Culture, Audiovisual and Sport. Priorities & events during The

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2 2 Published in 2012 by : THE DANISH MINISTRY OF CULTURE Nybrogade 2 - 1015 Copehagen Design & layout: Dit Dat & Dot Design, [email protected] Printed by: Rosendahl Print Design Media Limited printed edition: 1000 ISBN: 978-87-7960-108-6 ISBN, elektronisk version: 978-87-7960-110-9 All rights reserved. THE DANISH MINISTRY OF CULTURE

3 3 Culture and creativity as engines for a stronger and innovative Europe In a time where the gloomy economic outlook steals the headlines and dominates the European political agenda, it is more important than ever to focus on our strengths - our cultural diversity and our creativity. It is imperative that we move beyond the talk of crisis and start articulating how European culture and creativity can create a mindset of opportunity, optimism and innovation. It is our strengths that inspire and motivate us in us in our daily lives, and it is our strengths that will ultimately foster an atmosphere of hope. By the Danish Minister for Culture, further the process on this vital programme and I will do my very best to promote the Eu- Uffe Elbk and ensure that the European cultural and ropean dimension in sport. It goes without creative sectors will continue to flourish, saying that in doing so the Danish Presidency The cultural diversity of Europe has always widen our perspectives and enrich our region will focus on the sport chapter in the European been one of the most exciting characteristics and beyond. Commissions proposal for an ERASMUS for of our region. This gives us immense potential All programme. Energy will also be dedicated for stimulating our curiosity and it creates to our crucial fight against doping and match a wide range of opportunities for us to learn Culture in External Relations fixing and to highlighting the joint efforts in from one another. The current economic situ- Culture in external relations has become es- promoting the voluntary dimension in sport. ation stresses our obligation to unleash that sential in a time where it is clear that we are With these essential subjects as focal potential and together find a way where cul- truly economically and socially interdependent points, I look forward to working with my ture and creativity can play an even greater on a worldwide scale. The cultural dimension European partners to create results that can part in contributing to the answer to our com- already plays a substantial part in the external promote the potential for innovation and op- mon challenges. relations of the EU. As Minister for Culture, I portunities within the richness and diversity of Bearing this in mind, the Danish Presiden- think it is important to push this dimension a European cultures, audiovisual and sport. cy will work with the following priorities in the step further and reveal the full potential of the fields of culture, audiovisual and sport: role of culture in external relations. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to The Danish Presidency will continue the ef- encourage all of you to participate in the excit- forts in this area, bringing together represent- ing cultural events that will take place during A new framework for atives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs the Danish Presidency. You can read much a Creative Europe and Ministries of Culture across Europe. We more about the Danish Presidency, and about The European Commission has presented a are grateful to be able to build upon the excel- the cultural events, on new framework for a Creative Europe, linking lent work of the former Hungarian Presidency the current Culture and MEDIA programmes and the Polish Presidency. Thank you, that have contributed throughout the years to the further development of the European cul- tural and audiovisual sectors. Sport in focus The Danish Presidency welcomes the Com- I am delighted that with the Lisbon Treaty UffeElbk missions proposal, and I will do my utmost to sport is now formally on the European agenda,

4 4 The Councils Cultural Affairs Committee This working group is responsible for issues relating to culture, cultural cooperation and the role of culture within other policy areas. The group prepares the work of the Council on the basis of initiatives by the Commission, inter alia, and the Councils multian- nual Work Plan for Culture, which sets out priority areas such as cultural diversity, cultural and creative industries and culture in the EUs external relations. The Danish Presidency looks forward to dealing with the following main themes: The Commissions proposal on a Creative Europe framework programme, which will include the next generation of the Culture Programme, supporting cross-border cultural projects, and the MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus programmes, supporting the European audio- visual industry. Follow-up to the Councils Work Plan for Culture, including items such as the promo- tion of culture in the EUs external relations and the implementation of the UNESCO Con- vention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. The Commissions proposal for the next gen- eration of the Europe for Citizens programme that supports twinning projects, citizens pro- jects, think-tanks and projects by civil society organisations. Contact: Ms Anne Julie Schmitt Jensen (chair) email: [email protected] tel: +45 24 69 64 23 Ms Trine Stjern (assistant to the chair) email: [email protected] tel: +45 25 60 15 93

5 5 COUNCIL WORKING PARTY ON Audio visual This Working Party,which is responsible for television, radio and film issues, prepares work in the Council inter alia on the basis of initiatives by the Commission. Topical proposals and questions within the audiovisual field are also discussed by the Working Party. The Danish Presidency looks gress on digitisation and digital preservation forward to dealing with the in the Member States, as well as an update on following key topics: the development of Europeana - the EU pub- lic digital library - and on the findings of the The Commissions proposal on a Creative Comit des Sages, the reflection group on Europe Programme, bringing together the digitisation established in 2010. next generations of the Culture, MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus Programmes, which finan- cially support trans-national cultural projects Contact and the European Audiovisualindustry. MrHans Kristian Kristensen (chairman) email: [email protected],tel: +32 (0) 2 233 09 29 The CommissionsRecommendation on MsPernille Rahbek (assistant to the chair) digitisation and digital preservationof cultural email: [email protected],tel: +45 2275 9366 material, providing an overview of the pro-

6 6 Council Working Party on Sport The Working Party discusses sport related issues at EU-level and prepares the work of the Council in relation to sport. The point of departure for the work of the Working Party is the EU Work Plan for Sport for 2011- 2014. THE DANISH PRESIDENCY LOOKS FORWARD TO DEALING WITH THE FOLLOWING MAIN THEMES, WHICH MAY BE DISCUSSED IN THE WORKING PARTY OR OTHER FORA, AS RELEVANT. The sport chapter of the Commissions proposal for an Erasmus for All programme, which is expected to cover the areas of trans- national threats to sport, good governance in sport, dual careers of athletes and promotion of social inclusion, equal opportunities and health-enhancing physical activity through in- creased participation in sport. Anti-doping, including preparation for WADA meetings and preparation of input to the revi- sion of the WADA code. The fight against match-fixing, including follow-up to the Council conclusions on match- fixing adopted on 29 November 2011 and to the ongoing work in the expert group on good governance. Sport for all, including the Sportvision2012 conference in Copenhagen, which will focus on volunteering, fitness doping, financing and health in sport for all. Contact Mr Hans Kristian Kristensen (chairman) email: [email protected], tel: +32 478 60 24 35 Mr Morten Bloch Eidner (assistant to the chair) email: [email protected], tel: +45 22 75 61 41

7 7 COUNCIL Working Party on Copyright Based on initiatives from amongst others the Commis- sion, the Working Party on Copyright prepares the work of the Council. The Working Party on Copyright discuss propos- als and other matters regarding Copyright and related rights. The European work and strat- egies in international forums such as WIPO are also prepared and coordinated by this working party. The Danish Presidency looks forward to dealing with the following main themes: Commission proposal for a directive on certain permitted uses of orphan works. Possible negotiations on a new regional instrument regarding protection of the rights of broadcasters. Future Commission initiative on collective rights management. WIPO. Contact Mr Nicky Valbjrn Trebbien (chairman) email: [email protected], tel: + 45 50 91 77 12 Ms Line Munk Skjdt (assistant to the chair) email: [email protected], tel: + 45 41 15 13 38

8 8 CONFERENCE SPORTVISION 2012 Volunteering, Fitness Doping, Financing & Health. 19-20 March 2012, Bella Center, Copenhagen Challenges and solutionS in sport for all in europe Content The SPORTVISION2012 conference will address present challenges and potentials in sport for all. Three parallel conference tracks will allow for in- depth discussions on the fight against fitness doping, promotion of volun- teering in sport for all, and challenges and solutions in relation to financing and health in sport for all. Participants The conference addresses diverse target groups: from political decision makers to club coaches, from medical doctors to local activists, from pri- vate businesses to international institutions, and from sports organisations to city administrators. Key stakeholders at the international, European and national levels have been invited to speak. Contact SPORTVISION2012 Conference Secretariat email: [email protected], tel: +45 33 29 80 26 web:

9 9 MEETING Informal meeting of EU Sport Directors 31 May-1 June 2012, Eigtveds Pakhus, Copenhagen Content The Sport Directors meeting gathers Sport Directors from the 27 EU Member States to discuss sport-related issues at EU level. ParticipantS Sport Directors from the 27 EU Member States. Contact Mr Morten Bloch Eidner Danish Ministry of Culture, email: [email protected], tel: +45 22 75 61 41

10 10 MEETING Joint informal meeting of senior officials of Ministries of Culture and senior officials responsible for culture in Ministries of Foreign Affairs 13-15 June 2012 Eigtveds Pakhus, Copenhagen Content Participants This meeting will gather senior officials from In addition to Member States senior officials, Ministries of Culture and Ministries of Foreign representatives of the European Commis- Affairs in order to continue discussions on the sion, the European Parliament, the European development of a strategic approach to public External Action Service and a number of other diplomacy and culture in external relations, representatives are expected to participate in including in the context of EU-China relations the event. as one concrete example. With the meeting, the Danish Presidency Contact intends to follow-up on the Councils Work Ms Anne Julie Schmitt Jensen, Plan for Culture 2011-2014 and its objective of Danish Ministry of Culture, promoting culture in the Unions international email: [email protected] , tel: +45 24 69 64 23 relations, as well as building on the joint infor- Mr Hans Christian Aaskov, mal meetings held by the Hungarian and Pol- Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ish Presidencies in 2011. email: [email protected] , tel: +45 33 92 04 22

11 11 MEETING Cultural Contact Point informal networking meeting 28-29 March 2012, THE DANISH ART AGENCY, Copenhagen Content The national Cultural Contact Points gather for an informal network- ing meeting every six months to share experiences on the daily work of counselling and informing about the EU Culture Programme. Ad- ditionally discussed are current issues relating to European and na- tional cultural politics. The CCP informal meeting in Copenhagen will focus on the upcoming EU Culture Programme for the period 2014- 2020, and the CCPs will be participating in parts of the international performing arts network IETMs spring plenary session in Copenha- gen on the 27th-30th of March. Participants Cultural Contact Points from all36 countries participating in theEU Culture Programme and representatives from the European Commis- sion. Contact email: [email protected] web:

12 12 CONFERENCE A EUROPEAN INSPIRATION CONFERENCE on Access to art and culture throughout childhood and youth 19 April 2012, The Royal Library of Denmark, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen Content Participants Celebrating the Danish Presidency of the Politicians, policymakers, researchers, Council of the European Union, the Network professionals, artists, art educators and EU for Children and Culture, the Danish Ministry citizens. of Culture, invites all interested to a European inspiration conference on art, culture, chil- dren and young people. In holding the confer- Contact ence, the Network for Children and Culture Ms Anne-Kristine Mortensen wishes to point out the importance of present- email: [email protected] ing art and culture to small children, school- tel: +45 33 73 33 78 children and young people throughout their childhood and teenage years. The conference aims to inspire the participants to continue the work with arts and culture for children and young people and to strengthen the synergies in the field. The conference will be conducted in English.

13 13 CONFERENCE Structural Frameworks for Open, Digital Research - Strategy, Policy & Infrastructure 11-13 June2012, The Royal Library, the Black Diamond, Copenhagen Content Participants The conference deals with the organisational, Researchers, decision makers, research strategic and infrastructural frameworks for institutions, research infrastructure organi- the management, description and re-use of sations, research libraries, research policy research data and cultural data in an open makers, research councils and many others. research environment. The conference takes off from where the recommendations end in a handful of new reports from governments, re- Contact search councils and expert groups. Data is the Mr Mikkel Christoffersen new major challenge on the global research email: [email protected] or scene. FP7 and FP8 take on Open Access chal- [email protected] , tel: +45 3373 3396 lenges with increasing insistence, but we still web: need concrete data implementations. With the conference, the question of where we go from here, right now, is posed directly.

14 14 CONFERENCE AND MEETINGS The Role of Libraries in AN Innovative Europe 10 - 12 May, Copenhagen Eblida/NAPLE Conference 11 May: IDA Meeting Center, Copenhagen NAPLE Meeting 10 May: Danish Agency for Libraries and Media, Copenhagen Eblida/NAPLE Conference 11 May: IDA Meeting Center, Copenhagen Content Participants Contact The annual conferences of the European Members of the two organisations Eblida The Danish Library Association, library organisations are working towards and NAPLE. Eblida is the organisation of the Farvergade 27 D, 2. DK 1463, Copenhagen K, coherent library strategies visualising current European library associations:the European tel: +45 33 25 09 35. issues vis--vis the EU Commission and the Bureau of Library, Information and Documen- EU member states. tation Associations. NAPLE is an informal network between the European library au- thorities: the National Authorities of Public Libraries


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