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1 south tex s FALL 2015 HEALTH NEWS from HEALTH SYSTEM The Behavioral Appointments CLINIC of South Texas available within 24 hours via telepsychiatry OPENS IN EDINBURG Niki Pena helps connect a hospital patient to Psychiatrist Mumtaz Suleman, MD, using The Behavioral Clinic of South Texas new telepsychiatry services. COMPLIMENTS OF U.S. News & World Certified nurse midwife Report ranks South Texas joins the Valley Care Health System among Clinics team the best Anna Shields, CNM, FNP, Raising the bar for healthcare complements patient- in our region see page 14 centered approach

2 FROM THE CEOS OUR MISSION TO PROVIDE HIGH-QUALITY HEALTHCARE ALWAYS BEGINS WITH ONE PERSON IN MIND THE PATIENT. AND WITH THE ADVANCES IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, SOUTH TEXAS HEALTH SYSTEM IS ABLE TO OFFER MORE HEALTHCARE OPTIONS TO OUR PATIENTS THAN EVER BEFORE. In this issue, youll learn about telemedicine, and how its expanding behavioral health services in the Rio Grande Valley. The Behavioral Clinic of South Texas uses computers, webcams and board- certified psychiatrists to connect with patients in a clinical setting, as well as in hospital emergency rooms. Patients are getting appointments and consultations faster, and receiving the appropriate IN THIS ISSUE level of care for their behavioral health needs. Youll also read about the Olympus Evis Exera III HD 3D video system and the Olympus Endoeye 4 BEHAVIORAL CLINIC OF SOUTH Flex 3D scope, now available at McAllen Heart Hospital. Used in laparoscopic procedures, including bariatric surgery, the system offers enhanced visualization and high-definition images. TEXAS OPENS McAllen Heart Hospital is the only hospital south of San Antonio to offer this surgical option. Appointments within In This is My Story, youll read how doctors used technology to help save the life of Martin Luna. 24 hours Mr. Luna suffered a heart attack, but skilled physicians used the Impella heart pump, giving him a second chance. 6 MIDWIFE JOINS In other news, we are pleased to welcome Anna Shields, CNM, FNP, to Valley Care Clinics. Anna is working with Daniel Lee, DO, in his OB/GYN practice, and didnt waste any time getting VALLEY CARE acclimated she jumped right in and delivered little Ian Granados her second day on the job. CLINICS Read more about Anna and hear new mom Sylvia Granados talk about her amazing birthing A complement to experience with Dr. Lee and Anna on page 6. patient-centered care We hope you enjoy this issue of Health News, and know that even in the midst of technological advancements, we put the human touch in everything we do. 13 COST-EFFECTIVE LABORATORY TESTING Get to know your JENNIFER C. GARZA JOE RODRIGUEZ numbers CEO, Edinburg Regional Medical Center/ CEO, South Texas Behavioral Health Center Edinburg Childrens Hospital ROXANNA GODINEZ JASON CHANG CEO, Cornerstone Regional Hospital CEO, McAllen Heart Hospital We are South Tex s Health System EDINBURG EDINBURG REGIONAL McALLEN HEART McALLEN SOUTH TEXAS CORNERSTONE STHS ER STHS ER CHILDRENS MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER BEHAVIORAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL AT WESLACO AT MISSION HOSPITAL EDINBURG REGIONAL HEALTH CENTER This hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership REHAB CENTER that includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital medical staff. 2 South Texas Health System Health News

3 3D VIDEOSCOPE enhances laparoscopic procedures SURGICAL SYSTEM PROVIDES HIGH-DEFINITION IMAGES, ALLOWS INCREASED DEPTH PERCEPTION I n todays world, technology is constantly evolving. And There is a difference in depth that includes the equipment used in operating rooms. In perception between open and recent years, laparoscopic procedures have replaced many laparoscopic surgery, but the traditional open surgeries, resulting in shorter recovery Olympus Endoeye Flex 3D Scope times, a lower risk of complications and less pain for gives us high-definition images the patient.* that provide the same view as open surgery, says Dr. Garza. And At McAllen Heart Hospital, the Olympus Evis Exera III HD 3D because the tip of the scope can video system and the Olympus Endoeye Flex 3D scope are taking rotate up to a 100 angle, we have laparoscopic surgery even further. Images from the scope are an enhanced ability to dissect and viewed on the 3D video system, which is the platform and screen suture the internal anatomy. the surgeons use to view the operation. Jason Chang, CEO ERNESTO GARZA JR., MD, FACS at McAllen Heart Hospital says, By investing in and bringing Nationally Accredited Bariatric The video system is also used technology to our hospital, we can offer more advanced Center Surgeon, Chief of Surgery periodically to digitally record a South Texas Health System surgery on a DVD. Sometimes procedures to our patients. In fact, McAllen Heart Hospital is the only facility south of San Antonio to use this surgical system. Dr. Garza will bring the DVD when he is presenting at a conference or to a class, says Joe Galaviz, RN, Surgeons at McAllen Heart Hospital are using the Olympus Director of Surgical Services at McAllen Heart Hospital. It is equipment for bariatric techniques such as gastric bypass, gastric phenomenal how clear the images are with the 3D feature. sleeves and Lap-Bands. It is also used to repair hernias and for certain procedures involving the colon, as well as appendectomies We are so fortunate to be able to offer surgery to our patients and to diagnose disease. Ernesto Garza Jr., MD, FACS, Chief of using this equipment, says Dr. Garza. It is the technology of the Surgery at South Texas Health System, is one of the surgeons using future, and we are using it now. the system. *Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if minimally invasive surgery is right for you. McAllen Heart Hospital was the first freestanding cardiology and cardiovascular hospital built in the United States. The hospital is dedicated to diagnosing and treating heart-related medical needs, emergency heart care, cardiac catheterization, heart surgery and education. McAllen Heart Hospital is a full Cycle II Chest Pain Center accredited with PCI, as well as an accredited Bariatric Surgery Center. To learn more, go to 3

4 Outpatient behavioral health appointments available within 24 hours through telemedicine T he Behavioral Clinic of South Texas (BCST) opened earlier this year to expand access to timely outpatient behavioral services in a clinic setting as well as local emergency rooms and hospitals. The new facility in Edinburg is home to the most comprehensive telepsychiatry program in South Texas, which uses existing technology, such as computers and webcams, to remotely connect patients to psychiatrists. Before the clinic opened, patients waited weeks or months to see a psychiatrist because of a lack of service providers. But today, appointments are set at BCST within 24 hours of referral. Additionally, in many cases, patients have not needed hospitalization for a behavioral health issue thanks to timely evaluations taking place in local emergency rooms and on medical floors. 4 South Texas Health System Health News

5 All behavioral health services provided by psychiatrist later. Follow-up appointments, technology and medicine. At first, people the clinic are done through secure video often with the same psychiatrist that first werent sure what it was all about. But conferencing technology with board- treated the patient, are scheduled upon through word of mouth and promotion, certified psychiatrists, says Joe J. Salazar, discharge from the hospital, providing a our patient base is really growing, she Program Manager for BCST. continuum of care and integration of acute says. We sometimes have to get an and behavioral services. additional doctor to handle the walk-ins. Imagine a psychiatrist meeting with patients in the clinic, in an emergency The clinics goal is to treat patients with Dr. Suleman says that telemedicine might room 20 miles away, and at the Border mental health symptoms such as sadness, be less intimidating to some people, Region MHMR office in Laredo 200 miles anxiety and anger, since early intervention especially for those who are fearful of away, all in the span of two to three hours, can help manage the symptoms and may doctors. By interacting with a doctor says Salazar. The clinic may be physically help avoid a crisis situation, says Linda through a monitor, some patients are more located in Edinburg, but we have the Cantu, a licensed professional counselor comfortable because it feels less invasive capability of seeing patients where they and Director of Assessment and Referral to them. She says it is one thing to talk are and when they need help because of at South Texas Behavioral Health Center. about flu symptoms with a doctor, but it is the efficiency and expandability of the We want to ensure that patients are being a totally different experience when you are technology. treated with the least restrictive level of talking about your mental health. care. If we can help a patient avoid the EARLY INTERVENTION Our goal is to ensure that the patient need for inpatient hospitalization through Clinicians observed that behavioral feels comfortable and at ease during their outpatient medication management and health services were desperately needed session, she says. If they feel that we supportive treatment, we have met our in hospital emergency rooms and on helped them, they will continue to follow goal, she said. medical floors. BCST psychiatrists provide their treatment plan. They will also tell consultations for the ERs at Edinburg MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR others about their experience. Regional Medical Center, Edinburg THOSE IN NEED Patients do not require a referral from a Childrens Hospital, McAllen Heart A team of contracted Texas-licensed primary doctor or mental health counselor, Hospital, McAllen Medical Center, STHS physicians works with the clinic to and walk-ins are welcome, says Dr. ER at Weslaco and STHS ER at Mission. provide behavioral health services, Suleman. Services are available to those Services are also available at the MHMR including Mumtaz Suleman, MD, who 15 years of age and up. clinics in Laredo and Rio Grande City. lives in Houston. The BCST telepsychiatry program has If a patient exhibits signs of a behavioral Dr. Suleman has been practicing made a difference in the number of condition in one of the emergency rooms, telepsychiatry since 2013, and started patients who are able to receive care in the telepsychiatry technology is available working for the clinic when it opened. She underserved or geographically isolated so the patient can be evaluated quickly is amazed at how receptive the community areas, which is another goal of this while at the ER, instead of traveling to a has been to this unique melding of program, Cantu says. FOR INFORMATION AND Telepsychiatry services available at: APPOINTMENTS CALL: Edinburg 281 The Behavioral Clinic 956-383-3281 of South Texas 336 McAllen Medical Center 2110 W. Trenton Road, Suite B McAllen McAllen Heart Hospital Edinburg, TX 78539 83 Mission Edinburg Regional Medical Center 83 Edinburg Childrens Hospital Hours of Operation: South Texas ER at Weslaco Monday Friday, 8 a.m. 8 p.m. Weslaco South Texas ER at Mission 5

6 Anna Shields, CNM, FNP, and Daniel Lee, DO, visit with Sylvia and Isai Granados, Pharm. D., and baby Ian at Valley Care Clinics. Valley Care Clinics adds nurse midwife TO COMPLEMENT PATIENT-CENTERED APPROACH Midwife Anna Shields helps Edinburg couple welcome their first child Daniel Lee, DO, was one busy doctor. As one of the OB/ GYNs at Valley Care Clinics, he delivered 40 babies in March 2015 alone! Dr. Lee was concerned that the increasing volume of patients would interfere with his commitment to leave the timing of the birthing process up to his patients. He needed to add more staff, but it was important that they shared his philosophy. He knew just the person to contact. 6 South Texas Health System Health News

7 Anna Shields, CNM, FNP, had arrived in which allows certified nurse midwives to the Valley in September 2014, and started work alongside OB/GYNs. Anna was there volunteering at a birth center in Weslaco. for me, coaching and supporting me, It was there that she met Dr. Lee, and the says Sylvia. She even showed my husband two realized they shared the same beliefs how to help relieve my labor pain through regarding holistic healthcare and the acupressure and massage techniques. natural birth process. Before she knew it, After several hours of labor, Shields delivered Shields was on staff with Dr. Lee as the first baby Ian, the first baby to be delivered by a certified nurse midwife in recent years who midwife at The Womens Corner. can deliver babies in an Upper Rio Grande Valley hospital. It didnt take long to realize the value of her approach and experience. Anna was incredible, It was May 5, 2015, Shields second day on the job at Valley Care Clinics. One of her and the whole birthing experience was truly About patients that day was Sylvia Granados. Sylvia was excited. She was close to the end of her pregnancy and was at Dr. Lees amazing and beautiful. office for one of her final appointments. Sylvia Granados Anna Shields, CNM, FNP But after an ultrasound, Sylvia was told she had low levels of amniotic fluid. Dr. Shields grew up in the Dallas area. She Lee recommended that she go to the holds a BA, a BSN, and a Masters in Immediately following the birth, Shields hospital to be induced. Sylvia was shocked herself taught Sylvia how to breastfeed Nursing. She is also a certified nurse and scared, not knowing what to expect. her child. Anna took the time to show me midwife and family nurse practitioner. But when Shields walked into the room, the right way to nurse my baby, and made everything changed. sure he latched on properly, says Sylvia. While getting her undergraduate Shields quickly got up to speed on her That helped me bond even more with degree, Shields spent a month living patients pregnancy history. Then she Ian. Shields stayed at the hospital the with a midwife in Africa. She also explained the whole procedure to Sylvia next day and came in regularly to see how studied and worked in various places and put her at ease. Sylvia was concerned they were doing. about her baby, but after meeting with her, around the world, such as Ecuador, I was so lucky to get Anna, and am I reassured her that I would be by her side Haiti and India. honored that my son was the first baby she throughout the process, says Shields. delivered in Dr. Lees practice, says Sylvia. She knew that she wanted to work with Sylvia headed to The Womens Corner at I will definitely continue to see her and Dr. women and be in a caring profession. Edinburg Regional Medical Center, Lee for my healthcare needs! She is passionate about womens health, and believes in partnering with her patients and participating in their healthcare decisions. Shields lives in a community of OB/GYN midwives in Weslaco where she is To make an appointment, call building herself a 160-square-foot 855-VCC-APPT (855-822-2778). tiny house. She is also working on mastering her knowledge of Spanish. 7

8 ASK THE Doctor Midwifery: Partnering with women to enhance the birth experience When you hear the term midwife, many people think of home births and water births. And while that is the historical perception of what a midwife does, many midwives today also work in physician practices and hospitals. Midwives view pregnancy and birth as a natural process and collaborate with their patients to provide the best experience for both mother and baby. Daniel Lee, DO, talks about how the addition of Anna Shields, a DANIEL LEE, DO certified nurse midwife and family nurse practitioner, gives his patients more options for their birth experience. Obstetrics & Gynecology Valley Care Clinics Q What is a certified nurse midwife, and how are they trained? A: Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses who Q How does bringing a midwife aboard enhance the practice? A: Having a midwife on staff improves and enhances attend an accredited nurse-midwifery program. Upon the practice because it gives women more options graduation, they must also pass an exam to become for their birth experience. Some women prefer to certified. Many also have advanced nursing degrees have more labor support and natural pain relief from and years of clinical experience prior to becoming a acupressure, a massage, a shower, or positioning. certified midwife. Midwives are trained to provide that support and they are a little more hands-on. They prefer to use medical Q What kind of care does a midwife typically provide? A: Even though their expertise intervention only when it is called for, such as when a patient requests an epidural, or when an induction or C-section is needed. Our goal is to partner with our patients and share the decision with them. is in pregnancy, delivery and Q postpartum care, midwives are also trained to provide routine How have patients responded to having gynecological care, such as well a midwife in the office? exams and PAP smears. They A: Our patients have been very receptive to Anna and can also counsel patients on we have received great feedback about her since she contraception and treat patients started here. There hasnt been a midwife practicing in for sexually transmitted diseases. an Upper Valley hospital in recent years. Her presence is Caring for those experiencing a new option for patients routine gynecological care or symptoms of menopause is also pregnancy. Annas experience and approach very much in their realm of expertise. complement the work we do here at Valley Care Clinics. With convenient hours and easy-to-reach locations, Valley Care Clinics can provide the care you and your family need. For more information, visit 8 South Texas Health System Health News

9 Did You Know? Prominence Health Plan provides comprehensive health insurance with in-network access to your local hospitals Edinburg Regional Medical Center, McAllen Medical Center, McAllen Heart Hospital, Cornerstone Regional Hospital. AT PROMINENCE HEALTH PLAN, YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST THANKS TO: Now you know! Prominence Health Plan works with your local healthcare Affordable options provider to ensure you have access to quality care - Medicare Advantage plans wherever you are in the Rio Grande Valley. - Individual and Family plans on the Healthcare Exchange coming in 2016 Learn more about Prominence Health Plan at - Employer group plans Healthcare you can afford! Access to a coordinated, patient-centered system of care In-network access to - Edinburg Regional Medical Center - Edinburg Childrens Hospital - McAllen Heart Hospital - McAllen Medical Center - Cornerstone Regional Hospital * - South Texas Behavioral Health Center - Valley Care Clinics - The Heart Clinic - STHS ER at Weslaco - STHS ER at Mission A commitment to service excellence Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of South Texas Health System or Prominence Health Plan and shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. *Cornerstone Regional Hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital medical staff. Other providers are available in our network.

10 GET TO F or many people, Mondays are their After Fossum became an astronaut, least favorite day of the workweek. Ruperto gave him a slide rule they used But if you were to ask Julieta and when Fossum was in high school. Slide KNOW Ruperto Gonzalez that question, they rules were the calculator before the would say Mondays fall at the top of their calculator. Mike took it into space so it list. Thats because on Mondays, this could become part of history, Ruperto dynamic duo volunteers with the Auxiliary says. After he returned from his mission, to South Texas Health Systems transport Fossum was nominated for an award JULIETA and RUPERTO department at McAllen Medical Center. at Texas A&M University. Since both GONZALEZ Ruperto and Fossum are Aggies, We have been volunteering at McAllen Volunteers, McAllen Medical Center they donated the slide rule to the School for 16 years now, and we love it! says Auxiliary to South Texas Health System of Engineering. Julieta. We work from 8 a.m. noon on Mondays, and as needed to substitute Fossum also took a photo of Ruperto and when others are out. his wife into space on one of his missions. After he returned, he gave the photo We transport patients in wheelchairs back to me. I felt like I was up there in throughout the hospital, deliver and space with him, says Ruperto. pick up medical records, and help staff members, says Ruperto. We really look In addition to their volunteer work, forward to Mondays. Ruperto and Julieta are members of the Gifts and Memorials committee with the Before they started volunteering, Ruperto Auxiliary to South Texas Health System. was a physics and math teacher at Julieta is also a past two-term treasurer McAllen Independent School District. He for the volunteer organization. When they retired in 1996, then consulted for several arent volunteering and giving back, they school districts for 10 years. Julieta was a love to travel in their RV. We also like to bookkeeper when she retired in 1999. The go fishing, and sometimes we will take our couple, who live in McAllen, celebrated boat along, too, says Julieta. 43 years of marriage in August, and say that they never get bored. We are always The couple says that volunteering is on the move, doing something together, important to them because it gives them or with others, Ruperto says. great satisfaction to give back to the community. We want to make sure that Inspiring people seems to have been everyones experience at McAllen Medical Rupertos calling. As a teacher, he is Center is a pleasant one, and that we proud that many of his former students take care of them, says Ruperto. Julieta are in professional careers. One of adds, We are willing to do what it takes my students, Mike Fossum, is a NASA to make it a great experience for everyone astronaut! says Ruperto. we encounter here patients, their families, the doctors and hospital staff. For more information on the Auxiliary to South Texas Health System or to apply online, visit You can also like the Facebook page at 10 South Texas Health System Health News

11 Congratulations Class of 2015! The new physicians and where they will be practicing: Abraham G. Ayala, MD Cesar Garza, MD Corpus Christi, Texas McAllen Medical Center Akash K. Attreya, DO McAllen, Texas Albuquerque, New Mexico Salvador Elizarraraz Jr., MD Adrian K. Gonzales, MD STHS ER at Mission Corpus Christi, Texas Mission, Texas Isabel Reyna, MD STHS ER at Weslaco Eric Petersen, MD, Program Director Weslaco, Texas (left), pictured with new graduates. McAllen Family Medicine Residency Program GRADUATES SIX NEW PHYSICIANS T CLINIC he McAllen Family Medicine Residency Program The McAllen Family Medicine Residency Clinic graduated another six family physicians in June, is proud to add the following new patient- three of whom will be practicing locally. The centered improvements: RECOGNIZED physicians graduated after completing three years for reducing Reduced wait times and improved continuum of of academic study, clinical hours, and rotations with care between clinic and hospital. wait times and different specialists at McAllen Medical Center. Their improving patient Clinical summaries will be given to patients at the training included supervision by a family physician, an end of each appointment. This document provides satisfaction obstetrician and a pediatrician, and all six are board certified from the American Board of Family Medicine. an outline of the visit, as well as any follow-up that The McAllen Family is recommended by the physician. Medicine Residency Clinic We have long-standing relationships with community Instant results will be available for certain lab tests, recently won first place physicians, so the residents get a lot of hands-on including INR/Protime, CBC and urinalysis. experience in cardiology, nephrology, orthopedics, the at the University of Texas ER and ICU. They rotate through all the specialties, System Shared Visions says Program Director Eric Petersen, MD. Conference for their The McAllen Family Medicine Residency Clinic, which is presentation highlighting run as a joint venture between McAllen Medical Center McAllen Family Medicine their improved efficiency and the newly formed University of Texas Rio Grande Residency Clinic Valley School of Medicine, provides quality medical and reduced wait times. 205 E. Toronto Avenue, McAllen, TX 78503 care for the entire family. Some of the specialties available Our priority is to ensure at the clinic are obstetrics, pediatrics and geriatrics. Open Monday Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m. optimal and timely access New patients welcome to health services for all If a clinic patient is admitted to McAllen Medical Walk-in appointments are available Center, the residents monitor the patient while he or patients at the clinic, says Most insurance plans accepted she is hospitalized, and follow up after discharge. Marivel Barrera, CMOM, Dr. Petersen says that makes for a smoother transition Director of the clinic. We of care because the same team of doctors stays with the patient. Many primary care clinics do not check on are so pleased to have won patients in the hospital. To make an appointment, call 956-687-6155. this award. For more information, visit 11

12 THIS IS MY STORY: Martin Luna It all started with shortness of breath, sweating and heart palpitations. On January 9, 2015, Martin Luna, 42, was at work and had been helping to move a filing cabinet. When he was finished, he sat down to rest, hoping the symptoms would go away but they didnt. MARTIN LUNA: I started to panic, so I dialed 9-1-1. A few minutes later, my co-worker returned, and I asked him to call my wife to explain what was happening. I was rushed in an ambulance to McAllen Heart Hospital. VERONICA GARZA, MARTINS WIFE: My phone rang, and it was his co-worker. He said your husband is pretty sick and we called an ambulance. He told me to go straight to McAllen Heart Hospital! MARTIN: I felt them put the paddles on me, but I dont remember how many times they did it. I just remember all this commotion around me. The emergency team at the hospital determined that I had suffered a massive heart attack. The next thing I knew, I was awake, but hooked up to tubes and machines. I had been in the Intensive Care Unit at McAllen Heart Hospital for five days. VERONICA: I was just thinking in my mind, what about our children? What am I going to tell them? MARTIN: Luis Padula, MD, an interventional cardiologist at The Heart Clinic, explained that he stabilized my heart using the Abiomed Impella heart pump, while putting two stents in my heart. Once the stents were securely placed, they removed the pump. VERONICA: I dont even have words to thank the nurses and doctors for all their hard work and dedication. I am so happy that they saved my husbands life! MARTIN: Today, I am getting stronger every day, and am working back up to full-time hours. The doctors and nurses at McAllen Heart Hospital saved my life they gave it all they had to keep me alive. I am here today because of them, and for that I am forever grateful! Watch Martins video at Impella heart pump life-saving technology The Impella pump is a percutaneous ventricular assist device known as the worlds smallest heart pump. The pump is about the width of a pencil, and is surgically implanted into the left heart ventricle via the femoral artery in the leg. It helps the heart pump more blood when the heart is weak. McAllen Heart Hospital was the first facility in the region to use the device, continuing a tradition of leadership in cardiac care. By using the Impella heart pump, we can now treat patients that were previously out of our range of care, says Federico Azpurua, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, The Heart Clinic. 12 South Texas Health System Health News

13 Community Wellness Program DO YOU KNOW offers low-cost laboratory testing YOUR NUMBERS? Did you know that South Texas Health System has a Community Wellness Program that IF NOT, WE offers Direct to Consumer (DTC) laboratory tests? DTC testing allows you to request certain blood tests, all without a doctors order. CAN HELP! T We make it easy for you to he health screens are offered as wellness To get your tests, go to McAllen Medical Center, get answers quickly, and at panels or as single tests, and the results are Edinburg Regional Medical Center, or one of the a reasonable price. easy to understand. The test report also two new free-standing emergency departments in includes information that enables you to contact a Weslaco or Mission. No appointment is necessary, Here are just a few of the licensed healthcare professional about the clinical and the labs are fully accredited and certified by tests available: significance of your test results. the College of American Pathologists. Complete Wellness The wellness panels were selected for specific organ The process is simple: Screen: $20 functions or systems to detect problems or early signs Go to the registration area and register Heart Screen of certain diseases. The most common health screen Sign the consent form Lipid Panel: $15 performed is the Complete Wellness Screen, which includes tests for the heart, liver function, kidney Pay for the tests you want Womens Health Check: $30 function and a complete blood count. This screen Get your blood drawn Mens Health Check: $30 helps to detect anemias and leukemias. The test results are available within 24 hours and Diabetes Screening: $15 If you have a health issue, such as diabetes, you can can be faxed to your doctor, or you can pick them up Hemoglobin A1C: $11 use the program to better manage your glucose with proper identification. Pregnancy Test: $12 levels by getting quarterly Hemoglobin A1C tests done. Other individual tests include: Vitamin D, Iron, For more information on the available All tests are available with Thyroid, Pregnancy Test, Prostate Specific Antigen tests and prices, visit or without a doctors order. (PSA), and many others. This program has been very successful and beneficial to the community, says Grace Garza, BS, MT (ASCP), MBA, System Area Lab Director. We go to community health fairs about once a month to create awareness of this very affordable resource. It helps a lot of patients who are already diagnosed with health issues better manage their conditions. For those with diabetes, it helps them keep their A1C levels in check. Choose the lab closest to you: McAllen Medical Center STHS ER at Weslaco 301 W. Expressway 83 330 W. Expressway 83 McAllen, TX 78502 Weslaco, TX 78599 956-971-5880 956-975-2320 Edinburg Regional Medical Center STHS ER at Mission 1102 W. Trenton Road 900 E. Expressway 83 Edinburg, TX 78539 Mission, TX 78572 956-388-6710 956-271-1200 13

14 DID YOU KNOW? U.S. News & World Report Ranks South Texas Health System Among The Best What does that mean for you? According to U.S. News & World Report: A Best Hospital demonstrates expertise in treating the most challenging patients and performs nearly at the level of their nationally ranked peers in one or more specialties. South Texas Health System ranks High Performing for treating: H Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD H Heart Bypass Surgery H Heart Failure You have a choice for care Choose one of the best as ranked by U.S. News & World Report We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to excellence, compassion and to raising the bar for the delivery of healthcare in our region. At South Texas Health System, we treat all of our patients like they are members of our own family. ~ DOUG MATNEY, REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT Learn more about South Texas Health System and all of the advanced, specialty services dedicated to you at

15 c ring for the COMMUNITY McAllen Medical Center Foundation supports UTRGVs research initiatives The McAllen Medical Center Foundation recently granted a $100,000 professorship to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) and the South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute. The Institute is part of UTRGVs research, clinical and education program, and will conduct research on diabetes and obesity. This research will lead to better treatment and improved health for residents of South Texas. Doug Matney, president of the McAllen Medical Center Foundation, presented the check. The McAllen Medical Center Foundation is a non-profit entity established in 1993 to fund charitable and educational causes to benefit the healthcare needs of the Rio Grande Valley. Cornerstone Regional Hospital enhances patient safety with wireless monitoring system Cornerstone Regional Hospital recently introduced an advanced digital monitoring system that will deliver enhanced safety, care and peace-of-mind to patients in its Medical Surgical Unit. Cornerstone Regional Hospital is the first to offer this technology in the Rio Grande Valley. The ViSi Mobile System is a wireless, wrist-worn device that continuously tracks patient vital sign data and transmits the information to clinicians onsite or remotely. Roxanna Godinez, CEO of Cornerstone Regional Hospital, says that the hospital strives to improve care for their patients. With this new system, there will be fewer interruptions for patients and they can get the rest they need to heal, she says. For more information, visit Cornerstone Regional Hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital medical staff. 15

16 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 322 PONTIAC, IL c/o Marketing Department 1400 W. Trenton Road Edinburg, TX 78539 Your email address opens the door to online access to your medical records, Lab results 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Medications Health Records Online is a secure, online service from Health issues South Texas Health System that lets you view certain Immunizations medical records online. Allergies Procedures Its easy to enroll Discharge Signing up for Health Records Online is easy. instructions Just provide your email address and we will email you Summaries of care an invitation to join. Follow the simple steps and youve received youll have access to your health records in minutes. Transition of care For more information, go to documents Radiology reports Get social with us HEALTH NEWS FROM SOUTH TEXAS HEALTH SYSTEM Information in Health News comes from a wide range of medical HEALTH NEWS PHYSICIAN ADVISORY BOARD experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare Sylvia Hatton, Ph.D. Jennifer C. Garza Joe Rodriguez Yuri Bermudez, MD Luis Padula, MD provider. Models may be used in photos or illustrations. Any Chairman, South Texas Health Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Family Practice, Chief of Medical Staff Cardiologist opinions expressed by an author whose article appears in this System Board of Governors Edinburg Regional Medical Center South Texas Behavioral Health Center Suresh Ratnam, MD Rolando Yarritu, MD publication are solely the opinions of the author and do not and Edinburg Childrens Hospital necessarily reflect the views of South Texas Health System or Doug A. Matney Roxanna Godinez Oncologist, Vice Chief of Staff Family Practice Group Vice President, Jason Chang Chief Executive Officer, Universal Health Services, Inc Physicians mentioned in this Maria Camacho, MD Raul Marquez, MD publication are independent practitioners who are not employees or South Texas Health System Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstone Regional Hospital Pediatric Intensivist Orthopedic Surgeon agents of South Texas Health System. The hospital shall not be liable McAllen Heart Hospital Cesar Matos, MD for actions or treatments provided by physicians. Cornerstone Regional Hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that Psychiatrist includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital medical staff. 2015. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. You may have received this mail because your address appears on a purchased mailing list. The companies from whom we purchase mailing lists are responsible for removing your name if you do not wish to be listed. To add or remove your name and address from our mailing list, please contact South Texas Health Systems Marketing Department; the Direct Marketing Association, Farmingdale, NY; or log on to

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