductory rate of 9.99% APR for purchases will be in effect for 6 months from the date the Winners will be notified by customer activates his/her credit card. After that, APR will be 18.00% for the Scotiabank MasterCard credit card phone no later than February 8, and 16.50% for the Scotiabank Gold MasterCard credit card. The annual fee for the Scotiabank MasterCard credit card is $22 and $50 for the primary Scotiabank Gold MasterCard credit card. Minimum payment for the Scotiabank 2012. If an essay contest winner MasterCard and Scotiabank Gold MasterCard credit cards is $25 or 3% which ever amount is greater. Visit cannot be reached by that time, or your local branch for full Terms & Conditions. Rate offer is not applicable on Scotiabank PriceSmart Diamond MasterCard credit cards. *Trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. MasterCard is a an alternate will be chosen to take registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Registered trademark of PriceSmart Inc. their place. All decisions are final.

16 14 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 What Do Letters To St. John Tradewinds The Real Facts Around the Proposed Alpine WTE Project You Think? On Thursday, December 8, the University of Virgin Islands Caribbean Green Technology Center was to host a public debate on the proposed Alpine waste-to- Point #2: This project has been justified primarily on behalf of its ability to produce some 16 or so mega- watts of renewable energy. Based on our familiar- Send your letter to [email protected] energy project. As most of you know, that project has ity with similar operations, and the amount of power been on the table for a long time now, and has been produced from those operations, that reported amount Next Deadline: fraught with questions and controversy. of power never did seem to add up. We therefore The public debate was to have been an opportunity obtained WTE industry data on existing plants similar Thursday, Dec. 15th for key questions to be asked, and answered, around to the type Alpine proposes, and processing the same that proposed project. It was to have had a formal, type of material as they propose (refuse-derived-fuel, structured format, to lend even-handedness to the dis- or RDF), to look at how much gross power might be cussion. It would have been tele-conferenced from expected, given the amount of burnable wastes are UVI St. Thomas to UVI facilities on St. Croix and currently produced in the VI. St. John, to offer maximum ability of the public to That data shows that the gross amount of power Keeping Track of Crime benefit from this important discussion. Our team consisted of Jim Doersam, P.E. (com- we might expect (before deducting power usage and losses from the processes themselves, and diesel fuel munity-scale organics composting expert), JD Porter usage to ship RDF from St. Thomas to St. Croix, etc.), 2011-To-Date (recycling expert), myself (civil-environmental engi- is half of what has been touted by Alpine and WAPA neer experienced with solid and liquid waste manage- (approximately 8.3 MW). So the net power wed see Homicides: 0 ment systems and sustainable infrastructure manage- from such an operation would be much less than that, Shootings: 0 ment approaches), and Mark Lichtenstein (president likely on the order of about 4 to 5 megawatts. And, of the National Recycling Coalition, and is working just as disturbingly, that amount of power could only Stabbings: 0 with U.S. EPA Region 2 in the facilitation and coordi- be produced if we sent every shred of burnable mate- Armed Robberies: 0 nation of the VI Recycling Partnership). rial we currently produce in the VI (with no reduc- Mr. Doersam, Mr. Porter and I all three serve on tions in those amounts, as we need to do). And, all Arsons: 0 UVIs Caribbean Green Technology Centers advi- of those materials would have to be sent to Alpine sory board, and contribute time on voluntary basis to at obscenely high costs per ton, just so that they may 1st Degree Burglaries: 2 help usher forward sustainable solutions for the VI. satisfy their business model, and investors. 2nd Degree Burglaries: 8 The Alpine team, consisting of May Cornwall, Point #3: Contracts to date between Alpine Energy Hugo Hodge, Robin Davidov (from Maryland) can- Group and VIWMA have stipulated that the VI must 3rd Degree Burglaries: 45 celed (or postponed until at least January) the de- deliver certain minimum quantities of materials to Al- Grand Larcenies: 53 bate, despite having previously agreed to participate, pine, at these high prices, for the duration of the con- blaming schedule conflicts. Yet, now, Governor tract. If the VI fails to do that, the contracts stipulate Rapes: 1 deJongh has sent to the legislature for consideration that shortfall damages must be paid by the people a Bovoni land lease for St. Thomas portion of the of the VI. Theres a term for that in the solid waste Alpine operations. They will be asked to vote on that business, its called put or pay. That is, Put your Crossword Answers Puzzle on Page 20 lease next week. We understand that Alpine recently waste on the table (at whatever cost per ton were visited with the VI senators to make that plea. charging you), or Pay us for it anyway. Since whatever opportunity you, the public, may Whats ironic about this, and the debate we were have had for critical questions to be asked and an- to have this week, Robin Davidov (whod have par- swered about this Alpine deal, has now been squelched ticipated on behalf of the Alpine team) ran a program prior to the legislature voting on it (assuming the where the contracts for a WTE project there specifi- senators do in fact vote on the matter), Im providing cally avoided such regressive provisions. some of that information to you here now. Why is that that VIWMA management thinks that Point #1: Waste-to-Energy (WTE) projects are the people of the VI deserve less consideration, than only cost-effective and potentially sustainable when the people in Maryland depending on this program they accept only post-recyclables, that is, after the have been given through much more fair contract 3Rs (waste reduction, reuse and recycling) have been provisions? This Maryland program already recycles fully implemented to the maximum extent possible. nearly 40 percent of their municipal solid wastes, and Why? they made sure that any contracts surrounding a WTE Costs per ton for wastes sent to WTE operations plant did not hinder their ability to recycle and com- such as Alpines are very high as compared with costs post much more of their wastes over time. per ton for managing wastes via the 3Rs. And un- Point #4: According to Region 2 EPAs head Ju- less valuable resources such as compostable organics dith Enck, EPA, has not yet received key and critical are removed from wastes going to a WTE operation, requested data from Alpine Energy Group and/or the were robbing ourselves and our lands of those im- Renaissance Park Group. That long-requested infor- portant material resources. mation is needed, and must be reviewed and accepted In fact, based on cost figures presented by VI- by EPA prior to any air quality or other necessary ap- WMAs director in legislative hearings, it appears that provals are given for Alpine to construct their WTE the Alpine approach would cost the VI an additional operation on St. Croix (incinerator proposed to be lo- $10.3 Million per year, as compared with implement- cated at Renaissance Park). ing the 3Rs, as weve recommended. Continued on Page 17

17 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 15 Letters To St. John Tradewinds Coral Bay Community Council Thanks Supporters No Justic for Jamie Thanks to everyone who came to the Coral Bay Music was provided by David Wegman, Bobby Blue, How do you feel, is this closure for you? Questions asked of a Community Councils Annual Meeting and Potluck and Rob Johanssen. Windspree Vacation Homes, mom whose son was brutally beaten and stabbed to death. Dinner. The food was great and as usual the volunteer Love City Minimart, Lilys Gourmet Market, St. John A mom who promised Justice for Jamie that never came. How do spirit made it wonderful. Ice and Skinny Legs all generously donated drinks I feel? I failed, thats how I feel. The man convicted twice of murder- Special thanks to the event committee, chaired by and supplies. ing my Jamie made a deal with the devil and now all we have left is Bonny Corbeil, and including Jean and Steve Cot- And the sun came out after threatening rain all day! a sentencing. trell, Melody Smith, Joan and Larry Wilson, Tricia We in Coral Bay are truly blessed to live in one of the A sentencing that may end with Jamies convicted killer walking and Dondi Reed, Joan Thomas, Julie Fortunato, Mark worlds especially beautiful places. free on January 5, 2012, four-and-a-half-years after the attack. After Corbeil, Pat Miller and Jean Rayne. Sharon Coldren brave citizens of the VI came forward and did the right thing, they Ghee once again gave us access to the incredibly CBCC President told the truth. Brave jurors convicted Jahlil Ward twice in spite of a beautiful seaside location of Miss Lucys Restaurant. biased court. The people of the Virgin Islands have suffered throughout this pro- cess, we have suffered along with them. I always felt at home when I Sunset Ridge Homeowners Donate Week at Timeshare stepped off a plane and felt the warm breeze, smiling folks and happy music. The Sunset Ridge Villas Homeowners Associa- so hard to help preserve the park. They understand The VI has been such large part of our lives. I met Bill on St. Croix tions donation of a full week at the hilltop timeshare that the work of the Friends of the VINP are part of while working at The Chart House at night and watersport companies brought in $1,150 to the third annual Friends of the the reason they made their initial investment at Sunset during the day. Life was good then. We became engaged, were mar- Virgin Islands National Park benefit auction. Ridge and why they return each year to St. John. ried, our oldest son spent the first year of his life living in a home in All of the owners at Sunset Ridge were pleased to William Ryan Tide Village, St. Croix. make this contribution to an association that works Years passed, we had another son James (Jamie) Patrick Cock- ayne. The boys grew up and I thought it was time to return home to the slow life style, the inconveniences (WAPA for one), the wonder- Families Invited to Children's Holiday Parties ful people, Paradise. I still have my license plate from St. Croix and on it, Americas Paradise is written. As we begin the holiday season celebrations, we The 2011 Childrens Holiday Party on St. John will One more time, we will venture to the USVI for the final chapter, are delighted to once again host our Annual Chil- be on Monday, December 19, at the Battery, from the final injustice, the end because I failed. drens Holiday Parties on all three islands. 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. R.I.P. Jamie. These parties, which we have hosted every year Children and families throughout the Virgin Is- Love, since coming to office, are a great way to celebrate lands are invited to celebrate the holiday season with Mom the joy of the season with all residents of the Terri- us, along with Santa Claus and his merry elves. Light Jean Cockayne tory, whether its for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa refreshments will be served. or other holidays. Each year, we work with a local author to publish a We hope that you and your family will be able to join us for these great holiday parties and for the An- Time To Say Thanks childrens book to distribute at the end-of-year holiday nual Christmas Fair. On behalf Lieutenant Governor Contrary to popular belief, there are wonderful employees in our season events. This years book, The Lesson Box, and Mrs. Francis and our entire family, we wish you a executive branch of government. Take for example Ms. Hyman who by local author Tregenza Roach will be distributed to joyous and safe holiday season. answers the phone at the Community Health Clinic of the Roy L. children in grades K-3 along with other educational Sincerely, Schneider Regional Medical Center. gifts. The Lesson Box is a wonderful story of family, John P. deJongh, Governor These are people who go above and beyond the call of their du- friendship and community that is sure to delight chil- Cecile deJongh, First Lady ties, answering your concerns frankly and to the best of their ability. dren and families. Indeed, like a needle in a haystack, well-mannered, well-trained em- ployees are rarely found. Therefore, when we find one in a teacher, clerk, receptionist, street Public Counseling Services Needed laborer, or any other employee whether of the lowest or highest echelon of employment we ought to tell them thanks. The most recent stabbing in Cruz Bay has lead other agency, either on St. Thomas or St. John, that is When our Governor would consider reducing the executive work- some bystanders to seek professional assistance. The in charge of providing that service? force, I hope he bears in mind that he might pull the wheat with the now closed St. John Community Crisis Center made If so, please contact this newspaper with the infor- tare; and then we would all have tears as we realize the best and few contractual funding available for the counseling of mation. It is much needed at this time. are gone from service. those emotionally affected by violence. Is there an- Name withheld upon request Let us show our appreciation for these rare gems of our society, and may our Governor show his respect by removing only those for good cause shown. May he not remove any of our best and few hu- Times Are Changing man gems. Harriet Mercer lives on St. Thomas It has only been a short time that stealing from your tory Employees Retirement System are not sure if it employer has been a crime in the VI. is a worthwhile law. Now-a-days you will probably be charged if you are caught stealing from your employer, and most Now our Senators have to decide if they can, or want to continue to steal from their Employer. Times All-Island Holiday Party Rescheduled likely you will be determined to be guilty by the jury Change. Due to inclement weather, the All-Island Holiday Party at Mon- and you will be given a serious sentence from the Greg Miller goose Junction will now take place on Saturday, December 17. judge. Even now the Board of Trustees of the terri-

18 16 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 Obituary Roberta Jane Hamling Palmer St. John Tradewinds St. John Tradewinds News Photos Roberta Jane Hamling Palmer, age 58, passed away Sunday, December 4, From sea worms, at left, surrounded by her loving children and to sponges, below, and fish adoring husband. and corals, above, Magical Robbi loved to travel, read, and cheer on her Georgia Bulldogs. More Mangroves amazes. than anything, she loved her family and friends. She will be greatly missed. Robbi is survived by her loving husband, Dennis, daughters Holly (Palmer) Blackwell and Melissa (Palmer) Solomon, sons-in law Matt Blackwell and TJ Solomon, and adored granddaughter Caroline Blackwell. Other family include: her father, Coe Hamling; siblings Nancy (Hamling) Puckett, Jeff and Laura Hamling, Cid Hamling, and Tom and Peggy (Hamling) Fulghum; nieces and nephews Creighton and Kelly (Puckett) Frommer, Greg and Jesse Puckett, Erik and Julie Puckett, Scott & Kathryn (Hamling) Mulkey, Jeffrey and Caulie Hamling, Alison Hamling, Corey and Shelley (Fulghum) Goff, Nata- Book: The Mysterious, Magical Mangroves of St. John lie Fulghum; great-nieces and great-nephews Ryan and Anna Leigh Frommer, Madelyn, Max, and Coe Puckett, Reese & Emily Puckett, Continued from Page 4 cal, she said. I wanted to bring Rogers explained. Claire, Elise, and Mary Harms Mulkey, Slade Hamling; mother-in- so many coral species. Its amaz- the beauty of the place alive in the One idea is that many of the law Anne Palmer and brother-in-law Bruce Palmer. ing that St. John, only 20 square book, but I also wanted the scien- corals seem to be doing a bit better She is preceded in death by her mother Betty Jane Hamling, broth- miles, has such a fascinating eco- tific value to come out. than the corals on the reefs, she er-in-law Larry Puckett, and father-in-law Robert Palmer. system. She has certainly succeeded in said. We are doing research with A Celebration of Life service was at the Northside Chapel in Ro- Rogers first book Coral Reef that endeavor. Flipping through other USGS and UVI scientists in swell, Georgia, on December 10. Stars was released in July 2009 the pages of Mysterious, Magical the area to learn more about why In lieu of flowers, the family requests that Memorial Gift donations and focused on the marine life liv- Mangroves bright corals, fanning that is. Its a really fascinating be made to the Robbi Hamling Palmer Memoriam page of the Susan ing on the reefs and in the seagrass sea worms, tiny cleaner shrimp place and the funny thing is that no G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. beds of St. John. While the marine and massive brain corals leap from one has done an inventory of this scientist has called St. John home the pages. area before. since 1984, Rogers didnt spend a The book is also easy to use Im not pretending that I dis- lot of time in the Hurricane Hole area until just a few years ago. since subjects are organized by Phylum, or major categories. So covered the area, but we are ac- tively doing research in there YouthBuild Programs I have lived on St. John since 1984, primarily doing research on similar corals, in Phylum Cnidaria, comprise one chapter with differ- now, said Rogers. We had some- one come over and identify over Accepting Applications the coral reefs here, said Rog- ent Classes and Subclasses of Phy- 55 different kinds of sponges. ers. I had enjoyed snorkeling in lum each listed separately. Far from being tired of the area St. John Tradewinds the mangroves in Hurricane Hole All of the photographs in Mys- after so many snorkeling trips, The Virgin Islands Housing Authoritys YouthBuild U.S. Vir- a few times with friends but I had terious, Magical Mangroves were Rogers still gets excited to get un- gin Islands Program is now accepting applications for both the St. no idea that they were so fascinat- taken over the last two-and-half- der the water in Hurricane Hole. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix Districts Programs. ing and diverse until I began to ex- years in water less than 10 feet I love the feeling of the place YouthBuild is a youth and community development program plore them about three years ago. deep, with a simple click and shoot and I really do see new things al- that simultaneously addresses core issues facing low-income com- This book came about because my camera in underwater housing. most every time I go out there, munities: housing; education; employment; crime prevention; and first book was really on coral reefs Which means anyone can get out she said. A few weekends ago, I leadership development. and I was just learning how fasci- there and see these types of organ- found a baby elk horn coral grow- In YouthBuild programs, low-income young people ages 16-24 nating these mangroves were. isms captured in Rogers book ing in Hurricane Hole. It was about work towards their GED or high school diploma, learn job skills As I started to find out how not that many people do. two inches tall and it was fascinat- and serve their communities by building affordable housing, and amazing this area was, I got excit- Mangroves are not very in- ing because that is not where you transform their own lives and roles in society. ed about putting together another viting, said Rogers. In many expect to find elk horn corals. Applications can be picked up at the YouthBuild Office located book, she said. I didnt know places, they have been viewed as Be sure to stop by Bajo el Sol upstairs of Section 8 in Oswald Harris Court Housing Commu- this stuff was out there and its just dumping grounds and mosquito- in Mongoose Junction on Friday nity, any Public Housing Managers Offices, VIHA Central Office fascinating. infested swamps. I want people night, December 16, from 5 to 8 in both districts, as well as the V.I. Department of Labor, Monday Rogers new publication in- to understand how important and p.m. to pick up copies of The Mys- thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. cludes more text than her first beautiful they are. terious, Magical Mangroves of St. The YouthBuild Program is funded through a grant received book, but still manages to balance Mysterious, Magical Man- John for the author to sign. The from the U.S. Department of Labor. For more information con- aesthetics with science. groves is also an uplifting tale, at books are $30 each and will be tact Carla Joseph, Section 3/YouthBuild Program Manager at 714- I really wanted it to be educa- least compared to the state of lo- available at the gallery as well as 2102 or 715-7331. tional, but not too boring or techni- cal coral reefs and seagrass beds, retail locations across St. John.

19 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 17 Quanda Wednesday, November 30 ing a dispute in the roadway in The Valley, owed to him. Police assistance. Rodriquez 6:02 p.m. - An Estate Adrian resident Cruz Bay. Disturbance of the peace. 2:30 p.m. - A minor p/r that another has not been c/r that her home was burglarized. Bur- 4:42 p.m. - An Estate Contant/Enighed minor was threatening to do him bodily seen since glary in the third. 11:57 p.m. - A citizen r/ loud music in resident c/requesting police assistance. Police assistance. harm. Disturbance of the peace, threats. 2:49 p.m. - A citizen p/r that someone December 5. Coral Bay. Disturbance of the peace. Monday, December 5 attempted to sell her vehicle on Craigslist Thursday, December 1 8:30 a.m. - Government of the Virgin and she needed police assistance. Police 2:25 a.m. - An Estate Contant resident Islands r/ a female slipped and fell down assistance. r/ someone passing. D.O.A. while exiting the passenger ferry at the 5:31 p.m. - An Estate Carolina resident 10:00 a.m. - An Estate Grunwald resi- Cruz Bay dock. Accidental injury. r/ a burglary. Burglary in the third. dent r/ that someone broke the door and 9:26 a.m. - A citizen c/r shots fired in 6:20 p.m. - Government of the Virgin VIPD Looking for Missing Minor lock to her storage shed. Destruction of property. 2:08 p.m. - A citizen r/ that he was the area of Estate Grunwald. Illegal dis- charge of firearm. 2:18 p.m. - An Estate Catherinberg Islands r/ that a male threatened to crash his vehicle into the Leander Jurgen Com- mand. Disturbance of the peace, threats. St. John Tradewinds was last seen coming off the school almost struck by a vehicles side mirror. resident c/r that his home was burglarized. Thursday, December 8 V.I. Police Department detec- bus at her school, but school ad- Police assistance. Burglary in the third. 9:58 a.m. - A St. Quacco resident r/ be- 8:09 p.m. - A citizen c/r that he was 5:26 p.m. - An Estate Glucksberg resi- ing harassed by a family member. Harass- tives are searching for 15-year-old ministers said she did not attend having an argument with his girlfriend. dent p/r a disturbance of the peace. Distur- ment, D.V. Quanda Rodriguez who was last classes that day. She was wearing Disturbance of the peace. D.V. bance of the peace, D.V. 11:29 a.m. - A citizen c/requesting po- seen at the Arthur Richards Junior her school uniform, a dark blue 11:11 p.m. - A Coral Bay resident c/r 8:00 p.m. - A Pine Peace resident p/r lice assistance in the area of Estate Adrian. loud music. Disturbance of the peace. that she lost an envelope containing mon- Accidental injury. High School on December 5. pleated skirt and a white blouse. Friday, December 2 ey. Lost currency. 12:00 p.m. - A Spring Garden Resident The minor was reported miss- Anyone having any information 4:28 p.m. - A Caneel Bay Apartments 10:00 p.m. - A visitor from Michigan r/ missing IDs. Lost wallet. ing by her family. Rodriguez is on the whereabouts of Quanda Ro- resident c/r that the security at Caneel c/r that an unknown female entered his 1:02 p.m. - Love City Mini Mart closed the gate on his vehicle. Damage to villa. Trespassing. owner c/r that a woman was creating a 5-foot-6-inches tall and weighs driguez is asked to call 911 or the a vehicle. Tuesday, December 6 disturbance in the store. Disturbance of 102 pounds. She has long brown Youth Investigation Bureau detec- 10:10 p.m. - A citizen c/r that someone 1:12 a.m. - A citizen c/r that someone the peace. hair and a brown complexion. She tives at 712-6046. was throwing eggs at passing vehicles in removed items off the door to his build- 3:00 p.m. - Badge #98 p/ at Leander Ju- the area of the bandstand downtown. Dis- ing. Burglary in the third. rgen Command with one Glenn Marsh of turbance of the peace. 8:25 a.m. - A visitor from Georgia Estate Carolina under arrest and charged The Proposed Alpine WTE Project 11:00 p.m. - A citizen p/r that she is r/ being threatened. Disturbance of the with disturbance of the peace. Bail was being harassed via telephone. Telephone peace. set at $500 by order of the court. She was harassment. 9:20 a.m. - A Pine Peace resident r/ a detained at Leander Jurgen Command and Continued on Page 14 Saturday, December 3 disturbance. Disturbance of the peace. transported to the Bureau of Corrections 3:10 p.m. - An Estate Carolina resi- 5:48 p.m. - An Estate Catherinberg to be remanded. The requested information includes mass and energy balances (criti- dent r/ a disturbance. Disturbance of the resident r/ a break-in. Burglary in the 4:55 p.m. - An Estate Carolina resident cal to evaluating the legitimacy of claims made about energy production peace. third. p/r that she and her husband are constantly 4:25 p.m. - The owner of Love City Wednesday, December 7 being harassed. Disturbance of the peace. and pollutant emissions, relative to the amounts and types of materials Mini Mart c/r a disturbance at the store. 11:28 a.m. - A citizen c/r that he was 7:40 p.m. - An Estate Glucksberg resi- that would be processed), and pollutant/air quality modeling for the Re- Disturbance of the peace. involved in an altercation. Disturbance of dent r/ being involved in an altercation. naissance site, that would now include both Alpines incinerator and the 6:51 p.m. - A citizen c/r an auto colli- the peace. Aggravated assault and battery, D.V. sion on Centerline Road in the area of the 1:48 p.m. - A citizen r/ a burglary at a Friday, December 9 Diageo operation, which has already posed problems (not to mention bridge. Auto collision. villa. Burglary in the third. 7:14 a.m. - A citizen r/ an auto acci- Hovensa next door!). Sunday, December 4 2:10 p.m. - A citizen p/r that he need- dent in the area of Jacobs Ladder. Auto It is difficult for me to imagine anyone (and especially the governor 2:33 a.m. - A citizen r/ individuals hav- ed police assistance in retrieving money collision. and legislators, or heads of local waste and power utilities) continuing to seriously consider such a project, when the proposing company has failed for almost a year now to provide EPA with data / information that is critical to the permitting the key element of their project the WTE C rime S topppers U . S . V . I . plant itself on St. Croix. This really boggles the mind. Point #5: Serious legal questions continue to swirl around the Alpine Organization Seeks Information on Crimes project. Those include: failure of VIWMA to issue a proper and legal request for proposals, and go through a proper and competitive public Crime Stoppers is asking the identify the attacker. Indian accents. procurement process before entering into contracts obligating the VI to communitys help to solve the St. Thomas Help send a clear message to pay Alpine for its waste processing. following crimes. If anyone On November 29 at 10:35 the criminals commit a crime This entire Alpine proposal arose from a WAPA request for proposals, knows something, they should p.m. a man stopped his car to and you will go to jail where you not a VIWMA public procurement process. Therefore this appears very say something, as law enforce- talk with an individual in the belong. Lets continue to help much headed to the courts, should the legislators let things get that far. ment cannot control crime with- middle of the roadway between make the community a safer Further, even as to WAPAs request for proposals. Their RFP called for out the help of the community. Staabiland and Levkoi Strade. place to live by submitting in- much, much higher levels of power to be produced from this project than St. John While sitting in his vehicle fac- formation on these or any other could reasonably be produced, as long as highly polluting substances On Monday, November 28, ing south, he observed three crimes at www.CrimeStopper- are kept out of the mix of those things processed through the Alpine shortly after 7 p.m., a black male black males walking northward or by calling 1-800- incinerator. entered the Bayside Mini Mart toward him. As they arrived they 222-TIPS (8477). Point #6: Alpine Energy Group has never put a WTE plant on-line at Meadas Plaza. An altercation began to surround his car. Tips are completely anony- before. Bottom line: You can dress this hog up with lipstick and call it occurred and he was stabbed Fearing the worst, he exited mous, and the stateside operators Monique, but its still a pig. several times. V.I. Police De- his vehicle and jumped over a speak several languages. If a tip This Alpine project would further indebt us and future generations of partment officers believe there wall into the bushes. Three or leads to an arrest or the recovery Virgin Islanders. Call your Senators now and oppose this Bovoni Lease were several individuals in the four shots were fired, including of stolen property, illegal drugs, Agreement. VI senators appear poised to vote on this matter next week Mini Mart when this occurred. one in his right thigh. The males or weapons, tipsters will receive when they meet (December 15 and 16). Tell Crime Stoppers what you were dressed in black, are about a cash reward to be paid accord- Regards, know so law enforcement can 59 to 6 and spoke with West ing to their instructions. Susan Parten, P.E.

20 18 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 Ferry Schedules - Cruz Bay and Charlotte Amalie Stunning Sunset Captured at Frank Bay Cruz Bay to Red Hook Every hour on the hour from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Red Hook to Cruz Bay Every hour on the hour from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Cruz Bay to Downtown Charlotte Amalie Leaves Cruz Bay Leaves Charlotte Amalie 8:45 a.m. 10 a.m. 11:15 a.m. 1 p.m. 3:45 p.m. 5:30 p.m St. John Tradewinds Business Directory Accommodations Insurance Holiday Homes of St. John tel. 776-6776 fax 693-8665 Caribbean Villas & Resorts Theodore Tunick & Company P.O. Box 40, STJ, VI 00831 tel. 1-800-338-0987 St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Mares Crane Phone 775-7001 / Fax 775-7002 [email protected] or locally 340-776-6152 Islandia Real Estate Mares Crane captured the stunning colors of the sunset from her Island Getaways tel. 776-6666 fax 693-8499 Frank Bay home on Sunday, December 4. Jewelry 888-693-7676, P.O. Box 56, STJ, VI 00831 [email protected] [email protected] R&I Patton goldsmithing Located in Mongoose Junction Suite St. John Villas/Condos tel. 1-800-348-8444 or locally at 340-779-4486 776-6548 or (800) 626-3445 [email protected] Restaurants Church Directory Concordia Cafe, 693-5855 Happy Hour 4:30-6pm Landscaping VIVAVacations Dinner 6-8:30pm Tues-Sat tel. 779-4250 P.O. Box 1747, STJ, VI 00831 Alfredos Landscaping Bahai Community of St.John Missionary Baptist Church Fish Trap Restaurant tel. 774-1655 cell 513-2971 and Seafood Market For Devotions and Study Circles,call 714-1641 9:30 a.m. Sunday Services, 10:45 Worship, P.O. Box 91, St. John, VI 00831 tel. 693-9994, Closed Mondays 7:30 p.m. Fridays; Study Circles 9 a.m. Sundays Tuesday 7 p.m. Bible Study 693-8884 Architecture 776-6316, 776-6254 Coral Bay Garden Center La Tapa Restaurant Nazareth Lutheran Church Crane, Robert - Architect, AIA tel. 693-5579 fax 714-5628 tel. 693-7755 Bethany Moravian Church Sunday 9 a.m., Sunday School 8 a.m. tel. 776-6356 P.O. Box 1228, STJ, VI 00831 11 a.m., Sunday School 776-6291 Open 7 Days a Week 776-6731 P.O. Box 370, STJ, VI 00831 Propertyking Skinny Legs Calvary Baptist Church Our Lady of Mount Carmel Barefoot Design Group, LLC tel. 643-6348 A Pretty OKPlace 13 ABC Coral Bay, 776-6304 Saturdays 6 p.m.; Sundays 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. tel. 693-7665 fax 693-8411 Landscaping & Irrigation tel. 340-779-4982 P.O. Box 1772, STJ, VI 00831 Sunday School 10 a.m., Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m. Sunday evening 6 p.m., Thursday 7 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m. 776-6339 Property Mgmt Christian Ministry Banking Seaview Vacation Homes, Inc. Services Cinnamon Bay Beach St. John Methodist Church Firstbank tel. 340-776-6805; Inter-Denominational, Sunday 8:30 a.m. Sunday 10 a.m, 693-8830 C4th Custom Embroidery Located in downtown Cruz Bay 888-625-2963 tel. 779-4047 340-776-6881 Christian Science Society Seventh Day Adventist Located in Coral Bay 10:45 a.m. Sunday- Marketplace Saturdays, 779-4477 Scotiabank Wednesday Testimonials Island Solar Real Estate #1 Mortgage Lender in the VI 7:45 p.m. on last Wed. of Month "Off the Grid Living for 10 St. John Pentecostal Church The Marketplace (340) 776-6552 Years" tel. 340-642-0531 Sunday 11:05 a.m., 6:30 p.m. American Paradise Real Estate tel. 693-8352 fax 693-8818 The Church of Jesus Christ Tuesdays Prayer 7:30 p.m., Terminix of Latter-day Saints Thursdays Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Beauty/Spa P.O. Box 8313, STJ, VI 00831 Termite, Pest, Rodent Control Sun. 9 a.m., on St. Thomas . 776-2379 779-1230 [email protected] Problem Solved Guarantee Sun., 5 p.m., STJ, Lumberyard Westin Resorts & Villas 340-777-4423 Spa Services Cruz Bay Realty St. Ursulas Episcopal Church tel. 693-8000, ext. 1903/1904 tel. 693-8808 fax 693-9812 Cruz Bay Baptist Church Sunday 9 a.m.; Bible Class, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. V.I. Energy Office P.O. Box 66, STJ, VI 00831 Sunday 11 a.m., 6 p.m. 776-6315 777-6306 How can you cut your [email protected] energy bill immediately and Construction significantly? Emmaus Moravian Church Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Debbie Hayes, GRI Coral Bay, Sun. 9 a.m. 776-6713 9:45 a.m. Sunday, 776-6332 St. John Hardware 340-714-8436 tel. 714-5808 or 340-642-5995 tel. 693-8780 fax 776-6685 [email protected] Jehovahs Witness Word of Faith Church Located at The Marketplace 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays; 7 p.m. Word of Faith International Saturdays (Espaol), 10 a.m. Sundays, Christian Center, Sundays 7:30 a.m. 340-715-053 Gifft Hill School 774-8617

21 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 19 For Rent Legal Notice Commerical/Office/Storage Space Available New large 2BR, large bath, In the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands off-street parking, ceiling Division of St. Thomas and St. John Commercial Space Available fans, microwave, security lights, spacious porch, gorgeous view overlooking Pimpy's Trucking Services, Inc. and Water Delivery, ) ) Case no: At The Lumberyard Plaintiff,) ST-11-sm-34 Westin, $1800/month vs. ) 340-776-6331 ) Unusual Sewer Enterprises, Ltd., ) action or 678-715-1129 Defendant. ) for debt ) Coral Bay, Carolina Opportunity order for substituted service by publication Long Term, Furnished 2 Bed 2 Bath, Full Upper This matter came on for a hearing on Friday, October 14, level, A/C in Bedrooms, 2011 before the undersigned. The Plaintiff made an oral request to serve Defendant Sewer Enterprises, Ltd. by publication. The Large covered deck, premises duly considered, and the Court being otherwise fully W&D, $1650/mth. advised herein, it is hereby first floor space available ORDERED that Plaintiff's Motion to Serve Defendant by Call Ron 715-853-9696 Publication is hereby GRANTED; and it is further ORDERED that if Plaintiff wishes to pursue this matter it shall effect service on the Defendant by Publication pursuant Large 2 BR Apartment to 5 V.I.C. 112(a)(5) in a local newspaper once a week for four Downtown Cruz Bay consecutive weeks; and it is further in Bethany overlooking ORDERED that this matter is scheduled for Friday, January Where St. John Does Business the Westin. Great views, 20, 2012; 9:30 a.m. Boulon Center, St. John, Virgin Islands. A/C; Call 690-1104 A copy of this Order shall be served upon Plaintiff. Dated: November 16, 2011 For Space Call Nick Scenic Kathleen MacKay 340-771-3737 Properties Magistrate of the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands 340-693-7777 Cruz Bay Apartments: Land For Sale Com/Office/Storage Two bedrooms, two bath $2000 Two bedroom house with mother-in- Buying? Gorgeous .73-acre in Flanagans Passage, 180-degree view from Upscale Retail Gift Shop Lease option Available with inventory serious law unit, furnished, bedroom A/C, w/d, 2 Moravian Church to inquiries call or email Selling? LeDuc Island, straddles EVERYTHING 340-228-1840 large decks, water view ridges. Priced to sell at YOU NEED [email protected] $3000 ON EVERY LEVEL Coral Bay: $167,000. Owner will One bedroom, one bath finance 1/2 for qualified Services GREAT PLACE $900 buyer. Serious inquiries. TO SHOP, DINE Renting? One bedroom, one bath 340-643-7615. AND WORK Get the picture with $1200 COME JOIN US DISH NETWORK Check out www. Always online with Happy Holidays WE HAVE SPACES AVAILABLE HUGHESNET for more details. from Tradewinds seeking? RETAIL or OFFICE Service on St. John No Issue on [email protected] December 26th 340-776-6455 340 779 4001 Apartments For Lease call 340-776-6496 RELIABLE MOBILE A/C, Washer/Dryer, balcony, clean, great Email: [email protected] Next classified AUTO REPAIR: Professional and experi- location next to Westin, 1BR @ $1,250, 2BR @ $1,650-$1,750, Security Get AD Deadline: enced. Brakes, CV Joints, Suspensions, Shocks, Alternators, Timing Belts, & 1st mo. Month to Month lease available. REsults! Thursday, General Engine, Repair, Foreign & Domestic. Call Laurie at 779-1804 or 227-6688 VISA & MC Accepted December 15th All Work Guaranteed. Call 227-9574

22 20 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 PREMIER Crossword St. John Tradewinds welcomes notices of community-orient- ed, not-for-profit events for inclusion in this weekly listing. Call 776-6496, e-mail [email protected] or fax 693-8885. Tuesday, December 13 Christmas Bird Count date has Gifft Hill School would been set for Saturday, Decem- like to invite all St. John par- ber 17, with a rain date set for ents and students to Financial Sunday, December 18. Aid Night on Tuesday, Decem- St. John School of the ber 13, at 6 p.m. Arts with Eddie Bruce presents Join the St. John His- a Youth Concert Series fea- torical Society on Tuesday, turing Girl Band: Island Girl December 13, at 7 p.m. at the Swagg on Saturday, December Bethany Moravian Church Hall 17, from 5 to 6 p.m. at the arts for the December membership school. meeting, which will feature a Sunday, December 18 presentation by Danish West The St. John Landsharks Indies Society President Anne present the Third Annual Rein- Walbom entitled, Another deer Ramble Christmas run on Perspective: Images of the Sunday, December 18. Regis- Danish West Indies by Emilie tration begins at 7:30 a.m. and Langkjaer, 1904-1913. the race starts at 8 a.m. Dona- Music students from tions in the form of pet food or Charlotte Amalie High School treats will be greatly appreciat- and the Montessori School will ed and will benefit the St. John present a recital on Tuesday, Animal Care Center. Meet at December 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Annaberg parking lot. the Nazareth Lutheran Church Tuesday, December 20 in Cruz Bay under the direction The St. John Chapter of the of John Cahill. St. Thomas/St. John Chamber Friday, December 16 of Commerce will meet next on All St. John Historical Tuesday, December 20, from H2O 5 Hurry! 7 6 Playwright Terence Apolo Anton Society members, family and 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at a location 76 Rd. intersectors 7 Maestro Zubin 67 Frat letter friends are welcome to attend yet to be confirmed. ACROSS 79 Hanukkah, for one 8 Burn balm 68 Linden of TV 1 Naval vessel inits. 84 Get there by walking 9 Start playing for pay 69 Magic (Clorox the societys holiday event on Saturday, January 21 4 Pastors talk: Abbr. 86 Application filename 10 Just expected stain remover) Friday, December 16, on the The St. John Animal Care 7 Toreador extension 11 Jazzman Gillespie, for 70 Klutz 14 Mello (soda brand) 87 Follower of Sun. short 71 Period terrace of the Lindholm Guest- Centers Annual Christmas for 19 Waltzing (Aussie folk 88 Sleep cycle occurrences 12 Ab (from the start) 72 Adjoining house from 5 to 7 p.m. the Animals fundraiser gala song) 91 100-buck bill 13 Monopoly payments 73 How much do I ? 21 Hard to get 92 Novelist William 14 Judges title 76 Pub perch Saturday, December 17 will be Saturday, January 21, at 22 Scallion, e.g. 94 Golfers hangout after a 15 Green-eyed 77 Books name The annual Audubon A La Mer villa. 23 Subcompact round 16 Lucy of films 78 Turn a car 1980s car 99 Ermines with brown 17 IM chuckle 79 Falling Skies actress 25 Soft palate appendage coats 18 Go diet Schram 26 Office transcriber 100 Have up ones 20 Dont play me for a 80 Stifled 27 On a scale from sleeve dummy 81 Tokyo locale one 101 Nope 24 Non-office desktop 82 Comical Johnson 28 Spelling of TV 102 The Sopranos co-star 29 Subtitle of Neil 83 -haw! (oater cry) Alcholics Anonymous Meetings 30 Best results obtainable Robert Diamonds I Got the 85 Away for a break Alcoholics Anonymous meets as scheduled: Sundays, 9:45 32 Rectory 103 Hikers lodging place Feelin 89 Good guy 39 Head cook 105 Ad astra per 31 Road topper 90 Kind of one-way fastener a.m. at Hawksnest Bay Beach; Closed meetings for alcohol- 42 See 122-Across (Kansas motto) 33 Darya (Asian river) 93 Informer ics only at Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cruz Bay at 6 p.m 43 Guy concerned with 107 French for fires 34 Fled or bled 94 Hey Jude syllables corp. image 108 Letter after gee 35 Ill. neighbor 95 QBs error on Tuesdays; Open meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and 44 Like words for people, 110 Make up for sins 36 Harmony 96 Scots no places, and things 114 Awake and out of bed 37 To save us all from 97 Doughnut alternatives Fridays at 6 p.m. at Nazareth Lutheran Church; Tuesdays, 117 Belize, once power (carol lyric) 98 Hit books 45 Solicitor of celebs signa- Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 p.m. at Moravian Church, Coral tures 122 With 42-Across, time of 38 French pupil 104 U-shaped yoke collar 48 Like some job training cavemen 39 Nile capital 105 Suffix with walk Bay. 49 old for this! 123 Enter the mind of 40 Like muggy weather or sale 50 Scholastic sports org. 124 Jackies O 41 Jazzy Jones and James 106 Doppler Narcotics Anonymous Meetings 51 -cone (chilly treat) 125 MTV hidden-camera 43 Rx-filling place: Abbr. 109 It laugh! 52 Part of S&L: Abbr. show 46 Mafias John 111 Roughly Narcotics Anonymous has open meetings from 6:30 to 7:30 53 Commercial center of 126 Serves, as at a diner 47 Crone 112 Toe feature Venice 127 Plunk lead-in 51 Old Iranian monarchs 113 Latin to be p.m. every Saturday at St. Ursulas Church. 128 Cheer for a 7-Across 54 Tiny morsel 114 Nile slitherer 55 Pituitary secretion 61 Some EMT cases 56 Rowed 115 R-V linkup Al-Anon Meetings 62 The Little Pigs, e.g. DOWN 57 Scale stats 116 Whole lot 65 Bamboozled 1 Baseball officials 58 Mao -tung 118 Zenith rival Al-Anon meets on St. John every Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the 66 Special ties 2 Curing stuff 59 For jolly good ... 119 Here, in Lyon picnic table at the VINP ball field. 67 Try to get ringers 3 Eye affliction 60 Prefix with inform 120 Boy king 72 Negatives 4 Yacht cousin 63 Corporate raider Carl 121 Vane dir. 74 Have to grind 5 Univ. URL ending 64 Speed skater

23 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 21 Historical Bits & Pieces by Chuck Pishko A.A. Berle A Virgin Islands Supporter St. John Tradewinds Library. Incidentally, Attorney Mawson was I read with interest an article in the St. the father of our fellow St. Johnians and John Historical Society newsletter on a J. friends, Diane Mawson Walker and Marlene Edgar Hoover 1940 letter to Assistant Sec- Mawson Carney Malacarne. retary of State A. A. Berle concerning St. A. A. Berle served as Counsel to the Vir- John internal security. I hope I can clarify gin Islands Committee and advised Chair- Berles connection with the Virgin Islands. man Rothschild Francis on the legal subtle- Adolf Augustus (A.A.) Berle was in- ties of negotiating a law through the U.S. volved early on in the struggle for USVI Congress in the fight for the economic and self-government to replace the U.S. Naval civil rights of his people. Administration. Furthermore, there seems In 1924, Berle personally testified before to have been concerted efforts to keep the Congress on the state of the Virgin Islands native Virgin Islanders divided into separate including extensive and knowledgeable tes- competing and divisive groups that diluted timony on the islands endangered Bay Oil their power to obtain self-government. One industry. such group was the Virgin Islands Commit- I found a biography of Berles life (1895- tee. 1971) written by Jordan A. Schwartz entitled Mr. Elroy Sprauve recommended strong- Adolf A. Berle and the Vision of an Ameri- ly that I read Persecuted and Prosecuted can Era, New York: Free Press, 1987. Mr. by Leon A. Mawson published in 1987 by Berle, a Harvard Law graduate, was prac- Vantage Press for answers. Mr. Mawson ticing law in New York City when called to was a seasoned writer and researcher who represent the Virgin Islands Committee. served in several important V.I. government Francis had discussed his plans with the positions. American Civil Liberties Union who direct- He made eminent sense of the players and ed him to Berle who had West Indian ex- events during the long struggle to obtain self- perience. (Mawson p.124) Berle had joined government. A well-worn copy of this book the US Army after graduating from Harvard is in circulation at our Elaine Ione Sprauve Continued on Page 22 Caribbean Providing professional rental management and marketing services for St. Johns finest vacation villas and condominiums. For reservations For St. John or brochures business call 1-800-338-0987 340-776-6152 View our villas at www. c a r i b b e a n v i l l a . c o m Villas & Resor t s Lumberyard Complex P.O. Box 458 St. John USVI 00831 MANAGEMENT CO. ST. John TRADEWINDS Subscriptions Send Check Payable to Tradewinds Publishing LLC, P.O. Box 1500, St. John, VI 00831 1 year subscription $85.00 USD Name ____________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

24 22 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011 Historical Bits and Pieces: A.A. Berle A Virgin Islands Supporter Continued from Page 21 authorities wherein a Marine Captains role he was playing and reviews the Law School and was assigned to the ambush and death was retaliated by the papers accomplishments. Dominican Republic then under occu- murder of 10 Dominican hostages. The Both Nelson Rockefeller and A.A. pation by the US military. Marines responsible were punished. Berle received major State Depart- This was a turning point in Berles Berle also gained an affection for ment appointments in FDRs New life. It introduced him to the sugar the ordinary people of Latin America. Deal. Berle was appointed Assistant trade, the Caribbean area, and Latin He wrote in 1920 about the Dominican Secretary of State and became a lead- America. In February 1918, there was Republic rarely has a friendly gov- ing authority on Latin American af- a world shortage of sugar and it was ernment been so thoroughly destroyed fairs. Berle was also in charge of in- being rationed in the United States. and a friendly country so completely telligence hence Hoovers letter was The US Army had received a request submerged. (Schwarz p.22) addressed to him. for legal aid in untangling a web of Berle and Francis wrote the memo- Nelson A. Rockefeller was appoint- landholding laws that inhibited sugar randum in support of the February 25, ed as the Coordinator of Inter-Amer- production in the Dominican Repub- 1924 legislation introduced in Con- ican Affairs at State. He developed lic. Berle was put on leave from the gress to give the Virgin Islands self plans for the economic development Army to work on this assignment. He government stating: Further, the citi- of Latin America and the Caribbean was paid by New York attorneys for zenship status of all Virgin Islanders not just preliminary plans but full the South Puerto Rican Sugar Com- remains unsettled. They are citizens of blueprints on how to accomplish the pany who had made the request. nowhere. They are technically nation- objectives. His assignment involved setting up als of the United States meaning that Laurance was soon at his side con- a land court which would quiet title they have the duties but not the rights centrating on the development of tour- thereby allowing U.S. companies to of citizens. (Mawson p.27) ism. Schwartz writes that Nelson Rock- buy land for growing sugar and deny- Berles public papers are in FDRs efeller was Berles personal friend and ing the sugar to the Germans who had Presidential Library in Hyde Park, NY, Berle liked Rockefellers sense of no- purchased the sugar production. where I found a letter from Rothschild blesse oblige. Berle continued to work R. Francis, editor of The Emancipator, wrote Berle saw and hated Marine impe- Francis as editor of The Emancipa- with the Rockefeller family for the rest to praise Berle for his role and reviewed the rialism and reported an incident to the tor in which he praises Berle for the of his career on policy issues. papers accomplishments. CRUZ BAY REALTY CONDO LISTINGS westin timeshares Resale selenes Ideal in town location, w/ units, most weeks and sizes available for parking, for living/rental or business. under market value. Call us! Terrific views. Reduced to $399K! lavender hill Tropical 2 investment OPPOrtunity bedroom/2 bath penthouse unit with Apt. building w/adjacent parcels for addi- Voted Best St. John wrap-around deck, pool & sunset views. tional development in Cruz Bay, newly reno- Founded in 1985 Were Sold on St. John! Real Estate Agency! $799,000. vated & well maintained. Only $399,000. CRUZ BAY REALTY HOME LISTINGS 800-569-2417 340-693-8808 REEF BAY VIEW GOLDEN DRAGON BLUE TANG RILEYS RETREAT WHY PAY RENT? 340-693-9812 fax [email protected] Absolutely beautiful location overlooking St. Exquisite stone villa w/exceptional craftsman- A delightful 2 bdrm/2 bath pool villa nestled Amazing views of St. Thomas & sunsets fr/ Must see w/new improvements & reno- Johns most virgin National Park with views ship, 4 bds/baths, chefs kitchen, full A/C, infinity high on the hillside in Gt Cruz Bay. Offering this beautifully remodeled 6 bdrm/5 bath vations! This 2 unit home features stone Gretchen Labrenz Tammy Pollock of Reef Bay, Ram Head & secluded white pool, multi decks & patios, lush gardens, me- privacy, vibrant sunsets, gourmet kitchen, villa w/high quality amenities, pool, spa, & hardwood accents, vaulted ceilings & sandy beach below. Classic Caribbean style ticulously maintained, impressive vacation rental, 60 covered veranda & sunny pool. Catered close to town. $1,899,000. borders a greenbelt in Fish Bay. Live in the 4 bd/3 bath w/pool & spa. $1,395,000. Pt. Rendezvous. A must see! $1,550,000. Tos top rental villa. $1,295,000. upper unit & rent the apt. Only $495,000. A BEST BUY! CALYPSO del SOL SEASCAPE PRICED TO SELL! LIZARD HILL Susanne Kirk Margie Labrenz Located at the end of cul de sac, this ma- Newer, top of the line masonry villa w/ SEASCAPE has a fabulous location on 2bd/1bath Carib. style masonry cottage High above Cinnamon Bay & surrounded by DITLEFF sonry 2bd/2bath home is situated on an oversized (0.86 acre) gentle site in Choco- excellent vacation rental history in Chocolate Hole East. 3 bd/3 bath suites, Bovacoap Point! Spacious 2 bdrm main house w/lap pool & spa, plus a separate overlooking Frank & Turner Bay. Lush gated yard, private pool w/gazebo & wet Natl Pk. land. Enjoy the exclusive privacy, views to die for, gorgeous gardens, easy POINT ST. JOHN, US VIRGIN ISLANDS late Hole to ensure max. privacy & plenty of room for expansion. Panoramic views from Hart Bay to St. Thomas. Only $725,000. full A/C, beautiful pool & hot tub, terrific lg. screened porch, sunset views towards St. Thomas. $1,550,000. caretaker cottage. Panoramic views, privacy & successful vacation rental. ONLY $995,000. bar. Island style furnishings, wrought iron accents & terra-cotta tile floors. Walking distance to town. Only $450,000. access from this 3 bd/3 bath, w/ pool & caretakers cottage nestled on over 1ac in Catherineberg. $3,100,000. [email protected] CRUZ BAY REALTY LAND LISTINGS WWW.DITLEFFPOINT.COM OverlOOking CinnamOn Bay Bargain in PastOry! Moderate ParCel 300-69C great Cruz Bay leinster Bay Off the beaten track w/ aFFOrdaBle ParCels in Est. A once in a lifetime offering BeaCh This is the only vacant parcel avail- slope, 1/3 acre, close to town. Only $76,500. Prime 1.05ac site w/fantastic harbr views, walk to views & privacy. $149K & $250K. Grunwald & Adrian. Easy building sites, close to of spectacular estate homesites able in Catherineberg! Pristine Northshore loca- dinghy landing & architect.plans. A steal at $499K. town. Starting at $60,000. Call Today! CarOlina, eden, CalaBash Nice lOts tO ChOOse FrOm in Fish Bay on coveted Ditleff Point tion, 1.09 ac. $1,500,000. selection of affordable parcels. Starting at $84K. klein Bay Prestigious area w/common Starting at $90K. ditleFF POint Extraordinary sites on See Our Video Tour beach. 3 parcels, starting at $675K. COntant Farms Nice corner parcel w/ sunset views Over Cruz Bay & St. Cruz Bay tOwn Walk to Frank Bay, R-4 magnificent peninsula w/sandy beach, gated ocean & sunset views, paved road, close to town. Thomas close to town, easy build. Only $159K. waterFrOnt ParCel in dreekets zoning w/building plans. $219,900. entry, beautiful landscaping, and incredible views. $275,000. waterFrOnt On mOnte Bay Bay w/amazing BVI views! A bargain at $695K. Frank Bay Flat, 2 parcels, R-4, $195K ea. Prices start at $695,000. lush BOrdeaux mt. parcels w/views & Spectacular 13.44 ac. site, ideal for private estate side-By-side flat parcels in Johnson Bay, gluCksBerg Gentle grade, 1/2 ac., lg. Pt. rendezvOus Outstanding views. Bay Rum trees. $259K$285K. or subdivision. $2,900,000. across from common beach $220K ea. trees, end of road. $125K. $199,900 & $415K.

25 The Company that gives back to St. John Complete Real estate seRviCes st. JoHNs olDest Real estate FiRm seRviNg st. JoHN FoR 50 YeaRs! Located at the Marketplace (340) 776-6776 (340) 774-8088 [email protected] Toll Free: 1-800-905-6824 MerMaid Falls-prime Peter Bay CaTHeriNeBerGs CiNNaMON Villa KalOraMa Panoramic VisTa CielO Completed in 2010, iNVesTMeNT POTeNTial; aParT- Villa sereNdiPiTy - spectacular location & spectacular 5 bdrm/5.5 bths ridGe 5 bedroom villa on 1+ private views from classic modern 5 bdm, this elegantly furnished, 3 bdrm villa MeNT COMPleX 3 finished 2 bdrm units 270 views to St. Thomas/St. Croix w/ villa. Views to St. Thomas, Natl Park acre, bordered by National Park, features 4.5 bth rental villa in Virgin Grand in classic Caribbean architecture with w/ permits in a quiet hilltop location & great rental Vd beaches & BVI. Custom-designed & stunning Estates features native stone, ipe privacy in a quiet gated community. place for 5 history. 4 spa- d built, it features Vd north shore hardwoods, glass walls & a secure d All rooms have more. High cious bdrms each Ce d a lagoon-shaped views, pool property. Dramatic water views and cash flow, w/ their own bath. G dU TiN pool, mahogany w/waterfall, great room opens re open onto a all masonry Great pool deck! lis e iC W doors/windows, ac, spa, easy onto 40 ft pool & r large verandah building, AC or open win- Ne P private verandas, access to large verandas for surrounding a water views, dows & sliders waterfall & spa, & Cinnamon spectacular indoor- sunny pool with breezes. to the Caribbean Call for details lovely grounds. $4,900,000 Bay beach. $3,700,000 outdoor living. $3,249,000 great views. $2,350,000 $1,850,000 breezes. Villa Far NieNTe Turn-key 3 WiNdCHiMe is a very private 1.4 PARADISE ON THE ROCKS seaBisCUiT is a winner! Charming Villa MiMOsa is a BesT BUy! 4 Tree HOUse offers spectacular bedroom, 3 bath villa in Pt. Rendez- ac. estate set high atop Gifft Hill. Dra- Tropical living, big views & masonry 2x2 Caribbean style masonry villa with bedroom private rental home- awesome views from Upper Carolinas ridge top. vous offers big views, breezes & great matic views to the east w/ spectacular home-centrally-located on Ajax Peak. panoramic down island This gentle G rental history. Beautifully-appointed, breezes and Two units: - 2 bedrooms, 2 baths & views, very pri- & Coral parcel fea- TiN G TiN d! lis fully furnished, sunrises. This Great Room vate pool & hot Bay views! tures a 3 Ce lis W dU Ne infinity-edge 3 bdrm villa has upstairs; private tub. Breezy lo- Turn key! bedroom, 2 W re Ne e pool, interior room to expand entry 1 bedroom cation conve- Originally bathroom iC Pr staircase, artis- with an over- apartment nient to Coral $1,700,000 home which tic lighting and sized pool fac- downstairs. Bay. Walk to now priced is bordered super sun and ing the terrific Rent one, live in shoreline wa- to sell. by National $1,695,000 moonrises! $1,419,000 view. $1,050,000 the other! $895,000 tersports. $810,990 $685,000 Park. UPPer CarOliNa COTTaGe 2 3 UNiT iNCOMe PrOdUCer! Tree FrOG COTTaGe Charming FisH Bay 4X2 INCREDIBLE VALUE! CONCH Villas: Why pay rent? bdrm-2bth well-built & maintained 1 x 1 home, surrounded by lush tropi- Huge panoramic views and a quiet, pri- COral BreeZe Well kept 2br, 2ba Near town, all masonry. Top floors condo live in or continue successful Opportunity to own a 2br, 1ba &/or home. Nice mountain views & breezes, each 3 bedrooms with decks, A/C, cal forest with views of Coral Bay and vate, breezy a 1br, 1ba condo comfortable wrap- the BVI. Close location short term rental. Beautiful views of plus lower Great Cruz Bay & close to Cruz Bay! G around deck. Adja- to shopping that borders d! TiN studio. Reno- Purchase one for Ce beyond. Convenient lis cent view parcel also and restau- Nature Con- dU vated 2003: yourself and stop W to town & recently re Ne available. Live in cot- rants, but very servancy e throwing money iC Corian coun- added common Pr tage while building private. Good property away on rent or House alone ters, new ap- pool and deck make $609,000. main house. Deeded short term make this access to common pliances & tile rental history. home a Bethany Condos unit $205,000 & purchase both for With land $415,000 6 a great investment. $230,000 additional income. $825,000. beach parcel. $590,000 floors. $540,000 $535,000 must see! lOTs OF laNd lisTiNGs!! MOTiVaTed sellers!! sOMe seller FiNaNCiNG!! CalaBasH esTaTe MaNdaHlBOOM $85,000 PriVaTeer Bay/HaNseN Bay hillside & WATERFRONT from $199,000 UPPer MONTe Bay hillsides from $799,000 saUNders GUT two WATERFRONT lots $345,000 each hillside $475,000 esTaTe CarOliNa from $115,000 saBa Bay 19 ac. WATERFRONT $9,990,000 BOaTMaN PT./reNdeZVOUs WATERFRONT $825,000 alsO CONCOrdia PreserVe from $275,000 PeTer Bay/NOrTHsHOre from $1,500,000 VirGiN GraNd esTaTes from $499,000 WesTiN TiMesHares from $2,000 per week dreeKeTs Bay hillside & WATERFRONT from $300,000 lOVaNGO Cay WATERFRONT South shore from $285,000 CHOCOlaTe HOle from $365,000 ONe MONTH FraCTiONals FROm $69,000 For a complete list oF all st. John mls properties, DVD tours oF the properties, anD/or a copy oF our newsletter call or e-mail us. [email protected] Approved supplier of real estate for the VI Economic Development Commission. HH-TW 12.12.2011.indd 1 12/8/11 12:13 PM [email protected] St. John Tradewinds Subscriptions NEW! Villa South Palm in the Virgin Grand Estates, AMOROSA Tuscan inspired villa in Peter Bay. 4 BR/4.5BA, offering Caribbean Sea views, custom 4BR/5BA. Virtual tour at Call 340-776-6496. We Accept VISA or MasterCard. building and design. $3,199,000 $7,450,000 Or Fill Out Subscription Form on Page 21. HOMES NEW! VILLA CALYPSO COVE Enjoy 176 feet NEW ORCHID HILL Tasteful & charming, of shoreline! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, ocean front pool. designed by Glen Speer, 2BR/2BA, stunning 280 Excellent bay views. $1,250,000 degree views, $1,849,000 MAMEY PEAK 1.05 acres, 1x1 Main House and ARC DU SOLEIL 3BR/3BA pool villa in the Virgin Exceptional St. John Villa Offered Through Debbie Hayes 1x1 Guest Cottage. Flat slope & stunning views. Grand Estates. Features large stone arches that $600,000 perfectly frame the expansive views. $2,095,000 ExcluSiVE rEal ESTaTE SErVicE MYSTIC RIDGE 4 BR/4.5BA, dramatic views, GLUCKSBERG! Cute starter cottage on a in THE Virgin iSlanDS short distance to North Shore beaches, cooling wooded lot abuts a green belt. 1BR/1BA with a/c. breezes $1,990,000. .23 acres $240,000 Debbie Hayes, GRi YOUR OWN SECLUDED BEACH "Rendezview" RAINBOW PLANTATION Large 1.6 acre lot, Licensed U.s. Virgin isLands features 4 BR/4BA with a lower 3BR beach house. 5BR/5BA & pool. Extensive native stone terraces. reaL estate Broker/owner $2,275,000 Now $995,000 Office: OCEANPORT! 140 above the waters edge of CARIBBEAN COTTAGE catering to short term 340 714 5808 Hart Bay on 1 acre. 4BR/4BA Newly renovated rental guests. Price includes adjacent lot. $1,590,000 $599,000 Cell: UNBEATABLE VALUE! ALLESANDRA Luxuri- CHOCOLATE HOLE Income producing 2 unit, Exceptionally Private/Gated Villa atop Caneel Hill with expansive 340 642 5995 ous masonry villa, views of 3 bays, 3BR/3BA, 2 car flat yard, walking distance to Beach, Island stone. [email protected] garage NOW $1,569,000 $875,000 views and all of the amenities you expect in a Luxury Island Home. View all Vi e St. w a l l John S t . J o h nMLS M L S p r properties at operties at our w e b sour i t e a t website w w w. a m e r i c at anpa Offered at $4.9M. Seller is a U.S. Virgin Islands Licensed Broker. CONDOS . HOMES . LAND . FRACTIONALS . COMMERCIAL DebbieHayes-TW IV 11.14.2011.indd 1 11/11/11 11:37 AM

26 24 St. John Tradewinds, December 12-18, 2011

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