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1 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business

2 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business The international The challenges and complexities To take advantage business landscape of doing international business In todays global economic While international business expansion of the opportunities landscape, business needs presents many opportunities, there are also a myriad of challenges that companies face that international have evolved to rely heavily on international operational when deciding to operate on this scale. business affords, The importance of having an IT and logistical capabilities. With infrastructure that supports doing business businesses need to competition within the global internationally cannot be overestimated; market at an all time high, it is a critical factor in successfully being understand these organisations are increasingly finding that the complexities of able to conduct international business. Detailed knowledge of the target country complexities in doing business globally waste whether it be tax and logistics laws, import duties, currencies, language or culture is order to maximise valuable resources and expose them to multiple areas of risk. To take crucial. Products themselves may also need to be adapted for certain markets. The efficiency and advantage of the opportunities that international business affords, economic and political environments of some countries can also have a tremendous maintain their businesses need to understand these impact on global operations. It is important to abide by the rules, laws and regulations competitive edge. complexities in order to maximise of the country you wish to expand into efficiency and maintain their organisation. Factor in the complexities of and it is essential to be aware of the risks competitive edge. managing local business across multiple associated with potential expansions into geographies, and the rollout of any emerging markets. international IT initiative can seem an Economies of scale, leveraging global insurmountable task. Many multinational buying power, corporate governance, organisations have traditionally tried to business alignment and cost containment manage numerous service providers in are the most common challenges facing various regions, leading to escalating costs, both IT and procurement departments delays, multiple points of accountability within the modern international and poor service delivery. 01

3 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business Ease of doing business delivers As a multinational client are Our international business sustainable outcomes you looking for or require: value proposition Multinational organisations have Flexibility and scalability Deliver multi-vendor solutions across traditionally tried to manage numerous the globe Minimisation of capital investment in service providers in various regions, costly infrastructure Accommodate different ways in leading to escalating costs, delays, multiple points of accountability and poor service A single point of accountability for all which you wish to do business delivery. In its 2010 Magic Quadrant IT procurement and logistics needs in a manner that is commercially for Communications Outsourcing and efficient to you Specialised IT skills Professional Services, Worldwide*, report, Offer flexible and guaranteed Insight into the total cost sourcing for Gartner states: your IT products and services SLAs and deliver with excellence In Gartners survey of vendor consistently around the world Improvement in staff collaboration references, over 20% of respondents and productivity Help you manage international cited ease of doing business as projects or manage projects on the single biggest weakness of Exploitation of the convergence your behalf of technology to optimise existing their Communications Outsourcing infrastructure Internal expertise, processes and Professional Services provider. For systems multinational clients (MNCs), ease Management of the risk inherent of doing business takes the form of in cross-border shipping including many different issues in the vendor- customs clearance and the payment client relationship. Chief among and reclamation of VATs, duties and these were: pricing and contract other taxes flexibility; single contracts for ordering Visibility and management at every and provisioning work orders across step of the procurement process from targeted geographies; billing in local quote to invoice currency; and single global support and An increase in efficiency and a maintenance contracts. streamlined procurement process As an international organisation, you through automation and systems need an IT partner that understands the integration intricacies of international business. Dimension Data takes the complexity out of international expansion by delivering global solutions and services that help support your business objectives, today and tomorrow. * Gartner Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services Magic 02 Quadrant, Worldwide by Eric Goodness.

4 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business A geographical footprint that supports international business needs Dimension Data and Preferred Partner geographical capability ALASKA BERMUDA FIJI Dimension Data Preferred Partners No coverage Dimension Data Preferred Partners No coverage Key goals for Founded in 1983 at the inception of networked communications, Dimension Preferred Partner Programme In order for Dimension Data to optimally international Data is a specialist IT services and solutions provider that helps clients plan, build, meet the requirements of our international clients and provide worldwide multi-vendor companies wanting support and manage their IT infrastructures. Our experience in networking, security, solutions the Preferred Partner Programme (PPP) was born. The programme enables to do business on Microsoft solutions, data centre and contact centre technologies, and our unique skills in Dimension Data to deliver multi-vendor solutions in over 140 countries on five a global stage is consulting, integration and managed services allows us to create customised client solutions continents. PPP is therefore aligned with Dimension Data Supply Chain Services to to create demand that accelerate your international ambitions. provide a seamless delivery of multi-vendor solutions across the globe. for their products Dimension Data structures the account management team to suit and mirror our For the client, the benefits of the and services in clients requirements. Our approach is to assign a host Client Manager at the clients programme include: foreign markets, headquarters (or the primary country that the client has chosen). This individual Consistent, effective service delivery that extends across both geographies and drive efficiencies is responsible for managing the global relationship and coordinating an internal technologies Global pricing, meaning multinational through the use of team of local Account Managers that are assigned in each country or by designated clients can benefit from the convenience low cost resources, regional hubs. We can provide services both to clients who have a centralised approach of receiving only one quote, in one currency, if they so wish maximise flexibility and those that are distributed but wish to Central or local (in country) billing operate according to a common set of rules models and control and to and procedures. Dimension Data has decades A single point of contact accountability of experience in conducting international meet demands by business and has an established Global and ownership Global Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Account Programme which comprises operating seamlessly of dedicated teams responsible for the management of selected clients. across geographies. 03

5 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business Consistent and flexible solutions Our Consulting Services enable our clients to plan, architect,integrate, improve, Our Managed and services for your IT requirements and innovate in their IT landscape, ensuring that their IT portfolio is effective, efficient Services offerings are Technology must serve as a business- and aligned to their business requirements. expressly designed enabler in the drive for greater competitive Our Professional Services support advantage and growth. As a result, we clients in the procurement, logistics, to align to our have evolved our networking expertise into related areas that enable and staging and installation, and project delivery of new solutions for their clients need for a support everyday business operations and efficiency. businesses across the world. Our Managed Services offerings are high degree of expressly designed to align to our clients flexibility in the We work with our clients need for a high degree of flexibility in the to solve critical business way they procure IT services, and we can way they procure issues through technology, deliver multiple services around the globe including: across multiple technologies and multiple IT services, and we vendors. Driving operational efficiency of IT infrastructures, If clients are looking to transfer complete can deliver multiple regardless of location or geographical disparity. responsibility for the management of an IT function or domain, Dimension services around the Creating profitable customer Data offers IT Outsourced Services, which typically include the transfer of both people globe across multiple relationships Improve communication channels across and assets to our organisation. technologies and the world. Improving employee multiple vendors. productivity Partner anywhere, anytime collaboration, improved Ubiquitous Globalisation Data Centre information sharing and Virtualisation Video Consolidation knowledge management. Quadruple Play Enterprise Utility Computing RIM Reducing risk by securing Mobility Converged Networks IT as a Service networks, applications and Cloud Consumerisation of IT Multisourcing Models data. Collaboration Maximising the value of Green IT information assets while minimising the cost of creating, sharing and storing the information. Services Network as a Platform Virtualisation Unified Communications & Collaboration IT Infrastructure Services Consulting Services Network Security Converged Customer Interactive Microsoft Data Centre Integration Solutions Communications Solutions Solutions Solutions Professional Services Managed Services IT Outsourcing Services 04

6 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business Supporting your international We dont just understand IT, we understand the complexities and intricacies Client success story procurement needs of international procurement, and the The complexities of international business unique laws, taxes and customs procedures Global Fortune 500 Organisation are exposing many organisations to involved with shipping IT equipment into turns to Dimension Data for increased costs, delays, custom issues and countries all over the world. assistance in navigating the perils productivity losses. of a complex multi-geography We manage the entire supply chain technology rollout Dimension Data is fully equipped to help process, regardless of how many borders international organisations address the Faced with the challenge of a large and time-zones your order needs to cross. business issues they face, by providing scale IPT deployment and upgrade, We also provide our clients with a single visibility, control, efficiency and risk this Global Fortune 500 document point of contact and accountability for all management all supported via our your international procurement needs. management company turned to extensive global footprint and expertise. Dimension Data for assistance. Leveraging the capabilities of its We deliver consistently across multiple Its the SMART choice! International Programme Office geographies, technologies and vendors, (IPO) Dimension Data rolled out and with our in depth understanding of Single point of contact and the solution to 51 countries at 163 international laws and taxes, we can take the accountability sites all within an eight month headache out of international procurement Monitoring and tracking timeframe. The client accrued cost and allow you to focus your attention on savings amounting to approximately your mission critical business issues. Advice, expertise and $400,000 per month throughout the Dimension Data has internal processes that experience deployment. All installations were are specifically geared for international Relationships with IT delivered within budget and error business. Furthermore, we continuously vendors and carriers rates were almost zero. The client not strive to improve and evolve our approach only recouped money from taxes and Technology expertise to international business by taking what duties, it was also able to obtain and weve learned in partnering with over 6000 deploy equipment in half the time it clients and using it to craft better solutions would have, had it not engaged with for you. Dimension Datas team of Dimension Data international eProcurement, shipping and logistics experts To say that the IPT phone IT Supply Chain Services system roll-out has been a When it comes to acquiring and managing utilises the following systems success would be a significant an IT infrastructure, both procurement and partnerships: understatement. The seamless and IT departments within international Dimension Data Direct nature of the implementation with organisations are looking to achieve eProcurement zero disruption to the business alignment with corporate best practices, a was impressive to see and, as a common corporate governance strategy, Track (shipment track and trace) veteran of many new technology the ability to leverage global buying power SMART (standard manual for applied deployments I can say with and economies of scale. rates and tariffs) honesty that this was the best I Dimension Datas IT Supply Chain Services have ever witnessed. Partnerships (shipping and delivery) provide clients with efficiency, control, Document Management Company CEO risk management and visibility through DHL each step of the IT procurement process: UTI Quote, Procure, Source, Ship, Clear, Deliver, and Invoice, all supported via our global FedEx footprint and expertise. quote procure source ship clear deliver invoice Provide accurate Procure IT Collect IT Manage Execute on Deliver goods Consolidated real-time quotes equipment from equipment from shipping process customs on time and invoicing various vendors, various vendor clearance within budget for anywhere locations and process on a globally consolidate for DDP excluding export VAT basis 05

7 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business Dimension Data Direct our eProcurement portal The value derived from Client success story Through our eProcurement portal, this solution: Dimension Data Direct, we help clients Global financial services firm utilises eProcurement to reduce its Reduced quote to purchase order predict and optimise their transaction costs, time to market turnaround time from an average of beginning at the Quote step. Clients have two weeks to two days real-time access to vendor catalogues with The client had invested in an their negotiated contract pricing. They can eProcurement eXchange and was Reduced time to market and need also view information on product lead time looking to unlock the value of for additional cost to expedite orders and availability, to assist in determining investment, while reducing cost Reduction in cost per purchase, if order expediting is required. We also per purchase and optimising the employee empowerment, and provide information on logistics pricing as procurement process. Dimension control: ensure adherence to well as duty and tax advice. Data integrated the clients Ariba national/global pricing Our eProcurement portal enables clients eProcurement system into Dimension Mitigation against transcription to do all of this on an international scale. Data Direct. The client now receives errors and RMAs Quotes can be created in up to 24 different quotes and submits POs electronically. currencies including complex quotes Guarantee that PO has been requiring multiple currencies and in received by the vendor with PO multiple languages. The ability to offer acknowledgement electronic quoting on an international scale Minimised transcription cost and through a single portal is something that none of our competitors can match. Direct also allows you to leverage your existing eProcurement system or you can Pre-configured multi-vendor bundles Automated work-flow approval use Direct as your own eProcurement system. In other words, for the ultimate Full or self-services pricing and Optional integration into your in connectivity we can integrate with your ordering internal procurement engine existing ERP or procurement systems, Create quotes and orders in local Integration with Cisco configurator allowing for a faster, more accurate and language with local currencies seamless quote to invoice process. Electronic quoting including predicting and optimising transaction costs on an international scale through a single portal. Three-way match for quote, PO and invoice Option to receive Invoices On-the-fly reporting and status information Benefits you can achieve through Dimension Data Direct Reduce quote to pay process by up to 80% Reduce cost per transaction by up to 70% Improve order accuracy and visibility Reduce carbon footprint by going paperless 06

8 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business Aligning service delivery to best service models are designed around our clients unique business ambitions. Our flexible and practice frameworks One of the reasons we are able to deliver Our clients need only call one single customised contact point for service the Dimension consistently around the world is because we have chosen to align our service Data Global Service Centres (GSCs). The service models are GSCs manage all client requests and delivery to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library Version 3). ITIL is a ensure consistency in the quality of service designed around delivered to them. framework of best practice processes and is fast becoming the worldwide industry our clients unique standard for IT service management. Managing international projects business ambition. We understand that you want to engage We understand the complexities of doing with service providers who are willing and business internationally and have extensive able to allow a degree of flexibility into experience and a proven track record Client success story the contract and we have invested in our in managing international projects. We service offerings and capabilities to provide always strive to embrace international best Flexibility and commitment sustain the utmost flexibility to our clients. We practice throughout our business. our relationship with accommodate the different ways in which a global telecommunications Due to our experience in assessing, service provider you wish to do business by providing planning and managing international you with commercially efficient options, The client provides telecommunications projects we are able to properly qualify including presenting various competitive solutions over the worlds first deals and deliver accordingly, with pricing options and offering you choices integrated global IP-based network, excellence. In Dimension Data, Global Bid around how you wish to transact. delivering services to 500 major cities Management is defined as the focused management of complex opportunities in 60 countries. The company transmits Flexible and guaranteed SLAs through the sales engagement cycle to approximately 1.8 billion VoIP minutes ensure that what is proposed to our clients per month and boasts among the top Dimension Data has the ability to offer three fastest network transmission at the start of an engagement is clearly flexible and guaranteed SLAs. Our speeds globally. defined, competitively and profitably international clients can select a SLA priced, deliverable under the terms agreed, The client required a partner that could according to an offering, a capability or a and risk-appropriate for ourselves, our deliver support for its global networks functional level in the country in which they partners and our clients. consistently on a local, regional and choose to do business. No matter where Our International Programme Office global basis. Dimension Data offered you choose to do business, at Dimension (IPO) builds and operates international a flexible support contract which Data we put our clients at the centre of teams to address logistical, cultural, accommodates changes and challenges every solution we develop and give them commercial, communication and within the clients business. control of their IT procurement 24x7, 365 days a year. Our flexible and customised governance challenges. The value derived from this solution: Consistent support for the clients networks on a local, regional and global basis Variable SLAs in line with the respective commitments the client had with its end customers Dimension Data and the client collaborated to successfully reduce the clients global operations costs Commitment and flexibility resulted in a win-win outcome during a period of instability 07

9 Overcoming the Challenges and Complexities of doing International Business Our people, processes Our processes and systems Our skills and expertise have made us the IT solutions and services partner of choice Our people, process and systems enable us for companies that want to perform at to provide an identical service experience a consistently high level across multiple across all geographies. geographies. Our processes are adapted to suit the needs of businesses that want to Our people expand their reach without compromising Dimension Data employs highly trained on the quality of their offering. professionals, who specialise in technical These processes are defined across the service delivery and service management. entire Dimension Data group and are Dimension Datas people have a deep deployed consistently, enabling a uniform knowledge of business issues faced by service across our regions and countries. clients with an international expansion Our working procedures have been directly agenda. Moreover, our people are skilled derived from our processes and include the enough to use the IT toolbox to craft local specificities that enable us to meet practical solutions and services to solve the individual requirements of our clients in international business challenges. each geography and culture. Our global and international client engagement model Multi-vendor solutions across the globe: Our global footprint enables us to deliver multi-vendor solutions in over 140 countries on five continents sistent Interface Con International expertise: Our people, process and systems enable us to provide al Service Centr an identical service experience across all geographies G lo b es Accommodating the different ways in which you wish live ry Mana to do business: We offer you a degree of flexibility and De rar y ge g accommodate the different ways you wish to do business ce m olo y vi hn Lib en C on r Flexible and customised service models: I n f o r m a t i o n Te c Se t I n f r a s t r u c t u re Putting you at the centre of every solution we develop and sulting giving you control of your IT procurement 24x7, 365 days a year Client Consistent delivery: We align our service delivery to Information Technology Client Ac t Infrastructure Library Version 3 (ITIL) a framework of best en ou nt M age m c practice processes an Integration of international programmes: e fic Execute and support global programme management and Of Ex ut co-ordinate regional/multinational deployments while focusing ec e iv m e am on client satisfaction en gr ga gem al Pro en t tion Interna Services Management: Global service delivery managements core focus is to work progressively with clients to encourage greater consistency, collaboration and overall communication across the world 08


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