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  • Jun 4, 2007
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1 Alumdck_PrLst 6/4/07 12:02 PM Page 2 A L U M I STA I R S OUR PRODUCTS This lightweight yet durable all aluminum stairway has been adapted for a variety of waterfront applications where the portability and virtually maintenance-free features are best utilized. A 20 Alumistair unit weights approximately 200 pounds, yet supports loads in excess of 1600 pounds. It can be carried and installed by two individuals. Corrosion resistant aluminum, ends for all time, the problems of painting and the danger of rotting. Its lifetime attractiveness will add immeasurably to the value and enjoyment of any waterfront property. Standard specifications are 45 degree approach angle, 7 tread depth, 8 riser height and 32 stair width. handrails are 1 aluminum IPS pipe fastened to both sides of the unit. Standard lengths are 8, 10, 12, 14 18, and 20. Alumistairs can also be custom fabricated for specific applications. Stairways A DIVISION OF METALLIC LADDER MFG. CORP. in excess of 100' have been fabricated where conditions allow support structures to be installed at 20' intervals. Other options available include bulkhead brackets, leveling legs and lifting mechanisms. NO RUST + NO ROT + NO PAINTING = MIN. MAINTENANCE S ALUM ID OCK ILIFT ALUM S ORDER BLANK LENGTH PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL 8' Prices F.O.B. Randolph, NY and Subject to Change Without Notice 10' 12' 14' 16' A L U M I STA I R S 18' 20' Bulkhead Bracket MAR AT S INA Leveling Legs (pr.) I F LO PLAN ALUM KS ALUMIRAMPS ALUMIRAMPS NEW, MORE RUGGED DESIGN The sturdy all aluminum construction of this gangway per- mits one-ton load capacities yet the longest HOW TO ORDER: Stationary Alumidock sections are designed for GRAND TOTAL $ _____________ units are light enough to be carried by two per- STARTER SECTION A SIZE PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL waterfront installations where the water level does not vary too much (less shipping) The shore end of this section has sons when used in conjunction with our Alumifloats in the various sizes, an entire water- and only two factors need be considered. (1) The length, width and two additional pipe sockets attached 32'' x 8' DEPOSIT ENCLOSED $ _____________ through which the anchoring drive front installation may be easily removed in the design of the pier required. (2) The approximate height of the stan- pipes are inserted and driven into the (25% required) 4' x 8' event of serious storms or for seasonal storage. dards required at each 8 foot interval. ground. (Note: if drive pipes are not The top trussing increases the load capacity required deduct $10.00 from the price of this section.) 5' x 8' and lends support to the sturdy handrail, and in Alumifloat units are designed to be used as swimming floats or to BALANCE $ _____________ addition, does not interfere in areas of extreme make up a floating dock or pier in tide water areas or where lake levels tidal fluctuations where the ramp might lie CENTER SECTION B 32" x 8' directly across the top of a float. drop considerably during the season. Here three factors should be All center sections are equipped LENGTHS 32" Wide 36" wide 42" wide 48" wide with two pivot pins at the shoreward The addition of a center rail strengthens the considered (1) the length, width and design of the pier required (2) end with hinge bars and pipe sockets 4' x 8' cross members and eliminates any side motion. 12' length of Alumiramp or gangway required to permit access from the to accommodate leg standard on heavier and longer corner castings at the shore opposite end. 5' x 8' 14' shore to the float (3) the best method to be employed in securing the end and solid bar for the axles gives additional strength at the bulkhead hinge joint. 16' float unit. LIMITED WARRANTY END SECTION C The manufacturer warrants to the consumer The price includes rugged hanger brackets for 18' that this product is free from defects in mate- This section differs from the center 32" x 8' Accessories may be included in your order or added at any later date. rial and workmanship. All express and section only that the pipe sockets for the shore end of the Alumiramp and rubber tired 20' the leg standard are located on the implied warranties expire 1 year after the aluminum wheels or 4" swivel casters at the 22' A simple sketch of your requirements will greatly aid us in evaluating date of purchase of the product. Repair or extreme end to permit the addition of 4' x 8' float end. The walkway has cleats to provide replacement at no charge upon return of the right or left hand hinge bars to accom- additional foot grip where the ramp incline is 24' what equipment you require. product to the place of manufacture. All con- modate the installation of end plat- sequential damages which result from the form as illustrated. (Note: It is recom- unusually steep. 26' breach of either an express or implied war- mended that for additional stability Longer alumiramps are custom fabricated to 28' name____________________________________________________________ ranty are hereby excluded. that outrigger type standards be 5' x 8' special order. Please give dimensions required 30' telephone number (____) _________________________________________ ordered for 32" section & 4' sections.) when requesting quotation. 32' address _________________________________________________________ CENTER END SECTION D 32" x 8' 34' This section is used as a platform to city_______________________________state__________zip _____________ form a "T or L" either to right or left of 36' main dock. If a "T or L" is not desired 4' x 8' 38' this section would be used as the final (800) 532-3557 section on a straight dock. Length x Width Price Quan. Total 40' Construction is same as center sec- 5' x 8' Note: All ramps over 30' in length are two-section ramps 41 S. Washington St. Randolph, NY 14772 tion with deletion of hinge bars. with undertruss. (716) 358-6201 Fax 716 358-4736 Special dimensional requirements for boat slips, platforms, lengths or widths that cannot be website: http:\\ www.alumidock.com met using standard sizes can usually be acquired by calling our specialty products personnel for a quote on your desired needs. Rev. 3/05

2 Alumdck_PrLst 6/4/07 12:02 PM Page 1 A L U M I D O C K C O M P O N E N T PA RT S A L U M I F LOAT S ROLLER CHAIN PILING GUIDE Use to secure floats to RING BUOY HOLDER Safety conscious waterfront PRICE QUANTITY STANDARDS The adjustable leg standards HEIGHT consist of heavy duty special 32" WIDE 4' WIDE 5' WIDE 32" WIDE 4' WIDE 5' WIDE TOTAL ALUMIFLOATS The expanded poly- either wooden pilings or pipe. Minimizes directors will insist on this 5 high by 42 long all alu- ALUMILIFT aluminum alloy 1" I.P.S. pipe 3' styrene floatation of jambing or wedging in minum ring buoy holder All aluminum manually with two cast aluminum bot- 4' these units is sand- certain problem situa- with reach pole holder clips. operated platform type boat tom pads, complete with stur- wiched or locked in tions. Includes alu- It can be used on either float- lifts. Furnished with 2" x 8" dy adjustable diagonal truss 5' under compression by minum guide angles, ing or stationary docks. wood longitudinal bunks. unit. (Note: To accommodate 6' a top and bottom aluminum wear plates, framework of sturdy fasteners and rust Please specify when order- Write or call regarding avail- an approximate 12" to 18" dock Piling height above the water and 6" 7' rectangular and tubu- resistant coated steel ing. ability and prices of special Diam. Price Quan. Total or more above dock, recom- 8' lar shaped aluminum chain and rollers. Price Each Quan. Total purpose bunks, adjustable members with special- Up to mended standard should be 3' legs for leveling, platform more than water depth. 9' ly designed aluminum 12" 10' planks fastened firmly guide posts, electrically powered winches, canopies, boarding by concealed rivets to planks and motor stops. 5' make up the solid deck- Wheels and axles are available for all lifts to aid in the instal- The additional stability ADJUSTABLE OUTRIGGER 6' ing surface. The vari- HINGE UNIT FLOAT DOLLY WHEELS acquired from this type of stan- lation and removal. STANDARDS dard makes their use for deep ous fasteners which This hinge unit is used When staff is at a minimum, 7' LENGTH PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL water or at the end of 32" and permit practical and to couple one float to the float dolly wheels can 8' 3' WIDE 4' WIDE * 5' WIDE 3' 4' 5' functional designs by a Model Load Capacity PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL 4' width piers very desirable. another at right angles enable two people to install (Note: Not required or neces- 9' 8' simple add-a-unit with the feasibility of Model 15 1500 lbs. method are described or remove even the large 5 sary for 5' width.) 10' moving the hinge unit 10' below. laterally along a float x 20 float. Simply screw on Model 25 2500 lbs. 6' 12' walkway by just loos- the wheels at the floats mid Model 25 W 2500 lbs. DRIVE PIPES The addition of drive pipes is often required in exposed 15' A standard 5' x 8' ening the bolts and point and push them where 8' Alumifloat weights 158 sliding along the float Model 35 3500 lbs. areas or where boats are to be 16' ever you need to go. moored to a pier to give addi- 10' lbs. and will support a siderails. Model 45 4500 lbs. tional support and security to 20' load capacity of over 12' 1500 pounds. Wheels and axles the installation. Price per pair Price Per Pair Quan. Total (all models) * 4' wide is actually 52" wide Price Per Set Quan. Total includes sockets, set screws, fasteners, and acorns. A L U M I D O C K AC C E S S O R I E S A L U M I F LOAT S AC C E S S O R I E S SOCKETS DOCK CORNER 3-1/8" sockets of heavy HINGE ASSEMBLY The addition of this ALUMIDOCK BOAT FENDERS ADJUSTABLE STRAIGHT LADDER HEAVY DUTY RAMP This H.D. Ramp, equipped with shore PANELING AND SCREENING To prevent damage to duty cast aluminum are necessary for L I F E G UA R D STA N D MARINA PLANKS Rugged constructed This adjustable ladder assembly is required fenders designed to permits a variance in hinge bracket and float floatation material, the attaching the drive pipe to permit the attach- attach to leg standard height of approximate- hinge pins is used to bottom is covered with to the alumifloat sec- ing of platform sec- to provide 2" thick ly 12" and because of connect Alumifloat vinyl coated screening tions. Comes complete tions to the left or padded protection for a its design adds consid- installations to the and sides with alu- with wear plate and right of the main boat and adjustable for erable support and sta- shore line. minum panelskeeps mounting hardware. pier. Complete with height as required. bility to an installation out muskrats. Price Quan. Total Two sockets needed for triangular dock sec- wherever attached. each drive pipe. Use 2" tion, one straight Price Quan. Total IPS pipe. hinge bar, one angle Ht. Price Quan. Total Ht. Price Quan. Total Complete with fasten- 2' ers. 8'x5' H.D. hinge bar, fasteners 3' Price Per Foot Quan. Total Price Quan. Total 3' 8'x4' H.D. and a single stan- 4' 8'x3' H.D. Panelling Right dard with acorn. 5' Left Screening 6' ALUMIDOCK LIFE LINE COUPLING U-BOLT FLOAT LADDER ASSEMBLY BLOCK ANCHOR BENCH HANDRAIL Beauty and safety com- Three-step float ladder High tensile stainless AND CHAIN The marina plank is for the marina owner who No pier is complete This rugged aluminum bined is acquired by for swimmers may be steel bolts with T A definite security fea- without the inclusion handrail is fabricated adding this important has satisfactory leg stantions in place, but is attached easily to the cross straps, lock ture for your Alumi- of this soft uphol- with 1" I.P.S. Aluminum accessory to your looking for a more reliable walkway to replace side of any float with washers and nuts float installation. The stered weather-test- pipe and T or L alu- Alumidock installation. fasteners and sockets inserted thru corners block anchor and chain the unsafe, splintering wood planks he presently ed bench to enhance minum fittings. The Double strung white supplied. The ladder is allow alumifloats to be used with the eye bolt has. The all aluminum plank with slip resistant the beauty and uprights are attached rope threaded through easily removed by joined end to end or assembly will keep decking will give you many years of maintenance enjoyment of a pier to the side rails using upright posts which fit firmly over the above loosening four allen set side to side. Four your installation where installation. 4' wide, aluminum sockets. deck exposed portion of the leg standard or free service. Marina planks are custom made in Price/Ft. Quan. Total screws. assemblies per joint you want it. The anchor, complete with fas- drive pipe. (Price complete with necessary rope lengths up to 30 and width to 24 wide. Marina teners and mounting Dock and posts.) required. Price Quan. Total a gray iron casting, Float Price Quan. Total weighs ap-proximately planks require leg stantions every 10. Width Price Quan. Total brackets. May be Rugged light weight aluminum construction. Standard plat- 4' attached to either an Price Per Foot Quan. Total Price Quan. Total 70#. form measures 48 x 32 and is 5 high. With mid-rail add $1.75 per ft. for tubing 16 wide 20 wide 24 wide Alumidock or $4.50 per ft. for 1" I.P.S. 16 Alumifloat unit. The 2 wide soft upholstered weather-tested bench provides 18 comfortable seating without compromising lifeguard alert- 20 ALUMIFLOAT BOAT ness. The single 36 high guard rail assures safety without DOCK REMOVAL ALUMINUM ACORN MOORING CLEATS TIE RODS AND FENDER EYE BOLT 22 LEVER A cast aluminum Sturdy cast aluminum TOP PINS Stainless steel eye bolt obstructing vision. 24 Specially designed With the aid of this rounded plug designed boat mooring cleat The hollow rung rubber boat fender designed to fit thru the 26 lever, even a 5' x 8' to drive snugly into 1" complete with fasten- type material used material may be corner of the float units Models available for secure mounting on both Alumidocks in bottom frame- 28 dock section can be IPS standard pipe. ers. (May be used on attached to the to afford a fastener to and Alumifloats and for free-standing use on the beach or in removed by one per- Protects against sharp either Alumidock or work construction of which anchor lines or 30 exposed edge of any the water. The free-standing model can be easily moved by son. Includes lever, edges and adds sym- Alumifloat units.) each Alumifloat unit Alumifloat unit with chains may be secured. Seawall attachment angle hook and 20' of metry to the standards. permits the inser- two persons. Ask for a quotation of other sizes or heights for fastening washers and rope. tion of these tie rods screws at the factory or your special requirements. to facilitate coupling on location. Size Price Quan. Total floats side by side. Length x Width Price Quan. Total Price Per Pair Quan. Total 6" Top pins are insert- Price Quan. Total Price Quan. Total Size Price Quan. Total ed in rungs on deck- Price Per Foot Quan. Total Application Price Quan. Total 10' ing section. 15' Float or Dock 20' Free Standing

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