Werthman - Florida Housing Coalition Conference

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  • Sep 3, 2015
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1 Tenant-Based Rental Assistance for Homeless Families

2 HUD encourages the use of HOME Tenant- Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) as a strategy to help end family homelessness by 2020 Public input is important for the inclusion of this strategy in HUD Consolidated Plans, Annual Action Plans and Ten Year Plans to End Homelessness Allows for quicker spend-down!

3 Broward County & Broward County Housing Authority Started Year 2000 for homeless families & persons with disabilities Broward County, City of Ft. Lauderdale & Housing Authority of City of Ft. Lauderdale Started Year 2001 for homeless families & persons with disabilities City of Hollywood & HOPE South Florida (NPO/FBO) Started Year 2011 for homeless families

4 A.k.a. Rapid re-Housing and Transitioning-in- Place Temporary rental assistance and services to return people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing Typically at scattered-site rental apartments combined with case-management Offered without preconditions (e.g. employment, income, absence of criminal record, or sobriety) Resources and services are tailored to the unique needs of the household

5 Eligibility considerations: Homeless by HEARTH definition? Income level? (almost all 30% or below AMI) Household composition (adult(s) with one or more minor children)? Referral sources and/or live within entitlement jurisdiction? First qualified (found an apartment) - first served? Renew eligibility annually

6 One to two years rental assistance concurrent with lease no higher than FMR Security Deposits (up to 2 months rent) Household takes with when/if moves HOME is flexible to allow a bridge from transitional housing to Section 8 Hollywood Housing Authority established a Sec. 8 local priority for homeless families

7 Policies & Procedures / Forms HUD Templates & Forms: https://www.hudexchange.info/home/topics/tenan t-based-rental-assistance Leases between landlord and participant HUD prohibited language in lease addendum Income documentation and subsidy guidelines Rental Assistance Coupon Rental Assistance Contract Hollywood HOME policies & procedures available

8 Property & Landlord due diligence - Warranty Deed / Not in foreclosure / W9 / Property manager authorized 10% Admin used for housing placement staff CDBG or other funds used for case manager Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection - in partnership with Public Housing Authority (PHA) - renew annually

9 Project out assistance considering funds available, term of award, terms of assistance Percentage of client rent portion (30% of adjusted) Adjust as each case changes or warrants Be fair flexible, but with consistent written policies Work with referral sources dont put up additional programmatic barriers to re- housing

10 Reluctance on part of landlords Episodes of unemployment / underemployment High rent / low pay Furnishings and household items Long Sec. 8 waitlists Prior evictions

11 Poor credit history Length of employment Size of units relative to family size Area housing stock of affordable units Units able to pass inspection that are within participants price points Turn-around time from initial inquiry to lease signing (Landlords market)

12 Twenty-one (21) households total have been served by Hollywood HOME 86% success rate for stabilized housing due to HOME program (18 clients) 33% of the HOME clients completed a vocational training program (7 clients) 76 % of HOME clients were employed upon last notification (16 clients)

13 Mr. DLS

14 Hollywood HOME Policies & Procedures City of Hollywood Agreement & Amendments HUD HOME TBRA Regulations Contact: Steve Werthman, Vice-President of Operations, HOPE South Florida Email: [email protected] Ph. : 954-670-7363

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