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1 Action Summer 2007 Keeping Your Pet Safe The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center saves lives 24/7

2 >> PRESIDENTS NOTE Protecting Animals Board of Directors Round-the-Clock Officers of the Board Photo by Kristy Leibowitz Hoyle C. Jones, Chairman, Linda Lloyd Lambert, Since Menu Foods announced its Vice Chairman, Sally Spooner, Secretary, massive pet food recall on March James W. Gerard, Treasurer 16, the ASPCA has been flooded with calls from concerned pet Members of the Board Penelope Ayers, Alexandra G. Bishop, J. Elizabeth parents and animal welfare professionals alike.The Bradham, Reenie Brown, Patricia J. Crawford, ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is the only 24- Jonathan D. Farkas, Joan C. Hendricks, V.M.D., Ph.D., hour, 365-day facility of its kind, and it is timely that it Franklin Maisano, Elizabeth L. Mathieu, Esq., is the cover story for this issue of ASPCA Action. William Morrison Matthews, Majella Matyas, The ASPCA is the oldest humane organization in Sean McCarthy, Gurdon H. Metz, Leslie Anne Miller, North America, and were more dedicated than ever to Michael F.X. Murdoch, James L. Nederlander, Jr., Marsha Reines Perelman, George Stuart Perry, our work preventing animal cruelty and finding Helen S.C. Pilkington, Gail Sanger, William Secord, permanent, loving homes for adoptable pets all across Frederick Tanne, Richard C. Thompson, the country. But we are also committed to being there Cathy Wallach for the millions of compassionate citizens like you, and one of our goals is to be the number one resource for Directors Emeriti pet parents in America. Steven M. Elkman, George Gowen, Alastair B. Martin, Thomas N. McCarter 3rd, Marvin Schiller, Whether its saving a pet that has been accidentally James F. Stebbins, Esq. poisoned, fighting to pass humane laws, rescuing animals from abuse, or sharing resources with shelters across the The ASPCA country, the ASPCA is there, changing the face of 424 East 92nd Street New York, NY 10128-6804 animal welfare. It is my hope that the ASPCA, thanks to (212) 876-7700 the support of members like you, will always be there, E-mail: [email protected] making a difference for pets and pet parents alikeeven in the most desperate times of need. Volume 3, Number 2 ASPCA Action is published four times a year by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Edwin Sayres 424 East 92nd Street New York, NY 10128-6804 ASPCA President & CEO Postmaster Send address changes and undeliverable copies to: ASPCA Action Returns P.O. Box 97288 Washington, DC 20090-7288 ASPCA Action Copyright 2007 ASPCA. All rights reserved. Editorial created by Rebus LLC, 632 Broadway, 11th Floor, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and New York, NY 10012. ASPCA are registered trademarks. Cover: Aaron Goodman. For permission to reprint material from ASPCA Action, please direct requests to: Send subscription inquiries to: ASPCA Action, 424 East 92nd Street, ASPCA Action New York, NY 10128-6804. 110 Fifth Avenue Second Floor This newsletter is not intended to provide advice on individual pet health New York, NY 10011 matters or to substitute for consultation with a veterinary doctor. E-mail for ASPCA Action: [email protected] 2 ASPCA Action

3 >> COVER STORY Keeping Your Pet Safe The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Protects Pets 24/7 Top 10 Reasons for Calls to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 1. Pills and other people medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, and dietary supplements 2. Insecticides used to kill fleas, ticks, and Photo Credit: Kate Flock/Newton Tab. other insects 3. Mouse and rat poisons 4. Pet medicines, such as heartworm preventatives, arthritis relievers, and nutritional supplements Foods like chocolate, fine for people, can be toxic to pets, especially small (and determined) ones like Oscar. When Deborah Novick of Newton, managing the many potential poisons a MA, settled in for a leisurely meal with wayward pet can get into. Its an friends and family this past holiday amazing service, she says. They season, their pet dog Oscar, a 7-1/2 year determined that Oscar had eaten a toxic 5. Household cleaners, old dachshund with a nose for treats, amount of chocolate for his size and such as bleaches, was nowhere in sight. He was busy in weight. I rushed out to buy some detergents, and the next room, it later became apparent, hydrogen peroxide to make him throw disinfectants peeling the foil wrappers off the up, but that didnt do the trick. 6. Herbicides chocolate Hannukah gelt that had been Thats when Novick, on the advice of 7. Plants, such as lilies, rhododendron, left unattended. ASPCA experts, headed to her local azalea, sago palm, When we discovered Oscar had clinic, the Veterinary Emergency & kalanchoe, and eaten 40 pieces of chocolate, which I Specialty Center of New England in schefflera knew was bad for dogs, I called my vet Waltham, MA. Oscar came in after 8. Chocolate right away, says Novick. It was late in midnight with a distended belly and a 9. Home improvement products, including the evening, and I got a recording rapid heart rate; his life was at risk, says paint, solvents, and telling me to call the ASPCA Animal Dr. Heather Chalfant, the veterinarian expanding glues Poison Control Center. who treated him there. We consulted 10. Fertilizers Novick was soon speaking with an with the ASPCA on a treatment plan ASPCA toxicologist, expertly trained in and, happily, after a nights observation, Summer 2007 3

4 >> COVER STORY Oscar was ready to go home. Control Center has a vast amount of knowledge on so many Round-the-Clock Service different toxins, says Dr. Chalfant. The ASPCA Animal Poison Thats why we use them solely, Control Center is the only 24- and advise people who attend our hour, 365-day facility of its kind, pet first-aid class to keep their dispensing emergency lifesaving phone number on hand, along advice to pet parents and with other important contacts. veterinarians from throughout Because the service is not North America, and across the supported by state or federal globe. Staff includes 28 grants, as human poison control veterinarians, many board-certified centers are, the ASPCA must Pet First Aid Kit in toxicology, aided by dozens of charge a $55 fee to cover costs in Keep the phone number of the certified veterinary technicians most cases. It may seem like a lot ASPCA Animal Poison Control and assistants, including of money, says Novick. But they Center(888) 426-4435along students from the nearby give you a tremendous amount of with that of your local vet or College of Veterinary follow-up and follow-through. clinic in a prominent location. Have ready an emergency first Medicine at the Not only did they talk to me aid kit that includes: University of Illinois in several times during the course of Champaign-Urbana, the night. They talked to the A fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent USP (to where the call center emergency room vet several times induce vomiting) first started nearly 30 as well. years ago. A turkey baster, bulb syringe, or large medicine syringe (to The ASPCA A Panoply of Poisons squirt peroxide) Animal Poison The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Saline eye solution, plus artificial tear gel (to lubricate maintains updated eyes after flushing) files on more than one Mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid (to bathe million animal after skin contamination) individual cases and an Forceps (to remove stingers) ever- A muzzle (to protect against expanding list fear- or excitement-induced of more than biting) 60,000 A can of your pets favorite wet potential food toxins, ranging A pet carrier from pills and Always consult a veterinarian or pesticides to the ASPCA Animal Poison household Control Center for directions on cleaners and how and when to use any nonpet- emergency first-aid item. friendly plants. You can purchase a Pet First Aid This extensive Kit at the ASPCA online store: As little as one teaspoon of antifreeze can be deadly to database allows a cat; one to two tablespoons can kill a 10-pound dog. the ASPCA to 4 ASPCA Action

5 >> COVER STORY remain on the frontlines of poison prevention. During the recent contaminated pet food recall, for example, ASPCA experts were on Pets & Medications: hand to speak with concerned pet parents and to consult with veterinary professionals managing A Dangerous Mix the crisis. When Pam McQuade, a self-described The ASPCA was also among the basset hound addict from Nutley, NJ, first to identify, or publicize, such discovered that her beloved Lady Jane potential pet hazards as grapes and had chewed into her bottle of blood pressure medicine, she called the ASPCA raisins, Xylitol (found in sugarless Animal Poison Control Center right away. gum), liquid potpourri, avocados They informed me I should give her (especially toxic to birds), and the hydrogen peroxide to make her throw up. antidepressant Effexor (a special Though Jane wasnt a happy camper, 20 Photo by: Roberta Vega hazard for cats). Similarly, the minutes later she was fine, says ASPCA has helped dispel common McQuade. I used to keep my medication misconceptions and Internet on my dining room table, where my cat could knock it down; now I keep it safely rumors, such as that Swiffer WetJet locked away. products and Greenies brand pet treats are especially hazardous to Pets that improperly ingest medications accounted for nearly half of the more than 116,000 cases the ASPCA pets, both false. Animal Poison Control Center handled last year. The best way to prepare A newsletter and continuing for a pet poison emergency is to prevent it in the first place: education program help get the word out to practicing Never give your pet any medication without the direction of a veterinarian, cautions Dr. Steven Hansen, Senior VP of the ASPCA veterinarians. In addition, an Animal Poison Control Center. Even one extra-strength acetaminophen ASPCA Veterinary Lifeline Partner can be deadly to a cat, and just four regular-strength ibuprofen can lead to Program allows some 3,400 serious kidney problems in a 10-pound dog. veterinary clinics across North Keep all drugs out of the reach of your pets, preferably in closed America to gain rapid access to cabinets above the counter. Dont line a weeks supply of medicines up poison center recommendations on the countertop, where a child or pet could easily knock them off, and other vital information, advises Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, Medical Director of the ASPCA Animal including a copy of case records Poison Control Center. Remind guests to store their medications safely as by e-mail or fax. well. Take your medications in a safe place, such as in the bathroom with A Typical Day the door closed, Dr. Gwaltney-Brant adds. Many exposures occur when On one recent day, calls someone drops a pill, or the whole bottle, and the pet dives in. included a Persian cat that Child-proof doesnt mean pet-proof, says Dr. Camille DeClementi, developed a weeping eye ulcer ASPCA Director of Content and Records Management. Puppies can (possibly from a shampoo to chew and get to things a child cant. Cats get up on everything. remove tear stains); a Boston terrier that gnawed on kitchen ant elder bugs (apparently much less that swallowed a battery; a Russian bait; a tabby that got into kerosene harmful than ladybugs). space monkey that gnawed on a in the basement; a Lab-retriever More exotic cases the ASPCA Teflon panel; an anthropologists mix that chewed open a bottle of Animal Poison Control Center has pup that teethed on curare-tipped shoe polish; and a curious mutt successfully handled through the arrows; a fuel-guzzling chimpanzee that consumed a cluster of box years include an aquarium dolphin from Cameroon; and a twitching Summer 2007 5

6 >> COVER STORY pet tarantula accidentally left behind when a flea defogger was set off. As part of ongoing efforts to Saving Gracie aid all animals in need, the ASPCA When Angel Bringelson of Animal Poison Control Center Salem, OR, awoke to find her beloved six-year-old plays a vital role in the ASPCAs domestic shorthair Gracie round-the-clock lifesaving efforts, listless and drooling in says Dr. Steven Hansen, a February, she rushed her to veterinary toxicologist and Senior the local clinic. Sores on the VP of the ASPCA Midwest cats lips and gums led her Office, which includes the Animal to believe the cat had knocked over a bottle of Poison Control Center. Last year, disinfectant cleaning fluid, we handled more than 116,000 then stepped through it and cases and helped save more than licked her paws. 84,000 animals lives. Those An ASPCA Animal Poison numbers continue to grow. Control Center expert was able to walk the veterinary If your pet is poisoned: team through a successful care plan that included a pain shot, medications for the mouth ulcers, and an appetite booster to get the Try to stay calm. Panic only cat eating again. After three days, including an ASPCA follow-up call, Gracie was back to her old mischievous self, says Bringelson. We interferes with the process of couldnt have been happier with the service we got from the ASPCA. aiding your pet. You take notice when someone shows genuine care and interest. Take 30 to 60 seconds to safely collect any materials involved. This will help your local tiredness or drinking more water involved), the amount that your veterinarian or ASPCA than usual. Anywhere from one pet was exposed to or ingested, toxicologist determine what to three days later, signs of and how much time has gone by poisons, if any, your pet may kidney failure, with severe since the time of exposure. Have have been exposed to. vomiting and an inability to pee, the product container or If you need to take your pet may develop. At this later stage, packaging handy for reference. to a local clinic, bring the its not always possible to save Important: If your animal is products container with you. the animal. having seizures, losing Also, use a sealable plastic bag to consciousness or unconscious, or collect any material your pet Call the ASPCA Animal Poison having trouble breathing, may have vomited or chewed. Control Center Hotline at: (888) telephone ahead and bring your If your pet consumes anything 426-4435. A $55 consultation pet immediately to your local you suspect might be fee may be applied to your credit veterinarian or emergency clinic. poisonous, dont hesitate to seek card. Be ready with the following If necessary, the veterinarian on emergency aid, even if your information: duty may call the ASPCA Animal animal seems fine. Symptoms Poison Control Center. may be hard to detect at first, The species, breed, age, sex, says Dr. Charlotte Means, a weight, and number of animals For more information and a veterinary toxicologist with the involved; wealth of pet poison prevention ASPCA. Cats exposed to lilies, The animals symptoms; tips, visit the ASPCA Animal for example, may initially show Information about the potential Poison Control Center online at only vague symptoms, like toxin (if you know what was 6 ASPCA Action

7 >> NEWS ASPCA Mission: Orange Update Target-city kickoffs point to a more humane future for Americas pets National Outreach. These programs will continue to boost adoptions in Austin and communities nationwide. Advanced ASPCA anti-cruelty training in Austin and other locales will provide further protection for animals, as will ongoing commitments to disaster preparedness and grassroots training. Plans are under way to work with groups like Habitat for Humanity, working to educate new pet parents on pet care and behavior, thereby keeping pets from enteringor re-entering ASPCA Mission: Orange efforts in Austin include a new spay and neuter shelters. clinic, innovative adoption programs, and advanced anti-cruelty training. ASPCA Mission: Orange Day Animal welfare groups in Austin, vision of creating a country of In Tampa, a Mayoral proclamation TX, and Tampa, FL, gathered in humane communities, one declared February 26, 2007, ASPCA February for local kickoffs of community at a time. Mission: Orange Day. There, ASPCA Mission: Orange, the ASPCA partners Hillsborough ASPCAs groundbreaking new Homeless Animal Summit County Animal Services, the effort to expand humane care and Local launch activities included an Humane Society of Tampa Bay, No protection to animals throughout ASPCA-sponsored Austin More Homeless Pets, and Animal the United States. Along with Homeless Animal Summit, where Coalition of Tampa gathered to Philadelphia, PA, and Gulfport- ASPCA Mission: Orange partners commit to the three-year campaign. Biloxi, MS, these communities are Animal Trustees of Austin, the Donors were welcomed at a each targeted to receive up to Austin Humane Society, Sunday reception, and even the $600,000 in ASPCA funds over EmanciPET, Town Lake Animal Florida Department of Citrus three years. With ongoing support Center, and other groups pledged joined in by providing oranges from ASPCA experts, the goal is to to work together to end animal during the weekends events. make each a humane community, homelessness. Were working to build a safety where no animals are at risk simply Lifesaving ASPCA programs net for animals, as efforts ramp up because they lack a home. like Meet Your Match, which in other ASPCA Mission: Orange The collaborative partnerships color codes pets with prospective communities as well, says the of ASPCA Mission: Orange will new parents, and More and Better ASPCAs Morris. These intense, serve as a model to other Adoptions are already making a collective efforts mean more communities across the country, difference for cats and dogs at risk adoptable pets will be finding a says ASPCA President & CEO Ed for being euthanized in shelters home. To learn more, visit us on Sayres. We are off to a great start across the country this year, says the Web at as we move one step closer to our Senior VP Julie Morris of ASPCA missionorange. Summer 2007 7

8 >> NEWS BRIEFS presented on February 10 at New Yorks Grand Hyatt Hotel. The award honors those whose dedication raises public awareness of the well- being of animals. The organization partnered with the ASPCA to Photo: Mary Bloom transfer lost, abandoned, and Classroom Supporters injured pets following the Hats off to the 7th and 8th graders devastation of Hurricanes Katrina of Martino Junior High School in and Rita. For the past 83 years, New Lenox, IL, who raised $450 Houston SPCA Named we have worked hard to make our through a candle sale for the community a better place for ASPCA Hurricane Relief Fund. Shelter of the Year animals and people, says Houston Our student council was very The Houston SPCA, which SPCA President Patti Mercer proud to give to these helpless provides aid to more than 100,000 (second from left), shown with animals, especially after watching animals a year, was the proud colleagues from Houston and the the news based out of Mississippi, recipient of the ASPCA 2006 ASPCA. We are thrilled to said teacher and advisor Kimberly Shelter of the Year Award, receive this recognition. Hamilton. The ASPCA 2007 Annual Meeting of Members will be held at ASPCA 2007 ANNUAL The ASPCA, 424 E. 92nd St., New York, NY, at 9 A.M. on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 All ASPCA members of record* are welcome to participate. MEETING OF MEMBERS Please note: If you are unable to attend to vote in person, please mail your proxy (see below). VOTING MEMBER PROXY | ASPCA ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS | WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2007 The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals MEMBERS NAME The ASPCA Board of Directors Solicits this Proxy: The undersigned hereby constitutes and appoints Mr. Hoyle C. Jones, Mr. James STREET ADDRESS W. Gerard, and Mr. Edwin J. Sayres, or each or any of them, with the full power of substitution, as proxies to appear and vote in the name of the undersigned, at the offices of the ASPCA, 424 E. 92nd St, New York, NY, on the day of June 13, 2007, at 9 A.M. and at any and all adjournments thereof; and the undersigned CITY hereby revokes any other proxy heretofore given by him or her and instructs said proxies to vote upon any business that may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment thereof. STATE *You are allowed to attend and participate in the ASPCA 2007 Annual Meeting of Members only if you became a member of the ASPCA on or before the ZIP meeting record date of February 28, 2007, contributed $25 or more, and are over 18 years of age. If you do not plan to attend the meeting, please execute this proxy immediately. SIGNATURE Send to: The ASPCA, Attention: Annual Meeting Notice, 424 E. 92nd St., New York, NY, 10128-6804. Only proxies received through the mail by the ASPCA on or before June 12, 2007, shall be counted. Proxies may also be DATED submitted in person at the meeting. 8 ASPCA Action

9 >> RESCUE ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement in action Damsels in Distress eaten in weeks. says of the She was near death loving pooch, when we rescued her, now full grown says ASPCA Assistant at 40 pounds. Shes one of those Director of Humane Law dogs that sticks to you, so Enforcement Joseph affectionate. She dives under the Pentangelo of the mother covers when I go to sleep at night. dog, christened Damsel by And when I take her to the local ASPCA staff and volunteers who nursed the affectionate canine back to health. Her black- and-white pup, named Jezebel, proved equally resilient and was soon bouncing about playfully A new life for Dani, rescued by ASPCA agents. the way a puppy should. t was a heart-wrenching sight: A New and Better Life I A mother dog, so undernourished she couldnt walk, her one surviving pup Colin McCarthy had been to the ASPCA before, working construction on the ASPCAs clinging to her desperately trying newly renovated state-of-the-art in vain to nurse. Thats the scene adoption center. When he moved that confronted ASPCA Humane last year to a roomy new home in Jezebel the pup has a loving new home. Law Enforcement agents Joseph Astoria, NY, the longtime animal Lemos and Omar Negrillo, who lover knew where to go to adopt. pet store or the vet, everyone came to the house in Queens, NY, As soon as I saw Damsel at the knows her and shouts, Theres after a concerned citizen called the ASPCA, I knew she was the one Jezebel! ASPCA with an animal cruelty for me, says McCarthy. He This past November, Dani and tip. renamed the loving dog Dani, in Jezebels original owner got a The starving pit-bull terrier and honor of her new life, and fitting sentence for starving the her emaciated pup were rushed to couldnt imagine my life without family of pets: 16 months in prison the ASPCAs Bergh Memorial her now. My sister showers her for Felony Animal Cruelty. Its a Hospital in Manhattan, where they with all the latest doggie fashions, new degree of seriousness for received lifesaving veterinary care. and Dani loves to take rides in my sentencing in an animal cruelty Their 20-year-old owner, who had car, play ball with her pals, and get case, says the ASPCAs Pentangelo. answered the door eating a a good scrub in the bathtub. You get a lot of satisfaction sandwich, was charged with Sheree Biro of Middletown, NY, giving a dog like Dani a better animal cruelty after telling ASPCA was equally enchanted by Danis life, McCarthy adds. One thing investigators he had no money to pup, Jezebel. The minute I saw these pets are not lacking now is feed the dogs and that they hadnt her, I just had to have her, she lots of love. Summer 2007 9

10 >> OUTREACH 18 TONS AID FOR ORPHANS Idaho $2,000 in ASPCA emergency funds supplied 18 tons of hay to 73 hungry horses at Orphan Acres in Viola, ID, a much-needed boost for the ongoing aid still needed after last years drought. Since 1975, the volunteer group has saved over 1,650 animals placed in its care, including Lil Blue McGoo (shown in photo), the horse ridden by the medicine man in Dances with Wolves that was later badly neglected by a new owner. Groups like the ASPCA are so important, as they educate people in the proper care of animals and are there to take action to prevent cruelty when needed, says Brent Glover, Orphan Acres founder. $2,000 BIRDS FLY FREE Colorado A $2,000 grant to the Gabriel Foundation was used to build an outdoor exercise area for parrots, cockatiels, budgerigars, and other small birds, part of the sanctuary and rescue groups new Aviary and Adoption Center in Denver. Too often, smaller birds are relegated entirely to life in a tiny cage, says Anna Gonce, the Gabriel Foundations Executive Director. Our rooms are designed so that small birds can safely go outside each day and learn how to fly, forage, and explore with members of their same species. 200+ HUMANE CLASSROOM LEADERS Texas Two hundred elementary and middle school teachers learned ASPCA lessons in humane education at a January workshop in Houston, thanks to ongoing efforts by the ASPCA to sow a culture of compassion in classrooms across America. Educators can incorporate humane care in their curriculum, with standards-based lessons on such topics as fighting cruelty, alternatives to dissection, and pet-friendly books. Many more teachers will be trained in the coming year, as ASPCA teacher workshops are being planned for ASPCA Mission: Orange communities in Austin, Gulfport-Biloxi, Tampa, Philadelphia, and beyond. Your Dollar 10 ASPCA Action

11 $3,500 NO MORE HOMELESS PETS Michigan A $3,500 grant from the ASPCA is helping to fund an ambitious new program in Michigan, a free clinic for low-income residents who cant afford to have their pets sterilized. The ASPCA has been a great help to us in our efforts to make Oakland County a no-more- homeless-pets community by 2010, says Deborah Schutt, chairperson of the Oakland Pet Fund in Bloomfield Hills. The group is working with veterinarians and vet techs from All About Animals Rescue and the Oakland Pet Adoption Center to sterilize up to 700 cats in the coming year, with dogs to be added next year. $20,000 SAFE STEPS HOME Pennsylvania Animal Rescue League of Western PA is using a $20,000 Safe Steps Home grant from the ASPCA and Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter to establish a Trap-Neuter-Return pilot program that will help save the lives of many of the more than 1,000 cats the city of Pittsburgh takes in each year. The program sterilizes feral felines, then places them in established feral cat colonies throughout the city so that these unadoptable animals will not be euthanized. This has been a great program for us, says Dan Musher, Development Director, allowing us to serve a population we werent able to handle before. 6,387 SPAY AND NEUTER SURGERIES Mississippi The Humane Society of South Mississippi performed a record 6,387 spay and neuter procedures in 2006 at its new state-of-the-art clinic, funded in part by a generous ASPCA grant after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. A second veterinarian came on board last fall, helping pave the way for a record-breaking 16,800 surgeries projected for 2007. The shelter is one of many groups the ASPCA works with in Gulfport-Biloxi, an ASPCA Mission: Orange community that is working to become a model of humane care nationwide. rs At Work Summer 2007 11

12 >> ADVOCACY Urge Humane Handling of Sick Livestock Support the Downed Animal and Food Safety Protection Act well. The risk of tainted meat entering the food chain increases when downed animals are slaughtered for human consumption. All six confirmed cases of mad cow disease in North America were reportedly from downed animals. The Act (Senate Bill 394/House Resolution 661) would prompt stockyards to immediately humanely euthanize crippled and distressed animals instead of processing them as meat. It would also prompt meat producers to improve the care of animals in order to prevent them from going down at all. Such producers currently have an economic incentive to move downed animals through rotect downed animals by We continue to fight for the slaughter in order to process the P urging your elected representatives to support the Downed Animal and Food passage of this much needed and long overdue humane legislation. Animals that are destined for meat for sale in supermarkets, restaurants, and butcher shops. There is strong consensus Safety Protection Act. This slaughter sometimes go down within the industry, the animal humane measure would require while en route to slaughter plants. welfare movement, consumers, and immediate humane euthanasia of These animals cannot stand or government that downed animals critically ill and injured cows, pigs, walk on their own due to injury should not be sent to stockyards, sheep, goats, mules, and horses too or illness. Once at the slaughter notes Hawaii Senator Daniel sick to rise or move on their own. plants, they may lie for days Akaka, a sponsor of the bill in the It would also prohibit the without food, water, or veterinary Senate. Yet this sad problem slaughter of such downed care until they are ultimately continues, causing animal suffering animals for food. dragged or pushed to slaughter, and an erosion of public The Downed Animal and Food often by a bulldozer. confidence in the industry. Safety Protection Act was recently Contact your Representative and reintroduced in the 110th Protecting Human Health Senators now and urge them to Congress, says Cori Menkin, These practices are inhumane, support the Downed Animal and Esq., Senior Director, Program often resulting in torn ligaments Food Safety Protection Act. For Counsel of Government Affairs and broken bones. They pose a contact info and sample letters, and Public Policy for the ASPCA. major health risk to people as visit 12 ASPCA Action

13 >> ADVOCACY State Highlights New Mexico: California: Illinois: Cockfighting Banned at Last Protect All Victims of Violence Paw & Order Kudos to New Mexico Governor The ASPCA applauds Californias Nearly 300 parole agents from the Bill Richardson, who in March drive to strengthen protections for Illinois Department of Corrections signed into law Senate Bill 10, a victims of domestic violenceand will be better equipped to protect long sought statewide ban on their pets. Studies show that 25 to animals from abuse, thanks to cockfighting. I am proud that New 40 percent of domestic violence stepped up anti-cruelty training from Mexico will now move beyond victims are unable to flee their the ASPCA. Such training is crucial cockfighting and join the 48 states abusers because of worry over for protecting our animals, says that have already banned this what might happen to a beloved Ledy VanKavage, ASPCA Senior outdated practice, said Governor pet. Indeed, 71 percent of pet Director of Legal Training and Richardson. The cruel blood sport parents living in battered women Legislation. VanKavage addressed now remains legal only in one state, shelters reported that a pet had the agents at two special half-day Louisiana (see below). been threatened, injured, or killed training sessions at the City of The Governor really appreciated by their abuser. Cats, dogs, even Chicago Police Headquarters in the broad support he received from livestock may be at risk. The fear March. Topics ranged from a new groups like the ASPCA and animal perpetuates the cycle of abuse. Illinois law that mandates convicted protection voters of New Mexico, Senate Bill 353, authored by State felons spay or neuter and microchip said Jon Goldstein, a spokesman Senator Sheila Kuehl, would include their pets to Officer Safety: How to for the Governors office. Thank you pets in domestic violence protection Read a Dog Like a Book. She and to all the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade orders, a critical step in preventing other members of the ASPCA members ( abusers from using pets to Legislative Services Team give who made their voice heard. manipulate their victims. dozens of talks across the country Urge your state each year, working to build a more Louisiana: representatives to humane future for pets from coast- Ban Cockfights in all 50! support this bill. If to-coast. Speaker of the Louisiana passed, California will House Joe Salter announced in join Maine, Vermont, March that he would support a and New York in bill outlawing cockfighting in the leading the charge state, provided it is phased in against domestic two to three years from now to violence. give the industry time to adjust. Previous attempts to ban the practice have stalled in the House. Salter, who once opposed a ban, cited New Mexicos recent passage of a cockfighting ban (see above) as one reason for his decision. TAKE ACTION IN YOUR STATE To learn more about important animal welfare bills in your state and find contact info and sample letters for your state lawmakers, join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade at Summer 2007 13

14 >> SPECIAL GIVING Donations In Lieu of Wedding Favors! Are you an animal lover and planning a wedding? If you are, we have a wonderful suggestion for you. Why not make a contribution to the ASPCA in lieu of wedding favors in honor of your guests? The ASPCA has place cards that indicate a donation has been made in honor of your guests in lieu of wedding favors. If this is something that interests you, please e-mail your name, address, fax number, or e-mail and you will be sent a sample of the card. If you like the card and should you ultimately decide to do this, you may either make a credit card donation or send a check with the number of cards you would need.The cards will be sent to you via two-day UPS to ensure that you receive them in a timely fashion. Please contact Linda Tiramani, Manager of Special Giving, ASPCA, 110 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor, New York, NY 10011, e-mail: [email protected], (212) 876-7700, ext. 4516. A Special Tribute to Paige This past February, ASPCA member adopted from North Shore Animal Sandra Reilly of New York City lost her League, and Maggie, a six-year-old beloved companion, Paige. Sandra adopted from the ASPCA. The issue had adopted the German shepherd of shelter adoption is so important to mix when she was only four months me; shelters have given me three of the old from North Shore Animal League. best friends anyone could wish for, When the adored pet passed away at says Sandra. I know the gift I made in the age of 17, Sandra knew she Paiges memory will help make sure wanted to memorialize the dog that other dogs have the chance to had become such an important part of become someones best friend. her family. Even though Im mourning, An Honor, Tribute, or Memorial Gift is I knew immediately I wanted to use a wonderful way to celebrate the this time to create hope for other special people, pets, and events in animals, says Sandra. I decided your lifeand give the gift of life for giving a gift to the ASPCA in Paiges animals in need. If you are interested in memory was the perfect way to honor giving this way, contact Linda Tiramani, the many good years she gave me. Manager of Special Giving, ASPCA, Sandra isnt the only one who will 110 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, miss Paige. She also shares her home NY 10011, e-mail: [email protected], with Travis, a 12-year-old dog also (212) 876-7700, ext. 4516. 14 ASPCA Action

15 >> PET PARENTS Summertime Hazards Dont forget to mind your pet on those hazy, lazy days High-Rise Syndrome Every summer, scores of unsuspecting pet parents in towns across America unknowingly put their pets at risk when they open their windows to balmy weather. The problem is so prevalent that veterinarians have a name for it: High-Rise Syndrome. Cats in Never leave your pet Be alert to coolants that particular, intrigued by a unattended in a vehicle. Even may leak from your car. The sweet passing bird or wind-carried with the windows open, a parked taste can attract animals, and even leaf, are apt to fall out of car can quickly become a furnace a small amount can be fatal. unscreened windows, leading on a hot dayand kill a pet. to broken bones, internal Avoid sunscreens or injuries, or worse. During the warmer months, we see three Always provide plenty of insect repellents not labeled to five cases a week, says fresh water, including on hikes specifically for use on animals. Louise Murray, D.V.M., Director or at the beach. If your dog Some ingredients, like DEET, can of Medicine at the ASPCAs spends time outdoors, provide cause problems if misused (see Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital access to shade. Keep cats indoors. Ask Our Experts, page 17). in NYC. Pet parents need to know that this syndrome is 100% preventable. Avoid excessive exercise, Cocoa mulch, citronella especially after meals. Early- candles, compost piles, Install snug and sturdy screens in all your windows. morning or evening walks are best even certain garden plants in hot, humid weather, especially can also be a hazard to pets.Visit If your screens are adjustable, for old, overweight, or snub-nosed to learn more. make sure they are tightly wedged into window frames. breeds like bulldogs and pugs. If you suspect a problem, call Caution: Cats can slip through Groom regularly to help your vet or the ASPCA Animal childproof window guards, which dont provide adequate stave off summer skin rashes and Poison Control Center at (888) protection! other problems. Brush cats often. 426-4435 (fees may apply). Summer 2007 15

16 >> PLANNED GIVING A Great Way to Provide for Animals This article by Bill Hamelau, a member of the ASPCA Henry Bergh Legacy Society, shows you just one way you can provide for the ASPCA. We hope we have started you thinking about how you can make a difference for animals in need. For more information please call our Director of Planned Giving, Marsha Pierson, CFP, at 212-876-7700 ext. 4505, or email her at [email protected] I Know Who You Are Who do you think you are or many years I thought sorts of challenges, big and small. with those flashing dark F about making a planned gift for the ASPCA, but kept putting it off using the excuse that Its mission statement is just as fresh and relevant today as it was 140 years ago. eyes that say Youll never catch me! Who do you think you are I was just too busy. About one year The ASPCA has a wide range of with that wavy black hair ago, I quit making excuses and programs and services, which is took action. In talking with my something I really appreciate. In that my fingers cant touch investment representative I learned this sense, it is a department store enough? that I could make a gift by rather than a boutique. I do not Who do you think you are implementing a Transfer on Death have to donate to several different with that cocky little strut (TOD) Agreement through the organizations because I have the that says Im so cute! financial organization where I assurance and knowledge that the have my account. More ASPCA is covering many needs Who do you think you are importantly, I learned that it was and issues all the time in an with those little bites and extraordinarily easy. You just sign a integrated and coordinated nips that drive me crazy as form and there is no requirement manner. I beg you to stop? for an attorneys involvement. I am retired from a long career I selected the ASPCA for several with a nonprofit human service I know who you are reasons. One was the fact that it organization. I worked very hard Oh yes, I know far too well has survived and is still going to make certain that donors felt Youre Rowdy, our dog! strong after 140 years. I have great they were getting a return for their respect for a nonprofit investment. I feel that way about organization that can withstand the ASPCA. I believe the return Bill Hamelau the test of time overcoming all on my investment is substantial. 16 ASPCA Action

17 >> ASK OUR EXPERTS Nip Nips Bug Sprays in the Bud Steven Hansen, D.V.M., is a veterinary toxicologist and Senior Christa Coppola, VP of the ASPCA Midwest Office, which includes the Animal Ph.D., is a certified Poison Control Center. applied animal Q. Can I use mosquito repellent on my behaviorist and behavior fellow at the pet? M.S., Palm Coast, FL ASPCA Animal Behavior Center. A. Never use any product on an animal that is not Q. My one-year- specifically created for them. Many mosquito repellents made for people contain DEET, which may cause nervous system problems in cats and old pup is growing increasingly dogs. Consult your veterinarian for an appropriate product to use on your wary around strangers during pet. The same goes for products intended for one species. Some flea and walks. Might he bite? D.A., tick shampoos made for dogs, for example, contain permethrin, which can Lake Havasu City, AZ be deadly to cats, even in small amounts. If the label says For use in dogs only, do not use it on other pets. A. Being able to tell when your pup is going to bite is an important Eau de Toilette skill. Most dogs exhibit some combination of the following: direct staring, pulling, barking, growling, Q. Is it OK for my pet to snapping, and/or lunging forward. These behaviors depend on your drink from the toilet? Its treated with a cleaning tablet. dogs individual personality and H.P., Milwaukee, WI prior experiences as well as the strangers appearance and behavior. I suggest walking him on a head A. Plain toilet bowl water itself halter so you have more control if is usually not a hazard. Most toilet he does react aggressively. When bowl cleaning tablets that are used you see a stranger approaching, use according to label directions would treats to get his attention and not be expected to cause serious distract him until the stranger passes clinical problems, provided the and is no longer in sight. In time animal does not ingest the tablet your dog will associate the presence directly. Typically, we see only mild of oncoming strangers with good stomach upset. If your dog or cat thingsfood! The main thing to may have come into contact with remember is: Dont put your dog in more of the cleaner than would normally be present in the toilet bowl, a situation where he is contact your local veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control uncomfortable and has the Center at (888) 426-4435 (fees may apply). opportunity to bite. HAVE A QUESTION? ASK OUR EXPERTS E-mail: [email protected], or write: ASPCA Action, 424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128 Visit for more answers about your companion animal health and behavior questions from the ASPCA experts. Summer 2007 17

18 >> PEOPLE & EVENTS ASPCA Honors Equestrian Heroes (Far left) Bill Secord, Ed Sayres, and Hoyle Jones. (Left) Co-chairs Frances Lindner and Joanie Goodman. (Below) Penelope Ayers, Scot Evans, and Sandra Lobel. event founder and Honorary Chair William Secord, a longtime ASPCA board member. Co-Chairs Joanie Goodman, Kim Jacobs, and Frances Lindner were supported by Vice-Chairs Janice Aron, Penelope Ayers, R. Bruce Duchossois, Majella ore than 360 animal lovers Matyas, Michael F. X. Murdoch, M gathered ringside on February 4 at The Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in and Jenny Wren Sutton. Ms. Ayers, Chair of the ASPCAs Equine Committee, made a special Wellington, FL, to show their presentation to horse trainers Kim support for horses in need at the Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell, and Fourth Annual ASPCA Equine Fund Justinus Petrus Van Der Kallen, Luncheon. The ASPCA Equine who in the aftermath of Fund is dedicated to improving the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita spent lives of abused and neglected horses months bringing hay, feed, water, through rescue activities, grants, supplies, and veterinary assistance education, and lobbying efforts, said to scores of stranded horses. Giving Back to Animals Holistic than money. therapyeverything that a human veterinarian Q. What animals do you treat? physical therapist would offer. I also Babette A. Dogs, cats, horses. I specialize in serve as a patient advocate, Gladstein,V.M.D., rehabilitation medicine, helping helping to guide animals through abandoned a injured and older animals that are surgery and other challenges. lucrative career as lame or in pain, and often labeled a stockbroker to hopeless. One 3-year-old Q. How does the ASPCA help? enter vet school and devote her life to miniature dachshund named Emma A. With its beautiful new cage-free animals.Today, Dr. Gladstein makes was totally paralyzed in her shelter, the ASPCA is in a pivotal house calls throughout the New York hindquarters after having back position to up the ante in adoptions area and serves on the fundraising surgery for an injured disk. A year and education. Animals give us so committee for the later, she is running and playing. much. A cat or dog lowers blood ASPCAs annual Bergh Ball, scheduled pressure, and offers companionship for May 10 this year.It nurtures the Q. Which therapies do you use? for seniors; walking a dog provides soul to heal animals and see their A. Acupuncture, ultrasound, cardiovascular benefits. The least we progress, she says.Its so much better chiropractic, massage, swim can do is take care of them. 18 ASPCA Action

19 >> PEOPLE & EVENTS Charm School Celebrity Corner Peters of Broadway fame, Animal Victoria Precincts Annemarie Clark, Lucas, radio DJ Tony Award Angie Martinez, Geoffrey Tischman Photography winning actress, and TVs The The Light in the Bachelor Prince Piazza Lorenzo Borghese. The talent show is testimony to Q. What was the name of your first pet? how far these A. Dannielle D. Dawg, or Danny homeless dogs have for short. She was a shelty I bakers dozen of lovable come since their arrival at the A mutts strutted their stuff at the ASPCA Charm School & Talent Show, held February 2 at ASPCA, says ASPCA Senior VP Gail Buchwald. The event raised awareness of what valuable taught to sing opera. We thought about going on stupid pet tricks on Letterman, but it was always funnier just to see and hear her doing it at home. the ASPCAs newly renovated members of the family that shelter Adoption Center in Manhattan. On hand (left to right) were pets can become as we work toward finding homes for all Q. Which do you prefer: Cats or dogs? celebrity judges Bernadette animals in need. A. I love cats and dogs for different reasons: dogs because they wish so much to please, and Grey Gardens cats because they could care less about pleasing. Geoffrey Tischman Photography ASPCA volunteers and cats up for adoption hit Q. Do you share your life the boards on February 7 with pets now? for a post-performance A. I have three pets: my golden celebration of the retriever Angel, my black alley cat, Dare (Devil), and my 12- Broadway hit Grey year-old son. Dare thinks he is a Gardens, a musical about dog, Angel thinks she is a the eccentric life of person, and my son thinks he is former socialite Edith a grown-up, so they are all self- Beale, her daughter starters! Little Edie, and their 52 cats. The musicals lead Q. Why are groups like production company, East the ASPCA so important? of Doheney, donated hundreds of name, said producer Kelly A. We need the ASPCA to remind us to care for all God's cans of cat food, kitty litter, pet Gonda. creatures, to keep us informed of toys, and show tickets to mark the the inhumane treatment of shows 100th performance. Were *Reminder: June Is Adopt-a- animals, and to give us the delighted to be working with the Shelter-Cat Month. Learn more courage to reach out to the ASPCA to help animals, and hope about feline care and the joy of members of our population who our beloved Edies would be proud adopting a shelter pet at cannot speak for themselves. of the work being done in their Summer 2007 19

20 YOUR STORIES Office Dog Every Horse Has a Story Rich N. and Nugget, New York, NY Pam M., Connecticut Last August, my More than 25 years ago, girlfriend Kate, a Patty Wahlers bought two veterinary technician, starving ex-race horses was contacted about a for $1 and walked them shelter puppy with a three miles to her barn to fractured pelvis that rehabilitate them. Today, needed to be fostered. HORSE of Connecticut, So, we brought her back the volunteer organization to my apartment and she founded in started thinking of Washington, CT, has people who might be saved over 500 horses and Toby willing to take her into their home once she healed. ponies. It didnt take long before the little brown mutt As a volunteer the past five years, I have met many made herself right at home in my lap. I remember remarkable animals who have been helped out of saying, Youre such a little love nugget, and from horrible, sometimes life-threatening situations. One then on, we started calling her Love Nugget, which of my favorites is Velvet, who, despite being a petite soon got shortened to Nugget. thoroughbred, ended up a Premarin mare and came I started sneaking her into work with me while my to HORSE skinny, dirty, and tired after having six boss was in Europe. But after a few days, my secret foals in six years. Another favorite, Misty, came as a was out. Fortunately my boss loves dogs and allowed starvation case and could not be ridden because of a me to keep bringing Nugget to the office. Before I genetic disorder caused largely by careless breeding. knew it, the whole office had fallen in love with her And then theres Toby, who had flunked out of a (so had Kate and I; we decided to keep her). police horse program and been so badly treated he Nugget has become a mascot around the was terrified of people. With months of regular and workplace. She greets people at the elevator and at gentle-but-firm handling, Toby slowly began to trust their desks. Its hard to imagine her not being here people again. He is now living happily with Robert now. and Maria, their three boys, and their four other horses. Maria coos and sings to her horses, and Reminder: Wednesday, June 27 is Take Your Dog to whenever I think of her cooing to Toby while shes Work Day! gently petting him, I cant help but smile. Have a rescue tale for the ASPCA? Send us YOUR STORIES E-mail us: [email protected], or write: ASPCA Action, 424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128. Please include your name, address, and a photo (high-resolution digital or print) we can keep. Stories will be edited to fit. ASPCA Action Returns Non-Profit Org. P.O. Box 97288 PAID U.S. Postage Founded in 1866, the ASPCA (American Society for the Washington, DC 20090-7288 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was the first humane PPCO organization established in the Western Hemisphere and today has one million supporters. The ASPCAs mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the U.S. The ASPCA provides national leadership in humane education, government affairs and public policy, shelter support, and animal poison control. The NYC headquarters houses a full-service animal hospital, animal behavior center, and adoption facility. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New Yorks animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality TV series Animal Precinct on Animal Planet. Visit for more information.

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