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1 Wiley ONLINE TRAINING CY RE GA AC LE H DIVERSITY Knowledge through Technology

2 About WILEY Across all the three of its businesses, namely, Professional Development, Global Education and Global Research, Wiley has built strong partnerships with worlds leading institutions, companies and societies to provide must-have learning solutions for knowledge and knowledge-enabled services that improve outcomes in areas of research, professional practice and education. LEGACY More than 470 Nobel laureates across the globe have published with Wiley DIVERSITY Worlds premier publisher for more than 800 societies globally, REACH representing more than 2 million members. Offers learning solutions A truly Global corporation with that cater to widest range of learners celebrated history of 200+ years. worldwide across Global Education, Established presence across USA, Professional Development and Global Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa and Research. Worlds premier publisher for more than 800 societies Australia. globally, representing more than 2 million members. Offers learning solutions that cater to widest range of learners worldwide across Global Education, Professional Development and Global Research.

3 Alliances & Solutions Society Training and Test Prep University Research Continuing Alliances Certification Solutions Alliances Solutions Medical Education Solutions Autodesk All the trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

4 CrossKnowledge

5 CrossKnowledge Core Technologies The backbone of your learning experience A flexible SAAS infrastructure A latest generation portal Use the power of Whatever be your profile, to distribute relevant content providing rapid browsing training services to use intuitive tools and addressing large numbers of capacities and intuitive speed up skills services to obtain learners without requiring access to optimized acquisition for your an overview of reconfiguration content, irrespective of learners training progress format or device

6 Ensure the success of your e-learning projects CrossKnowledge Academy is at once a collaborative web portal, a complete training program, a catalog of services and a performing support service 24/7. Day by day, the Academy helps you to become an expert on the CrossKnowlege solutions! Intuitiveness and efficiency for a compelling blended learning strategy Blended Solutions aim at designing, rolling out and running your blended learning paths in a unique way: An exclusive workflow allows you to manage course-related and learner-related data covering all training modalities (face-to-face sessions, e-learning, virtual classrooms, self-assessments, document downloads, videos).

7 Ease of use and smooth interactivity at your fingertips CrossKnowledge Mentoring Solutions aim to develop mentored learning paths based on your own content and, if you wish, based on CrossKnowledge content or content authored with Mohive. Create your own exercises or make use of external trainers or in-house experts and transform your training programs into powerful Knowledge Management levers. A unique application for running on-line communities CrossKnowledge Community Solutions build an innovative bridge between knowledge community and corporate training. It makes it possible to create training portals to run on-line communities and networks in a few clicks. It is the unique social learning solution which offers training managers the possibility to present a global training offer integrating formal, informal and/or social training.

8 Create and deliver quality e-learning content in a fast, industrial way Mohive makes it possible for more people to design and deliver custom e-learning content thanks to a unique platform that simplifies each step of the development process. The only solution on the market to feature an integrated project management tool, Mohive makes it possible to cut production lead times considerably, especially when many different people are involved. The most prestigious business content on the market With 19,000 'learning objects' de veloped by experts in management and leadership from the most successful Business Schools and available in 16 languages, CrossKnowledge offers the most complete range of courses on topics such as leadership, diversity, value creation, client orientation, change, and corporate strategy.

9 EASY TO LEARN EASY TO DEPLOY Exclusive Learning Environments One of the most open environments on the market - a CrossKnowledge learning suite uniqueness CrossKnowledge Key Competitors Prescribed Time to create a 4 hours BLENDED MENTORED hour LEARNING LEARNING COURSES COURSES Lead time to create an 1-2 months e-learning course 3 - 6 months (7 man days) Group Individual Administrators 2 skill transfer > 4 days days KNOWLEDGE LEARNING COMMUNITIES PORTAL Non-prescribed EASY TO INTEGRATE One of the most open environments on the market - CrossKnowledge Key Competitors a CrossKnowledge learning suite uniqueness Usage rate 70% 15% (open access) Usage rate (prescribed content 90% 50% Talent More than 80 web in blended learning) HRIS services available Mgmt Completion rate 95% 60% Pervasive learning: (prescribed content) integration with the CK 3rd Party main HRIS, LMS, Skills improvement +40% ? Learning content social networks, Suite editors intranets Integration of 3rd Corporate Intranet Social party content editors Networks

10 6 complementary formats to foster engagement, effectiveness and retention Videos Sessions Essentials Inspire Empower Retain Thought leaders from a 20-minute stand-alone Essentials: Graphic summaries wide array of global eLearning modules, easily providing easy, quick organizations share their insights customizable sessions and access to key points to inspire and empower learners The Team Interactive Series Action Tips Business Digests Self-assessments Apply Broaden Assess & Measure Action Tips: A powerful toolbox Business Digests: A collection that Self-assessment: Measure skill for developing leadership, sums up the most recent trends and acquisition throughout the learning management and theories in the fields of leadership, experience via specially designed communication skills strategy and management and highly practical assessment tools

11 Partial List of Programs Available } Value creation } Succeeding as an occasional trainer } Asserting myself and improving my leadership skills } The building blocks of financial analysis } Resolving problems as a team } Successful public speaking } The fundamentals of a company's strategy } Selling big projects } Selling my ideas } Mastering the basics of group strategy } Keys to project management } Succeeding in my appraisal interview } Corporate responsibility and sustainable development } Management training } Working across cultures } The basics of supply chain management } Managing for the first time } Succeeding as an occasional trainer } Boost your everyday effectiveness } Managing Change } Optimizing my relations with others and better } Time management } Working Across Cultures cooperating } Develop your emotional intelligence } Valuing Diversity } Effectively using my emotional potential } Manage your stress } The annual appraisal interviewEmployee } Establishing positive relations and ending daily } Basic communication tools } Mastering interpersonal communication skills conflict } Assertiveness and self-confidence } Developing your leadership skills } Coping more effectively with change } Effective public speaking } Understanding value creation in your company } Better handling the stress of being a manager } Working across cultures } The annual appraisal interview-Manager } Developing my self-confidence } Boosting your powers of persuasion } Improving your team's client-focus } Developing my creative potential } Recruit successfully } Managing your time and your priorities } Asserting myself to avoid conflicts and tense situations } Developing your staff's skills } Prepare convincing communication } Successfully managing my stress at work } Management styles } Remote management } Managing conflicts and verbal aggression from clients } Appraising your staff } Leadership in a complex environment } Successfully conducting my meetings } The manager-coach } Improving your team's well-being in the workplace } Running my meetings successfully } Managing for the first time } Working across generations } Regaining control over my time and my priorities } Successfully managing face-to-face meetings } Develop creativity using intuition } Organizing myself better to boost my everyday with your staff } Remote Working effectiveness } Improve your team's client-focus } Becoming more assertive in the workplace } Steering performance with management control tools } Effective meetings } Change } Better managing my costs and my budget } Managing progress and innovation in your team } Client Orientation } Creating value on a daily basis in my activity } Building a high-performance team } Communication } Giving consideration to the financial aspect of my work } Managing disputes } Developing Talents } Integrating finance in my management } Manage change } Developing your entrepreneurship } Developing my negotiating skills } Vision and leadership } Driving Operations } Marketing for non-marketers } Valuing diversity } Entrepreneurship } Succeeding in my sales } Boost your negotiating skills } Ethics and Responsibility } Steering a change project } Mastering the essentials of selling } Finance } The keys to successful project management } Project management } Global Business } Managing in a non-hierarchical situation } Understanding financial instruments } Human Resources } Mastering the basics of daily management } Fundamentals of financial management } Innovation and Creativity } Leading my team to obtain results } Introducing marketing } Leadership } Successfully managing my face-to-face meetings with } Build your marketing mix } Leveraging information technology staff } Fixing and applying a marketing strategy } Managing Performance } Taking charge of my new team } The brand } Managing people } Gaining the adherence of my team members } Launching a new product } Managing projects } Delegating and empowering } Customer loyalty } Mastering internal communication } Dealing with conflict in my team } Understanding the theory of resources } Personal Development } Developing your staff's skills } Formulating your goals } Sales and Marketing } Successfully conducting an annual appraisal interview } Alternative decision-making } Sharing the vision } Developing my team's creativity and initiative } Strengthen your creativity } Strategy } Improving my team's client-focus } Motivating your staff } Public speaking } Recruiting an experienced new member for my team

12 40% 15% 76% 92% Global Test Prep Finance and Accounting

13 The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) credential offered by IMA, USA, is the fastest pathway to earn globally recognized certification for students, accounting and finance professionals. Wiley CMAexcel Exam Review is the only prep licensed by IMA. 18 sample essay questions Flash cards 2,000 questions online test bank Practice exams 21 hours with essays of video Add personalized 600 exam exam planner questions Online interactive with answers study course aligned to the Full online CMA official course course text materials, produced Full text book (and slides) by Wiley

14 The CPA (Certified Public Accountant) credential offered by AICPA, USA, is the highest qualification in accountancy in the United States, which enjoys international recognition. Wiley CPAexcel is a complete solution for the CPA Exam. Unlimited Practice exams with essays Management tools for 4,200+ complete Flash cards performance 5,100 AICPA (digital) past exam Core study tracking questions with materials answers 100+ hours of video from leading Focus notes instructors 450 Task-based simulations with grading 5,500 proficiency questions in exam format

15 The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) credential offered by CFA Institute, USA, has become the most respected and recognized investment designation in the world. Covering every topic on the exam, Wileys study materials provide an invaluable tool for anyone who wants a deep dive review of all the concepts, formulas and topics required to pass. Final Review 2,000+ Mentored Practice Discussions Questions Textbook and eBook 2,000 Virtual Options Printable Online Classroom Lecture Peer Mock Exam Discussions Slides Seminar 60+ Pages CFA Exam Formula Planner Sheets Remote 1,000+ Test Bundle Updating Bank Upgrade Questions Final Review 200+ Hours Video Lectures Seminar Exam-Targeted Study Text Mobile Friendly Solutions Detailed Performance 5 Full Version Metrics Mock Exams

16 Real-World, Scenario-Based Training Learning Learn Do Test Certify Jobs Learn Practice Assessments Certifications Online video Hands-on Quizzes & Certification training and Virtual Labs Certification Exam other learning Practice Tests resources Wiley IT Certifications Most Powerful Global Proof of Job Readiness and Professional Competence

17 Course objectives based on job-role specific key responsibilities. Going beyond Building blocks Programs knowledge, with of independent mapping vertical focus on modules offering and horizontal hands-on skill flexible learning career paths. development. eco-systems. Unique interactive approach and resources for self-paced learning or customizable training. Focused Course designed assessment Complete and developed and evaluation Training-Certification by a team of structure for Solution. global experts assessing critical and authors. skills.

18 Big Data Courses

19 Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA) Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Skills in working on complete Data Analytics life Students: Graduates and post-graduates with cycle Statistics/Economics/Math background Deep insight into the role and use of Big Data in Professionals: Business and data analysts and database various industries through use cases and case professionals seeking to foray into analytics studies Expertise in basic and advanced analytics, real- time analytics and visualization techniques to analyze data, create statistical models and provide business insights Hands-on experience of working with Big Data R, Also available, short courses: RHadoop and Tableau Public on real datasets - Wiley's Basic Analytics with R (Includes Project Work) - Wiley's Advanced Analytics with R Wiley Certified Big Data Developer (WCBDD) Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? In-depth knowhow of technology, storage, Students: 5th/6th/7th semester engineering or MCA processing, management and security students or graduate students with Math and infrastructure for Big Data programming background Ability to develop MapReduce and Pig programs, Professionals: Software developers and software manipulate distributed files and learn APIs professionals seeking to foray into Big Data supporting MapReduce programs programming Familiarity with popular Hadoop commercial distribution systems such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and Greenplum Hands-on experience of installing and working with Hadoop ecosystem tools such as Hive, Pig, Oozie, HBase and more with real datasets through extensive lab work and projects Also available, short courses: - Wiley's Big Data 101 Note: Also available, Wiley Certified Big Data Scientist course a unique combination - Wiley's Working with Hadoop of data analytics and technology for Big Data, creating holistic data science professionals. - Wiley's Working with Hive & Pig - Wiley's Working with MapReduce

20 Mobile Application Development and Cloud Computing Courses

21 Wiley Certified Mobile Application Developer (WCMAD) Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Knowhow of the entire mobile app development Students: 5th/6th/7th semester engineering or MCA and deployment lifecycle students or graduate students with programming background Ability to develop HTML5, cross-platform mobile apps and enterprise-level Android/iOS apps Professionals: Software developers and software professionals seeking to foray into Mobile Apps Specialization in Android or iOS platform Development Deep understanding of the business applicability and user requirements Ability to develop user-centric interface designs Ability to code, test and implement an app Also available, short courses: - Wiley's Beginning Mobile Application Development Customized lab environment to develop mobile - Wiley's HTML5 and Cross Platform Application Development apps with labs and projects - Wiley's Advanced Android Application Development - Wiley's Advanced iOS Application Development Wiley Certified Specialist Cloud Administrator (WCSCA) Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Comprehensive understanding of Cloud Strategy, Students: 5th/6th/7th semester engineering or MCA Operations, Implementation, Architecture students or graduate students with programming background Knowhow of relevance of cloud in various relevant business situations and industries Professionals: System or network administrators and other IT professionals seeking to foray into Cloud Skills in basic and advanced cloud management Computing and implementation techniques Hands-on experience of working with various integrated cloud platforms and techniques with labs and projects

22 Software Professional and SAP-SCM

23 Wiley Certified Software Professional (WCSP) Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Solid entry-level job-readiness for multiple Students: Engineering students in 5th/6th/7th semester IT job roles and graduate in any discipline who aspires to be a part of the IT industry. Hands-on skills in .NET and C++, GUI App Development, Business Intelligence, Networking, Professionals: Anyone who wants to foray into IT industry Testing and SDLC Case Studies to understand IT business contexts and solutions Calibrated as per global IT industry standards and recruiter expectations Complete Project and recruitment readiness for IT job Interviews Wiley's SAP-SCM Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Step-by-step training on using SAP SCM tool Student: Entry level and aspiring SAP practitioners who through engaging videos would want to apply for a job in a related area Understanding of applicability of SAP SCM tool, Professionals: Existing professionals working in SCM processes and practices in various business domains, who would need to use the SAP-SCM tool in future scenarios to achieve business goals

24 Digital Literacy Courses

25 Wiley's Digital Literacy-IC3 Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Unique and comprehensive video learning course Professional and students who want to develop extensive for detailed knowhow of how to use computers skills in: efficiently and enhance productivity - Using Windows 7 Operating System Exam readiness for Certiport's IC3 Certification - MS Office 2010 Expertise in Win 7/ MS Office 2010 - Internet and Email usage - Legal, health and ethical issues in computing Learners who are preparing for IC3 certification Wiley's Digital Literacy Introduction to Computers Why should I take this course? Who should do this course? Engaging video learning course for detailed Any learner who wants to develop extensive skills in: knowhow of how to use computers efficiently and - Using Windows 8.1 Operating System enhance productivity - MS Office 2013 Expertise in Win 8.1/ MS Office 2013 - Internet and Email usage - Legal, health and ethical issues in computing

26 How can I access these courses? Instructor-led training Face-to-face training through our partners Online self-paced learning Supported by an efficient, learner-centric, easily accessible and interactive learning platform Blended learning Combination of both, ILT and online self-paced learning Name of course Online ILT* Blended* Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA) 3 3 3 Wileys Basic Analytics with R 3 Wileys Advanced Analytics with R 3 Wiley Certified Big Data Developer (WCBDD) 3 3 3 Wileys Big Data 101 3 Wileys Working with Hive and Pig 3 Wileys Working with Hadoop 3 Wileys Working with MapReduce 3 Wiley Certified Mobile Application Developer (WCMAD) 3 3 3 Mobile Application Development 101 3 HTML 5 and Cross Platform Application Development 3 Advanced Android Application Development 3 Advanced iOS Application Development 3 Wiley Certified Specialist Cloud Administrator (WCSCA) 3 3 3 Wiley SAP SCM 3 Digital Literacy- IC3 Version 3 Digital Literacy- Introduction to Computers 3 Wiley Certified Software Professional (WCSP) 3 Resources Courses Online Big Data/Mobile/ Cloud SAP Digital Literacy WCSP Videos 3 3 3 Study Material (PDFs) / Pre-read material (PDFs) 3 3 3 Lab exercises (PDFs) 3 Lab environment (Offline) 3 Assessments 3 3 3 Project Work 3 Case Studies 3 Instructor Resources 3 3 ILT Study Material (PDFs) / Pre-read material (PDFs) 3 3 Lab exercises (PDFs or printed) 3 3 Lab environment (Offline) 3 Assessments 3 3 Project Work 3 3 Case Studies 3 3 Instructor Resources 3 3 *We have assets for ILT or Blended program. These will have to be custom printed as per the requirement.

27 Certificate Sample

28 Experience global education and learning Global University Alliances

29 Wiley tie-ups with Top Global Universities for improving global education, leading to skill development in higher education domain for students Innovation in learning Global learning exposure through world-class faculty Industry-mapped learning content Globally acknowledged credentials (Badge)

30 Embedded in Additional University Curriculum Academic Courses Content enrichment Faculty skill up-gradation International exposure Technical learning effectiveness Wiley has created multiple adoption models for integration of technology-enabled courses within Institution curricula. The courses improve employability quotient of college graduates in emerging countries. Corporates The courses are perfect for businesses looking to bolster their employee skill level, higher education institutions that wish to supplement their degree programs and curricula and individual lifelong learners looking to expand their knowledge. Varied engagement models

31 Electrical & Chemical Computer Engineering Engineering Business Optimization Business Services Mechanical Engineering Liberal Arts Financial Computer Services Science KEY COURSES: Advance VLSI Design Hybrid Vehicles Gamification Social Networks & Engagement Signal Processing for Embedded Systems 01 02 03 04 05 Online courses by Purdue's College of Powered by Purdue The Purdue NExT Purdue NExT offers Purdue University Engineering is Ranked University, courses are interactive learning advanced worlds leading No. 8 among all US taught by Purdue environment offers undergraduate and research university universities. faculty and keep pace online noncredit beginning graduate- that provide specific with the latest industry courses that use level courses focused marketable skills trends and simulations to on science, required by the technological reinforce concepts and technology, industry and are innovations. skills. engineering and aimed at a global mathematics (STEM). audience.

32 Our Reach London Copenhagen Nizhny Novgorod Oxford Berlin Moscow Chichester Minneapolis Weinheim San Francisco Chicago Bognor Regis Beijing Denver Ames Toronto Indianapolis Boston Sedona New Delhi Shanghai Tokyo Hoboken Dubai Orlando Hong Kong Taipei Mumbai Bangkok Manila Bangalore Kuala Lumpur Singapore Jakarta Rio de Janeiro Brisbane Melbourne Where can I get more information? For more information visit us at - Contact us at - [email protected] When can I start this course? Corporate Headquarters RIGHT NOW! 111 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774 Telephone: 201.748.6000 Facsimile: 201.748.6088

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