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1 The Esalen Catalog Januar y June 2016

2 With Gratitude With gratitude, we celebrate the significant milestones of 2015 and look ahead to a new year of new opportunities at Esalen. We hope you will continue this journey with us. It is only through the commitment and dedication of our Friends of Esalen and Campus Renewal Project donors that we, as a community, can ensure the Esalen legacy. Thank you for being part of this exciting chapter in our history. As a non-profit organization, your generous support is vital to our future. Stay Connected Learn more about the Esalen Fund at Campus Renewal Project updates available at Join us on Facebook for updates on our community. 2015: The Renewal Begins The following enhancements are nearly complete: The Lodge second floor addition with two new meeting rooms The new Esalen kitchen A new caf Maslow and Watts room renovations About the Esalen Fund Annual gifts to the Esalen Fund help sustain all aspects of the Esalen experience including workshops, the baths, the grounds, the bodywork, and the farm and garden. Your donations to the Esalen Fund also support scholarship and financial aid for workshop participants. Esalen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.

3 Ja n ua ry Ju n e 2016 Volume 55, Number 1 contents Friends of Esalen........................................... 2 Welcome to Esalen........................................ 3 Guide to Workshops..................................... 4 Continuing Education Programs............. 6 Faculty Spotlight.........................................10 Esalen Workshops......................................12 250-hour Esalen Massage Cert. .......... 19 12th Annual Yoga Festival......................100 M arv Hoffm an Faculty Index.............................................103 Work Study Program...............................104 Rates and Reservations............................110 Deep within humans dwell those slumbering powers; powers that General Information for Your Visit.......112 would astonish them, that they never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize their lives if aroused and put into action. Or ison M ar den contact Website: E-mail: [email protected] Dear Friends, Mailing Address: Esalen Institute, I recently attended a weeklong workshop and was personally and 55000 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920 deeply reminded of the revolutionary power that lies within our grasp if we General Information: 831-667-3000 are willing to let go and be guided by Life. Even in the midst of our busy and Reservations: 9 am6 pm every day. sometimes frenzied schedules, we can feel the nudge and hear that quiet voice Preregistration is required for all Esalen that is calling us to seek stillness, freedom, and joy. programs. Online: Realizing our true nature is a life-long adventure that leads reservations.html us to action in transforming our world. And at every step Phone: Toll-free US: 888-8-ESALEN of the journey, Esalen is here to offer us an opportunity (888-837-2536) to open our hearts, unleash our unlimited creativity, and International: +1 703-342-0500 Fax: 831-667-2724 arouse our latent capacities. Mail: See address above As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous Mail and fax reservations must include support of our greater community to meet our mission of a completed reservation form, available personal and social transformation. Contributions, including membership in our online at Friends of Esalen, are vital to sustaining all that is uniquely Esalen from the experience of the land and waters to the quality of our faculty and workshops. Share the magic of Esalen Whats more, the Friends of Esalen support scholarships that make it possible for by connecting with Esalens others to begin or continue their own journeys. You can learn more about our Facebook community Friends of Esalen on page 2. at or on Twitter at Together, we are creating Esalens future right now. We feel the enthusiasm building as we near the final renovation of our beloved Lodge and the natural excitement that comes with a new year of workshops and world-class faculty. Support Esalens environmental sustain- I invite you to make time to come to Esalen in 2016 to awaken your slumbering ability efforts and reduce paper product powers and be astonished by what you can achieve! usage by viewing our catalog online. To discontinue your print catalog subscrip- Tricia McEntee tion, please email [email protected] Thank Esalen CEO you for saving our natural resources!

4 Esalen Board of Trustees: Become a Friend of Esalen y Sam Yau Chair Chip Conley Bill James Mary Ellen Klee If the only tool is a hammer, everything starts to Recognition levels are below. Jeffrey Kripal Nancy Lunney-Wheeler ex officio look like a nail. Abraham Maslow Anisa Mehdi $65 Friends of $25 discount on workshops Jay Ogilvy My toolbox is bigger because of Esalen, so Im giving back Esalen plus our biannual newsletter Ben Tauber because of it. Chip Conley, Esalen Trustee Gordon Wheeler $500 Sustainers All of the above plus invitations to special events Cofounder & Chair Emeritus: Who The Esalen Fund is made up of thousands Michael Murphy of people inspired to co-create a more humane, all- $1000 Benefactors All of the above plus a day Program Staff: embracing world. Workshop participants, faculty pass for two people to Esalen Cheryl Fraenzl, Director Jerilyn Hesse, Programs Manager leaders, and staff all make up our Friends of Esalen, Dawn Fielding, Programs Coordinator the Institutes global community, which is joined $5000 Founders All of the above with 5 day Circle passes and advance news on Jennifer Jaffe, Scheduling Coordinator together by the spirit of giving back to the place that workshops and upcoming John Larmour, Event Coordination Stacy Carlson, Editor has given them so much. initiatives Terry McGrath, Design and Production Why Gifts to the Esalen Fund matter! Our mis- $10,000 Partners All of the above plus special Esalen Department Managers: sion of serving human and social potential through guest services support Gordon Wheeler, President Tricia McEntee, CEO exceptional public and residential educational Patrick Sheridan, Operations $25,000 Anniversary Call to inquire programming relies on philanthropy. Scholarships, Elizabeth Stacey, Institutional Advancement Lori Putnam, Marketing/Communications the Center for Theory & Research, and guest room $50,000 Leadership Call to inquire Jan Sinclair, Special Projects refurbishments are all made possible by the Esalen Scott Stillinger, Human Resources Fund. The Esalen Fund also gives the Institute the Donors at the $500 level and above and Legacy Phillip Burrus, Kitchen Shellie Gainer, Finances flexibility to respond in a timely and efficient way Circle donors are recognized in Esalens Donor Shirley Ward, Farm and Garden to new opportunities as well as emerging challenges Honor Roll. Additional naming opportunities and Deborah Medow, Healing Arts that may result from our remote location. benefits are available for significant gifts to support Lori March, Housekeeping Christina Dauenhauer, Grounds How Expanding Esalens broad base of unre- Esalens campus renewal. Carolyn Shearer, Bookstore Dan Eyde, Technology stricted philanthropic support is vital for the future Thank you for your support of Esalen. Together, we The Esalen Catalog is published biannually by of Esalen and our mission in the world. With your are capable of the extraordinary! Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 93920-9546. contributions, we are creating Esalens future right Printed on recycled paper. now by improving our buildings and facilities to To donate online: 2015 Esalen Institute. All rights reserved. better serve you and all those who seek personal Postal mail: Use the envelope attached in this catalog. ISSN 1088-2782 and social transformation. To achieve this, we are Questions? Contact Monique Baron, 831-250-1022 asking all Friends of Esalen to increase their phil- ext. 255. front cover photo: Greg Shaw anthropic support and to be part of Esalen history- Esalen Institute is a non-profit public charity corporation, exempt in-the-making. Participation is key and every dollar from income tax under IRC section 501(c)(3). Contributions are makes a difference! tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Call For Esalen Photos We know there are many talented people who take gorgeous photos during their time at Esalen. How would you like to see your photos in the Esalen Catalog or on our website? If you have photos that are at least 240 dpi resolution, wed love to see them. Visit our call for photos web page for the details. We look forward to hearing from you. Jens Wa zel 2

5 Welcome to Esalen S ince 1962, The Esalen Institute has been devoted to exploration of what Aldous Huxley called the human potential, the world of unrealized human capacities that lies In addition to its structured programs, Esalen has many Farm and Garden Esalens five-acre farm and garden produces hundreds of varieties of vegetables for the kitchen. In addition to enjoying the farm and at the growing edge of consciousness. Esalen is known for its blend of East/West philosophies, ongoing events and features gardens bounty during mealtimes, guests may wander among the fields, enjoy the flowers dur- experiential/didactic workshops, a steady influx of expert teachers from around the world, to enrich your stay. ing spring and summer, participate in farm- and permaculture-oriented workshops throughout and its breathtaking grounds and natural hot the year, and volunteer with the farm and gar- springs. Once home to a Native American tribe Esalen Massage and Bodywork den crew during their stay. called the Esselen, Esalen is situated on the Esalen has long been known for its unique spectacular Big Sur coastline with the Santa massage and bodywork modalities, developed by Lucia Mountains rising sharply behind. innovative practitioners at the baths overlooking Children and Families the Pacific, and offered to guests during their Esalen welcomes families and offers a selection of family-oriented workshops and child care. There are many ways stay. Esalen Massage incorporates long flowing strokes over the whole body, and helps release See page 5 for a full listing of family-friendly to experience Esalen. the stresses of everyday life, leaving the receiver feeling integrated and deeply relaxed. Other workshops. See page 111 for child care options. modalities often available at Esalen include Accommodations Cortical Field Reeducation, Craniosacral Esalen offers several types of accommodations Workshops Work, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and including shared standard rooms, and private Weekend, five- and seven-day workshops and Transformational Kinesiology. Massage and premium rooms and Point Houses. For full seminars range in subject matter from Gestalt to bodywork reservations must be made and paid description and pricing, see page 110. visual art. The Guide to Workshops on pages 45 for in advance through Esalen Reservations. If provides a list of all programs by subject, and you are coming to Esalen for a massage only, the Workshops section contains full descrip- please call 831-667-3002. Friends of Esalen tions of weekend, five-, and seven-day programs, Friends of Esalen are supporters whose listed chronologically. Hot Springs donations of $65 or more will benefit Esalen programs and help build Esalens long-term Esalen is the steward of a natural hot springs financial base. Please see page 2 for a description Work Study overlooking the Pacific. The hot springs are a of the many benefits of becoming a Friend. Work Study programs provide an intensive source of relaxation and healing for those who month-long course of study for those who want visit, and you may catch a glimpse into the life to make a directed commitment to self-explora- of a sea otter, seal, or migratory whale while Accreditation and tion, growth, and the Esalen community for a you enjoy the baths. Swimsuits are optional, Continuing Education longer period. See page 104 for a full description and nudity common, in the hot springs and Many educational institutions recognize Esalen of the Work Study program. massage areas. programs as eligible for credit in their curricula; check with your university or college. Additional Daily Movement Arts Classes information can be provided if needed. Esalen Personal Retreats provides continuing education (CE) credit for Personal Retreats offer the opportunity to Every day, Esalen offers a schedule of free psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs, nurses, bodywork- nourish body, mind, heart, and soul without classes open to everyone. Offerings can include ers, acupuncturists, and more. See page 6 for participating in a workshop. Those on Personal yoga, chanting, meditation, free-form dance, details. Retreat structure their time at Esalen themselves, and didjeridoo meditation at the baths. You and can participate in daily yoga and move- will receive a schedule when you arrive. ment classes, enjoy the hot springs, meditate, and explore Esalens beautiful land. See page 2 For additional details Wednesday Evening Programs for details, and page 111 for Personal Retreat fee information. Esalen hosts visiting scholars and teachers, who about your stay at Esalen, interface with the rest of the Esalen community in many ways. Usually there is a scheduled please see pages 110112. program on Wednesday evenings for visiting scholars, workshop leaders, or Esalen staff to Esalen is a center for experimental education. share their expertise with the larger Esalen We offer neither psychotherapy nor assurances community. of change. 3

6 T V Guide to Workshops areas. Arts SS his is a guide to the workshops offered in this catalog. Many of them defy easy categorization and could be cross-referenced across many disciplines; most are listed in one or two main subject & Creativity Creative Expression / Theater Mar 13-18 The MAX: Self-Expression Mar 18-20 Improv Inspiration Apr 10-15 Esalen Inspirational Film Festival May 1-6 Improv Music / Rhythm Feb 12-14 Girish Chant Camp Feb 21-26 Songwriting: Catch and Release Apr 3-8 Sacred Sound, Meditation and Dance Apr 22-24 Spirit Songs: The Power of Gospel Visual Arts Jan 17-22 Drawn from Nature, Shaped in Steel Jan 24-29 Drawing and Architectural Ironwork Jan 31-Feb 5 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Feb 21-26 Mosaic: An Esalen Renewal Project Mar 6-11 The ArtLife Workshop Feb 21-26 Soul Motion: Begin Again Mar 6-11 Re-Creation: Movement Medicine Apr 3-8 Soul Motion and Embodied Inquiry Apr 10-15 Dance of Oneness: Spiral of Love Apr 17-22 5Rhythms: Heartbeat Apr 24-29 5Rhythms: Grief and Loss May 8-13 Soul Motion: The Practice June 3-5 Soul Motion: Freedom to Soar June 5-10 God, Sex and the Body June 24-26 Waking Up, Together: Embodied Inquiry Healing Arts / Somatic Practices Jan 22-24 Self-care for Hospice Care Professionals Jan 31-Feb 5 Deep Bodywork in Esalen Massage Feb 19-21 Easing the Neck Bodywork Intensive Feb 19-21 Medical Qigong Feb 21-26 Advanced Bodywork Intensive Feb 21-26 Body-Centered Awareness Mar 6-11 Intro to Rolf Structural Integration Mar 13-18 The Yi Quan Qigong Intensive Mar 25-27 The Art of Seeing Mar 27-Apr 1 Mindfulness through Qigong Apr 10-15 Spinal Awareness (with Humor) Apr 15-17 Integral Transformative Practice Apr 17-22 Gyrokinesis Apr 22-24 The Posture Dance Connection Apr 24-29 Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: Psoas Apr 15-17 Fire in the Belly, Honey in the Heart Apr 24-29 Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness Apr 29-May 1 Mindfulness and Yoga May 1-6 Prana and the Practices of Yoga May 6-8 Expand Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Toolkit May 8-13 Yoga Journey through the Elements May 27-29 Mindfulness, Yoga and Conscious Dance May 29-June 3 Gravity and Grace June 12-17 Advanced Yoga for Everyone June 19-24 Esalen Yoga Festival Leadership SS & Society Business / Entrepreneurship Jan 15-17 Sacred Commerce Feb 26-28 Crafting Careers that Truly Fit June 17-19 Shapeshifting Yourself and the World Leadership Jan 17-22 Leadership as a Path to Awakening Mar 11-13 Living and Working From Your Passion Meditation SS & Spirituality Contemplative / Spiritual Studies Jan 10-15 The Art of Dialogue as Social Meditation Feb 5-7 Evolutionary Relationships Mar 18-20 From Despair to Resilience Mar 18-20 Shared Adventures in Woodturning May 1-6 Gateway to Soul: Process Acupressure Mar 27-Apr 1 Unshakable Presence Apr 3-8 Art as a Spiritual Path: Painting May 1-6 Developing Strength: Foundation Training Apr 10-15 Painting From the Source May 8-13 Brilliant Body: Conquer Injury and Pain Apr 24-29 Painting Outer and Inner Landscape May 15-20 Beginning Integral Way Tai Chi May 8-13 Awakening the Creative: Painting May 22-27 Hanna Somatics Well-being and Resiliency in May 15-20 Intimacy and Exposure: Photography May 29-June 3 IAHE: CranioSacral Therapy 1 the Professional Realm May 22-27 The Passion of Painting June 5-10 Qigong Empowerment and Healing Many of us follow our hearts into June 5-10 Plein Air Painting in Big Sur June 5-10 New Self, New World: Healing Embodiment June 12-17 The Painting Process Rediscovered fulfilling and meaningful careers. But June 10-12 Guardian Qigong June 12-17 Inner Power Qigong what happens when a rigorous work life Writing depletes our health and sense of well- Jan 3-8 Straw Into Gold: Memoir Massage Apr 8-10 The Writers Journey being? Over time, fast-paced, demanding Jan 3-10 Advanced Bodywork: Touching the Core Apr 17-22 Deep Writing Jan 17-Feb 28 250-hour Esalen Massage Cert work can lead to extremely high rates May 6-8 The Writing Life Feb 5-7 The Art of Esalen Massage of burnout, resulting in many negative May 29-June 3 Liberate Your Writing! Mar 20-25 Intro to Esalen Massage feelings, such as grief and stress. Join us June 3-5 Sharing Your Life Story Page to Stage Mar 27-Apr 1 Esalen Massage: Access the Back Body for three unique courses designed for June 5-10 Sharing Your Life Story Page to Stage Apr 3-8 Esalen Massage and Continuous Presence professionals who seek a more conscious June 12-17 Wake Up and Write! Apr 8-10 Esalen Massage: The Basics way to thrive in work and life. June 26-July 1 Writers Camp May 15-20 Intro to Esalen Massage The Three Rs for Hospice and Pallia- May 20-22 Massage for Couples and Friends tive Care Health Professionals: Rest, Body SS & Movement June 17-19 Esalen Massage for Couples Reflect, Release with Charlea Massion. Culinary Arts / Nutrition Yoga January 2224, p. 21. Feb 19-21 Delicious Meals in Minutes Jan 15-17 Yoga Practice: Body, Mind and Spirit Feb 21-26 Improvisational Cooking Jan 22-24 Align Your Body, Awaken Your Heart From Stress and Anxiety to Mindful- Mar 20-25 Esalen Farm to Table Jan 24-29 The Art of Masterful Living ness: Wellness Retreat for Lawyers with May 13-15 Causative Nutrition Jan 31-Feb 5 Yoga and Zen Jeena Chow. February 2628, p. 35. May 15-20 Land of Milk and Honey: Farmstead Arts Mar 4-6 The Dynamic Spine Mar 11-13 Yoga for Common Injuries The Good-hearted Physician: Flourish- Dance ing as a Twenty-First Century Physician Mar 18-20 Sacred Evolution: Yoga and Meditation Jan 8-10 Brazilian Soul: Dance and Drumming with Jim Duffy and Alejandro Chaoul. Mar 25-27 Spring Equinox Regeneration Retreat Jan 10-15 5Rhythms: Moving Meditation Mar 27-Apr 1 The Practical Art of Living Flow May 16, p. 71 Jan 15-17 5Rhythms and Mindfulness Apr 8-10 The Yoga of Willpower and Intention Feb 5-7 Soul Motion and Alchemical Art 4

7 May 13-15 Exploring Fundamental Contentment May 15-20 EMDR: Advanced May 15-20 Liberating Your Essential Self May 20-22 Love Yourself and the Rest Will Follow May 22-27 Relational Gestalt Process May 27-29 Mind, Mood and Happiness May 29-June 3 Abandonment to Healing June 3-5 Getting Unblocked June 12-17 Gestalt Practice and CFR June 17-19 The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem June 24-26 Changes and Transitions Nature SS & Sustainability Ecology / Permaculture Apr 22-24 Organic Skin and Body Care May 20-22 Garden Herbalism May 29-June 3 Experience Esalen Farm and Garden Melina Me z a Sustainable Practices Apr 3-8 Mindful Living Revolution Wilderness / Hiking Apr 17-22 Big Sur Wilderness Experience June 12-17 Simply Wild: Experiencing Nature Apr 1-3 Finding and Following an Authentic Life Mind SS & Psychology Apr 3-8 Falling in Love with Where You Are June 17-19 Fathers and Sons Neuropsychology / Neuroscience Apr 8-10 Vital Signs: Nature & Nurture of Passion Jan 3-8 Qigong for Health and Creativity Apr 10-15 Divine Tactics for a Spiritualized Life Relationship SS & Self Jan 8-10 How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: May 1-6 The Good-Hearted Physician Family Feb 5-7 Psychedelic Medicines and the Mind May 6-8 The Way of Awareness Mar 25-27 The Magical Family Apr 22-24 Transformation through Neuroscience May 20-22 Kabbalah and the Tree of Life May 6-8 Mothers Day Family Workshop June 3-5 Basic Sanity: Zen Wisdom for Daily Life Philosophical / Scientific Inquiry May 27-29 Family Mindfulness Retreat June 10-12 Practical Intuition Jan 24-29 Radical Thinkers Breakout! June 17-19 Celebrating Fatherhood Feb 28-Mar 4 Nonduality in the Midst of Life Meditation / Mindfulness Life Purpose / Visioning Mar 4-6 Science and Spirituality: The Missing Link Jan 3-8 Kind Awareness: Buddhist Path of Awakening Jan 3-8 Born to Be Me: For Women Mar 11-13 I Am the Word Jan 24-29 Wild Serenity in Love Jan 8-10 Designing the Life You Want Mar 11-13 Whats Next? Revisioning Our Lives Feb 26-28 Wellness Retreat for Lawyers Feb 26-28 Fail Fast, Fail Often! Mar 13-18 I Am the Word Mar 4-6 Being Present for Your Life Apr 1-3 Taking the Midlife Leap Mar 11-13 Strengthening the Heart with Compassion Psychology / Transpersonal Psychology May 13-15 Unfinished Business Mar 20-25 Heart of Awareness: Meditation Jan 10-15 Plugging Into Body Intelligence June 3-5 Claiming Your Voice Mar 25-27 Enlivening Meditation Practice Jan 10-15 Self-Compassion in Relationships June 24-26 Come Alive in Your 9 to 5 Apr 1-3 Mindfulness and Trauma Jan 15-17 Women Creating an Unimagined Life Jan 17-22 Self Leadership in Everyday Life Relationship / Communication Apr 1-3 Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Jan 24-29 Love and Belonging Jan 8-10 New Years Retreat for Couples Apr 8-10 Enjoying Meditation Feb 5-7 Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy Mar 18-20 Kindred Spirit Apr 22-24 Awake in the Wild: Meditation in Nature Feb 7-12 Trauma, Memory, Restoration of Self Apr 10-15 Tantra: Art of Conscious Loving Apr 24-29 Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Feb 14-19 Gestalt Approaches in a Field of Trauma May 22-27 More Than a Communication Workshop Apr 29-May 1 Love YourselfFor Everyone Elses Sake Feb 14-19 Radical Aliveness: Core Energetics May 22-27 Love, Sexuality, Relationship Apr 29-May 1 Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Feb 19-21 Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success May 27-29 Couples Communication Retreat May 1-6 In Touch with Your Inner Knowing Feb 26-28 Conscious Loving Ever After June 24-26 Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples May 13-15 Mindfulness in Deep Relationship May 20-22 Mindfulness and Heartfulness Mar 4-6 Getting the Love You Want: Couples Sexuality / Gender June 10-12 Lovingkindness Meditation Mar 4-6 Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self Jan 3-8 Gay Mens LifeQuest June 24-26 Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Mar 13-18 Not For the Feint of Heart Jan 15-17 Taoist Sexual Secrets Mar 18-20 Arrive Already Loved Jan 29-31 WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering Myth / Ritual / Shamanism Apr 3-8 Embodied Intimacy: Relational Sex Therapy Feb 7-12 Womens Sexual Stories Jan 22-24 The Renaissance of Spirit Apr 8-10 Pathways to Intimacy Feb 26-28 Embracing the Wild Unknown: Women Feb 14-19 Lead to Gold: Alchemical Healing Apr 10-15 I- You- Us Mar 20-25 Beyond Tantra Mar 6-11 Visionseeker: Shamanic Cosmology Apr 15-17 The Power of Emotional Connection Apr 15-17 Emotional Mindfulness for Gay Men Mar 13-18 Romancing the World: Soulcraft Apr 24-29 Self-Acceptance: The Heart of Healing Apr 22-24 Women in Transition Mar 27-Apr 1 Revisioning Your Heros Journey Apr 29-May 1 Sensory Awareness Apr 24-29 Retreat Restore Lead: Womens Leadership May 1-6 Dream Descent: Archetypal Dreamwork May 6-8 Play, Embodiment and Humor Apr 29-May 1 Men as Sexual Beings June 5-10 Visionseeker: The Shamans Path May 8-13 Exploring Fundamental Contentment June 3-5 Womens Intimacy, Desire and Eroticism Personal Reflection May 8-13 The Path of Forgiveness: Returning to Love June 10-12 Gay Men Thriving in Love and Sex May 13-15 Experiencing Esalen May 13-15 Overcoming the Fear of Love 5

8 Continuing Education Programs E salens status as a provider of continuing education is approved by the following boards: Psychologists and MFT/LCSW: Esalen Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Esalen maintains responsibility for this program and its content. (California psychologists are required to report their hours to the MCEP Accrediting Agency.) Massage practitioners and bodyworkers; The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (provider number 043062-00) and the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education (school code 2700571) 2015 Willia m R . Gl a ss. All Rights Reserved. RNs; California Board of Registered Nursing (Provider No. 01152) Registered Dietitians; Commission on Dietetic Registration* Acupuncturists; State of California Acupuncture Board (Provider No. 946)* All approved weekend workshops qualify for 10 hours of CE units, and approved five-day courses qualify for 26 hours of CE units. Please check workshop listings online at for any updates to CE credit offered. In order to receive a certificate for continuing education units, participants must meet the following requirements: Attend and sign the attendance sheet for all sessions (please see leader) Fill out the evaluation form distributed by the leader and turn it in to the Esalen main office with a $25 processing fee Workshops for which CE credit has been approved are listed below and **Acupuncture and dietitian workshops are approved on a case-by-case basis. also noted in the Workshops section. For questions regarding continuing Please refer to the Esalen website prior to registration for updated CE status. education, contact [email protected] Acupuncturists Acupuncturists Acupuncturists S csw S S csw S S csw S kers kers kers T T T s s s N & GIS N & GIS N & GIS E TL Ts LO Ts LO Ts LO wor ywor ywor TI UR L UR L UR L SE mf hO mf hO mf hO Bod ES Bod ES Bod ES S y UR E yc yc yc AT CO ps ps ps D Jan 3-10 Advanced Bodywork: Touching the Core n n Mar 25-27 The Art of Seeing: Eyes, Brain, Body n n May 8-13 The Path of Forgiveness n n Jan 10-15 Self-Compassion in Relationships n n Mar 27-Apr 1 Mindfulness through Qigong nn May 8-13 Brilliant Body: Conquering Injury and Pain n n Jan 10-15 5Rhythms: Moving Meditation n Mar 27-Apr 1 Esalen Massage: The Back Body n n May 13-15 Adult Attachment: Romantic Relationships n n n Jan 15-17 5Rhythms and Mindfulness n Apr 1-3 Mindfulness and Trauma n May 13-15 Mindfulness in Deep Relationship n n n Jan 17-22 Self Leadership for Everyday Life n n Apr 3-8 Soul Motion and Embodied Inquiry n May 13-15 Causative Nutrition: Maximize Your Health n Jan 17-Feb 28 250-hour Esalen Massage Cert. n Apr 3-8 Esalen Massage: Continuous Presence n n May 15-20 EMDR: Advanced n n n Jan 22-24 Palliative Care Health Professionals n Apr 3-8 Neurobiological-Gestalt Training in Sex Therapy n n May 15-20 Beginning Integral Way Tai Chi n Jan 31-Feb 5 Esalen Massage n Apr 8-10 Esalen Massage: The Basics n n May 15-20 Intro to Esalen Massage n n Feb 5-7 Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy n n Apr 10-15 Spinal Awareness (with Humor) n n May 20-22 Mindfulness and Heartfulness n n n Feb 5-7 Psychedelic Medicines and the Mind n n n Apr 10-15 Pleasure, Intimacy and Connectedness n n May 20-22 Garden Herbalism nn Feb 5-7 Soul Motion and Alchemical Art n Apr 15-17 Emotional Mindfulness for Gay Men n n May 20-22 Massage for Couples or Friends n Feb 5-7 The Art of Esalen Massage n n Apr 17-22 5Rhythms: Heartbeat n May 22-27 More Than a Communication Workshop n Feb 7-12 Trauma, Memory and the Self n n n Apr 22-24 Enhance Your Brain to Reach Your Potential n n n May 22-27 Hanna Somatics n n n n Feb 14-19 Healing and Empowerment: Gestalt n n Apr 24-29 5Rhythms: Grief, Loss n May 27-29 Mind, Mood and Happiness n n n Feb 19-21 Nine Pillars of Resilience n n n n n Apr 24-29 Deep Bodywork: Deep Visceral Work n May 27-29 Couples Communication Retreat n n Feb 19-21 Medical Qigong n Apr 24-29 Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness n n n May 29-June 3 IAHE: CranioSacral Therapy 1 n n n Feb 21-26 Body-Centered Awareness n Apr 29-May 1 Men as Sexual Beings n n June 5-10 New Self, New World: Healing Embodiment n Mar 4-6 Yoga for Low Back and Pelvic Pain n Apr 29-May 1 Thriving in Uncertainty: Sensory Awareness n n n June 10-12 Mindfulness and Lovingkindness Meditation n n n Mar 6-11 Intro to Rolf Structural Integration n n Apr 29-May 1 Love YourselfFor Everyone Elses Sake n n n June 12-17 Inner Power Qigong n n Mar 13-18 Yi Quan Qigong n n n Apr 29-May 1 Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness n n n June 17-19 Esalen Massage Retreat for Couples n Mar 20-25 Intro to Esalen Massage n n May 1-6 Gateway to Soul: Process Acupressure n June 24-26 Waking Up, Together: Embodied Inquiry n Mar 20-25 Heart of Awareness n n n n May 8-13 Awakening the Creative: Painting n n 6

9 February 28March 4 Explorations at the Intersection of Science and Spirit Science and Nonduality (SAND) and Rupert Spira is a Ellen Emmet is a Esalen present a journey to your innermost philosopher, author of The psychotherapist and perceptions of reality. A stellar team of schol- Transparency of Things and authentic movement facili- ars and seekers will lead intimate dialogue Presence volumes I and II, tator. Her dance-movement and guided experiential practices to unite and a studio potter. therapy and transpersonal science and spirit in our everyday lives. psychology background is influenced by a non-dual Sally Kempton is the Peter Russell blends understanding. author of Meditation for scientific rationale, global the Love of It. Her teaching vision, and intuitive wisdom For the full program description, see combines Kashmir Shaiva to bring a sharp, critical Continuous Awakening: Nonduality in the tantra and contemporary mind to the challenge of Midst of Life on page 36. psychology and integral self-awakening. He is the theory. author of numerous books. Jeff Foster is a spiri- Dorothy Hunt is tual teacher who studied spiritual director of Moon astrophysics. His most Mountain Sangha, founder recent book is The Deepest of the San Francisco Center Acceptance. for Meditation and Psycho- therapy, a psychotherapist, and author. E salen has always been an incubator and launching pad for Gestalt practices. In the late 1960s, German-born psychologist Fritz Experience Perls famously lived at Esalen. During that time, his Gestalt work cross-pollinated with other emergent healing modalities, including Esalen co-founder Richard Prices Gestalt awareness practices. Soon the Evolution we began offering Gestalt sessions in-house, as well as public seminars, Work Study programs, and conferences to explore Gestalt work. Today, Gestalt is woven throughout our programming, and it of Gestalt is recognized as the source model for many contemporary healing methods around the world. This February, were delighted to offer the sixth workshop in our Evolution of Gestalt series. Join Esalen President Gordon Wheeler and an exciting and erudite faculty of psychologists and Gestalt trainers for a five-day exploration of the Gestalt model as it relates to healing trauma. Join us and be part of the continuing evolution of a powerful Esalen tradition. See Evolution of Gestalt Series No. 6: Healing and Empowerment: Gestalt Approaches in a Field of Trauma, February 1419, page 29. 7

10 January 2931 WisdomWomen A Visionary Gathering at Esalen T here is a new way of leadership emerging. In radical co-creation, this new way brings forth purposeful, innovative action to address the challenges of our time. WisdomWomen is a movement that advances this new leadership model in service to the creation of a world where all beings thrive. We are not asking whether or not this can be done, says WisdomWomen founder Michelle Stransky. We claim that it is ours to do. Join WisdomWomen and Esalen for a property-wide gathering of women, and put your inner wisdom and power to work. This revolutionary event is a call to action for women leaders to collectively fulfill their radical visions for a life-affirming world. Each woman will be both participant and leader during this time of connection, support, and new possibilities. The event includes facilitated, action-oriented work in groups of 8-10, larger group activities, and restorative elements including movement and meditation practices, yoga, and time in Esalens hot springs. Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose. Six of her eleven published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Sally Kempton teaches applied non-dual wisdom. Author of Meditation for the Love of It, Sallys teachings combine Kashmir Shaiva tantra and the practical understandings of contemporary psychology and integral theory. Konda Mason is co-founder and CEO of Hub Oakland, a co-working space connecting socially engaged changemakers and social entrepreneurs to bring their projects to life. A human equity advocate, certified Kripalu yoga instructor, and meditation teacher, Kondas work is driven by the vision of realizing in her lifetime a genuinely just and sustainable world. Michelle Stransky, founder of WisdomWomen, was the conference director at Wisdom 2.0, where she launched WisdomWomen in 2013. A former management consultant and executive coach, she is now committed to co-creating a new world reality through the journey of embodied wisdom. Michelle is a convener, producer, and collaborator. Please see the full program description for A WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering, p. 23. 8

11 June 26July 1 cheryl strayeds 5th annual Esalen Writers Camp This summer, writers will take over the entire Esalen campus to generate new work, deepen their craft, and gather inspiration from Cheryl Strayed and her team of literary superstars. This event will ignite your passion for the stories you have to tell. Cheryl Strayed is the bestselling author of four Samantha Dunn Camp was a PEN Award finalist books, including the memoir Wild, which was for her novel, Failing Paris. She has also authored made into a film starring Reese Witherspoon. Her two memoirs. Her writing has been featured in books have been translated into forty languages O the Oprah Magazine and Ms, among many others. around the world. She lives in Portland, Oregon. She teaches in the UCLA Writers Program. Pam Houston is the author of 5 books of fiction Alan Heathcock is the author of VOLT, which and nonfiction including Cowboys Are My Weakness was named as aNew York TimesEditors Choice, and Contents May Have Shifted. She is the direc- and was a Barnes and Noble Discover Prize finalist. tor of creative writing at UC Davis and lives in He received a fellowship from the NEA and he is a Colorado. Literary Fellow for the state of Idaho. Steve Almond is the author of 10 books of fiction Faith Adiele is the author of two memoirs, and non-fiction. His work has been published in including Meeting Faith, which won the PEN The Best American Short Stories, Pushcart Prize, The Award. Shes thewriter/narrator/subject of a New York Times Magazine, and elsewhere. PBS documentary, and she teaches at California College of the Arts, VONA/Voices, and The San Francisco Writers Grotto. Give Yourself Time to Reflect Experience Esalen through one of our self-directed immersion programs A Time to Reflect is a special opportunity to spend unstructured time at Esalen nourishing your body, mind, heart, and soul. Enjoy optional daily yoga and movement classes, massage, time in the meditation center, evening programs, and three beautifully prepared meals each day. Luxuriate in the natural hot springs, and explore Esalens culture of deep learning and growth. A Time to Reflect will be offered on the following dates. Please check Esalens website for additional dates; we often add them throughout the year. January 38 January 2931 May 1520 January 1015 March 2527 Doug Ellis See page 13 for full program description. 9

12 faculty spotlight: A Closer Look neurophysiological, emotional, and cultural aspects has only Jeff Foster increased throughout her career. Jeff Fosters journey has taken him But more essential to her mission as founder and clinical from suicidal depression and crip- director of Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles, Calif., is pling self-hatred to spiritual awaken- restoring people to healthy sexuality. When people decon- ing, self-love, and a sense of the sacred struct and de-fuse shame-based family or cultural messages in the ordinary. inhibiting eroticism and intimacy, they can accept their Jeff studied astrophysics at Cambridge unique sexuality, independent of societal prohibitions or University. In his midtwenties, to pressures. Such radical acceptance invites both the wise seek an escape from depression and choice of partners and the satisfying expression of desires. physical illness, he became addicted Transpersonal psychology, sexology, and affective neurosci- to the idea of spiritual enlighten- ence inform her upcoming Esalen workshop, designed for ment and embarked on an intensive spiritual quest for the women only. Alexandra looks forward to facilitating dialogue ultimate truth of existence. and experiential learning with women of all orientations The spiritual search came crashing down when Jeff realized about their unique sexual lives. that there was nothing to seek, because the extraordinary was See Womens Intimacy, Desire and Eroticism: The Triumvirate already in the ordinary, and life was already complete. He was of Sexual Pleasure, June 35. left with a deep understanding of the root illusion behind human suffering, and a love of the present moment.Jeff now travels the world, inviting exhausted seekers to come to rest in the present moment, to embrace their thoughts, and Will Kabat-Zinn fearlessly face their feelings and open their hearts to both the In his mid twenties, Will Kabat-Zinn joy and sorrow of existence. He helps people discover who experienced a period of mental they really are. Jeff belongs to no tradition or lineage, and clarity that inspired him to begin his makes his teaching accessible to all. He has published four own meditative inquiry and practice. books. The latest is Falling in Love With Where You Are. He spent much of that decade in and See Continuous Awakening: Nonduality in the Midst of Life, out of silent retreat, primarily in the Feb 28March 4, and Falling in Love With Where You Are: insight meditation (vipassana) Finding the Mindful Calm in the Midst of Lifes Storm, tradition, first at the Insight Medita- April 38. tion Society and later with Sayadaw U Pandita of Burma. He was deeply influenced by his time with Chan Master Sheng-Yen, and has practiced under a number of Chinese energy and internal Alexandra Katehakis martial arts teachers. Alexandra Katehakis has long been Wills teaching is infused with the lightness that comes from fascinated by what healthy sexual- not taking oneself or ones own mind too seriously. In his ity really means. To define it, she own words: When we see deeply how conditioned, imper- sought to understand and embody sonal, and often inaccurate our own habitual thoughts are, we her own sexuality and to test her can start to enjoy our own minds, laugh at ourselves, and be comprehension within a committed more open-hearted in our relationships and in the world. I relationship. Along the way she am inspired that we cultivate present moment awareness, confronted fundamental questions, deeply grounded in our bodies, and wake up within our lives including Is there a normal sexual- as they are right now. For me this practice and exploration ity? and What keeps sexual desire continues to be a great adventure. alive? Her interest in the varieties of sensuality and its See The Way of Awareness, May 68. 10

13 nently installed in the new Lodge bathrooms. The mural will Katie and Gay Hendricks depict the Big Sur land and sea, and be made of glass, ceramic, We met and began tile, and other durable materials. Mosaic artists and sculptors our journey together Wilma Wyss and Carol Bevilacqua are fired up to lead this thirty-five years ago, special workshop and help you be at a time when there a part of the Campus Renewal. As were few resources or artists and makers, their work role models for the shares a similar sense of joy and kind of juicy, enliven- humor, and theyre excited to ing relationship we bring that playfulness and fun to wanted to create, Esalen. Whether you have art write Katie and Gay experience or have never touched Hendricks. So, we decided to figure it out for ourselves, by a tile nipper, this workshop is the turning our own relationship into a living laboratory. All perfect way to participate inand along, weve explored one big question: How can we give and make a lasting mark upon receive more love every day? The answers we discovered Esalens new Lodge. changed our lives profoundly and provided the foundation See Mosaic: An Esalen Renewal Project, February 2126. for the work weve taught since 1980. It has been two decades since our book, Conscious Loving, was published. Now, Hay House is publishing the sequel, devoted to creating relationship magic in the second half of life: Menas C. Kafatos Conscious Loving Ever After: Creating Thriving Relationships At Ever since his teenage years, Menas Midlife and Beyond. The new book covers many topics, but the C. Kafatos has been fascinated by the bottom line is this: from your 40s onward, love can just keep vastness of space in the night sky of getting better and better. During our Esalen workshop, well his native Crete, and by questions dive into the power of body intelligence in creating thriving about the universe. As a result, he relationships. Including breathing, movement, and somatic decided to become a physicist. At awareness, our workshop will focus on the most important Cornell and MIT, he pursued compu- experiential practices to enhance lifelong love. tational and theoretical astrophysics See Conscious Loving Ever After, February 2628 and Plugging and quantum physics, and then Into Body Intelligence: Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams And expanded his interests to other fields Lead The Change (Katie only) January 1015. including climate change, satellite remote sensing, natural hazards, and the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. This led him to expand even further to study and experience the practices of vedanta and Shaivism, as he Wilma Wyss and Carol Bevilacqua sought connections between science and spirituality. In 2008 he moved to California to serve as founding dean of the 2016 is a year Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman of transfor- University in Orange, California; as Fletcher Jones Endowed mation for Professor of Computational Physics, he has expanded his Esalen; we work to make close connections between science and will complete spirituality, the nature of reality, and quantum implications our Campus for everyday life. Renewal, which centers He is author of 300+ research papers, and editor or author of on the revital- fifteen books including The Conscious Universe and recently ization of our edited with Deepak Chopra, The Time Machine of Conscious- iconic Lodge. The Lodgealong with the hot springs and our ness: Quantum Physics of Mind. amazing facultyhas always been at the heart of what Esalen Menas Esalen workshop will explore how the findings of is all about. Now we invite you to co-create a permanent art modern quantum mechanics are actually very relevant to our installation for this new community space. everyday lives. This February, were offering a workshop for participants to See Science and Spirituality: The Missing Link, March 46. make a sixty-square-foot mosaic mural that will be perma- 11

14 Esalen Workshops Daniel Bianche t ta psoas contraction and abdominal tension can an inner sense of the body/mind connection, January 310 produce lumbar pain as well as cervical and learning methods to restore and maintain en- shoulder pain. ergetic and structural balance. This workshop Advanced Bodywork: is especially useful for those in the helping This weeks objectives are twofold: The first is Touching the Core and healing professions in working with to provide a learning environment for practi- their clients and patients. Char Pias & Jessica Fagan cal methods to use with our clients, such as a soft approach todeep tissue, active/passive Please note: Prior bodywork training is In this massage-intensive workshop, we will release, and joint mobilizations, addressing required. focus on the abdominal and pelvic regions the physical holding patterns in the muscles. CE credit for massage; see page 6. of the body, addressing both energetic and The second objective is to create a restorative CE credit for nurses; see page 6. structural dynamics. Often the abdomen is and reflective environment for personal well- Char Pias, a member of the Esalen massage staff treated superficially, when in fact it is our being. since 1980, teaches internationally, focusing on center, our core, and the place of digestion and assimilation of all life experiences. The Jessica Fagan will share her wisdom and bodyworks energetic, emotional, and spiritual pelvic region is the cradle, or seat of power, knowledge of asana and pranayama practice aspect. She is a Reiki teacher, a Circle of Life facili- the bridge between the upper body and the from yogic traditions, and Char Pias will in- tator/coach, and a licensed graduate of The Center legs. The psoas muscles, considered the fight/ troduce Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), for Spiritual Healing. flight muscles of the human species, span a somatic self-care practice that releases Jessica Fagan, member of the Esalen massage this bridge. During any emotional or physical chronic deep muscular tension patterns with staff, is a dancer and performer who is deeply trauma, the psoas muscles contract to protect a focus on the psoas muscles. Through these immersed in the practice and teaching of Eastern the underbelly of the human animal. Chronic various somatic experiences, you may gain and Western somatic therapies as well as Vinyasa yoga. 12

15 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). vation provides a missing link in their quest Noah Levine is the founder of the Against The Week of January 38 to realize their creative potential. Jahnke Stream Buddhist Meditation Society with centers adds, With greater vitality we are able to in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif. and Gay Mens LifeQuest think, feel, and act more creatively. And these affiliated groups internationally. He created a practices awaken the aspect of our self that is process of addiction recovery based on the teach- Devarshi Steven Hartman completely unlimited and free of influence ings of the Buddha called Refuge Recovery. He What venture and passion is calling you next? from any bias or preconceptionthe eternal is the author of Dharma Punx and other books. In this safe and compassionate environment, self or spiritthus summoning the transcen- surrounded by the beauty of Esalen and a dental energy of higher creativity. community of men, the simple, experiential In this innovative program, Jahnke and Gelb Born to Be Me: Creating an LifeQuest tools offered in this retreat provide will guide you to summon, store, and utilize Authentic Life of Passion and the foundation for you to find your unique this transcendental energy to experience an Purpose for Women path to greater fulfillment, freedom, and empowerment of your wellness, vitality, and fearlessness in the coming new year. And, as Karen Ely creativity. No prior experience is required, always, wherever gay men gather, there will and this workshop is perfect for qigong, tai If youve ever asked yourself, What are my be much fun, maybe some sweet tears, and chi, and yoga practitioners, as well as artists, dreamsor, did I ever have any? or What do definitely real intimacy that will have you feel writers, performers, health professionals, stu- I really want to do with the rest of my life? seen, supported, and known, as you go for- dents of traditional Chinese healing practices, then you are not alone. After a lifetime of ward. Come get a new dose of insight, energy, and all those who seek healing. being everything to everyone else, there is clarity, inspiration, and camaraderie to charge always a point where we poke our head out of forward boldly with your most passionate life Recommended reading: Gelb, Creativity On the hole of our sleepwalking life and begin inquiries. Demand: How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of to ask ourselves, Who am I besides the roles Creativity; Jahnke, The Healing Power of Qi. Imagine beginning your new year by delving I play? into the powerful transformational tools Michael J. Gelb is the author of 14 books on Ensconced in the wonder and stunning needed to live the next phase of your extraor- creativity and innovation including the interna- beauty of Big Sur, the focus of this women- dinary life. Explore what challenges and life tional bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo only retreat will be on accessing and living quests that lay before you at this time. Life- da Vinci. Gelb leads seminars and consults for from your authentic self. From the moment Quest enhances integration, healing, or the organizations worldwide including Genentech, you arrive at the retreat until you leave, ex- unwinding of previous limitations with ease Microsoft, Nike, and YPO. perienced facilitator Karen Ely will lead you and grace. Now is the time for you to claim, Roger Jahnke, OMD, has dedicated his profes- on an exploration to uncover and recognize learn, explore, and act on what has been just sional life to sharing the powerful ancient healing the amazing woman you already are. Over the beyond your reach. traditions of China. He is the director and chief course of the retreat, you will be nurtured, instructor of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Devarshi Steven Hartman, ERYT 500, founded supported, and guided. Youll learn how to Tai Chi, in Santa Barbara, Calif., and a cofounder Pranotthan Yoga School and was former dean see with new eyes and find the tools needed and recent chairperson of the board of the Na- of Kripalu Schools. He is the creator of two best- to move powerfully back into your life with tional Qigong Association. selling audio series called The Essence of the a deeper sense of yourself and an enlivened Bhagavad Gita and Satori. He has taught yoga sense of being. and yoga teachers around the world for 40 years. Kind Awareness: Meditations and Karen Ely is the founding director of A Womans Reflections on the Buddhist Path Way, one of the countrys premiere womens of Awakening retreat programs, and the author of Daring to Qigong for Health, Creativity and Noah Levine Dream: Reflections on the Year I Found Empowerment Myself, A Retreat of My Own, Breathing Using a hybrid of mindfulness and loving- Space, and A Safe Place to Stand (forthcoming). Michael Gelb & Roger Jahnke kindness meditation techniques, Noah will offer an experience of the teachings and Qi cultivation strengthens your vitality, practices of the Buddha. We will learn how to and enhanced vitality is a key to liberating develop a greater sense of care for ourselves A Time to Reflect creativity, writes Michael J. Gelb in Creativity and for our world through these revolution- On Demand: How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire ary spiritual teachings of the Buddha. The This is a special opportunity for people to ex- of Genius. Gelb explains, The fire of genius workshop explores the way that true spiritual perience Esalen without taking a workshop. isnt just a metaphor, it is qi. In the research practice is an engagement with life that goes During this period, we have a limited number for this book Gelb interviewed and studied against the norms of our confused society of spaces available for people who would like with many of the worlds leading qigong mas- and is therefore an act of rebellion. This to participate in the Esalen learning culture ters including Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The ancient path of awakening our own deepest in their own unstructured way. Deeply nour- Healing Power of Qi. Jahnke writes, The aver- wisdom and compassion is accessible to all ish your body, mind, heart, and soul through age human being has a longing to create but who choose it. Instructions in meditation beautifully prepared and healthy meals, daily is not necessarily well enough, or energized and guidance in the Buddhist path to libera- yoga and movement classes, the hot springs enough, to fulfill it. For many people, qi culti- tion will be offered. and massages, time in the meditation center, 13

16 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. tea with new friends, or even an evening stories that can electrify even strangers. This program, lecture, or open workshop session, workshop payscareful attention to craft, Weekend of January 810 when available. Space in the program is lim- voice, revision, and narrative structure. It isa ited, so we recommend you register early. perfection-free zone. Although it is not a pro- How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: cess group,writing your truth and unleash- 7 Steps to a Personal Renaissance We recommend that you bring the following: ing your creativity can be joyful and, almost journal, digital camera, art supplies, hiking/ Michael Gelb by accident, therapeutic. You may tame your walking shoes, a good book, and a map of the inner critic, heal a bit of your heart, and take Anatomist, architect, botanist, city planner, Big Sur coast. Special pricing applies. Please home tools that deepen and enliven every- chef, engineer, inventor, geographer, ge- contact Esalen Reservations for details. thing you write from now on. Be prepared for ologist, musician, painter, philosopher, and a writing breakthrough. Suitable for begin- raconteur, Leonardo da Vinci (14521519) Straw Into Gold: ning and experienced writers. Even if you helped bring the Western world into the Re- The Alchemy of Memoir bring a laptop, please bring a notebook that naissance. Now, his approach to optimizing holds 250 pages of 8.5 x 11 inch lined paper, human potential is more relevant than ever. Katy Butler a favorite passage of published memoir, and This dynamic, interactive program brings da Do you have a story you are longing to tell? plenty of smooth-flowing pens. Vincis genius to life through fascinating bio- Takea great leap forward with a passion- Recommended reading: Butler, Knocking on graphical and historical information, setting ate teacher whose best-selling memoir was Heavens Door. the stage for an introduction to seven prin- named a NY Times Notable Book of the year. ciples for thinking a la Leonardo. You will In a spirit of spontaneous play, using prompts Katy Butler is the author ofKnocking on Heav- be guided to apply the principles, through a and free-writing, well first let the pen glide ens Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death proven series of practical exercises designed rapidly over the paper in short bursts. Be , a New York Times Notable Book of 2013. Her to enrich your life now. prepared to be surprised by what turns up, award-winning personal essays have appeared in and to draw deeply from wells unfamiliar the New Yorker, the NY Times Magazine, Best Leonardo invented the parachute before any- to you.Later, well spin straw into gold, American Essays, and Best Buddhist Writing. one could fly. Imagine what you will accom- refining first drafts into polished scenes and plish with that kind of innovative thinking! Robert Schl agal 14

17 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Recommended reading: Gelb, How to Think Cida writes: My teaching focuses more on Recommended reading: Vissell and Vissell, Like Leonardo da Vinci, How to Think Like movement than on technical aspects, so that Light in the Mirror. Leonardo da Vinci Workbook, and Brain Power: participants can achieve a lively workout and, Joyce Vissell is a masters-level nurse/psychother- Improve Your Mind as You Age. most importantly, have fun. This workshop is apist who, with her husband Barry, founded the for everyone aged 14 and up who enjoys and Michael J. Gelb bio on page 13. Shared Heart Foundation dedicated to changing wants to learn more about Brazilian dance the world one heart at a time. Together they write and music and its impact in their soul. Please a syndicated column for 80 periodicals worldwide. Designing the Life You Want: bring drums and/or any instruments (if you Self-Renewal in the New Year have them), along with a significant item to Barry Vissell is a psychiatrist who, with his wife place on a communal altar as a way of sharing Mark Nicolson Joyce, practices the medicine of unconditional love your essence. Expect nothing and be ready for worldwide. He and Joyce have coauthored many You have never been where you are today. You everything! No previous dance or drumming books, including The Shared Heart, Models of have never been the age you are today, or had experience is necessary. Participants under 18 Love, Meant To Be, and A Mothers Final Gift, the experience you have today. The river of must be accompanied by an adult. among others. life flows and we find ourselves in places we Cida Vieira has choreographed and performed in have never been before. At times, you must the US, South America, and Europe, with dance pause and reflect: Have you created the life groups and artists including Xuxa, Ray Charles, you want? Are you going in the right direc- Week of January 1015 Daniela Mercury, and Airto Moreira. Born at the tion? Are you who you want to be? heart of the dance circles of Brazil, currently Cida Rarely, however, do we allow ourselves the teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. Plugging Into Body Intelligence: time to stop and look at what is changing Mestre Beiola is a native of Brazil and 30-year Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams and what will prepare us for the next phase. master of capoeira, an African-Brazilian martial And Lead the Change Drawing on psychological principles and an- art and dance form. Now based in East Palo Alto, cient wisdom traditions to guide us, we will Calif., Beiola has taught capoeira, Brazilian Katie Hendricks & Lamara Heartwell create a unique environment in which peers dance, percussion, and stringed instruments Humans have the opportunity to make the can come together for a rare opportunity of at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and elsewhere. shift now from fear-focused, adrenaline- deep personal learning and exploration. Our fueled living to full-body-intelligent living. goal is renewing the self, and designing and Body intelligence expands our perspective creating the year and the life we want. beyond fear to the rich, millennia-long wis- The Shared Heart New Years Retreat You will develop a set of tools, practices, dom we carry in our cells. Body intelligence for Couples and intentions as a foundation for the next is the direct, consciously felt experience of year and next stage of life. Together we will Joyce Vissell & Barry Vissell being alive, from the flow of blood and sensa- create a supportive community to make this tion to the feelings and mental shifts that Imagine your relationship expressing the experiential workshop safe, enlivening, and interweave with our responses to being in a true depths of your love and commitment. If nurturing. body, relationships, work, and the world. you are in love, this retreat is an opportunity Mark Nicolson is an organizational consultant to rise even higher in love. If you are in crisis, If youre ready to increase the level of energy, based in Silicon Valley, Calif. He specializes in it is an opportunity for healing on the deep- joy, clarity, and connection in your life, this leadership development and in the effectiveness of est level. We all carry some degree of negative seminar can help you discover your true teams and organizations. He is also the co-founder programming from our past, and there are body intelligence, including the following of Ventana Group, which works with visionary loving and effective ways to transform this elements: social change leaders. programming into a positive and vibrant Recognize your inner signals for yes and no celebration of our connection. Increase your band-width for receiving and During this workshop you will experience acting on the messages from your body The Brazilian Soul: exercises and practices for you to do with each Navigate the flow of your day with vitality Dance and Drumming other, therapeutic coaching of each couple by and balance Cida Vieira & Mestre Beiola the Vissells, the support of other couples, and Create more fun with work and more Drumming inspires people to connect. Na- time for sharing after each practice. pleasure in general tionalities and individual agendas disappear; Participants are given tools for deeper ap- Shift easily from stress and fear to creativity what remains is the grounding presence of preciation and communication building, and collaboration our transformed selvesour spirits lightened including healthy communication of feelings, Expand your capacity for giving and and empowered. Join Cida Vieira and Mestre our partner as a mirror, understanding and receiving love Beicola on this journey of joy straight into respecting each others differences, con- Heal our collective 2000+ year old myth the heart of Brazilian dance and music. This flict resolution, healing past hurts, sexual that the body is less intelligent than the hands-on (and feet-on) workshop explores wellness, inner child/inner parent, taking mind the instruments, rhythms, music, and the responsibility, and developing a true inner samba dance jeitinho brasieliro (of the Brazilian CE credit for MFTs/LCSWs; please see leader. connection. For more information, visit way) in an inclusive and safe environment. See Faculty Spotlight on page 11. 15

18 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Katie Hendricks, PhD, BC-DMT, has been a speaker for national professional organizations, Dr. Somatic Meditations. Beginning on pioneer in the field of body-mind integration Schwartz has published 5 books and more than 50 the silent level, you go through a series for more than 40 years. She leads seminars and articles about IFS. of meditations to awaken somatic trainings in the core skills of conscious living. Her intelligencethe finely tuned feedback books include At the Speed of Life, Centering system that is every persons birthright. and the Art of Intimacy, Conscious Loving, 5Rhythms : Moving Meditation This brings greater attunement to our own The Conscious Heart, and Lasting Love. Lucia Horan heart and enables us to open to a new depth of intimacy with another Lamara Heartwell is a body intelligence expert In order to find peace in the chaos of life, one must turn inwards. The body is the key Social Meditations: Working in dyads and who inspires women to claim their bodies as as a group, you can refine your listening an essential source of intelligence, power, and to unlocking inner freedom and liberation. The 5Rhythms moving meditation teaches skills and learn how to give voice to your pleasure.She is the founder of Santa Barbara experience in a centered way. Through this Dance Tribe, holds a coaching certification from mindful awareness of the body. During this workshop, you will be taught how to track process, we deepen our presence and allow the Hendricks Institute, and completed counseling it to flower through the many ways that training from the Interchange Institute. energy as it moves through the body and mind. This tricking can expand your capacity meaning expresses itself to sustain present-time awareness. By learn- Applications and Implications. We explore ing this skill, youll have a method to take the mode of non-dual, social dialogue in its Self-Compassion in Inner and Outer home with you and practice in your daily life. use in psychotherapy, couples counseling, Relationships Inspiration and healing can be cultivated as and conflict resolution Richard Schwartz one surrenders to what is. This relational work empowers us to partici- This workshop will include both sitting pate creatively and compassionately so we This five-day retreat is open to anyone no longer attempt to solve problems from currently in a relationship or notwho is and moving meditation. It is between these two polarities that we see the dance of life the same level of thought that created them. interested in exploring the idea that it is CoPresencing enables us to evolve human possible and optimal to bring ones full heart reflected back to us. As we experience being mindful in both moving and stillness, we consciousness by transcending these incoher- to any important relationship. In a safe and encies. supportive environment, this experience will open the door to becoming present and free. offer ways to work with the parts of ourselves This is an invitation to embody compassion Risa Kaparo, PhD, author of Awakening that stand in the way of giving and receiving and to connect. No experience necessary. Somatic Intelligence, teaches Somatic Learn- love fully. All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms ing, the evidence-based method she developed, Teachers Training prerequisites. internationally, from MIT to Chinas Dalian With the beauty of the Pacific coast to sup- Medical School. She practices somatic-psychother- port and nurture their process, participants Recommended reading: Roth, Sweat Your Prayers, Maps to Ecstasy, and Connections: apy in the California Bay Area and elsewhere. have the opportunity to explore many aspects of self-compassion, in the following ways: Threads of Intuitive Wisdom. Learn about the Internal Family Systems CE credit for massage; see page 6. A Time to Reflect model of psychotherapy and gain skills that Lucia Horan was born into the family of the This is a special opportunity for people to ex- make self-exploration engaging and deeply 5Rhythms and raised at Esalen Institute. She perience Esalen without taking a workshop. satisfying became a 5Rhythms teacher in 1997, is now For full description, see page 13. Address the question, Who am I in a internationally recognized, and a current faculty relationship? member of Gabrielle Roths Moving Center School, NY. Use tools to understand the nature of relational burdens and let go of old ways of Weekend of January 1517 relating CoPresencing: Engage in deep personal work that can lead The Art of Social Meditation The 5Rhythms and 4 Foundations to the development of new beliefs about of Mindfulness Risa Kaparo oneself Lucia Horan & Vinny Ferraro The art of dialogue as social meditation helps Support and be supported with others on a you develop a deep ecology of affect and the In order to understand the dance one must be still. similar journey capacity to embody an intimacy with what And in order to truly understand stillness one Increase courage to take new risks in is. Known as CoPresencing, this discipline is must dance. Rumi connecting practiced in social, professional, and psycho- CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. therapeutic contexts, or as a dialogue with In this weekend of meditation and dance, CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. will we integrate the stillness of Buddhist oneself. CoPresencing also has profound Richard Schwartz, PhD, is a systemic family implications for couples. This workshop mindfulness meditation with the moving therapist and an academic. Dr. Schwartz developed includes training in the following CoPresenc- meditations of the 5Rhythms. The Buddha the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) and ing practices: encouraged us to bring wise attention to ev- founded the Center for Self Leadership. A featured ery aspect of our lives. In sitting meditation, 16

19 Richard Tauber Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). we have the opportunity to observe the mind Yoga Practice: Refining and Everyone is welcome. Please have a minimum and body at rest through silent introspec- Magnifying Body, Mind and Spirit of three months of recent yoga experience, tion. In the practice of the 5Rhythms, we Thomas Michael Fortel & Karen Cook and bring a yoga mat. engage in mindfulness while in motion. The One of the fundamental tenets of yoga philos- Thomas Michael Fortel is a longtime yoga 5Rhythms is a map that teaches how energy ophy is that every human being is, at the core, practitioner/teacher, influenced by the Iyengar, moves. The two polarities of moving and an expression of divine light and love. The Ashtanga, and Anusara styles of Hatha yoga, and sitting meditation together mirror the dance yogis refer to this as the Supreme Self or In- drawing from his devotional experience in Bhakti of life. In this journey, we are always moving ner Self. Many of us glimpse this from time yoga. He travels widely, sharing his love for yoga. between these two spectrums. If one learns to time, yet a primary focus of ourjourney is to not cling or avoid, one can hold the place Karen Cook is an acupuncturist with more than of the silent witness and be with all that life to honestly address the physical, mental, and emotional heaviness which covers up our in- 25 years of experience in the movement arts. She offers. ner luminosity. This is a necessary paradigm has been teaching Yoga since 1997, influenced by Vinny encourages meditation students to shift as we move into a fuller expression of Thomas Fortel Yoga and SpectorDance. Her love practice mindful dancing in order to bring our true nature. of movement is her joy and invites all to open to balance and insight into their lives. Lucia in- their divine light. vites dancers to engage in sitting meditation Yoga practice is a double-edged sword requir- in order to embody integration, balance, and ing both effort and surrender. Effort is neces- sary as we purify, refine, and integrate body, Sacred Commerce: Business as a insight. Join them for the groundbreaking mind, emotion, and spirit. Surrender is criti- Path of Awakening union of these two deep and wise practices. cal in the face of alchemical transformation; Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart CE credit for massage; see page 6. letting go leads us into the restoration and Lucia Horan bio on page 16. edification of our true nature, divine light. Are you engaged in relationships with staff, Vinny Ferraro has been practicing meditation These principles unfold in the yoga room as co-workers, or business partners? Have you since 1993. He has taught meditation to incarcer- we place our bodies into postures (asanas), experienced frustration in these relation- ated youth and adults, and is the head trainer for focus our awareness on breath (pranayama), ships? What if awakening consciousness the Mind Body Awareness Project. He also is a and enter the sanctuary of the heart (medita- was the context at your workplace? What Spirit Rock Community Dharma teacher. tion or dyana). if conflicts in your work community were 17

20 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Doug Ellis acknowledged as opportunities to heal Matthew Engelhart is co-owner of Caf going to grow old with runs off, when the collective wounds? What if the mission of Gratitude. He has coauthored 3 books with Terces partner you did get old with suddenly dies, your business was to usher in a sustainable, Engelhart, and when they are not on the road when the career that defined you dissolves, spiritually fulfilling society? Sacred com- speaking or teaching, he and Terces live on Be when you realize its too late to have children, merce is practicing presence in a commercial Love Organic Farm where they grow food for or maybe even to fall in love. environment. their 7 restaurants. With a community of women facing similar Terces Engelhart is co-owner of Caf Gratitude. Matthew and Terces Engelhart are the circumstances, youll explore where you are She has coauthored 3 books with Matthew Engel- owners of Caf Gratitude, LLC, a school of in life versus where you expected to be, and hart, and when they are not on the road speaking transformation in the setting of an organic the powerful role of women as a consequence or teaching, she and Matthew live on Be Love vegan restaurant chain in California. Dur- of the rise in feminine energythe transfor- Organic Farm where they grow food for their 7 ing this workshop, with their characteristic mational power of our times. We will identify restaurants. humor and passion, the Engelharts will train steps you can take to create a life that can be participants in the following areas. larger, happier, and more quintessentially How to incorporate simple but profound A Future Unexpected: Women your own than the one you left behind. tools to help transform your working Creating an Unimagined Life Through sharing, meditation, exercises, and environment Daphne Rose Kingma emotional exploration, you will be lovingly How to re-create an organization so that supported in creating a new and exciting ver- Women growing into their fortiesor fifties, it appreciates in value while its workforce sion of your life. sixties, or seventiesare more than ever collectively keeps its attention on the finding themselves on a path theyd never Recommended Reading: Kingma, Coming successful flow of source and supply expected, either because of choices or out-of- Apart and The Ten Things to Do When Your Life How to heal the split between making a the-blue life changes. Falls Apart. living and creating a self-realized, fulfilled, and vital life In this workshop, well explore who, how, Daphne Rose Kingma is the author of 12 best-sell- and what youre supposed to be when youve ing books about love and relationships, including Activities include lectures, partner work, Coming Apart, The Future of Love, and The experienced unexpected setbacks and losses: coaching, and demonstrations. Ten Things to Do when Your Life Falls Apart. when your marriage ends, boyfriend leaves, Recommended reading: Engelhart and Engel- house burns down, children depart, or job She has been a psychotherapist, 6-time guest on hart, Sacred Commerce. folds. When the person you thought you were Oprah, partner in a publishing house, studio painter, and poet. 18

21 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Taoist Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy offerings, please visit menting thirty additional massages at your of Energy and Ecstasy esalen-massage-certification-programs-overview. home site, a State-Approved Certificate of Lee Holden Completion for 250 hours will be issued. The This 250-hour massage certification course is certification fee is $115. Esalen is an approved Within us is a wellspring of vitality known as designed for those who plan to professionally school by the Bureau for Private Postsecond- qi waiting to amplify every aspect of our lives. practice massage, or to combine Esalen Mas- ary Education (school code 2700571). Taoist practices embrace all aspects of the sage skills with another body-mind disci- selfphysical, energetic, sexual, emotional, pline. It will provide an in-depth experience This is a professional training with limited and spiritual. Alchemy is the integration of of bodywork as an aspect of transpersonal admission and is especially useful for those in these layers of ourselves, and through this growth, reflecting the rich history of the Es- the healing professions in working with their process bliss and ecstatic experience blossom alen approach: an interweaving of disciplines patients and clients. To request an application from within. focused on the integration of body, mind, form and tuition information, send e-mail to and spirit. As students develop competence [email protected] or call 831-667-3005. Alchemy is described as the art of transform- during the course of this training in Esalen Scholarship assistance may be available. ing lead into gold. In the context of this work- Massage methodology, they will be also shop, gold represents the qi that manifests as Tuition: Shared standard accommodations: be exposed to approaches such as Sensory vitality, passion, presence, and love. With the $7500; Shared bunk bed dorm: $5600. Awareness, Gestalt Process, yoga, and medita- (An additional $20 materials fee guidance of senior Taoist teacher and qigong tionall practices focused on supporting the is paid directly to the leader) instructor Lee Holden, we will explore embodiment of presence and awareness as CE credit for massage; see page 6. ancient Taoist practices to help us work with we touch. This six-week immersion is an in- this subtle energy for increased passion and Deborah Anne Medow, longtime Esalen depth experience of Esalen Massage theory intimacy, improved health, emotional bal- workshop leader, yoga instructor, and bodywork and method, teaching students how to move ance, and spiritual development. practitioner, teaches yoga, massage, creative move- beyond technique and embrace this form as a ment, awareness practices, and related healing Through a combination of lecture, qigong true healing art. disciplines throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. movement, meditation, and partner exercises, Through lecture, demonstration, and visual She is also a certified nutrition educator, Zumba we can discover practical tools to improve aids, students will study massage as a holistic dance instructor, and manager of the Esalen Heal- our everyday lives by learning to tap into the approach to optimal health and functioning. ing Arts Department. power of our own qi, balance it within, and The course offers 250 hours of comprehensive Rob Wilks is a full-time bodywork practitioner feel connected to the divine. core massage instruction, including relevant and yoga teacher at Esalen. He specializes in Deep The workshop also includes instruction in anatomical and physiological exploration Bodywork. He has taught experiential leadership Taoist sexual secrets for abundant vitality, directly linked to the practice of massage. education in the US and Eastern Europe. intimacy, and compassion. You will be taught Students will have ample time for supervised techniques for expanding orgasm, refining practice with each other, emphasizing body sexual energy, and developing the alchemy mechanics, self-care, and innovation. of love and gratitude. Open to couples and Week of January 1722 The massage curriculum includes centering individuals. skills, Esalen long stroke methods effective Recommended reading and listening: in whole-body integration, draping, detailed The I in the Storm: Bringing Self Holden, 7 Minutes of Magic, Taoist Sexual Secrets structural work, passive joint movement and Leadership to Everyday Life and Qi Gong for Health and Healing (CD). stretches, and techniques that energetically Richard Schwartz balance a massage. Students will also be Lee Holden is a senior teacher for Mantak Chia, This workshop introduces the Internal Family taught communication skills for interacting the Taoist master, and has edited several best- with clients in a clear, compassionate man- Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy, and selling books on Taoist sexuality. He is a leading ner, including education in difficult ethical teaches healing professionals and all who qi gong instructor whose DVD series has been situations that sometimes arise in massage are interested how to apply it to their own featured on PBS and is the author of 7 Minutes practice. countertransference. Richard Schwartz devel- of Magic: Recharge Your Body Each Day with oped IFS over the past twenty-five years as he Qi Gong. This 250-hour certification training satisfies learned to set aside his trained assumptions the core requirements for CAMTC certifica- and truly listen to his clients. IFS is a highly tion; all students seeking the California CMT efficient and effective way of guiding people to will need 250-hours of additional coursework a state of inner clarity and compassion (called January 17February 28 at Esalen or at another school. It is also open the Self) from which they know how to heal to professionals seeking an immersion-style themselves. From the Self, one can calm and course in this effective healing art. Beginners transform troubling inner voices, the critical 250-hour Esalen Massage Certification Program are welcome, including those not necessarily and anxious chatter, the compulsive distrac- interested in professional massage practice, tions, and feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, Deborah Anne Medow & Rob Wilks but in a deeper experience of their own and overwhelm. These parts of the psyche are Esalen offers numerous levels of basic mas- embodiment. surprisingly responsive and resilient when sage certification. For an overview of these Upon satisfactory completion, and after docu- addressed with respect and patience. 19

22 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. A therapists ability to remain steady, cen- of the day are dedicated to physical move- tered, and open-hearted in the face of their ment that promotes strength, flexibility, and January 2022 clients extreme emotions or predicaments is awareness in space. Christy and Helmut will central to his or her effectiveness. By utiliz- share the more gentle movements from their A Time To Reflect ing IFS, therapists and laypeople can hold daily practice of the Brazilian art form capoei- this Self state of loving kindness that allows This is a special opportunity for people to ex- ra. Accessible to all ages and fitness levels, others to heal themselves. perience Esalen without taking a workshop. the emphasis is on conditioning the body so For full description, please see page 13. that making art and ironwork becomes safer, At the end of this workshop, participants easier, and more fluid. will have the tools to understand the role ($100 materials fee paid directly to the leaders) of the Self, discuss the role of mindfulness in self-awareness, recognize the essential Helmut Hillenkamp specializes in the sculptural Weekend of January 2224 features of the IFS model, and understand the design of functional forms. A former Esalen ways therapists any anyone can help clients staff member, he built Esalens forge and pottery The Renaissance of Spirit: The Art and achieve Self-Leadership. This workshop is for kiln. He now lives in Santa Fe, NM, and Mystery of Making a Difference everyone. makes his living forging gates and railings. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. Jean Houston & Peggy Rubin CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Christy Hengst s artwork involves sense of place, A Renaissance is a rebirth that brings excit- and the potential of heightening perceptions. ing new innovation, experimentation, explo- Richard Schwartz bio on page 16. Site-specific projects include bus stops, a sculpture ration and discoveries, writes Jean Houston. project in Ecuador, and the international travel- This course explores personal and spiritual Patterns of Growth: Drawn from ing public installation birds in the park. development as they relate to renaissance, or Nature, Shaped in Steel radical renewal. Helmut Hillenkamp & Christy Hengst We will embark on the most radical and yet Growth in nature follows subtle rhythms, as Leadership as a Path to Awakening most intimate of journeys. We will follow seen in spirals, veins, and distinctive sequenc- Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart the story of your development from before es. For the drawing part of this workshop, conception to your final times. As we do this, we will roam the Esalen property sketching Leaders are stewards of the collective con- we will unlock the codes that you carry that trees, weeds, water, and stone, always on the sciousness who steer the community toward can expand your traditional sense of identity lookout for patterns. Christy will guide par- what is sacred, write Terces and Matthew and give you a significant new perspective on ticipants in developing an open state of mind Engelhart. Leaders hold the seat of love even who you are, why you are so important, where for this process, as well as on actual drawing. when the stormy weather of doubt, fear, or you have come from, what your gifts are, your You may be surprised by what shows up on scarcity rolls through any entity. While the options for activating them, and the legacy the paper! Quiet attention connected to the collective shadow clings to appearances, the you will leave. This journeya Renaissance drawing hand can lead to beautiful and unex- leader-shaman uses his or her tools to distin- or Rebirth of Spiritcan lead to an extraordi- pected results. guish and reveal the illusion disguising itself nary realization of your higher, more sacred as real. Somewhere in the community, some- self, and its important role today. Alternating with the drawing periods will be one has taken too much separation medicine technical and creative sessions for working and the leader is the doctor on call. This seminar is designed to help you: with steel. You can learn and use techniques Discover that you are richer, deeper, and such as cutting with a torch, bending and In this workshop, you will receive coach- ing to be the most transparent person in the stronger than you know hammering metal heated in the forge, and room. Your process and the demons you are Enter the Mystery to recover your innate joining elements together with the welder in wrestling with will serve as inspiration for capacities and return with powers to truly order to build artistic and utilitarian objects. others to reveal and work with their own make a difference Participants will bring home experimental or finished pieces such as light screens, shadows. Ultimately you will be able to hone Transcend weariness, move beyond garden ornaments, or small sculptures that your ability to never waver on the leader- damaging traumas and fears, and enter into incorporate observations on pattern from the ship path by holding space, listening, taking a renewed gathering of skill and spirit drawing sessions. 100% responsibility, and humbly rousing Become part of a deep ecology of life people from their resignation and cynicism. The workshop will spend roughly equal time The seminar will also explore myths and Wherever you are, the awakening of love is drawing and working with metal. No previ- stories that provide templates for global and transpiring! Come take your seat for this ous drawing or ironwork experience is neces- personal transformation. These stories help empowering course. sary. Please wear long-sleeved cotton work us discover the coded matrices of the next ($20 materials fee paid directly to the leaders) clothes with pants that go over the top of steps in human development. sturdy leather boots. No synthetic clothing Recommended reading: Engelhart and Jean Houstonis a philosopher mentored by materials please, because it may be flammable. Engelhart, Sacred Commerce and The Abound- ing River Logbook. Margaret Mead. One of the principal founders of Safety gear is provided. the human potential movement, she has written Short sessions in the morning and at the end Matthew Engelhart bio on page 18. 26 books and is known for her worldwide human Terces Engelhart bio on page 18. potential workshops. 20

23 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Peggy Rubin is founding director of Sacred The- and spiritual difficulties. Often there are too your heart, where you discover the unique atre in Ashland, Ore. She leads workshops in Liv- few opportunities to metabolize the grief, gifts only you can offer the world. Join Todd ing Life as Sacred Theatre, and Sacred Studies of sorrow, and discomfort we intimately experi- Norian as he guides you on a journey of the the Divine Feminine. Since 1987 she has also been ence in our work. heart by interweaving healing alignment the principal teaching associate of Jean Houston. techniques, positive heart virtues, and the This interdisciplinary workshop for health empowering teachings of Tantra. During professionals will focus on identifying, this weekend, youll have the opportunity exploring, and improving our own health and to: The Three Rs for Hospice and self-care practices. We will evaluate our risks Palliative Care Health Professionals: for burnout and compassion fatigue, discuss Enjoy precise alignment techniques that Rest, Reflect, Release more effective strategies for work-life balance, can free your body of chronic pain Charlea Massion and share stories and reflections from our Increase your strength, flexibility, and challenging and gratifying work. balance We care deeply for others, but how about CE credit for nurses; see page 6. Experience safe transformational asanas ourselves? Health professionals (nurses, including standing poses, hip openers, Charlea Massion, a family physician, is the medi- physicians, chaplains, and social workers) backbends, hand balances, inversions, who work in hospice and palliative care have cal director of Hospice of Santa Cruz County and a hospital inpatient palliative care consultant in forward bends, and twists the highest rates of burnout and compas- Santa Cruz, Calif. She has taught Esalen work- Explore uplifting and empowering sion fatigue. Both in our training and our shops on self-care and work-life balance for health philosophical teachings from the Tantra everyday work, we focus on patients, families, care professionals since 1997. tradition and their communities. Daily we encounter people who are in pain, often intensely suf- Deepen your integration through partner fering at the interface of life and death. As work, mantras, and pranayama Align Your Body and Awaken Your professionals, we are expected to not only Heart through Yoga You can leave with the foundation for an apply knowledge and technical expertise, but at-home yoga practice that strengthens every also respond with empathy and compassion, Todd Norian aspect of the Selfbody, mind, spiritand regardless of our own physical, emotional, The true path of yoga leads back home to facilitates the awakening of your heart. Daniel Bianche t ta 21

24 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Please bring a yoga mat, thick yoga block, the whole collection of premises upon which bring your own mischievous brilliance to the yoga belt with clasp, blanket or cushion to sit Western society is builtseveral times during conversation as together we will develop new on, and a journal and pen. dinner. Bateson and Watts were mischief resonances for todays contexts. The conver- CE credit for yoga teachers through Yoga Alliance; see leader. makers in the cultural metaphor, and this sation between Gregory Bateson and Alan workshop is a harkening of the treasures of Watts is one that stretches across decades Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, is the founder of that time, brought into the conversations and disciplines of thought, and the workshop Ashaya Yoga. Todd combines precise, therapeutic of today. Nora Bateson and Mark Watts offers a wonderful opportunity to once again alignment with heart while holding the intention will be your hosts for five days, presenting bring the old wise-guys into our dialogue. to awaken others to their true natureunlimited their fathers archival lectures, and sharing joy. Nora Bateson is president of the International their own experiences of the great cultural Bateson Institute, Sweden. She is a filmmaker, breakout. The format is non-didactic, and lecturer, researcher, writer, and educator. Nora although both Nora and Mark have a deep wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning Week of January 2429 knowledge of the concepts and history of documentary, An Ecology of Mind. She lectures the ideas presented, this is an opportunity to Inspired by Esalen: Drawing and Architectural Ironwork Helmut Hillenkamp & Christy Hengst With major renovations underway at Esalen, now is a great time to take a look at its built environment, hear and exchange stories of how some of the structures came to be, and explore the philosophy behind their design and Esalens unique sense of place. Of course the natural setting is a large part of what makes Esalen special, but the many handmade art and architectural objects also create a rich sense of place. Using drawing as a medium, we will immerse ourselves in truly seeing what is there, and during metalwork- ing sessions, well use our hands to make ironwork pieces inspired by the ones that decorate Esalen. A small shop will be set up at the Art Barn to work with hot iron, and even as a beginner, youll have the opportunity to take 1-3 pieces home with you. For one of the evenings there will be a talk about the art and art history of Esalen. The workshop will spend roughly equal time drawing and working with metal. No previ- ous experience in either medium is neces- sary. Please wear long-sleeved cotton work clothes including pants that go over the top of sturdy leather boots. No synthetic materials please. Safety gear is provided. ($100 materials fee paid directly to the leaders) Helmut Hillenkamp bio on page 20. Christy Hengst bio on page 20. Radical Thinkers Breakout! A Journey into the Archives with Bateson and Watts Nora Bateson & Mark Watts Jens Wa zel There was a time in Esalens history when Gregory Bateson and Alan Watts were regu- lars, and it was perfectly normal to upturn 22

25 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). and teaches internationally, and has advised for The Art of Masterful Living: love and respect to ourselves and our family, EU policy makers, created curricula for schools, Embodying the Five Elements then love can become a healing agent in all and written for several journals. through Yoga aspects of our lives. We also explore personal Mark Watts is the son of philosopher Alan Watts. Todd Norian issues related to illness, split-off parts of the He is a filmmaker and archivist, and currently self, growth, expansion, and creativity. Find is growing the Alan Watts Mountain Center in We are all made of the five elements: earth, ways to get unstuck. Join us being together Pt. Reyes, north of San Francisco, Calif. water, fire, air, and sky. Masterful living is with our creative life force and living more achieved when these elements are balanced consciously. Honor the past, cultivate more within. When theyre out of balance, you presence, and build the future. A relational Wild Serenity in Love may feel contracted (too much earth), over- constellation is a deeply educational and cre- Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche whelmed and emotionally stressed out (too ative process that nurtures your heart, soul, much water), unmotivated (not enough fire), and creative life force. For more information Living and loving fully takes courage and anxious and fearful (too much air), or un- about Relational Constellations, visit www. all the inner resources one can muster. grounded (too much sky). During this retreat, Embodied practices such as meditation and youll have the opportunity to: movement bolster the heart and inspire the Recommended reading: Benz-Chartrand, The Safely practice a variety of asanas using the expression of love in all its forms. Life is rela- Delight of Love and Belonging. therapeutic techniques of Ashaya Yoga tionshipwith the self, nature, creativity, and Dyrian Benz-Chartrand, PsyD, is a mindfulness one another. Meditation can be defined as in- Nurture and rejuvenate yourself with restorative poses and somatic psychology educator. A cofounder timacy with life. Through meditation we pay of Hakomi, he conducts trainings in Relational attention to the current of vitality and love Transform negative beliefs through creative Constellations at the Constellation Institute of flowing through us, and ride it inward to our journaling, contemplation, and group California. He is a longtime Diamond Approach essences. This is an instinctive ability and we process student and co-author of Love and Belonging: all can do it. Nature is wild and serene, and so Raise your vibration through mantras, Making Love Successful. too is our inner nature. In this approach, you pranayama, meditation, and kirtan chanting embrace the fullness of beingvastness and Connect with others in a supportive JoAnne Chartrand-Benz has been a European- vulnerability, sensuality, and surging power. community trained somatic psychology educator since 1979. The course alternates sitting and moving Her specialty is in somatic, transpersonal, rela- The Ashaya Yoga practice brings about a meditations that gently awaken the senses, tional psychology, and trauma work. She teaches flowing integration of all five elements that open flow in the body, and stretch the mind Family Constellation trainings. She is a Somatic can leave you feeling strong, confident, in wonder and awe. Experience practitioner, a student of the Diamond peaceful, openhearted, and ready to engage Drawing on four decades of teaching and with life wholeheartedly from a place of Approach, and co-author of Love and Belonging. thirty years of relationship, authors Mau- worthiness. rine and Roche share their experience with Please bring a yoga mat, 1-2 thick yoga blocks, humor and compassion. If you want to tap yoga belt with clasp, and a blanket or cushion into more joy and inspiration, if you long for more intimacy with yourself and others, to sit on. Weekend of January 2931 then perhaps its time for Wild Serenity! This Recommended reading: Wallis, Tantra Illumi- course is also useful for those in the helping nated; Judith, Wheels of Life. A WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering professions. CE for yoga teachers through Yoga Alliance; see leader. Marianne Williamson, Michelle Stransky, Please note: Wear comfortable clothes for Todd Norian bio on page 22. & Konda Mason movement. WisdomWomen invites you to the first Recommended reading: Roche, Meditation Love and Belonging: Harvesting women-only, property-wide gathering on the Made Easy and The Radiance Sutras; Maurine the Power of Attachment, Intimacy majestic grounds of Esalen. This revolution- and Roche, Meditation Secrets for Women. and Autonomy ary gathering is a call to action for women Camille Maurine is the author of Meditation Dyrian Benz-Chartrand leaders to collectively fulfill their radical Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7, both & JoAnne Chartrand-Benz visions for a life-affirming world. We are not written with her husband, Lorin Roche. Camilles asking whether or not this can be done. We Love and a sense of belonging are the corner- are claiming that it is ours to do. Our work work synthesizes meditation, movement, and stones to fulfilling relationships throughout here as Women of Wisdom is not complete expression, with a keen passion for womens life. When the flow of love and acceptance until every being on this planet is safe and spiritual empowerment and embodiment. is interrupted in life, the soul suffers. With free to thrive. We invite trailblazers, thought Relational Constellations, we uncover the and heart leaders, and paradigm shifters to Lorin Roche, PhD, has practiced and taught disruptions and entanglements so that we can join us to create a cross-pollination of wis- meditation since 1968. He earned his degree for find strength, dignity, love, creativity, and a dom, experience, and knowledge. During our research in the language of meditation. He is the sense of belonging. Love and appreciation are time together, we will put our inner wisdom, author of The Radiance Sutras, and with his the guiding principles used for finding good privilege, and power to work in a way that wife Camille Maurine, Meditation Secrets for resolutions. Profound healing of heart, body, honors our deepest values. Women. and soul are often the result. When we bring 23

26 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. This gathering will integrate nurturing and Michelle Stransky, founder of WisdomWomen, Please register early; enrollment is limited restorative elements of retreat (movement was the conference director at Wisdom 2.0, where to twenty. A materials list will be sent upon and meditation practices, ritual bathing, and she launched WisdomWomen in 2013. A former registration. All exercises will be preceded by yoga) with inspirational sharing and col- management consultant and executive coach, demonstrations and followed by assessments laborative circling for action (facilitated and she is now committed to co-creating a new world of individual progress. curated groups of 8-10 women). All women reality through the journey of embodied wisdom. Recommended reading: Edwards, Drawing on will be asked to engage as both leaders and Michelle is a convener, producer, and collaborator. the Right Side of the Brain. participants. We believe that when we are ($15 materials fee paid directly to the leader) held in this container of connection, support, Konda Mason is co-founder and CEO of Hub and wisdom, new possibilities will emerge Oakland, a co-working space connecting socially Lynda Greenberg has been practicing art for 30 beyond our wildest dreams. We hope you will engaged changemakers and social entrepreneurs years and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree. She join us for this rare opportunity to manifest to bring their projects to life. A human equity teaches at Antelope Valley and Harbor colleges, our collective visions in one of the most glori- advocate, certified Kripalu yoga instructor, and among others. She was trained by Dr. Betty Ed- ous places on Mother Earth. meditation teacher, Kondas work is driven by the wards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of vision of realizing in her lifetime a genuinely just the Brain. WisdomWomen is a growing movement to and sustainable world. advance new ways of leadership and collabo- ration in service to a world where all beings Yoga and Zen: thrive. We are also committed to creating a A Time to Reflect Entering The Bloodstream safe space where individual and collective Tias Little & Henry Shukman This is a special opportunity for people to ex- shadow topics are explored with deep love perience Esalen without taking a workshop. One of the primary aims of yoga and zen and compassion. For this gathering and For full description, please see page 13. practice is to integrate them so deeply into beyond, we welcome support in building a field of awareness around topics such as race, our lives that the practice flows through us gender, class, and sexuality. The possibilities constantly, like blood in the bloodstream. we birth together at Esalen will be nurtured This course seeks the essence of what it Week of January 31February 5 means to practice by investigating the by our ongoing support network, and pro- gram offerings that move our visions forward wakeful nature of prana (breath, or life- as a collective. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain giving force) in every cell of the body. Just as the blood supports all living function, so Please note: WisdomWomen will be inviting Lynda Greenberg Buddha-nature is the reality of all experi- women into this gathering through an For many, drawing seems to be a mysteri- ence. The aim of our yoga is to discover this application process. The application can be ous process reserved for the talented few. directly, not as a static, isolated event on found here: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain has the meditation cushion or in asana, but in esalen.html. Once you have been accepted, debunked this myth. the midst of everyday life. In this course, you will receive confirmation and the pass- we promote the fluid nature of true aware- Welcoming students who are convinced word for registration at Esalen. If you then ness not only in asana, but also in standing, they have little talent for drawing and those register online at, please be walking, sitting, and lying down. Like the who wish to expand their current artistic aware that you will not be immediately con- blood stream, we flow in the continuity of abilities, this workshop offers an intensive firmed until your attendance and code word awareness at all moments. combination of discussion and studio exer- are verified. You will know you are registered cises. The class is designed to awaken the In addition we will undertake a funda- when you receive an email confirmation. perceptual skills for drawing with confi- mental self-inquiry: How do we create and When registering, please be sure to write dence. maintain our sense of self? Who do I think I your code word in the appropriate space at the bottom of the Secure Check Out page. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Betty am? Who am I really? Why am I here? What If you prefer to book via phone, please call Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the should I do? We will use the calming, open- 888-837-2536. Brain invites participants to see and think ing, and energizing effects of asana practice, differently by tapping into the non-verbal and the invigorating expansive beauty of Scholarships: If you are a woman interested Esalens natural landscape, to explore these (non-dominant) side of the brain. Set in in receiving financial assistance, you may fundamental questions of a human life Esalens Art Barn on a cliff overlooking the apply for a scholarship by visiting www.esalen during a week of deep healing and self- Pacific Ocean, this workshop will provide .org/page/scholarships-financial-aid. exploration. students with a host of stunning views to See Spotlight on page 8. draw and contemplate. In a carefully se- Tias Little combines Iyengar and Ashtanga Vin- Marianne Williamson is an internationally ac- quenced process, participants will explore the yasa yoga in his teaching practice. Also a licensed claimed spiritual author and lecturer. Marianne strategies of seeing that will enable them to massage therapist, he has been influenced by Ida has been a popular guest on television programs draw with a high degree of skill. By work- Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Thomas Hanna. such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morn- shops end, participants will have finished Tias is a longtime student of Tsoknyi Rinpoche ing America and Charlie Rose. Six of her eleven drawings and gained new thinking strategies in the Dzogchen practice of Tibetan Buddhism. published books have been New York Times best to help enhance their general problem-solv- sellers. ing capacity. Henry Shukman, associate Zen master of Sanbo 24

27 Reuven Shelef Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Zen, teaches at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in most effective techniques from each of our She is a yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and created Santa Fe, NM, and Sonnenhof in Schwarzwald, basic classes. You will be shown how to blend the Esalen In-house Yoga training program. Germany. He is also a prize-winning poet and long, integrating strokes on the entire body novelist, and frequent contributor to Tricycle and with effective pain-releasing methods on the New York Times. the areas of specific focus requested by your clients. Weekend of February 57 Beyond the Long Stroke: We will also address the important issue of The Integration of Deep Bodywork working deeply without injuring ourselves in Esalen Massage as we work. Learning to use proper body Evolutionary Relationships: mechanics, and aligning with the universal Opening into the Great Heart Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman force of gravity, will be important elements of Sally Kempton & Marc Gafni In our previous classes, weve focused on our learning. teaching the practice of Deep Bodywork Relationship is one of the great pathways This is an advanced level class. Previous to higher consciousness. The practices of for specific segments of the body, write the massage experience is necessary. This course awakened relationship not only can engage leaders. In this seminar, we will focus on offers 32 continuing education credits for the heart, but also can become doorways into giving a full body massage, and integrating massage. For more information, visit www. higher awareness, love, and engagement. Not Deep Bodywork into the session as a whole. just for couples, these practices can be the We will show you how to apply deep work on both sides of the body while maintaining CE credit for massage; see page 6. basis for a new kind of evolutionary activism. the flowing, integrative quality which is the Perry Holloman has been a teacher and practi- In this workshop, Sally and Marc introduce signature of Esalen Massage. tioner of Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, and a series of highly targeted insights and body-oriented approaches to Gestalt work for more practices for turning your encounters with Practitioners working in spas as well as in than 20 years. He teaches in the US, Asia, and others into opportunities for awakening, private practice are quite familiar with re- Europe, and makes his home in Big Sur, Calif. and deepening your connection to the Great quests for deep work. How do we do this in Heart. Through lectures, meditation, dyads, a manner so that we can both slow downal- Johanna Holloman is a German-born clinical and teachings based on Sallys tradition of lowing tissues time to open and changeand psychologist, Diamond Approach teacher, and non-dual tantra and Marcs insight into Kab- have time for a full-body massage? This class certified Esalen Massage and Deep Bodywork balah, youll learn how to: will address that dilemma, and integrate the instructor, teaching at Esalen and internationally. 25

28 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Jens Wa zel Access the space of higher wisdom with are profoundly affected by sexual concerns. sexual issues may affect health, empower- another person Yet too many health professionals lack specific ment, or safety. Discover powerful mutual awakening training to help their clients overcome feelings Recommended reading: Ogden, Expanding practices of sexual inadequacy and move beyond blocks the Practice of Sex Therapy, The Heart and Soul Apply new skills to evolve through to desire and pleasure. This course looks of Sex, The Return of Desire, and Women Who relationship beyond physical performance goals to explore Love Sex. underlying emotional and spiritual dynam- Sally Kempton teaches at the cutting edge of ics of sexual experience. Our interactive CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. contemporary tantra, and is known for her ability CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. model incorporates ritual, movement, concrete to transmit deep meditative states through the structure, and the importance of boundaries. Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, is a sex therapist, heart. A former monk and 40-year practitioner We provide case consultation and encourage researcher, and shamanic practitioner who leads of Shaiva yoga, Sally teaches internationally and personal awareness along with innovative workshops internationally. She conducted the only writes the Wisdom column for Yoga Journal. practices that offer engaging ways help clients nationwide survey on sexuality and spirituality and students with the following processes: (ISIS). Her latest books are Expanding the Prac- Marc Gafni s teaching is marked by a deep tice of Sex Therapy, and The Return of Desire. Identify the four energies that spark sexual transmission of heart, love, and leading-edge desire provocative wisdom. A visionary scholar, public intellectual, and spiritual artist, he is the author Reframe cultural messages that constrain sexual attitudes Psychedelic Medicines and the Mind of 10 books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Address hot-button issues such as gender David Presti & Kristi Panik Enlightenment. fluidity, porn use, and affairs Psychedelics are among the most powerful, Connect present sexual impasses to past interesting, and poorly understood of all the griefs and traumaswith strategies for psychoactive substances. They produce a Expanding the Practice of Sex transforming the effects and outcomes. variety of complex effects on the brain and Therapy: A Training for Health Professionals This course is designed for physicians, nurses, mind, including intensification of thoughts social workers, family therapists, sexuality and feelings, alterations of sensory percep- Gina Ogden with Kamara McAndrews therapists, school counselors, and anyone tion, and loosening of psychological defenses. Health, well-being, and intimate relationships working with students or clients for whom As such, psychedelics probe the connection 26

29 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). between brain physiology and consciousness, of the embodied soul through process art assisted Esalen Massage trainings, yoga perhaps the most deeply mysterious arena and movement, we seek presence, awareness, retreats, and Upledger Institute trainings. in contemporary science. In their plant and and surprise. Curiosity and willingness are fungal forms, psychedelics have been used required, not artistic talent or dance experi- by humans for millennia for medicinal and ence. spiritual purposes. Scientific research with Note: Please bring any images that appeal to Week of February 712 psychedelics has taken place for more than you for any reason, cut out from magazines, a century, and was one of the driving forces junk mail, calendars, print ads, greeting cards, in the early days of biological psychiatry. Trauma, Memory and the Restoration etc. The widespread popular use of some of these of Ones Self ($25 art materials fee paid directly to the leader) substances in the 1960s contributed to legal regulation that closed down human research. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see leader. Bessel van der Kolk & Licia Sky Now, after 30 years of quiescence, human Zuza Engler has been on the spiral path of kines- The function of our brains is to take care of clinical research with psychedelics has thetic investigation into consciousness for close to us and to be in sync with the bodys systems. returned to mainstream science. This work- three decades, in motion, stillness, and process in- Trauma changes the way the brain processes shop covers the history, botany, chemistry, quiry. She is a Soul Motion teacher and trainer, information and the body engages with the psychology, and sociology of psychedelics, designer of Embodied Inquiry, and a long-term world. Trauma makes people afraid to know leading up to the re-emergence of contempo- practitioner of Buddhism and Gestalt Practice. what they know and feel what they feel. This is rary research addressing the medicinal and expressed in heartbreak, and the state of being spiritual aspects of these substances. Felicia Matto-Shepard dances at the intersec- out of sync with oneself and ones surround- tion of art, the body, and archetype psychology. A ings. This course explores how, because of CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. CE credit for nurses; see page 6. student of the unknowable, inquirer of the dream- altered biological systems, traumatized people CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. world, she practices as a Jungian psychotherapist continue to be trapped by their history and David Presti teaches neurobiology, psychology, in Petaluma, Calif., and facilitates experiences in react to current experience in a myriad of ways and cognitive science at the University of Cali- creativity, embodied sexuality, and meaning. as a replay of the past, and shows ways to break fornia in Berkeley, and worked for many years the cycles of re-enactment and suffering. This in the clinical treatment of addiction at the San The Art of Esalen Massage workshop explores ways of representing and Francisco VA Medical Center. befriending our inner experience. Kristi Panik, MD, is a psychiatrist in private Daniela Urbassek & Robin Fann-Costanzo Therapies that work all start from a basic practice and on the clinical staff of the University This weekend offers the opportunity to sense of calm and safety. The calmer we are, Student Health Services at UC Berkeley, Calif. replenish spirit and reconnect to the healing the more we can allow ourselves to know power of nature, while learning how to give what we know, and to feel what we feel. We an effective and pleasurable Esalen Massage. will study and experience the capacity of The Moving Imagination: Soul Motion and Alchemical Art Through brief lectures and demonstrations, EMDR, yoga, Internal Family Systems, senso- the workshop will present essential tools and rimotor practices, theater work, and neuro- Zuza Engler & Felicia Matto-Shepard feedback to help people overcome a traumatic information that can easily be applied. The Alchemy is a mystical process of experi- principle elements of bodywork, including past and regain the capacity to be fully alive mentation in which something not yet fully breath awareness, grounding, movement, and in the present. known or understood can be explored in a quality of contact will also be introduced Recommended reading: van der Kolk, The creative engagement with imagination. In and practiced, creating a firm foundation for Body Keeps the Score. this workshop, we employ the attitude of the learning massage. Participants will have time CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. alchemist through the mediums of art and to enjoy the healing waters of the natural hot CE credit for nurses; see page 6. movement. Participants bring a personal springs and the magical beauty of the Esalen CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. question, dilemma, dream, or desire, thus grounds. Bessel van der Kolk, MD, is a clinical psychia- co-creating a field of transformative inquiry. This workshop is especially useful for those trist who has studied the impact and resolution of Guided through a variety of procedures, we in the helping and healing professions in trauma on children and adults since 1982. He is work with mixed media, including paint, tex- working with their clients and patients. professor of psychiatry at Boston University School ture, and ordinary and evocative images from CE credit for nurses; see page 6. of Medicine and medical director of the Trauma junk mail and magazines, to utilize in our CE credit for massage; see page 6. Center in Boston. He is author of The Body inner and outer unfolding. Then we move to Daniela Urbassek is a longtime member of Keeps the Score. the dance floor and follow breath, sensation, Licia Sky, LMT, has more than 25 years of experi- impulse, and inspiration. the Esalen massage staff. Her work is strongly influenced by her studies in craniosacral work, ence as a therapist and singer-songwriter who This meeting of active imagination and Soul leads therapeutic attunement, dynamic experi- movement, yoga, and dance. Motion at the crossroads of intention and sur- ential exercises that integrate music, movement, Robin Fann-Costanzo has a lifelong background render allows the thinking mind to rest into vocalizing, and touch, to foster safe, transforma- in dance and movement. An Esalen Massage the Mystery, and a new direction, decision, tive, interpersonal connection. She has taught at practitioner, CranioSacral practitioner, and or possibility to emerge from the creative Kripalu and other national and international certified yoga instructor, she has taught and unknown. In this experiential exploration venues. 27

30 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Womens Sexual Stories: Healing the This amazing weekend features the following Identify what it takes to feel love in all its Wounds, Celebrating the Joy activities and explorations: physical, sexual, and spiritual splendor Gina Ogden with Kamara McAndrews Mantras for healing, manifestation, and Explore the territory of the heart where awakening the deep connection of two becomes the The route to sexual pleasure and intimacy is transcendent one like the route to any other of lifes mysteries. The devotional practice of stotrams (text chants) Experience playfulness and passion It means exploring new emotional land- scapes. It means opening your wild, precious, Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra, Chandi This workshop is designed for individuals vulnerable self to nature, divine presence, and Stotram, and Guru Gita music modules (no and couples. the profound wisdom of your body. It means musical experience necessary) Recommended reading: Bloom and Bloom, daring to know what you want. Instrumental and vocal support for mantra 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: and Kirtan practice, including voice, Simple Lessons to Make Love Last and Secrets of During this workshop for women of all harmonium, and tabla Great Marriages: Real Truth from Real Couples ages and sexual and spiritual orientations, we create a safe, confidential environment The opportunity to experience leading about Lasting Love. where you can learn innovative ways to create Kirtan Charlie Bloom is an educator, therapist, and heart-to-heart communication, expand your Saturday night kirtan concert seminar leader. He and his wife Linda are capacity for love, creativity, and compassion, Live music and yoga classes with Girish cofounders of Bloomwork and coauthors of transcend guilt, shame, and good-girls-dont each day Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truth from messages, and heal the wounds of violence, Pranayama: practice the 9 Healing Breaths Real Couples about Lasting Love and 101 Things abuse, and compulsivity. We merge the latest I Wish I Knew When I Got Married. He has research with womens stories, shamanic jour- The weekend will close with an intention- setting workshop to help you apply your new facilitated workshops internationally since 1986. neying, and sacred ceremony in the Esalen hot springs. Our work together is based on skills in the outside world, and in your life. Linda Bloom is a licensed clinical social worker the following three principles. Note: Bring a notebook and a yoga mat. Bring and educator. She and her husband Charlie are co- The core power of sexual connection is its your harmonium or tablas if you have them. founders of Bloomwork and coauthors of Secrets ability to transform our livesat any age, Instruments will also be provided. of Great Marriages: Real Truth from Real with or without a partner Girish is an accomplished musician of many Couples about Lasting Love and 101 Things I Erotic satisfaction begins with self-esteem genres, and former monk infused in spiritual Wish I Knew When I Got Married. They have A supportive circle of women sharing practice, who sings traditional Sanskrit mantras facilitated workshops internationally since 1986. information about sex can be life changing with a modern, funky, yet deeply devotional twist. He has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. Please bring two objects to our first session one to represent an aspect of your sexual Finding True Love story you want to keep, the other to represent Love, Sex and Intimacy Daphne Rose Kingma an aspect you want to move beyond. Youll introduce yourself with these objects, and Charlie Bloom & Linda Bloom Love is the experience of emotional and take them home with you. For individuals and couples, intimacy is to spiritual awakening to the bliss that is the the soul as food is to the body. When the true condition of the soul, says Daphne Rose Recommended reading: Ogden, Expanding longing for intimacy is satisfied, we experi- Kingma. Love is an essential human quest the Practice of Sex Therapy, The Heart and Soul ence wholeness and sufficiency, and we and intimate romantic partnership is loves of Sex, The Return of Desire, and Women Who can be at one with ourselves and the world. most luminous expression. Join this best- Love Sex. In conjunction with a sexual connection, selling author and expert on matters of the Gina Ogden bio on page 26. heart for an immersion into the spiritual and intimacy can be exhilarating, inspiring, even transcendent. The shadow side of connection emotional preparations necessary to attract is fear of intimacy, which is actually the fear love into your life. Focusing on the four keys of loss, rejection, shame, and humiliation. to true loveFaith, Intention, Trust, and Sur- Weekend of February 1214 renderDaphne guides you on a step-by-step These fears are common, even universal, yet their presence need not prevent us from expe- journey to self-knowledge that can liberate Girish Chant Camp: Daily Live Music, riencing the joys of intimate contact. It is not your heart. Yoga and Chant Practice so much a matter of eliminating these con- As you move through each process, including Girish cerns but of responding to them skillfully. resolving emotional issues from your past, Join Girish for a weekend of chanting, This workshop addresses how we can do that healing relationship wounds, examining your meditation, yoga, pranayama, and kirtan to and also accomplish the following: myths about relationships, and identifying manifest and enhance divine love in your Maintain an open heart in the face of your life theme (and discovering its effects life. Explore the meaning of and intentions powerful emotions upon your past relationships), you can dis- behind the chants, play the harmonium and cover your own internal barriers to intimacy Recognize and neutralize patterns that tablas, and utilize your newfound skills to lift and gradually release them. limit deep connection your voice in joyful song and prayer! This workshop is for people who are looking 28

31 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). for a love in the highest and deepest form, for the true gold of a spiritually illuminated Benjamin Fox is the founding director of A New for those who want to heal the pain of old life. Possibility, a community of individuals dedicated unresolved relationships, and for those who to healing and education rooted in the ancient We invite you to join us in applying the cant seem to bring themselves into align- wisdom of alchemy. He is a licensed massage principles, attitudes, and practices drawn ment with the love that is already waiting to therapist, certified Zero Balancer, and Evolution- from this ancient art to our modern lives. approach them. Activities include meditation, ary astrologer. Our goal is not a regression back to an old exercises, and group process. Lorie Eve Dechar is the author of Five Spirits: way of being, but rather a reclamation of lost Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological Recommended reading: Kingma, Finding True and forgotten parts of ourselves in order to and Spiritual Healing. Her work as an alchemi- Love, The Future of Love, and Coming Apart. re-infuse our souls, reinvigorate our imagi- cal healer is supported by 30 years of Chinese med- nations, and guide us as we discover new Daphne Rose Kingma bio on page 18. ical practice and extensive training in Jungian possibilities for our personal lives and for and Gestalt psychotherapy and Focusing-oriented the life of our planet. We work experientially psychotherapy. with the modalities we employ as alchemical Week of February 1419 healers: Chinese medicine, astrology, Taoist and European alchemy, dream work, and Evolution of Gestalt Series No. 6: archetypal psychology. Practices drawn from Healing and EmpowermentGestalt Lead to Gold: An Introduction these traditions create a vibrant community Approaches in a Field of Trauma to Alchemical Healing laboratory. Together, we support one another Lena Axelsson, Michael Clemmens, Mark Benjamin Fox & Lorie Eve Dechar in transforming lead into gold by finding Fairfield, Renee Jennings, Mary Ann Kraus ways to live more closely with our authentic The origin of the word alchemy comes from & Leanne OShea natures, destinies, and Tao. the Arabic alkmiy, meaning black soil art. As counselors, therapists, consultants, orga- Rather than looking up in search of transcen- Recommended reading: Dechar, Five Spirits: nizers, and activists, we confront traumatic dence, alchemists dare to go downto dig Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and events and their consequences, both past and deep into the soil of embodied life, to descend Spiritual Healing; Johnson, Inner Work: Using present. As practitioners and organizers, we into the personal and collective unconscious, Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal do our best to support healing and restore to cherish our leaden impassesin the quest Growth; Forrest, The Inner Sky. Angie Smith 29

32 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. empowerment, using the tools and narratives Articulate a new narrative that holds the See Spotlight on page 7. of our various methods and disciplines, work- whole social field, without losing sight of Lena Axelsson, PsyD, is a psychotherapist, train- ing at particular levels of system (individual, the individual; er, and supervisor specializing in the treatment family, community, organizational, societal/ Build a creative community of support that of trauma, in private practice and public health/ political). Yet as we work, we may sense that is open to other communities of activism social service settings. Focusing on the relational the way we define these narratives, as well as and practice, moving flexibly from one level dynamics of healing and empowerment, she draws our own roles in them, may block our view of of social organization and belonging to on the neuroscientific and somatic basis of contem- a deeper story: a story in which we ourselves another; porary Gestalt-based trauma and recovery work. are part of a traumatized field, and trauma Incorporate the powerful new insights of She co-authored (with Gordon Wheeler) the book can be seen as a normativeeven supported neuroscience to support and complexify Gestalt Therapy. condition of our society. In the absence our perspective, without losing sight of the Michael Craig Clemmens, PhD, is a psycholo- of an integrating narrative, even powerful social dynamics of brain patterning; gist and trainer in Pittsburgh, Pa. He is a faculty insights like this may only feel more isolating Restore our own energy, creativity, and member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and and depleting, setting us further apart from empowerment through embodiment, teaches at the Metanoia Institute in London, and our wider communities of relationship and relationship, and new communities of at Esalen. He is the author of Getting Beyond practice. belonging. Sobriety, and numerous articles on Gestalt A Gestalt relational field model offers us tools therapy, body process, and addiction. Additional faculty will include Deborah and support to begin to move flexibly and Mark Fairfield, LCSW, BCD, is executive direc- Ullman, Esalen President Gordon Wheeler, systemically among all the systemic levels of tor of The Relational Center. Formerly the clinical numerous other afternoon workshop leaders, this pervasive cultural dynamic. During this director for Common Ground in Santa Monica, and morning plenary team leaders to be an- five-day course jointly sponsored by Gestalt- Calif., he has a private practice coaching and con- nounced. Press and Esalen Center for Theory and Re- sulting a wide range of clients. Mark has presented search, join us as we build our own embodied Please note: There is an extra $15 tuition fee for and trained internationally and has published in relational learning community. Our shared this workshop. journals and books. goals include processes to: CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Renee Jennings, LISW, is a therapist, trainer, CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. and consultant in Cleveland, Ohio. Her embodied Richard Tauber 30

33 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). and relational approach to transformation She studied under Core Energetics founder John The Path shows you the signposts and distills integrates body, mind, and spirit. Renee holds Pierrakos and teaches internationally. Anns the journey down to one question, Am I on a graduate degree in theology and is a certified Radical Aliveness model expands Core beyond the The Path or off The Path? EMDR practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, individual, to address community healing and During this workshop, youll learn about and faculty at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. world issues. the connection among emotions, stress, and physical symptoms. Youll be shown relax- Mary Ann Kraus, PsyD, is a clinical/community ation and biofeedback practices, and learn psychologist and faculty member at the Gestalt Weekend of February 1921 how to cope with destructive patterns such as Institute of Cleveland. She has co-created and anger, depression, perfectionism, obsessions, co-chaired training programs in Working with procrastination, and addictions. Individuals, Working with Couples, Working Easing the NeckBodywork Intensive with Groups, and the introductory Gestalt Your body will be more resilient, and heal Training Program. Tom Myers and perform better. Discussion and ex- Leanne OShea, DPsych, is a psychotherapist As a bodywork professional, you know that periential work, including hands-on use based in Melbourne, Australia. She teaches many of your clients problems are accompa- of a biofeedback machine, will facilitate internationally and is a senior faculty Member nied by neck issues. During this intensive self-awareness, emotional release and body of Gestalt Therapy Australia. weekend workshop, you can learn to access self-regulation. This program is especially and address the various myofascial layers beneficial for healthcare professionals in their of the neck competently and sensitively. work with clients and patients. Radical Aliveness: Additionally, you can enhance your ability Recommended reading: Sideroff, The Path: A Core Energetics Workshop to assess and treat the fascial cylinders of Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Ann Bradney the neck and the related areas of the jaw and Success; Lowen, Joy: The Surrender to the Body Ann Bradney writes, There is a state in which shoulder. Bring Toms forty years of experi- and to Life. you are fully alive, authentic, and spontaneous. ence to bear on your skills in this central, CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. You are open to all of your feelings, connected delicate, yet oh-so-strong area of the body. By CE credit for nurses; see page 6. to your strength and your truth. You are not making the neck feel better, you help people CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. to feel better all over. This course is open to CE credit for massage; see page 6. afraid to know anything about yourself. I CE credit for acupuncturists; see page 6. call this radical aliveness. In this state you all licensed manual therapists. Stephen Sideroff is a clinical psychologist and embrace your creativity and see life in all its Recommended reading: Myers, Anatomy peak performance consultant in Santa Monica, possibilities. Trains, Myofascial Meridians, Fascial Release for Calif., assistant professor in the Department of Standing in the way of radical aliveness are Structural Balance, and Bodycubed. Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLAs chronic patterns formed in your past to sur- CE credit for massage practitioners; see leader. School of Medicine, and director of Moonview vive. These live as frozen feelings and history Tom Myers directs Anatomy Trains, which runs Sanctuary. He also founded the Stress Strategies in your body and no longer serve you. continuing education classes for manual therapists Center at Santa Monica Hospital. Core Energetics is a powerful, body-based and movement educators worldwide. He is the au- system. It frees the frozen feelings and histo- thor of Anatomy Trains and co-author of Fascial ry in your body by working with the blocked Release for Structural Balance. Tom studied Medical QigongPreventative and held energy. It helps you reconnect with with Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckmin- Medicine and Self-Healing Through deep parts of the self that you disconnected ster Fuller, and has practiced integrative bodywork Mind-Body Practices from as a child. It uncovers the power and since 1975. goodness at the source of your most destruc- Roger Jahnke tive patterns. It leads you to connection with The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars Qigong is medical by its very nature. Qigong your deepest essence. of Resilience and Success works by improving the practitioners im- munity response, increasing self-healing In this workshop, you will work individually Stephen Sideroff and self-recovery capabilities and enhancing and in groups to understand, transform, and Our stress and its symptoms are maintained self-regeneration potential. Science has dem- release the past as you deeply explore, experi- unconsciously as a distraction from emotion- onstrated that humans can prevent 70-80% ence, and express your blocked and held al issues and harmful thinking. By address- of the diseases for which they get treated. energy. You will work on your relationship ing these issues, the body can let go, thereby Qigong practice serves both a preventive to yourself and explore relating to others in improving physical health and enhancing and curative function. It is considered to be radically alive ways. You will find what stands performance and the ability feel joy. effective in improving many chronic condi- in the way of your full potential for life. tions such as hypertension, diabetes, allergies, Please note: An interview is required for The Path is a model of resilience based on asthma, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and admission. Please e-mail [email protected] Stephen Sideroffs forty years of research and addiction. Qigong practice also can put the .com. clinical work in helping people overcome per- body into a state of relaxation and regenera- sonal blocks and achieve high levels of suc- Ann Bradney is director of the Radical Aliveness/ tion. Learn about and practice the easy but cess, while optimizing personal health. Based Core Energetics Institute of Southern California. powerful components of qigong, including on how the brain and personality develop, 31

34 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. movement, breathing, meditation, mindful- cookbooks specializing in local, seasonal, organic ents method and strategy to relax into this ness, and self-massage. You can learn simple vegetarian, and gluten-free cooking for health, nameless dance. Each of us improvises steps qigong to master stress and help prevent vitality, and pleasure. in a dance of self-awareness and uncondi- disease, and benefit for your entire lifetime. tional acceptance of all things. The practices This workshop is based on Roger Jahnkes promote open-minded, warmhearted, and best-selling book, The Healer Within. This lithe body approaches to whatever is at hand. retreat is suitable for all levels. Week of February 2126 Participants practice the dance above, below, in front of, and behind the beat, and speak the Recommended reading: Jahnke, The Healer Soul Motion : Begin Again creative voice of the unfamiliar. Within and The Healing Promise of Qi. CE credit Pending for acupuncturists; see page 6. Vinn Arjuna Mart Says Vinn, We will practice moving alone, CE credit for nurses; see page 6. together, and in divine dialogue. We will al- Each time we gather to dance, says Vinn low the inherent wisdom and memory of the Roger Jahnke bio on page 13. Mart, we are poised at an open portal to body to speak through us as movement, still- divine presence. This presence takes notice ness, and witness to the body-choir of danc- Delicious Meals in Minutes Fresh each time we use our body, heart, and mind ers. We will nudge the voice of our hearts af- from the Esalen Garden to shape and shift the forms and textures ter years of secret conversing to speak loudly of its creation. Each one of us occupies a in the clear blue air. Through guided imagery Leslie Cerier unique vessel in which this presence is able and relaxed induction techniques, we will In this hands-on, vegetarian cooking class, to manifest and know itself. Our dance then dive deep into the body of the unconscious gourmet organic chef, teacher, and cookbook becomes a vehicle to place our bodies and our and resurface to speak of our findings. author Leslie Cerier presents delicious whole souls in motion. foods that are quick, easy to prepare, health All are invited. All are welcomed. The work- Soul Motion is a movement ministry, shop meets for a total of 23.5 hours. enhancing, and nutritious. On Saturday, we designed by Vinn Mart and devoted to the will prepare a feast for our lunch and dinner mystery and passage in our everyday dance Vinn Arjuna Mart experienced freedom and by mixing and matching the fresh, organic, from the known to the unknown. It pres- aliveness running in circles in the school yard and seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, and edible flowers from the Esalen Garden with quick-cooking beans, grains, eggs, cheese, nuts, and seeds. In the process of cooking, you can discover time-saving strategies and ways to manage every part of your cooking process effec- tively and efficiently, from setting up your kitchen and chopping vegetables to shopping seasonally. Leslie will cover other useful tips for leftover management, enhancing flavor, substituting ingredients, and using garnishes to dress up the dining experience. Expand your cooking repertoire with healthy fats including hemp, coconut, olive, and more. Boost Omega-3 fatty acids in delicious dishes made from dark leafy greens, pasture-raised eggs, walnuts, flax, hemp, chia, and sesame seeds Add super foods like goji berries, maca, and cacao. Engage your senses with quick- cooking whole foods as a means of self- expression. Those with a fast-paced life and little time to cook will experience the bounty of delicious meals cooked in minutes. Recommended reading: Cerier, Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook and Going Wild in the Kitchen. ($25 ingredients fee paid directly to the leader) Aroop Mukhar ji CE credit for RD and DTR Pending; see page 6. Leslie Cerier is an international chef, educator, recipe developer, farm-to-table caterer, health coach, TV guest chef/presenter, and author of 6 32

35 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). and dancing in the Bronx. Storytelling informed for cutting and shaping ceramic tile, glass, end of each daysometimes working with him how to speak with presence, and working and other durable materials in mosaics. others, sometimes just by ourselveswell with young children taught patience. Arjuna Known for their playful and energetic styles, have made small, beautiful things called created Soul Motion Conscious Dance Practice. and their wide-reaching, creative mosaic songs. Songs are made things. It takes He offers freedom, aliveness, presence. work, the leaders will work one-on-one with practice, but practice is fun and well do it participants while the group fabricates this together. Ive seen it happen time and again, unique community art piece. the making of nothing into something, sound out of silence, songs out of Soul. Opening the Breath: This workshop is designed for adults who Advanced Bodywork Intensive may have some experience with mosaic, as Please bring whatever you prefer to write on well as those who have never touched a tile and with (journal/pen/computer/etc.); also Tom Myers nipper. All materials are provided. The tool bring a dictionary, rhyming dictionary, the- Manual therapists can use Rolfing-based fee is for each participant to have a set of tools saurus, works-in-progress, and an instrument structural integration techniques to cre- needed to work on the mural. Participants if you play one. A keyboard will be available. ate fascial freedom and build core support may keep the tools so they can create their Cris Williamsons body of work includes more through the abdomen, spine, and pelvic own mosaics using the methods learned in than 30 albums. Recognized by Performing floor for an integrated, complete breath. this class. If you already have your own tools, Songwriter Magazine as one of the decades There are as many theories of breath as there the faculty may be able to waive part or all most influential songwriters, her groundbreaking are schools to teach them; in this course of the materials fee. Please email Wilma at record, The Changer and the Changed, we are open to them all without judgment. [email protected] to discuss. remains a best-selling independent record. Over these five days, the group will explore ($75 tool fee paid directly to the leaders) anatomy and deep skills for opening the See Faculty Spotlight on page 11. breath, including fascial, myofascial, and Wilma Wyss is an award-winning sculptural col- visceral release techniques for the ribs, ster- Improvisational Cooking for Health lage and mosaic artist based in the San Francisco num, spine, and psoas complex. Open to all and Vitality Bay Area.Her artwork featuresunusual materi- structural integrators and manual therapists als and nuanced colors and textures. Wilma is a Leslie Cerier with at least five years of experience. member of Society of American MosaicArtists In this hands-on vegetarian cooking class, Please note: An application is required for this (SAMA) and Berkeley Art Center. Her work has gourmet organic chef/teacher and cookbook workshop. To apply, please contact Stephanie been shown in more than 30 shows nationally. author Leslie Cerier presents whole foods that Stoy at [email protected] are not just good for you, but also pleasurable Please note: There is an additional $281 tuition Carol Bevilacqua is an accomplished tile maker, and delicious. Come cook and feast on excit- for this program. sculptor, and mosaic artist. She is an inspiring ing vegetarian dishes that will enhance your instructor at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Berke- immune system, give you energy, rejuvenate CE credit for massage practitioners; see leader. ley and teaches community-based mosaic through your senses, keep your bones strong, and help Tom Myers bio on page 31. the Richmond Artists in Schools/Community you maintain an active lifestyle. program. During the workshop, you will be shown how Mosaic: An Esalen Renewal Project to: Wilma Wyss & Carol Bevilacqua Songwriting: Catch and Release Stock a cornucopia of organic whole foods, Esalen is a place where diverse elements come Cris Williamson including beans, grains, sea vegetables, soy together to create something new. Whether it foods, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, and Everyone has songs living within, ready to is self-transformation, a new form of massage, cook them easily from scratch emerge, Cris Williamson writes. The mind or common ground between science and may say, I cannot do this. The mind may say, Expand your cooking repertoire and spirit, Esalen is an ever-changing mosaic; at Im not a musician. The mind may say, I can- boost nutrition with exotic ancient grains any given moment its more than the sum of not sing. The mind may say, Im just too shy. like teff, quinoa, Bhutanese red rice, and its parts. These things dont matter. What does matter Chinese forbidden black rice In celebration of Esalens campus renewal, is coming here just as you are, and showing Use herbs and spices to enhance flavor and which includes a remodel of its iconic up to write and cast your lines deep into the create international dishes Lodge, this workshop invites people to come stream of consciousness. Mix and match foods that are high in together to create a large mosaic mural. Artist If youre a songwriter, you may already know antioxidants, calcium, and iron to invent Wilma Wyss design for the piece was in- this and be eager to hone your skills, and fire your own recipes spired by Esalens exceptional natural beauty, up your creativity. The mind may say, This Substitute ingredients by color, flavor, and this is a unique opportunity to join in sounds so interesting, but is it for me? Even seasonal availability, texture, cooking times, its co-creation. Upon completion, the mosaic if you already are a songwriter, I assure you, and whim will be installed on the wall in the new public its interesting, its for you, its for everyone. Each day, morning sessions will be devoted to unisex restroom. Beginners mind is a wonderful thing that cooking up a feast for our lunch. Wilma and Carol will demonstrate methods allows all of us, beginners and advanced, to During the afternoons well have group dis- start fresh every moment, every day. At the 33

36 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. cussion about creative cooking for health and Join Rene Trudeau for quiet reflection, rest, vitality, and improvise more in the kitchen. Weekend of February 2628 and renewal during this deeply restorative Excite your palate with a treasure-trove of retreat for women aged 40 and above. Explore healthy and taste-tempting recipes. This class Conscious Loving Ever After the transformative power of self-care in a is guaranteed to delight the palate and inspire nurturing, empowering, and supportive envi- home cooking. Leslie Cerier will show novice Katie Hendricks & Gay Hendricks ronment. Nourish your body, mind, and soul, and seasoned cooks how to make cooking and What does it take to keep love flowing and and integrate self-renewal strategies into daily eating deeply nourishing as we go through growing in the second half of our lives? life as you learn how to: our changing lives with grace and ease. Through experiential practices drawn from Slow down and reconnect to your hearts Recommended reading: Cerier, Gluten-Free their new book, Conscious Loving Ever After, desire and life purpose Recipes for the Conscious Cook and Going Wild Gay and Katie will lead an exploration into Experience self-care as spiritual practice in the Kitchen. the key shifts and practices that can allow Access self-compassion and self-acceptance ($50 ingredient fee paid directly to the leader) you to feel a richer experience of love in the in mid-life and beyond years from 40 onward. New relationship CE credit for RD and DTR Pending; see page 6. Relax and connect with your needs, desires, frontiers explored in the workshop include Leslie Cerier bio on page 32. the following: and the bodys natural rhythms How to release old beliefs about whats Meditate to enhance peace, harmony, and Practicing Presence through possible in relationship at midlife and resiliency Body-Centered Awareness beyond Learn to balance yin/yang energy and live How to enjoy significantly better sex after more sustainably Patrice Hamilton midlife than in the first half of your life Enjoy authentic connection with like-minded Our bodies are our greatest resource and women as you explore new ways of being and How to move from conflict to co-creativity provide a direct path for exploring our un- experience greater freedom and joy. Please conscious, limiting beliefs, and the emotions How to re-channel the energy of recycling conflict into creative flow bring a yoga mat. tied to them. The issues are in the tissues. By increasing awareness of our bodies, we con- Partners and love-mates for 35+ years, Gay and Rene Peterson Trudeau is an internationally nect with the here-and-now, where change Katie will open the living laboratory of their recognized life balance coach/speaker, author of and growth are possible. Habitual beliefs relationship and share the most valuable keys the award-winning The Mothers Guide to and behaviors formed early in life lead to they use every day to savor and delight in Self-Renewal, and president of Career Strategists. habitual ways of responding that limit life loves infinite playground. Passionate about teaching women the art/science experience. When we learn to recognize the of self-renewal, Rene has been creating transfor- Recommended reading: Hendricks and Hen- mational retreats for women for more than 20 ways we have organized ourselves around dricks, Conscious Loving Ever After. years. these beliefs, we can discover that there are CE credit for MFT/LCSW; see leader. other choices available. Through mindful- ness, movement, and contact with others, we See Faculty Spotlight on page 11. Fail Fast, Fail Often! Creating a Life can create new habits. Katie Hendricks bio on page 16. of Passionate Action This experiential class blends the slow, Gay Hendricks, PhD, is a leader in the fields of Ryan Babineaux developmental movement of Cortical Field relationship transformation and bodymind thera- Reeducation (CFR) with Gestalt Practice pies. He has written and co-authored 35 books, Joyous and successful people spend less time and the Hakomi method. These awareness and co-founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle and planning and more time acting. They get practices can facilitate the release of physical the Hendricks Institute. Gay has offered seminars out into the world and have fun exploring, restrictions and suppressed emotions as well worldwide and his work has appeared on Oprah!, including making mistakes, and in so doing as a greater understanding and felt experi- CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS, and elsewhere. benefit from unexpected experiences and ence of the connections between mind and opportunities. Drawing from scholarship in body. You can emerge from this workshop innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive feeling more grounded and comfortable in psychology, this workshop is designed to Embracing the Wild Unknown: show you how to follow your interests and your body, more empowered, and more able A Womens Self-Renewal Retreat to fully express yourself in the world. All you take action, even though you may be unsure need is willingness to explore with curiosity Rene Trudeau of your career plans, feel stuck in a rut, or be and compassion. Join me as we explore what apprehensive of failure. Self-carethe art of attuning and responding is possible! to your needs and desiresis a moment-to- The class shows you how to: CE credit for massage; see page 6. moment process. Its not about adding some- Trust your enthusiasm and allow it to guide Patrice Hamilton has worked in the fields of edu- thing to your to-do list; its about cultivating you cation and counseling for more than 20 years. She a kinder, gentler relationship with yourself. Break free from habitual behaviors and holds an MEd in counseling, is a certified Cortical Are you in transition, asking, Whats next? initiate new adventures Field Reeducation practitioner and teacher, a cer- Would you like to find deep reverence for Act boldly with minimal preparation tified Hakomi Practitioner (The Refined Method), who and where you are right now? If so, this workshop is for you. Leverage your creativity and strengths for and is trained in Esalen Massage. rapid change 34

37 Mike Goert z Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Sessions will include role-playing and it be like if you could become fully present Jeena Cho is a bankruptcy attorney with JC mindfulness activities to promote a positive to your life and lead from a place of care and Law Group PC. Jeena also teaches mindfulness attitude towards risk-taking and making mis- compassion? This is a retreat for lawyers to and meditation to lawyers. Her upcoming book, takes, as well as the opportunity to interact focus on practicing mindfulness, meditation, The Anxious Lawyer (ABA) outlines an 8-week with the instructor and work in small groups self-care, and wellness. No lectures! No CLEs! program for lawyers to cultivate a happier, saner to form personal action plans. Regardless of Its an invitation to unplug, reconnect with law practice. your age or experience, this workshop can self, and connect with other lawyers. Dive in help you live more passionately and empower and practice being mindful through medita- you to embrace new possibilities in your life. tion and dialogue. Well talk about ways of Crafting Careers that Truly Fit: training our minds and bodies for optimal How to Work From Within Recommended: Babineaux, Fail Fast, Fail performance. A lawyers mind is arguably his Susan Bernstein Often: How Losing Can Help You Win. or her most used and valued instrument, yet Ryan Babineaux, PhD, is a career counselor, More than 50% of Americans are dissatisfied we rarely think about maintaining a healthy, writer, and researcher in the area of purposeful with their jobs. Often, we stumble or fall into happy mind. Through meditation and living. He is a lecturer at Stanford University, careers that dont fit, and then we feel stuck. mindfulness, we can become more familiar and co-author of the book Fail Fast, Fail When we try to make a change were guided with ourselvesboth mind and body. Well Often: How Losing Can Help You Win. to analytical approachesincluding career alternate periods of walking and sitting medi- tests and assessmentsto try to figure out a tation, and engage in periods of conversations new professional direction. Yet such struc- around the difficulties of being a lawyer, tures, often lauded in the business world, and focus on finding ways of being with and From Stress and Anxiety to seldom help us get in touch with what deeply working through those difficulties in a safe Mindfulness: Wellness Retreat energizes and moves us. Our conditioning for Lawyers and supportive environment. All lawyers are can make us feel like failures if we dont get to welcomed. We especially encourage those Jeena Cho a speedy resolution. We rationalize away our serving the underserved, working in public true desires and continue to make life-limit- Do you feel as though youre constantly run- interest, or non-profit to attend. ing compromises. ning on fumes, and always trying to catch up Recommended reading: Cho and Gifford, The with ever-increasing demands? What would You can gain more clarity about your future Anxious Lawyer. 35

38 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Daniel Bianche t ta life and livelihood by awakening a form of pioneering research in mind-body psychology. While life expresses itself in continuous intelligence we generally overlook: embod- flux of perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and ied intelligence. Our bodies know how to experience, how do we remember and know navigate chaos and uncertainty, although ourselves as pure awareness? most of us have forgotten the innate wisdom Week of February 28March 4 This retreat is offered in partnership with Sci- that has been with us since birth. When we ence and Nonduality (SAND). Through talks, tap into this inner guidance, we know our intimate dialogues, guided meditations, and next steps. SAND Presents: Continuous movement, this retreat will offer the opportu- Through movement, writing, and discus- AwakeningNonduality in the nity to pause from our busy lives and habitual sion, we will creatively listen to and learn to Midst of Life reactions, while finding home in the present trust our impulses and instincts as we allow Sally Kempton, Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, moment, where we are always free, infinite, our true life energy to direct us. Both right Peter Russell, Dorothy Hunt & Ellen Emmet and undivided. and left brain can feel satisfied as we create Many of us have experienced some form of Note: Tuition for this program differs from compelling new visions of what work can be realization and are beginning to recognize other five-day workshops by an additional for each of us. Please bring a notebook and ourselves as awareness. What does it take for $35. a pen. our understanding to fully penetrate body See Spotlight on page 7. Susan Bernstein helps people navigate transitions and mind and to be lived as a permanent by integrating their embodied intelligence. Her Sally Kempton bio on page 26. reality, fully embodied in the world? Is there transformational approaches blend left-brain logic a process of unfolding and stabilizing of our Jeff Foster writes and speaks about the journey honed over 20 years in corporate America with nondual understanding? What is awakening of healing and spiritual awakening, and invites right-brain creative movement gleaned from in the midst of daily life and relationships? exhausted seekers around the world to come to rest. He was voted #59 on Watkins Reviews 2014 36

39 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). list of the worlds Most Spiritually Influential Recommended reading: Brown, Imago Rela- Science and Spirituality: Living People. He has published 4 books in over 6 tionship Therapy; Hendrix, Getting the Love You The Missing Link languages. Want. Menas Kafatos Rupert Spira is the author of The Transpar- ($20 materials fee for manuals paid directly to the leader) ency of Things: Contemplating the Nature of Science and spirituality are usually thought Rick Brown is executive director for the Institute Experience and Presence volumes I and II. For of as fundamentally opposite, yet there is for Relationship Therapy in Winter Park, Fla. 20 years, he studied the teachings of Ouspensky, much more common to both than you might Rick was executive director for Harville Hendrixs Krishnamurti, Rumi, Shankaracharya, Ramana realize. Both science and spirituality seek Institute, and he lectures and gives workshops Maharshi, Nisargadatta, and Robert Adams, unity, one by exploring the outer world, the across the country. He has been married since until he met his teacher, Francis Lucille, in 2004. other by exploring the inner world. The miss- 1977. ing link that is overlooked is the assumption Peter Russell blends scientific rationale, global of unity in both. But what is this unity? It vision, and intuitive wisdom to bring a sharp, Being Present for Your Life: must be what we experience all the time, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. Introduction to Mindfulness although we take it for granted: The missing He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental Meditation link between them is consciousness at all psychology, and computer science, and his books levels, the common ground of both. In this James Baraz include From Science to God: A Physicists introductory workshop, we will explore how Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness. How much are you present for your own life? the findings of modern quantum mechanics Most of us spend more time in our own inner are actually very relevant to our own everyday worldworrying about the future, replaying lives. Practical exercises and sharing will be the past, or lost in fantasythan experiencing carried out in a relaxed and fun-filled week- what life is offering to us right now. The pres- end. Science at our service! Weekend of March 46 ent moment is where we can most directly Major topics for discussion include consider- be intimate with our lifetouched by beauty ing fundamental awareness as the underlying and intimacy, while learning through the dif- Getting the Love You Want: total reality, and experience as the driving ficult lessons how to open our hearts. A Workshop for Couples force of the universe; exploring the idea that Mindfulnessor vipassanameditation is we dont have two worldsscience and every- Rick Brown the practice described by the Buddha for dayonly one: quantum; and the important This workshop is designed to help couples developing wisdom, compassion, and peace lessons to take away from quantum mechan- understand at a deeper level why they were by learning to be mindful of what is actually ics and the theory of relativity. Understand- attracted to each other, why they get stuck in happening in the present moment. Using ing the natural laws opens a universe of endless power struggles, and how to safely the breath, body sensations, thoughts, and possibilities, at our fingertips. begin to work through those stuck places to- emotions as objects of attention, we can learn See Faculty Spotlight on page 11. ward a safer and more satisfying relationship. to be more fully awake. When we see directly Couples share only with their partner and are that the nature of reality is change, we begin Menas Kafatos is professor of Computational able to maintain privacy. Couples are shown: to let go of clinging to the pleasant or avoid- Physics and Director of Excellence at Chapman New communication skills to break ing the unpleasant. We become more capable University in Orange, Calif. He has worked destructive cycles of relating of meeting each situation with spontaneity, at NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center, and fearlessness, and love. authored numerous books, including The How to channel the energy from arguments Conscious Universe: Parts and Wholes in to create passion and stability Participants will be introduced to this medi- Physical Reality. How the unconscious forces that attract tation practice and the principles on which it partners to each other are also the source of is based. There will be periods of silent sitting conflict and walking meditation as well as discussion, The Dynamic Spine: Yoga for the New tools for re-romanticizing their providing a foundation for applying mindful- Prevention and Relief of Low Back relationship to reestablish the passion of ness practice to everyday life. and Pelvic Dysfunction their early time together Recommended Reading: Baraz and Alexan- Harvey Deutch How to use their relationship for emotional der, Awakening Joy: 10 Steps that will Put You We live in a culture that extols constant healing and spiritual evolution on the Road to Real Happiness; Goldstein, The productivity. From sunrise to sunset, we Activities include lectures, written exercises, Experience of Insight; Kornfield, A Path with move at a breakneck pace in order to meet guided imagery, and live demonstrations of Heart. the days demands. Is it any wonder that we communication skills and processes. Rick James Baraz has been teaching meditation since have distanced ourselves from the bodys Brown has been offering this workshop for 1978. He leads workshops internationally, is a signals of discomfort? Such signals may more than twenty years, and has appeared on founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center be a particular chronic ache or perhaps a Oprah. The methodology is based on Harville in Woodacre, Calif., and has taught his popular more abstract sensation of overall stiffness. Hendrixs best-selling Getting the Love You Want. online Awakening Joy course since 2003. James This path leads to decreased energy and an For more information, visit coauthored Awakening Joy with Shoshana Alex- inability to embrace each day with optimal ander. vitality. Please note: This workshop is for couples only. 37

40 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. But there is another path. First we must un- dynamic ground, we reclaim our wholeness Please refrain from alcohol during the lock the mysteries of why and how our bodies and awaken to the untapped potential and workshop. hold onto unhealthy movement patterns. possibilities within ourselves. To divine this Recommended reading: Wesselman & Then we can address and correct our bodies elusive shadow, we will use our imagination, Kuykendall, Spirit Medicine; Wesselman, The biomechanical inefficiencies and so move movement, breathwork, and play. Through Journey to the Sacred Garden and The Spirit- throughout our day with greater conscious- journaling, Gestalt, guided imagery, dialogu- walker Trilogy. ness and fluidity, ultimately opening, healing, ing, and psychodrama, we can learn how and re-energizing ourselves. to reclaim ownership and integrate those Hank Wesselman is the author of 8 books on dissociated aspects of the self; to experience shamanism including the Spiritwalker Trilogy, Join Harvey Deutch, physical therapist and and rejoice in the light and dark treasure that Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra yogi, for a weekend that focuses on spinal is you. Ingerman), and The Bowl of Light. He awareness and mobility, with emphasis on conducts anthropological research in Ethiopia the lumbar spine and major joint systems of Linda Nicholls, DipC, PhD, is a dynamic facilita- investigating the mystery of human origins. the lower body. Through group discussion tor with an extensive background in group process. and pranayama and Iyengar-influenced asana, Her direct yet compassionate approach establishes you can discover that sacred balance that a respectful foundation for discovering genuine arises from the convergence of core strength, whole-person health and harmony. She has devel- Re-Creation: An Intensive Movement flexibility, and the spiraling lines of energy oped and taught energetically engaging workshops Medicine Journey within the body. on five continents. YaAcov Darling Khan In addition to a yoga mat, please bring your How would your life be if the past were a curiosity and desire to share in the group ex- source of inspiration and energy? perience, compassion for honoring your body Week of March 611 exactly as it is, and a sense of humor. During this early spring workshop, the focus CE credit for massage; see page 6. of our work will be Re-Creation. Re-Creation Visionseeker: Shamanic Cosmology is the capacity to take the circumstances of Harvey Deutch teaches yoga with a unique blend Hank Wesselman our lives and transform our relationship to of precise technical expertise and signature humor. them. From being the victim of lifes events, He has been a physical therapist and yogi since Over the past 35,000 years, indigenous we can choose to utilize our experiences in a 1982. He is well known for making two-dimen- shamans developed a methodology to expand positive way. sional anatomy come to life, off the page and onto awareness and explore the many dimensions the mat. of reality, generating a rich body of knowl- In shamanic practice, the past is a storehouse edge about the nature and function of the of potential energy that we can unlock to sup- sacred realms. Unfortunately, ever-multiply- port us in being fully here in the present and Shadow Play: Reclaiming the engage in the creative project of bringing our Disowned Self ing overlays of spiritual scripture and esoteric literature have obscured our understanding dreams to earth. The SEER Process (Systemic Linda Nicholls of these hidden worlds. Today, this confu- Essential Energy Retrieval), developed by sion is being reversed as the methods of the YaAcov, is a powerful tool for doing just that. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is shaman are being reconsidered by non-tribal We will work with the Dancing Warrior, embodied in the individuals conscious life, the Westerners seeking direct experience of the the Wise Elder, and the Fool, the three core blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms transpersonal realms once again. archetypal energies for learning to dance at an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions. the center of your own circle. C. G. Jung Hank Wesselman writes, This workshop will engage participants in investigative The workshop will include: The shadow is any part of ourselves that we A deepening of your relationship with the shamanic fieldwork into the numinous re- unconsciously repress or deny; it is every- creative power of the dancer inside you gions of the spirit worlds where all mysteries thing about ourselves that we diminish, become known. We will deepen connec- An introduction to the Movement discount, dismiss, distort, suppress, depress, tion with our spirit helpers as well as our Medicine SEER Process and repress. It is what we bury, what we want oversoul and the elder spirits who serve as A ten-hour-long dance ritual designed to to hide from the world. When we ignore the master teachers on our Cosmic Committee. re-dedicate your life to what truly matters shadow, our life narrows and we become We will hone our abilities in areas such as to you disconnected from ourselves and from others; divination and attempt to learn more about we are out of touch with our deeper nature, Plentiful time to integrate this experiential those localities where the most creative our passion, and our potential. Mistakes, journey work of souls is accomplished. We will ex- misunderstandings, conflicts, addictions, YaAcov Darling Khan has been recognized by plore the nature of who and what we really obsessions, compulsions, and depression are elder shamans from the Sami (a European indig- are, providing an expanded perspective on often indications that the shadow is demand- enous group), and Achuar and Sappara peoples of the destiny of souls. ing our attention. This discontent is actually the Amazon. He is the co-founder of Movement vital energy awaiting transformation. Note: Bring a rattle, a drum, a notebook or Medicine and has led workshops around the world sketchpad, a set of oil or chalk pastels, a since 1991. This transformation of consciousness is the bandanna or eyeshade, and a light blanket. work of the soul. As we excavate our personal 38

41 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). An Introduction to Rolf Structural Edward Maupin, a psychologist who was an engage both sides of the brain, and invite in Integration Esalen scholar-in-residence from 1966 to 1970, mistakes, intuition, and spontaneity. Well Edward Maupin has practiced Rolfing since 1968, when he was explore the six ArtLife Creativity Principles: trained by Dr. Ida Rolf. His early research in Zen value, design, color, texture, risk, and soul. This workshop is an introduction to the Buddhism strongly influenced his approach to Generous time will be given for experimenta- principles of Rolf Structural Integration, the Rolf Method. tion with new tools, mediums, and tech- especially designed for body-therapy and niques. health professionals. Strongly influenced by his research in Zen Buddhism, Ed Maupin The ArtLife Workshop Join us as we celebrate a process of inspira- considers the Rolf Method a meditation tion, reclamation, and the journey of self- Nicholas Wilton discovery through painting. This workshop on physical presence as well as a physical therapy. This approach, based on forty years This workshop is a playful exploration of is designed for people from a wide variety of of Rolfing practice, strongly emphasizes the creative image-making process. Utiliz- disciplines. All skill levels are welcome. No movement, balance in gravity, and receptive ing imagery inspired from our own personal artistic experience is necessary, only a will- touch. The workshop will combine regular stories and life experience, we will engage ingness to play. This workshop is especially movement classes with hands-on instruc- in a hands-on journey through fundamental useful for those in the healing and helping tion in the first three sessions of Ida Rolfs painting principles, and learn how to sustain professions in working with their patients original ten-session series. Nonprofessionals our own creative momentum. Throughout and clients. are also welcome. the week, we will work on a series of small ($125 materials fee paid directly to the leader paintings on wood panels, often working on includes everything needed for the course) Required reading: Maupin, A Dynamic Rela- several pieces simultaneously, which leaves Nicholas Wilton is an artist whose paintings tion to Gravity (to order, please email edmaupin little time to worry about success or failure. are sold internationally. He is the founder of the book also will be available in We will also explore how themes of change ArtLife Creativity workshops and classes, and he the Esalen store). Please bring this book to and spontaneity enable us to create our own established the Creative Visionary Mentoring Pro- class. unique artwork, and illuminate life lessons gram, which offers artistic, business, and creative CE credit for nurses; see page 6. inherent in the creative process. We seek to coaching to artists. CE credit for massage; see page 6. S te wart Cuble y 39

42 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Awakening the Dream: Gestalt and symbolsthings that are part of every- itself is a dreaming place, and there are op- Practice of Working with Dreams, ones experience. These can be like tightly portunities to be dreamed by its spirit as well Symbols and Fantasies packed treasure boxes that reveal jewels hid- as let it deepen your dreaming nature. Jim Kepner & Lourdes Quiroz Kepner den in plain sight. The Gestalt approach of- Lourdes brings twenty-five years of teaching fers many ways to unpack these rich sources Therapists, coaches, and facilitators in human and developing training programs working of meaning. development need to access resources and with dreams from Gestalt, Jungian, and other insight that may not be readily available in During this workshop for health and healing perspectives. Jim brings his knowledge base the clients current awareness. The Gestalt professionals, we will blend didactic learning from working with embodiment and with approach has unique and specific ways to de- about dream work, experiential exercises to spiritual development. Together they foster a velop and illuminate these hidden resources practice principles with one another, and warm and creative atmosphere for exploring by working with dreams, fantasies, stories, guided by the leaders, work as a group on this exciting realm of insight. You dont need your dreams, fantasies, and symbols. Esalen to remember your dreams to benefit from this workshop because all of us are dreamers, and the natural capacity we have to invest mean- ing in fantasies, symbols, and even ordinary objects gives anyone an access point to self- exploration. Jim Kepner is a psychologist and the author of Body Process and Healing Tasks. He teaches internationally on the application of Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy to healing in trauma, stress, and illness. Jim is the co-originator of Nervous System Energy Work. Lourdes Quiroz Kepner is a Gestalt therapist and trainer who co-founded UPAD Gestalt insti- tute in Guadalajara, Mexico, and was academic director for Maestra en Desarrollo Humano at ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara. She teaches Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy and is certified in Nervous System Energy Work. Weekend of March 1113 I Am the Word: The Energetics of Consciousness Paul Selig In his breakthrough works of channeled literature, I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation, author and medium Paul Selig recorded a program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature. Through a series of lectures, attunements, and energy activations, workshop participants will be introduced to the frequency of the Word, which can be described as the energy of God in action. Rebecc a Schoenenberger You will be shown exercises for healing the self and others, along with practical tech- niques for developing and sustaining higher levels of consciousness. You will also receive individual instruction that will support you in moving through the physical and emo- tional blocks that may be keeping you from 40

43 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). manifesting your own higher nature. You Sam Keen is the author of numerous books, Knowing your purpose is a powerful key to a can discover how realizing your own true po- including The Passionate Life, Faces of the life that is fulfilling and makes a meaningful tential is inexorably linked to the well-being Enemy, Hymns to an Unknown God, and contribution to those around you. Devote a of others and our planet. Pauls workshops Learning to Fly. weekend to uncovering your unique purpose can be deeply transformative. The energy he and developing the courage to act on it in works with is palpable and loving, and those your life and work. Through conversation, vi- Free Your Body: Yoga for Common attending will be supported in moving to the sualization, and practical exercises, well delve Injuries and Limitations next level of their own spiritual development. into your life story to uncover compelling Please see August 9-14 for a five-day version of Amy Ippoliti themes that reveal your lifelong passions and this course. Do you identify yourself as an injured person values. With support from other participants, or see yourself as easily injured? Free your youll work to develop a purpose statement Recommended reading: Selig, I Am the Word: body and open your energy channels through that resonates deeply with you and inspires A Guide to the Consciousness of Mans Self in a yoga practices that provide therapeutic you to act. When you embrace your purpose, Transitioning Time, The Book of Love and Cre- relief for a wide variety of biomechanical you open yourself to experiencing possibili- ation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth. limitations, injuries, common disorders, and ties you have not yet dreamed of. Goals for Paul Selig is a conscious channel, intuitive, and the workshop include a deeper understand- maladies. This weekend workshop explores empath. His books include I Am the Word, The ing of your purpose, awakening to your how yoga can help you maintain function, Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of passions, clarity about your guiding values potentially reduce health care costs, and Knowing and Worth. Paul also directs the MFA for life and work, and commitments to taking navigate through uncomfortable conditions. in Creative Writing program at Goddard College. action and making a positive impact. Youll be shown how to: Align properly in chest and quad-opening, Recommended reading: Pressfield, The War standing, and hip and hamstring-opening of Art. Whats Next? Reviewing and poses Athena Katsaros is an executive coach and leader- Revisioning Our Lives Address injuries in the lower back, sacrum, ship trainer who works with leaders to become Sam Keen hips, knees, feet, neck, rotator cuff, wrists, catalysts for positive change in their organizations and hands and in the world. She cofounded Open A Door Periodically, we need to review and revi- Deal with common issues such as Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated sion our lives. Every decade of the life-cycle tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, to developing young women leaders in post- brings new challenges, goals, pleasures, and hypermobility, and stiffness conflict countries. horizons. Every changedivorce, illness, tragedy, success, failure, retirementrequires Enjoy your yoga practice, know your limits, us to make a new beginning, take stock of and discover where you can challenge Strengthening the Heart our past, and look for a new vision for the yourself safelyall while having fun! Even with Compassion future. If youre ready to take a deep look into if youre not dealing with specific injuries in your lifeand to make some changesthis these areas, the tools offered in this program Leah Weiss workshop is for you. can help open up your body like never before. Experience a weekend immersion in com- If you teach yoga or want to help others, this passion cultivation, based on the Stanford Through talks, group work, and other expe- workshop is full of great ideas and tools you Compassion Training program developed riential exercises, well explore a variety of can take home to help serve your students by psychologists, scientists, and contempla- questions, including the following: more fully. The workshop is designed for all tive scholars at Stanford University. Explore Where are you in your life cycle? levels, including yoga teachers. Please bring a strategies for strengthening self-compassion, What promise or purpose is waiting to be yoga mat. connecting with others, finding peace in realized? difficult circumstances, and overcoming Amy Ippoliti travels the globe helping people What hasnt happened yet? bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and compassion fatigue. This session will include What havent you done? Been? Experienced? modern day life. She has appeared on the covers lecture, meditation, self-reflection, experien- What have you given? Whom have you of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine, and tial exercises, and discussion. You will also loved? inside numerous publications nationally and learn about the scientific research demon- internationally. strating the benefits of training compassion, What needs to be grieved, forgiven, and and strategies for sharing these practices with forgotten? others. To learn more about the Stanford What will your legacy be? The Power of Purpose: Living and Compassion Training program, visit www. Sam Keen is a provocative thinker, author, Working From Your Passion and lecturer who encourages participants to Athena Katsaros Leah Weiss, PhD, MSW, is a lecturer at Stanford question assumptions and beliefs, and to go Business School and senior teacher of the Stanford beyond our perceived limitations. Mental Purpose is life flowing through us; it exists within each of us. What would your life be Compassion Cultivation Program. She is also the health professionals can apply these teach- director of contemplative education and scholar- ings in their work with clients who seek like if you could clearly articulate your pur- pose and find the courage to live it? ship at HopeLab. Dr. Weiss has taught veterans purpose and direction. with PTSD at the Department of Veterans Affairs. 41

44 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. workshops for those interested in expanding Regular practice makes the mind tranquil, Week of March 1318 their self-expression, well-being, and creativity reduces stress, and deepens your connection in the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK. with nature. The MAX: Expanding the Limits of In this program, you can learn the secrets of Your Self-Expression one of the greatest qigong masters in Chinese Paula Shaw I Am the Word: The Energetics history: Wang Xiangzhai, who is equally of Consciousness renowned as a healer, athlete, and spiritual For more than twenty years, THE MAX has mentor. Wangs Yi Quan style of qigong con- held an honored status among the Esalen Paul Selig sists of healing exercises (quan) and medita- staff and is considered by many to be an In his breakthrough works of channeled tions that open the mind (yi) to the energies essential rite of passage for community literature, I Am the Word and The Book of of the universe. This comprehensive system members. The purpose of THE MAX is to Love and Creation, author and medium Paul teaches you, in exquisite detail, the principles discover yourself beyond who you know Selig recorded a program for personal and upon which all qigong is based. During this yourself to be. It is a voyage through your planetary evolution as humankind awakens workshop you will be shown: own humanitya journey to discover the to its own divine nature. Through a series of Standing and walking meditation to extent of your self-expressive power. Em- lectures, attunements, and energy activations, improve posture, balance, grace, and vitality ploying a variety of acting, communication, workshop participants will be introduced and observation techniques, its designed to How to experiment with energy to awaken to the frequency of the Word, which can be expand your limits to the max and move the bodys energy channels described as the energy of God in action. you into a new arena of personal creativity Resilient energy training to increase and self-expression. You will be shown exercises for healing the strength and prevent injuries self and others, along with practical tech- The health dance: your own, improvised In THE MAX, participants undertake a niques for developing and sustaining higher qigong routine challenging exploration of the sources of levels of consciousness. You will also receive their emotional limitations. Working indi- Taoist meditation and wisdom, including individual instruction that will support vidually, on stage, each person is encour- inspiring stories of the old masters you in moving through the physical and aged and supported to go at their own pace, Yi Quan is a highly enjoyable practice that, emotional blocks that may be keeping you playing to and with other group members. with patience and dedication, leads to a more from manifesting your own higher nature. With strong guidance, people move through fully alive body and mind. You can discover how realizing your own lifelong fears of being on the spot, emerg- true potential is inexorably linked to the Recommended reading: Cohen, The Way of ing into greater authenticity and enhanced well-being of others and our planet. Pauls Qigong. presence. workshops can be deeply transformative. CE credit for massage; see page 6. There are exercises that use raw emotion, The energy he works with is palpable and CE credit for acupuncturists; see page 6. role-playing, and dress-up assignments. This loving, and those attending will be support- CE credit for nurses; see page 6. is an opportunity to experience yourself in ed in moving to the next level of their own Kenneth Cohen, MA, a qigong master-level ways you may have dreamed about but never spiritual development. teacher, is the author of The Way of Qigong and thought possible. The course is for those com- best-selling Sounds True audio/video programs. This five-day intensive will offer the oppor- mitted and courageous in their process. And Dynamic and inspiring, with more than 40 tunity for more individual work and a deeper it has been constructed with the understand- years of experience, he is winner of the Lifetime immersion in the higher energies. Please see ing that this kind of risk requires a very safe Achievement Award in Energy Medicine. August 7-9 for a weekend version. workspace. If your heart beats faster when you think of taking THE MAX, it may be Recommended reading: Selig, I Am the Word: just the thing to do. For details visit www. A Guide to the Consciousness of Mans Self in a Highly recom- Transitioning Time, The Book of Love and Cre- Romancing the World: Soulcraft, mended: Please consider taking Paula Shaws ation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth. the Dreaming of Nature and the Improv inspiration weekend workshop Mytho-Poetic Imagination Paul Selig bio on page 41. that immediately follows THE MAX. It is a Bill Plotkin & Geneen Marie Haugen delicious dessert to top off an extraordinary entre, and is a very satisfying way to end this The Yi Quan Qigong Intensive: Great visions and essential enactments of hu- transformational journey. Develop Health, Balance and man potential emerge from that mysterious Inner Strength place where the taproots of soul intertwine Please note: Due to the intense and sequential with the dreams of Earth and cosmos. How nature of this workshop, attendance at all ses- Kenneth Cohen might we find the wild trail toward this sions is necessary. Do you ever wonder why, despite the source of world-transforming revelation and Requirement: Bring a one- to three-minute miracles of modern medicine, more than 2.5 visionary action? memorized piecemonologue, poem, song, million Americans practice ancient healing Approaching the waters, forest, gardens, and etc. exercises from China? Qigong is one of the creatures (human and other) at Esalen in the worlds most popular and best-researched Paula Shaw, a professional actress and acting way of a lover, well explore how a romance methods to improve health and vitality. teacher for more than 40 years, has conducted with the world awakens the mytho-poetic 42

45 Melina Me z a Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). imagination. Well engage in ceremony, deep guide to the intertwined mysteries of Earth and Learn contact skills to authentically and imagery journeys, solo wanderings, soul- psyche. Her writing appears in Spiritual Ecol- effectively express yourself and assure oriented dreamwork, trance drumming, and ogy: The Cry of the Earth, Ecopsychology, healthy interaction with others dancing. Well live the question, If Earth is Parabola, and Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Risk working deeply in an atmosphere of romancing us for her own purposesthe way Earth. trust and mutual support the nectar lust of bees serves the desires of Expand your capacity for generosity and flowerswhat wild child, what honey, will we compassion for yourself and others create from this joining? Not For the Feint of Heart: Be Bold in Your Personal Growth The didactic and experiential sessions are Romancing the world is a way of falling particularly helpful for human-relations pro- into the depths of soul. Its a way to nourish Mariah Fenton Gladis fessionals and those committed to a path of greater intimacy with the other-than-human If youre feint of heart, you avoid confront- personal betterment. Mariah Fenton Gladis, beings with whom we share the glorious ing the emotional injuries or habits that known for her effective and innovative use physical world and the terrain of psyche. Its prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. of music to enrich the workshop experience, a way of imaginative participation that shifts You feint this way and that, preserving the will blend individual and group Gestalt work perception and experience. In the depths of status quo instead of moving past obstacles. in an environment of trust, compassion, the mytho-poetic imagination await visionary This workshop is not for the feint of heart and emotional generosity. A survivor of Lou seeds that long for expression in our troubled, nor the faint of heart. Its for people who Gehrigs Disease, Mariah speaks with what tender worldpotent seeds for change agents, have a passionate commitment to creating she calls her ALS accent, which will be tricksters, artists, poets, therapists, eco-politi- healthy relationships within healthy lives. It translated. cians, and true leaders. offers opportunities to benefit from intensive individual healing work, which may involve Recommended Reading: Gladis, Tales of a Bill Plotkin, founder of Colorados Animas Valley Wounded Healer. emotional injuries rooted in the past, recur- Institute, is a depth psychologist, wilderness-based ring themes or patterns of dysfunction, or Mariah Fenton Gladis, founder/director of the soul guide, and agent of cultural evolution. Author personal longings in the here and now. What- Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy of Soulcraft, Nature and the Human Soul, and ever the content of your work, this workshop and Training for more than three decades, leads Wild Mind, he has guided thousands of people can help you: workshops and trainings around the US and in through initiatory passages in the underworld of soul. Discover the issues that are immediately Europe. She is recognized for the sensitive and Geneen Marie Haugen is a writer, wilderness obstructing the quality of your life creative way she practices the art of Gestalt. wanderer, scholar prone to nature mysticism, and 43

46 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Jerry Ker mode forth from being a player to being the audi- tarian items in which the spirit of the wood Weekend of March 1820 ence. You play from both positions, and both and your own spirit commingle. are filled with fun. Jerry Kermode will assist you in using breath, Improv Inspiration: The program is an experience of how wonder- posture, and attitude to change fear into Wit and Wisdom in an Instant fully well life can flow when you get out of curiosity. Learn the discipline of carving Paula Shaw your own way, and the learning is what it on a lathe, turning carving mallets, lamps, means to be able to do that. It is also full of weed-pots, and more, while also discovering This workshop is an adventure in releasing falling-down laughter. the meditative state that turning takes you programmed patterns and discovering the to. The final project is turning a bowl; create delight of spontaneous creation. The joy of All are welcome. This is an excellent entry your own vessel, a symbol of both holding playing improvisational theatre games comes workshop for first-timers to this work. Prior and releasing. from surrendering to the process. Each game improv experience will be forgiven. has focus points that allow you to suspend In a relaxed, informative, and pragmatic style, Paula Shaw bio on page 42. your accustomed automated and controlled Jerry will share his love of trees and the beau- thinking. The liberation that follows fully ty they hold within. His style of woodturning opens up your mind to imaginative freedom, Shared Adventures in Woodturning is based on the ability to allow the wood to be your voice to new and surprising sounds, ver- cut, rather than forcing it to the turners will. Jerry Kermode bal humor, eloquence, and flowing physical All materials, including mini-lathes and grace in movement. Enjoy an opportunity to learn the ancient carving chisels, are supplied, with two people craft of woodturning during this weekend of In this work, you are never alone. The easy- sharing each lathe. The activities will be indi- hands-on instruction in technique and phi- to-follow instructions and coaching tune vidual and shared, increasing the exchange of losophy. Bring together the thrill of creating you in with the other players, and when that ideas. Let your spirit soar with the shavings, with the sensuality of working with wood, connection is made, instantaneous creativity all in the Art Barn at the edge of the Pacific. as you peel away the exterior to find the art issues forth effortlessly. Once youve allowed within. Deepen your understanding of how ($60 materials fee paid directly to the leader) yourself to join in, each improvised piece the fibers lie within the wood and how the Jerry Kermode is a woodturning artist and teach- takes flight, with truly amazing results. As a chisel slices those fibers. Learn to make utili- er in Sebastopol, Calif. He is known as much for participant in these games, you go back and 44

47 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). his sense of humor and friendly manner as for his building practices. The first is Presencing, taking place in your body is a comfortable, ability with the chisel. He helps people understand which includes mindfulness, somatic, and loving, compassionate, and enjoyable place the subtle nuances of cutting wood without fear or cognitive skills that help participants calm to be. It is a home to which you can always trepidation. their emotions and thoughts in the midst turn to receive your own solace, support, of adversity and stress. The second practice and unconditional acceptance. This prepares is Purposing, which includes skills to find your internal environment to accept love Kindred Spirit from the outside, and prepares you to arrive meaning, purpose, and hope in adversity, and Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart to make values-based decisions that enhance anywhere already loved. Remember, when both individual and collective well-being. it comes to needing love, you cannot expect The Kindred workshop is all about relation- Participants will be taught how to cultivate more from someone else than you are able to ships: Are we going to use this relationship to the following skills: give to yourself. awaken together? What if love is a presence a state of mind? What if relationship is Activate their parasympathetic nervous Join Mariah as she blends her unique style awakening to this realization? What if life is system and calm their emotions when they of individual and group Gestalt work with an inside job and what you are hoping that a experience stress and adversity her effective and innovative use of music to relationship can fulfill can only be attained Regulate their amygdalathe brains Fear enrich the workshop experience. This work- in your awareness? and Alarm Centerby noticing but not shop helps you: getting captured by their thoughts in the Realize that whats inside is outside; you can During this workshop, we ask participants midst of trauma and stress attract what you are to imagine a new context for their personal, professional, and romantic relationships. Build on their strengths to develop purpose, Understand thinking as a personal Imagine if this were the standard question hope, and joy in their lives and find ways to conversation with yourself on a first date, a job interview, a tenant/land- maintain it through difficult times Develop an active and rich inner dialogue lord inquiry, or the blessing at the familys Use their sense of purpose and joy to make Create an abundance of emotional resources Thanksgiving dinner. Culturally, we keep choices that increase not only their own well-being, but also the welfare of other Turn your meditations away from looking for the one, the perfect job, partner, people, and the natural environment detachment and separation, and toward or circumstance to create our fulfillment. In intimate meditation, by exercising Sacred the Kindred Spirit workshop, you can discov- If you are interested in learning attitudes and Attachment er how to generate your own love experience, skills to calm your emotions and thoughts, to say the hard things, to be transparent, and and use adversity to learn, grow, and thrive, A survivor of Lou Gehrigs Disease, Mariah to ultimately create unconditional love in all this workshop is for you. speaks with what she calls her ALS accent, your relations. This workshop is a mixture of which will be translated. lecture and participation. Recommended reading: Doppelt, Transforma- tional Resilience: How to Use Adversity to Learn, Recommended Reading: Gladis, Tales of a Recommended reading: Engelhart and Engel- Grow and Thrive (available January 2016); Wounded Healer. hart, Kindred Spirit. Baraz, Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness. Mariah Fenton Gladis bio on page 43. Matthew Engelhart bio on page 18. James Baraz bio on page 37. Terces Engelhart bio on page 18. Bob Doppelt is a counseling psychologist and Sacred Evolution: ecologist grounded in socially engaged Buddhism. Yoga and Meditation From Despair to Resilience: He integrates these fields into his work as a climate and sustainability consultant, educator, researcher, Charu Rachlis Transforming Our Relationship to this Troubled World and writer. His most recent book is From Me to We are living in the most accelerated We. or time of change in history, Charu Rachlis James Baraz & Bob Doppelt writes. The challenge each of us faces is Life today is filled with anxiety and stress how to navigate these changes with wisdom, from ever-increasing pressure to produce creativity, and joy. Yoga as an ancient art Arrive Already Loved: Creating more with less, rising tensions over equity and science oriented toward reducing Sacred Attachment with Yourself and social injustice, and moral and spiritual suffering is the path that will guide us in in the Here and Now distress over environmental problems such our time together. We will weave together as climate change. More than ever before, Mariah Fenton Gladis asanas (postures), meditation, pranayama everyone can benefit from insights and Many people ask me how to have a fair (conscious breath), and restorative poses. In tools that help them move from despair to shot at developing a healthy relationship times like now, there are huge opportunities resilience, hope, and transformation. This with another human being, writes Mariah for growth, which we can see as evolution- workshop will teach participants essential Fenton Gladis. I advise them to arrive al- ary gifts. Regardless of where we live, our skills designed to build their psychological, ready loved. What does that mean? It means station in life, or the circumstances we face, emotional, and spiritual resilience. the essential foundation of being loved is if we embrace what is unfolding before us as to first love yourself. That doesnt mean a an evolutionary gift, we will rise up in con- Through presentations as well as indi- narcissistic pride, preoccupation with self, sciousness to a new pattern of life. The daily vidual and group exercises, the weekend or conceit. It does mean that the inner life practices during this workshop will support will emphasize two fundamental resilience- us in opening to the new alignments that are 45

48 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. available as long as we surrender and invite Please note: This is an experiential, fully- Phillip Burrus is the executive chef at Esalen ourselves to wholeness and deep connec- clothed workshop. Institute. Each year, Esalens teaching kitchen tion with the earth and the cosmos. We will introduces hundreds of students, apprentices, and Shauna Shapiro, PhD, is a professor, interna- embark on a beautiful inner/outer journey volunteers to farm-to-table cooking and conscious tionally recognized expert in mindfulness, and that can prepare us to take on the joy and teamwork. Phillip graduated from the Culinary author of The Art and Science of Mindfulness. responsibility to embrace sacred evolution. Institute of America in New York, and has cooked She has been invited to lecture for the King of Everyone is welcome. Please bring a yoga and taught in Big Sur since 2006. Thailand, Danish Government, Andrew Weils mat and a journal. Integrative Medicine, and World Council Psycho- Charu Rachlis, born and raised in Brazil, has therapy. An Introduction to Esalen Massage: been teaching yoga in San Francisco since 1997. psychology/faculty/sshapiro.cfm The Art of Healing Touch She teaches in a Bhakti lineage. She has a 20-year Margo Anand is a leading authority on integrat- history of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and is ing spirituality and sexuality. She is a best-selling Brita Ostrom & Dean Marson strongly influenced by Iyengar and Ashtanga author, much-beloved teacher, and founder of This workshop is a wonderful opportunity yoga. SkyDancing Tantra. She has taught with for you to enjoy the beauty of Big Sur and Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, and has the healing waters of the Esalen hot springs, appeared on national and international TV and while gaining a foundation in the art and radio. practice of Esalen Massage. During the week, Week of March 2025 Lorin Roche, PhD, has practiced and taught participants will be taught massage meth- meditation since 1968. He earned his degree for ods that address the whole body: Esalens Beyond Tantra: Integrating Science, research in the language of meditation. He is the signature long, flowing strokes that support Spirit and Sexuality author of The Radiance Sutras, and with his feelings of wholeness, connection, and inte- wife Camille Maurine, Meditation Secrets for gration; passive joint movement; and a variety Shauna Shapiro, Margo Anand Women. of techniques to work with the major muscles & Lorin Roche groups of the body. Each day will include Join internationally recognized teachers to massage demonstrations and instruction in Esalen Farm to Table: weave together ancient wisdom traditions of various self-care methods, with plenty of time Farmstead Traditions for the Tantra and meditation with modern neurosci- to practice giving and receiving a massage. Contemporary Kitchen ence. Think of Tantra as a loomthe frame- The workshop leaders will work at the tables work for weaving together the threads of Phillip Burrus with each participant to accommodate the body and soul, spirituality and sexuality, and At Esalen, were blessed to be situated in a groups different skill levels. Beginners will individuality and universality. culinary paradise, writes Esalen chef Phillip be taught the basic tools and techniques that This workshop is designed to expand your Burrus. Our on-site farm and garden pro- will allow them to more skillfully massage understanding of sexual energy to bring duces a bounty of fruits and vegetables year their partners, friends, and family. More about the deepest transformation, joy, and round, and our local community is thick with experienced practitioners will be taught tech- healing. You will be taught simple yet culinary treasures in every season. niques that can easily be integrated into their potent meditation and tantric practices to In this course, well explore a broad range of massage sessions, inspiring and infusing experience the nature of ecstatic vibration techniquesfrom the ancient to the mod- their work with a deep sense of presence and as an energy that can be channeled and ernfor making the most of local, seasonal flow. This workshop is also useful for those transformed to bring about greater states of produce. Participants will receive hands- in the helping and healing professions in health, creativity, and vitality. You will also on experience in the crafts of preserving, working with their clients and patients. Join learn about revolutionary research in neu- pickling, curing, sun drying, smoking, confit, us for a week of learning, healing, nurturing, roscience that offers this hopeful message: wild fermentation, and more. and play! We can change and reshape our brain to CE credit for nurses; see page 6. live lives of greater energy, ecstasy, compas- Each day, the group will harvest fresh CE credit for massage; see page 6. sion, and joy. As a group, we will immerse produce from the Esalen garden and prepare Brita Ostrom has led massage and somatic ourselves in the practice of being fully amazing meals together. Chef Phillip will workshops at Esalen and internationally for more present, re-training our minds, hearts, and share his experiences teaching and cooking than 40 years. She is a founding member of the bodies toward pathways of greater sensual at Esalen and in Big Sur, and draw inspiration Esalen Massage School, practices Gestalt aware- aliveness, greater compassion, gratitude, and from his travels and explorations of culinary ness work, and participated in Esalens two-year joy. Esalens natural beauty will support us traditions. Together, the group will practice somatic education program. She is also a licensed as we engage in sunset meditations, listen creative ways to transform simple ingredients psychotherapist. to the sounds of the ocean, walk through into dishes that inspire and tell a story. This is Dean Marson teaches Esalen Massage and the vibrant gardens, and open ourselves to a great week for cooks of all levels, and a must Ocean Yoga. He integrates meditation, move- the wildness and wisdom of nature. This for anyone whos ever wondered what to do ment, and bodywork practices to assist people in workshop will deepen our connection with with all of the abundance at the farmers mar- enlivening their bodies and their lives. He has led ourselves, one another, and the larger web of ket. Special pricing applies. Contact Esalen workshops at Esalen and internationally for more life. Be prepared for unexpected delight. Reservations for details. than 20 years. ($50 materials fee paid directly to the leader) 46

49 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Heart of Awareness: Joining thinking, humor, and a great intention to Embodiment and Meditation, penetrate to the essence of things. Her experi- Weekend of March 2527 Discovering Healing and Compassion ence includes more than thirty-five years as a Susan Aposhyan psychotherapist, teacher, bodyworker, mover, Fire and Flow: Spring Equinox meditater, spiritual counselor, Body-Mind Regeneration Retreat Being a human is a complex task. In order Centering practitioner and teacher, and aspir- to make the most of our lives and cultivate Shiva Rea ing adult. Her interest in neuroscience, physi- a peaceful and sustainable human culture, ology, and evolution bring some scientific As the very flow of consciousness, you dance the most of us need to practice being present clarity to this messy human process. All are world into existence. and feeling our bodies. This workshop uses Ksemaraja welcome. This course is especially helpful for embodiment practices, embodied medita- those in the health and healing professions in The spring equinox is the cosmic shift that tion practice, embodied speech, embodied working with their clients and patients. is also awakened in our cellular bodies as we listening, and embodied relationship as the honor the renewal and rebirth of the light, means to achieve personal and cultural peace Recommended reading: Aposhyan, Body-Mind Shiva Rea writes. We will immerse our- and creativity. Susan Aposhyan developed Psychotherapy and Natural Intelligence. selves in the fire and flow of Prana Vinyasa these practices in the context of Body-Mind CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Flow yoga as we return to Esalens fertile psychotherapy. The fundamental question CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. land and healing hot springs to thaw, reju- of this workshop has to do with the role of CE credit for massage; see page 6. venate, and awaken into the new cycle for the human physical heart in this process, our body, life, and activation in the world. Susan Aposhyan trains professionals in her Body- and exploring the reasons that the heart rests The Leonard Pavilion overlooking the sea Mind Psychotherapy. She is the author of Natural quietly at the center of all spiritual and heal- will be our sacred space for the following Intelligence: Body-Mind Integration and ing work. How can we bring more awareness activities: Human Development and Body-Mind Psycho- to this process? What is the relationship be- Fire and water sequences of Prana therapy. She has been practicing meditation and tween our brains and our hearts? And what if Vinyasa Flow for stoking the inner fire for body-mind disciplines for more than 30 years, and spiritual work, healing, and creativity all stem awakening and regeneration integrates science with healing and meditative from the same basic energy? As a workshop experience. Morning meditation overlooking the ocean leader, Susan Aposhyan brings simple, clear Jens Wa zel 47

50 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. The ancient art of kalaripayatu (an Indian tice.Please bring a yoga mat. The Magical Family martial art) to awaken the instinctual body Ivy Mayer Lavie Note: Participants are eligible for credit Outdoor fire meditation-ritual for spring toward Shivas Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher equinox (weather permitting) Enjoy the magic of Esalen with your family! Training Program. Contact leader for details. Get ready for a unique experience for you and Self-massage and ayurvedic abhyanga (oil Recommended reading and viewing: Rea, your child, including mindfulness practices massage) for fluidity, detoxification, and Tending Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse through visual, expressive, and sensory longevity of Life and Fluid Power (DVD). awareness games. Other activity choices Opportunity to join Shivas online spring include making projects in the art barn, play- regeneration practice to integrate back into Shiva Rea is a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist, ing at Gazebo Park School (for children up daily life global adventurer, and innovator in the evolution to six years old), lighthearted dharma games, of vinyasa flow yoga that integrates the tantric Retreat participants should have experience hiking, and creating works of art in and from bhakti roots of yoga, Krishnamacharyas teachings, with the basic practice of sun salutations, the garden. This program aims to support and a universal, quantum approach to the body. and be open to invigorating, balanced prac- children in feeling truly at home within themselves, and also to have their unique gifts appreciated by the group. We invite all participants to explore their inner impulse for discovery and growth by providing an at- mosphere of inspiration, joy, and attunement. Parents will be invited to mindfully journey along with their child, through brief guided mediations and simple sharing practices and rituals with their children in the magical space that Esalen provides for families. This workshop is open to children ages 4-13 (although children on the younger end need to be comfortable being on their own, or have a caregiver who can be with them during all sessions). Children of other ages may be admitted with permission of the leader. Spe- cial pricing applies to this workshop. Please contact Esalen reservations for details. Recommended reading: Louv, Last Child in the Woods. Ivy Mayer Lavie, MFT, is influenced by Somatic Experiencing, the Hakomi Method, and her teach- ing experience, including for The Marin School, The Moving Center School, Spirit Rock, and Yes!. She offers Coming of Age programs, psychother- apy, trauma and resiliency work, and movement workshops. The Art of Seeing: Integrating Our Eyes, Brain and Body for Better Wellness Sam Berne Today, the fear of losing our eyesight is escalating because of an increase in many deteriorating visual conditions. Current al- lopathic medical approaches offer little hope. In this workshop, you will be taught The Berne Method, an evidenced-based system Richard Tauber designed to reconnect us to the most impor- tant sense organ we have: our eyes. Sam Berne has spent more than twenty-five years developing his method, which teaches 48

51 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). that neuroplasticity exists within us. Topics techniques to specifically help Westerners to retool the myths that shape ones life include: enliven their meditation practices. During though a sense of humor certainly helps. Primordial movements that relax the this workshop, we will alternate between Recall dreams, rekindle visions, deploy reptilian response that is so ingrained in presentation, instruction, and many unique mythmaking tools like drums and dance, how we use our eyes guided meditations. By identifying our per- music and song, masks, medicine bags and sonal strengths and natural inclinations, we Vestibular-visual relationship as it relates to altars. Individual, small-group, and collec- give ourselves permission to be creative and orientation and balance tive activities provide opportunities for find meaningful entry points for deepening Therapeutic lenses and prisms that can reflection and expression. Who were you? our practice. There will be an emphasis upon enhance peripheral vision and depth What mise-en-scnes inspire your biograph- quality of meditation. Engaging mindfulness perception ical saga? What treasures are banished to meditations and dyadic exercises will align Color and light therapy that can balance our your basement, secreted in your attic? Who body, breath, heart, and mind, so that medita- visual system and improve function in the are you? Whats displayed in your home or tion becomes enjoyable and refreshing, and endocrine, nervous, and fluid systems dangling from your rearview mirror? Who an enriching activity that we actually look do you aspire to be? What face do you envi- Medicinal essential oils that can strengthen forward to. sion in the mirror? What remains on your eye and general well-being Bill Morgan, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist bucket list? If you dare to revision yourself, As we begin to match present consciousness specializing in couples psychotherapy. He has then join our springtime rituals of rebirth. with present seeing, we can ignite our vitality practiced mindfulness meditation throughout Please bring a meaningful but expendable and awaken our creativity. Trusting the eyes his adulthood, including more than 6 years of totem, an unsung story, or evocative song. as a primary navigational system can release silent retreats. He is a founding faculty member Further information: body tension and give us a sense of freedom. of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. Robert Walter, Joseph Campbells editor for a This workshop is especially useful for those decade, is president of the Joseph Campbell Foun- in the helping and healing professions in Susan Morgan, MSN, RN, CS, is a couples dation and a poet/playwright with several decades working with their clients and patients. psychotherapist in private practice and a faculty of experience as group leader, teacher, publisher, ($15 materials fee paid directly to the leader) member of the Institute for Meditation and and theatrical producer/director/designer. Psychotherapy. She emphasizes body awareness Recommended reading: Berne, I Sense: At Play and empathy in her teaching, and has co-led in the Field of Healing, Creating Your Personal retreats with William Morgan since 1999. Vision (2011 edition) and Without Ritalin: A Unshakable Presence: Coming Home Natural Approach to A.D.D. to Who You Truly Are CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit Pending for acupuncturists; see page 6. A Time to Reflect Miranda Macpherson CE credit for RD and DTR Pending; see page 6. CE credit for massage; see page 6. This is a special opportunity for people to ex- Imagine being deeply at rest, and held within perience Esalen without taking a workshop. an unconditional love that offers total sup- Sam Berne, OD, is a pioneer in the field of vision For full description, please see page 13. port for you to go within, let go, and address science and holistic health. He is a behavioral the important themes of your life. In the core optometrist, certified medicinal aromatherapist, of every human being lives indestructible certified craniosacral therapist, and authorized purity, love, intelligence, peace, and stillness, Continuum teacher. Week of March 27April 1 unaffected by the difficulties of our histories and the identifications we have formed. Yet Enlivening Meditation Practice Revisioning Your Heros Journey : commonly we live on the surface of ourselves, A Mythological Toolbox (23rd ed., revised) busy trying to control life to manifest our Bill Morgan & Susan Morgan desires and keep away our fears. This keeps us Why do we struggle to meditate regularly? Robert Walter seeking fulfillment but disconnected from it. Why does it feel like another should? Why For years, Joseph Campbell celebrated his This group will journey through and beyond is it that we can experience a sense of wonder birthday (March 26th) at Esalen. Explain- the habits of mind that typically block access immediately when we look at a sunset, but ing why, hed tell of Carl Jungs wondering, to deeper dimensions of consciousness. feel only restlessness and a sense of failure What myth am I living by? And how Jung, Miranda Macpherson teaches and transmits when we close our eyes to meditate? Why realizing he didnt know, wrote I took it a unique synthesis of holistic self-inquiry, is it so often a dry and cognitive exercise in upon myself to get to know my myth, and psychological wisdom, and devotional and futility? I regarded this as the task of tasks. Thats meditation practice in a tangible atmosphere Meditation instructions were developed in what a birthday is for, Campbell would con- of unconditional love. The experiential another culture, one that was more inter- clude, and what Esalen is about. In March format includes exercises in pairs, medita- nally oriented, more embodied, less restless, 1988, five months after Campbells death, his tions, chanting, open sessions, rich wisdom and steeped in faith regarding meditation. friends again gathered at Esalen for Camp- teachings, and satsang (sacred community). Over many years of retreat practice, and by bell Weeka tradition that endures. These Hers is an integrated and feminine approach studying in various traditions, Susan and festivities morphed into this playshop, for to non-dual awakening oriented at facilitating Bill Morgan have developed unorthodox familiarity with Campbell is not needed direct spiritual experience, while providing a 49

52 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Reuven Shelef practical foundation to unwind the patterns mind and open heart. Qigong movements are CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see leader. CE credit for acupuncturists; see leader. that shape our lives. Additionally, Miranda both a moving meditation and a mindfulness will share her map of awakening, drawn from practice that accelerates and deepens all other Mingtong Gu is an internationally recognized perennial truths at the heart of the worlds forms of meditation, and provides the skillful teacher and healer who received his training mystical traditions, which encourages more means to enter into a mindful state with en- from a variety of Grandmasters in China and substantial access to presence. ergetic aliveness and healing benefit. Qigong at the worlds largest Qigong hospital. sounds enable you to balance the emotional Recommended reading: Holden, Boundless energy of your body to embody more joy and Love. well-being. Miranda Macpherson guides people into direct The Practical Art of Living Flow: experience of the sacred. Founder of the OneSpirit Master Mingtong Gu will teach workshop A Spring Regeneration Retreat participants how to: Interfaith Foundation in London, the Awakening Shiva Rea Love: Embodying Wisdom sangha in the Bay Practice self-love and acceptance, and cultivate unconditional love by keeping the Dive into a regenerative yoga retreat and Area, and author of Boundless Love, Miranda energy of your heart open, through qigong align yourself with the emergence of spring. draws from extensive study of the worlds methods Reconnect with the rhythms of nature wisdom traditions, and more than 20 years through the fluid yoga of Prana Vinyasa and of experience teaching internationally. Strengthen and connect the energy of the the ancient art of kalarippayatu (an Indian five organs to transform fear, anger, sadness, martial art). The healing ground of Esalen and worry to love and happiness through and the Leonard Pavilion will become a liv- qigong sound healing Mindfulness through Qigong: ing flow ashram in which you can choose Meditative Movement and Sound Enhance whole-body energy flow through your daily rhythm in a transformative cycle movement and other qigong practices to to align yourself with the emergence of Mingtong Gu a deep sense of cellular aliveness, joy, and spring, including the following activities: This healing workshop is designed to activate wholeness, in spite of life conditions Morning tantric-based meditation and yoga your essential capacity to live with a clear Use qigong to work with stress in this busy with Demetri Velisarius and stressful work place and life 50

53 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Daily regenerative Prana Vinyasa Flow supine position, a beautiful addition to our Conference on Positive Aging, and American sequences for fluid strength, flexibility, massage repertoire and a wonderful gift for Counseling Association. unwinding of tensions, and creative flow people who are unable to lie comfortably in a Special sessions in the fluid art of prone position. Taking the Midlife Leap, Kalarippayatuan exploration of one of This workshop is especially useful for those One Step at a Time the oldest martial arts in the world, with a in the helping and healing professions in teacher from CVN Kalari, of Kerala India. working with their clients and patients. Jett Psaris This fluid form has roots in ayurveda and If you are between 40 and 65 years old, you CE credit for massage; see page 6. yoga and has been a great influence on CE credit for nurses; see page 6. are undoubtedly attempting to navigate Prana Vinyasas movement meditations the emotional, psychological, and spiritual Daniela Urbassek bio on page 27. and instinctual yoga dimensions of your midlife passage. What Nora Matten is a member of the Esalen Massage Daily prananadi self-massage techniques crew and an Esalen Massage teacher. As part makes this an experience unlike any other as well as some basic Kalari massage with of the Esalen Movement staff, she teaches dance is that it requires the death of who you have ayurvedic abhyanga (oil massage) for flexibil- and yoga. Her work draws on Forrest yoga, Soul known yourself to be and promises the birth ity, longevity, and embodied consciousness Motion, vipassana meditation, Gestalt Awareness of who you could possibly become. Far too Special sweat lodge (weather permitting) to Practice, and the Diamond Approach, among many people die in their fifties and are not honor the spring equniox others. buried until their eighties, because they did Evening session of melting into motion not take the full journey possible at midlife. sahaja yoga trance dance The whole point of midlife is to allow the construct of who you are and the life you have As we immerse in the power of Esalens heal- Weekend of April 13 created to fail. Its not just an opportunity for ing waters, our living flow rhythm will offer a fresh start; its a mandate for one. ways to connect with our regenerative fluid nature. Please bring a yoga mat. Callings: Finding and Following Come step beyond the coordinates of the an Authentic Life known and discover how to place the Note: Participants are eligible for credit struggles you are sure to encounter during toward Shivas Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Gregg Levoy your middle years within a greater framework Training Program. Contact leader for details. Callings are urgings and imperatives from that can guide you to rediscover your soulful Recommended reading and viewing: Rea, the deep self that tell us what it will take to individuality, which lies buried below your Tending Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse make our lives come true. They point us first-half-of-lifes obligations and definitions. of Life and Fluid Power (DVD). toward awakenings, course corrections, and powerful authenticity. A detailed course outline is available online. ($20 materials fee paid directly to the leader) Please visit Shiva Rea bio on page 48. This hands-on retreat takes a creative ap- Please bring a pen and a journal. proach to striking up a deep dialogue with our own lives. Through writing, storytelling, Jett Psaris, author of Undefended Love and Esalen Massage: Accessing the Taking the Midlife Leap, teaches others to use myth, improvisation, meditation, reflection, Back Body from the Front intimate relationship and the midlife journey as and nature, participants explore the psycho- Daniela Urbassek & Nora Matten logical, spiritual, and practical processes we catalysts for psycho/spiritual transformation. She encounter in finding and following our call- has been teaching workshops about how to inhabit This workshop is ideal for practitioners who the full spectrum of ones humanity for the past 25 ings, whether calls to do something (become would like to learn how to apply the principles years. self-employed, go back to school, leave or start of Esalen Massage while keeping the client in a relationship, move to the country) or calls to the supine position throughout the session. At be something (more creative, less judgmental, times, we encounter clients who are unable to Being Present in the Body: Using more loving, less fearful). You will have the Mindfulness to Work with Trauma lie in a prone position (on the stomach), due opportunity to learn how to: to personal preference or illness, yet we still Pawan Bareja want to be able to touch and work with the Clarify your callings whole body. During these five days, we will be Discern whether a call is true Our desire to be happy is our most basic urge, taught the principles of Esalen Massage: the Work creatively with resistance and conflict but physical or emotional trauma can get in long flowing strokes, passive movement, and the way. Traumatic responses, especially from Reconnect with your powers and gifts quality of touch and contact, while focusing on old painful unresolved experiences, are em- Gain a renewed sense of possibilities bedded in our body and in our behavior, and learning how to access the back body with the client lying supine. We will explore how to use Recommended reading: Levoy, Callings: Find- have the ability to blindside us and sabotage passive joint movement and the movement of ing and Following an Authentic Life. our happiness. These responses often produce limbs to access the back body from the front. stress that no longer serves us in our present Gregg Levoy, author of Callings: Finding and We will also learn how to work with our hands day-to-day life. Is it possible to recognize Following an Authentic Life and Vital Signs: underneath the body, which allows us to use the traumatic responses in your body? How The Nature and Nurture of Passion, is a former our clients body weight and gravity to achieve can you recognize the non-verbal traumatic behavioral specialist at USA Today, regular the proper depth. Working with these tools responses in your reptilian brain? How do blogger at Psychology Today, and has presented will allow us to do a complete massage in the you work with old emotional and physical at the Smithsonian Institute, Microsoft, National 51

54 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. wounds to free up your frozen, survival-based include Essential Crazy Wisdom, Buddhas week is designed to introduce the possibil- energy, so that you may feel more settled, Nature, and Crazy Wisdom Saves the World ity that you are an artist, and that the artist grounded, and calm in your everyday life? Again! Wes teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation path is one of joy, insight, and awareness. Center in Woodacre, Calif. He founded and Its amazing that in just a few days, you can Expect a weekend of teachings that facilitate co-edits the journal Inquiring Mind. finish a colorful painting that reveals many an exploration of your traumatic responses of the deep inner patterns that connect you in your animal body, experiential exercises Katchie Ananda is an internationally recognized with your soul. After seeing mandalas made to free up energy, and ways to recognize the yoga and dharma teacher whose leadership in during Pauls workshop, Eckhart Tolle com- felt-sense of being grounded and settled. The yoga and social change prompted Yoga Journal mented, These paintings carry a healing workshop will emphasize movement and to name her one of 5 top yoga teachers making presence. Deepak Chopra said, These paint- mindfulness meditation practice. change in the world. ings are archetypal manifestations of higher Recommended reading: Moffitt, Emotional consciousness. After the workshop, you will Chaos to Clarity; Levine, Waking the Tiger. have the foundation for painting sacred art CE credit for massage; see page 6. and mandalas at home, as you continue on Week of April 38 this path of self-discovery and the newfound Pawan Bareja, PhD, teaches Mindfulness and Trauma classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and relationship to art and your soul. at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She has trained Falling in Love with Where You Are: Recommended reading: Heussenstamm, professional care providers in India. In her private Finding the Mindful Calm in the Divine Forces: Art that Awakens the Soul. practice as Trauma Resolution Practitioner, she Midst of Lifes Storm ($50 materials fee paid directly to the leader) works with a diverse population of clients. Jeff Foster Paul Heussenstamm comes from a family im- mersed in art and spirituality. At 35, he began What happens wheneven for a momentyou stop trying to fix or improve yourself, and painting in earnest after a single art class expand- Liberate the Body and Stretch the Mind: embrace yourself exactly as you are? How can ed into a consuming passion, a new profession, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga you stop running away from your fears, grief, and a new perspective on life. He understands exhaustion, and doubts, and see the sacred- mandalas as psychic maps and symbols of whole- Wes Scoop Nisker & Katchie Ananda ness. ness in your imperfections? How can you Oh wondrous creatures, trust and love more deeply, and stay present by what strange miracle and truthful even in the midst of intimate do you so often not smile? Mindful Living Revolution: human relationships? How to Live Sustainably and Hafiz With compassion and plenty of humor, Jeff Thrive from the Inside Out Many of us are amazed when we read the Foster invites the exhausted seeker in you to Deborah Eden Tull latest scientific discovery about the size of the finally come to rest in the present moment. cosmos or the workings of biological evolu- The way we treat our selves and the way we Through a combination of heartfelt talks, tion, but few of us know how to bring that treat our world are one and the same. This re- intimate dialogues, guided meditations, sense of wonder and delight into our lives. storative retreat integrates wisdom from Zen and restful silences, Jeff guides you in his In this workshop, we will make creative use Buddhism, deep ecology, sustainable design, unique way through the journey of spiri- of classic Buddhist meditation practices and and mindfulness practice, and can support tual awakening, making ancient non-dual Anusara Yoga to help us embody the amaze- you in transforming your relationship with teachings simple and relevant to your life. He ment of being alive and human. self, others, and the world. This workshop of- creates a safe, healing space where even the This workshop combines the traditional most intense energies can be acknowledged, fers a framework for how to use every aspect practice of Buddhist mindfulness meditation honored, and released. Whether you are of our lives as an opportunity to create a with sessions based on Anusara Yoga. Periods struggling with your life and are looking for kinder, more balanced, and more sustainable of meditation will alternate with yoga, allow- peace and space amidst the chaos, or you are a worldfrom the inside out. ing the techniques to support each other and healer or therapist interested in meeting your Mindful Living Revolution embraces the create a sense of mind-body connection, vital- clients in a new way, this retreat is for you. powerful connections between mindfulness ity, and well-being. The weekend will provide See Spotlights on pages 7 and 10. and sustainability, and between our personal ample time for discussion and interviews, healing and the healing of our planet. Enter as well as attention to individual challenges. Jeff Foster bio on page 36. the practice of engaged interconnection: a There will also be talks, an exploration of way to do the inner work and outer work at Buddhist and yogic philosophy, as well as Art as a Spiritual Path: the same time, in the spirit of celebration plenty of poetry and good humor. Paintings that Awaken the Soul and grace. The work involves meditation The workshop is appropriate for both expe- and mindful inquiry, deep time in nature, Paul Heussenstamm writing, transformative group work, guided rienced and beginning students of either mindfulness meditation or yoga. Please bring The practice of painting is healing and imagery, dharma talks, and facilitated group a yoga mat. meditative. No experience is necessary as we discussion. We will also have time for mind- transform our everyday consciousness into ful eating and gardening in the beautiful Wes Nisker is a Buddhist meditation teacher, the inner artist that lives in each of us. The organic gardens of Esalen, and well explore radio commentator, and performer. His books 52

55 Richard Tauber Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). the lessons that the natural world offers us in your deep desire to offer something of value Scott Engler, a longtime student of presence and personal sustainability. to the world? Are you confused by the appar- healing, supports adults, children, and infants ent conflict between the truth of spiritual through Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and This retreat presents a fresh, emerging unity and the complexity of human interac- workshops in trauma resolution for the family. He paradigm: Only by deepening our internal tions? holds a second-degree black belt in aikido. awareness through daily practice can we create long-term external change, and the process Explore these paradoxes of human existence itself is empowering, joyful, and life-changing. with us through a blend of somatic practices Sacred Sound, Meditation and Dance that allow a simultaneous deep dive into to Change Your Brain and Transform Deborah Eden Tull, founder of Mindful Living the body and dissolution into Presence. Your Life Revolution, is a Zen meditation and mindfulness Experimenting with expressive aliveness, Yuval Ron teacher, author, activist, and sustainability consul- students practice skills for presence, contact, tant whoteaches the integration of compassionate Experience introspective and ecstatic prac- and awareness through body-based inquiries awareness and interconnection into every aspect tices of four ancient spiritual paths: Zen Bud- of Gestalt Practice and ancient meditative of our lives. dhism, Kabbalistic Judaism, early contempla- traditions. We dance to eclectic music and the great sound of silence, traveling alone tive Christianity, and Sufi-Islam. This unique PresentOpenAwake: Soul Motion and together through the landscapes of Soul experiential seminar will journey deep into and Embodied Inquiry Motion, using art and writing as portals of sacred music chanting, movement, and spiri- creative inquiry. The workshop is open to any tual mindfulness practices, drawing from the Zuza Engler & Scott Engler hidden wisdom of the traditions of the East. body willing to leapor stick their toeinto With our body we are in the presence of a force that is the mystery of embodiment, creativity, com- These practices have been shown to alter the filled with wisdom, loving, flawlessly reliable, and, munity, and devotion. Beginners are always structure and function of the brain in ways strange to say, worthy of our deepest devotion. especially welcome. that enhance memory, cognition, and social Reginald Ray awareness. These practices also overcome Recommended reading: Chodron, The Wis- the neural mechanisms that generate stress, Are you, like many of us, living suspended dom of No Escape. between the yearning for self-expression and anxiety, depression, and anger. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see leader. the fear of being too much or not enough? Each day the group will focus on a different Do you know both your tendency to hide and Zuza Engler bio on page 27. tradition, and sessions will demonstrate the 53

56 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. deep commonality and love for life and hu- Esalen Massage. His background includes train- larly in interpersonal relationships. This semi- manity reflected in these spiritual practices. ing in Gestalt Practice, neurolinguistic program- nar, for psychotherapists, sex therapists, and The activities are based on Yuval Rons work ming, intuitive work, and meditation. other health professionals, integrates cutting- with master spiritual teachers of the East and Peggy Horan has been practicing and teaching edge research in attachment, neuroscience, neuroscientists of the West. Through this massage at Esalen for more than 40 years. She has and sexology with Gestalt somatic-experiential incredible journey to your inner world, you also been involved in childbirth education and methodology and breath work, to enhance the will have a rare perspective into the worlds practiced midwifery in Big Sur for 15 years. Peggy capacity for emotional and sexual intimacy of Zen Buddhist masters, mystic Sufi leaders, is the author of the book Connecting Through in our own lives. This work shows how these Kabbalistic rabbis, leading neuroscientists, Touch. same processesespecially attention to and scholars of the mysticism of Christian- nonverbal inner experience and to the subtle ity. This seminar is experiential, and will not behavioral cues in othersare critical skills in be lecture-based. The focus is on providing a Embodied Intimacy: enriching clinical sensitivity, perceptiveness, A Neurobiological-Gestalt Training deep spiritual healing experience, including and creativity in our work. in Relational Sex Therapy walking, sacred movement, ecstatic chanting This training is primarily experiential with meditations, storytelling, and poetry. Stella Resnick didactic interludes, and explores these areas Yuval Ron is a musician, educator, and composer As therapists, our effectiveness depends on our of personal, interpersonal, and professional for film, television, dance and theater. He worked own continuing aliveness and growth, particu- development: with the Dalai Lama, Sufi leader Pir Zia Iniyat Khan, Sufi master Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Zen Buddhist priest Hirokazu Kosaka, neuroscientists Mark Waldman, Andrew Goodman, and others. In 2006, he won an Oscar for West Bank Story. Esalen Massage and the Art of Continuous Presence Oliver Bailey & Peggy Horan Esalen Massage is a moving meditation, a practice in presence and mindfulness, and a loving healing art. When practiced with focused attention, massage comes from a deep, quiet place that resides inside each of us. The practice of meditation can help access the parasympathetic nervous system, where healing originates. As we give a massage, this healing state of mind can permeate the field that practitioner and receiver create together. In guided sessions, we will explore the practice of sitting meditation to prepare and quiet our minds, walking meditation to bring awareness to our movement, and the fundamentals of Esalen Massage as a medita- tive practice in giving. There will be time for supervised practice each day, as students exchange massages, with the support of their experienced teachers, Peggy and Oliver. Beginners as well as seasoned practitioners are welcome for this week to explore Esalen Massage and meditation, while enjoying the natural beauty of the Esalen grounds. This workshop is especially useful for those in the helping and healing professions in working with their clients and patients. Melina Me z a CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for massage; see page 6. Oliver Bailey is a practitioner and instructor of 54

57 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). The Attachment-Sexuality Spectrum: from skilla stancethat helps bring vitality to all gies for writing with fresh immediacy about early family bonding and attachment style your engagements, including work, creativity, events that happened years ago. We will alter- to romantic love, libido, and expansive relationships, and spiritual life. Youll identify nate periods of writing with listening to each sexual pleasures where you lose passion, including which othernot from a place of judgment or analy- The Cognitive-Somatic Spectrum: from routines, relationships, involvements, or sisbut from a place of focused attention a left-brain cognitive focus that reframes beliefs drain your energies, and how you can and deep acceptance. Both new and seasoned problems as opportunities to the healing revitalize it. You can learn to identify what writers are welcome to attend. Please bring a potentials in the nonverbal, empathic, choices take you toward, rather than away, notebook and several fast-flowing pens. intersubjective right brain and body from your vitality. Through writing, discus- Recommended reading: Goldberg, Writing attunement sion, small group work, improvisation, ritual, Down the Bones. The Experiential-Behavioral Spectrum: and reflection, youll examine the endless yet endlessly fruitful tug-of-war between passion Laura Davis is the author of seven best-selling from present-centered Gestalt processing, and security in your life. Youll explore the books, including The Courage to Heal and I imagery, felt-sense, and breath awareness to following aspects of passion: Thought Wed Never Speak Again. Founder of affect-regulation, setting and realizing goals, Passion breeds passion, and disinterest The Writers Journey, she leads retreats worldwide and developing new skills breeds disinterest and specializes in the use of writing as a transfor- The Pain-Pleasure Spectrum: from self- mational tool. limiting painful habits to healing old If you lack passion in your own life, your wounds and trauma, to reactivating areas other relationships will be denied that of arrested development, to the joys of play, energy Pathways to Intimacy humor, creativity, and exuberance Passion is more than exuberance; its Anne Watts Join us for an unforgettable learning experi- endurance What if you could create more love and deeper ence! Passion is intimately related to health. If and more connected relationships in your life? passion is vitality, honoring your passions Note: All participants must first register and Pathways to Intimacy offers a lively combina- enhances your vitality. pay for this program at http://www.drstella tion of carefully crafted exercises designed to Only Please bring pen and paper for writing. provide powerful tools for clear communica- after registration and payment of tuition Recommended reading: Levoy, Vital Signs: tion, and move you to a deeper understand- will you be able to reserve accommodations The Nature and Nurture of Passion and Callings: ing of intimacy. In a caring, supportive, and at Esalen (this will be an extra cost). Course Finding and Following an Authentic Life. confidential environment, you will have full fees and accommodations are separate. Please choice as you learn how to be more open, close, see accommodations costs under Pricing for Gregg Levoy, author of Callings: Finding and and safe with others, including family, friends, Partner Programs at Following an Authentic Life and Vital Signs: significant others, and co-workers. You will page/partner-program-pricing. The Nature and Nurture of Passion, is a former have the opportunity to go beyond your barri- behavioral specialist at USA Today, regular ers to love. During this weekend you can: Recommended reading: Resnick, The Heart of blogger at Psychology Today, and has presented Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love. at the Smithsonian Institute, Microsoft, National Discover the power in opening up to others CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Conference on Positive Aging, and American and sharing yourself CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. Counseling Association. Be more in touch with your feelings CE for AASECT; please see leader Learn new perspectives on asking for what Stella Resnick, PhD, psychologist, Gestalt thera- you want pist, and certified sex therapist in Beverly Hills, The Writers Journey: Learn powerful tools of communication Calif., trains and supervises therapists in her Crafting Personal Stories That Are Vivid, Compelling and True Let go of judgments and fears full-spectrum approach to psychotherapy and sex therapy. Her latest book is The Heart of Examine and shed limiting notions of love Laura Davis Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love. and intimacy Many of us hold a deep dream of writing. We Practice saying no and yes, and clearly want to write so we can understand ourselves setting your own boundaries more deeply and so that we can be seen. We Increase clarity, honesty, and trust in sense that there are stories living inside of relationships Weekend of April 810 us that need to be told, but in our busy lives, Increase self-esteem we have not been able to create the time, space, or circumstances in which to do so. Regardless of your age (participants eigh- Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture teen and above are welcome), experience, or This workshop will give you that time. In our of Passion hours together, we will create a vibrant, sup- sexual orientationwhether you are single Gregg Levoy portive writing community. Through creative or in a committed relationshipcome and exercises, guided meditations, and evocative directly experience your real beauty, your real What inspires passion in your life, and what writing prompts, you will learn to transform power, your love for yourself, and the love defeats it? How do you lose it, and get it back? scraps of memory into a rich written legacy. others have for you. Pathways to Intimacy is In this supportive, hands-on workshop, well You can walk away with a myriad of strate- a powerful workshop created by The Human explore how to cultivate passion as a life- 55

58 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Awareness Institute ( See whats Enjoying Meditation: Both teachers have shared this grounding, possible in just a weekend! Returning to Ease loving practice with many different people, Peter Russell and know the joy and healing that this form Anne Watts was deeply influenced by her father, of calming and revitalizing touch can bring the pioneering philosopher Alan Watts. She leads Discover how something as simple as surren- to many diverse cultures and personalities. workshops on 4 continents, teaching adults to have dering all resistance in meditation can open more loving, fulfilling relationships. Anne has us to the peace and joy that lie within. For During this weekend retreat, through brief been leading Love, Intimacy and Sexuality work- thousands of years, spiritual traditions have demonstrations, one-on-one guidance, and shops since 1985. taught meditation as a way to awaken to our plenty of practice time, you will have the true nature. Yet many people find meditation opportunity to awaken your own talent and tedious and difficult, a never-ending struggle resources to easily and safely give and receive The Yoga of Willpower and Intention : to quiet the mind or focus the attention. This the basic elements of an Esalen Massage. To A Journey to Self Mastery has led to the popular misconception that support you in your massage learning experi- Tracee Stanley meditation requires great discipline and years ence, centering, grounding and self-care of practice. exercises are also included in the workshop Are you living to your fullest potential? Many presentation. There is also plenty of time to times in life we may feel like a rudderless The key is giving up all trying and effort. The breath in the beauty of the Big Sur Coast. ship: aimless, stuck, or having so many proj- mind in its natural relaxed state is already ects that our energy is dispersed and nothing at ease. Nothing needs to be done to find This course offers foundation skills for the ever gets accomplished. At other times, we inner peace, we simply need to let go of the newcomer, a fresh approach for the experi- just dont know what our purpose is, and if we various thoughts that keep our minds busy enced practitioner, and is especially useful for do have a sense of our dharma, it can be hard and tense. The beauty of this approach is that those in the helping and healing professions to actualize it with all the other responsi- nothing needs to be changed or eliminated. in working with their clients and patients. bilities that we have in life. This immersion We simply surrender to the fullness of the CE credit for massage; see page 6. offers a chance to journey into the lotus of present moment. CE credit for nurses; see page 6. the heart, uncover our hearts deepest desire, Brita Ostrom has led massage and somatic and align with our souls unique purpose. In this workshop, we can: workshops at Esalen and internationally for more Sourced from the teachings in Rod Strykers Let our minds fully relax and settle down than 40 years. She is a founding member of the book, The Four Desires, we access the deepest into a state of profound ease Esalen Massage School, practices Gestalt aware- parts of ourselves through yoga, meditation, Learn basic principles of letting go ness work, and participated in Esalens two-year visualization, deep relaxation, and writing Find greater contentment in the present somatic education program. She is also a licensed exercises. During this workshop, you can moment psychotherapist. gain tools to activate willpower, manifest in- Laurie Lioness Parizek graduated from the Use our inner knowing to guide us during tentions, and release negative habits. Through Montreal General Hospital School of Nurs- meditation this process of self-study and deep listening, ing, McGill University. She studied and teaches we come into effortless alignment with who Learn how to integrate these approaches hands-on interactive and energy healing, and is a we truly are meant to be and access the door- in our lives, finding greater ease in daily longtime teacher of Esalen bodywork. way to our infinite potential. Other goals of activity the workshop include the following: The workshop includes guided meditations, Develop a personal practice to reduce talks, group discussions, and periods of lethargy, procrastination, and other negative silence and inner reflection. It is suitable for Week of April 1015 habits both beginners and experienced meditators. Learn deep relaxation techniques to Peter Russell bio on page 37. Dance of Oneness : Spiral of Love enhance rejuvenation, memory, and clarity Banafsheh Sayyad Access meditations to cultivate intuition Esalen Massage: The Basics How would you like to delve into movement and increase shakti (empowerment) Brita Ostrom & Laurie Lioness Parizek as spiritual practice, and gain tools to dance Uncover and diminish the shadow energy through the cycles of birth, life, and death that keeps you from achieving goals During an Esalen Massage, we experience with grace? asks Banafsheh Sayyad. Wheth- Recommended reading: Stryker, The Four a remarkable web of interdependence: a er your passion is dance or not, whether you Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, listening touch, a deepening breath, and can or cant dance, movement heals and leads Prosperity, and Freedom. our nervous system soothed in connection us to who we truly are: embodied souls. In with another. When we receive a massage we Rumis words, Taste for a moment a piece of Tracee Stanley, ERYT, is a yoga and meditation remember an easier time and come home. the whole and understand who you are. teacher who specializes in Tantric teachings and practices in the Para yoga style. She has appeared Esalen Massage seeks the interface between Dance in the spiral of love. Ignite your whole in many international magazines and is featured form and energy, physical structure and the being with its fire and reinvent yourself inYoga Journals Yoga as Medicine by Dr. Timo- soul, you and I. The long, integrative strokes through the play of the active and the recep- thy McCall. She leads workshops, trainings, and build a sense of presence, while deeper fo- tive. Explore loves lucid ecstasy through retreats internationally. cused work evokes release of tension patterns. grounding, centering movement. Dance your 56

59 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). heart through and beyond limited percep- Esalen Inspirational Film Festival: tal issues, personal growth exploration, and tions with soft power. Dance of Oneness is Films that Empower and Enrich the spiritual themes. falling in love with love, loving your body, Human Spirit Discussion topics include the following: your self, and living as a messenger of love. Corinne Bourdeau & Mary Elizabeth Murphy Based in Sufism, gnostic Christianity, God- The exploration of positive psychology in dess wisdom, tai chi, Persian and Middle East- Cinema can enlighten, inspire, and uplift film ern dance, and flamenco, Dance of Oneness the human spirit. Examples of these trans- The landscape of independent films is a foundation for creative flight. Tony and I formative films include What the Bleep Do We dedicated to transformation will lead a nurturing weave of structured and Know?, The Celestine Prophecy, What Dreams The power of entertainment to create social free dance, whirling, music, chanting, medita- May Come, Field of Dreams, and The Cove. Films change and activism tion, and laughter. We dance with whatever is like these can truly make a difference in how The art of mythology and powerful going on inside and outside of us. Open to all, people live and express their creativity. storytelling dancers and non-dancers alike. During the fourth annual Esalen Inspira- Featured guests for the 2016 festival include Recommended reading: Rumi and ed. Barks, tional Film Festival, participants will enjoy a Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Lucy The Big Red Book. vibrant mix of films, panel discussions, and Walker (Waste Land, Crash Reel), Author thought-provoking dialogue with filmmak- and leading international script consultant Banafsheh Sayyad, MFA, LAc, is a Persian ers. Our intention for the week is to build an sacred dance artist, transformational teacher, Dara Marks (Inside Story), and other special engaging and supportive community of film guests. Note: Due to the flexible nature of and licensed acupuncturist. She is the founder of enthusiasts whose common goal is to enrich the pioneering synthesis of embodied spirituality filmmaking and production schedules, the and uplift the human spirit. The festival is weeks schedule is subject to change. known as Dance of Oneness which beckons ALL open to everyone, and will be of particular to exalt. She teaches and performs worldwide. interest to artists, filmmakers, and those who Corinne Bourdeauis president and founder of have a passion for social justice, environmen- 360 Degree Communications, an agency special- Bill Ja mes 57

60 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Angie Smith izing in films that celebrate and enrich the human The use of joy and humor will be the under- CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for massage; see page 6. spirit through social change. Bourdeaus portfolio tone of this time together. Real freedom in includes Academy Award-winning documen- the body is also freedom of spirit and fun. Patrick Douce, one of Moshe Feldenkraiss first taries such as The Cove, Samsara, The Way, and American students, has been associated with Lessons adapted from Indonesian Silat origi- Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Esalen since 1972. Since 1986 he has lived some nating from the monasteries of China and Mary Elizabeth Murphy is an expert at creating months of each year in Bali, developing programs Tibet will be shared which greatly expand the innovative grassroots campaigns for independent with Indonesian Silat martial-arts-for-health scope and effectiveness of each session. The films that target niche markets. She has worked schools. concepts of grounding, extending, generating, on the Academy Award-winning film The Cove, protecting, circulating, and efficiently using and other indie hits such as Pina, Cave of Forgot- our energies will be experienced. Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving ten Dreams, Buck, and The Way. Safe, non-invasive touch lessons will be used Charles Muir & Caroline Muir to help in the understanding of our spines, as Spinal Awareness (with Humor): This is a reset point for couples who want to well as to loosen and improve each person in The Essence of Feldenkrais and dramatically improve the quality of sex and the workshop. Fun partner lessons will add to Energy Work intimacy in their love lives and open up to the learning and the freedom to be experi- more ecstatic pleasure and spiritual connec- Patrick Douce enced in our bodies. tion in their relationship. Spinal awareness is a combination of the By increasing awareness and fluidity in the Few of us have been blessed with healthy Feldenkrais Method, Taoist energetic sci- spine, students will find new ways of being childhood conditioning and education ence, and the Esalen experience. In this sensitive to and improving their work with regarding the mysteries of sexual love and workshop, participants will experience move- patients and clients, in their own yoga practice relationship. This can leave individuals less ments that help bring new awareness as well and teachings. Those persons with chronic or successful and conscious in their sexuality as maintain health and assist in the rehabili- acute tension, stress, stiffness, or pain will find than they are in other aspects of their lives. tation of pain, tension, stiffness, limitation, tools specific to their needs that will help in Tantra transforms sex into a loving medita- and injury. their improvement and often healing. 58

61 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). tion, putting more consciousness, energy, no longer serve you. This can be done. It gender gaps with intention rather than fear, intimacy, joy, and love into sexual exchanges. does not involve a magic wand. It requires assertion rather than suspicion. We will fol- It is time to study sex as an art form. Sexual conscious work. Spiritual awakening is not low our instincts for pleasure into moments loving is a vital meditative skill, and sexual an event. It is a path. To walk that life-path of wholeness. energy is a sacrament, that can bring great you need tools. Because on the way to that Come alone or with an intimate. harmony and joy into ones relationship so empowered state of open-hearted clarity, that love continues to grow over the course of we have to see, embrace and transform the Recommended reading: Hunt & Paine- a lifetime. denser energies that also have their places Gerne, Emotional Healing and Secrets to Tell, in us. Anger, fear, resentment and pain can Secrets to Keep. Practices include ways to deepen intimacy, be transformed in Light to provide fuel for CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. free female sexual orgasm, and methods to our spiritual awakening. In this experiential CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. increase pleasure for both partners. Esoteric workshop, you will be taught some of the Terry Hunt is a licensed psychologist, bioenergetic practices of kiss, movement, and touch are divine tacticsbody centered exercises and therapist, and longtime Esalen instructor. Special- introduced in class and then practiced in the meditations, and most importantly, the dis- izing in body-centered psychotherapy, he works with privacy of your own room. Discover tantric cernment of the heartto walk an authentic, individuals, couples, and people struggling with wisdom presented with insight, gentleness, useful spiritualized life. trauma and addictive behaviors. He also consults humor, and love. Jonathan Goldman is an acupuncture, energy nationally with families in intergenerational tran- The workshop is open to couples only and is sitions. medicine, and spiritual healing practitioner. He is not designed for same-sex couples. For more principle director at the Essential Light Institute, information, media reviews and an instruc- developer of Transformational Energy Healing, Painting From the Source: tion video, visit and the originator of the Chakra Map method Awaken Your Artist Soul ($5 fee for course booklet paid directly to the leaders) of observing and helping the Human Energy Recommended reading: Muir and Muir, Vehicle. Aviva Gold Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving (available at If youve considered painting but never thought you could, or if youre trained in the I-You-Us: Pleasure, Intimacy and the Charles Muir has been a professional yoga teacher arts and would like to explore your source of Search for Connectedness since 1967. Director of the Source School of Tantra creativity, this retreat is for you, writes Aviva Yoga, he is quoted in 125 books in print on Tantra, Terry Hunt Gold. As children, we naturally paint in a relationship, sex, and yoga. He is co-author of This workshop is about healthy relation- powerful, intuitive way, purely for the joy of Tantra: the Art of Conscious Loving, which is shipsin love, in friendship, in daily life. The expression. This freedom can be regained. printed in 9 languages. focus is on how to nurture our own vitality in You face the empty paper and the rich, Caroline Muir is a leader in the work of the situations where we long for connections that vibrant colors; you choose a color, you move Divine Feminine Awakening, and creator of are more real, more safe, or more rewarding. your brush on the paper. The process deep- She has led many Pleasure is essential for healthy relationships. ens. You may hesitate, and emotions may sur- Esalen weekends for women in past years, as Add the erotic element and the potential for face. In a warm, supportive atmosphere, you well as teaching couples and singles the transfor- pleasure grows exponentially. But whether begin to paint not from the intellect but from mative work of Tantra Yoga since 1990. in love or friendship, in same- or opposite- the ever-present, bottomless creative well gender relationships, the reality of sustaining of personal and universal images. Soon the delight in one another is often a mystery movement of the colors, the brush, and the Living through the Heart: Divine and a struggle. We substitute old avoidance water is hypnoticyou get lost in it. Yet you Tactics for a Spiritualized Life patterns for intimacy as we play out the Good are awake, allowing whatever needs to happen Jonathan Goldman Girl and Super Guy roles we developed dur- to happen. Meaningful and satisfying images ing traumatic childhoods and adolescences. emerge. You dont have to be trained to expe- Everything you need to live a grounded, rience this, its your birthrightthe possibil- Or we repeatedly act out of fear, sadness, or prosperous, love-filled, spiritually authentic ity of reconnecting is always there. To feel the rage, keeping our relationships locked in the life is already built into your greatest gift; sensuousness of painting, to let yourself play, cultural missionary position. Giving up your body. Your body has many energetic to go through whatever blocks you need to go carefully honed pain-avoidant habits releases layers. Each quality that you have identi- throughthis ritual of creating soul-touching new energies for the pursuit of personal fied as youyour strengths, your talents, art is a natural way to stay balanced, healthy, fulfillment in relationships. your weakness, your lessons, your joys and and vital, a spiritual practice that will connect your sorrows-has its assigned place in your This workshop is designed to help you you to your inner wisdom source. energetic field. Compassion, faith, forgive- identify myths that block the flow of joy. ness and joy each have their actual place in Terry Hunt writes, Together we will redefine Please note: This workshop has an extended your heart chakra. Becoming a conscious, the role of pleasure in our lives and create schedule and requires a commitment to empowered spiritual person is in part updated images of our sexual and sensual group process and inner growth. No alcohol learning to consciously access these in-built selves. We will explore new language that or nonprescription drugs are permitted dur- qualities; manifesting the ones you want more honestly communicates our desires. We ing the workshop. to live by, and transforming the ones that will encourage each other to approach our Required reading: Gold, The Complete Painting 59

62 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. From The Source: Re-Enchantment of People and Recommended reading: Leonard and Mur- Ronald J. Frederick, PhD, is a psychologist and Planet Through Art (available at www.painting- phy, The Life We Are Given. author of the award-winning book Living Like You Mean It: Use the Wisdom and Power Pam Kramer is a career specialist, executive coach, ($30 materials fee paid directly to the leader) of Your Emotions to Get the Life You Really and human potential expert. She is president of Aviva Gold, has taught art and trained teachers Want. He lectures and facilitates workshops ITP International, stewarding the work of Esalen for more than 30 years. Her background includes nationally. co-founder Michael Murphy and George Leonard, Timothy J. Beyer, PhD, is a psychologist and psychoanalytic, Jungian, and Gestalt psychothera- author and visionary. Pam is a frequent Esalen py. She is author of Painting From The Source: co-founder of the Center for Courageous Living in workshop leader. Awakening The Artists Soul In Everyone Beverly Hills, Calif. In practice for more than 16 Barry Robbins is a long-term Esalen teacher and and Source Art in the World: How Your years, his passion lies in helping others clarify and former nationally-ranked athlete who has used Authentic Creativity Heals the Planet. achieve their personal goals and realize their best affirmations for peak performance. A student life. of Michael Murphy and George Leonard, Barry continues their ground-breaking work in Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), created from Fire in the Belly, Honey in the Heart: decades of collective experience at Esalen. He Spring Detox Weekend of April 1517 is the vice-president of ITP International. Micheline Berry Integral Transformative Practice : Join us for a spring detox immersion into The Essential Esalen Experience the healing depths of your own yoga prac- Emotional Mindfulness, Connection tice, contemplative meditation, live music Pam Kramer & Barry Robbins and Healing for Gay Men and percussion, ecstatic dance, and Esalens What changes do you envision for yourself? Ron Frederick & Timothy Beyer famous hot springs and healing farm-to- Discover what wants to happen next on your Why is it so hard for us as gay men to feel table cuisine. A detox retreat is a powerful journey of transformation through visioning present in our lives and closer to those we time to release pent-up toxins physically, exercises, meditative movement, powerful love? For many, the main reason is fear; emotionally, and mentally, while renewing affirmations, and the encouragement of a were afraid of being emotionally present your vital energies and recharging creatively. warm-hearted community. In this experien- with ourselves and with others. Its this fear, Through a daily practice of yoga, medita- tial workshop, you can discover your infinite often outside of our awareness, that keeps us tion, and ecstatic dance combined with capacity for personal evolution and take from learning how to tap into our emotional live music and ecstatic percussion by Joey home a daily practice for ongoing integration experience. We avoid our feelings and end up Lugassy, Craig Kohland/Shamans Dream, of body, mind, heart, and soul. stuck, detached from the wisdom and power Christo Pellani, Domonic Dean Breaux and inside us. But it doesnt have to be this way. Collective, you can cultivate peak states of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) was Grounded in contemporary neuroscience and embodied creativity and nourished vitality created by Esalen co-founder Michael Mur- drawn from a variety of healing and growth which will remain with you long after you phy and President Emeritus George Leonard, models, this highly experiential workshop return to your urban lives. and is a synthesis of their 40 years of experi- ence at Esalen. This workshop utilizes Leon- teaches a proven approach to cultivating Fire in the Belly, Honey in the Heart is a ard Energy Training exercises to enhance emotional mindfulness that will help you: dynamic, Core Detox Vinyasa yoga practice your sense of well-being and solve everyday Recognize the ways you unknowingly cut open to all levels, and designed by Micheline challenges by tapping into the vital flow of yourself off from your emotional power Berry to ignite manipura chakra, the center energy of the body. You can discover new Tame anxiety and fear and feel more in of our digestive fire, and anahata chakra, the capacities that you may have only dreamed control center of fearless compassion and uncondi- were possible, and gain practices designed for Connect with your true emotions, make use tional love. The heated core detox practice living life to the fullest, including: of their inherent resources, and heal includes transformational core work, bandha ITP Kata, a 40-minute integration of work, dancing surya namaskars, kriyas, heat- Authentically and comfortably express physical, mental, and spiritual exercises ed vinyasa kramas, and deep twisting leading yourself and feel more connected and to back bends and inversions. Some sessions Affirmations for manifesting powerful, receptive to others will be followed by sesame oil self-massage. positive changes You will return home with tools that can help Come prepared to sweat, burn, and bloom! Exercises for balancing and revitalizing you break free from old patterns, open your Open to all levels of yoga, meditation, art, and your entire being heart, and transform your life. Clinicians will dance experience. Please bring a yoga mat. Effective and peaceful communication be taught an approach to emotional mindful- Micheline Berrys work catalyzes healing and skills with yourself and others ness that can be integrated into their work with clients. transformation through a cohesive fusion of The power of intentionality, deep relaxation, vinyasa flow yoga, world beat music, somatic arts, and presence Recommended reading: Frederick, Living Like and meditation. Based at Exhale in Venice, Calif., This workshop involves physical movement You Mean It: Use the Wisdom and Power of Your Micheline leads Liquid Asana teacher trainings, but it is not strenuous. All thats needed is a Emotions to Get the Life You Really Want. yoga workshops, and retreats internationally. generous heart and a willingness to partici- CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. pate. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. 60

63 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). The One Thing Holding You Back: workshop is designed to help you fall in love mountains to the soft grassy slopes of the Big Unleashing the Power of Emotional with every moment of your life. It can lead to Sur hills. Drawing from nature and various Connection the kind of personal accomplishment youve experiential awareness practices, individuals Raphael Cushnir longed for, and also help you serve the world. will be encouraged to open both to the natu- ral world and to the landscapes of their inner Do you have an unrealized dream? Are you Raphael Cushnir has written 6 books, including world. It is said that Big Sur is not just a place still waiting to tap your full potential? The One Thing Holding You Back and Set- but a state of mind. This wilderness experi- ting Your Heart on Fire. He lectures worldwide Almost always, what prevents us from mani- ence seeks to merge mind and place, then to and contributes to O, The Oprah Magazine, festing our greatest life vision is a reservoir of embody what is learned. Psychology Today, and the Huffington Post. unfelt emotion, writes Raphael Cushnir. Re- His heart opened through profound grief. Participants in this week-long workshop will sisting this emotion is what sabotages prayer, venture out into the emerging springtime affirmations, or any other personal-growth magnificence of Big Sur on day-hikes, 4-10 technique. Finding and feeling this emotion miles in length. The leader will draw from a is what infuses our mission with Spirit and wide range of contemporary and age-old wis- makes us truly unstoppable. Its simple, but Week of April 1722 dom traditions, borrowing from psychology, most of us never learn precisely hownot at meditation, aikido, and the natural sciences home, school, or even in therapy. to weave together a holistic experience of self Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Raphael has pioneered a method of emo- Springtime and the natural world. Each hike begins after tional connection that virtually anybody can breakfast and concludes in time to enjoy the Steven Harper with Stacy Carlson hot springs and dinner at Esalen. Evening master, and that can be learned in just one weekend. It is grounded in both contempo- Esalen is the trailhead to one of the most sessions include informal sharing, basic rary neuroscience and the great wisdom tra- spectacular mountainous coastlines in the awareness practices, and useful outdoor skills, ditions. He has shared it with immediate and world. With the Big Sur wilderness as the with attention given to incorporating what is lasting results all around the world. You can primary teacher, participants will explore learned during the week into our daily lives. use this emotional connection to overcome the beauty of this alive and wild coast, All levels of experience are welcome. Be pre- lifelong struggles with career, family, relation- from ancient redwood-forested canyons to pared for the invigorating challenge of physi- ships, weight, self-esteem, and addiction. This dramatic coastal beaches, from rugged rocky cal activity and the opportunity to simply sit Daniel Bianche t ta 61

64 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. still in quiet reflection. More information terrain of life without getting stuck, holding because participants writing is neither shared and a waiver will be sent upon registration. on, or pushing away. nor critiqued. Rather, the group receives For an equipment list and frequently asked permission to spend time connecting with and We will explore how the body has been shaped questions about Stevens workshops, visit falling back in love with their own writing. by our emotions and track when the heart is Each writing session begins with a core lesson. open and when it is closed. As waves of feeling ($30 permit and park-entrance fees You explore the unique challenges that writers paid directly to the leader) move us, we learn how to express emotion in a face around committing, planning, and doing; healthy and creative way. Through the embodi- Steven Harper is a wilderness guide, author, how to generate mental energy, achieve a cen- ment of the 5Rhythms practice, you will be artist, and Big Sur resident. He has led both tra- tered presence, master anxiety, and maintain a shown skills and techniques to take home ditional and experimental wilderness expeditions writing life. The workshop is ideal for writers and apply in your daily life. This workshop is internationally for more than 35 years. He has of every level of experience, from published designed for everyone, of every age, and shape. an MA in psychology and his work focuses authors to writers who have yet to begin. It is No experience is required. on wild nature as a vehicle for awakening. ideal for writers who want to discover what All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms they intend to write, who are longing to get teacher training prerequisites. back to a project, or who are already immersed Recommended reading: Roth, Maps of Ecstasy, in a current project. Give yourself the gift of a 5Rhythms : Heartbeat week in the embrace of your own writing. Sweat Your Prayers, and Connections. Lucia Horan CE credit for massage; see page 6. Recommended reading: Maisel, Coaching the Love is not a mood, but a dynamic way of being. Lucia Horan bio on page 16. Artist Within, The Van Gogh Blues, and Life Gabrielle Roth Purpose Boot Camp. The spontaneous heart is one that knows how Eric Maisel, PhD, is a leading creativity coach and Deep Writing to love and be loved. The Heartbeat map is author of more than 40 books, including Fearless a guide to how our emotional energy moves Eric Maisel Creating, Coaching the Artist Within, The and morphs. In this practice we embody the Van Gogh Blues, The Creativity Book, A Eric Maisels Deep Writing workshops are art of being a fluid emotional athlete. This Writers Space, Life Purpose Boot Camp and simple in structure and powerful in effect. The map teaches us how to navigate the emotional The Future of Mental Health. group creates a genuinely safe environment Jens Wa zel 62

65 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Gyrokinesis for those who want high-quality skin and Recommended reading: Simpkins and Juergen Bamberger body care without chemical additives, and for Simpkins, Neuroscience for Clinicians, The Dao those who wish to become more self-reliant of Neuroscience and The Yoga and Mindfulness Gyrokinesis is a movement method based by using organic, whole ingredients to make Therapy Workbook. on circular and spiraling body motion. It their own. Indulge in a series of herbal skin CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. uses the natural movement capabilities of treatments, made fresh from the garden, and CE credit for nurses; see page 6. the spine to increase the circulation of vital take home your own customized set of herbal CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. energies. Gentle undulations, spirals, and CE credit for clinical hypnotherapy; see leaders. skin and body care, including a nourishing waves stimulate and activate all systems and and reparative face cream, body cream, facial Annellen Simpkins, PhD, is a psychologist in pri- tissues within the body. Through rhythm and scrub, and tinted lip moisturizer. After com- vate practice who, with her husband C. Alexander synchronized breathing, an internal massage pleting the class, you will have a set of organic Simpkins, specializes in research and practice of effect is created. The circular movements herbal skin care products to take home, the hypnosis, neuroscience, and meditation. Together open all joints systematically and strengthen recipes and know-how to make them again they teach widely and have written 28 books, their surrounding structures. They stretch on your own, and the ability to make unique, including Neuroscience for Clinicians, and strengthen major muscle groups through customized gifts for friends and family. Tao of Bipolar, and Neuro-Hypnosis. full-body coordination. Taking this journey ($25 materials fee paid directly to the leader) through your entire body opens your aware- C. Alexander Simpkins, PhD, is a psychologist Rachel Berry, MA, blends her expertise in ness to your energetic and physical struc- in private practice who, with his wife Annellen community health, medicinal herbs, and tures. Each day starts with the awakening Simpkins, specializes in research and practice of sustainable living practices to inspire and promote of your body, followed by a full Gyrokinesis hypnosis, neuroscience, and meditation. Together home-scale herbalism. She owns and operates class, and ends with meditation. Through they teach widely and have written 28 books, Sierra Botanica, offering localized herbal care this process you explore the interconnection including Neuro-Hypnosis, Neuroscience for products and herbal home-care classes. between movement, breath, sound vibration, Clinicians, Meditation and Yoga in Psycho- and subtle energy flows. The workshop is therapy, and Self-Hypnosis for Women, with open to all levels. Participants will become CD. familiar with the exercise sequences and Transformation through Neuroscience: concepts of this method. Just like Yoga, Gyro- Enhance Your Brain to Reach Your Potential The Posture Dance Connection kinesis is a practice that requires continuity and mental focus. Weather and fire season Annellen Simpkins & C. Alexander Simpkins Esther Gokhale permitting, a sweat lodge may be offered, for Neuroscience is the new frontier. As more is Dance is an unusually rich avenue for which participants will be asked to make a understood about how the mind is intimately improving strength, flexibility, circulation, small donation. Please bring something to involved with the brain, we now know that posture, mood, and connection. During this scrub with, like luffa gloves, wash cloth, or you can literally rewire your brain for the workshop, students will be introduced to towel. better by what you think, feel, and do. You Gokhale Method posture principles as they Juergen Bamberger is a Gyrotonic master learn Brazilian, Latin, and African dance resonate with others through your mirror trainer who has been educating and certifying neurons, and can enhance your relationships moves. This workshop is suitable for people instructors worldwide for more than 20 years. by activating these special areas of the brain. of all ages and abilities. No dance experience Originally a professional dancer with a degree Balancing your nervous system lowers stress is required. in dance education, Juergen has studied many mo- and allows you to handle your emotions The Gokhale Method is based on historical, dalities of movement arts, bodywork, and human better. anthropological, and medical research on anatomy. [email protected] This workshop activates your brain resources populations who have virtually no musculo- so that you may become your personal best. skeletal pain. Interwoven intellectual, visual, Have fun as you gain a felt understanding of kinesthetic, and aesthetic cues make the Weekend of April 2224 key nervous system structures, functions, and Gokhale Method a remarkably efficient and pathways that demystify the complexities of effective way to reach a new level of wellness brain science. Experience brain-enhancing in your body. Join Esther Gokhale for this Organic Skin and Body Care transformative and empowering weekend from the Garden methods to overcome stress and foster well-being and renewal. Experiment with experience. Rachel Berry different strategies to initiate your transfor- Recommended reading: Gokhale, 8 Steps to a Discover how make your own high quality mation, including conscious, unconscious, Pain-Free Back. organic skin care, individually customized and bodywork methods. Apply neuroscience Esther Gokhale, LAc, author of 8 Steps to a Pain- to best match your individual needs and principles to build your own techniques for Free Back, was educated at Harvard, Princeton, preferences. Using fresh ingredients from creative individualizing. Through humor, SFCAOM (in Chinese medicine), and by people the beautiful Esalen gardens, learn how to experiential exercises, take-home methods, in non-industrial cultures worldwide. She and infuse the healing properties of herbs into and helpful handouts, you can find yourself other certified Gokhale Method instructors offer therapeutic oils, skin creams, lip balm, facial feeling present, alert, motivated, and relaxed instruction online and all around the world. toners and more. This is an essential skill as you activate your brain in positive ways. 63

66 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Awake in the WildMeditation in orous and restorative Hatha yoga, purposeful Nature writing, deep relaxation, and guided medita- Week of April 2429 Mark Coleman tion and ritual. Women in Transition gives you the time, space, and tools to ride the wave Self-Acceptance: The Heart of Healing Following ancient spiritual traditions that of change. Youll learn strategies and rituals value the transformative power of nature, for embracing a deeper connection to your Joe Cavanaugh this experiential workshop will be spent higher self. Come spend the weekend in the The heart has reasons which reason knows meditating outdoors in the natural beauty beauty of Big Sur, interweaving nature, cer- nothing of. Blaise Pascal and mystery of Esalen. Whether it is during a emony, and a healthy dose of humor into the sunset meditation, listening to the soothing fabric of who you are. The yoga and writing We commonly hear the axiom, Love is letting sounds of the ocean, or sitting graced in the is for all levels. Please bring a yoga mat and go of fear. There is, however, another possibil- stillness of cypress trees, we will open to the bolster if you have one, a journal and an item ity: Love means loving ourselves even when profound serenity and wisdom of nature. We that symbolizes your deepest, most authentic we are afraid. This applies to all so-called will learn about the practice of mindfulness- self. We will create an altar for the weekend negative emotions: fear, anger, doubt, jealousy, the capacity to be present to ourselves and (and the item will return home with you). and so on. We simply cannot be who we are our environment, and then learn how to not. Accepting who we are allows healing to Jnana Gowan, a yoga instructor since 1999 and apply this receptivity to developing a con- begin. Judging ourselves, we lose sight of the templative relationship with nature. We can an urban ceremonialist, is the director of Power- deeper message our feelings bring to us, rein- discover how meditative time outdoors leads house Education, a company dedicated to health forcing the very negativity we are attempting to beautiful states of joy, peace, wonder, love, and well-being. She integrates ceremony and to dissolve. and connection with oneself, one another, ritual from the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (from Peru) into her teachings. Through personal and interpersonal pro- and the larger web of life. Suze Allen is a writer, editor, and coach. She is cesses, Joe Cavanaugh writes, we will see During our time together, there will be the owner of Manuscript Mentor and director how our judgments, beliefs, and attitudes nature-based meditations, individual and of education and resident playwright at 3Girls can undermine our self-esteem and personal group exercises, and talks on meditation Theatre. Suze is coauthor of The Time-Starved effectiveness. We will create a space to heal and nature. There will be time to relish the Womans Guide to Emotional Wellbeing, with our wounds from the past while enhancing silence outdoors and ample opportunity to SD Shanti. our capacity for greater love and compassion. explore and discuss the art of meditation In a context of mutual support and safety, we in nature. This workshop is appropriate for will learn to accept ourselves for who we are beginning and experienced meditators who Spirit Songs: Freeing Your Voice in the present moment. We will then discover are curious about meditation, mindfulness, through the Power of Gospel how these so-called negative emotions were and how to deepen our connection with the Vernon Bush in fact angels in disguise, guiding us toward beauty and mystery of the natural world. Be our Authentic Self. prepared for unexpected rapture, delight, Do you want to feel musical and spiritual freedom in every cell of your body? Con- This workshop is designed for all those mystery, and stillness. necting to your spirit through song, gospel wishing to enrich the quality of their lives Mark Coleman is author of Awake in the Wild. rhythms, and spontaneity is what this lively, and increase their capacity for empathy and He has studied Buddhist meditation since 1984. heart-opening workshop is all about. You can compassion for themselves and others. He is a Spirit Rock meditation teacher and has experience in-the-moment expression, and Prerequisite: Be willing to attend all sessions led wilderness meditation retreats from Alaska strengthen and explore the way you commu- and abstain from alcohol and non-prescrip- to Peru. Mark is also a coach and therapist. nicate in the world from the powerful sound tion drugs for the duration of the workshop. you carry within. We will explore gospel, inspirational, and soul-filled music, powerful Recommended reading: Cavanaugh, Who breathing techniques, song arrangement, im- Am I, Really? How Our Wounds Can Lead to Women in Transition: Climbing into Healing. Your Authentic Self provisation, and harmony, and we will learn that moving sound heals and can bring us Joseph Cavanaugh is a licensed psychotherapist Jnana Gowan & Suze Allen into our own full self-expression. Get ready to in private practice in the Sierra foothills and a Your house is on fire. Your boat is sinking. dive into rhythm, singing, and dancing from psychology instructor at a local community college. What do you want take with you? What are a joyful, spiritual place as you discover how to He has facilitated personal-growth workshops you happy to watch sink or go up in flames? truly hear and free the voice that is uniquely throughout California for the past 45 years. yours. A willingness to sing is all that is This workshop will help you make these needed. All levels are welcomed. decisions so you can navigate change and 5Rhythms : Grief, Loss, and the rediscover your most authentic self. In your Vernon Bush is a singer/songwriter, recording art- Body in Motion authenticity, choose what you desire rather ist, musical director, and educator who has taught the power of reclaiming your voice through sing- Lucia Horan & Peter Selwyn than what you think youre supposed to do or what others want from you. Turbulent times ing for more than 20 years to many individuals Have you experienced loss and the natural are a call to adventure. Embark on a mythic around the world. He also is a featured vocalist at emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and love? We journey with a transformational blend of rig- Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, Calif. all experience loss, but we dont always know 64

67 Daniel Bianche t ta Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). how to grieve. How do you grieve, process Please bring photos or other mementos of visual sensitivity, flexibility, and resilience. your losses, and move through your life? Un- anyone whose memory you would like to We come into deeper relationship with na- fortunately, many of us have not found safe bring into the workshop. This workshop ture and with ourselves. We begin to see the and effective ways of expressing these emo- is especially useful for health and healing world as never before, and our paintings give tions, and we can feel stuck, both emotionally practitioners in their work with patients and evidence of that new vision. and at times physically, with the cumulative clients. This workshop invites both beginners and burden of our unfinished business. Using the CE credit for nurses; see page 6. experienced painters to immerse themselves tools of the 5Rhythms movement practice Lucia Horan bio on page 16. in the practice of oil painting. Daily sessions and a process of grief-work that is grounded Peter Selwyn, MD, MPH, is chairman of the will be devoted to painting out of doors as in emotional presence, non-judgment, and Department of Family and Social Medicine well as doing exercises in the studio. Basic supportive witnessing, participants will join and director of the Palliative Care Program at oil technique, instruction in setting up a together in a safe space to help heal mind, Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. palette, mixing colors, and brushwork will be body, and spirit. He facilitates workshops on grief and loss, and is balanced with slide presentations. Work- Lucia will facilitate the 5Rhythms as a meth- the author of Surviving the Fall: The Personal shop participants will learn from individual od to experientially access a wide spectrum Journey of an AIDS Doctor. instruction and each other as they share their of feelings and their expression through the paintings and experiences in a supportive en- body and movement. Peter, a physician with vironment. The spectacular beauty of Esalen, many years of experience in HIV/AIDS and Painting the Outer and with its radiant gardens, flowing waters, and Inner Landscape palliative care, will facilitate story-sharing, rugged coastline, provides the perfect setting unconditional presence, and the releasing Adam Wolpert to explore this exciting practice. of unexpressed emotions. Other workshop Painting can be a profound experienceone You may supply your own materials (mate- elements include discussion of natural and that engages all of our senses, our minds, rial list provided upon registration) or course distorted responses to grief, caregiving vs. and our spirits. It brings together observa- materials can be provided for you with a $125 caretaking, curing vs. healing, legacy and tion with introspection, contemplation, and materials fee paid directly to the leader. leave-taking, and other topics. Participants healing. One of the most rewarding ways to Adam Wolpert is a painter, facilitator, teacher, will have a unique opportunity to explore, explore painting is by painting outside. Faced and art program director at the Occidental Arts feel, grieve, witness, share, move, dance, and with natures dynamic forces, we develop and Ecology Center ( in Sonoma heal. 65

68 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Jens Wa zel County, Calif. He has offered workshops and release the psoas; and massaging the abdomi- the application of mindfulness meditation. exhibited extensively throughout California. nal viscera slowly and deeply. The role of the This workshop for health care professionals psoas in chronic pain of the back and hip will provides intensive training in applying MB- also be discussed. EAT in a range of clinical settings. Informed by Jon Kabat-Zinns Mindfulness-Based Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: This program is designed as an advanced Stress Reduction work and the principles An Introduction to the Psoas, Deep course of study for those wanting to integrate of food intake regulation, MB-EAT employs Visceral Work and Healing Knees deep tissue skills into their work. Prerequi- mindfulness meditation, experiential eating site for this seminar is prior experience as a Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman exercises, didactic instruction, and self-re- massage practitioner or the equivalent of 150 Because demand for practitioners with flection to cultivate mindful awareness and a hours of massage training. This course offers Deep Bodywork skills is growing, Perry more balanced, positive relationship to eating 32 continuing education credits for massage. and Johanna Holloman have developed a and weight. For further information, visit www.deepbody series of seminars designed to teach massage To date, MB-EAT, as supported by NIH- practitioners this healing art. Each seminar CE credit for massage; see page 6. funded research, has demonstrated effec- has a specific focus in terms of the physical tiveness in addressing issues with obesity Perry Holloman bio on page 25. structures touched and their related func- and compulsive over-eating. Throughout Johanna Holloman bio on page 25. tions. An overall emphasis is placed on how this training, we use demonstration, role- to integrate this work into the format of a play, simulated exercises, and discussion to flowing massage. Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness cover the themes, material, and exercises in This seminar will focus on understanding the Training: A Professional Course the MB-EAT program. We also deepen our structure and function of the knee, the psoas own mindfulness practice through daily Jean Kristeller & Andrea Lieberstein muscle, and the importance of deep, sensitive meditation practice, eating meditations, body Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Train- awareness and movement meditations, and a touch in supporting the overall functioning ing (MB-EAT), developed by Jean Kristeller, half-day silent retreat. For those with a profes- of the abdominal viscera. Subjects of specific is an intervention program that addresses sional background treating eating issues and focus will be the role of the thigh and hip mindless eating, stress-related eating, disor- a substantive background in mindfulness muscles in supporting the knee; how to work dered eating patterns, and obesity through meditation practice, this program provides on the iliotibial band; learning to palpate and 66

69 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). the foundational skills for delivery of the MB- Recommended reading: Hbert, The Tenth Center. Kerena has presented at Wisdom 2.0, EAT program. For those with less experience Door: An Adventure through the Jungle of En- Emerging Women, and Omega Institute. in either of these areas, it provides an intro- lightenment; Smith, The Worlds Religions. duction to the issues and skills involved. Tery Gargiulo facilitates leadership programs Mehrad Nazari is the author of Enlightened CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. to organizations around the country, includ- Negotiation: The 8 Spiritual Laws of Nego- CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. ing Wharton, MIT, and West Point. She also CE credit for nurses; see page 6. tiation. Professor of business negotiation at US leads womens empowerment circles locally and CE credit for RD and DTR Pending; see page 6. International University in San Diego, Calif., virtually. Tery is a senior consultant with The Jean Kristeller, PhD, a clinical psychologist, and co-founder of Raja Yoga Institute, his work Authentic Leadership Institute and has an MA in has used mindfulness-based interventions for empowers participants in applying the ancient Counseling in Psychology. www.authleadership eating-related issues for over 25 years. She receives spiritual wisdom in professional and personal life. .com/about-ali/people/tery-gargiulo-senior- NIH-funding, co-founded The Center for Mind- consultant Michele Hbert, E RYT-500, co-founder of the ful Eating, and has held faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School, U. Mass. Medical Raja Yoga Institute, has been teaching yoga and School, and Indiana State University. meditation since 1977 in private practice, yoga Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RD, RYT, teacher trainings, and group retreats. She is the Weekend of April 29May 1 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and mindful author of The Tenth Door: An Adventure eating instructor and coach, leads mindfulness through the Jungles of Enlightenment. Cultivating Meaning and Happiness meditation retreats and mindful eating through Mindfulness and Yoga trainings internationally. Andrea was a leader in developing and implementing mindfulness Retreat Restore Lead: Ira Israel and mind-body programs at Kaiser Permanente A Womens Leadership Retreat Many of us would benefit from learning how Northern California for over 20 years. to dis-identify with the mental chatter in our Kerena Saltzman & Terry Gargiulo heads and cultivate equanimity and non-reac- There is a groundswell in womens lives like tivity. These qualities help us make healthy, never before. We are finding our voices, ac- long-term decisions and engender loving, Deepening Your Life Experience: cessing more power, redefining success on positive, secure, and supportive attachments Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness our own terms, and cultivating a nurturing to other people. We must learn to transcend Mehrad Nazari & Michele Hbert web of female leaders to create something any blunt tools we developed over the years The ancient spiritual discipline of meditation, powerful and feminine. The conversation negative self-talk, over-reactions, judgments, the core of many wisdom traditions, has inte- is emergent and unfolding in a networked, facades, fears, expectations, passive-aggressive grated itself into modern life and become an global way. There has never been a time behaviorand replace them with precise increasingly familiar word in our vocabulary. like this in our historyever. The access to tools such as authentic communications, Physicians, psychologists, and neuroscien- resources and channels for our expression is loving relationships, balanced lifestyles, com- tists endorse meditation as a powerful tool unprecedented and we are jumping in! mitments to personal integrity, and yoga and/ for relieving stress, maintaining health, and Whether youre working for an organiza- or meditation practices. promoting creativity and vitality. tion, leading a family, starting a business, or In this workshop we will explore specific During this workshop, you will be guided in managing a team, your leadership involves practices that bode favorably for creating pre-breakfast morning meditation practices deciding what matters most to you and meaning and happiness in our lives. We will from different wisdom traditions: Raja Yoga, designing a life aligned with those values. determine our long-term goals and the skills Buddhism (Vipassana, Zen, and Tibetan), and This workshop is a weekend for bright and we should cultivate to realize them. There practices of Judeo-Christian mysticism that driven women who want to take a breath, get will be all-level vinyasa flow yoga classes can lead to higher states of consciousness. A real about what they want most, and explore as well as restorative yoga classes, and we late morning yoga practice will give attention what it truly means to lead an empowered, will practice myriad mindfulness medita- to the physical body, and an afternoon session authentic life. tions to cultivate non-reactivity in order to will combine discourse with mindfulness You can come away with a clearer vision for reduce drama and de-escalate conflicts. Most practices. Experience a variety of traditional what you want, potential next steps in your importantly, we will learn how to replace methods that can help you achieve a peace- leadership, and connection to a dynamic com- the resentments that our minds create with ful state of being, greater mental clarity, and munity of like-minded women. There will be gratitude. Please bring a yoga mat. mindful awareness. If you are a practicing time to walk, meditate, journal, and connect Ira Israel, LPCC, LMFT, E-RYT 500, is a psycho- yogi and/or meditator, the retreat can serve with other women, as well as time to do the therapist, certified yoga therapist, and the author to deepen your practice. If you are a new deeper inner exploration and restoration to of several books, including Mindfulness Medita- practitioner, it provides a solid base and a feed your soul. tions for Anxiety. He has graduate degrees in time-tested tradition from which to grow. psychology, philosophy, and religious studies, Kerena Gordhamer Saltzman, LCSW, is a Experience the power and simplicity of yoga has taught mindfulness to thousands of fellow presenter, trainer, coach, and Gestalt therapist. She and meditation to master your mind, breath, therapists, and writes about mindfulness and specializes in authentic leadership. She has clients and well-being through simple but profound yoga exclusively for the Huffington Post. who work for Google, LinkedIn, and NASA Space practices. 67

70 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Men as Sexual Beings: Pleasure, experience, the more connected we become practices that create a profound physiological Shame, Pride and Intimacy to what is actually happening. Charlotte well-being, plus the heartfulness to trans- Matt Englar-Carlson & Mark Stevens Selver, the founder of Sensory Awareness form emotional states and unleash the great in the United States, used to say, Every mo- potential for deep healing of the body. The For many men, sexual energy occupies a tre- ment is a moment. Every moment makes a goal is to learn how to use the awareness and mendous amount space in our way of know- certain request of us. The question is how we mindfulness practices to experience your ing ourselves and relating to others. Though answer it. own love in a peaceful, healthy body. sex is around all of us, often so little time is spent talking about and better understanding This workshop focuses on tools that help According to Mark Abramsons studies, this our sexual desires, worries, and experiences. us to be present, that are antidotes to the work has been shown to create an increas- This workshop offers men an opportunity busyness in our heads. So much energy is ing experience of gentleness, kindness, and to create a safe and trusting environment dispersed and lost as we fight against what respect for oneself and others. While the in which to share the personal stories that scares us, or what is uncomfortable. In this practices are especially helpful for people have shaped who we are as sexual beings and workshop, we have a laboratory to explore experiencing emotional or physical concerns, what we want for our future. The group will and practice, and to apply these tools. By sim- the universality of the experience makes become an arena for trusting our internal plifying our activities, we can connect with this program valuable for all. It is especially guides, appreciating the present, and making our sensations. This experiencing reveals useful for psychologists and others in the solid connections with others. Through ex- our habits and the possibility that can unfold helping and healing professions in working periential exercises, this workshop provides when we get out of our own way and find with their patients and clients. tools for participants to explore with them- freedom in the midst of any experience. For Recommended reading: Kabat-Zinn, Full selves and others the nuances associated with more information about Sensory Awareness, Catastrophe Living; Ricard, Happiness. their male sexual development and journey. visit CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Participants who are psychologists/mental Recommended reading: Littlewood and CE credit for nurses; see page 6. Roche, Waking Up: The Work of Charlotte CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. health professionals will be able to use the tools used in this workshop in their own Selver; Masters, Finding Freedom; Chodron, Mark Abramson is part of the Stanford Center work with male clients. This experience is for Practicing Peace in Times of War. for Integrative Medicine and heads Stanfords men of all ages and backgrounds. The facilita- CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see leader. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. tors have known each other for decades and CE credit for massage; see leader. He teaches at Stanfords School of Medicine CE credit for nurses; see page 6. and is on staff at Stanford Hospital. have experienced and taught workshops for men at Esalen together for many years. Lee Klinger Lesser led Sensory Awareness workshops with Charlotte Selver. She has taught CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. workshops in English and Spanish for more Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness than 34 years. She also leads diversity and equity Matt Englar-Carlson is a professor of counsel- Retreat trainings, and has been developing a program ing and co-director and founder of the Center for to support returning veterans through sharing Jean Kristeller & Andrea Lieberstein Boys and Men at California State University, mindfulness and meditation practices. Fullerton. A fellow of the American Psychological Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Train- Association, he specializes in educating helping ing (MB-EAT), developed by Jean Kristeller, professionals about the mental-health needs of addresses the mindless eating so prevalent in men. Love YourselfFor Everyone Elses Sake our culturethe type of eating that can lead Mark Stevens is a psychologist and director of to weight gain, obesity, disordered eating pat- Mark Abramson terns, and stress-related eating. University Counseling Services at California State University, Northridge. Mark has been facilitat- This workshop directly challenges the In this highly participatory weekend, you ing mens groups and workshops since 1982. He confusion surrounding the issue of self-love. can experience a new approach to eat- is the past-president of Division 51 Psychological Self-love is the most altruistic of all practices. ing, supported by NIH-funded research, Study of Men and Masculinity of APA. When you are free to be kind and loving to that helps you cultivate your inner wis- yourself, the world and all the people in your dom through a variety of mindful eating life are touched. This workshop is an experi- practices and guided meditations. You will Thriving in Uncertainty: ence of two trainings taught at Stanford A Workshop in Sensory Awareness be shown how to eat in a way that is more University Medical Center. As director of attuned to your bodys needs, how to experi- Lee Lesser Stanfords Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduc- ence the full pleasure and taste of food tion Program, Dr. Mark Abramson has mod- without overeating, and how to release the Life is uncertain. As much as we try to cre- eled his work after Jon Kabat-Zinns program guilt and struggle so often associated with ate stability and predictability, each moment (featured on Bill Moyers PBS series Healing eating. Outer wisdommaking personal use brings its own surprise and its own unique and the Mind). He has also established a new of current, scientifically-based nutrition and offering. The more we can show up for each program at Stanford called Love Yourself exercise guidelineswill also be explored. moment of our life just as it is, the more For Everyone Elses Sake. These tools can help you make informed, we can thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Our sensations are wonderful allies in this Incorporating the latest research on mind/ balanced, healthy choices in your life and be process. As we pay attention to our sensory body medicine, this workshop introduces truly nourished by your food. 68

71 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). In addition to learning specific approaches to virtue of ongoing practice, have developed Gateway to Soul: Process Acupressure mindful eating, the workshop includes daily a high level of pranic force within the body Laurie Cahoon & Paul Sibcy sitting meditations and gentle movement and nervous system. We could say that the to bring awareness and deepen your under- prana is an invisible or metaphysical force of Would you like to find wise inner guidance standing of mindfulness as it supports more energy, yet flows through and illuminates the from all parts of yourself? From your bodys balanced living. physical body and being of the practitioner. internal promptings, your hearts intelligence, We students of yoga engage conscious breath- your minds clearest insight, and even your No previous mindfulness meditation experi- own souls wisdom? Would you like to get ing as a way to connect to alternative states of ence is required. all of yourself together in an integrated way? consciousness. Through the practices of yoga, CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Process Acupressure teaches you how to gain we develop a relationship with the formless CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. dimension of being even as we are living in a holistic perspective on your life directions CE credit for RD and DTR; see page 6. the physical world of material reality. and general health. And it teaches the skills of how to uncover the wise guidance that lies Jean Kristeller bio on page 67. This is the theme and focus for our week of at your own unique center. Andrea Lieberstein bio on page 67. yoga retreat. Our mornings will begin with meditation and pranayama, which will lead This class teaches a combination of body/ into mid-morning active yoga practice. Well mind skills, including hands-on work to gather in the afternoons at various places on the body (fully clothed), movement, medita- Week of May 16 the Esalen property for the spiritual practice tion, and dialogue. The acupressure protocol of lying on the lawn and observing the natu- strengthens and balances the bodys vital en- A Matrix of Light: Prana and the ral forces of nature. Then once again well ergy (chi) flow that opens to soul conscious- Practices of Yoga return to the yoga room for twists, forward ness and the Infinite Source. Psychological bends, and restorative poses. and spiritual process skills facilitate more Thomas Michael Fortel awareness in body, emotions, and thought. Please have a minimum of 3 months yoga This combination of bodywork and conscious Just as a plexus of nerves (many criss-crossing experience, and bring your yoga mat. processing reveals the whole person and at the same place) in the body emits a stronger force of energy, the practitioners of yoga, by Thomas Michael Fortel bio on page 17. facilitates individual organic growth. Daniel Bianche t ta 69

72 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. The skills can be applied with health care clients, family, or on oneself alone. PA is help- ful for bodyworkers who want to know more about processing psychological material, and for psychological helpers who want to learn more about the body. It is valuable for anyone who wants to understand more about integra- tive development. Recommended reading: Raheem, Soul Return: Integrating Body, Psyche, and Spirit and Soul Lightning: Awakening Soul Consciousness; Min- dell, Working with the Dreaming Body. CE credit for massage; see page 6. CE credit Pending for acupuncturists; see page 6. Laurie Cahoon is a licensed acupuncturist, Zero Balancer, and advanced Process Acupressure practitioner in private practice in Petaluma, Calif. She is a certified teacher of Process Acupressure 1 Gateway To Soul and Inner Child Healing. Paul Sibcy is a founding faculty member of Process Acupressure who has been teaching and practicing since 1984. A founder of Palo Altos Integrated Healing Arts and Pathways to Self Healing, he is the author of Healing Your Rift with God. Developing Strength and Long-term Pain Relief with Daily Foundation Training Eric Goodman Each day of this workshop will teach you powerful movement and breathing skills to improve the overall strength of your whole body. You will be shown the basic principles of Foundation Training, Decompression, and Anchoring, as we diligently progress through poses, discussions, lectures, and walks. Esalen Institute provides an ideal setting Doug Ellis with healthy food, open spaces, and natural hot springs to nourish the changes we make and the physical challenges we will work to overcome. The skills you learn in this work- shop can lead you toward improved health ment and offering a counterbalance to our Improv: Expand Yourself with Laughter and physical confidence throughout many degenerative lifestyles. Ideal for chronic or Dixie Cox & Clifford Henderson avenues of your life. Come learn to blend acute back, shoulder, hip, and knee pain, Foundation Training into your lifestyle. and for athletes looking to improve their Activate your imagination, creativity, and performance, Foundation Training has spontaneity. Just as muscles can tighten with Foundation Training is a method of inte- helped thousands of people move from pain stress and age, so can notions about ourselves. grated exercises that empowers you with the to performance. One antidote to this natural process is impro- ability to identify and correct the postural visational workouts. Children stretch their imbalances created by modern society. This Eric Goodman, DC, is the creator of Foundation sense of self through the powerful medium transformative method of movement corrects Training and author of Foundation: Redefine of play. Adults often dont, finding it too scary the fundamental flaw in current human Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move or foolish. This unwillingness prevents them movement patternsthe inability to hinge at with Confidence. Foundation Training has from experiencing this potent learning tool, the hipsthrough exercises that access the helped thousands of people control chronic which includes the permission to try new deepest postural muscles, reactivating the pain and experience a new way of life. ways of being without the serious conse- dormant chains needed for proper move- quences of real life. In this positive workshop, 70

73 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). participants are guided through simple contemporary scientific findings in positive we explore our edges to opening to our true improv exercises aimed at personal expan- psychology and contemplative neuroscience. nature and the authenticity and intimacy that sion. Using the tenets of improv, such as trust Participants will have an opportunity to emerges. Please bring a journal. and spontaneity, participants are encouraged explore their own Healers Journey and will Recommended reading: Prendergast, In to say Yes to situations offered to them by be shown specific practices that can be incor- Touch: How to Tune into the Inner Guidance of the group. This workshop also explores one porated into their personal and professional Your Body and Trust Yourself. of improvs most compelling tools: status, the lives. The workshop provides a doorway to human pecking order. Participants familiar- reconnect to the passion that first brought John J. Prendergast, PhD, is the author of In ize themselves with the subtle clues they send us into medicine, as well as opportunities for Touch: How to Tune into the Inner Guidance and receive defining their status, and have a rest, reflection, and fun. of Your Body and Trust Yourself, a practicing chance to try new body language and status psychotherapist, and a recently retired professor of Please bring three items to the workshop: one choices. Rejuvenate your spirit through ex- psychology at the California Institute of Integral that reflects personal life, one that reflects periential play and laughter. Past participants Studies. professional life, and one that reflects spiri- have said, By stretching myself, Ive become Kelly Boys is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher tual life. more of me and Its more fun than a ride on and is the former director of operations for the a fire truck! Jim Duffy is a clinical professor of psychiatry Integrative Restoration Institute. She has taught at UCSF and is board certified in psychiatry, iRest to veterans with PTSD, the incarcerated, Dixie Cox, cofounder of the Fun Institute in Santa psychosomatic medicine, medical acupuncture and cancer survivors, and those with substance abuse Cruz, Calif., has been teaching people to re-create integrative medicine. He is an elected Fellow of addictions. She works for the Search Inside Your- themselves through improvisational acting classes the American Neuropsychiatric Association and self Leadership Institute. since 1993. She performs regularly with the the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative improv troupes Loose Cannon Theater and Crash Medicine. Test. Dream Descent: Journey to the Soul Alejandro Chaoul, PhD, has studied with Clifford Henderson is cofounder of the Fun Insti- and the Promise of Archetypal eminent teachers of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon tute in Santa Cruz, Calif., a school of improv and Dreamwork for more than 20 years, including Lopon Tenzin solo performance. Shes had numerous plays and Christa Lancaster & Marc Bregman Namdak and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. He sketch comedies produced in the SF Bay Area. Her teaches internationally through the Ligmincha Every night, dreams come to help us know published works include The Middle of Some- Institute and is assistant professor at the Uni- love in a very real wayin our bodies, hearts, where, Spanking New, and Mayes Request. versity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. and lives. With great compassion, exquisite tenderness, and crystal clarity, they reveal the particular ways we are stuck in recurring pat- The Good-Hearted Physician: terns of relationship, and they offer the key to In Touch with Your Inner Knowing: Flourishing as a Twenty-First Century unlock those patterns so we can experience Opening Your Heart and Whole Body Physician both inner and outer love. to Intimacy Jim Duffy & Alejandro Chaoul John Prendergast & Kelly Boys In the tradition of group process and gestalt The practice of medicine has never been easy. work pioneered at Esalen by Fritz Perls and What does it mean to be intimately in touch However, the twenty-first-century physician others, Archetypal Dreamwork reveals the with yourself and others? How may the faces extraordinary challenges. Rapid and obstacles and openings to living in the full- subtle cues of your heart and whole body uncertain changes in the healthcare system ness of our souls. guide you to navigate the mysteries of love combined with an avalanche of scientific data Beyond the work of the psyche lies the work and life? In this retreat, we will explore how and shifting patient expectations are reshap- of the soul. This requires a descent into the to tune in to our deeper self through the felt- ing the practice of medicine. The impact of darkness to encounter our core trauma from sense of the body. Our bodies have a natural these changes upon physician well-being is past lives and the deep feelings we all instinc- sense of the truthwe can feel authenticity in reflected in increasing rates of professional tively avoid. As Carl Jung describes inThe ourselves and others. However, our condition- dissatisfaction, burnout, depression, and even Red Book,it is only through this descent that ing, including limiting beliefs, reactive feel- suicide among physicians. Although current we can be reunited with the elemental girl/ ings, and other contractions, veil our deeper medical education prepares physicians to boy soul who knows divine love. truth and obstruct our natural self-trust and manage the science of medicine, it does very sense of intimacy. Join North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork little to prepare physicians for the personal and spiritual challenges inherent to the work Through dialogues, dyadic exercises, cofounders Christa Lancaster and Marc of healing. meditation, body sensing, and spontaneous Bregman, who will be joined by analysts Ben movement, we will explore what it means to Newman and Ellen Leonard, for an intensive This workshop aims to provide physicians descent into the archetypal realm of dreams open the heart and whole body and live from with skills that will enhance their own capac- through a powerful group enactment process. love and authenticity. We can also learn how ities for resilience, and to flourish despite all Encounter the journey that has always been to stay present with difficult feelings and the challenges they face. This CPR program waiting for you in the depths. question the beliefs that we use to defend our (Creating Professional Resiliency) combines hearts and reinforce a separate sense of self. Christa Lancasteris cofounder of North of Eden the wisdom of ancient healing traditions with Together we will inquire, share, and play as Archetypal Dreamwork, a master dream analyst, 71

74 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. and a master teacher at the Center for Arche- potential for increased range of movement Whether you are interested in poetry, fiction, typal Dreamwork. Her books includeFlesh Off and help align the spine with the limbs. As nonfiction, memoir, or journal writing, this the Bone: Dream Descent through Past Life in any art form, a tool is just a tool unless weekend will provide a rich opportunity TraumaandSex, Trauma and Conjunctio. one fully understands how to use it with to immerse yourself in the writing life. some degree of mastery. As we expand our Both beginners and experienced writers are Marc Bregman is the founder of Archetypal yoga toolkit to include rollers, straps, move- welcome. Dreamwork, cofounder of North of Eden, and ment practices, pressure points, mudras, and Recommended reading: Bass, Like a Beggar; a master teacher at the Center for Archetypal creative use of blocks, we simultaneously can eds. Addonizio and Laux, The Poets Compan- Dreamwork. His books includeFlesh Off the learn techniques to open the body lovingly ion; Gornick, The Situation and the Story. Bone: Dream Descent through Past Life and kindly. The intention for this protocol is Trauma, and Sex, Trauma and Conjunctio. to incorporate ease and freedom in our prac- Ellen Bass has supported and inspired writers tice, and to enable greaterflow and connec- for 45 years. Her books include Like A Beggar, tion in the transition from asana to asana. The Human Line, and Mules of Love (poetry), and the best-selling The Courage to Heal. She Weekend of May 68 Our approach is to embrace difficult poses teaches at Pacific Universitys low-residency MFA as a way to learn how to consciously move program. through challenges and resistance, and use The Way of Awareness the appropriate tools and techniques for a Will Kabat-Zinn breakthrough in our yoga practices. After Mothers Day Family Workshop all, what is more powerful than being able During this retreat, well take a deep dive Joanna Claassen & Sean Brennan to move through our stuck places and find into our hearts and minds, cultivating medi- our flow? This workshop is for all levels of This Mothers Day weekend, celebrate and tative stillness of mind and body and looking yoga practitionerwith a minimum of three nourish yourself and your family. Esalen is deeply into the nature of our own experi- months of practice. Please bring a yoga mat a magical place for adults and children alike. ence, Will Kabat-Zinn writes. There will be and any props you have, including a roller if Together with the Gazebo School teachers, we an emphasis on learning how to inhabit our you have one. will create a community of families focused bodies (in whatever condition they might be), on fun, laughter, renewal, and friendship. and bring a fresh, kind, and spacious aware- Ulrika Engman, E-RYT 500, is an Anusara- This will be a memorable weekend of explora- ness to everything that arises. By cultivating certified yoga teacher and Halprin Life-Art tion, connection, creative expression, and intimacy with our own experience, we let life practitioner. Ulrikas unique style blends the play. We will build on the groups interests itself become the curriculum. There will be transformative power of yoga with movement and and offer opportunities for families to work an emphasis on developing mindfulness in the expressive arts. She leads yoga workshops and and play together and apart. We will use the all daily activities to foster a seamless conti- retreats worldwide. Gazebo School Park, designed for children to nuity of life and practice. climb, bike, garden, make music, dance, and This retreat will include a systematic unfold- The Writing Life care for Esalens farm animals, as well as the ing of meditation instructions; periods of Art Barn for relaxing, connecting, reflecting, Ellen Bass and creating. formal sitting and walking meditation; mind- ful qigong; and formal dharma teachings and There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a Saturday night, we will offer a program for periods of conversation and dialogue about quickening that is translated through you into the children, during which adults will be free our unfolding experiences. action. And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, to enjoy Esalen alone or spend time with one Please note: The weekend will be in the form it will never exist through any other medium, another. All are invited to explore and experi- of an intensive retreat that goes beyond the and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not ence Esalen during this fun and supportive normal Esalen schedule and will include your business to determine how good it is, nor weekend workshop. All ages are welcome, early morning practice beginning at 6 am. how valuable, nor how it compares with other including parents with small children. All expressions. It is your business to keep it yours children must be accompanied by a parent or See Faculty Spotlight on page 10. clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. guardian. Will Kabat-Zinn brings mindfulness and medita- Martha Graham Note: Fees for children under 10 enrolled in tion to diverse populations, from neuroscientists to This workshop, writes Ellen Bass, will al- Esalen family workshops are $100 for week- incarcerated youth. He co-developed a mindfulness low us to leave the rush of our busy lives and end workshops and $250 for 5-day workshops. curriculum for parents at UCSF. He leads retreats be still enough to hear the stories and poems Parents/guardians pay regular accommoda- at Spirit Rock and at meditation centers around that gestate within us. Well write, share our tions fees. the country. He is a member of the Spirit Rock writing, and hear what our work touches Teachers Council. Joanna Claassen has been an outdoor and early in others. Well help each other to become childhood educator since 2000. She runs Early clearer, go deeper, take new risks. With the Ecology, an outdoor educational program for chil- Expand Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Toolkit safety, support and inspiration of this gather- dren and families in the Bay Area, and is a former ing, you will have the opportunity to create Ulrika Engman director of Esalen Institutes Gazebo Park School. writing that is more vivid, more true, more Joanna is inspired by the natural world, human There are many tools in yoga that greatly complex and powerful than youve been able kindness, and the power of play. enhance, support, and liberate the bodys full to do before. 72

75 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). S te wart Cuble y Sean Brennan is an early childhood educator who expressions and expands their creative range. specializes in sharing smiles, laughter, and the In addition, participants will put the pen Week of May 813 bliss of life. He has worked with injured children to the page and literally let the body speak at Shriners Hospital as a play therapist and is a on the page. The body does not lie and the Awakening the Creative: former teacher at Gazebo Park School. His pas- improv/writing exercises inform us of where The Painting Experience sions include surfing, freediving, yoga, meditation, we are stuck and how we can move through to a new perspective. Stewart Cubley and poetry. Explore the world of spontaneous creation, Both Ann and Michael work from creative, an unpredictable territory beyond the ex- A Different Perspective: Reframe warm, and innovative styles that enable pected where no rules apply. In a respectful Your Life Using Play, Embodiment participants to find the optimal and safe path and nurturing studio environment, youll and Humor into better awareness of themselves and ways receive individual attention and gentle guid- to move forward. This experience is for those Ann Randolph & Michael Clemmens ance to help you open to inspiration, creativ- who are interested in shifting their lens on It is all too easy to stay stuck in a rut, unable ity, growth, and change. Using the powerful life through experimenting with how we to see or do things differently even when we tool of process arts, youll be supportively mentally and emotionally organize the world. know we want to change. Join storyteller Ann invited to: Through humor, play, improvisation, small Randolph and somatic psychologist Michael and large group discussions, and various one- Discover a creative voice thats entirely your Clemmens for a weekend of new insights and on-one exercises, youll have the opportunity own creative, fun practices designed to jump start to reframe life in order to tell new stories Trust your intuitive perception, not the change in your life. This is a bold, alternative about the future. minds critical chatter approach that supports deep process and joy- Follow your energy rather than what looks Ann Randolph is an award-winning writer, ful exploration. good or makes sense performer, and educator. Her Off-Broadway During this workshop, we will begin from hit, Squeezebox, was produced by Mel Brooks, Overcome blocks by embracing their the premise that if we change our embodi- and her current show, Loveland, just received hidden message ment (physical expression) and our basic Best Solo Show awards in Los Angeles and San Experience your imagination as stance in the world, we rewire our perspective Francisco. Her personal essays have aired on NPR, intelligenta doorway to deeper knowing and can then evolve differently if we choose. BBC, and the Moth. Explore process painting as a genuine path Through improvisation and movement exer- Michael Craig Clemmens bio on page 30. to spiritual awakening cises, the participant plays with a variety of 73

76 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. In The Painting Experience, everyone is a Anchoring into Our Body and Breath: hands get their fair share of attention as well, beginner; people from all levels of experi- A Yoga Journey through the Elements with sequences that reach into places of need, ence are welcome, including those who have Ulrika Engman clear out the debris, and facilitate the goal of never picked up a paintbrush. The Painting optimal vitality and energy flow. Please bring Experience is about your creative process, Every part and system of the body has an a yoga mat and any props that you need for not technique or training. There will be no elegant and intelligent design behind it, sup- your practice. judgment of your work or comparison with porting its meaning and purpose. The Earth Ulrika Engman bio on page 72. others. Instead, you are given the opportunity and Water elements enter our bodies through to embrace your own creative voice and confi- the digestive system, and then flow into the dently follow it. All materials are suppliedall blood stream, building and maintaining the The Path of Forgiveness: you have to bring is you! delicate balance of our bones, vital organs, Returning to Love and soft tissues. The Air we breathe brings Recommended reading: Cassou and Cubley, life to the sacred Fire within, and somehow Eileen Barker & Michael Gelbart Life, Paint & Passion. Space becomes form. Forgiveness is essential for anyone seeking ($50 materials fee paid directly to the leader) During this yoga journey, every part of the psychological freedom, emotional trans- CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see leader. CE credit for nurses; see leader. body is honored and treasured through yoga formation, more fulfilling intimacy, and practices that emphasize conscious connec- spiritual growth. Forgiveness is a field of con- Stewart Cubley has traveled the world for nearly tion with the systems and organs behind each sciousness that can be accessed via specific 40 years, working with individuals and groups stages, exercises, and practices that help us to access the potential within the human heart element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether/ Space. With pranayama and meditation integrated break down and clear limiting stories, beliefs, and imagination. He has conducted seminars and barriers, as well as shame and blame at learning-based organizations, corporations, into the asana practice, all groups of postures are specifically taught to enhance awareness tendencies that are often instilled generation- monasteries, prisons, and other public forums. ally. Ultimately, the path of forgiveness is of the inner workings and flow of energy within. Our shoulders, hips, spine, feet, and a journey back to our authentic self, to the embodiment of more love. Richard Tauber 74

77 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). In this retreat, we will show you how to fundamentals, you can shed pain and tension to facilitate this step-by step journey across access the field of forgiveness and guide you and go home with a healthy regimen that the four landscapes of Soul Motion: dance in- step-by-step through a powerful, research- easily and timelessly integrates into everyday timate (solo), dance communion (duet), dance based forgiveness process that can be used to life. Simple yet profound changes will give community (ensemble), and dance infinite heal any type of conflict or painful situation. you a new relationship with your bodyone (ritual space). The group will investigate rela- Intended for anyone seeking to forgive or you used to have as a child. This course will tionships between energy, motion, and space, learn about forgiveness, the class will work bust many exercise, health, and pain myths of moving to an eclectic mix of music from clas- with both forgiveness of others and forgive- our time. Each participant receives individu- sical to experimental, including sacred chant, ness of self. Attention will be given to mind- alized understanding of his or her specific rap, jazz, contemporary electronica, and the body methods and integration to ensure vulnerabilities in the back and joints through great sound of silence. lasting results. Bring your greatest challenges hands-on adjustments, and photographic and This immersion is open to all. It is a base re- and move toward more resourcefulness, love, video feedback. What you learn about your quirement (pre-requisite) for the Soul Motion connection, and inner peace than ever before. patterns in these fundamental activities can Leadership Program. be applied to your physical activities of choice This program is foundational for psycholo- and make you a stronger, more efficient, Michael Molin-Skelton holds many things sacred, gists, social workers, mediators, coaches, longer-lasting human machine. Join us and including the love of his life anneli, the miracle caregivers, and others who wish to help never look back. Spinefulness directly helps they named jaylan, friends that cherish and chal- clients forgive and/or incorporate forgive- nurses understand alignment mechanics of lenge him, dancing alone, and dancing with you. ness therapy into their practices. Well work their bodies so they can prevent and recover Michael is a senior faculty member of the Soul with somatic, affective/emotional, cognitive, more quickly from injury as well as become Motion school. interpersonal, and spiritual dimensions of more efficient in the physical component in forgiveness. working for and with clients/patients. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. Exploring Fundamental Contentment CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Recommended reading: Iyengar, Sparks of through Emotional Intelligence Eileen Barker is a forgiveness teacher and author Divinity; Sawyer, Put Your Back at Ease. Daniel Cordaro & Robin Stern of The Forgiveness Workbook and Forgive- CE credit for nurses; see page 6. ness Meditaton CD. In addition to leading CE credit for massage; see page 6. At the deepest core of human wellness is a retreats and workshops, she is a forgiveness coach Jean Couch, originally known for her classic sense of profound completeness called fun- and lawyer/mediator with a private practice in Runners Yoga Book, has shown thousands of damental contentment, and uncovering it for San Rafael, Calif. people of all ages how to improve their health. yourself is your birthright, write the leaders. Michael Gelbart, LCSW, is an integrative psy- She most recently taught 50 physicians and their Contentment is a central theme in some of chotherapist offering mindfulness-based, somatic, spouses, one of whom wrote, I now have hope for the most influential spiritual, philosophical, pragmatic, depth work, and relational coaching me and my patients. and theoretical texts in ancient and modern in Berkeley and San Leandro, Calif. He facilitates Jenn Sherer is a certified Balance Instructor, and history; it is what manyor dare we say most intimacy work by deepening capacities to regulate she co-owns and co-directs the Balance Center, in people really mean when they talk about physiology and communicate with compassion Palo Alto, Calif. true happiness. There are countless ways and integrity. that positive psychology suggests that we can maximize our happiness, but why is it that Soul Motion : The Practice in this pursuit, happiness always seems to be Brilliant Body: Fundamentals of just beyond our grasp? Michael Molin-Skelton Conquering Injury and Pain Through the science of Emotional Intel- Soul Motion is a movement practice during Jean Couch & Jenn Sherer ligence and self-awareness practice, you are which we cultivate our capacity for listening Do chronic tension, stress, or aches and pains invited to explore the radical perspective that to the deep wisdom of the body and the silent plague you? Are you fit, but injured? Do you fundamental contentment already resides whisperings of the soul, says Michael. We feel tight all the time? In our cultural love within you. Led by experts from the Yale spiral with curiosity at the crossroads of our affair with muscles, we have overlooked a key Center for Emotional Intelligence, this offer- past and our possibilities. When body meets component of wellness: our skeleton. Wheth- ing unites more than 4,000 years of philo- soul, and movement meets moment, we can er you are a high-performance athlete or sit in sophical wisdom with scientifically grounded experience a dissolution into spirit. This is a chair all day, making your bones work for approaches to finding sustainable wellness. the dance of the soul-in-motion. you instead of against you can put you on a Through tested Emotional Intelligence prac- This immersion is for both the seasoned tices, you can learn to recognize, experience, path of unimaginable wellness and efficiency. Soul Motion veterans and those just begin- manage, and let go of powerful emotions and Spineful healing begins with an understand- ning. It is a dive into the architecture that thoughts that can block the experience of ing of alignment patterns that cause prema- supports the Soul Motion ministry, with fundamental contentment in your day-to-day ture aging, tension, pain, and/or injury. This emphasis on pause presence, orbit orienta- lives. We will also spend significant time course will re-examine alignment patterns tion, and echo inspiration. Michael will be identifying and customizing personal con- of everyday activities including sitting, teaching to invite, inspire, incite, and ignite tentment and life-simplifying practices based standing, bending, sleeping, and walking. the deep dance within each of us. Inquiries, on individual needs and experiences. This With new Spineful patterns for these daily structures, and points of view will be offered gathering is our most advanced and in-depth 75

78 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. offering for those who are actively intending of techniques, participants can learn how to state-of-the-art video storytelling and computer to cultivate sustainable well-being in everyday challenge defensive behaviors that interfere assessment technology with dynamic workshop life. The extended timeframe of this work- with closeness and intimacy. processes. shop allows for a more in-depth and personal Recommended reading: Firestone and Catlett, immersion into the integration of emotional Fear of Intimacy; Firestone and Firestone, Sex Mindfulness in Deep Relationship: wellness into the human experience. and Love in Intimate Relationships. Savoring the Sources of Nourishment Daniel Cordaro, PhD, directed the Universal CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. Expression Project, the most extensive research CE credit for nurses; see page 6. Jerome Front program to date that decoded the nonverbal lan- CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. This retreat invites participants to open to guage of human emotion in 11 radically different Lisa Firestone is a clinical psychologist, Director their most elemental relationship, that which cultures. Daniel now leads the Contentment Lab of Research and Education at the Glendon As- exists between the body, mind, and the natu- at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, a sociation, and the Senior Editor of ral world as it manifests through eating, food, group dedicated to the science of sustainable well- Dr. Firestone is the co-author of The Self Under and our senses. This awareness then widens ness around the world. Siege, Sex and Love in Intimate Relation- to include the deep nourishment we receive Robin Stern, PhD, is the associate director for ships, and Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice. from being in mindful relationship with each the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. She other. Individually, we all know the hungers is a licensed psychoanalyst, educator, and author Joyce Catlett, MA , has collaborated with Dr. and longings that coexist at emotional, spiri- of The Gaslight Effect. Robin is co-developer Robert Firestone in writing 13 books including tual, bodily, and relational levels, says Jerome of RULER, an emotional intelligence program Fear of Intimacy; Creating a Life of Meaning Front. Fortunately, these basic needs also that has transformed the lives of over a million and Compassion; The Ethics of Interpersonal form our common human ground. Opening children and adults in schools worldwide. Relationships, and The Self Under Siege. She to these primal shared areas with a loving is co-producer of Glendon Associations 45 training awareness can create profoundly satisfying video programs. aspects of deep relationship. These nourish- ing and transformative relational experiences Weekend of May 1315 include understanding and being understood, Unfinished Business: Creating your a sense of increased personal presence, and Next Steps in Life from the Inside Out Overcoming the Fear of Love: Adult the soothing and integrating experience of Attachment in Romantic Relationships Pam Kramer & Steve Edelman being known in anothers accepting, warm presence. Lisa Firestone & Joyce Catlett Is your life an expression of who you really are at the core? Perhaps you have already Participants will experience sensory work, What prevents most people from being able silent meals, music, ritual, and instruction succeeded brilliantly at what you wanted to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships on mindfulness meditation. Teachings and to do, or gone as far as you can go. Is now that satisfy their needs and desires? What activities will alternate with periods of inten- the time for you to get a clear view of whats determines whether partners will end up tional silence. Open to everyone, this retreat next? Unfinished Business is about clarifying experiencing fulfillment in their relationship is an especially rich resource for helping your deepest values, and seeing clearly where or suffering pain and distress? This workshop professionals, teachers, and nurses. you are now and where you need to go to helps answer these questions by provid- realize your full potential. You will begin to CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. ing participants with a theoretical model create a path to wholeness through personal CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. integrating psychodynamic, existential, and CE credit for nurses; see page 6. vision, concrete planning, and commitment family systems frameworks in a manner that to deeper satisfaction. Through experiential Jerome Front teaches at Pepperdine Univer- can increase our understanding of and ability processes, group interaction, inspiring videos, sity and across the US, and has written about to develop and maintain intimacy in relation- and meditative exercises, you can see what mindfulness, contemplative living, and mindful ships. you need to do now and take the first steps approaches to relationships. He leads retreats and The psychological defenses that individu- to get there. Hear moving, inspirational, and clinical and corporate trainings, and is an LMFT als bring to their relationship are often at instructive stories of people who have faced in private practice. the root of the deepest conflict or distress the need to change, overcome barriers, and between couples, regardless of external successfully moved in new directions. Dy- forces. Similarly, insecure attachment pat- Causative Nutrition: How to Maximize namic processes and small group interactions Your Health With Food terns formed early in life also have a nega- will give you a clear vision of the best you, tive impact on our romantic relationships. and mindful movement and deep relaxation Julienna Hever This workshop will provide individuals practices will support your journey. In a society with an unquenchable thirst and health and healing professionals with Pam Kramer bio on page 60. for the ideal diet, a feverish search ensues, effective interventions for addressing the Steve Edelman, JD, is a veteran of many career Julieanna Hever writes. Amidst the fog of underlying issues that contribute to distress changes: law, television broadcasting, entre- confusion, empty promises, and emotional in an intimate relationship. Helping couples preneur, and creator of a multi-million-dollar roller coaster rides, there is a solution backed modify their attachment patterns can lead television production company. He co-developed with decades of solid science, sustainability, to lasting change. Through lecture, discus- the Unfinished Business workshop by blending and simplicity. This solution is a whole food, sion, experiential exercises, and role-playing 76

79 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). plant-based diet. Plant-based eaters have CE credit for nurses; see page 6. that positive psychology suggests that we can CE credit for RD and DTR Pending; see page 6. lower body-mass indexes and less body fat, maximize our happiness, but why is it that lower overall mortality, and decreased risks Julieanna Hever, RD, CPT, is a registered dieti- in this pursuit, happiness always seems to be for high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, tian and the host of the talk show series What just beyond our grasp? cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and Would Julieanna Do? Author of The Vegiterra- Through the science of Emotional Intel- several types of cancers. In fact, a whole food, nean Diet and The Complete Idiots Guide to ligence and self-awareness practice, you are plant-based diet is the only diet ever shown Plant-Based Nutrition, her work has appeared invited to explore the radical perspective that to reverse disease (ischemic heart disease and widely on television and other media. She has fundamental contentment already resides type 2 diabetes). a private practice in Los Angeles, Calif. within you. Led by experts from the Yale Eating plants elucidates Hippocrates famous Center for Emotional Intelligence, this offer- decree to let thy food be thy medicine and ing unites more than 4,000 years of philo- thy medicine be thy food. This workshop Exploring Fundamental Contentment sophical wisdom with scientifically grounded will dive into the myriad benefits of eating through Emotional Intelligence approaches to finding sustainable wellness. whole plants, define where nutrient require- Through tested Emotional Intelligence prac- Daniel Cordaro & Robin Stern ments can easily be met, explore mindful ap- tices, you can learn to recognize, experience, proaches to connecting with food at a deeper At the deepest core of human wellness is a manage, and let go of powerful emotions and level, and empower students with skills for sense of profound completeness called fun- thoughts that can block the experience of optimal, thoughtful eating in todays world. damental contentment, and uncovering it for fundamental contentment in your day-to-day yourself is your birthright, write the leaders. lives. We will also spend significant time Recommended reading: Hever, The Vegiter- Contentment is a central theme in some of identifying and customizing personal con- ranean Diet; Oppenlander, Food Choice and the most influential spiritual, philosophical, tentment and life-simplifying practices based Sustainability: Why Buying Local, Eating Less and theoretical texts in ancient and modern on individual needs and experiences. Meat, and Taking Baby Steps Wont Work; Joy, history; it is what manyor dare we say most Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Daniel Cordaro bio on page 76. people really mean when they talk about Introduction to Carnism. Robin Stern bio on page 76. true happiness. There are countless ways Bill Ja mes 77

80 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. 78

81 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Daniel Bianche t ta 79

82 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Experiencing Esalen of numerous books, including the forthcoming bread making, beekeeping, food preservation, Deborah Anne Medow Attachment-Focused EMDR: Healing Rela- and small-scale animal husbandry all are tional Trauma, she maintains a private practice appealing and relevant to those who thrive on We must answer anew the old questions. What in San Rafael, Calif. food independence, artisan techniques, and are the limits of human ability, the boundaries of self-sufficiency. the human experience? What does it mean to be a human being? Liberating Your Essential Self: In todays society, many people have lost the From the 1965 Esalen Catalog The Alchemy of Love and Aliveness knowledge that humans used for thousands of years both to connect with nature and Experiencing Esalen is a workshop that Karishma Darby feed themselves. This hands-on workshop introduces participants to some of the trans- There is a deep desire in all of us to know is an introduction to and celebration of the formational practices of Esalen. Designed ourselves, to live and love from our most farmstead arts that actually are alive and well for first-time participants or those renewing essential nature. For most of us, painful all around us. Join Charlie Cascio and Liam their acquaintance with Esalen, the emphasis and frightening experiences have caused us McDermott as they share their knowledge is on finding those approaches to personal to withdraw from living fully. We can feel of the art of home cheese making, including growth that work most effectively for each undernourished, disconnected from our recipes for hard and soft cheeses, and cheese participant. Sessions may include: meditation, lives and from those closest to us. We want to molding and pressing. Bake sour dough and sensory awareness, Gestalt Practice, group experience our full aliveness, but we have be- yeasted breads, and explore basic beekeep- process, art, movement, and massage. There come too anxious, depressed, or numb. This ing and honey extraction at the Esalen bee will also be time to explore the magnificence yearning to love, to experience more freedom hives. Food preservation methods include of the Big Sur coast. and joy, is an invitation to slow down and dehydration, fermentation, and root cellar Deborah Anne Medow bio on page 19. discover your true self, your essential nature. cold storage. In this workshop, we will embark on an There also is a field trip to Sweetwater Farm, odyssey of self-discovery, exploring the play, a small goat dairy in the Big Sur Mountains, Week of May 1520 pauses, and natural pulses of the body, and where participants will observe an active finding out that barriers and blocks can dairy and cheese-making operation. Experi- simply melt away. Through our senses, we can ence the alchemical processes by which milk Transforming Trauma with EMDR: be carried into a deep relationship with our is transformed into an extraordinary diver- Advanced Clinical Workshop and true essence. As we quiet the mind and listen sity of cheeses; flower nectar yields different Refresher Course (Part 3) to the body, we can discover our own organic varietals of honey; and flour, water, and yeast Laurel Parnell ways of responding that heal our inner pain, join to become bread. and help us rediscover the richness of life. We Refresh your technique and review EMDR Please note: Bring a heavy, long-sleeved shirt will use deep listening and awareness exer- (Eye Movement Desensitization and Repro- and denim-type pants for bee work. cises to uncover the treasures of our unique cessing) protocols and procedures, consult on ($50 supplemental food fee paid directly to the leaders) body wisdom. Through dance and movement, your difficult cases, watch demonstrations, Charlie Cascio is founder of Sweetwater Farm silent and dynamic meditations, healing prac- and practice EMDR in small, supervised in Carmel, Calif., a self-sustaining organic farm tices, and group processes, we can come alive groups. Instruction will focus on using specializing in goat and poultry husbandry, cheese to our inner topography, and with our new EMDR with complex cases, resource develop- making, beekeeping, olive and fruit orchards, and inner awareness move into relationship with ment and installation, target development, vegetable gardening. A chef since 1968, Charlie has others. We can discover how to live and share and interweaves. taught internationally and was the head chef and our joy. Join us for an opportunity to nourish This EMDR course is for participants who your deep aliveness, and to fall in love with kitchen manager at Esalen from 1998 to 2004 . have completed either part 2 training or an your life. Liam McDermott is a permaculture activist, equivalent EMDRIA-approved course. massage therapist, and professionally trained Karishma Darby is a licensed psychotherapist in chef with a degree in literature from Stanford Required Reading: Parnell, A Therapists Guide private practice in the Sierra Foothills, Calif. Her University. He leads workshops and caters at to EMDR. passion is awakening consciousness within and several hot springs in central California: Esalen Recommended reading: Parnell, Attachment- in relationship with others. She facilitates work- Institute, Tassajara Zen Monastery, and Wilbur focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma, Tap- shops, active and silent mediation, and relation- Hot Springs. ping In and EMDR in the Treatment of Adults ally centered psychotherapy groups. Abused as Children. Beginning Integral Way Tai Chi : ($20 materials fee paid directly to leader Walking on Clouds for manual and handouts) Land of Milk and Honey: CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. An Introduction to Farmstead Arts Kenn Chase & Victoria Chase CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. Charlie Cascio & Liam McDermott Tai chi is the ancient art of moving medita- Laurel Parnell is a psychologist, author, consul- tion. Based on the integration of the prin- Would you like to reconnect with farmstead ciples of yin and yang, tai chi is practiced in tant, and EMDR trainer who has trained thou- traditions and develop your ability to produce sands of clinicians internationally. The author a slow, sequential manner which develops and prepare your own food? Cheese and the healing aspects of chi energy, slows the 80

83 Reuven Shelef Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). central nervous system, reduces stress, and autumn of 2016. This workshop is especially to the ways in which the camera can help improves focus. useful for health care and healing profession- us experience truer connection and even als in working with their patients and clients. transcendence. In a time of virtual and hyper Integral Way Tai Chi incorporates the funda- CE credit for nurses; see page 6. connectivity, how can we bring a deeper mental principles of traditional Yang style tai CE credit Pending for acupuncturists; see page 6. awareness to the photographic process to chi, and enhances the learning process with Kenn Chase, founder of Integral Way Tai Chi, enrich our art and lives? Feldenkrais Method Awareness through Movement, qi gong, and meditation. Inte- has taught Yang-style tai chi since 1969. He is a At every step, photography is a balancing of gral Way was developed by Kenn Chase, a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and integrates relationships (light and shadow, time and Guild Certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Awareness through Movement into his unique space, subject and object, seen and unseen), the only person who teaches this combined teaching approach. Teaching locally and interna- the union of which brings forth a still method. tionally, he consults with corporations, hospitals, moment and new creation. In this way, the and privately. camera becomes an alchemical tool for both In a culture where we are constantly con- Victoria Chase, RN, has been a clinical nurse distilling and dissolving duality. necting with others through media, many and health educator for more than 35 years. She have become disconnected from themselves. teaches in medical and community-based settings, This workshop is a dive into the natural This workshop offers the opportunity to and she integrates alternative healing methods beauty of Esalen and Big Sur, and offers the reconnect and deepen your inner sense of into traditional venues. She has practiced and opportunity for hands-on creativity while grace, balance, and flow. Through this trans- taught tai chi and stress management with challenging basic assumptions about how formational approach to tai chi, participants her husband Kenn Chase since 1981. we see and engage with our environment. may integrate their physical, mental, and Daily photo assignments and group feed- spiritual beings while allowing for increased back encourage deeper intimacy with place freedom of movement, joy, and peace. Par- and people, and highlight our unconscious ticipants will also enjoy an excursion to the Intimacy and Exposure: personal patterns. In fact, the principles we New Camoldi Hermitage in Big Sur for group The Alchemy of Photography discover through photography are metaphors meditation, and to Sand Dollar Beach for tai Andy Abrahams Wilson and guides for living. chi by the sea. Photography is a profound exchange of light This workshop is best suited for people with This level one workshop is open to everyone. energy. Yet in this age of unprecedented at least a beginners understanding of photog- An intermediate class will be offered in picture taking and sharing, were often blind raphy, but all levels can find a comfortable fit. 81

84 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Bring your own digital SLR camera and photo are the foundation of Esalen massage. The A Time to Reflect editing software like iPhoto. Or, if youd like principle elements of bodywork, including This is a special opportunity for people to ex- to experiment with your iPhone or iPad cam- breath and sensory awareness practices, perience Esalen without taking a workshop. era, thats okay too. Enrollment is limited for grounding, movement, and quality of con- For full description, please see page 13. an optimal and intimate group experience. tact will also be introduced and practiced, creating a firm foundation for learning Andy Abrahams Wilson is an award-winning, massage. This workshop is also useful for Oscar-shortlisted filmmaker and photographer. President of Open Eye Pictures, Andy emphasizes those in the helping and healing profes- Weekend of May 2022 sions in working with their clients and using the camera as a way to bridgeand heal patients. disparate parts and people, and to connect to Kabbalah and the Tree of Life: nature, ourselves, and each other. Come prepared to enjoy the healing waters Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient of the natural hot springs and the magical Mystical Traditions beauty of the Esalen grounds. All levels of Gahl Sasson with Bianca Sapetto experience are welcome. An Introduction to Esalen Massage: What is Kabbalah? Why did people from CE credit for massage; see page 6. The Art of Healing Touch CE credit for nurses; see page 6. different cultural traditions risk their lives Carl Swanson & Nora Matten Carl Swanson is a full-time Esalen Massage to study it? How can it help us improve our practitioner/instructor and a yoga instructor. In lives today? In Kabbalah it is believed that This workshop will introduce the core addition to being a member of the Esalen massage God used the ten spheres of the Tree of Life concepts of Esalen Massage. Through brief crew, he has been teaching weekly yoga classes in as a blueprint to create the universe. By fol- lectures and demonstrations, and with the Esalen Movement Program since 2004. He lowing this same blueprint, we too can create plenty of personal supervision of hands-on teaches massage and yoga workshops at Esalen miracles in our own lives. work, the workshop will present essential tools and information, including the long, and abroad. This in-depth, fun, and experiential work- balancing strokes and gentle stretches that Nora Matten bio on page 51. shop will not only allow us to tap into the Daniel Bianche t ta 82

85 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). richness of this ancient spiritual technology, Recommended reading: Kabat-Zinn, Full that moderate stress response, vitalize energy, but also it will help us apply it to our everyday Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your promote healthy sleep, and support an overall lives. Using comparative mysticism, guided Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness; sense of flow and well-being. meditations, entertaining movie clips, and Ricard, Happiness. We will spend part of the class in the Esalen symbolism, we will be shown how to connect CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. garden, where well see, taste, and feel medici- to the ten archetypes of the Tree of Life as CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. nal plants. In the classroom, well experience well as how to use these energies to foster a multitude of dried herbs, and in the kitchen spiritual, emotional, and material growth. Mark Abramson bio on page 68. well make a custom herbal tea and tincture Join the ranks of the spiritual warriors who blend for each participant to bring home. have basked in this wonderful mystical tradi- Love Yourself and the Rest Will Follow ($15 materials fee paid directly to the leader) tion of light. No prior knowledge of Kabbalah CE credit for acupuncturists; see page 6. is necessary. Mike Robbins CE credit for nurses; see page 6. Recommended reading: Sasson and Win- Self-love is one of those things that many of us Darren Huckle, LAc, DAOM, has a private prac- stein, A Wish Can Change Your Life; Sasson, know is important on our personal journey, yet tice as an herbalist and acupuncturist in Santa Cosmic Navigator; The Old Testament. can be challenging to embody and experience Cruz, Calif. He teaches holistic health modalities in an authentic way. This workshop explores including herbal medicine, nutrition, acupunc- Gahl Sasson has been teaching workshops on why it can be hard for us to genuinely love ture, and qi gong at Five Branches University and mythology, Kabbalah, and mysticism for more ourselvesthe familial, cultural, and personal University of California, Santa Cruz. than a decade. His books have been translated influences, the thoughts and fears that lead into multiple languages and are endorsed by HH us to believe that we are not good enough and the Dalai Lama, Laura Day, and John Edward. Massage for Couples, Friends or that self-love is arrogant or narcissistic, and Family Members the difficulty we may have practicing true loving kindness towards ourselves. With fun Laurie Lioness Parizek & Oliver Bailey Mindfulness and Heartfulness: and vulnerability, we delve deeply into some This workshop is designed for loving partners The Healing and Transformation specific and powerful ways to experience love who wish to bring the nurturing practice of of Mind and Body towards ourselves, which in turn impacts our massage into their daily lives and spend a spe- relationships, work, personal growth practices, Mark Abramson cial weekend together cradled in the beauty and lives in a profound way. The ideas and and intensity of the Big Sur coast. It is also for This program is designed to integrate the exercises laid out in this interactive program couples who want to deepen already existing practice of mindful awareness with directed give you specific practices to: skills and for those who want to create more heartfulness to facilitate growth, healing, and Make peace with and forgive yourself time in their lives for healing and intimacy. change. It is based on Mark Abramsons work Accept and appreciate all of who you are as the director of Stanfords Mindfulness- This weekend intensive will focus on teach- Care for and nurture yourself in an ing couples to give and receive a pleasurable Based Stress Reduction Program which he authentic way full-body massage. It will also address issues founded 20 years ago. The workshop intro- duces the practical application of techniques Experience and express your authentic self such as keeping love, touch, and a healing in- of mindfulness and heartfulness to transform Deepen your capacity to love others terchange alive at home during busy or stress- emotional states and unleash the great poten- ful times, touching with care and sensitivity, Recommended reading: Robbins, Focus on the tial for deep healing of the body. The goal is asking for what you need, and reciprocity so Good Stuff, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already to learn new ways of relating to experience that both partners feel nurtured and loved. Taken, and Nothing Changes Until You Do. that allow greater opening, understanding, Sessions will include both demonstrations Mike Robbins is the author of Focus on the and hands-on instruction with plenty of and the possibility of transformation. Good Stuff, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Al- practice time. This work, writes the leader,creates an in- ready Taken, and Nothing Changes Until You creasing experience of gentleness, kindness, Although our emphasis will be on loving Do. He delivers seminars around the world, his and respect for oneself and others as well as touch and communication between couples, books are translated into 14 different languages, the beneficial effects on health that a kind the massage techniques presented are useful and he writes for The Huffington Post. mind brings to the body. The program offers for relaxation, pain, and stress, and can often guided practice in mindfulness meditation, increase vital energy. The techniques may body movement, breathing practices, and Garden Herbalism also be used with sensitivity with children as heart opening, interspersed with lecture and well as friends and family, providing a useful Darren Huckle interactive discussion. While the practices tool for health and well-being. are especially helpful for people who are The plant world holds many tools for support- This workshop is also useful for those in the experiencing emotional or physical concerns, ing peace, resiliency, and vitality for those of helping and healing professions in working the universality of the experience makes us who live intense or busy lives. This interac- with their clients and patients. this program valuable for all. It is especially tive and sensory-oriented workshop will explore amazing herbal allies that powerfully CE credit for massage; see page 6. useful for psychologists, nurses, and others in the healing professions in working with their promote the health of our body, mind, and Laurie Lioness Parizek bio on page 56. patients and clients. energy. Our special focus will be on herbs Oliver Bailey bio on page 54. 83

86 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. A language of compassion towards self and rience feelings and express them in healthy Week of May 2227 others ways enables us to have more pleasurable and By learning NVC, we can help liberate our- fulfilling relationships. We cannot change the The Passion of Painting selves from judging self and others; taking past. We can change what we have come to be- Get In, Get Out, and Get On With It! things personally; and acting and reacting lieve about our capacity for love and belonging. Erin Gafill from fear, duty, obligation, guilt, anger, and Relational Gestalt process is a holistic, depression. Applying NVC in our daily lives process-oriented, dialogical, phenomenologi- How much more could you create if you supports us in: cal, existential, and field theoretical approach werent second-guessing yourself, or walking Creating new strategies to meet core needs to human change with the centrality of con- away from the easel too soon? During this Expressing ourselves honestly without tact, awareness, and personal responsiveness workshop, you can learn tricks and practices blame, shame, or criticism and responsibility. Primacy is given to the to bring you back, including working in a uniqueness of the individual. In this way of series, setting a timer, and working with Becoming more effective at everything we do working, people are viewed as an integrated house-painting brushes and torn paper col- Martine and Jean bring more than thirty whole with the innate potential of growth lage. Experiment and have fun with exercises years of experience sharing this support- and mature self-expression. that take twenty minutes or less. By utilizing ive and engaging process, and in 2016 are short blocks of focus and surprising meth- This experiential and didactic workshop will celebrating their 13th year at Esalen. The ods, you can awaken creative thinking and blend individual and group Relational Gestalt workshop includes two three-hour sessions move into perceiving and expressing instead work with the intention of finding individual per day using a variety of learning and expe- of overanalyzing. Artist-teachers Erin Lee truths through our felt and expressed emo- riential modalities ranging from serious to Gafill and Tom Birmingham will offer ample tions, and exploring how these truths will playful and thoughtful to spontaneous. Enjoy demonstrations of technique, feedback, and help strengthen our relationships to self and time for self-reflection, journaling, and indi- encouragement. Known for their nurturing others. We will experiment with tracking vidual coaching from our experienced team. teaching styles and dedication to creating a emotions as sensations and learn to recognize ($20 material fee paid directly to the leaders) caring classroom, Tom and Erin have trav- them as signals calling for awareness and at- Recommended reading: Rosenberg, Nonvio- tention, rather than problems to be avoided. eled all over the US, Japan, Italy, and Mexico lent Communication. bringing creativity and painting techniques Dorothy Charles has been a student and teacher to students of all ages. This workshop is CE credit for nurses; see page 6. at Esalen since 1982. A student of Esalen co- designed for the skilled artist looking for a Jean Morrison, MA, has been a certified NVC founder Richard Price, she combines Esalen body- creative breakthrough, as well as those who trainer since 1989. She also is an author and mate- centered Gestalt with relational Gestalt theory, have never touched a brush. rials designer with a background in psychology and leads workshops in Asia, Europe, and the US. ($50 materials fee for artist-quality paper, paints, and counseling. In all of her work, she emphasizes and brushes, paid directly to the leader) whole-brain learning and thinking, and holistic Erin Gafill is an award-winning painter, writer, health. and teacher with deep roots in Californias art Martine Amita Algier is a certified trainer with Hanna Somatics: Freeing the Wisdom history. She is co-founder of the nonprofit Big Sur The Center for Nonviolent Communication and of Your Somatic Self Arts Initiative, founding member of the Monterey a founding member of the West Marin Commu- Eleanor Criswell Hanna Bay Plein Air Painters Association, and author of nity Mediation Board, teaching and consulting Drinking from a Cold Spring, A Little Book with families, business groups, schools, and other Hanna Somatics is a mind-body technique of Hope. organizations in California and Europe since the developed by Thomas Hanna that enables us 1960s. to move toward greater mind-body integra- tion, ease of movement, and freedom. This More Than a Communication Workshop workshop introduces the somatic self, so- Relational Gestalt Process: matic theory, and exercises for assessing and Jean Morrison & Martine Amita Algier The Transformative Power of Emotion somatically transforming ourselves. Whether you are looking for change in your Dorothy Charles Chronic muscle contraction patterns created close relationships, your work environment, or your wider world, the principles and practices In order to become whole, we must engage in by past experiences are unconsciously main- of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offer the ongoing process of discovering our own tained. Thomas Hanna named this tendency a lifetime of support for living your highest personal truth. This truth may challenge us, sensory-motor amnesia (SMA). Hanna Somat- values, and navigating your daily experiences. may even be painful, before it gives us new ics enables us to use our brains to overcome freedom and expands our horizons. When we SMA and the negative effects of stress, trauma, NVC has been described in the following and aging. It enables us to hear more clearly choose to remain content with intellectual ways: the wisdom of our bodies. Hanna Somatics wisdom only, we limit ourselves and limit A powerful tool for leadership development our relationships. When we integrate the full also enhances performance and well-being. and conflict resolution breadth of our emotional wisdom, we open the Through guided somatic exercises, dyad work, A personal practice for clarifying and living path toward becoming whole. and hands-on demonstrations, this workshop ones values explores the neuromuscular responses to Experiencing and expressing emotions are A guide for interpersonal communication integral to being alive. Learning to fully expe- emotional states and the wisdom and joy that 84

87 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). come from the bodys renewed awareness and How emotions create muscular contraction This advanced workshop is designed for men- freedom. The workshop presents: patterns tal health professionals, physical therapists, How to assess basic postural reflex patterns How to use the daily maintenance exercise nurses, bodyworkers, and others seeking that are habituated series and other Somatic Exercises to to bring the somatic dimension into their maintain comfort, ease of movement, and work, as well as individuals seeking further How muscle contraction patterns receive wisdom from your somatic self personal growth. People with prior Hanna affect your somatic disclosures (somatic How to teach the somatic exercises to Somatics experience will find this workshop communications to others) and somatic individuals and groups the next step in their somatic development. perception of experiences Participants who successfully complete this workshop will be qualified to teach the basic Hanna Somatics Exercises. Recommended reading: Hanna, Somatics, The Body of Life and Bodies in Revolt; Criswell Hanna, Biofeedback and Somatics. CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. CE credit for massage; see page 6. Eleanor Criswell Hanna, director of the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training and an emeritus professor of psychology at Sonoma State University, is editor of Somatics, and author of How Yoga Works and Biofeedback and Somatics. Love, Sexuality, Relationship and the Will of Your Heart Siegmar Gerken & Cornelia Gerken Love is resonance with the flow of life. It con- nects us with all existence. We are able to di- rect this energy and make this love personal in the expression I love you. When we commit to a relationship, we expand this love onto the personal and social level with the expression I want to experience life with you. Why is it then so difficult to keep a relationship alive? On the level of personality and social interac- tions, love can become distorted in many ways. We may romanticize, sexualize, and idealize love and attach our beliefs, desires, needs, and hopes to it, thus limiting our capacity to give and receive love. In this workshop for individuals and couples, participants can discover a state of emo- tional and physical well-being that derives from rhythmic harmony. Core Evolution addresses body-emotion-mind-consciousness as a unity. The experience of love unifies all these aspects. A person in love and sexual harmony communicates and creates from a place of well-being, peace, joy, and a sense of fulfillment. Patrice Ward Participants will learn how to identify and differentiate the nature and main elements of love, sexuality, and relationship, and their intention, motivation, needs, and wants in 85

88 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Richard Tauber their relationship with themselves and oth- practice in Mendocino and the Bay Area, Calif. behavior in ways that enhance happiness and ers, including the nature of triggers, causes of well-being. For 2,500 years, the wisdom teach- unhappiness, and the possibilities for change. Cornelia Gerken integrates a spectrum of ings of the East have utilized what their texts psychosomatic and healing approaches. With her refer to as skillful methods for the study and Cornelia and Siegmar create a safe space to husband Siegmar, she cofounded and codirects the transformation of the mind/body. These medi- look at ones important topics in life, while International Institute of Core Evolution. She is the tation and visualization practices help cultivate offering dynamic exploration, creative move- founder of CoreSoma. self-regulation through awareness, concentra- ment, and expression and mindful centering. tion, mindfulness, and other attention skills. For an eight-page magazine interview with This leads to clarity of mind, spaciousness of Siegmar Gerken on Love, Sexuality, and self, and greater compassion. Relationship, please e-mail [email protected] Weekend of May 2729 Using techniques from modern positive psy- chology, mindfulness practices, neuroscience, Siegmar Gerken, PhD, has pioneered body-ori- Mind, Mood and Happiness: creative thinking and non-dual teachings, ented and heart-centered therapy and human- Transforming the Self participants will be taught skills to calm istic psychology since 1971. He is the founder of Ronald Alexander the mind, develop a mindful brain, regulate Core Evolution and the Energy & Conscious- mind/body states, develop trust with the ness Programs. He teaches at SBGI, conducts Studies in the fields of health psychology, neu- unconscious, and explore inner resources for mindfulness-based trainings, and has a private roscience, and learned optimism confirm that activating creativity, vitality, and well-being. people can learn to change their thinking and 86

89 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Methods include: Dr. Farrell allow the group to continually shes also certified in LetYourYogaDance and Soul Meditating and practicing psychological grow with each other. This workshop is Motion. skills to promote insight as well as create for couplestwo people with a history who new neural pathways for healthy and desire a future (e.g., parents, married or di- Family Mindfulness Retreat creative brain development vorced; newlyweds; parent-child; siblings). Exploring natural mind/body healing Recommended reading: Farrell, Women Cant Ivy Mayer Lavie & Shai Lavie rhythms (yogic exercises and somatic Hear What Men Dont Say and Father and Child Imagine a beautiful and protected space that breathing methods) Reunion. supports you to mindfully turn within and Exploring Mindfulness & yogic practice CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. find greater ease, and gives you space to play and somatic expressive methods for CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. and just be with your familyall held in the amplification, containment, and release of Warren Farrell, PhD, has been a pioneer in both dramatic natural surroundings of Esalen. affect (feeling states) the womens and mens movements. His books are This family retreat offers time to unplug from Discovering practices that promote loving- published in 17 languages. His workshops and the busyness of life and find meaningful kindness (metta) books, including Women Cant Hear What reconnection within and without. We will Men Dont Say, train couples and therapists to have time together as a group, and time when These skills are especially applicable for both adults and children meet separately. Adult handle personal criticism without feeling defen- self-healing practices and for health care pro- meditations will support quieting the mind, sive. fessionals in their work with patients. opening the heart, and being present to the Recommended reading: Alexander, Wise Mind beauty and challenge of life. Within this well Open Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Fully Alive: Unveil yourself through include time for discussion about making our Times of Crisis, Loss and Change; Fryba, The Art Mindfulness, Yoga and Conscious Dance family life an integral part of our spiritual of Happiness: Teachings of Buddhist Psychology; Jovinna Chan practice. The childrens meetings will utilize Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginners Mind. Esalens beautiful natural setting (including Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the the Gazebo Park School with its animals and CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. most importing thing right now in my life? gardens), and games to introduce mindful- CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. CE credit for nurses; see page 6. Have you asked yourself these questions? ness and kindness in enjoyable, age-appropri- According to the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient ate ways. This program is open to families of Ronald Alexander, PhD, is the director of the yogic scripture, it is better to live your own any configuration or spiritual background, Open Mind Training Institute, and leads train- dharma (calling) imperfectly, than to live with children ages 3-13. Children of different ings internationally in mindfulness, mind-body someone elses dharma perfectly. Sometimes, ages may be allowed with the permission of therapies, and transformational leadership. however, the greatest challenge is recognizing instructors. Please contact [email protected] He is the author of Wise Mind Open Mind. your dharma. The Gita and your own body com with any questions. A portion of the offer guidance. proceeds from this workshop will benefit the In this experiential program, cultivate your Gazebo Park School, an open air school for Couples Communication Retreat authentic self through the transformative infants and children on the Esalen grounds. Warren Farrell practices of yoga and free-form movement. If Join us for fun, play, and connection as we youre feeling stuck, if youre ready to pursue learn to be more present with our families Our inability to handle personal criticism and with ourselves. your calling, or if you simply love yoga and from loved ones is a common Achilles heel. dance, this program invites you to come alive. ($5 materials fee paid directly to the leader) The more deeply we love, the more fragile Through conscious movement, build the Note: Fees for children under 10 enrolled in we feel. Soon, couples feel they are walking courage to listen to your inner calling. Once Esalen family workshops are $100 for week- on eggshells, unable to express themselves you experience the physical and felt sense end workshops and $250 for 5-day workshops. honestly, and their love fades. Raising of being in alignmentbreath flowing, body Parents/guardians pay regular accommoda- children and money magnify the problems free, full engagementyou can draw on this tions fees. even as they become the reason couples embodied knowing to discern your passions stay together. The result? Couples often Ivy Mayer Lavie, MFT, is influenced by Somatic and dharma. Return home with simple prin- remain legally married but psychologically Experiencing, the Hakomi Method, and her teach- ciples drawn from yoga and Soul Motion to divorcedin a minimum-security-prison ing experience, including for The Marin School, transform your everyday life. No experience marriage. The biggest culprit? Defensive- The Moving Center School, Spirit Rock, and Yes!. required. Please bring a journal. ness. Active listening, a good solution, is She offers Coming of Age programs, psychother- rarely used. When Warren Farrell discov- Recommended reading: Easwaran, tr., The apy, trauma and resiliency work, and movement ered that active listeners often said the right Bhagavad Gita. workshops. thing, but did not feel safe on the inside, he Jovinna Chan, E-RYT 500, is a life mentor and Shai Lavie, MA, MFT, is a certified Hakomi developed a method of transforming the co-founder of Shakti Initiation, and leads trans- therapist and Somatic Experiencing practitio- internal defensiveness into feeling loved. To formational programs around the world. She is ner with a private practice in San Rafael, Calif. enhance the love, couples also are taught an a faculty member of Pranotthan School of Yoga, Shai teaches mindfulness-centered psychotherapy art and discipline of love to be practiced served as the assistant dean, 200- and 500-hour through the Hakomi Institute of California, the throughout the week. After the workshop, teacher trainer for the Kripalu School of Yoga, and Marin Mindfulness Institute, and as an adjunct free on-going group conference calls with professor at Sofia University. 87

90 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. paradigm that asserts the body can heal itself. She your inner critic, and spontaneously express Week of May 29June 3 lives and practices in Auburn, Calif. yourself from a place of deep creativity. Youll write, deeply listen to yourself, and be heard, The Upledger Institute Internationals perhaps for the very first time. You dont have Abandonment to Healing: Overcoming CranioSacral Therapy 1 to be especially artistic, poetic, or clear to Your Self-Defeating Patterns write deeply. You simply need a desire delve Melinda Naye Susan Anderson into self-awareness, and a willingness to CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive, express yourself in writing, even if only for a Abandonment is a primal human fear and the hands-on technique to help detect and cor- week. underlying cause of emotional distress and rect imbalances in the craniosacral system dysfunction. Susan Anderson, psychothera- Bring your favorite journal, writing instru- that may cause sensory, motor, or intellectual pist and author of Taming Your Outer Child ment, and meditation cushion if you have dysfunction. It is used to treat a myriad of and Journey from Abandonment to Healing, will one. health problems, including headaches, neck share powerful tools of emotional and spiritu- and back pain, TMJ dysfunction, chronic Recommended reading: Goldberg, Writing al healing to help you reverse abandonments fatigue, motor coordination difficulties, eye Down the Bones; McLean, Soul-Centered: Trans- universal wound. You will be taught exercises problems, endogenous depression, hyperac- form Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. for each of the five stages of abandonment: tivity, and central nervous system disorders. Sarah McLean is a contemporary mindfulness shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, rage, Participants will learn the detailed anatomy and meditation teacher and best-selling author. and lifting; how to conquer abandoholism and physiology of the craniosacral system, its Shes taught thousands of people to be more and other outer child behaviors; how to functions in health, and its relationship to the present, live with more self-awareness, and meet make new connections; and steps for healing disease processes. Half of the class time will their own minds with meditation. She directs the abandonment. Whether youre experiencing be hands-on, developing the sensitive palpa- McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Ariz., a recent breakup, a lingering wound from the tory skills needed to detect subtle stimuli in known for its international teacher certification past, or struggling to overcome self-defeating the human body. program. patterns, the tools will propel your growth, Class material will concentrate on palpation help restore your sense of self, and increase and its potential as an evaluative and thera- your capacity for love. Gravity and Grace: Yoga for Rewiring peutic process; fascial and soft-tissue release Recommended reading: Anderson, Taming the Subtle Body methods; and the pressurestat model, which Your Outer Child, Journey from Abandonment to explains the mechanism of the craniosacral Peter Sterios Healing, and Black Swan: 12 Lessons of Abandon- system. Participants will learn a ten-step Your mind is a powerful tool of attention, ment Recovery. protocol for evaluation and treatment of the where everything is temporary and nothing entire body. By the end of this intensive pro- Susan Anderson is a psychotherapist who has is impossible, Peter Sterios writes. Using gram, participants will be able to identify and spent 30 years of research, scholarship, and clinical gravity creatively as a catalyst for movement, localize significant restrictions and imbal- experience working with victims of abandonment and grace as a byproduct of surrender, you ances in the craniosacral system. trauma and loss. Founder of Abandonment can experience the gentle rewiring of the Recovery, she is author of Taming Your Outer Note: Registration for this workshop is neural circuits responsible for effortless mo- Child, Journey from Abandonment to through the International Alliance of tion, healing, and infinite possibility. Healing, Black Swan, and others. Healthcare Educators (IAHE) only. IAHE is With an experienced guide and twice-daily a coalition of curriculum developers united yoga practices, this program can help you to advance innovative therapies through high uncover refined levels of attention and focus, quality continuing education programs. To Liberate Your Writing! which are natural outcomes of conscious ac- register, please call 1-800-311-9204. Only tion. It all starts with the understanding that Sarah McLean after you have registered with IAHE and paid our bodies possess many minds including tuition fees will you be able to reserve accom- For many, writing is a spiritual practice that the mind in our brain, the mind in our spine, modations at Esalen. For accommodations leads to a profound experience of timeless- the mind in our heart, and the mind in our pricing chart, see ness. A single moment of inspiration can take gut, to name a few. Each yoga pose has been partner-program-pricing. you on an imaginative journey beyond time developed to encourage greater sensitivity and space. The same is true of meditation and in these seats of mind, through movement Recommended reading: Upledger and Vre- mindfulness practices, which can transform and exercises designed to build flexibility, devoogd, CranioSacral Therapy (chapters 1-6); you physically, spiritually, and emotionally strength, and stillness. This five-day program Upledger, Your Inner Physician and You. as they lift the veil of distraction so you can will include unique yoga-related movement CE credit for nurses; see page 6. commune with your true nature. During this CE credit for massage; see page 6. and guided meditations suitable for those CE credit for acupuncturists; see leader. workshop, best-selling author and meditation with any level of experience, from any style of CE credit for CA PT; see leader. teacher Sarah McLean leads you into provoca- yoga. Instruction will be given with light- Melinda Naye is an instructor with the Upledger tive mindfulness practices, deep meditations, handed guidance and accompanied by mysti- Institute who teaches CranioSacral Therapy and expansive writing exercises. Shell show cal live music. (CST) worldwide. She is passionate about the CST you how to listen to and trust your creative soul, explore your imagination, transcend Recommended reading: Blakeslee and 88

91 Angie Smith Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Blakeslee, The Body has a Mind of its Own; This dynamic workshop experience provides Christopher LaRose combines a background Roach & McNally, How Yoga Works. the opportunity to immerse yourself in the in counseling and Gestalt practice with a love of Farm and Garden alongside our talented and horticulture and farming in his role as teacher Peter Sterios is an internationally recognized experienced staff. This week will introduce and land steward. He is the former Esalen Garden yoga instructor. His DVD, Gravity & Grace, you to the practical and experiential knowl- supervisor, and has taught at the UCSC Center placed in the top 15 yoga videos of all time by edge needed to start or refine your own garden, for Agroecology. Yoga Journal (2010). From 2011-2013, he was as well as a chance to revel in the beauty and Jessica Spain has a passion for teaching others to invited to the White House to teach yoga for power of the Esalen land. You will gain hands- grow food. She has 14 years of diverse agricultural Michelle Obamas anti-obesity initiatives. on experience with topics including seed experiences, from raising milk goats in California starting, harvesting, cultivation, transplanting, to working on a barley farm in Iceland. She is the composting, seed saving, flowers, and herbs. former Esalen Farm Supervisor. Experiencing the Esalen Farm We invite you to explore working on the land and Garden as a physical, emotional and spiritual experi- Christopher La Rose & Jessica Spain ence. As an Esalen work tradition, Gestalt Weekend of June 35 awareness practice is integrated into our time For more than forty years, the Esalen Farm together, to support our growth processes and Garden has provided a holistic model of Soul Motion : Freedom to Soar and group relationships. Each morning after food security and sustainabilityproducing harvest, we gather in a sharing circle to con- Vinn Arjuna Mart food that sustains, heals, and educates the nect with ourselves and each other before community. Growing ones own food is a Are you ready to rediscover your body the day of learning and working. We ground powerful form of activism and a deep source relaxed and restored to its natural birthright and connect with the land through mindful of spiritual experience. The Esalen Farm and of flexibility, ease, and wonder? asks Vinn and playful activities and rituals. The week Garden staff strives to cultivate soil, plants, Mart. Then join us to create dances of culminates with a farm-to-table dinner that and people while honoring the spirit of the spacious teaching and learning of creativity, we prepare and share in gratitude together on land and its ancestors. relationships, and sacred prayer. In our time the beautiful farm. 89

92 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. together we will open the portals of unity Getting Unblocked respects your inner sense of rightness, you and meet the curious player and the prayer Ann Weiser Cornell start with a blocked life issue of your choice within. With a light touch and deep inquiry and follow it through a series of exercises well dance the dance of relaxed liberation, Do you sabotage yourself? Is there something to release whats been holding the block in and cultivate the power to soar high above you really need to get done but you just dont place. You can take home skills to use over the tensions and constrictions that hold us in do it? Are there parts of your life that stay and over whenever life gets stuck. Helping freeze frame. Together we will look beyond stuck no matter how hard you try? Do you professionals can learn powerful tools for limitations in the body and anxieties of the have to force yourself to do what you need to working with clients. mind to embrace the openness of the heart doand even that doesnt work? Ann Weiser Cornell is the best-selling author and jump feet first into our dance. The dance Inspired by what she learned while releasing of The Power of Focusing and The Radical we are meant to do. The dance we must do. her own writers block, Ann Weiser Cornell Acceptance of Everything. She teaches her Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice created a step-by-step program to help you popular workshops in Inner Relationship that utilizes facilitated and unscripted move- get unblocked and find your forward-flowing Focusing and Getting Unblocked internationally, ment, recorded music from all genres, and action. Its based on Inner Relationship both in person and by telephone bridge line. stillness practice to access creativity, cultivate Focusing, a body-based method for listening healthy relationships, and dialogue with that deeply to yourself. divine spark that animates all living things. Learn how to create a climate of acceptance Womens Intimacy, Desire and I welcome you to come and experience the and welcome within, so that you can hear Eroticism: The Triumvirate of excitement, the energy, and the enlivened your blocking and pushing parts without get- Sexual Pleasure presence which dances all of us as we come ting caught up in the struggle. Discover the together to dance and move body and soul. myths and patterns of action blocks and why Alexandra Katehakis Soul Motion is for every body. the harder you try, the less you get done. Do you know the difference between intima- Vinn Arjuna Mart bio on page 32. In a safe and supportive atmosphere that cy, desire, and eroticism? Do you find yourself Daniel Bianche t ta 90

93 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). churning through lovers because your sexual solo performance, or the sacred practice of Claiming Your Voice desire drops off over time? This in-depth journaling. Meredith Haberfeld workshop for women will assist in revealing Topics include: Some of the greatest leaps in personal devel- the answers to these questions, which reside in past sexual experiences and in sexual Writing exercises to stimulate memory opment come when we stop believing that fantasies. When we deconstruct shameful Learning to structure the narrative in a others have more access to deep wisdom than family of origin and cultural messages about compelling way we do, have superior opinions to ours, or hold what good girls do and dont do sexually, we Discovering ways to create spontaneously sway over uswhen we finally know at the can honestly admit our most ardent sexual Overcoming performance anxiety end of the day that we can trust ourselves. desires to ourselves. Taking ownership of our Utilizing tools to release yourself from the This workshop will address many aspects adult sexuality frees us to make better rela- inner critic of claiming your voicein writing, in vocal tionship choices, communicate what we want work, and, most importantly, in daily life Transforming your ideas/stories into and need to an intimate lover, and be more through the choices you make in it. The performance capable of creating and keeping an exciting program will help you gain access to your sexual relationship over time. This workshop, Recommended reading: Pressfield, War of Art. many inner voices as well as different aspects open to women of all sexual orientations, Ann Randolph bio on page 73. of your character, many of which you sup- will examine peak sexual experiences and press and ignore, but which can each provide sexual fantasies in order to pluck out your he- important insights and wisdom in your donic goals. Mindful body awareness, group Basic Sanity: Zen Wisdom for Daily Life everyday life. Finally you can get comfortable interaction, and juicy conversations will Jody Greene & Linda Galijan in your own skin. allow your unique erotic map to emerge, thus increasing your erotic intelligence. Alexandra In this workshop, well study core principles You will deepen the ability to hear yourself Katehakis takes a psycho/spiritual/sexual from the Zen tradition that can help us bring and all that there is to hear. What does your approach to sexuality and defines erotic intel- greater sanity, presence, and ease to our daily body say about how you feel right now? What ligence as the deliberate seeking of pleasure living. While Zen is often associated with do your emotions have to tell you? What feel- coupled with the skilled use of reason. Please black-clad monks in deep meditation staring ings and messages have you been resisting? bring a journal. at a wall, Zen is also a remarkably flexible This workshop will teach you to allow them and enlivening toolbox for learning how to to surface so you can come deeper into your Recommended reading: Katehakis and Bliss, be present to our everyday experience, real own power. Mirror of Intimacy: Daily Meditations on Emo- with our emotions, and honest with both tional and Erotic Intelligence. The days of being guided by pleasing others ourselves and others. It offers simple, invalu- and trying to fix yourself are over. This pro- See Faculty Spotlight on page 10. able guidance for such life skills as gathering gram is for anyone of any age ready to sink into Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, is founder/clini- our lifeforce, cutting down on resistance to the experience of being and trusting yourself. cal director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los whats happening now, diminishing reactiv- ity and projection in our relationships with Meredith Haberfeld is acclaimed for her work Angeles, Calif., co-author of Mirror of Intimacy: with individuals, couples, and families. She par- Daily Reflections on Emotional and Erotic others, and facing the reality of change in our lives. Both Linda and Jody have experience ticipated in the creation of the life coaching pro- Intelligence, and author of Erotic Intelligence: gram at MIT, and her advice has been included Igniting Hot Healthy Sex While in Recovery with monastic practice, and Linda currently directs the oldest Zen monastery in America, in Forbes, Womans Day, and Yoga Journal From Sex Addiction. magazines. Tassajara. Together they are committed to bringing the living wisdom of Zen to a wider Sharing Your Life Story from audience that may find these principles trans- the Page to the Stage formative, both in reducing suffering and Week of June 510 Ann Randolph increasing life energy and joy. Writing from your deepest source, gain Recommended reading: Suzuki, Zen Mind, Qigong Empowerment and insight and self-understanding that can bring Beginners Mind; Trungpa, Smile at Fear. Healing Intensive peace and healing. You will then make your Jody Greene has been practicing Zen Buddhism words leap from the page to the stage, sharing Robert Peng and Yoga since 2001, and has taught yoga and them orally to uncover the power of story meditation both privately and at Yoga Tree in San As a boy in China, Robert Peng apprenticed to transform your life and your listeners. Francisco, Esalen Institute, and Tassajara Zen secretly under the legendary Buddhist monk Through improvisation, writing exercises, Mountain Center. Xiao Yao, who trained him in the martial and group discussion, you will find your Linda Galijan, PhD, was ordained by Sojun Mel and healing arts. As part of his training, authentic voice, along with an honest, organic Weitsman in 2004 and received dharma transmis- Peng spent 100 days meditating and fasting way to express your truth. sion from him in 2012. She has been a professional in a dark, underground chamber deep in the musician, a massage therapist, and a licensed mountains of the Chinese countryside. Xiao Ann Randolph creates a supportive, fun, and clinical psychologist, and has practiced yoga for Yao visited him daily and instructed him in dynamic space in which to create. All levels over 20 years. She currently serves as director of advanced practices to accelerate his spiritual are welcome. This is a workshop for those Tassajara. development. seeking to explore personal essay, memoir, 91

94 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Now, Peng offers a distillation of his train- This journey is a call to stretch our imagina- Bring drums and rattles, a notebook, sketch- ing in the form of Qigong Empowerments. tions with a long-forgotten innocence and pad, a small set of oil or chalk pastels, a ban- During the week, you will be shown funda- move through a spectrum of feminine and dana or eyeshade, and a light blanket. Please mentals of qigong to awaken, empower, and masculine archetypes; to dress up these refrain from alcohol during the workshop. integrate three important energy centers, characters through ritual theater, get inside Recommended reading: Ingerman & Wessel- called Dantians, which regulate wisdom, love, them, and give them expression. No one else man, Awakening to the Spirit World; Wessel- and vitality. When these three qualities are can be a man or woman exactly like you. No man, The Bowl of Light and Journey to the Sacred activated and harmonized, you can transform one else can embody your soul, project your Garden. your energy and improve your relationships magic, or embody your specific curiosity. and the quality of your life. Part lover, part artist, part god, we were born Hank Wesselman bio on page 38. to rock the world and feel our way into each You will be shown the following: others hearts. Hologram palm to empower your three Sharing Your Life Story from Dantians Grounded in the 5Rhythms movement prac- the Page to the Stage tice, this workshop can liberate and inspire Breathing empowerment of the central Ann Randolph us to emerge a bit more fascinated with one meridian another and the mystery of our experience in This is an invitation for you to discover your Three treasures standing meditation to the world. own unique and powerful story and the strengthen your willpower profound transformation that occurs when Jonathan Horan is Gabrielle Roths son and closest Four golden wheels movement exercise to you speak it out loud. Youll learn how to trust make your body more supple collaborator. He is on the core faculty of her inter- your creative impulses, thus embracing all of national institute, The Moving Center. Jonathan Lotus meditation to open your heart to who you are. By becoming the author of your has been immersed in the 5Rhythms practice divine energies own life and learning how to tell your own throughout his life and continues to be a key cata- story, you will not only learn to craft your ex- During the week, Peng will conduct power- lyst in its evolution. perience into a compelling narrative, but you ful group healing energy through breathing will also unleash a sense of purpose in your and visualization. He will also lead chant- Visionseeker: The Shamans Path own life that you never thought possible. ing to organize the groups energy field into into Illumination Through improvisation, writing exercises, a harmonious pattern, so that all organs and group discussion, you can cultivate a flow smoothly and exude radiant healthy Hank Wesselman fearlessness in speaking your truth. light. The rediscovery of shamanism has emerged Ann Randolph creates a supportive, fun, and Recommended reading: Peng with Nasser, as a major thrust in the spiritual reawaken- dynamic space in which to create. All levels The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, ing of the Western world. The techniques of are welcome. This is a workshop for those and Wisdom. traditional shamans provide an extraordinary seeking to explore personal essay, memoir, ($10 materials fee paid directly to the leader) method for accessing hidden dimensions of solo performance, or the sacred practice of Robert Peng is a qigong master and teacher who reality and connecting with inner sources of journaling. has trained 150,000 students throughout the power and wisdom. world. From the age of 8, he apprenticed under Topics include: Hank Wesselman writes, We will rediscover Xiao Yao. The distillation of his training is re- our indigenous heart through the classic Writing exercises to stimulate memory flected in The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for shamanic journey, reestablishing connec- Learning to structure the narrative in a Vitality, Love, and Wisdom book and CD/DVD tions with our spirit helpers, teachers, and compelling way series. ancestors, as we engage in visionary fieldwork Discovering ways to create spontaneously and examine the nature of health, illness, and Overcoming performance anxiety God, Sex and the Body healing from the perspective of spirit medi- Utilizing tools to release yourself from the cine. The workshop offers a clear introduc- inner critic Jonathan Horan tion for those new to the shamans path, and, Transforming your ideas/stories into God, Sex and the Body is and always will be a for the more experienced, provides unique performance profound and integral part of the 5Rhythms material on the soul cluster from the Hawai- curriculum. It has personally informed my way of ian kahuna perspective. Recommended reading: Pressfield, War of Art. being, my teaching style, and, most deeply, my Ann Randolph bio on page 73. Wesselman has worked for more than acceptance of who I am and who I am not. Gabrielle Roth thirty years with scientists investigating the mystery of human origins in East Africa, and In the series of maps that comprise the New Self, New World: A Healing has spent much of his life with indigenous dancing path of the 5Rhythms movement Embodiment of Consciousness people. In the 1970s, doing fieldwork in Ethi- practice, God, Sex and the Body is an initia- opia, he began to have spontaneous visionary Philip Shepherd tion into being an embodied soul, Jonathan experiences strikingly like those of tradi- Heres a little-known fact: 8,000 years ago Horan writes. It is a deeply personal journey, tional shamans. His wife, Jill Kuykendall, is a our ancestors experienced their thinking in a celebration like no other, and a ritual for the physical therapist and transpersonal medical the belly, proposes Philip Shepherd. They hot and holy you. practitioner, specializing in soul retrieval. 92

95 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). relied on that thinking because it allowed Recommended reading: Shepherd, New ate form. Color relationships, design and them to consciously be, feeling the life of the Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the composition, simplifying, and the benefits world around them. As we became a culture Twenty-First Century. of painting outdoors are discussed, as well as of doers who farmed, erected buildings, and CE credit for massage; see page 6. how to design and build a painting that car- rode horses, our center of thinking began to ries an emotional impact. Students focus on Philip Shepherd is the author of New Self, New rise and change. When it migrated into the values, shapes, edges, and color as they relate World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty- head, we turned away from the Mother of to painting. First Century, which shows how our relationship earthly abundance and gave our allegiance to with the body has changed over history, and serves There are brief demonstrations each day and male gods of the sky. Our evolving conscious- as the template for all our relationships. one-on-one advice in the field. Exercises in- ness has arrived at the limit of that trajectory. clude creating small 6x8 color sketches, where We can all feel this in the anxiety, discon- students will paint color block-ins and value nection, and imbalances around and within studies prior to working on larger canvases. us. We now face a new trajectory: a healing Plein Air Painting in Big Sur embodiment of consciousness that reunites In the event of inclement weather, students Jennifer McChristian must bring with them several reference pho- us with the genius of our being within the belly, and harmonizes it with the familiar Join award-winning painter Jennifer Mc- tographs of landscapes. intelligence of the head. Christian for a five-day intensive workshop Recommended reading: Payne, Composition for all levels of artists who want to learn the of Outdoor Painting; Carlson, Carlsons Guide to In this intimate workshop, Philip guides you time-honored joy of painting en plein air. Landscape Painting; Goerschner & Lehrman, through a series of simple and yet profound Painting en plein air is a term made popular Oil Painting, The Workshop Experience. experiences that provide the insights, skills, by the French Impressionists and trans- and practices to carry you into that harmony Jennifer McChristian is an award-winning artist lates as painting in the open air. The deep and its attunement to the present. This is not who was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. spiritual connection to nature derived from a matter of listening to the body, as though it In 1986, she moved to California, where she was this form of intense observation has made it were divided from the mind by a wall; it is the an animation artist for Disney and Nickelodeon, a lasting tradition which is especially needed wholeness of listening to the world through among other studios. She has studied under Rob- in these modern times. the body. When that happens, we find that we ert Blue, Karl Dempwolf, and Steve Huston, and are not merely living in the present; we find The aim is to learn to interpret nature in leads painting and drawing workshops interna- the present living in us. terms of paint, using light and color to cre- tionally. Daniel Bianche t ta 93

96 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. for hours by generating internal heat. They Professional Teacher Training certification Weekend of June 1012 are covered by an invisible blanket of warm program through The Mindfulness Institute. Guardian Qi and dont catch cold. Guardian Mindfulness and Lovingkindness Qi acts like a bulletproof vest that also can James Guay, MFT, is a psychotherapist in West Meditation protect from mental and emotional stress. Hollywood, Calif. He guides his clients using The connection between health and stress is mindfulness and compassion to break free from Shauna Shapiro well known, and in qigong that connection unhealthy limitations. James is the author of the Come learn how to rest in the heart of depends on the condition of our Guardian Qi. e-book, The Gay Mans Guide to Authentic joy, ease and loving presence. Drawing on Living. In this workshop, we focus on working on practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness certain vertebra to strengthen the internal as well as revolutionary research in neurosci- organs through Seasonal Empowerment and Practical Intuition: Full Effectiveness ence, we will explore the transformational by practicing a special exercise known as 4 Living power of meditation. We will discover how Cycles that originates from the fabled Shaolin the weaving together of lovingkindness and Temple. Using these methods, we strengthen Laura Day mindfulness supports us in healing and liv- our Guardian Qi. Robert Peng will also con- You cannot divide the material and the spiri- ing a joyful, vital and compassionate life. duct powerful group healing by inviting in tual world. We are all part of one energy, and In this workshop, youll be taught simple vast universal energy so that all of our organs yet we often revere the spirit without valuing yet potent meditation practices, including may flow smoothly and exude radiant healthy the material self too. We create a lot of loving-kindness practices, mindfulness light. This workshop is open to everyone. inspiration but little material manifestation meditation, mindful movement, and yoga. here on earth. The evidence of evolved hu- Recommended reading: Peng with Nasser, We will also learn about new research in neu- manity and spirituality isthe ability to make The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, roscience that offers this hopeful message: aneffective impact on the physical world. and Wisdom. We can change and reshape our brain to live You are already doing heavy lifting every day ($10 materials fee paid directly to the leader) healthier, happier lives. We will become fa- in the countless acts and challenges of being miliar with specific practices and techniques Robert Peng bio on page 91. human. However, injury to ego development for cultivating greater joy, ease, presence, in childhood can impair your ability to use and genuine compassion, and explore how Gay Men Thriving in Love and Sex intuitive and healing energy to create the life to integrate these effortlessly into our daily through Mindfulness that you want. Pure spirit is not the goal of lives. We will immerse ourselves in the strik- lifeeffective humanity is. This workshop ing natural beauty of Esalen, allowing the Rik Isensee & James Guay can repair the ego so that you can channel the sounds and vistas of the ocean, the exquisite Gay men have been at the forefront of sexual infinite power that belongs to each of us. coastline, and bountiful gardens to nourish liberation, countering homophobia, and In this experiential weekend intensive, we and support our practice. expanding the boundaries of sexuality and will be using intuition, healing, meditation, This workshop is appropriate for anyone curi- intimacy. Yet, many gay men sense there ego retrieval, ritual, group channeling, and ous about meditation and how to deepen our is something missing in their sexual and other practices to actualize your goals, and connection with the beauty and mystery of emotional relationships. How do we create or experience life in all of its complexity with life. Be prepared for unexpected delight. This maintain the aliveness of a thriving sexuality, more joy and mastery. Come work as a com- workshop is suitable for all health care and while at the same time being conscious of our munity of intuitives and healers to re-create education professionals. choices, mindful of their effects, and kind to our lives together. Please bring a blindfold, a each other in the process? We may not associ- journal, and a folder for handouts Recommended reading: Shapiro and Carlson, ate passion and sensuality with mindfulness; The Art and Science of Mindfulness; Salzberg, however, being in deeper connection with Note: During this workshop you will be Lovingkindness. ourselves in the present moment allows for exploring the healing capacities of directed CE credit for psychologists; see page 6. greater connection with others, too. This is intuition; part of this includes participat- CE credit for nurses; see page 6. not a hands-on erotic workshop, but it is ing in and conducting intuitive readings. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 6. Intuition lends itself to direct, clear insight. a safe space for gay men to talk about our Shauna Shapiro bio on page 46. desires, practice mindfulness, and get in This workshop can be very confrontational touch with our own true values. Come join us and sometimes uncomfortable. Please be as we explore how mindfulness can actually sure you are able to approach this work Guardian Qigong: Boost Your with that in mind, and are willing to push Inner Power expand our sense of choice in both sexual desire and emotional intimacy. your boundaries (and have your boundaries Robert Peng pushed). Please refer to required reading for Recommended reading: Isensee, Shift Your more information. When our internal organs are strong and Mood; Goldstein, Mindfulness. healthy, we radiate an energy field called Required reading: Day, The Circle: How The Rik Isensee, LCSW, practices psychotherapy in Guardian Qi that protects the body from Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life the environment. Strong Guardian Qi also San Francisco. He is the author of 3 self-help books and How to Rule the World from Your Couch. enhances the immune system. Some qigong for gay men, plus the mindfulness guide, Shift Your Mood. He is enrolled in the Mindfulness Laura Day has taught at Esalen Insitute for more masters meditate outdoors in wintertime than 2 decades. A New York Times best-selling 94

97 Jenna Kripal Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). author of 6 books on intuition in business, love, our true selves and the mystery of our lives. out Limits, Creativity Rediscovered, and Spiritual and healing, Laura travels the world creating Michele Cassou has created an original ap- Aspects of Creativity (6 volumes). communities of intuitives and healers. proach to painting as a tool for self-discovery ($50 materials fee paid directly to the leader) and spiritual exploration, guiding students Michele Cassou, artist and teacher, developed the for more than twenty years. This workshop Point Zero Painting Method, using painting for is five days of painting, support, stimulation, self-discovery and for exploring the spiritual di- free play, and self-realization for artists and mensions of the creative process. She teaches across Week of June 1217 seekers of all stripes, educators, counselors, the US and Europe, at Zen centers and other meditatorsanyone with a thirst to revitalize venues. The Painting Process Rediscovered: the creative juices. No experience is neces- The Magic of Spontaneous Expression sary, just the desire to unleash your spontane- ous self-expression. All you need to bring is Wake Up and Write! Michele Cassou a painting apron and comfortable shoes. All (Writing as a Path to Awakening) For many of us, it is difficult to simply let go other materials will be provided by the leader. Albert Flynn DeSilver and create. Programmed to fear being judged, For more information visit www.michele we set narrow boundaries on our creativ- Are you ready to experience, and then write ity. The dragons of product, meaning, and forth, the truth of who you really are? Writ- Recommended reading, viewing, and listen- ing is an exploration of consciousness, a control limit our choices of subjects, colors, ing: All materials are available at www.miche- and forms. However, once we find Point Zero, practice toward deeper self-awareness, and it Books: Cassou, Point Zero: Cre- moves us along the path of awakening to our the ground from which creation springs, we ativity Without Limits, Life, Paint and Passion, can push these fears aside and recapture the true nature. Many of our greatest spiritual Questions: To Awaken Your Creative Power to the teachers from around the world were, and magic of spontaneous creation. This work of- Fullest, Kids Play: Igniting Childrens Creativity, fers practical ways to dissolve creative blocks are, writers. From Sappho and Rumi to Pema The Buddhist Art Doctor, and Teachers that Dare. Chodron, Thomas Merton, Jack Kornfield, and find inspiration so that, in a state of infi- DVDs: Cassou, Birth of a Process, Point Zero, The nite possibility, art becomes not a means to an and the Dalai Lamathe written word has the Flowering of Childrens Creativity, and Awaken- power not only to inspire, but also to awaken end but a place we inhabit, a place to explore ing of the Mystic. CDs: Cassou, Creativity With- the very best in the human heart. 95

98 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Reuven Shelef 96

99 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). Join us for this exciting week exploring your The group ventures out each day on hikes The Promise: Advanced Yoga inner and outer creativity. The days will 48 miles in length, exploring the unique for Everyone include periods of sitting meditation, writing natural diversity at the meeting of mountain Mark Whitwell exercises, readings, standing meditation, cre- and sea. From ocean beach to deep canyon to ative visualization, Q&A, sharing, and discus- open ridgeline, Big Sur in summer offers an Yoga is not a linear process. It is direct inti- sion. Come be inspired by your own innate invitation to be fully alive. Simple practices macy with life, and it is available to everyone. creativity, and experience deeper levels of that encourage awareness and contemplation This week, Mark Whitwell offers yogas awareness through the practice of meditation, (how to be idle and blessed) are shared with advanced practices in a way that you can inquiry, writing, and listening to words. You the group, as well as the wonders of the rich integrate and make your own, whether you will be shown innovative writing prompts natural history of Big Sur. are just beginning to practice or have years and techniques, ways to free yourself of writ- of experience. The workshop involves an No previous experience in simplicity or interwoven promise: You promise to practice ing blocks, and how to access deeper levels nature is required. More information and a yoga, and in return you receive the promise of of creativity. You can leave with stronger waiver will be sent upon registration. For an yogas gifts, including health, intimacy, well- writing skills, an expanded sense of your own equipment list and frequently asked ques- being, and joy. In order to experience these divine being, and an extensive understand- tions about Stevens workshops, visit www benefits, your yoga practice must be adapted ing of the connection between creativity and to you, not you to yoga. Marks skillful and consciousness. ($30 permit and park entrance fees heartfelt guidance will help you: This workshop is ideal for both seasoned and paid directly to the leader) new writersjournal writers, memoirists, Explore the five principles of advanced Steven Harper bio on page 62. novelists, poets, and others seeking to explore personal practice the written word with an open heart and Dive into asana, pranayama, and meditation imaginative mind. Inner Power Qigong: The 9 Phases of as a seamless process Qi Cultivation and Mastery Discover how yoga transforms life into an Recommended reading: Kabat-Zinn, Where Roger Jahnke intimate celebration with everything Ever You Go There You Are; Lamott, Bird by Bird; Milosz ed., A Book of Luminous Things. Health, well-being, and longevity can be Experience the nurturing principle as a achieved through cultivating and mastering constant in your life from now on Albert Flynn DeSilver is a poet, author, teacher, qi. Every style of qigongincluding tai chi Return home with understanding and the and speaker. His latest book is Beamish Boy and yogashares a basis in essential prin- embodied felt sense of your own joyful (I Am Not My Story): A Memoir of Recovery ciples. During this workshop, you will have practice & Awakening. Albert teaches at The Omega Institute, Spirit Rock, and at numerous writing the opportunity to awaken and refine natural This program is a regenerative and joy- conferences. He has been meditating, writing, healing and intuitive abilities associated with ful event that will continue to reverberate and teaching for almost 20 years. the most mysterious and neglected aspect of through your daily life in very practical ways. being: the eternal nature, or universal self. For all levels; no prior yoga experience is Starting with the ancient Three Treasures, needed. Please bring a yoga mat. and his awareness of qi, Roger Jahnke will Recommended reading: Whitwell, Yoga of Simply Wild: Experiencing Nature support you in revealing your natural inner Heart and The Promise of Love, Sex, and Inti- Steven Harper with Adam Rumack power to yourself, through the 9 Phases of macy; Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down Cultivation and Mastery of Qi: Discover, Mark Whitwell has enjoyed a lifelong relationship into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, Gather, Circulate, Purify, Direct, Conserve, with the teachings of Krishnamacharya through how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through Store, Transform, and Dissolve. his students T.K.V. Desikachar and Srivatsa the fields, Whether your focus is to heal yourself, Ramaswami. He travels the world teaching yoga which is what I have been doing all day. help others, merge with nature, maximize and is the author of Yoga of Heart: The Healing Tell me, what else should I have done. intuition and creativity, or work toward inner Power of Intimate Connection and The Prom- Mary Oliver peace, these nine phases, with their roots in ise of Love, Sex and Intimacy. The week is simple. We stroll through ancient tradition, are tools with extraordinary the wilds of Big Sur on hikes, soak in the power to release your inner potential. natural mineral hot springs, eat good whole- Gestalt Practice and Cortical Field The 9 Phases Qigong is distilled from Dr. Re-Education: Developing Emotional some food, and commune with ourselves, Jahnkes book, The Healing Promise of Qi, and Somatic Resources others, and nature. With the bare attention Chinese medical theory, and philosophies of of awareness and wilderness as our teacher, Dorothy Charles & Patrice Hamilton Taoism and Buddhism. we show up for our life as it unfolds mo- Recommended reading: Jahnke, The Healing Increasing awareness of our somatic sense ment to moment. We make inquiry into the Promise of Qi and The Healer Within. of self provides new options for developing process of getting out of our own waydo- more effective psychological and physical pat- ing less and being more. Cultivating silence, CE credit pending for acupuncturists; see page 6. terns. This experiential workshop blends the space, and simplicity, we come into intimate CE credit for nurses; see page 6. CE credit for massage; see page 6. slow, developmental movement of Cortical contact with the raw beauty of this mysteri- Roger Jahnke bio on page 13. Field Reeducation with individual and group ous world. 97

100 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Gestalt work to address how habitual, uncon- and ravaging the earth) into a Life Economy Parents/guardians pay regular accommoda- scious beliefs and behaviors formed early in (ending pollution and hunger and developing tions fees. life lead to habitual ways of responding that new forms of communications, energy, trans- Joanna Claassen bio on page 72. limit life experience. portation, and business). You will experience Sean Brennan bio on page 73. approaches taught by experts of sustainable Through mindfulness, explorations of forgot- transformation from the Amazon, Andes, ten movement patterns, and Gestalt Aware- Himalayas, and Asian Steppes. Be inspired Fathers and Sons: Celebrating Fathers ness Practice, we contact the here-and-now, through powerful shamanic journeys and a Day in the Tradition of the Old Ways where change and growth are possible. As we Mayan fire ceremony (weather permitting) to become more present in our bodies, we may Steven Harper, Kes Harper & Kai Harper realize your true dream, manifest your high- discover an inability to identify what we are It is a wise child that knows his own father. est purpose, and create real prosperity. feeling, or thatbecause of painful memo- Homer ries, and difficulty in experiencing feelings This is a workshop for people who want to directlywe have been avoiding them. elevate consciousness and change the world. It is a wise father that knows his own child. William Shakespeare This is a relational process. Working in an John Perkins is a leading authority on shaman- Over the ages, fathers and sons have jour- empathic, supportive group setting creates ism and transformation, advisor to the UN, neyed together into the wilds of nature, a container in which new ways of moving World Bank, CEOs, and many governments, and traveling light, living simply, and stepping to- and being can be expressed and explored. New York Times best-selling author of 9 books gether on the path of what is known and what This workshop provides the experience of including Shapeshifting and The New Confessions is unknown as students and teachers for one making contact with people who are present of an Economic Hit Man. He teaches internation- another. This weekend is a time for fathers and accepting, making it possible to develop ally, co-founded The Pachamama Alliance, and and sons to come together as individuals, a greater capacity for feelings. We can then founded DreamChange. family, and community to explore the natural learn to use our feelings as guides that help us Sara Vetter is the business development director wild areas of Big Sur and the relationship of live more authentically, moving beyond hab- at the Soul of Money Institute. She leads trips father and son in a community of men. its of being and relating that no longer serve to the Amazon rainforest for The Pachamama us. In addition, changes in habitual muscular Alliance, a non-profit organization that links Our time together is simple, says Steven. holding patterns result in a body that is better indigenous people of the Amazon with committed Participants will be introduced to basic able to support changes made on any level people worldwide to create a socially just human contemplative and awareness practices from emotional, physical, or psychological. presence on this planet. She also works closely with various wisdom traditions. Our time out- the Nobel Women Peace Prize Laureates. doors during the weekend will be spent on a Recommended reading: Perls, Gestalt Therapy day hikes (four to six miles in length) into the Verbatim; Feldenkrais, The Potent Self. rugged beauty of Big Sur and on the Esalen Dorothy Charles bio on page 84. Celebrating Fatherhood grounds. Much of our time will be in silence, Patrice Hamilton bio on page 34. Joanna Claassen & Sean Brennan quiet dialog, and reflective exercises that invite participants to pay attention to that Inspired by Big Surs wild nature and the which has heart and meaning. During indoor heartfelt path of fatherhood, this family work- sessions, we will share experience, stories of Weekend of June 1719 shop will be a weekend of laughter, explora- the path, and poems of inspirationwith a tion, and connection. There will be stories touch of creative humor to add balance. around the campfire, games, discussion, Revolution: Shapeshifting Yourself Longtime Esalen leader Steven Harper and and time for all to be nourished by Esalens and the World two sons, Kai and Kes, will lead the week- healing land and waters. We will use Esalens John Perkins & Sara Vetter Gazebo Park School, designed for children to end. This father-and-son team, along with climb, bike, garden, make music, dance, and the group, will weave together an eclectic We have entered the greatest revolution in care for farm animals, as well as the art barn mix that draws from collective life experi- history: the birth of a new era in which we and Esalens extraordinary and expansive ence and training. All levels of experience create a Life Economy for a Living Earth, grounds. Whether you have been coming to are welcome; however, the group is limited write John Perkins and Sara Vetter. Esalen for decades or are a first-timer, join us to participants fourteen years and older. During this experiential workshop, well for this special Fathers Day experience. On More information and a waiver will be sent help you open to your passions and co-create Saturday afternoon, we will offer a childrens upon registration. For an equipment list and this revolutiona Consciousness Revolution program during which adults will be free to frequently asked questions about Stevens prophesied by the Maya of Central America, book a massage, enjoy some solitude, or spend workshops, visit the Quechua of the Andes, Himalayan Bud- time with one another. This program is ideal .html. dhists, desert Bedouins, and other cultures, for families with young children up to age 10. ($10 park-entrance fees paid directly to the leaders) and now recognized by cutting-edge modern All children must be accompanied by a par- Steven Harper bio on page 62. thinkers. John and Sara will share their com- ent or guardian. Kes Harper is a native Big Sur local, a graduate bined experiences with business and govern- of Esalens Gazebo School, and a full-time student Note: Fees for children under 10 enrolled in ment leaders and indigenous shapeshifting at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He Esalen family workshops are $100 for week- teachers to empower your role in transform- and his brother have spent their entire lives train- end workshops and $250 for 5-day workshops. ing the Death Economy (militarizing people 98

101 Jens Wa zel Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). ing their father Steven in the ways of innovative Our program will consist of lecture, setting for heightening sensory awareness parenting. discussion, and suggestions for practices of and cradling yourselves in loves embrace. El- Kai Harper is a Big Sur local and a graduate of mindfulness and lovingkindness as well as len and Carl will share and demonstrate the Esalens Gazebo School and the University of Cali- building self-trust. essential elements of an Esalen Massage prac- fornia,Santa Barbara, with a degree in psychol- tice as well as specific massage techniques for Recommended reading: Richo, You Are Not ogy. He works full time as an assistant resident relieving the stresses of daily life. In addition What You Think: The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem director at UCSB with an interest in fostering to enhancing intimacy and communication and Generous Love. student self-actualization, positive group dynam- in primary relationships, these tools learned ics, and social justice education. David Richo, PhD, MFT, is psychotherapist, can be shared with children, family, and author, and workshop leader. He shares his time friends. between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, Calif. The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem This workshop is open to all couples, part- Dave has taught at Esalen annually since 1994. and Generous Love ners, family members and friends who love He combines psychological and spiritual perspec- each other and want to touch with love, care, David Richo tives in his work, especially from Jung and Bud- presence, and skill. dhism. Our ego is healthy when it helps us fulfill This workshop is also useful for those in the our life goals, David Richo writes. When helping and healing professions in working an ego becomes too big for its britches, it be- Touching Essence: Esalen Massage with their clients and patients. comes egotism, the main obstacle to healthy Retreat for Couples relating. We may find egotistical behavior Recommended reading and viewing: Horan, Carl Swanson & Ellen Watson Connecting Through Touch; Steindl-Rast, The objectionable and unjustified. Our style in this workshop, however, is not to demean This program is specifically designed to Listening Heart; Watson, The Art of Essential egotists. We get it that the swagger is based enhance the quality and experience in loving Touch: Volume II DVD. on self-doubt, fear, and shame. So we can still relationships through the sense of touch. CE credit for massage; see page 6. feel compassion for what led to ego-armoring Remaining aware of self while giving atten- Carl Swanson bio on page 82. in the first place. We work gently with this tion to another is a foundational practice for Ellen Watson travels extensively, sharing the scared part of ourselves and others. We do not all sustainable relationships, and especially essence of her 26 years at Esalen. Ellen founded abandon our own ego; we rehabilitate it. important in giving and receiving Esalen MovingVentures, whose mission is vocational Massage. Spirituality is continual surrender of ego education in the fields of breathwork, and somatic rather than looking for ways to endorse, Learning the Esalen approach to healing and movement arts. Since 1998, she has focused fortify, or reinforce it. Egolessness is in us all through touch can be a powerful skill for on supporting the people of Bali, Indonesia. and when we find it we embark on the path to deepening connection in all relationships. true self-esteem and generous love for others Esalens stunning natural beauty and the and ourselves. natural hot springs baths provide an ideal 99

102 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. esa lens 12th annua l yoga festi va l Summer Solstice Sadhana Immersed in the natural splendor of Esalen, path of yoga. Janet blends the alchemy of her own well experience yoga asana, pranayama, practice with decades of study. She aspires not to kirtan, meditation, dance, and satsang. The teach but to allow the practice to emanate from festival begins on Sunday evening with an her, letting awareness blend with movement and opening gathering for everyone to come breath. Based in Bali and San Francisco, she leads together in community to set our collective immersions, retreats, workshops, and more. www. intention for the week. Each morning will be open for rest, taking a meditative walk around Sianna Sherman is an the grounds, joining in a sunrise yoga class, internationally celebrated or spending time in the Esalen baths. After yoga teacher, evocative breakfast, there will be offerings of asana storyteller, and passionate classes from Janet Stone, Saul David Raye, and speaker at conferences and Sianna Sherman, including one workshop festivals throughout the each day that explores the different ways we world. She is the founder can support our practice of living yoga. Jason of Mythic Yoga Flow and Nemer, founder of acro yoga, also joins this the co-founder of Urban Priestess, a modern-day Kodiak Greenwood years lineup. Live music will be offered every mystery school for women. Sianna leads 200 + day in the Leonard Pavilion, inviting us to 300-hour teacher trainings around the globe, and step deeper into the souls awakening rhythm. contributes to Mantra, Yoga Journal, Origin Mag- After a nourishing lunch, well be free to azine, and Elephant Journal. She co-created the receive massages, soak in the baths overlook- Goddess Yoga Project with Yoga Journal, an online ing the Pacific, rest, recharge, and connect program to help women step into their power and Week of June 1924 with other companions on this journey. After- use it to serve the world. Sianna is committed to noon sessions will include partner Thai yoga, Janet Stone, Sianna Sherman & helping ignite the alchemy of yoga for a lifetime of restorative practice, tantric philosophy for our Saul David Raye, with Jason Nemer sustainable practice and transformation. www. modern lives, and meditation. Evenings will S ince ancient times, solstices include kirtan, rituals, and the final evening and equinoxes have been essential and will be a celebration and a reflection of our Saul David Raye is an sacred points in the year to honor the week spent together. Weather and fire season internationally acclaimed flow of life on earth. They are times for us to permitting, a sweat lodge may be offered, for teacher, healer, and mystic come back into balance and harmony. Right which participants will be asked to pay a $20 known for his empower- now it is more important than ever to come fee. Sweat lodges are an intimate experience ing and transformational together to amplify the positive and healing and space may be limited. approach to yoga, healing, energies. Now is the time to reconnect to and spirituality. Sauls Join us for this annual gathering as we the light within ourselves. This light is the teaching draws on the celebrate the rhythms and passage of life on essence of our being, and each one of us can depth of the yoga tradition and all forms of univer- the summer solstice at Esalen. Each year we share that light with the world. sal light, love, and wisdom. Since his teenage years return and offer ourselves to the land, sea and he has traveled to Asia, India, and throughout the As the Earth moves through its cycles of dark- each other. Please bring a yoga mat. US studying yoga, Thai massage, pranic healing, ness into light and back again, our souls move Please note: There is an additional $101 tuition and meditation with masters of various spiritual through a parallel journey. When the Sun fee for this program. and healing traditions. Through the grace of his rises to the highest point in the sky, we can teachers and guides he is able to bring alive the u be reminded of our own radiance, strength, essence of ancient wisdom teachings for modern and power to ascend to our fullest potential. Janet Stone began seekers, in a way that allows students to connect During this week of yoga, well embark on a studying meditation at deeply with their own authentic power and spirit. journey from darkness to light, contraction age seventeen under the to expansion, and discover ways to access the guidance of Prem Rawat. light that is already emanating from us and His reverence for finding Jason Nemer is the founder of acro yoga and has bring it more fully into the world. This festival simplicity and joy in the been blessed with many great teachers on his path. is a rare opportunity to study with innovative rise and fall of life live on in During his teenage years he trained with some of yoga teachers from various traditions in an her practice and teaching the top Russian and Bulgarian acrobatic masters. intimate environment where your deepest today. In 1996, she traveled to India, the birthplace Currently he travels to teach, study, and bring com- being can be nourished on every level. of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the munities together. 100

103 Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536). that pays the bills and makes your heart sing. decisions. Each day there will also be some Weekend of June 2426 Join Adam Smiley Poswolsky, best-selling form of movement practice and a meditation author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, to experience. The workshop will emphasize Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples build a career worth having! Tap your creative making wise choices through clarification of potential, create a purpose-driven career, and your values. Additionally, there will be writ- Sam Jinich & Michelle Gannon come alive inside and outside of the work- ten assignments to allow you to get clearer The Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples is place so you make the most of your twenties on where you are presently in life and also based on practices drawn from Emotionally and thirties. create a vision for yourself. This retreat will Focused Therapy (EFT), attachment theory, specifically focus on looking within versus Through interactive sessions designed to and Sue Johnsons best-selling book, Hold dwelling on external circumstances. Expect a encourage vulnerability and accountability, as Me Tight. The work will be designed around weekend of self-exploration, self-inquiry, and well as visual exercises and writing prompts, seven conversations that have been shown ultimately, self-knowing for people in their you can gain clarity on what meaningful to be essential to successful relationships. 30s and 40s. work is for you and how to make a purpose- Relationships can be a cause of stress and driven career change. Identify the roadblocks Recommended reading: Moffitt, Emotional pain or a source of comfort and joy. Couples and fears holding you back, and develop your Chaos to Clarity: How to Live More Skillfully, will learn how to understand and improve career-success road map. Explore how to Make Better Decisions, and Find Purpose in Life their relationships via presentations, private incorporate the self-love rituals you need to and Dancing with Life: Buddhist Insights for exercises, conversations with relationship succeed, take action towards your goals, and Finding Meaning and Joy in the Face of Suffering. partners, and by watching video demonstra- build a supportive community that will help tions. By utilizing exercises drawn from Phillip Moffitt, former CEO and editor-in- you find meaning beyond what you do. Ca- EFT, Sam Jinich and Michelle Gannon help chief of Esquire magazine, is the founder and reer exploration should be invigorating and couples learn how to deal with their feelings president of the Life Balance Institute. He is also fulfilling, not draining and intimidating. together, reach towards each other, be respon- co-guiding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation sive in more loving and positive ways, and Recommended reading: Pressfield, The War of Center. Phillip is the author of 2 books: Emo- move from isolation and frustration to secu- Art; Newport, So Good They Cant Ignore You. tional Chaos to Clarity and Dancing with rity, emotional safety, and lasting relationship Life. Adam Smiley Poswolsky is the author of satisfaction. The Hold Me Tight Workshop The Quarter-Life Breakthrough. He has welcomes all couples. inspired professionals to find meaningful work Waking Up, Together: An Excursion Recommended reading: Johnson, Hold Me through speaking internationally at Fortune into Embodied Inquiry Tight; Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love 500 companies and conferences, and leading workshops at Hive, The Bold Academy, The Zuza Engler & Scott Engler and Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships. Passion Co., CIIS, and General Assembly. What if one day, you woke up smack in the midst of the human condition with abso- Sam Jinich, PhD, is a San Francisco-based lutely no need to fix, deny, solve, or transcend clinical psychologist, relationship expert, and anything? What if you knew how to offer Hold Me Tight workshop leader for couples. Changes and Transitions in Your 30s your friends, family, co-workers, children, He is a certified trainer, supervisor, and therapist and 40s: How to Stay True to Yourself clients, patients, or students (and yourself!) a in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Phillip Moffitt spacious, centered presence that could meet co-founder of the Northern California Commu- every feeling, ache, joyand impermanence nity of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Your 30s and 40s are a transitional time in itself? life. For most people, these decades are a time to make unique choices about how you Step through the portals of conscious move- Michelle Gannon, PhD, is a San Francisco-based want your life to be, and to find and step into ment and embodied exploration into adirect clinical psychologist, relationship expert, and your power. Yet these years can be fraught experience of this messy, mysterious, and Hold Me Tight workshop leader for couples. with questions, concerns, and fears. How do magnificent human life.Let the inquiries of She is a certified supervisor and therapist in I know what will make me happy? What is Soul Motion, Gestalt Practice, and body- Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).Michelle meaningful? How can I be more authentic? based meditation take you on a wild ride has co-led more than 125 couples workshops. Who am I, anywayand how do I make big into the heart of creativity, community, and decisions? This workshop offers tools, prac- connection. tices, and principles that can help you answer Warning! Common side-effects include Come Alive in Your 9 to 5: Building a these questions. increased enthusiasm for being present; Meaningful Career in Your Twenties The program will explore topics including spontaneous relaxation of body and mind; the Adam Smiley Poswolsky intimacy, self-esteem, fulfillment in work, re-opening of curious eyes, ears, and heart; money, doubts and insecurities, and life and sustained moments of genuine contact As 20- and 30-somethings, information balance. Each day there will be teachings, with yourself and others. overload and too much social media can small group discussions, personal inquiry, spiral us into career confusion. During this This is just a beginning, not another quick and participatory exercises. Youll have the workshop, learn how to go from overdosing fixmainlybecause theres nothing to opportunity to assess the issues in your life, on Facebook-induced FOMO to finding work fix.Ours is a journey with no destination, develop options, and create a plan for making 101

104 See pages 110 111 for reservations, fees, accommodations, scholarship information, and discounts. Daniel Bianche t ta a whimsical dancing path intoa more fully ticing insight meditation for more than 25 years. made into a film starring Reese Witherspoon. Her embodied experience of life.All arewelcome. She co-authored A Clinicians Guide to Teaching books have been translated into forty languages CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see leader. Mindfulness. around the world. She lives in Portland, Ore. Zuza Engler bio on page 27. Pam Houston is the author of 5 books of fiction Scott Engler bio on page 53. and nonfiction including Cowboys Are My Week of June 26July 1 Weakness and Contents May Have Shifted. Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: She is the director of creative writing at UC Davis We Need Two Wings to Fly Writers Camp and lives in Colorado near the headwaters of the Rio Grande. Christiane Wolf Cheryl Strayed, Pam Houston, Steve Almond, Steve Almond is the author of 10 books of fiction Are you curious about mindfulness and Samantha Dunn Camp, Alan Heathcock & and non-fiction. His work has been published in self-compassion and about their transforma- Faith Adiele The Best American Short Stories, Pushcart tive potential for you? Join us for a weekend Writers take over the entire Esalen campus Prize, The New York Times Magazine, and of practicing and learning together. While during this annual workshop organized by elsewhere. mindfulness teaches us to pay attention best-selling author, Cheryl Strayed. In ses- Samantha Dunn Camp was a PEN Award to what is happening inside and out, self- sions led by each of the five distinguished fac- finalist for her novel, Failing Paris. She has compassion changes the way we pay atten- ulty members, youll hear lectures, do writing also authored 2 memoirs. Her essays are widely tion. Just as a bird needs two wings to fly, exercises, discuss the art and craft of prose anthologized, and her writing has been featured mindfulness and compassion support and writing, and have the opportunity to share in many publications, including O the Oprah strengthen each other in a beautiful way. Let your work in a nurturing environment that Magazine and Ms. She teaches in the UCLA the gorgeous setting of Esalen support you engages and challenges writers of all levels, Writers Program. in exploring new ways of being. In a safe and from the novice to the advanced. Because the Alan Heathcock is the author of VOLT, which supportive environment, well practice new focus of the workshop is on generating new was named as a New York Times Editors Choice, ways to engage with the fullness of life to be writing rather than critiquing manuscripts, and was a Barnes and Noble Discover Prize final- more real, more joyful, and more alive. This you simply begin where you are. This is a fun, ist. Heathcock received a fellowship from the NEA workshop is for people new or relatively new creative, inspiring week designed to ignite and he is a literary fellow for the state of Idaho. to mindfulness and/or self-compassion prac- and re-ignite your passion for the stories you Faith Adiele is the author of two memoirs, tice, and those who want to freshen up their have to tell. including Meeting Faith, which won the PEN knowledge and understanding. Award. Shes the writer/narrator/subject of a PBS Please note: There is an additional $40 tuition Please bring a mediation cushion or bench documentary and co-editor of an international charge for this event. and mat. multicultural anthology. She teaches at California See Spotlight on page 9. College of the Arts, VONA/Voices, and The San Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD, is a physician turned Francisco Writers Grotto. Cheryl Strayed is the bestselling author of four mindfulness and Mindulness Based Stress Reduc- books, including the memoir Wild, which was tion teacher, author, and speaker. She has been prac- 102

105 Faculty Index A Ann Weiser Cornell 90 H Mark Abramson 68, 83 Jean Couch 75 Meredith Haberfeld 91 Faith Adiele 9, 102 Dixie Cox 70 Patrice Hamilton 34, 97 Ronald Alexander 86 Stewart Cubley 73 Eleanor Criswell Hanna Martine Amita Algier 84 Raphael Cushnir 61 84 Suze Allen 64 Kai Harper 98 Steve Almond 9, 102 D Kes Harper 98 Margo Anand 46 Karishma Darby 80 Steven Harper 61, 97, 98 Katchie Ananda 52 Laura Davis 55 Devarshi Steven Hart- Susan Anderson 88 Laura Day 94 man 13 Susan Aposhyan 47 Lorie Eve Dechar 29 Geneen Marie Haugen 42 Lena Axelsson 29 Albert Flynn DeSilver 95 Lamara Heartwell 15 Harvey Deutch 37 Alan Heathcock 9, 102 bill ja mes Bob Doppelt 45 Michele Hbert 67 B Patrick Douce 58 Clifford Henderson 70 Ryan Babineaux 34 Jim Duffy 71 Gay Hendricks 11, 34 Oliver Bailey 54, 83 Katie Hendricks 11, 15, 34 Juergen Bamberger 63 Christy Hengst 20, 22 James Baraz 37, 45 E Henry Shukman 24 Pawan Bareja 51 Steve Edelman 76 Paul Heussenstamm 52 L O Julienna Hever 76 Christopher La Rose 89 Leanne OShea 29 Paul Sibcy 69 Eileen Barker 74 Karen Ely 13 Stephen Sideroff 31 Helmut Hillenkamp Christa Lancaster 71 Gina Ogden 26, 28 Ellen Bass 72 Ellen Emmet 7, 36 Annellen Simpkins 63 20, 22 Ivy Mayer Lavie 48, 87 Brita Ostrom 46, 56 Nora Bateson 22 Matthew Engelhart 17, C. Alexander Simpkins Lee Holden 19 Shai Lavie 87 Mestre Beiola 15 20, 45 63 Johanna Holloman 25, 66 Lee Lesser 68 Dyrian Benz-Chartrand Terces Engelhart 17, Perry Holloman 25, 66 P Licia Sky 27 23 20, 45 Noah Levine 13, 108 Kristi Panik 26 Jessica Spain 89 Jonathan Horan 92 Gregg Levoy 51, 55 Sam Berne 48, 106 Matt Englar-Carlson 68 Laurie Lioness Parizek Rupert Spira 7, 36 Lucia Horan 16, 62, 64 Bradley Lewis 108 Susan Bernstein 35 Scott Engler 53, 101 56, 83 Tracee Stanley 56 Peggy Horan 54 Andrea Lieberstein 66, 68 Micheline Berry 60 Zuza Engler 27, 53, 101 Laurel Parnell 80 Peter Sterios 88 Jean Houston 20 Tias Little 24 Rachel Berry 63 Ulrika Engman 72, 74 Robert Peng 91, 94 Robin Stern 75 Pam Houston 9, 102 Carol Bevilacqua 11, 33 John Perkins 98 Mark Stevens 68 Darren Huckle 83 Timothy Beyer 60 F Dorothy Hunt 7, 36 M Char Pias 12 Janet Stone 100 Charlie Bloom 28 Miranda Macpherson 49 Bill Plotkin 42 Michelle Stransky 8, 23 Jessica Fagan 12 Terry Hunt 59 Linda Bloom 28 Eric Maisel 62 Adam Smiley Poswolsky Cheryl Strayed 9, 102 Mark Fairfield 29 Corinne Bourdeau 57 Dean Marson 46 101 Carl Swanson 82, 99 Robin Fann-Costanzo 27 Kelly Boys 71 Warren Farrell 87 I Vinn Arjuna Mart 32, 89 John Prendergast 71 Ann Bradney 31 Amy Ippoliti 41 Konda Mason 8, 23 David Presti 26 Marc Bregman 71 Vinny Ferraro 16, 108 Rik Isensee 94 Charlea Massion 21 George Protos 107 T Lisa Firestone 76 Rene Trudeau 34 Sean Brennan 72, 98 Ira Israel 67 Nora Matten 51, 82 Jett Psaris 51 Thomas Michael Fortel Deborah Eden Tull 52 Rick Brown 37 Felicia Matto-Shepard 27 17, 69 Phillip Burrus 46 Edward Maupin 39 Jeff Foster 7, 10, 36, 52 J R Vernon Bush 64 Benjamin Fox 29 Roger Jahnke 13, 31, 97 Camille Maurine 23 Charu Rachlis 45 U, V Katy Butler 14 Jennifer McChristian 93 Daniela Urbassek 27, 51 Ron Frederick 60 Renee Jennings 29 Ann Randolph 73, 91, Jerome Front 76 Sam Jinich 101 Liam McDermott 80 Sara Vetter 98 92, 107 C Johnsmith 105 Sarah McLean 88 Cida Vieira 15 Saul David Raye 100 Laurie Cahoon 69 Deborah Anne Medow Barry Vissell 15 G Shiva Rea 47, 50 Samantha Dunn Camp 19, 80 Joyce Vissell 15 Erin Gafill 84 K Stella Resnick 54 9,102 Phillip Moffitt 101 Marc Gafni 25 Will Kabat-Zinn 10, 72 David Richo 99 Michael Molin-Skelton Charlie Cascio 80 Linda Galijan 91 Menas Kafatos 11, 37, Barry Robbins 60 W Michele Cassou 95 75 Michelle Gannon 101 Risa Kaparo 16 Mike Robbins 83 Robert Walter 49 Joyce Catlett 76 Bill Morgan 49, 106 Terry Gargiulo 67 Alexandra Katehakis Lorin Roche 23, 46 Ellen Watson 99, 106 Joe Cavanaugh 64 Susan Morgan 49, 106 Michael Gelb 13, 14 10, 90 Yuval Ron 53 Anne Watts 55 Leslie Cerier 32, 33 Jean Morrison 84, 108 Michael Gelbart 74 Athena Katsaros 41 Peggy Rubin 20 Mark Watts 22 Jovinna Chan 87 Eric Moya 107 Cornelia Gerken 85 Sam Keen 41 Peter Russell 7, 36, 56 Leah Weiss 41 Alejandro Chaoul 71 Caroline Muir 58 Siegmar Gerken 85 Sally Kempton 7, 25, 36 Hank Wesselman 38, 92 Dorothy Charles 84, 97 Charles Muir 58 Girish 28 Jim Kepner 40 S Mark Whitwell 97 JoAnne Chartrand-Benz Mary Elizabeth Murphy Mariah Fenton Gladis Lourdes Quiroz Kepner Kerena Saltzman 67 Rob Wilks 19, 108 23 57 43, 45 40 Gahl Sasson 82 Cris Williamson 33 Kenn Chase 80, 105 Tom Myers 31, 33 Esther Gokhale 63 Jerry Kermode 44 Banafsheh Sayyad 56 Marianne Williamson Victoria Chase 80, 105 8, 23 Aviva Gold 59 YaAcov Darling Khan 38 Richard Schwartz 16, 19 Jeena Cho 35 Jonathan Goldman 59 Daphne Rose Kingma N Paul Selig 40, 42 Andy Abrahams Wilson Joanna Claassen 72, 98 Melinda Naye 88 81 Eric Goodman 70 18, 28 Peter Selwyn 64 Michael Clemmens 29, Mehrad Nazari 67 Nicholas Wilton 39 Jnana Gowan 64 Bessel van der Kolk 27 Shauna Shapiro 46, 94 73, 107, 108 Jason Nemer 100 Christiane Wolf 102 Lynda Greenberg 24 Pam Kramer 60, 76 Paula Shaw 42, 44 Kenneth Cohen 42 Linda Nicholls 38,105 Adam Wolpert 65, 108 Jody Greene 91 Mary Ann Kraus 29 Philip Shepherd 92 Mark Coleman 64 Mark Nicolson 15 Wilma Wyss 11, 33 Mingtong Gu 50 Jean Kristeller 66, 68 Jenn Sherer 75 Karen Cook 17 Wes Scoop Nisker 52 James Guay 94 Sianna Sherman 100 Daniel Cordaro 75, 77 Todd Norian 21, 23 103

106 Work Study Program T he Work Study program is a twenty-eight day immersion in Esalens integrative approach to per- sonal and social development. The program combines a rigorous course of study in one T his summer, Esalen offers its second annual Integral Leadership Program (ILP) Summer Leadership Series. ILP is the focus for the June, July, and August Work Study months, which showcase the talents of leaders across a variety area of transformative practice with the of disciplines. Esalens ILP provides students with the opportunity to supplement opportunity for deep relationship with the university learning with an unparalleled immersion into the Esalen experience. We Esalen land and community. Work Study is a rich and challenging way to embody hold the firm belief that everyone is capable of the extraordinary, and that each of the idea that mental, physical, emotional, us is using only a small part of our innate, creative human potential in everyday spiritual, and social dimensions of the self life. In our experience, profound and transformational change is sparked through are inextricably connected. Please see the development of all dimensions of our natural human capacities: mind, body, spirit, following pages for descriptions of Work heart, and community. Study courses. At the heart of the Work Study experience The ILP curriculum integrates those dimensions and focuses on critical skills for are the evening sessions. During these leaders: emotional intelligence, self-expression, compassion, ecological awareness, meetings, which occur four to five evenings conflict resolution, and cross-cultural communication. Esalens integral, living-and- per week, workscholars in each discipline learning educational model combines classroom experiences and transformative meet together for core studies. The group practices with communal work and living, guided by the idea that the mental and leader or leaders for each discipline are highly experienced teachers who coordi- physical dimensions of the self, other, and land are inextricably linked. Esalens nate the course of study and guide scholars ILP is open to university-enrolled, college-bound, gap-year students and recent throughout the month. As a complement graduates. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion and may be to their studies, workscholars participate in eligible to receive college credit. Many schools offer credit for ILP. Speak to your Esalens daily operations by volunteering 32 professor or external studies department to see if you qualify. For details, contact hours per week, usually in the housekeeping department or the kitchen, in exchange for [email protected] or visit their housing and meal costs. Contemplative and transformative practices are woven into the work environment at Esalen, so each day there are valuable opportunities for self and group exploration, including group process and check-in. The Legacy Program is a second type of twenty-eight day work study experience Daniel Bianche t ta at Esalen. With class sessions meeting just twice a week, with one intensive day of classes during the month, Legacy work- scholars have more flexibility in their schedules to attend residential education classes (regularly occurring learning events designed for Esalen staff) and daily move- capable of the work you may be assigned. Commitment to the Work Study program is ment arts programs. Legacy programs are Workscholars are assigned to departments from 4 pm of the first Sunday to 7:30 pm of usually a mix of workscholars and Esalen on the basis of community need, so please the final Sunday. Do not plan to take regu- staff. Legacy workscholars also volunteer 32 be ready to jump in anywhere. larly scheduled catalog workshops during hours per week with an Esalen department, your stay. and the tuition for Legacy is the same as the The Work Study application is on page 109. Fees: A deposit of $400 in US currency traditional Work Study program. Please note: The Work Study program is is required with your application. Fees Workscholars are selected by application designed to explore and apply human values will not be processed until your place in a only. After applications have been accepted, and potentials. It is not intended as a substitute program is secured and you have accepted. participants may register for the program. for therapy or as a cure. Esalen encourages The workscholar fee is $1,150 for the month. Some of the work can be physically chal- workscholars to refrain from alcohol use during Fees are subject to change and are due upon lenging, including lifting, bending, and their stay. No pets, drugs, or violence allowed. your arrival. Workscholars may be invited repetitive movements. Please be sure you are We cannot accommodate children. to remain for a second month depending on 104

107 space and community needs. Occasionally Kenn Chases unique Integral Way practice, Johnsmith has led work scholar programs it is possible to stay for a longer period as an which incorporates Feldenkrais Awareness and workshops at Esalen since 2006. His extended student. through Movement, chi gung, and medi- transformational offerings help students tation practices. Didactic sessions will be reach deeply inward to bring forth their truth Food and Housing: Accommodations are included to enhance the understanding of and story in well-crafted songs. Johnsmith shared (occasionally co-ed), with up to four medical, philosophical, and psychological always brings along his infectious, curious, people to a room. Some workscholars stay at applications. fun-loving otter spirit to his work...or play, South Coast Center, a staff complex located one might say. 1.5 miles north of Esalen. Housing and meals Integral Way Tai Chi is an organic, evolving are provided in exchange for 32 hours of process of consciousness a special domain We will use journaling, movement, meditation, volunteer work. in which people enhance and deepen their co-writing, solo and group singing, impromptu sense of self. This synchronistic interplay of jams, and performancefor ourselves and the Cancellation Policy: If you choose to cancel, mind-body awareness leads ultimately to a Esalen community. Playing a musical instru- you will be charged the following amount: more comprehensive and complete experi- ment is not necessary,butyou are welcome 15+ days prior to start, $100; 814 days, $200; ence. It is a moment-by-moment meditation to bring one if you play. We will cultivate a 37 days, $300; 02 days, $400. of who we are and how we live. fun, dynamic, and safe place to experience our Please mail the application form, personal creative selves. John will also be inviting guest statement, and deposit to: Tai chi moves are based on nature; therefore, artists and staff to assist during the month. practicing tai chi at Esalen enhances the Work Study Program experience. As we tune into the subtle moves Johnsmith has been writing heartfelt songs for Esalen Institute inherent in the natural world, we become more than 30 years. Hes won national awards 55000 Hwy 1, Big Sur, CA 93920 increasingly tuned into the peace, beauty, and and contests, was a staff songwriter in Nashville, or balance our natural world offers us. and has recorded 6 CDs. Hes taught songwriting Email: [email protected] workshops nationwide, and has been featured on Fax: 888-214-8216 During this program we will take an excur- NPRs New Dimensions. sion to New Camaldoli Hermitage for group If you email or fax us, dont forget to meditation in their sacred chapel, and a trip mail your deposit check at the time of to the spectacular Sand Dollar Beach for Tai application. Month of February 14 Chi by the Sea. No experience necessary and We will contact you to confirm that we experienced practitioners welcome. This March 13 received your application within 14 days workshop is appropriate for health care pro- The Art and Science of Living Well, of receiving it. We will inform applicants fessionals wishing to incorporate tai chi and/ Together of admission three months prior to the or stress management techniques into their programs start date. After that time, there are professional practice. Linda Nicholls generally wait lists for Work Study programs. CE credit for nurses; see page 6. We are all interwoven within a dynamic, CE credit for acupuncturists; see page 6. complex web of interdependent relation- Kenn Chase bio on page 81. ships. Whether we notice it or not, we are not Victoria Chase bio on page 81. separate from our engagement with others. Work Study Programs Ironically, despite our multiple intelligences, Legacy Program: Songsmithing: tech smarts, mindfulness development, and Januaryjune 2016 Opening the Creative Channel brilliant systems, getting along with one another in everyday life remains one of the Johnsmith most challenging endeavors humans under- If your life was a song, what would that song take. Linda Nicholls is a senior faculty of The Month of January 17 be? If you told the story of your heart, what Haven, an international personal and profes- February 14 story would you tell? Discover your authen- sional development center in Canada. The Integral Way Tai Chi tic singing and songwriting voice through Haven specializes in methods to integrate creative exercises, prompts, and assignments. multiple east/west disciplines, including wis- Kenn Chase & Victoria Chase We will focus on opening the creative heart dom from science, psychotherapy, existential Regular practice of tai chi chuan can have and bringingforth the music and stories that thought, and eastern philosophy, and this profound effects on our neuro-biology, and it dwell there. All are welcome; no prior song- program draws from that rich well to guide produces many health benefits. Through the writing experience is needed. participants in cultivating their relational centuries, the Chinese have utilized tai chi skills. Our goals for this program are to: With a mindful and playful attitude, we chuan as a healing art. We now have current Experience the juiciness of living life more will invite the stunning natural beauty of medical research to confirm the power of tai fully theBigSur coast, its healing waters, and chi as an optimal preventive as well as restor- thespiritof Esalen to work its magic on us Deepen self-knowledge and move beyond ative healing technique. as we immerse ourselves into creative flow. self-imposed limits During this program taught by Kenn Chase Within the safe container of the group, every- Open to and express deeper dimensions of and Vicki Chase, participants will be taught one will be invited to delve into the deep feeling in ways that enhance your life and traditional Yang style tai chi chuan through work that only creative playallows. relationships 105

108 to and influences brain function, the endo- crine system and the nervous system. Hanna Somatics presents that prenatal infant move- ments affect adult postural, visual, and cogni- tive patterns. Traditional Chinese Medicine conveys that many of the energy meridians connect to the eyes, especially the liver (the major detoxification organ of the body). This month-long program led by Sam Berne uses The Berne Method, an individual- ized approach that begins by guiding each student to self-discover the visual patterns and imprints he or she may be using as an adaptive response to stress, trauma, and cultural conditioning. Sam will then offer a developmental process of eye-brain mindful Jenna Kripal awareness activities, Continuum movement, medicinal essential oils, and other subtle energy therapies to help students increase creativity and vitality. Sam believes the group dynamicor unified fieldamplifies healing. Gain valuable insights to strengthen health philosophy of Touching Essence with an His gentle and humorous approach creates and well-being exploration of the energetic centers of the a safe, trusting environment for students to Learn and practice a transformative chakras (wheels of energy). These highly increase their wellness potential by learning paradigm for communicating charged centers act as a conduit through deeper self-responsibility, self-regulation, and which body, mind, and spirit interact as one sustaining health practices. Rediscover joy and meaning in life holistic system. Imbalances in the chakras Behind The Berne Method are a diverse Expand your capacity for harmonious, correlate with physical tension and discom- variety of disciplines, including vision loving and fulfilling relationships fort. The intention of this course is to weave therapy, biofield analysis, quantum physics, Through experiential exercises, body prac- together a variety of techniques in order to somatic movement, craniosacral therapy, tices, and verbal and nonverbal conversations, address holding patterns in the body that dolphin-assisted therapy, and photo (light) each participant will travel their unique result from these imbalances. Our focus will therapy with respect to expanding human relationship landscape. Domains of relational be to access these powerful energy centers potential. territory visited by the group will include through a combination of touch, scent, and boundary definition, shadow and projection, sound. Working with sound/vibrations, Required reading: Berne, I Sense: At Play in engaging in conflict, deepening intimacy, essential oils, and massage practices, we will the Field of Healing (book or audio download), sexuality conversations, and inward relating access both subtle and deep layers of the Creating Your Personal Vision: A Mind-Body such as inner critic self-talk. The goal of this body, and thus help the individual to achieve Guide for Better Eyesight (book). month-long study is to learn to recognize our a sense of integrated well-being. For more ($30 materials fee paid directly to the leader) individual impact and responsibility for the information about Touching Essence, visit Sam Berne bio on page 49. success and health of our relationships, which or write to [email protected] can enrich and strengthen our ability to live Legacy Program: Leading with in harmonious interdependence. MindfulnessUsing Discernment Recommended viewing: Watson, The Art of and Compassion to Effect Change Linda Nicholls bio on page 38. Essential Touch, Volumes I & II. Bill Morgan & Susan Morgan Legacy Program: Touching Essence Recommended reading: Horan, Connecting Through Touch. Leadership in these challenging times Ellen Watson requires sensitivity, discernment, and wise Ellen Watson bio on page 99. action. Mindfulness meditation is a vehicle Touching Essence is a multi-sensory healing arts practice that combines the senses of that can cultivate and strengthen these quali- touch, smell, and sound. Developed over the ties. Yet despite the growing popularity of Month of March 13April 10 mindfulness in our culture, much continues last thirty years at Esalen and in Bali, Touch- ing Essence engages both giver and receiver Seeing Eye to I: Learning the to be lost in translation, and the depth and to deepen awareness and presence, and is Art of Wellness power of these practices have not been made inspired and informed by Ellen Watsons fully accessible to our present-day context. Sam Berne practice and teaching of Esalen Massage and There are two major emphases in this Bodywork. The eyes reveal many mind-body patterns workshop, taught by Bill Morgan and Susan related to health. For example, neuroscience Morgan. First, we will explore ways to enrich During this course, Ellen will introduce the shows that the eye pathway connects directly 106

109 and enliven mindfulness practice on the awareness, touch is a vital part of whole per- but you will also unleash a sense of purpose cushion, supporting each participant to clear son health and well-being. Yet, most manual in your own life you never thought possible. blocks to deeper self-acceptance and connect therapy modalities continue to struggle Through writing exercises, group discus- with authentic, personally alive presence. under a biomedical pathology-based model of sion, and improvisation we will support one From here our practice will radiate out into health and disease that limits the language, another in creating and speaking our stories. mindfulness in action. Experiential exercises concepts, and techniques possible for the Topics include: offer an opportunity to clarify and work with future of bodymindspirit integration. the relational dynamics of self as agent in this Writing to simulate memory The goals of this course, taught by Eric Moya, world-on-fire. Journaling, mindful speaking, Crafting story structure are to understand the limitations created and deep listening exercises provide a context Creating spontaneously by pathology-based approaches, and to shift for learning to express oneself in language Writing on our feet towards an expanded biopsychosocialspiri- rooted in discerning compassion. Overcoming performance anxiety tual model of health and well-being. From Bill Morgan bio on page 49. there, participants can develop skills and Releasing yourself from the inner critic Susan Morgan bio on page 49. techniques to work with the whole person. To Transforming ideas/stories into do so, the course will bring together elements performance of systems theory, complexity science, and Month of April 10May 8 advanced manual therapy skills in an attempt This is a workshop for those interested in to synthesize new language and new skills for personal essay, memoir, or solo performance, Embodied Relational Gestalt bodymindspirit health and well-being. The and for anyone seeking to bring more mean- Michael Clemmens course itself will be taught with a mixture of ing to their life through writing. All levels lecture, discussion, bodywork training/prac- welcome. We develop relationships with ourselves and tice, and experiential learning. Ann Randolph bio on page 73. others through the physicality of our vision, smell, touch, and movement, says Michael Participants in the course need to have a Legacy Program: Being a Positive Clemmens. These relationships, or dances, hands-on license such as massage therapy, Influence for a Flourishing World shape what we believe is possible and how we physical therapy, etc. Ideally, participants behave in the present. In this program, our have already had some degree of exposure George Protos focus will be on the ways in which we create to light touch manual therapies such as Cra- By accessing our emotional, cognitive, and relationships through our bodies. By attend- nioSacral, Visceral, Lymphatic Drainage, or relational capacities, we can become influenc- ing to our present dance with others, we can others. A familiarity with fascia, restriction, ers for positive change. By deeply knowing become more aware of our existing context body rhythm palpation, and direct/indirect that we are more than what we do for work, and optional ways of interacting. techniques will be helpful. we can recognize who we are and what mat- The structure of the program will be Eric Moya, CST-D, MS/MFCT, is a career manu- ters in our lives and relationships. Indeed, the experiential exercises, practice sessions, and al therapist, instructor for the Upledger Institute, resources to transcend the wild complexity, group discussion to develop our awareness and international lecturer/speaker specializing in choices, and distractions we are immersed in of self and the group. We will begin with mind/body awareness and growth. He maintains are already within us. our earliest movements (prior to birth) and practices in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Car- Drawing on his life experiences and decades then explore how we co-create our bodily mel, Calif. of meditation in the Pointing-Out-Style of membership in the more complex gestalts of Buddhist meditation, George Protos will family, groups, and cultures. Our goals will guide participants to explore and develop the be to experience how we create relationships Month of May 8June 5 skills, qualities, and insights toward becom- through embodiment, and to develop skills in ing exemplars of positive change in commu- attending to ourselves and others. Write Your Life for the Page and the Stage nity, work, and home life. Michael Craig Clemmens bio on page 30. Integrating short talks, guided meditations, Ann Randolph and experiential exercises, participants will Legacy Program: EpicenterA New As we write, we are both describing and deciding explore: Approach to Bodymindspirit Manual the direction that our life is taking. Therapy Julia Cameron Concentration, compassion, and insight meditation practices Eric Moya This is an invitation for you to discover your Reactivity, preferences, and reification own unique and powerful story and the Manual therapy is any kind of therapy that processes profound transformation that occurs when uses the practitioners hands as part of the Metacognitive skills to guide our efforts speaking it out loud. During this program healing process. Massage therapy, physical led by Ann Randolph, youll be taught how to Ingredients that potentiate recognition of therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic are trust your creative impulses, thus embracing our true nature all examples of manual therapy modalities. all of who you are. By becoming the author of Being boldly gentle with ourselves, others, Historically, manual therapies have been at your own life and learning how to tell your and where we all live, and the forefront of bodymindspirit integration. own story, you can not only begin to craft Living authentically With their ability to help build embodied your experience into a compelling narrative, 107

110 George Protos integrates the experiences of his Learn to think in terms of whole systems careers in financial services, health care, and as Learn compassionate communication skills a teacher of the pointing-out way of Tibetan Cultivate ecological consciousness Buddhist meditation since 1995. He leads retreats Be introduced to the fundamentals of and an ongoing meditation study group in Marin permaculture as they relate to human County, Calif. collaboration Explore and understand group dynamics Month of June 5July 3 Connect with their own intuition, inspiration, and vision Bhagavad-Gita: Wisdom, Literature Adam Wolpert bio on page 65. and Leadership Bradley Lewis The Bhagavad-Gita is the most popular and widely studied of the Hindu scriptures. Plus, Work Study Programs it has become a classic of world literature, Julydecember 2016 Robert Schl agal inspiring such diverse writers and artists as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, T.S. Please visit Eliot, Phillip Glass, Anita Desai, and Chitra for complete program descriptions. Divakaruni. Most recently, it has become an invaluable resource for developing cross-cul- July 331 tural principles of management, leadership, High Performance Leadership: How to and positive psychology. Unleash Your Full Potential with George dividualized Study and a practicing psychiatrist. He has interdisciplinary training in humanities Kohlrieser This program is led by Bradley Lewis, New Tongue & Pen: Spoken Word (Legacy) with York University cultural studies professor and psychiatry, and his recent books are Narrative Psychiatry: How Stories Can Shape Clinical Caroline Harvey and practicing psychiatrist. The month is devoted to an appreciative and critical study Practice and Depression: Integrating Science, July 31August 28 of the Gitas lessons. When you pick up a Culture, and Humanities. Speak to Inspire with Peter Meyers copy of the Gita, it is encouragingly slim and Exploring Symbol and Personal Meaning may seem like a quick read. But if you delve Legacy Program: Collaborative (Legacy) with Branan Freeman into its philosophy for living, wisdom, and Leadership, Ecological Consciousness and Creative Self-Expression August 28September 25 meaning, youll find that it is a most enrich- Present-Moment Experience and Depth in ing companion and a lifelong friend worthy Adam Wolpert Psychotherapy, The Hakomi Method with of careful and detailed study. As Mahatma Skillful collaboration is facilitated by an open Robert Fisher & Julie Murphy Gandhi put it: When doubts haunt me, when mind and heart, keen powers of observation Leadership and Presence (Legacy) with disappointments stare me in the face, and I of self and others, compassionate communica- Suzanne Scurlock-Durana see no ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to tion, a whole-systems view, and a willingness September 25October 23 the Bhagavad-Gita. to witness and experience transformation. Deep Bodywork with Rob Wilks & Paul Our Work Study program approaches the This program, led by artist and facilitator Wehrman Bhagavad Gita through dialogic and partici- Adam Wolpert, will promote these qualities Motion Theater (Legacy) with Nina Wise patory spirituality. It includes the following while enhancing leadership skills, self-aware- activities: ness, and capacity to contribute to positive October 23November 20 change at any scale. Streams of Energy with Jim Gallas Appreciative and critical reading and Embodied Relational Gestalt (Legacy) with discussion focusing on personal, political, Participants will tap into their direct experi- and philosophic dimensions of the text Michael Clemmens ence with creative practices and deepened Spiritual and experiential exercises inspired ecological consciousness as sources of November 20December 18 by the Gita (yoga, meditation, chanting) wisdom and guidance for group work. Under The Art of Skillful Living: Leadership, Love Creative arts and expression inspired by the this guidance, they will learn a host of and Freedom with Coby Kozlowski Gita (memoir, music, visual arts, opera, film) practical skills and useful perspectives that Mindful Communication (Legacy) with Jean support collaborative participation in groups. Morrison Engaged spiritual practice by applying wisdom gleaned from the Gita to larger Dynamic group exercises, presentation and December 18January 15 work study activities deep dialogue will all be employed to facili- The Heart of Buddhismwith Noah Levine & tate comprehensive learning. Vinny Ferraro Journal writing and journal sharing of our processes together Participants can expect to: Bradley Lewis, MD, PhD, is an associate professor Practice and learn from creative self- at New York Universitys Gallatin School of In- expression 108

111 Work Study Program Application please print legibly. First Name ________________________________________ Last Name __________________________________________________o Male o Female Todays Date _________________________________ Phone: Evening ( )___________________________________________ Day ( )___________________________________________ Cell ( )___________________________________________ Home Address____________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip_____________________________________________________________________________ Country_________________________________ Occupation (previous, if retired)________________________________________________ Date of Birth _______________________________ Age ____________ mo / day / yr E-mail Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any physical/emotional condition (i.e. bad back, severe depression) that might affect your ability to participate? o Yes o No Are you taking medication? o Yes o No If yes to either of these questions, please include details in your personal statement. Are you a former workscholar? o Yes o No If yes, list dates and the dept. where you worked: ____________________________________________________________________________ Are you interested in ILP? o Yes o No If yes, from what school? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ See The Work Study program is for 28 days, beginning at 4 pm on Sunday and ending at 7:30 pm on the final Sunday. Sometimes particular dates and/or leaders are not available. List below, in order of preference, the dates/leaders for which you are available. Please note: Space may become available up until the program start date. You must let us know if you wish to be removed from a wait list; if youre on a wait list and space becomes available, you will be notified for confirmation. If you cancel after placement, you will be charged a cancellation fee. start date Choice 1 __________________________________________________________ Leader___________________________________________________ If full, wait list? o Yes o No Choice 2 __________________________________________________________ Leader___________________________________________________ If full, wait list? o Yes o No Choice 3 __________________________________________________________ Leader___________________________________________________ If full, wait list? o Yes o No If your application is approved and we cannot give you your first choice, we will place you in your next available choice. Workscholars may be invited to remain for a second term, depending on space availability and the needs of the Esalen community. Please indicate your availability for such an invitation (no obligation): o No extension o One-term extension We encourage ridesharing. Are you bringing a vehicle? o Yes o No; Are you willing to give a ride? o Yes o No; Receive a ride? o Yes o No; I wish to rideshare from (if different from above address) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Assignments to departments are made according to community labor needs (usually kitchen or housekeeping). However, if you prefer housekeeping or kitchen, or if you have landscaping skills, please list them below. o Place me wherever Im most needed or note my preferences below. Choice 1 _______________________________________________________________ Skills/Experience___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Choice 2 _______________________________________________________________ Skills/Experience___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please attach a personal statement about your interest in the Work Study program, telling us why youd like to participate and what you hope to take with you when you leave. All applicants are required to sign a standard release-from-liability and assumption-of-risk form as a condition of participation in the Work Study program. This form will be mailed to you upon acceptance to the program. Esalen offers a van shuttle service from San Francisco, San Jose, and Monterey airports, and from Monterey transit plaza. Please contact 831-667-3010 for reservations. Payment o $400 deposit o $1,150 Name on Card____________________________________________________________________________________________________ o Check (U.S. banks only), attached and payable to Esalen Institute Card No.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ o MasterCard o VISA o American Express Expiration Date__________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are making a credit card deposit, the balance will be Billing Zipcode____________________________________ CVV (security) code_________________________________ automatically charged to your card five days before your arrival. Name and phone number (if different from above): _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applications cannot be considered without a deposit and a personal statement included. Deposits are not processed until _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ your final acceptance into the program. Authorizing Signature ________________________________________________________________________________________ 109

112 Reservation Information Reservations Workshop Tuition Including Accommodations Weekend Five-day Seven-day online: Workshops Workshops Workshops phone: 888-8-esalen Shared Sleeping Bag Space $405 $650 $900 (888-837-2536) Shared Bunk Bed Dorm $555 $935 $1,300 +1 703-342-0500 international Shared Standard $730 $1,215 $1,700 If you prefer, download the reservation form at and Premium Room Single $1,300 $2,450 $3,430 fax (831-667-2724) or mail it in. Premium Room Couple $2,000 $3,725 $5,225 Point House Single $1,750 $3,550 $4,975 Esalen Rates Are All Inclusive Point House Couple $2,500 $4,850 $6,750 All listed rates include: Own Accommodations (Off-site) $405 $650 $900 Workshop tuition Friends of Esalen receive a $25 discount on rates. For information on Friends of Esalen, see page 2. Accommodations and meals Fresh produce from the Esalen Garden Vegan and vegetarian options for all meals Accommodations Bunk Bed Accommodations: This is shared Coffee, tea, and bread bar open 24/7 Point Houses: See below. housing with four or more persons per room. 24-hour use of hot spring bath facilities, Premium Accommodations: See below. Sleeping Bag Accommodations: Some Esalen Arts Center (except when a workshop is meeting rooms are used as shared sleeping bag scheduled), meditation Round House, and Standard Accommodations: This is shared space. Storage space outside the meeting rooms the entire Esalen grounds housing, with two or three people per room is available when the rooms are being used for and in some cases a shared bathroom. Couples meetings. Access is from 11 pm8:45 am. Participation in scheduled daily classes such as will be housed privately. Standard guaranteed yoga, dance, meditation, art, and special events Off-site Accommodations: If you are attending single housing is possible based on availability One-year subscription to the Esalen catalog a workshop and staying off property. for an additional $125 per night. This is Your Time Y ou have carefully selected a workshop, or made the decision to take a Personal Retreat. You are stepping out of your busy life to stop and breathe, heal, explore. Why not treat yourself to the finest accommodations Point House Premium Room during your stay at Esalen? Point Houses are private suites nestled behind the Esalen Garden and perched at the cliffs edge with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Each of the three Point Houses offers a living room with wood stove, a master bedroom, a sleeping loft, full kitchen and dining area, private redwood deck South Point House Annex Premium Room overlooking the Pacific with outdoor clawfoot tub, Internet connections, and in-room telephone. Premium Rooms offer greater privacy, upgraded bathrooms, and enhanced sound- proofing and climate insulation. You can request either ocean view or Internet Kodiak Greenwood (Ethernet cable provided) and a phone, and we will do our best to honor these requests. Please call 888-837-2536 for details about pre- Point House Premium Room mium room accommodations and availability. 110

113 Workshop Payment Family Accommodations and To reserve a space in any workshop, we require Childrens Fees the following nonrefundable deposits. Fees for children under 10 enrolled in family Weekend: $150 57 day: $300 workshops are $100 for weekend workshops and $250 for 5-day workshops. Children not Deposits paid by credit card will automatically attending workshops may be housed with two have the workshop balance drawn from your full-paying adults in premium or standard credit card five days before arrival. Deposits are accommodations for a meal charge of $20 a day payable in US currency only; overseas residents per child ($10 for children under 6). must pay by checks drawn on US banks or credit cards. Deposits are nonrefundable. Single-parent accommodations are limited but will be supported to the best of Esalens ability. Esalen Cancellation Policy: If you cancel or Lower cost shared bunk rooms and sleeping bag change any part of your workshop reservation accommodations may be an option for families at least seven full days before the start of your on limited budgets. Contact Esalen Reserva- workshop(s), your nonrefundable deposit, less a Kodiak Greenwood tions for details. $75-per-workshop processing fee, will be trans- Note: If children are enrolled in Gazebo Park ferred to an Esalen credit account to be used School, additional fees apply. within one year. Gazebo Park School is an on-site, state- If you cancel a workshop with less than seven licensed, outdoor preschool program for days notice, you forfeit your entire deposit. If children ages 16. This program is available you have prepaid your entire reservation fee, the Retreat weekends in between. This program is during the week to children of seminarians, balance (less the deposit) will be refunded. available JanuaryApril only. Contact Esalen workshop leaders, personal retreatants, as well If you cancel a Personal Retreat with more than Reservations for details. as Big Sur families. The school offers children 24 hours notice, a $75 processing fee will be the opportunity for full immersion with the charged for each reservation (per person) and Senior Citizen Discount: A discount is avail- natural world through its rich, child-centered the remaining balance will be refunded. If able to guests over 65, for workshops only. For park environment and ecology-based curricu- you cancel a Personal Retreat with less than a weekend workshop, the discount is $25. For lum. Gazebo Park Schools low teacher to child 24 hours notice, you will forfeit the price of 5-day or longer workshops, $50. ratio allows for individual attention. Activities one night of lodging (per person). include caring for the schools animals, gardening, harvesting fruits and vegetables, Esalen may cancel a workshop due to low Schedules cooking, expressive arts, literacy activities, enrollment. dramatic play, and excursions to explore Accommodations include Friday and Saturday Cancellations must be made by phone with night for weekend workshops and Sunday Esalens unique campus. one of our reservation staff. Seven full days through Thursday night for 5-day workshops. Children may be enrolled for half days or full means by Sunday before a Sunday workshop, and Schedules for 7-day workshops vary; please days during their Esalen stay. This program is by Friday before a Friday workshop. Donations to inquire at registration. available MondayFriday, 9:00 am4:30 pm. the Friends of Esalen are nonrefundable. Esalen Check-in/Check-out: Guests are welcome Qualified childcare providers may be available may cancel a workshop due to low enrollment to arrive on Esalen property anytime after for parents taking workshops outside of two weeks before the workshop start date. You 2:00 pm. On the day of your departure, enjoy Gazebo Park School hours. For more informa- may either switch to another workshop, come lunch with us and depart by 2:00 pm. Check- tion and to enroll, please call 831-667-3026. for a Personal Retreat, or receive a full refund. in and check-out times may change; please Please give at least one month advance notice Money at Esalen: Esalen accepts cash, checks, refer to the website or contact Reservations at for enrollment. and credit cards. Esalen does not have an ATM, 1-888-8-esalen for current information. so please bring enough cash for incidentals Workshops: Workshop schedules normally such as beverages from the bar, or gratuities begin at 8:30 pm on the first evening and end for massage practitioners. at noon on the final day. Reduced Rate Availability Personal Retreat Fees Including Accommodations Fri/Sat per night SunThurs per night Please request discounts at the time of registration. $140 $130 Bunk Bed (Shared: 4 or more persons per room) Work Exchange: Some assistance is available for Note: Shared accommodation is by gender. workshop participants in exchange for a work $220 $165 Standard (Shared: 23 person room) commitment in housekeeping or the kitchen. Premium Single (Private) $475 $450 Weekend: $50, 4 hrs. 57 days: $100, 8 hrs. Premium Double (Private) $625 $600 Scholarships: Limited scholarships are available $725 $650 Point House Single (Private) for those in financial need. See the Esalen web- site for details and application. Point House Double (Private) $825 $750 South Point Annex $175 $175 Monthlong Residency Program: A 20% dis- count is available for anyone registering for 4 (When booking South Point House, you can consecutive 5-day workshops, with 3 Personal add this bedroom annex for up to 2 people) 111

114 Information for Your Visit Location and Transportation Esalen is located 45 miles south of Monterey and 11 miles south of Nepenthe restaurant on Coast Route 1. This isolation and tranquility can deepen your experience, yet it can also be a significant change in environment. Driving Highway 1 is a beautiful, winding drive along the coast. Give yourself ample time to get here so you can absorb the beauty of Big Sur. Ridesharing: We encourage ridesharing to reduce the number of cars on the road and at Esalen. See the reservation form online at for ridesharing options, or tell your reservationist you are interested. Van Service: Esalen offers a shuttle service Bill Ja mes from San Francisco, San Jose, and Monterey on Fridays and Sundays only. Please refer to our website for the timetable and pricing, and call our Reservations team at 1-888-8-esalen (888-837-2536) to register for the shuttle. International callers may use our international Phone and Internet: There is no cell phone Nudity: In the hot springs, massage area, and toll free line: 703-342-0500. Return reservations service at Esalen. There are two shared Inter- pool, swimsuits are optional and nudity is can be made at the Esalen Office during your net stations available and the Lodge has free common. We encourage each individual to visit. WiFi access, except during meal times. Due choose what is most comfortable for him or to Esalens remote location, all connectivity her. The environment we strive for at Esalen (phones and Internet) is provided on a best- is one of personal sanctuary and respect for Public Bathing in the Hot Springs effort basis; we cant guarantee service. the human body. We offer public night bathing in our natural hot Age Restrictions: Workshop participants Illegal Drugs: In accordance with state and springs from 1:00am to 3:00am. Reservations must be 18 years or older unless otherwise federal laws, the possession or use of illegal are required and must be made on the day you noted. See page 111 for family options at drugs on Esalen grounds is strictly prohibited. wish to attend (same-day booking only). Esalen. Lost and Found: To inquire about items lost Please call Night Baths Reservations at 831-667- Snoring: If you are staying in shared accom- during your stay, call 831-667-3019. 3047 between 9am12pm. We accept credit modations and you snore, please be prepared Pets: Other than service animals, pets are not card reservations only; they are non-refundable to do everything possible to minimize the allowed. and non-transferable. Please see our website for discomfort this may cause a roommate. pricing. Consider taking a private room. If you do not Smoking: Smoking is permitted in desig- snore, please come prepared with earplugs for nated outdoor areas only. Not permitted in The baths may be closed during public holi- the possibility of sharing a room with a snorer. accommodations or meeting areas. days and some Esalen events. We do not accept large group reservations. Flashlights: Esalen paths are very dimly lit at Valuables: The Esalen office has no facilities night. Please bring a flashlight. to store guest valuables. Health Services: Esalen has no medical Volunteering: Guests are welcome to con- Private Conferences services or pharmaceutical supplies on site. tribute time during their stay to work with As part of its dedication to the humanities and Please come prepared to administer to your Esalen staff, usually in the kitchen or in sciences, Esalen offers its facilities to organi- own needs. Esalen is 45 miles from a medical cabins. This help enables us to meet the pres- zations and individuals for mission-aligned facility and pharmacy. sures of peak working times and provides an private conferences, meetings, courses, and opportunity for guests to experience Esalen Accessibility: Many Esalen paths, though trainings. Esalen can accommodate groups up from the inside. paved, are very steep. Access to some parts to 124 people. of the property may be difficult depending Recommended Reading and Mail Order Conferences can be two, five, or seven days and on your level of mobility. Please discuss your Merchandise: All recommended reading is include meals, movement classes, and use of needs with an Esalen representative at the available online through the hot springs and Art Center when available. time of registration (at least 72 hours prior to All other bookstore merchandise is available Most conferences are scheduled at least one arrival) and we may be able to assist. via mail order. For more information, see year in advance. For more information, visit Personal Guests: Seminarians may not have, and to guests on property. schedule, call 831-667-3038. 112

115 A Center for Personal and Social Transformation The Esalen Vision Esalen Practices Esalen is a major catalyst in the transformation Growth. We share the right to realize our potential of humankind, working with individuals and to love, to learn, to feel deeply, and to create, living institutions to integrate body, mind, heart, spirit, fully in all aspects of our being mind, body, and community in a nurturing relationship heart, soul, and community. We take risks to with the environment. reveal and discover ourselves. We provide learning opportunities and support personal and social transformation. The Esalen Mission Service. We value relationships and community, Esalen is a leading center for exploring and realizing doing service by offering our experience and support human potential through experience, education, and to the growth of others. research. We work toward the realization of a more humane and all-embracing world, seeking answers Responsibility. We know and take full responsibility to questions unlikely to be explored by traditional for who we are including our choices, attitudes, and universities and religions. We sponsor pioneering actions. We acknowledge our part in each situation initiatives and offer personal, spiritual, and social and recognize that our actions affect others. transformation programs for residents, interns, and workshop participants. Integrity. We strive for congruency among our values, beliefs, words, and actions and to cultivate authentic self-expression. Esalen Values Stewardship. We take care of Esalen and the land. Human possibilities vastly exceed our imagination. We take responsibility for the way we use all that is available to us. We understand and interact with the Realization of the human potential transcends natural world with consideration for those here and religious and scientific dogma. now and those who will follow. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social Presence. We are willing to return to body dimensions of our being are inextricably joined. and sensation, seeking to be here now and fully Transformation of consciousness is the basis experience what is in the moment. for transformation of the world, individually, Community. We recognize the interdependence of collectively, and in social systems. all things, appreciating diversity of persons, thoughts, All share the potential to love, learn, feel, and create. actions, and beliefs. We are aware that our actions and attitudes affect the whole. Esalen explores these possibilities and celebrates unity in diversity. Gratitude. We recognize and honor the gifts of each moment.

116 Esalen Institute 55000 Highway 1 Big Sur, California 93920-9546 If you move, please let us know your new address. It helps us save trees and money. Honoring our Past, Envisioning our Future. Our journey of renewal continues. Your support makes Esalens transformation possible. Every gift makes a difference today and tomorrow. Be part of the journey: 888.837.2536 Esalen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. [email protected]

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