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1 Creating Value ... Delivering innovave, high-value soluons by transforming challenges into successful opportunies for our U.S. military partners around the globe. Serving: Air Force Army Navy & Marine National Guard & Reserves Homeland Security Veteran Affairs Defense Logistics Agency Schedule Contract GS-OOF-0032M CPES BPA: GS-23F-PE020 ... Delivering Solutions Planning Architecture Engineering Environmental Geospatial Technologies Construction Management Program Management Asset Management Energy Development Creang value by delivering innovave and sustainable soluons for infrastructure and the environment. David M. Martin, P.E., Sr. VP, Defense Market Manager, 412.375.3121 1.800.553.1153

2 Connecting with the worldwide SAME network is easier with SAME Directory of Member Companies and Organizationsone of the most useful directories for companies engaged in DOD engineering, construction, environmental and Federal emergency response programs. For 2013, SAME is offering a redesigned print Directory that it is more versatile and portable; yet comprehensive in terms of contact information. This 2013 Directory includes photos and contact information for military engineering leaders, including the recently-formed Air Force Civil Engineer Center. In addition, the uniformed services section includes a listing of contracting officers and small and disadvantaged utilization offices, to help you make the connections needed to be successful. Making connections is at the forefront of our membership organization--connections between government and industry and the forming of industry teams to support numerous Federal programs. As such, the 2013 Directory includes contact information for more than 1,300 Sustaining Member Companies, Public Agencies and Academic and Non-Profit organizations, including: names of key leaders; website addresses; emergency response phone numbers; and company and agency listings by SAME Posts serving the local area. The SAME Directory is available in print and online as an interactive PDF. We are continuing our efforts to initiate a more robust, interactive, searchable online Directory for 2013. The online version will include detailed company information formerly found in previous versions, such as company profile, emergency support functions, NAICS codes and small business codes. The transition of this information to online will enable SAME Member Companies to continually update information to ensure accuracy and validity at all times, while enabling even more complete access 24/7. We plan to have the online Directory operational by spring 2013in time for the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo taking place May 21-24 in San Diego, Calif. We hope that you regularly update your company profile information on so we can continue to offer current, accurate information to both members and non-members alike. Robert D. Wolff, Ph.D., P.E., F.SAME Executive Director Society of American Military Engineers

3 EDITORIAL OFFICE 607 Prince Street TABLE OF CONTENTS Alexandria, VA 22314-3117 703-549-3800 plus ext. Welcome Letter................................................................. 1 Fax: 703-548-6153 Organizations, Contracting & Engineering Officials, ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER and Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization L. Eileen Erickson Offices of the Uniformed Services............................... 5 Ext. 140; [email protected] U.S. Army Corps of Engineers........................................7-29 U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command................31-39 EDITOR Stephen R. Karl U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering....................................41-45 Ext. 141; [email protected] U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering..............................47-48 U.S. Public Health Service............................................49-50 GRAPHIC DESIGNER U.S. Department of Homeland Security........................51-55 Natalie L. Kirkpatrick Ext. 142; [email protected] Federal Emergency Management Agency....................57-58 Profiles and Listings of Companies & MARKETING SALES Public Agencies........................................................... 59 MANAGER Government, Non-Profit & Academic Profiles...............61-64 Stephanie Satterfield Corporate Profiles.......................................................65-138 Ext. 144; [email protected] Company State Listings by SAME Post....................139-162 WEB MANAGER Company Listings, Foreign..............................................163 James Lee Index....................................................................... 164-180 Ext. 143; [email protected] WEB WRITER & EDITOR ADVERTISING INDEX Rona Aquino 6 AECOM 53 Manson Construction Co. Ext. 145; [email protected] 10 AMEC C2 Michael Baker Corp. 39 ASSA ABLOY/Megadoor 44 Pond & Company 34 Atkins 44 RS&H PUBLISHER 36 Armacell LLC 28, 30, 32, 39, SAME Dr. Robert D. Wolff, P.E., 20 Autodesk 40, 42, 46, 54, 22 Bauer Foundation 55, 56, 58, 60, F.SAME 161, 163, C3 8 Black & Veatch C4 Burns & McDonnell 16 Sprung Instant Structures For advertising opportunities in 14 CDM Smith 4 Tetra Tech the SAME Directory of Member 12 CH2M HILL 18 URS Corp. 45 Cobb Engineering 38 University of Florida - UF Edge Companies & Organizations and 26 University of Wisconsin 45 Easi-Set Buildings other SAME publications, go to 24 EMCOR 37 Versar 53 Lakeshore TolTest 3 Weston Solutions The SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations is published by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), 607 Prince St., Alexandria, VA 22314-3117. This publication is made available to SAME members as part of their annual dues. Single copy price for members is $90, $180 for non-members in the U.S. and possessions (the Directory ships to addresses in the U.S. and its territories only; no foreign addresses). Order online, with payment in advance by credit card, at Nonprofit organization rate paid at the Alexandria, VA, postal facility and additional mailing offices.

4 From Disaster Response to Energy to Hazardous Remediation, WESTONs focus on collaboration, safety and innovation delivers integrated solutions to your most complex problems. We are dedicated to providing lasting, tangible returns in the most timely, efficient, cost effective, sustainable, and technically sound manner. WESTON makes a difference for our clients and in our communities worldwide.

5 clear solutions for a complex world tetra tech is developing clear, sustainable solutions for the worlds most complex projects. we have more than 40 years of experience supporting u.s. department of defense missions, including civil works, facilities design, environmental compliance and conservation, installation restoration, munitions response, and construction projects. from water resources to military transformation to energy efficiency, tetra tech offers comprehensive a-e services that address the full project lifecycle. tetra tech provides clear solutions for consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services worldwide.

6 Organizations, Contracting & Engineering Officials, and Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Offices of the Uniformed Services

7 COLLABORATING By leveraging our innovative and award-winning expertise in markets such as transportation, facilities, environment, energy and water, AECOM is collaborating with the U.S. military around the world. AECOM delivers technical expertise and management support in design and planning, civil works, environmental remediation, program and construction management, and logistics and base operations. With over 100 years of experience serving the U.S. military, AECOM brings in-depth knowledge to managing large-scale programs, overseeing operations, and providing logistics support. Our complete portfolio of services, combined with a connected global presence that spans every continent, enables AECOM to deliver visionary turnkey solutions to the challenges facing our clients. AECOMs network of approximately 45,000 employees is united by a shared commitment to creating, enhancing and sustaining the worlds built, natural and social environments. Our work on some of the largest infrastructure projects on the planet has helped AECOM become the #1 ranked design firm in the U.S. and globally by ENR.

8 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HQ USACE Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity (FOA) Great Lakes Mississippi North North- Pacific South South South- Trans- and Ohio Valley Atlantic western Ocean Atlantic Pacific western atlantic River Division Division Division* Division Division* Division* Division Division* Division Afghanistan Kansas Buffalo Memphis Baltimore Alaska Charleston Albuquerque Fort Worth Engr. District City North Afghanistan New New Los Chicago Omaha Far East Jacksonville Galveston Engr. District Orleans England Angeles South Rock Little Gulf Region Detroit New York Portland Honolulu Mobile Sacramento Island Rock District San Midle East Huntington St. Louis Norfolk Seattle Japan Savannah Tulsa Francisco District USACE Walla Louisville St. Paul Philadelphia Wilmington Deployment Walla Center Nashville Vicksburg Europe Pittsurgh Finance Marine Institute 249th Prime Huntsville Engineer Re- Power 412th ENCOM for Water Engineering search and Center Design Resources Battalion and Support Development (FOA) Center (FOA) (FOA) 416th ENCOM Center Center (FOA) *Denotes Alignment with a Combatant Command SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 7

9 Your Mission Our Duty Were building a world of difference. Together. We know that on-time, on-budget performance is critical to the success of your missionbecause Black & Veatch has been providing successful, sustainable solutions to government agencies for nearly a century. As your partner, were fully committed and driven to make your mission our mission. Thats the Black & Veatch difference. Consulting Engineering Construction Operation I w w

10 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Headquarters Headquarters, USACE 441 G St NW Washington, DC 20314-1001 Deputy Deputy Deputy Commander and Commanding Commanding Commanding Chief of Engineers General General for Civil/ General for Military Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Maj. Gen. Todd T. Emergency and International Bostick, P.E. Semonite, P.E. Operations Operations 202-761-0001 202-761-0003 Maj. Gen. Michael Maj. Gen. Kendall Walsh P. Cox 202-761-1858 202-761-0379 Chief, Small Deputy, Deputy, Small Business-Policy Small Business Business-Execution Chief, Simone Jackson VACANT Sharon Morrow Small Business Jackie Robinson- 202-761-8705 202-761-0725 Burnette 202-761-8789 Deputy Director of Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Contracting Responsible for Responsible for Responsible for Brig. Gen. James E. Contracting, Dallas Contracting, Atlanta Contracting, Director, Contracting Simpson Denver S. Heath Beverly Thomas Winchester Stuart A. Hazlett, SES 202-761-4707 469-487-7151 404-562-5051 John Teetsov 202-761-8642 POD SAD 703-428-7159 SPD GRD TAD NWD MVD ERDC SWD NAD HECSA HNC SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 9

11 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business Rich Hancock Lenna Hawkins Vincent Marsh Division 513-684-3005 412-395-7105 513-684-3589 Shirley Whitby Commander Brig. Gen. Margaret 513-684-3028 Burcham 513-684-3002 District Commanders Chicago Huntington Louisville Nashville Pittsburgh Buffalo Detroit Col. Frederic Col. Steven T. Col. Luke Leonard, Lt. Col. James Col. William Graham Lt. Col. Owen J. Lt. Col. Robert Ells Drummond McGugan P.E. DeLapp 412-395-7103 Beaudoin 313-226-6762 312-846-5303 304-399-5395 502-315-6102 615-736-7970 716-879-4200 Deputy for Program and Project Management Chicago Huntington Louisville Nashville Pittsburgh/Buffalo Buffalo Detroit Roy Deda Coy Miller Steve Durrett Mike Wilson Jeanine Hoey Thomas C. Switala Scott Thieme 312-846-5302 304-399-5699 502-315-6104 615-736-2342 412-395-7289 716-879-4220 313-226-2240 Contracting Chief Chicago Huntington Louisville Nashville Pittsburgh Buffalo Detroit Regina Blair Sandy King Denise Bush Valerie Carlton Cynthia Smith Jeffrey Ernest Marilyn Hill 312-846-5379 304-399-5619 502-315-6209 615-736-7976 412-395-7477 716-879-4173 313-226-5148 Small Business Chief Chicago/ Detroit Huntington Louisville Nashville Pittsburgh Priscilla Abeyta-Perez Deborah Czewski Jackie Gee Roy Rossignol Sherrie Plonski 312-846-5565 304-399-5632 502-315-6111 615-736-7569 412-395-7127 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 11

12 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Mississippi Valley Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business Alvin Lee, SES Eddie Belk, P.E., SES Wendell Norman Shirley Whitby 601-634-5901 601-634-5800 601-634-5754 513-684-3028 Commander Maj. Gen. John Peabody 601-634-5750 District Commanders Memphis New Orleans Rock Island St. Louis St. Paul Vicksburg Col. Vernie Reichling Col. Ed Fleming Col. Mark Col. Chris Hall Col. Michael Price Col. Jeffrey Eckstein, 901-544-3221 504-862-2077 Deschenes, RA 314-331-8010 651-290-5300 P.E. 309-794-5224 601-631-5010 Deputy for Program and Project Management Memphis New Orleans Rock Island St. Louis St. Paul Vicksburg James Bodron Tom Holden Gary Meden Joe Kellett Judy DesHarnais Barbara Petersen 901-544-0729 504-862-2204 309-794-5260 314-331-8012 651-290-5298 (Acting) 601-631-7154 Contracting Chief Memphis New Orleans Rock Island St. Louis St. Paul Vicksburg Priscilla Sweeney Tim Black Rhonda Johanson Brenda Wynne Kevin Henricks Darrel Johnson 901-544-3117 504-862-2918 309-794-5312 George 651-290-5414 601-631-7259 314-331-8500 Small Business Chief Memphis New Orleans Rock Island St. Louis St. Paul Vicksburg Karen Brady Ned Foley Doug Davis Glenn Chatman Thomas Koopmeiners Demetric Erwin 901-544-4146 504-862-2885 309-794-5205 314-331-8513 651-290-5409 601-631-5951 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 13

13 At CDM Smith, we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and each other. Together, we are solving the worlds water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities challenges with smart, integrated solutions. As your trusted partner, we are shaping tomorrow while delivering the services you need today. Proving every dayin every way were better together.

14 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE North Atlantic Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business VACANT David Leach, P.E., Marilyn Clark Division SES 347-370-4624 Scott Beckstrand Commander 347-370-4629 347-370-4515 Col. Kent Savre 347-370-4500 District Commanders Baltimore New England New York Norfolk Philadelphia Europe Col. Trey Jordan Col. Charles Samaris Col. Paul Owen, P.E. Col. Paul B. Olsen, Lt. Col. Chris Col. Peter Helmlinger, 410-962-4545 978-318-8220 917-790-8000 P.E. Becking, P.E. P.E. 757-201-7601 215-656-6501 011-49-611-9744-2700 Deputy for Program and Project Management Baltimore New England New York Norfolk Philadelphia Europe David Morrow William Scully Joseph Seebode John Adams Curtis Heckelman Mark Roncoli 410-962-7960 978-318-8230 917-790-8209 757-201-7112 215-656-6505 011-49-611-9744-2700 Contracting Chief Baltimore New England New York Norfolk Philadelphia Europe Renee Cairo-Iocca Sheila Winston- Francis Cashman Steven Resweber Kishayra Lambert Rachael Raposa 410-962-2197 Vincuilla 917-790-8173 757-201-7744 215-656-6770 011-49-611-9744-2600 978-318-8159 Small Business Chief Baltimore New England New York Norfolk Philadelphia Tamika Gray Eva Marie DAntuono Greg Cuyjet Jack Beecher Cheryl Chandler 410-962-2587 978-318-8427 917-790-8004 757-201-7077 215-656-6867 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 15

15 S P R U N G I N S TA N T S T R U C T U R E S North America Toll Free 1.800.528.9899 High Performance Fabric Building Solutions Aircraft Hangers Vehicle Maintenance Dining Facilities Fitness Facilities On-site Warehousing [email protected] P R O U D S U P P L I E R S T O T H E U S M I L I TA R Y Direct Dial 801 280 1555

16 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Northwestern Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business Jim Hearn, Ph.D., Dave Ponganis, SES Julie Anderson Division Commander SES 503-808-3828 503-808-3797 Mark Roush Col. Anthony C. 503-808-3770 360-748-8735 Funkhouser, P.E. 503-808-3700 District Commanders Kansas City Omaha Portland Seattle Walla Walla Col. Anthony J. Col. Joel R. Cross Col. John W. Col. Bruce A. Estok Lt. Col. Andrew D. Hofmann, PMP 402-995-2001 Eisenhauer, P.E. 206-764-3690 Kelly 816-389-3202 503-808-4500 509-527-7700 Deputy for Program and Project Management Kansas City Omaha Portland Seattle Walla Walla Steve Iverson Ted Streckfuss Kevin Brice Olton Swanson Alan Feistner 816-389-3210 402-995-2003 503-808-4700 206-764-3692 509-527-7301 Contracting Chief Kansas City Omaha Portland Seattle Walla Walla Teresa McCarthy John Jacobson Ralph Banse-Fay Pat Blackwood Ruthann Haider 816-389-3918 402-995-2047 503-808-4600 206-764-3772 509-527-7201 Small Business Chief Kansas City Omaha Portland Seattle Walla Walla Arthur Saulsberry Hubert J. Carter Jr. Carol McIntyre Veronica Ronni VACANT 816-389-3927 402-995-2910 503-808-4602 Kammler 206-431-7100 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 17

17 Deliver mission success. At URS, our commitment to putting the mission first never ends. With customers that include the Department of Defense, NASA and the Department of Homeland Security, we believe that every opportunity comes with a collective responsibility to perform. Whether its design and construction, operations and maintenance, installation and logistics management, contingency operations, or flight services and training, we deliver above and beyond. Which is why more people in the Federal sector are turning to us to get it done. We are URS. FEDERAL OIL & GAS INFRASTRUCTURE POWER INDUSTRIAL URS.COM

18 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Pacific Ocean Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business James Bersson, P.E. Eugene Ban, SES Alex Lau Division Commander (Acting) SES 808-835-4610 808-835-4760 Raynette Gurney Col. Gregory J. 808-835-4650 808-835-4764 Gunter 808-835-4705 District Commanders Alaska Honolulu Japan Far East Col. Christopher Lt. Col. Thomas D. Col. Bryan Truesdell Col. Donald E. Lestochi Asbery DSN 315-263-3025 Degidio Jr. 907-753-2504 808-835-4000 DSN 315-721-7300 Deputy for Program and Project Management Alaska Honolulu Japan Far East Larry McCallister, Ph.D. Tony Paresa Gary Kitkowski Jon Iwata 907-753-2507 808-835-4100 DSN 315-263-3373 DSN 315-721-7429 Contracting Chief Alaska Honolulu Japan Far East Christopher Tew Roger D. Williams Bruce Okumura Kurtis Kikkawa 907-753-2543 808-835-4400 DSN 315-263-8830 DSN 315-721-7220 Small Business Chief Alaska Honolulu Ivonne Drake Catherine Yoza 907-753-5576 808-835-4020 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 19

19 Are you ready to visualize success? In todays demanding environment, you need an edge that will help you make better, more informed design decisions, exceed stakeholder expectations, and deliver government infrastructure projects smarter, faster, and more aordably. Find your edge with Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure solutions. With the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite and Autodesk BIM 360, you can use your existing CAD and GIS data for conceptual and detailed design, and work with rich 3D models throughout the project lifecycle. Plan and manage with improved insight. Design smarter and faster with intelligent modelbased tools. Communicate with visualization across the lifecycle. Publish, store, and manage large models in the cloud. More securely access, download, and edit shared models simultaneously. Gain your advantage with Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure. Autodesk is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or aliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services oerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. 2013 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

20 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE South Atlantic Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business Y. Gil Kim (Acting) Lester Dixon, Ph.D., Laura Eichhorn Division Commander 404-562-5103 P.E., SES 404-562-5210 Antwinette Goodman- Col. Donald Ed 404-562-5200 Cooper Jackson, P.E. 404-562-5059 404-562-5006 District Commanders Charleston Jacksonville Mobile Savannah Wilmington Lt. Col. Edward Ed Col. Alan Dodd Col. Steven Col. Jeffrey M. Hall Col. Steve Baker Chamberlayne, P.E. 904-232-2241 Roemhildt, P.E. 912-652-5226 910-251-4501 843-329-8000 251-690-2512 ext. 102 Regional Deputy District Engineers Charleston Jacksonville Mobile Savannah Wilmington Bill Stein David Hobbie Douglas Turney Peter Pete Oddi Christine Brayman 843-329-8055 904-232-3137 251-690-2513 912-652-5220 910-251-4478 Contracting Chief Charleston Jacksonville Mobile Savannah Wilmington Lauri Newkirk-Paggi Ricardo Torres Leo Hickman Louis John Moore John Mayo 843-329-8061 (Acting) 251-441-6501 912-652-5291 910-251-4884 904-232-3143 Small Business Chief Charleston Jacksonville Mobile Savannah Wilmington J. Anthony Josey Elizabeth Beth Myers Linda Spadaro Leila Hollis Donna Walton 843-329-8084 904-232-1150 251-690-3597 912-652-5340 910-251-4452 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 21

21 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE South Pacific Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business Traci Clever (Acting) Joe Calcara, P.E., Jim Bartha Division Commander 415-503-6510 SES 415-503-6548 Melea Crouse Brig. Gen. Mike 415-503-6550 469-487-7105 Wehr, P.E. 415-503-6501 District Commanders Albuquerque Los Angeles Sacramento San Francisco Lt. Col. Antoinette Col. R. Mark Toy, P.E. Col. William Leady, Lt. Col. John K. Gant 213-452-3961 P.E. Baker, P.E. 505-342-3432 916 557-7490 415-503-6700 Deputy for Program and Project Management Albuquerque Los Angeles Sacramento San Francisco John DAntonio Jr. David Van Dorpe Kristina Mullins Arijis Rakstins 505-342-3261 213-452-3971 916-557-7448 415-503-6720 Contracting Chief Albuquerque Los Angeles Sacramento San Francisco David Kam Daniel Carrasco Susan Yarbrough Linda Hales 505-342-3458 213-452-3229 916-557-5244 415-503-6990 Small Business Chief Albuquerque Los Angeles Sacramento San Francisco Daniel Curado Mary Spencer Michelle Stratton Rick Vredenburg 505-342-3110 213-452-3938 916-557-7641 415-503-6986 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 23

22 THEY TAKE CARE OF US, WE PROUDLY TAKE CARE OF THEM. Name the branch of government or branch of militaryand youll find EMCOR Government Services expertise. Were relied upon 24/7 for services that range from facilities management, fire protection and transportation operations to HVAC maintenance, utility plant operations, energy services, and green initiatives. EMCOR ensures that these systems and others operate faithfully at peak efficiency. For installations from the Washington Navy Yard to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH, EMCOR provides value through the efficient delivery of essential operations support. No wonder were so thoroughly patched into our militarys infrastructure. EMCOR PROVIDES CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS FOR: ENERGY | TRANSPORTATION | WATER | HEALTHCARE | GOVERNMENT | EDUCATION | TECHNOLOGY How can we be there for you? 866.890.7794 [email protected]

23 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Southwestern Division Regional Business Programs Contracting Small Business Peter Perez (Acting) Bob Slockbower, Suzanne Wright Division Commander 469-487-7084 P.E., SES (Acting) Melea Crouse Brig. Gen. Thomas 469-487-7028 469-487-7161 469-487-7105 Kula 469-487-7002 District Commanders Fort Worth Galveston Little Rock Tulsa Col. Charles H. Col. Christopher W. Col. Glen A. Masset Col. Michael J. Klinge, P.E. Sallese 501-324-5531 Teague 817-886-1515 409-766-3001 918-669-7201 Deputy for Program and Project Management Fort Worth Galveston Little Rock Tulsa Peggy Grubbs Pete Perez Randy Hathaway John Roberts 817-886-1518 409-766-3018 501-324-5053 918-669-7201 Contracting Chief Fort Worth Galveston Little Rock Tulsa Kathrine Freeman Curtis Cole Sandra Easter Brian Brobson 817-886-1043 409-766-3185 501-324-5686 918-669-7455 Small Business Chief Fort Worth Galveston Little Rock Tulsa Carol Staten Ken Adams Solia Reando Gene Snyman 817-886-1382 409-766-3006 501-324-7194 918-669-7010 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 25

24 Need In-Depth, Cutting-Edge Skills? UWMadison Has Your Back. The University of WisconsinMadisons Department of Engineering Professional Development offers exceptional continuing education in the skills you need, backed by research and taught by industry experts. Earn professional credits, procure a highly respected certificate, or attain your masters degree. Online. On site. On campus. Energy Facilities Infrastructure and Environment Management Products and Processes

25 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Transatlantic Division Regional Programs Contingency Contracting Small Business Director Business Director Colleen OKeefe Division Commander Howard Stickley, Donn Booker, SES 540-665-1391 Mike Weaver Maj. Gen. Michael P.E., SES 540-662-5498 540-665-2649 R. Eyre 540-678-3085 540-662-5401 District Commanders Middle East AED North AED South Col. Jon Christensen Col. Alfred A. Col. Vincent V. 540-665-4073 Pantano Jr. Quarles 540-665-3449 540-667-3168 Deputy for Program and Project Management Middle East AED North AED South Deborah Duncan Troy Collins Julio Arocho 540-665-3796 540-665-3477 540-662-6562 Contracting Chief Middle East AED North AED South ANSF Division Carl Stubbert Suzanne Wear Gale Ross Robert Bauer 540-665-2994 540-665-4110 540-722-6135 540-662-5591 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 27

26 t Engineer Training Join Conference & Expo SanDiegoConventionCenter May 21-24, 2013 Education Opportunities abound... At the SAME 2013 Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC)! New for 2013! SAME HQ has enhanced the JETC educational program to include expanded workshops designed to provide more in-depth information on topics affecting the A/E/C Industry. Each workshop provides professional development hours to ensure attendees get the education and training they need and the credit to keep professional credentials current. Workshop sessions will include: MilitaryEngineerEducation&Training ProjectDelivery Energy&Sustainability AssetManagement EmergencyPreparedness EngineeringEthics Leadership&Mentoring andmanymore Withnearly300exhibitorsfromthepublicandprivatesectorsshowcasingtheircapabilitiesand services, youll have ample opportunities to discover new trends and technologies shaping the A/E/C industry. In addition, events such as the Ice Breaker on the USS Midway,theHonorsLuncheonandthe SocietyBall,provideexcitingvenuestonetworkinajointenvironment,withrepresentativesfromeach of the uniformed services, government agencies and industry. Register today at !!

27 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center Deputy Director Commander Small Business Regional Contracting Chief John Cullinane, Col. Kevin Wilson Bill Cantrell Contracting Chief VACANT Ph.D., P.E, SES 601-634-2513 601-634-3470 Shirley Wilson 601-634-3723 601-634-3462 Director Jeffery Holland, Ph.D., P.E, SES 601-634-2644 Humphreys Engineering Center Support Activity Contracting Chief Small Business Debbie Giordano Chief 703-428-7303 Kyle Beagle 703-428-7385 Director Dale Stoutenburgh 703-428-7107 Huntsville Engineering and Support Center Commander Col. Robert Ruch 256-895-1301 Deputy Program Contracting Chief Small Business Manager John Mayes Chief Charles Ford 256-895-1111 Rebecca Vucinaj 256-895-1301 256-895-1385 Army Geospatial Center Director Joseph F. Fontanella, Ph.D, SES 703-428-6600 Contracting Chief Small Business Nilda Lugo Bill Cantrell 703-428-6272 601-634-3470 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 29

28 Society of American Military Engineers Academy of Fellows 2013 Golden Eagle Awards Dinner March 27, 2013 Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center Bethesda, Md. Honoring two outstanding individuals... Lt. Gen. Daniel W. Col. James Lammie, Christman, USA (Ret.) F.SAME, USA (Ret.) for contributions to for contributions to national security. the engineering profession. Visit for event details and a listing of previous Golden Eagle Award winners. The Golden Eagle Awards Dinner is open to all SAME members and invited guests.

29 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Naval Facilities Engineering Command NAVFAC HQ Washington, DC NAVFAC Facilities NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Pacific Engineering Service Center Norfolk, VA Pearl Harbor, HI Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Facilities NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic NAVFAC Hawaii Expeditionary Logistics Norfolk, VA Pearl Harbor, HI Center Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Washington NAVFAC Marianas Washington, DC Guam Navy Crane Center Norfolk, VA NAVFAC Southwest NAVFAC Far East San Diego, CA Yokosuko, Japan NAVFAC Northwest Silverdale, WA NAVFAC Europe, Africa & Southwest Asia Naples, Italy NAVFAC Midwest Great Lakes, IL NAVFAC Southeast Jacksonville, FL NAVFAC Atlantic and Pacific Commanders also serve as Fleet Engineers. Facilities Engineering Commanders serve dual role as Regional Engineers. Gray box denotes Facilities Engineering Commands SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 31

30 DOD and Federal Agency PROGRAM BRIEFINGS From in-depth forums presented by leaders in the federal sector to an informational panel featuring the Engineering Service Chiefs of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force, the DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings is SAMEs premiere forward-looking event. Open exclusively to SAME Members, the event provides a preview of the coming fiscal-year construction programs of the uniformed services and select federal agencies. Plan now to attend upcoming DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings! FY2014 BriefingsMarch 26, 2013 FY2015 BriefingsMarch 25, 2014 Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center Bethesda, Maryland The FY2014 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings is exclusively for SAME Members. Not a member? Visit and become an SAME Member today!

31 Naval Facilities Engineering Command NAVFAC Headquarters Naval Facilities Engineer Command Headquarters 1322 Patterson Ave SE Ste 1000 Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374- 5065 Executive Director Chief Engineer and Assistant Assistant Steven R. Iselin, Director, Capitol Commander, Commander, Commander and SES Improvements Environmental Acquisition Chief of Civil 202-685-9007 Joseph E. Gott, P.E., Programs Robert M. Griffin Engineers SES Larry E. Douchand, Jr., SES Rear Adm. Katherine 202-685-9168 P.E., SES 202-685-9155 L. Gregory, P.E., 202-685-9308 CEC 202-685-9499 Director, Small Deputy Director, Asset Deputy Comptroller Counsel Assistant Business Programs Commander for Management Commander for Mitchell G. Fulton, Russell P. Spindler, Commander, Chief Veneece McNeley Public Works Scott D. Forrest, Operations/Safety SES SES Management 202-685-9129 Capt. Kathryn A. P.E., SES Officer/Energy 202-685-9068 202-685-9115 Officer Donovan, P.E., CEC 202-685-9333 Officer William Carty, SES 202-685-9230 Capt. Keith 202-685-9165 Hamilton, P.E., CEC 202-685-9228 NAVFAC Pacific Component Commands Hawaii Marianas Far East Capt. Michael D. Capt. John V. Capt. Don R. Commander Williamson, P.E., Heckmann, P.E., Chandler, P.E., CEC CEC CEC 011-81-46-7711 Rear Adm. Scott A. Weikert, P.E., CEC 808-471-3926 671-349-5100 808-472-1000 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 33

32 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Small Business Specialists ALASKA HAWAII George Essex N/A Jennifer L. McGuire 808-472-0144 808-474-4554 [email protected] GUAM [email protected] FEAD Ford Island Albert Sampson NAVFAC Pacific Lexington Blvd Bldg 26A 671-339-7090 258 Makalapa Dr Ste 100 Code 09SB Pearl Harbor, HI 96701 [email protected] Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-3134 NAVFAC Marianas Christine E. Asuka PSC 455 Box 195 Code 09SB Floria M. Pang 808-257-1522 FPO AP 96540-2937 808-471-4577 [email protected] [email protected] ROICC Kaneohe Dante Serneo NAVFAC Pacific 400 Marshall Rd 671-344-7513 258 Makalapa Dr Ste 100 Code 09SB Pearl Harbor, HI 96860 [email protected] Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-3134 NAVFAC Marianas Sharlaine K. Ishida PSC 455 Box 195 Code ACQ Lisa Roth 808-471-2222 x292 FPO AP 96540-2937 808-474-4554 [email protected] [email protected] FEAD Pearl Harbor Vacant NAVFAC Hawaii 400 Marshall Rd 671-339-7090 400 Marshall Rd Pearl Harbor, HI 96860 FEAD Marianas Pearl Harbor, HI 96860 PSC 455 Box 195 JAPAN FPO AP 96540-2937 N/A Architecture Engineering Architecture Environmental Engineering Construction Environmental Construction Are you getting optimal value from your assets? Tight budgets require new solutions other than building new facilities and infrastructure. Todays focus is on sustaining current assets and finding new capacity in existing infrastructure. Optimization and high performance are becoming the new mantra. As world leaders in asset optimization, Atkins can help. Whether you need to maximize airfield utilization at minimum cost or transform mature facilities to perform like new, we have done it before, we are doing it now, and we can do it for you. 800.477.7275 34 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

33 Naval Facilities Engineering Command NAVFAC Atlantic Component Commands Mid-Atlantic Washington Southwest Northwest Commander Capt. John W. Korka, Capt. Kenneth W. Capt. Cliff M. Capt. Chris P.E., CEC Branch, P.E., CEC Maurer, P.E., CEC LaPlatney, P.E., CEC Rear Adm. Douglas 757-341-1432 202-685-1024 619-532-2317 360-396-0043 G. Morton, P.E., CEC 757-322-8000 Europe, Africa & Midwest Southeast Southwest Asia Capt. Rodney O. Capt. Christopher H. Capt. Louis V. Worden, P.E., CEC Kiwus, Ph.D., P.E., Cariello, P.E., CEC 847-688-2600 CEC +39-081-568-7700 904-542-6633 Small Business Specialists ARIZONA Jerry Manley Linda Birnie Julia Garcia Ernest Tirone 760-939-4418 760-763-2065 619-545-7451 928-269-6448 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] FEAD China Lake ROICC Camp Pendleton FEAD Coronado ROICC Yuma Bldg 888 Code 8232300D Bldg 00978 Marine Corps Base Bldg 22101 PO Box 35-7007 PO Box 99129 China Lake, CA 93555 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 Wright Ave Bldg 343 Yuma, AZ 85369-9129 Coronado, CA 92135 Jacque L. Pemberton Deloris Rivers CALIFORNIA 760-339-2455 619-524-8539 Sandra L. Craft Patty Olivas [email protected] [email protected] 562-626-6110 619-532-2375 FEAD El Centro FEAD Point Loma [email protected] NAVFAC Southwest Code 94E Bldg 504 4635 Pacific Hwy FEAD Seal Beach 1220 Pacific Hwy Code 09SB El Centro, CA 92243 San Diego, CA 92110 Bldg 230 Code ROZ San Diego, CA 92132 Seal Beach, CA 90740-5000 vacant Julia L. Taylor Lora E. Morrow 559-998-3905 858-577-6307 Linda L. Banfield 619-532-2248 FAED Lemoore [email protected] 619-532-2375 [email protected] 750 Enterprise Ave ROICC Miramar [email protected] NAVFAC Southwest NAS Lemoore, CA 93246 PO Box 452004 Bldg M-257 FEAD San Francisco Bay 1220 Pacific Hwy Code 09SB San Diego, CA 92126-2004 2450 Saratoga St Bldg 114 San Diego, CA 92132 Lynn Chiment-Topete Ste 200 Code 90 831-656-3454 Anthony Phillips Alameda, CA 94501 vacant [email protected] 619-556-6962 760-577-6493 FEAD Monterey [email protected] Linda L. Banfield ROICC Barstow 511 Gardeners Rd Bldg 226 FEAD San Diego 707-424-2427 Box 110198 Bldg T-198 Monterey, CA 93943 2730 McKean St [email protected] Barstow, CA 92311 San Diego, CA 92136-5211 ROICC Travis Air Force Base PO Box 1597 Travis AFB, CA 94535-0597 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 35

34 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Small Business Specialists (continued) Georgiann Watts DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Nola Campbell Darlene D. Sharpe 760-830-7415 Veneece McNeley 202-685-0848 850-623-7020 [email protected] 202-685-9129 [email protected] [email protected] ROICC Twentynine Palms [email protected] FEAD Washington FEAD Whiting Field PO Box 6013 Bldg 1138T3 NAVFAC Headquarters 1018 O St SE 7183 Langley St Bldg 7416 Twentynine Palms, CA 92278-0107 1322 Patterson Ave SE Ste 1000 Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374 Milton, FL 32570 Code 00SB Raymond L. Brothers Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374- FLORIDA Delores R. Butler 805-982-1254 5065 Nelson L. Smith 904-542-5572 [email protected] 904-542-6624 [email protected] Speciality Center Acquisition, NAVFAC Allie Hernandez [email protected] FEAD Jacksonville 1100 23rd Ave Bldg 1100 202-685-0088 NAVFAC Southeast Box 5 Bldg 27 Point Hueneme, CA 93043-4347 [email protected] Box 30 Bldg 902 Jacksonville, FL 32212 NAVFAC Washington Jacksonville, FL 32212 Francisco Pamintuan 1314 Harwood St SE Bldg 212 vacant 805-982-1895 Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374- Jennifer L. Reeder FEAD Mayport [email protected] 5018 904-542-6234 Bldg 1966 Mayport Naval Station FEAD Ventura [email protected] Mayport, FL 32228 1205 Mill Rd B-850 Ste 2 Cherissa Tamayori NAVFAC Southeast Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4442 202-404-7003 Bldg 903 Box 30 FEAD Pensacola [email protected] Jacksonville, FL 32212-0030 310 John Tower Rd Bldg 3560 CONNECTICUT FEAD-JBAB Pensacola, FL 32508 Laura M. Chapman 1314 Harwood St SE Bldg 212 Jeanette Sweeting 860-694-4528 Washington, DC 20003 305-293-3863 GEORGIA [email protected] [email protected] Natalie A. Covert FEAD New London FEAD Key West 912-573-4610 Naval Submarine Base New London Box 9018 Bldg A629 [email protected] Box 26 Bldg 135 Key West, FL 33040-9018 FEAD Kings Bay Groton, CT 06340 910 USS Humley Ave Bldg 2015 Kings Bay, GA 31547-2613 SPECIFY PROTECTION FIBER-FREE FOR IMPROVED IAQ AP Armaflex duct liners and wraps provide the all-in-one solution for ducts. The closed-cell structure of AP Armaflex flexible elastomeric foam makes it an efficient thermal insulation with excellent sound absorption at critical low frequencies. The fiber-free construction and built-in Microban antimicrobial protection ensure high indoor air quality. AP Armaflex is the standard in performance and efficiency. Specify it. Trust it. 1 888-570-DUCT [email protected] 2013 Armacell LLC. Made in USA. MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company. The GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified Mark is a registered certification mark used under license through the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. 36 Arm-527_Armacell_SpecifyProtection_SAME.indd 1 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 1/16/13 4:18 PM

35 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Small Business Specialists (continued) vacant INDIANA Leslie Sherman Lisa Harris ROICC Albany Debra S. Dills 301-757-4891 601-679-2179 5500 Walker Ave 812-854-3234 [email protected] [email protected] Albany, GA 31703 [email protected] FEAD Patuxent River FEAD Meridian FEAD Crane 22445 Peary Rd Bldg 504 427 Allen Rd ILLINOIS 300 Hwy 361 Bldg 2516 Patuxent River, MD 20670 Meridian, MS 39309-5427 Janis E. Kaiser Crane, IN 47522-5082 847-688-2600 X108 Tonja Jenkins vacant [email protected] LOUISIANA 301-744-2189 228-377-8577 X129 NAVFAC Midwest Jay Nosser [email protected] ROICC Kessler 201 Decatur Ave Bldg 1A 504-678-9082 NAVFAC 505 C St. Bldg 3101 3rd Fl Code 09SB [email protected] FEAD Indian Head Biloxi, MS 39534 Great Lakes, IL 60088-5600 FEAD New Orleans 4474 McMahon Rd Ste 3 2300 General Meyer Ave NSA Bldg 2 Indian Head, MD 20640-5035 NEVADA Sari L. Brindel New Orleans, LA 70142-5007 Martha J. Neel 847-688-5395 X214 Thuy T. Le 775-426-2665 [email protected] 301-295-3289 [email protected] MARYLAND [email protected] FEAD Great Lakes Gretchen S. McKethan ROICC Fallon 2625 Ray St OICC Bethesda 4755 Pasture Rd Bldg 307 2nd Fl 410-293-3164 Great Lakes, IL 60088-3147 8901 Wisconsin Ave Bldg 14 Fallon, NV 89496-5000 [email protected] Bethesda, MD 20889 FEAD Annapolis vacant 181 Wainwright Rd Bldg 181 Code NEW HAMPSHIRE 847-688-3368 X102 C-20 MISSISSIPPI Jackie L. Johnston FEAD Central Annapolis, MD 21402 vacant 207-438-4602 520 Dewey Ave Bldg 5 228-871-4291 [email protected] Great Lakes, IL 60088 FEAD Gulfport FEAD Portsmouth 5302 6th St Bldg 62T PO Box 2032 Bldg 59 Gulfport, MS 39501-5001 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2032 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 37

36 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Small Business Specialists (continued) NEW JERSEY RHODE ISLAND TEXAS Barbara N. Taylor Francesca Buzzetta Stephanie A. Smyth Charlotte E. Cummins 757-322-4430 732-866-2825 401-841-2735 361-961-2933 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] NAVFAC Atlantic FEAD Earle FEAD Newport ROICC South Texas 6506 Hampton Blvd 201 Hwy 24 Bldg C-9 1 Simonpietri Dr Bldg 1 Fl 1 8851 Ocean Dr Bldg 19 Ste 101 Norfolk, VA 23508-1278 Colts Neck, NJ 07722-5025 Newport, RI 02841 Corpus Christi, TX 78419-5525 Dawn R. Cail NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH CAROLINA vacant 757-322-8308 Kimberly A. Vallone Susie Conner 817-782-7086 [email protected] 910-451-2582 ext. 5289 843-764-4148 FEAD Fort Worth NAVFAC Atlantic [email protected] [email protected] 1215 Depot Ave NAS JRB 6506 Hampton Blvd OICC-MCI East FEAD Charleston Fort Worth, TX 76127-1215 Norfolk, VA 23508-1278 1005 Michael Rd 2120 Quality Cir NWS Bldg 71 Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-2521 Goose Creek, SC 29445-8611 VIRGINIA Joseph J. McGrenra Debbie D. San-Luis 757-341-0092 Kimberly A. Vallone Don L. Herschberger 540-653-3370 [email protected] 910-451-2582 ext. 5289 843-228-8574 [email protected] NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic [email protected] [email protected] FEAD South Potomac 9742 Maryland Ave Code 09SB ROICC Cherry Point ROICC Beaufort 18329 Thompson Rd Bldg 182 Norfolk, VA 23511-3096 PSC Box 8006 Bldg 163 Box 9310 Moore St Bldg 658 Dahlgren, VA 22448-5000 Cherry Point, NC 28533-0006 Beaufort, SC 29904-9310 Michele Hathaway Kathy L. Pope 757-341-0565 757-887-4705 [email protected] PENNSYLVANIA TENNESSEE FEAD Norfolk Linda A. Giallonardo Malcolm Griffin [email protected] FEAD Yorktown 6506 Hampton Blvd Bldg LRCA Fl 3 215-897-3586 901-874-7751 Bldg 16 Spring Rd Rm 340 [email protected] [email protected] Yorktown, VA 23691-1014 Norfolk, VA 23508 FEAD Philadelphia FEAD Mid-South 4921 S Broad St Bldg 1 2nd Fl 5720 Integrity Dr Bldg 455 Philadelphia, PA 19122 Millington, TN 38054-5018 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 38 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

37 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Small Business Specialists (continued) Tina C. Rule WASHINGTON Strengthening the 757-462-7713 James Lucas [email protected] 360-476-6444 NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic [email protected] FEAD Little Creek 1450 Gator Blvd Ste 150 Norfolk, VA 23521-3023 FEAD Bremerton 1101 Tautog Cir Silverdale, WA 98315 Joint Environment Daniel P. Ford John C. Gerber Todays global environment demands that we think, act, operate 757-396-5121 425-304-3671 and train in a joint service environment. SAME is the only [email protected] [email protected] association where members have been acting in a joint FEAD Portsmouth FEAD Everett environment for decades. By becoming an SAME member you Bldg 491 2000 W Marine View Dr create lasting connections across all of the uniformed services, Portsmouth, VA 23709-5000 Everett, WA 98201 broadening your network and strengthening your career. vacant vacant Special Membership Discount for DOD personnel: 703-784-5378 360-396-0038 UniformedServiceMember: $60 one-time fee for ROICC Quantico FEAD NASWI continued membership throughout the duration of your Box 1855 Bldg 2004Q 1101 Tautog Cir uniformed service (includes Active Duty, Guard and Quantico, VA 22134-0855 Silverdale, WA 98278 Participating Reserve). CivilianDODMember:$45 for a 3-year membership; Lawrence W. Scheible Kristen Hansen $60 for a 5-year membership. 757-433-2668 360-396-0038 [email protected] [email protected] Connect to your future. Join SAME. FEAD Oceana 1101 Tautog Cir Ste 212 953 Hornet Dr Ste 213 Silverdale, WA 98315-1088 Virginia Beach, VA 23460-2190 The smart choice for your hangar We at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provide door solutions for any application. No matter where or how large your hangar opening, we create a dependable, low-maintenance Megadoor solution Double-skin heavy- Horizontal sections duty curtain to match. for riqidty Our capable engineers are ready to assist you with skills and data, right from the first consultation and design. And our effective project management Safety arrestor on team works closely with your staff, ensuring smooth bottom beams implementation from concept to completion. Add our full service for ALL types of hangar door equipment independent of brand and you have a total answer for all your hangar door needs. Contact us today for more information: Sales tel: 770 631 2600, Toll free: 800 927 6342 Service tel: 770 631 5720, Toll free: 877 445 5921 [email protected] TME advert 182X137.indd 1 2012-12-21 13:25:36 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 39

38 2013 Small Business Conference for DOD Engineering, Construction & Environmental Programs e D a te Save t h Nov. 19-21, 2013 Kansas City Convention Center Kansas City, Mo.

39 U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Air Force Office of the Civil Engineer - AF/A7C The Civil Engineer - Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Byers, 703-693-4301 Deputy Civil Engineer - Mark A. Correll, P.E., SES, 703-693-4078 Executive Officer - 703-223-3733 Installations AFCEC Director - Joe Sciabica, SES, 210-395-8000 A7CI - Col. Scott Hoover Deputy Director - Brig. Gen. Vincent M. Saroni, P.E., 210-395-8000 Deputy Director Tyndall - Col. David L. Reynolds, P.E., 850-283-6101 Planning & Integration Activity Integration CP - Col. Dave DeMartino Comprehensive Planning Facility Management Strategic Design & Construction Housing A7CF - Robert Gill Facility Engineering Center of Technical Services Excellence Mobility/Support Forces Design & Construction CF - Col. Scott Hartford Operating Forces Design & Construction Pacific Europe Operations Operations Maintenance A7CO - Col. Derrek Sanks Operations Force Development CO - Col. Andrew Lambert CEMIRT Engineer Real Estate Transactions Installations Center of BRAC Program Management Intelligence Readiness & Emergency CI - Robert Moore Strategic Asset Utilization Management Real Property Management A7CX - Col. Darren Gibbs Fire Emergency Services Explosive Ordinance Disposal Readiness Requirements & Acquisition CX - Col. Michael Mendoza Expeditionary Engineering Emergency Management Environment & Energy National Environmental Policy Act A7CE - Col. Shawn Moore Environmental Center of Restoration Program Management Office Excellence Technical Support CZ - Eldon Hix Compliance Program Management Office Operations Energy Program Development CN - Rick Stacey Performance Measurement & Analysis Chief Financial Officer Rates and Renewables A7CR - Roger Bick Chief Financial Officer Program Execution CR - Geoffery Schurman Advanced Meter Reading System - PMO Utilities Privatization Chief Information Officer CT - Adam Antwine SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 41

40 Continuing Education M NA IL IC IT ER AR AM Y for DOD Professionals EN F O G TY IN E EE CI SO RS CONTINUING Looking for continuing education that focuses on the needs of EDUCATION DOD professionals? The SAME Continuing Education Program PROGRAM may have just what you need! SAME has planned a vast array of continuing education courses for 2013all geared to provide in-depth information for professionals working in the DOD marketplace. In addition, SAME has seven courses offered through our Strategic Partners including the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and Strategic Partner Courses the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). All courses provide profes- sional development hours (PDH) and many provide additional continuing education CMAAProfessional Construction Management Course (CE) units or learning units (LU) that have been approved by other organizations and 3 Day, 24 PDHs, 24 AIA LUs, 2.40 CEUs certification programs. For course information, go to Learn about construction management (CM) core compe- tencies and CMAAs body of knowledge. This course will benefit anyonefrom entry level to highly experienced 2013 SAME Courses seeking to acquire sound basic CM skills, continuing education, or preparation for the CCM examination. Competing Successfully for DOD Increasing the Sustainability of Architect-Engineer Contracts Existing DOD Buildings DBIAFundamentals of Project Delivery 1 Day, 8 PDHs, 8 AIA LUs 1 Day, 8 PDHs, USGBC Certified for 7.5 1 Day, 8 PDHs, 8 AIA LUs/HSW/SD Get an overview of the DOD A/E Evaluation GBCI CE hours and 8 AIA LUs/HSW/SD Obtain a general overview of the attributes of all the ma- and Selection Process with a special focus Recent Executive Orders require that 15 jor project delivery systems, procurement methodologies on key aspects of planning, preparing and percent of the buildings currently owned and contracting approaches. submitting winning proposals. Whether a by each federal agency and military service seasoned veteran of A/E contract compe- meet the guidelines for High Performance DBIAPrinciples of Design-Build Project Delivery titions or new to the game, you can learn and Sustainable Buildings. This course 1 Day, 8 PDHs, 8 AIA LUs/HSW/SD more about improving your chances of gives facility managers, designers and fa- Learn more about the use of design-build as a project completing successfully. cility engineers the tools needed to assess delivery method, with a focus on essential concepts and and implement sustainability and energy characteristics, as well as critical elements of the RFQ/RFP Best Value Source Selection for DOD improvements at their facilities. The course process and overall project management. Projects uses the well-developed LEED for Existing 2 Days, 16 PDHs and 16 AIA LUs Buildings Rating System as a framework Contracting and project management per- for applying overall building sustainability. DBIADesign-Build Contract and Risk Management sonnel will learn how to plan and execute 1 Day, 8 PDHs, 8 AIA LUs/HSW/SD from start to finish an effective and efficient Contracting and Ethics for Small Learn how to apply effective contracting language and in- Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part Business surance, bonding and surety products and strategies for successful design-build project delivery. The course em- 15.3 best value source selection. Acquisi- 1 Day, 8 PDHs tion planning, market research, develop- phasizes providing relevant legal, contracting, insurance Gain a better understanding of the govern- ment of technical evaluation factors, sub- and risk management knowledgewith strategies for ap- ment contracting process and learn the factors and standards, and RFP structure plying this knowledge to the evaluation of your existing basics of contract formation. Attendees are covered. The proposal evaluation pro- risk mitigation measures. will better understand government con- cess, exchanges with offers, debriefings tracts from the client perspective. Expect and protest avoidance are also discussed a comprehensive overview of the available IFMA-CFM Exam Preparation Workshop as well as lessons learned from past source avenues and advantages afforded to small 1 Day, 8 PDHs selections. businesses through set-asides and how to This workshop is designed to assist facility profession- maximize that advantage. Ample time will als seeking certification with preparation for the compe- Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) be given for questions and answers. Practi- tency-based examination. Instructors for the course are 1 Day, 8 PDHs and 12 AIA LUs/HSW/SD cal exercises also will help bring all these Certified Facility Managers who have many years of Enhance your understanding of: The ad- concepts together to ensure attendees take facility management experience and can inspire partici- aptation of FAR Clauses 16.403-2 and back knowledge they can immediately put pants confidence in their ability to successfully complete 52.216-17 to construction including key into place to assist with their marketing the exam, earning the distinction and privilege of being terminology and concepts; structure of the and teaming efforts. A guest speaker from a CFM. bid schedule; calculation of the profit range a local firm will attend lunch. and significance of initial target profit in the bid; recommended RFP evaluation criteri- Mentor-Protg and Joint Venture SMPSThe Basics of Business Development in the on; expectations of all stakeholders during Agreements A/E/C Marketplace Design Phase (Preconstruction Services); 1 Day, 6.5 PDHs, 6.5 CEUs 1 Day, 8 PDHs and 8 AIA LUs negotiating Firm Target Price and Firm Gain the special skills, techniques and tools necessary to This facilitated workshop will teach net- Fixed Price; Earned Value Management develop and maintain a successful business development working approaches for identifying and System requirements; and lessons learned program for your professional services firm. Enhance selecting teaming partners and teaming thru all phases of project delivery. your performance, expand your knowledge and build a strategies for winning Federal Small Busi- strong network of contacts. ness Set-Aside contracts. Attendees will Energy Management for DOD Instal- receive information on Mentor-Protg lations and Joint Venture Agreements. Topics in- SMPSManaging and Leading a Successful Business 1.5 Days, 12 PDHs and 12 AIA LUs/HSW/ clude the matchmaking aspect of busi- Development Team SD ness relationships, the components of a 1 Day, 6.5 PDHs, 6.5 CEUs Strategies for DOD installation owners to Mentor-Protg Agreement following SBA Get proven management tools and business development improve energy usage, current DOD energy guidelines, RFP requirements for long-term (BD) strategies to generate more business for your firm. management policies, and goal and date and sole-source contracts, and more. If you Whether you work for a one-office shop or global corpo- reporting will be reviewed. Attendees will want to establish a Mentor-Protg or a ration, you will be able to identify BD potential in others, learn the best practices for creating energy Joint Venture professional relationship, this engage technical staff in BD strategies, motivate presen- and water saving opportunities at DOD in- hands-on course is for you. tation teams and effectively manage client relationships. stallations, including renewable energy, Designed for those responsible for the success of a BD energy storage and financing energy invest- plan or team. ments.

41 U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering USAF Civil Engineering Deputy Civil Associate Civil Chief Enlisted The Civil Engineer Engineer Matters Engineer Mark A. Correll, Col. Markus CMSgt Jerry Lewis Maj. Gen. Timothy P.E., SES Henneke 703-693-3848 A. Byers 703-693-4078 703-693-2617 703-693-4301 Air Force Civil Engineer Center Director Joe Sciabica, SES 210-395-8000 2261 Hughes Ave Ste 155 Deputy Director Deputy Director Small Business Lackland AFB TX Brig. Gen. Vincent Col. David L. Mary Urey 78236 M. Saroni, P.E. Reynolds, P.E. 210-395-8907 210-395-8000 850-283-6101 Enterprise [email protected] Sourcing Group (ESG) Major Command Senior Civil Engineers Air Combat Air Education & Air Force Air Force Global Air Force Materiel Air Force Air Force Space Command Training District of Strike Command Command Reserve Command Brig. Gen. Dave C. Command Washington Col. Richard Terry Edwards, P.E., Command Col. Joseph H. Howe Col. David A. Col. Calvin Williams Houghton SES Col. Roy Agustin Schwarz, P.E. 757-764-2001 Martinson 240-857-1666 318-456-4293 937-522-2349 478-327-1100 719-554-8178 210-652-6326 Air Force Air Mobility Air National Guard Pacific Air Forces United States Air United States Air Special Command Col. Peter Sartori Col. Karl S. Force Academy Forces in Europe Operations Brig. Gen. Timothy 301-836-8060 Bosworth Carlos Cruz-Gonzalez Col. R. Scott Jarvis Command Green, P.E. 808-449-3857 719-333-8719 011-49-6371-47-0707 Col. Van Fuller 618-229-0738 850-884-2868 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 43

42 U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering USAF Contact Information HQ USAF/A7C Secretary to Deputy Civil Engineer Executive Officer A7CE Workflow The Civil Engineer Nancy Walker Capt. James Melvin Julie Moore Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Byers 703-693-4078 210-395-8002 240-612-4252 703-693-4301 A7C Workflow AFCEC Workflow A7CEN ENERGY BRANCH Deputy Civil Engineer Aubrey Meierotto-Luzzi Capt. Grant Harwell Chief Mark A. Correll, P.E., SES 703-693-3734 210-395-9505 William (Fred) Eng 703-693-4078 703-614-1548 AFCEC AF CIVIL ENGINEER Secretary Associate Civil Engineer CENTER Gaye Schwarm A7CEV ENVIRONMENTAL Col. Markus Henneke Lackland AFB, Texas & Tyndall AFB, 210-395-8000 BRANCH 703-693-2617 Florida Chief Public Affairs: 210-395-8008 Secretary-Tyndall Ken Caligiuri Chief Enlisted Matters Janet Elliott CMSgt Jerry Lewis 850-283-6101 A7CF FACILITY MANAGEMENT 703-693-3848 Director A7CE ENVIRONMENT & DIVISION Joe Sciabica, SES Chief Executive Officer 210-395-8000 ENERGY DIVISION Lt. Col. Lance Clark Robert Gill Chief 703-692-9681 703-693-3733 Deputy Director Col. Gregory Ottoman Brig. Gen. Vincent M. Saroni, P.E. 703-693-3112 A7CF Workflow Assistant Executive Officer 210-395-8000 Lt. Col. Marcia Quigley Matt Vanden-Toorn Deputy Chief 703-692-9886 703-693-2644 Deputy Director-Tyndall Nancy Oliver Col. David L. Reynolds, P.E. 703-693-3832 Secretary to Civil Engineer 850-283-6101 A7CFC CAPITAL Robyn Ciardelli IMA to Chief IMPROVEMENTS BRANCH 703-693-4301 Director of Staff Col. Patrice Melancon Chief Lt. Col. Gregory Reich 703-693-3112 Lt. Col. Chris Leonard 210-395-8001 703-614-5453 44 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

43 U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering USAF Contact Information (continued) A7CFP O&M PROGRAMS A7CI INSTALLATIONS DIVISION A7CR CHIEF FINANCIAL A7CX READINESS & BRANCH Chief OFFICER EMERGENCY MGMT DIVISION Chief Col. Crinley (Scott) Hoover Chief Chief Lt. Col. James Downs 703-692-9878 Roger Bick Col. Darren Gibbs 703-693-4106 703-693-3406 703-695-4666 A7CI Workflow A7CO OPERATIONS DIVISION Erica Ong Deputy Chief Deputy Chief Chief 703-614-0880 Lt. Col. Matthew Jefson Col. Michael Kozak Col. Derrek Sanks 703-693-3553 703-693-5959 703-693-3475 A7CII PLANNING AND INVESTMENT BRANCH A7CR Workflow A7CX Workflow Deputy Chief Chief Alison May Katie Zetts Roberto Castellanos Lt. Col. Dave Wilder 703-693-3533 703-693-9935 703-693-3283 703-614-0748 A7CO Workflow A7CRA ANALYSIS BRANCH A7CXR EMERGENCY Carlin Tacey A7CIP PROGRAMMING AND Chief SERVICES BRANCH 703-693-4187 STRATEGY BRANCH Amy Vandeveer Chief Chief 703-693-4029 Lt. Col. Tom Bongiovi A7COH HOUSING Col. Ed Oshiba 703-697-3960 OPERATIONS BRANCH 703-693-4309 A7CRH HUMAN CAPITAL Chief POLICY ANALYSIS BRANCH A7CXX EXPEDITIONARY Lt. Col. Paul Silas A7CIS STANDARDS & Acting Chief ENGINEERING BRANCH 703-692-9438 GOVERNANCE BRANCH Larry Dubbert Chief Chief 703-693-3823 Lt. Col. Ken Herndon A7COI INSTALLATION Liesel Golden 703-614-4833 OPERATIONS BRANCH 703-692-9722 A7CRT TECHNOLOGY Chief BRANCH Lt. Col. Karen Cosgrove Chief 703-614-2732 Denise Hampt 240-612-4300 ULTRA-LARGE EASI-SPAN PRECAST CONCRETE BUILDINGS R 10 0 -YEA ROOF! Virginia Military Base installation Clear-Spans up to 50 Wide x 250 Long x 35 High Pre-Engineered & Outfitted Sizes start at 8 x 12 Cost-Effective Minimal Site Prep Installs in Hours Outperforms Metal, Wood, and Masonry Blast Rated PROVEN FOR MILITARY APPLICATIONS: Electrical Mechanical Water/Waste Communications Storage Hazmat Workshops Restrooms Guardhouses Offices Shelters Laboratories Training & Much More 866.252.8210 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 45 ME 1-4 pg Easi-Set Directory 2013.indd 1 1/2/2013 4:56:37 PM

44 SAME Engineering and Construction Camps The SAME Engineering & Construction Camps provide High School students with first-hand experience in engineering and construction. These one-week camps are high energy, hands-on events for students who excel in math, science and technical courses and who are interested in pursuing engineering in college as well as the military services. Students are selected from across the country and around the world and are led by a professional staff of engineers from both private industry and the military services. These camps are highly competitive. For more information on the SAME Engineering & Construction Camps, go to U.S. Army Camp U.S. Air Force Academy Camp June 16-22, 2013 June 27-July 3, 2013 Application Deadline: Application Deadline: March 29, 2013 April 19, 2013 U.S. Navy U.S. Marine Corps Seabees Camp Camp July 21-27, 2013 June 23-29, 2013 Application Deadline: Application Deadline: April 19, 2013 April 19, 2013 The deadlines noted are for Posts to submit nominations. Individual students should contact their local Post for application instructions and deadlines.

45 U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering CG-4 Assistant Commandant Engineering and Logistics CG-43 Office of Civil Engineering Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC) USCG Headquarters, Commandant (CG-4) CG-4, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and CG-4, Deputy CG-43, Chief, Office CG-43, Deputy, Logistics Assistant of Civil Engineering Office of Civil Rear Adm. Ronald J. Commandant for Capt. Keith Ingalsbe, Engineering Rbago, P.E. Engineering and P.E. James Stader, P.E. 202-475-5554 Logistics 202-475-5604 202-475-5556 Albert Curry Jr., SES 202-475-5551 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 47

46 U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC) Deputy Staff Capt. Dave Semnoski, Capt. John Hickey, Commanding Officer P.E. P.E. Capt. James Heinz, P.E. 757-628-4285 206-220-7401 757-628-4277 Facility Design and Construction Center (FDCC) Commanding Officer Capt. George Bonner, P.E. 757-852-3400 Civil Engineering Units (CEU) Commanding Officers Cleveland Miami Providence Honolulu Juneau Oakland Cdr. John Lang, P.E. Cdr. Ben Davis, P.E. Cdr. William Lt. Cdr. Andrew Cdr. Steve Raney, Capt. Pat 216-902-6204 305-278-6770 Smith II, P.E. Wright, P.E. P.E. McMillin, P.E. 401-736-1777 808-535-3462 907-463-2411 510-535-7206 48 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

47 U.S. Public Health Service U.S. Public Health Service Department of Heath & Human Services Administration for Children Program Support Center Food and Drug National Institutes of health and Families (ACF) (PSC) Administration (FDA) (NIH) Agency for Healthcare Substance Abuse and Centers for Disease Control Research and Quality Mental Health Services Indian Health Service (IHS) and Prevention (CDC) (AHRQ) Administration (SAMHSA) Health Resources and Agency for Toxic Centers for Medicare and Administration on Aging Services Administration Substances and Disease Medicaid Services (CMS) (AOA) (HRSA) Registry (ATSDR) SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 49

48 U.S. Public Health Service U.S. Public Health Service Surgeon General Deputy Surgeon Chief Engineer Deputy Assistant Senior Leader Vice Adm. Regina General Rear Adm. Sven E. Secretary Diane E. Stewart Benjamin, M.D. Rear Adm. Boris Rodenbeck, Sc.D., Howard D. Kelsey Office for Facilities Office of the D. Lushniak, M.D., P.E., BCEE Office for Facilities Management & Policy Surgeon General M.P.H. Office of the Management 202-205-4773 Department of Health and Human Services 240-453-6141 Office of the Surgeon General and Policy (DHHS) Surgeon General 770-488-3660 202-401-1437 Howard K. Koh, M.D., M.P.H. 240-453-6141 Assistant Secretary for Health Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health 202-690-7694 ADMINISTRATION ON AGING (AOA) CENTERS FOR MEDICARE AND PROGRAM SUPPORT CENTER (PSC) Terry Nicolosi MEDICAID SERVICES (CMS) Jack Sweeney Director, Office of Administration and Brenda J. Pickering Director, Division of Property Management Personnel Director, Administrative Services Group 301-443-5283 202-357-3413 410-786-5171 SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDREN FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION AND FAMILIES (ACF) (FDA) (SAMHSA) ACF/Office of Administration Deanna Murphy Kathleen G. Milenkowic Facilities Management Team Lead Director, Office of Facilities Engineering and Director, Division of Operational Support 202-401-9238 Mission Support 240-276-1011 301-796-2258 AGENCY FOR HEALTHCARE RE- SEARCH AND QUALITY (AHRQ) HEALTH RESOURCES AND SERVICES Barbara Alvarado ADMINISTRATION (HRSA) 301-427-1459 Wendy Ponton Director, Office of Management AGENCY FOR TOXIC SUBSTANCES 301-443-2053 AND DISEASE REGISTRY (ATSDR) George F. Chandler INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE (IHS) Director, Buildings and Facilities Office Rear Adm. Gary J. Hartz, P.E., USPHS (Ret.) 770-488-8170 Director, Office of Environmental Health and Engineering CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL 301-443-1247 AND PREVENTION (CDC) George F. Chandler NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH Director, Buildings and Facilities Office (NIH) 770-488-8170 Daniel Wheeland Director, Office of Research Facilities 301-594-0999 50 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

49 U.S. Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Homeland Security Executive Secretary Secretariat Chief of Staff Deputy Secretary Military Advisor National Legislative Managment Science & Policy Public Affairs Protection & General Affairs Inspector Under Technology Assistant Assistant Programs Counsel Assistant General Secretary Under Secretary Secretary Secretary Under Secretary Secretary Chief Health Affairs Operations Citizenship & Financial Intelligence & Civil Rights & Inter- Assistant Coordination Immigration Chief Privacy Officer Analysis Civil Liberties governmental Secretary/Chief and Planning Services Officer Under Secretary Officer Affairs Medical Officer Director Ombudsman Federal Law Domestic Enforcement Nuclear Training Center Detection Office Director Director Transportation Security U.S. Citizenship U.S. Immigration Federal Emer- Administration U.S. Customs & & Immigration Customs U.S. Secret Service gency Management U.S. Coast Guard Assistant Border Protection Services Enforcement Director Agency Commandant Secretary/ Commissioner Director Assistant Secretary Administrator Administrator SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 51

50 U.S. Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Chief of Staff Jane Holl Lute for Policy to the Secretary 202-282-8000 Secretary Janet Napolitano Noah Kroloff 202-282-8000 202-282-8000 State Listings ALABAMA CALIFORNIA DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ILLINOIS Spencer Collier Mark S. Ghilarducci Chris Geldart Jonathon Monken Director Secretary Director Director Alabama Department of Homeland California Emergency Management Homeland Security & Emergency Illinois Emergency Management Security Agency Management Agency Agency PO Box 304115 3650 Schriever Ave 2720 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy Montgomery, AL 36130-4115 Mather, CA 95655 Washington, DC 20032 Springfield, IL 62703 334-353-3050 916-845-8506 202-727-6161 217-557-6225 ALASKA COLORADO FLORIDA INDIANA John Madden James H. Davis Bryon Koon Joe Wainscott Director Executive Director Director Executive Director Alaska Division of Homeland Security Colorado Department of Public Division of Emergency Management Indiana Department of Homeland & Emergency Management Safety 2555 Shurmard Oak Blvd Security Department of Military and Veteran 700 Kipling St Tallahassee, FL 32399 302 W Washington St Rm E-208 Affairs Denver, CO 80215 850-413-9969 Indianapolis, IN 46204 PO Box 5750 303-239-4400 317-232-3986 Bldg 4900 Ste B-214 Fort Richardson, AK 99505 GEORGIA 907-428-7062 CONNECTICUT Charley English IOWA Bill Hackett Director Mark Schouten State Director of Emergency Georgia Emergency Management Administrator ARIZONA Management Agency/Homeland Security Iowa Homeland Security and Gilbert M. Orrantia Division of Emergency Management 935 E. Confederate Ave SE Emergency Management Director and Homeland Security Atlanta, GA 30316 7105 NW 70th Ave Arizona Department of Homeland 25 Sigourney St 404-635-7000 Camp Dodge Building W-4 Security Hartford, CT 06106-5042 Johnston, IA 50131 1700 W Washington St #210 860-256-0800 515-725-3231 Phoenix, AZ 85007 HAWAII 602-542-7013 Maj. Gen. Darryl D.M. Wong, ANG DELAWARE Adjutant General KANSAS Kurt Reuther 3949 Diamond Head Rd Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli, ARNG ARKANSAS Delaware Homeland Security Advisor Honolulu, HI 96816-4495 Homeland Security Advisor Dave Maxwell Department of Safety and Homeland 808-733-4246 2800 SW Topeka Director Security Topeka, KS 66611-1287 Arkansas Department of Emergency 303 Transportation Cir 785-274-1001 Management PO Box 818 IDAHO Bldg 9501 Dover, DE 19903 Col. William B. Brad Richy Camp Joseph T. Robinson 302-744-2680 Director KENTUCKY North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600 Bureau of Homeland Security Gene Kiser 501-683-6700 4040 W Guard St Bldg 600 Executive Director Boise, ID 83705-5004 Kentucky Office of Homeland 208-422-3040 Security 200 Metro St Frankfort, KY 40622 502-564-2081 52 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

51 U.S. Department of Homeland Security State Listings (continued) LOUISIANA MASSACHUSETTS MISSISSIPPI NEBRASKA Kevin Davis Kurt Schwartz Jay Ledbetter Maj. Gen. Judd Lyons Director Undersecretary of Homeland Security Executive Director Adjutant General Governors Office of Homeland Secu- Executive Office of Public Safety and Mississippi Office of Homeland Nebraska Emergency Management rity and Emergency Preparedness Security Security Agency 7667 Independence Blvd 1 Ashburton Pl Rm 2133 PO Box 958 2433 N.W. 24th St. Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Boston, MA 02108 Jackson, MS 39205 Lincoln, NE 68524-1801 225-925-7345 617-727-7775 601-346-1500 402-471-7421 MAINE MICHIGAN MISSOURI NEVADA Brig. Gen. James D. Campbell, ANG Kriste Etue Chris Pickering Christopher Smith Adjutant General Homeland Security Advisor Homeland Security Coordinator Chief of Emergency Management Department of Defense, Veterans & 333 S Grand Ave Missouri Department of Public Safety 2478 Fairview Dr Emergency Management PO Box 30634 PO Box 749 Carson City, NV 89711 33 State House Station, Camp Keyes Lansing, MI 48909 Jefferson City, MO 65102 775-687-0300 Augusta, ME 04333-0001 517-241-0401 573-522-3007 207-430-6000 NEW HAMPSHIRE MINNESOTA MONTANA Perry Plumber MARYLAND Kris Eide Ed Tinsley Acting Director Andrew Lauland Director Division Administrator Homeland Security and Emergency Homeland Security Advisor Homeland Security & Emergency MT Disaster & Emergency Services Management State of Maryland Executive Dept. Management Division, Department of Military Affairs 33 Hazen Dr Governors Homeland Security Office 445 Minnesota St Ste 223 PO Box 4789 Concord, NH 03305 William Donald Schaefer Tower St. Paul, MN 55101 1956 Mt. Majo St 603-271-2231 6 St. Paul St 24th Fl 651-201-7400 Ft Harrison, MT 59636 Baltimore, MD 21202 406-324-4777 410-974-2389 Manson Construction Co. HEAVY CIVIL MARINE CONSTRUCTION AND DREDGING Pile Driving Marine Foundations Wharves, Piers, Docks Dikes, Levees, Flood Control Structures Dredging Heavy Lift Offshore Structures Construction Management General Contracting Program Management Design Build In-House Architectural/Engineering Experience, integrity and dependability have made Manson Construction BIM-Enabled Design Build Co. the quality name in heavy marine construction and dredging for more Business Solutions Consulting than 100 years. From concept to commissioning, Manson serves a wide range of clients including governmental agencies, ports, private companies and industry members. Our large, modern fleet of floating derricks, cutter suction dredges, hopper dredges, barges, and auxiliary equipment ensures that we have the right equipment for virtually any marine project. 9048210211 4309 Pablo Oaks Court, Suite 1 Jacksonville, FL Seattle, WA Richmond, CA Long Beach, CA Houma, LA Jacksonville, FL SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 53

52 U.S. Department of Homeland Security State Listings (continued) NEW JERSEY OKLAHOMA RHODE ISLAND TENNESSEE Edward Dickson Kim Edd Carter Thomas C. Murray David W. Purkey Director Director Executive Director Assistant Commissioner New Jersey Office of Homeland Oklahoma Office of Homeland Rhode Island Emergency Manage- Tennessee Department of Safety and Security and Preparedness Security ment Agency Homeland Security PO Box 091 PO Box 11415 645 New London Ave 312 Rosa L. Parks Ave Trenton, NJ 08625 Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415 Cranston, RI 02920 25th Fl TN Tower 609-584-4000 405-425-7296 401-946-9996 Nashville, TN 37243 615-532-7825 NEW MEXICO OREGON SOUTH CAROLINA Gregory A. Myers Martin Plotner Maj. Richard Hunton TEXAS Secretary Director Director Steve McCraw New Mexico Dept. of Homeland Office of Emergency Management Office of Homeland Security Director Security & Emergency Management Oregon Military Department SC Law Enforcement Division Texas Homeland Security 13 Bataan Blvd PO Box 14370 4400 Broad River Run Rd 5805 N Caman Blvd Santa Fe, NM 87504 Salem, OR 97309-5062 Columbia, SC 29210 Austin, Texas 78752 505-476-1051 503-378-2911 803-896-4698 512-475-0645 NEW YORK PENNSYLVANIA SOUTH DAKOTA UTAH Jerome M. Hauer Frank Noonan James Carpenter Col. Keith D. Squires Commissioner Commissioner Director Deputy Commissioner Division of Homeland Security and Pennsylvania State Police Office of Homeland Security Department of Public Safety Emergency Services 1800 Elmerten Ave 118 W Capitol Ave 4501 S 2700 W 1220 Washington Ave Harrisburg, PA 17110 Pierre, SD 57501 PO Box 1411775 State Office Campus 605-773-3450 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1775 Bldg 7A Ste 710 801-965-4461 Albany, NY 12242 518-242-5000 NORTH CAROLINA Reuben Young Secretary NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety 4701 Mail Service Ctr Raleigh, NC 27699 919-733-2126 JOB SEEKERS EMPLOYERS NORTH DAKOTA Greg Wilz Director RECENTLY RETIRED Homeland Security Division FROM THE MILITARY LOOKING TO HIRE Department of Emergency Services OR JUST LOOKING THE PERFECT PO Box 5511 FOR A NEW JOB CANDIDATE FOR Bismarck, ND 58506 701-328-8100 OPPORTUNITY? YOUR JOB OPENING? Visit SAMEs Post your job, OHIO Job Center where or search candidate Richard Baron youll find Sustaining resumes, on the Executive Director Ohio Homeland Security Member Companies SAME Job Center. 1970 W Broad St looking for you!! Columbus, OH 43223-1102 614-387-6171 WWW.SAME.ORG/JOBS WWW.SAME.ORG/JOBS 54 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

53 U.S. Department of Homeland Security State Listings (continued) VERMONT WEST VIRGINIA U.S. TERRITORIES PUERTO RICO Capt Rick Hopkins Jimmy Gianato Miguel Santini-Padilla Director Secretary AMERICAN SAMOA Homeland Security Advisor Vermont Homeland Security West Virginia Division of Homeland Mike Sala, Director PO Box 9066597 103 S Main St Security and Emergency Management Department of Homeland Security San Juan, PR 00906-6597 Waterbury, VT 05671-2101 1900 Kanawha Blvd E American Samoa Government 787-721-0435 802-241-5357 Bldg 1 Rm EB-80 Pago Pago, AS 96799 Charleston, WV 25305 684-633-2827 VIRGIN ISLANDS 304-558-5380 Elton Lewis VIRGINIA Director Terri Suit GUAM USVI Territorial Emergency Secretary of Veteran Affairs & WISCONSIN James McDonald Management Agency Homeland Security Brig. Gen. Donald P. Dunbar, ANG Homeland Security Advisor 8221 Estate Nisky Patrick Henry Bldg Homeland Security Advisor 221-B Chalan Palasyo St. Thomas, VI 00803 1111 East Broad St PO Box 14587 Hagatna, GU 96910 340-774-2244 Richmond, VA 23219 Madison, WI 53708-8111 671-475-9600 804-225-3826 608-242-3075 NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS WASHINGTON WYOMING Marvin Seman Maj. Gen. Bret P. Daugherty Guy Cameron Special Advisor for Adjutant General and Director Director Homeland Security State Military Department Wyoming Office of Homeland Security Caller Box 10007 Washington Military Dept Bldg 1 500 Bishop Blvd Saipan, MP 96950 Camp Murray, WA 98430-5000 Cheyenne, WY 82002-0001 670-322-2216 253-512-8201 307-777-4663 main.aspx SAME International Business Opportunities Webinar Series Get real-time global A/E/C business opportunities information during this five-part International Business Opportunities Webinar Series. Register today for oneor all fiveand get detailed information regarding where and what resources federal agencies require to support their missions in the upcoming year. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EDT U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) Thursday, April 11, 2013, 8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. EDT U.S. European Command (EUCOM) Friday, April 12, 2013, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. EDT U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. EDT U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. EDT Other Non-DOD Agencies (USAID and MCC) Thursday, April 18, 2013, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. EDT.* (*This is a complimentary webinar included in the series; no additional registration is required) Register today at For more information visit SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 55

54 Take a look at the new TME Online! Visit and enjoy the newly-designed TME Online. Designed with you in mind, the site contains all of the information contained in the print edition as well as online exclusive articles, TME Time Capsule and information on how to submit an article or place an ad. TME Online also is available on your computer, tablet or mobile device. THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS Bookmark the SAME blog for news of interest, highlights of SAME eventsas they happen and links to your favorite social media. Check us out and post your comments. Wed love to hear from you! WWW.SAME.ORG/BLOG

55 Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Protection and National Chief of Staff Preparedness Office of Chief Counsel Deputy Administrator Deputy Administrator Senior Advisor to Executive Secretariat the Secretary for Assistant Assistant Administrator, Emergency Administrator, Management Office of Chief Office of External National Financial Officer Affairs Grant Programs Preparedness DHS Direct Reports National Advisory Council Office of Regional Assistant Director, Office of Office of Equal Rights Operations Administrator, National National Capital Continuity Programs Region Coordination DHS Center for Faith Based & Neighborhood Office of Disability Office of Policy and Partnerships Integration & Program Analysis Coordination FEMA Disability Serves all of DHS Working Group Senior Enforcement Advisor Mission Support Response and Recovery U.S. Fire Associate Administrator Administration Regions I-X Federal Insurance and Associate Administrator Administrator Regional Administrators Mitigation Administration Deputy Associate Associate Administrator Deputy Associate Administrator Administrator Deputy Associate Administrator, Insurance Office of Chief Office of Chief Deputy Associate Administrative Information Administrator, Officer Officer Mitigation Office of Chief Office of Chief Procurement Component Human Assistant Assistant Officer Capital Officer Administrator Administrtor, Response Recovery Office of Chief Assistant Security Officer Directory, Office of Administrator FCO Operations Logistics Managememt Director, Office of Readiness and Assessment SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 57

56 Federal Emergency Management Agency State Listing SAME CALENDAR OF EVENTS HQ, FEDERAL EMERGENCY REGION V MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency February Transition Workshop & 500 C St SW 536 S Clark St Fl 6 7-8 Job Fair Washington, D.C. 20472 Chicago, IL 60605 Linthicum, Md. 202-646-2500 312-408-5500 Disaster Assistance: 800-621-3362 Private Sector Liason: 312-408-5499 March FY2014 DOD and Federal Serving: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, 26 Agency Program Briefings NATIONAL EMERGENCY Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin North Bethesda, Md. TRAINING CENTER/ EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT REGION VI March Academy of Fellows Federal Emergency Management Agency INSTITUTE 27 Luncheon, Investiture 16825 S Seton Ave FRC 800 N Loop 288 Denton, TX 76209-3698 & Golden Eagle Awards Emmitsburg, MD 21727 940-898-5399 Dinner 301-447-1000 Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New [email protected] North Bethesda, Md. Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas April International Business GENERAL ACQUISITION REGION VII 9-18 Opportunities Webinar INFORMATION: Federal Emergency Management Agency (virtual) Industry Liaison Support Center 9221 Ward Pkwy Ste 300 Kansas City, MO 64114-3372 May Continuing Education about.shtm 816-283-7061 21 Program [email protected] Private Sector Liason: 816-809-4128 202-646-1895 San Diego, Calif. Serving: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska May 21-24 Joint Engineer Training SMALL BUSINESS Conference & Expo OPPORTUNITIES REGION VIII [email protected] Federal Emergency Management Agency (JETC) Denver Federal Ctr San Diego, Calif. REGION I Building 710 Box 25267 Federal Emergency Management Agency Denver, CO 80225-0267 Nov. 19-21 Small Business 99 High St 6th Fl 303-235-4800 Conference Boston, MA 02110 Serving: Colorado, Montana, North Kansas City, Mo. 617-956-7506 Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming Serving: Connecticut, Maine, Massachu- setts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, REGION IX JOINT ENGINEER TRAINING Vermont Federal Emergency Management Agency 1111 Broadway Ste 1200 SYMPOSIUMS (JETS) REGION II Oakland, CA 94607-4052 Federal Emergency Management Agency Pacific Area Office: 808-851-7900 Feb. 27- Pacific & Northwest JETS 26 Federal Plz Ste 1337 Southern California Field Office: 626- March 1 Anchorage, AK New York, NY 10278-0002 431-3000 212-680-3600 Private Sector Liason: 510-627-7220 July Rocky Mountain JETS Serving: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, 23-25 Denver, Colo. Rico, Virgin Islands Nevada, American Samoa, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Oct. TEXOMA and Missouri REGION III Islands, Republic of the Marshall Islands, 9-11 River JETS Federal Emergency Management Agency Federated States of Micronesia Oklahoma City, Okla. 615 Chestnut St One Independence Mall Fl 6 REGION X Oct. Great Lakes and Ohio Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404 Federal Emergency Management Agency 16-18 Valley JETS 215-931-5500 Federal Regional Ctr Serving: Delaware, District of Columbia, 130 228th St SW Davenport, Iowa Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Bothell, WA 98021-8627 Oct. South Central-South Virginia 425-487-4600 Private Sector Liason: 425-487-2104 22-24 Atlantic JETS Serving: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, REGION IV Mobile, Ala. Federal Emergency Management Agency Washington Nov. 5-7 North Atlantic and New 3003 Chamblee Tucker Rd Atlanta, GA 30341 England JETS 770-220-5200 Baltimore, Md. Serving: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee WWW.SAME.ORG/CALENDAR 58 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

57 Listings of Companies & Public Agencies

58 Building Our Future SAME Members are helping to shape the future by mentoring tomorrows engineers. As an SAME Member, you become part of our network of 29,000 professionals in 108 Posts throughout the U.S. and in 14 countries around the world. These men and women are designing, constructing and building our future. Individual Member Dues: Uniformed Service Member (Active Duty, Guard and Participating Reserve): $60 one-time fee for continued membership throughout the duration of your uniformed service. Government Civilian, Academic or Non-Profit Member: $45 for a 3-year membership; $60 for a 5-year membership. For company or agency dues, please go to to view the dues chart. Be a leader. Make a difference. Join SAME today. 607 Prince Street Alexandria, VA 22314 703-549-3800

59 Government, Non-Profit and Academic Profiles AAFES City of Sault Ste. Marie Dept. of Veterans 3911 S Walton Walker Blvd 325 Court St Affairs, CFM Regional Dallas, TX 75236-1509 Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 Website: Website: Office-West POC: Gus Elliott Jr., P.E. POC: Linda Basista 1175 Nimitz Ave Ste 200 Mare 214-312-3911 [email protected] Island [email protected] Vallejo, CA 94592 POC: Col. Leonardo V. Flor, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME, Coastal Water Authority USA (Ret.) American Institute of Steel 1801 Main St Ste 800 202-302-8469 Construction Houston, TX 77002 [email protected] 1 East Wacker Dr Ste 700 POC: Donald Ripley Chicago, IL 60601-1802 713-658-9020 [email protected] Engineer Advocacy Branch Website: POC: Jacinda L. Collins HQ U.S. Marine Corps 202-384-2941 University of Oklahoma, College of HQMC, I&L, LPE [email protected] 2 Navy Annex Rm 2333 Engineering Washington, DC 20380 202 W Boyd St Rm 107 Website: American Society of Civil Engineers Norman, OK 73019-1027 POC: Mike Boyd 1801 Alexander Bell Dr POC: Thomas Landers 703-693-9969 Reston, VA 20191-5467 405-325-2621 [email protected] Website: [email protected] POC: Patrick J. Natale, P.E. 703-295-6100 Federal Bureau of Columbus Water Works [email protected] 1421 Veterans Pkwy Investigation Columbus, GA 31902-1600 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW California Department of Water Website: RM 6094 POC: Mark H. Graham Washington, DC 20535-0001 Resources Website: Division of Flood Management 706-505-7651 [email protected] POC: Michael D. Donnelly 3464 El Camino Ave Ste 20 202-324-2875 Sacramento, CA 95821 [email protected] POC: Kent E. Zenobia, P.E. Concurrent Technologies Corp. 916-574-0912 100 CTC Dr [email protected] Johnstown, PA 15904-1935 Fort Bend County POC: David A. Kingston 1124 Blume Rd 573-329-8548 Rosenberg, TX 77471-4062 Carolinas Concrete Masonry POC: David J. Hegemier [email protected] Associations 281-342-3039 516-D River Hwy Ste 31 [email protected] Mooresville, NC 28117 Dept. of Veterans Website: Affairs, CFM Central Gulf Power POC: Byard Stevens Office 1 Energy Pl 336-852-2074 425 I St NW Pensacola, FL 32520 [email protected] Washington, DC 20001 POC: David Erickson Website: 850-444-6498 City of Anchorage Municipal Light & POC: Dennis Milsten, P.E. [email protected] Power 202-461-8266 1200 E 1st Ave [email protected] Harris County Flood Control District Anchorage, AK 99501-1658 9900 Northwest Fwy Website: Dept. of Veterans Houston, TX 77092-8601 POC: Robert H. Price Jr. Affairs, CFM Regional POC: Sandra A. Musgrove, P.E. 907-263-5275 713-684-4000 [email protected] Office-Central [email protected] 3001 Green Bay Rd Ste B-48 North Chicago, IL 60064 City of Lawton, Oklahoma POC: Todd D. Sanders, P.E. International Facility Management 212 SW 9th St 224-610-3872 Association Lawton, OK 73501 [email protected] 800 Gessner Rd Ste 900 POC: Sagar Medisetty Houston, TX 77024-4257 580-581-3410 Website: [email protected] Dept. of Veterans POC: Tony Keane Affairs, CFM Regional 281-974-5602 City of San Antonio Capital Office-East [email protected] Improvements Management Services 8380 Colesville Rd PO Box 839966 Silver Spring, MD 20910 LMI San Antonio, TX 78283-3966 POC: Andy Keirn 2000 Corporate Ridge POC: Samuel Hutchins IV, F.SAME 304-427-2034 McLean, VA 22102-7805 210-207-6940 [email protected] Website: [email protected] POC: Eric Stephens 210-860-2305 [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 61

60 Government, Non-Profit and Academic Profiles Metropolitan Sewer District Native American Contractors North Harris County Regional Water Louisville Association Authority 700 W Liberty St 1514 P St NW Ste 2 3648 Fm 1960 Rd W Ste 110 Louisville, KY 40203-1911 Washington, DC 20005-2074 Houston, TX 77068-3617 Website: Website: Website: POC: Anthony E. Marconi POC: Kevin J. Allis POC: Jimmie Schindewolf, P.E. 502-540-6964 202-758-2676 281-440-3924 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Manhattan College North Shore Gas 4513 Manhattan College Pkwy 1390 Wilhelm Rd Riverdale, NY 10471 Mundelein, IL 60060-4400 Website: POC: Jerry B. Todd POC: Gordon Silverman NAVFAC ESC 847-263-4625 1100 23rd Ave 718-862-7160 [email protected] Port Hueneme, CA 93043 [email protected] Website: POC: Kathleen M. Paulson, P.E. Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Metropolitan Community College 805-982-4984 Corp. PO Box 3777 [email protected] PO Box 2900 Omaha, NE 68103-0777 Hopkinsville, KY 42241-2900 Website: Website: POC: Richard L. Hart POC: John W. Wheeler Jr., P.E. 402-289-1373 270-886-2555 [email protected] [email protected] NAVFAC Hawaii 400 Marshall Rd Metropolitan Transit Authority of Port of Houston Authority Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-3139 Harris County, Texas POC: Marc Wong PO Box 2562 PO Box 61429 808-471-0325 Houston, TX 77252-2562 Houston, TX 77208-1429 [email protected] Website: POC: Frank Andrews, F.SAME POC: William A. Wachel Jr. 713-739-4974 713-670-2474 [email protected] [email protected] Missouri University of Science and Portland Cement Association NAVFAC Southeast-Jacksonville 500 New Jersey Ave NW Fl 7 Technology Building 27 Box 5 Naval Air Station 1870 Miner Cir Washington, DC 20001-2066 Jacksonville, FL 32212-0139 Website: Rolla, MO 65409-0001 POC: Douglas M. Dangerfield POC: Lt. Col. Stephen H. Tupper POC: John J. Sullivan Jr., P.E. 904-542-6661 202-408-9494 573-329-8515 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] NBDC PTAC Program Procurement Technical Assistance NASA 6708 Pine St 300 E St SW Ste 5H79 Omaha, NE 68106 Center Washington, DC 20546-0001 Website: 12000 Alumni Dr Ste 2090 POC: Harriet Ross, AIA, AICP, DBIA Maj. Gen. Andy Alexander, USA (Ret.) Jacksonville, FL 32224 202-358-1133 [email protected] Website: [email protected] POC: Don Zavesky 904-620-2476 N.C. Military Business Center [email protected] National Geospatial- 2201 Hull Rd Intelligence Agency, PO Box 35236 Fayetteville, NC 28303-4761 Riverside Research New Campus East 2640 Hibiscus Way 7500 Geoint Dr Website: POC: Lt. Col. Scott D. Dorneym, USA (Ret.) Beavercreek, OH 45431-1798 Springfield, VA 22150 Website: POC: Carey Griffin 910-678-0190 [email protected] POC: Grant T. Owens 571-557-3179 937-431-3810 [email protected] [email protected] N.J. Fallen Soldiers Foundation National Geospatial- 1 Cupsaw Dr Ste 2 Ringwood, NJ 07456 San Diego Gas and Electric Intelligence Agency, Website: 8306 Century Park Ct Ste CP42C San Diego, CA 92123-1530 St. Louis POC: Nick Caffarra 973-962-6241 POC: Capt David R. Guebert, USNR (Ret.) 3838 Vogel Rd [email protected] 858-654-1578 Arnold, MO 63010-6205 [email protected] POC: Warren A. Carter, P.E. 314-676-3290 Noblis [email protected] 16414 San Pedro Ste 340 San Antonio, TX 78232 POC: Robert Edwards 210-408-5552 [email protected] 62 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

61 Government, Non-Profit and Academic Profiles Small Environmental Business U.S. Air Force Action Coalition Academy 888 17th St NW Ste 1100 8120 Edgerton Dr Ste 40 Washington, DC 20006 USAF Academy, CO 80840-2499 Website: POC: Keith L. Butala, P.E. POC: Susan Brock 719-333-2660 202-775-8400 [email protected] [email protected] U.S. Air Force Air Education and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Texas A&M University Training Command, Civil Engineering Baltimore District 3115 TAMU 266 F St W College Station, TX 77843 10 S Howard St Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4319 Website: Baltimore, MD 21201-2526 POC: Nancy Kalter Website: 210-652-7398 POC: Col. J. Richard Jordan III, USA Texas Engineering Experiment [email protected] 410-962-4545 Station [email protected] Texas A&M University U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center 9350 S Presa Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas San Antonio, TX 78223 Website: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Website: 210-395-8329 Chicago District POC: Michael Martin 111 N Canal St Ste 600 210-633-2427 Chicago, IL 60606 U.S. Air Force Environmental POC: John Groboski [email protected] Management Division, Tinker AFB 312-846-5417 7535 Fifth St Ste 101 [email protected] Tinker AFB, OK 73145-9010 POC: Cathy Scheirman, P.E. 405-734-4111 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - [email protected] Honolulu District Bldg 230 CEPOH-DD The Civil Engineer School, Air Force Fort Shafter, HI 96858-5440 U.S. Air Force Real Property Agency Institute of Technology 143 Billy Mitchell Blvd Ste 1 POC: Douglas B. Guttormsen 2950 Hobson Way Bldg 643 808-438-1069 San Antonio, TX 78226-1858 WPAFB, OH 45433 [email protected] POC: Robert M. Moore, SES Website: 210-395-9505 POC: Col. Rodger Schuld, USAF [email protected] U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Little Rock District The Port Authority of New York & U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory 700 West Capitol St New Jersey 139 Barnes Dr Ste 2 PO Box 867 233 Park Ave S 7th FL Tyndall AFB, FL 32403 Little Rock, AR 72203-0867 New York, NY 10003 POC: R. Craig Mellerski Website: Website: 850-283-3744 POC: Randy Hathaway POC: Peter Zipf [email protected] 501-324-5533 212-435-6430 [email protected] [email protected] U.S. Air Force 502nd ABW 2270 Rattlesnake Dr U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-1800 POC: Debra Harkiewicz Nashville District Power) PO Box 1070 10011 Middleton Rd Bldg 221 210-808-7543 Nashville, TN 37202 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5837 [email protected] POC: Karla Miller Website: 615-736-7721 aspx U.S. Air Force 88th ABW/CE [email protected] POC: David B. Cox 5151 Wright Ave 703-8063647 Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433-5261 [email protected] POC: Amir Mott U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - 937-904-0987 Omaha District U.S. Air Force 802nd Civil Engineer [email protected] 1616 Captiol Ave ATTN CENWO-EX Squadron Omaha, NE 68102-4901 1555 Gott St Bldg 5595 Website: Lackland AFB, TX 78236 POC: Kimberly Collins POC: Paul R. Sutto, P.E., F.SAME 402-995-2005 210-671-4844 [email protected] [email protected] U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Pacific Ocean Bldg 525 3rd Fl Fort Shafter, HI 96858 POC: Gregory Gunter 808-438-1514 [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 63

62 Government, Non-Profit and Academic Profiles U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Portland District PO Box 2946 Portland, OR 97208 Website: POC: Capt. Matt Cutts, P.E., USCG (Ret.) 808-842-2005 [email protected] U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Rapid City, SD Office 631 Saint Anne St Ste 101 Rapid City, SD 57701-4678 POC: Jerry Slusser [email protected] U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Sacramento District 1325 J St Ste 1420 Sacramento, CA 95814-2976 POC: Stacey A. Dobrenick 916-557-7490 [email protected] U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - St. Louis District 1222 Spruce St St. Louis, MO 63103-2818 Website: POC: Col. Christopher Hall, USA [email protected] U.S. Coast Guard 2100 2nd St SW Washington, DC 20593-0002 Website: POC: Pete Carroll 202-475-5597 [email protected] U.S.G.S. - Texas Water Science Center 1505 Ferguson Ln Austin, TX 78754-4501 Website: POC: Robert Joseph 512-927-3502 [email protected] Webster University 470 E Lockwood Ave St. Louis, MO 63119 Website: POC: Lt. Col. Aaron A. Williams, USA (Ret.) 573-329-6777 [email protected] Wisconsin Procurement Institute 10437 Innovation Dr Ste 228 Wauwatosa, WI 53226 Website: POC: Aina Vilumsons 414-270-3601 [email protected] 64 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

63 #-A 4Clicks Solutions Aarcher Inc. ADB Airfield Solutions LLC PO Box 76884 910 Commerce Rd 977 Gahanna Pkwy Colorado Springs, CO 80970 Annapolis, MD 21401 Columbus, OH 43230 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Emergency Number: 866-438-4254 President, Craig Schwartz, 410-897-9100, Emergency Number: 800-545-4157 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Michael Brown, 719-574-7721, VP, Mark Serio, 410-897-9100, [email protected] Business Development and Marketing Manager, [email protected] Manager (Denver), Bonnie Wisniewski, 303-662-1696, Thomas Kelty, 614-861-1304, [email protected] Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Cholakis, 508-435-3096, [email protected] CEO, Steve Rauch, 614-861-1304, [email protected] [email protected] Manager (Annapolis), Julia Custer, 410-897-9100, [email protected] 4Granite Inc. ADC Engineering Inc. PO 1564 ABMB Engineers Inc. 1226 Yeamans Hall Rd Apple Valley, CA 92307 500 Main St Hanahan, SC 29410 Website: Baton Rouge, LA 70801 Website: Emergency Number: 760-403-3376 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 225-765-7400 Partner, Chris Cook, 843-566-0161, [email protected] President/CEO, Joe Webb, 760-403-3376, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Managing Principal, Michael McGaugh, 225-765-7400, Business Manager, Erick Castro, 760-490-2157, [email protected] Adler Ventilation and Environmental [email protected] Managing Principal, Steve Boudreaux, 225-765-7400, [email protected] Services Inc. Managing Principal, Michael Bruce, 225-765-7400, 4510 Dayton Ave N 5H Technologies Inc. PO Box 30758/98113 110 S 3rd St [email protected] Managing Principal, John McKee, 601-354-0696, Seattle, WA 98103 Paducah, KY 42001 Website: Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 206-423-6970 Emergency Number: 270-448-0755 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Abrams Group Construction LLC President, Chad Johnson, 206-423-6970, [email protected] VP, David Hutcheson, 270-448-0755, [email protected] 3645 Hwy 90 Pace, FL 32571 Secretary, Lisa Johnson, 206-423-6970, [email protected] A&M Engineering and Website: Emergency Number: 850-602-3590 Environmental Services Inc. Corporate Leadership: 10010 E 16th St Owner, Bill Abrams, 850-994-7980 Advanced Engineering Consultants Tulsa, OK 74128 1310 Dublin Rd Website: Columbus, OH 43215 Corporate Leadership: Absher Construction Co. Website: President, Altay Ertugrul, 918-665-6575, [email protected] 1001 Shaw Rd Corporate Leadership: Puyallup, WA 98372 President, Lisa Huang, Ph.D, P.E., RCDD, VP, Turgay Ertugrul, 918-665-6575, [email protected] Website: 614-486-4778, [email protected] Emergency Number: 253-377-2582 Principal, Sam Reed, 614-486-4778, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Director, Government and Defense Contracting A.D. Marble & Co. Division, Mike Steinthal, 253-845-9544, Advanced Environmental Solutions 375 E Elm St Ste 101 [email protected] Conshohocken, PA 19428 Inc. Website: 90 Madison St Ste 605 Emergency Number: 610-952-0458 Accura Engineering and Worcester, MA 01608 Corporate Leadership: Consulting Services Inc. Website: President, Roseline Marston, 484-533-2560, 3342 International Park Dr Emergency Number: 508-363-4882 [email protected] Atlanta, GA 30316 Corporate Leadership: VP, Jason Vendetti, 484-533-2550, [email protected] Website: President, Bill Picard, 508-363-4882, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Federal Program Director, Jeff York, 484-533-2570, President and CEO, Prashanthi Reddy, 404-241-8722, Technical Director, Mike Bingham, 508-363-4882, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Sr. Cultural Resources Manager, Cynthia Auman, Business Development Manager, Kevin Privete, Division Manger, Dave Doyle, 508-363-4882, 540-338-0489, [email protected] 404-241-8722, [email protected] [email protected] A.J. Nesti Materials Advanced Integration Group Inc. Ace Electric Inc. 1 McCormick Rd Ste A 32 Monroe Blvd 4081 Inner Perimeter Rd Monroe Twp, NJ 08831 McKees Rocks, PA 15136 Valdosta, GA 31602 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Alaine Nesti, 732-446-5333, [email protected] Emergency Number: 412-913-0318 Emergency Number: 229-740-0298 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Donna Chappel, 412-722-0065, [email protected] CEO, Tom Stalvey, 229-244-9288, [email protected] Engineering Supervisor, Daniel Dolata, 412-722-0065, President, Bobby Stalvey, 229-244-9288, bobby. [email protected] [email protected] Construction Management, Jonathan Graham, VP, Tommy Stalvey, 229-244-9288, [email protected] 412-722-0065, [email protected] Manager Operations, Robert Chappel, 412-722-0065, VP, Rob Stalvey, 229-244-9288, [email protected] [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 65

64 A Advancia Corp. AEI Engineering LLC Aerotek Inc. 655 Research Pkwy Ste 400 616 FM 1960 W Ste 250 7301 Parkway Dr Oklahoma City, OK 73104 Houston, TX 77090 Hanover, MD 21076 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 281-705-0448 Emergency Number: 1-800-AEROTEK Program Manager, Dave Neeley, 573-336-8312, dave. Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Nancy Blackwell, 281-350-7027, nblack- Marketing Manager, Jay Atcheson, 410-694-5248, [email protected] [email protected] ADVENT Environmental Inc. VP, Michael Kurzy, 281-350-7027, [email protected] Director of Business Operations, William Mooney, 498 Wando Park Blvd Ste 500 com 410-567-8025, [email protected] Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 VP, Tom Matkin, 281-350-7027, Director of Business Operations, Brooks Wells, 510- Website: Sr. Principal Engineer, Mark Adam, 281-350-7027, 864-3841, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Jeff Smoak, 843-388-1851, [email protected] Affiliated Engineers Inc. Aerial Data Service Inc. 5802 Research Park Blvd Principal, Rich Coomes, 502-638-4730, [email protected] 8301 E 51st St Ste 100 Madison, WI 53719 Tulsa, OK 74145-9046 Website: Principal, Todd Moody, 843-388-1851, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Krishnan Ramesh, P.E., 301-213-9469, VP, Eric Andelin, 918-622-4144, [email protected] [email protected] Adventus Europe GmbH com Adventus Americas Inc. Technical Representative, Brian Falls, 918-622-4144, [email protected] Affinis Corp. Duisburger Str. 69-73 7401 W 129th St Ste 110 Oberhausen, 46049 Operations Manager, Doug Ward, 918-622-6144, [email protected] Overland Park, KS 66213 Website: Website: Emergency Number: +43 6641803060 Emergency Number: 913-634-6278 Corporate Leadership: AeroMetric Inc. Corporate Leadership: Managing Director, Michael Mueller, +43 4020 Technology Pkwy President, Richard Worrel, 913-239-1102, [email protected] 0-523853262, [email protected] Sheboygan, WI 53083 Website: VP, Federal Services, Jason Davis, 913-239-1106, AE Works Emergency Number: 410-310-9534 [email protected] 6587 Hamilton Ave Corporate Leadership: Pittsburgh, PA 15206 VP, Tim Stagg, 410-310-9534, [email protected] AFG Group Inc. Website: com 590 Herndon Pkwy Ste 350 Emergency Number: 412-287-7333 VP, Ed Crossan, 703-471-4510, [email protected] Herndon, VA 20170 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Michael Cherock, 412-287-7333, Account Manager, Jeff Kenner, 206-244-2300, jken- Emergency Number: 703-435-0029 [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Richard Witt, [email protected] Account Manager, John Ellis, 907-272-4495, [email protected] President, Michael OConnor, PE, 703-342-9939, [email protected] AECOM Business Development, Selena Williams, DipArch, 555 S Flower St Ste 3700 Aerosol Monitoring & Analysis Inc. 202-262-5028, [email protected] Los Angeles, CA 90071-2300 1331 Ashton Rd Project & Construction Management, Paul Szmurlo, Website: Box 646 P.E., 202-552-9014, [email protected] Emergency Number: 678-296-9403 Hanover, MD 21076 Project Development, Joseph Hoffman, 609-760- Corporate Leadership: Website: 0446, [email protected] Executive VP, Jane Penny, 678-296-9403, jane. Emergency Number: 410-684-3327 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: AGCM Inc. Sr. VP, Randy Castro, 404-965-7051, [email protected] President, Todd Woerner, 410-684-3327, [email protected] PO Box 2682 Corpus Christi, TX 78401 Sr. VP, Jack Norris, 703-706-0504, [email protected] Website: Aerostar SES LLC Emergency Number: 361-537-8810 VP, Joe LaVoie, 843-740-7326, [email protected] 11181 St. Johns Industrial Pkwy N Corporate Leadership: com Jacksonville, FL 32246 CEO, Gail Anderson, 361-882-0469, [email protected] Website: President, Derwood Anderson, 361-882-0469, AEEC LLC Emergency Number: 904-565-2820 [email protected] 3489 W 2100 S Ste 150 Corporate Leadership: VP, Business Development, Ken Polasek, 361-882- Salt Lake City, UT 84119 President, Dawn Blackledge, 904-565-2820, dblack- 0469, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Federal Program Manager, Edl Labay, 361-882-0469, Corporate Leadership: VP, Leon Carrero, 904-565-2820, [email protected] [email protected] CEO, Raj Patil, 703-766-4301, [email protected] VP, Philip Elson, 904-565-2820, [email protected] VP, Tiffany Seibt, 251-432-2664, [email protected] AGEISS Inc. Program Manager, Kalem Sessions, 801-908-5447, 1202 Bergen Pkwy Ste 310 [email protected] Evergreen, CO 80439 Engineering Manager, Tom Henrie, 801-908-5447, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO/President, Donna Lawrence, 303-674-5059 ext 126, [email protected] Principal, Jeffrey Lawrence, 303-674-5059 ext 133, [email protected] VP/Director of Technical Operations, Susan Walker, 303-674-5059 ext 132, [email protected] 66 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

65 A AGTUS Inc. All Star International PO Box 620 12250 El Camino Real Ste 300 Lumberton, NJ 08048 San Diego, CA 92130 Website: Emergency Number: 858-259-0900 Emergency Number: 609-969-0995 Alban CAT Power Systems Corporate Leadership: Alban Tractor Co. Inc. VP of Construction, Tom Lamary, 858-259-0900, 6387 Old Washington Rd [email protected] AGVIQ LLC Elkridge, MD 21075 VP of Corporate Development, Scott King, 817-377- 4610 Westgrove Ct Website: 5835, [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Emergency Number: 800-443-9813 COO, Chuck Ervin, 817-377-5823, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: com Corporate Leadership: Government Sales, Christian Chinn, 410-796-8000, General Manager, David Leadenham, 757-213-8580, [email protected] [email protected] Engineering Consultant Rep, Craig Hanson, 410-796- Allen & Hoshall 1661 International Dr Ste 100 8000, [email protected] Memphis, TN 38120 AHBL EPG Sales Manager, Vijay Vohra, 410-796-8000, Website: 2215 N 30th St Ste 300 [email protected] Emergency Number: 901-261-4644 Tacoma, WA 98403 Corporate Leadership: Website: Alberici Constructors Inc. President, David Nicholson, 901-820-0820, dnichol- Emergency Number: 253-383-2422 8800 Page Ave [email protected] Corporate Leadership: St. Louis, MO 63114 VP, Jimmy Nelson, 601-077-8993, [email protected] Principal, Civil Engineer, Doreen Gavin, 253-383- Website: 2422, [email protected] Emergency Number: 314-733-2000 Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Jim Carlsen, 253- Corporate Leadership: 383-2422, [email protected] COO, LeRoy Stromberg, 314-733-2277, [email protected] Allen & Shariff Corp. Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Bill Fierst, 253-383- 7061 Deepage Dr 2422, [email protected] Columbia, MD 21045 Principal, Structural Engineer, Tom Hicks, 253-383- ALcontrol Laboratories Website: 2422, [email protected] Steenhouwerstraat 15 Corporate Leadership: Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, 3194AG VP, Fredrick Gerheiser, 410-381-7100, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Ahtna Government Services Corp. Luca Fagiuoli, 004915123475596, [email protected] CEO, Zack Shariff, 410-381-7100, [email protected] Ahtna Inc. 3680 Industrial Blvd #600H West Sacramento, CA 95691 ALDEN Website: 30 Shrewsbury St Allen Engineering Contractor Inc. Emergency Number: 916-372-2000 Holden, MA 01520-1843 1655 E Riverview Dr Corporate Leadership: Website: San Bernardino, CA 92408 VP & COO, Craig ORourke, 714-824-3470, Corporate Leadership: Website: [email protected] Director, Engineering and Modeling Services, Mizan Emergency Number: 909-478-5500 Rashid, 425-881-7700, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Principal Engineer & Director of Business Develop- President, Roger Tate, 909-478-5500, [email protected] AKEA Inc. ment, David Schowalter, 508-829-6000, dschowal- com 25105 W Newberry Rd [email protected] VP, Bernie Jones, 909-478-5500, [email protected] Newberry, FL 32669 VP, Daniel Gessler, 508-829-6000, [email protected] Sr. Project Manager, Stuart Faul, 909-478-5500, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Director, Hydraulic Modeling & Consulting, Joseph Marketing & Business Development, Lori Micheals, President, Anthony Kwan, 352-474-6124, [email protected] Orlins, 425-202-2372, [email protected] 909-478-5500, [email protected] Office Manager, Terrye Hensley, 352-474-6124, [email protected] A-Lert Roof Systems Allen Engineering Inc. A Division of Centurion Industries Inc. 106 Dixie Ln 2065 FM 1102 Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 Akima Management Services Inc. New Braunfels, TX 78132 Website: 13777 Ballantyne Corporate Pl Ste 400 Website: Emergency Number: 321-783-7443 Charlotte, NC 28277 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: Division President, Neil Berry, 800-344-0609, [email protected] President, John Allen, 321-783-7443, [email protected] Emergency Number: 704-714-4556 net Corporate Leadership: CEO and President, Ed Morris, P.E., 704-714-4556, [email protected] Alfaro Consulting Co. Alliance Geotechnical Group Inc. Executive VP Operations, Dan Melchior, 703-628- 16911 Hidden Oak Woods 3228 Halifax St 8133, [email protected] San Antonio, TX 78248 Dallas, TX 75247 Sr. VP Business Systems, Dan Jenrich, 704-714- Corporate Leadership: Website: 4556, [email protected] Owner, Tony Alfaro, 210-414-1870, [email protected] Emergency Number: 214-500-3104 President, ACS, Paul Karmazinski, 301-357-0444, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Robert Nance, 972-444-8889, robertp- All South Consulting Engineers LLC [email protected] AKS PS Inc. 652 Papworth Ave 1011 SW Klickitat Wy Ste 102 Metairie, LA 70005 Seattle, WA 98134 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 504-322-2783 Emergency Number: 206-284-2864 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Timothy Bonura, 504-322-2783, [email protected] Principal, Michael Smith, 206-623-6832, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 67

66 A Alliant Corp. Alvine Engineering American Fidelity Group 320 N Cedar Bluff Rd Ste 200 1102 Douglas on the Mall 40 S Palafox Pl Ste 500 Knoxville, TN 37923 Omaha, NE 68102 Pensacola, FL 32502 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 866-907-8909 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 407-474-8222 Corporate Leadership: CEO, Steve Alvine, 402-346-7007, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Executive VP, Greg Galaher, 865-363-0726, gcgala- President, Doug Alvine, 402-346-7007, [email protected] VP, Gary Capuano, 407-474-8222, [email protected] [email protected] President, Michael Flounlacker, 850-232-3004, President, Terry Douglas, 865-363-0725, [email protected] COO, Brant Yantzer, 402-346-7007, [email protected] VP, Lesley Keck, P.E., 850-516-1624, [email protected] com com VP, Jamie Raymer, 865-661-0726, [email protected] VP, John Mascarello, 402-346-7007, [email protected] American First Contracting Inc. Program Manager, Paul Shipp, 865-300-4633, 2800 W Higgins Rd Ste 980 [email protected] Ambient Energy Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 130 W 5th Ave Website: Alpha Building Corp. Denver, CO 80204 24850 Blanco Rd Website: American Patriot Construction San Antonio, TX 78260 Corporate Leadership: 2849 Blanding Blvd Website: President, Renee Azerbegi, 303-278-1532x208, Middleburg, 32068 Emergency Number: 210-491-9925 [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 904-708-8176 President, Kathleen Acock, 210-491-9925, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Sean Turnage, 904-406-6051, [email protected] Executive VP, Dir of Operations, Richard Booher, 210- 491-9925, [email protected] Secretary, Bob Turnage, 904-406-6200, [email protected] Alpha Corp. AMEC Environment & Infrastructure President, James Turnage, 904-406-6200 21351 Ridgetop Cir Ste 200 1105 Lakewood Pkwy Ste 300 Dulles, VA 20166 Alpharetta, GA 30009 American Structurepoint Inc. Website: Website: 7260 Shadeland Station Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 484-366-4714 Indianapolis, IN 46256 Sr. VP, Philios Angelides, 703-450-0800, philios. Corporate Leadership: Website: [email protected] Federal Outreach Manager, Wendy Parker, 610-828- Emergency Number: 317-547-5580 8100, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Alpha Facilities Solutions LLC Navy Program Manager, John Accardi, 805-388-3035, VP, Mak Knowles, 317-547-5580, [email protected] 11503 NW Military Dr Ste 300 [email protected] San Antonio, TX 78231 Sr. VP, Scott Anderson, 704-357-5609, scott.ander- Regional Services Director / Federal Group, David Website: [email protected] West, 317-547-5580, [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-492-5742 Federal Programs Manager, Al Fillip, 978-392-5393, Regional Services Director / Federal Group, Kirk Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Zecchini, CFMO, 317-547-5580, [email protected] Managing Director, John Garcia, 210-240-7531, john. [email protected] Operations Director, Kathleen Garcia, 210-601-3190, Ameresco 1820 Midpark Rd AMI Environmental [email protected] 8802 S 135th St Ste 100 Knoxville, TN 37921-5950 Website: Omaha, NE 68138 Alpha MRC Architects Engineers Emergency Number: 865-558-9459 Website: 2395 N Courtenay Pkwy Ste 102 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-828-8487 Merritt Island, FL 32953 Executive VP & General Manager, Keith Derrington, Corporate Leadership: Website: 865-330-7146, [email protected] Director Business Devlpt, Melissa Scaturro, 402-397- Emergency Number: 321-213-5227 Director - Federal Projects, Nicole Bulgarino, 865-330- 5001, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 7194, [email protected] COO, David Angelloz, 402-397-5001, [email protected] President & Principal Architect, Roxana Constantinide, 321-449-9455, [email protected] CEO, Dan Taylor, [email protected] com American Automation Building VP & Principal Engineer, Michael Constantinide, 321- Solutions Inc. AMKOR A&E Inc. 449-9455, [email protected] 650 S Cherry St Ste 1230 USAEDFE Box 158 Denver, CO 80246 Unit #15546, APO Alpha Terra Engineering Inc. Website: AP, 96205 8626 Tesoro Dr Ste 810 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: San Antonio, TX 78217 President, Lisa Buckley, 720-529-0764, [email protected] President, Joo Young Kim, 011-82-2-2265-4655, Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-326-6991 CEO, Ishmail Buckley, 720-529-0764, [email protected] Alta Vista Solutions 6475 Christie Ave Ste 425 Emeryville, CA 94608 Website: Emergency Number: 951-840-0541 Corporate Leadership: President, Patrick Lowry, 510-594-0510, [email protected] 68 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

67 A Ammann & Whitney Antigo Construction Inc. Aragon Construction Inc. 96 Morton St 2520 N Clermont St 5440 Arrow Hwy New York, NY 10014 PO Box 12 Montclair, CA 91763 Website: Antigo, WI 54409 Website: Emergency Number: 917-776-6035 Website: Emergency Number: 909-282-8467 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President and CEO, Nick Ivanoff, 212-462-8501, VP, Matthew Shinners, 715-627-2222, [email protected] President, Joe Aragon, 909-621-2200, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Andrew Sandor, 212-492-5141, [email protected] President, George Shinners, 715-627-2222, gshin- Project Manager, Joey Aragon, 909-621-2200, [email protected] [email protected]com Sr. VP, Bal Cherwoo, 202-331-1029, [email protected] VP, Christopher Shinners, 715-627-2222, [email protected] Project Manager, Matt Aragon, 909-621-2200, [email protected] Associate, Michael Urbach, 212-462-8570, [email protected] Project Manager, John Halbach, 909-621-2200, Apex Engineering PLLC [email protected] 2601 S 35th St Ste 200 AmOrient Engineering Tacoma, WA 98409 ARCADIS U.S. Inc. J.M. Robertson Inc. Website: 630 Plaza Dr 414 West Soledad Ave GCIC Bldg Ste 906 Emergency Number: 253-312-9359 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 Hagatna, GU 96910-5062 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: Principal, Geoffrey Sherwin, 253-473-4494, sherwin@ Emergency Number: 312-425-4123 Emergency Number: 671-483-3301 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Managing Member, Anthony Ching, 253-473-4494, SVP, Federal Program Director, Bob Flowers, 703- President, John M Robertson, P.E., 671-472-3301, [email protected] 209-3565, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, James Kirkebo, 253-473-4494, [email protected] VP, Director of Federal Program Development, Harry Business Manager, Mary Jo Pablo, 671-472-3301, Kleiser, 410-230-9960, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Ken Swindaman, 253-473-4494, swinda- com Structural Engineer/Architect, Tsaii Liu, 671-472-3301, [email protected] Federal Contracts Manager, Van Sans, 720-344-3792, [email protected] [email protected] Civil Engineer, Aquilino S Cabrias, P.E., Small Business Liaison Officer, Lori Dishneau, 720- 671-472-3301, [email protected] Appledore Marine Engineering Inc. 344-3783, [email protected] 600 State St Ste E Portsmouth, NH 03801 AMTEC Corp. Website: Architects Hawaii Ltd. 500 Wynn Dr Ste 314 Emergency Number: 603-957-1270 1001 Bishop St Ste 200 Huntsville, AL 35816 Corporate Leadership: Honolulu, HI 96813 Website: President, Noah Elwood, 603-766-1870, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 808-523-9636 CEO, Bud Albritton, 256-722-7200, [email protected] VP, Robert Snover, 603-766-1870, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Chairman, David Miller, 808-523-9636, [email protected] VP, Lawrence Wagner, 603-766-1870, [email protected] Analytical Services Inc. 8600 Snowden River Pkwy Ste 300 Columbia, MD 21045 Ardaman & Assoc. Inc. Applied Engineering Solutions Inc. 8008 S Orange Ave Website: 440 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Ste 401 Orlando, FL 32809 Emergency Number: 410-312-3535 Macon, GA 31201 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: Director, Jonathan Kruft, 410-312-3535 ext 1, [email protected] VP, Mark Mongeau, PE, 407-855-3860, [email protected] President, Michael Slivinski, 703-946-5020, maslivin- Applied Geographics Inc. 24 School St Ste 500 Branch Manager/Baton Rouge, Jason Manning, P.E., [email protected] Boston, MA 02108 225-752-4790, [email protected] Sr. Associate, Marvin Howell, 972-762-4665, mhow- Website: Branch Manager/New Orleans, Chad Poche, P.E., [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 504-835-2593, [email protected] Associate, Jennifer Adkins, 301-619-3169, jennifer. President, Rich Grady, 617-447-2400, [email protected] Branch Manager/Shreveport, James Belt, P.E., [email protected] 318-636-3673, [email protected] Executive VP, Michael Terner, 617-447-2400, Andregg Geomatics [email protected] ARGO Systems LLC 11661 Blocker Dr 200 Sr. VP, Steve Anderson, 860-643-4401, [email protected] 1362 Mellon Rd Ste 100 Auburn, CA 95603 Hanover, MD 21076 Website: VP, David Weaver, 617-447-2400, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 530-392-5639 com Emergency Number: 410-768-2444 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: CEO, Dennie Meyer, 530-885-7072, [email protected] Applied Research Assoc. Inc. COO, Jeffrey Johnson, 410-768-2444, [email protected] 4300 San Mateo Blvd NE Ste A-220 Albuquerque, NM 87110 CEO, Mark Powell, 410-768-2444, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 505-881-8074 VP, John Osborn, 410-768-2444, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Principal Engineer III, Jim Eddings, 505-881-8074, VP, Chuck Kuzma, 410-768-2444, [email protected] [email protected] com SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 69

68 A Argus Consulting Inc. ARS International Inc. Atkins 1300 NW Jefferson Ct Ste 100 2609 N River Rd 4030 W Boy Scout Blvd Ste 700 Blue Springs, MO 64015 Port Allen, LA 70767 Tampa, FL 33607 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-401-4277 Emergency Number: 214-478-9788 President, Kent Bredehoeft, 816-874-8231, kbrede- Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CEO/President, Danny Coleman, 225-381-2991, CEO/President, Dean Fox, 813-281-7331, [email protected] CEO, Gary Crawford, 816-228-7500, [email protected] VP of Federal Services, Steve Shirley, 225-381-2991, [email protected] Sr. VP, Marvin Fisher, 214-478-9788, [email protected] Arizpe Arthur Langhus Layne LLC dba ALL VP, Sr. Program Manager, Emmett Du Bose, 972-588- The Arizpe Group Inc. 3213, [email protected] Consulting 6330 Hwy 290 E Ste 375 1718 S Cheyenne Ave Austin, TX 78723 Tulsa, OK 74119 The Atlantic Group LLC Website: Website: 2223 Drake Ave SW Ste 200 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 918-382-7581 Huntsville, AL 35805 CEO/President, Caesar Arizpe, 512-339-3707, Corporate Leadership: Website: [email protected] Managing Partner, Dan Arthur, 918-382-7581, Emergency Number: 256-508-1697 Executive VP, Robert Arizpe, 512-339-3707, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Principal Partner, David Epperly, 918-382-7581, dep- CEO, R. Steven Denney, 256-971-9991, [email protected] [email protected] Principal Partner, Dave Bockelmann, 618-692-3861, President, G. Patrick Harris, 256-971-9991, [email protected] Armag Corp. [email protected] Nally & Haydon Holdings LLC Executive VP, Brian Mayfield, 256-971-9991, bmay- Associate Member, John McLearan, 918-382-7581, 300 Armag Ave [email protected] [email protected] Bardstown, KY 40004 Website: Corporate Leadership: ARXX Corp. Atriax Group 800 Division St 102 3rd Ave NE Ste 100 President, Paul Haydon, 502-348-3987, [email protected] Cobourg, ON, K9A 5V2 Hickory, NC 28601 Website: Website: VP, Business Development, Karlos Bruce, 502-348- Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 828-612-4898 3987, [email protected] President and CEO, P. Gael Mourant, 800-293-3210, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, George Auten Jr., 828-315-9962, george. Armortex Inc. VP Sales USA, Ted Hartner, 614-402-9313, tharrt- [email protected] 5926 Corridor Pkwy VP, Ed Henson, 828-315-9962, [email protected] [email protected] Schertz, TX 78154 Commercial Project Manager, Andy Horgan, 919-949- Website: 2057, [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-867-4588 Corporate Leadership: Regional Sales Manager, Bob Geroux, 518-791-0060, Austin Mohawk and Co. Inc. [email protected] 2175 Beechgrove Pl VP/GM, Rick Snelling, 210-661-8306, [email protected] Utica, NY 13501 ASSET Group Inc. Website: 1635 SE 29th St Emergency Number: 315-793-3000 Arrowhead Contracting Inc. Oklahoma City, OK 73129 Corporate Leadership: 10981 Eicher Dr Project Estimator, Steve Grzesik, 315-793-3000, Website: Lenexa, KS 66219 [email protected] Emergency Number: 877-572-7738 Website: Sales Development Leader, Susanne Wilson, 315- Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 793-3000, [email protected] Chairman, Jeanna Sellmeyer, 405-946-4400, jean- President, W. Curt Koutelas, President, [email protected] President, Thomas Giglio, 315-793-3000, [email protected] [email protected] CEO, Jennifer Fogg, 405-946-4400, [email protected] VP, G, Bryant Kroutch, 913-814-9994, [email protected] VP, Steven Engley, 913-814-9994, [email protected] COO, Ted Daniels, 405-946-4400, [email protected] Autodesk Inc. 8201 Greensboro Dr Ste 200 Director of Business Development, Alana Hare, 405- McLean, VA 22102 VP, Greg Wallace, 913-814-9994, [email protected] 946-4400, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 703-827-7205 ATCS PLC Corporate Leadership: ARS Engineers Inc. 2553 Dulles View Dr Ste 300 Manager, Federal Sales, Sean Coombs, 703-827- 12801 N Central Expwy Ste 1250 7205, [email protected] Herndon, VA 20171 Dallas, TX 75243 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 703-430-7500 Avatar Environmental Emergency Number: 214-739-3152 Corporate Leadership: 107 S Church St Corporate Leadership: VP, Jeffrey Lohr, 703-430-7500, [email protected] West Chester, PA 19382 President, Ayub Sandhu, 214-739-3152, [email protected] Marketing, Sharon Ames, 703-430-7500, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Bill Parsons, 214-739-3152, bpar- [email protected] Managing Principal, Ed Barnes, 610-692-8330 ext 17, Staff Engineer, Marc Sandhu, 214-739-3152, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Jim Walsh, 610-692-8330 ext 11, [email protected] Project Manager, Ram Gopal, 214-739-3152, [email protected] Principal, Chuck Dobroski, 610-692-8330 ext 15, [email protected] Principal, Tod DeLong, 610-692-8330 ext 12, tde- [email protected] 70 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

69 A-B AVCON Inc. B.L. Harbert International LLC Baker Engineering and Risk 5555 E Michigan St Ste 200 820 Shades Creek Pkwy Ste 3000 Consultants Inc. Orlando, FL 32822 Birmingham, AL 35209 3330 Oakwell Ct Ste 100 Website: Website: San Antonio, TX 78218-3024 Emergency Number: 888-AVCON99 Emergency Number: 205-802-2800 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 210-824-5960 President, Sandeep Singh, 407-599-1122, [email protected] VP, Jackie Stevenson, 205-802-2856, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Manager Protective Structures, Ray Bennett, 210-824- Sr. Project Manager, Steve Loken, 850-678-0050, 5960, [email protected] [email protected] Bacik Group Vice President, Rick Baldocchi, 407-599-1122, [email protected] 1921 Whittlesey Rd Ste 510 Balfour Beatty Construction Columbus, GA 31904 3100 McKinnon St Tenth Fl VP, James Kriss, 407-599-1122, [email protected] Website: Dallas, TX 75201 Corporate Leadership: Website: Aviation Alliance Inc. VP, Dale Bacik, 813-394-1920, [email protected] Emergency Number: 904-652-5386 101 Timberline Dr N Corporate Leadership: PO Box 799 VP, Director of Engineering, Aaron Maag, 239-281- President, John Tarpey, 703-273-3311, Colleyville, TX 76034-3510 2917, [email protected] President Federal, Leon Blondin, 703-460-9125, Website: VP, Director of Operations, Patrick Sleem, 706-507- [email protected] Emergency Number: 817-498-0388 5976, [email protected] VP, Michael Blount, 904-652-5386, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO/President, Shirley Roberts, 817-498-0388, Baer Engineering & Environmental Senior VP, Kent Long, 954-585-4227, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Operations, Matthew Szabo, 817-498-0388, Consulting Inc. 7756 Northcross Dr Ste 211 [email protected] Austin, TX 78757 Ball Janik LLP Website: 101 SW Main St Ste 1100 Aviles Engineering Corp. Emergency Number: 800-926-9242 Portland, OR 97204 5790 Windfern Corporate Leadership: Website: Houston, TX 77041 President, Therese Baer, P.E., 800-925-9242, [email protected] Emergency Number: 503-228-2525 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Special Counsel, Craig Crotteau, 503-228-2525, ccrot- President, Shou Hu, 713-895-7645, [email protected] [email protected] Bailey Edward 35 E Wacker Dr Ste 2800 Sr. VP, Ronald Ortwerth, 713-895-7645, [email protected] Chicago, IL 60601 BANC 3 Inc. Website: 379 Princeton-Hightstown Rd Secretary/Treasurer, Trudy Ortwerth, 713-895-7645, Emergency Number: 312-440-2300 Cranbury, NJ 08512 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Prinipal, Ellen Dickson, 312-440-2300, [email protected] Emergency Number: 609-448-6776 Axios Networks 2125 Western Ave Ste 488 Principal, Robin Whitehurst, 312-440-2300, rwhitehu- Seattle, WA 98121 Banda Group International LLC [email protected] 1799 E Queen Creek Rd Ste 1 Website: Associate Principal, Laurie Goscha, 715-203-1844, Chandler, AZ 85286 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Website: President, Scott Isaacks, 206-280-9512, [email protected] Branch Manager, Kevin Schnebly, 217-363-3375, Emergency Number: 512-656-8018 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Zeferino Banda, 480-636-8734, [email protected] Ayres Assoc. Bain Medina Bain Inc. 3433 Oakwood Hills Pkwy 7073 San Pedro Business Development, Tim Hall, 512-656-8018, Eau Claire, WI 54701-7698 San Pedro, TX 78216 [email protected] Website: Website: Business Development, Bob Pacheco, 505-896--8080, Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 210-415-2624 [email protected] President, Thomas W. Pulse, 715-834-3161, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Carl Bain, 210-494-7223, [email protected] Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Executive VP, David M. Frick, 970-223-5556, [email protected] President, Pamela Bain, 210-494-7223, [email protected] Inc. 211 Commerce St Ste 600 Executive VP, Jan F. Zander, 715-834-3161, [email protected] Nashville, TN 37201 Website: CFO, Richard F. Schoenthaler, 715-834-3161, Emergency Number: 615-254-1500 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Chief Marketing Officer, Paula Harris, 615-252-4312, [email protected] Office Manager, Mark Steiner, 937-428-5233, mark. [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 71

70 B Barlovento LLC Bay West Inc. BCE Engineers Inc. 431 Technology Dr 5 Empire Dr 6021 12th St E Ste 200 Dothan, AL 36303 St. Paul, MN 55103 Fife, WA 98424 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 484-364-0303 Emergency Number: 800-279-0456 Emergency Number: 253-922-0446 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Jane Solomon, 334-983-9979, Barloven- VP, Gene Kuppenbender, 651-291-3450, [email protected] Principal, Michael Cozart, 253-922-0446, [email protected] Director of Business Development, Jeff Feeney, 253- Proposal Development & Strategy, Terry Daglis, 484- VP, Martin Wangensteen, 651-291-3475, [email protected] 922-0446, [email protected] 364-0303, [email protected] Marketing Manager, Deneise Kopetzky, 253-922-0446, President, Lon Larson, 651-291-3403, [email protected] [email protected] Barr and Prevost Engineering and com VP, Ed Bacig, 651-291-3414, [email protected] BCG Engineering & Consulting Inc. Testing 2800 Corporate Exchange Dr Ste 240 3012 26th St Columbus, OH 43231 Bayer MaterialScience LLC Metairie, LA 70002-6002 Website: 100 Bayer Rd Website: Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Emergency Number: 504-343-6455 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Rodney J. Gannuch, P.E., 504-454-3866, Senior Lead Manager, Rudy Gorny, 412-302-2097, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Emmett J. Mayer, P.E., 504-454-3866, [email protected] Bays Environmental Remediation VP, Ann Springston Shires, 504-454-3866, asprings- [email protected] Management Sr. Engineer, Cecil W. Soileau, 504-454-3866, csoi- Bays Investment Inc. [email protected] 27702 Crown Valley Pkwy NO: D4-333 Barr Engineering Co. Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 4700 W 77th St Website: BCRA Minneapolis, MN 55435 Emergency Number: 714-719-6854 2106 Pacific Ave Ste 300 Website: Corporate Leadership: Tacoma, WA 98402 Corporate Leadership: Principal Hydrogeologist, Mehmet Pehlivan, 714-455- Website: VP, Nancy Johnson Dent, 218-529-8224, [email protected] 0057, [email protected] Emergency Number: 253-606-1047 Corporate Leadership: Senior Civil Engineer, David Hibbs, 734-922-4437, Principal, DuWayne Gratz, 253-627 4367, [email protected] Bayshore Contractors LLC [email protected] 678 Front Ave Ste 125 Senior Water Resources Engineer, Miguel Wong, Client Development Manager, David Newkirk, 253- Grand Rapids, MI 49504 627-4367, [email protected] 952-832-+2632, [email protected] Website: Senior Environmental Scientist, Ed Galbraith, 573- Regional Operations Mgr, Heidi Perham, 703-638- Corporate Leadership: 9545, [email protected] 638-5024, [email protected] President, Patricia Capes, 616-456-6600, [email protected] Marketing Assistant, Nichole Zuger-Cheney, 253-627- 4367, [email protected] Barton Malow Co. 26500 American Dr Bayside Engineering Inc. Southfield, MI 48034 BD Collaborative 110 N 11th St 1st Fl 745 Parkhurst Website: Tampa, FL 33602 Corporate Leadership: Dallas, TX 75218 Website: Website: Chief Marketing Officer, Sheryl Maibach, 248-436- Emergency Number: 813-314-0314 5000, [email protected] Emergency Number: 214-808-6158 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Kimberlee DeBosier, 813-314-0314, Senior Partner, Virginia Williams, 214-923-2230, Baskerville-Donovan Inc. [email protected] [email protected] 1201 Montlimar Dr Ste 650 Transportation and Traffic Program Director, Jeffrey Partner, Monica Wommack, 214-808-6158, [email protected] Mobile, AL 36609 Siewert, 813-314-0314, [email protected] Website: Special Projects Program Director, Michael Simmons, Associate, Becky Clontz, 214-477-8797, [email protected] Emergency Number: 866-205-8555 813-314-0314, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Senior VP, Darlene Shuman, 813-314-0314, dshu- VP, Travis Hyman, 251-380-0311, [email protected] [email protected] BDS Engineering Inc. 6859 Federal Blvd Baysinger Design Group Inc. Lemon Grove, CA 91945 Battelle 4501 West DeYoung St Ste 100 B Website: 505 King Ave Marion, IL 62959 Corporate Leadership: Columbus, OH 43201 Website: President, Thomas Jones, 619-582-4992, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 618-998-8015 Emergency Number: 781-952-5231 VP, Gordon Axelson, 619-582-4992, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Manager, Tracy Stenner, 781-952-5389, [email protected] Sr. Market Manager, Mark Huller, 410-306-8574, [email protected] Manager, Godage Wickramanayake, 614-424-4698, [email protected] Manager, Jim Abbott, 614-424-7781, [email protected] org 72 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

71 B Beardsley Design Assoc. BEM Systems Inc. Bernardo-Wills Architects PC Architecture, Engineering & 100 Passaic Ave 153 S Jefferson St Chatham, NJ 07928 Spokane, WA 99201 Landscape Architecture PC Website: Website: 64 South St Emergency Number: 602-723-8698 Emergency Number: 509-838-4511 Auburn, NY 13021-3950 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Mark Nardolillo, 908-598-2600, mnardo- Principal, Robert Wills, 509-838-4511, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] com President, Richard Elliott, P.E., 315-253-7301, rel- Director, NE Division, Doug McClure, 908-598-260, Principal, Gary Bernardo, 509-838-4511, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Mark Rebich, P.E., 315-253-7301, mre- Principal, Robert Pace, 509-838-4511, [email protected] [email protected] com Business Development Manager, Tom Wight, 315- Ben C. Gerwick Inc. 253-7301, [email protected] COWI A/S Project Manager, Jeff Velte, 315-253-7301, [email protected] 1300 Clay St 7th Fl BES Inc. Oakland, CA 94612 311 Fels Ave Website: Fairhope, AL 36532 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 251-929-0551 BECC Inc. President, Dale Berner, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, 510-839- 360 Industrial Ln Corporate Leadership: 8972, [email protected] President/CEO, William Walter Bolton, 251-929-0551, Birmingham, AL 35211 VP, Sam Yao, Ph.D., P.E., 510-839-8972, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Project Manager / Architect, Brian Coffman, 843-522- Emergency Number: 205-283-0875 Corporate Leadership: 2094, [email protected] President/CEO, Lisa Morrison, 205-941-1119, lkmor- Bentley Systems Inc. VP of Operations, Carol Bradley, 251-929-0551, [email protected] 685 Stockton Dr [email protected] VP, Martin Burford, 205-941-1119, [email protected] Exton, PA 19341 com Website: Bethel Native Corp. Emergency Number: 800-BENTLEY 2605 Denali St Ste 100 Corporate Leadership: Anchorage, AK 99503 Bechtel National Inc. VP, Jerry King, 610-458-2710, [email protected] 5275 Westview Dr Website: Sales Director, Doug Moat, 952-892-3699, doug. Corporate Leadership: Frederick, MD 21703 [email protected] Website: VP Operations, John Dittrich, 907-522-6311, [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-844-7155 Corporate Leadership: BergerABAM General Manager Environmental, Sean Thomas, 907- VP, Operations Manager, Michael Dodson, 240-379- Berger Group Holdings 522-6311, [email protected] 3504, [email protected] 33301 Ninth Ave S Ste 300 General Manager Construction, Jim Cehula, 907-522- VP, Business Development, Richard Tighe, 240-379- Federal Way, WA 98003-2600 6311, [email protected] 3237, [email protected] Website: COO, Tom Kennedy, 907-522-6311, [email protected] VP, Program Manager, John Pickler, 240-379-3120, Emergency Number: 206-431-2300 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Arnfinn Rusten, 206-431-2300, [email protected] Better Built Construction Services Belay Architecture VP, Elmer Ozolin, 206-431-2300, [email protected] Inc. 708 Broadway Ste 180 1240 Central Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 Middletown, OH 45044 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 253-230-5079 Emergency Number: 513-623-1925 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Senior Partner, Scott Harm, 253-441-6400, [email protected] President, Karen Halsey, 513-727-8637, [email protected] Partner, Greg Benton, 253-441-6400, [email protected] Bevilacqua Research Corp. Berger/Cummins 4901 Corporate Dr Ste B Belgray Inc. 1250 23rd St NW Huntsville, AL 35824 820 E Monument Ave Washington, DC 20037 Website: Dayton, OH 45402 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 888-669-8777 Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. Emergency Number: 937-545-0577 Corporate Leadership: 1608 13th Ave S Ste 300 Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Frank Jordano, P.E., 202-303-2704, [email protected] Birmingham, AL 35205 President, Kipp Boone, 937-220-9955, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Bergmann Assoc. Principal, Jay Carter, 205-918-4000, [email protected] Belt Collins 28 E Main St 200 First Federal Plaza com 2153 N King St Ste 200 Rochester, NY 14614 Director, Federal Business Development, Thomas Honolulu, HI 96819 Website: Randolph, 205-918-4000, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 595-232-5135 Principal, Sam Bhate, 205-918-4000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: com President/CEO, Michael Terry, 808-521-5361, Marketing Director, John Murray, 585-232-5135, jmur- [email protected] [email protected] Chairman/Director of Engineering, Cheryl Palesh, Civil Works Business Director, Bill Miles, 585-232- 808-521-5361, [email protected] 5135, [email protected] VP/Director of Planning, Susan Sakai, 808-521-5361, Water Resources Manager, Ken Avery, 585-232-5135, [email protected] [email protected] Chief Engineer, Richard Abe, 808-521-5361, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 73

72 B Bhate Geosciences BKL Inc. Blois Construction Inc. 5217 5th Ave S 6311 E. Tecumseh 3201 Sturgis Rd Birmingham, AL 35212 Tulsa, OK 74115 Oxnard, CA 93030 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 205-591-7062 Emergency Number: 918-835-9588 Emergency Number: 805-732-0631 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Uday Bhate, 205-591-7062, [email protected] Secretary/Treasurer, Stacy Loeffler, 918-835-9588, CEO, Jim Blois, 805-656-1432 ext 18, [email protected] [email protected] Senior Program Manager, Tom Peck, 205-591-7062, President, Kim Reeve, 918-835-9588, [email protected] COO/CFO, Steve Woodworth, 805-656-1432 ext 13, [email protected] com [email protected] VP, Chuck Burgin, 205-591-7062, [email protected] VP, George Rochelle, 918-835-9588, [email protected] Bloom Companies LLC 10501 W Research Dr Ste 100 BHE Environmental Inc. Milwaukee, WI 53226 11733 Chesterdale Rd Website: Cincinnati, OH 45246 Emergency Number: 414-732-1490 Website: Black & Veatch Special Projects Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Mathew Tharaniyil, 414-771-3390, mthara- Sr. VP, Karen Tyrell, 865-922-4305, [email protected] Corp. [email protected] 1300 N 17th St Ste 1010 VP, Facilities Design, Harry Farchmin, 414-292-4515, Arlington, VA 22209 [email protected] Website: Big Ass Fans Federal Programs Leader, Judy Fassbender, 414-292- Corporate Leadership: 800 Winchester Rd 4545, [email protected] VP, Business Development, Curt Powell, 571-366- Lexington, KY 40505 6958, [email protected] Website: VP, Doug Anderson, 913-458-6228, [email protected] Blue Trident LLC 7829 NE Esperione LN Big Muddy Workshop Inc. Proposal Manager, Rich McGurn, 913-458-6265, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 4502 S 42nd St [email protected] Website: Omaha, NE 68107 VP, Jim Waller, 913-458-9321, [email protected] Emergency Number: 206-972-0645 Website: Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Emmanuel (Manny) Bautista, 206- Emergency Number: 402-344-8711 Blackburn Consulting 972-0645, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 11521 Blocker Dr Ste 110 President, John Royster, 402-344-8711, [email protected] Auburn, CA 95603 Website: Blue Yonder Inc. VP, Katie Blesener, 402-344-8711, [email protected] Emergency Number: 530-887-1494 1444 N Farnsworth Ave Ste 503 Corporate Leadership: Aurora, IL 60505 President, Thomas Blackburn, 530-887-1494, [email protected] Website: Bilfinger Berger Government Emergency Number: 630-701-1492 West Sacramento Office Manager, Robert Lokteff, Corporate Leadership: Services 916-375-8706, [email protected] President/Sole Stockholder, Seth Malley, 630-701- Bilfinger Berger AG 1492, [email protected] Modesto Office Manager, Benjamin Crawford, 209- Wilhelm-Theodor-Roemheld-Str 16 Risk Manager, Mark Malley, 630-701-1492, [email protected] 522-6273, [email protected] Mainz, 55130 Fresno Office Manager, Walt Plachta, 559-438-8411, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Juergen Hagner, +4963134320, juergen. BlueForge LLC [email protected] Blaine Tech Services Inc. 146 2nd St N Ste 104 1680 Rogers Ave Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 San Jose, CA 95112 Website: Binkley & Barfield Inc. Website: Corporate Leadership: 1710 Seamist Dr Managing Partner, John Jackson, 727-258-0051, Emergency Number: 408-639-2985 Houston, TX 77008 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: [email protected] President, Bill Robey, 727-258-0051, [email protected] VP, Fran Thie, 408-573-0555, [email protected] Emergency Number: 713-869-3433 Corporate Leadership: President, Larry Barfield, 713-869-3433, [email protected] Blakeland LLC 2727 SW Williston Rd Bluegrass Contracting Corp. Gainesville, FL 32608 1075 Red Mile Rd Website: Lexington, KY 40504 Bioengineering Group Emergency Number: 352-872-5211 Website: 18 Commercial St Corporate Leadership: Salem, MA 01970 President, Mark Johnson, 859-231-0069, [email protected] Website: Blinderman Construction Co. Inc. Emergency Number: 978-740-0096 8501 West Higgins Rd Ste 320 Project Manager, Dave Luttrell, P.E., 859-231-0069, Corporate Leadership: Chicago, IL 60631 [email protected] CEO, Wendi Goldsmith, 978-740-0096 ext 3107, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Director of Interdisciplinary Design, Duke Bitsko, 978- President, Steven Blinderman, 773-864-5820, sblind- 740-0096 ext 3123, [email protected] [email protected] VP Sustainable Energy Innovations, Al Hurt, 858-334- 8453, [email protected] 74 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

73 B Blumling & Gusky LLP Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. Brown & Gay Engineers Inc. 436 Seventh Ave 1200 Koppers Bldg 3863 Centerview Dr 300 10777 Westheimer Ste 400 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Chantilly, VA 20151 Houston, TX 77042 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 412-227-2500 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Senior Programs Manager, Tom George, 804-727- Director, Public Works, Lee Lennard, 281-558-8700, Partner, Brian Ashbaugh, 412-227-2581, [email protected] 0016, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Jeff Blair, 703-464-1000, [email protected] Statewide Public Works, Dorian French, 281-558- Partner, Robert Blumling, 412-227-2500, [email protected] VP, Mike Bruen, 703-464-1000, [email protected] 8700, [email protected] com Deputy Director, Public Works, David Lowe, 281-558- Partner, Bradley Mellor, 412-227-2500, [email protected] 8700, [email protected] Brasfield & Gorrie LLC 3021 Seventh Ave S Brown and Caldwell BMK Corp. Birmingham, AL 35233 201 N Civic Dr Ste 115 4387 N Rider Trail Website: Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Earth City, MO 63045 Emergency Number: 205-328-4000 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 512-276-4120 Emergency Number: 314-662-6073 Regional VP, Trey Clegg, 205-328-4000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Mike Pavlides, 301-479-1256, [email protected] Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. VP-Division Manager, Alan Anthony, 205-328-4000, 8283 Greensboro Dr [email protected] President, Jim Miller, 925-210-2233, [email protected] McLean, VA 22102 Operations Manager, Jason Hard, 205-328-4000, Website: [email protected] Federal Marketing Manager, Nicole Roark, 512-652- Emergency Number: 703-304-5976 Director-Business Development, Larry Christopher, 1141, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 205-328-4000, [email protected] VP, Sharon Stecker, 201-574-4710, [email protected] VP, Del Eulberg, 210-352-3290, [email protected] com Brice Inc. Principal, Susan Morris, 703-412-6536, morris_su- 301 C St Ste 200 BRPH Companies Inc. [email protected] Box 70668 5700 N Harbor City Blvd Ste 400 Principal, Will Rowe, 703-902-5229, [email protected] Fairbanks, AK 99707 Melbourne, FL 32940 Website: Website: Senior Associate, Todd Graham, 703-902-5988, Emergency Number: 907-250-5667 Emergency Number: 321-254-7666 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Sam Robert Brice, 907-452-2512, samrob- President, BRPH Architects - Engineers Inc., Brian Borbas Surveying & Mapping LLC [email protected] Curtin, 321-254-7666, [email protected] 402 Main St VP, Sam Richard Brice, 907-452-2512, [email protected] Director, Federal Programs, Lou Martinez, 321-254- Boonton, NJ 07005 7666, [email protected] Website: VP, Alba Brice, 907-277-2002, [email protected] Sr. VP, Federal Projects, Randy Thron, 321-751-3009, Emergency Number: 973-316-8743 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Brinkerhoff Environmental Services President, J Peter Borbas, 973-316-8743, peter. Inc. Bryan Construction Inc. [email protected] 1805 Atlantic Ave 7025 Campus Dr Manasquan, NJ 08736 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Borton-Lawson Inc. Website: Website: 613 Baltimore Dr Ste 300 Emergency Number: 732-674-4063 Corporate Leadership: Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 Corporate Leadership: VP, Federal Projects Group, Robert Meehan, Website: President/CEO, Laura Brinkerhoff, 732-223-2225, 719-632-5355, [email protected] Emergency Number: 610-730-5479 [email protected] Director, Business Development, Lori Perkins, 719- Corporate Leadership: VP, Doug Harm, 732-223-2225, [email protected] 632-5355, [email protected] Transportation Division Manager, Kenneth McClain, Environmental Engineer, John Checchio, 732-223- 484-821-0470, [email protected] 2225, [email protected] Bryan International LLC VP Transportation Division, Joseph Gillott, 570-821- Office Manager, Jennifer Taylor, 609-714-2141, Bryan Construction Inc. 1999, [email protected] [email protected] 7025 Campus Dr President, Christopher Borton, 570-821-1999, cbor- Colorado Springs, CO 80920 [email protected] Bristol Alliance of Companies Website: Executive VP, Thomas Lawson, 570-821-1999, 111 W 16th Ave 3rd Fl Emergency Number: 719-632-5355 [email protected] Anchorage, AK 99501 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Robert Meehan, 719-632-5355, [email protected] Bowers+Kubota Consulting Inc. Emergency Number: NA 94-408 Akoki St Ste 201-A Corporate Leadership: CFO, Vincent Shoemaker, 719-632-5355, vshoe- Waipahu, HI 96797 Market Development Manager, Mark Morgan, 253- [email protected] Website: 312-9070, [email protected] Emergency Number: 808-836-7787 Director of Strategic Initiatives, Doug Hayes, 907-563- Corporate Leadership: 0013, [email protected] President, Brian Bowers, 808-836-7787, [email protected] Operations Manager, Scott Grigg, 910-460-9605, [email protected] VP, Dexter Kubota, 808-836-7787, [email protected] Program Manager, Heather Chaney, 910-460-9605, [email protected] Project Manager, Mark Nakao, 808-836-7787, [email protected] Business Development Coordinator, Tiffany Chau, 808-836-7787, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 75

74 B-C Bryant Assoc. Inc. Bureau Veritas North America Inc. Burns Cooley Dennis Inc. 90 Canal St Ste 301 165 S Union Blvd Ste 310 551 Sunnybrook Rd Boston, MA 02114-2127 Lakewood, CO 80228 Ridgeland, MS 39157 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 617-248-0300 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Rocky Mountain Regional VP, Eric Ross, 303-988- Principal, David Dennis, 601-856-9911, [email protected] President, Jack Bryant, P.E., 617-248-0300, [email protected] 2585, [email protected] Manager, Government Programs, Michael Wantland, Principal, Eddie Templeton, 601-856-9911, etemple- CEO, Jeffrey Bryant, P.E., 617-248-0300, [email protected] REM, RES, 800-996-2050, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Randy Ahlrich, 601-856-2332, [email protected] Sr. VP, George Monaghan Jr, P.E., 401-722-7530, Director, Business Development, Sanford Garrett, [email protected] 732-225-6040, [email protected] Principal, Tommy Dunlap, 901-375-4474, [email protected] com BSE Engineering Inc. Eastern Regional VP, Brett Hensley, PG, 770-590- 9665 Chesapeake Dr Ste 365 6718, [email protected] Butt Construction Co. Inc. San Diego, CA 92123 3858 Germany Ln 45431 Website: Burgess & Niple Inc. PO Box 31306 Emergency Number: 619-871-3478 5085 Reed Rd Dayton, OH 45437 Corporate Leadership: Columbus, OH 43220 Website: President/CEO, Tamara Badkerhanian-Ganev, 858- Website: Emergency Number: 937-426-1313 279-2000, [email protected] Emergency Number: 614-459-2050 Corporate Leadership: VP/Principal, Alan Brown, 858-279-2000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, William T. Butt Jr., 937-426-1313, [email protected] Executive VP, Barry Dixon, 513-579-0042, [email protected] Buchart-Horn Inc. Director, Federal Business Dev, Ken Cristofani, 614- C&C Consulting Engineers LLC PACE Resources Inc. 459-2050x1532, [email protected] 214 Lincoln St Ste 400 445 W Philadelphia St VP, Director of Military Programs, Bob Draper, 513- Boston, MA 02134 York, PA 17401 579-0042x4125, [email protected] Website: Website: VP, Director-Western Operations, Ed Muccillo, 602- Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 717-487-5146 244-8100, [email protected] President, Po-Shang Chen, 617-254-6930, poshang. Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President & CEO, Brian Funkhouser, 800-274-2224, Burk-Kleinpeter Inc. Marketing Coordinator, Courtney Vanderhoof, 617- [email protected] 4176 Canal St 254-6930, [email protected] Sr. VP, Charles Kinney, 800-274-2224, [email protected] New Orleans, LA 70119 Director of Engineering, Stephen Makris, 617-254- Website: 6930, [email protected] VP Business Development, William Meals, Corporate Leadership: 800-274-2224, [email protected] Executive VP, Michael Jackson, 504-486-5901, C&H Assoc. Inc. [email protected] 5825 Doyle Rd Ste A Building & Earth Sciences Inc. Executive VP, John Giardina Jr., 504-486-5901, Clifton, VA 20124 5545 Derby Dr [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Birmingham, AL 35210 President, George Kleinpeter Jr., 504-486-5901, President, Ronald J. Hubbard, AIA, 703-830-8100, Website: [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 706-587-1083 VP, Courtney Ann Hubbard, 703-830-8100, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Burleson Consulting Inc. President, Deepa Bhate, 205-836-6300, [email protected] 950 Glenn Dr Ste 245 VP, Sara Jane Hubbard, 703-830-8100, [email protected] Folsom, CA 95630 Executive VP, Jeff Cowen, 205-836-6300, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 916-984-4651 C&S Companies Regional VP, Robert Adams, 205-836-6300, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 499 Col. Eileen Collins Blvd President, Nadia Burleson, 916-984-4651 ext 15, Syracuse, NY 13212 Regional VP, Mark Nolen, 706-587-1083, [email protected] [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Federal Programs, Nicholas Cerro, 315-455- Bullock Tice Assoc. 2000, [email protected] 909 E Cervantes St President, C&S Engineers Inc., John Trimble, 315- Pensacola, FL 32501 455-2000, [email protected] Website: President/CEO, C&S Companies, Ronald Peckham, Emergency Number: 850-434-5444 315-455-2000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Board Chairman, Orrin MacMurray, 315-455-2000, CEO/President, John Tice, 850-434-5444, [email protected] Burns & McDonnell [email protected] 9400 Ward Pkwy VP, Jon Molloy, 850-434-5444, [email protected] Kansas City, MO 64114 VP, Doug Ashley, 850-434-5444, [email protected] Website: com Emergency Number: 816-694-3225 1st VP, Michael Richardson, 850-434-5444, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CEO, Greg Graves, 816-333-9400, President, David Yeamans, 816-822-3348, dyea- [email protected] VP, Randy Pope, 816-822-3231, [email protected] com Sr. VP, Jeff Greig, 816-822-3392, [email protected] com 76 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

75 C Caimbeul & Assoc. PC Cardno EM-Assist 704 Oakland Ave SE Cardno Atlanta, GA 30315-1434 90 Blue Ravine Rd Ste 180 Website: Folsom, CA 95630 Emergency Number: 404-877-8126 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 801-456-2129 CEO/Principal, David Caimbeul, 404-877-8126, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Lynn Meland, 916-355-1488, [email protected] C. Allan Bamforth Jr., Engineer- Surveyor Ltd. CALIBRE Systems Inc. VP, Information Managment, Dwight Bird, 801-807- 2207 Hampton Blvd 6354 Walker Ln 8329, [email protected] Norfolk, VA 23517 Alexandria, VA 22310 VP, Federal Programs, Craig Blackhurst, 801-774- Website: Website: 9124, [email protected] Emergency Number: 757-647-7935 Corporate Leadership: VP, Restoration and Program Management, Adam Corporate Leadership: Executive VP & Corporate Development Office, Harvey, 916-355-1486, [email protected] President, Anna Lee Bamforth, 757-627-7079, [email protected] Michael Polster, 703 797-8500, [email protected] CardnoJFNew VP, Allan Bamforth Jr., 757-627-7079, [email protected] Cardno Calibre Engineering Inc. 708 Roosevelt Rd C.H. Briggs 9090 S Ridgeline Blvd Ste 105 Walkerton, IN 46574 2047 Kutztown Rd Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 Website: Reading, PA 19605-3025 Website: Emergency Number: 574-586-3400 Website: Emergency Number: 720-271-2030 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 610-929-6969 Corporate Leadership: Federal Business Manager, Chris Kline, 574-586- Corporate Leadership: President, Gregory Murphy, 303-730-0434, [email protected] 3400, [email protected] Owner, Julia Klein, 610-929-6969, [email protected] COO, Don Schalk, 610-929-6969, [email protected] VP, Todd Johnson, 303-730-0434, [email protected] Cardno TBE com 380 Park Place Blvd Ste 300 VP of Marketing, Luis Arias, 610-929-6969, [email protected] Call Sign Engineers PA Clearwater, FL 33759 104 Gillespie St Website: Federal Account Manager, Bill Marlowe, 678-575- Fayetteville, NC 28301 Emergency Number: 727-423-9611 4786, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 910-322-6572 Sr. VP, Nick Zembillas, 800-861-8314, nick.zembil- Corporate Leadership: [email protected] C.H. Fenstermaker & Assoc. Inc. 135 Regency Sq President, Charles Donnell, 910-486-0700, chuck. Lafayette, LA 70508 [email protected] Cardno TEC Inc. Website: 2496 Old Ivy Rd Ste 300 Emergency Number: 337-237-2201 CAPE Charlottesville, VA 22905 Corporate Leadership: 500 Pinnacle Ct Ste 100 Website: Government Contracts Manager, Gregory Palmer, Norcross, GA 30071 Corporate Leadership: 225-344-6701, [email protected] Website: VP & Operations Manager, William Pavlick, 434-295- Sr. VP, Operations, R.J. Boutte, 337-237-2200, [email protected] Emergency Number: 949-636-4767 4446, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Director of Bids & Proposals, Kevin Martin, 434-295- VP-Engineering Division, Raymond Reaux, 337-237- VP, Director of Business Development, Monica Coo- 4446, [email protected] 2200, [email protected] per, 210-377-2008, [email protected] President & Division Manager, Richard Heiderstadt, President, Kam Movassaghi, 337-237-2200, [email protected] 434-295-4446, [email protected] com Cape Design Engineering Co. Director of Business Development, Paul Sage, 208- 191 Center St Ste 201 389-7848, [email protected] Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 Website: Emergency Number: 321-258-4140 Carothers Construction Inc. Corporate Leadership: 31 Hwy 328 Cabrera Services Inc. CEO, Kannan Rengarajan, 321-799-2970, [email protected] Oxford, MS 38655 473 Silver Ln Website: East Hartford, CT 06118 Emergency Number: 662-513-8820 President, Lutfi Mized, 321-799-2970, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: com Emergency Number: 860-569-0095 President, Ben Logan, 662-513-8820, [email protected] Director of Engineering, Scott Steele, 321-799-2970, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CEO, Alan Solow, 720-524-7082, [email protected] VP, Scott Murphy, 662-513-8820, [email protected] Senior Mechanical Engineer, Philip Thomas, 321-799- 2970, [email protected] President, Kim Nelson, 410-982-0715, [email protected] Secretary, Michelle Washington, 662-513-8820, [email protected] Capital Project Management Inc. 1777 Sentry Pkwy W Abington Hall Ste 100 CADD Microsystems Inc. Blue Bell, PA 19422 CAS Consulting & Services Inc. 6359 Walker Ln Ste 110 6633 Hwy 290 E Ste 104 Website: Alexandria, VA 22310 Austin, TX 78757 Emergency Number: 215-962-9969 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: VP, Mark Boe, 267-464-1532, [email protected] VP-Government Solutions, Scott Eden, 703-924-5318, CEO, Channy Soeur, 512-836-2388, [email protected] [email protected] President and COO, Matt Davoren, 703-719-0500, VP, Construction Management & Environmental Director of Professional Services, T.J. Meehan, Services, Henry Leighton, 512-964-8823, henry. 703-719-0500 [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 77

76 C Cassell Consulting Inc. CDM Smith Ceres Environmental Services 21506 NE 49th Cir 50 Hampshire St 3825 85th Ave N Vancouver, WA 98682 Cambridge, MA 02139 Brooklyn Park, MN 55443 Emergency Number: 360-891-5811 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 617-452-6000 Emergency Number: 800-218-4424 President, Barry Cassell, 360-891-5811, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: SVP, Darwin Nelson, 720-264-1126, [email protected] President, Troy Garrett, 800-218-4424, [email protected] Director, Chelsea Cassell, 360-891-5811, [email protected] SVP, Michael Malloy, 720-264-1126, [email protected] COO, Tom Donovan, 800-218-4424, thomas.dono- Senior Consultant, Rob Mazoros, 503-989-9905, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Gwen Baker, 910-399-5118, [email protected] com CESO Inc. Castle Engineering LLC SVP, Michael Schwan, 925-933-2900, [email protected] 8534 Yankee St 14775-2 Old St. Augustine Rd Dayton, OH 45458 Jacksonville, FL 32258 Website: Website: CDW Consultants Inc. Emergency Number: 937-435-8584 Emergency Number: 904-504-3357 40 Speen St Ste 301 Corporate Leadership: Framingham, MA 01701 CFM Project Consulting Group Inc. President, Tom Fallin, 904-268-2884, [email protected] Website: 1131 Benfield Blvd Ste J Corporate Leadership: Millersville, MD 21108 Principal, Yee Cho, P.E., LSP, 508-875-2657, ext 18, Website: Caterpillar Inc. [email protected] Emergency Number: 443-354-4077 Defense & Federal Products Principal, Kathleen Campbell, P.E., LSP, LEED AP, Corporate Leadership: PO Box 470 508-875-2657, ext 23, [email protected] VP, Principal, Chris Izydore, 410-533-2502, [email protected] Mossville, IL 61552 Website: Associate, Jack Goodhall, P.E., 508-875-2657, ext 12, Emergency Number: 309-675-1000 [email protected] Associate, Joanne Scannell, 508-875-2657, ext 14, CATLIN Engineers and Scientists [email protected] CH2M HILL 220 Old Dairy Rd 9191 S Jamaica St Wilmington, NC 28405 CE Group Inc. Englewood, CO 80112 Website: 11000 Regency Pkwy Ste 410 Website: Corporate Leadership: Cary, NC 27518 Emergency Number: 303-512-3197 President, Richard Catlin, 910-452-5861, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: CEO, Lee McIntire, 303-771-0900, [email protected] VP, Richard Garrett, 910-452-5861, [email protected] Principal, Michael Zaccardo, 919-367-8790, [email protected] Business Group President, Gene Lupia, 703-376- VP, Michael Mason, 910-452-5861, [email protected] Principal, Mark Ashness, 919-367-8790, [email protected] 5177, [email protected] Division President, Mike McKelvy, 864-599-4600, VP, Jeff Becken, 910-452-5861, [email protected] [email protected] CEMS Engineering Inc. Technology Director, John Mogge, 813-281-7746, 3509 Iron Horse Dr [email protected] CCI Solutions LLC Ladson, SC 29456 Bristol Bay Native Corp. Website: Charpie Construction Co. Inc. 111 W 16th Ave Fourth Fl Emergency Number: 843-875-3637 6617 N Avondale Ave Anchorage, AK 99501 Corporate Leadership: Chicago, IL 60631 Emergency Number: 210-410-0348 President, Hugh Giggleman, 843-875-3637, hgiggle- Website: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Emergency Number: 847-421-0560 Regional Business Development Manager, John Principal Architect, Kevin Chafin, 843-875-3637, Corporate Leadership: Avolio, 210-410-0348, [email protected] [email protected] President, Loni Erhard, 773-631-1823, [email protected] President/CEO, Duncan Morrison, 207-557-3339, [email protected] Charter Environmental Inc. CDA Architects 560 Harrison Ave Ste 500 1523 Huger St Boston, MA 02118-2592 Columbia, SC 29201 Website: Website: Centennial Contractors Enterprises Emergency Number: 978-420-5064 Corporate Leadership: Inc. Corporate Leadership: VP, Dave Yensan, 803-799-6502, [email protected] 11111 Sunset Hills Rd Ste 350 President, Robert Delhome, 857-246-6800, rdel- com Reston, VA 20190 [email protected] President, Curt Davis, 803-799-6502, [email protected] Website: VP, Anthony Pisanelli, CHMM, 857-246-6800, Emergency Number: 703-885-0000 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Program Manager, Timothy Cady, 857-246-6800, Executive Assistant, Jennifer Beddick, 703-885-4627, [email protected] [email protected] Federal Program Director, Roberto Rico, 857-246- 6800, [email protected] 78 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

77 C Charter Oak Environmental Services Cinquini & Passarino Inc. Clark Nexsen 1350 N Dutton Ave 150 6160 Kempsville Cir Ste 200A Inc. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Norfolk, VA 23502 33 Ledgebrook Dr Website: Website: Mansfield, CT 06250 Emergency Number: 707-542-6268 Emergency Number: 757-455-5800 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Jim Dickey, 707-542-6268, [email protected] President, Christopher Stone, 757-455-5800, [email protected] Principal/CEO, Kimberly Ewalt, 860-423-2670, [email protected] CFO, Anthony Cinquini, 707-542-6268, [email protected] CEO, Thomas Winborne, 757-455-5800, [email protected] VP, Govt. Services, Mark Franson, 860-423-2670 Cherokee Construction Services Civil Design & Construction Inc. 901 W Evergreen Blvd Ste 150 3251 Southern Pacific Rd Dice Holdings Inc. Vancouver, WA 98660 Port Allen, LA 70767 12150 Meredith Dr Website: Website: Urbandale, IA 50323 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 225-571-1136 Website: Managing Member, Paul Herschell, 360-694-9464, Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 888-321-3423 [email protected] President, Karla Weston, 225-765-1802, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Senior Project Manager, Brad Neu, 360-694-9464, Managing Director, Evan Lesser, 515-313-2771, evan. [email protected] Marketing Director, Cherry Talbert, 225-765-1802, [email protected] Environmental Manager, Jeff Keller, 425-698-5493, [email protected] [email protected] Senior Contracts Mgr, Theresa Brophy, 360-694-9464, CLP Services PC [email protected] Civil Design Inc. 122A Cox Ave 1552 S Seventh St Raleigh, NC 27605 St. Louis, MO 63104 Corporate Leadership: Cherokee CRC LLC Website: President, William Sabata, 919-833-9502, [email protected] PO Box 521120 Emergency Number: 314-517-2450 Tulsa, OK 74152 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Vicki LaRose, 314-880-4424, [email protected] CMH Architects Inc. 1800 International Park Dr Ste 300 Choate Construction Co. Birmingham, AL 35173 1671 Belle Isle Ave Ste 100 Civil Services Inc. Website: Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 2394 St. Johns Bluff Rd Corporate Leadership: Website: Jacksonville, FL 32246 Program Manager, Billy Morace, 205-969-2696, Emergency Number: 843-323-2051 Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 904-641-1834 Director of Federal Programs, Eddy Medina, 843-284- Corporate Leadership: 9047, [email protected] CMJ Engineering Inc. President, Christopher Morse, 904-641-1834, 7636 Pebble Dr [email protected] Fort Worth, TX 76118 Christopher B. Burke Engineering Website: Ltd. CJC Architects Inc. Corporate Leadership: 9575 W Higgins Rd Ste 600 1401 S Denver Ste B Senior Engineering Consultant, Charles Jackson, P.E., Rosemont, IL 60018 Tulsa, OK 74119 817-284-9400, [email protected] Website: Website: President, Garrett Williams, 817-284-9400, gwil- Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 918-231-1231 [email protected] President, Christopher Burke, 847-823-0500, Project Engineer, Jay Sappington, 817-284-9400, [email protected] CJW Construction Inc. [email protected] VP, Kay Whitlock, 847-823-0500, [email protected] 841 E Washington Ave Ste B HR Director/Controller, Angie McCullough, 817-284- com Santa Ana, CA 92701 9400, [email protected] Executive VP, Michael Kerr, 847-823-0500, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 714-720-4792 CMW Architects & Engineers Corporate Leadership: 400 E Vine St Ste 400 Chu & Gassman Inc. President, Carla Whitehead, 714-835-6820, cjwcon- Lexington, KY 40507 559 Union Ave [email protected] Website: Middlesex, NJ 08846 Emergency Number: 859-492-5815 Website: Clark Construction Group LLC Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 732-563-4550 7500 Old Georgetwon Rd Principal - Civil Engr, Kerry Odle, 859-254-6623, Corporate Leadership: Bethesda, MD 20814 [email protected] VP, Theodore Gassman, 732-563-4550, [email protected] Website: Principal - Landscape Architect, Brian Hill, 859-254- Emergency Number: 301-272-8100 6623, [email protected] President, William Gassman, 732-563-4550, Corporate Leadership: Princpal - Electrical Enginner, Ken Reeves, 859-254- [email protected] Vice Chairman, Bill Calhoun, 301-272-8100, bill. 6623, [email protected] [email protected] Mechanical Engineer, Nick Morgan, 859-254-6623, Chugach Alaska Corp. [email protected] 3800 Centerpoint Dr 600 Anchorage, AK 99503 Website: Corporate Leadership: VP of Business Development, Tim Hopper, 702-510- 1631, [email protected] President, Barney Uhart, 907-261-0341, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 79

78 C COASTAL Cole+Russell Architects Communications Supply Corp. 250 Executive Dr dba CR architecture+design WESCO Edgewood, NY 11717 600 Vine St Ste 2210 200 E Lies Rd Website: Cincinnati, OH 45202 Carol Stream, IL 60188 Emergency Number: 631-234-4100 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 513-721-8080 Corporate Leadership: President, Richard Silva, 631-234-4100, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Lee Osterman, 301-353-1150, [email protected] Market Leader/Architect, Zachary Zettler, 513-721- com VP, Business Development, Michael Jones, 631-299- 8080, [email protected] Business Development Analyst, Ashley Maltbia, 301- 3531, [email protected] President + CEO, David Arends, 513-721-8080, 444-6010, [email protected] Program Manager, Charlie Smithers, 631-299-3538, [email protected] [email protected] Compliance Services Group Inc. Collins Engineers Inc. 7619 University Ave S Ste 2A Coastal Stormwater Services Inc. 123 N Wacker Dr Ste 900 Lubbock, TX 79423 6217 Head Rd Chicago, IL 60606 Website: Wilmington, NC 28409 Website: Emergency Number: 806-790-4001 Website: Emergency Number: 877-346-3234 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 910-520-1835 Corporate Leadership: President, John Sutter, 806-748-0040, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Thomas Collins, 312-704-9300, [email protected] net President, Larry Sneeden, 910-520-1835, [email protected] Executive VP, David Branson, 806-748-0040, djbran- Executive VP, Daniel Cecchi, 312-704-9300, dcec- [email protected] [email protected] Cobb Engineering Co. VP, Janet Wackrow, 312-704-9300, [email protected] Comprehensive Environmental Inc. 4516 NW 36th St 225 Cedar Hill St Oklahoma City, OK 73122 Marlborough, MA 01752 Website: Columbia Engineering & Services Website: Corporate Leadership: Inc. Emergency Number: 603-494-0925 President, Martin Hepp, 405-415-9400, 2763 Meadow Church Rd Ste 100 Corporate Leadership: VP, Taylor Barnes, 405-415-9400, Duluth, GA 30097 President/CEO, Eileen Pannetier, 603-424-8444, Website: [email protected] Coffman Engineers Inc. Emergency Number: 770-335-4142 Regional Programs Mgr., Sebastian Amenta, 508-281- 800 F St Corporate Leadership: 5160, [email protected] Anchorage, AK 99501 President, Louis Young, 770-925-0357, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Managing Principal, VP, David Gardner, 907-276- VP, Jason Hurst, 770-925-0357, [email protected] 6664, [email protected] VP, Paul Cook, 770-925-0357, [email protected] Cogdell & Mendrala Architects PC 517 E Congress St Concentric Security LLC Savannah, GA 31401 COLUMBIA Technologies 7560 Main St Website: 1448 S Rolling Rd Sykesville, MD 21784 Emergency Number: 912-663-0136 Baltimore, MD 21227 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Paul J. Henderson, 912-234-6318, phender- Emergency Number: 301-455-7644 CEO, Mark Oakes, 410-552-9950, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Principal, Barbara Cogdell, 912-234-6318, [email protected] CEO, John Sohl, 410-536-9911 ext 201, [email protected] President, David Wachs, 334-273-8558, d[email protected] Principal, Marty Harrell, 912-234-6318, [email protected] Command Holdings Group Concurrent Technologies Corp. 805 15th St NW Ste 1101 100 CTC Dr Cogstone Washington, DC 20005 Johnstown, PA 15904 1518 W Taft Ave Website: Website: Orange, CA 92865 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-282-2392 Website: COO, George Demetriades, 202-459-0800, Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 714-974-8300 [email protected] Executive Director, Learning and Human Performance Corporate Leadership: Capabilities, Roger Gunter, 573-329-8545, President, Sherri Gust, 714-974-8300, [email protected] Commissioning WorCx [email protected] 4915 Piedmont Pkwy Ste 106 CFO, Andrew Hernandez, 714-974-8300, [email protected] Jamestown, NC 27282 Confluence Environmental Co. Website: 146 N Canal St Ste 111 Emergency Number: 336-601-2249 Seattle, WA 98103 Colby Company Engineering LLC Corporate Leadership: Website: 47A York St President, Tom Foster, 336-601-2249, [email protected] Emergency Number: 206-321-6537 Portland, ME 04038 Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal Marine/Fisheries Biologist, and Partner, Chris Corporate Leadership: Cziesla, 206-321-6537, [email protected] President, Calen Colby, 207-553-7753, [email protected] Principal Aquatic Scientist/CEO, Mike McDowell, 206- 356-6624, [email protected] Principal Environmental Planner, Scott White, 425- 345-7685, [email protected] Principal Geomorphologist/Partner, Shane Cherry, 425-218-9748, [email protected] 80 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

79 C Connico Inc. Continental Mapping Consultants Inc. Coover-Clark & Assoc. Inc. 2594 N Mount Juliet Rd 121 S Bristol St Ste 201 1936 Market St Mount Juliet, TN 37122-3007 Sun Prairie, WI 53590 Denver, CO 80202 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 608-225-4400 Corporate Leadership: President, Connie S. Gowder, CCC, 615-758-7474, Corporate Leadership: Principal, Carol Coover-Clark, 303-783-0040, [email protected] [email protected] President, David Hart, 888-815-3327, [email protected] VP, David J. Hunley, 859-371-5454, [email protected] Principal Planner, Dave Clark, 303-783-0040, dav- Account Manager, Ben Redding, 888-815-3327, bred- [email protected] Senior Project Manager, Lisa Blake, 859-371-5454, [email protected] Marketing Manager, Amanda Clark, 303-783-0040, [email protected] Account Manager, Ron Schonegg, 888-815-3327, [email protected] [email protected] Construction Dynamics Inc. VP of Sales, Paul Braun, 888-815-3327, [email protected] Cope Assoc. Inc. Architecture 6417 Fairfield Rd 2607 Kingston Pike Ste 5 Columbia, SC 29203 Knoxville, TN 37919 Website: Contrack International Website: Corporate Leadership: 6862 Elm St 5th Fl Corporate Leadership: President, CEO, Nate Spells, Sr., 803-754-3395, [email protected] McLean, VA 22101 President, Lanny Cope, 865-694-9000, [email protected] Website: Project Director, Sam Delia, 803-261-9547, [email protected] Emergency Number: 703-358-8800 VP, Grant Tharp, 865-694-9000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Wahid Hakki, 703-358-8800, [email protected] Construction Management of Florida COPLAN AG COO, Christine McGuire, 703-358-8800, [email protected] Inc. Hofmark 35 2002 Buena Vista Blvd Eggenfelden, 84307 Vero Beach, FL 32960-2961 Website: Website: Contract Solutions LLC Emergency Number: +4987217050 Emergency Number: 561-847-5333 235 Commerce Dr Unit 301 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Pawleys Island, SC 29585 Dr.-Ing. Bergassessor, Martin Steger, +49 8721 705- VP, Ignacio F. Lizama, 561-847-5333, [email protected] Website: 112, [email protected] Emergency Number: 703-855-7980 Dipl-.Wirtschaftsing. (FH), Stephan Weber, +49 8721 President, Addy C. Lizama, 561-847-5333, [email protected] 705-110, [email protected] Cooke, Douglass, Farr, Lemons Ltd. Architects & Engineers PA Corblu Ecology LLC Consulex 3100 N State St Ste 200 1305 Lakes Pkwy Ste 129 520 Brevard Ave Jackson, MS 39216 Lawrenceville, GA 30043 PO Box 126 Website: Website: Cocoa, FL 32923-0126 Emergency Number: 601-594-5756 Emergency Number: 770-682-9731 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Jody Coleman, 601-366-3110, [email protected] President, Gregory P. Smith, 770-682-9731 ext 12, President, T. Kyle Greenfield, 321-631-2659, ext 24, [email protected] [email protected] Project Manager/Senior Biologist, Barney Crooks, Project Manager, Kristine Snow, 321-631-2659, ext 770-682-9731 ext 15, [email protected] 32, [email protected] Cooley Dennis & Denmon Conservation/Mitigation Manager, Kelly Sands, 770- Corrosion Engineer, Christina Tucker, 321-631-2659, Engineering Inc. 682-9731 ext 21, [email protected] ext 31, [email protected] PO Box 8460 Ecologist, Jennifer Pahl, 770-682-9731 ext 24, [email protected] Monroe, LA 71211 Conti Federal Services Inc. Website: 2045 Lincoln Hwy Emergency Number: 601-906-9549 Edison, NJ 08817 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Larry Cooley, 601-906-9549, [email protected] Emergency Number: 908-307-1525 Engineering Manager, Robert Fleming, 601-529-6946, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CORE Construction Services LLC Director, Business Development, Ann Burke, 716-536- 2 Commerce Ct 5366, [email protected] Operations Manager, Gerald McDonald, 601-870- 8877, [email protected] New Orleans, LA 70130 COO, Conti Federal Services Inc., William Picken, Website: 732-520-5132, [email protected] VP & CAO, Terry Denmon, 318-388-1422, [email protected] Emergency Number: 877-753-2121 VP, Program Management, Luis Seijido, 978-273- Corporate Leadership: 2182, [email protected] Director of Business Development and Marketing, VP, Conti Federal Services Inc., Anthony LaBato, 732- Cooper Zietz Engineers Inc. Josh Bentley, 504-733-2212, [email protected] 803-3482, [email protected] 620 SW Fifth Ave Ste 1225 Portland, OR 97204 Business Development, Doris Victoria, 504-731-3143, Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 206-234-5367 Corporate Leadership: President, Herb Fricke, 503-253-5429, [email protected] Sr. VP, Carl Zietz, 360-666-0055, [email protected] com Business Manager, Tim Oliver, 503-253-5429, [email protected] Operations Manager, Ken Valder, 206-768-8500, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 81

80 C CORE Engineering & Construction Corrosion & Integrity Solutions LLC Criado & Assoc. Inc. Inc. 1645 Terry Mill Ln 4141 Blue Lake Cir Ste 133 1340 Palmetto Ave PO Box 220 Dallas, TX 75244 Winter Park, FL 32789 Grayson, GA 30017 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 407-448-7392 Emergency Number: 770-363-9695 President, Cristina Criado, 972-392-9092, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Paul Goldsmith, 407-622-2673, pgold- VP, Bryan Evans, 770-985-0505, [email protected] [email protected] Croft & Assoc. PC VP, Harlan Faircloth, 407-622-2673, [email protected] President, Lisa Evans, 770-985-0505, [email protected] 3400 Blue Springs Rd Ste 200 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Office Administrator/Business Development, Theresa Website: Rodgers, 407-622-2673, [email protected] Cosmos Technologies Inc. Emergency Number: 678-361-5302 com 700 River Ave Ste 412 Corporate Leadership: Pittsburgh, PA 15212 President, Jim Croft, 770-529-7714, [email protected] Corgan Assoc. Inc. Website: 401 N Houston St Emergency Number: 412-287-1961 VP-Operations, Mark Jackson, 770-529-7714, [email protected] Dallas, TX 75202 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Frederick Douglas, 412-312-3951, freder- Emergency Number: 214-864-9466 [email protected] Cromwell Architects Engineers Inc. Corporate Leadership: 101 S Spring St Director of Federal Programs, Chris Basham, 214- CR Hipp Construction Inc. Little Rock, AR 72120 864-9466, [email protected] 4981 Dorchester Rd Website: North Charleston, SC 29418 Corporate Leadership: CornerCube Inc. Website: Sr. Structural Engineer, Michael Callahan, 501-372- 89 Oakmont Ave Emergency Number: 843-744-4477 2900, [email protected] Piedmont, CA 94610 Corporate Leadership: Sr. Civil Engineer, John Peterson, 501-372-2900, Website: President, Allen Hitchcock, 843-744-4477, [email protected] Emergency Number: 510-433-0788 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Operations, Pete Bailey, 843-744-4477, pete. Crowder Construction Co. President, Fernando Espana, 510-813-2038, [email protected] 6425 Brookshire Blvd [email protected] VP, CFO, David Gregg, 843-744-4477, [email protected] Charlotte, NC 28216 Website: Asst. Project Manager, John McVeigh, 843-744-4477, Emergency Number: 919-614-8131 Cornerstone Architects PLC [email protected] 23 W Broad St Ste 200 Corporate Leadership: Richmond, VA 23220 CEO, Otis Crowder, 704-372-3541, Website: Crawford Consulting Services COO, Bill Crowder, 704-372-3541, Corporate Leadership: 239 Highland Ave VP, Carlos Norris, 919-367-2000, [email protected] Principal, Richard Morse, AIA, 804-353-3051, East Pittsburgh, PA 15112 com [email protected] Website: VP, Lynn Hansen, 704-372-3541, Principal, Richard Peterson Jr, 804-353-3051, rpeter- Emergency Number: 412-287-3040 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CRS Sales & Marketing Founder and President, Mary F. Crawford, CPE, AVS, 2687 Peachtree Sq CCC, 412-823-0400, [email protected] Doraville, GA 30368 Cornerstone General Contractors Website: Inc. Emergency Number: 678-547-1084 5050 Cordova St Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. Corporate Leadership: Anchorage, AK 99503 CMT Companies Inc. Director, Chris Anderson, 678-547-1084, [email protected] Website: 2750 W Washington St Emergency Number: 907-561-1993 Springfield, IL 62702 Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal, Mark Palmatier, 907-561-1993, mpalma- CSO Architects Inc. Emergency Number: 217-787-8050 8831 Keystone Crossing [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Indianapolis, IN 46240 CEO/Chairman, Brian Whiston, 217-787-8050, Website: Cornerstone Studios [email protected] Emergency Number: 317-848-7800 106 West 4th St 5th Fl President, Daniel Meckes, 314-436-5500, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Santa Ana, CA 92701 President/ Principal, Alan Tucker, 317-848-7800, Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 714-926-4064 Creamer Environmental Inc. Principal, Daniel Moriarity, 317-848-7800, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 215 Union St Principal, Don Wilson, 714-973-2200 ext 102, [email protected] Hackensack, NJ 07601 Associate Principal, Joseph Raper, 317-848-7800, Website: [email protected] Principal, Renie Meier-Wong, 714-973-2200 ext 103, Emergency Number: 201-481-0027 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Thomas Cawley, 201-215-9613, [email protected] Cornforth Consultants Inc. 10250 SW Greenburg Rd Ste 111 Exec. VP, Tracy Straka, 201-215-9612, [email protected] Portland, OR 97223-5460 Website: Corporate Leadership: President, D. Andrew Vessely, 503-452-1100, aves- [email protected] 82 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

81 C-D CT Laboratories LLC Custom Vault Corp. 1230 Lange Ct 4 Research Dr Baraboo, WI 53913 Bethel, CT 06801 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 608-577-9975 Corporate Leadership: Dannenbaum Engineering Corp. Corporate Leadership: Senior Director of Government Sales, Matt Gifford, 3100 W Alabama President, Ceress Berwanger, 608-356-2760, cber- 203-403-4231, [email protected] Houston, TX 77098 [email protected] Director of Government Sales, Sonia White, 203-403- Website: Business Development, Dennis Linley, 608-356-2760, 4290, [email protected] Emergency Number: 713-520-9570 [email protected] President/CEO, Tom Brennan, 203-403-4210, tbren- Corporate Leadership: VP, David Berwanger, 608-356-2760, [email protected] [email protected] Chairman, James D. Dannenbaum, P.E., 713-520- Marketing Director, Rebecca Cicarelli, 203-403-4226, 9570, [email protected] Marketing Specialist, Susan Thiede, 608-356-2760, [email protected] President/CEO, Len Waterworth, 713-527-6324, [email protected] [email protected] Cyntergy AEC CTI and Assoc. Inc. 320 S Boston 12th Fl Darling Geomatics 51331 W Pontiac Trail Tulsa, OK 74103 Darling Environmental & Surveying Ltd. Wixom, MI 48393 Website: U of A Tech Park 9040 S Rita Rd Ste 2350 Website: Emergency Number: 918-633-6839 Tucson, AZ 85747 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: Senior VP, Christopher Winkeljohn, 248-770-5790, Principal & Director, Robert Day, 918-877-6000, Emergency Number: 520-298-2725 [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Morgan Subbarayan, 248-486-5100, msub- Principal & CEO, Ken Hirshey, 918-877-6000, CEO, Mary Darling, 520-298-2725, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] VP, Remediation, Andrew Lonergan, PG, 248-560- Principal & President, Greg Ward, 918-877-6000, VP Marketing, Scott Carter, 520-298-2725, 0715, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] SE Business Development Mgr., Kathy Chaffin, 251- Principal & CFO, Gordon Guest, 918-877-6000, Director, 3D Marketing, Vaughn Mantor, 520-298- 545-8427, [email protected] [email protected] 2725, [email protected] Cunningham Technical Management Cypress Environmental Services LLC David Evans & Assoc. Inc. 1168 Main St Ste 304 2100 SW River Pkwy & Analysis Inc. Portland, OR 97201 9238 Madison Blvd Bldg 1 Ste 800 Biloxi, MS 39530 Website: Website: Madison, AL 35758 Emergency Number: 228-596-2708 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 256-772-7332 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Federal Clients Business Development Corporate Leadership: Principal, Cynthia Henderson, 228-596-2708, Manager, Steve Miles, 503-223-6663, [email protected] President, Walter Cunningham, 256-772-7332, [email protected] [email protected] Custom Commissioning and Energy Dale Stockstill & Assoc. David Mason & Assoc. Inc. 8054 Hwy 11 800 S Vandeventer Ave Services LLC Carriere, MS 39426 St. Louis, MO 63110-1244 4255 Pheasant Ridge Dr NE Ste 401 Website: Website: Blaine, MN 55449 Emergency Number: 601-337-3588 Emergency Number: 314-534-1030 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 952-288-4880 President, Billy Chavers, 601-798-2326, [email protected] President and CEO, David Mason, 314-534-1030, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Dana Fontaine, 952-288-4880, [email protected] Registered Surveyor/Office Manager, Raymond Gillon, CFO, James Hacking, 314-534-1030, [email protected] 601-916-3589, [email protected] VP, Mark Cotroneo, 763-367-7989, [email protected] Sr. VP, Marc Bacchetti, 312-884-5100, [email protected] Owner & CEO, Molly Cotroneo, 763-367-7989, Damon Farber Assoc. Business Development Rep, Taylor Mason, 314-678- [email protected] 401 Second Ave N Ste 410 3130, [email protected] Minneapolis, MN 55401 Website: Custom Mechanical Systems Corp. Emergency Number: 952-215-5706 Davis & Floyd Inc. 691 Industrial Blvd Corporate Leadership: 1319 Hwy 72/221 E Bargersville, IN 46106-8531 President, Thomas Whitlock, 612-332-7522, twhit- Greenwood, SC 29649 Website: [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 317-339-3702 Emergency Number: 843-209-0275 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Mercedes Enrique, 317-736-8421, Danis Building Construction Co. CEO, Jerry Timmons, 864-229-5211, [email protected] [email protected] 3233 Newmark Dr VP, Khushwant Mander, 317-736-8421, [email protected] Dayton, OH 45342 Website: Project Manager, Christopher Ackert, 317-412-9841, Emergency Number: 513-984-9696 Davy Architecture APC Corporate Leadership: 811 Tenth Ave [email protected] Director of Business Development, Jim Danis, 513- San Diego, CA 92101 Senior Project Manager, Ken Stegall, 937-728-0639, 984-9696, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Senior Principal, Eric Davy, 619-238-3811, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 83

82 D Daytner Construction Group Delta Airport Consultants Inc.- DI Aggregate Management LLC 114 S Main St Ste 202 12275 El Camino Real Ste #110 Mt. Airy, MD 21771 Military Design Group San Diego, CA 92130 Website: 9711 Farrar Ct Ste 100 Website: Emergency Number: 301-829-1772 Richmond, VA 23236 Emergency Number: 916-849-5434 Corporate Leadership: Website: President & CEO, Theresa Daytner, 301-829-1772, Emergency Number: 804-647-8476 Corporate Leadership: Dial Cordy and Assoc. Inc. [email protected] 490 Osceola Ave VP, Military Design Group, Matthew Kundrot, P.E., 804-275-8301, [email protected] Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 dck worldwide Manager, Electrical and NAVAID Design, John Website: One PPG Pl 27th Fl E. Joyner III, P.E., 919-840-7604, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Pittsburgh, PA 15222 President, Steve Dial, 910-251-9790, [email protected] Website: CEO, Charles Lamb, P.E., 804-275-8301, [email protected] com Emergency Number: 412-384-1000 VP, Lee Swain, 904-241-8821, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Courtney Beamon, P.E., 804-275-8301, Senior VP, Andy Pajak, 412-384-1000, [email protected] [email protected] Diaz Yourman & Assoc. 1616 E 17th St Executive VP, John Sebastian, 412-384-1000, jtsebas- [email protected] Deschamps Mats Systems Inc. Santa Ana, 92705 218 Little Falls Rd Website: VP of Business Development, Joe Zukowski, 412-384- Emergency Number: 714-412-2088 1000, [email protected] Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Brian Contino, 412-384-1000, [email protected] Principal, Jerry Diaz, 714-245-2920, [email protected] com Emergency Number: 917-459-9113 Corporate Leadership: Defense Sales Manager, Alex Girard, 917-459-9117, Principal, Chris Diaz, 714-245-2920, [email protected] Dean Kurtz Construction [email protected] 1651 Rand Rd Principal, Allen Yourman, Jr., 714-245-2920, [email protected] PO Box 1917 Rapid City, SD 57709 Design Alaska Inc. Principal, V. R. Nadeswaran, 714-245-2920, [email protected] Website: 601 College Rd Emergency Number: 605-341-2009 Fairbanks, AK 99701 Corporate Leadership: Website: Emergency Number: 907-452-1241 Digital Engineering & Imaging Inc. President, Bradley Kurtz, 605-343-6665, [email protected] 527 W Esplanade Ave Ste 200 Corporate Leadership: President, Jack Wilbur, 907-452-1241, [email protected] Kenner, LA 70065 Website: DeBourgh Manufacturing Co. VP, Chris Miller, 907-452-1241, [email protected] Emergency Number: 504-258-1869 27505 Otero Ave com Corporate Leadership: PO Box 981 President, Thomas Hickey, 504-468-6129, [email protected] La Junta, CO 81050 Website: Designer Built Systems CAO, Kurt Evans, 504-468-6129, [email protected] Emergency Number: 800-328-8829 94-101A Malakeke Pl Corporate Leadership: Waipahu, HI 96797 Website: Diversified Facility Solutions Director of Regional Sales, Marty Lee, 800-328-8829, 3251 Highland Ave [email protected] Cincinnati, OH 45213 Chief Visionary Officer, Robert Berg, 800-328-8829, Detroit Radiant Products Co. Website: [email protected] 21400 Hoover Rd Emergency Number: 513-561-0051 President, Jorgen Salo, 800-328-8829, [email protected] Warren, MI 48093 Corporate Leadership: Website: Pres./CEO, Emmett Drane, 513-561-0051, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: DefenCell-JSF Systems LLC President, Joseph A. Wortman, 586-756-0950, [email protected] Sr. VP, Paul Poppleton, 513-561-0051, [email protected] 700 12th St NW Ste 700 Washington, DC 20005-4052 VP of Market Development, John Wortman, 586-756- Website: 0950, [email protected] Director of Sales, Scott Fleet, 586-756-0950, [email protected] Diversified Mechanical Ltd. Emergency Number: 301-717-1372 206 Broadway St Corporate Leadership: Director of Engineering, Tom Martelle, 586-756-0950, Durham, NC 27701 VP Sales, Jeremy Milton, 202-558-5180, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Cynthia Orphanos, 919-620-7711, corpha- Sales Manager, Bob Curran, 202-558-5160, [email protected] [email protected] Dewberry VP, Nicholas Orphanos, 919-549-5147, [email protected] 8401 Arlington Blvd DEL-JEN Inc. Fairfax, VA 22031 VP, Dube Putz, 910-436-2519, [email protected] Fluor Corp. Website: Sr. Project Manager, Chris Rhodes, 910-436-2519, 4465 Guthrie Hwy Emergency Number: 703-849-0100 [email protected] Clarksville, TN 37040 Corporate Leadership: Website: VP, DoD Market Segment Leader, Neal Wright, P.E., Corporate Leadership: F.SAME, PMP, 757-498-1148, [email protected] VP, Services Group, Steve Kukuk, 405-715-3437, com [email protected] EVP, Design-Build Services Leader, Louis Robbins, P.E., DBIA, 703-772-8566, [email protected] com 84 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

83 D-E DJG Inc. Dougherty Sprague Environmental Dulohery, Weeks & Gagliano Inc. 449 McLaws Cir Inc. 333 Commercial Dr Williamsburg, VA 23185 3902 Industrial St Ste A Savannah, GA 31406 Website: Rowlett, TX 75088 Website: Emergency Number: 757-253-0673 Website: Emergency Number: 912-355-0235 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 817-229-1222 Corporate Leadership: President, Daniel DeYoung, P.E., 757-253-0673, Corporate Leadership: Principal, Richard Simmons, 912-355-0235, rsim- [email protected] CEO & Chief Engineer, Cathy Dougherty, 972-412- [email protected] President-Elect, Donald Booth, AIA, LEED AP, 8666, [email protected] Associate, Warren Law, 912-355-0235, [email protected] 757-253-0673, [email protected] President, Curtis Franklin, 817-540-4100, [email protected] Electrical Engineer, Adam Mickiewicz, P.E., 757-253- Associate, Trevor McLean, 912-355-0235, [email protected] 0673, [email protected] VP Marketing, John Dougherty, 972-412-8666, Marketing Director, Jenni Szabo, 757-253-0673, [email protected] Principal, Jimmy Swails, 912-355-0235, [email protected] [email protected] VP Opertations, Charles Sprague, 972-412-8666, [email protected] DL Design Group Inc. Duro-Last Roofing Inc. 14025 SW Farmington Rd Ste 270 Dow Corning Corp. JRB Personnel Beaverton, OR 97005 2200 W Salzburg Rd 525 E Morley Dr Website: Midland, MI 48686 Saginaw, MI 48601 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: Principal, Irina Leschuk, 503-644-4628, [email protected] Emergency Number: 989-496-4000 Emergency Number: 541-218-3893 Principal, Gary Darling, 503-644-4628, [email protected] DOWL HKM DynaGlobe DLR Group DOWL LLC PO Box 1288 6457 Frances St Ste 200 4041 B St Portsmouth, OH 45662 Omaha, NE 68106 Anchorage, AK 99503 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Owner, Kerry Ballew, 740-858-3282, [email protected] Principal in the Firm, Tod Ringenberg, 402-393-4100, President, Stewart Osgood, 907-562-2000, [email protected] [email protected] Principal in the Firm, Corey Wieseman, 312-382-9980, Corporate Communication and Development Dynamac Corp. [email protected] Manager, Linda Hulteen, 907-562-2000, [email protected] Consolidated Safety Services Inc. 10301 Democracy Ln Ste 300 DLZ National Inc. Corporate Development Manager, Jennifer Payne, Fairfax, VA 22030 6121 Huntley Rd 907-562-2000, [email protected] Website: Columbus, OH 43229 Corporate Leadership: Website: Draper Aden Assoc. Sr. VP, Operations, Georgeann Morekas, 703-877- Corporate Leadership: 2206 S Main St 3352, [email protected] CEO, Vikram Rajadhyaksha, P.E., 614-888-0040, Blacksburg, VA 24060 [email protected] Website: E.W. Wells Group LLC Senior VP, Jim Siebert, P.E., 614-888-0040, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 3100 Main St #45 Senior Program Manager, Randolph Rivinus, P.E., Dallas, TX 75226 804-264-2228, [email protected] Website: Don Jones Construction Co. Inc. Director of Marketing, Jeffery Nelson, 804-264-2228, Corporate Leadership: 4923 Armour Rd Ste 100 [email protected] Sr. VP of Project Management, Troy Earhart, Columbus, GA 31904 Business Development Manager, Dennis Murray, 804- 214-728-1117, [email protected] Website: 264-2228, [email protected] Sr. VP of Environmental Division, Tim Loveday, 469- Regional Program Manager, Timothy Dean, P.E., 394-2607, [email protected] Donaldson, Garrett & Assoc. Inc., L.S.I.T., 757-599-9800, [email protected] Sr. VP of MMRP Division, Jesse Sipult, 925-383-7883, [email protected] Land Surveyors 4875 Riverside Dr DRMP Inc. PO Box 7306, 31209 941 Lake Baldwin Ln E.K. Fox & Assoc. Ltd. Macon, GA 31210 Orlando, FL 32814 4035 Ridge Top Rd Ste 650 Website: Website: Fairfax, VA 22030 Emergency Number: 478-474-5350 Emergency Number: 407-896-0594 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 571-315-5901 President, James Garrett, PLS, 478-474-5350, Principal, Bill Stone, 407-896-0594, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] com President, Blair Jost, P.E., 703-267-9519, [email protected] Senior VP, John Story, PLS, 704-374-1955, VP, Ben Faust, 850-236-4868, [email protected] [email protected]@dg-anc.copm VP, Glenn Lusink, 904-641-0123, [email protected] Director GSS, Gerald Mahaffee, P.E., 877-520-4771 VP/CFO, Elaine Pritchard, 478-474-5350, Principal, Larry Smith, 407-896-0594, [email protected] ext 125, [email protected] [email protected] com Senior Project Manager, Roman J. Roman, P.E., Project Manager, H&S Director, David Bennett, 703-267-9518, [email protected] 478-474-5350, [email protected] DTG Technical Services Inc. Senior Project Manager, Michael Bentley, P.E., 7880 Saltsburg Rd 703-267-9523, [email protected] Pittsburgh, PA 15239 Emergency Number: 862-266-4067 E.M. Chen & Assoc. Inc. Corporate Leadership: 1001 Army Dr Ste 201 President, Timothy Reed, 862-266-4067, [email protected] Barrigada, GU 96913 Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Endy Chen, 671-633-2881, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 85

84 E E2 Consulting Engineers Inc. Eastway Electric LLC Ecology & Environment Inc. 450 E 17th Ave Ste 200 2401 Hamilton Rd 368 Pleasant View Dr Denver, CO 80203 Columbus, GA 31904 Lancaster, NY 14086 Website: Emergency Number: 706-681-8055 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 716-684-8060 VP, Environmental and Engineering Division, Matt Eaton Corp. Corporate Leadership: Ringier, 510-428-4728, [email protected] 1000 Cherrington Pkwy VP, Timothy Grady, PE, 716-684-8060, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Roger Merrick, Moon Township, PA 15108 com 720-279-7638, [email protected] Website: Manager of Planning, Daniel Castle, AICP, 716-684- Emergency Number: 719-227-7773 8060, [email protected] EA Engineering, Science, and Corporate Leadership: VP, Carmine Tronolone, 716-684-8060, [email protected] DOD Business Development Manager, Gilbert Perry, Technology Inc. 719-227-7773, [email protected] Principal, David Donohhue, 512-673-3332, 225 Schilling Cir National Business Development Manager, Federal [email protected] Hunt Valley, MD 21031 Sales & Solutions, Jim Dankowski, 410-540-5020, Website: Emergency Number: 410-584-7000 [email protected] E-Corp Corporate Leadership: 1598 North Hill Field Rd Ste B VP, Director of Federal Programs, Fritz Meyer, 410- EBA Engineering Inc. Layton, UT 84041 584-7000, [email protected] 4813 Seton Dr Website: Program Manager, Jim Costello, 410-584-7000, Baltimore, MD 21215-3211 Emergency Number: 801-633-6689 [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Federal Programs, Army, Brenda Herman, 410- Emergency Number: 443-277-3528 President, Shaun Froelich, 801-771-0933 ext 101, 584-7000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] VP, Federal Programs, Air Force, Joel Lazzeri, 410- President & CEO, Nanda Sen, 410-504-6060, nanda. Regional Manager, David Willis, 801-771-0933 ext 584-7000, [email protected] [email protected] 105, [email protected] First Executive VP, Kunal Gangopadhyay, 410-504- VP/Regional Manager, Dennis Toone, 801-771-0933 6064, [email protected] ext 103, [email protected] EAC Consulting Inc. Regional Manager, Dean Jolley, 425-458-9108, 815 NW 57 Ave 402 [email protected] Miami, FL 33126 Eberly & Assoc. Inc. Website: 1852 Century Pl NE Ste 202 Emergency Number: 305-265-5400 Atlanta, GA 30345 ECORP Consulting Inc. Corporate Leadership: Website: 2525 Warren Dr President, Enrique Crooks, 305-265-5400, [email protected] Emergency Number: 678-287-4728 Rocklin, CA 95677 Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal, Scott Gardner, 678-287-4728, [email protected] Emergency Number: 714-648-0630 Corporate Leadership: Earl Energy LLC President, Dan Eberly, 770-452-7849 ext 103, Marketing Director, Kathy Kondor, 714-648-0630, 500 Crawford St Ste 401 [email protected] [email protected] Portsmouth, VA 23704 Principal, Brian Brumfield, 770-452-7849 ext 114, Website: Emergency Number: 757-606-3200 [email protected] EcoWise Civil Design and Corporate Leadership: Consulting Inc. President, Josh Prueher, 757-606-3214, [email protected] ECC 4908 Dillards Mill Way 1240 Bayshore Hwy Duluth, GA 30096 COO, Doug Moorehead, 757-606-3200, dmoore- Burlingame, CA 94010 Website: [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 678-773-7159 Emergency Number: 650-347-1555 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Pamela Little, 770-729-1631, [email protected] Earth Resources Technology Inc. President & CEO, Manjiv Vohra, 650-347-1555, 6100 Frost Pl Ste A [email protected] Laurel, MD 20707 Director of Strategic Client Management, Michael Website: Meuleners, 650-347-1555, [email protected] ECS Group Emergency Number: 240-554-0161 VP, Roland Moreau, 757-496-5622, [email protected] 14026 Thunderbolt Pl Ste 300 Corporate Leadership: Chairman, Board of Directors, Paul Sabharwal, 650- Chantilly, VA 20151 Program Manager, Glenn Earhart, 256-217-8991, 347-1555, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Senior VP, Peter OHara, P.E., LEED AP, 540-785- ECH Architecture PS 6159, [email protected] Earth Systems Inc. 1415 Western Ave Ste 418 895 Aerovista Pl Ste 102 VP/Corporate Director of Marketing, Tracy Allen, Seattle, WA 98101-2051 F.SAME, 703-471-8400, [email protected] San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Website: Website: VP/Senior Marketing & Federal Business Develop- Emergency Number: 206-682-2857 ment Director, Jeannine Nelson, 540-785-6100, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Michael Smith, PG, CEG, [email protected] Principal, Michael Heidenreich, 206-682-2857, [email protected] 805-781-0112, [email protected] VP, Mark Russell, CE., GE., 626-356-0955, EDGE Group Inc. [email protected] 605 Berry Rd Ecological Resource Consultants Nashville, TN 37204 100 Amar Pl Website: Eastham & Assoc. Panama City Beach, FL 32413 3392 State Rte 7 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 850-819-0056 President, Charles Higgins, 615-383-6640, edge- Chesapeake, OH 45619 Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 740-867-8369 Corporate Leadership: Owner, Ronald Eastham, 740-867-8369, [email protected] 86 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

85 E Edifice Inc. Elements IV Interiors EMR Inc. 1401 W Morehead St Space & Asset Management Inc. 3200 Haskell Ave Ste 140 Charlotte, NC 28208 3680 Wyse Rd Lawrence, KS 66046-8945 Emergency Number: 704-309-7220 Dayton, OH 45414 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Emergency Number: 785-841-0757 VP, Pre-construction Services, Andy Aldridge, 704- Emergency Number: 937-918-1000 Corporate Leadership: 322-0900, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Connie Cook, 785-842-9013, ext 123, [email protected] VP, Brad Edwards, 704-332-0900, [email protected] President & CEO, Mark Williams, 937-918-1000, [email protected] VP Federal Programs, Mike Gross, 785-842-9013, GSA Account Manager, Debbi Townsend, 937-252- ext 144, [email protected] EEE Consulting Inc. 3982, [email protected] VP Business Development, Dave Winter, 850-499- 8525 Bell Creek Rd GSA Account Manager, Jeremy Watkins, 937-252- 5510, [email protected] Mechanicsville, VA 23116 3982, [email protected] Website: Encore Electric Inc. Corporate Leadership: Elkins Constructors Inc. 2107 W College Ave President, Ian Frost, 804-442-3330, [email protected] 701 W Adams St Englewood, CO 80110 Jacksonville, FL 32204 Website: VP, Sharon Harless, 804-442-3330, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 303-934-1234 Emergency Number: 904-353-6500 Corporate Leadership: VP, Andy Kassoff, 540-961-3658, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Preconstruction Manager, Mark Fischbach, 303-934- Director of Government and Defense Services, Steve 1234, [email protected] Environmental Engineer, Chris Swanson, 804-442- Wetherell, 904-353-6500, [email protected] Director of Government Services, Ira Kelley, 3330, [email protected] 303-934-1234, [email protected] Executive VP, David Hamilton, 904-353-6500, VP, Marlin Linder, 303-934-1234, [email protected] EGC Inc. [email protected] 6200 UTSA Blvd Ste 103 San Antonio, TX 78249 ELM Solutions Corp. Enercon Services Inc. Website: 17701 108th Ave SE Ste 427 5100 E Skelly Dr Ste 450 Corporate Leadership: Renton, WA 98055 Tulsa, OK 74135 Executive VP, Rene Hefner, 210-372-1492, rene. Website: Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 425-638-9739 Corporate Leadership: CEO, Jacqueline Hefner, 210-372-1492, jackie- Corporate Leadership: VP, John Corn, 918-665-7693, [email protected] [email protected] President, Kathy Wilson, 425-248-3533, [email protected] Energy Systems Group EHS-Alaska Inc. VP, Mark Browning, 425-638-9739, [email protected] Vectren Corp. 11901 Business Blvd Ste 208 4655 Rosebud Ln Eagle River, AK 99577-7701 Sr. Project Manager, Michael Gortner, 425-591-2267, Newburgh, IN 47630 Website: [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 907-240-1744 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: EMC Inc. National Director Federal & Utility Energy Services, Principal-In-Charge, Robert French, 907-694-1383, 2472 Sunset Dr Kevin Johnson, 919-851-2471, [email protected] [email protected] Grenada, MS 38901 Website: VP, Lawrence Roth, 812-492-3703, [email protected] EHS-International Inc. Emergency Number: 662-226-5166 13228 NE 20th St Ste 100 Corporate Leadership: Project Engineer, Charles Shrive, 757-968-3951, Bellevue, WA 98005 President, Mark Mattox, 622-226-5166, [email protected] [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 425-766-0561 Energy Solutions Government Group Corporate Leadership: Emersion Design LLC EnergySolutions Inc. President, Lawrence Toimil, 425 455 2959, [email protected] 1775 Mentor Ave Ste 202 1009 Commerce Park Dr Ste 100 Cincinnati, OH 45212 Oak Ridge, TN 37830-8057 Business Development Manager, Joan Kenton, 425 Website: Website: 455 2959, [email protected] Emergency Number: 513-379-1180 Emergency Number: 877-723-7767 Hazardous Materials Services Manager, Herb Brod, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 425 455 2959, [email protected] Principal, Alan Hautman, 513-841-9100, alan.haut- Senior VP, Business Development, Tom Jouvanis, [email protected] 703-283-4216, [email protected] EJB Facilities Services Principal, Steve Kimball, 513-841-9100, steve. VP, Business Development, Pat Hopper, 865-567- 1038 Skate St [email protected] 4542, [email protected] Silverdale, WA 98315 Director, Eastern Operations, Phill Malich, 865-481- Website: EMG 6910, [email protected] 222 Schilling Cir Ste 275 Senior VP, Southwest Operations, Miles Smith, Hunt Valley, MD 21031 505-663-7212, [email protected] Eklutna Services LLC Eklutna Inc. Website: 16515 Centerfield Dr Ste 201 Emergency Number: 800-733-0660 Eagle River, AK 99577 Corporate Leadership: Website: Sr. VP, Matt Munter, 800-733-0660, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Curtis McQueen, 907-696-2828 General Manager, Robert Bell, 907-696-2828 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 87

86 E Engineered Arresting Systems Corp. Enterprise Engineering Inc. Environmental Design International Zodiac 5 Depot St Ste 23 2550 Market St Freeport, ME 04032 Inc. Aston, PA 19014-3426 Website: 33 W Monroe St Ste 1825 Website: Emergency Number: 907-223-8746 Chicago, IL 60603 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: VP Marketing & International Operations, T. Lad President, Kevin Murphy, 907-563-3835, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Webb, 610-494-8000, [email protected] President and CEO, Deborah Sawyer, 312-345-1400, VP Engineering, Richard Orner, 610-494-8000, Principal, Steve Brooks, 907-563-3835, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] com Sr. VP Business Strategy, Claire Williams, 312-345- Principal, Kelly Waring, 907-563-3835, [email protected] 1400, [email protected] com VP, Environmental, Scott Dileto, 312-345-1400, Engineering & Environment Inc. [email protected] 195 South Rosemont Rd Ste 118 VP, Engineering, Glenn Schirmer, 312-345-1400, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-4353 Envirocon Inc. [email protected] Website: 101 International Dr Corporate Leadership: Missoula, MT 59808 President, Surendera Kumar, 757-457-0002, drsku- Website: Environmental Dimensions Inc. [email protected] Emergency Number: 314-581-7767 1901 Candelaria Rd NW COO, George Gricius, 757-457-0002, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Albuquerque, NM 87107-2854 Director of Government Services, Sherry Gibson, 314- Website: Director of Business Development, Ryan Carroll, 757- 581-7767, [email protected] Emergency Number: 505-385-4615 457-0002, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Marketing Specialist, Sheri Neuhofer, 757-457-0002, President, Patricia Bradshaw, 505-341-3578, pbradh- Environet Inc. [email protected] [email protected] 64-1002 Mamalahoa Hwy VP, Business Development, Mike Bradshaw, 505-453- Kamuela, HI 96743 4791, [email protected] Engineering/Remediation Resources Website: Executive VP, Leslie Martinez, 505-577-5853, lmarti- Group Corporate Leadership: [email protected] 4585 Pacheco Blvd CEO, Thomas McCabe, 808-306-0718, [email protected] COO, John Rodell, 720-227-1956, [email protected] Martinez, CA 94553 President, Joseph Pickard, 808-221-7722, [email protected] Website: Environmental Restoration LLC Emergency Number: 925-969-0750 1666 Fabick Dr Corporate Leadership: St Louis, MO 63026 President, Cindy Liu, 925-969-0750, [email protected] Environmental Compliance Office Website: com Inc. Emergency Number: 888-814-7477 VP, Operations, Randy Randall, 925-969-0750, randy. 3011 W Grand Blvd Ste 420 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Detroit, MI 48202 President-Managing Partner, Dennis Greaney, 636- VP, Business Development, Brad Kordic, 925-969- Website: 227-7477, [email protected] 0750, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Operations-Managing Partner, Jim Davis, 636- VP, Brad Hall, 925-969-0750, [email protected] President, Vimala Anishetty, 313-285-8401, [email protected] 227-7477, [email protected] VP, Contracting-Managing Partner, Russ Gulledge, Enginuity Systems LLC 636-227-7477, [email protected] 40 Broadwat Ste 100 VP, Business Development, Robert Stover, 314-392- Environmental Consulting & 1267, [email protected] Tacoma, WA 98402 Website: Technology Inc. 3701 Northwest 98th St Corporate Leadership: Gainesville, FL 32606 Environmental Services Inc. President, Bruce Gustafson, 253-292-0357, [email protected] 7220 Financial Way Ste 100 Website: Jacksonville, FL 32256 VP, Jesse Barksdale, 253-292-0357, [email protected] Emergency Number: 904-945-7501 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 904-470-2200 VP-Assessments, Michael Garbee, 904-945-7501, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] ENGworks VP-Water Resources, Sanjiv Sinha, 734-769-3004, CEO, Rhodes Robinson, 904-470-2200, [email protected] 833 W Jackson Blvd Ste 400 [email protected] Chicago, IL 60607 President, Sarah Robinson, 904-470-2200, srobin- VP-Compliance, Vilma Brueggemeyer, 904-296-0544, Website: [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 888-596-5325 VP, Gary Howalt, 904-470-2200, [email protected] VP-Remediation, Brad Pekas, 813-289-9338, bpe- Corporate Leadership: COO, Michael Wilson, 904-470-220, [email protected] [email protected] Business Development, David Sample, 949-340-6924, [email protected] Environmental Consulting and Environmental, Safety & Health Inc. EnSafe Inc. Training Services Inc. 10732 Dutchtown Rd 5724 Summer Trees Dr 1100 Marion St Ste 301 Knoxville, TN 37932 Memphis, TN 38134 Knoxville, TN 37921 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 865-803-2374 Emergency Number: 800-588-7962 Emergency Number: 865-986-6397 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, William Garibay, 865-671-2374, [email protected] VP, Craig Wise, 901-372-7962, cwise COO, Woody Wicker, 865-986-6397, [email protected] VP, Business Development, Ginny Gray Davis, 865- VP, Lynn Hickman, 865-671-2374, [email protected] 693-3623, [email protected] com Senior Program Manager, Larry Barnett, 865-671- 2374, [email protected] Senior Program Manager, Dwight Flynn, 865-671- 2374, [email protected] 88 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

87 E-F Enviroscapes Inc. ERG EwingCole PO Box 5067 14555 Avion Pkwy Ste 200 Federal Reserve Bank Bldg Kendall Park, NJ 08824 Chantilly, VA 20151 100 N 6th St Website: Website: Philadelphia, PA 19106 Emergency Number: 732-713-3162 Emergency Number: 703-627-9594 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 215-923-2020 VP, Edward Blanar, 732-422-4449, [email protected] VP, Roy Sieber, 703-633-1614, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Brian King, 703-633-1665, [email protected] President, Mark Hebden, 215-625-4457, [email protected] President, Sean Goodwin, 732-422-4449, [email protected] Principal, Government Practice Leader, John Capelli, ERM 215-625-4626, [email protected] Chief Estimator, Thomas Trapp, 732-422-4449, 1277 Treat Blvd 500 [email protected] Walnut Creek, CA 94597 Senior Project Manager, Phil Tully, 732-422-4449, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Partner, Mark Bradford, 916-924-9378, mark.brad- EnviroSure Inc. [email protected] 103 S High St Ste 1 Director, Federal Programs, Larry Ward, 410-266- West Chester, PA 19382 0006, [email protected] Website: Federal Sector Business Development, Claudia Paval, exp Federal Corporate Leadership: 916-924-9378, [email protected] exp Global Inc. President and CEO, Scott Smith, 610-696-8980, Partner, Tim Conley, +49 89 189 579 810, tim. 205 N Michigan Ave 3800 [email protected] [email protected] Chicago, IL 60601 Website: Corporate Leadership: EQ Northeast Inc. ESA President, John Samis, 312-616-6384, [email protected] The Environmental Quality Co. 225 Bush St Ste 1700 185 Industrial Rd San Francisco, CA 94104 SVP of Corporate Development, Bradford Goldman, PO Box 617 Website: 703-966-6010, [email protected] Wrentham, MA 02093-0617 Emergency Number: 415-896-5900 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-839-3975 Sr. VP, Leslie Moulton, 916-564-4500, [email protected] Eyak Technology LLC Corporate Leadership: The Eyak Corp. VP Government Services, Kevin Franklin, 800-426- VP, Cathy McEfee, 916-564-4500, [email protected] 360 W Benson Blvd 210 9878, [email protected] com Anchorage, AK 99503 VP, Tom Vine, 800-426-9878, [email protected] VP, Erich Fischer, 916-564-4500, [email protected] Website: com com Corporate Leadership: Executive VP, Tom Schuck, 734-547-2500, Director, Infrastructure Services, Michael Nuckols, [email protected] 703-880-5361, [email protected] Estime Enterprises Inc. Business Development Executive, Linda Stocker, 703- President & CEO, Dave Lusk, 734-329-8000, 4640 Forbes Blvd Ste 100 [email protected] 544-3604, [email protected] Lanham, MD 20706 Website: Equity Environmental Engineering Emergency Number: 301-731-8316 Eye Popping Promotions LLC Corporate Leadership: 13110 Birch Dr Ste 148-237 LLC Omaha, NE 68164 4 Gold Mine Rd Ste 3 President, Lunique Estime, 301-731-8316, [email protected] Emergency Number: 402-215-6736 Flanders, NJ 07836 COO, Charles Jones, 301-731-9777, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Co-Owner, R.E. Cunningham, 402-215-6736, rcun- Emergency Number: 973-527-7451 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Co-Owner, Lyn Cunningham, 804-306-4288, lyncun- Managing Director, Peter Jaran, 973-527-7451, peter. ETTL Engineers & Consultants Inc. [email protected] [email protected] 1717 E Erwin Managing Director, Mark London, 973-527-7451, Tyler, TX 75702 [email protected] Website: EYP Architecture & Engineering PC Managing Director, Jim Heineman, 646-662-5463, jim. Corporate Leadership: 1000 Potomac St NW [email protected] Business Development, James Aldredge, 903-595- Washington, DC 20007 4421, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 202-471-5000 Erdman Anthony Corporate Leadership: Erdman Anthony Holding Co. Inc. Evans-Graves Engineers Inc. Executive Principal, Ed Kohlberg, 202-471-5000, 2165 Brighton Henrietta TL Rd 9029 Jefferson Hwy Ste 200 [email protected] Rochester, NY 14623 Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 585-427-8888 Emergency Number: 225-926-1620 Faithful+Gould Inc. Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Atkins President/CEO, Russell Bullock, 585-427-8888, President, John A. Graves, P.E., P.L.S., 225-926-1620, 11 E26th St 18th Fl [email protected] [email protected] New York, NY 10010 Senior VP/COO, D. Vincent Weiser, 585-427-8888, VP, Business Development, Anthony S. Brocato, Website: [email protected] 504-836-8190, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Project Development, Ashlyn A. Graves, President & Managing Director, Paul Wood, 602-445- 504-836-8190, [email protected] 3570, [email protected] Chief of Operations, C.J. Roth, P.E., 225-926-1620, VP, Ron Pruzinsky, 972-588-3241, [email protected] [email protected] Director - Marketing & Communications, Christy Ullo, 917-421-1419, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 89

88 F Farnsworth Group Inc. FGM Architects Inc. Flintco Inc. 2709 McGraw Dr 1211 W 22nd St Ste 705 1624 W 21st St Bloomington, IL 61704 Oak Brook, IL 60523 Tulsa, OK 74107 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 303-519-9364 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 850-435-8720 Corporate Leadership: President & CEO, John Ochoa, 630-574-8300, Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Karen Jensen, 309-689-9888, [email protected] General Manager, Derek Knauss, 850-437-0628, [email protected] VP, Mary Ann OHara, 630-368-8326, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Aaron Quick, 309-663-8436, [email protected] Principal, Tim Kiefer, 309-663-8436, [email protected] FluidClarity Ltd. Director of Business Development, Julie Fisher, 303- 519-9364, [email protected] Fidelis Veteran Construction Inc. 1144 W Lake St Ste 303 2 Ravina St NW 970 Oak Park, IL 60301 Dunwoody, GA 30327 Website: Farris Engineering Inc. Website: Emergency Number: 708-945-0351 11239 Chicago Cir Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Omaha, NE 68154 President, John Lewis, 678-778-2091, [email protected] Principal, Marion Kessy, 708-383-3500, marion. Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 402-330-5900 VP, Michelle Lewis, 708-383-3500, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Greg Kronaizl, P.E., 402-330-5900, Fire Risk Management Inc. [email protected] 1 Front St 2nd Fl Bath, ME 04530 Website: Fay, Spofford & Thorndike LLC Corporate Leadership: 5 Burlington Woods Principal Engineer, W. Mark Cummings, 207-442- Fluor Corp. Burlington, MA 01803 7200, [email protected] 2300 Clarendon Blvd Ste 1110 Website: Arlington, VA 22201 Emergency Number: 781-221-1000 Website: Corporate Leadership: Firetech Consulting Inc. Corporate Leadership: President, Dean Groves, 781-221-1214, [email protected] 8967 W Radcliffe Dr VP, Business Development, Kenneth Smith, 864-281- Littleton, CO 80123 6804, [email protected] Sr. VP, Michael Roache, P.E., 781-221-1124, Website: Executive Director, Business Development, Matthew [email protected] Emergency Number: 303-916-9097 Carroll, 703-351-6456, [email protected] Sr. Principal, Robert Bertolino, P. E., 781-221-1218, Corporate Leadership: Director, Business Development, Robert Griffith, 864- [email protected] President, Randoph Leger, 720-981-3413, [email protected] 281-4931, [email protected] Associate, Michael Govoni, P. E., 781-221-1213, [email protected] Forsgren Assoc. Inc. Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber 370 E 500 S Ste 200 Inc. Salt Lake City, UT 84111 1515 Arboretum Dr SE Website: Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Emergency Number: 801-364-4785 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Divison Manager, Alan Driscoll, 916-638-1119, Sr. VP, Eric Hugger, 616-575-3824, [email protected] [email protected] Sr. VP, Kenneth Wiley, 616-575-3824, [email protected] FE&C-Federal Engineers and Sr. VP, James Smalligan, 616-575-3824, [email protected] Fort Hill Infrastructure Services LLC Sr. VP, William Gipson, 616-575-3824, [email protected] One Walnut St Constructors 3240 Richardson Rd Boston, MA 02108 Richland, WA 99352 Fisher & Arnold Inc. Website: Website: 9180 Crestwyn Hill Dr Emergency Number: 617-722-3020 Corporate Leadership: Memphis, TN 38125 Corporate Leadership: VP, Richard French, 509-375-1608, [email protected] Website: President, William Lyons, 877-305-4163, [email protected] com Emergency Number: 615-347-4637 VP, Butch Daniels, 865-438-7505, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Engineer, David Davidson, 615-347-4637, ddavid- [email protected] FECC Inc. 3652 Old Winter Garden Rd Flexamat Orlando, FL 32805 Motz Enterprises Inc. Website: 11006 Reading Rd 301 Emergency Number: 407-296-9995 Cincinnati, OH 45241 Fortis Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 513-772-6689 4108 E Airlane Sr. VP, Gordon Kirkland, 407-2969995, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Phoenix, AZ 85034 VP, Matt Motz, 513-772-6689, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 480-221-9002 Flint Energies Corporate Leadership: 98 Carl Vinson Pkwy CEO, Clarence McAllister, 602-242-1200, Warner Robins, GA 31088 [email protected] Emergency Number: 478-218-5548 Corporate Leadership: VP of Military & Community Affairs, F. Ronnie Sanders, 478-218-5548, [email protected] 90 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

89 F Foth FPM Remediations Inc. Frederick Ward Assoc. Inc. Foth Companies Affiliated with FPM Group Ltd. 5 S Main St 2314 W Altorfer Dr 584 Phoenix Dr PO Box 727 Peoria, IL 61615 Rome, NY 13441 Bel Air, MD 21014-0727 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 309-253-4754 Emergency Number: 315-725-4497 Emergency Number: 410-879-2090 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Client Director, Patrick Sloan, 309-691-5300, patrick. President, Gaby Atik, 315-336-7721, [email protected] President, Craig A. Ward, 410-879-2090, [email protected] [email protected] Senior Environmental VP, Steve Laszewski, 920-496- CEO, Kevin Phillips, 631-737-6200, [email protected] VP, Torrence M. Pierce, 410-879-2090, [email protected] 6823, [email protected] Water Resources Director, Ken Potrykus, 920-497- COO, Gary Molnar, 631-737-6200, [email protected] VP, John Mettee, 410-879-2090, [email protected] 2500, [email protected] Director, Business Development, Edward M. Steere, Environmental Scientist, Mike Raimonde, 414-336- 410-879-2090, [email protected] 7902, [email protected] Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Assoc. PC 5801 Broadway Ext Ste 500 Freeman Fong Architecture PS Four Seasons Environmental Inc. Oklahoma City, OK 73118 83 Columbia St 305 43 New Garver Rd Website: Seattle, WA 98104 Monroe, OH 45050 Emergency Number: 405-301-5229 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: CEO, William Frankfurt, 405-840-2931, [email protected] President, Freeman Fong, 206-282-8245, [email protected] CEO, Dan Tarkington, 513-539-2978, [email protected] Director of Federal Programs, Richard Johnson, President, Ken Dickerson, 513-539-2978, kdicker- 405-840-2931, [email protected] Freese and Nichols Inc. [email protected] Director of Business Development, Laure Majors, 4055 International Plaza Ste 200 VP, Reed Tarkington, 513-539-2978, [email protected] 405-840-2931, [email protected] Fort Worth, TX 76109-4895 Website: Franvel Corp. Emergency Number: 817-735-7462 FourFront Design Inc. 1416 S Terrace Dr Corporate Leadership: 517 7th St PO Box 4396 VP, Robert Chambers, 817-735-7462, [email protected] Rapid City, SD 57701 Tulsa, OK 74104 com Website: Website: President/CEO, Bob Pence, 817-735-7300, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 918-749-3592 President/CEO, Bryan Vulcan, 605-342-9470, Corporate Leadership: VP, Gordon Wells, 817-735-7239, [email protected] [email protected] President, William Connole, 918-749-3592, Account Director, Eric Potts, 832-456-4731, Eric. VP/COO, Curt Huus, 605-342-9470, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] VP/CFO, Ken Anderson, 605-342-9470, [email protected] Fraser & Fogle Architects Froehling & Robertson 11061 NE 2nd St Ste 160 3015 Dumbarton Rd FPI/ESSI Bellevue, WA 98004 Richmond, VA 23228 151 Kalmus Dr Ste A202 Website: Website: Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 804-264-2701 Website: Partner, Brad Fogle, 425-455-3436, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 714-513-2100 President, Samuel Kirby, 804-264-2701, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Partner, Wally Fraser, 425-455-3436, [email protected] Director, Stephen Van Valkenburgh, 714-513-2100, [email protected] FSi consulting engineers Director, Nick Vertucci, 714-513-2100, [email protected] Frazier Engineering Inc. 811 First Ave Ste 300 2289 W Eau Gallie Blvd Ste B Seattle, WA 98104 National Sales Manager, Mike Bills, 714-513-2100, Melbourne, FL 32935 Website: [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Robert Danforth, 206-622-3321, [email protected] FPM Group Ltd. Principal, Michelle Shoultz, 321-253-8131, [email protected] Affiliated with FPM Remediations Inc. Principal, Michael Eshelman, 206-622-3321, [email protected] 909 Marconi Ave Principal, John Frazier, 321-253-8131, [email protected] Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Website: Construction Manager, Doug Lasure, 301-508-0030, FTG Consulting Corporate Leadership: [email protected] 20338 Long Cypress Dr President, Gary Molnar, 631-737-6200, [email protected] Spring, TX 77388 Emergency Number: 573-337-0232 CEO, Kevin Phillips, 631-737-6200, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Owner, Katherine Stockton, 573-337-0232, katherine- [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 91

90 F-G Fugro Consultants Inc. Gaea Consultants LLC Garver USA 6100 Hillcroft Ave 536 Washington Ave 4701 Northshore Dr Houston, TX 77081 New Orleans, LA 70130 North Little Rock, AR 72118 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 888-241-6615 Emergency Number: 504-319-3376 Emergency Number: 501-376-3633 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Director of Marketing, David Kochis, 972-484-8301, President, Tonja Koob, 504-962-5360, [email protected] Director of Federal Services, John Watkins, 501-376- [email protected] 3633, [email protected] Business Director - Federal, Craig Vaughn, 720-836- 4880, [email protected] Gaghan Mechanical Inc. Business Director - Federal, Paul Grosskruger, Gate Precast 5649D General Washington Dr Gate Petroleum Co. 904-253-7880, [email protected] Alexandria, VA 22312 Executive VP, John Wooley, 512-977-1800, [email protected] 9540 San Jose Blvd Website: Jacksonville, FL 32257 Emergency Number: 703-354-2471 Website: Emergency Number: 540-222-6189 Fugro GeoServices Inc. GAI Consultants Inc. 5761 Silverado Way Ste O Anchorage, AK 99518 385 E Waterfront Dr GC Engineering Inc. Homestead, PA 15120-5005 2505 Park Ave Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Pearland, TX 77581 Emergency Number: 800-292-6076 Website: Alaska Division Manager, Scott Widness, 907-561- Corporate Leadership: 3478, [email protected] Emergency Number: 713-898-3960 President, Gary DeJidas, 412-476-2000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President and Managing Director (Fugro Earth- Data), Edward Saade, 301-948-8550, [email protected] President, Chandi Rodrigo, 281-412-7008 ext 106, Executive VP, Anthony Morrocco, 412-476-2000, [email protected] [email protected] Commercial Manager (Fugro Pelagos), Jerry Wilson, VP, Diane Landers, 412-476-2000, [email protected] 858-945-1339, [email protected] GCC Enterprises Inc. Group Manager, Deanne Hargrave, 907-561-3478, 1601 Valley View Ln Bldg 2 Ste 201 [email protected] Dallas, TX 75234 Gale Assoc. Inc. Website: 163 Libbey Pkwy Emergency Number: 214-789-1410 Fugro Horizons Inc. PO Box 890189 A Fugro Co. Corporate Leadership: Weymouth, MA 02189-0004 President, Gregory Cody, 214-789-1410, [email protected] 3600 Jet Dr Website: Rapid City, SD 57703 Corporate Leadership: Operations Director, Mike Sully, 214-498-3007, Website: VP, Jon Lindberg, 800-659-4753, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] VP, Edward Madden, 800-366-1714, [email protected] President, Paul Harwig, 605-343-0280, [email protected] Director - Civil, William Seymour, 800-659-4753, [email protected] GCR Inc. VP of Engineering, Guy Meiron, 605-343-0280, guy. 315 Page Rd Box 7 [email protected] Pinehurst, NC 28374 Gannett Fleming Inc. Website: 207 Senate Ave Emergency Number: 704-293-7929 FutureNet Group Inc. Camp Hill, PA 17011 12801 Auburn St Corporate Leadership: Website: VP, Business Development, Kevin Ryan, 321-394- Detroit, MI 48223 Emergency Number: 703-463-6318 Website: 5556, ext 205, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Paul Walden, 910-215-1900, [email protected] Emergency Number: 313-215-1207 VP, W. Art Barrett, 703-222-7181, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, David Wilson, 717-763-7211, [email protected] President, Perry Mehta, 313-544-7117, [email protected] VP, William Bingham, 717-763-7211, [email protected] GE Johnson Construction Co. Sr. VP, Henry Shah, 313-544-7117, [email protected] Federal Program Team Manager, Robert Taylor, 717- 25 N Cascade Ave Ste 400 763-7211, [email protected] Colorado Springs, CO 80118 VP, Jay Mehta, 313-544-7117, [email protected] Website: com VP, Arvind Singhal, 313-544-7117, [email protected] Garland/DBS Garland Industries Inc. GEC Inc. 9357 Interline Ave 3800 E 91st St Cleveland, OH 44105 Baton Rouge, LA 70809 GAC Contractors Website: Website: 4116 Hwy 231 N Emergency Number: 216-641-7500 Emergency Number: 225-612-3000 Panama City, FL 32404 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: Regional Manager, Steve Keating, 208-850-5148, President, Verdi Adam, 225-612-4101, [email protected] Emergency Number: 850-769-3477 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Area Representative, Logan DeWitt, 435-655-5044, COO, Stephen Spohrer, 225-906-1423, [email protected] VP, Derwin White, 850-769-3477, [email protected] [email protected] Director of Operations, Mike Huber, 216-641-7500, Executive VP, Philip Meyers, 225-612-4102, President, Richard Dodd, 850-769-3477, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Regional Manager, Adrian Stitts, 423-718-4496, VP, Thomas Newsham, 225-612-4144, [email protected] [email protected] 92 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

91 G GEI Consultants Inc. Geo-Marine Inc. Geotechnology Inc. 400 Unicorn Park Dr A Subsidiary of Applied Research Assoc. 11816 Lackland Rd Ste 150 Woburn, MA 01801 Inc. St. Louis, MO 63146 Website: 2201 K Ave Ste A2 Website: Emergency Number: 401-714-5253 Plano, TX 75074 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: President & CEO, Ed Alizadeh, Esq., P.E., 314-997- President, Frank Leathers, 781-721-4041, [email protected] Emergency Number: 972-423-5480 7440, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Branch and CMT Manager, Pat Donovan, P.E., Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Stockwell, 781-721- VP, Business Development, Chris Koehler, 972-423- 901-353-1981, [email protected] 4009, [email protected] 5480, [email protected] Business Development, Federal Programs, Pam VP, Cultural Resources, Duane Peter, 972-423-5480, Hobbs, 314-997-7440, [email protected] GEL Geophysics LLC [email protected] com The GEL Group Inc. VP, AFCEE/Air Force Programs, Will Dean, 210-930- Department Manager, Geophysics, Doug Lambert, 2040 Savage Rd 3007, [email protected] R.G., 314-997-7440, [email protected] Charleston, SC 29407 Manager, Business Development, Charlie Smithers, com Website: 901-491-4845, [email protected] Emergency Number: 843-697-2197 Geotest Engineering Inc. Corporate Leadership: GEO-METRIK Ingenieurgesellschaft 5600 Bintliff Dr Director of NC Operations, Brandon Phillips, 919-406- mbH Rhein-Main Houston, TX 77036 1808, [email protected] GEO-METRIK AG Website: Sr. Project Manager, Scott Smith, 843-769-7379, [email protected] Traubenweg 10 Emergency Number: 713-266-0588 D-64823 Gross-Umstadt, D-64823 Corporate Leadership: Director, Scott Carney, 843-769-7379, [email protected] Website: President, Ravi Yanamandala, 713-266-0588, Director of GA Operations, Jorgen Bergstrom, Emergency Number: 00496078968197 [email protected] 770-980-1002, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Kuo-Chiang Frank Lin, 713-266-0588, Branch Manager, Bernd Diehl, 00496078968197, [email protected] General Physics Corp. [email protected] VP, Mohan Ballagere, 713-266-0588, 500 Edgewood Rd Ste 110 [email protected] Edgewood, MD 21040 George F. Young Inc. Website: George F. Young of Florida Inc. GeoTesting Express Inc. 299 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St N Geocomp Corp. St Pete, FL 33701 125 Nagog Park Website: Acton, MA 01720 Corporate Leadership: Website: VP, Alfonso Belluccia, 813-223-1747, [email protected] Emergency Number: 978-835-1436 GENTERRA Consultants Inc. Corporate Leadership: 15375 Barranca Pkwy Bldg L Chief Engineer, Allen Marr, 978-635-0424, Irvine, CA 92618 [email protected] Website: Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Director of Testing Services, Gary Torosian, 978-635- Emergency Number: 949-753-8766 2002 Summit Blvd NE Ste 885 0424, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Atlanta, GA 30319 Laboratory Manager, Marty Molino, 770-645-6575, President & Senior Principal Engineer, Joseph J. Website: [email protected] Kulikowski, 949-753-8766, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Laboratory Manager, Dobday Mark, 978-635-0424, Associate, Eric Nesbit, 919-870-0576, [email protected] [email protected] GEO Consultants LLC 325 Kentucky Ave Engineer, Jennifer Donahue, 510-836-3034, jdona- [email protected] Gerding Builders Kevil, KY 42053 Gerding Companies Website: Principal, Sean Ragain, 503-222-9518, [email protected] 200 SW Airport Rd Corporate Leadership: Corvallis, OR 97333 President, Jeff Douthitt, 270-462-3882, [email protected] Website: Geotechnical & Environmental Emergency Number: 541-250-2908 Senior Program Manager, Larry Copeland, 270-462- Consultants Inc. 3882, [email protected] 514 Hillcrest Industrial Blvd GET Solutions Inc. Senior Program Manager, Todd Buchanan, 270-462- Macon, GA 31204 204 Grayson Rd 3882, [email protected] Website: Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Emergency Number: 478-757-1606 Website: Geocon Inc. Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 6960 Flanders Dr President, Thomas Driver, P.E., 478-757-1606, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Camille Kattan, 757- San Diego, CA 92121 [email protected] 518-1703, [email protected] Website: Business Development Manager, Cynthia Hall-Beale, Geotechnical Services Inc. 757-518-1703, [email protected] GeoEngineers Inc. 9312 G Ct Geotechnical Engineer, Glenn Hohmeier, 910-478- 600 Stewart St Ste 1700 Omaha, NE 68127 9915, [email protected] Seattle, WA 98101 Website: Geotechnical Engineer, Jerry Stalls, 252-335-9765, Website: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Emergency Number: 206-550-4257 President, Charles Brewer, 316-554-1725, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Market Leader, Wayne Wright, 206-728-2674, Executive VP, David Edwards, 316-554-0725, ded- [email protected] [email protected] COO, Dan Campbell, 206-728-2674, [email protected] VP, Ed Hubert, 816-304-3909, [email protected] com Market Leader, Layne Alfonso, 253-383-4940, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 93

92 G Getfused Inc. GLMV Architecture Inc. Gonzalez Companies LLC 285 Summer St Ste 100 1525 E Douglas 1750 S Brentwood Blvd Ste 700 Boston, MA 02210 Wichita, KS 67211 St. Louis, MO 63144 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 781-702-5808 Emergency Number: 316-619-7501 Emergency Number: 314-961-1888 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: CEO, Spencer Collier, 617-500-2606, [email protected] Chairman, William Livingston, 316-265-9367, blivings- Senior Managing Partner, Anthony Gonzalez-Angel, [email protected] 314-961-1888, [email protected] President, Steve Mammone, 617-500-2606, smam- Sr. VP, Operations, Mike Kandt, 316-265-9367, Managing Partner, Patrick Judge, 314-961-1888, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] VP, Kile Morrison, 816-444-4200, [email protected] Managing Partner, Carlos Huddleston, 314-961-1888, Ghafari Assoc. LLC com [email protected] 17101 Michigan Ave VP, John Rhebergen, 281-870-1914, [email protected] Dearborn, MI 48126-2736 Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. Website: 2660 EastChase Ln Ste 200 Corporate Leadership: Global Engineering Services PO Box 242128 President & CEO, Kouhaila Hammer, 313-436-8606, 4858 Bancroft St Montgomery, AL 36117 [email protected] San Diego, CA 92116 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: GHD Inc. Corporate Leadership: Director, Federal Services, Jennifer Landry, 256-533- 16451 Scientific Way President, Cole Woodman, 619-948-8541, cole.wood- 1484, [email protected] Irvine, CA 92618 [email protected] Architect, D. Leonard Robinson, 256-533-1484, Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 949-250-0501 Global Environmental Inc. VP, NW Florida, Charles Faulkner, 850-683-0711, Corporate Leadership: 6439 Plymouth Ave Ste 119 [email protected] Federal Program Manager, Tony Petroccitto, 415-283- St.Louis, MO 63133 4970, [email protected] Website: Gorrondona & Assoc. Inc. Client Relations, Michele Percussi, 206-838-8584, Emergency Number: 314-799-6476 7524 Jack Newell Blvd S [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Fort Worth, TX 76118 Director of Operations, William Ystueta, 314-875- Website: Gibbs Construction LLC 9501, [email protected] 5736 Citrus Blvd Ste 200 President, Vicki Dunn, 314-875-9501, [email protected] Goshow Architects New Orleans, LA 70123 44 W 28th St 5th Fl Website: New York, 10001 Emergency Number: 504-733-4336 Global Remediation Services Inc. Website: Corporate Leadership: 700 Richmond St Corporate Leadership: CEO, Lawrence C. Gibbs, 504-733-4336 East Taunton, MA 02718 Managing Partner, Nancy Goshow, AIA, LEED AP President, Robert S. Wooderson, 504-733-4336 Website: BD+C, 212-242-3735, [email protected] CFO, Edward K. Methe, 504-733-4336 Emergency Number: 508-828-1005 Partner, Eric Goshow, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, 212-242- Corporate Leadership: 3735, [email protected] Gipe Assoc. Inc. CEO, Rebecca Burbank, 508-828-1005, [email protected] Principal, Stephen Mitchell, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, 849 Fairmount Ave 212-242-3735, [email protected] Dulaney Center 1 Ste 102 President, Tim Burbank, 617-212-5871, [email protected] Baltimore, MD 21286 Gourdie-Fraser Inc. Website: General Manager, Heather Atwood, 617-592-6991, 123 W Front St Emergency Number: 410-832-2420 [email protected] Traverse City, MI 49684 Corporate Leadership: Program Manager, Steve Pozner, 617-592-6200, Website: President, Gary Weedon, 410-832-2420, [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 800-900-5874 Corporate Leadership: Global Solutions LLC Professional Surveyor, Gary Wilson, 231-946-5874, gkkworks 4201 Bridlepath Pl [email protected] 2355 Main St Ste 220 Louisville, KY 40245 Professional Surveyor, Trevor McMann, 231-946- Irvine, CA 92614 Website: 5874, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 502-296-2534 Professional Engineer, Dan Wagner, 231-946-5874, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Praful Kulkarni, 949-250-1500, Principal, Vinay Polepalli, 502-296-2534, [email protected] [email protected] Government Services Integrated Principal, William Line, 310-321-3794, [email protected] Process Team LLC Golder Assoc. Inc. 4221 Forbes Blvd 250 3730 Chamblee Tucker Rd Lanham, MD 20706 GLE Assoc. Inc. Atlanta, GA 30341 Website: 4300 W Cypress St Ste 400 Website: Emergency Number: 301-794-8797 Tampa, FL 33607 Emergency Number: 912-659-8318 Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Susan Ballard-Hirsch, 301-794-8797, Emergency Number: 888-453-4531 Principal, Mike Brown, 425-883-0777, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP - Strategic Operations, Victoria Locklear, 301-794- Corporate Sales, BJ Ryan, 813-241-8350, [email protected] Director of Federal Projects, Linda Morrison, 912-659- 8797, [email protected] 8318, [email protected] Design Division Manager, Darryl Henderson, 301-794- Director of North Florida Operations, James Elliott, Senior Engineer and Associate, Mark Haddock, 8797, [email protected] 904-296-1880, [email protected] 636-724-9191, [email protected] Director of Marketing, Michael Thomas, 301-794- Director of Central Florida Operations, Paul Zak, Principal, Tim Griffin, 919-462-6491, [email protected] 8797, [email protected] 407-658-4151, [email protected] 94 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

93 G GRAEF Greenman Pedersen Inc. Groundwater & Environmental 125 South 84th St Ste 401 325 W Main St Milwaukee, WI 53214-1470 Babylon, NY 11702 Services Website: Website: 440 Creamery Way Ste 500 Emergency Number: 414-259-1500 Emergency Number: 917-921-6342 Exton, PA 19341 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: CEO, John Kissinger, 414-259-1500, [email protected] Sr. VP/Branch Manager, Denise Carter, 631-587-5060, Emergency Number: 800-426-9871 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Infrastructure Division Manager, Paul Eiring, 414-266- COO, Gary Etter, 908-236-9001, [email protected] Government Program Manager, Laura Perisse, 9098, [email protected] Sr. VP/Branch Manager, Daniel Maletic, 410-880-3055, 800-426-9871, [email protected] Federal Market Leader, James Lisak, 414-266-9085, [email protected] CEO, Anthony Kull, 800-220-3068, [email protected] [email protected] Sr. VP/Branch Manager, Lew Brode, 240-268-1820, com [email protected] President/COO, Edward Van Woudenberg, 800-220- 3068, [email protected] Graham Group U.S. Inc. Sr. VP, Corporate Engineering, Charles Whisman, 9709 3rd Ave NE 208 Greenway Enterprises Inc. 800-426-9871, [email protected] Seattle, WA 98115 608 Lincoln Rd W Website: PO Box 5553 Corporate Leadership: Helena, MT 59604 Group 70 International Inc. President, Doug Sherrow, 206-729-8844, [email protected] Website: 925 Bethel St 5th Fl Emergency Number: 301-536-8040 Honolulu, HI 96813 Ken Snyder, 206-729-8844, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Larry Wiberg, 509-534-1030, [email protected] CEO, Gary Hoovestal, 406-458-9411, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Karl Pauly, 206-729-8844, [email protected] Vice Chairman/Principal, Jim Nishimoto, 808-523- Regional Director, Stephen Khovananth, 301-562- 5866, [email protected] 8600, [email protected] Principal, Christine Ruotola, 808-523-5866, [email protected] Granite Construction Co. 585 W Beach St Director of Operations, Michel Jichlinski, 301-536- Watsonville, CA 95076 8040, [email protected] Website: Grunley Construction Co. Inc. Emergency Number: 520-584-6502 Gresham, Smith and Partners 15020 Shady Grove Rd Ste 500 Corporate Leadership: 511 Union St 1400 Nashville City Ctr Rockville, MD 20850 Business Development Manager-Federal Contracting, Nashville, TN 37219 Website: Todd Keller, 520-584-6502, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Kenneth Grunley, 240-399-2000, kenneth- Regional VP, J. Michael Sullivan, P.E., 615-770-8100, [email protected] [email protected] General Manager, Greg Druga, 240-399-2000, Green Seal Environmental Inc. [email protected] 114 State Rd Bldg B Director of Sustainability, Jane Ahrens, 214-366-6504, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562 [email protected] Website: Senior VP, Michael Cochrane, 615-770-8100, GRW Emergency Number: 508-888-6034 [email protected] 801 Corporate Dr Corporate Leadership: Lexington, KY 40503 Principal, John Blaisdell, Sr., 508-888-6034, [email protected] GRI Website: 9725 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Ste 140 Emergency Number: 502-693-3587 CEO, Christie Wirsen, 508-888-6034, [email protected] Beaverton, OR 97005 Corporate Leadership: Website: VP, Shane Lyle, 859-223-3999, [email protected] Emergency Number: 503-641-3478 VP, Monty Maynard, 859-223-3999, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Greenhorne & OMara VP, Ben Fister, 859-223-3999, [email protected] 6110 Frost Pl Principal, Dwight Hardin, 503-641-3478, [email protected] Marketing Director, Louise Godshall, 859-223-3999, Laurel, MD 20707 [email protected] Website: Associate, George Freitag, 503-641-3478, [email protected] Emergency Number: 724-312-3065 Corporate Leadership: GTS Technologies Inc. VP, Federal Programs, John Voycik, 301-982-2850, Ground Hound Detection Services 441 Friendship Rd [email protected] Harrisburg, PA 17111 Inc. Website: 2930 NW Commerce Park Dr Ste 1 Emergency Number: 717-497-6685 Greenleaf Construction Co. Inc. Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Corporate Leadership: 3303 Gillham Rd Website: President, Brent Basom, 717-920-7040, [email protected] Kansas City, MO 64109 Emergency Number: 407-658-1030 Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Craig Welfer, 717-920-7053, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Jeff Poppe, 561-737-9800, [email protected] VP, Andy Parker, 717-920-7021, [email protected] CEO, Byron McIntosh, 816-333-3445, [email protected] com Central Florida Director, Al Harlow, 407-658-1030, [email protected] Director of Operations, Adam Smith, 561-767-9800, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 95

94 G-H Guernsey Guy Engineering Services Inc. Hager GeoScience Inc. 5555 N Grand Blvd 10759 EAdmiral Pl 596 Main St Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Tulsa, OK 74116 Woburn, MA 01801 Website: Emergency Number: 918-381-0838 Website: Emergency Number: 405-642-6792 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 617-312-8806 Corporate Leadership: President, Julie Guy, 918-437-0282, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President and CEO, Michael Moore, 405-416-8174, Project Manager, John Blickensderfer, 918-437-0282, President, Jutta Hager, 781-935-8111, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Sr. VP, Kent Hanebaum, 405-416-8192, kent.hane- VP, Operations, Mario Carnevale, 781-935-8111, [email protected] GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. [email protected] Executive VP, Suhas Patwardhan, 405-416-8216, One Edgewater Dr Project Manager/Geophysicist, Alex Buller, 781-935- [email protected] Norwood, MA 02062 8111, [email protected] Sr. VP, Ken Senour, 405-416-8140, [email protected] Website: Project Manager/Geophysicist, Joshua King, 781-935- Emergency Number: 781-278-3700 8111, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Guernsey Tingle Architects Federal Programs Manager, Brian Balukonis, CPG, Hager-Richter Geoscience Inc. 4350 New Town Ave Ste 101 781-278-5747, [email protected] 8 Industrial Way D10 Williamsburg, VA 23188 IT Director, Principal, Fred Lenz, P.E., 781-278-3802, Salem, NH 03079 Website: [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Corporate Marketing, Jim Cleveland, P.E., Emergency Number: 603-893-9944 President, Thomas Tingle, 757-220-0220, [email protected] 781-278-3826, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Dorothy Richter, PG, 603-893-9944, H&A Architects & Engineers [email protected] Guidon Design Inc. 4880 Sadler Rd Ste 300 VP & Principal Geophysicist, Gene Simmons, Ph.D., 2453 N Delaware St Glen Allen, VA 23060 P.G., 603-893-9944, [email protected] Indianapolis, IN 46205 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 804-285-4171 VP & Senior Geophysicist, Jeffrey Reid, PG, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 603-893-9944, [email protected] President, Luke Leising, 317-800-6388, [email protected] Sr. VP, Steve Pearson, 720-202-1018, [email protected] VP & Senior Geophysicist, Robert Garfield, 732-661- 0555, [email protected] Director of Marketing/Business Development, Cath- Gulf Coast Architectural Group Inc. erine Gettys, 804-285-4171, [email protected] Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford 2510 W Cervantes St Project Manager, KT Prosise, 804-285-4171, 200 Bailey Ave Ste 200 Pensacola, FL 32505 [email protected] Fort Worth, TX 76107 Website: Marketing and Communications Manager, LaTonya Website: Emergency Number: 850-607-7328 Whitaker, 804-285-4171, [email protected] Emergency Number: 817-247-0371 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: VP, G. Larry Law, 850-607-7328, [email protected] H&S Environmental Federal Director, Jason Adams, 817-302-0666, com 160 E Main St #2F [email protected] President, Don Carlos, 850-607-7328, [email protected] Westborough, MA 01581 Principal, Michael Hoffer, 817-302-0638, [email protected] Website: Director of Business Development, Suzanne Davis, Emergency Number: 508-366-7442 850-607-7328, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: HAKS Engineers, Architects and President, Debi Heims, 508-366-7442, [email protected] Land Surveyors PC Gurri Matute PA 40 Wall St 11th Fl 5001 SW 74th Ct Ste 208 VP Sales & Marketing, Doug DeFazio, 610-745-8761, New York, NY 10005 Miami, FL 33155 [email protected] Website: Website: Emergency Number: 646-529-1199 Emergency Number: 786-236-4069 H2H Assoc. LLC Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 179 River St Chairman and Co-Founder, Husam Ahmad, 212-747- President/Owner, Daphne Gurri, 305-661-0069, Troy, NY 12180 1997 ext 516, [email protected] [email protected] Website: President and Chief Executive Officer, Elliot Sander, Principal/Owner, Jose Matute, 305-661-0069, jmat- Emergency Number: 518-270-1620 212-747-1997 ext 708, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Executive VP and New England Regional Manager, Principal, Alan Hall, 518-270-1620, [email protected] Franco Balassone, 860-632-5155 ext 242, fbalas- Gustin, Cothern & Tucker Inc. [email protected] 121 Hart St Project Manager, Mark Williams, 518-270-1620, mwil- Senior VP and North Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager, Niceville, FL 32578 [email protected] Lissette Miquel, 732-744-1490 ext 502, [email protected] Website: Principal, Richard Hisert, 518-270-1620, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Matt Zinke, P.E., 850-678-5141, [email protected] Program Manager, John Gansfuss, 518-270-1620, Hal Hays Construction Inc. com [email protected] 4181 Latham St President, Allen Tucker, 850-678-5141, [email protected] Riverside, CA 92501 Website: Emergency Number: 888-425-4297 Corporate Leadership: President & CEO, Hal Hays, 951-788-0703, [email protected] VP of Marketing & Corporate Development, Elizabeth Cabral, 951-295-4649, [email protected] 96 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

95 H Hale Engineering & Surveying Inc. Harbor Environmental and Safety 7910 Convoy Ct 8114 Cantrell Rd Ste 350 San Diego, CA 92111 Little Rock, AR 72207 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 858-715-1420 Emergency Number: 501-231-3646 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Clinton Hale, 858-715-1420, [email protected] Principal/VP, Leslie Davis, 501-663-8800, [email protected] Hawaiian Rock Products Corp. Principal/President, Trena Adair, 501-663-8800, MCC Development Corp. [email protected] 1402 Route 15 Haley & Aldrich Mangilao, GU 96913-5948 70 Blanchard Rd Ste 430 Hardesty & Hanover Website: Burlington, MA 01803 1501 Broadway Emergency Number: 671-734-2667 Website: New York, NY 10036 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Jerrold Johnson, 671-734-2667, [email protected] Senior VP, David Schoenwolf, 703-336-6206, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Partner, Paul Skelton, 212-944-1150, [email protected] VP, J. Peter Errett, Jr., 671-734-2971 ext 412, [email protected] Halff Assoc. 1201 N Bowser Rd Harper Construction Co. Inc. Haworth Inc. Richardson, TX 75081 2241 Kettner Blvd Ste 300 One Holland Ctr Website: San Diego, CA 92101-1769 Holland, MI 49423 Emergency Number: 214-346-6200 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-344-2600 VP, Greg Kuhn, 214-346-6252, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Marketing Director, Hattie Peterson, 214-346-6236, Hart Crowser Inc. Federal Business Development Manager, Willett [email protected] 1700 Westlake Ave N Ste 200 Edmonson, 602-999-5656, [email protected] Federal Programs, Mike Fallon, 214-346-6200, Seattle, WA 98109-6212 [email protected] Website: Director Federal Progams, Tony Mayone, 703-863- Federal Programs, Joe Milliorn, 817-847-1422, Emergency Number: 206-324-9530 2520, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: SW Region Government Manager, Kim Peppercorn, CEO, Mike Bailey, 206-324-9530, [email protected] 713-231-3956, [email protected] Hammontree & Assoc. Ltd. East Government Regional Manager, Christine Wal- 5233 Stoneham Rd VP Business Development, David Winter, 206-324- lace, 202-573-6287, [email protected] North Canton, OH 44720 9530, [email protected] com Website: Emergency Number: 330-268-8817 Harvard Jolly Architecture HB&A Corporate Leadership: 2714 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St N 102 E Moreno Ave CEO, Charles Hammontree, 330-499-8817, cham- St. Petersburg, FL 32204 Colorado Springs, CO 80903 [email protected] Website: Website: Project Manager/Partner, Barbara Bennett, 330-499- Emergency Number: 904-524-0127 Emergency Number: 719-473-7063 8817, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Michael Vale, 330-499-8817, President, Jeffrey Cobble, 727-896-4611, [email protected] Director, Andrea Barker, 719-473-7063, andrea. [email protected] [email protected] Architect, Bobby Cresap, 904-524-0127, [email protected] Planner, Aaron Briggs, 719-473-7063, [email protected] Hanke Constructors Facility Defense Consultants Inc. Principal, Michael Hart, 813-286-8206, [email protected] Architect, Amy Umiamaka, 719-473-7063, aumia- 2727 Jackson Rd [email protected] Wentzville, MO 63385-4204 Principal, Ward Friszolowski, 727-896-4611, Planner, Tim Murphy, 719-473-7063, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Brett Hanke, 314-537-4816, [email protected] Hatch Mott MacDonald HBA Architecture & Interior Design 27 Bleeker St One Columbus Center 1000 Millburn, NJ 07041 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Hanson Professional Services Inc. Website: Website: Hanson Group Inc. Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 1525 S Sixth St VP, Philip LiVecchi, 973-912-3474, [email protected] Principal, Joseph Bovee, 757-490-9048, [email protected] Springfield, IL 62703 Website: VP, Kin Chow, 201-792-3900, [email protected] Principal, Richard Corner, 757-490-9048, [email protected] Emergency Number: 217-836-4667 com Corporate Leadership: Principal Project Manager, Tom Scheeler, 916-399- President and CEO, Sergio Pecori, 217-788-2450, 0580, [email protected] HCS Group PC [email protected] 8401 Crossland Loop Sr. VP, Joan Freitag, 217-788-2450, [email protected] Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. Montgomery, AL 36117 Kajima USA Corp. Website: Project Manager, Stephen McCaskie, 314-770-0467, 201 Merchant St Ste 1100 Emergency Number: 334-391-0448 [email protected] Honolulu, HI 96813 Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Craig Holan, 217-788-2450, Website: President/CEO, Kent Hornsby, P.E., LEEP AP, [email protected] Emergency Number: 808-735-3302 334-277-6737, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Project Management/Business Development, Laura Director of Federal Programs, Leon De Souza, Mastrangelo, 334-277-6737, [email protected] 808-735-3302, [email protected] com SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 97

96 H HDR Henry Adams LLC HGL Construction Inc. 8404 Indian Hills Dr 600 Baltimore Ave 2000 S Douglas Blvd Omaha, NE 68114 Baltimore, MD 21204 Oklahoma City, OK 73107 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 402-399-1000 Emergency Number: 410-296-6500 Emergency Number: 405-922-4647 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: National Federal Director, Richard Pannell, 571-327- Managing Principal, Douglas Tebera, 410-296-6500, Controller/HR Director, Shannon Waken, 405-737- 5847, [email protected] 7588, [email protected] National Federal Operations Director, Matt Harvey, Principal, Donald Steiner, 410-296-6500, [email protected] Pre-Construction Manager, Memmo Williams, 402-399-1000, 405-737-7588, [email protected] Principal, Scott Haythorn, 410-296-6500, [email protected] Operations Manager-OK, Brian Anderson, 405-737- 7588, [email protected] Health Facilities Group LLC Principal, Michael Meekins, 410-296-6500, [email protected] Operations Manager-AR, Chris Shawver, 501-983- 142 N Mosley Ste 300 1160, [email protected] Wichita, KS 67202 Website: Emergency Number: 316-295-7369 Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende Inc. HGM Assoc. Inc. Corporate Leadership: 1075 Lake Rd 5022 S 114th St Ste 200 President & CEO, Steve Lewallen, 316-262-2500, Carlyle, IL 62231 Omaha, NE 68137 [email protected] Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 712-323-0530 Client Care Specialist, Jerry Goff, 618-594-3711, Corporate Leadership: Heery International Inc. [email protected] Vice President, Ron Tekippe, 712-323-0530, 999 Peachtree St NE [email protected] Atlanta, GA 30309-3953 Website: Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Emergency Number: 404-881-9880 4437 Brookfield Corporate Dr Ste 207 HHI Corp. Corporate Leadership: Chantilly, VA 22039 49 N Main President & CEO, James Moynihan, 404-946-2000, Website: PO Box 950 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Farmington, UT 84025 VP, Glenn Jardine, 404-946-2150, [email protected] Chief Estimator, John Logue, 703-828-3200, [email protected] Website: com Emergency Number: 801-451-2846 VP, Robert Power, 404-946-2148, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Herbert, Rowland & Grubic Inc. CEO, Don Hokanson, 801-451-2846, [email protected] Heffernan Holland Morgan 369 E Park Dr President, Clifford Hokanson, 801-451-2846, crhokan- Harrisburg, PA 17111 Architecture PA Website: [email protected] 312 S Alcaniz St Corporate Leadership: VP Construction, Robert Smith, 801-451-2846, Pensacola, FL 32502 President, Robert Grubic, 717-564-1121, [email protected] [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Regional Service Group Manager, Peggy Miller, 717- HICAPS Inc. President, Phillip Morgan, 850-433-2799, [email protected] 337-9684, [email protected] 600 N Regional Rd Greensboro, NC 27409 Hermanson Co. LLP Website: Helios Resources Ltd. 1221 2nd Ave N Corporate Leadership: 134 Commons Ct Kent, WA 98032 President, Daniel Hood, 336-665-1234, [email protected] Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Website: com Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Peyton Fairbank, 336-707-2824, [email protected] Emergency Number: 925-899-5292 President, Rick Hermanson, 206-575-9700, com Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Energy Director, Kord Christianson, 757-818-1099, Hicks & Company [email protected] 1504 W 5th St Herndon Solutions Group 4001 S Decatur Blvd Ste 37-376 Austin, TX 78703 Helix Design Group Inc. Las Vegas, NV 89103 Corporate Leadership: 6021 12th St E Ste 201 Website: President, Sandra Hicks, 512-478-0858, [email protected] Tacoma, WA 98424 Corporate Leadership: Website: President/COO, Christine Herndon, 702-271-4673, Emergency Number: 253-370-8318 [email protected] Hill International Corporate Leadership: 303 Lippincott Ctr Principal, Erik Prestegaard, 253-922-9037, [email protected] Marlton, NJ 08053 HGA Architects and Engineers Hammel, Green and Abrahamson Inc. Website: Principal, Bruce McKean, 253-922-9037, [email protected] Emergency Number: 1-800-283-4088 44 Canal Center Plaza Ste 100 Alexandria, VA 22314 Corporate Leadership: Principal, Lowell Cate, 253-922-9037, [email protected] President, Projects Group, Tom Spearing, 856-810- Website: Corporate Leadership: 6200, [email protected] VP, Pat Halpin, 703-836-7766, [email protected] Sr. VP, Vince DAmbrosio, 856-810-6200, VP, Luther Blair, 703-836-7766, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Kevin Farquhar, 703-836-7766, [email protected] Sr. VP, Ken Dunn, 202-408-3000, [email protected] com VP, Tony Vesay, 215-557-3240, [email protected] com 98 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

97 H Hinman Consulting Engineers Horner & Shifrin Inc. Hunt Building Co. Ltd. 1 Bush St Ste 510 5200 Oakland Ave Hunt Companies San Francisco, CA 94104 St. Louis, MO 63110 4401 N Mesa Website: Website: El Paso, TX 79902-1107 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 314-479-2151 Website: President, Eve Hinman, 415-621-4423, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 915-298-4265 President, Duane Siegfried, 314-335-8619, Corporate Leadership: Project Director/SME, Sharon Gallant, 415-621-4423, [email protected] CEO, Woody Hunt, 915-533-1122 [email protected] Director, Business Development, Glen Cherry, President - HBC, Mike Hunt, 915-533-1122 Technical Director, Shalva Marjanishvili, 415-621- 314-335-8673, [email protected] Executive VP/CFO, William Kell, 915-533-1122 4423, [email protected] CEO/President - Hunt Development Group, Chris Marketing Director/SME, Caroline Field, 415-621- Hoskin Ryan Consultants Inc. Hunt, 915-533-1122 4423, [email protected] 6245 N 24th Pkwy Ste 100 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Hurt & Proffitt HMN Architects Website: 2524 Langhorne Rd 7400 W 110th St Ste 200 Emergency Number: 602-295-6839 Lynchburg, VA 24501 Overland Park, KS 66210 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: Principal, Tom Ryan, 602-252-8384, [email protected] Emergency Number: 757-373-7900 Emergency Number: N-A com Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Paul Hoskin, 602-252-8384, [email protected] CEO, Bif Johnson, 434-847-7796, [email protected] Principal, Rick Gannon, 913-451-9075, [email protected] General Manager, Norfolk, Page Cockrell, 757-461- 4009, [email protected] Associate Principal, Robert Koenig, 913-451-9075, HR Green Inc. [email protected] 8710 Earhart Ln SW Huryn Justice General Contractors Principal, Patricia Litty, 417-882-9075, [email protected] Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 3405 Ocean Dr Website: Vero Beach, FL 32963 Principal, Steve Davis, 515-661-4175, [email protected] Emergency Number: 319-573-9944 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Mike Ryan, 319-841-4000, [email protected] President, Debra Huryn, 772-234-7114, [email protected] HNTB 715 Kirk Dr Prinicipal, Ralph Russell, 319-841-400, [email protected] Director of Construction, Mark Justice, 772-234-7114, Kansas City, MO 64105 [email protected] Website: Practice Leader, Jonathon Kusa, 651-644-4389, Emergency Number: 800-693-4682 [email protected] H.W. Lochner Inc. Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Mark Gehringer, 713-965-9996, 20 N Wacker Dr Ste 1200 Chief Sales Officer, Doug Mann, 972-661-5626, [email protected] Chicago, IL 60606 [email protected] Website: HSW Engineering Inc. Corporate Leadership: Hoar Construction LLC 3820 Northdale Blvd Ste 210 B CEO, James Bishop, 312-372-7346, [email protected] Two Metroplex Dr Tampa, FL 33624 Birmingham, AL 35209 Website: Director Strategy Business Development, Robert Website: Emergency Number: 407-872-6893 Ryan, 312-372-7346 ext 147, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: com VP, Randall Curtis, 205-803-2121, [email protected] President/Principal Hydrologist, Kenneth W. Watson, 813-968-7722, [email protected] HYDRODATA GmbH Hobas Pipe USA VP/Principal Hydrogeologist, Fred A. Seguiti, 813-968- Gattenhoeferweg 29 1413 E Richey Rd 7722, [email protected] Oberursel, 61440 Houston, TX 77073 VP/Principal Hydrologist, Carol D. Henry, 813-968- Website: Website: 7722, [email protected] Emergency Number: +49-6171-58920 Corporate Leadership: VP/Principal Engineer, C. Dennis Peek, 813-968- Corporate Leadership: VP, Sales, Larry Johnson, 281-821-2200, [email protected] 7722, [email protected] Managing Director, Frank Hirschberger, +49-6171- 58920, [email protected] Huettmeier/Wayss & Freytag JV Senior Program Manager, Daniel Huth, +49-6171- Holliday & Assoc. Inc. Auf dem Dorn 21 58920, [email protected] 40101 Monterey Ave Ste B1-311 48161 Muenster Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 Corporate Leadership: HydroGeoLogic Inc. Website: Head of Division, Thomas Paetzold, +49 697 929351, 11107 Sunset Hills Rd Ste 400 Emergency Number: 760-360-8652 [email protected] Reston, VA 20190 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Zachary Holliday, 760-360-8652, Huitt-Zollars Inc. Emergency Number: 1-800-341-3647 [email protected] 1717 McKinney Ave Ste 1400 Corporate Leadership: Dallas, TX 75202 COO, Scott Schulein, 703-478-5186, [email protected] Homeland Contracting Corp. Website: 625 Innovation Dr 104 Corporate Leadership: VP, Business Development, Gary Mayer, 703-478- Chesapeake, VA 23320 VP, Federal Market, Tim Gatlin, 281-496-0066, 5186, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 757-631-6710 Sr. VP, Jim Congdon, 817-335-3000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Jennifer Crain, 757-631-6710, [email protected] VP, Larry Rogers, 817-335-3000, [email protected] President, Geoff Bambini, 757-631-6710, [email protected] VP, David Campbell, 817-335-3000, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 99

98 H-I Hygun Group Inc. Icon Construction Inc. IHC Construction Companies LLC 4180 Providence Rd Ste 109 1951 University Business Dr Ste 119 1500 Executive Dr Marietta, GA 30062 McKinney, TX 75071 Elgin, IL 60123 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 678-469-1556 Emergency Number: 214-504-9098 Emergency Number: 847-742-1516 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: CEO, Daniel Hydrick, 770-973-0838, [email protected] President, James Bell, 214-504-9098, [email protected] President, David Rock, 847-742-1516, [email protected] COO, Christian Hydrick, 770-973-0838, [email protected] VP, Chuck Polich, 847-742-1516, [email protected] ICS SERKA LLC I C Thomasson Assoc. Inc. 8230 Leesburg Pike Ste 650 Director Business Development/National Projects, 2950 Kraft Dr Ste 500 Vienna, VA 22182 Joseph Slattery, 847-841-7752, [email protected] Nashville, TN 37204 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Larry Harrington, 703-288-1555, larry. IKHANA Associate, Brian B. Miller, 615-346-3400, [email protected] [email protected] 2120 Noisette Blvd Ste 106A North Charleston, SC 29405 President, John Wimberly, 615-346-3400, [email protected] IDC Inc. Website: 11111 Wilcrest Green Ste 250 Emergency Number: 843-364-6828 Mechanical Engineer, Chris McGuire, 615-346-3400, Houston, TX 77042 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Website: President, Jeff Davis, 843-566-7800, [email protected] Principal, T. Shane Kirby, 615-346-3400, [email protected] Emergency Number: 713-542-4995 Corporate Leadership: Executive VP, Larry Janak, 713-541-5591, [email protected] iLinkx LLC I.C.E. Service Group Inc. 3848 E Lookout Dr 192 Ohio River Blvd Ste 100 President & CEO, Jim Gonzales, 713-541-5591, Coeur d alene, ID 83815 Ambridge, PA 15003-1214 [email protected] Emergency Number: 800-788-8016 Website: Senior Project Manager, Robert Wilbanks, 713-541- Emergency Number: 412-916-5710 5591, [email protected] iM STUDIOS LLC Corporate Leadership: Senior Project Manager, Philip Barnes, 713-541-5591, 13333 Blanco Rd Ste 116 President & CEO, Denise Rivas, 724-266-7580, [email protected] San Antonio, TX 78216 [email protected] Website: Senior Program Manager, Dennis Morgan, 412-916- IEA Inc. Emergency Number: 210-219-6462 5710, [email protected] 18333 Preston Rd Ste 205 Corporate Leadership: Senior Program Manager, Tom Winant, P.E., 908-955- Dallas, TX 75252 Principal Partner, Florin Popa, 210-479-1100, 4358, [email protected] Website: [email protected] Senior Program Manager - Equipment, Steve Lipecky, Corporate Leadership: Principal Partner, Thomas Baker, 210-479-1100, 724-266-7580, [email protected] CEO, Shakeel Ahmed, 214-884-4253, [email protected] [email protected] CFO, Research Director, Jack Baker, 210-479-1100, I.E.-Pacific Inc. [email protected] 1663 Pacific Rim Ct IET Inc. Applications Development Director, Richard Thurman, San Diego, CA 92154 3539 Glendale Ave 210-479-1100, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Toledo, OH 43614 President, Diane Koester-Dion, 619-671-5870, Website: Industrial & Environmental Services [email protected] Corporate Leadership: LLC President, Timothy Stansfield, 419-385-1233, 7550 E Melton Rd [email protected] Gary, IN 46403-3147 VP, Ronda Massey, 419-385-1233, [email protected] Website: com Emergency Number: 800-490-7334 Corporate Leadership: igr AG President, Ralph G. Mora, 219-939-5000, [email protected] Luitpoldstrasse 60a Rockenhausen, D-67806 Government Contracts Director, Mary A. Floyd, IAP Worldwide Services Inc. Website: 708-344-9300, [email protected] 7315 N Atlantic Ave Emergency Number: +49 6361 919 121 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 Corporate Leadership: Infrastructure Assoc. Inc. Website: President, Werner Andres, +49 6361 9190, 6117 Richmond Ave Ste 200 Emergency Number: 321-394-1705 [email protected] Houston, TX 77057 Corporate Leadership: President, Hubert Bruch, +49 6361 9190, [email protected] Website: President, Spence Wickham, 321-784-7792, spence. [email protected] VP, Base Operations Support Services, Dave Jack- Innovative Construction Solutions son, 321-784-7211, [email protected] 4011 W Chandler Ave VP, Army/Air Force Programs, Tom Crowder, 321-784- Santa Ana, CA 92704 7135, [email protected] Website: VP, Navy, Marine, Federal Programs, Rick Nohmer, Corporate Leadership: 321-784-7253, fre[email protected] President, Hirad Emadi, 714-893-6366, [email protected] ICF International VP, John White, 714-893-6366, [email protected] 9300 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031 Website: Emergency Number: 800-532-4783 100 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

99 I-J Innovative Engineering Inc. IO Environmental & Infrastructure Issues Management Solutions LLC 3380 Trickum Rd Bldg 500 Ste 100 Inc. 1915 N 121st St Ste C Woodstock, GA 30188 2840 Adams Ave Ste 301 Omaha, NE 68154 Website: San Diego, CA 92116 Website: Emergency Number: 770-517-5507 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 619-280-3278 President, Steve Wolf, 402-934-4515, [email protected] President, Scott L Weiland P.E., 770-517-5507, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CEO, Mike Bilodeau, 619-280-3278, [email protected] com Insight Environmental, Engineering VP, Program Development, Jeff Keller, 619-280-3278, and Construction Inc. [email protected] 3010 E Miraloma Ave Program Manager, Steve Siefert, 619-280-3278, ITSI Gilbane Anaheim, CA 92806 [email protected] Gilbane Building Co. Website: CFO, Alicia Gervasi, 619-280-3278, [email protected] 2730 Shadelands Dr Corporate Leadership: Walnut Creek, CA 94598 CEO/ President, Aqeel Mohammad, 714-678-6700, iParametrics LLC Website: [email protected] 2325 Lakeview Pkwy Ste 200 Emergency Number: 888-777-3154 Executive VP, Charles Duckworth, 714-678-6700, Alpharetta, GA 30009 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Website: Executive VP, Tej Singh, [email protected] VP, Asrar Faheem, 714-678-6700, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Senior VP, National Programs, Jon Verlinde, com Principal, Paul Pelletier, 770-664-6636, paul. [email protected] [email protected] Integrated 8(a) Solutions Inc. Principal, Andrew Klein, 770-664-6636, [email protected] J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. 1500 W Balboa Blvd Ste 202B 11325 Random Hills Rd 210 Newport Beach, CA 92663 Technical Services Manager, Heather Mendez, 678- Fairfax, VA 22030-6043 Website: 381-2346, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 714-981-4926 Emergency Number: 703-912-2903 Corporate Leadership: Irby Engineering & Construction Inc. Corporate Leadership: President, Maureen Cotton, 949-675-9934, [email protected] 94 E Garden St President and Chairman of the Board, Charles Scott, Pensacola, FL 32502 210-822-8006, [email protected] VP, Darryl Bedoy, 949-675-9934, [email protected] Website: CFO, James Emery, 703-912-2903, [email protected] Emergency Number: 850-439-0877 Proposal Manager, Amber Harness, 949-675-9934, Corporate Leadership: COO, Wendell Newton, 404-443-2777, wendell. [email protected] President, Julian Irby, 850-439-0877, [email protected] [email protected] Mechanical Bid Coordinator, Maria Zweber, 414-231- Executive VP, Scott Gray, 210-822-8006, [email protected] 3427, [email protected] VP, Joe Riccio, 850-380-5974, [email protected] Integrated Concepts and Research CFO, Erik Remo, 850-439-0877, [email protected] J2 Engineering Inc. 6921 Pistol Range Rd Ste 101 Solutions VP for Marketing, Brian Harris, 850-439-0877, VSE Corp. Tampa, FL 33635 [email protected] Website: 2550 Huntington Ave Ste 109 Alexandria, VA 22303 Emergency Number: 813-758-9211 Website: Islands Mechanical Contractor Inc. Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 703-519-9901 3070 Blanding Blvd CEO, Jose Morales, 813-888-8861, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Middleburg, FL 32068 com President and COO, Carl Williams, 703-519-9901, Website: Marketing Director, Rebecca Seda, 813-888-8861, [email protected] Emergency Number: 904-521-2907 [email protected] VP and Principal, Diana Carlson, 907-264-8900, Corporate Leadership: Marketing Coordinator, Tina Hubacker, 813-888-8861, [email protected] CEO/President, Ronnie Chason, 904-406-6100, [email protected] VP and Principal, Steve Martin, 703-519-9901, [email protected] [email protected] CFO, Bob Turnage, 904-406-6100, [email protected] Jackie Hacker & Assoc. 15017 W 94th St Program Manager, Dezra Sweeney, 904-406-6100, Lenexa, KS 66215 Integrated Water Solutions LLC [email protected] 13370 SW 31st Ct Website: Secretary, Sean Turnage, 904-406-6100, [email protected] Emergency Number: 913-485-1345 Beaverton, OR 97008 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 503-705-5543 President/CEO, Jackie Hacker, 913-485-1345, jackie. Corporate Leadership: ISSI Unexploded Ordnance Inc. [email protected] Owner/Principal, Terry Buchholz, 503-469-0812, PO Box 11 Sr. IT and Finance Manager, Adam Whittington, [email protected] Huntsville, AL 35804-0011 303-356-2613, [email protected] Emergency Number: 256-247-0593 Corporate Leadership: International Public Works LLC Sr. VP, Robert T Fay Sr, 269-247-7050, [email protected] 7623 Dorchester Rd net North Charleston, SC 29418 Consultant, John Flynn, 251-961-7102, [email protected] Website: com Emergency Number: 843-324-4121 VP, Operations, Robert Sterling, 256-655-1253, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Member Manager, L. Kai Yeh, 843-324-4121, [email protected] Member Manager, Cyrus Sinor, 843-437-3777, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 101

100 J-K Jacobs John Bowman Inc. K&L Inspection Service Inc. 1111 South Arroyo Pkwy 967 E Fillmore St 9530 Hageman Rd Ste 313 (mail only) Pasadena, CA 91105 Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Bakersfield, CA 93314 Website: Emergency Number: 719-499-5057 Website: Emergency Number: 626-375-3505 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 661-747-2075 Corporate Leadership: President, Terry Theken, 719-633-2469, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP Federal Operations, Joseph Petrilli, 626-375-3505, CEO, Keith David, 661-747-2075, [email protected] [email protected] Sr. VP, Kent Bowman, 719-633-2469, [email protected] Manager of Projects, Jake Washington, 571-218- Manager, Travis David, 661-599-2198, 1487, [email protected] VP, T. Arthur Howells, 719-633-2469, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, John Robinson, 215-569-5959, john. [email protected] K.S. Ware & Assoc. LLC John J. Guth Assoc. Inc. 54 Lindsley Ave Jacobs Assoc. 208 Milam St Nashville, TN 37210 465 California St 1000 Shreveport, LA 71101 Website: San Francisco, CA 94104 Emergency Number: 318-614-4260 Emergency Number: 615-428-2597 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, John Wilson, 318-221-8638, [email protected] Managing Principal, Kathryn Ware, 615-255-9702, Principal, Daniel Adams, 206-682-0081, [email protected] [email protected] Executive VP, Steve Robertson, 318-221-8638, Principal, Stephen Klein, 415-434-1822, [email protected] [email protected] KAL Architects Inc. 12 J Mauchly Principal, Rafael Castro, 781-852-0450, [email protected] Johnson Controls Federal Systems Irvine, CA 92618-6303 Johnson Controls Inc. Website: Associate, Mark Havekost, 503-227-1800, [email protected] 50 W Watkins Mill Rd Ste B Corporate Leadership: Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Principal, Rita Kalwani, 949-450-8420, [email protected] Website: James DeOtte Engineering Inc. Emergency Number: 240-683-7600 Senior Project Architect, Syed Hameed, 949-450- 6707 Brentwood Stair Rd 520 Corporate Leadership: 8420, [email protected] Fort Worth, TX 76112 VP and General Manager, Mark Elliott, 240-683-7647, Website: [email protected] KAM Engineering Services PC Emergency Number: 817-247-6897 VP, Business Development, Dennis Rankin, 240-683- 610 Spring Branch Rd Corporate Leadership: 7633, [email protected] Dunn, NC 28334 Project Manager, Sam Hanna, P.E., SIT, CFM, Corporate Leadership: 817-446-6877, [email protected] Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson President, Kurt Miller, 910-292-2085, [email protected] EIT, Stephen Brim, 817-446-6877, [email protected] 72 Loveton Cir Sparks, MD 21152 Civil Designer, Kyle McCage, 817-446-6877, Website: [email protected] Kaskaskia Engineering Group LLC Emergency Number: 410-329-3100 208 E Main St Ste 100 Corporate Leadership: Belleville, IL 62220 James M. Pleasants Co. VP, James Blake, 410-329-3100, [email protected] Website: 603 Diamond Hill Ct Senior Associate, Sally Philbin, 410-329-3100, Emergency Number: 618-910-2538 Greensboro, NC 27406 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Executive VP, Daniel Cheng, 410-329-3100, [email protected] Manager, Geri Boyer, 618-233-5877, [email protected] JBL Technical Solutions LLC 1586 Boonesborough Rd Jones Edmunds & Assoc. Inc. KAYA Assoc. Inc. Richmond, KY 40475 730 NE Waldo Rd 101 Quality Cir Ste 120 Website: Gainesville, FL 32641 Huntsville, AL 35806 Emergency Number: 501-339-3580 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 256-382-8084 Managing Member, Jeremy Jackson, 859-623-0499, Senior VP, Ken Vogel, 352-377-5821, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CEO, John Prince, 256-382-8084, [email protected] Member, Kevin Hale, 859-623-0499, [email protected] com Jaster-Quintanilla President, Scott Kowerduck, 256-382-8084, 2105 Commerce St [email protected] Jim Cooley Construction Inc. Dallas, TX 75201 COO, Robert Dunn, 256-382-8084, [email protected] 1900 NE 36th St Ste 100B Website: com Oklahoma City, OK 73111 Emergency Number: 214-675-2247 Director of Business Development, Susan Glenn, Website: Corporate Leadership: 256-382-8084, [email protected] Emergency Number: 405-210-0680 Principal, Stephen Lucy, 214-752-9098, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com KBE Building Corp. Executive VP, Robert Cooley, 405-528-8093, 30 Batterson Park Rd [email protected] JSR Inc. Farmington, CT 06032 Estimating/Purchasing Director, Phil Higgins, 8835 Greaves Ln Website: 405-525-4030, [email protected] Schertz, TX 78154 Corporate Leadership: President, Caroil Cooley, 405-528-8093, [email protected] Website: Senior VP of Procurement, Simon Etzel, 860-284- Corporate Leadership: 7415, [email protected] VP Estimating, Ken Hunter, 405-524-4030, [email protected] Director of Contracts, Patricia Cullum, [email protected] 102 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

101 K KBR KEMRON Environmental Services Key Construction Inc. 601 Jefferson St Inc. 741 W Second St Houston, TX 77002 8521 Leesburg Pike Ste 175 Wichita, KS 67203 Website: Vienna, VA 22182 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Federal Construction Services, Infrastructure, Emergency Number: 888-429-3516 Executive VP, Patrick Ayars, 316-263-9515, [email protected] Government and Power, Bud West, 713-753-6959, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Executive VP, John Dwyer, 404-636-0928, [email protected] Project Manager, Shane Faurot, 316-263-9515, VP, Contingency Operations, Infrastructure, [email protected] Government and Power, Doug Horn, 713-753-3683, VP, Federal Programs Manager, Tracy Bergquist, [email protected] 404-636-0928, [email protected] Kiewit VP, Sustainment and Support Operations, Kiewit Plaza Infrastructure, Government and Power, Ella Studer, Omaha, NE 68131 703-526-7922, [email protected] Kenall Inc. 8101 Westglen Dr Website: VP, Sales and Marketing, Infrastructure, Government Corporate Leadership: and Power, Byron Bright, 281-721-4727, byron. Houston, TX 77063 Website: President, Kiewit Building Group, Joe Lempka, [email protected] 402-977-4500, [email protected] Emergency Number: 832-251-8200 Corporate Leadership: VP, Andy Peplow, 562-946-1816, [email protected] KCI Technologies Inc. Principal, Kris Prasad, 832-251-8200, [email protected] 10 North Park Dr VP, Jeffrey Arviso, 360-394-1406, [email protected] Hunt Valley, MD 21030-1846 Principal, Kris Prasad, 832-251-8200, [email protected] Website: Senior VP, Vern Kuehn, 703-415-2689, [email protected] Emergency Number: 410-316-7800 Director, Harish Krishnarao, 832-251-8200, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Terry Neimeyer, 410-316-7800, [email protected] Principal, Richard Briscoe, 504-733-1325, richard. [email protected] President, Nathan Beil, 410-316-7800, [email protected] Kimley-Horn and Assoc. Inc. VP, Lisa Brozey, 717-691-1340, [email protected] Kennedy/Jenks Consultants 3001 Weston Pkwy Manager, Joseph Angell, 919-783-9214, [email protected] 303 2nd St Ste 300 S Cary, NC 27513-2301 San Francisco, CA 94107-1305 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 703-855-3611 Emergency Number: 415-243-2150 Corporate Leadership: K-Con Inc. Corporate Leadership: Senior VP, Dave Soreson, 619-744-0105, dave 2728 Spruill Ave VP, Bob Young, 916-858-2733, [email protected] [email protected] North Charleston, SC 29405 Senior VP, R. John Martin, 703-674-1300, john. Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 843-745-0434 VP, Tom Sauro, 757-355-6640, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Kenvirons Inc. 452 Versailles Rd President, Patrick Kiernan, 843-745-0434, [email protected] Associate, Carroll Collins, 757-213-8616, carroll. Frankfort, KY 40601 Website: [email protected] COO, Eric Combs, 843-745-0434, [email protected] com Emergency Number: 502-682-2105 Bus. Dev. Mgr., Skip Reitmeier, 843-745-0434, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Associate, William Knarr, 502-695-4357, [email protected] VP, Vaughn Williams, 502-695-4357, [email protected] Kelly Klosure Systems Kelly Group Inc. 220 North H St PO Box 1058 Kerr Environmental Services Corp. KIRA Fremont, NE 68026 1008 Old Virginia Beach Rd Ste 200 2595 Canyon Blvd Ste 240 Website: Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Boulder, CO 80302 Emergency Number: 800-228-7230 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 303-402-1526 President, William Davison, 402-727-1344 ext 322, President, Bob Kerr, 757-963-2008, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Senior Environmental Scientist, Curtis Hickman, President and CEO, Carlos Garcia, 303-402-1526, 757-963-2008, [email protected] [email protected] Senior Environmental Scientist, Jeff Hannah, Senior VP, Constance OBrien, 303-402-1526, Kemp Management Solutions LLC 757-963-2008, [email protected] [email protected] 2317 3rd Ave N Ste 100 Birmingham, AL 35203 Website: Keville Enterprises Inc. Kirkham Michael Corporate Leadership: 475 School St Ste 11 12700 W Dodge Rd President, James Kemp, 205-731-7372, [email protected] Marshfield, MA 02050 Omaha, NE 68154 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 904-813-6558 Corporate Leadership: President and CEO, Christine Keville, 781-837-3884, [email protected] COO, D.J. Mason, 617-482-3888, [email protected] com Director of Federal Programs, Douglas McCutchen, 904-813-6558, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 103

102 K Kisan Engineering Co. PC Koontz Electric Co. Inc. KSi Structural Engineers 1967 Wehrle Dr Ste 1 1223 E Broadway 1450 South Johnson Ferry Rd Ste 200 Williamsville, NY 14221 Morrilton, AR 72110 Atlanta, GA 30319 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: President, Vern Singh, 716-553-7056, [email protected] Emergency Number: 501-977-6063 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, John Hann, 404-564-3650, [email protected] Army Programs Manager, John Landahl, 716-983- CEO/President, Benny Koontz, 501-354-2526, com 3878, [email protected] [email protected] Remedial Technology Leader, Judith Leithner, VP/COO, Dean Hoover, 501-354-2526, [email protected] KTU+A 716-866-1152, [email protected] 3916 Normal St VP/CFO, Mark Day, 501-354-2526, [email protected] San Diego, CA 92103 Kitchell Website: 1707 E Highland Ste 200 Corporate Leadership: Phoenix, AZ 85016 Kowalenko Consulting Group Inc. Principal, Sharon Singleton, 619 294-4477, [email protected] Website: 33 W Monroe St Ste 1825 Emergency Number: 602-631-6187 Chicago, IL 60603 Principal, Sandra Swaner-Carmona, 619 294-4477, Corporate Leadership: Website: [email protected] President, Mike Rock, 602-222-5300, [email protected] Emergency Number: 847-373-0465 com Corporate Leadership: Kuanta Construction President, Emma Kowalenko, 312-739-1010 ext 24, 2711 Jefferson Davis Hwy Ste 401 [email protected] KJWW Engineering Consultants PC Director, Technical Services, Anthony Bilotti, 312-739- Arlington, VA 22202 612 26th Ave Website: 1010 ext 21, [email protected] Emergency Number: 571-319-0432 Rock Island, IL 61201 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 309-788-0673 kpb architects President & Chairman of the Board, Bulent Kilin- Corporate Leadership: 425 G St Ste 800 carslan, 90-312-491-2232, [email protected] President, Paul Van Duyne, 309-788-0673, Anchorage, AK 99501 Board Member, Nermin Kilincarslan, 90-312-491- [email protected] Website: 2232, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Contract & Program Manager, Ismail Polat, 90-312- President, Michael Prozeralik, 907-274-7443, 491-2232, [email protected] Kleinfelder [email protected] 5015 Shoreham Dr Principal, Founder, Steve Bettis, 907-274-7443, San Diego, CA 92122 Kuhlmann Design Group Inc. [email protected] 66 Progress Pkwy Website: Associate, Lauri Strauss, 907-274-7443, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: St. Louis, MO 63043 Website: Senior VP, John Moossazadeh, P.E., F.SAME, FAIA, Garrett Maupin, 425-259-1407, [email protected] 858-320-2000, jmoossazad[email protected] Emergency Number: 314-434-8898 VP Federal Programs, William Naughton, 617-498- 4706, [email protected] Kumar & Assoc. Inc. VP Business Development, Mark Loes, 913-962-0909, KPFF Consulting Engineers 2390 S Lipan St [email protected] 1601 Fifth Ave Ste 1600 Denver, CO 80223 Seattle, WA 98101 Website: Website: Kling-Stubbins Emergency Number: 206-926-0561 Corporate Leadership: 2301 Chestnut St CEO/Chairman of the Board, Narender Kumar, Corporate Leadership: 303-742-9700, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Principal, Greg Varney, 206-622-5822, [email protected] Website: Secretary, Roger Barker, 719-632-7009, [email protected] Emergency Number: 215-569-2900 Principal, David Schwartz, 206-622-5405, david. Corporate Leadership: President, Jim Noll, 303-742-9700, [email protected] [email protected] com Principal/Project Director, John Robinson Jr., AIA, VP/Division Manager, Ralph Iboshi, 206-622-5822, 215-569-5959, [email protected] Principal, Alan Claybourn, 303-742-9700, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Project Director, Jeffrey Cosiol, P.E., Principal, Rick Johnson, 206-622-5822, [email protected] 215-569-5912, [email protected] Principal, Project Director, Pascal Pittman, AIA, Kwest Group LLC 202-785-5800, [email protected] 8305 Fremont Pike KS International Perrysburg, OH 43551 DC Capital Partners KOMAN Diversified Services LLC 1600 Tysons Blvd Ste 1400 Website: Natives of Kodiak Inc. Emergency Number: 419-874-4284 McLean, VA 22102 Corporate Leadership: 2700 Gambell St Ste 401 Website: Anchorage, AK 99503 President, Ryan Odendahl, 419-734-5533, Emergency Number: 571-835-8430 [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 907-952-5044 CEO, Kurt Bergman, 703-676-3203, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President & CEO, Michael Kelly, 907-569-9130, EVP of Business Development, Douglas Magee, [email protected] 703-676-3209, [email protected] General Manager, Michael Zavosky, 907-569-9130, Chief Operating Officer, Nick Gross, 703-676-3207, [email protected] [email protected] Senior Construction Manager, Jack Hively, 907-569- Director of Engineering, John Whisler, 703-676-3208, 9130, [email protected] [email protected] Construction Program Manager, John Williams, 443-324-5526, [email protected] Kling-Stubbings has been acquired by Jacobs. 104 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

103 K-L KZF Design Inc. Lametti & Sons Inc. LBYD Inc. 700 Broadway St 16028 Forest Blvd 716 S 30th St Cincinnati, OH 45202 PO Box 477 Birmingham, AL 35233 Website: Hugo, MN 55110 Website: Emergency Number: 513-621-6211 Website: Emergency Number: 205-488-0235 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, William Wilson, III, 513-621-6211, Federal Division Manager- Principal, Kevin Brown, [email protected] Lamp, Rynearson & Assoc. Inc. 205-488-0235, [email protected] Director, Government and Justice Group, Doug Marsh, 14710 W Dodge Rd Ste 100 Senior Principal, David Coley, 205-488-0216, [email protected] 513-621-6211, [email protected] Omaha, NE 68154 VP, Marketing, Tim Sharp, 513-621-6211, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 402-496-2498 Corporate Leadership: LDSI Inc. Marketing Coordinator, Meg Mueller, 513-621-6211, 508 W 5th St Ste 125 [email protected] President, Michael McMeekin, 402-496-2498, mike. [email protected] Charlotte, NC 28202 Senior VP, Loren Steenson, 402-496-2498, loren. Website: L.I. Smith & Assoc. Inc. [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 302 N Caldwell St Sr. Project Engineer, Ralph Holtmann, 402-496-2498, President, David Boyles, 704-337-8329, [email protected] Paris, TN 38242 [email protected] Website: VP, Dan Owens, 402-496-2498, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Leading Edge Group Inc. President, Lucile Smith, 731-644-1014, [email protected] 33 Lynn Batts Ln #4204 COO, Larry Smith, 731-644-1014, [email protected] LandDesign Inc. San Antonio, TX 78218 223 North Graham St Website: Charlotte, NC 28202 Emergency Number: 210-820-0549 L.A. Fuess Partners Website: Corporate Leadership: 3333 Lee Pkwy Ste 300 Corporate Leadership: President/Owner, Jimmy Allen, 210-820-0549, Dallas, TX 75219 President, Dale Stewart, 704-333-0325, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Associate, Daniel Velte, 214-593-1180, [email protected] Principal, Theron Pickens, 704-333-0325, [email protected] LEC Group com Licon Engineering Co. Inc. AssocIate Principal, Jason Beyer, 214-871-7010, 2101 E Missouri Ave [email protected] Principal, Mark Peterman, 214-871-7010, Landmark Engineering Group Inc. El Paso, TX 79903 455 Avenue of the Cities Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 1-877-532-1001 Associate, Lance Munger, 214-871-7010, [email protected] East Moline, IL 61244 Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Gerardo Licon, 915-781-1532, [email protected] Emergency Number: 309-755-3400 Corporate Leadership: com L.H. Woods & Sons Inc. President/CEO, Michael Shamsie, 309-755-3400, President, Margarita Licon, 915-781-1532, [email protected] 2115 La Mirada Dr [email protected] Vista, CA 92081 Website: Leebcor Services LLC Emergency Number: 619-405-3771 Landmark Environmental LLC 2042 W 98th St 5400 Discovery Park Blvd Ste 104 Corporate Leadership: Willamsburg, VA 23188 President, James Woods, 760-599-5500, [email protected] Bloomington, MN 55431 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 757-784-5617 Estimator, Michael Ireland, 760-599-5500, [email protected] Emergency Number: 952-212-8796 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President/Owner, John Karafa, 757-220-5577, VP, Civil Engineer, Sherry Van Duyn, 952-887-9601, [email protected] [email protected] L-3 Communications President, Ken Haberman, 952-887-9601, khaber- 1501 Merchants Way [email protected] Leetex Construction LLC Niceville, FL 32578 6301 Gaston Ave Ste 570 Website: Emergency Number: 850-897-5380 Lawhon & Assoc. Inc. Dallas, TX 75214 975 Eastwind Dr Ste 190 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President & General Manager, Les Rose, 703-434- Westerville, OH 43081 Website: President, Rick Karlos, 214-360-4700, [email protected] 5171, [email protected] Program Director, Cost Engineering Services, Emergency Number: 1-888-452-9466 Corporate Leadership: VP of Preconstruction, Bob Kriz, 214-360-4700, Dave Andrews, CCE, 850-897-8491, dave. [email protected] [email protected] Managing Principal, Director of NEPA Planning, Susan Daniels, 614-818-5200, [email protected] VP of Operations, Alan Grimes, 214-360-4700, com [email protected] Lakeshore Toltest Corp. 7310 Woodward Ave Ste 500 LEGO Construction Co. Detroit, MI 48202 Layne Geo 2315 Southwell Rd 1131 SW 4th Ave Website: Miami, FL 33130 Emergency Number: 313-875-4115 Dallas, TX 75229 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 786-385-7926 CEO, Grant McCullagh, 313-875-4115, grant. Corporate Leadership: VP of Operations, Jeffrey Bean, 804-448-8060, jeff. Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Operations Manager, Miguel Guerrero, 786-385-0934, Executive VP, Ernest Enrique, 419-794-3596, ernest. [email protected] VP of Business Development, Al Neumann, 813-401- [email protected] [email protected] 7042, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 105

104 L Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering Liberty Engineering LLP LMG Construction Services LLC Inc. 1609 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 200 1700 Cherry St 846 Fourth Ave Washington, DC 20009 Kansas City, MO 64108 Coraopolis, PA 15108 Emergency Number: 202-558-8282 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 412-264-4400 Managing Partner, Emmillee Hogan, 202-558-8282, President, Lisa Garney, 816-474-4564, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Managing Principal/VP, Daniel Gilligan, 412-264-4400, Managing Partner, David Tootle, 202-536-8844, [email protected] [email protected] LNV Inc. Managing Principal/President, Lawrence Lennon, Marketing Coordinator, Erin McAnear-Mullican, 801 Navigation Blvd Ste 200 412-264-4400, [email protected] 202-536-6394, [email protected] Corpus Christi, TX 78408 Managing Principal/VP, Larry Souleret, 412-264-4400, Website: [email protected] Lin Assoc. Inc. Emergency Number: 210-373-5159 2001 Beacon St Ste 310 Corporate Leadership: Brighton, MA 02135-7770 President/Principal, Dan Leyendecker, 361-883-1984, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Edward Chisholm, 617-566-4216, VP/Principal, Derek Naiser, 210-822-2232, [email protected] [email protected] LEO A DALY Principal/CEO, Robert Lie, 617-566-4216, [email protected] VP/Principal, Robert Viera, 361-883-1984, [email protected] 8600 Indian Hills Dr Omaha, NE 68114 Clerk, Michael Lin, 617-566-4216, [email protected] VP/Principal, Eric Trejo, 361-883-1984, [email protected] Website: com Emergency Number: 402-391-8111 Corporate Leadership: Chairman, Leo Daly III, 402-391-8111, Lindbergh & Assoc. LLC Lochrane Engineering Inc. Executive VP, Charles Dalluge, 402-391-8111, OBrien & Gere 201 South Bumby Ave [email protected] 2170 Ashley Phosphate Rd Ste 504 Orlando, FL 32803 VP, CFO, Robert Luhrs, 402-391-8111, [email protected] North Charleston, SC 29406 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 407-896-3317 Emergency Number: 843-553-6670 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Tom Lochrane, [email protected] LG Hausys VP of Operations, Richard Garcia, P.E., 843-553- 900 Circle 75 Pkwy Ste 1500 6670, [email protected] Executive VP, Bob Lochrane, [email protected] Atlanta, GA 30339 Business Development, Keane McLaughlin, 843-553- com Website: 6670, [email protected] Marketing Manager, Christi Posey, [email protected] Emergency Number: 678-486-8250 Corporate Leadership: Commercial Marketing Director, Mike Tasch, 678-486- Linfield, Hunter & Junius Inc. 8255, [email protected] 3608 18th St 200 Lochsa Engineering Territory Manager, Cheri Rukavina, 404-435-8092, Metairie, LA 70002 6345 South Jones Blvd Ste 100 [email protected] Emergency Number: 504-583-3014 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Territory Manager, Sue-Ann Clemmons, 214-918- Corporate Leadership: Website: 2152, [email protected] President, Ralph Junius Jr., P.E., 504-833-5300, Emergency Number: 702-277-3578 Territory Manager, Edyie Tindall, 214-490-6503, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] VP, Anthony Goodgion, P.E., 504-833-5300, Principal, Ted Egerton, 702-365-9312, [email protected] [email protected] com VP, Nathan Junius, P.E., 504-833-5300, [email protected] Principal, William (Bill) Karren, 702-365-9312, [email protected] LG2 Environmental Solutions Inc. 14785 Old St. Augustine Rd Ste 4 Project Manager, Brett Hern, 702-365-9312, [email protected] Jacksonville, FL 32258 Website: LJB Inc. 2500 Newmark Dr Principal, Riley Mahaffey, 208-342-7168, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Leesa Gerald, 904-288-8631, Dayton, OH 45342 [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 937-657-6278 Los Alamos Technical Assoc. Inc. Corporate Leadership: 2424 Louisiana Blvd Ste 400 LHB Inc. President, Mark Thompson, 937-259-5000, Albuquerque, NM 87110 21 W Superior St Ste 500 [email protected] Website: Duluth, MN 55802 Principal, Grant Bartee, 937-259-5078, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: VP, DOD Environmental Operations, Bobby Templin, Corporate Leadership: Principal, Rod Sommer, 937-259-2231, [email protected] 303-503-2793, [email protected] Director of Government, David Bjerkness, 218-279- VP, George Rasmussen, 303-932-0255, grasmus- 2418, [email protected] Principal, Pete Battaglia, 937-259-5001, [email protected] [email protected] Architect, Cynthia Poirier, 218-279-2403, cynthia. [email protected] Civil Engineer/Engineering Department Manager, Daniel Shaw, 218-279-467, [email protected] LLT Building Corp. Building Performance Leader/Mechanical & Fire 1632 Metropolitan Cir Protection Engineer, Tallahassee, FL 32308 David Williams, 218-279-2436, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Dennis Tribble, 850-222-5062 106 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

105 L-M Lose & Assoc. Inc. Luckett & Farley Architects, Lutron Electronics Inc. 1314 5th Ave N Ste 200 Engineers and Construction 7200 Suter Rd Nashville, TN 37208 Coopersburg, PA 18036 Website: Managers Inc. Website: Emergency Number: 615-944-4016 737 S Third St Emergency Number: 610-282-3800 Corporate Leadership: Louisville, KY 40202 Corporate Leadership: VP, Mike Wrye, 615-242-0040, [email protected] Website: Director-Government Programs, Andy Wakefield, com Corporate Leadership: 610-533-4693, [email protected] President, Chris Camp, 615-242-0040, [email protected] Associate, Senior Project Manager, Don Van Bogaert, Sales Director-Government & Military Programs, 502-585-4181, [email protected] Brendon Van Campen, 206-390-6492, VP, Lee Davidson, 615-242-0040, [email protected] Project Manager, Architect, Nick Eckhart, 502-585- [email protected] 4181, [email protected] Government Operations Manager, CEA, Todd Teele, VP, Whit Alexander, 615-242-0040, [email protected] 484-560-1148, [email protected] Luedtke Engineering Co. Lead Counsel-Government Programs, Russ Smith, 10 Fourth St 610-282-3800, [email protected] Loven Contracting Inc. PO Box 111 Frankfort, MI 49635 1100 S Pinnacle St Website: LWPB Architecture Flagstaff, AZ 86001 LWPB PC Website: Emergency Number: 847-323-2584 5909 NW Expwy Ste 600 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Oklahoma City, OK 73132 President, Mike Loven, 928-774-9040, [email protected] President, Kurt Luedtke, 231-352-9631, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Secretary/Treasurer, Paul Luedtke, 231-352-9631, President, Dan Pruitt, 405-470-4905, [email protected] [email protected] Lowe Engineers Executive VP, Rick Siler, 405-470-4903, [email protected] Six Concourse Pkwy Ste 1000 com Atlanta, GA 30328 Luhr Brothers Inc. Federal Contract Manager, Andy Berky, 405-470- Website: 250 W Sand Bank Rd 4976, [email protected] Emergency Number: 770-857-8400 PO Box 50 Director Healthcare Services, Dennis Ward, 405-470- Corporate Leadership: Columbia, IL 62236 4902, [email protected] President, Tim Lowe, 770-857-8413, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Michael Luhr, 618-281-4106, [email protected] M&E Engineers Inc. Partner, Bill Daniel, 770-857-8416, [email protected] 26 W High St com Somerville, NJ 08876 Partner, Sally Riker, 770-857-8426, [email protected] VP, William Shaw, 618-281-4106, [email protected] Website: VP, William Gardner, 618-281-4106, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Partner, Chris Owens, 770-857-8407, [email protected] com President, Bill Amann, 908-526-5700, [email protected] Executive VP, Jay Luhr, 618-281-4106, [email protected] Business Manager, Drew DePalma, 908-526-5700, LRS Federal LLC Lunacon Construction Group [email protected] 1114 Benfield Blvd Ste G Lunacon Engineering Group 16890 S Dixie Hwy Millersville, MD 21108 Miami, FL 33157 M.C. Dean Website: 22461 Shaw Rd Emergency Number: 410-544-3570 Website: Dulles, VA 20166 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 305-370-2099 Website: President, Thomas Scott, 410-544-3570, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Patricia Bonilla, 305-370-2099, [email protected] President/CEO, Bill Dean, [email protected] CEO, Sean Logan, 443-569-0752, [email protected] VP of Electrical Systems, James Pattee, james. com VP, Emilio Criado, 305-345-1328, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Robyn Scott, 410-544-3570, [email protected] VP of Marketing and Communications, Mike McHenry, com [email protected] Luster National Inc. LS3P Assoc. Ltd. 1002 Gemini St Ste 122 M.E. Group 205 1/2 King St Houston, TX 77058 2820 N 48th St Charleston, SC 29401 Website: Lincoln, NE 68504 Website: Emergency Number: 281-218-8400 Website: Emergency Number: 843-577-4444 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-200-9160 Corporate Leadership: President, Robert Luster, 415-690-9610, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP/Principal, Christopher Ions, 704-371-7833, President, Ravi Maniktala, 402-464-3833, ravi. [email protected] SVP, Operations, Tom Harris, 281-515-2724, [email protected] [email protected] VP/Principal, Willie Murphy, 843-958-5447, [email protected] SVP, Sales, Lester Hunkele, 443-995-6897, Studio Director/Associate Principal, Dana Reed, [email protected] M.H. Williams Construction Group 704-371-7809, [email protected] Director, West Coast, David Wilkins, 415-202-3497, Inc. [email protected] 2287 W Eau Gallie Blvd Ste A Melbourne, FL 32935 Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Michael H. Williams, Sr., 321-757-5750, [email protected] VP, Kyle Greenwood, 321-757-5750, [email protected] VP of Operations, Randy Trent, 321-757-5750, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 107

106 M M.J. Engineering and Land Majestyc Construction Inc. Martinez Engineering & Management Surveying PC 40263 Fieldspring St PO Box 500007 Services Inc. 1533 Crescent Rd 441 Coastal Breeze Way Clifton Park, NY 12065 Palmdale, CA 93591 Website: Merritt Island, FL 32953 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 518-371-0799 Emergency Number: 661-264-9974 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 703-628-4826 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Executive VP, Michael Panichelli, 518-371-0799, President, Jesus Preciado, 661-264-9974, [email protected] President, Louis Martinez, 703-628-4826, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Ron Marchelletta, 661-264-9974, [email protected] Director of Facilites Operations, Chuck Westrip, MA Engineers 407-575-1429, [email protected] 5160 Carroll Canyon Rd Ste 200 MAKERS architecture and urban San Diego, CA 92121 MAS Environmental LLC Website: design LLP 1808 N Franklin St Emergency Number: 858-200-0030 1904 3rd Ave Ste 725 Tampa, FL 33602 Corporate Leadership: Seattle, WA 98101 Website: Principal, CEO, Michael Akavan, 619-858-1580, Website: Emergency Number: 813-833-1625 [email protected] Emergency Number: 425-922-2599 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Marc Eichenholtz, PG, 813-833-1625, Mabbett & Assoc. Inc. Partner, Stefani Wildhaber, 206-652-5080, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Headquarters 5 Alfred Cir VP, Doron Perelman, 727-515-1772, [email protected] Bedford, MA 01730 Website: Mapco Inc. Qatar Emergency Number: 781-275-6050 Mapcollc UAE Mascaro Construction Co. LP Corporate Leadership: Al Andalus Compound D-Ring Rd 1720 Metropolitan St President, Arthur Mabbett, P.E., QEP, CSP, RS, Villa No1 Pittsburgh, PA 15233 CHCM, 781-275-6050, [email protected] Doha, 24299 Website: Sr. VP, Paul Steinberg, P.E., LSP, 781-275-6050, Website: Emergency Number: 412-321-4901 [email protected] Emergency Number: +974 44554138 Corporate Leadership: VP of Operations, Susan Smits, CHMM, TURP, CET, Corporate Leadership: Chief Communications Officer, Michael Mascaro, 781-275-6050, [email protected] Managing Director, Zeyad Hodhod, +974 44554137 412-321-4901, [email protected] or 38, [email protected] MacDonald-Bedford LLC Operation Manager, Ahmad Al Zoubi, +974 55807966, [email protected] Mason & Hanger 2900 Main St Ste 200 Day & Zimmermann Group Inc. Alameda, CA 94501 Projects Coordinator, Mansoor Ali, +974 55542168, [email protected] 300 W Vine St Ste 1300 Website: Lexington, KY 40507-1814 Emergency Number: 510-684-6217 Website: Corporate Leadership: Mark One Electric Co. Inc. Corporate Leadership: President, J. Zachary Bedford, 510-521-4020, 909 Troost VP, Ron Smith, 859-252-9980, [email protected] [email protected] Kansas City, MO 64106 Chief of Staff, Alan Burton, 202-262-7200, [email protected] Website: VP, J.E. (Mickey) Jones, Ph.D., 859-252-9980, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Branch Manager, Michael Pampalone, 757-961-4020, President, Rosana Privitera Biondo, 816-842-7023, Exec. Director of BD/Operations, Stephen Scott, 859- [email protected] [email protected] 252-9980, [email protected] Macro-Z-Technology MARRS Services Inc. Mason, Bruce & Girard Inc. 841 E Washington Ave 328 E Commonwealth Ave Ste B 707 SW Washington St Ste 1300 Santa Ana, CA 92701 Fullerton, CA 92832 Portland, OR 97205 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 714-493-8307 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 503-224-3445 Corporate Leadership: President, Rubina Chaudhary, 714-213-8650, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Bryan Zatica, 714-564-1130, [email protected] Principal, Environmental Manager, Bob Carson, Principal, Riaz Chaudhary, 714-213-8650, [email protected] 503-224-3445, [email protected] Associate, Sr. Biologist, Stuart Myers, 503-224-3445, Magnus Pacific Corp. [email protected] 3001 Lava Ridge Ct Ste 240 Marsh Creek LLC Associate, Geospatial Manager, Jim Schriever, Sacramento, CA 95661 2000 E 88th Ave 503-224-3445, [email protected] Website: Anchorage, AK 99507 Corporate Leadership: Website: Massman Construction Co. President/CEO, Louay Owaidat, 916-233-1137, Emergency Number: 907-258-0050 8901 State Line Rd Ste 240 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Kansas City, MO 64114 CEO, Mick McKay, 907-258-0050, [email protected] Website: Magnusson Klemencic Assoc. Emergency Number: 816-523-1000 1301 Fifth Ave Ste 3200 COO, Jon Ealy, 907-258-0050, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Seattle, WA 98101 VP, Paul Scharmer, 816-523-1000, [email protected] Website: CFO, Doug Koprowski, 907-258-0050, doug. Emergency Number: 206-215-8266 [email protected] VP, Mark Schnobelen, 314-821-0042, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Chairman/CEO, Jon Magnusson, 206-215-8266, [email protected] Principal, Rita Greene, 206-215-8237, [email protected] 108 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

107 M Matkin Hoover Engineering & Maxymillian Technologies Inc. McMillen LLC Surveying 890 Winter St Ste 225 910 Main St Ste 258 8 Spencer Rd 100 Waltham, MA 02451 Boise, ID 83702 Boerne, TX 78006 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 208-342-4214 Emergency Number: 830-446-6068 President, Neal Maxymillian, 781-890-8670, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Owner, Mara McMillen, 208-342-4214, mara. President, John-Mark Matkin, 830-249-0600, Sr. VP, John Anthony, 413-499-3050, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Partner, Morton McMillen, 208-342-4214, morton. VP, Ken Kolacny, 830-249-0600, [email protected] Program Manager, Mark Otis, 781-890-8670, [email protected] [email protected] Marketing Director, Marissa Emmons, 208-342-4214, VP, Jeffrey Carroll, 830-249-0600, [email protected] Director of Sales & Marketing, Sheila Warren, [email protected] 781-890-8670, [email protected] McTech Corp. Matrix Design Group McCain Waterworks Marketing 8100 Grand Ave 2435 Research Pkwy Ste 300 18975 Marbach Lane 1202 Cleveland, OH 44104 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 San Antonio, TX 78266 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: President, Mark Perkins, 216-391-7700, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Director of Federal Practices, Frank Tyboroski, Principal, Jim McCain, 210-651-3380, [email protected] 719-575-0100, [email protected] Mead & Hunt Inc. Manager of Information Resources, John Miller, 6501 Watts Rd Director of Major Asset Redevelopment, Timothy 210-651-3380, [email protected] Madison, WI 53719 Dreese, 303-572-0200, [email protected] Director of Strategic Initiatives, Charles Truitt, Website: 210-651-3380, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Director, DOD Planning, Mike Hrapla, 240-235-5191, VP, Federal Programs, Jeff Sorenson, 608-273-6380, [email protected] McCarthy Building Companies Inc. [email protected] Director of Community Planning, Celeste Werner, 1341 N Rock Hill Rd VP, Water Resources, Eric Van Deuren, 916-971- 602-288-8344, [email protected] St. Louis, MO 63124 3961, [email protected] Website: Corps of Engineering Business Development, Miro Emergency Number: 314-968-3300 Kurka, 608-273-6380, [email protected] Matrix New World Engineering Inc. Corporate Leadership: VP, Aviation Services, Andy Platz, 608-273-6380, 120 Eagle Rock Ave Ste 207 Director Federal Programs, Erin Valentine, [email protected] East Hanover, NJ 07936 314-968-3300, [email protected] Website: MECX LP Corporate Leadership: McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. 3203 Audley St VP, Clare Sullivan, 973-240-1800, [email protected] 3040 Williams Dr Ste 300 Houston, TX 14051 Fairfax, VA 22031 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Maverick Constructors LLC Emergency Number: 703-641-9088 President, Douglas Carvel, 281-850-2054, doug. 18932 N Dale Mabry Hwy Ste 101 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Lutz, FL 33548 President/COO, Blake Peck, P.E., CCM, Sr. VP, Isaac Aboulafia, 281-850-2153, isaac. Website: 703-641-9088, [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 386-366-3206 Chairman/CEO, Charles Bolyard, PSP, CFCC, Sr. VP, Richard Cartwright, 713-412-9697, richard. Corporate Leadership: 703-641-9088, [email protected] [email protected] President, Carlos Rodriguez, 813-949-5660, [email protected] VP, Elizabeth Wessling, 303-881-6816, elizabeth. McKim & Creed [email protected] VP, Stan Holley, 813-949-5660, [email protected] 243 N Front St Wilmington, NC 28401 Medina Consulting Co. Website: 6391 De Zavala Ste 113 MaxFour Corporate Leadership: San Antonio, TX 78249 3435 S Inca St C President & COO, Herb McKim Jr., P.E., Website: Englewood, CO 80110 910-343-1048, [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-872-5204 Website: Sr. VP, Tim Cawood, PLS, 910-343-1048, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 303-471-9288 VP, Douglas McGookey, 210-694-4545, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Street Lee, P.E., 727-442-7196, [email protected] Principal, Kimberly Malek, P.E., 303-471-9288, [email protected] President, Katherine McGookey, 210-694-4545, Sr. VP, Mark Smith, 919-233-8091, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Hany Malek, P.E., P.G., 303-471-9288, Sec/Project Mgr, Tracy Watson, 210-694-4545, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, William Bayles, 719-685-6276, [email protected] MCM 6021 SW 70th St Medline Construction Services LLC Principal, Bobby Thomas, 303-471-9288, [email protected] Miami, FL 33186 2250 Reed Station Pkwy Ste 303 Website: Carbondale, IL 62901 Emergency Number: 786-402-4390 Website: Corporate Leadership: CEO, Thomas Hestand, 618-529-5004, medlinecon- [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 109

108 M MEGADOOR Inc. Meshek & Assoc. PLC Michael Baker Corp. Assa Abloy 1437 S Boulder Ave 1080 Airside Business Park 100 Airside Dr 611 Hwy 74 South, Ste 100 2957 Tulsa, OK 74119 Moon Township, PA 15108 Peachtree City, GA 30269 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 918-392-5620 Emergency Number: 412-269-6300 Emergency Number: 800-927-6342 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Engineering Services Manager, Ana Stagg, President, Engineering Segment, Bradley L. Mallory, 918-392-5620, [email protected] 412-269-6300, [email protected] Megen Construction Co. Inc. COO, John Kurgan, 412-269-6343, [email protected] 11130 Ashburn Rd Cincinnati, OH 45240 Met-Con Inc. 465 Canaveral Groves Blvd VP, Robert Schlesinger, 360-598-6802, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 513-616-1413 Cocoa, FL 32926 Website: SVP, David M. Martin, 412-375-3121, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Sr. Project Manager, Mark Campbell, 513-616-1418, Emergency Number: 321-632-4880 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Evans Nwankwo, 513-742-9191, Executive VP, Jeffrey Gibson, 321-632-4880, [email protected] Michael Keeshen & Assoc. Inc. [email protected] 101 E Washington St Ste 320 VP Business Development, Frank Regueyra, 513-742- Greenville, SC 29601 9191, [email protected] Metro CD Engineering LLC Website: Director, Health Care Division, Michael Garrett, 513- 7003 Post Rd Ste 204 Emergency Number: 864-230-9598 742-9191, [email protected] Dublin, OH 43016 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Michael Keeshen, 864-233-2804, [email protected] Meltech Corp. Inc. Corporate Leadership: 3321 75th Ave Member/Owner, Michael Chow, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, Landover, MD 20785-1519 614-923-3930, [email protected] Michael-Bruno LLC Website: Via Cinthia 21-23 Corporate Leadership: Metro Engineering and Surveying Naples, Italy 80126 Director of Business Development and Marketing, Tm 186 Selfridge Rd Website: Bako, 301-773-3450, [email protected] Hampton, GA 30228 Emergency Number: +39 081 851 2208 Website: Corporate Leadership: CEO/President, Michael Sedge, +39 081 2413866, Mendrop Wages LLC Corporate Leadership: [email protected] 854 Wilson Dr Ste A President, James Sease, 770-707-0777, [email protected] Exec. VP, Giuseppe Bruno, +39 081 2413866, Ridgeland, MS 39157 [email protected] Website: VP, Business Development, Walter Hernandez, 770- Emergency Number: 601-899-5158 707-0777, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Mapping Division, Stacy Lunsford, CP, 770-707- Michels Corp. Principal, Blake Mendrop, 601-899-5158, [email protected] 0777, [email protected] 817 W Main St Brownsville, WI 53006 Principal, Chad Wages, 601-899-5158, [email protected] MGE Engineering Inc. Website: 7415 Greenhaven Dr Ste 100 Corporate Leadership: Sacramento, CA 95831 VP, Tim Michels, 920-583-3132, [email protected] VP Business Development & Marketing, Mark Hutter, Merrick & Company Website: 920-583-1443, [email protected] 2450 S Peoria St Emergency Number: 916-201-4436 Aurora, CO 80014 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Fred Huang, 916-421-1000, [email protected] Middough Inc. Emergency Number: 303-751-0741 1901 E13th St Ste 400 Corporate Leadership: VP, Principal Structural Engineer, Robert Sennett, Cleveland, OH 44114 Chairman and CEO, Ralph Christie, 303-751-0741, 916-421-1000, [email protected] Website: [email protected] VP, Principal Engineer, Kang Chen, 510-208-4320, Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Chris Sherry, 303-751-0741, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Charles Krzysiak, 216-367-6139, [email protected] VP, Sr. Project Manager, Darrel Huckabay, President, Dave Huelskamp, 303-751-0741, 916-421-1000, [email protected] Sr. Manager, Steve Ejnik, 630-756-7105, [email protected] [email protected] Sr. VP, Dave Sprenkle, 303-751-0741, [email protected] Micah Group Energy & Sr. VP, Tony Donofrio, 216-367-6205, [email protected] Environmental 389 Waller Ave 210 MES Group Lexington, KY 40504 Midland Surveying Inc. 5421 Beaumont Center Blvd Ste 675 Website: 501 N Market St Tampa, FL 33634 Emergency Number: 877-260-7760 Maryville, MO 64468 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Aaron Jamison, 877-260-7760, [email protected] Emergency Number: 660-582-1633 President, Mark Awmiller, 813-885-9600, mark. Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Troy Hayes, 660-582-8633, [email protected] Sr. VP, Dale Bacik, 813-885-9600, [email protected] Secretary, Richard Mattson, 816-233-7900, Project Manager, Dwane Painter, 813-885-9600, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Operations, Adam Teale, 660-582-8633, [email protected] VP, Operations, Curtis McAdams, 816-233-7900, [email protected] 110 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

109 M Midtown Engineers LLC Miyamoto International Moffatt & Nichol 5225 Katy Fwy 400 1450 Halyard Dr Ste One 3780 Kilroy Airport Way Ste 600 Houston, TX 77007 West Sacramento, CA 95691 Long Beach, CA 90806 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 713-862-8848 Emergency Number: 916-716-5286 Emergency Number: 425-750-8152 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Ramon Herrera, 713-862-8848, [email protected] President/CEO, Kit Miyamoto, 916-373-1995, President, Eric Nichol, 562-590-6500, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Lon Determan, 916-373-1995, [email protected] COO, John Lesnik, 919-781-4626, [email protected] Mill City Environmental Corp. 116 John St Principal, Robert Glasgow, 916-373-1995, [email protected] Federal Business Development, Mikki Gaddis, Lowell, MA 01852 206-622-0222, [email protected] Website: Principal, Jeffrey Crosier, 949-579-1170, [email protected] VP, John Headland, 212-768-7454, [email protected] Emergency Number: 978-479-7969 Corporate Leadership: President, Brian Chapman, 978-654-6741, MMM Design Group Moorman Kizer & Reitzel Inc. [email protected] 300 E Main St Ste 200 115 Broadfoot Ave Accounting & Finance Manager, Dawn Fisher, Norfolk, VA 23510 PO Box 53774 978-654-6741, [email protected] Website: Fayetteville, NC 28305 General Manager, Scott McKiel, 978-654-6741, Emergency Number: 757-623-1641 Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Sr. Project & Compliance Manager, Julie Davies, President, George Wilson, 757-623-1641, [email protected] President, Jeff Reitzel, 910-484-5191, [email protected] 978-654-6741, [email protected] Executive VP, Wylie Cooke, 757-623-1641, [email protected] VP, Jimmy Kizer, 910-484-5191, [email protected] Miller Drilling Co. Inc. Geotech Resources Inc. Moran Construction Inc. 107 Helton Dr MOCA Systems 409 Brevard Ave Ste 8 Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 51 Water St Cocoa, FL 32922 Website: Watertown, MA 02472 Emergency Number: 321-848-5224 Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: CEO, Clayton Washburn, 931-762-7548, [email protected] Emergency Number: 617-923-0389 VP, Michael Moran, 321-639-5970, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President & CEO, Kevin Bernier, 617-923-0389 ext President, Patrick Moran, 321-639-5970, [email protected] Miller-Remick LLC 115, [email protected] 1010 Kings Hwy S Bldg One 1st Fl VP, Virgil Gray, 617-923-0389 ext 117, [email protected] Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Morganti Group Inc. Website: VP, Michael Carr, 617-923-0389 ext 102, [email protected] 100 Mill Plain Rd 4th Fl Emergency Number: 609-929-2789 Danbury, CT 06811 Corporate Leadership: VP, Neal McElhannon, 210-826-1560 ext 206, [email protected] Website: President, Francis Remick, 856-429-4000, [email protected] Emergency Number: 203-743-2675 Corporate Leadership: ModSpace VP, Operations, Jay Nakhleh, 203-743-2675, Missman Inc. Modular Space Corp. [email protected] 1011 27th Ave 1200 Swedesford Rd Group VP, Ron Brookfield, 203-743-2675, Rock Island, IL 61264 Berwyn, PA 19312-1078 [email protected] Website: Website: Program Director, David Muirhead, 203-743-2675, Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 910-599-0799 [email protected] President/CEO, Patrick Eikenberry, 309-788-7644, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Director, Natural Resources and Government, Dave Mortenson Construction VP/COO, Frank Hodina, 815-965-6400, [email protected] Jones, 847-622-5152, dave [email protected] M.A. Mortenson Co. BD Manager, Natural Resources and Government, 700 Meadow Ln N Mike Noonan, 817-470-7578, [email protected] Minneapolis, MN 55442 Website: Mitig Co. 10784 W State Hwy 27/70 Corporate Leadership: PO Box 85 Modular Management Group Inc. VP & General Manager, Craig Southorn, Radisson, WI 54867 1615 Rogers Rd 763-287-5315, [email protected] Emergency Number: 715-945-3287 Fort Worth, TX 76107 VP, Pat Burns, 703-553-2523, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Owner, Mark Korn, 715-945-3287, [email protected] Emergency Number: 817-740-9767 Director of Business Development & Preconstruction, Corporate Leadership: Mark Schmidt, 763-287-5552, [email protected] Project Manager, Fred Potter, 312-405-1776, President/CEO, Hector Rodriguez, 817-740-9767, Administrative Manager, Beth Renna, 715-667-3601, [email protected] Director of Operations, Bob Leonard, 763-287-5316, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Lee Burchfield, [email protected] 817-715-3285, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 111

110 M-N MRI Architectural Group Inc. MW Builders Neel-Schaffer Inc. 5032 Goddard Ave Ste A 1701 N General Bruce Dr 125 S Congress St Ste 125 Orlando, FL 32804 Temple, TX 76504 Jackson, MS 39205 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 407-245-3660 Emergency Number: 254-534-2789 Emergency Number: 601-948-3071 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Peter Ikegami, 407-245-3660, [email protected] President, Tim Chadwick, 254-778-4241, [email protected] Executive VP, Gorman Schaffer, 601-948-3071, [email protected] Director of Business Development, Carol Klincko, VP, Jason Evelyn, 254-778-4241, [email protected] VP, Keith OKeefe, 601-948-3071, [email protected] 407-245-3660, [email protected] Estimating Manager, Todd Winnerman, 254-778-4241, Sr. Civil Engineer, Don Lancaster, 985-674-9820, MSA PC [email protected] [email protected] 5033 Rouse Dr Sr. Civil Engineer, Joe Deering, 615-383-8420, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 MW Services Inc. [email protected] Website: 42208 Remington Ave Emergency Number: 757-472-1643 Temecula, CA 92590 New South Construction Co. Corporate Leadership: Website: 1132 W Peachtree St Principal, VP-Engineering, Douglas Will, 757-490- Corporate Leadership: Atlanta, GA 30309 9264, [email protected] President/CEO, Marie Willis, 951-693-5750, [email protected] Website: Principal, Director of Environmental Sciences, Charles Emergency Number: 404-443-4000 Hall, 757-490-9264, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Michael Gaddy, 757-490-9264, MWH Executive VP, Thomas Troutman, 404-443-4000, [email protected] MWH Global Inc. [email protected] Director of Marketing, Rebecca Henry, 757-490-9264, 370 Interlocken Blvd Ste 300 VP Operations, David Goodhead, 404-443-4000, [email protected] Broomfield, CO 80021 [email protected] Website: Sr. Project Manager, Dan Hobson, 404-443-4000, MTNT Emergency Number: 303-533-1927 [email protected] 309 River Rd Corporate Leadership: Sr. Preconstruction Manager, Rob Schulten, 404-443- McGrath, AK 99627-1415 Director, Business Redevelopment, Emmitt Smith, 4000, [email protected] Website: 801-617-3264, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: NeXergy Engineering & CEO, Vicki Otte, 907-569-6868, [email protected] Nan Inc. Environmental LLC Operations Manager, Robin Heinrichs, 907-569-6868, 636 Laumaka St 87 Hibernia Ave Ste 205 [email protected] Honolulu, HI 96819 Rockaway, NJ 07866 BD Manager, Tom Devine, 907-529-0618, [email protected] Website: Website: Emergency Number: 808-230-3618 Corporate Leadership: Operations Executive, Reinhard Mueller, Corporate Leadership: President, Joan Nix, 973 794 1234, [email protected] 608-269-1104, [email protected] President, Fooney Freestone, 808-842-4929, [email protected] Mueser Rutledge Consulting VP, Ryan Nakaima, 808-842-4929, [email protected] NIKA Architects+Engineers Engineers 451 Hungerford Dr 4th Fl 14 Penn Plz 225 W 34th St VP, Sam Ho, 808-842-4929, [email protected] Rockville, MD 20850 New York, NY 10122 VP, Frank Okimoto, 808-842-4929, [email protected] Website: Website: Emergency Number: 301-770-3520 Emergency Number: 917-339-9300 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: NationView LLC CEO, Kabir Chaudhary, 301-770-3520, [email protected] Partner, Frank Arland, 917-339-9300, [email protected] 1608 13th Ave S Ste 160 com Birmingham, AL 35205 Partner, Peter Deming, 917-339-9300, [email protected] Website: Ninyo & Moore Emergency Number: 205-930-9494 5710 Ruffin Rd Sr. Associate, Anthony DeVito, 917-339-9300, Corporate Leadership: San Diego, CA 92123 [email protected] President, David Martin, 205-930-9494, [email protected] Website: Partner, Alfred Brand, 917-339-9300, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Director of Construction, Joe Lackey, 205-930-9494, Principal Engineer/President, Avram Ninyo, [email protected] 858-576-1000, [email protected] Multatech Principal Engineer, Jalal Vakili, 949-753-7070, 2821 W 7th St Ste 400 NCM Contracting Group LP [email protected] Fort Worth, TX 76107 35131 SE Center St Principal Environmental Scientist, David Richter, Website: Snoqualmie, WA 98065 949-753-7070, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal Geologist, Mike Bemis, 858-576-1000, VP, Jack Otteson, 817-289-1869, [email protected] Emergency Number: 206-396-7190 [email protected] com Corporate Leadership: VP, Sales, Eric Maughan, 206-396-7190, [email protected] Sr. VP, Federal Programs, Pete Wold, 206-949-5045, [email protected] 112 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

111 N NIPPO Corp. Normandeau Assoc. Inc. Notkin Mechanical Engineers 290 Chalan Padiron Haya Rte 15 25 Nashua Rd 2301 Fifth Ave Ste 401 Yigo, GU 96929 Bedford, NH 03110-5527 Seattle, WA 98121 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 671-653-7077 Emergency Number: 603-472-5191 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Partner, Larry Swartz, P.E., 206-448-1911, [email protected] Gen. Manager, Guam Office, Makoto Nakagawa, Sr. VP, Curt Thalken, 603-472-5191, [email protected] 671-653-7077, [email protected] Acct. Manager, Guam Office, Masakazu Takahashi, VP, Ann Pembroke, 603-472-5191, [email protected] Novel Geo-Environmental LLC 671-653-7077, [email protected] 171 Montour Run Rd Project Manager, Daijiro Meguro, 671-653-7077, VP, Marcia Bowen, 207-846-3598, [email protected] Moon Township, PA 15108 [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 412-719-6300 Noah Enterprises Inc. North Wind Group Corporate Leadership: 1112 Jensen Dr Ste 211 1425 Higham St President, Amy Veltri, 412-722-1970, [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Website: Website: VP, John Nottingham, 304-201-5180, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Carol Curtis, 757-437-2300, [email protected] President, Sylvia Medina, 208-557-7911, [email protected] VP, Brad Waldron, 412-722-1970, [email protected] CFO, Brad Trost, 208-557-7823, [email protected] Nobis Engineering Inc. NTH Consultants Ltd. 18 Chenell Dr 2000 Brush St 480 Ford Field Concord, NH 03301 Northgate Environmental Detroit, MI 48226 Website: Management Inc. Website: Corporate Leadership: 300 Frank Ogawa Plz Ste 510 Emergency Number: 800-736-6842 CEO, Nannu Nobis, 603-224-4182, [email protected] Oakland, CA 94612 Corporate Leadership: com Emergency Number: 510-839-0688 President and CEO, Keith Swaffar, P.E., Sr. VP, Pete Delano, 978-683-0891, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 313-237-3900, [email protected] Principal, Derrick Willis, 949-716-0050, [email protected] Chairman and CFO, Kevin Hoppe, P.E., Sr. Client Manager, Federal Services, Chris Hager, 248-553-6300, [email protected] 978-703-6022, [email protected] Principal, Ted Splitter, 510-839-0688, [email protected] Sr. VP, Fritz Klingler, P.E., 313-237-3900, [email protected] Marketing Director, Joe Barry, 978-683-0891, [email protected] CEO, Deni Chambers, 510-839-0688, deni.cham- Sr. VP, Philip Spalding, P.E., 313-237-3900, [email protected] [email protected] Nobles Consulting Group Inc. 2844 Pablo Ave Northrop Grumman NTM Engineering Inc. Tallahassee, FL 32308 6140 E Hwy 98 130 W Church St Ste 200 Website: Panama City, FL 32404 Dillsburg, PA 17019 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: President, Allen Nobles, 850-385-1179, [email protected] Emergency Number: 703-743-9964 Corporate Leadership: com Corporate Leadership: President, Donna Newell, 717-432-4425, [email protected] Project Manager, Fred Bermudez, 850-385-1179, Director, Donald Blanchard, 850-874-9170, donald. [email protected] [email protected] Principal & Treasurer, John Newell, 717-432-4425, VP, David Griswold, 850-638-8833, [email protected] Sr. Manager, Richard Woodworth, 850-283-6491, [email protected] [email protected] Principal & Secretary, Rachel Tereska, 717-432-4425, Nordic Industries Inc. Sr. Manager, Bryan Muller, 850-283-6572, bryan. [email protected] 1437 Furneaux Rd [email protected] Principal, Jeffrey MacKay, 717-432-4425, [email protected] Olivehurst, CA, CA 95961 Manager, Andrew Dougherty, 703-574-2202, andrew. Emergency Number: 530-870-6654 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: N-Y Assoc. Inc. President - Chief Operations Manager, Jens Karlshoej, Northstar Project Management Inc. 2750 Lake Villa Dr Ste 100 530-742-7124, [email protected] 6502 S Kellerman Way Metairie, LA 70002 VP/Construction Manager, Ray Bertelsen, Aurora, CO 80016 Website: 530-742-7124, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 504-885-0500 Emergency Number: 303-362-1949 Corporate Leadership: Norfolk Ram Group LLC Corporate Leadership: President, Frank Nicoladis, 504-885-0500, One Roberts Rd President, Leandra Thompson, 303-362-1949, [email protected] Plymouth, MA 02360 [email protected] Sr. VP, Michael Nicoladis, 504-885-0500, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Constantine Nicoladis, 504-885-0500, Northview Enterprises Inc. [email protected] Principal, Brian Moran, 508-478-1276, [email protected] 120 Webster St VP, James Simmons, 504-885-0500, [email protected] Louisville, KY 40206 Principal, Joseph Salvetti, 508-747-7900 ext 127, Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 502-228-7908 Associate, Jonathan Kitchen, 508-747-7900 ext 154, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Mark Held, 502-640-0125, [email protected] Associate, Wayne Perry, 508-747-7900 ext 193, [email protected] CFO, Brad Ludwick, 502-228-7908, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 113

112 O-P Oak Point Assoc. Olsson Assoc. P.W. Grosser Consulting 231 Main St 1111 Lincoln Mall 630 Johnson Ave Ste 7 Biddeford , ME 04005 Lincoln, NE 68508 Bohemia, NY 11716 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 402-474-6311 Corporate Leadership: President, Robert Tillotson, 207-283-0193, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Paul Grosser, PhD, PE, 631-589-6353, CEO, Roger Severin, 402-474-6311, [email protected] [email protected] VP/COO, Frank Castellanio, 631-589-6353, [email protected] OBrien & Gere President, Brad Strittmatter, 602-748-1000, 333 W Washington St [email protected] VP, Gary Mazza, 631-589-6353, [email protected] Syracuse, NY 13202 Sr. VP, Ryan Beckman, 402-458-5908, [email protected] com Website: Emergency Number: 410-209-9408 VP, Mike Lally, 913-748-2509, [email protected] P/STRADA LLC Corporate Leadership: com 4033 Central St CEO, Jim Fox, 315-956-6813, [email protected] Kansas City, MO 64111 President & COO, Lee Davis, 315-956-6554, One Stop Environmental LLC Website: [email protected] 4800 Division Ave Sr. VP, Federal Programs, Jo Anne Walser, Birmingham, AL 35222 P2MG 703-622-8093, [email protected] Website: 5450 NW Central Dr Ste 300 Sr. VP, Thomas Nowlan, 484-804-7213, [email protected] Emergency Number: 205-595-8188 Houston, TX 77092 Corporate Leadership: Website: President/CEO, Shannon Riley, 205-595-8188, Emergency Number: 281-923-0299 OBrien Engineering Inc. [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 14900 Landmark Blvd Ste 530 Federal BD Manager, James Kling, 205-595-8188, President, Michael Nelson, 713-686-7764, Dallas, TX 75254 [email protected] [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises PACE Engineers Inc. President, Jim OBrien, 972-233-2288, [email protected] LLC 11255 Kirkland Way 300 1033 N Mayfair Rd 200 Kirkland, WA 98033 Milwaukee, WI 53226 Website: Ocmulgee Site & Environmental Website: Corporate Leadership: Services Inc. Corporate Leadership: Principal Engineer, John Weed, 425-827-2014, 213 Wes Park Dr President, Nick Ni, 414-257-4200, [email protected] Perry, GA 31069 VP, Business Development, Matt Christian, 303-770- Sr. Designer, Mark Aasland, 425-827-2014, [email protected] Website: 6227, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP and Director of Federal Programs, Steve Houser, President, Marty Penhallegon, 425-827-2014, mar- President, Lance Woods, 478-224-7070, [email protected] 210-490-4865, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Phil Cheesman, 425-827-2014, [email protected] VP, Chad Bryant, 478-224-7070, [email protected] ORB Architects com 350 South 38th Ct Ste 210 VP, Marty McLeod, 478-224-7070, [email protected] Renton, WA 98059 Pacific Western Technologies Ltd. Website: 3000 Youngfield St Ste 300 Corporate Leadership: Wheat Ridge, CO 80215 Odebrecht Construction Inc. VP, John Patterson, 425-226-3522, [email protected] Website: 201 Alhambra Cir Ste 1400 Emergency Number: 303-274-5400 Coral Gables, FL 33134 Project Architect, Daniel Brooks, AIA LEED AP, Corporate Leadership: Website: 425-226-3522, [email protected] President, Ding-Wen Hsu, 303-274-5400, [email protected] Emergency Number: 866-435-7624 Corporate Leadership: Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment Inc. CEO, Tai-Dan Hsu, 303-274-5400, [email protected] President/CEO, Gilberto Neves, 305-704-5859, 34000 Plymouth Rd [email protected] Livonia, MI 48150 PageSoutherlandPage VP Administration & Finance, Gabriel Franca, Website: 1100 Louisana Ste One 305-341-8847, [email protected] Emergency Number: 615-589-3907 Houston, TX 77002 Chief Estimator, Yvonne Meyer, 305-704-5857, Corporate Leadership: Website: [email protected] Managing Director, Steve Chizek, 615-517-0429, Corporate Leadership: Technical Director, Jim Storey, 305-341-8862, [email protected] Principal, John Cryer, 713-671-8484, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Ronald Cavallaro, 734-522-6711, ronald. com [email protected] Principal, James Wright, 703-527-4100, [email protected] Oklahoma Electrical Supply Co. Sr. Architect, Wayde Hoppe, 734-522-6711, wayde. 4901 N Sewell Ave [email protected] Executive VP, William Brown, 703-465-5380, PO Box 349 Project Manager, Eric Bischoff, 615-589-3907, eric. [email protected] Oklahoma City, OK 73118 [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 405-525-9001 OZ Architecture Corporate Leadership: 3003 Larimer St Pre-Construction Manager, Robert Cook, Denver, CO 80205 405-525-9001, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 303-861-5704 Corporate Leadership: Sr. Associate, Ken Breitkreuz, 303-861-5704, [email protected] Principal, Tom Hoover, 303-861-5704, [email protected] 114 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

113 P Palmer Engineering PCL Construction Services Inc. 400 Shoppers Dr PCL Construction Enterprises Inc. PO Box 747 Parsons 2000 S Colorado Blvd Winchester, KY 40392-0747 100 W Walnut St Tower Two Ste 2-500 Website: Pasadena, CA 91124 Denver, CO 80222 Emergency Number: 859-744-1218 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 650-655-2080 Emergency Number: 720-244-5696 President/CEO, James Gallt, 859-744-1218, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Mary Ann Hopkins, 202-469-6408, National Compliance and Program Manager, Bryan VP, David Lindeman, 859-744-1218, [email protected] [email protected] Hamilton, 303-365-6436, [email protected] Executive VP, Bill Bodie, 202-469-6426, william. VP, Randall Palmer, 859-744-1218, [email protected] [email protected] PCR Environmental Inc. Sr. VP, Tony Leketa, 202-469-6421, [email protected] 111 E Sunset Blvd VP, R. Todd Kemp, 615-297-8957, [email protected] Barrigada, GU 96913 com Sr. VP, Mike Loose, 202-469-6626, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 671-687-2999 Panduit Corp. Corporate Leadership: 18900 Panduit Dr Parsons Brinckerhoff CEO/General Manager, Tara N. Perez-Steffy, Tinley Park, IL 60487 One Penn Plaza 671-473-3560, [email protected] Website: New York, NY 10119 President, Paul E.R. Packbier, 671-473-3560, [email protected] Emergency Number: 888-506-5400 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 212-465-5000 Director of Federal Sales, Michael Manson, 703-728- Corporate Leadership: Penguins Coat Inc. dba USA Spray 0580, [email protected] Sr. VP, Judith DeScenza Cooper, 212-465-5332, Government Solutions Manager, Hans Baumann, Foam [email protected] 5023 List Dr 888-506-5400, [email protected] President and CEO, George J. Pierson, 212-465- Colorado Springs, CO 80919 5087, [email protected] Website: or www.usaspray- Pangea Group President, Americas Transportation, Gregory Kelly, 2604 S Jefferson Ave 212-465-5447, [email protected] Emergency Number: 719-964-5485 Saint Louis, MO 63118 Director, US Federal Operating Co., Russ Fuhrman, Corporate Leadership: Website: 703-742-5985, [email protected] President, D. Jeff White, 719-492-6510, [email protected] Emergency Number: 314-333-0632 Corporate Leadership: Parsons Cunningham & Shartle VP, Robert P. Smith, 719-306-5446, [email protected] President /CEO, Michael Zambrana, 314-333-0600, [email protected] Engineers Inc. 1924 S Dan Jones Rd Avon, IN 46123 Pennoni Assoc. Inc. Paragon Business Solutions Inc. Corporate Leadership: 3001 Market St Second Fl 610 N Olive St President, Cheryl Cunningham, 317-837-9900, Philadelphia, PA 19104 Rolla, MO 65401 [email protected] Website: Website: Executive VP, Chester Parsons, 317-837-9900, Emergency Number: 215-275-0786 Emergency Number: 573-364-3200 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Survey Department Head, Grant Niemeyer, VP, Mark Lillard, PMP, 704-840-4810, [email protected] President and Principal, Alice Reeves, 573-364-3200, 317-837-9900, [email protected] [email protected] Engineering Department Head, Jeff Mahan, Sr. VP, David DeLizza, 215-222-3000, [email protected] 317-837-9900, [email protected] Parametrix VP, Jonathan Savage, 215-222-3000, [email protected] 1002 15th St SW Ste 220 Patti Banks Assoc. dba Vireo Auburn, WA 98001 929 Walnut Ste 700 Director of Federal Client Development, Julie Maza, Website: Kansas City, MO 64106 AM.APMP, 703-840-4811, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal Consultant, Howard Hillinger, 425-458-6200, Emergency Number: 816-756-5690 Pepe Engineering [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 11999 Katy Fwy 340 Director of Marketing, Denise Ledingham, 253-501- Conservation Ecologist, Laurie Brown, 816-756-5690, Houston, TX 77079-1611 1020, [email protected] [email protected] Website: Principal, Lisa Briscoe, 816-756-5690, [email protected] Emergency Number: 832-868-1868 PARS Environmental Inc. com Corporate Leadership: 500 Horizon Dr Ste 540 Environmental Planner, Scott Schulte, 816-756-5690 Principal, Salim Joubran, 281-293-0856, [email protected] Robbinsville, NJ 08691 ext 3039, [email protected] Website: Executive VP, Nabil Joubran, 281-293-0856, Corporate Leadership: PB&A Inc. [email protected] President, Kiran Gill, 609-890-7277, [email protected] 700 Lavaca St Ste 607 Project Manager, Khalil Abboud, 281-293-0856, com Austin, TX 78701 [email protected] Website: VP, Elias Klaimy, 281-293-0856, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Paul Bechtel, 512-326-3223, [email protected] VP, Ann Behl, 512-280-3539, [email protected] Director Air Force Programs, John Woosley, 210-784-9302, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 115

114 P Pie Consulting & Engineering Pizzo & Assoc. Ltd. 6275 Joyce Dr Ste 200 136 Railroad St Arvada, CO 80403 PO Box 98 Website: Leland, IL 60531 Emergency Number: 720-937-4634 Website: Perini Management Services Inc. Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Tutor Perini Corp. Principal, Eric Amhaus, 303-552-0177, [email protected] President, Jack Pizzo, 815-495-2300, [email protected] 73 Mt. Wayte Ave VP, Douglas Bauer, 815-495-2300, [email protected] Framingham, MA 01701-9160 Principal, Matthew Blackmer, 303-552-0177, General Manager, Western Territory, Seth Crackel, Website: [email protected] 815-495-2300, [email protected] Emergency Number: 508-628-2000 General Manager, Northern Territory, Jake Hagelow, Corporate Leadership: PIKA International 815-495-2300, [email protected] President, Robert Band, 508-628-2000, [email protected] 12723 Capricorn Dr Ste 500 com Stafford, TX 77477 PJ Dick-Trumbull-Lindy Paving Sr. VP, Operations and General Manager, Paul Lloyd, Website: 225 North Shore Dr 508-628-2659, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Pittsburgh, PA 15212 VP, Business Development, Ed Greco, 508-628-2417, President/CEO, Terry Kasnavia, 281-340-5525, Website: [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 412-807-2000 Sr. VP, Operations, John Gerstenlauer, 508-628-2442, VP, Technical Services, Srini Neralla, 281-340-5525, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] [email protected] Sales Executive, Paul Boggs, 412-807-2000, paul. VP, Federal Programs, Paul Ihrke, 281-340-5525, [email protected] Peterson Engineering Inc. [email protected] 75 S F St Principal, Shahrukh Kanga, 281-340-5525, [email protected] Pensacola, FL 32502 Website: Emergency Number: 850-434-0513 PilieroMazza PLLC Corporate Leadership: 888 17th St NW 11th Fl President, Gregory Peterson, 850-434-0513, Washington, DC 20006 [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Plexus Scientific Corp. PGAL Managing Partner, Pamela Mazza, 202-857-1000, 4501 Ford Ave Ste 1200 3131 Briarpark 200 [email protected] Alexandria, VA 22302 Houston, TX 77042 Sr. Partner, Antonio Franco, 202-857-1000, [email protected] Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Partner, Jonathan Williams, 202-857-1000, [email protected] Sr. VP of Operations, Jacquelin Cain, 571-338-5371, Principal, LJ Vincik, 713-622-1444, [email protected] [email protected] Partner, Isaias Cy Alba, 202-857-1000, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Jeffrey Mahan, Photo Science 443-822-0959, [email protected] 523 Wellington Way VP, Environmental Remediation Services, Ali Sadrieh, Lexington, KY 40503 Pinnacle Construction & 703-845-5620, [email protected] Website: Development Group Inc. VP, Sustainability Services, George Carellas, Emergency Number: 859-277-8700 38220 Willoughby Pkwy Unit A 703-203-1647, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Cleveland, OH 44094 President/CEO, G. Michael Ritchie, 859-277-8700, Emergency Number: 912-547-3666 PND Engineers Inc. [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 1506 W 36th Ave Sr. VP, Mark E. Meade, 859-277-8700, [email protected] President, Lynlee Altman, 440-488-5958, [email protected] Anchorage, AK 99503 Emergency Number: 907-561-1011 Sr. VP, Robert Hickey, 610-344-0890, [email protected] Business Development, Dewayne Lockhart, Corporate Leadership: 912-547-3666, [email protected] Principal, Michael Huggins, 206-624-1387, VP, Kurt W. Allen, 301-262-9400, [email protected] VP, Director of Operations, Scott Minerd, [email protected] 440-975-0981, [email protected] VP, Principal, Kenton Braun, 907-561-1011, [email protected] Pickering Inc. Pittsburgh Corning Corp. VP, Principal, Dempsey Thieman, 907-561-1011, 6775 Lenox Center Ct Ste 300 800 Presque Isle Dr [email protected] Memphis, TN 38115 Pittsburgh, PA 15239 Website: Website: Poggemeyer Design Group Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 6960 Smoke Ranch Rd Ste 110 CEO/President, Mike Pohlman, 901-726-0810, GM Glass Block Business, Tom Galligan, 724-327- Las Vegas, NV 89128 [email protected] 6100, [email protected] Website: Principal, Tom Bryant, 662-393-3348, [email protected] Sales Director, Bill Vaughan, 724-327-6100, Emergency Number: 702-255-8100 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Principal, Marc Rubenstein, 901-726-0810, Principal, Larry Carroll, 702-255-8100, [email protected] [email protected] Principal, Bob Pitts, 901-726-0810, [email protected] 116 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

115 P Portage Inc. PRIZIM Inc. 1075 S Utah Ave Ste 200 Hitachi Consulting Idaho Falls, ID 83402 317 E Diamond Ave Ste 201 Website: Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Polu Kai Services LLC Corporate Leadership: Website: 137 N Washington St Ste 301 Program Manager, Craig Waller, 210-829-4904, Corporate Leadership: Falls Church, VA 22046 [email protected] Principal, Robert Kravitz, 763-614-8478, [email protected] Website: VP, Kevin Poor, 208-528-6608, [email protected] Emergency Number: 703-499-2842 Program Manager, Mukund Shayi, 210-829-4904, Associate, John Kearns, 301-556-2522, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Sean Jensen, 703-499-2842, [email protected] VP, Harry Fugate, 801-652-4277, [email protected] Sr. Manager, Lauren Riley, 301-556-2554, [email protected] VP, Randy Sosa, 305-975-2173, [email protected] Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc. Pro2Serve Executive VP, Donald Lauzon, 571-488-5136, 9801 Washingtonian Blvd Ste 350 1100 Bethel Valley Rd [email protected] Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Oak Ridge, TN 37830 Sr. VP of Finance, Dawn Kelly-Wal, 813-749-8624, Website: Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 301-907-9078 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Ray Alexander, 865-220-4411, [email protected] Polyengineering Inc. President, Fred Carey, 301-908-9078 ext 3003, 1935 Headland Ave [email protected] VP/Chief Engineer, Joe Hedges, 865-220-4449, PO Box 837 VP, John Ribar, 619-260-1033 ext 301, [email protected] [email protected] Dothan, AL 36303 com Website: Emergency Number: 334-596-0178 POWER Engineers Corporate Leadership: 2041 S Cobalt Point Way Director of Military Programs, Bruce Bradley, Meridian, ID 83642 334-793-4700, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 208-288-6300 Pond & Company Corporate Leadership: 3500 Parkway Ln Ste 600 Federal Services Manager, Dick Corolewski, Norcross, GA 30092 208-288-6496, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 678-336-7740 Prairie Engineers of Illinois PC Professional Environmental Corporate Leadership: 628 Broadway St Engineers Inc. CEO, Al Pond, 678-336-7740, [email protected] Lincoln, IL 62656 500 S Ewing Ave Ste E President, Tony Parker, 678-336-7740, [email protected] Website: St. Louis, MO 63103 Emergency Number: 217-553-0495 Website: Sr. VP Aviation & Fueling, Jeff Meier, 678-336-7740, Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 314-531-0060 [email protected] President and CEO, Lisa Kramer, 217-651-8017, Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP Federal Facilities, John Cassidy, 678-336- [email protected] President & CEO, Carolyn Green, 314-531-0060, 7740, [email protected] VP, Darren Forgy, 217-651-8017, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Filippe Cade, 314-531-0060, [email protected] Poole Fire Protection Inc. com COO, Charles Gray, 314-531-0060, [email protected] 19910 W 161st St Premier Communications Group Inc. com Olathe, KS 66062 2076 N Cranbrook Ave Emergency Number: 913-208-2596 Saint Augustine, FL 32092 Corporate Leadership: Website: Professional Services Industries Inc. Principal, Jack Poole, 913-829-8650, [email protected] Emergency Number: 904-599-2224 1901 S Meyers Rd Ste 400 Corporate Leadership: Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 Engineering Technical Manager, Steve Dryden, President, Floyd Alexander, 904-599-2224, [email protected] Website: 913-829-8650, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Business Development Coordinator, Melissa Kelley, Electrical Division Manager, Jim Goldsberry, Executive VP, Tom Boogher, 630-691-1490, 913-747-2048, [email protected] 904-626-0141, [email protected] [email protected] Business Development Director, Ron Mesmer, COO, Walter Goin, 630-691-1490, [email protected] 913-747-2052, [email protected] PRIME Engineering Inc. 300 Red Brook Blvd Ste 410 Port City Design Group LLC Owings Mills, MD 21117 Project Resources Inc. 7393 Hodgson Memorial Dr Ste 200 Website: 6385 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 420 Savannah, GA 31406 Emergency Number: Kumar Buvanendaran, 410- Las Vegas, NV 89118 Website: 262-8359 Website: Emergency Number: 912-655-6790 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 888-254-3130 Corporate Leadership: President, Kumar Buvanendaran, P.E., 614-839-0250, Corporate Leadership: Principal, James Vaughn, 912-927-1485, [email protected] [email protected] President, Frank Loscavio, 702-331-9000, [email protected] VP, Federal Programs, Debra Wittle, PLA, 410-654- 3790, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Courtney Smith, Principal, Office of Strategic Services, David Johnson, 702-331-9000, [email protected] MRICS, 571-313-1403, [email protected] Marketing Coordinator, Amy Lively, 614-839-0250, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 117

116 P-Q-R Project Time & Cost Inc. Quad Three Group Inc. R.C. Stevens Construction Co. 2727 Paces Ferry Rd Ste 1-1200 37 N Washington St 3333 Lawrence St Atlanta, GA 30339 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 Orlando, FL 32805 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 800-486-5752 Emergency Number: 570-829-4200 Emergency Number: 407-299-3800 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Chairman, Gene Brooks, 770-444-9799, gene. CEO/President, Brent L. Berger, 570-829-4200, VP, Development, David Smith, 407-299-3800, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] President & CEO, Joseph McGonagle, 770-444-9799, President, James P. Palumbo, P.E., 570-342-5200, Estimator, Tom Mikels, 407-299-3800, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Executive VP, Bert Ramsay, 770-444-9799, bert. Director, Land Planning & Utilities, Richard B. Kresge, Project Manager, David Esden, 407-299-3800, [email protected] PE, 570-829-4200, [email protected] [email protected] SVP, Client Relations, Andy Reape, 770-444-9799, Project Manager, Jim Crabtree, 407-299-3800, [email protected] Quality Environmental Professionals [email protected] Inc. Pruitt Eberly Stone Inc. 1611 S Franklin Rd R.C. Construction Co. Inc. 1852 Century Pl NE 201 Indianapolis, IN 46239 311 W Park Ave Atlanta, GA 30345 Website: Greenwood, MS 38930 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: CEO/President, Greer Pruitt, P.E., S.E., Quality Sales & Service Inc. VP, John Powers, 662-453-2424, [email protected] 770-457-5923, [email protected] 14972 Hwy Z Director of Business Development, Scott Oleson, Saint Robert, MO 65584 770-457-5923, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 573-280-5791 R.H. Shackelford Inc. Project Manager, Rob Phillips, P.E., 770-457-5923, 1100 NW Loop 410 Ste 350 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Sylvester Kesel, 573-336-550, [email protected] San Antonio, TX 78213 COO, Michael Planer, P.E., 770-457-5923, [email protected] Website: Preconstruction Manager, Don Bordwll, 573-336-5500, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Jerry Shoemaker, P.E., 361-675-0964, PS&S LLC [email protected] 67B Mountain Blvd Extension VP, Robert Shackelford, 210-525-0647, [email protected] Warren, NJ 07059 Quaternary Resource Investigations Website: LLC VP, Kent Power, 210-889-8143, [email protected] Emergency Number: 732-584-0298 13588 Florida Blvd Corporate Leadership: Baton Rouge, LA 70819 R2T Sr. VP, Joseph Lifrieri, 732-584-0298, [email protected] Website: 580 W Crossville Rd Ste 101 com Emergency Number: 985-873-1085 Roswell, GA 30075 Corporate Leadership: Website: Psomas CEO, Fonda Lindfors New, 225-292-1400, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 555 South Flower St Ste 4400 President, Kenneth New, 225-268-5692, [email protected] President, Kimberly Ajy, 770-569-7038, [email protected] Los Angeles, CA 90071 Website: Quest GeoSystems Management Inc. Emergency Number: 213-605-2250 11275 Sunrise Gold Cir Ste R Raba-Kistner Consultants Inc. Corporate Leadership: Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 12821 W Golden Ln CEO, Blake Murillo, 213-223-1400, [email protected] Website: San Antonio, TX 78249 Emergency Number: 925-756-1210 Website: President, Jacob Lipa, 213-223-1400, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: com President, Eric Garcia, 925-756-1210, [email protected] President, William Raba, 210-699-9090, [email protected] Q Solutions Inc. Sr. VP, Engineering Services, Chris Schultz, 6617 Gunstock Ln R&M Consultants Inc. 210-699-9090, [email protected] Tucker, GA 30084-1436 9101 Vanguard Dr Website: Anchorage, AK 99507 Ramey Kemp & Assoc. Inc. Emergency Number: 404-579-5779 Website: 5808 Faringdon Pl Ste 100 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 907-522-1707 Raleigh, NC 27609 VP, Kieu-Anh Tran, 404-579-5779, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Thuy-Kieu Chang, 770-939-6500, tkieu. CEO, Bret Coburn, 907-522-1707, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Montell Irvin, 919-872-5115, [email protected] COO, Lendle Story, 907-522-1707, [email protected] Qk4 Inc. com Regional Manager, Stephen Greene, 919-872-5115, 1046 E Chestnut Sr. VP, Charles Riddle, 907-522-1707, [email protected] [email protected] Louisville, KY 40204 Website: Sr. VP, Frank Rast, 907-522-1707, [email protected] Ramsey North Inc. Emergency Number: 502-585-2222 101 5th St Corporate Leadership: PO Box 947 CEO/President, David Smith, 502-992-2896, [email protected] Arbuckle, CA 95912 Website: Project Manager, William Rynearson, 502-585-2222, Emergency Number: 530-723-2666 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Stephen Arnold, 502-585-2222, President, Maxwell Ramsey, 530-476-3366, maxwell. [email protected] [email protected] 118 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

117 R Rand Construction Corp. RC Engineering & Construction RELYANT 515 M St SE 102 Management 1009 Hampshire Dr Washington, DC 20003 PO Box 727 Maryville, TN 37801 Website: Richland, WA 99352 Website: Emergency Number: 202-449-9840 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 509-392-5575 CMO, Steve Anderson, 202-450-0848, [email protected] CEO, Linda Rabbitt, 703-553-5511, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Colette Steinwert, 509-392-5575, [email protected] Director, Terry Collins, MMR, 865-984-1330, [email protected] Range and Civil Construction LLC 27840 County Rte 193 Ste 2 Program Manager, Robert Hepler, 509-392-5575, Theresa, NY 13691 [email protected] Remediation Services Inc. Website: Eastern Region Manager, Lyle Hunnicutt, 910-202- 2735 S 10th St Emergency Number: 315-276-6787 4994, [email protected] PO Box 587 Corporate Leadership: Independence, KS 67301 CEO, Jim Didas, 315-276-678, [email protected] RC&D Inc. Website: 17 Gordon Ave Ste 204 Corporate Leadership: Rani Engineering Inc. Providence, RI 02905 VP, Butch Holum, 620-331-1200, [email protected] 2912 Anthony Ln Ste 100 Website: President, Grant Sherwood, 620-331-1200, Minneapolis, MN 55418 Emergency Number: 401-270-5483 [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 612-455-3322 President, Mike Rose, Jr., 401-270-5483, [email protected] RETTEW Assoc. Corporate Leadership: 3020 Columbia Ave President, Susan Rani, 612-455-3322, [email protected] VP/CEO, Jim Henebury, 401-270-5483, [email protected] Lancaster, PA 17603 Website: Raymond Engineering-Georgia LLC Raymond Engineering Inc. RealStreet Staffing Reyes Construction Inc. 1224 Royal Dr Ste 100 2500 Wallington Way Ste 208 1383 S Signal Dr Conyers, GA 30094 Marriottsville, MD 21104 Pomona, CA 91766-3844 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 770-483-9592 Emergency Number: 410-480-8002 Emergency Number: 909-630-4223 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Raymond Ramos, 770-483-9592, VP, Kevin McGovern, 410-480-8002, [email protected] Operations Manager, Clint Larison, 909-622-3844, [email protected] [email protected] CFO, Margaret Ramos, 770-483-9592, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Chris DOnofrio, VP, Ricardo Jimenez, 909-622-2259, [email protected] 410-480-8002, [email protected] VP, Operations, Brent Iverson, 770-483-9592, brent. Business Development Manager, Don Askey, Project Manager, Mike Ellis, 909-781-7475, [email protected] [email protected] 410-480-8002, [email protected] Marketing Coordinator, Marjorie Bodrogi, Raymond Engineering-SC LLC 410-480-8002, [email protected] Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Raymond Engineer-GA LLC 10748 Deerwood Park Blvd S 111-B Tiffany Park Recco Inc. dba Five-R Co. Jacksonville, FL 32256-0597 Gaffney, SC 29341 PO Box 20368 Website: Website: Cheyenne, WY 82003 Emergency Number: 800-741-2014 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 307-638-7566 Corporate Leadership: Operations Manager, Edwin Ware, R.R.C., R.R.O., Corporate Leadership: VP, Aerospace and Defense Assistant Program 864-489-900, [email protected] President, Ray Fertig, 307-638-7566, Director, Wayne Finger, 800-225-7201, [email protected] Project Engineer, Matthew Mullins, P.E., 864-489- RECON Environmental Inc. VP, Defense Service Group Leader, Alan Watt, 8900, [email protected] 1927 5th Ave 800-741-2014, [email protected] com San Diego, CA 92101 South Central Region Defense Program Leader, Dan Website: Jackson, 210-224-2800, [email protected] RBF Consulting Corporate Leadership: Mid-Atlantic Defense Regional Leader, Pat Gibbons, 14725 Alton Pkwy Business Development Director, Candice Benn, 757-622-1859, [email protected] Irvine, CA 92618 619-308-9333, [email protected] Website: Principal/Federal Team Leader, Lori Woods, 520-325- R.H. Shackelford Inc. Corporate Leadership: 9977, [email protected] 1100 NW Loop 410 Ste 350 Co-CEO, James McDonald, 949-855-3601, [email protected] Sr. Biologist/Federal Team, Wendy Loeffler, 619-308- San Antonio, TX 78213 9333, [email protected] Website: Executive VP, Rick Rubin, 858-614-5002, [email protected] Emergency Number: 361-675-0964 Reid Middleton Inc. Corporate Leadership: 728 134th St SW Ste 200 VP, Jerry Shoemaker, 361-675-0964, [email protected] Everett, WA 98204-5322 Website: VP, Kent Power, 210-525-0647, [email protected] Emergency Number: 425-330-7478 Corporate Leadership: CEO, Robert Galteland, 425-741-3800, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 119

118 R Right Angle Engineering PC RNL Rolf Jensen & Assoc. 212 Princess St 1050 17th St Ste A200 600 W Fulton Ste 500 Wilmington, NC 28401 Denver, CO 80265 Chicago, IL 60661 Emergency Number: 910-523-0827 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 303-295-1717 Emergency Number: 312-879-7200 President, Jaman (Jim) Vithalani, 910-251- 8544, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Principal, Florian Walicki, 303-575-8556, florian. Sr. VP, Federal Market Leader, Jack Brady, 301-490- Sr. Project Manager, W. Shane Lippard, 910-251-8544, [email protected] 3901, [email protected] [email protected] Sr. Project Manager, Bradford Bull, 303-575-8553, Director, Military Projects, Michael Aaron, 312-879- [email protected] 7200, [email protected] RIM Architects Project Designer, Sydney Hamilton, 303-575-5841, [email protected] 645 G St Ste 400 Area Director, Ken Anderson, 703-720-0303, RORE Inc. Anchorage, AK 99501 5151 Shoreham Pl Ste 260 Website: [email protected] San Diego, CA 92122 Emergency Number: 619-517-0898 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 619-922-4482 President/CEO, Larry Cash, 907-258-7777, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Gita Murthy, Ph.D., 858-404-7393, [email protected] Executive VP, David McVeigh, 907-258-7777, [email protected] Sr. VP, Business Development, Wayne Johnson, 907-258-7777, [email protected] Rose Consulting Law Firm Managing Principal, James Dougherty, 907-258-7777, Moser Rose, Attorneys at Law [email protected] Robert Heinen Consulting Engineers 9495 Riverclub Pkwy RHCE Inc. Atlanta, GA 30097 525 Green St Ste 200 Website: Martinez, CA 94553 Emergency Number: 770-598-3139 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 925-817-7719 Principal, David Rose, 678-854-0222, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: RJM Engineering Inc. President, Robert Heinen, 925-817-7719, [email protected] Principal, Gary Moser, 229-244-1527, [email protected] 6031 University Blvd Ste 290 Ellicott City, MD 21043 Regional Manager, Ivan Gennis, 916-206-6918, Sr. Consultant, Debbie Rose, 678-854-0222, Website: [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Office Manager, Al Moser, 229-244-1527, [email protected] President, Jamil Pannee, 410-730-1001, [email protected] Robins & Morton 400 Shades Creek Pkwy Vice, Beverly Pannee, 410-730-1001, [email protected] Birmingham, AL 35209 Rosemann & Assoc. PC Website: 1526 Grand Blvd Emergency Number: 205-870-1000 Kansas City, MO 64108 RKS Ingenieure Corporate Leadership: Website: Saalckerstrae 8 VP, Government Services Division, VP Preconstruction, Corporate Leadership: Kleinostheim, DE 63801 Phil Yance, 205-870-1000, [email protected] VP, Dave Hendrikse, 816-472-1448, [email protected] Website: com VA Program Manager, Jimmy Griffis, 205-870-1000, President, Don Rosemann, 816-472-1448, [email protected] [email protected] RMA Land Construction Inc. Project Manager, Business Development, Nick Dill, VP, Jarrett Cooper, 314-678-1448, [email protected] 3061 E La Palma Ave 205-870-1000, [email protected] Anaheim, CA 92806 Website: Emergency Number: 800-561-0735 ROBRA Construction Inc. Ross & Baruzzini Corporate Leadership: 1701 Church St B Dar Holdings USA Inc. CEO, Roy Mohammad, 714-985-2888, roy. Norfolk, VA 23504-2313 6 S Old Orchard [email protected] Website: St. Louis, MO 63119 Executive VP, Steve Mohammad, 714-985-2888, Emergency Number: 757-438-9532 Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: VP Operations, Joseph Houska, 757-340-4140, President, Craig Toder, 314-918-8383, [email protected] [email protected] RMD Consulting LLC Administrative Support, Carol Harris, 804-721-7613, Sr. VP, Mike Shea, 314-918-8383, [email protected] 2815 Valley View Ln Ste 214 [email protected] com Dallas, TX 75234 Proposal Development, Kimberly Stephenson-Sowell, Director-Architecture, Brad Pierce, 314-918-8383, Website: 757-340-4140, [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 214-542-4456 Project Manager, Dickie Drylie, 757-340-4140, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Principal, Pamela Ross, 972-488-8077, [email protected] Principal, Mike Dawes, 972-488-8077, [email protected] RockSol Consulting Group Inc. 6510 W 91st Ave Ste 130 VP, Bud Brown, [email protected] Westminster, CO 80031 Website: Emergency Number: 303-995-0173 Corporate Leadership: President, Saeid Saeb, 303-962-9301, [email protected] com 120 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

119 R-S Roth Hill LLC RSP Architects Ltd. RW Armstrong 11130 NE 33rd Pl Ste 200 1220 Marshall St. NE 300 S Meridian St Bellevue, WA 98004-1465 Minneapolis, MN 55413 Indianapolis, IN 46225 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 425-289-7345 Emergency Number: 952-334-8149 Emergency Number: 317-786-0461 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Gregory Hill, 425-289-7342, [email protected] Principal, Kristine Hargreaves, 612-677-7216, kristine. Director of Airports, Terry Rainier, 317-786-0461 com [email protected] ext 150, [email protected] Director of Marketing, Bill Holladay, 425-289-7345, Director of Water Services, Timothy George, [email protected] RTI Laboratories Inc. 317-786-0461 ext 250, [email protected] Planner, Pam Cobley, 425-289-7309, [email protected] 31628 Glendale St Director of Transportation, Steven Fleming, Livonia, MI 48150-1827 317-786-0461 ext 220, [email protected] Principal Engineer, Erik Waligorski, 425-289-7320, Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 734-649-1335 Ryan Companies U.S. Inc. Corporate Leadership: 50 S Tenth St Ste 300 Roy Anderson Corp. Director, Federal Programs, David Howell, Minneapolis, MN 55403 11400 Reichold Rd 734-422-8000, [email protected] Website: Gulfport, MS 39503 General Manager, Jerry Singh, 734-422-8000, Emergency Number: 612-492-4000 Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 228-896-4000 Director, Materials Testing Div, Lloyd Kaufman, Sr. VP, Public Sector, Eric Engh, 612-492-4000, Corporate Leadership: 734-422-8000, [email protected] [email protected] Project Executive, Steve Bryant, 228-896-4000, Director, Environmental Services, Frederick Hoitash, [email protected] 734-422-8000, [email protected] Ryba Marine Construction Co. 629 N Main St Royal Engineers & Consultants RTKL Assoc. Inc. Cheboygan, MI 49721 601 Elysian Fields Ave 901 S Bond St Website: New Orleans, LA 70117 Baltimore, MD 21231 Emergency Number: 231-627-4333 Emergency Number: 281-433-7226 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 410-729-1909 VP, Zachary Morrish, 231-627-4333, [email protected] VP, Operations, Clifton Kyle, 281-433-7226, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, David Thompson, 410-537-6000, [email protected] VP, Mike Pugh, 504-309-4129, [email protected] S&B Infrastructure Ltd. Principal, Lauren Myers, 202-912-8197, [email protected] 3535 Sage Rd VP, South Division, Mitch Andrus, 337-456-5351, Houston, TX 77056 [email protected] VP, Steve Spinazzola, 410-537-6000, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 713-203-5874 Royce Construction Services Corporate Leadership: 11250 Roger Bacon Dr Ste 15 Rubicon Planning LLC President & CEO, Harold JR Reddish, P.E., Reston, VA 20190 137 Gus Nicks Blvd Ste 103 713-845-4605, [email protected] Website: Vinton, VA 24179 Sr. VP, Daniel Rios, P.E., 956-926-5001, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Richard Shelton, 703-996-4785, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Edward Kirmse, 540-344-7140, [email protected] S&ME Inc. 3201 Spring Forest Rd RQ Construction Inc. VP, Victoria Leslie, 540-344-7140, [email protected] Raleigh, NC 27616 5256 S Mission Ste 210 Website: Bonsall, CA 92003 Emergency Number: 770-262-2946 Website: Rummel, Klepper & Kahl LLP Corporate Leadership: 81 Mosher St President, Randy Neuhaus, P.E., 919-872-2660, RRC Consulting Group Inc. Baltimore, MD 21217 [email protected] 100 W Station Square Dr Ste 1910 Website: Director, Federal Programs, Louis Karably, P.E., PG, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Emergency Number: 757-506-9352 770-262-2946, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 412-364-3035 Partner, Michael Myers, PE, 410-728-2900, [email protected] S.M. Wilson & Co. Corporate Leadership: 2185 Hampton Ave President, Karl Kaluhiokalani, 412-364-3035, Director, Federal Programs, Tom Nicholas, P.E., St. Louis, MO 63139 [email protected] 757-498-4123, [email protected] Website: Sr. Manager, Federal Programs, Dana Hurst, P.E., Corporate Leadership: 757-498-4123, [email protected] Project Executive, Tom Kaiman, 314-645-9595, RRMM Architects PC Partner, Mike Potter, P.E., 410-728-2900, [email protected] 1317 Executive Blvd Ste 200 [email protected] VP Business Development, Amy Berg, 314-645-9595, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 757-622-2828 RUSH Construction Inc. Corporate Leadership: 6285 VectorSpace Blvd. VP, Kevin Ball, 757-622-2828, [email protected] Titusville, FL 32780 Website: Corporate Leadership: President, William Chivers, 321-267-8100, [email protected] CEO, Eduardo Rabel, 321-267-8100, [email protected] com SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 121

120 S SAGE Satterfield & Pontikes Construction Schneider Electric 4180 Douglas Blvd 100 Inc. 1415 S Roselle Rd Granite Bay, CA 95746 11000 Equity Dr Ste 100 Palatine, IL 60067 Website: Houston, TX 77041 Website: Emergency Number: 916-521-1100 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 832-655-1380 Manager, Government Segment, Ellen Kotzbauer, President, Steve Sanders, 916-729-8050, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 615-844-8659, [email protected] President, Federal Services Division, Pete Holland, Geosciences Group Manager, Drew Kennedy, 512-879-5201, [email protected] VP, Jay Owen, 770-486-6731, [email protected] 916-729-8050, [email protected] Executive VP, Charlie Fote, 713-996-1300, [email protected] VP, Mike Montanari, 615-844-8324, [email protected] Engineering Group Manager, Darren Mack, 916-729-8050, [email protected] VP, John Marshall, 713-996-1300, [email protected] Director, Strategic Accounts-Government, Peter Business Development Manager, Babette Neal, com Tsetsis, 410-847-1319, [email protected] 916-729-8050, [email protected] Sauer Inc. SAK Environmental LLC 11223 Phillips Pkwy Dr E Schuff Steel Co. 231 Sutton St Ste 2G Jacksonville, FL 32256 Schuff International North Andover, MA 01845 Website: 1841 W Buchanan Website: Emergency Number: 904-262-6444 Phoenix, AZ 85007 Emergency Number: 978-835-4704 Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: VP/Division Manager, Gary R. Weeks, 904-262-6444, Emergency Number: 602-252-7787 Principal Engineer, Maureen Sakakeeny, 978-688- [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 7804, [email protected] President/CEO, Ryan Schuff, 602-251-0822, Principal Scientist, Stephen Sakakeeny, 978-688- [email protected] 7804, [email protected] Saybr Contractors Inc. Exec VP/Sales & Engineering, Jay Allen, 3852 S 66th St 602-251-0329, [email protected] Tacoma, WA 98409 San Diego Project Management PSC Website: 113 Calle Carreta Emergency Number: 253-531-2144 SCI Engineering Inc. Luquillo, PR 00773 Corporate Leadership: 130 Point West Blvd Emergency Number: 787-379-9240 President, Karen Say, 253-531-2144, [email protected] St. Charles, MO 63301 Corporate Leadership: com Website: Principal, Patrick Balcazar, 787-889-6796, [email protected] COO, Michael Muller, 253-531-2144, [email protected] Emergency Number: 636-949-8200 Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Mauricio Pando, 787-464-7845, President, Mark Harms, 636-949-8200, [email protected] [email protected] Project Manager, Cesar Ramirez-Fulcar, 787-697- SBM Business Equipment Center VP, Scott Harding, 636-949-8200, [email protected] 4397, [email protected] 501 Locust St Sterling, IL 61081 Sr. Engineer, Edwin Grimmer, 636-949-8200, Website: [email protected] San Juan Construction Inc. Corporate Leadership: 301 N Cascade Ave Project Engineer, Shawnna Erter, 636-949-8200, President, Wendy Johnson, 815-625-4375, [email protected] Montrose, CO 81401 [email protected] Website: VP, Herbert Richter, 815-625-4375, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Science Applications International Proposal Manager, Risa Kerns, 970-497-8200, Government Sales, Ryan Arduini, 815-625-4375, Corp. [email protected] [email protected] 10260 Campus Point Dr San Diego, CA 92121 Sand Dollar Construction Inc. Schnabel Engineering LLC Website: 27630 Commerce Center Dr Ste E 1054 Technology Park Dr Emergency Number: 877-999-7242 Temecula, CA 92590 Glen Allen, VA 23059 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: VP, Bus Dev Director, SAIC Energy, Environment & Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 703-963-8521 Infrastructure, Ronald (Ron) Rudolph, President, Ronald Herzer, 951 699 5554, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 303-969-6060, [email protected] Executive VP, Susan Quiroga, 804-264-3222, VP, Deputy Ops Manager, SAIC Energy, Environment VP, Herberto Miranda, 951 699 5554, [email protected] [email protected] & Infrastructure, Joseph (Joey) Brown, Executive VP, George Wirth, P.E., 410-944-6170, 865-481-8745, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Bus Dev Manager, SAIC Energy, Environment & Executive VP, Ray DeStephen, P.E., 804-649-7035, Infrastructure, Robert (Bob) Bull, 702-839-5601, [email protected] [email protected] CEO/President, Gordon Matheson, Ph.D., P.E., PG, VP, Bus Dev Manager, SAIC Energy, Environment 804-264-3222, [email protected] & Infrastructure, Kaushik Vyas, 703-676-4544, [email protected] 122 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

121 S Scitor Corp. Sebesta Blomberg Seth SA 12010 Sunset Hills Rd Ste 800 2381 Rosegate Av. Toms Ribeiro 145 Reston, VA 20190 Roseville, MN 55113 Queijas, 2790-467 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 877-488-5002 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: +351 93 999 42 43 Corporate Leadership: Director, Business Development and Marketing, David Business Lead, Michael Wright, 719-380-4160, Mannix, 703-516-2906, [email protected] [email protected] Partner and Executive VP, Randolph Thompson, Business Lead, Omaha, Frank Gallegos, 703-516-2931, [email protected] 402-232-2603, [email protected] Sector Director, Joe Wysocki, 719-380-4162, Secutrac Engineering [email protected] 28780 Old Town Front St Ste D-7 Temecula, CA 92590 SCS Engineers Website: Setty & Assoc. Ltd. 11260 Roger Bacon Dr Ste 300 Emergency Number: 951-526-2294 3040 Williams Dr Ste 600 Reston, VA 20190 Corporate Leadership: Fairfax, VA 22031-4618 Website: Principal, Leonard Urquiza, 951-526-2294, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 800-326-9544 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Bob Cummings, 951-677-9031, [email protected] President, Boggarm Setty, 703-691-2115, [email protected] Executive VP, Tom Conrad, 703-471-6150, [email protected] Program Manager, Tom Nichols, 425-244-0803, SEI Group Inc. Seven Generations Architecture & [email protected] 303 Williams Ave Ste 135 Engineering LLC Huntsville, AL 35801 Mno-Bmadsen SDS PC Website: 88 W Main St Ste 100 9673 Main St D Emergency Number: 256-682-2982 Benton Harbor, MI 49022 Fairfax, VA 22031 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: President, Eloy Torrez, PE, 256-533-0500 ext 302, Emergency Number: 269-927-0144 Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Andrew Solemani, 703-425-1899, VP, Bob Talianko, 256-533-0500 ext 304, General Manager, Thomas Wilbur, 269-927-0144, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] VP, Nicole Solemani, 703-425-1899, [email protected] VP, Mark Kelly, 256-533-0500 ext 329, [email protected] Director, Mechanical, Thomas Abel, 703-425-1899, [email protected] Seneca Companies Inc. Plumbing Engineer, Gregory Nail, 703-425-1899, 4140 NE 14th St [email protected] Des Moines, IA 50313 Website: Sevenson Environmental Services Sealaska Constructors Emergency Number: 800-368-5500 1220 M St SE Corporate Leadership: Inc. Auburn, WA 98002 Business Development, Lisa Coffelt, 515-261-7726, 2749 Lockport Rd Website: [email protected] Niagara Falls, NY 14305 Corporate Leadership: Sr. Project Manager, Jim Brenkendorff, 303-744-2125, Corporate Leadership: General Manager, Michael Finney, 253-929-1203, [email protected] VP, Al LaGreca, 716-284-0431, [email protected] [email protected] President/CEO, Murray Nelson, 515-261-7716, com Director of Operations & Compliance, Kent [email protected] VP, John Bartholomeo, 610-388-0721, [email protected] Rasmussen, 253-929-1208, [email protected] Civil Engineer, Cory Hadwiger, 515-264-4311, [email protected] VP, Phillip Deluca, 716-284-0431, [email protected] Director of Operations, Civil, Chris Parshall, 253-929-1213, [email protected] Sentry Box Services 5 Wotan Ln SFM Constructors Inc. Sealaska Environmental Services Columbia, SC 29229 PO Box 890485 Sealaska Corporate Website: Temecula, CA 92589 13810 SE Eastgate Way 420 Website: Bellevue, WA 98005 Corporate Leadership: SEPI Engineering & Construction President, Patrick Burtt, 951-970-4161, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 206-499-6950 Inc. Corporate Leadership: 1025 Wade Ave President & CEO, Derik Frederiksen, 425-283-0631, Raleigh, NC 27605 SGM Engineering Inc. [email protected] Website: 935 Lake Baldwin Ln VP of Business Development, Mark Gerboth, Emergency Number: 919-789-9977 Orlando, FL 32814 509-392-4499, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Program Development Manager, Bob Schilling, President, Sepideh Asefnia, 919-789-9977 Emergency Number: 407-461-0787 619-869-3027, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Program Manager, Peter McCormick, 360-930-3301, Served Proudly Corp. President, Tony Shahnami, 407-767-5188, [email protected] [email protected] 801 Del Rio Way Ste 303 Merritt Island, FL 32953 Website: Emergency Number: 321-591-5024 Corporate Leadership: President, Linda Diggs, 321-591-5024, [email protected] Secretary, Rod Hagen, 321-223-7865, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 123

122 S Shannon & Wilson Inc. SEH Sitts & Hill Engineers Inc. 400 North 34th St Ste 100 3535 Vadnais Center Dr 4815 Center St Seattle, WA 98103-8600 St. Paul, MN 55110-5196 Tacoma, WA 98409 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 206-632-8020 Emergency Number: 651-490-2000 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Bob Dahmen, 253-474-9449, President, Gerard Buechel, P.E., 206-632-8020, CEO-President, Sam L. Claassen, 651-490-2000, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] VP, Rob Erb, 253-474-9449, [email protected] VP, Marty Boivin, P.E., 206-632-8020, [email protected] COO, Pete J. Carlson, 651-490-2000, [email protected] com VP, Brent Leslie, 253-474-9449, [email protected] VP, Chairman of the Board, Gregory Fischer, Small Business Liaison, Amy A. Bruner, MBA, 303-825-3800, [email protected] 605-330-7010, [email protected] VP, Kirk Brower, 303-825-3800, [email protected] SJB Group LLC SHP Leading Design 5745 Essen Ln Ste 200 Shearer & Assoc. Inc. 4805 Montgomery Rd Ste 400 Baton Rouge, LA 70810 4960 Corporate Dr Ste 100 Cincinnati, OH 45212 Website: Huntsville, AL 35805 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Wilfred Barry, 225-769-3400, [email protected] Emergency Number: 256-830-1031 Corporate Leadership: Siemens Industries Inc. VP, Jackie Des Bordes, 225-769-3400, [email protected] President, Frank Shearer, 256-830-1031, [email protected] 1000 Deerfield Pkwy Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Sr. VP, Finance and Administrative/Technical Director, Website: Emergency Number: 703-864-0243 Skanska USA Building Inc. Don Henley, 256-830-1031, [email protected] Skanska Corporate Leadership: VP of Federal Sales (BT Division), Fred Brunk, 700 King Farm Blvd Ste 200 VP, Business Management, Dick Savage, Rockville, MD 20850 256-830-1031, [email protected] 847-941-5478, [email protected] Director of Federal Sales (Electrical Division), Vince Website: Ridgell, 703-262-5780, [email protected] Emergency Number: 301-795-3112 Sheladia Assoc. Inc. CEO Siemens Government Services, Harry Corporate Leadership: 15825 Shady Grove Rd Ste 100 Feuerstein, 703-483-2000, [email protected] Sr. VP, John Barotti, 301-795-3112, [email protected] Rockville, MD 20850 Website: Corporate Leadership: SKE President, Manish Kothari, 301-590-3939, ext 315, Sigma Consulting Group Inc. 10305 Airline Hwy Vinci Construction [email protected] 5590 Backlick Rd Sr. Associate, Robert Nothstein, 301-590-3939, ext Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Website: Springfield, VA 22151 309, [email protected] Website: VP - Corporate, Tirlok Singh, 301-590-3939, ext 328, Emergency Number: 225-298-0800 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 703-813-8980 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Miles Williams, 225-298-0800, [email protected] President, SKE SSG, Jack Gates, +4962185097240, Sherlock, Smith & Adams Director, Steve Brasuell, 225-298-0800, [email protected] [email protected] 3047 Carter Hill Rd President, SKE II, Richard Turner, 703-813-8980, Montgomery, AL 36111 Director, Michael Dooley, 850-332-7912, [email protected] [email protected] Website: Sr. VP, SKE International, Bob Cadow, Emergency Number: 334-264-6481 4962185097246, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Bob Snider, 334-263-6481, [email protected] Sigma Planning Group Inc. 356 Simmons Dr Ste 104 Skelly and Loy Inc. 449 Eisenhower Blvd Ste 300 Director of Business Development, Chip DeShields, PO Box 245 Cloverdale, VA 24077 Harrisburg, PA 17111-2302 334-263-6481, [email protected] Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Co. President, Dwight Luedtke, 540-992-4440, [email protected] CEO, Sandra Loy Bell, 717-232-0593, [email protected] 40th St Malaz PO Box 2740 President and COO, John Gunnett, 717-232-0593, Riyadh, 11461 [email protected] Website: Singhofen & Assoc. Inc. Executive VP Environmental Services, Robert Corporate Leadership: 11723 Orpington St Ste A McClure, 717-232-0593, [email protected] General Manager, Wahbi Suleiman, 966-1-477-8304, Orlando, FL 32817 Executive VP Engineering, Mark A. Williams, [email protected] Website: 717-232-0593, [email protected] Deputy General Manager, Suleiman Suleiman, Emergency Number: 407-923-4492 966-1-477-8304, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Projects General Manager, Anwar Haddadin, Principal Engineer, Kent Boulicault, 407-679-3001, 966-1-477-8304, [email protected] [email protected] President, Robert Gaylord, 407-679-3001, [email protected] Shive-Hattery Inc. VP, Mark Troilo, 407-679-3001, [email protected] 115 3rd St SE com PO Box 1599 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1599 Website: Emergency Number: 309-764-7650 Corporate Leadership: President, James Lee, 309-362-0313, [email protected] 124 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

123 S Sky Blue Builders Smithbridge Guam Inc. SolidEn Engineering & Consulting 5675 DTC Blvd 175 300 Chalan Padiron Haya Rte 15 6650 Raymond Rd Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Yigo, GU 96929 Lincoln, NE 68517 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 720-254-5729 Emergency Number: 671-888-6177 Emergency Number: 402-802-0094 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President & CEO, Mowa Haile, 720-254-5729, VP, Stevyn Radonich, 671-653-5036, [email protected] Owner & Principal, R Brec Wilshusen, 402-802-0094, [email protected] [email protected] Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren Balsley, President, Albert Smith, 617-390-7580, [email protected] 303-819-2687, [email protected] Solutions-IES VP of Engineering & Project Management, Bill McCombie, Contracts Manager, Graeme Ridley, 671-653-5036, 1101 Nowell Rd 303-358-0592, [email protected] [email protected] Raleigh, NC 27607 Website: Slay Engineering Co. Inc. SmithGroupJJR Emergency Number: 919-349-1939 123 Altgelt 901 K St NW Ste 400 Corporate Leadership: San Antonio, TX 78201 Washington, DC 20001 President, Ann Borden, 919-873-1060 ext 111, Website: Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-392-4630 Emergency Number: 202-842-2100 COO, Ed Alperin, 919-873-1060 ext 171, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Small Business Group Inc. dba VP, Office Director, Russell Perry, 202-842-2100, Sr. Engineer/ Business Developer, Joe Starr, [email protected] 919-873-1060 ext 115, [email protected] SBG-EEG Operations Manager, Brian Rebar, 919-873-1060 ext 10179 Hwy 78 138, [email protected] Ladson, SC 29456 SMRT-Architects and Engineers Website: 144 Fore St Emergency Number: 843-879-0409 PO Box 618 Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Corporate Leadership: Portland, ME 04104 2001 K St NW Ste 200 President, Clifford Smith, 843-879-0409, [email protected] Website: Washington, DC, DC 20006 Emergency Number: 207-321-9677 Website: VP, Bobby Dearhart, 843-879-0402, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Architect, Janet Hansen, 207-772-3846, [email protected] Director, SOM/DC, Rod Garrett, 202-367-2525, CFO, Kevin Tunstall, 843-879-0408, [email protected] [email protected] CMO, Fran Harrison, 207-321-9677, [email protected] Director, Sustainabilty Studio, Teresa Rainey, 202-367-2524, [email protected] Smith & Wesson Security Solutions Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. Soilworks LLC SOMAT Engineering Inc. 277 Mallory Station Rd Ste 112 1750 E Northrop Blvd Ste 250 660 Woodward Ave Ste 2430 Franklin, TN 37067 Chandler, AZ 85286 Detroit, MI 48226 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 866-504-4722 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 313-304-2733 Corporate Leadership: CEO, Chad Falkenberg, 480-289-3232, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Barry Willingham, 615-224-6458, President, Gnanadesikan Ramanujam, P.E., [email protected] 313-963-2721, [email protected] Executive VP, Wes Foss, 615-224-0409, [email protected] SOL Engineering Services LLC Chairman, Ramji Patel, P.E., 313-963-2721, [email protected] 106 S President St Ste 400 VP of Operations, Ken Grant, 615-224-0381, [email protected] Jackson, MS 39201 VP, Sharmyn Elliott, 313-887-7159, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 601-961-1415 VP, Jay Shah, P.E., 313-963-2721, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Smith Carter Architects and Principal, Derek Starling, P.E., 601-961-1415, Engineers [email protected] Soos and Assoc. Inc. 1123 Zonolite Rd Ste 25 Principal, Willie ONeal, 601-961-1415, [email protected] 105 Schelter Rd Atlanta, GA 30306 Lincolnshire, IL 60069 Website: Survey Manager, Tim Brewer, RF PS, 601-961-1415, Website: Emergency Number: 404-815-2053 [email protected] Emergency Number: 847-815-2800 Corporate Leadership: Civil Engineer, Chris Jenkins, P.E., 601-961-1415, Corporate Leadership: Principal, Les Gartner, 404-815-2053, [email protected] [email protected] President, Melanie Soos, 847-821-7667, [email protected] Principal, Daniel Smith, 703-684-4419, [email protected] VP, Robert Soos, 847-821-7667, [email protected] Sol Inc. 3210 SW 42nd Ave Advanced Strategies, Anthony Rimore, 404-815-2053, Licensed Architect, Studio Manager, Eric Styer, 847- [email protected] Palm City, FL 34990 Website: 821-7667, [email protected] Advanced Strategies, Beckie Hawkins, 404-815-2053, [email protected] Emergency Number: 772-233-7921 Corporate Leadership: South Coast Solar LLC President & CEO, Paul Wickberg, 772-621-5811, 2605 Ridgelake Dr Smith Seckman Reid Inc. [email protected] Metairie, LA 70002 2995 Sidco Dr VP Sales, Jeff Murphy, 740-644-8006, [email protected] Website: Nashville, TN 37204 Corporate Leadership: Website: Director of Engineering, Omer Akdag, 772-621-5820, VP Commercial Projects, Jerry Hymel, 504-529-7869, [email protected] [email protected] VP Mktg & Customer Support, Matt Ellenberger, 772-286-0564, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 125

124 S Southeastern Archaeological SpecPro Environmental Services Sprung Instant Structures Inc. Research Inc. LLC 5711 W Dannon Way (9280S) 315 NW 138th Terrace Bristol Bay Native Corp. West Jordan, UT 84081 Newberry, FL 32669 1006 Floyd Culler Ct Website: Website: Oak Ridge, TN 37830 Emergency Number: 800-528-9899 Emergency Number: 352-284-3506 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 865-659-5996 VP, James Avery, 800-528-9899, [email protected] President, Anne Stokes, 352-284-3506, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President/CEO, Basil Skelton, 865-481-7837 ext 222, SSFM International Inc. VP, James Pochurek, 352-284-1851, [email protected] [email protected] 501 Sumner St Ste 620 Sr. Program Manager, Roy Hoekstra, 865-481-7837 Honolulu, HI 96817 ext 279, [email protected] Website: Southwind Construction Services Sr. Program Manager, Doug Hodson, 865-481-7837 Emergency Number: 808-531-1308 ext 242, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: LLC Sr. Program Manager, Jim Madaj, 865-481-7837 ext President/CEO, Michael Matsumoto, 808-356-1223, 1701 S State St 266, [email protected] [email protected] Edmond, OK 73013 Executive VP, Corey Matsuoka, 808-356-1270, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] President, Frank Narcomey, 405-348-9300, Spectra Contract Flooring Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Sr. Project Manager, Henry Miyamoto, 808-356-1221, [email protected] [email protected] Director of Operations, Bill Kemp, 405-348-9300, 17620 W Valley Hwy Tukwila, WA 98059 Director, Civil Engineering, Wendy McLain, 808-356- [email protected] 1254, [email protected] Controller, Renada Anderson, 405-348-9300, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, James Mitchell, 425-291-4280, jim. SSOE Group [email protected] 1001 Madison Ave Sovereign Consulting Inc. Toledo, OH 43604 111-A North Gold Dr Website: Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Spectrum Services Group Inc. 4620 Northgate Blvd Ste 155 Emergency Number: 419-350-8384 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-593-2977 Sacramento, CA 95834 Website: Director, Federal Programs, Michael Duffey, Corporate Leadership: 419-249-2606, [email protected] VP, Marc Cicalese, 973-439-5757, [email protected] Emergency Number: 916-224-0621 Corporate Leadership: CEO, Tony Damon, 419-255-3830, [email protected] Sr. VP, Vince DiPofi, 419-255-3830, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Michael Hanlon, Owner, Sheharyar Ali, 916-760-7913, [email protected] 609-259-8200, [email protected] Program Manager, John Blaisdell, 508-339-3200, President, Tasawwar Khan, 916-208-1600, [email protected] St. George Chadux Corp. [email protected] One Northwood Dr Ste 2 Project Manager, Jason Sherburne, 508-339-3200, Construction Manager, Robert Hofmann, Orinda, CA 94563 [email protected] 714-305-7049, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 925-899-5292 Speegle Construction Inc. Corporate Leadership: Sparling Inc. Managing Director, Darren Knight, 619-209-6145, 720 Olive Way Ste 1400 210 Government Ave Niceville, FL 32578 [email protected] Seattle, WA 98101-1853 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 206-667-0555 Corporate Leadership: Stala Integrated Assemblies LLC Corporate Leadership: President, Troy Speegle, 850-729-2484, [email protected] 5101 Commerce Crossings Dr Ste A Principal and Chairman, James Duncan, Louisville, KY 40229 206-667-0555, [email protected] Website: Principal and Chief Engineer, James Degnan, Spencer-Engineers Inc. Emergency Number: 502-424-2509 206-667-0567, [email protected] 2675 River Ridge Dr Corporate Leadership: Principal, Greg Livengood, 206-667-0517, PO Box 4328 General Manager, David Morris, 502-779-2127, [email protected] Jackson, MS 39296-4328 [email protected] Website: Owner, Andy Keith, 502-779-2127, [email protected] Emergency Number: 601-982-7766 PE, Joe Keith, 502-779-2127, [email protected] Spatial Engineering Inc. Owner, Jon Keith, 502-779-2127, [email protected] 613 Towne Park W Dr Ste 202 Corporate Leadership: Rincon, GA 31326 President, Robert K. McGrath, P.E., 601-982-7766, Website: [email protected] Standard Testing & Engineering Co. Emergency Number: 912-826-6688 3400 N Lincoln Blvd Corporate Leadership: Spiral Solutions and Technologies Oklahoma City, OK 73105 President, Richard Truluck, 912-826-6688, Website: Inc. Emergency Number: 405-528-0541 [email protected] 6825 Pine St Mail Stop A-3 VP, Geospatial Technologies, Frederick Blackburn, Omaha, NE 68106 912-826-6688, [email protected] Website: Director of Business Development, Candice Scale, Corporate Leadership: 404-645-5532, [email protected] VP, Anna Chong, 208-930-4616, [email protected] 126 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

125 S Stanley Consultants Inc. Strand Assoc. Inc. 225 Iowa Ave 910 W Wingra Dr Muscatine, IA 52761 Madison, WI 53715 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 563-506-5642 Emergency Number: 502-930-3020 Corporate Leadership: Stellar Corporate Leadership: Project Principal, Robert Edwards, 563-264-6762, 2900 Hartley Rd CEO, Ted Richards, 608-251-4843, [email protected] Jacksonville, FL 32257 President, Phil Budde, 608-251-4843, VP, Richard Stump, 671-646-3466, [email protected] Website: Sr. VP, Roddy Williams, 502-583-7020, Emergency Number: 904-260-2900 [email protected] Project Principal, Michelle French, 314-740-9955, Corporate Leadership: VP, Mike Woolum, 859-225-8500, [email protected] Divisional VP, Richard Lovelace, 904-899-9233, Project Principal, Daniel Miller, 563-264-6304, [email protected] Strategic Value Solutions Inc. [email protected] VP, Dwyn Taylor, 904-894-7719, [email protected] 19201 E Valley View Pkwy Ste H Sr. Project Manager, Joe Mark, 904-899-9259, Independence, MO 64055 [email protected] Website: Divisional Design Manager, Steve Black, 904-899-9456, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Principal, Korene Robinson, 816-795-0700 ext 8881, [email protected] Sterling Global Operations Inc. Principal, John Robinson, 816-795-0700 ext 8882, 2229 Old Hwy 95 [email protected] Lenoir City, TN 37771 Certified Value Specialist, Jeff Rude, 816-795-0700 Website: ext 8897, [email protected] Stantec Inc. Emergency Number: 865-223-2919 VP, Cecil Stegman, 816-795-0700 ext 8898, [email protected] 8211 S 48th St Corporate Leadership: Phoenix, AZ 85044-5355 VP, Program Management, Matt Hulsey, Website: Emergency Number: 502-396-0633 865-988-6063, [email protected] Straughan Environmental Services Operations Manager, John Murray, P.E., Corporate Leadership: 865-988-6063, [email protected] Inc. VP, Rob Mullins, 502-212-5010, [email protected] 9135 Guilford Rd Ste 100 Director, Munitions Response Programs, Mark Columbia, MD 21046 Fletcher, CSP, 865-988-6063, [email protected] Sr. VP, US West, Eric Nielsen, 949-923-6252, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Sr. Principal, Jim Hagan, 312-262-2300, [email protected] President, Eileen Straughan, 301-362-9200, Stevens & Wilkinson [email protected] 1501 Main St Garden Level Dept. Manager, Eileen Hughs, 301-362-9200, ehu- Columbia, SC 29201 [email protected] STARGATES Inc. Website: 1100 N Glebe Rd Ste 1120 Dept. Manager, Russ Ruffing, 301-362-9200, Emergency Number: 803-765-0320 [email protected] Arlington, VA 22201 Corporate Leadership: Website: Sr. VP/Director of Engineering, Keith Branham, Emergency Number: 703-465-7955 803-765-0320, [email protected] Stronghold Engineering Inc. Corporate Leadership: 2000 Market St VP/Sr. Project Manager, Dean Morr, 803-765-0320, Director of Administration, Tom Garver, 703-465-7955, Riverside, CA 92501 [email protected] [email protected] Website: Sr. VP, Rick Latham, 404-522-8888, [email protected] VP, Joel Benefield, 703-465-7955, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO/President, Beverly Bailey, 951-684-9303, Associate VP, Jae Chong, AIA, LEED AP, [email protected] 404-522-8888, [email protected] Stell Environmental Enterprises Inc. COO, Scott Bailey, 951-684-9303, [email protected] 25 E Main St Executive VP, Chuck Gossage, 951-684-9303, Elverson, PA 19520 Stewart Engineering Inc. [email protected] 421 Fayetteville St Ste 400 Sr. Project Manager, Denny McGahey, 951-684-9303, Website: Raleigh, NC 27601 [email protected] Emergency Number: 610-286-0100 Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Mary Jane Stell, 610-286-0100, [email protected] Director of Geomatics, Frank Mundy, PLS, Stroud, Pence & Assoc. Ltd. 5032 Rouse Dr Ste 200 919-380-8750, [email protected] VP, Todd Stell, 610-286-0100, [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Program Manager, Frank Bissett, 610-286-0100, Website: [email protected] STOA Architects Corporate Leadership: Program Manager, Julie Erickson, 610-286-0100, 121 E Government St Sr. VP, David Mykins, PE, 757-671-8626, [email protected] [email protected] Pensacola, FL 32502 Website: Principal, Earl Inge, PE, 757-671-8626, [email protected] Emergency Number: 850-432-1912 Corporate Leadership: Director of Marketing, Karen Tasch, CPSM, President, Mark Gilliland, 850-432-1912, [email protected] 757-671-8626, [email protected] CEO, Roger Stroud, PE, 757-671-8626, [email protected] CEO, C.C. Lee, 850-432-1912, ccle[email protected] com Principal, Ann Boone, 850-432-1912, [email protected] Principal, Mike Werner, 850-432-1912, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 127

126 S Structural Assoc. Inc. Superior Solar Systems Suulutaaq Inc. 20707 County Rte 200 Redshift Energy 224 Seven Farms Dr Ste 200 Watertown, NY 13601-1051 275 Hunt Park Cove Charleston, SC 29492 Website: Longwood, FL 32750 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Corporate Leadership: President, Dennis Weller, 315-779-8878, [email protected] Emergency Number: 352-223-5923 President, Renee Fredericks, 907-243-2944, renee. Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Sr. Project Engineer, Justin Low, 352-223-5923, Stuart Consulting Group Inc. [email protected] SWCA Environmental Consultants 3813 Division St 200 President, David Haddaway, 407-331-9077, SWCA Inc. Metairie, LA 70002 [email protected] 3033 N Central Ave Ste 145 Website: Director of Commercial Projects, Brian Marinelli, Phoenix, AZ 85012 Emergency Number: 504-888-5733 407-832-4245, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Commercial Project Manager, Nick Arceneaux, Emergency Number: 602-274-3831 President, Frank Stuart Sr, P.E., PLS, 504-415-6917, 407-228-5611, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: [email protected] CEO, John Thomas, 801-322-4307, [email protected] VP, Tommy Martin, P.E., 504-416-7595, [email protected] Surge Suppression Inc. Business Development Director, Eileen Fagan, 109 Melvin St 602-274-3831, [email protected] PO Box 1212 STV Inc. Destin, FL 32540-1212 Swinerton Builders Government STV Group Inc. Website: Swinerton Builders 225 Park Ave S Emergency Number: 850-259-4796 6890 W 52nd Ave Ste 201 New York, NY 10003-1604 Corporate Leadership: Arvada, CO 80002 Website: VP, Technical Services, Thomas Butcher, Website: Corporate Leadership: 850-654-5559, [email protected] Emergency Number: 303-418-5319 Executive Chairman, Dominick Servedio, 212-777- VP, Market Development, Michael Barton, Corporate Leadership: 4400, [email protected] 850-654-5559, [email protected] VP, Director of Operations, Ray Haj, 303-418-5319, President & CEO, Milo Riverso, 212-777-4400, Director Account Acquisition, William Banker, [email protected] [email protected] 850-654-5559, [email protected] Business Development Manager, Cheryl Johnson, CFO, Peter Knipe, 610-385-8200, [email protected] Director Government Accounts, Andi Haa, 303-418-5396, [email protected] Sr. VP, Special Asst to Executive Chairman, Linda 352-650-3904, [email protected] Sr. Estimator, Aaron Townsend, 303-418-5322, Rosenberg, 212-777-4400, [email protected] [email protected] Survey Systems Inc. Project Executive, Dan Seier, 303-418-5317, Sullivan International Group Inc. Center Line Surveying Inc. [email protected] 2750 Womble Rd Ste 100 27204 Armadillo Way San Diego, CA 92106 Evergreen, CO 80439 Symmes Maini & McKee Assoc. Inc. Website: Website: 1000 Massachusetts Ave Emergency Number: 619-260-1432 Emergency Number: 303-679-8122 Cambridge, MA 02138 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: CEO, Steve Sullivan, 619-260-1432, [email protected] President, Matt Nichols, 303-679-8122, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Principal/ Sr. VP, Edward Frenette, 617-520-9213, President, Bruce Quattrone, 619-260-1432, VP, Kathryn Nichols, 303-679-8122, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Principal/ Sr. VP, Alex Pitkin, 617-520-9220, [email protected] VP, Business Development, Rick Dearholt, 865-456- 9909, [email protected] Surveying and Mapping Inc. Sr. Associate/ Director of Federal Government Studio, 4801 Southwest Pkwy Jennifer Howe, 617-520-9494, [email protected] Sundt Construction Inc. Parkway Two Ste 100 The Sundt Companies Inc. Austin, TX 78735 SYNCADD Systems Inc. 2620 S 55th St Website: 200 S Peyton St Tempe, AZ 85282 Emergency Number: 800-656-9525 Alexandria, VA 22305 Website: Corporate Leadership: Website: Emergency Number: 602-882-9282 Principal, Keith McNease, 512-447-0575, [email protected] Emergency Number: 703-299-1111 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP/Federal Division Manager, Tom Mertz, President, Samir Hanna, 512-447-0575, [email protected] President, Irene Motonaga, 808-941-8286, 480-293-3256, [email protected] [email protected] VP/Business Development Manager, Herb Chong, 480-293-3255, [email protected] SurvTech Solutions Inc. Syska Hennessy Group Inc. VP/Operations Manager, Dan Arana, 480-293-3248, 10220 US Hwy 92 E SH Group Inc. [email protected] Tampa, FL 33610 1515 Broadway VP/Preconstruction Manager, Bill Flynn, 480-293- Website: New York, NY 10036 3257, [email protected] Emergency Number: 813-643-8125 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 866-635-3888 SunPower Corp. President, David OBrien, 813-621-4929, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 1414 Harbour Way S Co-President, Cyrus Izzo, 212-556-5514, [email protected] Richmond, CA 94804 VP, Stacy Brown, 813-621-4929, [email protected] Website: Co-President, Gary Brennen, 310-254-3762, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Director, Federal Accounts, Karen Butterfield, 510- 260-8300, [email protected] Manager, Federal Accounts, Brad Sharp, 415-342-2880, [email protected] 128 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

127 T T. Baker Smith LLC TCF Architecture Terracon Consultants Inc. 412 S Van Ave 902 N Second St 18001 W 106th St Ste 300 Houma, LA 70363 Tacoma, WA 98403 Olathe, KS 66061 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 866-357-1050 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 800-593-7777 Corporate Leadership: Associate, Gerry Pless, 253-572-3993, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President & CEO, Kenneth Smith, 985-868-1050, Corporate Marketing Manager, Vanessa Zambo, [email protected] Managing Principal, Randy Cook, 253-572-3993, 913-599-6886, [email protected] VP Engineering, Marc Rogers, 985-868-1050, [email protected] National Director of Federal Services, Jack Scott, [email protected] Managing Principal, Brian Fitzgerald, 253-572-3993, 513-321-5816, [email protected] General Manager/Principal in Charge Engineering- [email protected] National Federal Services Program Manager, Thibodaux/Baton Rouge, Jimmy Ledet, Principal, Brian Ho, 253-572-3993, [email protected] Clifton Rope, 913-599-6886, [email protected] 985-446-7970, [email protected] Southeast Region Federal Program Manager, Scott Professional Engineer/Principal in Charge Saunders, 704-509-1777, [email protected] Engineering-Houma, Kevin Rizzo, 985-868-1050, TEAM Integrated Engineering Inc. [email protected] 100 NE Loop 410 Ste 100 TerranearPMC LLC San Antonio, TX 78216 5005 W Royal Ln Ste 216 T3 Global Strategies Website: Irving, TX 75063 10 Emerson Ln Ste 808 Corporate Leadership: Website: Bridgeville, PA 15017 President and Co-Founder, James Morgan, Emergency Number: 610-862-5000 Website: 210-341-4316, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 412-221-2003 Executive VP and Co-Founder, Charles Attebery, P.E., President and CEO, Amar Raval, 832-265-4900, Corporate Leadership: 210-341-4316, [email protected] [email protected] President, Doug Davis, 412-221-2003, [email protected] Director of Operations, Allen Naugle, P.E., Executive VP, Ken Fillman, 610-862-5040, [email protected] VP, Larry Straight, 412-221-2003, [email protected] 210-341-4316, [email protected] Director of Business Development, Amy Lewis, Director of Operations, Hilda Quinones, P.E., VP, DOD Programs, Greg Grim, 865-384-5825, 412-221-2003, [email protected] 210-341-4316, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Program Manager, Jeff Case, 610-862-5064, Tech USA LLC [email protected] Tantara Corp. 14 Fall River Ave 8334 Veterans Hwy Rehoboth, MA 02769 Millersville, MD 21108 Terry Environmental Services Inc. Website: Website: 1753 N Main St Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Summerville, SC 29483 President, Dawn Dearborn, 508-336-9622, Business Development, Thomas Cassidy, 813-775- Website: [email protected]m 2578, [email protected] Emergency Number: 843-991-1455 VP, Christopher Pereira, 508-336-9622, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Teichert Construction President, Jason Terry, PG, 843-873-8200, [email protected] 3500 American River Dr VP, Kelly Cone, PG, 843-873-8200, [email protected] Taylor Engineering Inc. Sacramento, CA 95864 10151 Deerwood Park Blvd Bldg 300 Ste 300 Website: Emergency Number: 916-484-3011 VP, Field Services, Randy Brand, 843-873-8200, Jacksonville, FL 32256-5508 [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 904-233-9610 Estimating Manager, Bert Somers, 916-484-3011, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] TestAmerica Laboratories Inc. CEO, Bruce Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., 904-731-7040, Business Development, Terry Miles, 209-983-2314, 19 Old Kings Hwy S Ste 100 [email protected] [email protected] Darien, CT 06820 President, Jim Marino, P.E., D.CE, 904-731-7040, Business Development, Al Franzoia, 530-406-4224, Website: [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Terry Hull, P.E., 904-731-7040, [email protected] Federal Program Manger, Rick Carr, 781-455-0653, Tepa LLC [email protected] VP, Rajesh Srinivas, Ph.D., P.E., 904-731-7040, 5045 List Dr Federal Program Manger, Kim Johnson, [email protected] Colorado Springs, CO 80919 309-264-7200, [email protected] Website: Federal Program Manger, Bernadine Siemens, 918- 671-2922, [email protected] Taylor Wiseman & Taylor Emergency Number: 719-596-8114 VP, James Miller, 716-310-6669, [email protected] 124 Gaither Dr Ste 150 Corporate Leadership: CEO, Ken Harris, 719-596-8114, [email protected] testamericainc.cim Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Website: COO, Re. Col. Mark Coats, 719-596-8114, mark. Corporate Leadership: [email protected] TesTech Inc. President, James Stevens, 856-235-7200, [email protected] Dir. of Federal Programs, Matt Metcalf, 816-985-9212, 8534 Yankee St Ste 2C Dayton, OH 45458-1889 Principal, James Jatko, 919-297-0085, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 937-435-3200 Principal, Gary Vecchio, 856-235-7200, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Ricardo Brower, 937-435-3200, [email protected] Sr. Project Manager, Keith Ludwig, 856-235-7200, [email protected] Marketing, Rose OGrady, 937-435-3200, [email protected] VP, Travis Burr, P.E., 937-435-3200, [email protected] com Director of Operations, Pratap Rajadhyaksha, P.E., 937-435-3200, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 129

128 T Tetra Tech Inc. The CK Group Inc. The Korte Co. 3475 E Foothill Blvd Ste 300 16448 N 40th St Ste A 12441 US Hwy 40 Pasadena, CA 91107 Phoenix, AZ 85032 Highland, IL 62249 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 626-351-4664 Emergency Number: 866-409-7990 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Imming, 618-654-8611, VP, Federal Programs, Clayton Perry, 210-226-2922, Prinicipal, Ogbonna Abarikwu, 602-482-5884, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Director, Army Programs, Michael Betteker, Manager, Engineering Planning and Predesign, The Louis Berger Group Inc. 703-385-6000, [email protected] Mohammad Rehman, 817-234-9944, [email protected] 412 Mount Kemble Ave Director, Engineering, Steve Ruffing, 412-921-8989, PO Box 1946 [email protected] Director of Design, James Schumann, 866-409-7990, Morristown, NJ 07962 Director, DOD Programs, Matthew Rathsack, [email protected] Website: 810-956-9301, [email protected] Emergency Number: 888-669-8777 Corporate Leadership: Tetrahedron Inc. President, Larry Walker, 202-331-7775, [email protected] 1414 Key Hwy Ste B Baltimore, MD 21230 Group VP, Andy Bailey, 202-331-7775, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 410-908-0512 Group VP, Tom Lewis, 973-407-1000, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Waqi Alam, 410-837-0512, [email protected] Sr. VP, Jess Commerford, 816-398-8578, [email protected] The Dutra Group 2350 Kerner Blvd TG Engineers PC San Rafael, CA 94901 The McIntosh Group LLC 125 TJ Crisostomo St Website: 1850 S Boulder Sunny Plaza Ste 303 Emergency Number: 415-258-6876 Tulsa, OK 74119 Tamuning, GU 96913-3551 Corporate Leadership: Website: Emergency Number: 671-647-0808 CEO, Bill Dutra, 415-258-6876 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: COO, Harry Stewart, 415-258-6876 Principal, Lanny McIntosh, 918-585-8555, [email protected] President, Tor Gudmundsen, 671-647-0808, CFO, Jim Hagood, 415-258-6876 [email protected] Principal, Brad Gaskins, 918-585-8555, [email protected] The EcoLogic Studio Manager, Karen MacCannell, 918-585-8555, The Avascent Group 10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy Ste 593 [email protected] 1615 L St NW Ste 1200 San Diego, CA 91106 Washington, DC 20036 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 626-590-9940 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Partner, Mark Shields, 202-452-6990, [email protected] Owner, Architect, Katrina Rosa, 626-590-9940, [email protected] Sr. Associate, Michael Papadales, 202-452-6990, [email protected] The Haskell Co. The Military Engineer 111 Riverside Ave SAME The Barbour Group LLC Jacksonville, FL 32202 607 Prince St 73 E Main St Ste B Website: Alexandria, VA 22310 Westminstre, MD 21157 Emergency Number: 904-791-4500 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Civil/Public Facilities, Bradford Slappey, Assoc. Publisher/Editor In Chief, Eileen Erickson, President, Karen Barbour, 410-876-9610, [email protected] 904-791-4524, [email protected] APR+M, 703-549-3800 ext 140, [email protected] VP Government Facilities, Mark Higby, 904-791-4694, Editor, Stephen Karl, 703-549-3800 ext 141, [email protected] [email protected] Director of Project Development, Larry Willis, Marketing Sales Manager, Stephanie Satterfield, The Beck Group 904-357-4259, [email protected] 703-549-3800 ext 144, [email protected] 1807 Ross Ave Ste 500 Publisher, Robert D. Wolff, Ph.D., P.E., F.SAME, Director of Project Development, Michael Huskey, Dallas, TX 75201 703-549-3800, [email protected] 904-791-4671, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 214-303-6428 Corporate Leadership: The John R. McAdams Co. Inc. The Onyx Group Director of Federal Programs, Chris Lindhart, 2905 Meridian Pkwy 1199 N Fairfax St Ste 600 214-303-6205, [email protected] Durham, NC 27713 Alexandria, VA 22314 Federal Business Development, Meloni McDaniel, Website: Website: 214-303-6428, [email protected] Emergency Number: 919-475-2971 Emergency Number: 703-548-6699 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Owner & Founder, John McAdams, 919-361-5000, CEO, Philip Rush, RLA, 703-548-6699, [email protected] [email protected] President, Michael Munn, 919-361-5000, [email protected] Principal, Director of Federal Marketing, Terry Spencer, RLA, 703-548-6699, [email protected] Director-Construction Services, Gregory Sallee, 919-475-2971, [email protected] President, Albert McCoubrey III, AIA, 703-548-6699, Director-Stormwater & Environmental Division, D. Amos [email protected] Clark, 919-361-5000, [email protected] Principal, Interior Architecture, Christopher Lent, NCIDQ, 703-548-6699, [email protected] 130 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

129 T The R-A-M Professional Group Inc. The Schemmer Assoc. Inc. Thelen Assoc. Inc. 8298 Bayberry Rd Ste 1 1044 N 115th St Ste 300 1398 Cox Ave Jacksonville, FL 32256 Omaha, NE 68154-4436 Erlanger, KY 41018 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 904-731-5440 Emergency Number: 402-493-4800 Emergency Number: 859-393-5482 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Wayne Reed, 904-731-5440, [email protected] Chairman, Roger Wozny, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME, President, Donald B. Thelen, 859-746-9400, [email protected] 402-493-4800, [email protected] VP Engineering, Frank Gray, P.E., 904-731-5440, President & CEO, Frank Comisar, AIA, 402-493-4800, Sr. Georechnical Engineer, John S. Nealon, P.E., P.G., [email protected] [email protected] 859-746-9400, [email protected] VP Landscape Architecture, Marty Child, ASLA, Executive VP-Civil Division, Charly Huddleston, P.E., Sr. Geotechnical Engineer, Halis M. Ider, P.E., 904-731-5440, [email protected] 402-493-4800, [email protected] 859-746-9400, [email protected] VP, W.L. Jacobsen, AIA, FSAME, 402-493-4800, Staff Geotechnical Engineer, Joseph D. Hauber, P.E., The RBA Group Inc. [email protected] 859-746-9400, [email protected] 7 Campus Dr Ste 300 Parsippany, NJ 07054-4495 The Shaw Group Inc. Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. Website: 4171 Essen Ln 50 Park of Commerce Cir Corporate Leadership: Baton Rouge, LA 70809 PO Box 2727 President & CEO, Neil Bernstein, 973-946-5660 Website: Savannah, GA 31402-2727 Sr. VP, John Maiorana, 973-946-5660 Emergency Number: 866-760-7429 Website: Sr. VP, James Huselton, 973-946-5600 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 843-708-0685 President, Federal Services, Joe Boyer, Corporate Leadership: The Reinforced Earth Co. 512-306-2080, [email protected] President/CEO, Mitchell Bohannon, PE, 843-725-5244, 8614 Westwood Ctr Dr Ste 1100 Sr. VP, Eric McLaurin, 210-377-8813, [email protected] [email protected] Vienna, VA 22182 Website: Sr. VP, Charlie Hess, 202-261-1923, [email protected] Thomas J. Davis/Jl Associated Emergency Number: 800-446-5700 USAEDFE Unit 15546 Corporate Leadership: VP, Jim Pawlisch, 619-446-4518, [email protected] APO-AP, 96205 National Accounts Manager, John Shall, Corporate Leadership: 703-749-9272, [email protected] President, David Dougherty, 82+2+2272 4676, The Stahl Companies Inc. [email protected] The Ross Group Construction Corp. 11230 Gold Express Dr 310-316 General Manager & Chief Engineer, Ralph Hayashi, 1140 N 129th E Ave Gold River, CA 95670 82+2+2272 4676, [email protected] Tulsa, OK 74116-1724 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Thomas/Wright Inc. Emergency Number: 918-261-8007 Executive Officer, Ryan Rodgers, 916-635-8855, 7190 SW Fir Loop Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Tigard, OR 97223 President, Warren Ross, 918-878-2802, [email protected] Project Director, Janet Grabowski, 818-558-1333, Website: [email protected] Corporate Leadership: COO, David Thomas, 918-728-0999, [email protected] President, Kathleen Thomas, 503-624-1468, The Tatitlek Corp. [email protected] Marketing Manager, Erin Hoefer, 918-878-2848, 561 E 36th Ave Principal, Robert Wright, 503-624-1468, [email protected] [email protected] Anchorage, AK 99503 Operations Manager-OKC, Rusty Edmiston, Website: Project Manager, Neil Pietrok, 503-624-1468, 405-235-0726, [email protected] Emergency Number: 907-444-3029 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: The S.M. Stoller Corp. President/CEO, Roy Totemoff, 907-278-4000 Thompson Engineering Inc. 105 Technology Dr Ste 190 VP of Operations, Martin Hanofee, 907-278-4000 Thompson Holdings Inc. Broomfield, CO 80021 2970 Cottage Hill Rd Ste 190 Website: The Walsh Group Mobile, AL 36606 Emergency Number: 208-680-9364 929 W Adams St Website: Corporate Leadership: Chicago, IL 60607 Emergency Number: 251-510-7144 Sr. VP, Curt Hull, 303-546-4314, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: VP, Barbara Mazurowski, 303-546-4320, Emergency Number: 312-563-5402 COO, Bob Keyser, 251-666-2443, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Jeff Neff, 202-297-3442, [email protected] VP, David Marchiori, 312-563-5422, [email protected] Sr. VP of Business Development, Mike Manning, 251- 666-2443, [email protected] The Sanberg Group Inc. VP, Mike Thompson, 251-666-2443, [email protected] 14565 Valley View Ave Ste Z The Westmark Group Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 2430 N Decatur Blvd Ste 140 Sr. VP, Emery Baya, 251-666-2443, [email protected] Website: Las Vegas, NV 89108 Emergency Number: 562-305-1540 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 702-497-7857 COO/VP Environmental Services, Dale Schneeberger, Corporate Leadership: 562-404-1113, [email protected] President, Jeremey Westmark, 702-839-2960, Construction Manager, George Silva, 760-421-8156, [email protected] [email protected] VP, Rob Kull, 530-672-4017, [email protected] President/CEO, Sandy Schneeberger, 562-404-1113, net [email protected] CFO, Nathan Robertson, 530-391-3855, [email protected] Compliance Manager, Linda Smith, 562-404-1113, [email protected] Director of Business Development & Government The Shaw Group has joined with Affairs, Leslie Mujica, 702-839-2960, [email protected] CB&I ( SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 131

130 T Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen Inc. Toland & Mizell Architects Inc. Total Team Construction Services 4940 Old Collinsville Rd 590 Means St NW Ste 200 Inc. Swansea, IL 62226 Atlanta, GA 30318 Website: PO Box 980903 Website: West Sacramento, CA 95798 Emergency Number: 618-235-8524 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal, Alan Toland, 404-343-3500, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Roland Thouvenot, 618-624-4488, [email protected] Business Development, Anna Cayanan, 916-456-5250, Sr. VP/Swansea, IL Branch Manager, Paul Homann, [email protected] 618-624-4488, [email protected] Tolunay-Wong Engineers Inc. VP, Water/Wastewater Engineering Manager, Randall 10710 S Sam Houston Pkwy W Ste 100 Towill Inc. Burk, 618-624-4488, [email protected] Houston, TX 77031 2300 Clayton Rd Ste 1200 Marketing Manager, Craig Brauer, 314-241-6300, Website: Concord, CA 94520 [email protected] Emergency Number: 713-722-7064 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 925-525-5159 Executive VP, Arthur Stephens, 713-722-7064, Corporate Leadership: Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. [email protected] PO Box 865 CEO, Dennis Curtin, 925-682-6976 ext 1021, dennis. Principal, Daniel Wong, 713-722-7064, [email protected] [email protected] Johns Island, SC 29457 Website: President/COO, Ken Meme, 925-682-6976 ext 1020, Principal, Zeki Tolunay, 713-722-7064, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP/Sr. Biologist, Michael Andersen, 843-762-3750, Sr. VP, Bill Tobin, 713-722-7064, [email protected] [email protected] Trace Analytical Laboratories Inc. 2241 Black Creek Rd Tompkins Architects Muskegon, MI 49444-2673 Tidewater Inc. 612 NW Kay Dr 7161 Columbia Gateway Dr Ste C Website: Lees Summit, MO 64063 Emergency Number: 231-578-0014 Columbia, MD 21046 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 816-456-6667 President, R. Bruce Pelletier, 231-773-5998 ext 239, Emergency Number: 443-742-1139 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Owner, James Tompkins, 816-525-9833, [email protected] VP of Business Operations, Marcy Pravda, 231-773- Executive VP, Richard Yim, 410-997-4458, [email protected] 5998 ext 240, [email protected] Director of Business, Linda Starkovich, 816-525-9833, VP, William Schroeder, 231-773-5998 ext 237, President, Prasad Dissanayake, 410-997-4458, [email protected] [email protected] Business Development Manager, Debora Chiaraluna, Sr. VP, Bruce Reynolds, 410-997-4458, [email protected] 330-413-2506, [email protected] Total Automation Group Inc. VP, Sumedha Desilva, 410-997-4458, sumedha. 61 Industrial Center Rd Trane U.S. Inc. [email protected] Trafford, AL 35172 4833 White Bear Pkwy Website: or www.totalauto- White Bear Lake, MN 55110 Website: Timmons Group Emergency Number: 205-329-5208 1001 Boulders Pkwy Ste 300 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Government Program Manager, John L. Stanley, 972- Richmond, VA 23225 Director of Perimeter Security Operations, JT Rose, Website: 406-3656, [email protected] PSP, 205-329-5208, [email protected] VP, Matt Gates, 651-407-3889, [email protected] Emergency Number: 804-200-6500 com Corporate Leadership: President, Stephen Lee, 205-329-8067, [email protected] Principal, Bruce McCloy, 804-200-6500, TranSystems [email protected] Director of East Coast Operations, Bill Jempty, 917- 2400 Pershing Rd Ste 400 751-5148, [email protected] Kansas City, MO 64108 TJC Engineering Inc. Website: Emergency Number: 816-405-7600 5001 Crown Manor Pl Ste 204 Total Environmental Concepts Inc. Corporate Leadership: Louisville, KY 40261 3308 Mt Vernon Ave Website: Principal, Paul Malir, 816-329-8700, [email protected] Alexandria, VA 22305 Emergency Number: 502-836-6273 Website: Corporate Leadership: Federal Goverment Leader, John Stock, Corporate Leadership: 757-627-1112, [email protected] President, Timothy Culp, 502-451-1244, [email protected] Division Manager, Michael Swearingen, 703-567-4346, Federal Business Development Manager, Melissa [email protected] Bertoli, 646-391-3211, [email protected] TLC Engineering for Architecture Total Systems Commissioning Inc. 255 S Orange Ave Ste 1600 Triad Engineering Inc. 1710 Defoor Ave NW Ste 100 4980 Teays Valley Rd Orlando, FL 32801 Atlanta, GA 30318 Website: Scott Depot, WV 25560 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 321-427-7438 Emergency Number: 404-457-3768 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: COO, John Meeks, 304-755-0721, [email protected] VP, Gary Krueger, 321-636-0274, [email protected] President, Richard Dutro, 404-457-3768, [email protected] com Sr. Program Manager, Jerry Stewart, 814-248-1882, Marketing Representative, Cheryl Maze, LEED AP Marketing Coordinator, Angela Kemp, 404-578-4486, BD+C, 407-487-1010, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Business Development Manager, Bill Wolfe, Principal & Sustainability Consultant, Kim Shinn, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CxA, 615-346-902, [email protected] 703-999-2096, [email protected] Sr. Engineer/Business Development, Larry McCoy, Principal, James Keohane, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CxA, 304-755-0721, llmcco[email protected] 239-848-5526, [email protected] 132 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

131 T-U TRIDENT Environmental Group LLC Tri-Technic Inc. Turner Strategic Technologies LLC 62 Lacombe St Unit 14 185 S Fairview Ln 3465 Chandler Creek Rd Ste 102 Marlborough, MA 01752 Sonora, CA 95370 Virginia Beach, VA 23453 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 508-229-3545 Emergency Number: 209-599-6000 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: COO, Shawn Kuhle, 757-416-7610, [email protected] Member-Manager, William Nineve, 508-229-3545, CEO, Chris Payne, 209-599-6000, [email protected] com [email protected] com Sr. Project Manager, John Trant, 757-416-7610, President, Dennis Ledbetter, 209-599-6000, [email protected] [email protected] Trihydro Corp. 1252 Commerce Dr CFO, Dan Haley, 209-599-6000, [email protected] U.S. Right of Way Co. Laramie, WY 82070 1454 Javelin Way Website: TRULINE Lewisville, TX 75077 Emergency Number: 307-745-7474 Formtech Enterprises Inc. Website: Corporate Leadership: 1415 Panther Ln Ste 240 Corporate Leadership: President, Jack Bedessem, 307-745-7474, Naples, FL 34109 President, Lily Khan, 972-420-0800, [email protected] [email protected] Website: Sr. VP, Keith Marcott, 307-745-7474, [email protected] Emergency Number: 239-776-5670 Corporate Leadership: U.S. Cost Inc. General Manager, Todd Hoffman, 239-591-6234, 1200 Abernathy Rd Ste 950 TriMatrix Laboratories Inc. [email protected] Atlanta, GA 30328 5560 Corporate Exchange Ct Engineering Manager, Scott Yeany, 706-316-2438, Website: Grand Rapids, MI 49512 [email protected] Emergency Number: 770-481-1600 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 616-846-9528 Trusant Technologies LLC Marketing Coordinator, Lindsey OKeefe, Corporate Leadership: 6011 University Blvd Ste 400 770-481-1609, [email protected] VP, Federal Services, Phil Komar, 616-846-9528, Ellicott City, MD 21043 [email protected] Website: President, Doug Kriscunas, 616-975-4500, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Principal, Joseph DiGangi, 410 418-5400, [email protected] Principal, Vincent Marucci, 410 418-5400, [email protected] TSi Engineering Inc. Ulteig Engineers Inc. Trinity Analysis & Development Corp. 1600 Genessee St Ste 960 3350 38th Ave S 1002 N Eglin Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64102 Fargo, ND 58104 Shalimar, FL 32579 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 314-283-3778 Emergency Number: 888-858-3441 Emergency Number: 850-613-6800 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Morris Hervey, Jr., 314-283-3778, Market Leader, David Pillatzke, 763-259-7871, dave President, Maurice Evans, 850-613-6800, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] CEO, Denise Hervey, P.E., 314-276-2623, [email protected] Sr. VP, Gary Ness, 701-280-8573, [email protected] Sr. VP, Richard Burdine, 850-613-6800, [email protected] com Area Manager for Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Todd Dwyer, P.E., 816-283-3838, [email protected] Sr. VP, Jeff Brown, 850-613-6800, [email protected] Unified Business Technologies com 3250 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 329 Sr. Program Manager, Jim Scheer, 850-613-6800, Area Manager for Saint Louis Metropolitan Area, Terrence ONeill, P.E., 314-644-3134, [email protected] Troy, MI 48084 [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 248-703-4284 Tri-State Drilling LLC Corporate Leadership: 6228 Bonny Oaks Dr TTI Environmental Inc. CEO, Michelle DSouza, 248-614-3500, michelle. PO Box 16727 1253 N Church St [email protected] Chattanooga, TN 37416 Moorestown, NJ 08057 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: United Consulting Emergency Number: 423-510-0110 625 Holcomb Bridge Rd Corporate Leadership: CEO, William Dolan, 856 840-8800, [email protected] Federal Program Manager, Karen Buniak, 856 840- Norcross, GA 30071 President, Robert Bittel, 423-510-0110, [email protected] Website: 8800, [email protected] Emergency Number: 770-209-0029 Business Development, Mark Herndon, 423-510-0110, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Turner Construction Co. VP, Federal Programs, Lenwood Robinson, The Turner Corp. 770-582-2820, [email protected] Tri-State Engineering 375 Hudson St Executive VP, Scott Smelter, 770-582-2839, 702 S Main St New York, NY 10014 [email protected] Joplin, MO 64801 Website: CEO, Reza Abree, 770-582-2853, [email protected] Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: VP and General Manager, Chris Jahrling, 703-841-5200, President, Clayton Cristy, 417-781-0643, [email protected] [email protected] EVP, Mark Meranda, 786-621-9000, [email protected] VP Business Development, Gabe Lett, 417-781-0643, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 133

132 U-V Uptime Solutions Assoc. Inc. Vanguard Contractors Vet Industrial 3381 Successful Way 218 N 5th St 1234 Charleston Beach Rd W Ste B Dayton, OH 45414 Paducah, KY 42002-2850 Bremerton, WA 98312 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 360-377-2955 Emergency Number: 937-684-6546 Emergency Number: 270-442-8620 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Isaac Holmes, 360-377-2955, [email protected] President, James Davidson, 937-237-3400 President, Craig Guess, 270-442-8620 ext 211, [email protected] Uretek USA Inc. VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. 13900 Humble Rd Vansant & Gusler Inc. 101 Walnut St PO Box 1929 6330 Newtown Rd Ste 400 Watertown, MA 02472 Tomball, TX 77377 Norfolk, VA 23502 Website: Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: DOD Program Manager, Joseph Angell, VP, Sales, Michael Vinton, 281-351-7800, [email protected] President, Renison Tisdale, 757-461-6757, [email protected] 919-834-3972, [email protected] VP, Engineering, Randy Brown, 281-351-7800, VP, Frank Ancarrow, 757-461-6757, [email protected] Victor Corp. [email protected] 4225 Montgomery Blvd NE VP, Larry Williams, 757-461-6757, [email protected] Albuquerque, NM 87109 Website: VP, Michael Karcher, 757-461-6757, [email protected] Emergency Number: 505-264-0403 Corporate Leadership: President, Mark Jones, 505-771-4900, [email protected] Vasquez Marshall Architects URS Corp. 13220 Evening Creek Dr Ste 117 CEO, Cathy Jones, 505-771-4900, [email protected] 600 Montgomery St 26th Fl San Diego, CA 92128-4103 San Francisco, CA 94111-2728 Website: VP, Gilbert Maldonado, 505-771-4900, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 619-922-8492 Emergency Number: 301-332-0936 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, David Vasquez, 858-513-2290, [email protected] VP, Federal Business Director, Martin Brown, Vista Environmental Consulting Inc. 3911 Harrison St 212-736-4444, [email protected] Principal, Robert Bodenhamer, 858-513-2290, [email protected] VP, Gary Engle, PE, 206-438-2001, [email protected] Oakland, CA 94611 Website: Principal, Tony Kam, 858-513-2290, [email protected] VP, Tom Wrenn, 301-944-3100, [email protected] Emergency Number: 925-948-5097 VP, Rex Osborne, 208-386-6514, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VCI Managing Principle, Charles Bove, 510-658-8860, 740 Brewster Rd [email protected] USA Tank Storage Systems Madisonville, LA 70447 Managing Principle, Michael Legerski, 213-440-3129, PO Box 506 Website: [email protected] Seneca, MO 64865 Corporate Leadership: Business Development Manager, Raul Garcia, Website: President & Chief Operations Officer, Michael Rossi, 626-264-3024, [email protected] Emergency Number: 417-776-2500 504-296-8775, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: CEO, Jeff Bedey, 402-216-7360, [email protected] Director of Sales, Steve Currence, 417-776-2500, Vista GeoScience [email protected] 130 Capital Dr Ste C Veolia Water Guam LLC Golden, CO 80401 Veolia Water Website: USKH Inc. 215 Rojas St 213 Ixora Bldg Emergency Number: 303-277-1694 2515 A St Harmon, GU 96913 Corporate Leadership: Anchorage, AK 99503 Website: President/CEO, John Fontana, 303-277-1694, Website: Emergency Number: 671-787-1488 [email protected] Emergency Number: 907-276-4245 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: General Manager, Gerald FitzGibbon, 671-646-8361, President & CEO, Timothy Vig, 907-276-4245, VMAG LLC [email protected] 12089 Starcrest Dr [email protected] CIP Manager, Edward Eatham, 671-646-8361, Executive VP, D. Lance Mearig, 907-276-4245, San Antonio, TX 78247 [email protected] Website: [email protected] Deputy General Manager, Rick Unpingco, 671-646- VP/Principal, Lydia Gray, 907-276-4245, [email protected] Emergency Number: 210-495-3000 8361, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Partner, Dick Loos, 210-495-3000, [email protected] Versar com UXB International Inc. 6850 Versar Ctr Partner, John Wood, 210-495-3000, [email protected] 2020 Kraft Dr Ste 2100 Springfield, VA 22151 com Blacksburg, VA 24060 Website: Partner, Russell Timmermann, 210-495-3000, rus- Website: Emergency Number: 703-750-3000 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Business Development, Patrick OConnor, 210-495- President & CEO, Richmond Dugger, 540-443-3700, President/COO, Jeff Wagonhurst, 703-570-3000, 3000, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Executive Assistant, Celeste Parker, 540-443-3700, CEO, Anthony Otten, 703-570-3000, [email protected] [email protected] 134 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

133 V-W VOA Assoc. Inc. VW International Inc. Walbridge 4798 New Broad St Ste 100 8800-C Peartree Village Ct 777 Woodward Ave Ste 300 Orlando, FL 32814 Alexandria, VA 22309 Detroit, MI 48226 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 407-425-2500 Emergency Number: 703-864-1089 Emergency Number: 313-963-8000 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Principal, Ted Fery, 407-425-2500, [email protected] Board Chairman, James (Jim) Vincent, 703-360-5464, Director, New Business Development, Keith Landry, [email protected] 313-442-1277, [email protected] Volkert Inc. President, Robert (Bob) Vincent, 703-360-5464, [email protected] Sr. Project Manager, Scott Stowitts, 313-442-1167, 3809 Moffett Rd [email protected] Mobile, AL 36618 Sr. VP, Richard Forrester III, 703-360-5464, [email protected] Assistant VP, Operations, Dennis McCarthy, Website: 313-442-1390, [email protected] Emergency Number: 251-342-1070 Sr. VP, Hershel Weeks, 703-360-5464, [email protected] Assistant VP, Andy Wasiniak, 313-442-1269, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] Chairman of Board, Keith King, 251-342-1070, W.F. Baird & Assoc. Ltd. [email protected] 2981 Yarmouth Greenway Dr Waldrop Construction Inc. President & CEO, Perry Hand, 251-342-1070, Madison, WI 53711 One Santa Fe Plaza Ste 101 [email protected] Website: Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Sr. VP/COO Mid-Atlantic Region, Dennis Morrison, Emergency Number: 608-273-0592 Website: 703-642-8106, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 405-601-6791 Sr. VP/COO Central Region, David Allsbrook, Principal, Lars Barber, 608-273-0592, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: 919-854-0344, [email protected] com President, Max Waldrop, 405-601-6791, [email protected] VoltAir Consulting Engineers W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. Business Development, Alana Hare, 405-601-6791, 220 W 7th Ave Ste 210 The Yates Companies Inc. [email protected] Tampa, FL 33602 1 Gully Ave Website: Philadelphia, MS 39350 Waller, Todd & Sadler Architects Inc. Emergency Number: 813-909-3150 Website: 1909 Cypress Ave Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 228-374-6011 Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Principal, Julius Davis, 813-909-3150, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Website: Small Business Liaison, Diana McGraw, Corporate Leadership: Principal, Jorge Rivera, 813-909-3151, [email protected] 228-436-7320, [email protected] President, Howard Collins, 757-417-0140, [email protected] Marketing Director, Jared Fuller, 228-374-6011, [email protected] VP/Director of Federal Programs, David Isbell, VRHabilis LLC 757-417-0140, [email protected] 11124 Kingston Pike Ste 119-404 WK Dickson & Co. Inc. Knoxville, TN 37934 616 Colonnade Dr WALTER P MOORE Website: Charlotte, NC 28205 1301 McKinney Ste 1100 Emergency Number: 865-806-6689 Website: Houston, TX 77010 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Website: COO, Elliott Adler, 865-806-6689, [email protected] VP, Dan Dawson, PE, PLS, 910-620-4200, Emergency Number: 800-364-7300 CEO, Tom Rancich, 508-410-1306, [email protected] [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com Aviation Program Manager, James Novak, PE, President, Raymond Messer, 713-630-7300, 919-782-0495, [email protected] [email protected] VRX Inc. VP, Jeff Armstrong, PLS, 919-782-0495, [email protected] Managing Director, Civil Engineering Houston, Doug 2500 N Dallas Pkwy Ste 450 Coenen, 713-630-7460, [email protected] Plano, TX 75093 com Website: Waggoner Engineering Inc. Emergency Number: 972-786-6968 143-A LeFleurs Sq Warrior Group Corporate Leadership: PO Box 12227 1624 Falcon Dr President, Noelle Ibrahim, 972-786-6968, [email protected] Jackson, MS 39236-2227 DeSoto, TX 75115 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 601-355-9526 Corporate Leadership: VTN Consulting Corporate Leadership: COO, Phil Slingerland, 972-228-9955 2727 S Rainbow Blvd President/CEO, Joe A. Waggoner, 601-355-9526, Las Vegas, NV 89146 [email protected] Sr. VP, James L. Hust, III, 601-355-9526, [email protected] Watermark Website: 175 Cabot St Emergency Number: 702-873-7550 VP, Hunter T Arnold, 601-355-9526, [email protected] Lowell, MA 01854 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Gene Krametbauer, 702-873-7550, VP of Finance/Adm., Joe Tuccio, 601-355-9526, Emergency Number: 978-265-2815 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, James Thomas, 702-873-7550, [email protected] [email protected] President, John Haley, 978-452-9696, [email protected] VP, Joseph Spangenberger, PE, 978-452-9696, [email protected] Director of Business Development, Celeste Hunt, PE, 978-452-9696, [email protected] VP of Mid-Atlantic Operations, Dave DiCesare, PE, 215-860-7700, [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 135

134 W Watterson Construction Co. West Coast Roofing Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. PO Box 220670 85-843 Farrington Hwy 1400 Weston Way Anchorage, AK 99522 Waianae, HI 96792 PO Box 2653 Website: Website: West Chester, PA 19380 Emergency Number: 907-563-7441 Emergency Number: 808-696-1211 Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 610-701-3000 Watts Constructors LLC President, Manuel C. Madeira Jr., 808-696-1211, Corporate Leadership: The Weitz Co. [email protected] Chairman, CEO and President, Patrick McCann, 610- 737 Bishop St Ste 2900 701-3000, [email protected] Honolulu, HI 96813 WEST Consultants Inc. Sr. VP, Business Development Division, Tim Sanford, Website: 11440 W Bernardo Ct Ste 360 202-741-4803, [email protected] Emergency Number: 808-543-5201 San Diego, CA 92127 Manager, Navy Programs, John Edwards, 757-819- Corporate Leadership: Website: 5304, [email protected] Executive VP, Kevin McClain, 808-543-5201, Corporate Leadership: Manager, Air Force Programs, Dwayne Sellers, 210- [email protected] President, Jeffrey Bradley, 503-485-5490, 248-2416, [email protected] Sr. VP, Kelvin Osborne, 808-543-5201, kelvin. [email protected] [email protected] VP, Martin Teal, 858-487-9378, [email protected] White Construction Co. Business Development, Jason Pang, 808-543-5201, 2705 Bee Cave Rd Ste 250 [email protected] VP, Raymond Walton, 425-646-8806, [email protected] Austin, TX 78746 VP, John Sage, 671-633-4534, [email protected] Website: com VP, David Curtis, 916-932-7402, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, William Farnum, 215-302-1177, [email protected] Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC 849 Fairmount Ave Ste 100 WestEast Design Group Whitesell-Green Inc. Baltimore, MD 21286 200 E Grayson St Ste 207 3881 N Palafox St Website: San Antonio, TX 78215 Pensacola, FL 32505 Emergency Number: 410-512-4500 Website: Website: Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 210-530-0755 Executive VP, Philip Der, 410-512-4500, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: White-Spunner Construction Inc. com General Manager, Katherine Kimm, 210-530-0755, 2010 W I-65 Service Rd S President, Leon Kriebel, 410-512-4595, [email protected] [email protected] Mobile, AL 36693 Director, Business Development, Christopher Scott, Website: Sr. VP, John Knight, 410-512-4500, [email protected] 210-530-0755, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: VP, Jeff Carrico, 251-471-5189, [email protected] Executive VP, Marco Legaluppi, 410-512-4500, Western Technologies Inc. [email protected] 3480 S Dodge Blvd Project Manager, Chad Hall, [email protected] Tucson, AZ 85713 Weeks Marine Inc. Website: Project Manager, Rodney Glessner, [email protected] 4 Commerce Dr Emergency Number: 520-748-2262 Cranford, NJ 07016-3598 Corporate Leadership: Website: Managing Director, VP, Randall Harris, P.E., Whitman, Requardt and Assoc. LLP Corporate Leadership: 520-748-2262, [email protected] 801 S Caroline St VP, Richard MacDonald, 908-272-4010, [email protected] Director of Geotechnical Services, Justin Heinecke, Baltimore, MD 21231 P.E., RG, 520-748-2262, [email protected] Website: Chief Estimator, Leo Iking, 908-272-4010, [email protected] Marketing Director, Matthew Sage, 520-748-2262, Emergency Number: 410-235-3450 [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Sr. VP, Gary Platt, 908-272-4010, [email protected] Process Administrator, Tami Griffin, 520-748-2262, Partner, Joseph Makar, 443-224-1906, [email protected] [email protected] Partner, David McCormick, 443-224-1908, Weidlinger Assoc. Inc. Westervelt Ecological Services [email protected] 40 Wall St 19 Fl 600 N Market Blvd Ste 3 New York, NY 10005 Sacramento, CA 95834 Whitney-Stone Inc. Website: Website: WSI Emergency Number: 212-367-3000 Emergency Number: 916-646-3644 134 W Sycamore St Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Willows, CA 95988 CEO/President, Raymond Daddazio, 212-367-3094, Sr. Sales Associate, Jeff Mathews, 916-646-3644, Website: [email protected] [email protected] Emergency Number: 530-514-2686 Managing Principal-NY, Thomas (Tod) Rittenhouse, Corporate Leadership: 212-367-3060, [email protected] Westlake Consultants Inc. President, Robert Stone, 530-934-5087, robert. Director of Business Development, Marcy Stanley, 15115 SW Sequoia Pkwy Ste 150 [email protected] 212-367-2947, [email protected] Tigard, OR 97224 VP, Sean Whitney, 530-934-5087, [email protected] Engineer, Margaret Tang, 212-367-3087, margaret. Website: [email protected] Emergency Number: 503-702-6913 Director Of Operations, James Stevenson, 530-934- Corporate Leadership: 5087, [email protected] Wenck Assoc. Inc. Principal, Len Schelsky, 503-684-0652, [email protected] VP, Marketing, Kenda Enney, 303-920-2508, 1800 Pioneer Creek Ctr [email protected] PO Box 249 VP, Survey Division, Michael Hargrave, 503-684-0652, Maple Plain, MN 55358-9000 [email protected] Website: Director of Engineering, Bernard Smith, Emergency Number: 1-800-368-8831 503-684-0652, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: Project Manager, Shad Haney, 503-684-0652, Principal, Chris Meehan, 763-479-4244, [email protected] [email protected] 136 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

135 W WHPacific Inc. Wills Burke Kelsey Assoc. Ltd. Wood Rodgers Inc. NANA Development Corp. 116 W Main St Ste 201 3301 C St Bldg 100-B 300 W 31st Ave Ste 100 St. Charles, IL 60174 Sacramento, CA 95816 Anchorage, AK 99503 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 630-443-7755 Emergency Number: 916-919-3073 Emergency Number: 505-830-8792 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, John Wills, 630-443-7755, [email protected] Principal, Jonathan Kors, 916-326-5294, [email protected] Sr. Director, Federal Programs, Scott Morris, 505-830-8792, [email protected] VP, Patrick Kelsey, 630-443-7755, [email protected] Principal, Dan Matthies, 510-208-0342, [email protected] Director, Vertical Facilities Design, Ron Clarke, 505-830-8740, [email protected] Sr. Project Manager, Scott Randall, 630-443-7755, Principal, Shyamal Chowdhury, 916-326-5816, President, Lynn Bruno, 541-312-2701, [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Sr. Project Manager, John Witte, 630-443-7755, Principal, Mark Gookin, 775 823-9446, [email protected] Energy Program Manager, Jay Hermanson, [email protected] 907-339-6514, [email protected] Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & Woods Peacock Engineering Wight & Co. Architects Consultants Inc. 2500 N Frontage Rd 4900 Lang Ave 5250 Cherokee Ave Ste 420 Darien, IL 60561 Albuquerque, NM 87109 Alexandria, VA 22312-2052 Website: Website: Website: Emergency Number: 630-824-7995 Corporate Leadership: Emergency Number: 703-658-4400 Corporate Leadership: GISP, Associate VP, Scott Perkins, 816-701-3109, Corporate Leadership: President, COO, Patrick Cermak, 630-969-7000, [email protected] Principal, John O. Woods, Jr., 703-658-4400 ext 102, [email protected] Federal Program Mgr., W. Paul Waters, 505-348- [email protected] VP, Elizabeth Koski, 202-957-6585, [email protected] 4144, [email protected] Principal, Theron M. Peacock, 703-658-4400 ext 106, Sr. Civil Engineer, Douglas Danaher, 816-701-3100, [email protected] Group President, Construction, Ken Osmun, [email protected] 630-969-7000, [email protected] Sr. Civil Engineer, Associate VP, Edward Cordova, Group President, Architecture & Engineering, Richard Woodward Drilling Co. Inc. 505-348-4000, [email protected] 550 River Rd Carlson, 630-969-7000, [email protected] Rio Vista, CA 94571 Wiregrass Construction Co. Inc. Website: Wildlands Construction Partners Inc. Emergency Number: 916-997-1751 3855 Atherton Rd 170 E Main St Corporate Leadership: Rocklin, CA 95765 PO Drawer 929 President, Concing Woodward, 707-374-4300, Website: Dothan, AL 36301/02 [email protected] Emergency Number: 1-877-435-3555 Corporate Leadership: Principal, Wayne Woodward, 707-374-4300, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, John Harper, 334-699-6800, [email protected] CEO, Steve Morgan, 916-435-3555, [email protected] Procurement Manager, Ryan Woodward, CFO, Greg Hoffman, 334-699-6800, [email protected] 707-374-4300, [email protected] Wiley|Wilson COO, Brett Armstrong, 334-356-2560, [email protected] Woolpert Inc. 127 Nationwide Dr 4454 Idea Center Blvd Lynchburg, VA 24502-4272 CEO, Charles Owens, 334-673-9763, [email protected] Dayton, OH 45430 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 703-314-4520 Emergency Number: 800-743-1630 Corporate Leadership: Wiser Co. Corporate Leadership: Chairman of the Board and CEO, J. Frederick 237 W Northfield Blvd Ste 200 CEO, Mike Flannery, 513-527-2602, [email protected] Armstrong, P.E., 434-947-1901, [email protected] Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Website: VP, Federal Services, Steve Phipps, 937-531-1335, Sr. VP, Victor K. Angell, P.E., S.E., LEED AP, Corporate Leadership: [email protected] 703-329-2792, [email protected] Sr. VP, Civil Solutions, Jim Kerr, 615-896-7375 ext VP, Client Services, Shane Imwalle, 937-531-1318, Sr. VP, Andrew G.M. Blysak, AIA, 703-647-8276, 4013, [email protected] s[email protected] [email protected] VP, Military Design Services, David Ziegman, Sr. VP, Neil E. McSweeney, P.E., 804-254-7242, 937-531-1593, [email protected] [email protected] Wolverton & Assoc. Inc. 6745 Sugarloaf Pkwy Ste 100 Duluth, GA 30097 WorleyParsons Williams Scotsman Inc. Website: 6330 W Loop S 8211 Town Center Dr Emergency Number: 770-447-8999 Houston, TX 77401 Baltimore, MD 21236 Corporate Leadership: Website: Website: Business Development Manager, Theo Stone, Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: 770-447-8999, [email protected] Director, Federal Programs, Steven Fischer, 610-877- VP of Marketing & Business Transformation, VP/COO, Joseph Macrina, 770-447-8999, 6006, [email protected] Michele Cunningham, 410-931-6066, [email protected] [email protected] Director, Federal Programs, Curtis Slocum, 310-547- Branch Business Development Manager, Adam 6371, [email protected] Director of Government Business Development, Ragsdale, 912-721-6995, [email protected] Director, Federal Programs, Ron Torgerson, 303-886- Thomas Munson, 410-933-5353, [email protected] 8123, [email protected] VP, Federal Programs, William Paris, 925-826-1875, Product Manager-Government & Modular Buildings, [email protected] Steve Savoie, 410-933-5343, [email protected] Government Business Development Manager, Danny Pearrow, 410-931-6000 ext 75102, danny. [email protected] SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 137

136 W-Z WSP Hawaii Inc. Zapata Inc. WSP+GENIVAR 6302 Fairview Rd Ste 600 1132 Bishop St Ste 1850 Charlotte, NC 28210 Honolulu, HI 96813 Website: Website: Emergency Number: 704-968-7989 Emergency Number: 808-536-1737 Corporate Leadership: Corporate Leadership: President, Manuel Zapata, 704-358-8240, [email protected] Principal, Gene Albano, 808-536-1737, [email protected] Executive VP Operations, Mary Richards, Associate, Kevin Luoma, 808-536-1737, kevin. 704-358-8240, [email protected] [email protected] Sr. VP Engineering and Construction, Tom Koning, 704-358-8240, [email protected] XCEL Engineering Inc. VP Environmental Services, Marty Ray, 1066 Commerce Park Dr 704-358-8240, [email protected] Oak Ridge, TN 37830 Website: Zarinkelk Engineering Services Inc. Emergency Number: 865-719-1750 3033 Chimney Rock Ste 630 Corporate Leadership: Houston, TX 77056 President, Paul Rollinson, 865-766-8541, [email protected] Website: Emergency Number: 713-724-5489 VP, Joe Zimmerman, 865-766-8542, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: com President, Giti Zarinkelk, 832-242-2426, giti. VP, Iqbal Ahmed, 865-766-8543, iahmed[email protected] [email protected] com Principal, Michael Bagstad, 832-242-2426, michael. [email protected] Yaeger Architecture 7780 W 119th St Zaxon Inc. Overland Park, KS 66213 3132 SE Loop 820 Website: Fort Worth, TX 76140 Corporate Leadership: Website: President, Carl Yaeger, 913-742-8000, [email protected] Emergency Number: 817-308-0777 Corporate Leadership: VP, Gerald Adams, 913-742-8000, [email protected] President, Sam Tengra, 817-551-7772, [email protected] Project Manager, Christina Przygoda, 913-742-8000, [email protected] VP, Robert Campbell, 913-742-8000, [email protected] Zyscovich Architects 100 N Biscayne Blvd 27th Fl Miami, FL 33132 YU & Assoc. Inc. Website: 200 Riverfront Blvd Emergency Number: 305-372-5222 Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Corporate Leadership: Website: Principal, Jose Murguido, 305-372-5222, [email protected] Corporate Leadership: President, Peter Yu, 201-791-0075, [email protected] Director of Federal Programs, Susan Dimond, 305-372-5222, [email protected] Executive VP, Andrew Leung, 201-791-0075, [email protected] Federal Project Director, Michael McGuinn, 305-372-5222, [email protected] VP, Mike Thiagaram, 201-791-0075, [email protected] Zachry Construction Corp. 12625 Wetmore Rd Ste 301 San Antonio, TX 78247 Website: Emergency Number: 210 871 2700 Corporate Leadership: Executive VP/COO, Jean Abiassi, 210-871-3232, [email protected] Director of Operations, Eric Wilbur, 210-871-2784, [email protected] VP, Jorge Laris, 713-780-6008, [email protected] 138 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

137 Alabama Alaska Lime Energy Co. BECC Inc. Seay, Seay & Litchfield PC ALABAMA Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Sherlock, Smith & Adams Enterprises Brown and Caldwell Sovereign Consulting Inc. HUNTSVILLE POST Magnolia River Building & Earth Sciences Inc. SpecPro Environmental Services LLC Accura Engineering and Consulting Management Technology Assoc. Inc. Bullock Tice Assoc. Speegle Construction Inc. Services Inc. Mason & Hanger Burns & McDonnell Stanley Consultants Inc. AECOM Micah Group Energy & Environmental Carothers Construction Inc. STOA Architects AMEC Michael Baker Corp. CCI Solutions LLC Taylor Engineering Inc. American Structurepoint Inc. MWH CDM Smith TEAM Integrated Engineering Inc. AMTEC Corp. NASA CH2M HILL Tetra Tech Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. One Stop Environmental LLC Civil Design & Construction Inc. The Constantine Group Atkins Panduit Corp. CMH Architects Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. B.L. Harbert International LLC Parsons CORE Engineering & Construction Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Perini Management Services Inc. Croft & Assoc. PC Thompson Engineering Inc. Inc. PIKA International Crowder Construction Co. TranSystems Battelle Plexus Scientific Corp. CTI and Assoc. Inc. Turner Construction Co. Bechtel National Inc. Pond & Company EA Engineering, Science, and University of South Alabama Bevilacqua Research Corp. PRIME Engineering Inc. Technology Inc. URS Corp. Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. Pro2Serve Eaton Corp. Volkert Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. R&D Maintenance Services Inc. ECC W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. Bloc Global Services Group LLC Robins & Morton Ecology & Environment Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Brasfield & Gorrie LLC S&ME Inc. Ellis Construction White-Spunner Construction Inc. BRPH Companies Inc. Schneider Electric Florence & Hutcheson Woolpert Inc. Building & Earth Sciences Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. CDM Smith Seay, Seay & Litchfield PC Greenhorne & OMara CEMS Engineering Inc. SEI Group Inc. Gresham, Smith and Partners WIREGRASS POST CH2M HILL Shearer & Assoc. Inc. Gulf Coast Architectural Group Inc. Barlovento LLC Chugach Alaska Corp. Sherlock, Smith & Adams Hargrove Engineers & Constructors Eaton Corp. CMH Architects Inc. Smith Seckman Reid Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald GAC Contractors Coburn Contractors LLC SSOE Group HCS Group PC Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. Concentric Security LLC Stanley Consultants Inc. HDR Polyengineering Inc. Conti Federal Services Inc. Stantec Inc. Hoar Construction LLC Wiregrass Construction Co. Inc. Cope Assoc. Inc. Architecture Sterling Global Operations Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Crowder Construction Co. TEAM Integrated Engineering Inc. J2 Engineering Inc. Cunningham Technical Management & TestAmerica Laboratories Inc. Jacobs ALASKA Analysis Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. James M. Pleasants Co. Dawson ANCHORAGE POST The Louis Berger Group Inc. Kaiserkane Inc. Dewberry The Shaw Group Inc. KBR AECOM EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc. Total Automation Group Inc. Kemp Management Solutions LLC AeroMetric Inc. Earth Resources Technology Inc. Turner Construction Co. Kiewit AHTNA Engineering Services LLC Eaton Corp. URS Corp. L-3 Communications ANC Research & Development ECC VW International Inc. Lakeshore Toltest Corp. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Energy Solutions Government Group Weston Solutions Inc. LBYD Inc. Bering Sea Environmental LLC EOTI Wiregrass Construction Co. Inc. Lowe Engineers Bethel Native Corp. Essex Engineering Corp. Wiser Co. Mason & Hanger Bratslavsky Consulting Engineers Inc. Florence & Hutcheson Woolpert Inc. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. Brice Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Yaeger Architecture Merrick & Company Bristol Alliance of Companies Garver USA Michael Baker Corp. Cassell Consulting Inc. Gresham, Smith and Partners MOCA Systems CH2M HILL MOBILE POST MWH Hatch Mott MacDonald City of Anchorage Municipal Light & HNTB AECOM NationView LLC Power Hoar Construction LLC Aerostar SES LLC Neel-Schaffer Inc. Coffman Engineers Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Aerotek Inc. Nobles Consulting Group Inc. Cornerstone General Contractors Inc. ISSI Unexploded Ordnance Inc. AMEC OBrien & Gere Davis Constructors & Engineers Inc. ITSI Gilbane American Structurepoint Inc. Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment Inc. Design Alaska Inc. Jacobs ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Parsons DOWL HKM JAYA Corp. Atkins Plexus Scientific Corp. EA Engineering, Science, and Pond & Company Technology Inc. Johnson Controls Federal Systems B.L. Harbert International LLC Project Time & Cost Inc. Eaton Corp. KAYA Assoc. Inc. Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Inc. Q Solutions Inc. Eklutna Services LLC KBR Baskerville-Donovan Inc. R2T ELM Solutions Corp. Kemp Management Solutions LLC Bechtel National Inc. Royal Engineers & Consultants Enterprise Engineering Inc. Kling-Stubbins BES Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Fugro GeoServices Inc. KS International Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. SDAC Garland/DBS L-3 Communications Bhate Geosciences SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 139

138 Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas California Granite Construction Co. Jacobs Science Applications International Corp. Holliday & Assoc. Inc. HDR Kiewit Stanley Consultants Inc. Huitt-Zollars Inc. ICRC LEO A DALY TEAM Integrated Engineering Inc. Integrated 8(a) Solutions Inc. Jacobs Loven Contracting Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. ITSI Gilbane KBR Michael Baker Corp. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Little Jacobs Kiewit Mortenson Construction Rock District K&L Inspection Service Inc. KOMAN Diversified Services LLC Ninyo & Moore Uretek USA Inc. KEH & Assoc. Inc. Koonce Pfeffer Bettis Inc. Pond & Company URS Corp. Kiewit Marsh Creek LLC Premier Engineering W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. Kleinfelder Meridian Management Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. Woolpert Inc. LEO A DALY MHF Services Progressive Roofing LH Engineering Co. Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Psomas Macro-Z-Technology CALIFORNIA Michael L Foster & Assoc. Inc. Residence Inn by Marriott Phoenix Majestyc Construction Inc. Moffatt & Nichol Goodyear INLAND EMPIRE POST MARRS Services Inc. MTNT Rolf Jensen & Assoc. (SAN BERNADINO/ Michael Baker Corp. MWH Ryan Companies U.S. Inc. RIVERSIDE) MWH North Wind Group Sand Dollar Construction Inc. NASA Parsons Schuff Steel Co. AMEC NCM Contracting Group LP R&M Consultants Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. Aragon Construction Inc. North Wind Group Reid Middleton Inc. Soilworks LLC Containment Corp. Pacific States Environmental RIM Architects Spectrum Safety Dahl, Taylor and Assoc. Inc. Contractors Inc. Security Aviation Stanley Consultants Inc. MW Services Inc. Parsons Shannon & Wilson Inc. Stantec Inc. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Plexus Scientific Corp. Siemens Industries Inc. Sundt Construction Inc. Secutrac Engineering Professional Services Industries Inc. Tatitlek Corp. Tetra Tech Inc. SFM Constructors Inc. Project Time & Cost Inc. URS Corp. The Westmark Group Siemens Industries Inc. Psomas USKH Inc. URS Corp. Stronghold Engineering Inc. Rain for Rent Watterson Construction Co. Weston Solutions Inc. TKE Engineering Inc. RECON Environmental Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. WHPacific Inc. URS Corp. Reyes Construction Inc. WHPacific Inc. RMA Land Construction Inc. LOS ANGELES POST Rolf Jensen & Assoc. SOUTHERN ARIZONA POST RORE Inc. POLARIS POST 4Granite Inc. Sand Dollar Construction Inc. AMEC (FAIRBANKS) AECOM SFM Constructors Inc. Atkins Design Alaska Inc. Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. Allstate Engineering Shannon & Wilson Inc. Shannon & Wilson Inc. Darling Geomatics Alta Vista Solutions Siemens Industries Inc. Fugro Consultants Inc. AMEC Stanley Consultants Inc. Psomas American Automation Building Solutions Inc. Stronghold Engineering Inc. ARIZONA RECON Environmental Inc. ASSET Group STV Inc. Stantec Inc. Atkins SWCA Environmental Consultants PHOENIX POST URS Corp. Betance Enterprises Inc. Syska Hennessy Group Inc. Accutest Laboratories Western Technologies Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Tetra Tech Inc. AMEC CAPE The EcoLogic Studio Atkins Cardno TEC Inc. The Sanberg Group Inc. Ayres Assoc. YUMA POST CDM Smith Total Team Construction Services Inc. Briston Construction CH2M HILL Towill Inc. dck worldwide Burns & McDonnell CJW Construction Inc. Tremco Commercial Sealants and COASTAL Waterproofing Cardno TBE ARKANSAS Cogstone Trihydro Corp. Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. Earth Systems Inc. Tri-Technic Inc. CH2M HILL ARKANSAS POST Eaton Corp. Uretek USA Inc. Cortes Engineering Inc. (LITTLE ROCK) ECC URS Corp. DLR Group Eco & Assoc. Inc. Vista Environmental Consulting Inc. Eaton Corp. Continental Mapping Consultants Inc. Engineering/Remediation Resources Weston Solutions Inc. Fortis Cromwell Architects Engineers Inc. Group Fugro Consultants Inc. Florence & Hutcheson Fugro Consultants Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Garver USA ORANGE COUNTY POST Galvin Preservation Assoc. Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services Harbor Environmental and Safety GENTERRA Consultants Inc. Accutest Laboratories Hatch Mott MacDonald HDMS Architects & Interior Designers Inc. Gilsulate International Inc. AECOM HDR Health Facilities Group LLC gkkworks Ahtna Government Services Corp. Hoskin Ryan Consultants Inc. HGL Construction Inc. Granite Construction Co. AMEC Huitt-Zollars Inc. Jacobs Hal Hays Construction Inc. Aragon Construction Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Koontz Electric Co. Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald Atkins ITSI Gilbane Michael Baker Corp. Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Ben C. Gerwick Inc. 140 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

139 California California Betance Enterprises Inc. Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson Inc. Turn-Key Construction Services Inc. OXNARD-VENTURA POST Bureau Veritas North America Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - (PORT HUENEME) Sacramento District Burns & McDonnell HDR CDM Smith HNTB University of California at Davis A and S Fire Protection Inc. CH2M HILL Howe Electric Construction Inc. URS Corp. AECOM Chambers Group Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Versar AMEC COASTAL ICF International Vista Environmental Consulting Inc. American Building Automation Inc. Cogenra Solar ITSI Gilbane WEST Consultants Inc. Blois Construction Inc. Cogstone J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. Westervelt Ecological Services Burns & McDonnell Cornerstone Studios Jacobs Weston Solutions Inc. Cardno TEC Inc. dck worldwide JF Jones Co. Whitney-Stone Inc. Fugro Consultants Inc. Diaz Yourman & Assoc. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Wildlands NAVFAC ESC ECORP Consulting Inc. Kiewit Wood Rodgers Inc. Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises Engineering/Remediation Resources LLC Kleinfelder Woodward Drilling Co. Inc. Group Psomas Magnus Pacific Corp. Woolpert Inc. ENGworks Siemens Industries Inc. Marsh Creek LLC Yerba Buena Engineering & EwingCole Construction Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Martin Brothers Construction FPI/ESSI URS Corp. Mead & Hunt Inc. GENTERRA Consultants Inc. MGE Engineering Inc. SAN DIEGO POST GHD Inc. Michael Baker Corp. gkkworks SACRAMENTO POST Accutest Laboratories Miyamoto International Granite Construction Co. AECOM MWH Advantech GS Enterprises Inc. Hal Hays Construction Inc. AHTNA Engineering Services LLC Nichols Consulting Engineers AECOM Hatch Mott MacDonald Ahtna Government Services Corp. Ninyo & Moore All Star Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Alta Vista Solutions Nordic Industries Inc. Allen Engineering Contractor Inc. HNTB AMEC Northgate Environmental Management Alyson Consulting Holliday & Assoc. Inc. Andregg Geomatics Inc. AMEC Huitt-Zollars Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Pacific States Environmental Appledore Marine ICF International Atkins Contractors Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Innovative Construction Solutions Battelle Parsons Atkins Insight Environmental, Engineering and Bay West Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff Balfour Beatty Construction Construction Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. PHA Inc. Battelle KAL Architects Inc. Blackburn Consulting PIKA International BDS Engineering Inc. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Blaine Tech Services Inc. Psomas Betance Enterprises Inc. Kiewit Brown and Caldwell Quest GeoSystems Management Inc. Bethel Native Corp. Kleinfelder Burleson Consulting Inc. Ramsey North Inc. Brown and Caldwell Michael Baker Corp. Burns & McDonnell Robert Heinen Consulting Engineers BSE Engineering Inc. Miyamoto International Cabrera Services Inc. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Burns & McDonnell Moffatt & Nichol California Department of Water RORE Inc. C&S Companies NCM Contracting Group LP Resources Sanders & Assoc. Geostructural C.W. Driver Ninyo & Moore Cardno TBE Engineering Inc. CAPE Orange County Winwater Works CDM Smith Schweitzer Engineering Labs Cardno TEC Inc. Pacific States Environmental CH2M HILL Science Applications International Corp. CDM Smith Contractors Inc. City Light and Power Inc. Shannon & Wilson Inc. CH2M HILL Professional Services Industries Inc. Collins Engineers Inc. Site Work Solutions Inc. Davy Architecture APC Psomas Dewberry Spectrum Services Group Inc. Eaton Corp. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. DI Aggregate Management LLC Stanley Consultants Inc. ECC RORE Inc. ECC Stantec Inc. Ecology & Environment Inc. SCS Engineers ECORP Consulting Inc. Sterling Global Operations Inc. ECORP Consulting Inc. SFM Constructors Inc. Element Engineering Suulutaaq Inc. Engineering/Remediation Resources Siemens Industries Inc. EM-Assist Swinerton Builders Government Group Stronghold Engineering Inc. Engineering/Remediation Resources Taber Consultants Envirocon Inc. SWCA Environmental Consultants Group Tepa LLC Forbo Flooring Systems The Sanberg Group Inc. Envirocon Inc. TerranearPMC LLC Geocon Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. ERM Terraphase Engineering Inc. Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Tidewater Inc. ESA Tetra Tech Inc. GHD Inc. TKE Engineering Inc. FMJ Marketing The Dutra Group gkkworks Towill Inc. Forsgren Assoc. Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. Global Engineering Services URS Corp. Fugro Consultants Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. Granite Construction Co. Weston Solutions Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. The Stahl Companies Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services WorleyParsons GENTERRA Consultants Inc. The Westmark Group H&A Architects & Engineers Geocon Inc. Towill Inc. Hal Hays Construction Inc. GHD Inc. Trihydro Corp. Hale Engineering & Surveying Inc. Granite Construction Co. Tri-Technic Inc. Harper Construction Co. Inc. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 141

140 California Colorado Hatch Mott MacDonald Tepa LLC Tetra Tech Inc. KIRA HDR Tetra Tech Inc. The Dutra Group Kleinfelder Hensel Phelps Construction Co. The EcoLogic Studio Towill Inc. Martin/Martin Inc. Huitt-Zollars Inc. The Korte Co. Tremco Commercial Sealants and MCC Construction Corp. I.E.-Pacific Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. Waterproofing M.E. Group InDepth Corp. The Walsh Group URS Corp. MECX LP Innovative Construction Solutions Towill Inc. Vista Environmental Consulting Inc. Merrick & Company IO Environmental & Infrastructure Inc. Tremco Commercial Sealants and Walbridge Michael Baker Corp. Johnson Controls Federal Systems Waterproofing Webcor Construction LP MWH KEH & Assoc. Inc. True Air Mechanical Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. NDG Constructors LLC Kennedy/Jenks Consultants URS Corp. Yerba Buena Engineering & Ninyo & Moore Vasquez Marshall Architects Construction Inc. Kiewit North Wind Group Kimley-Horn and Assoc. Inc. WEST Consultants Inc. Northstar Project Management Inc. Kitchell Weston Solutions Inc. Otak Inc. COLORADO Kleinfelder Whitney-Stone Inc. Pacific Western Technologies Ltd. KS International Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & DENVER POST Parsons Architects KTU+A PCL Construction Services Inc. Aarcher Inc. L.H. Woods & Sons Inc. Pie Consulting & Engineering AECOM MA Engineers SAN FRANCISCO POST Professional Services Industries Inc. Aerotek Inc. MacDonald-Bedford LLC RockSol Consulting Group Inc. Accutest Laboratories Ambient Energy Macro-Z-Technology SEH AECOM AMEC Michael Baker Corp. Shannon & Wilson Inc. AHTNA Engineering Services LLC ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Miyamoto International Siemens Industries Inc. Alta Vista Solutions, Inc. Atkins Moffatt & Nichol Sky Blue Builders Ambient Energy Balfour Beatty Construction MTNT Stanley Consultants Inc. AMEC Bear Woman Enterprises LLC MW Services Inc. Stormwater Risk Management LLC ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. MWH Summit Technical Resources Inc. Atkins Bristol Alliance of Companies NCM Contracting Group LP Swinerton Builders Government Ben C. Gerwick Inc. Bureau Veritas North America Inc. Ninyo & Moore Tetra Tech Inc. CDM Smith Burns & McDonnell North Wind Group The Arcanum Group Inc. CH2M HILL Cabrera Services Inc. Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises The Louis Berger Group Inc. LLC Cinquini & Passarino Inc. Calibre Engineering Inc. The S.M. Stoller Corp. Pacific States Environmental CornerCube Inc. Cardno TBE The Shaw Group Inc. Contractors Inc. Critchfield Mechanical Inc. Cardno TEC Inc. Towill Inc. Panduit Corp. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, CFM Regional CDM Smith Trihydro Corp. Parsons Office-West Center Line Surveying Inc., dba Survey Uretek USA Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff DI Aggregate Management LLC Systems Inc. URS Corp. PCL Construction Services Inc. D-Line Constructors Inc. CH2M HILL Versar Poggemeyer Design Group E2 Consulting Engineers Inc. Cherokee Nation Businesses Vironex U.S. Ponciano Construction Inc. ECC Collins Engineers Inc. Vista GeoScience Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc. Fugro Consultants Inc. Coover-Clark & Assoc. Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Psomas GEI Consultants Inc. CR Architecture+Design Whitney-Stone Inc. R.A. Burch Construction Co. GHD Inc. D.L. Adams Assoc. Ltd. WHPacific Inc. RECON Environmental Inc. Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson Inc. DeBourgh Manufacturing Co. Reyes Construction Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald Denver Electrical Contractors RMA Land Construction Inc. HDR E2 Consulting Engineers Inc. PIKES PEAK POST Rolf Jensen & Assoc. ICF International ECC (COLORADO SPRINGS) RORE Inc. ITSI Gilbane Encore Electric Inc. 4Clicks Solutions RQ Construction Inc. JF Jones Co. Envirocon Inc. AECOM San Diego Gas and Electric Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Farnsworth Group Inc. AMEC Sand Dollar Construction Inc. Kiewit Firetech Consulting Inc. American Automation Building Solutions Science Applications International Corp. MacDonald-Bedford LLC Fugro Consultants Inc. Inc. Sealaska Environmental Services Michael Baker Corp. GEI Consultants Inc. Atkins Secutrac Engineering Moffatt & Nichol Golder Assoc. Inc. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. SFM Constructors Inc. MWH Groundwater & Environmental Services Brown and Caldwell Sherlock, Smith & Adams NASA H&A Architects & Engineers Bryan Construction Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. Ninyo & Moore Hatch Mott MacDonald Burgess Services Sparling Inc. Pacific States Environmental HDR Burns & McDonnell St. George Chadux Corp. Contractors Inc. Huitt-Zollars Inc. Calibre Engineering Inc. Stronghold Engineering Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. CDM Smith Sullivan International Group Inc. RIM Architects Iron Mike Construction LLC CH2M HILL Sundt Construction Inc. St. George Chadux Corp. Jacobs ConEdison Solutions Syska Hennessy Group Inc. Stantec Inc. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Coover-Clark & Assoc. Inc. TB Penick & Sons SunPower Corp. Kiewit Denver Electrical Contractors 142 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

141 Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware District of Columbia DLR Group DynCorp International LLC Perini Management Services Inc. DPR Construction CONNECTICUT E.K. Fox & Assoc. Ltd. Perkins Eastman Eaton Corp. (none) EA Engineering, Science, and PilieroMazza PLLC ECC Technology Inc. Portland Cement Association Eaton Corp. Empire Construction Services Inc. DELAWARE Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc. Encore Electric Inc. Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers PRIZIM Inc. Inc. Farnsworth Group Inc. DELMARVA POST Professional Services Industries Inc. ECC Farris Engineering Inc. Project Time & Cost Inc. Cherokee Nation Construction Ecology & Environment Inc. FSPS Inc. RELYANT Landmark JCM ECS Group GE Johnson Construction Co. Richard L. Bowen & Assoc. Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. ERG H&A Architects & Engineers Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Weston Solutions Inc. EwingCole HB&A RTKL Assoc. Inc. EYP Architecture & Engineering PC HDR Schnabel Engineering LLC DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Federal Bureau of Investigation Iron Mike Construction LLC Schneider Electric Flex Energy Inc. ITSI Gilbane Science Applications International Corp. Jacobs WASHINGTON, DC POST Fluor Corp. SCS Engineers Gannett Fleming Inc. JE Dunn Construction A. Morton Thomas and Assoc. Inc. Setty & Assoc. Ltd. George Washington University John Bowman Inc. AE Works Sheladia Assoc. Inc. gkkworks JPS Engineering Inc. AECOM Siemens Industries Inc. Government Services Integrated KIRA AeroMetric Inc. Skanska Process Team LLC Kleinfelder Affiliated Engineers Inc. Smith Seckman Reid Inc. Greenhorne & OMara Kumar & Assoc. Inc. AFG Group Inc. SmithGroupJJR Grunley Construction Co. Inc. Lakeshore Toltest Corp. Allen & Shariff Corp. SSOE Group HAKS Engineers, Architects and Land LEO A DALY Allied Companies LLC Surveyors PC Stanley Consultants Inc. Martin/Martin Inc. Alpha Corp. Haley & Aldrich Stantec Inc. Matrix Design Group AMEC Hatch Mott MacDonald Structure Tone Inc. MaxFour American Institute of Steel Construction Hill International STV Inc. M.E. Group Ammann & Whitney Hinman Consulting Engineers Syska Hennessy Group Inc. Merrick & Company ARCADIS U.S. Inc. HNTB TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Michael Baker Corp. ATCS PLC J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. MWH Atkins J.W. Morris Ltd The Avascent Group OZ Architecture Balfour Beatty Construction Jacobs The Louis Berger Group Inc. Pacific Western Technologies Ltd. Banneker Ventures J-Dos Internationals Inc. The Military Engineer Panduit Corp. BCRA Johnson Controls Federal Systems The Onyx Group Parsons Bechtel National Inc. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson The Reinforced Earth Co. Pate Construction Co. Inc. Bering Straits Technical Services LLC Jones Lang LaSalle The Shaw Group Inc. PCL Construction Services Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. KBE Building Corp. Timmons Group Penguins Coat Inc. dba USA Spray Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. KBR TMAC Communications Foam Trane U.S. Inc. Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. KCI Technologies Inc. RNL Tremco Commercial Sealants and Brailsford & Dunlavey Kiewit San Juan Construction Inc. Waterproofing Brown and Caldwell Kimley-Horn and Assoc. Inc. Saunders Construction Turner Construction Co. Burns & McDonnell Kling-Stubbins Scitor Corp. U.S. Coast Guard C&H Assoc. Inc. KS International SEH U.S. Cost Inc. C.H. Briggs L-3 Communications Siemens Industries Inc. Ultra Electronics-3eTI CALIBRE Systems Inc. LEO A DALY Sky Blue Builders Uretek USA Inc. Capital Project Management Inc. M.C. Dean Stanley Consultants Inc. URS Corp. Cardno TEC Inc. Manhattan Construction Co. Stormwater Risk Management LLC Versar Carrier Corp. Mason & Hanger Summit Technical Resources Inc. VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. Caterpillar Inc. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. SWCA Environmental Consultants Volkert Inc. CDM Smith Meltech Corp. Inc. Swinerton Builders Government VRX Inc. Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Tepa LLC Walbridge CH2M HILL MWH Terracon Consultants Inc. WBA, an HGA Co. Clark Construction Group LLC NASA Tetra Tech Inc. WESCO/CSC Clark Nexsen Native American Contractors The Arcanum Group Inc. Association Weston Solutions Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. NEAT Contracting Inc. Wight & Co. Command Holdings Group Towill Inc. Northrop Grumman Wiley|Wilson Concrete Repairs Co. U.S. Air Force Academy OBrien & Gere Woods Peacock Engineering Conti Federal Services Inc. URS Corp. Consultants Inc. Daytner Construction Group Oudens Knoop Knoop Sachs Vista GeoScience P2MG DefenCell-JSF Systems LLC Weston Solutions Inc. Panduit Corp. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, CFM Central Whitney-Stone Inc. Office Parsons Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & Dewberry Parsons Brinckerhoff Architects Dynamac Corp. Pennoni Assoc. Inc. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 143

142 Florida Florida Battelle Michael Baker Corp. CDM Smith FLORIDA Bauer Foundation Corp. Moffatt & Nichol CH2M HILL EMERALD COAST POST Bergmann Assoc. MWH Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt Inc. (FORT WALTON BEACH) Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. NAVFAC Southeast-Jacksonville ECC Brasfield & Gorrie LLC NewFields Government Services LLC GAC Contractors AECOM Brown and Caldwell Nobles Consulting Group Inc. Greenhorne & OMara Aerotek Inc. Burns & McDonnell Odebrecht Construction Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald AMEC Cardno TBE Parsons HDR ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Cardno TEC Inc. PCL Construction Services Inc. IAP Worldwide Services Inc. Atkins Castle Engineering LLC Pond & Company ITSI Gilbane AVCON Inc. CCI Solutions LLC Premier Communications Group Inc. Johnson Controls Federal Systems Cardno TBE CDM Smith Procurement Technical Assistance KS International CCI Solutions LLC CEMS Engineering Inc. Center Lakeshore Toltest Corp. CDM Smith CH2M HILL Project Time & Cost Inc. Merrick & Company CH2M HILL Civil Services Inc. R2T Michael Baker Corp. ECC CORE Engineering & Construction Inc. Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. MOCA Systems EMR Inc. CSA Group Richard L. Bowen & Assoc. Inc. MTNT GAC Contractors CTI and Assoc. Inc. Royal Concrete Concepts MWH Garver USA dck worldwide Sauer Inc. Northrop Grumman Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Dial Cordy and Assoc. Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Parsons Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. Dougherty Sprague Environmental Inc. Scif Global Technologies Tetra Tech Inc. Greenhorne & OMara Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt Inc. Shannon & Wilson Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. Gulf Coast Architectural Group Inc. EAC Consulting Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center Gustin, Cothern & Tucker Inc. ECC Singhofen & Assoc. Inc. URS Corp. Hatch Mott MacDonald Elkins Constructors Inc. Southeastern Archaeological Research Versar HDR Inc. EMCOR Government Services Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. ITSI Gilbane Stanley Consultants Inc. EnSafe Inc. Woolpert Inc. Kimley-Horn and Assoc. Inc. Stellar Environmental Consulting & Technology L-3 Communications Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc. LLT Building Corp. Environmental Services Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. PENSACOLA POST Merrick & Company Fluor Corp. The Atlantic Group LLC Abrams Group Construction LLC MOCA Systems Fugro Consultants Inc. The Carol Group AECOM MWH Gannett Fleming Inc. The Crom Corp. AMEC Nobles Consulting Group Inc. Gate Precast The Haskell Co. American Fidelity Group North Wind Group GCR Inc. The R-A-M Professional Group Inc. Atkins Science Applications International Corp. GEC Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. Bullock Tice Assoc. SpecPro Environmental Services LLC Geosyntec Consultants Inc. The Walsh Group CCI Solutions LLC Speegle Construction Inc. GLE Assoc. Inc. Timberwind Construction LLC Gulf Power STOA Architects Golder Assoc. Inc. TLC Engineering for Architecture Hatch Mott MacDonald Surge Suppression Inc. Government Services Integrated TranSystems Heffernan Holland Morgan Architecture Tetra Tech Inc. Process Team LLC University of North Florida PA Trinity Analysis & Development Corp. Greenhorne & OMara URS Corp. Irby Engineering & Construction Inc. URS Corp. Greenman Pedersen Inc. Van Wagenen and Beavers Inc. J2 Engineering Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Ground Hound Detection Services Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. James M. Pleasants Co. Woolpert Inc. Harvard Jolly Architecture Wolverton & Assoc. Inc. Joe DeReuil Assoc. Hatch Mott MacDonald Woolpert Inc. Peterson Engineering Inc. HDR Zyscovich Architects Professional Services Industries Inc. JACKSONVILLE POST HNTB Siemens Industries Inc. Accutest Laboratories Huryn Justice General Contractors PANAMA CITY POST Sigma Consulting Group Inc. AECOM Islands Mechanical Contractor Inc. STOA Architects Aerostar SES LLC ITSI Gilbane AECOM Terracon Consultants Inc. Aerotek Inc. J2 Engineering Inc. Aerotek Inc. Uretek USA Inc. AKEA Inc. Jacobs Air Force Research Laboratory Whitesell-Green Inc. AMEC Jones Edmunds & Assoc. Inc. AMEC American Fidelity Group Keville Enterprises Inc. Ameresco American Patriot Construction Kiewit American Automation Building Solutions SOUTH FLORIDA POST ARCADIS U.S. Inc. KIRA Inc. AECOM ASSET Group LG2 Environmental Solutions Inc. Applied Research Assoc. Inc. Affiliated Engineers Inc. Atkins Lowe Engineers ARCADIS U.S. Inc. AirQuest Environmental Inc. AVCON Inc. MacDonald-Bedford LLC Atkins AMEC Ayres Assoc. Manhattan Construction Co. Baskerville-Donovan Inc. Ashbritt Inc. Balfour Beatty Construction Manson Construction Co. CAPE Atkins Barton Malow Co. Mason & Hanger Cardno TBE Atlantic Icon Corp. Baslee Engineering Solutions Inc. Meshek & Assoc. PLC CCI Solutions LLC Balfour Beatty Construction 144 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

143 Florida Georgia Baron Sign Manufacturing Ground Hound Detection Services Inc. Cherokee Nation Businesses GEORGIA CCI Solutions LLC Huryn Justice General Contractors Chugach Alaska Corp. E.L.C.I. Construction Group Inc. IAP Worldwide Services Inc. ConEdison Solutions ATLANTA POST Eaton Corp. ITSI Gilbane Digital Aerial Solutions LLC Environmental Consulting & Technology J2 Engineering Inc. Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt Inc. Accura Engineering and Consulting Inc. Jacobs Four Seasons Environmental Inc. Services Inc. Erdman Anthony Jones Edmunds & Assoc. Inc. Gilbane Building Co. AECOM Ground Hound Detection Services Inc. Kimley-Horn and Assoc. Inc. GLE Assoc. Inc. AFF Services Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services Lochrane Engineering Inc. Golder Assoc. Inc. AMEC Gurri Matute PA Lunacon Construction Group Groundwater & Environmental Services Applied Research Assoc. Inc. HDR M.H. Williams Construction Group Inc. Harvard Jolly Architecture Atkins Jacobs Martinez Engineering & Management HDR Ayres Assoc. Lego Construction Co. Services Inc. HSW Engineering Inc. Balfour Beatty Construction MCM Maverick Constructors LLC Hyatt Survey Services Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Polu Kai Services LLC Met-Con Inc. IAP Worldwide Services Inc. BRPH Companies Inc. Ross & Baruzzini Moran Construction Inc. J2 Engineering Inc. BTS Mechanical Estimating Siemens Industries Inc. MRI Architectural Group Inc. Jacobs Bureau Veritas North America Inc. Thornton-Tomasetti Inc. MWH Jones Edmunds & Assoc. Inc. Burns & McDonnell Timberwind Construction LLC NASA KCI Technologies Inc. C.H. Briggs TLC Engineering for Architecture NFC Landscape Architects Inc. LBYD Inc. Caimbeul & Assoc. PC U.S. Cost Inc. Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises Manhattan Construction Co. Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. URS Corp. LLC CH2M HILL MAS Environmental LLC Zyscovich Architects Parsons Corblu Ecology LLC Maverick Constructors LLC Professional Services Industries Inc. Corrosion & Integrity Solutions LLC McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. R.C. Stevens Construction Co. Crowder Construction Co. SPACE COAST POST MES Group Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. CRS Sales & Marketing (PATRICK AFB) Michael Baker Corp. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Draper Aden Assoc. Moffatt & Nichol 3E Consultants Inc. RORE Inc. Eaton Corp. Panduit Corp. AECOM RUSH Construction Inc. Eberly & Assoc. Inc. Parsons Aerostar SES LLC SDAC EcoWise Civil Design and Consulting Polu Kai Services LLC AKEA Inc. Served Proudly Corp. Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. Allen Engineering Inc. SGM Engineering Inc. ECS Group Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Alpha MRC Architects Engineers Siemens Industries Inc. Energy Ace Inc. RW Armstrong Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance Singhofen & Assoc. Inc. Environmental Consulting & Technology S&ME Inc. Inc. Sol Inc. Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. AMEC SpecPro Environmental Services LLC Farnsworth Group Inc. Stantec Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Superior Solar Systems Fidelis Veteran Construction Inc. Superior Solar Systems Archangel Engineering and Tetra Tech Inc. Florence & Hutcheson Construction SurvTech Solutions Inc. The Integration Factory Fugro Consultants Inc. Ardaman & Assoc. Inc. Tech USA LLC TLC Engineering for Architecture GEL Geophysics LLC Atkins Tetra Tech Inc. Universal Engineering Sciences Inc. Geosyntec Consultants Inc. AVCON Inc. Timberwind Construction LLC URS Corp. Golder Assoc. Inc. Aztec Construction & Mechanical Inc. TLC Engineering for Architecture VOA Assoc. Inc. Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. Balfour Beatty Construction Tremco Commercial Sealants and Hatch Mott MacDonald Waterproofing Baslee Engineering Solutions Inc. HCR Construction Inc. Blakeland LLC TAMPA BAY POST TRULINE HDR URS Corp. Blue Cord Design and Construction Heery International Inc. AECOM Volkert Inc. BRPH Companies Inc. Hygun Group Inc. Aerotek Inc. VoltAir Consulting Engineers C&S Companies Innovative Engineering Inc. Affiliated Engineers Inc. Walbridge Cape Design Engineering Co. iParametrics LLC Akima Management Services WESCO/CSC Construction Management of Florida J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. AMEC Zyscovich Architects Inc. JBAR Enterprises LLC Applied Sciences Consulting Inc. Consulex KEMRON Environmental Services Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. CORE Engineering & Construction Inc. Kennedy Engineering & Assoc. Group Ardaman & Assoc. Inc. Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt Inc. LLC Atkins Eaton Corp. KSi Structural Engineers Ayres Assoc. Erdman Anthony L-3 Communications Baslee Engineering Solutions Inc. Fire Risk Management Inc. LG Hausys Bauer Foundation Corp. Florida Environmental Compliance Lowe Engineers Corp. Bayside Engineering Inc. M3 Construction Services Inc. Frazier Engineering Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. Gale Assoc. Inc. BlueForge LLC MEGADOOR Inc. General Physics Corp. Burns & McDonnell Merrick & Company Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Cardno TBE Metro Engineering and Surveying Government Project Solutions Inc. CH2M HILL SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 145

144 Georgia Georgia / Guam Mincey Marble Manufacturing Applied Engineering Solutions Inc. CEMS Engineering Inc. Pond & Company New South Construction Co. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. CH2M HILL Port City Design Group LLC North Wind Group Atkins Clark Nexsen Q Solutions Inc. Paragon Consulting Group Inc. CAPE Cogdell & Mendrala Architects PC R.C. Construction Co. Inc. Parsons CEMS Engineering Inc. Columbia Engineering & Services Inc. R2T PES Structual Engineers CH2M HILL Cromwell Architects Engineers Inc. Ramey Kemp & Assoc. Inc. Pond & Company Clark Nexsen Crowder Construction Co. Reeves Construction Co. Project Time & Cost Inc. Columbia Engineering & Services Inc. CTI and Assoc. Inc. Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Q Solutions Inc. CTI and Assoc. Inc. Davis & Floyd Inc. Rosser International R2T Davis & Floyd Inc. Dewberry S&ME Inc. Raymond Engineering-Georgia LLC Donaldson, Garrett & Assoc. Inc., Land Dulohery, Weeks & Gagliano Inc. SchenkelShultz Architecture Robert and Company Surveyors EA Engineering, Science, and Science Applications International Corp. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Eaton Corp. Technology Inc. Sherlock, Smith & Adams S&ME Inc. F3 Solutions Eaton Corp. Siemens Industries Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. Flint Energies ECC Small Business Group Inc. dba Spatial Engineering Inc. Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Elkins Constructors Inc. SBG-EEG Stevens & Wilkinson Geotechnical & Environmental Environmental Services Inc. Spatial Engineering Inc. Consultants Inc. exp Federal SpecPro Environmental Services LLC Tech USA LLC Gulf Coast Architectural Group Inc. Florence & Hutcheson Stanley Consultants Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Jacobs GEL Geophysics LLC Stantec Inc. TestAmerica Laboratories Inc. Landmark Engineering Group Inc. Georgia Institute of Technology- STOA Architects Tetra Tech Inc. LEO A DALY Savannah Sundt Construction Inc. Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. McLean Engineering Co. Inc. Golder Assoc. Inc. T-Com Design Inc. TK&K Services Merrick & Company Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. TerranearPMC LLC Toland & Mizell Architects Inc. MWH Government Services Integrated Tetra Tech Inc. Total Systems Commissioning Inc. New South Construction Co. Process Team LLC U.S. Cost Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. Ocmulgee Site & Environmental Greenhorne & OMara United Consulting The Sack Co. & SCM Inc. Services Inc. Harvard Jolly Architecture URS Corp. The Shaw Group Inc. Parrish Construction Group Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald Velociteach LLC Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. Pond & Company HDR Walbridge Thompson Engineering Inc. Reeves Construction Co. Holocene LLC Wenck Assoc. Inc. Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Howard W. Pence Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. TMG Services Inc. Superior Solar Systems Hussey, Gay, Bell & DeYoung Wolverton & Assoc. Inc. Toland & Mizell Architects Inc. Tepa LLC IKHANA TranSystems Tetra Tech Inc. J2 Engineering Inc. FORT BENNING- Tremco Commercial Sealants and Toland & Mizell Architects Inc. Jacobs Waterproofing COLUMBUS POST Top Gun Contracting Inc. JE Dunn Construction URS Corp. AMEC URS Corp. Kaiserkane Inc. Volkert Inc. Applied Engineering Solutions Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. KBE Building Corp. W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. Building & Earth Sciences Inc. KBR Walbridge Clark Nexsen SAVANNAH POST Kennedy Engineering & Assoc. Group Weston Solutions Inc. Eastway Electric LLC LLC exp Federal WK Dickson & Co. Inc. AECOM KS International Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. Wolverton & Assoc. Inc. Alliant Corp. LBYD Inc. Howard W. Pence Inc. Woolpert Inc. AMEC Leetex Construction LLC M.C. Dean American Structurepoint Inc. LEO A DALY Reeves Construction Co. Applied Engineering Solutions Inc. LG2 Environmental Solutions Inc. GUAM Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Lindbergh & Assoc. LLC Tiya Support Services LLC Atkins Lowe Engineers GUAM POST Turner Construction Co. Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon LS3P Assoc. Ltd. Walbridge AECOM Inc. M3 Construction Services Inc. AMEC Bechtel National Inc. Mason & Hanger AmOrient Engineering Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. MOODY-VALDOSTA POST Merrick & Company Atkins Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Micah Group Energy & Environmental Brown and Caldwell Ace Electric Inc. Bristol Alliance of Companies Michael Baker Corp. CDM Smith AECOM Brown and Caldwell Moffatt & Nichol Chugach World Services Inc. Michael Baker Corp. BRPH Companies Inc. MWH Coffman Engineers Inc. Reeves Construction Co. Building & Earth Sciences Inc. Northview Enterprises Inc. Custom Mechanical Systems Corp. TTL Inc. Burns & McDonnell OBrien & Gere dck worldwide URS Corp. CAPE Paragon Environmental Construction E.M. Chen & Assoc. Inc. Cardno TBE Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and Carolinas Concrete Masonry Parsons ROBINS AFB POST Associations Technology Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff ECC AECOM Carothers Construction Inc. Pinnacle Construction & Development AMEC CDM Smith Group Inc. 146 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

145 Guam / Hawaii Idaho / Illinois GHD Inc. Environet Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. IDAHO Hawaiian Rock Products Corp. Fluor Corp. Stantec Inc. HDR gkkworks GEM STATE POST Tetra Tech Inc. Hensel Phelps Construction Co. GPRM Prestress The Walsh Group ICRC Gray, Hong, Nojima & Assoc. Inc. CH2M HILL TriMatrix Laboratories Inc. J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. Group 70 International Inc. E-Corp U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Jacobs Hart Crowser Inc. Garland/DBS Chicago District Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. HDR URS Corp. Kleinfelder Haworth Inc. Kiewit W.F. Baird & Assoc. Ltd. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. HDR McMillen LLC Weston Solutions Inc. Moffatt & Nichol Healy Tibbitts Builders Inc. North Wind Group Wills Burke Kelsey Assoc. Ltd. MWH Hensel Phelps Construction Co. POWER Engineers Woolpert Inc. NIPPO Corp. Hookipaipai LLC Science Applications International Corp. Parsons ITSI Gilbane WHPacific Inc. PCR Environmental Inc. J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. ILLINI POST RIM Architects Jacobs (CHAMPAIGN/URBANA) ILLINOIS Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Johnson Controls Federal Systems Bailey Edward S.E.T. - Pacific Inc. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants CHICAGO POST Caterpillar Inc. Smithbridge Guam Inc. Kiewit CSO Architects Inc. Southeastern Archaeological Research Marketability LLC AECOM Farnsworth Group Inc. Inc. Marsh Creek LLC American First Contracting Inc. Foth SSFM International Inc. MEGADOOR Inc. Bailey Edward Groundwater & Environmental Services Stanley Consultants Inc. MOCA Systems Battelle Hanson Professional Services Inc. Tepa LLC Moffatt & Nichol Blue Yonder Inc. Kaskaskia Engineering Group LLC TG Engineers PC MWH Burns & McDonnell Medline Construction Services LLC The Louis Berger Group Inc. Myounghee Noh & Assoc. LLC CardnoJFNew Stanley Consultants Inc. Veolia Water Guam LLC Nan Inc. CDM Smith University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Weston Solutions Inc. NAVFAC Hawaii CH2M HILL NCM Contracting Group LP Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. North Wind Group Collins Engineers Inc. LAKE MICHIGAN POST HAWAII David Mason & Assoc. Inc. Parsons AECOM Parsons Brinckerhoff DLR Group HONOLULU POST AeroMetric Inc. PCL Construction Services Inc. DLZ National Inc. AMEC Actus Lend Lease LLC Polu Kai Services LLC EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc. Ameresco AECOM Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc. Eaton Corp. Avantti LLC Allana Buick & Bers R.M. Towill Corp. ECS Group Bailey Edward AMEC RIM Architects Environmental Consulting & Technology Blinderman Construction Co. Inc. Appledore Marine RMA Land Construction Inc. Inc. Charpie Construction Co. Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. S.S. DANNAWAY Assoc. Inc. Environmental Design International Inc. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, CFM Regional Architects Hawaii Ltd. San Juan Construction Inc. Environmental Group Services Ltd. Office-Central Atkins Southeastern Archaeological Research exp Federal Environmental Design International Inc. Bechtel National Inc. Inc. FluidClarity Ltd. exp Federal Belt Collins SSFM International Inc. Foth Farnsworth Group Inc. Bethel Native Corp. SWCA Environmental Consultants Gannett Fleming Inc. FGM Architects Inc. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Geosyntec Consultants Inc. GRAEF Bowers+Kubota Consulting Inc. The Onyx Group GRAEF Green Bay Glow LLC Brown and Caldwell The Shaw Group Inc. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. CAPE TranSystems H.W. Lochner Inc. Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson Inc. Cardno TEC Inc. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Pacific HDR HDR CDM Smith Ocean HNTB IHC Construction Companies LLC CH2M HILL U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Honolulu District Industrial & Environmental Services Industrial & Environmental Services Coffman Engineers Inc. LLC URS Corp. LLC Contract Furnishers of Hawaii Inc. dba KJWW Engineering Consultants PC West Coast Roofing Inc. Kiewit Office Pavilion Kowalenko Consulting Group Inc. Kowalenko Consulting Group Inc. D.L. Adams Assoc. Ltd. Weston Solutions Inc. Leopardo Companies Inc. Mason & Hanger Dawson Technical LLC WSP Hawaii Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Michael Baker Corp. dck worldwide Michels Corp. Mitig Co. Designer Built Systems MWH Nagel Services LLC EA Engineering, Science, and Naylor Pipe Co. North Shore Gas Technology Inc. Pizzo & Assoc. Ltd. Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises Eaton Corp. LLC ECC SEH Palmer Engineering Engineering/Remediation Resources Seven Generations Architecture & Engineering LLC Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Group Siemens Industries Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 147

146 Illinois Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky Skanska Baysinger Design Group Inc. Vanguard Contractors Government Services Integrated Soos and Assoc. Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Walbridge Process Team LLC Stanley Consultants Inc. Burns & McDonnell Wiser Co. Gresham, Smith and Partners Stantec Inc. CH2M HILL XCEL Engineering Inc. GRW University of Wisconsin-Madison Civil Design Inc. Guidon Design Inc. URS Corp. Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. H.W. Lochner Inc. KENTUCKIANA POST HDR VSGI Construction Services EFK Moen Weston Solutions Inc. Farnsworth Group Inc. Advanced Engineering Consultants HNTB Wight & Co. FGM Architects Inc. ADVENT Environmental Inc. Howard W. Pence Inc. Wisconsin Procurement Institute Gonzalez Companies LLC AECOM HydroGeoLogic Inc. Hanson Professional Services Inc. Aerostar SES LLC Jacobs Horner & Shifrin Inc. Alliant Corp. JBL Technical Solutions LLC ROCK ISLAND POST Kenvirons Inc. ITSI Gilbane AMEC AECOM Jacobs American Structurepoint Inc. Lindbergh & Assoc. LLC ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Kuhlmann Design Group Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. LJB Inc. Ayres Assoc. LJB Inc. Armag Corp. Los Alamos Technical Assoc. Inc. Barr Engineering Co. Oates Assoc. Inc. Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers Inc. & Construct Bechtel National Inc. Professional Environmental Engineers Inc. Barr and Prevost Engineering and Mascaro Construction Co. LP Bergmann Assoc. Ross & Baruzzini Testing Mason & Hanger Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. SCI Engineering Inc. Battelle Metropolitan Sewer District Louisville CardnoJFNew Science Applications International Corp. Bay West Inc. Micah Group Energy & Environmental Caterpillar Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Baysinger Design Group Inc. Michael Baker Corp. CDM Smith Tetra Tech Inc. BB&E Consulting Engineers Middough Inc. CH2M HILL The Hinrichs Group Inc. dba Impact Professionals MTNT Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. Strategies Inc. Big Ass Fans MWH Continental Mapping Consultants Inc. Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Neel-Schaffer Inc. Eaton Corp. Uretek USA Inc. Bluegrass Contracting Corp. Northview Enterprises Inc. ECO Constructors LLC URS Corp. Burgess & Niple Inc. OBrien & Gere FluidClarity Ltd. VerticalGeo Burns & McDonnell Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment Inc. Foth Woolpert Inc. CAPE Palmer Engineering GRAEF Yaeger Architecture Cardno TBE PARS Environmental Inc. Hanson Professional Services Inc. CardnoJFNew Parsons HDR CH2M HILL Parsons Brinckerhoff HNTB INDIANA Chase Environmental Parsons Cunningham & Shartle HR Green Inc. Engineers Inc. (none) Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. Jacobs Plexus Scientific Corp. CMTA Inc. KBR Pond & Company CMW Architects & Engineers Kirkham Michael IOWA Connico Inc. Professional Environmental Engineers KJWW Engineering Consultants PC Inc. (none) Cosmos Technologies Inc. Missman Inc. Qepi CR Architecture+Design MWH Qk4 Inc. CSO Architects Inc. Prairie Engineers of Illinois PC KANSAS CT Laboratories LLC Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. SBM Business Equipment Center RSP Architects Ltd. (none) CTI and Assoc. Inc. SEH RW Armstrong Custom Mechanical Systems Corp. Shive-Hattery Inc. S&A Environmental Consultants David Mason & Assoc. Inc. Snyder & Assoc. Inc. KENTUCKY Diversified Facility Solutions SAF Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Science Applications International Corp. DLZ National Inc. Stantec Inc. CAMPBELL POST EA Engineering, Science, and SEH Terracon Consultants Inc. Technology Inc. Shook Construction B.L. Harbert International LLC University of Iowa, College of Earth Resources Technology Inc. SHP Leading Design Engineering Baysinger Design Group Inc. ECC Stala Integrated Assemblies LLC URS Corp. Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Emersion Design LLC Stanley Consultants Inc. W.F. Baird & Assoc. Ltd. CH2M HILL Energy Solutions Government Group Stantec Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Eaton Corp. EnSafe Inc. Strand Assoc. Inc. Wills Burke Kelsey Assoc. Ltd. Howard W. Pence Inc. FE&C-Federal Engineers and Symmes Maini & McKee Assoc. Inc. Lose & Assoc. Inc. Constructors Tepa LLC Mason & Hanger Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. SCOTT FIELD POST Morgan Inc. Florence & Hutcheson TerranearPMC LLC (SCOTT AFB) Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment Inc. Fox Blocks TesTech Inc. Palmer Engineering GAI Consultants Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. AECOM Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Corp. Gannett Fleming Inc. The Korte Co. AMEC SpecPro Environmental Services LLC GEO Consultants LLC The Shaw Group Inc. American Structurepoint Inc. Uretek USA Inc. Global Solutions LLC Thelen Assoc. Inc. Atkins 148 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

147 Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine Maryland TJC Engineering Inc. KBR ECS Group MARYLAND TMG Services Inc. Kenall Inc. EMG University of Louisville Kiewit Energy Solutions Government Group BALTIMORE POST Uretek USA Inc. KS International EnviroSure Inc. URS Corp. Linfield, Hunter & Junius Inc. A. Morton Thomas and Assoc. Inc. ERM VRHabilis LLC Lowe Engineers A/I/DATA Estime Enterprises Inc. W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. Luhr Brothers Inc. Aarcher Inc. exp Federal Walbridge Michael Baker Corp. AECOM Fluor Corp. Weston Solutions Inc. Moffatt & Nichol Aerosol Monitoring & Analysis Inc. Frederick Ward Assoc. Inc. Wight & Co. MWH Aerotek Inc. Froehling & Robertson Wiser Co. NASA Affiliated Engineers Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Woolpert Inc. Neel-Schaffer Inc. Akima Management Services Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Yaeger Architecture N-Y Assoc. Inc. Alban Engine Power Systems Gilbane Building Co. Odebrecht Construction Inc. Allen & Shariff Corp. Gipe Assoc. Inc. Parsons Alpha Corp. gkkworks LOUISIANA PIKA International ALS Group Government Services Integrated Pond & Company AMEC Process Team LLC LOUISIANA POST Principal Engineering Inc. Ameresco Greenhorne & OMara (NEW ORLEANS) Professional Services Industries Inc. AMO Environmental Decisions Greenman Pedersen Inc. Quaternary Resource Investigations Arc Environmental Groundwater & Environmental Services AECOM LLC ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Grunley Construction Co. Inc. All South Consulting Engineers LLC Royal Engineers & Consultants ARGO Systems LLC GTS Technologies Inc. Allens Industrial Refrigeration Services Satterfield & Pontikes Construction Inc. Atkins H&S Environmental ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Sigma Consulting Group Inc. Avatar Environmental H2H Assoc. LLC Ardaman & Assoc. Inc. SJB Group LLC Balfour Beatty Construction HAKS Engineers, Architects and Land ARS International Surveyors PC SOL Engineering Services LLC Banneker Ventures Atkins Hatch Mott MacDonald South Coast Solar LLC Battelle Battelle HDR Stanley Consultants Inc. Bay West Inc. BCG Engineering & Consulting Inc. Henry Adams LLC Stantec Inc. Bechtel National Inc. Bechtel National Inc. Herbert, Rowland & Grubic Inc. Stuart Consulting Group Inc. Bering Straits Technical Services LLC Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. T. Baker Smith LLC Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. J.M. Waller Assoc. Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Brown and Caldwell Jacobs Terracon Consultants Inc. Borton-Lawson Inc. Buchart-Horn Inc. J-Dos Internationals Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Brinkerhoff Environmental Services Inc. Burk-Kleinpeter Inc. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson The Louis Berger Group Inc. Brown and Caldwell C.H. Fenstermaker & Assoc. Inc. Jones Lang LaSalle The Shaw Group Inc. Buchart-Horn Inc. CDM Smith JR Services LLC Tolunay-Wong Engineers Inc. C.H. Briggs CH2M HILL KBE Building Corp. TriCoeur Services LLC Cabrera Services Inc. Chustz Surveying Inc. KBR URS Corp. CALIBRE Systems Inc. Civil Design & Construction Inc. KCI Technologies Inc. VCI CAPE Conti Federal Services Inc. Kiewit Volkert Inc. Capitol Environmental Services Inc. Cypress Environmental Services LLC KIRA Waldemar S. Nelson Co. Cardno TEC Inc. Dewberry Kleinfelder Weston Solutions Inc. Carrington Services Group LLC Digital Engineering & Imaging Inc. Kling-Stubbins CDM Smith Eaton Corp. KOMAN Diversified Services LLC MAINE CFM Project Consulting Group Inc. ECC KS International CH2M HILL ECM Consultants Inc. LEO A DALY (none) Cherokee Nation Businesses EMC Inc. LRS Federal LLC Clark Nexsen Eustis Engineering Services LLC M.A. Assoc. LLC COASTAL Evans-Graves Engineers Inc. Mabbett & Assoc. Inc. COLUMBIA Technologies Florence & Hutcheson Mascaro Construction Co. LP Conti Federal Services Inc. Fluor Corp. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. Daytner Construction Group Forte and Tablada Inc. MDC Systems dck worldwide Fugro Consultants Inc. Micah Group Energy & Environmental Dept. of Veterans Affairs, CFM Regional Gaea Consultants LLC Michael Baker Corp. Office-East GEC Inc. MOCA Systems Dewberry Gibbs Construction LLC MTNT Dynamac Corp. Hatch Mott MacDonald MWH EA Engineering, Science, and Healtheon Inc. Technology Inc. NIKA Architects+Engineers HNTB Earth Resources Technology Inc. NTM Engineering Inc. Huryn Justice General Contractors Eaton Corp. OBrien & Gere Integrated 8(a) Solutions Inc. EBA Engineering Inc. Parsons Jesco Environmental & Geotechnical ECC Parsons Brinckerhoff Services Inc. Ecology & Environment Inc. Pennoni Assoc. Inc. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 149

148 Maryland / Massachusetts Massachusetts / Michigan Perini Management Services Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Fire Risk Management Inc. MICHIGAN PIKA International RealStreet Staffing Fort Hill Infrastructure Services LLC Plexus Scientific Corp. Stella May Contracting Inc. Gale Assoc. Inc. DETROIT POST Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. PRIME Engineering Inc. URS Corp. GEI Consultants Inc. Advanced Environmental Management RealStreet Staffing Versar Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Group RETTEW Assoc. Weston Solutions Inc. GeoTesting Express Inc. AECOM Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC Getfused Inc. AMEC RJM Engineering Inc. Global Remediation Services Inc. American Structurepoint Inc. RK&K Green Seal Environmental Inc. Barr Engineering Co. FORT DETRICK POST Rolf Jensen & Assoc. Greenman Pedersen Inc. Bayshore Contractors LLC Royce Construction Services Alban Engine Power Systems Groundwater & Environmental Services CH2M HILL RRC Consulting Group Inc. Alpha Corp. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. CTI and Assoc. Inc. RTKL Assoc. Inc. Analytical Services Inc. H&S Environmental Detroit Radiant Products Co. Schnabel Engineering LLC Bechtel National Inc. H2H Assoc. LLC DLZ National Inc. Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. Cherokee Nation Businesses Hager GeoScience Inc. Duro-Last Roofing Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. Daytner Construction Group Hager-Richter Geoscience Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and ECS Group Technology Inc. Skelly and Loy Inc. Haley & Aldrich Greenhorne & OMara Eaton Corp. Smith Seckman Reid Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Jacobs Environmental Compliance Office Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. ICF International Manhattan Construction Co. Environmental Consulting & Technology Stanton Engineering Services LLC Jacobs Inc. Stell Environmental Enterprises Inc. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. Kalwall Corp. Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Inc. Sterling Global Operations Inc. NIKA Architects+Engineers KBE Building Corp. Foth Straughan Environmental Services Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Keville Enterprises Inc. Frische-Mullin Inc. Structural Engineering Group LLC The Louis Berger Group Inc. Kiewit FutureNet Group Inc. STV Inc. Triad Engineering Inc. Kleinfelder Ghafari Assoc. LLC TerranearPMC LLC URS Corp. Lin Assoc. Inc. Gourdie-Fraser Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Versar Mabbett & Assoc. Inc. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. Tetrahedron Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Maher Services Inc. HDR The Barbour Group LLC Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC Maxymillian Technologies Inc. Herndon Solutions Group The Louis Berger Group Inc. Mill City Environmental Corp. IET Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. MOCA Systems MASSACHUSETTS Kwest Group LLC Tidewater Inc. Nobis Engineering Inc. Lakeshore Toltest Corp. Total Environmental Concepts Inc. BOSTON POST Norfolk Ram Group LLC Luedtke Engineering Co. TranSystems Normandeau Assoc. Inc. MWH Trusant Technologies LLC 4Clicks Solutions Parsons Brinckerhoff NTH Consultants Ltd. Turner Construction Co. AECOM Perini Management Services Inc. OBrien & Gere U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Aerotek Inc. RC&D Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. Baltimore District Alpha Analytical Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Progressive Foam Technologies Inc. Urban Engineers Inc. AMEC Rolf Jensen & Assoc. RTI Laboratories Inc. URS Corp. Applied Geographics Inc. SAK Environmental LLC Ryba Marine Construction Co. Versar ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Science Applications International Corp. Walbridge Avatar Environmental Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. SEH Watermark Battelle Siemens Industries Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. WEST Consultants Inc. Bioengineering Group SMRT-Architects and Engineers SOMAT Engineering Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Bryant Assoc. Inc. Sovereign Consulting Inc. Stantec Inc. Whitman, Requardt and Assoc. LLP C&C Consulting Engineers LLC Stantec Inc. TesTech Inc. Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC Cabrera Services Inc. Stone Environmental Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Wilhelm Commercial Builders Inc. Cardno TEC Inc. STV Inc. Trace Analytical Laboratories Inc. Williams Scotsman Inc. CDM Smith Symmes Maini & McKee Assoc. Inc. TriMatrix Laboratories Inc. Woolpert Inc. CDW Consultants Inc. Tantara Corp. TRINE Environmental Inc. WT Resources CH2M HILL Tetra Tech Inc. Unified Business Technologies Charter Environmental Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. University of Michigan CHESAPEAKE POST Charter Oak Environmental Services The Shaw Group Inc. Inc. URS Corp. TK&K Services AECOM Comprehensive Environmental Inc. W.F. Baird & Assoc. Ltd. Tooke & Smith Consultants LLC ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Conti Federal Services Inc. Walbridge TRIDENT Environmental Group LLC CFM Project Consulting Group Inc. Dewberry Weston Solutions Inc. URS Corp. EA Engineering, Science, and EA Engineering, Science, and VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. Technology Inc. Technology Inc. Watermark Frederick Ward Assoc. Inc. Eaton Corp. Weston Solutions Inc. General Physics Corp. ECC Greenhorne & OMara EQ Northeast Inc. Landmark JCM Fay, Spofford & Thorndike LLC 150 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

149 Minnesota / Mississippi Missouri Waldemar S. Nelson Co. DLR Group MINNESOTA MISSISSIPPI Woolpert Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc. MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST Eaton Corp. POST POST (KESSLER AFB) MISSOURI ECC AECOM Broaddus & Assoc. ECO Constructors LLC AeroMetric Inc. CDM Smith FORT LEONARD Ecology & Environment Inc. AMEC CORE Construction Services LLC WOOD POST EMR Inc. Anderson Engineering of MN LLC Evans-Graves Engineers Inc. Advanced Military Equipment Inc. Family Environmental Compliance Antigo Construction Inc. Kiewit Services Inc. Advancia Corp. Atkins NASA Foth Arrowhead Contracting Inc. Ayres Assoc. Roy Anderson Corp. GBA Architects and Engineers Barr Engineering Co. Barr Engineering Co. W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. GLMV Architecture Inc. Burns & McDonnell Bergmann Assoc. Greenhorne & OMara Caterpillar Inc. Greenleaf Construction Co. Inc. Burns & McDonnell VICKSBURG POST Clayco Inc. CardnoJFNew H.W. Lochner Inc. Concurrent Technologies Corp. Ceres Environmental Services Advanced Enviromental Consultants Hanson Professional Services Inc. Inc. GLMV Architecture Inc. CH2M HILL HDR Allen & Hoshall HMN Architects Custom Commissioning and Energy Health Facilities Group LLC Applied Research Assoc. Inc. Horner & Shifrin Inc. Services LLC HMN Architects ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Mason & Hanger Damon Farber Assoc. HNTB Ardaman & Assoc. Inc. McTech Corp. Eaton Corp. Horner & Shifrin Inc. Atkins Missouri University of Science and Emmons & Olivier Resources Inc. Technology HydroGeoLogic Inc. EMR Inc. BCG Engineering & Consulting Inc. Jackie Hacker & Assoc. Olsson Assoc. Foth Burk-Kleinpeter Inc. JE Dunn Construction Paragon Business Solutions Inc. Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson Inc. Burns Cooley Dennis Inc. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Parsons Hanson Professional Services Inc. C.H. Fenstermaker & Assoc. Inc. Kleinfelder Quality Sales & Service Inc. HDR Cardno TBE KS International S.M. Wilson & Co. HNTB CDM Smith LMG Construction Services LLC Science Applications International Corp. HR Green Inc. Chustz Surveying Inc. Los Alamos Technical Assoc. Inc. The Walsh Group Jacobs Civil Design & Construction Inc. Mark One Electric Co. Inc. Webster University Lametti & Sons Inc. Cooke, Douglass, Farr, Lemons Ltd. Mason & Hanger Architects & Engineers PA Yaeger Architecture Landmark Environmental LLC Massman Construction Co. Cooley Dennis & Denmon Engineering LHB Inc. McCownGordon Construction LLC Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Eaton Corp. GREATER KANSAS McTech Corp. Mortenson Construction EMC Inc. CITY POST M.E. Group Parsons Mead & Hunt Inc. Evans-Graves Engineers Inc. 5H Technologies Inc. Rani Engineering Inc. Midland Surveying Inc. First Construction Inc. AECOM RSP Architects Ltd. MW Builders Florence & Hutcheson Affinis Corp. Ryan Companies U.S. Inc. Olsson Assoc. Gaea Consultants LLC Alpha Energy and Electric Inc. SEH Parsons Gannett Fleming Inc. AMEC Stanley Consultants Inc. Patti Banks Assoc. dba Vireo Garver USA ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Stantec Inc. Poole Fire Protection Inc. GEC Inc. Argus Consulting Inc. Ulteig Engineers Inc. Professional Environmental Engineers Jackson State University Arrowhead Contracting Inc. URS Corp. Inc. Johnson-McAdams Surveying and ASSET Group Weston Solutions Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. Mapping LLC Barr Engineering Co. Remediation Services Inc. Kiewit Bay West Inc. Rosemann & Assoc. PC Magnolia River Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. S.M. Wilson & Co. Mendrop Wages LLC Bibb Engineers Science Applications International Corp. Michael Baker Corp. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. SCS Engineers Moffatt & Nichol BMK Corp. Sealaska Constructors Neel-Schaffer Inc. Brown and Caldwell SEH Pickering Inc. Burns & McDonnell Seneca Companies Inc. PRIME Engineering Inc. Cabrera Services Inc. Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. Smith Seckman Reid Inc. CAPE Shafer, Kline & Warren Inc. SOL Engineering Services LLC CDM Smith Siemens Industries Inc. South Coast Solar LLC CH2M HILL SKE International Spencer-Engineers Inc. COASTAL Smith Seckman Reid Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Conti Federal Services Inc. Spica Consulting Stantec Inc. Continental Mapping Consultants Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. The Atlantic Group LLC CORE Construction Services LLC Stantec Inc. Thompson Engineering Inc. CTI and Assoc. Inc. Strategic Value Solutions Inc. URS Corp. Cyntergy AEC TSi Engineering Inc. Waggoner Engineering Inc. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 151

150 Missouri Montana / Nebraska Tepa LLC Parsons KBR MONTANA Terracon Consultants Inc. Professional Environmental Engineers Kelly Klosure Systems TerranearPMC LLC Inc. Kiewit BIG SKY POST Tetra Tech Inc. Ross & Baruzzini Kirkham Michael (MALMSTROM AFB) The Louis Berger Group Inc. S.M. Wilson & Co. Kleinfelder SCI Engineering Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. The Ross Group Construction Corp. KS International The S.M. Stoller Corp. Science Applications International Corp. Lamp, Rynearson & Assoc. Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. SEH NEBRASKA Laseod Group LLC The Walsh Group Shannon & Wilson Inc. LEO A DALY Tidewater Inc. Simplex Grinnell OMAHA POST Los Alamos Technical Assoc. Inc. TMG Services Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. LRS Federal LLC Stantec Inc. AECOM Tompkins Architects Matrix Design Group Tetra Tech Inc. Aerotek Inc. TranSystems M.E. Group The S.M. Stoller Corp. Alvine Engineering University of Kansas Mead & Hunt Inc. Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen Inc. AMEC University of Missouri MECX LP Tompkins Architects AMI Environmental URS Corp. Merrick & Company Triumph Fabrications - St. Louis ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & Metropolitan Community College Architects U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - St. Argus Consulting Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Woolpert Inc. Louis District Arrowhead Contracting Inc. Midland Surveying Inc. Xylem Inc. URS Corp. Atkins MWH Yaeger Architecture Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & Barr Engineering Co. Navarro Enterprise Construction Inc. Architects Battelle NBDC PTAC Program Woolpert Inc. Bay West Inc. ST. LOUIS POST Olsson Assoc. BB&E Consulting Engineers Professionals Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises LLC Alberici Constructors Inc. Bechtel National Inc. Parsons AMEC Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. Patti Banks Assoc. dba Vireo ARCADIS U.S. Inc. BHE Environmental Inc. PIKA International ARS International Big Muddy Workshop Inc. Plexus Scientific Corp. Barr Engineering Co. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. RESPEC Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. Bristol Alliance of Companies S&A Environmental Consultants Burns & McDonnell Brown and Caldwell Science Applications International Corp. Cabrera Services Inc. Burns & McDonnell Scitor Corp. CH2M HILL Cabrera Services Inc. SEH Code Consultants Inc. CAPE Seneca Companies Inc. CTI and Assoc. Inc. CDM Smith Siemens Industries Inc. David Mason & Assoc. Inc. CH2M HILL Snyder & Assoc. Inc. Eaton Corp. COASTAL SolidEn Engineering & Consulting ECO Constructors LLC Conti Federal Services Inc. SSOE Group Envirocon Inc. CTI and Assoc. Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Environmental Restoration LLC Dean Kurtz Construction Stantec Inc. Farnsworth Group Inc. DLR Group Sullivan International Group Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and TEAM Integrated Engineering Inc. Geotechnology Inc. Technology Inc. Tepa LLC Global Environmental Inc. Earth Resources Technology Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Golder Assoc. Inc. Eaton Corp. TerranearPMC LLC Gonzalez Companies LLC ECC Tetra Tech Inc. Hanke Constructors EMR Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. Hanson Professional Services Inc. Envirocon Inc. The S.M. Stoller Corp. HDR Environmental Express Services Inc. The Schemmer Assoc. Inc. Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende Inc. EOTI The Shaw Group Inc. HNTB Eye Popping Promotions LLC Tidewater Inc. Horner & Shifrin Inc. Farris Engineering Inc. Tractus Consulting Group LLC Hunter Saak Modular Foth TranSystems Jacobs FourFront Design Inc. Trihydro Corp. Kaskaskia Engineering Group LLC Fugro Horizons Inc. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Omaha Kuhlmann Design Group Inc. Gonzalez Companies LLC District Luhr Brothers Inc. HDR U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Rapid Magnolia River City, SD Office Massman Construction Co. HGM Assoc. Inc. University of Nebraska at Omaha McCarthy Building Companies Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. URS Corp. National Geospatial-Intelligence Hygun Group Inc. VCI Agency, St. Louis Institute for Environmental Assessment Weston Solutions Inc. Oates Assoc. Inc. Issues Management Solutions LLC Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & Pangea Group Jacobs Architects 152 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

151 Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey New Mexico / New York Woolpert Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. NEW HAMPSHIRE Yaeger Architecture GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. SWCA Environmental Consultants Zapata Inc. PISCATAQUA POST HAKS Engineers, Architects and Land Tetra Tech Inc. Surveyors PC URS Corp. (PORTSMOUTH NAVAL Hatch Mott MacDonald Victor Corp. NEVADA SHIPYARD) HDR Weston Solutions Inc. AMEC I.C.E. Service Group Inc. WHPacific Inc. SOUTHERN NEVADA Appledore Marine Jacobs Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & POST (NELLIS AFB) CCI Solutions LLC Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Architects American Alliance of NV LLC Charter Environmental Inc. Matrix Design Group Inc. Atkins Colby Company Engineering LLC Matrix New World Engineering Inc. HIGH PLAINS POST Cardno TBE Comprehensive Environmental Inc. Michael Baker Corp. ECC Miller-Remick LLC Atkins CH2M HILL Enterprise Engineering Inc. N.J. Fallen Soldiers Foundation Eaton Corp. Eaton Corp. Gale Assoc. Inc. OBrien & Gere ECC E-Corp Green Seal Environmental Inc. PARS Environmental Inc. HDR G.C. Wallace Companies GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. Pennoni Assoc. Inc. JSR Inc. HDR Jacobs PS&S LLC Merrick & Company Herndon Solutions Group Nobis Engineering Inc. Seacoast Builders Corp. URS Corp. Jacobs Kiewit Oak Point Assoc. Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. Lochsa Engineering SMRT-Architects and Engineers Siemens Industries Inc. TULAROSA BASIN POST Michael Baker Corp. Tetra Tech Inc. SJH Engineering PC (HOLLOMAN AFB) Ninyo & Moore The H.L. Turner Group Inc. Sovereign Consulting Inc. Poggemeyer Design Group TK&K Services Taylor Wiseman & Taylor AMEC Project Resources Inc. TRIDENT Environmental Group LLC TerranearPMC LLC CH2M HILL Rolf Jensen & Assoc. VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. IDEALS Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. Watermark The Entech Group Inc. ITSI Gilbane Stanley Consultants Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. Jack Wayte Construction Co. Inc. Statewide Fire Protection The RBA Group Inc. URS Corp. Terracon Consultants Inc. Tidewater Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. NEW JERSEY TTI Environmental Inc. The Westmark Group University of Nevada Las Vegas NEW JERSEY POST Urban Engineers Inc. URS Corp. NEW YORK URS Corp. A.J. Nesti Materials VRX Inc. VTN Consulting BUFFALO POST AECOM Weston Solutions Inc. AMEC Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC AECOM ARCADIS U.S. Inc. YU & Assoc. Inc. Bechtel National Inc. BANC 3 Inc. Zebra Environmental Corp. Bergmann Assoc. BEM Systems Inc. C&S Companies Borbas Surveying & Mapping LLC Cabrera Services Inc. Bristol Alliance of Companies NEW MEXICO DLZ National Inc. Brown and Caldwell EA Engineering, Science, and Bureau Veritas North America Inc. ALBUQUERQUE POST Technology Inc. Burns & McDonnell AECOM ECC CAPE AMEC Ecology & Environment Inc. CDM Smith Applied Research Assoc. Inc. Energy Solutions Government Group Chu & Gassman Inc. ARS International Erdman Anthony Conti Federal Services Inc. Bhate Environmental Assoc. Inc. Golder Assoc. Inc. Creamer Environmental Inc. Bohannan-Huston Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services Deschamps Mats Systems Inc. Cardno TBE GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. Dewberry Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. H2H Assoc. LLC Dow Corning Corp. CH2M HILL HydroGeoLogic Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and Cosmos Technologies Inc. Kisan Engineering Co. PC Technology Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and Luedtke Engineering Co. Eaton Corp. Technology Inc. NASA ECC ECC OBrien & Gere Enviroscapes Inc. Environmental Dimensions Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff EQ Northeast Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Equity Environmental Engineering LLC HDR Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. EwingCole Huitt-Zollars Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. FPM Group Ltd. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Kiewit Tremco Inc. Geosyntec Consultants Inc. Kleinfelder Triad Engineering Inc. Greenman Pedersen Inc. Merrick & Company URS Corp. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 153

152 New York North Carolina FPM Group Ltd. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. FORT DRUM POST NORTH CAROLINA Gannett Fleming Inc. S&ME Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Government Services Integrated Sauer Inc. BRAGG-POPE- Austin Mohawk and Co. Inc. Process Team LLC SEPI Engineering & Construction Inc. FAYETTEVILLE POST Beardsley Design Assoc. Architecture, Granite Construction Co. Siemens Industries Inc. Engineering & Landscape Greenman Pedersen Inc. AECOM Solutions-IES Architecture PC American States Utility Services, Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services Stewart Engineering Inc. C&S Companies Apogee Consulting Group PA GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. Taylor Wiseman & Taylor EA Engineering, Science, and ARCADIS U.S. Inc. HAKS Engineers, Architects and Land Terracon Consultants Inc. Technology Inc. Surveyors PC Armacell LLC Eaton Corp. The Louis Berger Group Inc. Hardesty & Hanover Barnhill Contracting Co. Erdman Anthony The Sack Co. & SCM Inc. Hatch Mott MacDonald Brady FPM Remediations Inc. Timmons Group HDR Brown and Caldwell Greenman Pedersen Inc. Tremco Commercial Sealants and HNTB Building & Earth Sciences Inc. Waterproofing Groundwater & Environmental Services I.C.E. Service Group Inc. Call Sign Engineers PA URS Corp. H2H Assoc. LLC Jacobs CATLIN Engineers and Scientists VEETECH PC Jacobs KBE Building Corp. CE Group Inc. Walbridge Jefferson Concrete Corp Kiewit CEMS Engineering Inc. WB Brawley Co. Michael Baker Corp. M&E Engineers Inc. CH2M HILL Weston Solutions Inc. OBrien & Gere Manhattan College Clark Nexsen Wilcox Professional Services LLC Paragon Environmental Construction Michael Baker Corp. CLP Services PC WK Dickson & Co. Inc. Inc. Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers Construction Management of Florida Zapata Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff NeXergy Engineering & Environmental Inc. Range and Civil Construction LLC LLC Crowder Construction Co. Sealand Enviro LLC CAPE FEAR POST P.W. Grosser Consulting Custom Vault Corp. Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. (WILMINGTON) Parsons Dewberry Stanley Consultants Inc. AECOM Parsons Brinckerhoff Eaton Corp. Stantec Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Rolf Jensen & Assoc. ECS Group Structural Assoc. Inc. Brady Siemens Industries Inc. Environmental Consulting & Technology Tetra Tech Inc. Inc. Bristol Alliance of Companies Stantec Inc. Vetco Contracting Services LLC Faulconer Construction Co. Burns & McDonnell STV Inc. Watson Engineering PC Fleming & Assoc. PA CATLIN Engineers and Scientists Syska Hennessy Group Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Florence & Hutcheson Civil Works Contracting LLC. NEW YORK CAPITAL POST The Louis Berger Group Inc. Froehling & Robertson Crowder Construction Co. DISTRICT (ALBANY) The Port Authority of New York & New GEL Geophysics LLC ECS Group Jersey Greenhorne & OMara Greenhorne & OMara AECOM The RBA Group Inc. Heery International Inc. Healey Railroad Corp. Collins Engineers Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. HICAPS Inc. Holocene LLC Goshow Architects Urban Engineers Inc. Holocene LLC McKim & Creed Siemens Industries Inc. URS Corp. Jacobs RC Engineering & Construction VRX Inc. Johnson Controls Federal Systems Management NEW YORK CITY POST Weeks Marine Inc. KAM Engineering Services PC Rhea Engineers & Consultants Inc. AECOM Weidlinger Assoc. Inc. KCI Technologies Inc. Right Angle Engineering PC AFG Group Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. LDSI Inc. Stewart Engineering Inc. Alpha Analytical Leetex Construction LLC Terracon Consultants Inc. AMEC Lindbergh & Assoc. LLC Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. Ammann & Whitney LS3P Assoc. Ltd. Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing ARCADIS U.S. Inc. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. URS Corp. Battelle McKim & Creed WB Brawley Co. Borbas Surveying & Mapping LLC Merrick & Company Brinkerhoff Environmental Services Inc. Michael Baker Corp. Burns & McDonnell Mid-Atlantic Assoc. Inc. COASTAL CAROLINA POST CDM Smith Moffatt & Nichol AECOM CH2M HILL Moorman Kizer & Reitzel Inc. AMEC Chu & Gassman Inc. MS Consultants ARCADIS U.S. Inc. COASTAL New South Construction Co. Atkins Conti Federal Services Inc. OBrien & Gere Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Deschamps Mats Systems Inc. Old North Utility Services Inc. Bristol Alliance of Companies Dewberry Panduit Corp. Brown and Caldwell EA Engineering, Science, and Parsons Burns & McDonnell Technology Inc. PCL Construction Services Inc. CATLIN Engineers and Scientists Eaton Corp. Ramey Kemp & Assoc. Inc. CEMS Engineering Inc. EQ Northeast Inc. Richard L. Bowen & Assoc. Inc. Clark Nexsen EwingCole RK&K Commissioning WorCx 154 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

153 North Carolina / North Dakota Ohio / Oklahoma Crowder Construction Co. OBrien & Gere The Ross Group Construction Corp. OHIO dck worldwide Panduit Corp. The Schemmer Assoc. Inc. Dewberry CINCINNATI POST PRIME Engineering Inc. U.S. Air Force Environmental ECS Group Protective Coatings Inc. Management Division, Tinker AFB Faulconer Construction Co. Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Qepi University of Oklahoma Inc. University of Oklahoma College of Fayetteville Technical Community Riverside Research College/NC Military Business Center Better Built Construction Services Inc. Engineering S&ME Inc. GET Solutions Inc. CR Architecture+Design URS Corp. Science Applications International Corp. Greenhorne & OMara Eaton Corp. Waldrop Construction Inc. Shook Construction Harper Construction Co. Inc. FFE Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. SHP Leading Design HBA Architecture & Interior Design GAI Consultants Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. Holocene LLC GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. TULSA POST SSOE Group Maune Belangia Faulkenberry KZF Design Inc. Staffco Construction Inc. Architects, PA Megen Construction Co. Inc. A&M Engineering and Environmental Stantec Inc. Services Inc. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. Motz Enterprises Inc. Tesla Nanocoatings AECOM McKim & Creed Palmer Engineering TesTech Inc. Aerial Data Service Inc. Merrick & Company Richard L. Bowen & Assoc. Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Aerotek Inc. Mid-Atlantic Assoc. Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. The Civil Engineer School, Air Force AMEC Parker & Assoc. Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Institute of Technology ARCADIS U.S. Inc. PCL Construction Services Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. The Shaw Group Inc. Arnold Electric RK&K Woolpert Inc. TMG Services Inc. Arthur Langhus Layne LLC dba ALL Rolf Jensen & Assoc. U.S. Air Force 88th ABW/CE Consulting Rose Consulting Law Firm KITTYHAWK POST Uptime Solutions Assoc. Inc. ASSET Group Siemens Industries Inc. (DAYTON) Uretek USA Inc. Bay West Inc. Stewart Engineering Inc. URS Corp. BKL Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Advanced Engineering Consultants Weston Solutions Inc. Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. The John R. McAdams Co. Inc. American Structurepoint Inc. Woolpert Inc. Brown and Caldwell Timmons Group Auto Gate Burns & McDonnell Tremco Commercial Sealants and Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon CDM Smith Waterproofing Inc. OKLAHOMA Belgray Inc. CH2M HILL URS Corp. BHE Environmental Inc. OKLAHOMA CITY POST Cherokee CRC LLC VEETECH PC Bristol Alliance of Companies Cherokee Nation Construction VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. Alvine Engineering CJC Architects Inc. Walbridge Burgess & Niple Inc. AMEC Comanche Nation Construction LLC WB Brawley Co. Butt Construction Co. Inc. Arnold Electric Continental Mapping Consultants Inc. WK Dickson & Co. Inc. CH2M HILL ASSET Group Cyntergy AEC Civil Engineers of Southwest Ohio Inc. dba CESO Inc. Atkins Dewberry NORTH DAKOTA CR Architecture+Design Burns & McDonnell EA Engineering, Science, and Custom Mechanical Systems Corp. CCI Solutions LLC Technology Inc. (none) Danis Building Construction Co. CH2M HILL ECC Diversified Facility Solutions Cherokee CRC LLC Ecology & Environment Inc. Elements IV Interiors City of Lawton, Oklahoma EMR Inc. Emersion Design LLC Comanche Nation Construction LLC Franvel Corp. Energy Optimizers USA Cyntergy AEC Garver USA ERG DEL-JEN Inc. Guy Engineering Services Inc. Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Inc. Engineered Systems & Energy HDR Solutions Inc. HydroGeoLogic Inc. Four Seasons Environmental Inc. Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Assoc. PC Kiewit Gannett Fleming Inc. Garver USA Kleinfelder Guidon Design Inc. Guernsey Mason & Hanger Heapy Engineering HGL Construction Inc. Mead & Hunt Inc. Honeywell International JE Dunn Construction MECX LP Kwest Group LLC Jim Cooley Construction Inc. Meshek & Assoc. PLC KZF Design Inc. LWPB Architecture Parsons Lawhon & Assoc. Inc. Manhattan Construction Co. Science Applications International Corp. Lewaro Construction Oklahoma Electrical Supply Co. SpecPro Environmental Services LLC LJB Inc. Parsons Standard Testing & Engineering Co. Los Alamos Technical Assoc. Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers & Construct Science Applications International Corp. Stantec Inc. Mason & Hanger Shawver & Son Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Megen Construction Co. Inc. Southwind Construction Services LLC Tetra Tech Inc. Metro CD Engineering LLC Standard Testing & Engineering Co. The McIntosh Group LLC Middough Inc. Tatitlek Corp. The Ross Group Construction Corp. MS Consultants The McIntosh Group LLC The Shaw Group Inc. SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 155

154 Oklahoma Oregon / Pennsylvania / Puerto Rico Tri-State Engineering TerranearPMC LLC OREGON PENNSYLVANIA URS Corp. Tetra Tech Inc. USA Tank Storage Systems PORTLAND POST PHILADELPHIA POST The Louis Berger Group Inc. Walbridge The RBA Group Inc. Wallace Engineering AECOM A.D. Marble & Co. TTI Environmental Inc. WALTER P MOORE AMEC AECOM Urban Engineers Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Ball Janik LLP AMEC URS Corp. Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & BergerABAM Avatar Environmental Watermark Architects Brown and Caldwell Barlovento LLC Weston Solutions Inc. World Environmental LLC Cardno TEC Inc. Battelle Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC CH2M HILL Bentley Systems Inc. WICHITA MOUNTAIN POST Cherokee Construction Services Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. PITTSBURGH POST Continental Mapping Consultants Inc. Borton-Lawson Inc. ASSET Group Cooper Zietz Engineers Inc. Brinkerhoff Environmental Services Inc. Advanced Integration Group Inc. Cobb Engineering Co. Cornforth Consultants Inc. Buchart-Horn Inc. AE Works Comanche Nation Construction LLC David Evans & Assoc. Inc. Burns & McDonnell Bayer MaterialScience LLC FG Haggerty Co. Dull Olson Weeks-IBI Group Architects C.H. Briggs Bechtel National Inc. Garver USA Inc. CAPE Bergmann Assoc. Harper Construction Co. Inc. ESA CDM Smith Blumling & Gusky LLP Kiewit Exeltech Consulting Inc. CH2M HILL Cosmos Technologies Inc. Oklahoma Electrical Supply Co. GeoEngineers Inc. Chu & Gassman Inc. Crawford Consulting Services Re2C LLC Geotechnical Resources Inc. Conti Federal Services Inc. dck worldwide Southwind Construction Services LLC Gerding Builders Dewberry DLZ National Inc. The Ross Group Construction Corp. GHD Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and DTG Technical Services Inc. Trane U.S. Inc. Hamilton Construction Co. Technology Inc. Eaton Corp. Hart Crowser Inc. Engineered Arresting Systems Corp. Environmental Solutions & Innovations HDR EnviroSure Inc. Inc. Integrated Water Solutions LLC EwingCole GAI Consultants Inc. IO Environmental & Infrastructure Inc. FutureNet Group Inc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Jacobs Assoc. Gannett Fleming Inc. Greenhorne & OMara Kiewit GENTERRA Consultants Inc. Groundwater & Environmental Services Kleinfelder Greenman Pedersen Inc. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. KPFF Consulting Engineers Groundwater & Environmental Services Hammontree & Assoc. Ltd. Mason, Bruce & Girard Inc. GTS Technologies Inc. HDR Mead & Hunt Inc. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. HRV Conformance Verification Assoc. Miyamoto International H&S Environmental Inc. MWH Hatch Mott MacDonald I.C.E. Service Group Inc. Normandeau Assoc. Inc. HDR Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson OBEC Consulting Engineers Hill International Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering Inc. Oregon State University Jacobs Michael Baker Corp. Otak Inc. Kleinfelder Novel Geo-Environmental LLC Parsons Brinckerhoff Kling-Stubbins Parsons Brinckerhoff Professional Services Industries Inc. McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc. Pennoni Assoc. Inc. Sealaska Constructors Michael Baker Corp. Pittsburgh Corning Corp. Shannon & Wilson Inc. Mill City Environmental Corp. PJ Dick-Trumbull-Lindy Paving Siemens Industries Inc. ModSpace Professional Services Industries Inc. Skanska Normandeau Assoc. Inc. Rhea Engineers & Consultants Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. NTM Engineering Inc. Skelly and Loy Inc. The Louis Berger Group Inc. OBrien & Gere T3 Global Strategies The Urban Collaborative LLC Panduit Corp. Tetra Tech Inc. Thomas/Wright Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff The Louis Berger Group Inc. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Pennoni Assoc. Inc. Portland District Triad Engineering Inc. Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Co. URS Corp. URS Corp. POZ Environmental LLC WEST Consultants Inc. Walbridge Premier Chemicals LLC Westlake Consultants Inc. Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani LLC Quad Three Group Inc. Weston Solutions Inc. Woolpert Inc. Schnabel Engineering LLC WHPacific Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Wildlands Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. PUERTO RICO Siemens Industries Inc. (none) Skelly and Loy Inc. St. George Chadux Corp. STV Inc. Taylor Wiseman & Taylor 156 SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations

155 Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee Texas Stantec Inc. RHODE ISLAND NASHVILLE POST TEXAS Terry Environmental Services Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. AECOM COASTAL BEND POST NARRAGANSETT BAY Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. Alliant Corp. (CORPUS CHRISTI) POST (DAVISVILLE) Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. AMEC AMEC Tremco Commercial Sealants and American Structurepoint Inc. AGCM Inc. COASTAL Waterproofing ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Government Services Integrated Comprehensive Environmental Inc. URS Corp. Atkins Process Team LLC EA Engineering, Science, and Wolverton & Assoc. Inc. Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon LNV Inc. Technology Inc. Woolpert Inc. Inc. R.H. Shackelford Inc. EQ Northeast Inc. Zapata Inc. Bergmann Assoc. Walbridge Gale Assoc. Inc. Cannon & Cannon Inc. GEI Consultants Inc. Cardno TBE DALLAS POST CAROLINA MIDLANDS Green Seal Environmental Inc. CH2M HILL POST (SHAW AFB) AAFES GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. Connico Inc. H&S Environmental AECOM ECATS Acumen Enterprises, Inc. Jacobs ARS International ECS Group AECOM Mabbett & Assoc. Inc. Atriax Group EDGE Group Inc. AMEC Normandeau Assoc. Inc. Davis & Floyd Inc. EnSafe Inc. ARS Engineers RC&D Inc. Eaton Corp. Environmental, Safety & Health Inc. ASSET Group Siemens Industries Inc. Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. FE&C-Federal Engineers and Atkins Sovereign Consulting Inc. Infrastructure Engineers Inc. Constructors Balfour Beatty Construction U.S. Coast Guard Academy LDSI Inc. Fisher & Arnold Inc. Binkley & Barfield Inc. LS3P Assoc. Ltd. Florence & Hutcheson CDM Smith Michael Keeshen & Assoc. Inc. Garver USA CH2M HILL SOUTH CAROLINA Raymond Engineering-SC LLC Gresham, Smith and Partners Corgan Assoc. Inc. Reeves Construction Co. Hanson Professional Services Inc. Criado & Assoc. Inc. CHARLESTON POST Schnabel Engineering LLC HDR Cyntergy AEC ADC Engineering Inc. Sentry Box Services I C Thomasson Assoc. Inc. Dougherty Sprague Environmental Inc. ADVENT Environmental Inc. Stevens & Wilkinson Jacobs ECC AECOM Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. K.S. Ware & Assoc. LLC Farah & Assoc. AMEC URS Corp. L.I. Smith & Assoc. Inc. Farnsworth Group Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. VEETECH PC Mason & Hanger Fugro Consultants Inc. BES Inc. WK Dickson & Co. Inc. MWH GCC Enterprises Inc. CDA Architects Woolpert Inc. Neel-Schaffer Inc. Gorrondona & Assoc. Inc. CEMS Engineering Inc. Palmer Engineering Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Choate Construction Co. Robins & Morton Halff Assoc. SOUTH DAKOTA S&ME Inc. HDR Clark Nexsen Collins Engineers Inc. (none) Schneider Electric HNTB Construction Dynamics Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Huitt-Zollars Inc. Contract Solutions LLC Shannon & Wilson Inc. HVJ Assoc. Inc. TENNESSEE Smith & Wesson Security Solutions Icon Construction Inc. CR Hipp Construction Inc. Crowder Construction Co. Smith Seckman Reid Inc. IEA Inc. MEMPHIS POST SpecPro Environmental Services LLC Jacobs Davis & Floyd Inc. EnSafe Inc. ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Jaster-Quintanilla Dallas LLP ERM AVPOL International LLC Stantec Inc. JQM Management & Consulting Inc. HDR Buchart-Horn Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Kiewit IKHANA Cardno TBE The Shaw Group Inc. KSV Group International Public Works LLC Eaton Corp. TranSystems L.A. Fuess Partners Johnson Controls Federal Systems EMC Inc. Tri-State Drilling LLC Leetex Construction LLC K-Con Inc. EnSafe Inc. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Manhattan Construction Co. Evans-Graves Engineers Inc. Nashville District Michael Baker Corp. LandDesign Inc. Fisher & Arnold Inc. URS Corp. Modular Management Group Inc. Leetex Construction LLC Lindbergh & Assoc. LLC Florence & Hutcheson Moye Consulting LS3P Assoc. Ltd. Garver USA OBrien Engineering Inc. Mead & Hunt Inc. Geotechnology Inc. Panduit Corp. Michael Baker Corp. Neel-Schaffer Inc. Parsons Moffatt & Nichol Pickering Inc. Primestar Construction OBrien & Gere Smith Seckman Reid Inc. Professional Services Industries Inc. Reeves Construction Co. SOL Engineering Services LLC R.H. Shackelford Inc. S&ME Inc. Stanley Consultants Inc. Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Science Applications International Corp. Tetra Tech Inc. RMA Land Construction Inc. Siemens Industries Inc. URS Corp. RMD Consulting LLC Small Business Group Inc. dba SBG-EEG Robins & Morton SAME 2013 Directory of Member Companies & Organizations 157 </