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  • Apr 26, 2010
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1 Golden Bay Cement Achieving Greater Production Efficiency, Reduced Variation in Open Circuit Mills The Challenge Golden Bay Cement Golden Bay prides itself on its efficient manufacturing and continuous improvement processes as well as its ability to source the best technology Golden Bay Cement is New Zealands available for production. Like many cement manufacturers, Golden Bay largest cement manufacturer and was faced with growing demand for cement and a need to increase supplier. From its Portland Cement Works manufacturing plant near the overall production efficiency to boost output. In setting the goal of Whangarei in the countrys Northland increasing product throughput while reducing residue variation, the region, Golden Bay ships a range of Portland plant determined that the expert control system it had been cement products to markets around using could not deliver the results it needed on the cement mills. The New Zealand and the Pacific. With a site chose to upgrade its control systems to help produce more cement, current annual production capacity improve quality and lower operating cost. of 600,000 tons, the Golden Bay Portland plant is New Zealands only dry process cement plant. Key Benefits: 3% increase in throughput 50% reduction of residue variation Tighter control over product quality Automatic control of the mills Rockwell Automation Cements the Deal After thoroughly reviewing advanced process control systems and service offerings, Golden Bay selected Rockwell Automation Process Perfecter, a multivariable predictive control and optimization software solution. Process Perfecter combines Rockwell Automations patented steady-state optimization and model predictive control with a variable dynamics capability to deliver a solution capable of controlling quality targets, managing to multiple production goals, and rejecting disturbances. Based on a dynamic model of complex processes, such as those in a cement mill, Process Perfecter allows for more robust real-time control and optimization than traditional static, expert system solutions. By modeling the nonlinear behavior of a process as well as the inter-dependencies of key process parameters, Process Perfecter helps customers realize significant operational efficiencies and related cost savings.

2 Process Perfecter makes decisions variation. Process Perfecter also We are delighted that Rockwell like an experienced operator by enabled Golden Bay to realize Automations APC solution is combining recent historical process another key goal: automatic control delivering to our expectations conditions with expected future of its mill. With confidence in with an ROI of less than one year. performance. With Process Perfecter, Rockwell Automation s control Working closely with Rockwell the combinations and levels of solution, Golden Bay shifted their Automation as a solution partner actions under Golden Bays control control paradigm from open loop has been seamless, and their are automatically applied to the advisory control on just residue, to system development and support cement mill process, maximizing full closed-loop control. This means has been very responsive. We have the plants operational efficiencies. the solution is continuously complete confidence in Rockwell Automations ability to deliver This provides a significant advantage improving and driving the process to further performance gains across over less sophisticated technologies, achieve its goals each production day. other areas of our operation. which rely purely on past and current conditions without forecasting future The Rockwell Automation solution David Walker is helping Golden Bay to deliver performance or evaluating the Operations Manager inter-relationships between higher quality products due to the Golden Bay Cement process parameters. decreased variability in the process. It is also continuously pushing Rockwell Automation and Golden Rock Solid Results the plant to achieve the correct Bay engineers partnered to install Guided by its ValueFirst customer residue, reducing over grinding, thus Process Perfecter on Golden Bays engagement methodology, Rockwell increasing production. cement mill six, an open circuit Automation aligned its people, processes, and product to meet The application of Process Perfecter mill where the final plant process is Golden Bays business needs. Process has also optimized decision-making performed grinding the cement Perfecter was implemented in four and resulted in greater operational from clinker. In open circuit mills, weeks on Golden Bays mill six and efficiency at Golden Bays Portland coarse material passes through the immediately began delivering a site. Based on the projects initial system once, often producing various significant return on investment. success, Golden Bay expanded the particle size distribution and thus The mill experienced a three implementation of Process Perfecter residue variation. Process Perfecter, percent increase in throughput and to two additional open circuit mills with its predictive capabilities, a 50 percent reduction in residue at the site. anticipates cement residue variations caused by measurable process disturbances Process Reduced Residue Variability 50% Perfecter continuously updates its >APC on predictions based on the internal 4.00 models of future behavior, process interdependencies, and actual Residue Variability 2.00 performance. It can integrate the diverse and 0.00 Set Point conflicting aspects of the cement grinding process and perform -2.00 -2.38 actions to meet Golden Bays quality Feb 5 Mar 1 Apr 1 May 1 May 24 and production efficiency objectives. Time Rockwell Software are trademarks of Rockwell Automation Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Publication CS-GOLDENBAYCEMENT April 2010 Copyright 2010 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

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