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1 Missouri advantages for the data center industry Safe and secure: thats how Missouri keeps the data of companies around the world. Not to mention its affordable. Missouris new data center legislation provides state and local sales and use tax exemptions to new and expanding data centers. Missouri companies also pay less for electricity, less for taxes and less for labor than they would in most other states. Furthermore, they benefit from the presence of a strong cluster of IT firms, suppliers and educators throughout the state. From solar-powered data centers to unique underground facilities, Missouri is finding new ways to store the worlds data. Above: SubTropolis Technology Center in Kansas City, Missouria data center in one of Missouris underground facilities. Go to page 3 to find out more.

2 FIVE REASONS TO LOCATE YOUR DATA CENTER IN MISSOURI 2 Five reasons to locate your data center in Missouri: 1. Safe and secure: Missouris physical environment provides low risk with high value. (page 3) Missouris four-season climate gives data centers free cooling opportunities, and numer- ous underground facilities offer natural climate control and enhanced security. 2. Reliable and affordable: Missouri has incentives and low-cost, dependable energy. (page 4) Missouri has implemented new data center incentives, and Missouris utilities are among the most reliable in the nation with industrial electricity costs 13 percent lower than the national average. 3. Solid network: Missouris Internet network infrastructure is dependable, redundant and diverse. (page 5) Multiple Tier 1 providers have a strong presence throughout Missouri with more than 2,000 miles combined. Providers include AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Level 3, Sprint, Verizon and XO. 4. Demonstrated success: Missouri has a proven track record as a prime location for data centers and IT companies. (page 10) Many IT-based companies and companies with major local data centers already have major operations or headquarters in Missouri, including AT&T, Centene, MasterCard, Emerson, Enterprise, Monsanto and World Wide Technology. 5. Quality workforce: Missouris talented workers are ready for IT and Data Centers. (page 16) Missouris tech industry employed more than 100,000 people in 2015, and 50 post- secondary institutions offer Bachelors degrees or higher in computer science or the equivalent.

3 MISSOURIS PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT MEANS LOWER RISK AND HIGHER VALUE 3 Missouris physical environment REASON #1: means lower risk and higher value for data center operations. SubTropolis*: 6 million sq ft Subtera Underground Warehousing: 1.2 million sq ft Parkville Underground: 385,000 sq ft Bussen Underground Warehouse: 850,000 sq ft Smart Warehousing: 2 million sq ft Springfield Underground*: 2.2 million sq ft Space Center Kansas City: 6.5 million sq ft Bluebird Underground*: 56,500 sq ft Carefree Industrial Park: 4.2 million sq ft Mountain Complex*: 3 million sq ft Americold Underground: 2.8 million sq ft Ozark Terminal: 2.1 million sq ft *data center-ready sites Missouris underground facilities Click to open a larger version Missouris underground facilities, located in former limestone mines, total more than 30 million square-feet and offer natural climate control (6070 degrees year-round) and enhanced security. Limestone, which is three times stronger than concrete, also reduces tenants vulnerability to natural disasters. Missouri is a low-risk state for acts of terrorism, hurricanes and earthquakes, having experienced no major disasters of these kind since record keeping began in 1957 (FEMA). Missouris weather, with a four-season climate and an average annual temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit, enables free cooling for data centers for up to half of the year (NOAA, Comparative Climactic Data through 2010). SubTropolis Technology Center About 58 percent of Missouris days are sunny. Thats more than 200 days a year, which is ideal for solar-powered data centers. In addition to vast groundwater resources, Missouri has more than 1,000 miles of inland waterways, ranking 10th in the U.S. Missouri averages 44 inches of rainfall a year and has not experienced a single drought- related Presidential Disaster Declaration since record keeping began in 1957 (FEMA). Missouri offers pre-certified sites across the state that make the site selection process easier, reducing the time and risk associated with development. For example, the Ewing Industrial site in Columbia offers redundancy of electric and broadband, along with looped water supply, making it especially attractive for data center projects. Springfield Underground Missouri offers an ideal location for an underground data center. The Bluebird Underground facility is housed in a cave carved out of natural limestone, which provides a safe and secure environment. Being in Missouri allows close accessibility to data center customers while enjoying low business and power costs. Combined, these attributes allow Bluebird Underground the opportunity to grow our business while pro- viding a cost-effective data center experience for our customers. MICHAEL MOREY, PRESIDENT AND CEO, BLUEBIRD NETWORK

4 MISSOURIS INCENTIVES AND LOW-COST, RELIABLE ENERGY HELPS COMPANIES PROSPER 4 REASON #2: Missouris incentives and low- cost, reliable energy helps data center companies prosper. Click on the orange text for more information. Missouris new data center incentives include state and local sales and use tax exemptions for qualified equipment, machinery, and utilities. Incentives also include exemptions from state and local sales and use taxes on purchases of tangible personal property and materials for data center construction. New data centers are required to invest at least $25 million and create 10+ new jobs paying at least 150 percent of the county average wage. Missouri utility company KCP&L offers additional incentives to make their service area attractive to new and expanding businesses, including their Economic Development Rider (EDR) discount, which provides a discounted rate over five years, from 30 percent in the first year to 10 percent during the last. 35 Missouri 30 Other states highly ranked for data centers 25 Wyoming South Dakota 20 20 Arizona California 15 15 Missouri New York Virgina Colorado 10 10 5 5 0 0 f Industrial electricity costs by state (cents/kWh) Source: EIA, 2014 Missouris industrial electricity costs averaged 6.19 cents/kWh in 201413 percent lower than the U.S. average. Missouri has steadily been adding renewable energy to its electricity generation port- folio since adopting its Renewable Portfolio Standard by an overwhelming voter margin in 2008. By 2021, investor-owned utilities in Missouri will get 15 percent of their power from renewable resources, with two percent coming from solar. Missouris utilities are among the most reliable in the nation. KCP&L in the Kansas City region has invested heavily in system efficiency and reliability. In 2014, for the eighth year in a row, the PA Consulting Group recognized KCP&L as the recipient of the ReliabilityOne Award in the Plains Region. Ameren Missouri is committed to making investments in electric reliability to provide its customers with safe, dependable and cleaner energy. System upgrades will reduce outag- es and prepare the power grid to meet future energy needs. Ameren Missouris focus on reliability has placed the company in the top 25 percent among utilities in the U.S. based on benchmarks established by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers index.

5 MISSOURI HAS DEPENDABLE, REDUNDANT, DIVERSE INTERNET NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE 5 REASON #3:Missouri has a dependable, redundant and diverse Internet network infrastructure for data centers. Iowa Neb. 2,369 1,598 Ill. 11,952 Kan. Mo. Ky. 2,429 5,172 3,631 Tenn. Okla. 5,455 3,308 Ark. 2,338 High speed connections by state (more than 200 kbps in at least one direction as of December 31, 2013) FCC, 2014 Click on the orange text for more information. Numerous Tier 1 providers have a strong presence throughout Missouri with more than 2,000 miles of fiber combined. Providers include AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Level 3, Sprint, Verizon and XO. In 2014, Kansas City became the first market to test the new Google Fiber small business service. Google Fiber is a broadband Internet network infrastructure using fiber-optic communication that provides symmetrical connectivity at around 1 gigabit per second, which is about 100 times faster access than what most Americans have. AT&T recently announced plans to bring its Internet GigaPower service to St. Louis. The service is currently available in Kansas City. Missouri has more high speed connections than most Midwestern states. High speed connections include fiber, ADSL, SDSL, cable modem, satellite, and fixed and mobile wireless. Missouri benefits from the presence of the National LambdaRail (NLR) and Internet2, high-speed national networks connecting research institutions to one another to enable a faster exchange of data. The National LambdaRail is a 12,000 mile, high-speed national network infrastructure that runs over fiber-optic lines. Internet2 is an advanced network consortia connecting more than 60,000 educational, research, government and commu- nity institutions over their advanced fiber-optic network. As part of its Charter Spectrum upgrade in the St. Louis area, Charter Communications has raised its entry-level broadband from 30 megabits per second (Mbps) to 100 Mbps. In 2014, Windstream began work on its 100 gigabit per second long-haul network that will ultimately strengthen and/or establish networks from St. Louis to Chicago, Indianapolis, Lexington, Knoxville, Atlanta, Memphis and Dallas.

6 MISSOURI HAS DEPENDABLE, REDUNDANT, DIVERSE INTERNET NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE 6 Network maps AT&T Core deployed: Completion 20072008 Core deployed: Completed Click to open Bluebird Network Network Click to open CenturyLink Fiber route Click to open

7 MISSOURI HAS DEPENDABLE, REDUNDANT, DIVERSE INTERNET NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE 7 Cogent Communications On-net and off-net comcast business market On-net and off-net the comcast network market with Cogent data center(s) built for business. Off-net market Comcast was founded in 1963 as a single-system cable operator and now is the nations largest with over $62 billion Network route in revenue in 2012. We are one of the nations leading providers of information, communications and entertainment products and services with over 19 million Internet customers, 9.8 million digital voice customers, 22 million video Scheduled network route customers and hundreds of thousands of business customers. With over 135,000 employees, we currently serve 20 of the top Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the U.S. and provide service to customers in 39 states and the District of Columbia. Our high-speed, high-capacity broadband and Ethernet services operate across our private, diverse enhanced fiber network. With over 141,000 national route miles of fiber, our network is the largest facilities-based last mile alternative to the phone company. Cox N Cox N With the first and largest fully 40G backbone, and the deployment of the first 100G router interface, Comcasts advanced network delivers reliable and scalable services for businesses of any size. Click to open Comcast COMCASTS EXTENSIVE Network NATIONWIDE FIBER Infrastructure OPTIC NETWORK Cox N Comcast ThE lARgEST FACIlITIES-BASED, lAST MIlE AlTERNATIVE TO ThE PhONE & Metro Ethernet Markets COMPANy IN ThE UNITED STATES. Fiber optic network Seattle Spokane Portland Sun Valley Minneapolis Boston 10 Sun Valley St. Paul Detroit Hartford 10 Jersey City Sun Valley Sacramento Chicago 100G Oakland Salt Lake City Philadelphia 10 San Pittsburgh Baltimore 100G 80G Francisco Indianapolis Washington D.C. Denver San Jose San 100G Jose 200G 80G Nashville San Jose30G 200G 80G San Santa Jose30G Barbara 400G Las Vegas 60G 200G 60G Atlanta SantaLos Angeles Barbara 30G 400G Las Vegas 110G 400G 500G 80G 600G 60G Jacksonville SantaLos Angeles Barbara 20G 400G Las Vegas 110G Orange County 400G 500G 600G 80G West Palm Beach Los Angeles 240G 20G Phoenix COVERAGE 39 states + DC Houston Orange County 400G 500G 40G 80G 110G PLANT ROUTE MILES 628,000 Ft. Lauderdale San Diego 240G 20G 600G Phoenix Orange County 40G Miami FIBER ROUTE MILES 141,000 San Diego 240G Phoenix Tucson OPTICAL NODES 125,000 Click to open 40G TRAFFIC TYPE 95% commercial San Diego Tucson 40G or customer of a direct peer Tucson 30G 40G Cox Communications Cox National IP Backbone 40G 30G Q4 2013 CoxRegional Cox regional data(RDC) Data Center center 30G (RDC) Cox Regional DataBackbone Local Market Center (RDC) Node CoxRegional Cox local Local Internet market Data Market Peering back- Center (RDC) Backbone Node Sun Valley bone Internet Cox National node LocalPeering Market NOC andBackbone Node Internet Peering 10G 60G 200G Manchester Providence Internet Internet National NOC peering Peering and Internet Peering Chicago National NOC andPeering inter- 20G 80G 250G National NOC and Internet 100G Omaha 110G 20G 300G New York 80G Cleveland net peering San Jose 80G Ashburn 300G 100G 160G 200G NOVA 30G Kansas City 80G 20G 200G Santa Barbara 60G 20G Hampton Roads 400G Las Vegas Wichita 20G 20G Los Angeles 200G 20G Roanoke 160G 400G 500G 600G 80G 110G Tulsa 150G 20G Bentonville / Fayetteville 150G Orange County Oklahoma City 60G 20G 240G Phoenix 70G 300G Fort Smith 80G Atlan Atlanta 40G San Diego 10G 30G Tucson 100G 30G Macon 70G 60G 30G 40G 30G Dallas Baton Rouge 30G 140G 60G Pensacola Gainesville Lafayette New Orleans Ft. Walton Ocala 60G 30G Cox Regional Data Center (RDC) 30G Cox Local Market Backbone Node Internet Peering Click to open National NOC and Internet Peering Cox Condential and Proprietary

8 MISSOURI HAS DEPENDABLE, REDUNDANT, DIVERSE INTERNET NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE 8 Level 3 Communications On-net market On-net market w/metro network Owned network Leased network Click to open Sprint Sprint peerless IP node Sprint peerless IP access PoP Sprint peerless IP network Click to open Verizon Network Node Click to open

9 MISSOURI HAS DEPENDABLE, REDUNDANT, DIVERSE INTERNET NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE 9 XO Communications Core IP node Metro IP node Core IP node w/peering Media gateway Long haul termination (all bandwidths) Long haul termination (OC-48 & above only) MPLS IP-VPN POP Nx10 gigabit ethernet Inter-city long haul network Local voice footprint Broadband wireless spectrum Click to open XO markets Zayo Metro lit fiber Long haul lit fiber Undersea cable Fiber - under construction zColo sites Click to open Windstream Fiber network IP network Major markets Click to open

10 MISSOURI HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD AS A PRIME LOCATION FOR DATA CENTERS AND IT 10 Missouri has a proven track REASON #4: record as a prime location for data centers and IT companies. Major companies with data centers in Missouri include: American Century; AT&T; BJC HealthCare; Bank of America; Carfax; Centene; CitiMortgage; Commerce Bancshares; DST Systems; Edward Jones; Emerson; Enterprise; Express Scripts; Liberty Mutual; MasterCard; Mercy Health; Monsanto; Scottrade; Thomson Reuters; and Walmart. Major IT and telecommunications companies headquartered in Missouri include: Cass Information Systems; Cerner Corporation; DST Systems; Emerson; Graybar; Jack Henry & Associates; and World Wide Technology. Recent data center projects include: Ascent Corp.; Contegix; Digital Realty in St. Louis; and LightEdge Solution in Kansas City. St. Louis is an important part of Squares history. Its an incredible city and my hometown, and were excited to further invest in the community. Go Cards! JACK DORSEY, CEO, SQUARE Notable IT, data center and communications companies in Missouri Click on the orange text for more information. new denotes a recent location or expansion in Missouri Ascent (HQ St. Louis), a developer and operator of data centers, announced plans to build a new $85 million data center in St. Louis in 2014. Bick Group (HQ St. Louis) provides design, access floor, fire protection and building con- trols solutions for data centers. new Bluebird Network (HQ Columbia) purchased SpringNet Underground from City Utilities in Springfield in 2014 and announced plans to expand the data center in 2015. The expansion will more than double the centers data storage space, adding 16,000 square feet. new BIME Analytics (Kansas City), a France-based business intelligence technology com- pany, opened its new North American headquarters in Kansas City in 2014. The company invested $390,200 to locate in Kansas Citys Crossroads District and announced plans to hire 44 new employees within the next five years. Cass Information Systems (HQ St. Louis) provides payment and information services for financial, accounts payable, transportation, logistics, utility and telecommunications applications. CenturyLink (St. Louis) provides cloud, managed hosting, managed security, colocation and professional and network services to businesses and government agencies world- wide. Colocation services include data center space and power for server and networking equipment, as well as managed hosting services for IT infrastructure and network needs. Cerner Corporation (HQ North Kansas City) is a Fortune 500 company that has focused on developing health care information technology solutions for more than 25 years. In 2013, Cerner announced plans to add between 12,000 and 15,000 jobs and expand its Kansas City campus.

11 MISSOURI HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD AS A PRIME LOCATION FOR DATA CENTERS AND IT 11 Charter Communications (St. Louis) is the fourth largest cable provider in the U.S., pro- viding advanced video, high-speed Internet and telephone service for 5.5 million custom- ers in 27 states. The company has significant operations and a data center in St. Louis. Commenco (HQ Kansas City) is the authorized Motorola service facility in the Kansas City metropolitan area specializing in the sales, installation and maintenance of wireless communications and 9-1-1 equipment. A certified service center, Commenco employs 17 certified, factory-trained technicians specializing in portable radios, mobile radios, pagers, closed-circuit camera equipment, computer networks and broadband wireless applications. new Contegix (HQ St. Louis) is a cloud-computing and colocation company that recently relocated its headquarters and opened a data center in St. Louis Digital Realty facility. The company neared capacity within three months of the move, prompting a second expansion. Cosentry (Kansas City and St. Louis) is one of the largest data center companies in Kansas City and recently acquired St. Louis-based XIOLINK, a web hosting and colocation provider. Digital Realty (St. Louis) recently completed work on a $30 million expansion of its data center, adding more than 10,000 square feet. The company, which plans to add an- other 45,000 square feet of data center space, says this is phase one of a $100 million expansion. new DSl (HQ Kansas City), a mobile supply-chain company, announced plans to expand in 2014, adding 50 employees for a total of 220. DST Systems (HQ Kansas City) was founded in 1969 as a division of Kansas City Southern Industries to develop an automated recordkeeping system for the mutual fund indus- try. Today the company is the largest provider of third-party shareholder recordkeeping services in the United States. new ECCO Select (HQ Kansas City) announced plans to invest more than $1 million to expand its headquarters in 2014, creating 96 new IT jobs. ECCO Select is an information technology and management consulting firm that provides a wide range of IT support services to both private and public-sector clients. The Kansas City expansion will help the company access an international client base and bolster Missouris position as a growing hub for high-tech jobs. Emerson (HQ St. Louis) is a Fortune 500 global manufacturing and technology company offering a wide range of products and services in the areas of process management, climate technologies, network power, storage solutions, professional tools, appliance solutions, motor technologies and industrial automation. In 2009, the company opened a St. Louis data center powered by 550 solar panels. new GadellNet Consulting Services (HQ St. Louis), an information technology consulting firm, completed a $1.35 million expansion in 2014, adding 30 new employees. GadellNet offers clients personalized solutions including desk support, network engineering, busi- ness and technology management consulting, application development and hosted cloud services. new Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City announced plans in 2015 to add up to 200 tech- nology professionals in the next three years to assist with its services and operations.

12 MISSOURI HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD AS A PRIME LOCATION FOR DATA CENTERS AND IT 12 Graybar (HQ St. Louis) is a Fortune 500 company and a leader in the distribution of high- quality electrical, telecommunications and networking products. new HealthcareFirst (HQ Springfield) announced plans to hire an additional 20 local employees at its new Springfield headquarters in 2014. HealthcareFirst produces soft- ware for the home health care and hospice care industries. IBM Service Delivery Center (Columbia) primarily supports IBMs U.S. information technology services clients, providing server systems operations, project management and security services, including maintenance and monitoring of computer hardware and software systems. Jack Henry & Associates Inc. (HQ Monett) was founded in 1976 as a provider of core information processing solutions for community banks. Today, the company processes transactions, automates business processes and manages mission-critical information for more than 8,700 financial institutions and corporate entities throughout the U.S. new LightEdge Solutions (Kansas City) is a colocation and information technology com- pany that opened a new managed hosting facility for data center clients in Kansas City in 2014, making a $58.3 million capital investment and creating 21 new jobs. Lockerdome (St. Louis) is a social media startup that recently doubled its traffic, passing the 40 million monthly unique visitors mark. new miicard (St. Louis), a Scotland-based online identity-verification firm, announced plans to establish a permanent presence in St. Louis in 2014 after participating in the SixThirty accelerator program. new Mindmixer (Kansas City), an online hosted engagement software company, selected Kansas City to be its new home base in 2014, investing more than $1.5 million and creat- ing 80 new jobs. Moblico Solutions (HQ Kansas City) develops mobile applications using a combination of web, messaging and e-commerce capabilities to help companies focus on revenue generation. NEC Energy Solutions (St. Louis) designs and manufactures high performance, efficient, safe and reliable advanced battery systems for electric grid, backup power and lead acid replacement applications. new The Nerdery (Kansas City) announced a $4.3 million capital investment in 2014 to ex- pand in downtown Kansas City, adding 100 jobs. The company develops custom interac- tive technology. new Netelligent (HQ St. Louis), a leading provider of technology solutions, recently an- nounced plans to open a new Kansas City office and hire 30 employees. In 2014, the company expanded its Chesterfield headquarters to support its global operations, mak- ing a $1.8 million investment. new Onshore Outsourcing (HQ Macon) announced plans to expand and add more than 100 new jobs in IT services in 2014. Rarewire (HQ Kansas City) is a software and services company providing technology, design and support capabilities for native apps on iOS and other mobile devices. The company relocated from Kansas to Missouri in 2012. new SpiderOak (HQ Kansas City) announced plans to move its headquarters from Chicago to Kansas City in 2015. The company employs 30 and plans to add 10 employees.

13 MISSOURI HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD AS A PRIME LOCATION FOR DATA CENTERS AND IT 13 new Square (St. Louis), a startup founded in 2009 by St. Louis natives Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, announced plans to open a permanent office in St. Louis Cortex Innovation Community in 2015, creating 200 new jobs. new Suitable Technologies (Kansas City), a remote presence provider, recently opened an office in Kansas City. TierPoint (HQ St. Louis) is a leading national provider of information technology and data center services, including colocation, cloud computing and managed IT services. new World Wide Technology (HQ St. Louis) is one of Americas largest private companies and one of the leading systems integrators in the world. The company announced plans to expand its presence in St. Louis through the acquisition of mobile app and software company Asynchrony Labs in 2015, creating 100 new high-paying jobs to further support its operations. The announcement was the companys second expansion in just two years, in addition to investing more than $100 million to complete the construction and equipping of its Advanced Technology Center, enhance and expand other facilities and create approximately 200 jobs new jobs in St. Louis. As a provider of technology and supply chain solutions, Worldwide uses its e-commerce applications to manage planning, procurement and deployment processes for its clients. The company also provides asset recovery, pre-sales technical support, and integration and staging services. Locating in Kansas City, were afforded a lot of opportunities that arent available in other parts of the country. Kansas City is a growing technology hub where we have access to a lot of great tech talent, but Missouri also has a friendly corporate tax structure that allows us to keep our cost of business low. Its a winning combination that you wont find anywhere but here. RACHEL DELACOUR, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER OF BIME Other colocation and multi-tenant data center facilities: 365 Data Centers (St. Louis) 1102 Grand, a Netrality Property (HQ Kansas City) Appia Communications (St. Louis) Bluebird Underground (HQ Springfield) Connectria (HQ St. Louis) Cybercon Data Center (HQ St. Louis) Datotel (HQ St. Louis) Globe Building Company (HQ St. Louis) Holly Data Center (HQ Kansas City) Hostirian (HQ St. Louis) Joes Datacenter (HQ Kansas City) Layered Tech (Kansas City) Level 3 Communications (Kansas City and St. Louis) Mountain Complex (HQ Branson) Netsolus (HQ Kansas City) Sungard Availability Services (St. Louis) T5 Technology Center (HQ Kansas City) OneNeck IT Solutions (Kansas City) XO Communications (St. Louis)

14 MISSOURI HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD AS A PRIME LOCATION FOR DATA CENTERS AND IT 14 Construction and engineering firms for data centers: Brinkmann Constructors (HQ St. Louis) Clayco (St. Louis) Gibbens Drake Scott (HQ Kansas City) Henderson Engineers (Kansas City) Mark One Electric Company, Inc. (HQ Kansas City) McCarthy (HQ St. Louis) McCown Gordon Construction (HQ Kansas City) Murphy Construction (HQ St. Louis) Level 8 Group (HQ St. Louis) JE Dunn (HQ Kansas City) S.M. Wilson & Co. (HQ St. Louis) Turner Construction Company (Kansas City) U.S. Engineering Company (HQ Kansas City) When we launched Netelligent in 2003, we recognized Missouri as a place where we could really grow and succeed. And today, Missouri continues to build upon that business-friendly reputation, offering the type of environment that allows high-tech companies like ours to thrive. AARON STONE, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF NETELLIGENT IT staffing firms: Advantage Consulting (HQ St. Louis) Apex Systems (St. Louis) BalancePoint (HQ Kansas City) Bradford & Galt (HQ St. Louis) Byrne Software Technologies (HQ St. Louis) Ciber (St. Louis) Daugherty Business Solutions (HQ St. Louis) Human Resource Staffing (HQ St. Louis) Kelly Services (Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kansas City, Kirksville, Perryville, Springfield, St. Louis, St. Joseph) Kforce (St. Louis) Levi, Ray & Shoup (St. Louis) Modis (St. Louis) Net Effects (HQ St. Louis) PDS Technical Services Inc. (St. Louis) Professional Employment Group (HQ St. Louis) Rose International (HQ St. Louis) St. Louis Staffing (HQ St. Louis) Star Recruit (HQ Kansas City) Strategic Staffing Solutions (St. Louis) SyllogisTeks (HQ St. Louis) Technology Partners (HQ St. Louis) TechnoSmarts Inc. (HQ St. Louis) TEKsystems (St. Louis) Volt Workforce Solutions (St. Louis) Westport One (HQ St. Louis) Whitton Staffing (HQ St. Louis) Yoh Services (St. Louis)

15 MISSOURI HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD AS A PRIME LOCATION FOR DATA CENTERS AND IT 15 Missouris data centers and IT companies Major IT and data center companies Collocation data centers Construction and engineering IT staffing firms Major airport 169 136 29 Kirksville 59 35 65 ( ! ( ! o St. Joseph 63 ( ! ( ! 36 ( ! Hannibal ( ! 72 Moberly ! ( 24 ( ! o Kansas City ( ! ( ! ( !(! (! ! (! 61 ( ! ! ( ( ! ( ! ( Columbia!( ( ! ( ! 70 !! (( o 40 ! ! ( ( !( ! St. Louis Sedalia ( o( 64 ! ( ! ( ! ( ! Warrensburg!( (! !( (! ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! 50 Jefferson City ( ! ( (! !( (! ! (! (! !( ( ! ((! ! ( ! ( 49 65 54 Rolla ( ! Farmington 44 o ( ! ( ! 160 63 67 55 Cape Girardeau ( ! Springfield ( ! o o ( ! o ( ! Joplin !! (( ( ! 61 ( ! 60 ( ! Sikeston!( 57 o ( ! Branson 160 Poplar Bluff 62

16 MISSOURI HAS A HIGHLY-TRAINED WORKFORCE FOR INFORMATION AND DATA CENTERS 16 Missouri has a highly-trained REASON #5: workforce for IT and data centers. Iowa Iowa Neb. 1,704,575 Neb. 45,393 1,022,152 32,337 Ill. Ill. 5,524,579 227,675 Kan. Mo. Kan. Mo. Ky. Ky. 1,500,353 3,058,118 55,468 103,284 2,005,252 49,799 Tenn. Tenn. Okla. Ark. 3,011,495 Okla. Ark. 76,783 1,784,035 1,300,608 35,652 26,409 Workforce, all industries Tech employment Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 TechAmerica Cyberstates, 2015 Click on the orange text for more information. Missouris tech industry employed more than 103,000 people in 2014, accounting for 4.6 percent of its private sector workforce (TechAmerica Foundation, 2015). 50 Missouri post-secondary institutions offer Bachelors degrees or higher in computer science or the equivalent. Missouris labor force of more than three million exceeds the entire populations of 20 states, including neighboring Kansas, Arkansas and Nebraska (Census Bureau, 2014). Southeast Missouri State Universitys online Bachelor of Science in Technology Management was recently ranked among the nations top 20 best online Bachelor of Information Technology degree programs (TheBestSchools.org). Kansas City recently received a $500,000 grant through the Missouri Division of Workforce Development and U.S. Department of Labor to develop a coding bootcamp to provide IT job training. A recent survey in PC Magazine ranked Kansas City and St. Louis as top cities for launch- ing tech careers. Kansas City and St. Louis both made Nerdwallets list of best places for tech jobs in 2015. LaunchCode is a nonprofit organization, founded in St. Louis, that creates pathways to economic opportunity and upward mobility through apprenticeships and job placement in technology. In 2015, the program expanded to Kansas City and was recognized by President Obama as a national model. It doesnt matter where you learned code, it just matters how good you are in writing code. If you can do the job, you should get the job LaunchCode, which is a not-for-profit that finds talented people across St. Louis and gives them the training and credibility for the tech jobs employers are desperately needing to fill Ninety percent of its graduates were hired full time, with an average starting salary of $50,000 a year. PRESIDENT OBAMA

17 MISSOURI HAS A HIGHLY-TRAINED WORKFORCE FOR INFORMATION AND DATA CENTERS 17 Occupation information for the IT workforce Missouri Missouri median United States median Code Occupation title employment hourly wage hourly wage 15-0000 Computer and Mathematical Occupations 74,590 $34.93 $38.18 15-1111 Computer and Information Research Scientists 130 $43.43 $52.09 15-1121 Computer Systems Analysts 11,010 $37.83 $39.76 15-1122 Information Security Analysts 2,130 $37.46 $42.74 15-1131 Computer Programmers 7,900 $35.73 $37.28 15-1132 Software Developers, Applications 11,980 $42.78 $45.92 15-1133 Software Developers, Systems Software 3,010 $47.26 $49.46 15-1134 Web Developers 1,530 $24.88 $30.52 15-1142 Network and Computer Systems Administrators 8,010 $33.83 $36.44 15-1143 Computer Network Architects 3,290 $46.43 $47.32 15-1151 Computer User Support Specialists 13,650 $22.25 $22.89 15-1199 Computer Occupations, All Other 3,450 $39.74 $40.10 15-2031 Operations Research Analysts 940 $26.91 $36.86 Missouri median hourly wage U.S. median hourly wage 60 $60 $50 50 $40 40 $30 30 $20 20 $10 10 $0 0 15-0000 15-1111 15-1121 15-1122 15-1131 15-1132 15-1133 15-1134 15-1142 15-1143 15-1151 15-1199 15-2031 Median hourly wage Source for all: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational All other Computer and Mathematical Occupations 15-1111 Employment and Wage Estimates, May 2014 15-1121 15-2031 15-1199 15-1122 15-1131 15-1151 15-1143 15-1132 15-1142 15-1134 15-1133 Missouri employment

18 MISSOURI HAS A HIGHLY-TRAINED WORKFORCE FOR INFORMATION AND DATA CENTERS 18 Educational resources for data centers ! ( ! ( ! ( ! (! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! (! ! ( (! ! ( ( ! ( ! ! ( ( !! (( ! ( ! (! (! ! ! ! ( ! ( ( !( ( ! ((( ! ! ( (! (! ! (! ! ( (! ( ! ( (! !( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ! ( ( ! ( ! ( !! (( ! ( ! ( ! ( Schools offering computer science degrees Computer Science degree programs 50+ Missouri post-secondary institutions offer Bachelors Lincoln University: nn degrees or higher in Computer Science or equivalent: Lindenwood University: nn Jefferson College: n Color indicates degree programs offered Linn State Technical College: n Associates: n Maryville University of St. Louis: n Bachelors: n Metropolitan Community College: n Masters: n Mineral Area College: n PhD: n Missouri Baptist University: n American Business and Technology University: nn Missouri Southern State University: nn Avila University: n Missouri State University: n Brown Mackie: n Missouri State University-West Plains: n Bryan University: n Missouri Tech: nn Central Methodist University: nn Missouri University of Science and Technology: nnn College of the Ozarks: n Missouri Valley College: n Columbia College: nn Missouri Western State University: n Crowder College: n Moberly Area Community College: n DeVry University: nn National American University-Independence: nn Drury University: n National American University-Kansas City: nn East Central College: n National American University-Lees Summit: nn Evangel University: n National American University-Weldon Spring: nn Fontbonne University: n Northwest Missouri State University: nn Grantham University: nnn Ozarks Technical Community College: n Hannibal-Lagrange College: n Park University: nn Harris-Stowe: n Pinnacle Career Institute: n Hickey College: n St. Louis Community College: n ITT Technical Institute-Arnold: nn Saint Louis University: nn ITT Technical Institute-Earth City: nn Southeast Missouri State University: n ITT Technical Institute-Kansas City: nn Southwest Baptist University: n ITT Technical Institute-Springfield: nn St. Charles Community College: n

19 MISSOURI HAS A HIGHLY-TRAINED WORKFORCE FOR INFORMATION AND DATA CENTERS 19 State Fair Community College: n Vatterott College-Springfield: n Three Rivers Community College: n Vatterott College-St. Charles: n Truman State University: n Vatterott College-St. Joseph: n University of Central Missouri: nn Vatterott College-St. Louis (Sunset Hills): nn University of Missouri-Columbia: nnn Vatterott College-St. Louis (Berkeley): n University of Missouri-Kansas City: nn Washington University in St. Louis: nnn University of Missouri-St. Louis: nn Webster University: nn Vatterott College-Joplin: n Westminster College: n Vatterott College-Kansas City: n William Woods University: n Were real excited about the Kansas City market from a talent perspective. Weve been really encouraged by the great tech talent weve found in the city so far, pretty much through word of mouth, from hiring a couple of developers and having them refer their friends. It just made a heck of a lot of sense to invest there, especially with the support that Missouri and Kansas City have given us. TOM ONEILL, PRESIDENT, THE NERDERY ! ( ! ( ! ( (! ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! (! (! (( ! (! !(! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( ! ( Schools offering engineering degrees Engineering degree programs 17 Missouri post-secondary institutions offer Bachelors or Missouri Western State University: n higher degrees in electrical or computer engineering: Ozarks Technical Community College: n Pinnacle Career Institute: n Devry University: nn Ranken Technical College: n East Central College: n Saint Louis University: n Grantham University: nn St. Louis Community College: n ITT Institute-Arnold: nn Southeast Missouri State University: n ITT Institute-Earth City: nn University of Central Missouri: n ITT Institute-Kansas City: nn University of Missouri: nnn ITT Institute-Springfield: nn University of Missouri-Kansas City: nn Jefferson College: n University of Missouri-St. Louis: n Metropolitan Community College: n Vatterott College-Berkeley: n Mineral Area College: n Vatterott College-Sunset Hills: n Missouri Tech: nn Washington University in St. Louis: nnn Missouri University of Science and Technology: nnn

20 MISSOURI HAS A HIGHLY-TRAINED WORKFORCE FOR INFORMATION AND DATA CENTERS 20 Other resources Click on the orange text for more information. Accelerate St. Louis is a one-stop-shop to connect entrepreneurs to resources and inves- tors who can help them in launching and growing their businesses in the St. Louis region. Launch KC is a strategic initiative designed to attract and develop IT entrepreneurs and professionals to the thriving information technology community in the Crossroads Arts District and throughout greater Downtown Kansas City. SixThirty (St. Louis) provides fintech startups with $100k in funding, mentors and con- nections to the top financial services companies in the country. Backed by the St. Louis Regional Chamber and venture capital firm Cultivation Capital, SixThirty selects eight financial-based technology startup companies each year, four in the fall and four in the spring. The selected companies receive hands-on training, mentoring and networking opportunities with the top financial services companies in the region. St. Louis Information Technology Entrepreneur Network (ITEN) accelerates scalable tech startups with programs for rapid product development, connections to talent, essential networking and access to funding. ITENs offerings are designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and require neither payment nor equity. T-REX (St. Louis) is a world class venue providing startups with low cost and flexible en- terprise space. T-REX is home to 100+ startups and many other entrepreneurial activities including Startup Weekend and StartLouis. ECCO Select is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy and with our headquarters here in Missouri, were in a great position to launch into new global markets. With strong technology infrastructure, a skilled talent pool, and a supportive business environment, Kansas City provides all the necessary ingredients to grow our business internationally. ECCO SELECT PRESIDENT AND CEO JEANET TE PRENGER Did you know? St. Louis was identified as an Emerging Major Data Center Market by Tier1 in 2011. Rolla and Kansas City were listed as two of the most affordable markets for data center operations by the Boyd Company in 2012. Kansas City ranked among the top 10 most promising tech hubs of 2014, according to the Web magazine Techie.com. In 2015, Kansas City signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. to develop the most comprehensive smart city network in North America along the streetcar starter line in downtown. Popular Mechanics named St. Louis the No. 1 Startup City in America in 2015.

21 The Missouri Partnership focuses on recruiting new business to the state, and is a non-profit organization supported by the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Hawthorn Foundation. To find out how the Missouri Partnership can assist at any stage of your project, please contact us by: mail: 120 South Central Avenue, Suite 1535 St. Louis, Missouri 63105 12200 NW Ambassador Drive, Suite 205 Kansas City, Missouri 64163 phone: 314.725.0949 e-mail:[email protected] website: www.missouripartnership.com social media:

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