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  • Jul 11, 2014
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1 Tel: 0800 532 532 INTNRNNT BANOING Registration Form for Nxisting Customers I I Pe wiVU Wo regiVWer for WUe BankGV ReWail InWerneW Banking Service "OnlineSBIGlobal". I I Pe Uave reaT, unTerVWooT anT agree Wo SecWion 21: InWerneW Banking of WUe General TermV anT ConTiWionV (UWWp:IIwww.Vbiuk.comIgeneral-WermV-anT-conTiWionV.aVpx), governing WUe SWaWe Bank of InTiaV InWerneW Banking Service. Name of CuVWomer: AccounW NumberIV: MaWe of BirWU: M M M M Y Y Y Y MoWUerV MaiTen Name: ATTreVV : PoVW CoTe: Tel. No. MaWe : SignaWure NOTN: After filling in Tetails, please senT this form to your local State Bank of InTia branch. FOR BANO USN ONLY: VerifieT by MaWe : (SignaWure over prinWeT name) AuWUoriVeT anT regulaWeT by ReVerve Bank of InTia anT PruTenWial RegulaWion AuWUoriWy. SubjecW Wo regulaWion by WUe Financial ConTucW AuWUoriWy (FCA) anT limiWeT regulaWion by WUe PruTenWial RegulaWion AuWUoriWy. MeWailV abouW WUe exWenW of our regulaWion by WUe PruTenWial RegulaWion AuWUoriWy anT Financial ConTucW AuWUoriWy are available from uV on requeVW. SWaWe Bank of InTia iV a member of WUe Financial ServiceV CompenVaWion ScUeme eVWabliVUeT unTer WUe Financial ServiceV anT MarkeW AcW 2000. TUe Financial ServiceV CompenVaWion ScUeme proWecWV TepoViWV UelT wiWU our UO brancUeV. PaymenWV unTer WUiV VcUeme are limiWeT Wo 75,000 of your WoWal TepoViWV wiWU uV in WUe UO. In pracWice, WUiV meanV WUaW eacU eligible TepoViWor will be compenVaWeT up Wo a maximum of 75,000 of WUeir WoWal TepoViWV. For more informaWion or clarificaWion pleaVe conWacW your neareVW brancU.

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