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1 2014 #4 Newsletter Baltimore PPRA Fall Meeting - It's a Wrap! Michael Dougherty , Online & Social Media Marketing Manager More than 180 attendees representing more than 103 differ- ent companies or agencies took part in the 2014 Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance (PPRA) fall meeting on November 18-19, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, Maryland. The PPRA 2014 keynote speaker, Tim Smith, Maryland State Highway Administration, gave an informative and engaging presentation. We would like to thank you all for your atten- dance; there is nothing more powerful than when the industry comes together to share knowledge, ideas and experience. The sessions, the social gatherings, the committee meetings and the informal networking were well attended at all times. We would like to thank our sponsors BASF Corporation, BLS Enterprises, Inc., BOMAG, Caterpillar Paving Prod- Tim Smith, Maryland State Highway Administration ucts, Colas Inc., Cutler Repaving Inc., Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming Inc., We would also like to thank BOMAG, Caterpillar Paving Kennametal Inc., NovaPick, Roadtec, Slurry Pavers, Inc., Products, Cutler Repaving Inc., Ergon Asphalt & Emul- The Sollami Company, Ultrapave, VM Fiber Feeder, VSS sions, Inc, and Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming Inc , our Grid- Macropaver, Walker Emulsions LTD, Wirtgen America, iron Reception sponsors, who made the reception at M&T and Zydex Inc. for making this event possible. Bank Stadium possible. Continued on page 20 Inside this Issue ISSA 2015 Slurry Systems Notes from Headquarters Workshop January 19 - 22, 2015 Presidents Messages Texas Station Hotel & Casino Stretch Your Budget with Social Media BARM2 Las Vegas, Nevada Update of ARRA Technical Director's Activities www.slurry.org AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) FP2 Inc. Update Micro Surfacing on German Concrete Autobahn A5 - A Job Story Committee Reports from the PPRA Fall Meeting Select ISSA Guidelines and Technical Bulletins Available in Spanish Board Proposed Amendments to ISSA Bylaws PPRS 2015 PPRS Paris 2015 Preliminary Program An Invitation from Rex Eberly February 22 - 25, 2015 ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Registration Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile JEAA Bulletin Paris, France New Members Master Calendar of Upcoming Events www.pprsparis2015 and much, much more!

2 2 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

3 Notes from Headquarters After 42 years with FHWA, Lee Gallivan is The Transportation Research Record: retiring. Lee will be operating as Gallivan J o u r n a l o f t h e Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n Consulting, Inc. - developed to provide Research Board - Construction assistance to State and Local Governmental 2014 Product Description: TRBs Agencies, International Groups, Contractors, Transportation Research Record: Journal Equipment Manufacturers, and other of the Transportation Research Board, Consultants who are involved in advancing No. 2408 consists of 12 papers that New Technologies, Material Recycling, In- cover performance bonds; alternative Place Recycling, and Asphalt Pavement Program support. technical concepts; indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity We wish Lee good luck in all his new endeavors and extend contracting; geotechnical requirements in the design- sincere "thanks" for his long and faithful service to the build selection process; visualization technology; and pavement industry. air content stability in the slipform paving process. n n n This issue also explores the construction of roller-compacted concrete pavement in the Shale Play Area in Fayetteville, From the Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group Arkansas; sustainable recycled asphalt technologies; the comes the news that FHWA has posted two recently- measurement of asphalt concrete temperatures during completed Technical Briefs (Pavement Sustainability and transport; overlay smoothness; displacement of tall concrete Life Cycle Assessment of Pavements) which may be columns during construction; and performance testing of viewed/downloaded at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/pavement/ inspectors to improve the quality of nondestructive testing. sustainability/techtrans.cfm#brief. For additional information, contact Kurt D. Smith PE at [email protected] n n n n n n Continued on page 10 Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance A partnership of leading industry associations to advance sustainable, eco ef- ficient and innovative pavement applications Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association www.aema.org Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association www.arra.org International Slurry Surfacing Association www.slurry.org #3 Church Circle, PMB 250 It has been brought to our attention that some of our Annapolis, Maryland 21401 members are not receiving emails regarding association USA Telephone (410) 267-0023 events and updates due to the e-mails being blocked Fax (410) 267-7546 by spam filters and firewalls. We use an e-mailing Mike Krissoff, Executive Director client service, Constant Contact, and in Issue 2013 [email protected] #1 on page 28 we provided a few suggestions as to Mike Dougherty, Online & Social Media Marketing Manager how to ensure you receive our updates in the future. [email protected] You can find this issue on our websites under "Current Meredith Kennedy, Program Assistant Newsletters" or use these links: [email protected] http://www.aema.org/resources/receive-our-emails/ Diana Long, Newsletter [email protected] http://www.arra.org/resources/receive-our-emails/ The Associations do not endorse products, services or manufacturers. http://slurry.org/about-issa/join-issa/receive-our-emails/ Trade or manufacturers names appear herein solely within context and because they are considered essential to the object of the article or reference. AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 3

4 AEMA Presidents Message Mark McCollough, Asphalt Materials, Inc. Listening to the Membership Prelimi- coordination with ARRA and ISSA. There were several nary Results members that were clearly not happy. We will discuss how to handle these issues in our next board meeting. I was talking with a good friend a few years ago, at the time he was president 2. How can AEMA improve? of another trade association in the road construction industry. He said that The answer to this question seems to vary widely. Currently, he was traveling with the executive there are answers trending around more marketing activities, director of his association to meet indi- and marketing materials. Improvements to the website were vidually with most of the key members also suggested. Many members also requested expansion of their association. He said it was a of educational opportunities. Hopefully there will be more substantial time commitment but, the ideas and the feedback elaboration on improvements when all of the results are from the members was tremendous. That impressed me and reviewed. I thought that it was a great way to find out what was really important to the membership. I discussed the idea with the 3. What do you think about sharing information AEMA Board and we decided to try something similar with for the purpose of measuring and focusing the our membership. We have been working on our strategic associations efforts? plan and had come to point that it would be very helpful get some input from our members. Rather than sending just the Fortunately, the majority of the members seem to support president and the executive director we decided to send this idea. Most expressed concerns that the information the whole board out in teams of two. We developed a list would be collected in strict confidence and that the informa- of questions and selected a cross section of our member- tion would be presented in large regional areas that did not ship to interview, a mix of large and small companies from expose information in too much granularity. There were a our regular members and several representatives from our few members that were opposed to sharing information. other membership categories as well. Over the last several months we have been out collecting information. As usual, 4. What do you think about the AEMA strategic plan? all good plans remain intact until they meet reality. Not all The answers to this question were generally disappointing. of the meetings were in person and not all were with both Many respondents were not familiar with the strategic plan board members, but one way or another we have collected and didnt know where to find it. I was hoping for a better a substantial amount of information from our membership. response to this but it just goes to show that we need to find I want to thank the board for their commitment of time and more effective ways of communicating. This is fairly common resources to make this happen. I also want to thank the mem- in companies. In the corporate environment, it is reported bership for spending some time with our board and sharing that a message needs to be repeated 8 to 10 times before it insights into how to make the association better. is believed and understood throughout the ranks. The trick We are still in the process of collecting and analyzing the is to find creative ways to repeat and reinforce the same survey results. We will review all of the information at an information without being too overbearing. executive board strategic planning meeting in January and I am planning on sharing the results of the interviews with 5. What do you think about the format and costs of our general membership at our annual meeting in Paris. I the annual meeting? How can it be improved? will share preliminary results from some of the interviews. The answers to this question have not provided the clear In general we are not particularly interested in individual direction we were hoping to see. It would seem that a answers but more looking for trends and where the bulk of majority of the responses like the format and locations for the answers tend to gravitate. If there is something specific the annual meeting. Most agreed that meeting with ARRA that we discover in the interview process that needs atten- and ISSA was very efficient and productive. The education tion, of course we will respond to that directly. We collected content seemed to meet the mark. There was a contingent answers on the following five questions. of members that thought that the meeting was too long and 1. How are we doing as an association in meeting too expensive. Some member commented that they wanted your expectations? more educational opportunities and less social activities. Scaling back the Thursday night party was mentioned several Generally the responses to this question have been favor- times. The solution to this question will be difficult to make able with the majority of the respondents satisfied with how the association is doing. The annual meeting was mentioned specifically several times for its education, networking, and Continued on page 10 4 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

5 BARRACUDA PART NO. 5042718 by HEATEC *Mill production rates vary, depending on the ingre- dients used, droplet sizes to be produced, stability achieved and other factors. BARRACUDA EMULSION MILL INTRODUCED HEATEC recently introduced a new skid for production of asphalt emulsions. It contains our new Barracuda col- loid mill and related systems. The mill is also available separately. The Barracuda mill emulsifies a mixture of asphalt, latex and a chemical solution to produce a stable, homogenous material, either cationic or anionic.The mill is heated by hot oil from an external source. It has the ability to produce 15,000* gallons of emulsified material per hour in a single pass through the mill. It is powered by a 150 hp electric motor. Other sizes will soon Barracuda ACM150 mill be available. Our engineers thoroughly researched existing mills to find the hot liquid asphalt. The asphalt is filtered through a where improvements could be made. Consequently they strainer and controlled with an air actuated valve. designed our new mill to overcome known drawbacks of The latex and solutions systems are each other mills. controlled by an actuated valve and flow The skid has an automated PLC control system with touch meter. screens. The ingredients of the mixture are precisely Please call today for more information. metered. A conventional Heatec metering package meters H E AT E C , I N C . an Astec Industries Company 5200 WILSON RD CHATTANOOGA, TN 37410 USA 800.235.5200 FAX 423.821.7673 heatec.com

6 Presidents Message Patrick A. Faster, Gallagher Asphalt Corporation Greetings from the Windy City, and try one or two of these if you have not done so already. where the Chicago Blackhawks The value/payback for the industry and growing your busi- are in first place and the Chicago ness is priceless, but dont take my word for it. As well, Im Bears have officially been put up happy to help in any way I can. for adoption. Couple of side notes, at least one of which is noteworthy. I trust this finds everyone wind- Diana Long, with Krissoff & Associates, will be retiring at ing down from what I hope was a the end of this calendar year. Diana, who has been a close safe and prosperous season. As personal friend of mine and who I think the world of, will be an asphalt producer here in the sailing off to see the countryside in her new motorhome. I Midwest we were able to see our cant believe anyone would have stayed with Krissoff for 25 tonnage figures climb a bit and years, and for that alone she has a special place somewhere. our recycling grow about 10%. Enjoy your travels Diana. Thanks for all youve done, and I certainly dont mention these items as brag, but rather youre certainly welcome here in Chicago. to share with you what I think are continued buds on our economic tree. The death grip that the economy was under The other side note, certainly less noteworthy, is that this from several seasons ago (5 or 6) seems to continue to will be my last newsletter. Our Paris meeting is where we loosen its hold. Most economists would tell you that a slower have the changing of the guard and I step down as ARRA steadier rebound is healthier than a knee jerk or spike, so President. Some extenuating circumstances last go around this is certainly behaving from a textbook standpoint the had me take the helm for this, my third term. I was honored way one would want. but it has now come to a close. My father always told me to do something nice for someone every day and leave things Interest rates remain low, inflation is in check and a solid better than when you found them. Ill let you be the judge, dollar are all items we want to see that will continue to but I would certainly like to step down thinking that some stimulate this economic engine. A fabulous time for all on of those things happened. None of my service would have the contracting and service side of our market to get yourself been possible without the support of the Gallaghers; my poised for some steady growth of your own. thanks to them for allowing me to participate. Our upcoming annual meeting in Paris this coming February The very good news is, the situation that this creates (as has a strong registration book so far, and more continue to if me stepping down isnt good enough already) the new drizzle in. This speaks well, I think, for peoples disposition President will be Ryan Essex (The Miller Group) and as about the economy and should be viewed as yet another VP, John Irvine (Roadtec). These two gents, both of whom positive aspect. There is still certainly time for you drag step- I consider to be very good friends, are good advocates of pers to get on the bus by the way, hope to see you there. the industry, good managers and all round good guys. So needless to say, I feel great about the management team Im just returning from our semi-annual meeting in Baltimore that is taking over, as should you. (PPRA 2014 Fall Meeting), which appears to have been a great success. Certainly a big thanks to all who attended Hope to see you all in Paris, have a safe and happy holiday. and of course to all our sponsors who make it possible. It was decided by all (ARRA, AEMA, ISSA) that our next Best Regards Semi-Annual Meeting (PPRA 2015 Fall Meeting) will be in Patrick A. Faster Niagara Falls, where we have had some fabulous meetings in the past. Thats a wrap-up on the business end of things from the Presidents desk, short and sweet. It wouldnt, however, be a quarterly letter from me without the mention of one-day regional seminars. You all really need to step up to the plate 6 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

7 THE ORIGINAL and still THE BEST Polyurethane Track Pads for: Asphalt Milling Machines Asphalt Pavers Excavators Concrete Pavers ALL ORDERS COME WITH OUR NO RED TAPE GUARANTEE Contact Sales Consultant James Gellner at 1-800-307-0299 or [email protected] www.tufpads.com March 2014 ARRA Quarterly

8 ISSA PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Christine Deneuvillers, VECTRA Chers membres de lISSA, BON- 2014 projected and 2015 proposed budget. JOUR! Technical items and especially Technical Bulletin Comment allez-vous? avez-vous reviews fait vos bagages pour Paris? Technical Marketing and Web-Based Training: The first Pavement Preservation a kick-off meeting is scheduled this summer at & Recycling Summit in Paris is a NCPP very good opportunity to share and exchange. For sure, attendees will Social and Online Marketing Direction enjoy the top quality of the speakers I have a special thanks to Rex Eberly for ISSA as chairman and presentations, the exhibition of the PPRA that was held in Baltimore November 17-19, and the chance to exchange with more than 500 people 2014; Hyatt Regency welcomed about 200 people from the who are already planning to attend. All around the world, it industry and from the agencies, and ISSA participated for is crucial to go back to the best practices. There is no place the second time. This was again a very good opportunity to for amateurs practices in our industry, and we have the share and exchange. And also to set up committee meetings responsibility to impart knowledge and enforce basic rules and to progress in all the topics that have been identified. for the products we develop and promote. Here in Europe For sure attendees will enjoy again the top quality of the the economical context is rough, and efficient preservation speakers and presentations. We decided to go further for a techniques are more than ever needed. And we have to look 3rd PPRA meeting in 2015 in Niagara Falls. at that as an opportunity for our industry to develop itself; respect of best practices and active innovation are crucial. .. a special thanks to Diana on behalf of all ISSA members for her commitment and good spirit, we will miss her. The 2015 PPRS is in good shape, website and details have been active for several months, it is the PLACE TO BE in I have here a message for AEMAs and ARRAs presidents: February 2015. Visit www.pprsparis2015.com for registra- I am proud of being part of PPRA and having been a part of tion, and I suggest you to visit some spots in Paris: the members who voted the creation of PPRA interactions among our 3 associations. It is a great success. - Eiffel Tower, of course, and walk on Champs de Mars Once again, dont hesitate to ask any member of the Board - A cruise on La Seine or myself if you have any concern, question or request. - Montmartre for people who have artist feelings Kind regards, - Beaubourg Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Christine Deneuvillers - Denfert Rochereau (Paris underground) - Pre Lachaise - Invalides The PPRA 2014 Fall Meeting was held in Baltimore last month and was a good success. It was nice for the AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA to meet together again, and we decided to continue having a semi-annual meeting together next year. We had also a good Board meeting. Thank you to those who attended. It was positive and constructive. Many items have been carried out and Rex Eberly led a very good meeting on where ISSA should go in the next months (certification is a path today). We reviewed: 8 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

9 RoadSavers have been performing for contractors around the world since the 1980s. The standard of Performance and Reliability! The first Green slurry and micro surfacing machine. - No Side Engine - Less Fuel, less maintenance - Quieter - Larger payload RoadSavers are available in several configurations to meet your needs. We offer operational training, service training and on-call customer support. We encourage you to ask current RoadSaver owners about the performance and reliability of their machines and our support system. 1-800-479-9390 Randy 916 826-1007 Cell Rich 916 997-5082 Cell www.ROADSAVER.com Precision Craftsmanship - Unmatched Performance & Reliability

10 Notes from Headquarters - Continued from page 3 AEMA President's Message - Continued from page 6 ARRA Technical Director Steve Cross notified headquarters everyone happy. We will do our best to find compromises at press time that there are two brand NEW Guidelines that make the most members happy. available as FREE downloads on the "Members Only" section of the ARRA Website. Look for Recommended Overall, I think the member interviews were one of the most Construction Guidelines for Cold In-Place Recycling important things that we have done on the board. It is some- (CIR) Using Bituminous Recycling Agents CR101 and times hard to hear that people are unhappy but I think it is far Recommended Quality Control Sampling and Testing better for the board to know than not. My personal favorites Guidelines for Cold Recycling Using Bituminous were talking with several members about ways to improve Recycling Agents CR301 the association and make it stronger. These sessions more than made up for the tough ones. Altogether I think it was a n n n good experience for our board and I think it will help make decisions for the future direction of the association. I hope A note from Diana: As of January 1, 2015, I will officially that the board continues to find creative ways to collect input be retired. Future editions of the newsletter will be in the from our members. I will provide a complete summary when capable hands of Mike Dougherty. You may contact Mike at all the survey results are collected. ([email protected]). It is my sincere hope that both Michael and Program Assistant Meredith Kennedy I wish everyone a happy and meaningful holiday season. I ([email protected]) will have as many good memo- hope to see you all in Paris for the annual meeting. ries of the individuals associated with our groups as I have collected since coming to work for Mike Krissoff in 1990. It has been a great time and I hope to see some of you again down the road. n n n In the Trade Press: October 2014 Better Roads Road Science by Tom Kuennen, Contributing Editor ADA Angst, New Interpretation of ADA Requirements gives agencies opportunity to reassess the Compliance to Accessibility Law www.BetterRoads.com September 2014 - Asphalt Contractor By Lisa Cleaver, Editor West Virginia Completes First Cold In-Place Recycled Roadway With less funding and more deteriorating Roads, this state puts a new pavement preservation method into its toolbox and taps E.J. Breneman for the job www. ForConstructionPros.com/Asphalt September 2014 World Highways Stabilizing South African Roads Contractor Nyoni Projects is taking a new approach to two major road upgrades in the North West Province of South Africa, www.ntiholdings.com www.worldhighways.com Italian Recycling Job - The latest equipment from Wirtgen has been used to recycle a stretch of Italys busy A-4 Thank you to our M&T Bank Stadium Gridiron Autostrada, one of the countrys most important highways. Reception Sponsors - the 2 RavensVision video screens, The Wirtgen machine was the first WR 250 recycler/reclaimer located in each end zone, generate 16 million colors and to be delivered to Italy and was put to work on the A4 Turin- at peak output consume up to 80,000 watts of electricity. Trieste highway where it proved highly productive. n n n 10 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

11 S - t - r - e - t - c - h Your Budget with Social Media Michael Dougherty, Online & Social Media Marketing Manager At the Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance Fall meet- Print Media Outlets Respond ing in Baltimore, Maryland, I gave a talk about the ROI of social media called, Stretch Your Budget with Social Media. Print media outlets report their circulation, but you cant To my surprise, the talk sparked the most questions asked guarantee that John Q. Business is going to notice your half after a presentation of the entire conference. a page ad 50 pages deep. Even if John drops the periodical and it happens to land open on your ad, theres no guarantee We even got to experience firsthand how quickly social media hell even acknowledge it. can convert when Chuck Ingram of Slurry Pavers shared that, during my Q&A, an associate of his, who he had been trying Unless youve used a domain name, landing page or phone to get to attend a meeting, saw the photos from the PPRA number exclusive to that ad, its almost impossible measure Fall Meeting on the ISSA Facebook page and said he may its effectiveness. consider attending as a result of them. With digital media, its easy to evaluate the value of a click. Taking that photo and posting it took up maybe ten minutes Because the costs of social media are significantly lower than of my time. print media, a post has the potential to generate significantly more ROI. The tiny amount of effort required to post a pic- The return on investment of that post? Possibly $400 to $700 ture on Facebook during the meeting (while its happening) depending on which event this individual attends. supported Chucks sales effort by underscoring the value of the meeting. That is a greater advertisement for the meeting Not a bad ROI. than a single print ad or thirty second radio spot could ever convey. And its scalable. Its no secret the digital world is becoming more and more a part of everyday life for consumers and businesses. That Major publications like The New York Times are repositioning does not mean that traditional media should be abandoned. themselves to address changes in the way people consume It does mean that new tactics and strategies should be con- information. The Times innovation report from March 24, 2014 sidered for extending brand awareness. stated, with the endless upheaval in technology, reader habits and the entire business model, The Times needs to Lets not kid ourselves. Traditional media like billboards, pursue smart new strategies for growing our audience. The direct mail, print, radio, or TV ads are not cheap and theyre urgency is only growing because digital media is getting not getting any less expensive. In addition, the ability to track more crowded, better funded and far more innovative. (http:// the success of these long standing marketing channels is, www.scribd.com/doc/224608514/The-Full-New-York-Times- at best, limited. Innovation-Report) Continued on page 12 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 11

12 S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Budget with Social Media - continued from page 11 They went on to declare that they are working on a strategy to Digital Marketing make their newsroom a truly digital-first organization: Some Cost effective of our traditional competitors have aggressively reorganized Enables targeted messaging around a digital-first rather than a print-first schedule. The Measurable and scalable health and profitability of our print paper means we dont yet Utilizes the now ubiquitous mobile and need to follow them down this path. But it is essential to begin smartphone platforms the work of questioning our print-centric traditions, conduct- Capable of giving viral value ing a comprehensive assessment of our digital needs, and imagining the newsroom of the future. This means reassess- So, without telling you to abandon what youre already doing, ing everything from our roster of talent to our organizational here are the 10 tips I gave on how to stretch your marketing structure to what we do and how we do it. budget with social/digital media. As recently as December 3rd, 2014, Michael Roth, CEO 1. Do a content audit of your existing content to of Interpublic Group (one of the big four global advertising aggregate and catalog your companys marketing holding companies), said on MSNBCs Squawk Box, Clearly assets. the shift to digital is a sea change. Our view is that we have to navigate through a fragmented media environment and Its likely you have content that may need to be thats what we get paid to do. So were living in a data diver- updated to reflect where you, or your company, sified media environment and we have to use that data and currently are. Often, when print pieces are created, analytics and help our clients put money to work where its they sit on a shelf, or in a box, waiting to be most effective. Were predicting that, in two years, digital will distributed to your customers. Times change and outpace TV in advertising spend. And thats a major shift, but these pieces are costly to update. They become stale its all part of navigating how you reach the consumer. And and forgotten. Ultimately, outdated print materials are if the consumers are spending all their time on digital then a resource drain, because the money you spent on thats where we have to spend our money. Do ads work on printing is lost forever. digital? Yes. In fact whats interesting about digital is because of the analytics and data thats associated with that we can Digital content, on the other hand, can be target market individuals very specifically in terms of the instantaneously updated. Your website, with a nerd markets that were looking for. And thats a big advantage. like me, can be updated in minutes. Social media can (http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/videos/ipg-ceo-digital-vs- be used to update clients, customers, and prospects. traditional-ads/vi-BBghHVD) I even mentioned in my last article that the local DOTs are using Twitter to update commuters on roadwork The Breakdown and road closures. So lets break it down. 2. Review your websites content to determine whether Traditional Marketing it provides value to your prospects AND is optimized Expensive for search/sharing. Often focuses on local or broad audience and allows little room for marketing segmentation Just like your print collateral, your websites content Difficult to measure results can go stale. Its time to review that site and see if it Has a low ROI compared to digital reflects your current offer as well as recent projects Static and doesnt interact with the audience and awards. 12 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

13 3. Offer easy-to-understand product/service related this faster than ever before. Your PR team can content. It should sound like a human being and not now directly target and interact with journalists, require a PhD to understand it. government officials, prospective clients, and past customers. Instead of spamming out an email blast, Make the content you share easy to digest without these relationships can create a deeper awareness dumbing it down too much. People who are new to of your firm. or unfamiliar with your industry struggle with the lingo and technical aspects. Help them understand and 8. Get senior management into the act by making this industry will grow. them a key figure that audiences can identify with and learn from. 4. Get your sales team involved in your marketing efforts! Find out what your prospects and customers Senior management does not need to learn how to GENUINELY want from you. use these tools. Instead, position your top people as celebrities. Your senior management can write Your sales people are in the trenches every day, or ghost write articles, speak in videos, and be selling, promoting, and pushing your product or present in your marketing without having to know service. These valuable people within your company that SnapChat growing social app of 2014 or even are talking with your prospects and customers and how to use it. They just have to trust, and allow, the are in the best position to evaluate what they really person with the knowledge and experience of the want. tools are going to represent the company in the best light. They also need to not micromanage tools they 5. Use the web as a customer service tool to reduce do not yet understand by applying old this works on inquiries for common questions. MySpace type logic to it. I mentioned in my last article that the local DOTs 9. Find your companys nerd to lend a hand. are already in this space. Your customers or user agencies may not be the person you need to provide You may have someone at your office who is like customer service to, but John Q. Business tweeting mea nerd. That person that loves technology and about his frustration at the road work being done innovation. Or you may have a person youve written will be impressed if he hears from you that youre up for being on Facebook or their phone too often. using recycled material to repair the road and you These people are already tapped into the space estimate the job will be completed in a specific you should be moving into. Rather than penalizing number of days. them, leverage them at minimal cost to extend your brand. They will be excited you are taking an interest 6. Transform all your marketing materials from your and can become a valuable resource for almost no content audit into bite sized content that can be upfront cost. shared across multiple platforms. 10. Encourage customers to contribute to your marketing Twitter only gives you 140 characters. Facebooks efforts. most successful posts contain photos or videos. Instagram is all about a photo. YouTube videos that Back in the day, we asked for testimonials that we are roughly 5 minutes long have the best success. could put in our print pieces or advertisements. How can you repackage your content into bite sized Today, your customer can go straight to Twitter, portions? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and a variety of other places and do that job for you. Perhaps the 7. Empower your PR department to leverage these customer doesnt mention you directly, but they post tools in creative ways to achieve their objectives. about the amazing work that was done on a particular PRSA created a crowdsourcing campaign and public job. You can then tout that job and use this mention vote called Public Relations Defined that produced as your modern-day testimonial. the following definition: Remember, you already have most of the tools you need to Public relations is a strategic communication enter the digital age...and theres very little cost to jump into process that builds mutually beneficial relationships this space. If your company already has a computer or mobile between organizations and their publics. phones that are connected to the internet, you implement all of these tips at little to no cost. Social media allows you to engage and build beneficial relationships with your customers and other stakeholders. These tools allow you to do AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 13

14 BARM2 The wait is nearly over! Coming soon to an ARRA Member near you PART 1: INTRODUCTION, RECYCLING AND RECLAIMING METHODS PART 2: COLD PLANING (CP) PART 3: HOT IN-PLACE RECYCLING (HIR) PART 4: COLD RECYCLING (CR) PART 5: FULL DEPTH RECLAMATION (FDR) 17 CHAPTERS/OVER 300 PAGES OF INFORMATION! ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The first edition of the Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual, or BARM as it is better known, was published in 2001 and has served the industry well as the source for information on in-place and cold central plant recycling. There have been numerous improvements and innovations in equipment, materials and methods over the last decade resulting in a need to revise and update the BARM. As a result of these numerous advances, this second edition of the BARM is more than just minor edits and revisions; it represents a complete rewrite of the original document. Numerous individuals were involved in the development of the second edition of the BARM. The following individuals were involved in the initial review and editing of the BARM: n Patrick Faster (Gallagher Asphalt Corporation) n Todd Thomas (Colas Solutions, Inc.) nTrevor Moore (Miller Paving Limited) n Don Matthews (Pavement Recycling Systems Inc.) n Tom Chastain (Wirtgen America) n Victor (Lee) Gallivan (FHWA) n Stephen Cross (Oklahoma State University) n Terry Humphrey (Caterpillar Paving Products) n Dragos Andre (Cal Poly Pomona) n Blair Barnhart (The Barnhart Group) n Jenelle Strawbridge (Caterpillar Paving Products) n Kimbel Stokes (The Miller Group, Inc.) n Jason Wielinski (Heritage Research Group) Countless hours over a period of 18 months were spent in addition to their normal work load to ensure the highest quality reference manual was produced. Special thanks go to them and their employers in completing this monumental task. After the initial rewrite, the following committee of four individuals reviewed and edited the entire document. We hope you find this document a useful tool in developing long lasting sustainable roadways in our transportation systems, n Stephen A Cross, PhD, PE n Todd Thomas, PE Technical Director, ARRA Laboratory Manager, Colas Solutions, Inc. n Don Matthews, PE n Victor (Lee) Gallivan, PE Manager, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. Asphalt Pavement Engineer, FHWA Pre-publication order forms were sent to ARRA members in December. 14 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

15 Update of ARRA Technical Directors Activities Stephen A. Cross, ARRA Technical Director We had another successful FHWA/ARRA design methodologies for cold in-place and full depth recla- In-Place Recycling Conference in Denver, mation with foamed asphalt and emulsified asphalt. Look for Colorado back in August. We had over 175 a summary of these presentations as well as a summary of registered attendees and 16 different states the in-place recycling projects for this years Transportation sent representatives. We had our usual Research Board meeting in the next newsletter. presentations from the invited states, pre- sentations on all phases of in-place recycling The 2015 World of Asphalt Show & Conference will be in and demonstrations of the repaving process Baltimore, MD March 17-19, 2015. ARRA will have a total of of hot in-place recycling and cold central four presentations in two sessions of the education program. plant recycling. We added two new sessions to this years Sessions will cover hot in-place recycling, cold recycling, full conference, one on international activities and the second depth reclamation and information on the new BARM and a breakout session titled Revitalizing In-Place Recycling ARRAs Guideline Series. Technologies: Gaps, Barriers and a Path Forward. The Texas The PPRA meeting in Baltimore in November was another Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University partnered success with good progress made on a number of ARRAs with us to sponsor the breakout session. Many thanks to the initiatives during the CORE Committee working sessions. Colorado DOT, who acted as our local host, the Colorado Work is moving forward on the development of a sustainability Asphalt Pavement Association, the Asphalt Institute and our calculator for in-place recycling. Dr. Phil Lewis at Oklahoma usual cast of ARRA contractor, supplier and affiliate members, State University has a research and education contract and the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP). through our local transportation center to develop a basic You can access all the presentations from the conference on sustainability calculator. FHWA is moving forward on their the NCPP web site at https://www.pavementpreservation.org/ project titled In-Place Recycle Paving Methods: Energy Use conferences/regional-in-place-recycling-conferences/2014- Analysis. With the successful completion of these projects, place-recycling-conference/. The NCPP also has an excel- the data should be available to develop a very comprehensive lent library of technical presentations on in-place recycling. sustainability calculator in the future. These can be accessed from their web page by going to the Library tab and then clicking the link on In-Place Recycling. The new BARM is at the publisher and is undergoing final review. Plans are to send it to the printer in January. Look ARRA will have its annual meeting this year in Paris Febru- for an e-mail soon to make your pre-publication orders. After ary 22-25, 2015 at the 2015 Pavement Preservation and that, copies will be available on the ARRA web page. Recycling (World) Summit. The Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance (AEMA, ARRA,ISSA), the International On the training front, we are assisting the Transportation Bitumen Emulsion Federation (IBEF) and the Foundation for Curriculum Coordination Council in the development of web Pavement Preservation (FP2) joined their efforts and means based training courses for hot in-place recycling and full depth for gathering stakeholders and experts in a forum aiming at reclamation. Anticipated completion of the hot in-place recy- disseminating the best practices worldwide and promoting cling course is late spring or early summer with the full depth their specific knowledge. ARRA will have a session at the reclamation course following by the end of the year. These meeting with speakers discussing an innovative chemical course will join the cold in-place recycling course that can be that enhances the final product of cold recycled mixtures; found at http://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/ training/course_search. another presentation is on the very large scale work with aspx?tab=0&key=cold&typ=3&sf=0&course_no=134114. high traffic using cold central plant recycling in China (100 km projects); and another presentation is on new pavement AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 15

16 AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) Casey Soneira, AMRL Pavement Preservation technologies promoted by the In- ternational Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) are used internationally and throughout the United States. The pres- ervation of an established infrastructure is vital to keeping taxpayer costs to a minimum and preserving our natural resources while keeping roads in good condition. The AAS- HTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) is excited to be welcomed into the community of pavement preservation technologists. We have been working closely with ISSA to gain a greater understanding of the testing procedures and materials. We have common missions and goals that have made this relationship mutually beneficial. AMRL is making headway, learning about laboratory testing procedures and equipment, and offering practical sugges- tions for improvements to them from an auditors perspective. With training and program development underway, we are on track to offer assessment services for pavement preservation Casey Soneira, Quality Analyst, AASHTO Materials laboratory tests in 2015. We are also working on establish- Reference Laboratory (AMRL) ing a proficiency testing program for the available standards, E-mail: [email protected] which is slated for development in late 2015, with further development of the program into 2016 and 2017. AMRL is looking forward to expanding into the world of pavement preservation, and as always, putting quality to the test. For now, please direct questions to ISSA Technical Director Bob Jerman at Director, Technical Service, MWV Asphalt Innovations [email protected] 16 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

17 REUSE THE PAVEMENT, DONT REMOVE AND REPLACE IT. Using a rotary mixer just makes more sense. The RM500 grinds up existing pavement and mixes it in place with base materials and any other specified remedial agents. Costs are saved on pavement removal and/ or replacement, plus any existing problems in the base are remedied. The result is a better road built at a fraction of the time and cost of total reconstruction, with less cost for future maintenance and longer life than an overlay. The RM500 is the greener, cost effective alternative for road rehabilitation. Check out the RM500 at your local SAVE COST. Cat dealer today. www.cat.com/paving SAVE TIME. SAVE THE PLANET. facebook.com/CATPaving youtube.com/CATPaving R QEXC1335-02 2013 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, Caterpillar Yellow, the Power Edge trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 17

18 FP2 Inc. Update Jim Moulthrop, Executive Director Now that the 2014 Mid-Term election details on which preservation treatments will be studied at is over and the Senate will be restruc- both facilities. The next research cycle at NCAT will begin in turing in January, 2015, perhaps both 2015 and the MN Road work will begin in 2016. The informa- Houses of Congress can move ahead tion to be gained from this national study will be invaluable with the development of a long term, to the preservation industry by documenting the performance adequately funded, transportation characteristics of various treatments. re-authorization bill. Representa- tive Shuster (R-PA) will continue to An exciting program for PPRS Paris 2015 has been devel- Chair the House Transportation and oped and the number of exhibitors and attendees is looking Infrastructure Committee and Sena- very good at this time. Visit the Summit website at www. tor Boxer (D-CA) will be replaced by Senator Inhoff (R-OH) pprsparis2015.com to view the program and all the activities as the Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works associated with the meeting. We hope to see you there. Committee. If you are attending the annual Transportation Research FP2 Inc. will continue our efforts on Capitol Hill to assure Board meeting in Washington, DC in January, 2015, come that the preservation language in MAP-21 is not impeded. visit our booth # 1715 in the exhibit hall and say hello and plan to attend our hospitality suite located on the mez- As a follow-up to the last newsletter, NCAT and MN Road zanine level of the Washington Marriott Marquis hotel. have agreed to work together in a collaborative effort and conduct pavement preservation research on both flexible and rigid pavement systems. They are currently working on the 2015 TRB 94th Annual Meeting TRBs 94th Annual Meeting, January 11-15, 2015, is moving to researchers, and representatives of government, industry, a new venue. Visit www.trb.org and click on A follow the links and academic institutions. The Annual Meeting, which for the 2015 TRB 94th Annual Meeting to find resource pages draws attendees from throughout the United States which cover transportation and local information, hotel maps, and from 70 countries, is the single largest gathering of recorded webinars, and tips on navigating the meeting onsite. transportation practitioners and researchers in the world. All technical sessions and workshops (except the Human With the move to the Walter E. Washington Convention Cen- Factors workshops) will take place at the Walter E. Wash- ter, meeting attendees will be able to take advantage of new ington Convention Center. The committee meetings and Hu- amenities such as free wireless Internet, expanded space man Factors workshops will be held at the Marriott Marquis. for exhibits, and the convenience of all sessions taking place under one roof. This years theme is Corridors to the Future: Many committee meetings, sessions, and workshops will Transportation and Technology. take place in neighborhoods located within the meet- ing venues. These neighborhoods allow for events on http://www.trb.org/AnnualMeeting2015/ similar topic areas to be located in close proximity to each AnnualMeeting2015.aspx other. Locations of the neighborhoods are indicated in the floor plans that appear in the printed Final Program. The TRB 94 th Annual Meeting covers all transporta- tion modes, with more than 5,000 presentations in more than750 sessions addressing topics of interest to all at- tendeespolicy makers, administrators, practitioners, 18 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

19 SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS! Two in One: The WR 240i from Wirtgen makes a convincing impression when it comes to soil stabilization and cold recycling. In addition to perfect ergonomics and operation, clever automatic functions and outstanding terrain accessibility, the efficient engine and powerful milling and mixing performance ensure optimal results. You too can benefit from the technology leaders solutions. WIRTGEN AMERICA . 6030 Dana Way . Antioch, TN 37013 Tel.: (615) 501-0600 . www.wirtgenamerica.com

20 Baltimore PPRA Fall Meeting - It's a Wrap! - continued from page 1 AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA Members can download all presen- DelDOTs Micro Surfacing Program tations from the meeting by visiting the Papers and Presenta- Jim Pappas, Delaware Department of Transportation tions under the Members Only section of each associations website. These papers only being provided to attendees, The Double/Double Saves Money in Utah speakers of the event, and association members. Darren Coughlin, Coughlin Company 2014 PPRA Fall Meeting Papers include the following: The Benefits of Proactive Ultra-Thin Pavement Preserva- From Tuesday November 18, 2014 tion Put Some Money in Your Pocket John DeMartino, E.J. Breneman, Inc. Keynote Address Tim Smith, Maryland State Highway Administration Experience with FDR on Lower Volume County Highways in Wisconsin Lab & Field Observations Working Together for Success Dan Swiertz, Bitumix Solutions, Div. of H.G. Meigs, LLC Larry Galehouse, National Center for Pavement Preservation Colorado Uses HIR to be Green & Live within Their Micro Milling Program in Georgia The Economics Budget Sheila Hines, Georgia Department of Transportation Pat Kennedy, City of Denver, Colorado NCAT Test Track CIR in the Northeast Stretching Your Agency Budget Buzz Powell, National Center for Asphalt Technology Mike Polak, E.J. Breneman, Inc. Economics of Recycling Asset Management -This is how we do Business Mike Marshall, Wirtgen America, Inc. Stephen Gaj, Federal Highway Administration Saving Money in South Carolina with FDR Program Selling Preservation Some Different Approaches to Stan Bland, Portland Cement Association Helping Stakeholders Understand the Value Dan Patenaude, Sealcoating Inc. Effective Use of Flyash in Western USA Bill Prigge, Midwest Standards Engineering & Testing, Inc. Facing Funding and Weather Challenges Tanveer Chowdhury, PE, Virginia Department of Transporta- Project Story tion Pierre Peltier, Strawser, Inc. Effects of Mix Additives on Slurry & Micro Surfacing Update on BARM2 Durability Via Wet-Track Abrasion Testing Steve Cross, Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association Andrew Bickford, MWV Stretch Your Budget with Social Media MSCR Testing on Emulsion Residue Mike Dougherty, AEMA-ARRA-ISSA-PPRA Greg Harder, Asphalt Institute We look forward to seeing you in a few months when we meet Pavement Preservation & Recycling Summit 2015 at the Pavement Preservation & Recycling World Summit in Jean Claude Roffe, Colas, SA Paris, France on Feb 22 - 25, 2015. Silica Dust Milling Machine Update Howard Marks, National Asphalt Pavement Association Update from FHWA Emulsion Task Force Larry Galehouse, National Center for Pavement Preservation Wednesday November 18, 2014 Recycling Bruce Wehr, Asphalt Materials, Inc. New Emulsion-Based Seal Coat Technology Brian Majeska, InVia Pavement Technologies 20 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

21 PPRA 2014 - BALTIMORE OUR SPONSORS AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 21

22 PPRA 2015 PHOTO ALBUM Dan Patenaude - Sealcoating, Inc., giving his presentation ARRA Technical Director Steve Cross Todd Thomas - Colas Inc., Nelson Wesenberg - Colas Chuck Ingram - Slurry Pavers, Brian Majeska - InVia Solutions and ISSA Past President W.Pierre Peltier - Pavement Technologies LLC Strawser Construction, Inc. Daniel Swiertz - Bitumix Solutions Scott Metcalf - Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc. and Brian Diefenderfer - Virginia Department of Transportation 22 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

23 PPRA 2015 PHOTO ALBUM Inside the Baltimore Ravens Locker Room Scott Bergkamp - Bergkamp Inc., first out of the tunnel onto Raven's field. Go Scott! Center field at M&T Bank Stadium Doug Meyers - Blount Construction Company and Dennis Munks - The Sollami Company Ryan Essex - Miller Paving Limited Get your "Game Face" on. David Cannon - Road Recycling Council, Claire Cannon - JADCO Manufacturing Inc. and Dave Cannon - Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 23

24 Micro Surfacing on German Concrete Autobahn A5 - A Job Story Rainer Wiegmann, Consulting Engineer (for Schaefer-technic) Introduction which reduces the chances of chemical reactions within The political development of Europe in the past 20 years the structure. and the central location of Germany in Europe have Improves surface texture resulted in a significant increase in transit traffic through Germany. As a consequence our road network in Increases the lifetime of the overall structure particular, most of our highways - are exposed to increasing volumes of national and international freight traffic. This is an extremely effective and highly efficient process resulting in several major benefits to Due to the above innovative solutions in road construction the Road authorities and the users of the highways. and maintenance are required to cope with these excessive loads and to also cope with forecasted volumes The application process in the future. One innovative solution that has been successfully trialed is the application of Micro Surfacing Site location: right lane of the German Autobahn on a section of concrete highway. This work was carried A5 from Basel in direction of Frankfurt between out by German Micro Surfacing contractor Messrs. kilometer markers 601 - 591, close to Karlsruhe. Possehl Spezialbau GmbH from Sprendlingen / Rhh. The Reason of maintenance: lack in surface texture and grip background for this project was based on the following: In order to achieve a satisfactory bond between the Experience has shown that the life time of a concrete lane concrete surface and the Micro Surfacing, the surface approximately is 30 years. Early repair or even replacement must be dust free. For this reason a high pressure of a concrete roadway in conventional manner would water cleaner with water recovery system was used extremely be costly. For this reason preventive measures are with a working pressure of 150 bar to clean the surface. increasingly preferred in order to extend the lifetime of the road. As soon as the surface has been cleaned and any excess Thanks to the application of Micro Surfacing on a water removed, the application process of Micro Surfacing concrete road surface the merits of these two different began. To improve the adhesion between the new Micro materials - concrete and asphalt - can be ideally linked: Surfacing layer and the existing concrete surface a Tack Coat of Ralumac C65 DSK BP1 bitumen emulsion was Advantages of this Dual Maintenance System Micro on applied at about 220 g / m. This Tack Coat spraybar Concrete: was incorporated into the Micro Surfacing machine. High installation performance due to the relatively fast This special method of Micro Surfacing with integrated tack- application using modern Micro Surfacing machinery coating requires the latest machinery technology. The spray bar for tack-coating is located below the operators control Small, short traffic restrictions during the Micro Surfacing platform, directly behind the rear axle of the machine and in application. front of the spreader box. Traffic release on the freshly laid surface is about 20 min. after laying The manufacturer of the equipment used is Messrs. Schfer- Thanks to the high deformation resistance of the concrete technic GmbH, Fellbach / Stuttgart. substructure the compressibility or deformation of the Micro Surfacing layer is greatly minimized. This arrangement ensures that between the pre-spraying and Micro Surfacing the Tack Coated surface is undamaged and Reduction of road noise due to the relatively open free of dirt or tire marks no dirt or dust. structure of the Micro Surface. Low temperature protection of the concrete surface In the same run 12-13 kg/m2 Micro Surfacing type DSK 5 thanks to the insulation created by the Micro Surfacing (aggregate sieve size # 4: 4.75 mm) has been laid with the layer. aid of a spreader box located directly behind the spray bar. Micro Surfacing seals the concrete surface, eliminating As soon as the breaking process of the mix started the layer surface water penetrating into the concrete structure was compacted by an 18 ton rubber-tired roller. This helps to 24 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

25 Tack-coating spraybar in front of spreader-box Micro Surfacing on German concrete Autobahn A5 avoid possible future pressure deformations in the surface. Approximately 30 minutes later a second application of 12-13 kg/m Micro-Mix type DSK 5 (aggregate sieve size # 4: 4.75 mm) was applied and afterwards compacted by an 18 ton rubber-tired roller. This second layer ensures an even running surface, as the first layer regulates the Heavy load traffic on the Concrete Micro-Surface of the A5 underlying concrete surface. In total 25 kg/m was applied. These repairs of nearly 12 Km concrete highway have been carried out under traffic within 4 days each with restricted working hours - 10:00 to 20:00 oclock. The road authorities Autobahnmter Karlsruhe and Walldorf of the Regierungsprsidium Karlsruhe - were delighted with the outcome of this maintenance job. During this innovative trial several British road maintenance specialists visited job site, they were totally convinced that this process should be used in the United Kingdom to maintain concrete highways. AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 25

26 COMMITTEE REPORTS from the PPRA 2014 Fall Meeting AEMA International Technical Committee contaminants since the polymer should Mike Hemsley, Chairman burn and contaminants should not it is reasonable to assume that a 1% max ash A document addressing proper sampling, shipping, content would be ok. reheating and sampling the sample for testing has o AEMA to work with CTAA on obtaining this been created. It was in the Spring BOD meeting data. attachments for your review and approval. Still waiting on feedback. ASTM Meeting in December o Kadrmas has indicated that he will be RPG Update - In the process of making sure terms presenting on VOCs in emulsions. This is are in agreement throughout the document based on some work that they have been doing at BASF. Continued Updates for New Methods and Specs from Emulsion Task Force/Group. AMRL conducted round o Ultimately, it gives some ideas to what the robin testing on the last proficiency sample that was distillate levels mean (based in VOC) and distributed to AMRL labs. 22 labs participated in the how that relates to the amount of solvents extra testing. Results look ok, when comparing it to in emulsions. Table 3 in ASTM D-7175. I am currently awaiting o The only issues are the different types of the final results from Arlis. solvents and the levels of those as related to the ones tested. AEMA ITC Round Robin Groups are still in a holding pattern for the time being with AMRL round Robin Sampling / Handling / Testing letter for review to the data pending. AEMA Board. Receiving feedback. o That has been done as of today. I have Educational Chair Chair has asked a few questions already received some feedback. to establish direction. He is looking for expectations along with determining a topics and target audience RPG under review for the webinars. He is also looking for material that could be used for/by the universities. Are we ARRA Committee on Recycling Education Executive wanting to supply a full course of material or material Committee that can be included in a course on materials? Steve Cross, Chairman Communication with the universities has been difficult. Attempts have been made to determine Pavement Preservation Expert Task Group what the universities are currently using and calls Update have been left unreturned. 2014 FHWA Regional Seminar Update The notes that need to be added to the report as a result of our committee meetings are as follows: Cold Planing o Finalize CP101 Construction Guidelines for Asphalt Emulsion Recovery Method B Cold Planing o It is currently being thought of as OK for o F i n a l i z e C P 1 0 2 emulsion residue recovery and subsequent Construction DSR testing. Guidelines for Micro o Currently working on an ASTM method (thru Milling ASTM) and thinks the actual ASTM method o W o r k o n P o c k e t is 12 to 18 months away. Guide for CP ETF/ETG o P r e p a r e f o r f i n a l o Suggesting an Ash Content instead of review of CP chapters Solubility to combat issues with having of BARM II polymers (latex) in the emulsion residue. o Discuss need for CP o The polymers tend to plug the filter paper Brochure and the test was originally designed to detect Continued on page 28 26 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

27 The Unbeatable Combination: RX-900 cold planer and RT-500 cold recycler from Roadtec. Save More Money. Make More Money. MADE IN THE USA All types of surface cracking and distress can be xed with CIR technology from Roadtec. A rule of thumb is that CIR costs 50% less than rehabilitating with hot mix, and a CIR pavement will possess 80% of the strength of a hot mix pavement. Roadtec has been developing and rening its CIR technology over many years and offers a number of equipment congurations to help you meet your goals. To nd out how Roadtec can assist you with your CIR questions and equipment needs, contact us at the number below, or see our website www.roadtec.com. Because CIR is the Future of Road Rehabilitation. ROADTEC an Astec Industries Company 800 MANUFACTURERS RD CHATTANOOGA, TN 37405 USA 423.265.0600 FAX 423.267.7104 roadtec.com

28 COMMITTEE REPORTS from the PPRA 2014 Fall Meeting - continued from page 26 Hot In-place Recycling ARRA Cold Planing Committee o Prepare for final review of HIR Tom Chastain, Chairman chapters for BARM II o Prepare for review of TC3 Web based BARM Revisions course on HIR Inspector Training Guidelines General Discussion on Growing CP Committee o Prepare to supply productivity information for sustainability ARRA Cold Recycling Committee calculator for Southern Jason Wielinski, Chairman P l a i n e s Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n Center project and possibly CR 101, 201 and 301 FHWA project o Documents are ready to go online. o Discuss need for revision of Rewording completed this year to match HIR Brochure verbiage in the new BARM. CR 201 has been modified to include a note that CR Cold Recycling mix designs may be protected by some o Finalize CR 102 Construction Guidelines for patents. Cold Central Plant Recycling o ACTION ITEM: Committee please re- o Form task group for CR 401 Project Selection review CR 201 as is and provide feedback Guidelines on the final document. Steve Cross has o Prepare for final review of CP chapters for advised that the footnote on the patents BARM II should be included. He needs feedback from our group on how this should be o Prepare to supply productivity addressed. information for sustainability calculator for Southern Plaines BARM Chapters on CR Transportation Center project and o The BARM Chapters on CR will require possibly FHWA project one last and final look over. Mike Polak and o Discuss need for revision of CR Scott Metcalf volunteered to look them over Brochure one last time. Full Depth Reclamation 4. CR Mix Designs o Work on FDR 300 series, Quality Control o There was discussion on the effect of Guidelines for FDR temperature on CR mix designs. The o Prepare task force for review of FDR 200 discussion entailed whether or not the series on mix design temperature of the RAP being recycled plays more of a role on the design content than the o Prepare task force to assist Cross gradation of the RAP. Todd Thomas, Jason with TC3 Web based course on FDR Wielinski, and Don Mathews volunteered Inspector Training to work on putting some data together for o Prepare for final review of FDR evaluation. chapters of BARM II o Prepare to supply productivity Sustainability Calculator information for sustainability o Steve Cross will be distributing a calculator for Southern Plaines questionnaire on productivity for CIR and Transportation Center project and CCPR recycling through the committee. possibly FHWA project The information will be compiled to provide information for a sustainability calculator o Discuss need for revision of FDR Brochure for the Southern Plaines Transportation Center and possibly a FHWA project. 28 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

29 Cold Recycling Brochure And projected a sense of urgency to o The committee is going to request a limited get the agencies to accept a higher printing of the CIR brochure. Stephanie coefficient Drain has volunteered to review at the Discussion on the committees existing brochure. position to request Dr. Cross opinion to determine if a positional paper / Website ETF document / statement from this o Scott Metcalf and Mike Polak volunteered committee / ARRA recommendation to work on developing a want list and ideas to raise the Structural Coefficient for the ARRA website Regional Seminar discussion; focused on the Northeast CR 102 Construction Guidelines for CCAP o A draft of CR 102 was worked on during the Growing Membership committee meeting. Edits are being made o Recruit competitors to some sections and will be sent out for o Recruit engineers review. ARRA Hot In-Place Recycling Committee CR 401 Project Selection Guidelines Pat Faster, Chairman o Task force of Darren Coughlin, Don Mathews and Jason Wielinski established. Steve Furnish to Steve Cross fuel burn rates and other Cross has a graduate student working on the consumption figures decision tree program for project selection at General Discussion OSU. This program will be used as a starting point for CR401. Appoint new chairman John Danello, Gallagher Asphalt ARRA Full Depth Reclamation/Soil Stabilization Committee Kimbel Stokes, Chairman ISSA Chip Seal Committee Joe Brandenburg CORE Meeting Update/Dr. Cross o FHWA looking for contractor / location The Chip Seal Committee is currently being revised and will (Eastern) for Regional Seminar be accepting 6 to 8 new members. The new members will be comprised of suppliers, contractors and manufacturers. o Sustainability Calculator A proactive approach will be taken to educate and train ISSA N e e d p r o d u c t i o n v s . f u e l members on Chip Seal guidelines and best practices through consumption rates from committee presentations and committee meetings. The committee members will have its first official meeting of 2015 at the ISSA SSWS Cross will email a request to to discuss and review the A165 Chip Seal Guidelines for committee members and keep the content, accuracy, and flow. Once the A165 document is results confidential reviewed and revised it will be sent to some members of o BARM February to publisher FHWA ETF for their review and input. When the document is finalized it will then be submitted to the ISSA BOD for FHWA Update approval. o Lee Gallivan retired; Jason Dietz may replace him Quality Control Sampling and Testing Guidelines Review (Cold Recycling & Bituminous CR301) o Bituminous / Lime / Cementitious Small Groups Split out to adapt current CR301 to each product; Bituminous, Lime, Cementitious FDR Structural Coefficient Conversation o Several in the committee told stories of test data above .3 and as high as .39 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 29

30 Disponible ahora en espaol www.slurry.org 30 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

31 P TOLA N AT N TE OW N D ! 2016 NATIONAL PAVEMENT NPPC 16 PRESERVATION CONFERENCE October 1114, 2016 Nashville, TN O ca er g Am rvn Prese best b practices new materials, equipment & research PRACTITIONERS financial, environmental & social sustainability & EXPERTS training & certification DISCUSSING CRITICAL AASHTO TSP2 pavement ISSUES & preservation partnerships EXCHANGING IDEAS pavement management & pavement designs field demonstrations of preservation treatments & innovative technologies more information http://www.nationalpavement2016.org/ all four aashto regional pavement preservation partnerships together in one national event !

32 Board Proposed Amendments to ISSA Bylaws During its meeting on June 24 25, 2014, the ISSA Board of Directors approved the following changes to the ISSA Bylaws. These changes must be ratified by the membership during the 2015 Convention. CURRENT: ARTICLE II: MEMBERSHIP 2. Voting Membership. The following membership classes shall have a vote in all determinations of the Association at regular and special meetings or by mail vote (including facsimile and email). Voting members are eligible to serve as directors or hold office in the Association. Contractor Membership: Individuals or firms engaged as contractors or subcontractors in the business of emulsified asphalt slurry seal, micro surfacing, asphalt based chipseal and asphalt based crack treatment in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. Supplier Membership: Individuals or firms furnishing equipment and/or materials to the emulsified asphalt slurry seal, micro surfacing, asphalt based chipseal and asphalt based crack treatment industry in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. International Contractor Membership: Individuals or firms that qualify for Contractor membership, domiciled outside but not engaged as Contractors in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. International Supplier Membership: Individuals or firms that qualify for Supplier membership, domiciled outside but not engaged as Suppliers in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. PROPOSED: 2. Voting Membership. The following membership classes shall have a vote in all determinations of the Association at regular and special meetings or by mail vote (including facsimile and email). Voting members are eligible to serve as directors or hold office in the Association. Contractor Membership: Individuals or firms engaged as contractors or subcontractors in the business of emulsified asphalt slurry seal, micro surfacing, asphalt based chipseal and asphalt based crack treatment in the United States or Canada. Supplier Membership: Individuals or firms furnishing equipment and/or materials to the emulsified asphalt slurry seal, micro surfacing, asphalt based chipseal and asphalt based crack treatment industry in the United States or Canada. International Contractor Membership: Individuals or firms that qualify for Contractor membership, domiciled outside but not engaged as Contractors in the United States or Canada. International Supplier Membership: Individuals or firms that qualify for Supplier membership, domiciled outside but not engaged as Suppliers in the United States or Canada. 32 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

33 continuous or truck mounted... stop trying to decide NEW VSS STV Slurry Transfer Vehicle The STV takes the proven technology of the Material Transfer Vehicles (MTV) already used in the Road Construction Industry and applies it to road maintenance. The STV will allow you to make your Truck Mounted Slurry Machines into versatile Continuous or Standard slurry machines. The highly productive STV can work with both the Macropaver and competitors machines. EMULTECH EMULSION PLANTS Grow your business, enhance your versatility and control your quality by making your own emulsions. Emulsion Plants available in sizes producing 8, 16, 25, 40 and 75 tons per hour. Both stationary and mobile plants available. Popular sizes in stock. Call us to discuss your needs. www.slurry.com // [email protected] // (209) 874-2357

34 List of key websites American Assn of State Hwy Transportation Officials.....................AASHTO ..........http://www.transportation.org American Highway Users Alliance ..................................................AHUA................http://www.highways.org American Public Works Association................................................APWA ...............http://www.apwa.net American Road & Transportation Builders Association...................ARTBA..............http://www.artba.org ASTM International..........................................................................ASTM................http://www.astm.org Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association.................................AEMA................http://www.aema.org Asphalt Institute...............................................................................AI ......................http://www.asphaltinstitute.org Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association..................................ARRA................http://www.arra.org Associated General Contractors.....................................................AGC..................http://www.agc.org Bureau of Transportation Statistics.................................................BTS...................http://www.bts.gov CONEXPO .....................................................................................CONEXPO........http://www.conexpoconagg.com/ Federal Highway Administration......................................................FHWA................http://www.fhwa.dot.gov Foundation for Pavement Preservation...........................................FP2 ...................http://www.fp2.org International Bitumen Emulsion Federation....................................IBEF .................http://www.ibef.net International Road Federation.........................................................IRF.....................http://www.irfnet.org International Slurry Surfacing Association.......................................ISSA .................http://www.slurry.org National Asphalt Pavement Association..........................................NAPA................http://www.asphaltpavement.org National Association of County Engineers......................................NACE................http://www.countyengineers.org National Center for Pavement Preservation....................................NCPP................http://www.pavementpreservation.org North East Pavement Preservation Partnership..........................NEPPP..............http://www.pavementpreservation.org South East Pavement Preservation Partnership..........................SEPPP..............http://www.pavementpreservation.org Midwest Pavement Preservation Partnership..............................MPPP................http://www.pavementpreservation.org Rocky Mountain West Pavement Preservation Partnership..........RMWPPP..........http://www.pavementpreservation.org National Recycling Coalition............................................................NRC ..................http://www.nrc-recycle.org National Transportation Library.......................................................NTL...................http://ntl.bts.gov/index.cfm Pavement Preservation and Recycling Alliance..............................PPRA................http://www.ppralliance.org Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education..................................PEICE ...............http://www.peice.com Research In Progress......................................................................RIP....................http://rip.trb.org Southeast Asphalt User Producer Group........................................SEAUPG...........http://www.seaupg.org The Road Information Program ......................................................TRIP..................http://www.tripnet.org Transportation Research Board .....................................................TRB ..................http://www.trb.org World of Asphalt..............................................................................WOA..................http://www.worldofasphalt.com 34 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

35 Breathtaking... There is a simple beauty in the image of a perfectly re-surfaced roadway leading into the distance. But that beauty doesnt just happen. It is the result of a dedicated crew with the proper equipment solutions and a plan for success. Bergkamp has been providing pavement preservation solutions worldwide for over 35 years. We are the only manufacturer offering a complete line of equipment solutions that include full-size continuous and truck- and trailer-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers and Variable Platinum Lot Booth 8202 Width Spreader Boxes. Our exclusive EMCAD and EMS Systems increase production by reducing calibration time and simplifying production adjustments. Salina, Kansas USA Phone (785) 825-1375 PRESERVING Email [email protected] ROADS SMART NOW & TOMORROW www.bergkampinc.com INTERNATIONAL SLURRY SURFACING ASSOCIATION ISSA Color PMS Color: 186 C CMYK: C4 | M100 | Y83 | K1 RGB: R229 | G25 | B55

36 36 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

37 PPRS Paris 2015 Preliminary Program Subject to Change without Notice Name Organization Description 1 Opening session Opening addresses from executives 1.1 Jean Franois Cort President of the congress (PIARC) Welcoming address 1.2 J.C. Vidalies Secrtaire dtat aux transports 1.3 Bud Wright AASHTO Communicating the value of preservation MP Michael Cramer chairman of the European Parliaments transport and 1.4 European Parliament A European political approach tourism committee (TRAN); 1.5 Jacques Tavernier USIRF Maintaining infrastructures: time too act is now 1.7 Bill Finerty Caterpillar Building a stronger industry for the future of the road Vice President of the Diversified Products Division 2 Plenary session What are the social expectancies from the road users? The voice of various groups of road users 2.1 ric Le Corre, Directeur des affaires publiques Michelin How good roads are needed by the industry Building trust between road users and Government: an American AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 2.2 Greg Cohen American Highways users alliance perspective Christopher Chope , OBE, MP, Highway Maintenance All Party 2.3 Highway Maintenance All Party Parliamentary Group Why gathering politicians, road users, road agencies and the industry Parliamentary Group Chairman 2.4 Matthieu Flonneau University of Paris La "naturalisation" de la route : rupture et continuits ? 2.5 3 Economical impacts How inadequate preservation of the road network might affect the economy 3.1 Roy Brannen Transport Scotland Case study 3.2 Mark Harvey ITF the economic value of maintenance deferral What importance is attached to maintenance in the projects financed by 3.3 Bernard Becq Consultant development banks 3.4 Larry Galehouse NCPP Social and Economic Issues Facing Highway Agencies in the United States 3.5 Christophe Nicodme ERF Keeping Europe moving 4 FP2 session :a global approach A worldwide comparative approach. Should include preventive, routine, curative maintenance 4.1 Dr Buzz Powell NCAT Pavement Preservation Test Track full review 4.2 David Peshkins Applied Pavement Technologies Inc. The Changing Role of Pavement preservation in the United States PPRS PARIS 2015 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM Concrete pavement preservation: integrating engineering, economics and 4.3 John Roberts International Grooving and Grinding Association environment 4.4 Dale Decker - Best practices for Crack Treatment 4.5 Charles Grady Crafco Crack Sealing / Extending Service Life 5 Innovation drivers What are the incentives that play a positive role for the innovation? The role of the various parties involved should be explained 5.1 Richard Taylor US rep member of AI (Shell?) Le rle moteur du Matre dOuvrage pour le dveloppement de techniques 5.2 Ait Brahim Direction des routes du Maroc innovantes initiatives taken in The Netherlands to encourage innovation from the 5.3 Klaas Groen Netherlands private sector but also from ideas provided by the road users and the staff of the road administration 5.4 Bernard Hritier USIRF France Convention dengagement volontaire 37 5.5 Shin Joonsoo Korea Expressway Corporation Introduction of SMART Highway Test Bed and Test Results

38 PPRS Paris 2015 38 Preliminary Program Subject to Change without Notice Name Organization Description 6 Asset management part 1 Economical aspects; how to assess the value of the road asset. Magnitude of the budgets that are needed in order to stop a long term degradation 6.1 Shiregu Kikugawa Ministry Japan Japans challenges to manage ageing social infrastructures 6.2 Jari Kauppila OECD / ITF How to assess the value road assets in view of road assets management Case study in England showing the approach taken to assess the budgets 6.3 Lila Tachtsi Atkins needed to stop long term degradation of the road network Strategic analysis of maintenance needs for the non-urban road corridors in 6.4 Norbert Michel ARRB Australia 6.5 Regional Bank (envisage la BERD) Standpoint 7 AEMA session Emulsion technical review 7.1 Mark Mc Cullough AEMA president Emerging Emulsion Technologies in the US Measuring Surface Tackiness of Modified Asphalt Binders and Emulsion 7.2 Christine Gorsuch Akzo Nobel Residues using a Dynamic Shear Rheometer 7.3 Glynn Holleran Fulton Hogan Asphalt Chemistry and Emulsion Performance 7.4 Amit Bhasin University of Texas Electrokinetic Analysis of Asphalt Emulsions 7.5 Ralph Shirts Exxon Mobil Outlook on Energy Trends and possible Impact on Highway Maintenance The contribution of the equipment industry for innovation in pavement 8 maintenance A set of case studies 8.1 Off Highway Research Ltd The changing structure of the global construction equipment industry David Phillips 8.2 Filippo Baldassari Fayat Asphalt plants : how regulations drive equipment design 8.3 Andreas Marquardt Wirtgen When innovation is boosted by partnerships 8.4 Jean Franois Hamon Schaefer-Technick The way to perform in niche markets 8.5 Yvon Gerbel et Franois Chaignon COLAS S.A. Industries interactions: a success story 9 Asset management part 2 PPRS PARIS 2015 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM Management of road networks: maintenance strategies 9.1 Christophe Saintillan DIT (France) Stratgie de lentretien routier sur le rseau routier national franais Asset management in ASFINAG, a user financed motorway company in 9.2 Gerhard Eberl Asfinag (Austria) Austria 9.3 A DOT (US) Case study from US Austroads program manager for Asset Management and from New Zealand Developments in maintaining road infrastructure in New Zealand and 9.4 David Darwin Transport Agency Australia 9.5 Luc-Amaury George & Christine Deneuvillers Vectra Establishing a 3-D road maintenance policy 9.6 Didier Mheut Conseil Gnral des Yvelines Entretien co-responsable et conome du patrimoine routier 10 ARRA session Asphalt recycling and reclaiming review 10.1 Steve Cross ARRA ARRA activities bituminous CIR and FDR for the mechanistic-empirical pavement design 10.2 Chuck Schwartz University of Maryland program 10.3 Andr Clarac COLAS Sud Ouest mulsions de bitume: recyclage dagrgats denrobs 100% 10.4 Dr. Sun Bin, President Beijing Saint Ground Highway Tech Co., Ltd. Cold Central Plant Recycling experience in China (CCPR) AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 10.5

39 PPRS Paris 2015 Preliminary Program Subject to Change without Notice Name Organization Description 11 Chemical industry contribution to innovation in pavement preservation A set of case studies 11.1 Carlo Giavarini University of Roma La Sapienza The role of the chemical industry in the development of road technologies SITEB 11.2 Sergio Carrara Iterchimica New recycling practices: durable, modified warm mixes 11.3 Thomas Sandmann Total Deutschland Recycling on a high performance level 11.4 Bob Klutz Kraton Polymers U.S., LLC Thin, highly modified structural pavements 11.5 Edith Tartari Selenice Bitumi Natural asphalt: binder or additive? 12 Contracts What types of contracts for a cost effective maintenance: performance based contracts, multi-year contracts 12.1 Michel Dmarre FNTP General introduction AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 12.2 Oscar de Buen Richkarday PIARC The different types of road maintenance contracts in Latin America 12.3 Ms Katja Levola Finnish transport agency Multi-annual maintenance contracts in Finland 12.4 Yann Lefeuvre Highways Term Maintenance Association (UK) Long term maintenance contracts: latest news from the UK Delivering Good Asset Management in the Road Sector Through 12.5 Ben Gericke World Bank Performance Based Contracting 13 ISSA session Chip sealing, micro surfacing and Crack treatment technical review 13.1 Delong Wu LongFu/Focus, Ltd. A review of surface treatments used in China Measurements of the effectiveness of fiber reinforced micro surfacing 13.2 Stephane Charmot MWV China mixtures 13.3 13.4 Jean Etienne Urbain et Sabine Lebec Eurovia Application and interest of cape seal in road maintenance 13.5 Brian Majeska InVia Pavement Technology for Roadway An introduction to mastic emulsion technology 14 Industrial interactions The stage would be opened to industries which by products usable by the road industry: tire rubber, wood chips, steel slag 14.1 Ariel Cabanes Michelin conomie circulaire 14.2 M. Gitzhofer Afoco Lexprience franaise dans lutilisation des coproduits industriels 14.3 Tarunjit Butalia Ohio State University class C self-cementing fly ash PPRS PARIS 2015 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM 14.4 Rep German association for slag recycling A review of the reuse of slag in Europe 14.5 15 Funding Challenges and solutions for funding maintenance. Tolling, PPP, ear-market funds Ministre Fdral des Transports et des Infrastructures numriques 15.1 Edith Buss The German toll system for Heavy Goods Vehicles - a summary Germany 15.2 Joseph Haule Roads Fund Board, Tanzania Road Funds in Africa 15.3 Alex Van Niekerk Sanral Tolling in an urban environment: Challenges faced in South Africa 15.4 US / FHWA / DOT How to meet the challenges in the US Spanish experience in concessions to upgrade and maintain first generation 15.5 Francisco Criado Spain free motorways 16 A Word Of Emulsions A strategic review of the emulsion markets worldwide 39 16.1 Nasreen Tasker Argus Worldwide bitumen markets 16.2 Siobhan Mc Kelvey IBEF Worldwide statistics and market trends

40 PPRS Paris 2015 40 Preliminary Program Subject to Change without Notice Name Organization Description 16.3 Bernard Eckmann SFERB Technical challenges 16.4 GEPUR 16.5 Alejandro Fernandez Ministry of Works (Mexico) 20 years of surface treatments in Mexico 17 Sustainability: challenges for and initiatives from the road industry 17.1 Henri Molleron COLAS What are we talking about? 17.2 Laurence Couvreur Green chemistry Graziella Durand Claude Giorgi 17.3 Nizar Ghazireh Senior Research Manager LafargeTarmac Carbon Trust project The industry approach for the environmental challenges. Will include green 17.4 Clara Lorinquer Eurovia procurement Susanna Zammataro IRF Geneva 17.5 Mike Southern Concawe Proactivity: the use of bitumen in a changing environment 18 Closing session 18.1 Maxime Picat Peugeot CEO What infrastructures for the car of tomorrow 18.2 Hlne Jacquot Guimbal IFSTTAR La route de 5me gnration 18.3 Shell What infrastructures for the cities tomorrow? 18.4 Jean Franois Cort President of the congress What next???? Invitation for Seoul Thanks and closure PPRS PARIS 2015 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM and expertise in this field. of the World Road Association. maintenance demonstrates the http://www.ibef.net/en/news/30/ A recent report released by The importance of road maintenance regarding the importance of road by presenting evidence gathered World Road Association (PIARC) throughout the world. It is a major This report is in direct line with the Where we would share experience You will find it on the IBEF web site contribution shared by all members objectives of the PPRS Paris 2015. AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

41 Dont Miss This Workshop! Rex Eberly, the ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Committee Chairman, extends a personal invitation. The ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop gives attendees a unique opportunity to not only learn about Pavement Preservation through lectures and presentations but to observe outdoor demonstrations of slurry systems and other products being applied. There are also sessions that give attendees the chance to mix their own lab samples, view testing equipment and have one on one discussions with industry professionals. The workshop has something for every stakeholder in the Pavement Preservation pro- cess with specific presentations aimed at contractors, buyer agencies and suppliers. Whether you are new to Pavement Preservation or are an experienced hand, there is something to be gained at the workshop. Presentations start with the basics and then become more advanced as we move through the program. Finally, the chance to network and learn from over 275 other industry professionals is a valuable bonus. Please plan to join us January 19 22 and take advantage of this excellent educa- tional opportunity. Rex Eberly, Bergkamp, Inc., has been Chairing the Slurry Systems Workshop Committee since 2011. AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 41

42 2015 ISSA SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP REGISTRATION INTERNATIONAL SLURRY SURFACING ASSOCIATION 2015 SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP Featuring Pavement Preservation Techniques Including: Micro Surfacing/Slurry Surfacing/Chip Seal & Crack Treatment Registration Brochure HANDS ON PROGRAM FOR ENGINEERS, INSPECTORS, AND INDUSTRY PERSONNEL Januar y 19 - 22, 2015 Texas Stat io n H o t e l & C a sin o Las Ve g a s, N eva d a 42 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

43 2015 ISSA SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP REGISTRATION WHAT IS THE SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP? The Slurry Systems Workshop is a study course offering a challenging and informative program on slurry seal, micro surfacing, chip seals and crack treatments with hands-on operation demonstrations and workshop-type discussions. Highly qualified Pavement Preservation Specialists will cover topics on the above listed processes, including materials and equipment, specifications, hand mixes, calibration, quality control, and inspection. Attendees will also be able to view state of the art slurry, micro surfacing, chip seals and crack treatment equipment, independent of the paving dem- onstrations. ISSA encourages all ISSA members, and non-members who are contractors, suppliers, engineers, consultants as well as government agencies to attend this valuable workshop. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to all participants at the completion of the workshop. In addition to attending the workshop, your company or organization can become a workshop sponsor. Your company name will be listed in the final program as a sponsor, displayed on signage, and youll have the opportunity to bring company literature to display. Please read all of the enclosed information and send in your registration for this valuable and popular workshop. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (subject to change without notice) Monday, January 19, 2015 Thursday, January 22, 2015 12:00pm - 5:00pm Registration Desk Open 7:00am - 8:00am Continental Breakfast 6:00pm - 7:30pm Opening Cocktail Reception 7:00am - 4:00pm Registration Desk Open 8:00am - 8:05am Welcome Tuesday, January 20, 2015 8:05am - 8:30am Demo Review and Questions 7:00am - 5:00pm Registration Desk Open 8:30am - 9:30am Micro Surfacing in Canada 7:00am - 8:00am Continental Breakfast 9:30am - 9:55am To Be Announced 8:00am - 8:10am ISSA Welcome 9:55am - 10:00am Hand Mix Preview 8:10am - 8:15am Presidents Message 10:00am - 10:15am Break 8:15am - 9:00am Introduction to Slurry Systems 10:15am - 11:40am Group 1 - Slurry/Micro Calibration 9:00am - 9:30am 2014 Presidents Award 11:40am - 12:15pm Group 1 - Daily Material Reports and Other Record Keeping 9:30am - 10:00am Emulsions for Pavement Preservation 10:00am - 10:15am Break 10:15am - 12:45pm Group 2 Hand Mix Tables 15 minutes per session, 10:15am - 10:45am Aggregates for Emulsion Based Pavement Preservation plus one 15 minute session revisit a table 10:45am - 11:15am Intro to Crack Treatments Slurry Seal Hand Mixes 11:15am - 11:35am Equipment Maintenance Laboratory Equipment 11:35am - 12:00pm Web Based Training Phase 2 Micro Surfacing Hand Mixes 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch 1:00pm - 2:30pm Intro to Chip Seals Micro Surfacing - Troubleshooting 2:30pm - 3:00pm FHWA Report Chip Seal 3:00pm - 3:15pm Break Crack Treatment 3:15pm - 3:45pm Project Story - How to Make a Good Project Bonus Round 3:45pm - 4:15pm Emulsion Handling/Shipping/Storage 12:45pm - 1:45pm Lunch 4:15pm - 4:45pm Marketing Preservation Processes 1:45pm - 1:50pm Hand Mix Preview 4:45pm - 5:00pm Review/Preview/Questions 1:50pm - 3:05pm Group 2 - Slurry/Micro Calibration 6:00pm - 7:30pm Sponsors Reception 3:05pm - 4:20pm Group 2 - Daily Material Reports and Other Record Keeping 1:50pm - 4:20pm Group 1 - Hand Mixes - 15 minutes per session, Wednesday, January 21, 2015 plus one 15 minute session revisit a table 7:00am - 8:00am Continental Breakfast Slurry Seal Hand Mixes 7:00am - 5:00pm Registration Desk Open Laboratory Equipment 8:00am - 8:05am Welcome Micro Surfacing Hand Mixes 8:05am - 8:30am Project Showcase Micro Surfacing - Troubleshooting 8:30am - 9:00am Recycling of Asphalt Pavements Chip Seal 9:00am - 9:30am Combining Recycling and Pavement Preservation Processes 9:30am - 10:00am Micro Surfacing - Agency View Crack Treatment 10:00am - 10:15am Break Bonus Round 10:15am - 11:00am Mix Designs for Slurry/Micro 4:20pm - 4:45pm Panel Discussion 11:00am - 11:30am Troubleshooting Slurry Systems in the Field 4:45pm - 5:00pm Closing 11:30am - 12:00am Project Story 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch 1:00pm - 1:30pm Slurry Systems Best Practices and Craftsmanship 1:30pm - 2:00pm Cul de Sacs and Handwork 2:00pm - 2:30pm Spreader Box/Pugmill Principles 2:30pm - 2:35pm Demo Preview 2:35pm - 3:00pm Break 3:00pm - 4:00pm Contractors Showcase 4:00pm - 5:30pm Demo The Slurry Systems Workshop is made possible by ISSA and the ISSA Workshop Committee. AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 43

44 2015 ISSA SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP REGISTRATION ISSA 2015 SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP January 19 - January 22, 2015 Texas Station Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada REGISTRATION FORM Please register the following: REGISTRATION FEES : Organization ___________________________________________________________ COMPLETE THREE-DAY WORKSHOP Fees for the complete three-day workshop include three Address ___________________________________________________________ continental breakfasts, three lunches, two evening receptions, City ___________________________________________________________ all refreshment breaks, materials and handouts AND a T-Shirt. BEFORE DECEMBER 19, 2014 State ___________________________________________________________ 1-2 3 or more Registrants Registrants Zip/Postal Code __________________________________________________________ ISSA Member $ 525 each $ 475 each Country ___________________________________________________________ Government Agency $ 195 each Non-Member $ 1050 each Attendee 1 ___________________________________________________________ AFTER DECEMBER 19, 2014 1-2 3 or more Position ___________________________________________________________ Registrants Registrants ISSA Member $ 550 each $ 500 each Phone ___________________________________ T-Shirt Size ___________ Government Agency $ 225 each E-mail ___________________________________________________________ Non-Member $ 1100 each Attendee 2 ___________________________________________________________ SPONSORSHIP Position ___________________________________________________________ YES, my company would like to be a sponsor of the Slurry Systems Workshop for $750. Phone ___________________________________ T-Shirt Size ___________ YES, we will need a table to display literature at the E-mail ___________________________________________________________ workshop. NO, we will not need a table to display Attendee 3 ___________________________________________________________ literature at the workshop. Position ___________________________________________________________ Luncheon and Reception Sponsorships also available; please contact ISSA headquarters. Phone ___________________________________ T-Shirt Size ___________ E-mail ___________________________________________________________ Attendee 4 ___________________________________________________________ Position ___________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________ T-Shirt Size ___________ E-mail ___________________________________________________________ Attendee 5 ___________________________________________________________ Position ___________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________ T-Shirt Size ___________ E-mail ___________________________________________________________ Total Registration Fees Enclosed $ _____________________________ Yes, I need a receIpt, please send to: Sponsorship Enclosed + $ _____________________________ emaIl Fax ________________________________________ Total Enclosed $ ____________________________________ Check Mastercard VISA American Express Account #_____________________________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________ Name as it appears on card: ______________________________________________ CVV2 # __________________ Please return the completed registration form by December 19, 2014, with a check payable to ISSA for the total registra- tion fees to: ISSA, #3 Church Circle - PMB 250, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. Credit card registrations may be faxed to ISSA Headquarters at 410-267-7546 or emailed to [email protected] 44 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

45 2015 ISSA SLURRY SYSTEMS WORKSHOP REGISTRATION INFORMATION REGISTRATION POLICY: ISSA will not process any registration form that is not accompanied by payment, period. What this policy means is that ISSA will not make any related arrangements for any person whose registration form is received without payment. CANCELLATIONS: Notification must be received in writing by ISSA headquarters if you have registered for the Workshop and subsequently find you will be unable to attend. If registration cancellation is necessary, ISSA will refund registration fees in accordance with the following schedule: Cancellation received by: Refund: January 5, 2015 100% minus $25 January 11, 2015 50% of registration fee January 12, 2015 No Refund No shows will be charged the full registration fee. Substitutions may be made at any time by contacting ISSA headquarters at (410) 267-0023. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Although ISSA expects to be able to accommodate all meeting registrants, we urge you to complete and return the registration form to ISSA, and contact the hotel, no later than December 19, 2014. After that date, we cannot guarantee hotel reservations at the Texas Station Hotel; space available will apply. HOTEL: The Texas Station Hotel, 2101 Texas Star Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89032. ISSA has negotiated a special room rate of $65.00 + tax (January 17 24, 2015.) (Don't forget to mention the Group Code: TCIISSA as shown below). *Rates quoted are for Monday Thursday only. Friday - Saturday rates are $45.00 + tax at the Texas Station. MAKE YOUR ROOM RESERVATIONS ONLINE: https://rooms.sclv.com/cgi-bin/lansaweb?PROCFUN+RN+ RESNET+TEX+funcparms+UP%28A2560%29:;TCIISSA;?/ TEXAS STATION HOTEL & CASINO WEBSITE: https://texasstation.sclv.com/Hotel/ and put in group code TCIISSA where it says offer code CALL IN: 800-654-8888 In order to assure room availability and to receive the group rate, you must make your reservation by December 19, 2014. After that date, room reservations will be accepted on a space available basis. The first nights deposit is non-refundable unless reservations are canceled 48 hours before the day of arrival. Check-in time is 3:00 pm and check-out time is 12:00 noon. Facilities at the Texas Station include casino, 60 lane bowling center, 18 screen movie theatre, 6 restaurants and Starbucks. The hotel is just 15 miles from McCarran International Airport. SPONSORSHIP: For $750, your organization will be recognized on signage at the workshop, listed as a work- shop sponsor in the final program, highlighted in the ISSA Report, have opportunity for equipment displayed outside, your company logo will appear on the workshop T-shirt and listed on the workshop CD. As an extra bonus, at your option and at no additional cost, ISSA will provide you with 10 feet of exhibit space outside the workshop classroom. For enhanced value, consider sponsoring a workshop reception, please contact Program Assistant, Meredith Kennedy (410) 267-0023 or [email protected] for more details. GENERAL INFORMATION: Please call (410) 267-0023, email [email protected] or write to ISSA Head- quarters, #3 Church Circle, Annapolis - PMB 250, Maryland 21401 if you have any questions or concerns. International Slurry Surfacing Association #3 Church Circle, PMB 250 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 USA 410-267-0023 410-267-7546 fax e-mail [email protected] website www.slurry.org AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 45

46 JEAA Bulletin Japan Emulsified Asphalt Association (JEAA) Journal Mr. Yukio Yamauchi, Chairman of JEAA time to host the international associations Board meeting. Questions should be directed to: On the meeting, administrative matters and accounts were approved. In addition, the activities from members Hiraku HAYASAKA association as Japan, China, Korea, Russia, India, Thailand, Secretary General USA, France and the UK were introduced. Site visit was held Japan Emulsified Asphalt Association on the next day, the attendees visited Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Pine Central Bldg. 4F the oldest pavement (Warrbit pavement) in Tokyo, surface 2-11-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-Ku treatment and woodchip pavement. Tokyo 104-0031 JAPAN Telephone81-3-5159-8096 Applying Micro Surfacing at National Route 297 Fax 81-3-5159-8097 Y. Ishikawa and T. Sakai, Isumi Public Works Office, Chiba E-mail [email protected] Prefecture M. Takahashi, Toa Road Corporation Japan Emulsified Asphalt Association (JEAA) Journal #193 This is a construction report of Micro Surfacing at National Route 297 in Chiba Prefecture. The current traffic volume Introduction of Paper from the 5 th Eurasphalt & is N5 (250 1000 vehicles/day, per lane), but it is estimated Eurobitume Congress (5) to increase since a new road junction has opened recently. Overseas Documents Working Group, Technical Committee, As preventive maintenance, Micro Surfacing is applied in JEAA 8,820m2 with 8mm thickness using rapid setting type modified asphalt emulsion. Prior to application, existing cracks are This is the introduction of a paper from the 5th Eurasphalt sealed using asphalt emulsion sealer. Two months after & Eurobitume Congress in 2012, introducing the following application, it shows no stripping and cracking. The surface paper: is in good condition. A5EE-428 A Detailed Assessment of Grave-Emulsion Combining Trial Section Monitoring and Laboratory Testing Questions and Answers Jean-Pierre Serfass, Vincent Gauderoy, Alain Beghin, Lionel Technical Committee, JEAA Odie, Francois Verhee, Chantal De La Roche and Louisette Wendling (France) Questions from JEAA members and answers from Technical Committee; 1) Appropriate time of application and effect of asphalt emulsion as preventive maintenance, 2) Tire Introduction of Paper from the 5 th Eurasphalt & adhesive ration in JEAAS for PKM-T emulsion used for Eurobitume Congress (6) trackless tack coat, 3) Measurement method/standard of Overseas Documents Working Group, Technical Committee, adhesive strength of tack coat. JEAA This is the introduction of a paper from the 5th Eurasphalt Topics and JEAA News & Eurobitume Congress in 2012, introducing the following paper: 34th Annual Meeting of JEAA was held on June 18, 2014 and Mr. Yukio Yamauchi was approved for a second A5EE-098 Modified Bitumens Derived from Particle Stabilized term as Chairman of JEAA. Mr. Hiraku Hayasaka was Emulsions appointed as the new Secretary General. Alan James, Qiong Zhou (USA) The following JEAA activities plan in 2014 was approved: Minutes of Board Meeting of the International Bitumen 1. Standardization of asphalt emulsion quality, Emulsion Federation (IBEF) in Japan surveying manufacturing technology. tienne le Bouteiller (International Bitumen Emulsion 1) Mechanical evaluation of asphalt emulsion for Federation) tack coat 2. Developing and promoting multilateral demand of This is the minutes of the Board Meeting of IBEF in Japan in asphalt emulsion. March 2014, hosted by JEAA. As a member of IBEF, JEAA has been exchanging information since 1996 and it is the first 46 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

47 1) Promoting cold mix paving Asphalt Emulsion Production from April to June 2014 (t) 2) Promoting modified asphalt emulsion for Items impermeable layer in porous asphalt pavement Penetration Modified Division Mixing Type Total 3) Surveying technology to expand use of asphalt Type Emulsion emulsion Hokkaido 1,006 105 266 1,377 3. Survey and research of manufacturing/application Tohoku 3,983 1,986 404 6,373 of asphalt emulsion Kanto 4,901 768 890 6,559 1) Bibliographic survey (domestic and abroad) on Hokuriku 1,116 98 178 1,392 application of cold mix and WMA. Chubu 1,776 418 511 2,705 4. Surveying demand and technical trend of asphalt emulsion, providing information, promotion and Kinki 1,647 483 463 2,593 education of research result. Chugoku 1,236 168 287 1,691 1) Publishing bulletin Asphalt Emulsion (three Shikoku 747 21 139 907 times a year, 3,400 copies in January, 3,100 Kyushu 2,412 199 342 2,953 copies in April and August) Okinawa 334 0 18 352 2) Translation and reprint of the paper on 5th E&E Total 19,158 4,246 3,498 26,902 Congress 3) Providing document for technical seminar, including its revision 4) Presentation and co-sponsoring 93rd Asphalt Seminar 5) Participating PPRS Paris in February 2015 6) Discussion with authorities and associations 7) Fulfilling and renewing JEAA Website 5. Other associated activities 6. Asphalt emulsion produced amount by JEAA members are shown below: Asphalt Emulsion Production in FY2013 (t) Items Penetration Modified Division Mixing Type Total Type Emulsion Hokkaido 6,615 676 1,767 9,058 Tohoku 22,473 16,262 2,003 40,738 Kanto 28,809 14,873 5,586 49,268 Hokuriku 6,006 1,549 606 8,161 Chubu 11,642 9,932 3,442 25,016 Kinki 8,703 3,524 2,284 14,511 Chugoku 7,674 1,997 2,086 11,757 Shikoku 3,781 1,047 400 5,228 Kyushu 16,563 7,681 3,206 27,450 Okinawa 1,836 0 76 1,912 Total 114,102 57,541 21,456 193,099 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 47

48 ISSA Welcomes New Members CONTRACTOR MEMBERSHIP SUPPLIER MEMBERSHIP ViaSun Corporation Heritage Research Group 731 N. 19th Avenue 7901 W. Morris Street Phoenix, AZ 85009 Indianapolis, IN 46231 Phone480-268-9669 Phone734-770-9106 Fax 480-268-6295 Email [email protected] Email [email protected] Website www.thginfo.com Websitewww.viasuncorp.com Joe Brandenburg, Emulsion Research & Technical Rolando Perez, President Specialist Asphalt Preservation Research and Development of emulsified asphalts; techni- cal, production, and field support of our asphalt/emulsion manufacturing facilities and micro surfacing/chip seal construction businesses. ISSA Logo Available to Members The ISSA logo is available for distribution to ISSA members. ISSA Members may find this useful for stationery, advertising graphics, brochures, websites, etc. To receive the new logo via e-mail, just send a note to ISSA headquarters: [email protected] ARRA Welcomes New Members SUPPLIER MEMBERSHIP ZYDEX, Inc. 106 Kitty Hawk Drive Morrisville, NC 27560 Web www.zydexindustries.com Phone 919-342-6551 Fax 919-544-3784 *Radhika Kiran, Manager [email protected] *Doug Zuberer, Business Development Manager [email protected] Nanotechnology based waterproof chemicals, Aggregates ARRA Logo Available to Members The ARRA logo is available for distribution to ARRA members. This is useful for use in statio- nery, advertising graphics, brochures, websites, etc. To receive the logo via e-mail, just send a note to ARRA headquarters: [email protected] 48 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

49 R O A D R E H A B I L I TAT I O N When Time Is Money, Speed Is Everything Kennametals new ECO Pro tools are specially constructed so you can run your tm machines faster with less fuel. that means significantly reduced overall operating costs, making RoadRazor ECO Pro an unmatched combination of tm ultimate service life, efficiency, and productivity. Lower operating costs. Reduced fuel consumption. Increased uptime and performance. Improved holder protection. to experience the advantages of RoadRazor ECO Pro, tm contact your Kennametal salesperson or call 800.458.3608. 2012 Kennametal Inc. l All rights reserved. l B-12-02803 www.kennametal.com

50 Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association 2014 - 2015 Board of Directors & Committees BOARD OF DIRECTORS COMMITTEES President - Mark McCollough Annual Meeting Program Planning - Archie Reynolds Asphalt Materials Inc., Indianapolis, IN Walker Emulsions, Burlington, ON Canada 905-336-1216 [email protected] 314-249-0839 [email protected] Mike Hemsley Paragon Technical Services, Inc., Richland, MS 601-932-8365 [email protected] Vice President - Archie Reynolds Walker Emulsions, Burlington, ON Canada Asphalt Institute Liaison - Bucky Brooks 905-336-1216 Asphalt Materials Inc., Oregon, OH 419-693-0626 [email protected] [email protected] ASTM Liaison - Andrew Bickford Secretary/Treasurer - Mark Ishee MeadWestvaco Corporation, N. Charleston, SC 843-746-8156 [email protected] Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Jackson, MS Emulsion Task Force Liaison - Arlis Kadrmas 601-933-3000 BASF Corporation, Wichita, KS 316-200-7326 [email protected] [email protected] Finance - Mark Ishee Past President - Bucky Brooks Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Jackson, MS 601-933-3000 [email protected] Asphalt Materials Inc., Oregon, OH International Bitumen Emulsion Federation - Gaylon Baumgardner 419-693-0626 Paragon Technical Services, Inc., Jackson, MS 601-933-3000 [email protected] [email protected] International Symposium on Asphalt Emulsion Technology 2016 - Gaylon Baumgardner Director - Diane Franseen Paragon Technical Services, Inc., Jackson, MS 601-933-3000 [email protected] H.G. Meigs, LLC, Portage, WI 608-742-5354 Membership - Bucky Brooks [email protected] Asphalt Materials Inc., Oregon, OH 419-693-0626 [email protected] Director - Hans Ho Pavement Preservation ETG - Mark Ishee Telfer Oil Company, Martinez, CA Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Jackson, MS 601-933-3000 [email protected] 925-228-1515 x1329 PPRA - Mark Ishee [email protected] Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Jackson, MS 601-933-3000 [email protected] Director - Dan Koeninger Mark McCollough Terry Asphalt Materials Inc., Hamilton, OH Asphalt Materials Inc., Indianapolis, IN 314-249-0839 [email protected] 513-673-8840 [email protected] Archie Reynolds Walker Emulsions, Burlington, ON Canada 905-336-1216 [email protected] Director - Craig Moore Cleveland Asphalt Products, Shepherd, TX PPRA 2014 Meeting - Diane Franseen 800-334-0177 H.G. Meigs, LLC, Portage, WI 608-742-5354 [email protected] [email protected] Supplier Members - Todd Ryne Director - Mark Smith Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry LLC, Chicago, IL 312-543-9443 [email protected] Vance Brothers Inc., Kansas City, MO 816-923-4325 [email protected] Supplier Member Rep - Todd Ryne Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry LLC, Chicago, IL 312-543-9443 ITC - International Technical Committee [email protected] Mike Hemsley (Chairman) International Member Rep - Jean Claude Roffe Paragon Technical Services, Inc., Richland, MS 601-932-8365 [email protected] Colas, Boulogne Billancourt Cedex France Joe Brandenburg (Vice Chairman) +33-1 476-17380 Asphalt Materials, Inc., Indianapolis, IN 734-770-9106 [email protected] [email protected] Committee on Education - Barry Baughman ITC Chairman - Mike Hemsley ULTRAPAVE Corporation, Dalton, GA 706-277-1300 [email protected] Paragon Technical Services, Richland, MS Committee on Emulsion Materials - Roger Hayner 601-932-8365 859-620-1295 [email protected] [email protected] Committee on Maintenance Technology - Arlis Kadrmas General Counsel - David H. Baker BASF Corporation, Wichita, KS 316-200-7326 [email protected] Law Offices of David H. Baker LLC, Washington, DC Committee on Paving Technology - Marty Burrow 202-253-4347 Vance Brothers. Inc., Kansas City, MO 816-923-4325 [email protected] [email protected] Environmental & Regulatory Issues - Everett Crews Executive Director - Mike Krissoff MeadWestvaco Corp., N. Charleston, SC 843-746-8470 [email protected] AEMA, Annapolis, MD 410-267-0023 [email protected] 50 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

51 QP QUIMICA de los PAVIMENTOS Pioneers in Spain Leading producer of emulsifiers for slurry We manufacture our own unique formula POLYBIT QP-S Additives a d closures ro MICROSURFACE COHESION Cationic emulsifiers r Shorte Bitumen modifiers Antistripping agents QUICK DRYING LOW BREAKING EMULSION COHESION & STABILITY We will solve your problems in bituminous binders and their applications - samples available on request quimicadelospavimentos.com [email protected] Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association http://www.facebook.com/aema.social Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association http://www.facebook.com/arra.social International Slurry Surfacing Association http://www.facebook.com/issa.social Logo Available to Members The AEMA Logo is available to AEMA members in an electronic version; we will be pleased to send you one. For an electronic version of the AEMA logo, contact [email protected] AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 51

52 AEMA Members Go to www.aema.org to more information for all AEMA members. NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURER MEMBERS INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURER MEMBERS Albina Fuel Company Asphalt Processors Inc. Asphalt Emulsion, Inc. Colas SA Asphalt Materials Inc. Reda National Company Asphalt Products Unlimited Inc. Tipco Asphalt Public Co., Ltd. Asphalt Systems Inc. Associated Asphalt SUPPLIER MEMBERS Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc. AKZO NOBEL Surface Chemistry LLC BTB Corporation BASF Corporation California Commercial Asphalt, LLC CorsiTech Calumet Specialty Products LLP Dalworth Machine Cleveland Asphalt Products E.D. Etnyre & Co. Coastal Energy Corporation HEATEC Inc. COBITCO, Inc. Innophos, Inc. Duncor Enterprises Inc. International Tank Service, Inc. Dynasol Kao Specialties Americas LLC Emulsion Products Company Kraton Polymers, LLC Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc. McConnaughay Technologies Eurovia Group MeadWestvaco Corporation Flint Hills Resources LP Momentum Technologies International, a div. of RCMA Gorman Group Americas, Inc. Greater Cincinnati Asphalt Terminal Pinova Inc. Heartland Asphalt Materials ULTRAPAVE Corporation Henry G. Meigs LLC Holly Frontier ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Hudson Materials Co. American Refining Group Idaho Asphalt Supply Inc. Asphalt Technologies Group Jebro Inc. Auxilia Consulting Services LLC Marathon Petroleum Corporation Bitumar USA, Inc. Martin Asphalt Company Finocchi & Associates McAsphalt Industries Ltd. InVia Pavement Technologies, LLC Michigan Paving & Materials Co. Maritime Asphalt Emulsion Inc. Midland Asphalt Materials, Inc. MTE Services, Inc. Missouri Petroleum Paragon Technical Services Inc New England Emulsions Corp. Patch Management Pacific Emulsions, Inc. Pavement Preservation Systems, LLC Peterson Oil Company RAD Inc. Pounder Emulsions - A division of Husky Oil Limited Scott Construction Quality Emulsions, LLC West-Can Seal Coating Reed & Graham Inc. Road Science, Division of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Russell Standard Corp/Hammaker East, Ltd. Asphalt Contractor/Cygnus Business Media S&S Emulsions Daniel T. Murphy STEB Division of Sintra Inc. German Hernandez Talley Oil Inc. Roeslin & Associates, Inc Telfer Oil Co. Roger Hayner Terry Asphalt Materials, Inc. University of Arkansas Tri-State Asphalt, LLC Unique Paving Materials Corp. HONORARY MEMBERS US Oil & Refining Company Norman R. Aguirre Vance Brothers, Inc. Jack N. Dybalski - Consultant Vestal Asphalt Inc. *Jim Sorenson - Federal Highway Administration VSS International, Inc. Donald L. Nielsen Walker Emulsions *deceased Western Asphalt Products Western Emulsions Inc. 52 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

53 Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association 2014 - 2015 Board of Directors & Committees BOARD OF DIRECTORS ARRA COMMITTEES President - Patrick Faster Affiliate Members - Stephanie Drain Gallagher Asphalt Corporation, Thornton, IL S. Drain Engineering of IL, Charleston, IL 312-919-9527 [email protected] 708-877-7160 [email protected] Annual Meeting Program - Stephen A. Cross, Ph.D., PE Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 405-744-7200 [email protected] Vice President - Ryan Essex Miller Paving Limited, Gormley, ON Canada Todd Thomas 905-726-9518 Colas Solutions Inc., Cincinnati, OH 973-610-2260 [email protected] [email protected] Government Relations - John Rathbun Secretary/Treasurer - John Irvine Cutler Repaving Inc., Lawrence, KS 785-843-1524 [email protected] Roadtec, Chattanooga, TN 319-431-0594 Membership - John Irvine [email protected] Roadtec Inc., Chattanooga, TN 800-272-7100 [email protected] Past President - Bill Garrity Pavement Preservation ETG - Mike Polak Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming Inc., Bloomfield, CT E.J. Breneman LP, West Lawn, PA 610-678-1913 [email protected] 860-243-2300 [email protected] PPRA - Patrick Faster Gallagher Asphalt Corporation, Thornton, IL 708-877-7160 [email protected] Director - Darren Coughlin Coughlin Company, St. George, UT Ryan Essex 435-634-1266 Miller Paving Limited, Gormley, ON Canada 905-726-9518 [email protected] [email protected] Bill Garrity Director - Dale Cronauer Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming Inc., Bloomfield, CT 860-243-2300 [email protected] Blount Construction Co., Inc., Marietta, GA 770-541-7333 PPRA Meeting - John Irvine [email protected] Roadtec Inc., Chattanooga, TN 800-272-7100 [email protected] Director - Tom Kiernan Supplier Members - Tom Kiernan Lafarge Corporation, Lockport, IL Lafarge Corporation, Lockport, IL 630-514-5284 [email protected] 630-514-5284 [email protected] Director - Terry Sharp Caterpillar Paving Products Inc., Maple Grove, MN COMMITTEE ON RECYCLING EDUCATION (CORE) 763-315-5503 TECHNICAL SUBCOMMITTEES [email protected] Director - Ron Wilson Dustrol, Inc., Towanda, KS Technical Director - Stephen A. Cross, Ph.D., PE 316-619-4429 Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 405-744-7200 [email protected] [email protected] Technical Director - Stephen A. Cross, Ph.D., PE Cold Planing - Tom Chastain Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK Wirtgen America Inc., Antioch, TN 615-501-0600 [email protected] 405-744-7200 [email protected] Cold Recycling - Jason Wielinski Asphalt Materials, Inc./Heritage Research Group, Indianapolis, IN Legal Counsel - David H. Baker 317-519-3565 [email protected] Law Offices of David H. Baker LLC, Washington, DC 202-253-4347 Full Depth Reclamation/Soil Stabilization - Kimbel Stokes [email protected] The Miller Group Inc., Morrow, GA 770-968-9100 [email protected] Executive Director - Mike Krissoff Hot In-Place Recycling - John Danello ARRA, Annapolis, MD Gallagher Asphalt Corporation, Thornton, IL 708-877-7160 [email protected] 410-267-0023 [email protected] Technical Review - Todd Thomas Colas Solutions Inc., Cincinnati, OH 973-610-2260 [email protected] AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 53

54 ARRA Members Go to www.arra.org to find information for all ARRA members. CONTRACTOR MEMBERS SUPPLIER MEMBERS AFFILIATE MEMBERS - continued All States Asphalt Inc. Asphalt Materials, Inc. Mason County Highway Dept. Alpha Milling Company, Inc. BLS Enterprises, Inc. McCleary Engineering ARS Companies, Inc. BOMAG Americas, Inc. Midland Standard Engineering & Testing, Inc. Asphalt Busters Carmeuse Lime and Stone Missouri DOT Base Construction Technologies, Inc. Caterpillar Paving Products Inc. Morris Engineering, Inc. Blount Construction Co., Inc. Colas Solutions Inc. National Center for Pavement Preservation Byrne & Jones Stabilization Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Ontario Hot Mix Producers Assn Coughlin Company, Inc. Essroc Italcementi Group Pavement Services, Inc. Cruickshank Construction Fusion Inc. Portland Cement Association Cutler Repaving Inc. Graymont Inc. Road Recycling Council Donegal Construction Corp. JADCO Manufacturing Inc. S Drain Engineering of IL, LLC Dunn Company, Div of Tyrolt Inc. Kenco Engineering, Inc. Scott County Secondary Road Dept. Dustrol Inc. Kennametal Inc. Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc. E.J. Breneman Inc. Lafarge, Inc. Stancliffe Services LLC Ellis Consolidated Pty. Ltd. MeadWestvaco Corporation Stephen A Cross, Ph.D., PE Flex-Tech Resources Ltd. Mintek Resources Inc. Texas Road Recyclers Fonseca McElroy Grinding Co., Inc. Road Science, A Div of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals The Barnhardt Group LLC Fresar Tecnologia de Pavimentos Ltda. ROADTEC Inc. Township of Plainsboro Gallagher Asphalt Corporation Sandvik MGT Construction Tools University of Maryland Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming Sollami Company Virginia Asphalt Association Gazzola Paving Limited Stoltz Mfg., LLC Washington State County Road Admin Board George & Lynch Inc. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. Whitpain Township Green Roads Recycling Ltd. Tricor Refining WHPacific Incorporated Highway Rehab. Corp Tri-State Asphalt, LLC James J. Anderson Construction Tungco Inc. HONORARY MEMBERS Koss Construction Company Western Emulsions, Inc. American Public Works Association Lanford Brothers Co. Wirtgen America Inc. Asphalt Institute Lavis Contracting Company, Ltd. ZYDEX, Inc. Doug Bernard Quixote Transportation Safety Manatts Inc. Roy G. Biscamp, PE NMSPE Maritime Road Recycling Inc. AFFILIATE MEMBERS Frank Stan Bland, Jr. SCDOT Midstate Reclamation, Inc Alt & Witzig Engineering *Ken Damgaard Arizona Pavement Profiling Miller Paving Limited AME Materials Engineering Jon A. Epps Granite Construction Inc. Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group Inc. American Engineering Luther Hall Terex Roadbuilding Municipal CIP Recycling Ltd. Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. Bill Heitschmidt Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. Applied Research Associates Inc. Carl L. Monismith Univ. of California Berkley Paveover, Inc. Asphalt Contractor/Cygnus Business Media National Asphalt Pavement Association Payne & Dolan Inc. Asphalt Pavement & Recycling Technologies, Inc. Jim Pickett Pickett Consulting Group Reclamation Inc. of Kingston Benchmark Inc. - Pavement Consulting Division *Jim Sorenson - FHWA Recon Construction Services Inc. Bitumix Solutions Al Sproull Richards Paving, Inc. Braun Intertec *Jack Taylor - Consultant Roadway Management Inc. Cement Council of Texas Gordon F. Whitney PE Whitney Consultants Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc. City of Edmonton Transportation Dept. ROTO-MILL INC. City of Glendora *deceased Ruston Paving Co., Inc. City of Los Angeles DPW Sanders Brothers Construction, Inc. Construction Equipment Guide Slurry Pavers Inc. Construction Materials Services, Inc. Specialties Company, LLC Cummins Engineering Corporation Swank Construction Company, LLC Dakota Asphalt Pavement Association Tenmile Creek Excavating, LLC DBA Engineering Ltd. Terra Firma Stabilization & Reclamation Delaware County Engineer The Lane Construction Corporation ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC The Miller Group Inc. Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. Turner Asphalt, Inc. Jeff Zell Consultants Wadel Stabilization, Inc. JR Paine & Associates Ltd. Kercher Engineering Inc. La Belle - Marvin Inc. Le Sueur County Highway Department Loudon International LVM Inc. 54 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

55 International Slurry Surfacing Association 2014 - 2015 Board of Directors and Committees BOARD OF DIRECTORS COMMITTEES President - Christine Deneuvillers Chipseal - Joe Brandenburg VECTRA, La Verriere France Heritage Research Group, Indianapolis, IN 734-770-9106 [email protected] +33 7 87 56 93 68 Crack Treatment - Bryan Darling [email protected] Crafco Inc., Chandler, AZ 602-276-0406 [email protected] Vice President - Rusty Price Slurry/Micro Surfacing - Rusty Price Intermountain Slurry Seal, Salt Lake City, UT Intermountain Slurry Seal, Salt Lake City, UT 801-526-6144 [email protected] 801-526-6144 Asia Market Development - Songchang Huang [email protected] Research Institute of Highways (RIOH), Haidian, Bejing, China [email protected] Dave Welborn (Co Chair) Secretary - Carter Dabney MWV Specialty Chemicals, N. Charleston, SC 918-237-3783 [email protected] Slurry Pavers, Inc., Richmond, VA 804-264-0707 China Membership - Delong Wu Shanghai Longfu Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Songjiang, Shanghai, PR China [email protected] [email protected] Asia Technical Development & Promotion - Stephane Charmot Treasurer - Eric Reimschiissel MWV China Holding - Asphalt Innovation Shanghai Application Center Shanghai, PR China [email protected] American Pavement Preservation, Las Vegas, NV Awards - Doug Ford 702-507-5410 Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] [email protected] Bylaws - Doug Ford Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] Immediate Past President - Doug Ford Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 2015 Convention - Carter Dabney 714-826-3011 Slurry Pavers, Inc., Richmond, VA 804-264-0707 [email protected] [email protected] Bob Jerman (Convention Co-Chair) MWV Specialty Chemicals, N. Charleston, SC 843-746-8155 [email protected] Technical Director - Bob Jerman European Specifications - Jean Etienne Urbain MeadWestvaco Corporation, N. Charleston, SC Eurovia Management, Rueil Malmaison, France 33 1 471 64858 [email protected] 843-746-8155 Government Relations - Scott Bergkamp [email protected] Bergkamp Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1375 [email protected] Director - Scott Bergkamp Industry Relations - Doug Hogue Bergkamp Inc., Salina, KS VSS Macropaver, Hickman, CA 209-874-2357 [email protected] 785-825-1375 Information Services - Carter Dabney [email protected] Slurry Pavers, Inc., Richmond, VA 804-264-0707 [email protected] Director - Rex Eberly International Members - Christine Deneuvillers VECTRA, La Verrierre, France 33-7-87-56-93-68 [email protected] Bergkamp Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1375 Membership - Doug Ford Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] [email protected] Nominating - Doug Ford Director - Rich Francis Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] Southwest Slurry Seal Inc., Phoenix, AZ Past Presidents- Doug Ford 623-582-1919 Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] [email protected] PPRA - Christine Deneuvillers Director - Doug Hogue VECTRA, La Verrierre, France 33-7-87-56-93-68 [email protected] VSS Macropaver, Hickman, CA PPRA - Doug Ford 209-874-2357 Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] [email protected] PPRA - Rusty Price Intermountain Slurry Seal, Salt Lake City, UT 801-526-6144 [email protected] Director - Howie Snyder Slurry Systems Workshop - Rex Eberly Vance Brothers, Inc., Kansas City, MO Bergkamp Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1375 [email protected] 816-923-4325 [email protected] Supplier Members - Bill Cooper Bergkamp Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1375 [email protected] Director - Larry Tomkins Technical Director - Bob Jerman Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc., Jackson, MS MWV Specialty Chemicals, N. Charleston, SC 843-746-8155 [email protected] 601-933-3000 Technical Marketing/Webinar - Larry Tomkins [email protected] Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc., Jackson, MS 601-933-3000 [email protected] Director - Dave Welborn Technical Response Team - Rich Wenthe (Chair) MWV Specialty Chemicals, North Charleston, SC 843-637-7531 [email protected] MWV Specialty Chemicals, N. Charleston, SC 918-237-3783 Bryan Darling [email protected] Crafco Inc., Chandler, AZ 602-276-0406 [email protected] Doug Ford General Counsel - David H. Baker Pavement Coatings Company, Jurupa Valley, CA 714-826-3011 [email protected] Law Offices of David H. Baker LLC,Washington, DC Bob Jerman 202-253-4347 MWV Specialty Chemicals, N. Charleston, SC 843-746-8155 [email protected] [email protected] Carlos Mata Ascoli Executive Director - Mike Krissoff Asfaltos de Centroamerica S.A. de C.V., San Salvador, El Salvador 503-773-03638 [email protected] ISSA, Annapolis, MD Rusty Price 410-267-0023 Intermountain Slurry Seal, Salt Lake City, UT 801-526-6144 [email protected] [email protected] Joe Brandenburg Heritage Research Group, Indianapolis, IN 734-770-9106 [email protected] 56 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

56 ISSA Members Go to www.slurry.org to find detailed contact information for all ISSA members. CONTRACTOR MEMBERS SUPPLIER MEMBERS - continued GOVERNMENT MEMBERS A-1 Chipseal & Rocky Mountain Pavement Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc. AASHTO Materials Ref. Laboratory Alakona Corp. General Liquids Canada Ltd. City of Emporia American Asphalt Repair & Resurfacing Co. Heritage Research Group City of Englewood American Pavement Preservation Hudson Materials Company City of Florissant American Pavements, Inc. McAsphalt Industries Limited City of Greeley Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, LLC MeadWestvaco Corporation City of Houston Asphalt Surface Technologies Corp. (ASTECH) Paramount Petroleum City of Huntington Beach Benedict Slurry Seal Inc. Petrochem Materials Innovation, LLC City of Kingsville Blackline, Inc. Road Science LLC City of Laguna Niguel California Pavement Maintenance Tri-State Asphalt, LLC City of Las Vegas Streets & Sanitation Doug Martin Contracting Company Inc. TYMCO, Inc. City of Lewiston PW Street Division Duncor Enterprises Inc. ULTRAPAVE Corp. City of North Las Vegas Fahrner Asphalt Sealers LLC VM Fiber Feeders, Inc. City of Pocatello Foothills Paving & Maintenance, Inc. VSS Macropaver, a Div of Reed International City of Scottsdale Geneva Rock Products, Inc. Western Emulsions Inc. Los Angeles County DPW Graham Contractors Inc. Wright Asphalt Products Company RIOH - MOC Greenwood Paving Ltd. Town of Gardnerville Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTOR MEMBERS Village of Pleasant Prairie IPR Ltd. Asfalca S.A. de C.V. Whitpain Township Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC Asfaltos de la Frontera SA de CV Midwest Coatings Company, Inc. Asfaltos Emulsificados, S.A. AFFILIATE MEMBERS Mission Paving & Sealing, Inc. Downer Infrastructure Asphalt Contractor/Cygnus Business Media Missouri Petroleum Eurovia Management Expanded Shale, Clay & Slate Institute Morgan Pavement Fulton Hogan Limited Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry Pavement Coatings Co. Herdoiza Crespo Construcciones S.A. National Center for Pavement Preservation Pavement Maintenance Systems LLC Proyextra S.A. de C.V. The Barnhardt Group, LLC Pavement Solutions, Inc. RAD Inc. Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. Showa Rekisei Industry Co Ltd. HONORARY MEMBERS Regional Pavement Maintenance of Arizona Tipco Asphalt Public Company Limited *Russell R. Ballou Ballou Construction Co. Roadway Services, Inc. *C. Robert Benedict Benedict Slurry Seal Sealcoating Inc. INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIER MEMBERS Melvin Bergkamp Bergkamp Inc. Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. Colas SA Michael Buckingham Buckingham Consulting LLC Slurry Pavers Inc. Cold Chon (Galway) Ltd - Colas Teo *Norman (Bud) Clovis Ballou Construction Co. Southwest Slurry Seal Inc. Nynas AB Fred Dabney Slurry Pavers Inc. Strawser Construction, Inc. Quimica de los Pavimentos, S.A. Charlie Gagnon Ballou T.L. Wallace Construction, Inc. Schfer-Technic GmbH Doug Hall Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC TELFER Highway Technologies Secmair - Breining Rudy Jimenez University of Arizona The Miller Group Shanghai Longfu Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Nigel Kerrison Vance Brothers Inc. VECTRA France Harold McKeever Roads & Streets Magazine Vestal Asphalt Inc. VP Technologies, LLC Darryl Montgomery ViaSun Corporation WEIRO Weisig Maschinenbau GmbH Bob Province APCO Viking Construction Inc. *Jerry Ritschel VSS International, Inc. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Bob Shey West-Can Seal Coating Inc. AMEC Environment & Infrastructure Inc. *Jim Sorenson FHWA Asphalt Pavement & Recycling Technologies, Inc. *Ted Van Pelt SUPPLIER MEMBERS Construction Engineering Labs *Raymond Young ACP Applied Products Integrated Asphalt Solutions, LLC Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC Kercher Engineering, Inc. *deceased BASF Corporation Kisinger Campo and Associates Bergkamp Incorporated Paragon Technical Services Inc. Colas Solutions Inc. Petroleum Sciences, Inc. CorsiTech PRI Asphalt Technologies Inc. Crafco Inc. PSI Technologies Inc. E.D. Etnyre & Co. WRI AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4 57

57 MASTER CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS 2015 Jan 11 - 15 TRB 94th Annual Meeting www.trb.org Walter E. Washington Convention Center - Washington, DC Jan 19 - 22 Slurry Systems Workshop www.slurry.org Texas Station Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 22 - 25 PPRA World Congress www.pprsparis2015.com Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile- Paris, France (AEMA, ARRA, ISSA, PPRA, IBEF, ICPP) Mar 17-19 World of Asphalt www.worldofasphalt.com Baltimore, Maryland Apr 19 23 NACE www.countyengineers.org Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront - Daytona Beach, Florida Aug 30 Sep 2 APWA www.apwa.net Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ Oct 13 15 PPRA 2015 Fall Meeting www.ppralliance.org Sheraton on the Falls Niagara Falls, ON, Canada 2016 Jan 19 - 22 Slurry Systems Workshop www.slurry.org Texas Station Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 23 - 26 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting Hyatt Regency Coconut Point - Bonita Springs, Florida Apr 24 28 NACE www.countyengineers.org Hotel Murano - Tacoma, Washington Oct 11 14 National Pavement Preservation Conference Renaissance Nashville Nashville, Tennessee www.nationalpavement2016.org Nov 1 - 4 AEMA ISAET www.aema.org Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia 2017 Feb 14 17 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona 2018 Feb 20 23 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting Renaissance Esmeralda, Indian Wells, California Updated December 12, 2014 58 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

58 Friedrich-List-Str. 41- 45 70736 Fellbach Germany Fon +49-711- 95 79 30 10 Fax +49-711- 95 79 30 60 [email protected] www.schaefer-technic.com 60 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Newsletter 2014 Issue #4

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