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1 C AT E R I N G

2 BREAKFAST PLATTERS All breakfast platters come beautifully presented and ready to serve on trays MINI (serves 6-8), SMALL (serves 10 - 12), MEDIUM (serves 15 - 18), LARGE (serves 20 25), EXTRA LARGE (serves 30) FRUIT TRAY Fresh sliced seasonal fruit and berries with honey-yogurt dip 35.00 mini, 45.00 small, 65.00 medium, 85.00 large, 100.00 extra large FRUIT SALAD A bowl of delicious diced fresh seasonal fruit and berries 30.00 mini, 40.00 small, 60.00 medium, 80.00 large, 100.00 extra large BAGELS AND CREAM CHEESE A basket of freshly baked artisanal bagels served with assorted cream cheeses, butter and jam 25.00 mini, 35.00 small, 50.00 medium, 70.00 large, 85.00 extra large BREAKFAST PASTRIES A basket of freshly baked muffins, scones, croissants and bagels 30.00 mini, 45.00 small, 60.00 medium, 75.00 large, 90.00 extra large LOX AND BAGELS Sliced smoked salmon with all the fixings - sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved red onions, capers, lemon wedges, cream cheese and freshly baked artisanal bagels 60.00 mini, 95.00 small, 130.00 medium, 165.00 large, 195.00 extra large A BASKET OF MUFFINS Freshly baked muffins which may include triple berry, blueberry, lemon poppy seed, banana-walnut, chocolate chip, carrot cake and sour cream coffee 35.00 regular size - 12 ct, 40.00 mini - 24 ct A BASKET OF SCONES Freshly baked scones which may include strawberry, blueberry, cranberry-pistachio, chocolate chip, carrot cake and sour cream coffee 35.00 regular size - 12 ct, 40.00 mini - 24 ct FRITTATA BREAKFAST Eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, sweet peppers, cheddar and pepperjack VEGETARIAN Eggs, spinach, onions, potatoes, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms MEXICAN Eggs, roasted corn, poblanos, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and pepperjack cheese 30.00 small (serves 8 - 10) 45.00 large (serves 12 - 16)

3 B R E AK F AS T BEVERAGES BUFFET ($13 per person, minimum order of 12) Includes cups and condiments CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST FINGERS COFFEE, DECAF, HOT CHOCOLATE (available individually - 45.00, serves 10 - 12) and HOT or ICED TEA Traditional challah batons soaked in a vanilla custard, 25.00 per 1.25 gallons baked until golden brown and served with blueberry compote and maple syrup We serve Metropolis Coffee and Rishi Tea FRESHLY SQUEEZED ORANGE FRENCH TOAST WEDGES or (available individually - 45.00, serves 10 - 12) GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Stuffed with raspberry mascarpone, dusted with powdered sugar and served with maple syrup 3.50 pt 6.50 qt 21.00 gal FRITTATA With tomato salsa and homefries. LIGHT START Vegetarian: eggs, spinach, onions, potatoes, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms (minimum order of 8) Breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, cheddar and pepperjack HEALTHY PARFAITS 5.00 ea Mexican: eggs, roasted corn, poblano peppers, tomatoes, Crunchy Goddess granola layered with onions, cilantro and pepperjack organic yogurt and fresh fruit AMERICAN BREAKFAST BUFFET FRESH FRUIT SALAD 5.00 ea Freshly scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, Diced seasonal fruit garnished with fresh berries pork sausage links and homefries CEREAL & GRANOLA BAR 7.00 pp PANCAKES A selection of everyones favorites including Goddess granola, With chocolate chips or caramelized bananas, fresh fruit, organic vanilla yogurt and milk served with maple syrup and powdered sugar choose one fruit selection HOT START (minimum order of 10, served in foil pan) FRESH FRUIT PLATTER Fresh sliced fruit and berries with honey-yogurt dip FRESH FRUIT SALAD BREAKFAST BURRITO 6.50 ea Seasonal diced fruit and berries Scrambled eggs, pepperjack, black beans and sour cream in a wheat tortilla with roasted tomato-jalapeno salsa choose one beverage selection BAGEL SANDWICH 5.50 ea COFFEE, DECAF OR HOT TEA with all condiments With scrambled eggs, cheddar and bacon or or scrambled eggs, spinach and tomatoes ORANGE OR GRAPEFRUIT JUICE with cups on a toasted artisanal bagel ENGLISH MUFFIN SANDWICH 4.50 ea With fried egg, cheddar cheese and choice of turkey sausage, ham, bacon or veggie sausage ENHANCE YOUR BUFFET CROISSANT SANDWICH 6.50 ea SCRAMBLED EGGS 3.00 per person Flaky freshly baked croissant with scrambled eggs, BACON 3.00 per person roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and basil PORK SAUSAGE LINK 3.00 per person or scrambled eggs, thick cut bacon and cheddar HOMEFRIES 3.00 per person MAPLE BACON SANDWICH 7.00 ea TURKEY SAUSAGE PATTIES 3.00 per person Maple chili bacon, fried egg, slow roast tomato jam, arugula, gruyere cheese and lemon rosemary aioli on a VEGGIE SAUSAGE PATTIES 3.00 per person toasted brioche roll

4 BOX & BAG LUNCHES STANDARD BAG - 12.50 ea A selection of any of our delicious sandwiches or salads with a cookie and kettle chips presented in an upscale brown paper bag with a handle and labeled with the name of the sandwich DELUXE BOX - 15.00 ea A selection of any of our delicious sandwiches or salads with a deli salad and a choice of cookie or dessert bar presented in our custom stackable deli box, labeled with the name of the sandwich BOX AND BAG LUNCH SALADS COBB SALAD Diced ham and turkey with strips of cheddar and Swiss, avocado, scallions, hard cooked egg and crumbled bacon over romaine lettuce with peppercorn ranch dressing SPINACH SALAD Baby spinach, sliced green apples, dried cranberries, candied pecans and blue cheese crumbles with Goddess red wine vinaigrette CHICKEN CAESAR Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken breast, ciabatta croutons, shaved parmesan and our house Caesar dressing GODDESS CHOPPED VEGGIE SALAD Sunburst tomatoes, cucumber, garbanzos, carrots, radishes, broccoli, avocado, sweet peppers, spinach, corn, romaine and Goddess house dressing CHOPPED CHICKEN SALAD Herbed chicken breast, provolone, mozzarella, sunburst tomatoes, olives, garbanzos, artichoke hearts, sweet peppers, romaine lettuce, croutons and Grocers herb vinaigrette

5 BOX AND BAG LUNCH SANDWICHES CALIFORNIA DREAMING THE GARDEN GODDESS Roast turkey breast, swiss, avocado, arugula, Avocado, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, beets, spinach, beefsteak tomatoes and lemon aioli on sunflower wheat lettuce and Goddess dressing in a wheat wrap THE GREEK GODDESS GRILLED CHICKEN CLUB Hummus, salad of tomatoes, olives, feta and red onions, baby spinach, Grilled herbed chicken, applewood bacon, avocado, feta dressing, grilled artichokes and roasted red peppers in a spinach tortilla green leaf lettuce, tomatoes and Goddess aioli on ciabatta CAESAR THE DAY TURKEY TWIST Southwest chicken with romaine, jalapeno-corn-black bean pico de gallo Roasted turkey, swiss, caramelized onions, and croutons in a wheat wrap with caesar dressing baby spinach and cranberry aioli on marble rye WICKER PARK Roasted tomatoes, roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, CHICKEN SALAD SANGER spinach and basil pesto on demi baguette Roasted chicken pulled and mixed with celery, grapes, scallions, toasted almonds and mayonnaise garnished with leaf lettuce on rustic white TUNA SALAD Albacore tuna salad with celery, lemon juice, mayonnaise, leaf lettuce and tomatoes on sunflower wheat PRIME RIB (+$4) Shaved prime rib, caramelized onions, slow roasted tomatoes, ITALIAN SLAM arugula and blue cheese garlic aioli on onion challah Black forest ham, salami, capicola, provolone, giardiniera, red onions, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce and Goddess aioli on demi baguette TURKEY BLT MILE HIGH REUBEN Roast turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, muenster cheese, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes and Goddess aioli on rustic white Choice of shaved corned beef or turkey pastrami, swiss cheese, 1000 island and sauerkraut on marble rye

6 LUNCH & DINNER BUFFET COMPLETE MEALS Includes salad and choice of dessert from menu below. Minimum order of 12 per entree selection. 15.00 per person, add a BREAD BASKET (assorted bread rolls and butter) for 15.00 dz THE GODDESS BOWL MEAT LASAGNA Todays rice or noodle bowl, Goddess chopped salad Rich meat sauce layered with ricotta, bchamel and marinara, hot garlic bread and chopped veggie salad PAN SEARED SALMON FILLET *spinach lasagna available for vegetarians Salmon fillet (choose sweet chili or savory topping), grilled green beans and roasted yukon gold potatoes BRAISED BEEF BRISKET (18.00 per person) Beef brisket in a red wine sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed greens salad KABOBS Chicken or vegetable skewers, Greek salad, CIDER BRAISED PORK SHOULDER hummus and pita bread Braised pork shoulder with apple chutney served with FAJITAS mashed sweet potatoes and mixed greens salad Chicken or vegetable fajitas with peppers and onions, sour cream, shredded pepperjack cheese, guacamole, ROASTED TURKEY BREAST salsa and Mexican rice Fresh roasted natural turkey breast with garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce served with a salad of baby spinach, GRILLED LEMON THYME CHICKEN BREAST Maytag blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans and dried cranberries Herb roasted potatoes and Goddess chopped salad PENNE PASTA CHICKEN VESUVIO Penne pasta with grilled chicken, roasted peppers, Roasted potatoes and peas, hot garlic bread caramelized onions and chipotle cream sauce served with and chopped veggie salad mixed greens salad and Goddess balsamic vinaigrette on the side BBQ WILD MUSHROOM RAVIOLI BBQ chicken, brisket or tofu with corn on the cob, Creamy mushroom thyme sauce and mashed potatoes and chopped veggie salad truffle oil with garlic bread and Goddess chopped salad TURKEY MEATLOAF BUTTERNUT SQUASH RAVIOLI Mashed potatoes and mixed greens salad Spiced walnuts, sage, goat cheese and brown butter with garlic bread and Goddess chopped salad CRISPY CHICKEN SCHNITZELS Crispy crumbed chicken breast, vegetable medley SEASONAL RAVIOLI and mixed greens salad Ask us about our current ravioli selection DESSERT CHOICES COOKIES A basket of bite sized cookies to include chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, cranberry ginger and oatmeal raisin COOKIES, BARS AND BROWNIES A selection of freshly baked cookies, bars and rich chocolate brownies CUPCAKES A basket of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet minis

7 FAMILY STYLE minimum order of 10 SPINACH OR MEAT LASAGNA 7.50 per person CURRY AND RICE 7.50 per person CHICKEN SCHNITZELS 7.50 per person MAC N CHEESE 5.00 per person CHICKEN VESUVIO 8.00 per person PAN OF VEGETABLES OF THE DAY 40.00 (serves 10 - 12) PAN OF ASPARAGUS 60.00 (serves 10 - 12) THE GODDESS SIGNATURE SOUPS 40.00 gal (serves 10 - 12) CHILI OF THE DAY Beef, vegetarian, turkey or white chicken chili TODAYS SOUP Find our daily soup calendar at Goddessandgrocer.com CHILI BAR With shredded cheddar, sour cream, guacamole, green onions and jalapenos and served with freshly baked corn bread 60.00 per gal of chili and fixings add 10 BAKED POTATOES for 25.00

8 P L AT T E R S All platters come beautifully presented and ready to serve MINI (serves 6-8), SMALL (serves 10 - 12), MEDIUM (serves 15 - 18), LARGE (serves 20 25) SNACK ATTACK BEEF TENDERLOIN A basket of raw vegetable crudits with spinach dip, Marinated in red wine and grain mustard, pretzels with honey mustard dip, roasted medium rare and sliced. Served with cheese and salami bites, mixed olives and mixed nuts rolls, horseradish cream sauce and grain mustard 45.00 mini, 60.00 small, 80.00 medium, 100.00 large 125.00 small, 175.00 medium, 225.00 large CHIPS AND DIPS SHRIMP COCKTAIL House made guacamole, hummus and Shrimp poached in a white wine broth with roasted tomato salsa served with pita chips and horseradish cocktail sauce and lemon wedges yellow and blue corn tortilla chips 95.00 small, 135.00 medium, 175.00 large 35.00 mini, 50.00 small, 70.00 medium, 90.00 large FRUIT AND BERRIES ANTIPASTO Sliced seasonal fruits garnished with berries Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, tomato and mozzarella skewers, mixed olives, artichoke parmesan dip, 35.00 mini, 45.00 small, 65.00 medium, 85.00 large salami and parmesan chunks with balsamic syrup, tomato bruschetta, grilled vegetables and garlic toast CRUDITES 95.00 small, 125.00 medium, 150.00 large Fresh seasonal and blanched vegetables with spinach dip or ranch dressing 30.00 mini, 40.00 small, 55.00 medium, 75.00 large MEDITERRANEAN Hummus, baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, lemon grilled chicken skewers, spanakopita, BALSAMIC VEGETABLES grilled vegetables, marinated feta and A selection of grilled and roasted vegetables mixed olives with pita chips which may include portobello mushrooms, asparagus, 95.00 small, 125.00 medium, 150.00 large sweet peppers, red onions, zucchini, broccoli, yellow squash and eggplant 30.00 mini, 45.00 small, 65.00 medium, 85.00 large SPANISH TAPAS Serrano ham wrapped dates stuffed with cream cheese, FRUIT AND CHEESE chicken empanadas, frittata wedges, Spanish chorizo, Fresh seasonal fruits with Manchego and Drunken Goat cheeses, mixed olives, artisanal domestic and imported cheeses quince paste, tomato rubbed baguette slices served with crackers 95.00 small, 125.00 medium, 150.00 large 45.00 mini, 65.00 small, 85.00 medium, 125.00 large ASIAN CHARCUTERIE Sesame and wasabi crusted tuna cubes, A selection of pates and salami with chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce, traditional French cheeses including creamy brie and vegetarian potstickers, peanut rice balls, Ptite Basque garnished with cornichons and Korean spiced beef tenderloin medallions, grain mustard, chutney, bread and crackers Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls, sweet chili sauce 75.00 mini, 95.00 small, 125.00 medium, 150.00 large 150.00 per tray (serves 10 - 12), 15.00 per extra person INDIAN ARTISANAL CHEESE BOARD Potato and pea samosas, Tandoori chicken skewers, The best from small international and spiced lamb skewers, biryani shrimp and rice balls, domestic cheese makers served with crackers, mint + mango Raita and Chatpata Chana Dip bread, chutneys and relishes and garnished with with naan bread dried fruits and nuts 150.00 per tray (serves 10 - 12), 15.00 per extra person 60.00 mini, 75.00 small, 115.00 medium, 150.00 large

9 WINE AND BEER The Goddess and Grocer offers a fantastic selection of wine, beer and spirits at retail prices. We also offer glass rental, bartenders and full bar set up for your event. BEVERAGES IZZE SODAS, ASSORTED FLAVORS 2.00 COKE, DIET COKE, SPRITE 20 oz bottles 2.00 SAN PELLEGRINO 500 ml 2.50 GREEN PLANET WATER 500 ml bio-degradable bottle 2.00 FIJI WATER 500 ml 2.00 FIJI WATER 1 litre 3.00 HONEST TEA Lemon, Green, Mint, Pomegranate 3.00 FRESH SQUEEZED LEMONADE OR STRAWBERRY LEMONADE 3.00

10 SANDWICH TRAYS SMALL (serves 10 - 12), MEDIUM (serves 15 - 18), LARGE (serves 20 25) WRAPS AND ROLLS Includes a selection of our top selling wraps and rolls WRAPS: Caesar the Day, Greek Goddess, Garden Goddess ROLLS: Turkey Twist, Beef Stampede, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Ham I Am, Wicker Park 95.00 small, 125.00 medium, 155.00 large EXTRA WRAPS - 8.50 ea, EXTRA ROLLS - 4.00 ea WRAPS ONLY A selection of all our wraps Caesar the Day, Cobb Salad, Garden Goddess and Greek Goddess, cut in half and presented on a tray 110.00 small, 165.00 medium, 225.00 large EXTRA WRAPS - 8.50 per person PETITE SANDWICH PLATTER Finger sandwiches perfect for an afternoon tea. Assortment of the Goddess chicken salad, egg salad, smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese, roast beef with horseradish sauce and turkey breast with cranberry mayonnaise 60.00 (serves 12) THE BUCKTOWN DELI TRAY Roasted turkey breast, tavern ham and roast beef with slices of Swiss, cheddar and provolone cheese, sliced tomatoes, shaved red onions, lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise and grain mustard with a basket of freshly baked bread and rolls. Includes choice of one deli salad 125.00 small, 175.00 medium, 225.00 large EXTRA SERVINGS - 10.00 per person THE LINCOLN PARK DELI TRAY Roasted turkey breast, sliced lemon-thyme chicken breast and low fat tuna salad with lettuce, tomato slices, carrot and celery sticks, cranberry sauce, lemon mayonnaise, and assorted freshly baked petite rolls. Includes choice of one deli salad 150.00 small, 200.00 medium, 250.00 large EXTRA SERVINGS - 11.50 per person

11 BUFFET SALADS serves 10 - 12 as part of a meal CAESAR - 35.00 ea Chopped romaine with ciabatta croutons, shaved parmesan and our house Caesar dressing KALE - 45.00 ea Chopped kale, golden raisins, dark raisins, roasted tomatoes, almonds and parmesan tossed in Goddess white balsamic dressing MIXED GREENS - 35.00 ea Sunburst tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumber and radishes with Goddess balsamic vinaigrette GODDESS CHOPPED VEGGIE - 45.00 ea Sunburst tomatoes, cucumber, garbanzos, carrots, radishes, broccoli, avocado, sweet peppers, spinach, corn, romaine and Goddess house dressing SPINACH - 45.00 ea Baby spinach, sliced green apples, dried cranberries, candied pecans and blue cheese crumbles with Goddess red wine vinaigrette CHOPPED CHICKEN - 45.00 ea Herbed chicken breast, provolone, mozzarella, sunburst tomatoes, olives, garbanzos, artichoke hearts, sweet peppers, romaine lettuce, croutons and Grocers herb vinaigrette PESTO PASTA SALAD - 45.00 ea Penne with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, olives and pesto dressing GREEK SALAD - 45.00 ea Feta, sunburst tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives with fresh oregano tossed in red wine vinaigrette POTATO SALAD - 35.00 ea With chopped egg, scallions and dill pickles tossed in mayonnaise CAPRESE SALAD - 45.00 ea Fresh baby mozzarella, sunburst tomatoes and basil with extra virgin olive oil and white balsamic Ask about our seasonal salads too!

12 COCKTAILS AT 6 Priced per dozen. Appetizers come in foil pans ready for your own platters. Some appetizers require minimal assembly. Heating instructions are included. Can be provided on platters for you for an extra charge. SKEWERS CHICKEN SATAY with peanut sauce 24.00 LEMON-THYME CHICKEN marinated in feta oregano dressing 24.00 TANDOORI CHICKEN with yogurt mint raita 24.00 SESAME-HONEY SHRIMP with sweet chili sauce 30.00 TOMATO, MOZZARELLA AND BASIL with balsamic syrup 24.00 SEAFOOD CRAB CAKES with remoulade sauce 36.00 CHILLED SHRIMP with horseradish cocktail sauce 24.00 WASABI AND SESAME CRUSTED AHI TUNA CUBES 36.00 MUSHROOM CAPS stuffed with crab 24.00

13 APPETIZERS (in foil pans ready for your oven) BUFFALO WINGS with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks 18.00 ASIAN SPICED WINGS with sweet chili sauce 18.00 PANKO CHICKEN FINGERS with BBQ sauce or honey mustard sauce 24.00 COCONUT CHICKEN FINGERS with sweet chili sauce 24.00 SPANAKOPITA spinach and feta filo pies 18.00 MUSTARD AND ROSEMARY CRUSTED LAMB CHOPS 42.00 WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO CAKES with parmesan and truffle oil 24.00 SEASONAL RISOTTO CAKE 24.00 POTSTICKERS pork, chicken or vegetable with sweet soy 18.00 MAC AND CHEESE BALLS with ranch dip 18.00 BEEF MEATBALLS with spicy marinara sauce 24.00 FRANKS IN A PRETZEL AND MUSTARD BLANKET 18.00 MINI CHICKEN POT PIES 30.00 BITE SIZE SHEPHERDS PIES in a baked potato cup 30.00 GOAT CHEESE, CARAMELIZED RED ONION AND ROSEMARY TARTS 18.00 D.I.Y. (some assembly needed) BITE SIZED BEEF BURGERS with cheddar, special sauce on a seeded bun 36.00 BITE SIZED TURKEY BURGERS with caramelized onions, Swiss on a seeded bun 36.00 ROAST BEEF TENDERLOIN on toasted baguette with 30.00 horseradish cream and red onion jam POTATO LATKES with smoked salmon and sour cream 30.00 BBQ BRISKET SLIDERS with cheddar and crispy onions on a buttery bun 30.00 WONTON CUPS with chicken, lime and cilantro 30.00 TOMATO, RED ONION AND BASIL BRUSCHETTA 18.00 *All appetizers come in foil pans. We will place on platters and garnish for an upcharge.

14 DESSERTS CELEBRATION CAKES SIZE SERVES PRICE GOURMET 4 4 14.00 20.00 6 8 30.00 40.00 8 12 - 15 45.00 60.00 10 20 65.00 80.00 half sheet 50 90.00 120.00 full sheet 80 - 100 160.00 200.00 3 dimensional cakes starting at 175.00 CAKE FLAVORS Chocolate, Red Velvet, White GOURMET COOKIES Carrot, German Chocolate, Basket of giant or mini cookies Chocolate Decadence, Black Forest, Coconut to include chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, cranberry ginger and oatmeal raisin FILLINGS 30.00 small, 45.00 medium, 60.00 large Buttercream, Fresh Fruit and Cream, Lemon Curd, Chocolate Mousse COOKIES, BARS AND BROWNIES CUSTOM CUPCAKES, CAKES AND SUGAR COOKIES A great variety for every taste 45.00 small, 65.00 medium, 85.00 large Let our pastry chefs create special cupcakes, cakes or sugar cookies for your next event. Whether its a baby or bridal shower, birthday or wedding, corporate event or special day, MINI CUPCAKES we can make it stand out amongst the crowd 35.00 small (18 ct), 55.00 medium (26 ct), 75.00 large (34 ct) Available in regular or mini sizes with a minimum order of 12. Minis from $2.50 each, large from $3.50 each. REGULAR CUPCAKES Requires 24-48 hours notice 35.00 small (12 ct), 55.00 medium (18 ct), 75.00 large (24 ct)

15 GIFT BOXES & BASKETS The Goddess carries a wide selection of fabulous gourmet gift boxes and baskets, anything from a simple cheese and cracker basket to a party in a box, a fun basket for the kids, or a warm welcome to a neighbor. Head to goddessandgrocer.com for more information or to create a custom box or basket. T R AT TO R I A D U E 9 0. 00 HOT EL M I NI B A R 100.00 T O Y O U R H E AL T H 7 5 . 00 B L O O DY B A S K ET 95.00 SWE E T H O M E C H I C A G O 5 0. 00 B ES T O F T HE M I DW ES T 125.00

16 THE STORES CATERING Our stores pack a lot of food into a little space. The main ingredients are deli The Goddess and Grocer offers many catering options and we sandwiches made to order, ready made salads, a fresh salad bar, delicious cakes, pastries are brimming with ideas. From engagement parties to and desserts from our in-house bakery, artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, rotisserie weddings, bridal showers to baby showers, breakfast or lunch at chickens, hot, ready-to-eat meals and a selection of groceries including chocolates and the office, a party at home or a picnic in the park, The Goddess candy, pastas and sauces, mustards, dressings, chutneys and relishes, crackers, snack is there to provide you with fresh and fabulous food. items, wine and beer. Our aim is to tempt you with lots of the luscious things we source locally and what we find in our travels. GIFT BASKETS & BOXES We are brimming over with ideas for unique gift baskets. Let us ORDERING customize one for you. Or you can choose one from our To place a catering order, please call us at 773.292.7100. You may also order online collection to celebrate a special occasion, welcome new at goddessandgrocer.com, send an email to [email protected] or fax neighbors, say thank you, or remind someone of your love. your order to 773.292.7117. Orders may also be placed in store with any of our staff. Orders should be placed by noon of the preceding day. Weekend orders must be HOLIDAYS placed by 10 am on Friday. We will try to accommodate late orders which may incur We offer special menus for Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanna, a 15% service charge. We request 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid cancellation Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas. Check our website fees. We also offer delivery of sandwiches, salads, snacks, desserts and drinks from our and stores for details. stores with same day ordering. PICNIC BASKETS PAYMENT & DELIVERY For an evening at Grant Park or Ravinia, a movie in the park, a long flight, or any excuse, nothing beats a picnic. Check out Payment is due in full, prior to delivery. We accept all major credit cards, corporate our picnic menus available May to September. checks and cash. Personal checks are not accepted. The Goddess and Grocer delivers throughout Chicago for an additional charge. We also offer house accounts to our frequent customers. BOXED & BAGGED LUNCHES Arrange a ready-to-eat lunch for your next office meeting, flight Prices and menu items are subject to change, all prices subject to change for seasonality. or day in the park. Our new custom gourmet deli boxes stack easily for handling large numbers. CATERING PRIVATE EVENT SPACES 1036 N Kilbour n Ave Whether it be on our rooftop in Bucktown, in your own home P : 773.292.7100 | F : 7 7 3 . 2 9 2 . 7 1 1 7 or at a venue for 1000 guests, our private event staff are experienced and ready. For more information, send an email to BUCKTOWN [email protected] 164 9 N D ame n Ave P : 773.34 2.320 0 | F: 773.342.3203 WEDDINGS LARRABEE With over 25 years of international catering experience serving 901 N L arrabe e S t unforgettable food and libations to clients of rock star stature P : 312.988.98 7 0 | F: 312.276.8690 (literally) all the way to a casual picnic affair in a Chicago park, our wedding team will offer an alternative, fresh, vibrant and STATE STREET local cuisine in any city or state. Whether your venue is one of 1127 N State St our own in the Wicker Park area or anywhere across the USA, P : 312.265.1888 | F: 312.929.4109 we can most certainly accommodate. Please send an email to [email protected] to arrange a GODDESSANDGROCER.COM complimentary tasting and consultation now.

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