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  • Mar 6, 2015
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1 Professional Development Short Programs Designed to fit around your business needs

2 Executive Programs COURSE COST DURATION Thought Leaders Advantage (Product Code: 158-41001V01) Transform your expertise into thought leadership to enhance your profile and drive performance. Learn how to powerfully connect your ideas. Leave $675 with ready-to-deploy commercial thinking 4 hours +GST and an understanding of how thought leadership can give your business the winning edge. Leading Change (Product Code: 158-41002V01) Change has changed! Understand the new paradigms of change and the skills and behaviours you need to succeed in 2015. Get into shape to lead. Learn $1,750 2 x 7 how to stay resilient and motivate others +GST hours over the long-term. Build your high- performance team and influence others to support you. Content Creation Workshop Blog or Die (Product Code: 158-41003V01) Give yourself the competitive edge in Sharing brilliant content with your business. Whether you want to take customers and stakeholders is now a business imperative. Trouble is most your career to the next level or develop of your experts dont know how. Learn $895 your teams capabilities, our professional how to create a continuous stream of 7 hours +GST high quality content that will help your development short programs will empower customers and position you as a market you with the strategies and skills to succeed leader. Give yourself in the the competitive edge in business. workplace. Whether you want to take your career to the next level or develop EXECUTIVE your teams capabilities, PROGRAMS ABOUT MARK HODGSON our professional development short programs Business leaders face new leadership will empower you with the strategies and skills to challenges that demand innovation and Mark comes from a corporate leadership background. succeed in the workplace. Hes worked in the UK, Central Europe, Russia and motivation. Our Executive Programs Australia and is an expert in change and leadership. TheareNorthern for leaders seeking Sydney to deepen Institute, their NSW, part of TAFE Mark is a mentor in Thought Leaders, an organization is understanding one of Australiasand skillsproviders leading around leading of vocational committed to helping clever people leverage their change training and attertiary both aeducation. team and organisational expertise for greater commercial success. level. Tap into our wealth of experience and resources as you join like-minded professionals in an innovative PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Strategy and Strategic Thinking and pragmatic learning environment. (Product Code: 158-41004V01) Our Professional Skills courses target The workshop commences with an introductory session key performance areas to improve your on strategy and strategic thinking. Participants will productivity and add value to your business. explore strategy and the strategic thinking process; understand the language of strategy and learn the whole COMPUTER SKILLS strategy model. Stay connected with our suite of Microsoft Key outcomes training programs to enhance your computer Learn how to create a strategic vision that will inspire and empower your skills. team/organisation. Learn how to produce strategic $895 7 hours Tap into our wealth of experience and intelligence in order to analyze the +GST current strategic position. resources as you join like-minded Discover how to develop compelling professionals in an innovative and pragmatic strategies that will achieve your vision learning environment. and objectives.

3 Professional Skills Professional Skills (continued) COURSE COURSE NO. COST DURATION COURSE COURSE NO. COST DURATION BUSINESS SKILLS MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP Personal Assistant Essentials Project Management Practitioner All the key management Learn the essential tools, skills to manage your time 2x7 processes and techniques and communicate better to 25722 $830 that will help you succeed get more out of your day hours and formalise your 2x7 as a PA. knowledge and skills as 25805 $690 hours a project management Manage Meetings practitioner through this key The latest tips and tools to course. give you that professional edge to prepare and 25724 $550 7 hours Risk Management manage effective meetings. Learn how to design and use a risk matrix and how Presentation Skills risk analysis processes are 2x7 embedded in workplace 25785 $830 Confidently deliver hours successful presentations WHS policies and every time with this practical 25723 $440 7 hours procedures. short course. Strategic Leadership Report Writing Successful managers are strategic leaders. This Your reports will be clear, course builds your skills to comprehensive and yet examine the characteristics 25786 $420 7 hours concise on completion of 25721 $310 7 hours of great leaders and the this hands-on short course frameworks that help them using Microsoft Office. succeed. Time Management Strategic Planning Set goals and prioritise Plan, measure and forecast your time effectively after 2x7 25718 $240 4 hours like an expert after this 25787 $700 completing this relevant insightful one-day course. hours one-day course. Team Building Writing Effective Emails Measure, motivate and Learn to communicate your manage your team message every time with 25719 $220 4 hours effectively after absorbing this essential business skills the easy-to-relate-to 25788 $420 7 hours course. material in this insightful Writing Skills for Business one-day course. Industry-recognised Human Resources Fundamentals techniques on planning, structure and writing style 25720 $380 7 hours Improve your leadership will be your strengths on capabilities or kick start completion of this course. your career in human 2x7 resource management after 25733 $720 COMMUNICATION SKILLS mastering the essentials of hours HR functions and processes Dealing with Difficult Situations in this two-day course. Develop strong conflict Safe Work Practices resolution skills through practical knowledge and 25737 $300 7 hours Develop strategies for safe application in this essential work practices and gain communication course. a working knowledge of 25732 $500 7 hours the current Work Health & Negotiation Skills Safety (WHS) Act. Manage conflict and collaboration for Change Management - Making the Transition professional development Discover the essential as you master the skills 25734 $310 7 hours principles and tools of to get to yes with this how you can effectively 25804 $370 7 hours program for professionals. lead change within your Conflict Resolution organisation. Apply successful conflict resolution processes and techniques in your personal and professional life 25779 $350 4 hours following completion of this fundamental program. Professional Development Short Programs

4 Professional Skills (continued) Professional Skills (continued) COURSE COURSE NO. COST DURATION COURSE COURSE NO. COST DURATION MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (CONTINUED) CUSTOMER SERVICE Coaching and Mentoring Building Client Relationships Learn practical strategies Transform your client to motivate and engage interactions with useful employees at all levels with 2x7 this dynamic and relevant 25789 $320 4 hours techniques and strategies 25774 $830 to build strong client hours Coaching and Mentoring relationships and repeat course. sales opportunities. Develop High Performing teams Dealing with Difficult Customers Achieve results above and (Behaviours and Complaints) beyond normal expectations 2x7 with this insightful and 25790 $700 Understand customer relevant course focusing on hours behaviours that lead to high performance teams. complaints and become 25776 $420 7 hours an expert in developing Giving and Receiving Feedback solutions. Give constructive feedback Managing your Sales Team to grow and develop your team, regardless of their 25791 $320 4 hours Harness the potential levels of experience and of your sales team with expertise. motivational and support Leading Teams strategies. Establish 2x7 performance standard 25771 $690 hours Learn practical tools to systems, plan objectives motivate and equip teams and drive your staff to aligned with your businesss 25780 $390 7 hours success. vision and goals. Sales Essentials Leading the Front Line All the tools you need to Apply all the essentials know to manage your sales to lead your team with confidence and achieve plan and performance are 25772 $390 7 hours your organisational goals 25781 $420 7 hours delivered in this practical one-day course. after attendance at this key course. Sales Skills for Non Sales Managers Managing Team Budgets Boost your sales skills and learn to analyse business Become an expert in and market trends to add 25773 $490 7 hours planning and monitoring value to your current role. your team or project budget 25782 $490 7 hours with this practical one-day course. Performance Management Drive a high-performance culture that motivates employees and aligns to organisational goals in this 25783 $490 7 hours leading-edge course on performance management. Project Management Fundamentals Master the terminology, processes and techniques 2x7 of project management 25784 $690 through this practical, hours hands-on course. Professional Development Short Programs

5 Computer Skills Computer Skills (continued) COURSE COURSE NO. COST DURATION COURSE COURSE NO. COST DURATION MICROSOFT EXCEL MICROSOFT WORD CONTINUED Excel 2013/2010 Introduction Word 2013/2010 Intermediate Learn to create workbooks Learn to use borders, and undertake basic graphics and styles, format calculations in this essential 25740 $380 7 hours documents including introductory course. headers and footers plus 25749 $380 7 hours develop templates. This one Excel 2013/2010 Intermediate day course will upgrade Learn to manage data, your existing skills. advanced formatting plus 25742 $380 7 hours charts and graphs. Word 2013/2010 Advanced Create tables of contents, Excel 2013/2010 Advanced index, outline and track A one-day advanced course changes, insert endnotes, 2x7 footnotes and captions, plus 25748 $570 to help you master complex hours calculations, data analysis, 25741 $380 7 hours learn to customise styles linking and export. and develop macros. MICROSOFT PROJECT MICROSOFT OFFICE Office 2013 New Features Project 2013/2010 Introduction Get ahead in your Create tasks, set workplace by brushing up timeframes, manage on Microsoft Office 2013s resources and produce 25746 $380 7 hours 25751 $380 7 hours latest features in Word, reports for your next project. Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Project 2013/2010 Intermediate MICROSOFT OUTLOOK Build on your general Microsoft Project skills to Outlook 2013/2010 Advanced manage project timelines 25745 $380 7 hours Maximise your skills by and unlock advanced utilising the potential functionality. of Microsoft Outlook to manage your Project 2013/2010 Advanced communications and 25752 $380 7 hours Improve your ability to workflows by learning the manage complex projects advanced features of this by unlocking the advanced 25744 $380 7 hours time management tool. features in Microsoft Outlook 2013/2010 Introduction Project. Improve your efficiency and MICROSOFT VISIO PROFESSIONAL manage your mailbox in this introductory course using 25753 $380 7 hours Visio Professional 2013/2010 Introduction the key features of Microsoft Outlook. Learn to create basic flowcharts and diagrams 25746 $380 7 hours POWERPOINT in this hands-on one-day course for professionals. PowerPoint 2013/2010 Introduction Impress your colleagues Visio Professional 2013/2010 Advanced through PowerPoint presentations. Learn the 25739 $380 7 hours Master technical layouts, key skills of this powerful workflow charts and 25747 $380 7 hours program in just one day. fishbone diagrams. PowerPoint 2013/2010 Advanced MICROSOFT WORD Deliver persuasive and Word 2013/2010 Introduction professional presentations every time after mastering Unlock the basic features PowerPoints potential in 25738 $380 7 hours of this powerful program this advanced one-day through creating and editing course. documents, learning to 25750 $380 7 hours format with tabs, indenting, line spacing, graphics and tables. Professional Development Short Programs

6 Call 131 674 Visit Speak to one of our Business Capability Specialists about how we can assist you in achieving your business goals by tailoring a training package to meet your needs. RTO Provider Number 90011 / CRICOS Provider Code 00591E / 150031 MAR 2015 Courses and their availabilities are subject to change based on sufficient demand and resources. Call us on 131 674 to make sure your chosen course is running at the location desired. Information correct as of March 2015.

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