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1 Edition 011 Feb 2014

2 GREYHOUND RACING SA - CONTACT DETAILS Location 55 Cardigan Street, ANGLE PARK SA 5010 Correspondence to PO Box 2352, REGENCY PARK SA 5942 Fax 8268 2870 Fax (Nominations) 8243 1964 Email [email protected] Website www.grsa.com.au CEO Matt Corby Chief Executive Officer 8243 7114 Scott Wuchatsch Strategic Projects Manager 0413 787 924 Dianne Dumanovic Executive Support 8243 7118 FINANCE Matt Adams Finance and Corporate Services Manager 8243 7121 Rick Trembath Finance Officer (Accounts Payable, Payroll) 8243 7117 Julie Huynh (Mon - Thurs) Finance Officer (Accounts Receivable) 8243 7116 MARKETING Ben Ormsby Marketing Manager 8243 7115 Kelly Butler Marketing Officer (Chasers Bookings, Website Enquiries) 8243 7120 Bec Goodwin (Mon, Wed & Fri) Event Sales Officer (Fundraising, Function Enquiries) 8243 7119 CATERING Ben Owens Food and Beverage Manager 8243 7126 Sandra Bartel Food and Beverage Supervisor 8243 7150 Chasers Restaurant Bookings 8243 7155 McQueens Tavern 8243 7143 McQueens Sports Bar 8243 7144 STEWARDS Paul Marks Integrity and Standards Manager 8243 7130 Gary Steele Senior Steward 8243 7166 Joshua Evans Steward 8243 7111 Tom Hayles Animal Welfare Officer 8243 7105 RACING Shaun Mathieson Racing Manager 8243 7122 Caralyn Fielden Racing Secretary (Grading, Breeding, Futurities) 8243 7112 Kay McPhee Namings, Prizemoney Co-ordinator 8243 7113 Renee Parmiter General Enquires, Transfers, Licences 8243 7100 Carolyn Webster Nominations 8243 7127 TRIAL BOOKINGS Angle Park Bookings taken from Monday - 12.30pm Gawler Bookings taken from Tuesday - 12.30pm 8243 7172 Strathalbyn Bookings taken from Thursday - 12.30pm Angle Park (Saturday) Bookings taken from Thursday - 12.30pm SCRATCHINGS To make a scratching - Select 1 8243 7133 To listen to scratchings - Select 2 GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) Angela Webb Co-ordinator 8243 7124 0437 527 633 VETERINARY CLINIC 8347 3536 Dr Chris Doyle Ring for appointment 0409 677 355 Will be at Angle Park Vet Surgery every Tuesday from 10.00am through to completion of trials. To organise appointments Dr Greg Moore 0438 169 316 Contact Greg at [email protected], sms or leave a message on 0438 169 316

3 CEOS REPORT by Matt Corby HOT WEATHER POLICY It is probably timely for us to provide an update in relation to GRSAs Hot Weather Policy so that participants can understand the workings of recent changes. Arising from discussions with the ICG, a couple of important changes have been made to the previous policy based on which: - Day/Twilight meetings for which the forecast temperature at the Official Scratching Time is 41 degrees or higher will automatically be cancelled if it has not been possible to transfer those meetings within a reasonable timeframe - Trainers may scratch greyhounds without penalty up until the Official Scratching Time if the forecast temperature for the venue where the meeting will be conducted is 38 degrees or higher at that time all greyhounds for that trainer must come out under such circumstances Management will continue to review recent circumstances wherein the actual temperature exceeded the forecast for any learning to incorporate into the Hot Weather Policy going forward. In addition to the scope of the policy, the following practices will be adhered to and applied by GRSA staff as appropriate in response to hotter weather: 1) Where possible Kennels will be opened earlier. Trainers are encouraged to contact GRSA stewards if they are considering arriving before kennelling time. 2) Greyhounds to spend minimum time outside Kennels. 3) Previews are to be conducted in a shaded area. 4) Parade directly to starting boxes. 5) Greyhounds to remain in Kennel House for at least 30 Minutes after their event. 6) Club to provide adequate drinking facilities for Greyhounds. 7) Club to provide adequate cooling foot baths. 8) Club to provide bottled water to participants when temperature is 35 Degrees or above. 9) Ice Vests can be used during parading and after the Event but must be removed prior to placing greyhounds into their allotted Kennel. 10) GRSA racing department where possible to program Distance events during the coolest part of the meeting (Day meetings Early races, Night Meetings Later races) PAWNOTE: It is interesting to reflect on the fact that the Thursday night meeting of January 16 which had to be rescheduled for the following night on Sky 2 would have been the date for the 2014 Adelaide Cup had our premier event not been moved to an October timeslot in 2011. WATER TEMPERATURE ANGLE PARK KENNEL HOUSE The issue of warm running water in the Angle Park kennel house was noted some time back. In response to that problem, we have previously implemented solutions without a great deal of success. More recently, several metres of the pipe that feeds the kennel house have been diverted through a cool room in an effort to address the problem. We will continue to monitor the water temperature in the remaining days and weeks of summer. COMMENCEMENT OF GAWLER REDEVELOPMENT & OUTCOME OF FOL - CATCHING PEN SURVEY Announcements are imminent in relation to both of these matters. We thank you for your patience on both fronts.

4 ON-COURSE WAGERING FIXED ODDS V TOTE It was noted during the ICG that the broader industry should be aware of the different level of industry return that is derived from tote and fixed-odds betting on course ie during a race meeting. On that point, the commission that comes back to the industry through tote betting is somewhat greater than the amount that would be generated through fixed odds wagering. That said, the broader benefit of the introduction of a fixed odds offer to a national wagering market offsets that on-course dynamic many times over. Just as important to note, or more so, our participants should be aware of the importance of placing bets over the counter during a race meeting rather than through a mobile device when you are betting on the TattsBet tote the difference is significant. RACING MANAGERS REPORT by Shaun Mathieson ST LEGER SEMI FINALS TONIGHT Angle Park tonight sees two Semi-Finals of the 2014 SA St Leger. We saw five heats run last Wednesday and we can look forward to some close racing tonight. Last months John Gray Feature winner Wild Soul for trainer Kim Johnstone will be looking for a chance at another feature win when he contests the first semi final of the St Leger tonight. He showed surprisingly good pace last week to lead from box 7 and with his strength it was not unusual he ran a blistering 29.79 in his heat. He has drawn box 8 tonight in a much tougher field however he is a classy customer. Suntory Gold has drawn beautifully in box 2 for trainer Laurie Cahalan and a repeat of her heat win in 29.94 will see her very hard to beat. You had to be impressed by the performance of Mr. Donatello for trainer Yvonne King after last weeks heat run. He only went down by just over a length to Open Class performer Kalden Gambino with his personal time a slick 29.80. Out of box 4 tonight Mr. Donatello looks right in this race aswell. Lochinvar Impala for trainer Ben Rawlings will look to turn the tables on Wild Soul this week after he just failed to catch him in last weeks heats and expect improvement from Boonoona Boy drawn much better out of the red box tonight. The second semi final is an outstanding race let alone a semi final just to make the final. There are plenty of chances here with some of the most exciting chasers in the State doing battle. Kalden Gambino for trainer Troy Murray will be shooting for his seventh straight win after he confirmed his spot in the semis with a solid performance in the heats rating a slick 29.70. He has drawn perfectly in the one alley and has been racing against the best in the State so he looks hard to beat. Murray Harveys training performance to qualify impressive heat winner Very Bitta last week was an outstanding achievement. Very Bitta was having his first run in 3 months since coming across from NSW and against a quality field he raced away from his opposition effortlessly to win in a flying 29.98. Look for even more improvement from him tonight out of box 4. Trainer Cameron Butcher will have a two pronged attack in this semi final with last weeks heat winner Regal Looper drawn a little awkward in box 7 and his up and coming star Sidneys Shadow faring no better out of box 5. Both are very young greyhounds and are progressing nicely with Regal Looper winning last week in 30.01 and Sidneys Shadow not disgraced in running second behind Suntory Gold. Set The Scene for Laurie Cahalan didnt have much luck last week in the heats running second however he has drawn perfectly in box 8 and to quote Laurie his greyhounds would be giggling with the pink box. He won here last month in a sizzling 29.74 from this box so dont leave him out of your selections.

5 TattsBet have placed a Treble Jackpot which includes both semi finals of $2,863. It is anticipated that this pool could reach $15,000. The first four in each Semi-Final will qualify for next weeks Final with the fastest fifths being th declared the reserves. The $6,875 SA St Leger Final will be run next Thursday 20 February. The box draw for the Final will be conducted on track this evening, following race 8. 2013 SA GREYHOUND OF THE YEAR FINALISTS The GOTY panel members have now cast their individual votes on the GOTY title, with the winner nd announced at the Awards Dinner on Saturday 22 February. The Greyhound of the Year Panel members have also voted on the SA Bred GOTY, SA Distance GOTY and SA Sprinting GOTY to be announced at the Awards Dinner. The Finalists are: ERNIE BUNG ARROW 2013 Starts 18-1sts 16, 2nds 1, 3rds 0 (SA Bred) Tr. Ken Gill 2013 Prizemoney $146,620 Greyhound of the Month July, September, October & December - (scored votes in 4 months) FIRE TYSON 2013 Starts 42-1sts 17, 2nds 7, 3rds 8 (SA Bred) Tr. Tony Lagana 2013 Prizemoney $71,650 Greyhound of the Month January & February - (scored votes in 7 months) KALDEN KURAGEOUS 2013 Starts 34-1sts 12, 2nds 5, 3rds 10 Tr. Troy Murray 2013 Prizemoney $40,590 Greyhound of the Month (scored votes in 3 months) TERCEL 2013 Starts 51-1sts 20, 2nds 11, 3rds 8 Scull Murphy winner of the 2007 GOTY (SA Bred) Tr. Karen Bearpark 2013 Prizemoney $45,355 Greyhound of the Month (scored votes in 1 month) TOKEN MCLAREN 2013 Starts 40 -1sts 17, 2nds 6, 3rds 8 (SA Bred) Tr. Don Foster 2013 Prizemoney $30,150 Greyhound of the Month (scored votes in 2 months) 2013 VOLUNTEER AND YOUNG PERSON AWARDS CLOSES TOMORROW At this years GOTY awards we will also be announcing the 2013 Volunteer of the Year and 2013 Young Person of the Year. These awards are nominated awards so if you know someone who fits these categories please fill out a form available from GRSA or on our website to nominate a worthy recipient.

6 2013 SA RUN OF THE YEAR CLOSES TOMORROW Again this year you can be part of the GOTY Awards night by voting for the SA Run of the Year with the award to be presented at the Greyhound of the Year function to be held on February 22. Available on the GRSA website at www.grsa.com.au is all the Run of the Months for the year 2013 voted by the Greyhound of the Year panel. The performance that receives the most votes from the voting public will be declared the winner. Simply follow the steps below to be part of the action. How to vote Log onto the GRSA website. Click on the 2013 Run of the Year on the left side of the page. Simply watch the videos and select the one you think should be Run of the Year, complete the contact details and submit your vote. You can only vote once and by voting you will go in the draw to Win a dinner for two at Chasers Restaurant. There are 11 performances with multiple monthly winners being Ernie Bung Arrow (3 times) and Token McLaren (2 times). Good Luck and start voting. AMBULATORY VEHICLES New (greyhound) ambulatory vehicles have recently been acquired for Angle Park and Strathalbyn. On the basis that there appears to be generally positive feedback in relation to the functional aspect of those vehicles, GRSA intends for any future replacements at other tracks to follow a similar example. GREYHOUND VACCINATION Canine cough is a common respiratory disease of dogs which manifests itself by way of a variety of clinical signs. These include coughing, nasal discharge, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, fever and lethargy. Greyhounds with this condition can progress to a pneumonia which can take a prolonged time to resolve. It is thought the two main agents involved are Parainfluenza type 2 virus (PI2) and Borditella Bronchiseptica (BB). Generally infection with the PI2 organism causes a milder condition than with BB. Dr Mark Kellman presented results from Idexx Pathology highlighting the variety of organisms involved in cough cases sampled from dogs in Australia. This was presented to the AGV conference in Melbourne last October. A summary of those organisms follows: Borditella bronchiseptica Canine distemper Canine adenovirus Canine herpesvirus Canine parainfluenza Corona virus Mycoplasma virus Canine influenza virus (2 types) It should be noted that all of these organisms cause cough symptoms in dogs. The agents in bold are currently included in the available vaccines and are the two most common organisms in the survey, but not the only ones. This creates a dilemma for the vaccine companies as to which organisms they will target.

7 Currently both the Parainfluenza and Borditella products are available and used. The Parainfluenza /Borditella combination comes in an injectable form and the Borditella as either an injectable or a nasal spray. Currently at GRSA the following are requirements prior to full registration of a greyhound: 6-8 weeks: C3 vaccination 12-14 weeks: C3 vaccination 12-14 months: C3 vaccination A C3 Vaccination includes the Distemper /Hepatitis and Parvo vaccines. There are no current requirements for inclusion of kennel cough in this regimen. Veterinarians use the five vaccines in various combinations. What seems to be clear is that the Kennel Cough vaccines require an annual booster to be of any effect. It is also clear that the use of the those vaccines cannot guarantee full protection from the disease. While vaccination does work in some cases, it more generally moderates the effects of the disease. Kennel Cough cases surface more commonly in the colder months of the year, particularly in kennels with draughty conditions. Trainers are generally very sensible about restricting the spread of virus by not bringing dogs to the track with any form of cough and the incidence of pre- race scratching for cough is virtually non-existent. The Board has recently resolved to support a recommendation to upgrade the present vaccination regime to C5 and for this approach to be supported by inclusion within the Breeders Rebate framework. Currently GRSA rebates $60 per pup without a documented receipt however should a Breeder have pups vaccinated with the C5 a rebate of the total cost will be considered upon receipt of documentation of payment. Participants are therefore advised to consult with your Veterinary Surgeon regarding the use of the Borditella nasal vaccine for pups as well as racing greyhounds prior to the onset of the colder weather. STRATHALBYN TRIALS CANCELLED ON FRIDAY Due to staffing difficulties the Southern Greyhound Racing Club have advised that their trials on th Friday 14 February will be cancelled. The trials are now reprogrammed for the following week st (Friday 21 February) along with qualifying trials. FINAL FIELDS ANNOUNCED FOR MEADOWS CARNIVAL The final fields have been announced for the Group 1 Temlee, Group 1 Rookie Rebel and Group 1 th Zoom Top to be run at The Meadows on Saturday (15 February). The races are outstanding line ups but unfortunately the SA invitations of Ernie Bung Arrow (injured) and Fire Tyson did not make it however it is a terrific achievement to be recognised by the Meadows committee for their outstanding season.

8 GRADE 5 515M FEATURE HEATS NEXT WEEK The next Low Grade Feature series will be for Grade 5 greyhounds to be run over the 515m th journey. The $2,960 heats will be run next Thursday 20 February with the $4,265 Final on th Thursday 27 February. th Nominations close with GRSA at 9.00am on Monday 17 February MOUNT GAMBIER CUP CARNIVAL STARTS ON SUNDAY 23RD FEBRUARY The Mount Gambier Cup Carnival will be run over three weeks, highlighted by the $7,000 Mount Gambier Cup Final on Sunday March 9. The club will have three weeks of fantastic racing with three Sundays in a row with the first meeting on rd Sunday 23 February featuring the heats of the Produce Store Maiden over 512m with the Final worth $1,800 on March 9. The Mount Gambier Cup Heats will be held on Sunday March 2 with the $7,000 final 7 days later. The club are hopeful for up to 8 heats at this meeting. The final day of the carnival will not only feature the Mount Gambier Cup Final and The Produce Store 2013 Mt Gambier Cup presentation won by Colville Maiden Final it will also feature a $2,050 Distance Championship Feature over 732m and an Open Best 8 worth $1,500 over the 400m. Consolations of the Cup and Maiden will add to a bumper program. PORT AUGUSTA ON SATURDAY 8th MARCH With Port Augusta having to cancel their programmed meeting on February 8 due to the heat they will be hopeful the weather is a lot more kinder for their next meeting on Saturday 8th March. th It will be a Twilight meeting with nominations closing with GRSA at 9.00am on Tuesday 4 March. BREEDERS 2014 PRELUDE (1) HEATS Prelude (1) of Breeders 2014 will be run on Wednesday, 19th March at Angle Park. The Series is th for all greyhounds eligible for Breeders 2014. The Final will be run on Thursday, 27 March. Prizemoney will be determined after nominations close. th * Nominations close Friday 14 March with GRSA at 9.00am WEST END DRAUGHT DISTANCE AND ANNIVERSARY CUP HEATS Feature racing returns to Angle Park next month with the running of the West End Draught Distance Championship over 731m and the West End Draught Anniversary Cup over 515m on Thursday 13th March. Both finals are open events worth $14,500 for the Distance with unplaced and $13,750 for the Sprint with the winner collecting $10,000. These races have been reduced from Group 3 status as part of the restricting of the feature races for 2013/2014. The honour role for both events are a whos who of Greyhound racing with last years winners coming from Interstate with Mimicking for trainer Rob Britton from Victoria winning the Distance Championship and Cintiarna for Victorian trainer Sandra Collins taking out the Anniversary Cup. th Heats will be run on Thursday 6 March. rd * Nominations close on Monday 3 March with GRSA at 9.00am.

9 GREYHOUND OF THE MONTH JANUARY Ernie Bung Arrow started 2014 off the same way he ended it with a Greyhound of the month award for January after he was undefeated for the month. Trained by Ken Gill the SA superstar had a terrific month of racing with three wins from three starts highlighted by his brilliant all the way win in the SA Sprint Championship Final on January 17. In one of the best Sprint series seen in recent times Ernie won his way through to a high quality final where he would take on the best chasers in the State all with eyes on his scalp and the trophy. He drew 6 in the final and exploded out of the boxes pouncing on the early lead. From there he went on to record yet another feature race win winning by 4 lengths in a blistering 29.71. He started again in January for a very impressive 5 length win at headquarters in a sizzling 29.60 and things were right on target for a Group 1 Temlee invitation in February. Unfortunately the champion sustained an injury, missing the Temlee and will be off the racing scene for around 3 months. With Stud duties beckoning Ernies time away from the track should go quite quickly and hopefully when he returns he continues to capture the imagination of all Greyhound fans. At the end of the month Ernie Bung Arrows career record stands at 21 starts with 19 wins and 1 placing, and earnings around $170,000. RUN OF THE MONTH JANUARY Run of the month for January was Ernie Bung Arrow for trainer Ken Gill. The son of Lochinvar Marlow and Slippers Tonic showed great speed to lead at Angle Park on Thursday 23rd January to score a tearaway victory in a mixed 2/3/4 Ernie Bung Arrow & connections after winning the Sprint Championship event. He showed his customary explosive pace from box 5 to lead his rivals in a slick 4.39 to the winning post on the first occasion. From there he opened up a big lead down the back with a sizzling 16.78 second split before racing home for a solid 5 length win in a slick 29.60 for the 515m journey. SEPARATION OF GAWLER STARTED THIS WEEK The separation of Gawler was introduced on Tuesday this week. At Gawler the Tuesday (Provincial 1) meeting will be different grading to both Friday and Sunday (Provincial 2). The greyhounds current grade as of Monday at Gawler was used as the point of separation for both Provincial 1 and Provincial 2 . With the introduction of separate grading at Gawler the Grade 6 rules have changed. The changes allow for two more wins at Gawler for SA Bred greyhounds (two tracks) and 1 more win for Non SA Bred greyhounds making it a maximum of 4. With the separation there will be really no more opportunity to beat the grader. If as of Monday your greyhound had won all of his/her Grade 6 events then there are no extra races to be run however if you still had Grade 6s to win then there may be a few more opportunities available.

10 With the introduction of Provincial 1 and Provincial 2 other tracks of same classification have also changed from Provincial. Listed below is how we recognise tracks in SA. Angle Park Thursday City A Angle Park Monday City B Gawler Tuesday Provincial 1 Angle Park Wednesday Provincial 2 Gawler Friday Provincial 2 Gawler Sunday Provincial 2 Strathalbyn Sunday Provincial 2 Mt Gambier Friday & Sunday Provincial 2 Pt Augusta Country PANELS TO MEET IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS As part of GRSAs Strategic Plan we will be meeting with the Professional Trainers panel very shortly. In March GRSA will meet with the Breeding Task Force followed by the next Industry Consultative Group meeting in April. I will be contacting these panel members shortly to arrange meeting dates and agendas. MAIN POINTS FROM GRADING REVIEW PANEL The main points that will affect participants from the recommendation and implementation from the Grading Review Panel are GRP Members Membership of the GRP would benefit from periodical rotation to encourage fresh perspectives on the SA grading system. Both Gavin Harris who already sits on the ICG and John Vivian advised that they would be willing to come off the panel if there were other candidates available. We have already received an application to join the GRP to meet at the end of this year. To be determined by CEO and Racing Manager. Comments on Nominations Marked Only The panel resolved that Only should be disregarded over all distances and the grading left to the Grader. The Grader appreciates trainers putting comments on their nomination and generally tries to assist where possible. Transition to Separate Grading at Gawler Separate Grading will now commence at Gawler in February. Tuesday (Provincial 1) will be different to both Friday and Sunday (Provincial 2) for grading. Greyhounds will keep their current grade when Gawler is separated for both tracks. GRSA will program more Grade 6 heats and finals from January onwards at Gawler to assist with maximising Grade 6 returns. With the introduction of separate grading at Gawler the Grade 6 rules will change. The changes will allow for two more wins at Gawler for SA Bred greyhounds (two tracks) and 1 more win for Non SA Bred greyhounds making it a maximum of 4. With the separation there will be really no more opportunity to beat the grader. Grade 6 rules will change to - GRADE 6 For greyhounds that have not won a Grade 5 or above at the track at the time of nomination. However a greyhound will be ineligible for Grade 6 events if it has won an APM or APK Grade 5 or above event over 515m. (5NP races in SA are exempt)

11 Non-SA Bred Greyhounds: Non-SA Bred Greyhounds are eligible to win one (1) Grade 6 (2 with a 'Beat The Grader' win) at up to four different tracks in South Australia. This is a maximum of four (4) Grade 6 wins (5 with a 'Beat the Grader' win/s) in total." At least two (2) of the wins must be away from Angle Park. Once a greyhound wins its fourth Grade 6 (5 with a Beat the Grader win/s), at any tracks where it is still eligible for Grade 6 grade, it will revert to a Grade 5. SA Bred Greyhound For City (APK & APM) tracks, SA Bred greyhounds are eligible to win one (1) Grade 6 (2 with a Beat the Grader win) at each track. At Provincial Tracks (APD, Gawler Provincial 1, Gawler Provincial 2, Strathalbyn & Mount Gambier) SA Bred greyhounds can win one (1) Grade 6 (2 with a Beat the Grader win) over 2 different distances at that track. At Country Tracks, SA Bred greyhounds can win one (1) Grade 6 (2 with a Beat the Grader win) over each distance at that track. For the purposes of this Grading Rule, Angle Park APK, APM and APD and Gawler Provincial 1 th and Gawler Provincial 2 are considered as different tracks from the 10 February 2014 Strathalbyn 319m The 319m at Strathalbyn will be included on the Order of Preference at the same level as the 388m for Angle Park. Veterans Races Subsequent to the last meeting the GRP were concerned with the lack of Veterans races being conducted and recommended a slight change to the conditions of the race to allow a greater opportunity for these older greyhounds. It was agreed to - the age restriction open to 3 years and advise that 4yo and older greyhounds will be given preference and then the race will then be made up of the next oldest greyhounds nominated in order of age (oldest first, if they are identical age they are separated on form). Trainers must still nominate for the race. st Introduced from 1 February 2014 OZCHASE UPDATES GRADES FOR GREYHOUNDS In the last few months we have seen the C5W333VNAI comments appearing in the Race Books and also trainers can look up how many nominations are nominated for a distance when nominating online now trainers can see the grades of their greyhounds. In the last few weeks both trainers who nominate online can look at the grades of their greyhounds prior to nominating. Grades will appear so long as that greyhound has been nominated at the track and distance. In time it will be every grade for every distance however as the Grading staff have to put grades in manually some will not be appearing until you nominate. This is only for SA tracks at present. The table to the right highlights where to click to see your greyhounds grade online. There is now even more incentive for trainers to get themselves activated for online nominations. Please contact GRSA staff to be activated.

12 2014 ADELAIDE GREYHOUND AUCTION The Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club (AGRC) in conjunction with GRSA, will once again conduct the Adelaide Greyhound Auction in 2014. DATE: Sunday 12 th October, 2014 For all greyhounds whelped between: 1 st November 2013 - 31 st May 2014 Auction Date Sunday 12th October, 2014 Whelping Dates 1st November 2013 to 31st May 2014 Entry Fee $50 per pup (non-refundable) Commission 15% Minimum Price $800 Fees to Enter Race Series Nil Race Series Dates May 2016 (Greyhounds 23-30 months old) Race Series Stakes 1st- $10,000, 2nd-$3,000, 3rd- $1,500, Unpl- $250 Breeder/Nominator Bonuses 1st- $2,000, 2nd-$1,500, 3rd- $1,000 Special Conditions Greyhounds purchased through the auction that are not SA Bred will be allowed the same grading exemptions in regards to Grade 6 and Juvenile races as locally bred greyhounds (GRP & ICG approved) Breeders that nominate 3 or more pups for the Auction will be entitled to a third Breeders Rebate application (ICG approved) BREEDERS LICENCE IS A MUST!!! It is a requirement of GRSA that if you choose to breed greyhounds in South Australia that you have a current Breeders licence. If you are looking at breeding with your bitch and you are currently not licensed as a Breeder then you MUST obtain a breeders licence PRIOR to your bitch being served. Should you have your bitch served prior to obtaining a licence then a Stewards fine may be imposed. This may also jeopardise the chances at receiving the GRSA Breeders Rebate. If you have any queries about a Breeders licence please contact the Animal Welfare Officer Tom Hayles at GRSA for further information. STUD DOG AND BROOD BITCH REBATES Separate to the Breeders Rebate that GRSA has introduced over the past few years which has created plenty of interest for participants wanting to breed GRSA will continue to rebate Brood Bitch DNA testing and Stud Sire Registration.

13 GRSA reimburses breeders $90 for DNA testing of their bitch prior to whelping and with Greyhounds Australasia charging $125 to DNA test this has been an added bonus for local Breeders. st Sire Registration with GA on a National level increased from $600 2011 and as from 1 January 2013 increased to $1,050 however GRSA decided to reimburse the difference back to $600 to aid our participants and encourage breeding. These reimbursements are for those local participants that are registered in SA and breeding in SA and have their Stud Dog standing in SA. With all rebates GRSA considers each application on an individual basis ultimately trying to assist the local breeding industry. LODGEMENT OF BREEDING PAPERWORK Breeders will need to ensure paperwork is lodged with GRSA by the correct due dates to ensure updates are received to the National platform (NDR). Notice of Service (within 14 days) Whelping Notice (within 14 days) Litter Registration (within 4 months) Should the paperwork be received by GRSA after this time the following penalties may be imposed: 2 to 4 weeks overdue $25 5 to 8 weeks overdue $35 9 to 12 weeks overdue $50 13 to 16 weeks overdue $75 17 plus weeks overdue $100 GRSA WEBSITE VIDEOS The facility for video replays is available for all SATAB tracks on the GRSA website, go to the Race Results page and click on the race and the video will be available in the right corner of the page. The race results go backwards for about 5 days on the website so if you are looking for a video that happened two weeks ago then you will be able to You Tube the race at www.youtube.com/saracereplays. LICENCE EXPIRY DATE HAS CHANGED th Please be advised that all licences will now expires on the 30 June 2014 so all licences have now been extended until this date. GRSA has made the change to fall in line with the rest of Australia and also accommodate the OzChase system. FIXED ODDS AT ANGLE PARK ON MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS TattsBet have begun offering a Fixed Odds market on ALL races at Angle Park on Monday night and Thursday night. The response has been excellent providing another betting option for our punters.

14 BOOKMAKER PETER DAMARELL ONCOURSE EVERY WEDNESDAY AT ANGLE PARK Bookmaker Peter Damarell will be on-course every Wednesday betting competitive fixed odd markets on the full programme at Angle Park. Peter will also display all bookmaker prices from the thoroughbred meetings in South Australia and the meetings in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. This is a major bonus for oncourse patrons as there will now be no need to make the long drive to Gawler, Balaklava, Murray Bridge or Strathalbyn as the very same bookmakers prices will be available at Angle Park every Wednesday. Touch screens have also been installed at Angle Park to assist with race form every meeting. Punters can enjoy the comfort of the Angle Park betting auditorium and its free to get in. No more hot or cold old betting rings after a long drive. Why not give it a try? Please tell your thoroughbred friends about this outstanding opportunity. Save your entry fee and petrol and participate in the opportunity to win a free $50 betting voucher drawn on the day with Peter Damarells compliments. ADELAIDE CUP TO BE RUN ON FRIDAY NIGHT THIS YEAR The Group 1 Adelaide Cup this year will be run on a Friday night for the first time in the races nd history. The Adelaide Cup Final will be held on Friday, October 10 with the heats on Thursday 2 October. We expect the move will allow more people to attend reaching a larger market and create a bigger atmosphere at Angle Park whilst also boosting turnover in the lucrative timeslot. We would also continue to work with other States in finding opportunities to improve the profile of racing in South Australia. CONSECUTIVE DAYS POLICY A consecutive days policy was introduced from 1st November 2006 which stated greyhounds are not allowed to compete on consecutive days with the exception of greyhounds that qualify for Semi Finals, Finals and two day coursing meetings. Trainers are advised that it is their responsibility to ensure that their greyhounds do not compete on consecutive days. th The policy was updated on 30 July 2009 to accommodate the situation at the time where two meetings on different days are drawn on the same day ie Monday and Sunday. This was updated to includeWhere the Grader has a greyhound nominated for both Monday and Sunday and he sees that it is likely to get a reserve spot on the Monday and a start on the Sunday; he will attempt to call the trainer and get his preference. If the trainer cant be contacted or hasnt made any notes on the nomination form, the Grader will give the greyhound the Sunday start and not put it in as a reserve on Monday. The greyhound wont be drawn into both meetings. This will apply to any other times that fields are drawn out of order. It was also agreed that the policy be extended to not allow a greyhound be drawn in as a reserve if it has a start the previous day. Unfortunately with the limitations at present of the OzChase racing system the GRSA Grading staff have not been able to pick up some greyhounds nominated on consecutive days by trainers which has meant that these greyhounds have been drawn in on consecutive days which goes against the policy. It is a requirement of trainers to ensure that once they have gained a start that they withdraw their greyhound from any consecutive engagements. GRSA stewards have advised that as this is a trainers obligation they will be monitoring this situation and considering all reasons for scratchings.

15 HOT WEATHER POLICY EXTREME WEATHER Over 30 Degrees ALL COURSING MEETINGS cancelled. Over 40 Degrees NON TAB MEETINGS- Day and Twilight cancelled. TRIALS cancelled. Over 40 Degrees TAB MEETINGS and NIGHT MEETINGS - Consideration will be given to change these to more suitable timeslots. If it is not possible to facilitate such a transfer(s) within a reasonable time frame, then Day and Twilight meetings scheduled for those venues will be cancelled. Night meetings on these days will continue as scheduled but may be called off, delayed, cancelled or abandoned at the discretion of the Integrity and Standards Manager and Steward in Charge who will take into account the advice of the Veterinarian. MEETINGS TO BE CANCELLED Greyhound Racing SA will announce any cancellation or reprogramming at scratching time. Radio TAB will be advised of any alterations. SCRATCHINGS Trainers, who have greyhounds engaged for racing on days with predicted hot weather may, under specified conditions, choose to scratch their greyhounds, (especially if they do not have air-conditioned transport facilities). The following applies. 1. The temperature will be sourced from Weatherzone and based on the following. Angle Park Metropolitan Gawler Elizabeth Strathalbyn Strathalbyn Port Augusta Port Augusta Mount Gambier Mount Gambier Virginia Elizabeth 2. Applications for scratching due to heat will only be considered if the predicted temperature is 38 Degrees or above at the venue where the meeting will be conducted (refer to Point 1). 3. Applications to scratch greyhounds under this policy must be made prior to the official scratching time. If a greyhound is withdrawn after this time the normal 10 day penalty shall apply. 4. Trainers cannot pick and choose greyhounds to scratch (i.e. all of a trainers greyhounds are withdrawn). Note: GRSA will maintain records of greyhounds scratched due to Hot Weather. RACING GUIDELINES HOT WEATHER 1) Where possible Kennels will be opened earlier. Trainers are encouraged to contact GRSA stewards if they are considering arriving before kennelling time. 2) Greyhounds to spend minimum time outside Kennels. 3) Previews are to be conducted in a shaded area. 4) Parade directly to starting boxes. 5) Greyhounds to remain in Kennel House for at least 30 Minutes after their event. 6) Club to provide adequate drinking facilities for Greyhounds. 7) Club to provide adequate cooling foot baths. 8) Club to provide bottled water to participants when temperature is 35 Degrees or above.

16 9) Ice Vests can be used during parading and after the Event but must be removed prior to placing greyhounds into their allotted Kennel. 10) GRSA racing department where possible to program Distance events during the coolest part of the meeting (Day meetings Early races, Night Meetings Later races). The above practices will be adhered to/applied by GRSA staff and Clubs at their discretion in response to circumstances of hot weather. TRIALLING AT RACE MEETINGS To assist Trainers in or around areas affected by SA track closures GRSA wishes to advise that on application permission may be granted to Trial greyhounds during or before race meetings. This will only be possible on Wednesdays at Angle Park and with 10 race programs at Gawler and will be restricted to a number manageable by race staff. These Trials can only be approved by the Racing Manager or Integrity and Standards Manager. ANGLE PARK MONDAY NIGHT TRIAL POLICY Monday Nights only (commenced 18 November 2013) Two fields of a maximum of four (4) greyhounds will be conducted immediately following the completion of the kennelling procedure for the Race Meeting. The following lists the order in which greyhounds will be selected in the event of more than 8 greyhounds nominated. 1) Reserves at the Meeting that do not obtain starts. 2) Trainers that have greyhounds engaged and are located in an area affected by track closures. 3) Trainers that have greyhounds engaged. 4) Satisfactory trials. 5) Other greyhounds. PROCEDURE/CRITERIA 1) Trainer to contact GRSA between 10.00am and 11.00am on the Monday to nominate 2) Other than reserve greyhounds Trainers will be restricted to trialing one (1) greyhound unless nominations determine otherwise. 3) Stewards allot the Box for the Greyhound. 4) Trials will be 515m in distance. 5) Greyhounds currently under suspension are not eligible to be nominated. 6) Greyhounds, registration certificate or cards must be produced at kenneling time. 7) Trainers with other greyhounds engaged can utilize the extra kennel space until such time they are ready to leave OR trainers with no other greyhounds will be free to leave following their trial. Please Note Monday kennelling times will be 4.30pm to 5.15pm as from 18 November 2013. JOKE OF THE MONTH Doc, I can't stop singing the 'Green Green Grass of Home'. He said: 'That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome'. 'Is it common?' I asked. 'It's not unusual' he replied.

17 MARKETING MATTERS by Ben Ormsby 2013 GREYHOUND OF THE YEAR Join us as we recognise the outstanding achievements of 2013, including the prestigious Greyhound of the Year. Saturday February 22, 2014 Chasers Restaurant, Greyhound Park 55 Cardigan St, Angle Park 6:30pm for 7:00pm start Hosted by Ray Fewings with Special Guest Andrew Jars Jarman and live band Two Hard Basket. Three course set menu with a drinks package of beer, wine & soft drink for only $65. For all booking enquiries or to register your attendance please contact Kelly Butler on 8243 7155 or email [email protected] NEW HOMESTYLE PIZZA MENU Homestyle Pizzas have arrived and we are offering them Dine In or Take Away, so if the heat is keeping you out of the kitchen or cooking is simply not your thing, then be sure to take advantage of great pizzas at great prices. NEW GAMES Arriving this February Miss Red, Lucky Panda, China Shores and New Age of Shoguns PLUS we will also be the first venue in SA to get the new Quadshot Multi Jackpot so February is shaping up to be exciting in gaming! CHEAP EATS Our $10 menu is bigger than ever and available lunch and dinner in the Sports Bar and when coupled with our 4pm to 6pm Happy Hour you really cant beat it! INTEGRITY & STANDARDS MANAGERS REPORT by Paul Marks NOTIFICATION OF NEGATIVE SWABS A request was made through the ICG panel for swabs that have been cleared to be notified to trainers, believing that this service would provide greater transparency and certainty for those participants. Additionally, the question was raised as to whether GRSA would entertain publishing the outcomes of all swabs. The matter has since been discussed internally and it has been resolved that GRSA will provide email notification of any clear swab result on the basis of application by email to [email protected]

18 DRESS CODE The code for all persons parading greyhounds is as follows: Male and Female Black Dress pants or slacks ONLY No Jeans Black Shoes ONLY Collared White Shirt Sleeves preferred Black or Navy Jumper Polo Top GRSA Polo Shirts Approved head wear (No Beanies)(Only GRSA Baseball Caps) Handlers are to report unclean parade coats which will be taken out of circulation immediately until washed. TESTOSTERONE THRESHOLD RULE Further to the introduction of testosterone threshold levels in bitches from January 1, 2013 there still appears to be a level of confusion at the national level regarding the derivation of those levels. In consultation with Dr John Vine from RASL, Greyhounds Australasia (GA) distributed the following advice to participants in August of that year to assist with general awareness. Greyhounds Australasia (GA) on behalf of its members wishes to clarify its testosterone threshold rule in regard to the establishment of a testosterone threshold level in bitches. The testosterone threshold rule was formally communicated to industry in October 2012, and took effect from 1 January 2013 following lengthy local and international research into the level at which testosterone occurs naturally in bitches. This research then enabled GA to determine an appropriate natural threshold, above which it would be clear that testosterone had been artificially increased. In this regard, the key facts are: - 187 samples were taken from greyhound bitches not on any prescription medication in Australia and New Zealand. The samples were taken by a Control Body representative, and validated against a populated collection sheet clearly identifying individual samples, prior to being sent to Racing Analytical Services Limited for analysis. - Of the 187 bitches studied more than 80% of bitches showed no 5b-androstane-3a,17b-diol (BaB) at all, with a maximum of 1.03 ng/mL found. - This information was exchanged internationally with the Greyhound Board of Great Britain and their testing laboratory, namely the LGC Groups HFL Sport Science who were undertaking a similar exercise. - A study by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain of bitches in oestrus showed very low levels of BaB throughout the cycle. Therefore, it is not expected that a bitch coming into oestrus or inadvertently racing while in oestrus would return a prohibited level of BaB. - To further validate the threshold level, trials were also undertaken on 6 bitches by a professional research company SCEC Pty Ltd in conjunction with the NSW accredited laboratory, the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory. This trial involved administration of Testosterone Propionate, with levels of BaB peaking at over 100 ng/ml and remaining over the 10 ng/mL limit from under one hour after administration:

19 - up to 98 hours after 25 milligram doses to three (3) bitches, and - up to 120 hours after 50 milligram doses to another three (3) bitches. - Brynn Hibbert, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, University of NSW was then engaged to undertake statistical modelling and to validate the Australian/New Zealand and international research. - A review of a draft of the proposed rule by a nationally recognised firm of lawyers occurred prior to consideration and adoption by the members of GA. - GAs evaluation of the analytical and statistical studies by highly qualified experts, locally and internationally, enabled the establishment of a statistically-robust testosterone threshold level, set at above 10.0 ng/mL for the testosterone metabolite BaB. Taking into consideration the key facts presented it is evident that the chances of a greyhound bitch naturally exceeding the threshold level to be extremely remote. In closing, we advise that since 1 January 2013 when this new rule was introduced over 3,643 swabs on bitches have been taken nationally, with 31 of these returning a positive or irregularity, less than 1%. GA again reminds participants that it is their responsibility to ensure that a greyhound treated with a testosterone related product must still strictly comply with the rules. Reliance on this information will not be a defence in the event of a breach of the rules it is for general communication purposes. TRACKING OF GREYHOUNDS As a result of recent rule changes and the current Welfare Policy and responsible breeding program, additional requirements have been introduced to assist in the lifetime tracking of all greyhounds whelped in SA. Effective immediately the following procedures will be required to be followed by all licensed breeders. Notification of Whelping Notices are required to be lodged within 14 days under the rules, therefore breeders are reminded of their obligation in relation to this matter. Litter registrations to be lodged within 4 months of Whelping. In the event of a pup in the care of a licensed breeder either named or unnamed becoming deceased GRSA must be notified within 48 hours of that death (as required under GAR 106 3 ) on the official NOTIFICATION OF RETIRED GREYHOUND form duly signed by a veterinary surgeon as required. In the event of a death by natural causes the appropriate form must be completed along with a signed affidavit witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Where greyhounds are sold, Breeders are required to lodge with GRSA a completed TRANSFER FOR AN UNAMED GREYHOUND FORM signed by all parties. The requirements of all breeders to abide by the above are essential in maintaining these records. Failure to supply this information as required will result in fines being imposed, with the potential for further action against repeat offenders up to and including the withdrawal of that persons licence.

20 SA BRED UPDATE Angle Park Wednesday 8 th January Mount Gambier Friday 17 th January Rajas Ogre Owner J McNicholl Benara Cosmic Owner B Bouchier Breeder J McNicholl Breeder B Bouchier Cherokee McLaren Owner T Foster Just Humphrey Owner S Bartholomew Breeder H Foster Breeder S Bartholomew Best In Blue Owner R Maruszczyk Bourne Surfer Owner D Peckham Breeder M Wittholz Breeder D Peckham th Wichita McLaren Owner D Foster Angle Park Friday 17 January Breeder H Foster Victa Sam Owner R Schadow th Angle Park Thursday 9 January Breeder J Schadow Sheza Diva Owner M Whyte Tercel Owner K Bearpark Breeder J Hurley Breeder K Bearpark Cosmic Way Owner Z Wudarczyk Victa Nicole Owner R Schadow Breeder G Harris Breeder J Schadow Fire Tyson Owner T Lagana As It Goes Owner J Ceravolo Breeder T Lagana Breeder J Ceravolo Ernie Bung Arrow Owner H Deacon Ernie Bung Arrow Owner H Deacon Breeder B Jones Breeder B Jones th Gawler Friday 10 January Jack And Lolli Owner T Kelly Honky Tonk Lady Owner S Topp Breeder T Kelly th Breeder B Lellmann Gawler Sunday 19 January Electric Boy Owner F Moore Shadow Knows Owner A Miegel Breeder D Fiebig Breeder K Miegel Dan Holder Owner D Turner Honky Tonk Doll Owner S Topp Breeder D Turner Breeder B Lellmann Long Gully Tese Owner P Hearnden Long Gully Tese Owner P Hearnden Breeder D Hearnden Breeder D Hearnden Long Gully Bill Owner P Hearnden Jacky Blue Eye Owner K Douglas Breeder D Hearnden Breeder B Murphy th Mount Gambier Sunday 12 January Better Caul Saul Owner B Parnell Rouse Flyer Owner J Casey Breeder W Coad th Breeder R Jones Angle Park Monday 20 January Irish Angel Owner B Schurgott Talk And Run Owner J Ceravolo Breeder B Murphy Breeder J Ceravolo Murfs Angel Owner B Schurgott Flying Monaro Owner B Stewart Breeder B Murphy Breeder B Stewart th Strathalbyn Sunday 12 January Boonoona Boy Owner C Butcher Slippers Might Owner B Jones Breeder C Butcher Breeder B Jones Emerley Lover Owner T Murray Victa George Owner R Schadow Breeder J Hurley Breeder J Schadow Sir Scrappy Owner C Butcher th Angle Park Monday 13 January Breeder B Murphy st Cherokee McLaren Owner T Foster Gawler Tuesday 21 January Breeder H Foster Nowak Owner R Stasiak Token McLaren Owner D Foster Breeder C Costa Breeder H Foster Bon Choix Owner R Stasiak Lylas Owner C Costa Breeder C Costa Breeder B Stamenkovic Perro Garaje Owner B Murphy Fiery McBain Owner T Kelly Breeder B Murphy Breeder T Kelly Wingard Owner R Maruszczyk Boonoona Boy Owner C Butcher Breeder R Maruszczyk Breeder C Butcher Aston Carmen Owner R Borda Breeder T Murray

21 Tex Walker Owner Brush & Boys Emerley Senorita Owner P Hurley Breeder M Wittholz Breeder J Hurley Maccas Spirit Owner P McAvaney Gawler Tuesday 28 th January Breeder R Pearce Nowak Owner R Stasiak nd Angle Park Wednesday 22 January Breeder C Costa Dakota Premier Owner L Simes Long Gully Mark Owner P Hearnden Breeder L Simes Breeder D Hearnden Big Shep Owner K Bearpark Aston Carmen Owner R Borda Breeder K Bearpark Breeder T Murray Cosmic Illusion Owner P McCaughan Long Gully Mags Owner P Hearnden Breeder R Pearce Breeder D Hearnden Sniper Skills Owner K Bearpark Almighty Titan Owner C Butcher Breeder K Bearpark Breeder B Murphy rd Angle Park Thursday 23 January Surf Report Owner K Bearpark Flying Tee Owner B Stewart Breeder K Bearpark Breeder B Stewart Tyson Willow Owner T Lagana Fiery McBain Owner T Kelly Breeder T Lagana th Breeder T Kelly Angle Park Wednesday 29 January Contrarian Owner K Bearpark Little Dakota Owner L Simes Breeder K Bearpark Breeder L Simes Ernie Bung Arrow Owner H Deacon Kankakee McLaren Owner D Foster Breeder B Jones Breeder H Foster th Gawler Friday 24 January Madam Crash Owner N Annese Electric Boy Owner F Moore Breeder C Scott Breeder D Fiebig Dakota Premier Owner L Simes Amunra Owner N Mann Breeder L Simes Breeder J Hurley Lylas Owner C Costa Big Shrimpin Owner L Rawlings Breeder B Stamenkovic th Breeder G Rawlings Angle Park Thursday 30 January El Gordo Owner L Rawlings Sidneys Shadow Owner C Butcher Breeder G Rawlings Breeder C Butcher th Mount Gambier Sunday 26 January Victa Scott Owner R Schadow Benara Cosmic Owner B Bouchier Breeder J Schadow Breeder B Bouchier Cosmic Way Owner Z Wudarczyk Rouse Flyer Owner J Casey Breeder G Harris st Breeder R Jones Mount Gambier Friday 31 January Bourne Surfer Owner D Peckham Slippers Might Owner B Jones Breeder D Peckham Breeder B Jones th rd Strathalbyn Sunday 26 January Angle Park Monday 3 February Cosmic Janst Owner S Brook Jack And Lolli Owner T Kelly Breeder D Turner Breeder T Kelly Victa Ronald Owner R Schadow Cosmic Kristie Owner R Pearce Breeder J Schadow Breeder R Pearce th Mollify Owner K Douglas Gawler Tuesday 4 February Breeder K Bearpark Long Gully Allgo Owner P Hearnden Victa George Owner R Schadow Breeder D Hearnden Breeder J Schadow Lylas Owner C Costa th Angle Park Monday 27 January Breeder B Stamenkovic Nevada Smith Owner G Harris Individualize Owner T Rasmussen Breeder K Corby Breeder L Rasmussen Sammys Sister Owner D Stuppos Long Gully Mark Owner P Hearnden Breeder A McCulloch Breeder D Hearnden th Suntory Gold Owner Champagne Angle Park Wednesday 5 February Breeder K Bearpark Rebel Kist Owner P Hurley Emerley Lover Owner T Murray Breeder J Hurley Breeder J Hurley

22 th Sapphire Kist Owner P Hurley Strathalbyn Sunday 9 February Breeder J Hurley Mollify Owner K Douglas Very Bitta Owner M Harvey Breeder K Bearpark Breeder M Harvey Mount Gambier Sunday 9 th February Suntory Gold Owner Champagne Rellim Joshua Owner N Miller Breeder K Bearpark Breeder N Miller Regal Looper Owner C Butcher Slippers Might Owner B Jones Breeder A McCulloch Breeder B Jones Spikes A Flyer Owner J Sharpe Teddys Moment Owner T Price Breeder Eagles Bar Breeder T Price th Angle Park Thursday 6 February Rouse Flyer Owner J Casey Almighty Titan Owner C Butcher Breeder R Jones th Breeder B Murphy Angle Park Monday 10 February McLaren Grace Owner T Foster Dakota Ruby Owner L Simes Breeder H Foster Breeder B Lellmann Jack And Lolli Owner T Kelly Jack And Lolli Owner T Kelly Breeder T Kelly Breeder T Kelly Victa Scott Owner R Schadow Nevada Smith Owner G Harris Breeder J Schadow Breeder K Corby th th Gawler Friday 7 February Gawler Tuesday 11 February Coulta Hill Owner R Irvine Cool Mini Owner R Maruszczyk Breeder D Perry Breeder R Maruszczyk Nippa Norris Owner T Kelly Nippa Norris Owner T Kelly Breeder T Kelly Breeder T Kelly Werburgh Owner C Smith Long Gully Tese Owner P Hearnden Breeder K Bearpark Breeder D Hearnden Long Gully Court Owner P Hearnden Breeder D Hearnden These winners all receive a $100 base payment divided equally between the Owner & Breeder. Then a monthly payment to the Owner & Breeder will be determined by the number of SA Bred wins at all Sky Racing meetings in South Australia for the month. Monthly Payment January Final: All Sky Meetings: SA Bred Pool: $30,000 January Wins: 116 (27 meetings) Meeting Average: 4.30 January Monthly Wins: (116 wins x 27 meetings) Final Payment for January: $100 x 116 (divided between Owner & Breeder) $79.35 x 116 (Monthly payment for Breeder) $79.35 x 116 (Monthly payment for Owner) TRIALS ANGLE PARK QUALIFYING TRIALS TUESDAY Angle Park Qualifying Trials will be run fortnightly on Tuesday night, for the corresponding Monday APM meeting. Tuesday Angle Park Qualifying dates are: th rd February 25 (for APM meeting on 3 March) th th March 11 (for APM meeting on 17 March) th st March 25 (for APM meeting on 31 March) Nominations close with GRSA at 12.30pm on the Tuesday of the meeting.

23 GAWLER WEDNESDAY MAIDEN HEATS To be run at the Wednesday Night Trials. There is no restriction on 400m/531m maiden events and trainers will be able to nominate for races or qualy trials each week. Also maiden qualy trial winners will be carried over if there is no race for them that week. STRATHALBYN QUALIFYING TRIALS ONCE A MONTH Qualifying trials at Strathalbyn will be run once a month. They will be conducted the Friday following the first race meeting of the month and all the months to follow. If trainers wish to have pups marked up or do satisfactory trials they can do so at race meetings however they must pre book kennels for this through GRSA and the club. There are only 8 available per meeting (race 11). Trainers cannot just turn up and trial a greyhound at a race meeting. NOMINATING ONLINE FOR QUALIFYING TRIALS For Angle Park, Gawler and Strathalbyn qualifying trials the nominations must be lodged with GRSA by 12.30pm on the day of the meeting. To nominate online however you can only do this up until 11.59pm the day before. Due to a system security policy you cannot nominate on the day for these trials online. Please contact our staff if you have any issues with these nominations prior to them closing. SINGLE TRIALS A reminder to trainers that single trials can be booked with two greyhounds however you need to advise when booking of your intention to do this. If you wish to put three or more into this trial then a field trial will have to be booked. TRIALS ON SATURDAY MORNINGS GRSA provide Saturday morning trials to participants and are very appreciative of those who book and are ready to go from 7.00am, however we do not require trainers to book. It would be appreciated however that if trainers are not going to book in then they arrive at Angle Park before 8.30am to trial. If it is a slow day and the pre booked trials are completed then our staff will close the facility. Our staff has also been advised not to allow greyhounds to trial unless trainers have paid first. The onus is on the participants wanting to trial that they have sufficient available funds. BOOKING NUMBER FOR TRIALS Participants wishing to book trials are required to ring 8243 7172, this phone line will only be used for trial bookings and will queue participants. By having this one number with participants queuing makes this process to be a more efficient way of booking trials. There will be NO trials accepted through the normal administration number. To be fair to everyone GRSA will only accept bookings using the new number. POLICY FOR TRIALS IN PLACE Remember trials will only be taken from * 12.30pm Monday for Angle Park Tuesday nights * 12.30pm Tuesday for Gawler Wednesday nights * 12.30pm Thursday for Strathalbyn Friday nights * 12.30pm Thursday for Angle Park Saturday morning (day earlier due to being morning trials) * For Public Holidays it will be the working day before ie if Monday is a Public Holiday then bookings taken on the Friday *trial days that are not booked in with GRSA remain the same process (ie Gawler Thursday mornings)*

24 LEADING STATISTICS st st 1 January 2014 31 January 2014 TRAINER TAB SA STUD DOG Wendy Matcott 21 Emerley Carlos 5 Kim Johnstone 10 Thomas 3 Lisa Rasmussen 9 Falcon 1 Troy Murray 8 Mayorcan Kid 1 Robyn MacKellar 7 Scull Murphy 1 David Peckham 7 Unos Shadow 1 Ronald Schadow 7 SA BROOD BITCH TRAINER NON TAB Blue Palace 5 Kym Burnett 1 Slippers Tonic 5 Brenton Cleggett 1 Coulta Gold 4 David Daly 1 Emma Tee 4 Michelle Thomas 1 Irish Fantasy 4 Keep Token 4 STUD DOG Nimuay Lass 4 Collision 25 Teelah 4 Premier Fantasy 18 Surf Lorian 17 SA BREEDER Cosmic Rumble 16 Karen Bearpark 17 Mogambo 12 Joan Schadow 15 Knocka Norris 11 Judith Hurley 13 Wheres Pedro 11 Barry Jones 11 Lochinvar Marlow 10 Ben Murphy 10 Velocette 10 Barry Stewart 9 Gavin Harris 8 Todd Kelly 8 Tony Lagana 8 NOMINATION DETAILS Nomination details for meetings from 13th January 2014 to 17th February 2014. Monday 13th January Angle Park 99 st Friday 31 January Mt Gambier 83 th rd Tuesday 14 January Gawler 103 Monday 3 February Angle Park 89 th th Thursday 16 January Angle Park 104 Tuesday 4 February Gawler 99 th th Friday 17 January Mt Gambier 104 Wednesday 5 February Angle Park 124 th th Sunday 19 January Gawler 130 Thursday 6 February Angle Park 82 th th Monday 20 January Angle Park 79 Friday 7 February Gawler 68 st th Tuesday 21 January Gawler 106 Sunday 9 February Strathalbyn 95 nd th Wednesday 22 January Angle Park 100 Sunday 9 February Mt Gambier 94 rd th Thursday 23 January Angle Park 115 Monday 10 February Angle Park 97 th th Friday 24 January Gawler 98 Tuesday 11 February Gawler 105 th th Sunday 26 January Mt Gambier 107 Wednesday 12 February Angle Park 72 th th Sunday 26 January Strathalbyn 93 Thursday 13 February Angle Park 92 th th Monday 27 January Angle Park 100 Friday 14 February Mt Gambier 84 th th Tuesday 28 January Gawler 112 Sunday 16 February Gawler 108 th th Wednesday 29 January Angle Park 115 Monday 17 February Angle Park 96 th Thursday 30 January Angle Park 99

25 WHELPINGS December 2013 All Is Cool Crazy Heart 23 December 1 Bitch Y Maxwell Aston Galilee Aston Diva 16 December 4 Dogs, 4 Bitches L Fagan Cosmic Rumble Sweet Jam 7 December 5 Dogs, 6 Bitches P Saliba Lochinvar Marlow Disco Box 24 December 2 Dogs, 4 Bitches D Decrea Lochinvar Marlow Emmas Merc 26 December 1 Dog Rob Harnas Oaks Road Elite Touch 23 December 1 Dog S Bartholomew Oaks Road Little Looper 27 December 1 Dog, 4 Bitches A McCulloch Royal Assassin Emerley Charmer 11 December 1 Dog, 1 Bitch J Hurley Swift Fancy Pyfo Mostly 20 December 4 Dogs, 4 Bitches D Nunn CLUB NEWS GAWLER GGRC GRSA Track Star Award (1 st January 2014 to 31st January 2014) st nd rd Leading Greyhound 1 2 3 Amunra 2 0 1 Aston Carmen 2 0 1 Lektra Wren 2 1 1 Electric Boy 2 1 0 Long Gully Tese 2 0 2 Scoobalicious 2 0 1 Nowak 2 0 0 Tex Walker 2 0 0 Wingard 2 0 0 STRATHALBYN Xmas/New Year Cup At the meeting on 29th December the Xmas/New Year Cup was run as a Mixed 4/5 grade over 536m, the winner was Miss Lilly Rose, trained by Rob Harris. Congratulations to Rob and the owners in Queensland.

26 Awards At our Australia Day meeting we announced the Trainer's Championship for 2013 the joint runner- ups with 16 wins each were Pat Moule and Rob Harris and the championship was won jointly by Lisa and Tony Rasmussen, both having 25 wins for the year. Lisa was leading by 2 wins coming into the last meeting of the year, however Tony had a good day winning 3 races while Lisa only won 1, making it a tie. Also presented on the day was the Greyhound of the Year Award, this was won by Nicky The Weapon, the daughter of Brett Lee and Dana Lou Lou is trained by Pat Moule and owned by Neville Brown, and at 4 years of age has had 65 starts for 11 wins, 10 seconds and 12 thirds. She won two FFA/Open grade races and a Mixed 3/4/5 all over the 319m distance to give her the winning 29 points. The runner-up was Get The Money trained by Flo Moore with 25 points. On behalf of the Club I'd like to congratulate the Award recipients and good luck for this year. MURRAY BRIDGE Trials Trials are every Sunday morning (except when there is a race meeting at Strathalbyn) commencing at 9.00am at the Murray Bridge Showgrounds grass Straight Track 367.5m. Rail & Drag trials from automatic air operated starting boxes. Handslips from 300m, 200m etc. for education of young pups or dogs recovering from injury. Bookings can be made if you require earlier than 9.00am on 0419 497 551. Later trials are available if booked. Tea, Coffee or Bar service is always available, for friendly chats. Kennel House is open for use, and holding Boxes are situated at the start and outside catching pen. Glynn Davies is available on Saturday Mornings for checking. Bookings direct to Glynn on 0408 813 701, are required. KENNEL CAPERS CLASSIFIEDS KENNEL CAPERS ADVERTS Price: $10.00 PER MONTH (Industry rate placement is subject to availability) We will be happy to negotiate a price for people wishing to run adverts for an extended period. If we have not received the prescribed fee then the advertisements will be held over until we receive payment. ***Please Note*** When advertising in Kennel Capers be mindful that once the booking timeframe has expired the advertisement will be removed. If you wish to continue please contact Caralyn Fielden at GRSA. _____________________________________________________________________________________ FOR SALE BROOD BITCH FOR SALE Bit Chili Frozen Semen Make your own High Earner Located Adelaide Plains Veterinary WHISKY ASSASSIN Clinic DOUBLE GUESS Price $1,500 ono $4,000 or best offer PHONE BEN 0408 101 323 Phone Mick 0409 350 349 ______________________________________ ______________________________________

27 PUPS FOR SALE FEAR ZAFONIC JAY JAY BLUE FOR SALE 4 black bitches MUZZLES $1,200 each Wire Muzzles - $12.95* Phone Mick 0409 350 349 Nylon Muzzles $10.50* (ideal for pups, approved for racing in WA, ______________________________________ SA, NT, ACT, Qld & NSW) SA REARING CALOMBA Yard Muzzles - $15.00 Current vacancies for rearing and pre- Wire Barking Muzzles $12.95 training *plus postage Meat & kibble diet 100m exercise yards Ring Roger 0403 025 429 Limited kennel spaces at the moment For fees & further information please ______________________________________ contact Leanne on 0408 478 371 or Paul on 0402 287 231 ______________________________________

28 PUPS FOR SALE (LOCHINVAR MARLOW X CENTRIFUGE) Centrifuge 1st litter to Collision produced : Mimic Master 30.00 angle park Blitzem Malony 29.95 Maiden win AP Four legged Fury 8 wins queensland Centripetal Blitzed Albion Park Before breaking a shoulder after hitting the running rail. Whole litter has Won Races All up over 30 wins so far. Second litter to Velocette now 20 months old and only 3 Bitches in the litter. All break in with great reviews. First to race: Lions Road 25.30 BOD Maiden win Ipswich. Have a limited number for sale. $3000 Ph Steve Coates 0409299529

29 BARCIA BALE X LUMINOUS WHELPED 1 OCT 2013 (Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) (Collision x Tocsin) (Litter sister to Phenomenal) Tocsin was a member of the litter that included Regal Blaze (winner of 17 races), Pure Inspiration (Ballarat Track Record Holder and Stud Dog), Code One (Group finalist and winner of 19 Races), Nitrane ($35,000 prizemoney, Group 1 finalist, Cranbourne 30.33, Sandown 731m 42.74) and Aston Octane (29.52 at Sale). Tocsins Dam Sound Lee was a litter sister to Hades Rocket (Group 1 winner and Stud Dog in Ireland). Sound Lees Dam - Sound the Alarm was a Group level bitch that threw Hades Comet (former Meadows Track Record Holder). This is far more than just a City producing line - it is a line that has thrown track record holders in EVERY generation. Luminous brother, Phenomenal is just that. He has run scintillating times including 32.08 (Track record) at Horsham, 29.78 at Cran- bourne and 26.04 at Bulli. The clock shudders wherever he goes! ONLY 2 BITCHES REMAIN FROM A LITTER OF 11! PRICE REDUCED TO SELL $2500 EA CALL RYAN 0402429449

30 Monarto 349 Anders Road 3 1 4 RHEINMUNST KENNELS - Licensed for Twenty (20) Dogs This very pleasant property is located only 10 minutes to the South Eastern Freeway and a comfortable 35 minutes to the toll gate then into the city. The dog facilities consists of a 15 dog kennel with 10 runs with a large storage facility together with a further 13 dog kennels with 3 runs. There is also a puppy kennel. This 4 acre (1.78ha approx) property is in a delightful tree setting with a solid brick home which features a large spacious living and meals area with split system air-conditioning also a large capacity combustion heater. It features a brand new kitchen which includes a dishwasher, built in range hood, pantry with ample built ins, a 16 panel Solar System, three good size bedrooms and all modern facilities, a large rear veranda along the full length of the home, a double carport plus double garage with extra workshop area. All in all this property has really something to offer. So call Barry now to arrange your Inspection. Price: $375,000 42 Bridge Street Murray Bridge 8532 6833 Barry Dillon 0427 333 110 Lic / Reg Number RLA 222505 [email protected] Disclaimer: Whilst every endeavour has been made to verify the correct detail in this brochure, neither the Agent nor Vendor accepts liability for any error or omission.

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