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2 Stand & Deliver brings passion, commitment and vision to their work. The people they have worked with come away with an amazing ability to engage and excite an audience. Tom Rowe CEO, California State Compensation Insurance Fund

3 + 47 % COMMUNICATION DRIVES PERFORMANCE Watson Wyatt Communication Survey, 2009/2010 ARE YOU INVESTING IN YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET? Is your team clear about their vision, values and strategy? Do they embody and convey their ideas in ways that move others to action? Do you have a plan for building higher levels Companies that communicated direct, honest and of trust? Driving engagement? Influencing relevant messages to their employees had a 47% decision-makers more consistently? higher return to shareholders over a five-year period. Inspiring people to discover their potential?

4 Far exceeded my teams expectations. Even months after the program, ENGAGE & INSPIRE OUR PROGRAMS GIVE LEADERS AND THEIR TEAMS THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO my team still talks about what they learned and how Engage, inspire and influence others. Stand & Deliver believes great communicators are made, not born. We believe that deep presence and exceptional leadership come from learnable behaviors. Generate higher levels of trust and engagement. Reconnect to a common purpose that pulls much fun they had. Our faculty of experts draws on years of experience in theater, media and the arts to help people recognize and release their an organization forward. Stimulate creative thinking and fresh ideas. Doreen IdaVice President, Nestl own hidden potential. To overcome their fears, Realize dramatically higher levels of collaboration. habits and limiting mindsets. To thrive in ways they could never have imagined. Transform fear into passion in high-stakes situations. Unlock leadership potential.

5 HIGH PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATION CONSULTING OUTCOMES DELIVERY We start by consulting with you to determine A world-class team of experienced performance what you want to achieve, including: experts will lead your programs, giving you a powerful combination of cutting-edge theory and intensive, Greater buy-in from clients. relevant practice and feedback. More internal visibility and influence. Theory and Methodology Stand & Deliver programs are built around dynamic The ability to tell better, more full-group sessions that bring core concepts and engaging stories. principles to life. Greater agility and poise in front Practice and Application of tough audiences. In small-group breakouts, you apply skills to the real-world challenges that matter most for you. A more vibrant, productive You receive direct, constructive feedback from and sustainable team culture. your peers and from our faculty. DESIGN SUSTAINABILITY 60 % i4cp internal communications study, 2011 We design a high-impact series of programs After each program, we offer valuable follow-up tailored to meet your specific goals. recommendations and momentum sessions to make sure you continue to build your teams skills. PREPARATION 60% of low-performing companies reported We create assessments and deliver a curated set of reading materials to build momentum they have no communication strategy. for each training.

6 1 SPEAK TO INSPIRE Raise your ability to engage and influence in any setting. 2 THE POWER OF DIALOGUE Handle difficult conversations with greater skill. OUR PROGRAMS Each Stand & Deliver program is customized to meet the specific needs of your team and organization. Programs can be taken 3 4 HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS Strengthen alignment and culture in your organization. STORYTELLING IN ACTION as standalone trainings or in a series. Use memorable, inspiring narratives to get results. 5 INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY Develop a resourceful, collaborative and imaginative approach to solving real business problems. High Performance Communication Series Recommended Initial Programs Building Block Programs

7 1 SPEAK TO INSPIRE When the stakes are high, how do you deliver a message that captures your listeners attention and gets results? 68 % Our foundational program will dramatically elevate your ability to get results through the power of the spoken wordin any environment, from pitch meeting to board room to large platform. You will: Learn a method for structuring clear, compelling narratives in any setting. Use professional performance techniques to deepen your leadership presence and amplify your message. Manage your emotional state for greater confidence and power in high-stakes situations. THIS PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR Executives who need to deliver key messages and raise their effectiveness. Managers who need to motivate peak performance European Leaders 2011 study in their teams. Leaders stepping into roles with increased visibility and responsibility. Experienced professionals. 68% of employees do not understand their companys vision. (This not a beginners course).

8 2 THE POWER OF DIALOGUE Conversations are the life-blood of any organization, and the quality of those conversations determine culture. Healthy organizations engage in dialogues that deal with problems directly, honestly and skillfully. In this program, your team will develop the crucial tools needed to: $37 Billion: Counting the Cost of Employee Misunderstanding, 2008 IDC white paper by Cognisco Build greater trust and rapport in one-to-one conversations, whether youre communicating with each other or with clients and partners. Challenge without being confrontational. Increase collaboration. Recognize blocks to effective dialogue. Build bridges to engage and influence in conversation. Engage in tough conversations without THIS PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR $ 37BIL sacrificing a relationship or personal bond. Teams that are having difficulty communicating clearly with each other. Groups that need to stimulate collaboration and share information and ideas more freely. Managers who need to have difficult conversations regarding performance. US and UK businesses are losing $37 billion per year through employee misunderstanding. Individuals working with clients in tough negotiations or crisis situations.

9 3 HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS Is your team aligned with a clear vision, or are you stuck in silos, without a compelling picture of your common purpose? Whats your reputation? Do others want to be a part of what youre doing? In this program, you will: Build greater trust in order to accelerate your productivity. Discover where individuals values intersect My staff hasnt been so happy since with the organizations in order to build success. Articulate commitments for sustaining a vibrant, engaging culture in your team. we gave them a holiday bonus. Increase clarity and alignment. Mike Lawson Attorney & Partner, Steefel, Levitt & Weiss THIS PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR Newly formed teams, or groups undergoing significant transition or reorganization. Long-standing teams that are encountering roadblocks in their collaboration and performance. Organizations interested in strengthening their cultural foundations before an expected growth surge.

10 4 STORYTELLING IN ACTION Stand & Deliver sets the foundation for how to Your facts and data wont speak for themselves. If you really want to move an audienceto influence decisions and create changeyouve got to tell a good story. deliver the most compelling New research confirms that storytelling affects the brain more powerfully than information alone. What makes a good and impactful content and story? How do you bring a story alive for your audience? This program focuses on creating and delivering memorable, inspiring narratives demonstrates how to use that produce results. You will learn: the key elements of story structure, those skills to motivate and how to apply them to your messages. how to make stories more memorable by speaking to listeners emotions. and drive behavior with the power of sensory language. any audience. tools for delivering your story in authentic, dynamic ways. WHO WILL BENEFIT Chuck Robbins Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems Teams who are struggling to have their ideas heard by key decision makers. Leaders who need to inspire and motivate their teams. Organizations who need to tell their story to the world with greater consistency and impact.

11 5 INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY Innovation is no longer a luxury; its a necessity. Organizations that arent generating bold, fresh new ideas are on the fast-track to irrelevance. Stand & Delivers expertise in applied improvisation and creativity includes extensive work and appointments at the Stanford University drama, design and business schools. This dynamic, fun and practical program will help you: Our understanding develop a yes/and mindset and a dramatically more resourceful approach to innovation. of leadership, innovation and creativity will rapidly develop and prototype new ideas. never be the same. heighten your attentiveness, in the moment, in order to discover unexpected answers. deepen trust among your team. build greater confidence in your own instincts and creativity in high-pressure situations. THIS PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR TEAMS THAT Are getting bogged down by a culture of negativity. yvind Nordsletten Norwegian Ambassador to Russia Need fresh perspectives on unsolved problems. Depend on creative solutions to remain competitive. Are experiencing blocks in their approach to a business challenge. Need to inject new energy and purpose in the wake of a difficult period.

12 CONSULTING SERVICES MEDIA TRAINING A few minutes on a screen or the airwaves can make or break your reputation. In a series of Success for us has custom-designed sessions, Stand & Deliver writers and performance coaches will help you optimize your poise, presence and impact on T.V. or radio. been about turning a new CONTENT CONSULTING: MESSAGES THAT STICK strategy into reality. When you need to tell a powerful story that people rememberand that gets resultsour world-class Stand & Deliver helped us to deliver beyond what writers and directors will help you craft clear, relevant messages with fresh language that stays with your listeners. ONE-TO-ONE LEADERSHIP-COMMUNICATION COACHING WE THOUGHT possible. Our one-to-one coaching engagements are cus- tom-designed in three- to nine-month series and combine live and virtual sessions. Stand & Deliver Magnus Bcker CEO, Singapore Exchange performance coaches work with experienced and high-potential leaders to deepen presence, rehearse for high-stakes engagements and examine limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back from breakthrough performance.

13 A WORLD-CLASS TEAM Peter J. Meyers founded Stand & Deliver in 2000, combining insights from the arts, sports and psychology to develop Stand & Delivers method for High Performance Leadership Communication. This method is the subject of his book with Shann Nix, As We Speak: How to Make Your Point and Have it Stick (Simon and Schuster). Peter teaches at the Esalen Institute and at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Stand & Deliver faculty are experts from the front lines of theater, film, journalism, musical composition, linguistics and vocal SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TEAMS EXPERIENCE technique. Their diverse career backgrounds Publication in outlets such as Newsweek, also include extensive work in technology, The Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle. finance and education. Performances on professional stages from Broadway to Cirque du Soleil. Faculty positions at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley and the American Conservatory Theater. Appearances on HBO, CNN and NPR. Roles in major television programs, from Desperate Housewives to Six Feet Under. Numerous awards for stage and screen productions. Consulting experience with global organizations, from Google to Intel to Disney.

14 & CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATION STAND & DELIVER GROUP 95 Sycamore Avenue Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA Phone +1 415.627.7477 Fax +1 415.634.2822 www.standanddelivergroup.com


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