Powering up Sponsorships & Events with Mobile Engagement

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  • Jan 5, 2012
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1 Powering up Sponsorships & Events with Mobile Engagement Tom Daly, Coca-Cola Darin Wolf, Live Nation Dorrian Porter, Mozes

2 What you can expect in todays webinar: 1. How mobile is changing the live event experience 2. Incorporating audience engagement into a mobile marketing strategy 3. Converting participation into long-term engagement 4. Best practices for building a successful mobile engagement strategy

3 Defining mobile engagement Messages and photos to screen (fan-generated content) NASCAR fans use their mobile Live Nation concertgoers have Mobile contests/ phones to send messages to the chance to upgrade their seats sweepstakes screen at the Coca-Cola 600 via mobile Votes, polls and surveys Celebrity or team voice messages, video clips and photos Attendees of the Essence Festival Viewers of ABCs Country Music sponsored by Coca Cola text for Awards text to win a guitar chances to win VIP tickets during on-air broadcast

4 Why mobile at live events? The future of mobile marketing is about context people in the right place at the right time to receive the right message Live events are a very social, focused time Between 5%-50% of live audience members will participate in a mobile campaign, such as a contest, poll, or through fan-generated content

5 Darin Wolf" EVP & General Manager" Live Nation Network

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20 500 mobile tickets requested by 3,000 people in 30 seconds

21 Tom Daly" Director, Mobile & Search" Global Connections" The Coca-Cola Company


23 Sponsorships are key marketing assets

24 Why is mobile perfect for events? Our challenge is to balance 1. Out of home inspirational & operational marketing, while creating engaging experiences. 2. In context Mobile-based programs will play an 3. Connects increasingly critical role because they allow us to connect with people in the offline to exciting, immediate ways with the the online right message at the right time. world Sharon Byers, Vice President of Marketing Asset Activation Coca-Cola, N.A.

25 Engagement leads to ongoing relationships FRIDAY AT ESSENCE Live attendance: 20,000 Coke BBQ Tickets" Text-to-Win Messages sent: 14,161 Entries: 7,472 Unique entries: 3,145 Opt-ins: 706 15.75% of audience engaged with Coca-Cola digitally at the concert (most more than once). 23% who engaged opted for an ongoing connection to the brand via mobile phone.

26 Mobile expands to a broad portfolio July 4th Coca-Cola Beach celebrations Spring Break Live Nation Calle Ocho Festivals Coca-Cola Football NASCAR Mexico National Team Sprite POWERADE NXTPROS Step-Off (City tour)


28 SMS Dominates If your aim is global reach, there is still only one answer - SMS Why? 4 Trillion+ Reasons in 2010 Stars in the Milky Way: 400 Billion

29 Mobile Web: From Waystation to Destination Mobile Web quickly achieving ubiquity The rise of the smart device Faster networks Lower data costs In high-penetration smart-device markets, consumption shifting quickly from PC to mobile Video use skyrocketing Mobile Web represents the access method in many emerging markets that did not previously enjoy broadband What does this mean? If you brand via TVCs, you might want to pay attention Your consumers arent visiting your site on a standard PC - time to mobilize SEO matters now more than ever

30 Apps: The Best Ones Deliver Voice Sound Personal Updatable Sight Movement Connected

31 Combining modes is key We look to leverage the right mode at the right time SMS works best for but it leads to speed & immediacy rich experiences.

32 EXPORT & GLOBALIZE From Best Practices to Pilots and Beyond

33 Scanning for Mobile Success Coca-Cola a large ecosystem with multiple players driving mobile marketing every day Corporate/HQ Regional Brand Ad Agency Partners Bottlers We aggressively scan the system for success Analyze Apply local lessons to build toward global opportunity Why would this work anywhere else? What makes this market unique? Author Best Practice Distribute around System Lather, Rinse, Repeat

34 Inspiration All Around Us We dont lean on only examples that touch the Coca-Cola system We actively participate in MMA, GSMA, CTIA and other industry groups, events in order to knowledge share Inspiration and success stories can be drawn from hundreds of sources

35 Building toolkits and repeatability 1. Send the right message to the right consumers at the right time at thousands of events to contribute to overall CRM strategy 2. Accessible pricing to marketers of all sizes through standardization and greater scale 3. Rely on partner for analytics and integration into other digital platforms 4. Constant education, training & improvement of capabilities

36 Where to begin? Pick one upcoming event, or event driven program, in the first quarter of 2012 to build your mobile success story Build your mobile strategy with a partner that incorporates text messaging, mobile web and apps, and tie it to your overall digital strategy and goals Mozes and Live Nation can provide compelling opportunities to enter mobile engagement and live events

37 Thank you! Questions for speakers? Dorrian Porter " CEO" Mozes" [email protected] "

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