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1 Biopharmaceutical Industry Speakers List Cost and Value of Medicines PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA

2 About the Speakers List The Biopharmaceutical Industry Speakers List contains names of executives at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and its member companies available to participate in events and panel discussions on the cost and value of prescription medicines. A photo, biography and contact information is available for each speaker. There is no fee associated with any speaking engagement. Parties interested in securing a speaker should contact these individuals directly to discuss their participation. PhRMA and its member companies will attempt to accommodate all requests, but cannot guarantee participation. For questions or more information, please contact the PhRMA Newsroom at [email protected] or call 202-835-3460. BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 2

3 Available Speakers PhRMA JEFFREY BOND LORI M. REILLY, J.D. Senior Vice President, Advocacy Executive Vice President, Policy and Research Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. JENNIFER BRYANT JAMES MIT M. SPEARS, J.D. Senior Vice President, Policy and Research General Counsel, Washington, D.C. Executive Vice President, Legal Washington, D.C. RANDY BURKHOLDER Vice President, Policy and Research STEPHEN J. UBL Washington, D.C. President and Chief Executive Officer Washington, D.C. WILLIAM BILL CHIN, M.D. Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice MICHAEL YBARRA, M.D. President, Science and Regulatory Affairs Senior Director, Alliance Development Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. JOSEPHINE JOSIE C. MARTIN ROBERT ZIRKELBACH Executive Vice President, Public Affairs Senior Vice President, Communications Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. PhRMA Member Companies AbbVie LATIF AKINTADE, M.D., MBA JEFFREY R. STEWART Vice President, Global Market Access Vice President, U.S. Commercial Operations North Chicago, Illinois North Chicago, Illinois SCOTT BRUN, M.D. JAMES P. SULLIVAN, PH.D. Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development Vice President, Discovery North Chicago, Illinois North Chicago, Illinois BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 3

4 PhRMA Member Companies Amgen Inc. KENTON STEWART Vice President, Health Systems RESHMA KEWALRAMANI, M.D. FASN Northbrook, Illinois Head, U.S. Medical Organization Vice President, Global Medical Thousand Oaks, California AstraZeneca CHRISTINE BLOOMQUIST, J.D. MARK MORGAN Vice President, Executive Director, U.S. Commercial Federal Government Affairs and Policy Operations Washington, D.C. Thousand Oaks, California DAVE FREDRICKSON JOSHUA J. OFMAN, M.D., MSHS Vice President, Specialty Care Senior Vice President, Global Value, Gaithersburg, Maryland Access and Policy Thousand Oaks, California PAUL HUDSON President, U.S. and Executive Vice President, MARTIN ZAGARI, M.D. North America Vice President, Global Health Economics Wilmington, Delaware Thousand Oaks, California Bayer Astellas PHILIP BLAKE JEFFREY BLOSS, M.D. President, U.S. and Head of Americas Region, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, Pharmaceuticals Americas Whippany, New Jersey Northbrook, Illinois SHANNON CAMPBELL SHONTELLE DODSON, PHARM.D. Vice President and General Manager, Oncology Vice President, Medical Affairs, Global Whippany, New Jersey Northbrook, Illinois HABIB DABLE MARTIN GOLDEN, J.D., MBA President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Vice President, Government Affairs Whippany, New Jersey Northbrook, Illinois KEVIN OLEARY WALT JOHNSON Vice President, Vice President, U.S. Marketing and Strategic Pricing and Reimbursement Strategic New Product Planning Whippany, New Jersey Northbrook, Illinois MARK REISENAUER Vice President, Oncology Sales and Marketing Northbrook, Illinois BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 4

5 PhRMA Member Companies Biogen Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb DAVID MILLER, PH.D. Company Senior Vice President, Global Market Access CHRISTOPHER BOERNER, PH.D. Cambridge, Massachusetts President and Head, U.S. Commercial Operations ALFRED SANDROCK, JR., M.D., PH.D. Plainsboro, New Jersey Executive Vice President, Neurology Discovery and Development Center, Neurodegeneration MURDO GORDON Therapeutic Area and Chief Medical Officer Senior Vice President and Head, Cambridge, Massachusetts Worldwide Markets Princeton, New Jersey KATHLEEN TREGONING Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs FOUAD NAMOUNI, M.D. Washington, D.C. Head, Medical Princeton, New Jersey Boehringer Ingelheim KEVIN TRAPP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Head, Product, Portfolio and Access Strategy JAMES BAXTER, PHARM.D., PH.D. Princeton, New Jersey Senior Vice President, Development Ridgefield, Connecticut Celgene Corporation PAUL FONTEYENE MARK ALLES President and Chief Executive Officer President and Chief Operating Officer Ridgefield, Connecticut Summit, New Jersey DAVID S. MEMEL, M.D., M.S., MBA RICHARD BAGGER Vice President, Health Economics Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Outcomes Research and Market Access Ridgefield, Connecticut Summit, New Jersey JOANNE PALMISANO, M.D., FACP JOEL BEETSCH, PH.D. Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Vice President, Patient Advocacy Ridgefield, Connecticut Summit, New Jersey BRIAN GILL Vice President, Corporate Communications Summit, New Jersey BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 5

6 PhRMA Member Companies Eli Lilly and Company CAROLINE DE MARCO Vice President, Regional Accounts ALEX AZAR Philadelphia, Pennsylvania President, Lilly USA Indianapolis, Indiana JAMEY MILLAR Senior Vice President, Managed Markets ENRIQUE CONTERNO and Government Affairs Senior Vice President and President, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Lilly Diabetes Indianapolis, Indiana Horizon Pharma NEWTON F. CRENSHAW JEFFREY D. KENT, M.D., FACG Vice President, Lilly Oncology, U.S. and Canada Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs Indianapolis, Indiana and Clinical Outcomes Deerfield, Illinois SHERRY MARTIN, M.D. Vice President, Clinical Development JEFFREY W. SHERMAN, M.D., FACP Operations, Diabetes Chief Medical Officer and Executive Indianapolis, Indiana Vice President Deerfield, Illinois DAVE RICKS Senior Vice President and President, Bio-Medicines Janssen Pharmaceutical Indianapolis, Indiana Companies of Johnson & Johnson EMD Serono, Inc. ANASTASIA G. DAIFOTIS, M.D. MICHAEL J. RUGGIERO Chief Scientific Officer, Janssen Vice President, Titusville, New Jersey U.S. Government Affairs and Policy Washington, D.C. ELIZABETH FOWLER, PH.D., J.D. Vice President, Global Health Policy, Johnson & Johnson GlaxoSmithKline plc Washington, D.C. JACK BAILEY President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals BLASINE PENKOWSKI Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Chief Strategic Customer Officer, Janssen Titusville, New Jersey TANISHA CARINO, PH.D. Vice President, U.S. Public Policy Washington, D.C. BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 6

7 PhRMA Member Companies Mallinckrodt ROBERT SPURR U.S. Country Head and Vice President, MATTHEW HARBAUGH Patient Access and Health Policy Senior Vice President East Hanover, New Jersey and Chief Financial Officer St. Louis, Missouri Novo Nordisk, Inc. HUGH ONEILL TODD HOBBS, M.D. Senior Vice President and President, Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Autoimmune and Rare Diseases North America St. Louis, Missouri Plainsboro, New Jersey STEVEN ROMANO, M.D. CURT G. OLTMANS Senior Vice President Corporate Vice President and General Counsel and Chief Scientific Officer Plainsboro, New Jersey St. Louis, Missouri SEAN PHILLIPS Merck & Co., Inc. Vice President, Managed Markets Plainsboro, New Jersey PATRICK DAVISH Associate Vice President, Global Market Access - Global Pricing Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania MICHAEL A. NARACHI President and Chief Executive Officer PATRICK MAGRI La Jolla, San Diego, California Senior Vice President, Hospital and Specialty Business Unit Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. Novartis Pharmaceuticals JOHN BARDI Corporation Vice President, Government Affairs Rockville, Maryland WILLIAM HINSHAW Executive Vice President, U.S. Oncology ROB LAVERTY East Hanover, New Jersey Vice President, Market Access Princeton, New Jersey CHRISTI SHAW U.S. Country Head, President BOB OLIVER East Hanover, New Jersey President & Chief Operating Officer Princeton, New Jersey BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 7

8 PhRMA Member Companies Pfizer Inc. ELIAS ZERHOUNI, M.D. President, Global Research & Development KIRSTEN AXELSEN Paris, France, and Bethesda, Maryland Vice President, Global Policy New York, New York Takeda Pharmaceuticals GENO GERMANO USA, Inc. Group President, RICHARD RICK ASCROFT Global Innovative Pharma Business Vice President, Managed Markets New York, New York and Government Affairs Deerfield, Illinois JUSTIN MCCARTHY, J.D. Senior Vice President, RAMONA SEQUEIRA Global Policy and International Affairs President, U.S. Business Unit New York, New York Deerfield, Illinois Sanofi PAUL CHEW, M.D. Global Chief Medical Officer Bridgewater, New Jersey, and Paris, France SURESH KUMAR Executive Vice President, External Affairs Paris, France DAVID MEEKER, M.D. Executive Vice President and Head, Sanofi Genzyme Cambridge, Massachusetts JEZ MOULDING U.S. Country Chair North America Region Head, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Business Unit Bridgewater, New Jersey GARY J. NABEL, M.D., PH.D. Chief Scientific Officer, Global Research and Development Paris, France, and Bethesda, Maryland BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST 8

9 Jeffrey Bond PhRMA Senior Vice President, State Advocacy Washington, DC With over 30 years experience in the member of Patient Assistance Foundation pharmaceutical and health care industry, Board of Directors, the Womens Health Jeff Bond has worked in corporate, Philanthropy Board and he served on the commercial and trade association roles. U.S. Pharmaceuticals Operating Committee. As senior vice president, state advocacy, Jeff leads the Pharmaceutical Research Jeffs career in the pharmaceutical business and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) began when he joined the CIBA-Geigy state advocacy operations. At PhRMA, he Corporation as a sales representative for is responsible for directing the associations Geigy Pharmaceuticals. He was promoted state lobbying and policy analysis activities through positions of increasing responsibility in close coordination with senior executives and was recognized with the companys from member companies. He is responsible for highest sales and marketing honor, the the development and execution of strategies Circle of Excellence Award, four times. After consistent with member company public joining CIBAs government affairs department policy objectives. in 1987, Jeff represented the companys legislative interests in a seven-state region. Prior to joining PhRMA, Jeff served as vice In 1993 he was appointed executive director president, state government affairs at of state government affairs where he Bristol-Myers Squibb. There, he led all supported the president of CIBA, who company advocacy activity with state elected served as chairman of the PhRMAs state officials and key stakeholders. In his leadership government affairs key issue team. role at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Jeff was a CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 9

10 Jennifer Bryant PhRMA Senior Vice President, Policy and Research Washington, DC Jenny Bryant serves as senior vice impact of appropriate medication use on president, policy and research for the health care costs. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the national Prior to joining PhRMA, Ms. Bryant was vice association representing the countrys president at The Lewin Group, a national leading pharmaceutical research and health care consulting firm. Previously, she biotechnology companies. held management positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield of At PhRMA, she oversees development of Florida, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical public policy related to Medicare, Medicaid Center and the State of New York. and health care reform, as well analysis and policy development related to changes in the Ms. Bryant graduated magna cum laude health care delivery system. She oversees from Harvard College and received her MBA a broad portfolio of economic and policy from the Harvard Graduate School of research, with a focus on better understanding Business Administration. how medicines are used and valued and the CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 10

11 Randy Burkholder PhRMA Vice President, Policy and Research Washington, DC Randy Burkholder is vice president of coordinating council for comparative policy and research at the Pharmaceutical effectiveness research. He also is a former Research and Manufacturers of America member of the board of directors of the (PhRMA). Mr. Burkholder leads PhRMA personalized medicine coalition and serves work on policy solutions for supporting on the steering committee of the Partnership continued biopharmaceutical innovation and to Improve Patient Care and the advisory high-quality, patient-centered health care, committee for the Turning the Tide Against including payment and delivery reform, Cancer initiative. quality measurement, appropriate use and patient adherence, evidence-based medicine Mr. Burkholder has over 20 years of and health technology assessment, value of experience in health care policy, advocacy and innovation and personalized medicine. Mr. communications in the medical technology Burkholder represents PhRMA at federal and pharmaceutical industries. agencies and advisory bodies including the Medicare Evidence Development and Prior to joining PhRMA, Mr. Burkholder was Coverage Advisory Committee, the Center associate vice president for public affairs for Medicare & Medicaid Services technical at AdvaMed, the leading association of the expert panel on oncology and the federal medical device and diagnostics industries. CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 11

12 William Bill Chin, M.D. PhRMA Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President, Science and Regulatory Affairs Washington, DC William Bill W. Chin, M.D. is the the department of medicine at Brigham chief medical officer and executive vice and Womens Hospital, he became chief of president at the Pharmaceutical Research the genetics division and a Howard Hughes and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Medical Institute investigator, advancing which represents Americas leading to professor of medicine and obstetrics, biopharmaceutical research companies. Dr. gynecology and reproductive biology at HMS. Chin leads the organizations continuing efforts in science advocacy in the drug As a pioneering molecular endocrinologist discovery and development ecosystem. at HMS, Dr. Chin embraced the early use of emerging DNA technology to make He was the executive dean for research, important discoveries regarding the structure, Bertarelli professor of translational medical function and regulation of hormone genes. science and professor of medicine at Harvard His investigations often demonstrated a Medical School (HMS). In this role, Dr. Chin translational research theme, connecting basic spearheaded efforts to design and implement laboratory discoveries to their physiologic the vision for research at HMS, with special relevance in animal models and humans. He emphasis on interdisciplinary and translational has been honored with numerous awards for research that crossed departmental and research, mentorship and leadership. institutional boundaries. Prior to HMS, Dr. Chin was at Eli Lilly and Chin is a Harvard-trained endocrinologist and Company, where he had worked for a decade, longstanding faculty member. His impressive most recently as senior vice president for career is exemplified in part by his extensive discovery research and clinical investigation. bibliography of nearly 300 papers, chapters He received his A.B. (Chemistry; summa cum and books, most of which were generated laude) from Columbia University and his M.D. during his 25 years on the HMS faculty. from Harvard Medical School. During his tenure as a faculty member in CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 12

13 Josephine Josie C. Martin PhRMA Executive Vice President, Public Affairs Washington, DC Josephine Josie C. Martin is executive several leading nonprofit organizations. Ms. vice president of public affairs at the Martin was also senior vice president of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers public affairs at GolinHarris, where she of America (PhRMA), which represents oversaw advocacy efforts for a wide array of Americas leading biopharmaceutical research health care clients, including America on the companies. She leads the organizations Move, Olympus, Dow Chemical Company, communications and alliance development Kaiser Permanente, Boehringer Ingelheim, functions and serves as a key advisor to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and PhRMAs president, management and board, among others. Under her of directors. leadership, the American Legacy Foundation launched the largest public health cessation Working at the intersection of public policy, program in 40 years. She also developed health and business, Ms. Martin oversees the advocacy strategies for Olympus in PhRMAs public affairs efforts to support an Washington, D.C., with a focus on colorectal environment that fosters medical innovation, cancer awareness, medical device regulation new drug discovery and access to and business opportunities within the 2009 life-saving medicines. stimulus program. In a career spanning more than 20 years, Ms. Ms. Martin has also held leadership positions Martin has established herself as a leading with the Federation of American Hospitals, health care communications and public affairs the Health Insurance Association of America expert. Prior to joining PhRMA, she served and the American Red Cross. In addition, as senior vice president at Ketchum, where she served as communications director to she built a widely respected public affairs the Senate Finance Committee and press health care practice and provided counsel to a secretary to Senator John Chafee (R-RI). wide range of blue chip corporate clients and CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 13

14 Lori M. Reilly, J.D. PhRMA Executive Vice President, Policy and Research Washington, DC Lori M. Reilly is executive vice president for on Commerce. And before joining the House policy and research at the Pharmaceutical Committee on Commerce, Ms. Reilly was Research and Manufacturers of America chief of staff/counsel to Representative Jon (PhRMA). Ms. Reilly leads PhRMAs policy and Christensen (R-NE), a member of the House research department in the development and Ways and Means Committee. implementation of legislative, regulatory and political strategies to successfully navigate the Ms. Reilly is currently a board member for ever-changing federal health care landscape, the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA), a working to advance policies that encourage board member of the Personalized Medicine medical progress and patient access to the Coalition and a member of the Editorial fruits of pharmaceutical innovation. Advisory Board of The Food and Drug Law Institutes Policy Forum. In addition to her public policy work, Ms. Reilly is a frequent presenter on Ms. Reilly received a B.A. in political science biopharmaceutical industry-related issues from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is an industry spokesperson. Ms. Reilly where she graduated with honors and a J.D. testified before the House Energy and from the University of Nebraska College of Commerce Subcommittee on Health to discuss Law. She is a member of the Virginia Bar and the importance of the reauthorization of the currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia with pediatric exclusivity program and the Food her husband and their four children. and Drug Administration Globalization Act. Prior to joining PhRMA, she was counsel at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 14

15 James Mit M. Spears, J.D. PhRMA General Counsel, Executive Vice President, Legal Washington, DC James Mit M. Spears is executive vice practice focused on antitrust and trade president and general counsel of the regulation, advertising and consumer law Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers and litigation. of America (PhRMA), which represents Americas leading biopharmaceutical research In addition to his tenure at the Federal Trade companies. Spears oversees the Commission, Mit served in various capacities law department. at the U.S. Department of Justice including principal deputy assistant attorney general A former general counsel of the Federal Trade in both the Land and Natural Resources and Commission with over 30 years of experience Civil Divisions of the Department and acting in both private practice and government, assistant attorney general for Legal Policy. Spears offers broad-based expertise in health Mits legal career began as a staff assistant to care, the life sciences and technology. In Governor William P. Clements Jr. of Texas. his most recent position as a partner at the Washington, D.C. office of the international A native Texan, Mit received a B.B.A. from law firm Ropes & Gray, LLP, he provided legal Texas Tech University and a J.D. from the advice and strategy to biopharmaceutical University of Texas at Austin. Mit is an avid companies on key industry issues. In addition sailor and cyclist and currently resides with his to his work in the life sciences sector, Mits wife, Kyle Gibson, in Washington D.C. CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 15

16 Stephen J. Ubl PhRMA President and Chief Executive Officer Washington, DC Stephen J. Ubl is president and chief and Drug Administration product review executive officer of the Pharmaceutical process and Medicares coverage and Research and Manufacturers of America reimbursement of medical technologies. (PhRMA), which represents Americas leading In 2013, he was recognized by a leading biopharmaceutical research companies. The industry publication as one of 10 people biopharmaceutical sector directly employs to have a lasting impact on the medical over 810,000 Americans, and invested more technology industry. than $51 billion in 2014 to develop new medicines that help patients fight disease and Ubl has worked extensively with patient live longer, healthier lives. advocacy organizations in health policy, including longstanding service on the board Mr. Ubl leads PhRMAs work preserving and of the National Health Council, a leading strengthening a health care and economic umbrella organization for voluntary health environment that encourages medical care organizations and has been personally innovation, new drug discovery and access involved with JDRF (formerly known as the to life-saving medicines. Ubl is recognized Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and around the world as a leading health care LUNGevity, the largest national lung cancer- advocate and policy expert who collaborates focused nonprofit. He is routinely recognized successfully with diverse stakeholder groups as one of Washingtons most effective including patient and physician groups, advocates by Washington political regulators, public and private payers and publications and has been named by Modern global trade organizations to help ensure Healthcare one of the 100 Most Influential timely patient access to innovative treatments People in Healthcare. and cures. Prior to AdvaMed, Ubl was vice president of As president and CEO of medical technology legislation for the Federation of American association AdvaMed, Ubl helped facilitate Hospitals. He began his Washington career in landmark reforms related to the U.S. Food the United States Senate. CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 16

17 Michael Ybarra, M.D. PhRMA Senior Director, Alliance Development Washington, DC Michael Ybarra, M.D., FAAEM/FACEP is of medical peer-reviewed publications, case a board-certified emergency physician and reports and book chapters. senior director of alliance development at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers In addition, Dr. Ybarra has also served in of America (PhRMA). Dr. Ybarra is a graduate various roles with the American Academy of of Stanford University, Georgetown University Emergency Medicine including as president School of Medicine and completed of the Resident and Student Association and residency training at MedStar Washington director of the Young Physicians Section. Hospital Center. In 2014, Dr. Ybarra joined PhRMA as senior After residency, Dr. Ybarra practiced academic director of alliance development. In this emergency medicine. He was the site director capacity, he leads outreach to provider, for emergency medicine residents at MedStar multicultural and LGBT organizations. His Georgetown University Hospital. He also issue areas include communications with became the founding program director health care professionals, health care delivery of the Health Policy Fellowship, which is reform, adherence and the 340B drug a partnership with MedStar Georgetown discount program. He continues to practice University Hospital, the McCourt School of clinically in the emergency department at Public Policy and the Association of American MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Medical Colleges. He has authored a number CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 17

18 Robert Zirkelbach PhRMA Senior Vice President, Communications Washington, DC A nationally recognized health policy numerous television and radio programs. He communicator, Robert Zirkelbach is senior was recently named as one of The Hills 2014 vice president of communications for the Players to Watch on health care issues. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which represents Prior to joining PhRMA, Zirkelbach was vice Americas leading biopharmaceutical president of strategic communications at research companies. At PhRMA, Zirkelbach Americas Health Insurance Plans. In this is responsible for developing and executing capacity, he served as the national spokesman the overall communications strategy for for the health insurance industry and played the organization and oversees a team that a lead role in crafting the associations encompasses media relations, digital/social communications strategy and public policy media, advertising, message development, positioning throughout the health care reform internal communications and executive debate and implementation of the Affordable visibility. In this role, Zirkelbach serves as Care Act. He oversaw a team responsible for a lead spokesman for the association and the associations media relations, public policy manages multiple high-profile public affairs communications and grassroots and issue campaigns on the value of biopharmaceutical advocacy. innovation, patient access to medicines and other industry priorities. Zirkelbach is also Previously, Zirkelbach was press secretary for responsible for the strategic planning of Representative Jim Nussle (R-IA) where he PhRMAs annual Research & Hope Awards served as a spokesman for the congressman an annual event that honors patient and helped craft public messaging on all advocates and researchers for their congressional-related matters. He is a contributions fighting disease. graduate of Central College (IA) where he studied communications, business and public Zirkelbach is frequently quoted in national policy. news publications and has appeared on CONTACT PhRMA Newsroom INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-835-3460 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 18

19 Latif Akintade, M.D., MBA AbbVie Vice President, Global Market Access North Chicago, Illinois Latif Akintade joined AbbVie as the head medical advisor for medical affairs & health of global market access, global marketing in economics. His career in the pharmaceutical January 2013. Latif is responsible for leading industry began at Charterhouse Clinical the development and execution of the pricing Research Unit as a Clinical Research Physician. and market access strategy for pipeline and Prior to his career in the pharmaceutical on-market brands. industry, Latif was a General Surgeon in the U.K. National Health Service. Prior to joining AbbVie, Latif was vice president global market access & medical Latif earned his M.D, from St. Georges affairs at Eisai from 2006 to 2013 with Hospital Medical School at the University responsibility for pricing, market access and of London and an MBA from Leonard N. health economics and outcome research. Stern School of Business with a specialization He was European medical director at Eisai in finance at New York University. He is a with responsibility for HEOR, market access member of the Royal College of Surgeons and medical affairs from 2003 to 2006. Edinburgh and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Latif started his career at Eisai in 2000 as Pharmaceutical Medicine U.K. CONTACT Latif Akintade, M.D., MBA INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 847-938-9116 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 19

20 Scott Brun, M.D. AbbVie Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development North Chicago, Illinois Scott has worked at Abbott and subsequently teams across a variety of therapeutic areas, AbbVie for over 18 years in total, beginning including infectious disease, nephrology his career as the first participant in the and immunology/inflammation and has Abbott physician development program, a contributed to the advancement of a variety mini-fellowship in pharmaceutical medicine. of pipeline programs. He currently oversees pharmaceutical development at AbbVie, a global scientific Scott earned his bachelors degree in and operational organization responsible for biochemistry from the University of Illinois advancing a broad portfolio of early and late at Urbana-Champaign. He earned his stage preregistrational pipeline compounds as medical degree from The Johns Hopkins well as marketed products within oncology, University School of Medicine and neurology, immunology, renal, infectious completed ophthalmology training at the disease and womens and mens health Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/Harvard therapeutic areas. Medical School. Over the years, Scott has directly overseen pharmaceutical development/medical affairs CONTACT Scott Brun, M.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 847-935-1293 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 20

21 Jeffrey R. Stewart AbbVie Vice President, U.S. Commercial Operations North Chicago, Illinois Jeffrey R. Stewart is vice president, for U.S. various leadership positions in Abbotts Commercial Operations. Prior to AbbVies U.S. and international pharmaceutical separation from Abbott in January 2013, businesses, including divisional vice president, he served as vice president, proprietary immunology; general manager, virology; pharmaceuticals, United States. general manager, United Kingdom; and divisional vice president, primary care. Mr. Stewart joined Abbott in 1992 as part of TAP, Abbotts former U.S. joint venture He earned a bachelors degree in history from with Takeda Chemical Industries. Since Princeton University. his time with TAP, Mr. Stewart has held CONTACT Jeffrey R. Stewart INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 847-938-3689 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 21

22 James P. Sullivan, Ph.D. AbbVie Vice President, Discovery North Chicago, Illinois James Sullivan, Ph.D., is vice president, Jim has advanced multiple compounds discovery. In this role, he is responsible for into clinical development across multiple AbbVies research efforts in a variety of therapeutic areas including AbbVies recently diseases including cancer, Alzheimers disease, launched combination product for HCV, the hepatitis C and a number of autoimmune Bcl2 selective inhibitor, ABT-199, for oncology disorders. He oversees a global network of and a number of dual variable domain scientists that includes AbbVie researchers immunoglobulins (DVD-Igs) for rheumatoid at sites in the United States and Europe arthritis and cancer. He has more than 130 and external research partners around the scientific publications and is an inventor on world. Dr. Sullivan is a member of the R&D 11 patents. He is an adjunct faculty member Leadership Team that has responsibility for at Northwestern University in Chicago. He the advancement of compounds in all stages earned his bachelors degree and Ph.D. in of development, the Executive Licensing biochemistry from Trinity College in Dublin, Steering Committee and the Scientific Ireland and conducted post-doctoral research Governing Board for Abbvie. He is also an in neurobiology at Northwestern University. executive sponsor for the AbbVie Women in Science organization. Jim joined Abbott in 1991 and has held various positions in the R&D organization. CONTACT James P. Sullivan, Ph.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 847-938-3689 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 22

23 Reshma Kewalramani, M.D., FASN Amgen Inc. Head, U.S. Medical Organization Vice President, Global Medical Thousand Oaks, California Reshma Kewalramani, MD FASN has residency at the Massachusetts General worked at Amgen, since 2004 and has held Hospital and her fellowship in Nephrology roles of increasing responsibility within the at the Massachusetts General Hospital and organization. Currently, she serves as Vice Brigham and Womens Hospital combined President and Head of the U.S. Medical program. Reshma is also an alumnus of the Organization. Her team has responsibility for Harvard Business School. the portfolio of molecules in the U.S., across all therapeutic areas including Oncology, Reshma is the recipient of the American Cardiovascular, Bone, Inflammation and College of Physicians Associates Council Nephrology from the peri-launch phase Award, the American Medical Womens through to end of the life cycle. Prior to this Association Janet M. Glasgow Memorial role, Reshma was the Vice President and Achievement Citation, and the Harvard Head of the Global Nephrology and Metabolic Medical School Excellence in Teaching Therapeutic Area and oversaw ph2-ph4 Award. She is a member of the Board of clinical trials as well as other key aspects of Directors of KHI (Kidney Health Initiative), drug development. on the Steering Committee of CTTI (Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative) and HBA Prior to coming to Amgen, Reshma was 3BC (Healthcare Business Association) a research fellow in Medicine at Harvard and a Fellow of the American Society of Medical School where she was involved in Nephrology. Reshma is also the industry basic science research in transplantation in representative to the FDAs Endocrine and the field of co-stimulatory blockade and was Metabolic Drug Advisory Committee. a physician in the medical departments of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Reshma received board certification in Internal the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Medicine in 2001 and in Nephrology in 2003. Reshma completed her internship and CONTACT Reshma Kewalramani, M.D., FASN INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 805-447-6742 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 23

24 Mark Morgan Amgen Inc. Executive Director, U.S. Commercial Operations Thousand Oaks, California In May 2015, Mark Morgan, Executive segment before becoming the Chief Product Director of the Organized Customer Team, & Marketing Officer and finally the Chief was appointed to lead Amgens new customer- Commercial Officer for Health Net. facing model to improve coordination and access among the sales and marketing teams In 2008 Mark moved to Anthem Blue Cross in order to better meet the needs of our where he held several general management customers at the national and local geographic roles before becoming the COO and later the level. Mark brings to the role a two decade President of the California plan. Mark served history in the payer space with deep on the board of the California Association of experience in the transformation occurring Health Plans, PriMed, CalChamber and the within the delivery system, the Affordable California Business Roundtable. Care Act and Accountable Care Organizations. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree Prior to joining Amgen, Mark began his in Finance from California State University payer career at Health Net of California in Northridge and a Master of Business operations before assuming a leadership role Administration from Pepperdine University. in sales within their Labor & Trust segment. Mark is married to Dawn and has a son Mark was then asked to lead the Individual and a daughter. CONTACT Mark Morgan INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 805-447-1092 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 24

25 Joshua J. Ofman, M.D., MSHS Amgen Inc. Senior Vice President, Global Value, Access and Policy Thousand Oaks, California Joshua J. Ofman, MD, MSHS is the senior Dr. Ofman has served on several advisory vice president of global value access and boards for the American Gastroenterological policy at Amgen. Dr. Ofman is responsible for Association, the American College of directing Amgen activities related to ensuring Physicians Clinical Efficacy Assessment that Amgen products have a compelling Subcommittee, and is on the editorial board value proposition and obtain market access of the American Journal of Managed Care. from payers in each market, worldwide. These activities include global pricing, market Dr. Ofman currently represents Amgen on the access planning, global health economics, board of directors of California Healthcare international government affairs, and Institute (CHI) and National Pharmaceutical health policy. Council (NPC). Dr. Ofman completed his undergraduate Prior to joining Amgen in 2003 as head of degree in the history and philosophy of U.S. health economics and outcomes research, science at University of California, Berkeley Dr. Ofman was a member of the academic before completing his medical education faculty in the Department of Medicine and at UC Irvine School of Medicine. He then Health Services Research, UCLA School of completed his internship and residency in Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In this internal medicine at UCLA Medical Center. capacity, Dr. Ofman worked extensively with Following his residency, Dr. Ofman completed AHRQs Southern California Evidence- Based a two-year VA/UCLA/RAND fellowship in Practice Center and taught courses on the health services research, during which time principles of evidence-based medicine. he received his Masters of Science in Health Dr. Ofman also served as the senior vice Services (MSHS) degree from the UCLA president of Zynx Health Inc., a consulting School of Public Health. company focused on evidence-based clinical information for quality improvement, and reimbursement and health economics strategy for life sciences companies. CONTACT Joshua Ofman, M.D., MSHS INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 805-447-0787 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 25

26 Martin Zagari, M.D. Amgen Inc. Vice President, Global Health Economics Thousand Oaks, California Dr. Martin Zagari is vice president of global agents, medical director for erythropoetic health economics at Amgen. In this role, he treatments in oncology at Ortho Biotech, directs the planning, execution and scientific and director positions in health economics. dissemination of worldwide economic and value evidence for Amgens entire product Between 1994 and 1997, Dr. Zagari worked portfolio from early stage molecules to in health economics and outcomes consulting marketed products. Dr. Zagari joined at Technology Assessment Group/Lewin-TAG, Amgen in May of 2005. based in San Francisco. Prior to Amgen, between 1997 and 2005, Martin received his MD from Stanford Dr. Zagari held various positions at Johnson & University, an MBA from Rutgers University, Johnson in health economics, medical affairs, and BS in Biology from the University of and strategic marketing. These positions North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is trained included: executive director in J&J corporate in anesthesiology. strategic marketing for the erythropoietic CONTACT Martin Zagari, M.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 805-447-6521 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 26

27 Jeffrey Bloss, M.D. Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc. Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, Americas Northbrook, Illinois Jeffrey Bloss, M.D., is senior vice president, medical director at Genentech (Tarceva Astellas medical affairs, Americas, at Astellas clinical development leader) and medical Pharma Global Development, Inc., a global director at Eli Lilly and Company. research-based pharmaceutical company committed to serving unmet medical needs Dr. Bloss started his career in the United in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, States Air Force, holding executive positions in urology, neuroscience, DM complications and the department of obstetrics, gynecology and kidney diseases. gynecologic oncology. Following his 15-year service to his country, Dr. Bloss continued Since joining Astellas in 2012, Dr. Bloss has in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and been responsible for leading the Americas gynecologic oncology at the University of regional medical affairs function, including Missouri Columbia Health Sciences Center. medical information and publications, therapeutic area medical directors, medical Dr. Bloss received his Bachelor of Science scientific liaisons, health economics and clinical degree at Juniata College in Huntingdon, outcomes research, independent medical Pennsylvania. He received his medical degree education and medical affairs operations. from Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Dr. Bloss has also assumed direct oversight of Medical College. He completed his residency the medical affairs functions in Canada and in obstetrics and gynecology at the Wilford Latin America. Hall USAF Medical Center in Lackland, Texas, and completed a gynecologic oncology Prior to joining Astellas, Dr. Bloss served fellowship at the University of California, Irvine. as vice president and head, oncology global medical affairs at GlaxoSmithKline. Prior to joining GlaxoSmithKline oncology, Dr. Bloss held positions as chief medical director at Xencor, vice president of clinical development at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, group CONTACT Karl Uhlendorf INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-741-1968 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 27

28 Shontelle Dodson, Pharm.D. Astellas Vice President, Medical Affairs, Global Northbrook, Illinois Shontelle Dodson, Pharm.D., is vice president Previously, she spent 11 years at Pfizer in of medical excellence within medical affairs, various leadership roles in womens health, global. In this role, she oversees medical urology and sexual medicine. communications, scientific publications, health economics and outcomes research, Dr. Dodson holds a Doctor of Pharmacy and medical affairs research and grants from Mercer University School of Pharmacy functions. Under her leadership, the health and completed a postdoctoral residency at outcomes group has pioneered multiple, the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical innovative real-world data projects, including Center in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2014, Dr. two national registries in prostate cancer Dodson received the National Healthcare and overactive bladder, as well as partnered Business Womens Association Rising Star research with leading managed care and award, which honors women that have academic organizations. demonstrated noteworthy achievements and proven attention to furthering their Dr. Dodson has extensive clinical research careers. Dr. Dodson also serves on the board and analytics experience in the health care of directors of the Society for Womens and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to Health Research, which advocates for greater joining Astellas in 2012, Dr. Dodson was public and private funding for womens vice president of medical affairs at GTx, health research and the study of biological Inc.,where she led a cross-functional business differences that affect the prevention, unit to progress a new molecular entity diagnosis and treatment of disease. into global Phase 3 clinical development. CONTACT Karl Uhlendorf INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-741-1968 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 28

29 Martin Golden, J.D., MBA Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Vice President, Government Affairs Northbrook, Illinois Martin Marty Golden, J.D., MBA, currently Golden holds a Bachelor of Business serves as vice president, government affairs Administration degree from the University for Astellas Americas. In this role, Golden of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, a Juris Doctor leads all Astellas federal and state government degree from John Marshall Law School, affairs, government strategy and policy Chicago, Illinois, and a Masters of Business development in the Americas region. Administration from Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, Prior to his current role, Golden served as Evanston, Illinois. vice president, hospital and transplant sales. Golden joined Astellas in 2006 and has also held roles in new product planning and strategy. Prior to joining Astellas, Golden served in a number of positions of increasing responsibility across several disciplines for Novartis, Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb. CONTACT Karl Uhlendorf INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-741-1968 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 29

30 Walt Johnson Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Vice President, U.S. Marketing and Strategic New Product Planning Northbrook, Illinois Walt Johnston is vice president, marketing Prior to joining Astellas in 2008, he held and strategic new product planning for increasingly more senior positions in marketing Astellas Pharma US, Inc., a global and sales with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in New research-based pharmaceutical company York. Johnston started his career at Pfizer in committed to serving unmet medical needs 1990 as a sales representative and moved in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, through positions of increasing responsibility urology, neuroscience and DM complications until promoted to senior director, group leader and kidney diseases. CV marketing in 2006. In this position, he led the largest portfolio of products in Pfizer. Johnston leads all marketing activities and programs across several therapeutic Johnston is a native of Pittsburgh, areas of the Astellas US business to ensure Pennsylvania, and earned his Bachelor of Arts superior commercial performance. He has at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. primary responsibility for urology, transplant, He earned his MBA at Boston College in cardiovascular and anti-infective markets. Boston, Massachusetts. He lives in the Johnston t has over 20 years of experience Chicago area with his wife and four in the pharmaceutical industry and is a children (three sons and one daughter). member of the Astellas Portfolio Strategic Executive Committee. CONTACT Karl Uhlendorf INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-741-1968 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 30

31 Mark Reisenauer Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Vice President, Oncology Sales and Marketing Northbrook, Illinois Mark Reisenauer has been vice president of Reisenauer joined Micromet from Abbott, oncology sales and marketing at Astellas where he served as the general manager Pharma US, Inc., since May 2011. Reisenauer of the oncology franchise from 2002 to is responsible for all U.S. commercial activities 2006. He served as divisional vice president supporting marketed products, Astellas and general manager of the Nnuroscience Pharmas oncology co-promotion partners franchise from 2006 to September 2007. and leads commercial planning for early stage Before joining Abbott, he served as the development compounds. director of marketing for breast cancer (portfolio lead) and the director of breast The majority of his 20-plus year career has cancer products at Pharmacia from 1999 to been committed to oncology therapies, where 2002. From 1997 to 1999, he served as the he has had sales and marketing responsibilities associate director of oncology gobal marketing in a variety of capacities (domestic and global) at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and from 1988 to at Abbott, Pharmacia, Bristol-Myers Squibb 1997, he held various positions in sales and and Zeneca. He served as chief commercial oncology marketing at Zeneca. Reisenauer officer and senior vice president of Micromet, holds a BA degree in political science from the Inc., beginning in September 2007, and was University of Wisconsin. involved in investor and public relations, clinical strategy, business development and commercial launch planning. CONTACT Karl Uhlendorf INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-741-1968 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 31

32 Kenton Stewart Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Vice President, Health Systems Northbrook, Illinois Kenton Stewart possesses more than 25 development at TAP Pharmaceuticals, where years of progressively responsible experience he led corporate business development and in the pharmaceutical industry and currently acquisitions. Previous to this, Stewart was serves as vice president of health systems national director of national managed care at Astellas Pharma US (APUS) comprised accounts. of account management, contracts and pricing, reimbursement and market access, From 1991 to 2000, Stewart held various health systems marketing, trade sales and positions with Abbott Laboratories, operations. During his 10 years with APUS, he including sales, sales management, product has also served as senior director, contracts management and marketing manager. and pricing and senior national director of corporate, hospital and institutional accounts. Stewart holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Prior to joining Astellas, Stewart was Business Administration degree in marketing. senior director, licensing and business CONTACT Karl Uhlendorf INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-741-1968 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 32

33 Christine Bloomquist, J.D. AstraZeneca Vice President, Federal Government Affairs and Policy Washington, D.C. Christie Bloomquist leads AstraZenecas also worked as a senior member of the Washington D.C. office as vice president, federal government affairs team during the federal government affairs & policy (FGAP), consideration, passage and implementation of U.S. corporate affairs. Under Christies the Affordable Care Act. leadership, FGAP is responsible for engaging with federal government stakeholders on Christies background is as a health care AstraZeneca business priorities. This includes regulatory attorney, with a focus on the AstraZenecas engagement with the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. She practiced law for department of Health and Human 15 years and was a partner in two global law Services and Congress on innovative firms in the D.C. area. payment arrangements. Christie earned her undergraduate degree Prior to leading FGAP, Christie was the from Tulane University and her Juris Doctor head of policy & executive branch advocacy, and Master of Health Administration from U.S. corporate affairs for AstraZeneca and Washington University in St. Louis. CONTACT Christine Bloomquist, J.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-350-5542 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 33

34 Dave Fredrickson AstraZeneca Vice President, Specialty Care Gaithersburg, Maryland Dave is responsible for leading the U.S. Genentech in San Francisco, including division specialty care business, which includes driving sales director and marketing director. He also business-unit and product performance and led early commercialization strategies and life- building high-performing teams in oncology, cycle planning for key brands across multiple infectious disease and neuroscience markets disease areas. to meet business goals. Before joining Genentech, Dave was named Dave previously served as business unit as a partner candidate and served as a global director, oncology-hematology at Roche/ account manager for the Monitor Group, Genentech, where he worked for nine years, LLC, a global strategy consultancy where he most recently in Spain. In this role, he led a served for nine years. He was the co-lead of 200-person sales and marketing organization Monitors biotechnology practice, a member across 10 brands and 3 business units. Prior of the western U.S. leadership team and a to that, he served as business unit manager co-founder of the companys offices in in Spain and held a number of oncology San Francisco. marketing and sales leadership roles at CONTACT Christine Bloomquist, J.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-350-5542 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 34

35 Paul Hudson AstraZeneca President, U.S. and Executive Vice President, North America Wilmington, Delaware Paul Hudson is responsible for leading and EFPIA (European Federation of AstraZenecas commercial operations in Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) North America and represents the region as a in Japan. Previously Paul was president of member of the senior executive team. In this AstraZenecas business in Spain. He joined capacity he is accountable for driving growth AstraZeneca in 2006 as vice president and and maximizing contribution of North America primary care director, U.K. to AstraZenecas global business. Before AstraZeneca, Paul worked for Schering Prior to his role in North America, Paul served Plough, where he held roles of increasing as representative director and president of seniority, including leading biologics global AstraZeneca K.K., the Japanese subsidiary marketing, based in the U.S. He began his of AstraZeneca PLC. He has served as a career at GlaxoSmithKline U.K. and standing board member of JPMA (Japan Sanofi-Synthelabo U.K. with roles in sales Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association) and marketing. CONTACT Christine Bloomquist, J.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-350-5542 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 35

36 Philip Blake Bayer President, U.S. and Head of Americas Region, Pharmaceuticals Whippany, New Jersey Philip Blake was appointed senior Bayer In his 30-plus-year career with Bayer, representative, U.S. in July 2012. He is Blake has held leadership positions around responsible for all U.S. activities of the the world focusing on global strategic worldwide Bayer Group. product marketing, business development, clinical planning, product development and In addition, Blake serves as regional head sales management. of Bayer Pharmaceuticals for the Americas, a role he assumed in October 2015. In this Blake obtained his degree at Bristol role, he leads the pharmaceuticals division University and undertook further executive of Bayer for Canada, the United States and training at The Open University, INSEAD Latin America. (Institut europen dadministration des affaires) and Wharton Business School. He Previously, Blake served as president and is a chartered corporate director earning CEO, Bayer Inc. and head of Bayer HealthCare this designation in 2006 from the Directors in Canada. College at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. CONTACT Steven Immergut INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-572-8613 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 36

37 Shannon Campbell Bayer Vice President and General Manager, Oncology Whippany, New Jersey Shannon Campbell has been vice president Prior to joining Bayer, Shannon was at Abbott, and general manager, oncology at Bayer, where she worked primarily to establish an since 2008. Shannon is responsible for all oncology commercial business unit and later U.S. commercial activities supporting the lead the marketing activities for HUMIRA. oncology business and is a member of the U.S. pharmaceutical executive team, Bayers Prior to joining Abbott, Shannon spent more global oncology leadership team as well than a decade with the Pharmacia heritage as other operational and governance companies (Pharmacia & Upjohn, The leadership bodies. Upjohn Company), where she held a variety commercial leadership positions in the United Shannon has focused on oncology or specialty States, Australia and the United Kingdom. markets for most of her 25+ years in the Shannon has successfully driven many new pharmaceutical industry and has a strong product launches on a global basis and track record of leadership, innovation, alliance maintained a strong focus and commitment relationships and operational experience. She to addressing the evolving needs of the joined Bayer in 2005 to establish an oncology healthcare community and patients that business and lead the U.S. launch for Nexavar. she serves. CONTACT Rose Talarico INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 862-404-5302 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 37

38 Habib Dable Bayer President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Whippany, New Jersey Habib Dable is president of U.S. pharmaceuticals responsible for Latin America, Canada, the for Bayer, a role he has held since October 2015. Asia Pacific region and Japan. Most recently, Habib was global head of From 2008 to 2012, Habib headed Bayers specialty medicine for Bayer HealthCare global therapeutic area team for neurology / Pharmaceuticals, a role he held since 2013 ophthalmology, and he was vice president for and in which was responsible for overseeing ophthalmology and headed the global launch four therapeutic areas for the company team for EYLEA (aflibercept), the companys hematology, oncology, ophthalmology treatment for macular degeneration. and neurology. Habib earned a Master of Business Habib began his career at Bayer in 1994 as a Administration from the University of sales representative in Canada, where he later New Brunswick in Canada, where he also moved on to various sales and marketing roles completed his undergraduate study. He is with increasing management responsibility. He married with two children and resides in New then spent two years at Bayer HealthCares Jersey. Habibs personal interests include office in Osaka, Japan, as head of strategic jogging, squash, golf, youth hockey and the planning before moving to the United States classic English card game, whist. and serving as director of international sales and marketing. He was later appointed vice president and regional business unit head, CONTACT Steven Immergut INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-572-8613 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 38

39 Kevin OLeary Bayer Vice President, Strategic Pricing and Reimbursement Whippany, New Jersey Kevin OLeary joined Bayer in 2014 as rheumatoid arthritis, oncology, hepatitis C, vice president, strategic pricing and obesity, osteoporosis, CNS and transplant. reimbursement. He is responsible for U.S. pricing, reimbursement strategy, hubs Kevin also has worked in managed care, state providing reimbursement support to providers government (where he established and ran and patients, field reimbursement teams and New Jerseys groundbreaking health insurance patient assistance programs. reform programs), Congress and law. His experience gives him a unique, in-depth Kevin came to Bayer from IMS Consulting understanding of commercial, political Group, where he was a senior principal for and regulatory currents in the U.S. five years in the pricing and market access pharmaceutical market. practice. He spent the previous 11 years at Roche Pharmaceuticals, where he served Kevin earned a bachelors degree in english in several senior roles related to pricing, and economics and a J.D., cum laude, from reimbursement and market access. His Georgetown University. He and his wife, experience spans orals, self-injectables and Jane, have been married for 29 years and infused products in disease areas including have four daughters. diabetes, hemophilia, MS, influenza, anemia, CONTACT Steven Immergut INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-572-8613 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 39

40 David Miller, Ph.D. BiogenInc. Senior Vice President, Global Market Access Cambridge, Massachusetts David Miller has nearly 25 years of executive for over half of his career. Dr. Miller is and operational roles in the biopharmaceutical the author or co-author of more than 70 industry. He has been responsible for the scientific publications and is a frequent development and execution of complex pricing speaker on industry policy issues related and reimbursement strategies for numerous to pricing, reimbursement and access. He products in the U.S. and ex-U.S. markets. is director on the National Pharmaceutical He currently is senior vice president of global Council Board of Directors, is a member of market access at Biogen with responsibility advisory boards at the University of Maryland for securing pricing, reimbursement and Baltimore, University of Washington and access of Biogen products worldwide. Prior to Tufts University and a board member of the joining Biogen in 2011, he was an independent Walther Foundation, a charitable organization consultant delivering strategies to secure supporting youth education. pricing, reimbursement and access on behalf of pharmaceutical clients. He previously Dr. Miller served as a director on the board worked at Elan, holding roles as vice president of directors of Elan Pharma Ltd., was vice of pharmacoeconomics, managing director chair of PhRMAs health outcomes committee and head of international operations. and was chair of the board of grants for the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Dr. Miller began his pharmaceutical industry Education. He holds a degree in pharmacy career at GlaxoSmithKline and assumed from the University of Iowa and earned his increasing responsibilities in the U.S. and Ph.D. in pharmacy administration at the ex-U.S. towards becoming vice president of University of Maryland - Baltimore where he global health outcomes. A dual U.S./U.K. studied health economics and policy. citizen, he has lived and worked internationally CONTACT David Miller, Ph.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 858-366-2339 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 40

41 Alfred Sandrock, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. BiogenInc. Executive Vice President, Neurology Discovery and Development Center, Neurodegeneration Therapeutic Area and Chief Medical Officer Cambridge, Massachusetts Dr. Sandrock is Biogens executive vice sciences, senior vice president of neurology president, neurology discovery & development research and development and vice president center, neurodegeneration therapeutic area of clinical development, Neurology. Dr. and chief medical officer and has served Sandrock received his B.A. in human in this position since November 2015. Dr. biology from Stanford University, an M.D. Sandrock has served as group senior vice from Harvard Medical School and a Ph.D. president from May 2014 to October 2015 in neurobiology from Harvard University. as well as chief medical officer since He completed an internship in medicine, a February 2012. residency and chief residency in neurology and a clinical fellowship in neuromuscular Since joining Biogen in 1998, Dr. Sandrock disease and clinical neurophysiology has held several senior executive positions, (electromyography) at Massachusetts including senior vice president of development General Hospital. CONTACT Alfred Sandrock, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 617-679-2721 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 41

42 Kathleen Tregoning BiogenInc. Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs Washington, D.C. Kathleen Tregoning has served as senior vice Prior to joining Biogen, Ms. Tregoning president, corporate affairs at Biogen since was a professional staff member in the December 2015, overseeing the companys U.S. Congress, working for the chairmen policy and advocacy engagement, corporate of the House of Representatives Ways & and employee communications, media Means Committee, the House Energy & relations, product communications and Commerce Committee and the Senate Budget philanthropy/community outreach on a Committee. In these positions she was a global basis. key resource for members of Congress on a wide range of health care issues, including Ms. Tregoning brings to the role more than 20 Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drugs, years of experience in policy development and disease management, health care information advocacy, stakeholder outreach and external technology and post-acute care. engagement. She joined Biogen in 2006 as vice president, public policy & government Ms. Tregoning received her undergraduate affairs. Over the course of nine years, she degree in international relations from built the companys first global government Stanford University and her masters degree affairs team to advance policies that enable in public policy from the Kennedy School the delivery of innovative biopharmaceutical of Government at Harvard University. products to patients. Her team has served She currently serves on the boards of the as strategic partners to divisions throughout Massachusetts Biotechnology Council the company to evaluate business issues and (MassBio) and the European Confederation of develop and execute advocacy strategies to Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE). advance Biogens policy agenda. CONTACT Kathleen Tregoning INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-383-1444 Cell: 202-352-5505 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 42

43 James Baxter, Pharm.D., Ph.D. Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Senior Vice President, Development Ridgefield, Connecticut Jim earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from the Jim joined Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) in University of Rhode Island (1982), and Ridgefield, Connecticut in 2007 as senior vice a Pharm.D. (1984) and later a Ph.D. president, development U.S. In this role, he (Pharmaceutics; 1989) from the University oversees non-clinical development activities of Buffalo. He joined Pfizer Central Research in support of BIs global drug development (Groton, CT) in 1989, where he worked on projects, covering a wide variety of new drug the discovery and development of central candidates for the treatment of immunologic nervous system drug candidates. In 2000, disorders, diabetes and other medical he was named Groton site head for global conditions. Jim and his wife, Jamie, have pharmacokinetics, dynamics and metabolism been married for 29 years and are the proud and in 2004 moved to the pharmaceutical parents of 2 adult children. sciences group where he served as site head in Groton, and later as global head of the portfolio, strategy and operations group for Pharmaceutical Sciences. CONTACT James Baxter, Pharm.D., Ph.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 203-778-7350 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 43

44 Paul Fonteyene Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Ridgefield, Connecticut Paul Fonteyne was appointed president and of Brussels in 1985 and an MBA from CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corp. and Carnegie Mellon University in 1987. U.S. country managing director on January 1, 2012. Paul has been employed by Boehringer He is currently on the board of directors of Ingelheim since 2003. Leading up to this role, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Paul was responsible for global marketing of of America (PhRMA) and is a member of BIs pharmaceutical business and, before that, the New England Chapter of CEOs Against its pharmaceutical business in the U.S. Cancer serving as vice chair. In the past he has served as chairman of the National Prior to 2003, Paul held marketing and sales Pharmaceutical Council. positions of increasing responsibility at Abbott Labs and Merck & Co. Inc. Paul became a U.S. Citizen in 1988 and retains Belgium Citizenship. He currently Born in Brussels, Belgium, Paul earned an resides in Westport, Connecticut with his M.S. in chemical engineering from University spouse - Nathalie and their three children. CONTACT Paul Fonteyene INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 203-798-5010 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 44

45 David S. Memel, M.D., M.S., MBA Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vice President, Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ridgefield, Connecticut Dr. David S. Memel has a strong record Prior to joining BI, Dr. Memels positions of leadership, innovation and operating included chief medical officer and senior experience in multinational pharmaceutical, vice president of analytics for LifeCare, Inc., diagnostics, provider and payer organizations. head of informatics for Aetna, Inc., global He is skilled in traversing the intersection of chief medical officer for Roche Professional business, medicine, science and technology; Diagnostics, director of medical data and is an effective, open and honest management and analytics and director of communicator, enabling him to engage key health economics and outcomes research for stakeholders in a shared vision that drives Roche Pharmaceuticals and corporate vice innovation and growth. president of information management and quality improvement for PeaceHealth, a multi- As the vice president of health economics and state integrated delivery system. outcomes research for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BI), Dr. Memel leads Dr. Memel received his B.S. and M.D. the continued evolution of BIs development from the University of California at Los and delivery of actionable, evidence-based Angeles. He also holds an M.S. in Medical solutions to inform key stakeholders decisions Informatics from the University of Utah about patient access to and appropriate use School of Medicine and an MBA from a joint of BIs medicines. Dr. Memel also serves international program at Cornell University in as a key participant in BIs global efforts to the U.S. and Queens University in Canada. expand engagement in real world evidence Dr. Memel also completed a fellowship in generation, is a major contributor to BIs clinical effectiveness research at the Harvard strategy for innovative collaborations with School of Public Health. payers and health care delivery systems and played a key role in development of BIs U.S. biosimilars strategy. CONTACT David S. Memel, M.D., M.S., MBA INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 203-798-5557 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 45

46 Joanne Palmisano, M.D., FACP Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Ridgefield, Connecticut Dr. Palmisano currently serves as vice Industry, Dr. Palmisano had extensive president, regulatory affairs, Boehringer experience in academic medicine and clinical Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. (BI), where research as senior physician, the Joslin she is responsible for oversight and leadership Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School of the regulatory affairs organization in the and assistant professor of medicine and U.S. Prior to joining BI in August 2010, Dr. endocrinology, SUNY Health Science Center at Palmisano served as assistant vice president, Brooklyn, where she served as director of the global regulatory affairs and regulatory head diabetes clinic, Kings County Hospital Center, for cardiovascular/metabolism, GI and New York City. anti-infective/ anti-viral at Wyeth/Pfizer. Her move into regulatory affairs followed Dr. Palmisano represents BI as a member of several years at Merck as senior medical the PhRMA Regulatory Affairs Coordinating director of clinical development, including Committee (RACC). Her special interests oversight of all clinical development for include drug development in pediatric Phase 3b-4 for cardiovascular/lipids and populations, serving as the PhRMA endocrinology products. RACC sponsor for the Pediatric Charter and as group leader for the ICH Expert Dr. Palmisano is a graduate of Columbia Working Group for the update for E11 University College of Physicians & Surgeons pediatric drug development. and a specialist in diabetes. Prior to joining CONTACT Joanne Palmisano, M.D., FACP INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 203-798-5570 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 46

47 Christopher Boerner, Ph.D. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company President and Head, U.S. Commercial Operations Plainsboro, New Jersey Christopher Boerner, Ph.D., is currently the Roche Group, where he served in a variety president and head of the U.S. commercial of commercial roles, including director of business at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). He marketing on Avastin, director of Avastin joined BMS in February 2015. franchise strategy and associate director of oncology market development. Prior to Prior to this role, Dr. Boerner served as Genentech, Dr. Boerner was with McKinsey the executive vice president of commercial & Company, a global strategic management for Seattle Genetics, Inc., where he was consulting firm, where he served global responsible for leading all commercial pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. activities for the company. Previously, he was its senior vice president of commercial Dr. Boerner received his Ph.D. and Master and vice president of marketing. Before of Business Administration from the Haas joining Seattle Genetics, Inc., Dr. Boerner School of Business at the University of was with DendreonCorporation, where he California, Berkeley and holds an AB in led the marketing team. From 2002 to 2010, economics and history from Washington he was with Genentech, a member of the University in St. Louis. CONTACT Christopher Boerner, Ph.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-897-4045 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 47

48 Murdo Gordon Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Senior Vice President and Head, Worldwide Markets Princeton, New Jersey Murdo Gordon co-leads the Bristol-Myers Murdo is a member of the board of directors Squibb commercial organization and is head of the Robert Wood Johnson University of worldwide markets. In this role, he has Hospital System. He maintains an active operational responsibility for each of the interest in global and U.S. health care policy markets and regions where Bristol-Myers and how different stakeholders can improve Squibb conducts business. Murdo works the efficiency and cost effectiveness of health closely with country and regional general care delivery. managers and their local teams to maximize the impact Bristol-Myers Squibb products Murdo received a Bachelor of Science in have on the lives of patients. cell and molecular biology from Concordia University, Montreal, and also attended the Murdo joined Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1989. general management program, CEDEP at He spent the first 14 years of his career in INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. Canada, where he held positions of increasing responsibility in sales and marketing. Murdo moved to the United States in 2003, where he worked in a number of different therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular, neuroscience, access/government affairs, oncology and immunology, as well as president of Bristol- Myers Squibb in the United States. CONTACT Murdo Gordon INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-252-5320 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 48

49 Fouad Namouni, M.D. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Head, Medical Princeton, New Jersey Fouad Namouni, M.D., is head of medical at melanoma, and Opdivo plus Yervoy was Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). In this position, approved for the treatment of metastatic he has responsibility for ensuring the safe and melanoma. appropriate use of the companys products and for providing support for the near-term Prior to this, Fouad was responsible for the pipeline. He is accountable to Francis Cuss, development of the epidermal growth factor chief scientific officer, and is a member of inhibitor Erbitux and the IgG1 monoclonal the R&D executive leadership team and the antibody necitumumab. He also served as commercial leadership team. global, U.S. and E.U. medical lead in several BMS oncology projects. Fouad joined BMS Over the course of his career at BMS, France in 1999 as Taxol life cycle manager. Fouad has demonstrated highly successful strategic and visionary leadership in oncology Earlier in his career, Fouad was a pediatric and immuno-oncology drug development oncologist at Institut Curie in Paris, France, and medical affairs at both national and where his focus was on developing agents for international levels. the treatment of pediatric tumors. He received his medical degree from the University Before taking on his current role, Fouad of Annaba Medical School in Algeria and was head of development for Opdivo and pediatrics degree from Universit Rene Yervoy . Under his leadership, Opdivo received Descartes in Paris, France. He also received approval for the treatment of metastatic his pediatric oncology and hematology degree squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and a M.S. in clinical and experimental and unresectable or metastatic melanoma, pharmacology from Universit Paris-Sud in as well as expanded approval in previously France. treated NSCLC in the United States and European markets. Yervoy received approval for the adjuvant treatment of stage III CONTACT Fouad Namouni, M.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-252-5450 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 49

50 Kevin Trapp Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Head, Product, Portfolio and Access Strategy Princeton, New Jersey Kevin Trapp is head of product, portfolio breaking collaboration to develop Atripla, and access strategy for worldwide a once-daily oral HIV therapy. In 2006, he commercialization at Bristol-Myers Squibb. joined the neuroscience business leading Kevin has responsibility for developing global all strategic and tactical elements of U.S. strategies to bring medicines from pipeline to marketing promotions for Abilify and directed patients, with close collaboration across R&D, the launch of three new formulations and one business development and manufacturing. new indication. He was the key commercial Kevin is also responsible for developing liaison with Japanese partner, Otsuka, and and leading a global market access strategy provided strategic vision for a division of over focused on new and innovative mechanisms 1000 employees. for patient access to medicines. He chairs the Worldwide Access Council and is a member Kevin also led multiple business units in of the companys commercial, senior R&D the United States, including neuroscience, and pipeline strategy leadership teams. Prior immunoscience and virology providing general to this role, Kevin led Bristol-Myers Squibbs management across specialty, primary care, global launch of its hepatitis C portfolio. small molecules and biologics. Kevin joined Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1989 and Kevin received a B.S. in accounting from has held positions of increasing responsibility The University of Connecticut School of in finance and strategic planning. He began Business and also attended the general work on the oncology/immunology franchise, management program, CEDEP at INSEAD, where he led negotiations on a ground- Fontainebleau, France. CONTACT Kevin Trapp INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-419-5521 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 50

51 Mark Alles Celgene Corporation President and Chief Operating Officer Summit, New Jersey Mr. Alles became president and chief Mr. Alles previously served as vice president operating officer in August 2014. He was for the U.S. oncology business unit of Aventis formerly the executive vice president and Pharmaceuticals and in other commercial global head of hematology and oncology since sales and marketing management roles during December 2012 following his promotion to his 11-year career there. After earning his executive vice president and chief Commercial B.S. degree from Lock Haven University of officer on February 15, 2012. Mr. Alles joined Pennsylvania and serving as a captain in the Celgene in April 2004 and served as vice United States Marine Corps, Mr. Alles started president, global marketing until March 2009 his 28-year career in the pharmaceutical when he became president of the Americas industry at Bayer and worked at Centocor Region. Responsibility for commercial before its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson. operations in Japan and the Asia Pacific Mr. Alles currently serves as a director for Region was added in July 2011. Gildas Club NYC, a nonprofit organization helping people with cancer, and as a trustee of The Healthcare Institute of New Jersey. CONTACT Mark Alles INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-673-9213 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 51

52 Richard Bagger Celgene Corporation Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Market Access Summit, New Jersey Rich Bagger is executive vice president After leaving state government, Rich was of corporate affairs and market access appointed by Governor Christie to be a for Celgene Corporation, a multinational commissioner of the Port Authority of New biopharmaceutical company focusing on the York and New Jersey, where he serves discovery, development and commercialization as chairman of the finance committee. of treatments for cancer and severe immune- Previously, Rich was employed by Pfizer inflammatory conditions. A member of Inc. for more than 16 years in a series of Celgenes Management Committee, Rich is positions of increasing responsibility within the responsible for advancing patient access to companys U.S. pharmaceuticals, corporate Celgene therapies and driving recognition affairs and worldwide pharmaceuticals of the value of Celgene innovation through divisions. From 2006 to 2009, he served on government relations, public policy, Pfizers senior most management team as communications, patient advocacy and market senior vice president, worldwide public affairs access activities around the world. Rich most and policy. recently served for two years as chief of staff for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, responsible for managing implementation of the Governors policy agenda and priorities. CONTACT Richard Bagger INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-673-9855 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 52

53 Joel Beetsch, Ph.D. Celgene Corporation Vice President, Patient Advocacy Summit, New Jersey Joel Beetsch currently holds the position of held several medical and corporate affairs vice president of patient advocacy within positions. Joel has professional interests the Celgene corporate affairs department. in patient-focused care coordination, In this position, Dr. Beetsch leads the global health policy and the use of health development and execution of a coordinated information technology. patient-focused advocacy strategy working with multiple patient, provider, payer and Joel earned his doctorate in neurobiology/ policy organizations to foster safe and biochemistry from the Boonshoft School effective solutions to health care challenges. of Medicine at Wright State University. These efforts drive the assurance that patient Following his doctoral work, Dr. Beetsch was access to health care solutions and medical further trained in cellular physiology at the innovation and are valued and advanced. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. During his 15-year tenure in the biopharmaceutical industry, Dr. Beetsch has CONTACT Joel Beetsch, Ph.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-673-9325 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 53

54 Brian Gill Celgene Corporation Vice President, Corporate Communications Summit, New Jersey Brian Gill has been responsible for corporate Prior to that, he held director and communications at Celgene since 2003. management positions, both domestic and Prior to joining Celgene, Mr. Gill served for internationally, with leading health care more than eight years as managing director and biotech companies. He also spent time for communication firms in New York City on Wall Street as a junior sell-side analyst creating global communications programs for following health care and biotech companies. health care and biotech companies. CONTACT Brian Gill INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-673-9530 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 54

55 Alex Azar Eli Lilly and Company President, Lilly USA Indianapolis, Indiana Alex Azar is president of Lilly USA, the largest Before his tenure at Lilly, Azar was the affiliate of Eli Lilly and Company, producing Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of almost half of its revenue. Health and Human Services (2005-2007), where he was the number two official and Azars responsibilities include direction chief operating officer for the largest civilian over Lilly USA, the legal entity that houses cabinet department in the U.S. government, the sales and marketing operations of the with a budget of $698 billion and more than companys entire U.S. commercial business: 66,000 employees reporting up to him. From the U.S. biomedicines, diabetes and 2001 to 2005, he served the department as oncology business units. He also directly general counsel. leads U.S. Biomedicines, the affiliates largest division, encompassing the areas of Azar earned a bachelors degree summa cum neuroscience, cardiovascular health, mens laude in government and economics from health, musculoskeletal, autoimmune disease, Dartmouth College in 1988 and a law degree Alzheimers disease, pain and managed health from Yale University in 1991. After law school, care services. he clerked for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States. Azar served as vice president of Lillys U.S. managed health care services and Puerto Azar is a member of several boards, including Rico from 2009 to 2011. He joined Lilly in the Biotechnology Industry Organization 2007 as senior vice president of corporate (chair of the reimbursement committee), the affairs and communications. Healthcare Leadership Council (treasurer), the American Council on Germany and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two children. CONTACT Kelley Murphy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-701-4007 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 55

56 Enrique Conterno Eli Lilly and Company Senior Vice President and President, Lilly Diabetes Indianapolis, Indiana Enrique Conterno was named senior vice intercontinental region and Japan. In 2003, president and president of Lilly Diabetes, Conterno became president and general effective November 1, 2009. Prior to this role, manager for Lillys operations in Mexico. Conterno served as president of Lilly USA, the In July 2006, Conterno was named vice companys largest affiliate. president of Lilly USAs neuroscience business unit, and he assumed the role of Born in Lima, Peru, Conterno earned his Lilly USA senior vice president of health care bachelors degree in mechanical engineering professional markets in 2008. In January from Case Western Reserve University in 2009, he was named president of Lilly USA. 1989 and his MBA from Duke University in 1992. Conterno is chairman of the board at the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Conterno joined Lilly as a sales representative and a member of the board of governors at in 1992. From 1993 to 1995, he held roles the American Red Cross. He is a member of as a financial analyst, marketing associate the board of visitors for Duke Universitys and business development manager. In 1996, Fuqua School of Business and a member Conterno was named sales and marketing of the board of directors for the National director for Lilly Peru, and in 1998, he Association of Manufacturers. became sales and marketing director for the Brazil affiliate. In 2000, Conterno was He and his wife, Kathleen, have three children: named executive director of marketing for the Francesca, Jacqueline and Nicholas. CONTACT Kelley Murphy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-701-4007 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 56

57 Newton F. Crenshaw Eli Lilly and Company Vice President, Lilly Oncology, U.S. and Canada Indianapolis, Indiana Newton Newt F. Crenshaw became vice Crenshaw led Lilly USAs business-to-business president of the oncology business unit with organization in 1997 and was promoted to responsibilities for commercial operations, vice president, U.S. sales and marketing in business development and payer/advocacy 1998. He was named vice president of e.Lilly, relations in July 2011. He previously served formed in July 2000, to accelerate the use as President of Lilly Japan from 2003 to 2008 of new business models through the use of and corporate vice president of global payer & digital technologies, as well as the initiation corporate affairs from 2009 to 2011. of Lillys first venture investment fund. From 2002 to 2003, he served as vice president of He received a Bachelor of Arts degree with communications and public affairs where he honors in economics from DePauw University revitalized Lillys corporate branding effort. in 1985, where he was a management fellow in the universitys Center for Management and Crenshaw serves on the board of trustees Entrepreneurship. of DePauw University and chairs the local committee for Young Life in Zionsville. He Crenshaw joined the company in 1985 as has served on Young Lifes National Board a sales representative in Charlottesville, of Trustees, was the founding board chair Virginia and held various marketing and sales for Twelve Stones Ministries and chaired management roles during his first decade with PhRMAs executive committee for two years the company. while in Japan. CONTACT Kelley Murphy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-701-4007 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 57

58 Sherry Martin, M.D. Eli Lilly and Company Vice President, Clinical Development Operations, Diabetes Indianapolis, Indiana Dr. Martin is vice president of clinical Dr. Martin attended the University of development operations, diabetes at Eli Mississippi Medical School. She completed Lilly and Company and has responsibility her internal medicine residency at the for oversight of data science and solutions University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. and global clinical operations, with focus on After participating in a clinical pharmacology execution of the global diabetes Phase 3-4 internship program in the Research Triangle, portfolio. After joining Lilly in 2005, she she initially returned to Mississippi to practice served as U.S. affiliate medical director for the internal medicine in a multi-specialty clinic for insulins/devices program. From 2010 to 2014, several years. She subsequently continued her she was the global senior medical director training with completion of an endocrinology responsible for the dulaglutide development and metabolism fellowship at Ochsner Clinic program and regulatory submission, approved in New Orleans, Louisiana. For 15 years prior for market as Trulicity in the U.S. and EU in to entering the pharmaceutical industry, she 2014. She has been extensively involved in was a private practice clinical endocrinologist Phase 3-4 clinical trial research and regulatory in Mississippi, medical director of the North submissions, and has coauthored multiple Mississippi Diabetes Treatment Center and publications in peer reviewed journals. served as an executive board member and chair of the medical staff for North Mississippi Health Services, the largest rural hospital system in the United States. CONTACT Kelley Murphy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-701-4007 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 58

59 Dave Ricks Eli Lilly and Company Senior Vice President and President, Bio-Medicines Indianapolis, Indiana Dave Ricks was named senior vice president Active in trade issues between the United and president of Lilly Bio-Medicines in January States and European Union, Ricks has served 2012, and is a member of the companys as the U.S. co-chair of the Trans-Atlantic executive committee. Business Dialogue, and Chairman of the International Board Sponsored Committee As president of Lilly Bio-Medicines, Ricks of EFPIA (the European Federation of leads Bio-Medicines commercialization Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations). efforts for marketed medicines in more He also serves as chair of the Riley Childrens than 20 countries, along with half of Lillys Foundation Board of Governors and is the late-stage drug development pipeline 2015-16 Campaign Chair for United Way of (Alzheimers disease, immunology and chronic Central Indiana. Ricks also sits on the Purdue pain). A 20-year Lilly veteran, Ricks previously Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering led three of Lillys most important affiliates: Advisory Board. the U.S., China, and Canada. He served as president of Lilly USA, the companys largest In his time away from work, he enjoys affiliate, from 2009 to 2011. backpacking, jogging and spending time with his family. Ricks and his wife, Christina, Ricks earned a bachelors degree in industrial have three children. management from Purdue University in 1990, and an MBA from Indiana University in 1996. He has also worked for Hewlett Packard Corporation and IBM. CONTACT Kelley Murphy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-701-4007 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 59

60 Michael J. Ruggiero EMD Serono, Inc. Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs and Policy Washington, D.C. Michael J. Ruggiero is a seasoned executive Mr. Ruggiero previously practiced law in in the biopharmaceutical industry with a Washington, D.C. at the law firms of Arnold broad range of experience in policy, advocacy & Porter LLP and King & Spalding LLP, where and government relations. He currently he counseled and advocated on behalf of is vice president, U.S. government affairs health care industry clients on a range of and policy for EMD Serono, the U.S.-based matters relating to product reimbursement biopharmaceuticals division of Merck KGaA, and regulation. Darmstadt, Germany. He leads the function responsible for advising the company on the Mr. Ruggiero is a former vice chair of the impact of U.S. policy on business strategy, and American Health Lawyers Association shaping the external policy environment to Life Sciences Practice Group, serves as accomplish the companys business objectives. adjunct faculty at the American University Mr. Ruggiero sits on the U.S. country Washington College of Law and is immediate leadership team and the global government past chairman of the board of directors of affairs and policy leadership team. the National Kidney Foundation Serving the National Capital Area. He earned a J.D. cum Before joining EMD Serono, Mr. Ruggiero laude from the Georgetown University Law was vice president, government strategy for Center and a B.A. in economics from Syracuse Astellas Pharma US, Inc., where he led the University. Prior to attending law school, Mr. function responsible for developing policy Ruggiero worked for the American Apparel strategies to accomplish the companys Manufacturers Association and the American business objectives; designed and led the first Textile Manufacturers Institute. Astellas federal policy and government affairs function; and led cross-functional/regional initiatives to address government policy at a global level. CONTACT Michael J. Ruggiero INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-802-8127 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 60

61 Jack Bailey GlaxoSmithKline plc President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Research Triangle Park, North Carolina As president, U.S. Pharmaceuticals, Jack including senior vice president, account-based Bailey leads GlaxoSmithKlines (GSK) markets division; general manager, Eli Lilly pharmaceuticals business in the United South Africa; and area director for the Sub- States and Puerto Rico. Having joined GSK Saharan region. in 2009, Jack previously served as senior vice president, overseeing policy, payers and Jack is based in Research Triangle Park, North vaccines with responsibility for government Carolina, where he is actively involved in affairs, managed markets, the U.S. vaccines the community and currently serves on the business unit and Puerto Rico operations. board of directors for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, the North Carolina Jack has successfully guided GSK through Healthcare Quality Alliance and the North a rapidly changing U.S. health care Carolina Chamber of Commerce. environment, including the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a competitive Jack holds an MBA from the University marketplace and the evolution of a value- of North Carolina Kenan Flagler School of based health care system all with a focus Business. Jack and his wife, Robin, reside on ensuring continued patient access to GSKs in Raleigh, North Carolina, with their two medicines and vaccines. children, Emily and John. Prior to GSK, Jack had a successful 18- year career with Eli Lilly, where he served in a variety of commercial leadership roles, CONTACT Jenni Ligday INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-715-1049 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 61

62 Tanisha Carino, Ph.D. GlaxoSmithKline plc Vice President, U.S. Public Policy Washington, D.C. Tanisha Carino, Ph.D., serves as vice Dr. Carino brings over 15 years of experience president, U.S. public policy at in consulting, management, health policy and GlaxoSmithKline, which is committed to strategy development across government, helping people do more, feel better and industry and academia. She is a recognized live longer. In her role, Dr. Carino promotes thought leader in the evolving U.S. regulatory public policies in the best interest of patients environment, market access and commercial and the publics health. trends, as well as health technology and evidence-based medicine. She joined the company from Avalere Health, a strategic health care advisory company, Dr. Carino has a Ph.D. in health policy from where she oversaw advisory and research Johns Hopkins University and is a Fulbright services for the nations leading life sciences scholar. She serves as an associate faculty companies as executive vice president. member in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and is a board member of Bread for the City in Washington, District of Columbia. CONTACT Jenni Ligday INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-715-1049 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 62

63 Caroline De Marco GlaxoSmithKline plc Vice President, Regional Accounts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Caroline De Marco is the vice president for 10s Moms on the Move in 2005, named regional accounts at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a 2004 Rising Star by the Healthcare a position she has held since 2010. In this Businesswomens Association and selected role, she is responsible for ensuring patient by GSK and the Olympic Committee to be a access and reimbursement coverage for torchbearer for the Philadelphia 2002 Winter GSKs pharmaceuticals, vaccines and specialty Olympic Games torch relay. medicines among regional payers and integrated health system customers, Caroline is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including Kaiser. and is active in the community, serving as the president of The Penn Towne Chapter of The Caroline has over 25 years of experience in LINKs Inc.; a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha the pharmaceutical industry at GSK, serving in Sorority, Inc., and Jack & Jill of America, The a number of positions including vice president, Philadelphia Chapter; and serves on the board national GPO, Kaiser and federal health of the trustees for The Haverford School and systems and regional vice president, northeast AIM Academy. She graduated with honors institutional sales. During her tenure, she has from Howard University with a Bachelor of also held several marketing roles where she Business Administration in finance. She resides successfully launched new products, managed in Philadelphia with her husband, Jason, and the strategic planning process and developed their two sons, Carson and Noble. educational partnerships with non-traditional customers and health educators, including Oprah Winfreys O magazine. Caroline has received a number of leadership accolades for her contributions to GSK and the pharmaceutical industry. She was selected by GSK to be featured on NBC CONTACT Jenni Ligday INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-715-1049 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 63

64 Jamey Millar GlaxoSmithKline plc Senior Vice President, Managed Markets and Government Affairs Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Jamey Millar is senior vice president, Jamey has extensive sales and marketing managed markets and government affairs for experience working with providers, hospitals, GlaxoSmithKlines (GSK) U.S. Pharmaceuticals. health systems and public and private payers In this capacity, Jamey leads all U.S. payer across therapeutic areas, including respiratory, functions, as well as government relations and GSKs largest therapeutic area. He has held a public policy. Jamey continues to serve as a number of leadership positions since joining member of the corporate leadership team, as GSK in 2001, including four years in managed he did in his prior role as vice president and markets as vice president, strategic pricing, head of the U.S. oncology business. contracting and payer marketing. Prior to joining GSK, Jamey spent 11 years with Procter & Gamble, where he held a variety of positions, including country manager for the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland. CONTACT Jenni Ligday INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-715-1049 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 64

65 Jeffrey D. Kent, M.D., FACG Horizon Pharma Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs and Clinical Outcomes Deerfield, Illinois Jeffrey D. Kent, M.D., FACG, is senior Additionally, Dr. Kent served as associate vice president, medical affairs and clinical medical director for the Evanston Hospital outcomes for Horizon Pharma, a role he clinical pharmacology unit, a Phase I clinical assumed in May 2012. trials facility and gained experience with first-in-man and ADME studies. Prior to that Previously, Dr. Kent served as executive experience, he served as a full-time faculty director, medical affairs for Astellas member for several years in the department of Pharmaceuticals, which he joined in 2011. Prior internal medicine and the division of digestive to that, in 2005, Dr. Kent became the global diseases at Rush Medical College and Rush project head for medical affairs in immunology Presbyterian St. Lukes Hospital. While at within Abbott Global Pharmaceutical Research Rush, Dr. Kent was heavily involved with and Development (Abbott). In this capacity, clinical practice, educating medical students, he had global medical affairs responsibility residents and fellows, and developed extensive for HUMRIA across the rheumatology, experience with Phase II-IV clinical trials. dermatology and gastroenterology therapeutic areas. Dr. Kent began his industry career with Dr. Kent is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall Searle (now Pfizer), where he served in various College and the Jefferson Medical College capacities in research and development, in Philadelphia, where he received his M.D. including the global director for valdecoxib degree. He completed a residency in internal (Bextra) development. medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and a fellowship in gastroenterology and hepatology at Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Hospital in Chicago. CONTACT Geoff Curtis INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 224-383-3333 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 65

66 Jeffrey W. Sherman, M.D., FACP Horizon Pharma Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President Deerfield, Illinois Jeffrey (Jeff) W. Sherman, M.D., FACP, residency in internal medicine at Northwestern is chief medical officer and executive vice University, where he also served as chief president at Horizon Pharma based in medical resident. Additionally, he completed Deerfield, Illinois. Jeff has more than 25 years fellowship training at the University of of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. California-San Francisco (UCSF) and was a research associate at the Howard Hughes Before joining Horizon Pharma, Jeff was chief Medical Institute at UCSF. Jeff is an adjunct medical officer and senior vice president of assistant professor of medicine at the research and development at IDM Pharma. Northwestern University Feinberg School He also served previously as vice president of of Medicine and a member of a number of clinical science at Takeda Global Research and professional societies, as well as a diplomat of Development and chief medical officer and the National Board of Medical Examiners and executive vice president at NeoPharm. the American Board of Internal Medicine. In addition, Jeff held various positions at Jeff is a past president of the Drug Searle/Pharmacia, including director, senior Information Association (DIA) and a former director and executive director of clinical member of the board of directors. He also research for a variety of therapeutic areas, was chairperson of the DIA Annual Meeting, including infectious diseases, womens health, received an Outstanding Service Award, is sleep, central nervous system and oncology. an inaugural fellow and serves as the DIA He also served as head of oncology global liaison to the FDA Clinical Trial Transformation medical operations. Prior to Searle/Pharmacia, Initiative steering committee. Jeff, in addition, Jeff worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb in clinical serves on the board of advisors of the Center pharmacology and clinical research. for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation. Jeff received his medical degree from the Rosalind Franklin University/Chicago Medical School. He completed an internship and CONTACT Geoff Curtis INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 224-383-3333 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 66

67 Anastasia G. Daifotis, M.D. Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Chief Scientific Officer Titusville, New Jersey Anastasia G. Daifotis, M.D., is the chief an important medical role in licensing and scientific officer, Janssen North America. acquisitions. As leader of the Medical and Anastasia leads the Janssen Scientific Affairs Scientific Affairs Council for Janssen North Organization and the Janssen Medical and America, Anastasia is responsible for shaping Scientific Affairs Council. the medical and scientific vision for the region internally and representing Janssen externally As the leader of Janssen scientific affairs, on advisory and policymaking bodies across Anastasia sets the medical strategy for the region. Janssen North America. She is responsible for accelerating the development of medical Anastasia graduated from Princeton and scientific capabilities essential to University with an undergraduate degree in differentiating in a value-based health care biology and received her M.D. from Albany system, such as real world evidence and Medical College. She held clinical and research health care economics, for pharmacovigilance fellowships in endocrinology and a Howard and for medical information, including our call Hughes fellowship at the Yale University center operations. She partners closely with School of Medicine and Yale-New our R&D and global medical affairs leadership Haven Hospital. on product development programs and plays CONTACT Meredith Sharp INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-589-1048 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 67

68 Elizabeth Fowler, Ph.D., J.D. Johnson & Johnson Vice President, Global Health Policy Washington, D.C. Elizabeth Liz Fowler, Ph.D., J.D, is vice Liz also played a key role in the 2003 president of global health policy for Johnson Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement & Johnson. Liz is responsible for driving and Modernization Act. Liz has more than 20 compassionate public policy to expand years of experience in health policy and health access to high-quality, affordable health services research. She has served as vice care worldwide while promoting the value president of public policy and external affairs of innovation to improve the standard of for WellPoint, Inc., and as an attorney with patient care. the Washington law firm Hogan & Hartson (now Hogan Lovells). Liz also spent five years Liz joined Johnson & Johnson in 2012 from as a health services researcher with the the White House, where she served as special Park Nicollet Medical Foundation in assistant to the President for health care Minneapolis, Minnesota. and economic policy at the National Economic Council. During the health reform Liz has a B.A. from the University of debate from 2009 to 2010, she was chief Pennsylvania, a Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins health counsel to former Senator Max Bloomberg School of Public Health, where her Baucus (D-MT), then-chair of the Senate research focused on risk adjustment, and a Finance Committee, where she played a J.D. from the University of Minnesota. She is critical role in developing the Senate version admitted to the bar in Maryland, the District of the Affordable Care Act. In a previous of Columbia and the U.S. Supreme Court. stint with the Senate Finance Committee, CONTACT Meredith Sharp INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-589-1048 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 68

69 Blasine Penkowski Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Chief Strategic Customer Officer Titusville, New Jersey Blasine Penkowski is the chief strategic for businesses in neuroscience, endocrinology, customer officer at Janssen North America. virology, pain and asthma, and mature She currently leads an integrated team products, and she established and prepared responsible for relationships with insurance for the launch of AbbVie into the oncology companies, pharmacy benefit managers, market. She also led enterprise-wide efforts to integrated delivery networks and corporatized shape AbbVies approach to critical business providers focused on innovative approaches challenges and opportunities, including real and opportunities across customer sectors in world evidence, and built Abbotts first global todays complex health care marketplace. strategic marketing department. Blasine is a seasoned leader with a strong Blasine was named one of Healthcare track record of success in the pharmaceutical Businesswomens Associations rising stars of industry. During her 25 years at AbbVie 2004 and held multiple board positions for (formerly Abbotts Pharmaceutical Division), the Chicago Chapter. she built businesses, held senior positions in a variety of disciplines and steered the way in Blasine holds a Master of Business shaping innovative approaches to addressing Administration from Indiana University unmet medical needs. She served in positions Kelley School of Business and a Bachelor of increasing responsibility in account of Science in Chemical Engineering from management and managed care marketing Purdue University. before being named vice president/general manager, managed markets and trade. In her tenure as a vice president, she was responsible CONTACT Meredith Sharp INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 202-589-1048 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 69

70 Matthew Harbaugh Mallinckrodt Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer St. Louis, Missouri Matthew Harbaugh is the senior vice worked as a lead finance executive at Cerberus president and chief financial officer at Capital Management, L.P., a New York-based Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. He has private equity firm. He also spent 10 years at executive responsibility for the finance, Monsanto, where he held several positions, information technology and global medical including corporate finance director, investor imaging commercial functions. relations manager and finance director/chief financial officer for the companys southern Mr. Harbaugh has more than 20 years of Argentine/Chilean and Canadian operations. experience in controllership, corporate finance, business development and licensing, financial Mr. Harbaugh holds a bachelors degree planning and analysis and investor relations. in finance from Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri and an MBA from Previously, Mr. Harbaugh served as the chief Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. financial officer and interim president of the pharmaceuticals division of Covidien. He has CONTACT Matthew Harbaugh INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 314-654-8677 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 70

71 Hugh ONeill Mallinckrodt Senior Vice President and President, Autoimmune and Rare Diseases St. Louis, Missouri Hugh ONeill is the senior vice president and Before joining Mallinckrodt, Mr. ONeill held president of autoimmune and rare diseases various commercial leadership positions at (ARD) at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. He Sanofi, including vice president of commercial has executive responsibility for this business excellence, general manager, president of within the companys specialty brands Sanofi Canada and vice president of market segment, as well as for the specialty generics access and business development. He has also segment, which includes specialty generics worked at Pharmacia, Novartis and Sandoz, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. He crafting commercial strategies and operational directly manages all commercialization plans across all facets of various organizations efforts and broad market access activities including commercial coordination within for these businesses. research and development, new product launches, field force leadership, strategic Mr. ONeill has more than 20 years of marketing, business development and experience in new product planning and market access. execution, business development, strategic planning, marketing, general management, Mr. ONeill holds a bachelors degree in finance and market access in the finance from Montclair State University pharmaceutical industry. in Montclair, New Jersey, and an MBA in marketing from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. CONTACT Hugh ONeill INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 314-654-5280 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 71

72 Steven Romano, M.D. Mallinckrodt Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer St. Louis, Missouri Dr. Steven Romano is the senior vice president most recent position as senior vice president, and chief science officer at Mallinckrodt head, global medicines development, global Pharmaceuticals. He has executive innovative pharmaceuticals business. Prior to responsibility for research and development joining Pfizer, he spent four years at Eli Lilly. (R&D), medical affairs and regulatory affairs functions. Dr. Romano is a board-certified After receiving his A.B. in biology from psychiatrist with more than 20 years of Washington University in St. Louis and experience in the pharmaceutical industry. his medical degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Romano completed Prior to joining Mallinckrodt, Dr. Romano his residency and fellowship at New York spent 16 years at Pfizer, Inc. where he held Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, continuing a series of senior medical and R&D roles of on the faculty of the medical school for six increasing responsibility, culminating in his additional years. CONTACT Steven Romano INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 314-654-3704 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 72

73 Patrick Davish Merck & Co., Inc. Associate Vice President, Global Market Access - Global Pricing Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania Patrick Davish is currently the associate federal policy and legislation, public vice president for global market access affairs and policy and global market access. with responsibility for global pricing. In Before joining Merck, Patrick worked as an that capacity, Patrick leads the organization associate at the Ballard Spahr and Dilworth responsible for the pricing and reimbursement Paxson law firms in Philadelphia. He practiced strategies for all of Mercks products globally, litigation law in complex commercial matters which includes U.S. pricing and reimbursement and represented numerous Fortune operations. Patrick also serves as executive 500 companies. vice president of Mercks Patient Assistance Foundation. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, magna cum laude, and the Patrick joined Merck in 1993 and has held Harvard Law School. He lives in Bucks positions of increasing responsibility within County, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Anne, the Merck legal department, Mercks office of and son, Max. CONTACT Patrick Davish INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 267-305-0225 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 73

74 Patrick Magri Merck & Co., Inc. Senior Vice President, Hospital and Specialty Business Unit Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania Patrick Magri currently serves as senior vice franchise where he was responsible for the president of Mercks, hospital and specialty market introductions of both JANUVIA business unit in the United States. In this and JANUMET. Mr. Magri has also capacity, Mr. Magri has P&L responsibility served as business unit leader for Mercks and oversees commercial activities related to cardiovascular/metabolic franchises in the strategy development and execution for all United States. In 2009, Mr. Magri was products in the hospital/specialty portfolio, appointed senior vice president and general across multiple therapeutic areas. manager for the cardiovascular global pharmaceutical franchise where he was Mr. Magri joined Merck in 1990 and has held responsible for the direction of commercial positions of increasing responsibility across strategies and late stage development of the a number of disciplines. During his tenure integrated cardiovascular portfolios of Merck he has served as market research manager, and Schering Plough. product manager, sales district manager, director of the bone measurement institute Mr. Magri received his Bachelor of Science and senior director of marketing. Mr. Magri degree in biology from the University of also held leadership positions with Merck/ Notre Dame and his Master of Business Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and Mercks Administration from Rutgers University. He Hospital and Specialty Executive Committee. currently serves as chairman of the board of directors for the National Pharmaceutical In 2004, Mr. Magri was appointed Council and as a member of the Economic vice president, marketing, leading the Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank osteoporosis franchise, subsequently taking of Philadelphia. on responsibilities for the U.S. Diabetes CONTACT Patrick Magri INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 267-305-9920 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 74

75 William Hinshaw Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Executive Vice President, U.S. Oncology East Hanover, New Jersey Bill Hinshaw is executive vice president and group emerging markets, which included head of the U.S. In this role he is responsible all divisions of Novartis Corporation in 50 for all commercial and medical operations countries worldwide. He was also the global covering the United States. head of infectious diseases, transplant and immunology business franchise. Bill has held a number of increasingly senior roles in Novartis with his most recent being, Before joining Novartis, Bill worked at the head of the Northern and Central Europe former Schering Plough Corporation where Region for oncology where he was responsible he held a series of commercial roles of for leading all functions across 33 countries. increasing responsibility, including the head Prior to that role, Bill was the head of of U.S. oncology. CONTACT William Hinshaw INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 862-778-3415 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 75

76 Christi Shaw Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation U.S. Country Head, President East Hanover, New Jersey For Christi Shaw, more moments for more evolving needs of patients in collaboration memories isnt just a mantra its a personal with health care professionals, advocacy and professional mission. In her multi- groups, payers and policy makers. faceted role as U.S. country head, president of Novartis Corporation and president of Joining Novartis in July 2010 as head of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Christi North America oncology, Christi oversaw all leads through the lens of innovation, integrity operations of that business including medical, and inclusion. commercial and staff functions for the U.S. and Canada. Her oncology legacy includes As U.S. country head, Christi has oversight championing the groundbreaking Signature of 23,500 associates across Novartis program, which is revolutionizing clinical trial U.S. group companies in three divisions - recruitment by bringing the protocol to the Pharmaceuticals, Alcon, and Sandoz - as patient versus the patient to the protocol. As well as the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical a result, treatments are now getting to cancer Research. Shes also responsible for patients in three to five weeks on average, government relations, external affairs and compared to six months. Novartis corporate reputation in the U.S. Christis more than 25 years of experience As president of Novartis Pharmaceuticals includes leadership positions at Johnson & Corporation, she leads the pharma business Johnson and Eli Lilly & Company. Currently, in the U.S., including day-to-day operations she serves on the board of the Biotechnology of the U.S. general medicines business, Industry Organization (BIO), the Healthcare comprising cardiovascular and respiratory, Leadership Council and the Young Womens dermatology and immunology and Leadership Network, which is committed to neuroscience. In all of her roles, she maintains empowering at-risk young women an unwavering commitment to addressing the through education. CONTACT Christi Shaw INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 862-778-5626 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 76

77 Robert Spurr Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation U.S. Country Head and Vice President, Patient Access and Health Policy East Hanover, New Jersey Bob Spurr is U.S. country head and vice U.S. oncology market access. He began his president, patient access and health policy career at Sandoz, serving in several sales and for U.S. general medicines at Novartis managed markets roles over 10 years, before Pharmaceutical Corporation. He is responsible moving to Aventis where he led a number for strategically aligning resources to of marketing and managed care teams. Bob strengthen the value the company brings to later joined Ortho-McNeil where he was leading customers, including pharmacy benefit vice president of sales and marketing for its managers, insurers, Medicare, Medicaid, institutional franchise. Before joining Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Novartis U.S. oncology in 2012, Bob held senior care, chain pharmacies, wholesalers, sales and marking executive leadership employers, patients and physicians. Bob positions at Lantheus Medical Imaging and is also responsible for leading U.S. health Repligen Corporation. policy, state government affairs, the patient & specialty services team, as well as sales, Throughout his career, Bob has been an marketing and overall strategic development action-oriented leader, committed to ensuring of the companys established medicines that appropriate patients have access to business. He is a member of the U.S. Country the medications they need. As head of Executive Committee, the U.S. General U.S. oncology market access, he led overall Medicines Executive Committee and the U.S. strategic planning and tactical execution for Pharmaceutical Executive Committee. all oncology managed markets/market access activities across the portfolio. Bob holds Bob, who has more than 25 years of a Bachelor of Science degree from Keene commercial pharmaceutical experience in State College in New Hampshire and earned sales, marketing and managed markets, most an Executive MBA from Rutgers, The State recently held the position of head of Novartis University of New Jersey. CONTACT Robert Spurr INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 862-778-1376 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 77

78 Todd Hobbs, M.D. Novo Nordisk, Inc. Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, North America Plainsboro, New Jersey Todd Hobbs, M.D., is vice president and then moving to the position of senior medical chief medical officer for Novo Nordisk director, diabetes, in 2010. He led the medical in North America, where he leads the affairs activities for all of Novo Nordisks organizations focus on the implications of current insulin products and devices, as well diabetes for the patient, health care system as supporting future insulin products through and health care professionals. strategic and tactical activities. Dr. Hobbs provides overall medical guidance In 2016, he will begin a 3-year term on to Novo Nordisks diabetes- and obesity- the board for the American Medical Group related projects. He provides input into Foundation (AMGF), the research foundation the clinical development and life-cycle arm of the American Medical Group management strategies for diabetes and Association (AMGA). obesity, as well as medical input into the R&D pipeline. He is involved with the Prior to working at Novo Nordisk, Dr. Hobbs optimization of relationships with top key had established a clinical practice based in opinion leaders and medical societies, and Louisville, Kentucky, focusing on the intensive provides guidance to and participates in management of patients with diabetes of all consultant advisory boards and key patient ages and served as chairman of the medicine and professional associations and top thought department for a large regional medical center leaders in diabetes. in Kentucky. During this 10-year clinical career, he cared for more than 2,500 adults and Dr. Hobbs began his career at Novo Nordisk children with diabetes, including outpatient in 2004 as a field medical scientific director, and inpatient care, as well as intensive care. CONTACT Todd Hobbs, M.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-786-4167 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 78

79 Curt G. Oltmans Novo Nordisk, Inc. Corporate Vice President and General Counsel Plainsboro, New Jersey Curtis G. Oltmans is corporate vice president Curt graduated from the University of & general counsel for Novo Nordisk Inc., Nebraska College of Law, with high North America. He is responsible for strategy distinction, in 1988 and from the University of and initiatives in the areas of law, quality, Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in political intellectual property, U.S. corporate giving & science in 1985. He is admitted to practice law social impact, government affairs and public in Indiana and Missouri. He also maintains a affairs for the companys substantial business limited law license in New Jersey. in North America. He is a member of the companys North American executive team Prior to joining Novo Nordisk he held various and serves on various internal and global positions in the legal department of Eli Lilly steering groups and committees. He joined and Company (1992-2005), including positions Novo Nordisk Inc. in 2005. based in Europe and the United States. While in these roles, he visited more than fifty In addition to his responsibilities managing countries. He has also worked as an associate the legal, patents, quality & public affairs at Shook, Hardy & Bacon in Kansas City, department, he is leading Novo Nordisks Missouri (1989-1992), as well as a visiting Native American Health Initiative. Currently, associate at Cameron McKenna (1988-1989) the project is working with the Rosebud Sioux in London, U.K. Tribe in Rosebud, South Dakota. The project includes diabetes education, donation of a He is a board of trustees member for the Boys Wellness Center and mobile medical unit. & Girls Club of Trenton & Mercer County (NJ). CONTACT Curt Oltmans INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-987-4875 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 79

80 Sean Phillips Novo Nordisk, Inc. Vice President, Managed Markets Plainsboro, New Jersey Sean Phillips is currently the vice president Sean joined Novo Nordisk in March of 2001 of managed markets strategy, in diabetes as the senior director, managed care and & obesity marketing at Novo Nordisk Inc in government. Over the past 20 years he has Plainsboro, New Jersey. held various leadership positions in sales, managed markets and marketing in the In this position he is responsible for managed pharmaceutical industry. care, government and institutional strategic contract strategy and marketing. Sean is a licensed Pharmacist in the state of Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran. CONTACT Sean Phillips INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-786-4264 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 80

81 Michael A. Narachi Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer La Jolla, San Diego, California Michael A. Narachi has served as our Oaks, California and Cambridge, U.K.; vice president and chief executive officer and a president of development and representative member of our board of directors since March director for Amgen Japan; head of corporate 2009. Previously, Mr. Narachi served as strategic planning; chief operations officer chairman, chief executive officer and of Amgen BioPharma; and vice president, president of Ren Pharmaceuticals, Inc., licensing and business development. He a private biotechnology company, from currently serves on the board of directors November 2006 to March 2009. From of Celladon Corporation and Ultragenyx August 2002 to January 2008, Mr. Pharmaceutical, Inc., both are publicly traded Narachi served as chairman of the board of biotechnology companies. directors of Naryx Pharma, Inc., a private pharmaceutical company. Mr. Narachi received a B.S. in biology and an M.A. degree in biology and genetics from the In 2004, Mr. Narachi retired as an officer University of California at Davis. He received and vice president of Amgen Inc., a leading an MBA from the Anderson Graduate School therapeutics company, where he served as of Management at University of California, general manager of Amgens anemia business Los Angeles. Mr. Narachi also currently serves from 1999 to 2003. Mr. Narachi joined as a member of the board of directors of Amgen in 1984 and held various positions PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and throughout the organization including: product Manufacturers of America; and BIO, the development team leader for NEUPOGEN Biotechnology Industry Organization. Director of Clinical Operations in Thousand CONTACT Michael A. Narachi INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 858-875-8601 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 81

82 John Bardi Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. Vice President, Government Affairs Rockville, Maryland John Bardi is vice president, government at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Earlier, he worked at affairs and business development lead for GlaxoSmithKline as vice president, long term Otsukas digital medicine platform at Otsuka care channel accounts and director of national America Pharmaceutical, Inc. In his role accounts, institutional sales. at Otsuka John oversees and directs all government affairs efforts at the federal and Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, state level along with stakeholder engagement John served as vice president, clinical and with key consumer advocacy organizations professional services, at The Childrens focused primarily in the areas of mental Hospital of Philadelphia. health, oncology, and Alzheimers disease. As business development lead for Otsukas John received a B.A. degree from West emerging digital medicine platform, John Chester University and a Master of Health will direct stakeholder engagement with U.S. Services Administration degree from the payers and policy makers. George Washington University. Before joining Otsuka, John worked as vice president, U.S. managed markets and senior director, marketing for ABILIFY (aripiprazole) CONTACT John Bardi INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 240-683-3153 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 82

83 Rob Laverty Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. Vice President, Market Access Princeton, New Jersey Rob Laverty is vice president of market Before joining Otsuka in 2012, Rob spent 18 access at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, years at Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he was Inc. (OAPI). He is a member of the brand most recently the executive director of global development & commercialization and market access. Robs team built worldwide pharmaceutical operating committees and the market access strategies and developed value joint executive team. Rob previously served stories for the neuroscience, cardiovascular the company as senior director of market and metabolic pipelines. access. He continues to be responsible for payer and trade strategy and interactions, Rob received a B.S. degree in management pricing strategy, contracting, market access science from Kean University and an MBA in operations and development of early market finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University access strategy. Madison Campus in New Jersey. CONTACT Rob Laverty INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-853-2214 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 83

84 Bob Oliver Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. President & Chief Operating Officer Princeton, New Jersey Bob Oliver is a 25 year veteran of the Bob has led multiple product launches in pharmaceutical industry. He is currently the gastrointestinal, central nervous system, president and chief operating officer for oncology and other therapeutic categories. Otsuka America Inc. where he manages a In addition to his responsibility overseeing diverse portfolio of marketed and pipeline the U.S. commercial organization for products. During the span of his career Bob Otsuka America, he is also responsible has held general management and executive for the Canadian affiliate Otsuka Canada roles including vice president and global Pharmaceutical, Inc., or OCPI. business manager for the oncology franchise at Wyeth where he was also senior vice During his tenure with Johnson & Johnson, president U.S. operations and the Caribbean. Wyeth and OAPI, Bob has honed his skills in managing partnerships and alliances. He He began his career in the pharmaceutical promotes open innovation and is a proponent industry with Johnson & Johnson where he of the mantra all for creativity which was held positions of increasing responsibility in coined at the parent organization of OAPI. As both domestic and global business operations. a leader of transformational change, Bob is He has also had responsibility for multiple focused on both internal business operations blockbuster brands and sizable organizations and cultivating external business relationships. over the course of his career. Bob holds a BA from Rutgers University and an MBA from St. Josephs University. CONTACT Bob Oliver INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 609-524-6830 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 84

85 Kirsten Axelsen Pfizer Inc. Vice President, Global Policy New York, New York Kirsten Axelsen is vice president global policy Kirsten earned a B.S. in economics, from at Pfizer. She leads a team that analyses how the University of Puget Sound and an M.S. changes in health policy affect Pfizer, health in economics from the University of Texas, care providers and their patients and offers Austin. In 2006, Kirsten was awarded a strategic guidance based on the analysis. Global Health Fellowship to work with the Kirsten began her career at Pfizer in 2000. International Trachoma Initiative in Ethiopia. Kirsten also serves on Pfizers Real World Data Steering Committee. CONTACT Kirsten Axelsen INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 212-733-8321 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 85

86 Geno Germano Pfizer Inc. Group President, Global Innovative Pharma Business New York, New York Geno Germano is group president With more than 25 years of international of Pfizers global innovative pharma experience in the pharmaceutical industry, business, the companys operating unit Germano has held many positions including focused on development, registration and executive vice president and general manager commercialization of novel, value creating for Wyeth Global Vaccines; managing director, medicines that significantly improve patients Wyeth Australia and New Zealand and lives. In this role, Germano leads a growing executive vice president and general manager global business with market-leading medicines of the pharmaceutical business unit. He led and a robust pipeline in several therapeutic numerous product launches in primary and areas including inflammation, cardiovascular specialty care therapeutic areas. Germano and metabolic disease, neuroscience and pain also held various commercial development and rare diseases. Additionally, Germano and strategy positions at Johnson & Johnson is co-chair of the portfolio strategy and companies. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical investment committee which focuses on industry, Germano was a pharmacist, where maximizing the return on research and he first developed his zeal for science that development investment across the Pfizer Inc. makes a difference for patients. portfolio. Germano is a member of Pfizers executive leadership team. Germano serves as a member of the board of the Biotechnology Industry Organization Previously, Germano served as president and (BIO); on the advisory board of the Healthcare general manager of Pfizers specialty care and Businesswomens Association and as a trustee oncology business units. of the Albany College of Pharmacy where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy. CONTACT Geno Germano INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 212-733-3849 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 86

87 Justin McCarthy, J.D. Pfizer Inc. Senior Vice President, Global Policy and International Affairs New York, New York Mr. McCarthy is a senior vice president at He has extensive experience negotiating Pfizer Inc. and in January 2014 established novel research collaborations with the global policy and international public academia, governments and other affairs function. In this role, Mr. McCarthy is biopharmaceutical companies. responsible for defining Pfizers global policy positions and driving the advocacy agenda Mr. McCarthy joined Pfizer in 1993 based at internationally. He leads Pfizers engagement corporate headquarters in New York, where in international trade and business he provided regulatory law support for all associations, and serves on the boards Pfizer businesses. In 1998, he relocated to of the Business Council for International Brussels, where he provided legal support to Understanding and Acritas and on the Pfizers European operations. He returned to harmonization subcommittee of the Health the U.S. in 2001 to support Pfizers expanded and Human Services secretarys Advisory research and development operations after Committee on Human Research Protections the merger with Warner-Lambert. (SACHRP). He also serves as secretary to the Pfizer Boards Science and Technology Prior to joining Pfizer in 1993, Mr. McCarthy Committee. Most recently, Mr. McCarthy was an associate in the Washington, D.C. law was the chief counsel for Pfizers worldwide firm of Keller & Heckman, where he focused research and development division. In that primarily on food and drug law. role, he coordinated all legal support, advised on regulatory, policy and bioethics matters He holds a B.S. in pharmacy from the and held responsibility for Pfizers global University of Rhode Island and a J.D. from intellectual property activities. the Catholic University of America. CONTACT Justin McCarthy, J.D. INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 212-733-9837 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 87

88 Paul Chew, M.D. Sanofi Global Chief Medical Officer Bridgewater, New Jersey, and Paris, France Paul Chew is the senior vice president, group School of Public Health, University of North chief medical officer and head of the North Carolina and a member of the Institute of America R&D hub for Sanofi. Between Medicine Value & Science-Driven Healthcare 2009 through 2012, Paul was the senior vice Roundtable. Prior to Sanofi, Paul was vice president, chief science officer, chief medical president, global head of metabolism and officer, Sanofi U.S. Between 2007 and 2009, diabetes at Aventis Pharmaceuticals Paul held the position of president, U.S. (2001-2004). research & development and vice president, therapeutic department head, metabolism, Paul received his medical degree from The diabetes and thrombosis, in which role he Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He was responsible for Lovenox, Lantus and obtained his internal medicine training and the therapeutic development portfolio. cardiology fellowship at The Johns Hopkins In addition, he is currently a member of Hospital. external advisory board for the Gillings CONTACT Maria Escalante INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-981-2332 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 88

89 Suresh Kumar Sanofi Executive Vice President, External Affairs Paris, France Suresh Kumar has an economics degree from focused on enhancing lives through improved Delhi University and a masters in management agricultural performance and food security. from Bombay University. Suresh has more than 30 years of experience in the health In 2010, the United States Senate care industry beginning in 1978 in India with unanimously confirmed Mr. Kumar as assistant Johnson and Johnson. At Warner Lambert Secretary of Commerce and director general from 1989 to 1999, he held increasingly of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service senior roles in consumer health care in where he spearheaded global trade for the Canada, North America, Latin America and Obama administration. Asia. Mr. Kumar again joined Johnson & Johnson in 1999 as a member of the group Since 2013, Mr. Kumar has served as a partner operating committee and international with Oliver Wyman leading the firms public vice president of the worldwide consumer sector practice and as part of the health and pharmaceuticals business. life sciences team. In 2006, Mr. Kumar joined the Clinton He was appointed to his present position in Foundation as special advisor focused on sub- June 2015. Saharan Africa, where he created programs CONTACT Brandi Robinson INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-981-5400 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 89

90 David Meeker, M.D. Sanofi Genzyme Executive Vice President and Head, Sanofi Genzyme Cambridge, Massachusetts David Meeker, M.D., is executive vice Prior to joining Genzyme, Dr. Meeker was president and head of Sanofi Genzyme, the the director of the pulmonary critical care specialty care global business unit of Sanofi, fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic and an which focuses on rare diseases, multiple assistant professor of medicine at Ohio State sclerosis, oncology and immunology. As an University. He has authored more than 40 executive vice president of Sanofi, he is a articles and multiple book chapters. member of the executive committee. Dr. Meeker received his M.D. from the Dr. Meeker joined Genzyme in 1994 as University of Vermont Medical School. He medical director to work on the cystic fibrosis completed the Advanced Management gene therapy program. Subsequently, as vice Program at Harvard Business School in 2000. president, medical affairs, he was responsible for the development of rare disease therapies that today represent transformative and life-saving advancements in medicine for patients. Prior to the merger with Sanofi in 2011, Dr. Meeker was chief operating officer, responsible for Genzymes commercial organization, overseeing its business units country management organization and global market access functions. In October 2011, he was appointed president and chief executive officer of Genzyme, a Sanofi company. CONTACT Bo Piela INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 617-768-6579 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 90

91 Jez Moulding Sanofi U.S. Country Chair North America Region Head, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Business Unit Bridgewater, New Jersey Jez Moulding is U.S. country chair and North A distinguished and dedicated professional America region head for the diabetes and with more than 20 years of experience, Jez cardiovascular business unit for Sanofi, a began his pharmaceutical career as a sales global diversified healthcare company. Jez representative with Astra in the U.K. and oversees all commercial operations for the moved onto positions of greater responsibility diabetes and cardiovascular business unit before joining Sanofi in 1998 as the U.K. in the U.S. and Canada, including sales, cardiovascular marketing manager. At Sanofi, marketing, value and access, integrated care he held various leadership roles, including and business support. As U.S. country chair, general manager positions in South Africa, Jez leads a team comprised of the heads Korea and Australia. He was head of the of Sanofis U.S. businesses and functions, Japan and Pacific Region, Sanofis second including Sanofi Pasteur vaccines, Sanofi largest market. Most recently, Jez was Genzyme specialty care, general medicines, president of North America Pharmaceuticals, Chattem consumer health and Merial, to responsible for launching three new medicines drive strategic alignment across the U.S. and in one year. maximize Sanofis value for patients. Jez holds an M.A. in politics, economic and social history from Edinburgh University. CONTACT Mary Kathryn Steel INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 908-981-3779 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 91

92 Gary J. Nabel, M.D., Ph.D. Sanofi Chief Scientific Officer, Global Research and Development Paris, France, and Bethesda, Maryland Gary J. Nabel, M.D., Ph.D. is chief scientific He then served as a postdoctoral fellow in officer for global research and development the laboratory of David Baltimore at the at Sanofi. He also serves as a senior vice Massachusetts Institute of Technologys president and deputy to the president for Whitehead Institute. Before his appointment global R&D and in this capacity chairs the at the VRC, Dr. Nabel served as the Henry Strategic Development and Scientific Advisory Sewall professor of internal medicine, Council and ebola response coordination team professor of biochemistry and Howard Hughes for the company. Medical Institute investigator at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In addition to his Dr. Nabel joined Sanofi in November 2012 faculty positions, Dr. Nabel also served as from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the director of the Center for Gene Therapy where he served as director of the Vaccine and co-director of the Center for Molecular Research Center (VRC) of the National Medicine at the University of Michigan. Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1999. During his tenure at the NIH, In recognition of his expertise at the forefront Dr. Nabel provided overall direction and of virology, immunology, gene therapy and scientific leadership of the basic, clinical and molecular biology, Dr. Nabel was elected translational research activities of the VRC to the Institute of Medicine of the National and guided development of novel vaccine Academy of Sciences in 1998. Among his strategies against HIV and other emerging many other honors, Dr. Nabel received the and re-emerging infectious diseases, including Amgen Scientific Achievement Award from ebola/marburg hemorrhagic fevers, influenza, the American Society for Biochemistry and chikungunya and other viruses. Molecular Biology, the Health and Human Services Secretarys Award for Distinguished Dr. Nabel graduated magna cum laude from Service and is a fellow of the American Harvard College in 1975 and continued his Association of Physicians and the American graduate studies at Harvard, completing his Academy of Arts Sciences. Ph.D. in 1980 and his M.D. two years later. CONTACT Joanne Kennedy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 514-235-4380 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 92

93 Elias Zerhouni, M.D. Sanofi President, Global Research & Development Paris, France, and Bethesda, Maryland Elias Zerhouni, M.D., is the president, global In November 2009, President Obama research and development, and a member of appointed Dr. Zerhouni as one of the first the executive committee for Sanofi. presidential U.S. science envoys. Dr. Zerhounis academic career was spent Dr. Zerhouni has founded or co-founded five at the renowned Johns Hopkins University start-up companies, authored more than 200 and Hospital where he was a professor of publications and holds eight patents and a radiology and biomedical engineering and number of prominent positions on several senior adviser for Johns Hopkins Medicine. boards, including, most recently, the board of He served as chair of the Russell H. Morgan the Lasker Foundation. He is also a member Department of Radiology and Radiological of the U.S. National Academy of Medicine Sciences, vice dean for research and executive and U.S. National Academy of Engineering, vice dean of the School of Medicine from received the prestigious Legion of Honor 1996 to 2002 before his appointment as medal from the French National Order in director of the National Institutes of Health 2008, was elected as a member of the French (NIH) from 2002 to 2008. In that position, he Academy of Medicine in 2010 and appointed oversaw the NIHs 27 institutes and centers as chair of innovation at the College de France with more than 18,000 employees and a in 2011. budget of $29.5 billion (2008). CONTACT Joanne Kennedy INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 514-235-4380 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 93

94 Richard Rick Ascroft Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. Vice President, Managed Markets and Government Affairs Deerfield, Illinois Rick Ascroft is responsible for managed Mr. Ascroft is the author of The Impact markets and government and external affairs of the Washington Legal Foundation Cases and serves as a member of the Takeda on Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Practices Pharmaceuticals U.S.A, Inc. executive team. in the United States, which was published Mr. Ascroft joined Takeda in November 2015. in the Indiana Law Review in 2000, and he led the industry effort to develop PhRMAs Prior to joining Takeda, Mr. Ascroft worked Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials and for Eli Lilly and Company for 22 years in Communication of Clinical Trial Results. In a variety of clinical research, commercial, 2009, he was part of the industry team that market access and corporate affairs roles. He provided input into the U.K. Governments has spent well over half of his career working Office for Life Sciences Blueprint. In 2011, he in public affairs and managed markets roles presented to the British Parliaments Science in the U.S. and internationally, spending five in Parliament Committee on What is the years as the director of corporate affairs Future for the Research-Led Pharmaceutical and market access for emerging markets and Industry. The proceedings were captured Japan, followed by three years as the senior in the autumn 2011 Science in Parliament director of corporate affairs and market access Journal. In 2014, he co-authored, The Case for the U.K. and Republic of Ireland and most for HTA cooperation, in MedNous. recently four years as the senior director of corporate affairs, market access and pricing Mr. Ascroft has a Bachelor of Science for Europe, Canada and Australia. Prior to degree in pharmacy from Butler University these roles, Rick worked in U.S. federal public in Indianapolis, Indiana and a law degree policy, clinical development and sales. from the Indiana University School of Law, graduating summa cum laude. CONTACT Richard Ascroft INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 224-554-1414 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 94

95 Ramona Sequeira Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. President Deerfield, Illinois Ramona Sequeira is president of Takeda time in the U.K., she was a member of the Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc., and serves as a Association of the British Pharmaceutical member of Takeda Pharmaceutical Companys Industry. Currently, she is a member of the executive team. Ms. Sequeira joined Takeda in PhRMA Board of Directors. PhRMA is the May 2015. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, representing the countrys Ms. Sequeira is a seasoned commercial leading biopharmaceutical researchers and leader with experience leading, growing and biotechnology companies. Additionally, Ms. transforming businesses. Prior to joining Sequeira is a board member of the Healthcare Takeda, she held various senior roles at Leadership Council, a coalition of executives Eli Lilly in Canada, Europe and the United from all disciplines within American health States. During her career, she has led care. It is the exclusive forum for the nations several successful product launches, created health care leaders to jointly develop policies, successful alliance relationships and managed plans and programs to achieve their vision of affiliates and regions. She has a track record a 21st century system that makes affordable, of creating and executing strategy and high-quality care accessible to all Americans. improving operational performance, workforce engagement, revenue growth and profitability. Ms. Sequeira received a B.S. with honors Ms. Sequeira is an active coach and mentor in molecular genetics and molecular biology to many talented individuals and has a keen from the University of Toronto and later interest in leadership development. She received an MBA from McMaster University in has led numerous executive development Hamilton, Ontario. She lives with her husband programs and is a trained facilitator. of 20 years and their 2 teenage children near Takedas headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. Ms. Sequeira is committed to helping shape a positive environment that rewards pharmaceutical innovation. During her CONTACT Ramona Sequeira INFORMATION Email: [email protected] Phone: 224-554-1788 BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SPEAKERS LIST BACK TO TOP 95


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