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  • Jan 13, 2016
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1 College of Installation Management MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation FY16 Exemplary Workforce Development Award (EWDA) Call for Nominations Please read the information carefully before completing and submitting your packet. Reference: Change 01 - Appendix 1 (School for Family and MWR FY16 Course Schedule) to Annex G (Training) to FRAGO 02 to OPORD 16-001: IMCOM Annual Command Guidance (ACG) (U). 2. (U) FY16 Family and MWR Exemplary Workforce Development Award Call for Nominations. Background: The IMCOM 2025 and Beyond Campaign Plan, Line of Effort (LOE) 1: Professional Installation Management Workforce focuses on developing the workforce through education, training and broadening and/or developmental opportunities for employees. The MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Exemplary Workforce Development Award recognizes and rewards Family and MWR organizations and Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) that demonstrate strong commitment to Family and MWR employees through formal training, coaching and/or mentoring, and other opportunities for professional recognition and development at all levels in the organization. Eligibility: Family and MWR Directorates and AFRCs that submit the EWDA packet with supporting documentation before the due date are eligible to compete. Procedures: This process consists of four sequential phases. The Phases are: Phase I, Call for Nominations and Packet Submission; Phase II, Award Packet Evaluation and Scoring; Phase III, Announce Winners and Coordinate Award Delivery; Phase IV, Garrison and AFRC training and Award Presentation. Phase I, Call for Nominations and Packet Submission: Phase I begins with the publication of this Call for Nominations and concludes at the deadline date for packet submission, 8 April 2016. This phase involves confirming receipt and interpretation of Call for Nominations to include the self-nomination procedures and award criteria, assignment and submission of the name of the Installation POC, preparation of self-nomination application, collection of criteria documentation (Appendix A), and submission of the award packet with supporting documentation within the prescribed timeline. The following requirements must be met to move to Phase II: Within 30 days the garrison Director, Family and MWR (DFMWR) and AFRC General Manager (GM) receive, read and interpret the Call for Nominations and appendices Within 30 days the garrison DFMWR and AFRC GM assign a POC and provide the name and contact information to the IMCOM G7 POC listed in para 5 The DFMWR and AFRC GM or designee prepare packets and include documentation based on the criteria and submit on or before 8 April 2016 before midnight Central Standard Time using the self-nomination link listed in Appendix A Phase II, Award Packet Evaluation and Scoring: 9 April 5 May 2016. The IMCOM G7 1

2 POC will review, process and validate packets. The validated submissions will be presented to a panel of judges who will evaluate and score using the rubric in Appendix B. The Director, MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and MWR will validate scores for all submissions and winning garrisons or AFRC. Phase III, Announce Winners and Coordinate Award Delivery; 6 May 8 June 2016. The Director, MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and MWR will announce winners via email to G9 and the regions; the POC in para 5 and Training Instructors will contact respective garrison DFMWR and AFRC GM and their designated POC to determine training topics and delivery dates. Phase IV, Award Presentations; 15 July 15 September 2016. The MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and MWR Training Instructors visit winning garrisons and/or AFRC to present the award to the garrison Commander, DFMWR or AFRC General Manager and deliver training as selected by the garrison or AFRC at no cost. Evaluation and Selection Criteria: The evaluation criteria are listed in Appendix A. The period of performance for this award is 1 January 2015, through 31 December 2015. Given that many developments result from an organizations efforts and contributions cumulatively over a period of time, initiatives over more than the 12-month window may be reported, but the culmination of the work must be within the identified window. Quantifiable descriptions of achievements are required. Five (5) garrison Family and MWR Directorates and one (1) AFRC will be selected from the nominations received. Submissions will be rated against set of criteria using a defined rubric in Appendix B. Detailed Instructions: 1. Submission deadline. Submit self-nominations to the link in Appendix A and notify the EWDA Project Lead, Ms. Claudette S. Mohn at [email protected] Applications must be received by midnight CST on 8 April 2016. Due to schedule constraints, late submissions will be accepted but cannot be considered initially. The EWDA Project Lead will acknowledge receipt of each application. If the installation point of contact has not received a confirmation e-mail within 2 business days after submission, please contact the project lead at 210-466-1013. An award application will not be considered accepted until the submitter receives a confirmation e-mail. Each DFMWR and AFRC GM or assigned POC is invited to self- nominate through an online survey at https://www.imcomsurveys.com/se.ashx?s=724B3387143197AD. 2. Nomination format and content. The nomination package must include the completed application as described above. All supporting documentation and evidence must be included with the application as outlined in the criteria and rubric. 3. Recognition and Award. Winning organizations will be announced in May 2016 and recognized at a garrison and AFRC award ceremony on a date selected by the winner between July September 2016. Winners will be reimbursed up to $2,000 for costs associated with non- appropriated fund employee training and development such as front-line employee tuition reimbursement, supplies to support professional development or on-site training for front line team members. Additionally, winners will receive a Commanders Award certificate, a trophy, and training for the workforce delivered by the MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and MWR 2

3 Training Instructors. Training topics will fall under competencies associated with Leading People, Change and Continuous Improvement, Business and Technical Proficiency, Communication, and Drive for Results. Workforce development highlights of the winners will be featured on the School for Family and MWR homepage; and are announced via various publications and communication media at the Garrison, Region and Headquarters level. 4. Travel Coordination. Winners will be notified through their region, garrison, DFMWR and AFRC GM several weeks in advance to ensure that they have adequate time to select training topics and schedule training dates for maximum participation. Training Instructors will make travel reservations upon confirmation of training dates. 5. Questions. Please address all questions regarding this award or application procedures to the EWDA Project Lead at 210-466-1013 or via e-mail at [email protected] Additional information can be found on the College of Installation Management School for Family and MWR website at http://www.imcomacademy.com/ima/. Digitally signed by JONES.PAMELA.1181175695 DN: c=US, o=U.S. Government, ou=DoD, ou=PKI, ou=USA, cn=JONES.PAMELA.1181175695 Date: 2016.01.13 14:56:30 -06'00' PAMELA JONES, MSA Interim Director MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and MWR 3

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