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  • May 5, 2014
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1 www.historicpolegreen.org 2014 NEWSLETTER WHATS INSIDE Polegreen stands at the crossroads of American history Treasurers Report VISION STATEMENT History on Stage By 2018, the 275th Anniversary of the founding of Polegreen Church, the Foundation will be Annual Meeting News recognized for its leadership in the historic interpretation of civil and religious freedom in 2013 Honor Roll of Donors Colonial Virginia through preservation of the site, community outreach and educational programs. 2014 Schedule of Events MISSION STATEMENT A Collection on the Move To preserve the historic Polegreen Church site Perspectives from the Field and commemorate the struggle for civil and religious freedom in Colonial Virginia by Rev. www.historicpolegreen.org Samuel Davies and the Hanover Dissenters.

2 historic polegreen church foundation MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Friend, 2013 marked another transformative year for Polegreen. The Foundation hosted a successful series of programs and events, including a well-received piloted farmers market and an outdoor theater presentation with the Virginia Patriots. Significant progress was likewise made on site enhancements, viewshed restoration, property acquisition, and revisions and Last but certainly not least, with the generous support updates to the Hanover County comprehensive plan. of the Windsor Foundation and a corresponding match Staff also successfully advocated for the creation of a from existing Building Fund resources, significant historic overlay district to further protect and preserve site enhancements were installed prior to the annual the historic site and environs. These bold actions place holiday illumination event in 2013. These enhancements Polegreen well ahead of schedule in its Bryan & Jordan included nighttime illumination of the Reading Room Strategic Plan adopted in 2010. structure in a manner similar to the Meeting House, Specific highlights of this progress include major steps parking lot and timeline lighting for visitor safety and forward using the Boards viewshed preservation aesthetics, a handsome Welcome Center sign orienting blueprint called Vision 2018. After the successful guests to the support building and a new Carlton demolition of a small green house on Rural Point Road, Abbott/1717 Design designed interpretative sign sights were turned to the large white house on the installed at the Reading Room. This activity has received corner of Rural Point and Heatherwood Drive. Direction significant praise from the community and visitors. If was given to explore moving the house as the Foundation you would like to contribute towards completion of our had previously done. However, after receiving three hardscape pathways leading and connecting the site to bids and performing a serious review by the Real Estate the Reading Room structure, please contact our office. Committee, a more prudent decision was made not to Special thanks to our supporters for sustained move the large structure. Instead, the Board favored investments of time, talent and treasure making these a more cost effective demolition in place. This good marvelous works possible! We look forward to a robust stewardship was further enhanced by another local 2014, and as always, it remains an honor to serve the partner, Habitat for Humanity, who was asked to harvest mission of this great organization. materials from the home prior to the demo work which, was completed in February 2014. On the same side of the street, across Heatherwood Drive from the archeological site, the Foundation Christopher K. Peace, Esq. completed due diligence on an American Battlefield Executive Director, Historic Polegreen Church Foundation Preservation Program Grant and received over $90,000 in grant funds from the federal government offsetting sunken costs made in the purchase of that 2-acre Dobbs property. A marker now stands on the lot to commemorate the fighting of the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek and the recent preservation efforts of this important property. www.historicpolegreen.org

3 Make your own history Here! Minutes from downtown Richmond, our architecturally sunning, open-air church site is situated on hallowed ground where statesmen and soldiers were made. This unique historic setting is protected by over 110 acres of scenic viewshed and natural landscapes. Host your perfect day in this pastoral setting. Weddings Rehearsal Dinners Executive Meetings Group Tours www.historicpolegreen.org CLICK ON HOST YOUR SPECIAL EVENT AT POLEGREEN OR CONTACT BETH YOUNG 804.730.3837 FIND US ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER!

4 g s. grade in parking, trails and landscap- ing to complement our new visitor Development News GOVERNMENT Hanover County, Virg mis- center and office building. Grant Awarded in 2011 and 2012 FOUNDATIONS historic polegreen church foundation e Our success would not be possible The Foundation wishes to thank M&T Dominion Foundation of without a dedicated board, staff and a Bank, Hanover County Government, the M&T Bank l Virginia Foundation for Humanities, the Robins Foundation legion of volunteers and other sup- Virginia Foundation f all Dominion Foundation, the Robins Foun- porters like you. We hope you will the Humanities ged TREASURERS REPORT dation, The Pauley Family Foundation, visit often and become an ambassa- and Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmey IN-KIND SERVICES dor for Polegreen to others. Memorial Trust for their recent investments Boy Scout Troop 503 David W. Fuller, in On behalf of the Finance Committee, our educational program. Each of these Our conservative investment strategy alongMechanicsville, with the Virgi to express my gratitude organizations M.B.A. I want to seeks opportunities generosity of our donortocommunity im- City Wide continue to prove Decorators ng prove the instrumental to our success and allowed usDr. lives of Virginians through grants to Farrah acquire Stone Grah d Treasurer, Historic those who have chosen to support our to nonprofit organizations Foundation whether through individual remaining piece like of Polegreen. Hanover historic viewshed known as the Dobbs a Ruritan Club with Polegreen Church or corporate giving. Each donationThese strategic philanthropic house across frominvestments University our site. It also affords continued of Richmo Foundation regardless of size helps supportwill our fully fundgrowth our educational outreach in our programs. The 2014 budget, MEMORIAL approved in GIFTS e- Chairman, mission to preserve and position interpret for 2011 along February by with the technology Board, continues a In strategic Memory focus on of Doroth by the historic site. 2013 marked continued progressupgrades Finance Committee in to enhance the visitor experi- educational programs. Spring and summer Mr. William F. Coo programs expanding and enhancing the physical plant, restoring ence. As a result, Margaret include Hancock educational will outreach be under Mr. & Mrs. Dennis the leadership rt This selected financial information Franklin due to Federal Sav the historic viewshed, as well working with students and life-long as enlarging our base of of Elizabeth Baker. Special recognition also is of isfinancial part of the completed compilation learners from across the region with prima- supporters. Highlights of the year are many Margaret Hancock, a masters level curator, Mr. who & Mrs. A. Bren helped n- ofbut financials prepared by Charles E. ry sources and hands-on activities on site. include the completion of new hard surfaced trails, to add more creativity to our established efforts. Mrs. Virginia Carpe w- additional landscaping and lighting, and interpretative In Memory of Willie Walton signage.& TheCo., P.C.achievement Copies of was these Ultimately, our success would not be possibleMrs. Elizabeth Hun without r- reports crowning andwhite oursingle Formfamily 990home the demolition are avail- We able of the large on the corner of a dedicated board, staff and a legion of In Memory volunteers and of Ed & R Ruralupon request. Point Road Please contact and Heatherwood Drive. the Consideration other supporters like you. We hope you will visit Shaver often d Mr. David M. Shav HPCF officegiven is now being at 804-730-3837. to placement of an historic easement and become an ambassador for Polegreen to others. on that 2 acre lot. VOLUNTEERS David W. Fuller 011 Upon review of the revised End of Year 2013 Financial Treasurer, Historic Polegreen Church Foundation Gaynelle & Eugene A ces Statements, the Foundations finances remain on solid Chairman, Finance Committee Tom Carlton ground with your help. Polegreen ended the fiscal Janetcompilation This selected financial information is part of the completed Kinker at- year with total net assets of $5,332,489 up $227,252 Mary reports and our Form 990 are available upon request. Please Lambert of financials prepared by Charles E. Walton & Co., P.C. Copies of these contact Debbie Morano y from 2012 end of year. Financial planning in a slow- the HPCF office at 804-730-3837. Janet Moncure ent growth economy requires a conservative approach to investments. We believe our money managers at Beth Young ater Davenport and Company have positioned us well for Riley Young st- these dynamic and unpredictable times. Our overall THE ANNUAL FUND onal If you positive position represents confirms this fact. I wish to would like to make a gift to Polegreen, Individuals & Compan offer a special thank you to Board Members Bob pleaseGiles visit www.GiveRichmond.org. The Samuel Davies S their special guidance. In addition to giving directly through ed and EverettofReveley Statement Financialfor Position honoring gifts of $500 our website, GiveRichmond provides fo- Bon Secours Health S Assets a searchable database that provides Bryan & Jordan Cons ing Current Assets 51,069.49 programmatic, financial, governance LLC edu- Fixed Assets (Land & Property) 3,308,907.66 and management information about Civil War Preservatio der Other Assets 1,478,464.35 the charitable organizations serving the Daniel & Company, I ck, Greater Richmond region, including Dr. & Mrs. Norman J l Total Assets 4,838,441.50 Southside Virginia. GiveRichmond Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bl r allows you to also give of your time EVB Liabilities and Equity through the website. You will find this Marks Family Dentis will Marquee LLC t of Total Equity 4,838,441.50 information organized in the form of a nonprofit portrait. The site is free and Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. p- Total Liabilities and Net Assets 4,838,441.50 available to the public. ON Exec. Dir. Peace receives program grant from M&T Bank

5 www.historicpolegreen.org PERSPECTIVES FROM THE FIELD: USING COMPARATIVE HISTORY AT HISTORIC POLEGREEN Historic Polegreens Program Committee and staff taking a tour of the renovation at the Valentine Richmond History Center Article originally published in the VAM Voice Open a modern newspaper, turn to a cable news channel, or go online, and people can find any number of current events By Elizabeth Baker and Kyle Meadows that relate to separation of church and state. Issues such as The fight for religious freedom in Virginia began in Hanover in the Affordable Care Act and gay marriage often delve into the early 1700s, led by Samuel Morris and a group of dissenters religion, causing us to question what the Founders intended against the state-established Anglican Church. Between 1747 and by the separation clause of the First Amendment. Exactly how 1759, Presbyterian minister Samuel Davies led the same group accommodating should the government be toward those with of dissenters in worship at Polegreen Church, the site of which strongly held beliefs? We at Historic Polegreen find that it is not now belongs to the Historic Polegreen Church Foundation. It is only useful, but also critical to our education goals, to ask our our goal at Polegreen to educate the public about the lengths to visitors to consider the modern incarnation of religious freedom which Davies and the Hanover dissenters went in order to gain and how it compares to the struggles of Samuel Davies and the freedom of religionthe freedom to practice any religion, or no Hanover dissenters. religion at all. This summer, we are hosting a teacher institute in partnership One of the major comparative themes that we touch on in with the First Freedom Center that will focus on the importance our interpretation of Historic Polegreen Church is the issue of of religious freedom today, and how best to objectively teach church and state. In the 1770s, the Hanover dissenters fought for religious freedom in the classroom. Well ask teachers to engage in complete separation between the established Anglican Church dialogue comparing the dissenters fight to present-day struggles and the government of Virginia, in part claiming that a nation for freedom, and well discuss ways to tie religious freedom and desirous of freedom had to include the freedom to believe and the Polegreen story into SOLs for public schools. Comparing the practice according to ones own conscience. Their work was experience of Davies and his followers to global and national an important stepping-stone leading to Jeffersons Statute for struggles for freedom today makes Polegreens history relevant Religious Freedom and the First Amendment. to visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Patrick Henry speaks to Homeschoolers at Polegreen 2014 NEWSLETTER

6 historic polegreen church foundation MEET OUR NEW EDUCATORS Director of Education and Outreach Elizabeth (Ebie) Baker, Polegreens new Director of Education and Outreach, is a native of Farmville, Virginia, and grew up on the campus of Hampden-Sydney College. Ebie graduated from Sweet Briar College with a BA in Archaeology, and earned a Masters degree in History/Museum Studies from UNC Greensboro. At Sweet Briar she served as a research assistant for Lynn Rainville at the Tusculum Institute, and at UNCG, she worked as a graduate assistant on an NSF funded oral history and community outreach project. She has completed internships at the Newseum, the International Civil Rights Center, and Mendenhall Plantation, among others. In 2013, she taught summer school at the Child Rescue Center in Sierra Leone, reaffirming her love of children and teaching. In her free time, she enjoys browsing art and history museums and historical sites, playing tennis, reading, nannying for some adorable children, and attending church. Ebie is excited to be at a versatile site like Polegreen, ready to plan some engaging programs, and looking forward to meeting all of you! Curator of Historic Resources Kyle Meadows comes to Polegreen from Henricus Historical Park, where he worked as an Educator. Before that, Kyle studied in Morgantown, WV, earning his Master of Arts in History from West Virginia University. He has also lived and studied in Warsaw, Poland and Tartu, Estonia under the auspices of the Atlantis Program, a U.S. Department of Education and European Education Commission funded grant. Atlantis allowed Kyle to travel to many of the formerly communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, heightening his awareness of the necessity for freedom of conscience in all societies. Kyle has recently earned a second Master of Arts in International Relations from Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. Historic Polegreen Church allows Kyle to combine his love of education, Virginia history, and the importance of the First Freedom in American life.

7 www.historicpolegreen.org Dr. Farrah Graham welcomes guests to Marshall/Edwards Debate The Annual Meeting News Vice President Mr. Jay Johnston presented to the Board Mr. Johnston next proposed the revised composition of for its consideration the election of 2014 directors and committees for 2014. Messrs. Bradley and Perry were officers along with a request for approval of committee heartily thanked for their great service as chairs of the appointments. Mr. Johnston reported that the Executive Development and Real Estate committees respectively. Committee nominated Messrs. Dickinson, Giles and Perry Then, Mr. Warthen offered to serve as the new chair of to new three-year terms on the Board, noting that each the Development Committee; meanwhile, Mr. Dickinson had indicated their willingness to serve. On motion made offered to serve as chair of the Real Estate Committee. by Mr. Johnston and seconded by Mr. Fuller, without Without objection, the Board approved all committee objection, all three were re-elected to new three-year appointments, as proposed by the Executive Committee. terms expiring in 2017. Photo Contest Submit your best photographs of any portion of the Historic Polegreen Church site for a chance to win a copy of Living on the Borders of Eternity, written by Polegreen founder Dr. Robert Bluford, Jr. Entries should be e-mailed to [email protected] All photographs will be posted on Polegreens Facebook page, where users will decide the winners. 1st and 2nd place--those with the most likes on Facebook--will be announced on May 20, 2014. One entry per person! 2014 NEWSLETTER

8 historic polegreen church foundation 2013 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS GRANTS Patrick Henry Circle; Martins Grocery Hanover Tavern Foundation American Battlefield $250-$499 McCauley & Burtch, PC Ms. Mary Lou Hornby Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. McClintock Ms. Kathryn Jarvis Preservation Program Ms. Barbara-lyn Belcher Mr. Robert N. McKenny Mr & Mrs. Vang Jensen Dominion Foundation Mr. Dennis E. Brown The McShin Foundation Mr. Marshall Johnson Mr & Mrs. David Camper Hanover County Mr & Mrs. John D. Mitchell Mrs. Catesby B. Jones City Wide Decorators Mr & Mrs. Carlton Moffatt Mrs. Marion R. Jones M&T Bank Mr & Mrs. Jim Farnham Mr. James Harrison Moncure Mr & Mrs. Joshua Just John H. and Margaret C. Hager Fund of Stanley and Dorothy Pauley the Community Foundation Mr & Mrs. Joseph OConnor The Honorable T. Wade King Charitable Trust (Community Mr & Mrs. Robert E. Hill Overbrook XYZ Class The Honorable and Mrs. R. J. Klotz, Jr. Foundation) Barbara A. Newlin and R. Jay Landis The Honorable and Mrs. Christopher K. Ms. Elizabeth Kostelny Peace Mr. John Krebbs Richard S. Reynolds Foundation Mr. Thomas L. Mountcastle Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ramsey Ms. Lisa C. Kunz Mr & Mrs. David Pahren The Robins Foundation Mr & Mrs. Ray Richeson Ms. Ardyth Lohuis Dr. Karl E. Peace Mr & Mrs. John S. Rose Ms. Joan Losen The Windsor Foundation Mr. Josiah P. Rowe, III The Honorable and Mrs. Norman Sulser Ms. Tovia Martirosian Mr. Douglas P. Rucker The Samuel Davies Society; Mr & Mrs. Wayne T. Tennent Ms. Rita McClenny Mr & Mrs. Rick Wagoner $500+ Mr & Mrs. William E. Thompson Mr. Tommy Miller Mr & Mrs. John Hardy Willson Mr & Mrs. William G. Thompson Ms. Barbara D. Mucklow Mr & Mrs. Frank B. Atkinson Mr & Mrs. Peter C. Toms Mr & Mrs. Richard Beadles Samuel Morris Meeting Mr & Mrs. Stuart Nixon House Club; $100-$249 Mrs. Martha S. Wagoner Mr & Mrs. A.W. Nuckols Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bluford, Jr. Mr & Mrs. Ellis M. West Mr & Mrs. Richard Peroe Mr. Bob Bluford III Mr & Mrs. Frank Ashby Mr & Mrs. John West Churches That Care, John C. Randall Bon Secours Health Services Mr. Tommy Baer Ms. Kathryn L. Whittington Mr & Mrs. Ralph Rhudy Mr & Mrs. David B. Bradley Mr & Mrs. Donald Bobbitt Mr & Mrs. William Winfrey Ms. Jane B. Ruffin Colonial Farm Credit. ACA Mr & Mrs. Peter E. Broadbent, Jr. Mr. Edwin S. Wysor Ms. Nancy A. Schon Civil War Trust Dr. Herbert A. Claiborne, Jr. Ms. Helen K. Yates Mr. C.L. Sigmon II EVB Bank Mr & Mrs. Mac Coiner St. Johns Church Foudation Mr. David Fuller Ms. Rebecca K. Cooley A96 Friends of Dissenters; $1-$99 Mr. Robert Stalder Mr & Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald Cultureworks, Inc. - The Amazing Raise Mr & Mrs. William Abbitt Mr & Mrs. Robert N. Tate Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church Mr. Joseph Dalton Ms. Lorraine R. Abernathy Dr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Thomason Mrs. Lila H. Irby Mr & Mrs. Bill Dent Mr & Mrs. Edward W. Alexander TouchPoints Public Relations Mr & Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Dominion Foundation - Matching Gift Ms. Carrie B. Allen Dr. Stanley Tucker Mr & Mrs. F. Claiborne Jay Johnston, Jr. Program Ms. Marian Bailey Mr & Mrs. Walter Tucker Mr & Mrs. Miles Cary Johnston, Jr. Mr & Mrs. Irving S. Driscoll, Jr. Mr & Mrs. Robert Birney Valentine Richmond History Center Mr & Mrs. Hunter Keck Mrs. Nancy P. Eberle Mr & Mrs. Richard Bradford Verizon Matching Funds Mr & Mrs. Roger W. Kirby Rev. John Ensign Mr. Robert L. Branner, Jr. Ms. Janelle Via-McKown M&T Bank Ms. Caroline Ferguson Canova Associates Architecture The Honorable and Mrs. Jack Ward Marks Family Dentistry The Honorable Wayne Hazzard Mr & Mrs. Thomas Carlton Ms. Grace P. Webb Mrs. Martha D. Newell Mr & Mrs. Walter P. Hempling Mr & Mrs. Johnnie Cole Mr & Mrs. James Whitehead Mr & Mrs. Kenneth M. Perry Mr & Mrs. William M. Hill Ms. Betty Jo Compton Ms. Sarah Whiting Ms. Nancy W. Peters Mr & Mrs. Richard Hultz Ms. Mary Maxwell Conner Rev. Linwood G. Wilkes Mrs. Jane Peters Ms. Tricia Duffee Hutnan Mr. James R. Darden, Jr. Mr & Mrs. Ed Williams Fidelity Charitable Grant by Mr. W. Taylor Mr & Mrs. Finn Jensen Mr & Mrs. J.E. Causey Davis Mr & Mrs. Robert L. Williams, Jr. Reveley III Mr & Mrs. Dan Jones Ms. Isabelle B. Duke Mr & Mrs. W.E. Winfrey Mr. G. Everett B. Reveley Mr. Chick Jordan Mr. Thomas D. Eason, III Ms. Peggy F. Witherspoon Richmond Region Tourism Mr & Mrs. James Lighthizer Ms. Susan L. Frost Mr & Mrs. Scott A. Wyatt Road to Revolution Heritage Trail Ms. M. Alice Dunn Lynch Mr. Andrew Fuller Mr & Mrs. Davis Yeuell Mr. John W. Roberts Mr. Alastair S. MacDonald Mr & Mrs. Paul Galanti Mr & Mrs. Riley Young Mr & Mrs. Robert Strohm Mrs. Frances B. Mack Ellen Christian Garati Harry A. Thomas Memorial Fund of the Ms. Wilana K. Madden The Community Foundation Mr. Jim Glanville Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Marks Mr & Mrs. Harry J. Warthen III Ms. Jamie Greenough Mr & Mrs. Ronald Martin Mr & Mrs. Tracy Young Mr. Melvin R. Hall

9 www.historicpolegreen.org 2014 PROGRAM & EVENT CALENDAR Community National Day of Prayer throughout the day highlighting local arts and culture organizations including musical, Thursday, May 1, 2014, 5:30 pm 6:30 pm visual art, theatrical, historical and dance. Please attend the 63rd Annual National Day of Prayer at the site of Patrick Henrys spiritual formation and instruction. The National Day of Prayer is an Lawn Chairs and Liberty Performance Series Thursday nights, June, July annual observance inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created and August, 2014, 5:30 pm 8:30 pm, Free Admission in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by Music lovers bring your blankets and lawn chairs to Polegreen and enjoy the sound President Harry S. Truman. of three terrific bands this summer. The site will open at 5 to visitors and parking will be available along and across Heatherwood Drive. BBQ and a variety of cold Unveiling Polegreens 18th Century Herb Garden beverages will be available for purchase. No Rain Dates. Saturday, May 3, 2014, 9 am - 3 pm EnNovation June 26, 2014 Celebrate Preservation Month at Polegreen! Join in on the fun of a rewarding community clean-up day at Polegreen along with an 18th Century garden presentation. Party of Four July 24, 2014 Jackson Ward August 21, 2014 Patrick Henry and the Road to Revolution Bus Tour Saturday, May 17, 2014, 9 am - 3:30 pm Polegreen Family Day All Ages. Visit key sites in the life of Patrick Henry. Contact Saturday, July 19, 2014, 11:00 am 3:00 pm Richmond Discoveries about availability at (804) 222-8595 or The park is open to families to experience and enjoy in [email protected] new ways. Activities including face painting, food, and crafts, and childrens silhouettes will be available for Richard S. Reynolds Foundation Educational Series $10 each. Living histories presented of Patrick Henry Rev. Samuel Davies Hymn Sing, Sunday, May 18, 2014, 4:00pm are certain to be a hit. Soloist Mrs. Celeste Underdown will educate attendees of the masterful nature of Rev. Davies poetry and hymns. Homeschool Day Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 10 am - Noon Polegreens Civil War Sesquicentennial Weekend Polegreen hosts its third annual Homeschool Day. This free educational offering, Saturday & Sunday, May 31 June 1, 2014, 9:00 am geared towards students elementary through high school level, offers a glimpse into the rich history of Polegreen and its most famous visitor - Patrick Henry. 5:00 pm Participants will enjoy living history by Bill Young, take a guided tour of the One hundred and fifty years ago on these dates, the historic historic site, try their hand at Colonial games, see a demonstration of Colonial Polegreen church was destroyed. One version of its demise weaving, participate in an archeological dig, and more! Registration is required by includes the Richmond Howitzers, who on June 1, 1864 were forced to fire on the September 1st by emailing: [email protected] church after union sharpshooters claimed its position. The public is invited to visit the Church site, which figured prominently in the Civil War story of Rural Plains and offers Trial of the Spotsylvania Baptists interpretation about these events. Sunday, October 5, 2014, 2:00 pm Saturdays events will include tours, archeological digs with professionals from the Please come and enjoy a Sunday afternoon of educational theater in the silhouette James River Institute for Archaeology, crafts, and more. offered by the Virginia Patriots, players of the Parsons Cause and other living Sundays events will include a 10:00 am talk by Gordon Rhea, and an 11:30 am histories. You will learn more about Patrick Henrys defense of the Spotsylvania presentation by archaeologist Nick Luccketti. Archeology, tours, and crafts will Baptists. The productions central theme concerns the right to religious freedom in continue throughout the day. the words of Rev. Waller and the local judge. Reserve your seat by October 1, 2014 by emailing [email protected] or calling the office. Summer Teacher Institute Monday June 23, 2014 9:00 am 3:00 pm (Polegreen); Tuesday June 24, 4th Annual Founders Luncheon, Friday, November 7, 2014, Noon 2014 9:00 am 3:00 pm (First Freedom Center) A ticketed event, corporate sponsorships are available by contacting the Foundation The First Freedom Center (Richmond) and the Historic Polegreen Church office. For more information about these opportunities, please contact 804-730-3837. Foundation partner to bring educators a unique in-service training and professional development experience. Educators participate in interactive guided tours of the Holiday Illumination two sites, complete hands-on activities with primary sources, and discover SOL- Friday, November 28, 2014, 5:30 pm 6:30 pm based lessons that bring history to life. This two-day institute is designed for K-12 Polegreen kicks off the holiday season with its grand educators and provides 12 certified hours toward license renewal. A reasonable illumination of the silhouette structure. Join us for the $20 fee includes all instruction, materials, and lunches. Space is limited to provide lighting of the church, a sing-along with holiday carolers, an intimate educational experience and pre-registration by June 1 to [email protected] hot cider and more! historicpolegreen.org is required. 4th Annual Arts & Culture Xpo hosted by CultureWorks Saturday, June 28, 2014, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Greater Need last minute gifts? Grab a Polegreen ornament! These Richmond Convention Center, Exhibit Hall C & D wooden treasures are available for just $10. Call 730-3837 or The Arts & Culture Xpo is an explosion of the arts, history, science, and family fun for the Richmond Region all under one roof on one day. Please visit email [email protected] to get yours today! the Polegreen booth at this great event for a chance to win a free copy of Dr. Robert Bluford, Jr.s Living on the Borders of Eternity, or a free silhouette at Polegreens Hardbound copies of Living on the Borders of Eternity by Dr. upcoming Family Day! The Arts & Culture Xpo spotlights the Richmond regions Bob Bluford are also available at the site for a gift of $25. non-profit arts and culture organizations. It is a gathering for anyone who values arts and culture in our community! FREE admission, plus variety of stage performances 2014 NEWSLETTER

10 historic polegreen church foundation A COLLECTION ON THE MOVE by Kyle Meadows & Christopher Peace As Polegreens preservation efforts advance, the opportunities for collaborative partnerships likewise grow. Collectively, Polegreen and its Patrick Henry Birthplace Site (Studley) recently entered into an agreement with Red Hill, the Patrick Henry National Memorial, to provide enthusiasts with opportunities to experience more Henry history. Red Hill was Patrick Henrys last home and burial place, which he called one of the garden spots of the world. The plantation consisted of 2,920 acres, a modest frame house, and several dependencies, including an overseers cottage that Henry used as his law office. The seven historic buildings at Red Hill, renovated and reconstructed in the 1950s and 60s, enjoy a scenic vista overlooking the Staunton River Valley. In 1986 Congress designated Red Hill as a National Memorial to honor for the benefit of present and future generations the entire life of Patrick still one of the least understood Founding Fathers. The timeline Henry. Red Hill was added to the National Register of Historic strives to tell the long story of Henrys life, showcasing the man Places in 1978 (Building - #78003012). In the cemetery at Red whose work spurred Virginias push for independence. Hill, Henry is buried next to his second wife, Dorothea Dandridge Henry, beneath the inscription, His fame his best epitaph. These are just a few of the Studley artifacts on loan to Red Hill this spring: Recently, Red Hill has been recasting its visitors center and museum to offer a more comprehensive exhibit of Henry artifacts A large section of Staffordshire pottery, circa 1820s; a fragment including the Peter Rothermels famous painting Patrick Henry from a dot, diaper and basket weave plate, circa 1760s - 1770s; before the Virginia House of Burgesses. This effort resulted in a part of a clay pipe, circa 1720s; a fire cracked quartzite stone of new partnership with Polegreen. Native American origin. In 1992 a conscientious group of citizens led by the Historic The artifacts tell the archaeological story of the Studley site, Polegreen Church Foundation set out to preserve the two-acre indicating that there was once a Native American presence in that site where Patrick Henry, Orator of the American Revolution fertile corner of Hanover County, until John Syme, Patrick Henrys and first post-colonial Governor of Virginia, was born, known as grandfather, built a successful farm in the 1720s. Patrick Henry Studley. Polegreen now owns the 34 acre site originally part lived there with his family until about 1750, but the evidence of the Plantation. This ownership is in large part thanks to Ms. suggests that the family left behind a prosperous site that lasted Carolyn Hall and Preservation Virginia. well into the 19th century, even after the Studley house burned. By incorporating this snapshot of Studleys history into the Patrick James River Institute for Archaeology led by Nick Luccketti began Henry timeline, Historic Polegreen and Red Hill will finally reveal efforts in 2006 to recover artifacts, treat them in a laboratory and the untold story of Henrys birthplace, going beyond the myth to then properly catalog them. finally uncover the man whose words moved a generation. Aided by a copy of the 1795 Mutual Assurance Society insurance company policy which depicts what structures were on the birthplace site, Dr. Bill Hanna and Associates arrived in summer 2007 to perform ground penetrating radar research. His important research provided a clearer picture of what was beneath the soil. The sketch shows the outline of a manor house and seven dependencies that supported it. The Studley artifacts will supplement Red Hills new Patrick Henry Timeline, which was unveiled on April 12. Despite his active role as a fiery orator and Virginias first elected governor, Patrick Henry, whose real legacy is often overshadowed by his legend, is Red Hill is a proud member of the Trail

11 www.historicpolegreen.org THE CROSSROADS OF AMERICAN HISTORY T he Historic Polegreen Church Foundation preserves and interprets one of the nations most valued historic sites, listed on the National Register of Historic The Foundation is recognized for leadership in preservation, community Places, and commemorates the Reverend Samuel Davies outreach and a rich variety and the Hanover dissenters successful struggle for civil of educational programs. The and religious freedom. site contains a timeline of the history of civil and religious freedom, two unique silhouette The site sits squarely in the crossroads of American meeting house architectural structures, and features both history including the movements known as the Great Civil War and Road to Revolution Trail markers among Awakening, the American Revolution, the American Civil other memorable objects. Please use this program for War and the Modern Preservation movement. At this your planning purposes. More information may be found place, the actions of ordinary people set in motion events about these programs as well as about our site rental that freed our nation and gave the world the American opportunities at www.historicpolegreen.org voice of liberty. The Foundation continuously seeks new ways to describe the relevance of those who sought to worship according to conscience rather than conscription. Dont forget to follow our blog to stay updated on upcoming programs and events! http://polegreen.wordpress.com 2014 NEWSLETTER

12 HISTORIC POLEGREEN CHURCH FOUNDATION Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE P.O. BOX 2111 PAID MECHANICSVILLE, VA 23116-0011 Mechanicsville, VA Permit No. 190 HOST YOUR EVENT AT POLEGREEN Did you know that you could rent the Polegreen site for your special event? Do you need a conference room for that important meeting? Getting married? Consider Polegreen for a serene setting to As one of the first meeting houses established during the Great befit any occasion. From partial Awakening, Presbyterian dissenters from the state Anglican Church to full site rentals, the Polegreen worshipped here including a young Patrick Henry and his mother. Henry calendar is busy with weddings, attributed his great oratory to the influence of Rev. Samuel Davies who meetings and group tours. This led the Polegreen congregation from 1747 1759. On June 1, 1864, a demand means you will occasionally Confederate artillery round destroyed the Meeting House, which was find a Site Closed sign for a built in 1755. World-renown architect Carlton Abbott designed the private event. current symbolic silhouette structure to sit along original foundations You can access our based on 1862 sketches from a Union soldier. Facility Use Policy on our The Foundation is currently recognized for leadership in the website and by clicking on preservation of the site, community outreach and a rich variety of Host Your Special Event at Polegreen from the www. educational programs. More information can be found about these historicpolegreen.org homepage. events as well as site rental at www.historicpolegreen.org. BOARD OF DIRECTORS ADVISORY BOARD EDUCATION ADVISORY COUNCIL Dr. Robert Bluford, Jr. President Tommy P. Baer Dr. Mathias Bergman June Lehman Professor of History, Randolph-Macon College AP History Educator, St. Catherines School F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr. Richard E. Bartell Dr. William Bosher Kay Peninger Vice President & Secretary Dr. Virgie M. Binford Director of Commonwealth Education Policy Former Executive Director, St. Johns Church David W. Fuller Treasurer Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University Foundation Dr. Charles F. Bryan, Jr. Jenny Cote Dr. Rob Williams Robert Bluford III Hugh Gouldthorpe Historical Author; Atlanta, Georgia Social Studies Lead Teacher Specialist, Hanover County Public Schools David B. Bradley Ivor Massey Jr. Mark Greenough Supervisor and Historian, Virginia State Capitol Dr. Jamelle Wilson Roger F. Dickinson Martha D. Newell Assistant Superintendent of Institutional Jennifer Hurst Leadership, Hanover County Public Schools Robert B. Giles Sumpter T. Priddy, Jr. Wender Statewide Education Coordinator, Preservation Virginia Kenneth M. Perry W. Taylor Reveley III Jane W. Peters Dr. R. Jackson Sadler EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS G. Everett B. Reveley Christopher K. Peace Beth Young Dr. James G. Somerville Robert F. Strohm DIRECTOR OF CURATOR OF Professor C. Jan Swearingen EDUCATION & OUTREACH HISTORIC RESOURCES Harry J. Warthen III Elizabeth Baker Kyle Meadows MAILING ADDRESS PHYSICAL ADDRESS PHONE www.facebook.com/Polegreen P.O. Box 2111 6411 Heatherwood Drive 804.730.3837 Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116 Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116 EMAIL @Polegreen on Twitter [email protected]

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