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1 Vol. 6 No. 4 November 2003 IEEE 8 The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. 445 Hoes Lane Piscataway, NJ 08855 http://www.ieee.org/r8 http://www.ieee.org/r8 IEEE Fellow Honoured by Britain's Queen Elizabeth IEEE Fellow, Tariq Durrani was honoured VP-elect of the IEEE by Britain's Queen Elizabeth with the Engineering Management Order of the British Empire at a cere- Society. His work has led mony at Buckingham Palace on 10 July to major technical develop- 2003. The investiture recognized his out- ments and several of his standing contribution to the British nation PhD students have estab- for services to electronics research and lished advanced electron- higher education. ics companies in Scotland At the University of Strathclyde, and abroad. Scotland, Tariq established one of the Readers may recognize largest research groups in Signal Tariq in these pages he is our Processing in Europe. His leadership is Region 8 Vice-Chair of well known in his community, in industry, Technical Activities! With this photo, he sends and abroad. In 1994-95 he was President us his regards from the Investiture Ceremony INSIDE of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, at Buckingham Palace - my daughter Sophia, now serves on several IEEE Boards, and is my wife Clare, me, and my daughter Monise. Editors Ramblings 2 The IEEE Foundation 3 IEEE Standards R8 Teams Succeed in Washington Development Principles; Standards- Europe Portal; 4. Help Wanted - Standards Development 5. IEEE Computer Society The theme of CSIDC 2003 was Added CASS Vitold Belevitch Award 5 Int'l. Design Competition Value: Turning Computers Into Systems Chapter Coordination 6 At the fourth annual IEEE Computer Society The top 3 winning schools also receive Conference Reviews International Design competition held in money to establish an IEEE Computer XII Wilga Symposium; 6. 3rd ESA 7. Washington DC from 30 June to 1st July Society Financial Aid Fund for computer Section and Chapter News 2003, the top ten teams included two win- science and engineering students at their 40th Anniversity; Germany; Israel; 8. Portugal; Russia; UK&RI; UAE 9. ners from Region 8. CSIDC was supported host schools Raising Technology Literacy by Microsoft Corporation with additional Politechnica Univ. Bucharest team won A Challenge to IEEE Life Members 10 funds from ABB and the IEEE Foundation. second prize of $10,000. for their entry Eyes Region 8 Gold 11 CSIDC 2003 expanded to include 164 teams Only Security- an innovative encryption Region 8 Industry from 133 universities in 40 countries. scheme that ensures privacy on personal com- Member Profile; 12. First UK&RI Ind. puters. The team Mentor Nicolae Tapus, Relations; IEEE Industry Relations 13. and students Tiberius Pircalabu and Photo Quiz 14 Andrei Hagiescu designed, built, Harnessing Geothermal Heat for the Supply of Energy 15 demonstrated their system and its poten- tial markets. Student News Hi!; R8SAC; SBC04; New History Competition; Another IEEE Region8 finalist last 16. Briefs; Sarjevo SB EESEE 2003; 17. year, Karlsruhe University Team also Stud. Paper Contest; Nigeria SBs NAUSB; FUTO; Ghana SB KNUST; Poland; 18. Ibadan received an Honorable Mention Award SB; Neural Net Notes; 19. EAB Invitation; of $1,000. for their project "Free-XS", New R8 Student Forum; 20. Calendar 21. a wireless network access device Book Corner 21 mounted on a balloon. R8 Year 2003 Photo Review 22 Politech University Bucharest 2nd Place CSID 2003: Learn more about the CSIDC 2004 Tiberius Pircalabu; Nicolae Tapus (team mentor); competition Making the World a Safer Andrei Hagiescu Place. www.computer.org/csidc November 2003 Region 8 News 1

2 Editors REGION 8 CONTACTS Help Desk Members: Ramblings... Members, students, applicants may have all their questions answered by contacting the Help Desk volunteers. Please use this service freely. November R8 News Information on what, where, when, how regarding membership, payments, procedures. IEEE member and affiliate inquiries from Region 8 should be In Jozef Modelskis report on Chapters, he sent to: [email protected] says that the number of members in R8 has Ayhan Altintas Andrej Zemva Iiro Hartimo declined to about 47,000. He observes that Bilkent University Univ. of Ljubljana, HUT, Finland Chapter activity has increased. To me this Ankara, Turkey Ljubljana, Slovenia [email protected] means - members who remain intend to get [email protected] [email protected] Fax + 35 89 460 224 Fax +90 312 266 4126 Fax +38 661 126 4630 more benefit for their money. Participation is the key - on hand to every member. Advertisements of interest to Region 8 news are welcome. Prices, deadlines, and information contact Hilary Turnbull, IEEE Media Telephone +44 131 660 6605 I have always found that volunteering e-mail: [email protected] and being involved with my profession Region 8 Website: www.ieee.org/r8 increased my interests, knowledge, and Student Paper Contest contact Martin Bastiaans: [email protected] contacts. This brought more pleasure to REGION 8 OPERATING COMMITTEE my career. See http://www.ewh.ieee.org/reg/8/committee/index.html for descriptions, by- laws. E-mail addresses of Region 8 Committee Officers - 2003: Many members do not know that IEEE Officers and Vice Chairs Appointed Members Standards Coordinator well-developed volunteer structure is easily Director Awards & Recognitions Ingo Ruesch accessible. Please check out the "Region 8 Tony Davies Duncan Baker [email protected] Contacts" on this page. The volunteers list- [email protected] [email protected] Educational & ed are trusted to work in those positions and Past-Director and V/C Conference Coordinator Accreditation Activities Strategy Magdalena Salazar Palma Simon Jones accomplish the operations in our Region. Levent Onural [email protected] [email protected] Please contact them. [email protected] Chapter Coordinator Voluntary Contributions Often the best place to start is to talk to Secretary Jozef Modelski Fund Coordinator someone. Attend a meeting. Write a let- Charles Turner [email protected] Zbynek Skvor [email protected] [email protected] ter/e-mail. Discover what is going on in Editor R8 News Treasurer Roland Saam Student Representative your locale. Dr Hans J Schmitt [email protected] Basak Yuksel New in this issue: IEEE Region 8 [email protected] [email protected] Industry Relations Industry. This series will focus on the V/C Membership Activities Jean Gabriel Remy GOLD Graduates of the Rolf Remshardt jean-gabriel.remy last Decade business achievements of IEEE members @cegetel.fr [email protected] Mario De Weerd in Region 8 and relations with industry. [email protected] V/C Student Activities New Section Many employers do not know about IEEE. Development Pilar Molina Gaudo Electronic Communications We need to inform companies about the [email protected] Jaafar Al-Ibraham Coordinator [email protected] Jeremy Newberry benefits of IEEE membership for their V/C Technical Activities Membership Development [email protected] employees. Tariq Durrani Margaretha Eriksson [email protected] [email protected] Also inside: Life Members (yes we have ieee.org some!); IEEE Foundation II (how to give and how to receive); IEEE StandardsEurope Region 8 News is published quarterly by the Region 8 Committee of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics (appeal for players); Geothermal Power; Engineers and distributed free with IEEE Spectrum, to more than 50,000 IEEE members. EtCetera (cartoons by Tayfun Akgul). Has your membership in IEEE helped Requests for extra copies for distribution at IEEE events, should be made to the Editor by e-mail before the deadline: you in some way? Please write about your specify quantity and delivery address. work, enterprise, how your interest in engi- All information of interest to members and articles from any neering brought you there. member of the IEEE are welcome. Please send as Plain Text, RTF, and DOC files Send photography separately as JPG files. Check This newsletter is written by many vol- R8News-Guide at www.ieee.org/r8. Emails: Subject [R8News] Please send Student News to [email protected] and unteers who do many things - run meetings/ GOLD News to [email protected] give talks/ student events/ pre-college Editor: Read past issues at www.ieee.org/r8 development/ fund-raising. You do the writ- Roland J. Saam The deadlines for the Region8 News for 2003 are as follows: Micros For Managers Ltd February 2004 Issue: 1 December 2003 ing, I simply do the editing. May 2004 issue: 1 March 2003 149 Gloucester Road London SW7 4TH Acknowledgements Roland Saam ENGLAND Tony Davies wrote the article Challenges to IEEEs Future Tel +44 20 7565 2111 page 4 May03, and sent photographs on page 6 (May). Editor Fax +44 20 7565 2114 Drawings: Copyright 2002 and 2003 by Tayfun Akgul [email protected] E-mail [email protected] Photos: Roland Saam; Gerald Anleitner; Ryszard Romaniuk; Cemal Ozturk; Yayra de Souza; Adebowale Onifade; Peter Knott; Tony Davies Proofreader: Sheila Saam Icelandic history: Jon Jakobsson, Thorvardur Jonsson 2 Region 8 News November 2003

3 The IEEE Foundation ( II ) Foundation Programs The Foundation pays for the was awarded $11,500 for a conference n my last article (Sept. development of the IEEE Virtual entitled "EE Education in the 21th cen- I R8News) I discussed the general tasks and goals of the IEEE Foundation Inc. Now I report on the Museum (www.ieee.org/muse- um). This demonstrates in a pop- ular way how engineers revolu- tionize the ways we work, play, tury in South-Eastern Europe. University members from this area meet to generate ideas on improving regional education programs applying interna- IEEE Foundation's programs and learn and communicate. tional standards. projects, which give financial sup- IEEE Engineering Management Society port to Awards, History, Education Education (EMS) was granted $10,000. for the as well as Special Initiatives. Finally the Foundation supports education Joint Region 8 / EMS Leadership and at all levels, from pre-college to continuing Chapter Development Project. Awards education. It strives to arouse interest, ded- IEEE Region 10 was granted $5,000. as The Foundation supports IEEEs goals by ication and life-long appreciation of sci- support for the first Region 10 Student recognizing engineering achievements, ence, mathematics, and technology in Congress 2002. encouraging excellence in engineering at young students, while also working to IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven, the highest level and promoting public maintain professional engineers at the lead- Netherlands R8 received $2,000. awareness of the work of engineers. ing edge of technology. towards a symposium People Movin The IEEE Awards program comprises Within the Foundation General Fund I the Future -the role of electronics in over 200 awards & recognitions which are would like to mention the Marsh Theodore W. transportation. annually presented by the Institute. The Hissey International Education Fund. This IEEE EAB received $15,000. to initiate Foundation finances the program in differ- supports programs for education with special a project called Pre-college Education ent ways. Some awards and medals are focus on developing and enhancing education- Activities Across Organizational Units financed from restricted funds - Donations, al opportunities in IEEE Regions 8, 9, and 10. and Societies. The purpose is to obtain Bequests, and Grants administered by the data on IEEE Organisational Units' pre- Foundation. Those created by major IEEE Foundation Projects college education activities. Boards are financed from the General Fund, To illustrate the scope of these special ini- The Universidade Federal da Paraiba was which is money raised by the Foundation. tiatives- from more than 40 current awarded $12,900. for a project entitled Foundation projects in 2002 - I mention Historical Evolution of Telecommuni- History several in Region 8. cations in Brazil. - to document the his- The Foundation encourages the study of The IEEE Education Activities Board tory and evolution of telecommunications history of electrical and information (EAB) was granted US$40,000. to con- engineering in Brazil. technology, by preserving, researching tinue the IEEE Presidential Scholarship This overview describes topics and the and promoting historical documents, for 4 years. It is awarded for outstanding financial range of actual IEEE Foundation devices and equipment. It seeks to help achievement in research and presentation Project grants. I hope it gives you some society to know more about the past, to of engineering knowledge. ideas - the Foundation seeks donors and better understand the present and IEEE Computer Society received $50,000. contributors as well as applicants. improve the future. for the 2003 and 2004 IEEE Computer In my next article I will tell you how to A major project is support for the IEEE Society International Design Competition apply for Foundation project support. If you History Center. This is located at Rutgers (CSIDC). Undergraduate student teams would like information on the Foundation or University (New Brunswick, N.J.). It has a design and implement computer-based any application right now, please contact me variety of initiatives IEEE Milestone pro- solutions to real-world problems. at [email protected] or the Foundation gram; Technology in World History IEEE Region 9 was granted $2,900. at [email protected] . research; 100 Years of Electronics-the towards the 2002 Region 9 Robotics Fleming Diode conference which benefit Student Competition , to be held in Rolf Remshardt, the knowledge of academic historians and Santiago, Chile. Director Foundation Board, IEEE members. IEEE Student Branch in Sarajevo, R8 Region 8 Vice Chair Membership Activities REMINDER CALENDAR Visit our Website http://www.ieee.org/r8 Click Conferences (Editors note: latest information on-line) November 2003 Region 8 News 3

4 IEEE STANDARDS Principles for the Development of International Standards International standards are of IEEE-SA does not use the delegation E. Coherence I utmost importance to promote world trade and to overcome fragmentation of markets. model in its development procedures, how- ever, trade organisations, governments and other interested parties may participate in In order to avoid the development of con- flicting international standards, it is impor- tant that international standardising bodies Therefore the World Trade Organisation IEEE standards development as entity avoid duplication of, or overlap with, the (WTO) has obliged its members in its members or their representatives may par- work of other international standardising Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement to play ticipate as individuals and liaisons. bodies. In this respect, cooperation and a full part in the preparation of international coordination with other relevant interna- standards, to use them for their technical regu- C. Impartiality and tional bodies is essential. lations and to play also a full part in harmonis- Consensus In the IEEE Standards Association, ing conformity assessment procedures. In this All relevant bodies of WTO Members harmonisation and coordination is being context the WTO-Committee on Technical should be provided with meaningful oppor- achieved through formal and informal Barriers to defined following principles for the tunities to contribute to the elaboration of liaisons/agreements with ISO, IEC, ITU development of international standards. The an international standard so that the stan- and regional standardisation bodies. IEEE Standards Association reviewed them dard development process will not give with the results shown below in italics. privilege to, or favour the interests of, a par- F. Development ticular supplier/s, country/ies or region/s. Dimension A. Transparency Consensus procedures should be estab- Constraints on developing countries, in All essential information regarding current lished that seek to take into account the particular, to effectively participate in work programmes, as well as on proposals for views of all parties concerned and to recon- standards development, should be taken standards, guides and recommendations under cile any conflicting arguments. into consideration in the standards devel- consideration and on the final results should be IEEE-SAs consensus procedures require opment process. The impartiality and made easily accessible to all interested parties. balance and avoidance of dominance. openness of any international standardisa- This includes amongst others also the possibil- Minority positions are given an important tion process requires that developing ity to make comments to draft standards. voice through negative ballot and com- countries are not excluded de facto from The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE- ments, which must be addressed. the process. SA) meets these requirements by making avail- The IEEE-SA global web portals, email able this information via the IEEE-SA public- D. Effectiveness and and teleconferencing enable developing area web site. Further notifications occur in the Relevance countries to participate in the development ANSI Standards Action publication, IEEE-SA- In order to serve the interests of the WTO of, and to have access to IEEE standards. news, IEEE Standards Bearer and through membership in facilitating international press releases to numerous news wires. trade and preventing unnecessary trade bar- Summarising: riers, international standards need to be rel- 1) IEEE produces one third of worlds liter- B. Openness evant and to effectively respond to regulato- ature in electro-technologies, Membership of an international standardis- ry and market needs, as well as scientific 2) IEEE has worldwide membership and ing body should be open to relevant bodies and technological developments. technical expertise in a broad range of of at least all WTO Members. This would IEEE-SA is a member of ANSI which has electro-technologies, include openness without discrimination adopted the WTO Code of Good Practice for 3) IEEE is a key supplier to the internation- with respect to the participation at the poli- the preparation, Adoption and Application of al standards system. cy development level and at every stage of Standards. The Code addresses the issues of by Ingo Ruesch standards development. effectiveness and relevance. 16 August, 2003 StandardsEurope Portal now available Participation in standardisation has never been so easy n 27 March 2003 a new Web technical standards created by the IEEE and power and energy. The site also serves the O site, www.standardseurope.net, was launched by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA) other standards development organizations (SDOs). This multidimensional site supports those who want to learn about and obtain technical standards, especially in informa- needs of IEEE-SA volunteers who help cre- ate standards, as well as its members, cus- tomers and international partners. This web portal adds value and focus to which provides broad access in Europe to tion technology, telecommunications, and the ongoing IEEE-SA co-operative work 4 Region 8 News November 2003

5 supporting international standardisation events and profiles relevant to IEEEs Standardization, and the International development efforts of the IEC and ITU, activities in Europe. Telecommunication Union. the international organisations for standard- The site offers those in companies, trade Profiles of volunteers in Europe involved isation in the electrical, electronic and organisations, government bodies and acad- in standards development and how com- telecommunication area. It facilitates emia in Europe such options as: panies in the region are using IEEE-SA IEEE-SAs connection to Europe, and The ability to learn about and join new standards. meets the needs of the global standards IEEE standards efforts. Help in becoming an individual or a cor- development community. Links to Web sites carrying international porate member of the IEEE Standards StandardsEurope is a major component and regional finance and economic news Association. in the IEEE-SAs ongoing globalisation relevant to standards. Details on the IEEE-SA and its standards initiative. StandardsEurope, the third por- Links to IEEE Standards Zones to process. tal dedicated to supporting standards users explore standards in specific technolo- At the Region 8 homepage you will have and developers by geographic region, gies, such as wireless communications, direct links to the StandardsEurope Portal as incorporates new features. These include a microprocessors, transportation and well as to the IEEE Standards Association real-time news feed addressing develop- power generation. via Region 8 Information: Standards. ments in international and venture capital Access to approved standards, either markets and StandardsWire, which pro- directly through the IEEE-SA or from Ingo Ruesch, vides timely announcements relevant to third parties. R8 Standards IEEE standards activities. It offers a direct Links to IEEE-SAs international standards Coordinator log-in capability for customers of IEEE partners, such as the International [email protected] Standards Online and will soon offer an Electrotechnical Commission, International opt-in newsletter that will showcases news, Organization for Electrical and Electronic Help Wanted - IEEE Standards Development Many new standards are starting devel- electronic devices are invited to help develop assign Ethernet Type numbers without opment. If you have or know someone the standard. The IEEE P1650 standard, depleting the number space. who has expertise in the relevant areas - Standard Test Methods for Measurement of IEEE 802.3af addresses how to supply from Industry, Government or Academia Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes, power to low-power data terminal equipment -please contact the Standards chairper- is sponsored by the IEEE Nanotechnology with local area network (LAN) connectivity son mentioned. Council. For more information see: http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1650/ Contact New Power and Filters New Standards Dan Gamota, IEEE P1650 Working Group standards IEEE P1650 , Standard Test Methods for Chair [email protected] IEEE-SA also approved two new Measurement of Electrical Properties of power generation standards, one for Carbon Nanotubes, will recommend the Revisions Save adjustable-speed drives, IEEE 958, and tools and procedures needed to generate Development Time for harmonic filters, IEEE 1531. reproducible electrical data on carbon nan- IEEE-SA Standards Board approved two IEEE C37.24 is a revised standard for otubes. Those with expertise in the chem- amendments to IEEE 802 wired network how solar radiation affects outdoor metal- istry and physics of carbon nanotubes and standards. IEEE 802a allows vendors to enclosed switchgear. CASS Vitold Belevitch Circuits and Systems Award The new Belevitch Prize - to and Design (ECCTD2003) in Krakw, of the concept of the Wave Digital Filter, T honor a person with funda- mental contributions in the field of circuits and systems was awarded to Professor Alfred Fettweis Poland, 1-4 September 2003. It is particularly fitting that Prof. Fettweis should be the first recipient, because Prof. Belevitch was his thesis-advi- which succeeded in linking classical Circuit Theory with modern Digital Signal Processing. (University of the Ruhr, Bochum) during sor, and he followed in Prof. Belevitch's contributed by the European Conference on Circuit Theory footsteps by the invention and development Prof. Anthony C Davies November 2003 Region 8 News 5

6 CHAPTER COORDINATION " Local chapter activities are the most Number of R8 Chapters in Sections (at June 2003) important key to membership growth, improvement of society image and realiza- tion of globalization process. Region 8 is a very good example - we have 46,805 IEEE members and about 340 chap- ters as of August 2003. The variety of chapters in Region 8 dif- fer in many ways: About 30% are joint Chapters: members come from two or more Societies and some- times from different Sections (countries), e.g. Joint MTT/ED/CPMT/COM/SSC first six months of 2003, and 7 chapters Chapter Of The Year 2003 Siberia Chapter; LEOS Italian Chapter; E are in the final phase of formation. Contest All Sections are encouraged to nominate can- Norway/Denmark/Finland/Sweden Joint Chapters in formation as of August 2003: didates for the Third Annual Competition - Chapter. 1. AP03/MTT17 Norway Section Region 8 Chapter of the Year contest. Size - Chapters range from very small 2. NN11 North/Central & South We have more than 300 chapters in Region 8 (fewer than 20 members) to large (more Italy Joint Sections but very few of them were nominated last year than 500), but most have about 50-100 for 'Chapter of the Year 2002' award. Many more 3. SMC28 Hungary Section members. are very active and they deserve recognition. 4. EMC27 Spain Section Variety of technical and educational activ- There are two categories in the contest - 5. IE13/IA34/PEL35 Greece Section ities. Some organize only a few meetings, Big Chapters (100 and more members) 6. MTT17 Romania Section while others have over 20 events a year, Small and Middle Size Chapters (fewer 7. E25 France Section invite Distinguished Lecturers, host inter- than 100 members) national and local conferences and work- Winning chapters each receive $1000. Congratulations and best wishes for suc- shops, support student branches etc. You can find all information and the cessful operation of all new chapters! Although the number of IEEE mem- Contest Form at the Region 8 web site: Jozef Modelski bers in Region 8 decreased, the formation http://www.ewh.ieee.org/reg/8/chapters.html. CCS Chair of new chapters is still going very well: Deadline for nomination forms - August, 2003 14 chapters were established during the February 15, 2004 CONFERENCE REVIEWS 200 Attend XII Wilga Symposium IEEE-SPIE Photonics and Web Engineering 22-25 May 2003 Wilga, Poland At Warsaw University of Technology Resort in Wilga, two hundred International M.Sc. and Ph.D. students gathered from IEEE Region 8. Sponsored by IEEE Region8, SPIE, Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology, it is held every year during the last weekend of May. Wilga Symposium is an effective forum for the exchange of research results and informa- tion on work conditions. Students discussed similarities and differences in their currculas and employment opportunities. Much person- al information was exchanged during informal Wilga is quite different in this respect. All by young researchers, while senior research social meetings at the Wilga grill. papers are presented orally in English with an staff work as judges. Wilga is Different obligatory discussion following the presenta- Presentations are judged by colleagues, Young researchers are often treated as margin- tion. Frequently, hot discussion continues sometimes quite deeply, not only in respect of al to scientific conferences and poster sessions. during the coffee breaks. All sessions are led research content but also for appearance. All 6 Region 8 News November 2003

7 are in electronic form, presented in this way of modern technology are sometimes similar, it antees international meaning of the sympo- and distributed on CDs and website. was often possible to transfer experience sium which assures worldwide access. Low Cost & High Standards between young researchers. XIII Wilga 2004 - Invitation The fundamental assumption for Wilga Publication: Selection & peer review We want interested persons, member and non- Symposium is low costs for the young par- To assure the highest quality of the members of IEEE and SPIE to participate in ticipant. Organizers offer full accomodation Symposium, papers are selected first for pre- the IEEE-SPIE Symposium Wilga 2004, at a very competitive price. There is no con- sentation and next for publication. Papers sub- scheduled for 26-30 May 2004. Get more ference fee at all. This is possible only mitted have to be recommended by the super- information at http://nms.ise.pw.edu.pl/wilga. because the event is organized wholly by visors of the young researchers, symposium Senior researchers are invited to bring volunteers. participants. along younger colleagues, to organize topical The second assumption is to keep the pro- After presentation and discussion, the best or panel sessions and to suggest invited papers. gram level of the Symposium high papers are chosen for publication in the IEEE M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are invited to pre- Wilga is nearly an ideal spot. The resort professional press. Usually a special edition of sent the results of their research on theoretical is located at the outlet of the Wilga into the one of the local professional journals. and practical problems, which are subjects of Vistula river in the middle of big pine Sometimes a separate volume of well known their theses. forests. Accomodation conditions are mod- Proceedings of SPIE. Prior to publication the The IEEE-SPIE Wilga Symposium is a est but acceptable. The local food (and papers are peer reviewed. magnificent place to test your ability to present beer!) is very good. World-wide access your own results and to defend the thesis in the Wide Scope Wilga symposium is an official event of fire of research discussion in an international Photonics, optical communications and the IEEE and SPIE. Regional Student Activity environment. It is just the best road to begin optical Internet topics were extended to Committees, Sections and Chapters of both gathering ones own achievements on a diffi- advanced electronic systems, digital signal institutes are represented in Poland. IEEE cult but facsinating way of technical research. processing, mechatronics, automation, etc. and SPIE have rich libraries. freely accessi- Dr hab. Ryszard S.Romaniuk The caliber of contributions, especially ble for members, located at the central tech- IEEE-SPIE Wilga Symposium Chair from Ph.D. students, increased. Because ana- nical library of Warsaw University of IEEE Student Branch Counsellor lytic methods used by quite different branches Technology. IEEE and SPIE patronage guar- Warsaw University of Technology 3rd ESA Workshop on Millimetre Wave Technology and Applications Espoo, Finland, May 21-23 research and educational organisa- jects covered a wide range of millimetre The third ESA Workshop on tions, HUT and VTT along with wave related issues from material technol- Millimetre Wave Technology and more than 200 smaller organisa- ogy to system applications. The social Applications was held in May in tions and high tech companies. events included a dinner reception on one Espoo, Finland. The conference was The first workshop in 1995 was of the 18th century fortress islands once jointly organised by the Millimetre hosted by ESA/ESTEC in built to protect Helsinki. The boat ride gave Wave Laboratory of Finland - Noordwijk, The Netherlands. a good opportunity to do some sightseeing. MilliLab, ESA/ESTEC, HUT Helsinki The technical program con- With approximately 150 attendees the University of Technology and VTT sisted of 15 invited talks and atmosphere was friendly and focused. It was Technical Research Centre of Finland. This over 90 contributed papers from 16 coun- felt that the event was very succesful and was the second time the conference was held in tries and three continents. These were positively received by the attendees. the Otaniemi campus area close to Helsinki. organised in 5 plenary, 12 regular and 2 Timo Karttaavi The area is the home of two major technical poster sessions over three days. The sub- Chair, Finland AP/ED/MTT Chapter November 2003 Region 8 News 7

8 Section and Chapter News 40th anniversary of the These societies organise lectures, work- IEEE Germany Section shops and conferences in the different fields The Germany Section was established with of specialisation on a regular basis. During 7 members in April 1963 and contains alto- the last 40 years more than 450 scientific gether more than 5600 members now. The events have been organised in the IEEE membership development during the last 40 Germany Section. years is shown in Fig. 1. Today the For the successful leadership of the Germany Section comprises 18 societies Germany Section eight chairmen were with up to more than 2000 members. elected during the 40 years. The chairmen The different societies and their abbrevi- and their time of office is listed in Tab. 2. ations with chapters in IEEE Germany From January 2003 on Prof. Adolf J. Section are listed below. Schwab is the chairman of the Germany C Computers Section again. CAS Circuits and Systems Fig. 2 Location of student branches in COM Communication Name of chairman Time of office Germany CPMT Components, Packaging and Lothar Rohde 1963 1969 Manufacturing Technology Kurt O. Fraenz 1970 1972 IEEE Israel Section ED Electron Devices Werner Kleen 1972 1978 Hot-Spots Rival 3G EM Engineering Management Walter E. Proebster 1979 1980 The subjects of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IEEE EMB Engineering in Medicine and Rudolf Saal 1981 1987 802.11 Standards are catching on worldwide. Biology Adolf J. Schwab 1988 1996 Israel IEEE Communications Chapter spon- EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Rolf H. Jansen 1997 1999 sored a technical Seminar Short range IA/PEL Industry Applications/Power Hans L. Hartnagel 2000 2002 Communication Networks attended by Electronics Adolf J. Schwab 2003 more than 180 participants. IT Information Theory Tab. 2 Chairmen since foundation of the The IEEE Israel Section is the veteran of LEO Lasers and Electro-Optics Germany Section IEEE Sections in Region 8 and was estab- MTT/APP Microwave Theory/Antennas lished back in 1954 by the late Prof. Ollendorf and Propagation Furthermore 11 Student Branches at the Technion in Haifa. The NPS Nuclear and Plasma Sciences were founded in Germany, they are asso- Communications Chapter was initiated in PE Power Engineering ciated with universities throughout the 1977 and I had the privilege to serve as its first RA Robotics and Automation country. These IEEE Student Branches Chair. Actually the Communications Chapter SP Signal Processing give students the chance to come into has about 600 members (out of 1600 members SSC Solid State Circuits contact with companies or other universi- of the IEEE Section) and is very active, with UFFC Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and ties on a national or international level. Prof. Cohen of the Technion as its Chair. Frequency Control Workshops, excursions and student pro- Tab. 1 Societies with chapters in IEEE jects are organised by these Student Electronica 2003 Germany Section Branches. The Seminar was organized during Electronica 2003 exhibition held at the Israel Trade Fair and Convention Center, Tel- Aviv, on June 11, 2003 and was chaired by Prof. Jacob Gavan of the Holon Academic Institute of Technology. A WI-Fi Hot-Spot was demonstrated at the exhibition. Following the Cover story on Wi-Fi in Business Week magazine (April 28, 2003) the Seminar opened with a View towards the future on Short-range networks, by Dr. J. Baal-Schem. The growth path of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, was discussed, especially the phe- nomenal expansion of Hot-spots worldwide. It discussed the rivalry between the Hot- spots and Cellular telephony (3G), stressing Fig. 1 Membership development of the IEEE Germany Section from 1963 until 2002 the future applications - linking computers, stereos and appliances in the home. 8 Region 8 News November 2003

9 Engineer Shaul Katz of the Israel guage will be the IEEE community official IEEE UKRI SECTION Ministry of Communications told everyone language (English - not too broken we hope)! Power Engineering Chapter about allocation of the different frequency Informations for our members will be June 2 and 3, 2003 bands spectrum required for Short-range kept up-to-date: SUSTAINABLE ELECTRIC POWER SYS- communications. Portugal Section Executive Committee TEMS IN THE 21ST CENTURY Prof. Gavan and Dr. Alen Bensky pre- and National Commite members contacts Sustainable Electric sented technical views on wave propaga- List of Portugal Section Chapters and Power Systems in the tion and the problems encountered in contact persons Future was presented operating short-range networks. Their pre- List of Portugal Section Student by Prabha Kundur, sentations were based upon research con- Branches and contact persons Power Engineering ducted in Israel and abroad on radio-wave Section Bylaws Society Distinguished propagation in GHz frequency bands. IEEE - Ordem dos Engenheiros Lecturer and Chief (National Society) Memorandum of Executive Officer, Interference & Mitigation Understanding in both versions (English Powertech Labs, Prof. Jacob Gavan introduced the concept of and Portuguese) Surrey, BC, Canada at two UKRI Power Nano, Pico, and Femo cells for defining the List of Technical/Scientific Meetings, Engineering Chapter Meetings, in limits of short range communication net- from 1 hour seminars - to major Coventry and in London. works. Adequate standardization and reduc- International Conferences, taking place Dr. Prabha Kundur described the tion of the mutual and self-interference in our Section geographical area requirements and challenges of building effects are mandatory 2002 Portugal Section Annual Report and operating Sustainable Electric Power Dr. Alan Benskys presentation, Bluetooth News about main actions of the Systems in the 21st Century. and WLAN Coexistence, reflected the con- Executive Committee. Sustainability requires balancing eco- cern about increasing interference between Please send all your comments on the web nomic growth and prosperity with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices on the 2.4 GHz page to: preservation of natural environment. ISM band as the use of both standards prolifer- Henrique J. A. da Silva [email protected] Business practices have to be built on ates. Bensky described the mechanism of inter- Or three pillars of sustainability: environ- ference between the two systems, showed how Rui Cruz [email protected] mental sustainability, economic sustain- throughput is affected, and discussed the ways ability, and social sustainability. coexistence may be promoted using adaptive IEEE Russia Section Challenges for the industry are to pro- frequency hopping for Bluetooth and closed Vice Chair Heinrich Lantsberg writes: duce, transmit and use energy in an environ- loop packet fragmentation and data rate modi- Dear colleagues and friends: This note is mentally responsible manner, to reduce fication in WI-Fi. just to inform you about the forthcoming costs by improving operating efficiency and In particular, he outlined a procedure for events held within the IEEE Russia Section business practices, and lastly to enhance the determining the interference radius within this September-October : reliability and quality of power supply. which Bluetooth devices are likely to affect We are going to celebrate the following:- He also discussed at length how hydro- the throughput of data between a Wi-Fi 50th anniversary of foundation of the gen could be used to complement electrici- access point and a mobile terminal. Institute of Radio Engineering & ty as an energy carrier the two form an Finally, Engineer Naphtali Hirsch of Electronics of the Russian Academy of ideal energy currency pair and are likely Vectronix presented the Hot-spot concept Sciences, which made great contribution to dominate the energy delivery and trans- and installation. A Hot-spot at the exhibition to the development of modern communi- portation systems. covered all the exhibition area up to the cations and informatics. In the early Report by entrance to the Conference room. 1950s they played the main role in estab- Tom Hammons Over 180 engineers participated and dis- lishing and developing beneficial long- Chair, UKRI Power Engineering Chapter cussed the presentations. There is great term cooperation with the IEEE. [email protected] interest in this subject which is a developing 95th birthday (!!!) of Prof. Vladimir activity in Israel, especially at high-rate Kotelnikov -Dean of the Russian com- IEEE United Arab communications. munication scientists and engineers, Emirates Section Report Report by Jacob Baal-Schem, founder and the Director Emeritus of the Year 2003 IEEE Senior Life Member Institute, IEEE Life Fellow. Our AGM started off a busy year for our 70th anniversary of Kotelnikovs sampling activities -8 Technical meetings & one IEEE IEEE Portugal Section theorem which has marked the beginning of Conference, two Business meetings; a new Launches New Website new directions in science and technology Student Branch; EE Vision Newsletter, 3rd The Portugal Section Executive Committee such as digital systems, information con- Issue. We also formed a Women In would like to welcome all regional members, trol, coding and information processing. Engineering affinity group in UAE especially those in our Section, to visit the Heinrich Lantsberg, The AGM was held on 9 January, 2003 at IEEE-Portugal Section Web site. The lan- Vice-chair IEEE Russia Section the Holiday International Hotel, Sharjah November 2003 Region 8 News 9

10 Section and Chapter News continued and was sponsored By International 21 May, 2003: Industrial Visit to Thuraya Organized by University of Sharjah Turnkey Systems. Ground Station, Dr. Mohammed El- http://www.icecs2003.org/ Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki, Chair Tarhuni, American University of Sharjah, IEEE Student Branch was formed in Mr. Syed Riayzul Hassan, Vice Chair at Thuraya Ground Station, Dhaid Etisalat College of Engineering Mr. A. G. Hareendralal, Secretary 3 June, 2003: Evolution of Mathematical EE Vision Newsletter - 3rd issue: June Mr. K. S. Taj, Treasurer Concepts through the Ages, Prof. Ganti 2003 Prasada Rao, at the Cultural Foundation, The Affinity Group, Women In Engineering Technical Meetings Abudhabi was formed on the 4th of June 2003 8 February, 2003: Power System Harmonics, 4 June, 2003: Control in an Information- About 50 female IEEE members in UAE Mohamed H. Shwehdi, Ph.D. (Associate Rich World, Dr. Abdulla Ismail Abdulla, About 20 IEEE members in WIE Affinity Professor, Saudi Arabia, KFUPM,) at UAE University, Dubai Airport Free Group in UAE American University of Sharjah, Zone (DAFZA), 3 March, 2003: Criteria for Engineering Chapters & Student Branches Work Practice, Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki at Conferences in UAE Dubai Chamber of Commerce & 13-15 May, 2003: The First GCC IEEE PES Chapter Industry, Dubai Industrial Electrical & Electronics IEEE Computer Society Chapter 1 April, 2003: Web Based Monitoring and Conference, Manama, Bahrain IEEE Student Branch, UAEU Control of Industrial Plant, Dr. Abdul Organized by: IEEE GCC Sections IEEE Student Branch, AUS Rahman Al Ali, Computer Engineering IEEE Student Branch, Etisalat College Department, American University of Coming UP! IEEE WIE Affinity Group Sharjah, at Ajman University, Abu Dhabi 14-17 December, 2003: 10th IEEE Have a look at our IEEE UAE Section 30 April, 2003: Electrical Safety of International Conference on Website URL: http://www.ewh.ieee.org/r8/uae/ Medical Equipment, Dr. Hassan A. Al- Electronics, Circuits and Systems Contributed by Nashash American University of Sharjah (ICECS 2003), Sharjah, United Arab Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki at Emirates Scientific Club, Dubai Emirates Chairman, IEEE UAE Section Raising Technological Literacy A Challenge to IEEE Life Members by Jacob Baal-Schem more, and their age plus the number lished after the Regional Life Member Region 8 Life Member Coordinator of years of IEEE membership must Coordinator has contacted and informed the equal at least 100. We are proud to Section Chair of its formation I have lists of espite the great success of have 802 Life Members in Region 8 Life Members by Section and am willing to D engineering innovations, we witness a worldwide decrease in enrollments to to date. The Life Member Committee of IEEE supports activities to enhance provide by e-mail any information required I intend to launch a Regional activity towards raising Technological Literacy among engineering studies. A recent report pub- interest in electrical and electronic our youngsters. This activity will be based on lished in the IEEE Transactions on engineering at the secondary and the lessons learned from project RE-SEED Education (May 2003 Editorial) states that the college level. These activities can best be per- (Retirees Enhancing Science Educations number of graduated students of departments formed through Life Member Chapters in the through Experiments and Demonstrations), car- of Electrical Engineering in the US has fallen existing IEEE Sections. ried in the US and in Sweden to assist middle from 25,000 in 1987 to 12,600 in 2000. Having been recently nominated by Region school teachers with the teaching of Science and Similar numbers can be quoted in many 8 Director as Coordinator of Life Member math. I hope to bring together a small group of Region 8 areas. activities in the Region, I call upon Section volunteers to be trained by experienced profes- Although engineering has completely Chairs and IEEE Life Members to form Life sionals on all aspects of the program. changed the world of our young students, it Member Chapters in our Sections. It is my firm belief that Life Members can seems somehow irrelevant to youngsters in Forming a Chapter requires the approval of contribute much of their knowledge and expe- many countries. at least 6 Life Members of the Section and the rience to IEEE Section activities and to Society It is imperative to find ways to address the nomination of a person to serve as interim and I see the enhancing of Scientific Literacy lack of interest and preparedness of High Chair of the Chapter. as a great challenge to all of us. School students in engineering. The petition for a LM Chapter shall be sub- I urge IEEE Life Members in Region 8 to Among the persons best fitted to take this mitted to the Regional Life Member Chapter become active, either by forming Chapters or challenge are IEEE Life Members retired Coordinator (e-mail: j.baal.schem @ieee.org) by contacting me individually. scientists and engineers having a vast techno- for approval. The Regional LM Chapter logical experience along with the wisdom and Coordinator will establish new LM Chapters Dr. Jacob Baal-Schem experience that comes with age. with the cooperation and advice of the Section Region 8 Life Member Coordinator To qualify for LM, members must be 65 or Chair. The Chapter shall be considered estab- Chair, Israel IEEE LM Chapter 10 Region 8 News November 2003

11 IEEE 8 Get Local! This is where GOLD Thoughts on a GOLD strategy can step in. Graduates of Read one of GOLD's mission statements: the last decade - GOLD can The GOLD program has been established offer much? Let us build on to provide the framework and tools for the those Student Branch rela- Sections use in retaining recent graduates. tionships. Lets go beyond. Recent graduates often means former GOLD covers the area of student branch members. What positive a whole country or a whole experience has an SB member which might section. Even with four make him continue his IEEE membership meetings with professional after university time? talks in a year and several An active Student Branch offers a social additional activities like network for its members and connects people company visits, it is difficult Stuttgart GOLDies Get Local from different faculties and people from dif- to maintain a close relation- ferent years of study (from freshers to PhD ship because the group that meets is different twelve participants. Another participant students to professors). This network pro- each time according to the place (e.g. city) talked about mobile banking applications. In vides the opportunity to exchange views, where the meeting is held. the end, every attendant expressed an interest ideas and knowledge regarding private and For example, through a GOLD member in keeping this GOLD group alive and a professional topics, to inspire and to help who was visiting Germany last year, we learned speaker for the next meeting was determined. each other. It offers a platform to support the about the GOLD Affinitiy group of Bangalore, The aims of this local group are: GOLD is organization of events to discover like-mind- India which led to a new project within GOLD an additional network that offers us an enjoy- ed persons with special interests. Germany: The Get Local approach. able opportunity to meet people in a different When graduating from university, this As a first pilot, we extracted data about context, apart from the context where the network might be kept alive at least partial- GOLD members in the Stuttgart area of GOLDie is employed. It offers a new opportu- ly. But due to the distance between the con- Germany and invited them to a small meet- nity to discuss private and professional issues as nected people, due to work-load in the job, ing. As the response was not overwhelm- well as to organize events for which otherwise due to the adaptation to a new environment ing, we decided just to meet at a cafe in an not enough interested people could be found. it gets more and more difficult to maintain informal atmosphere. An additional aspect This is just a small step, but in a more it. Instead, new networks are built up within was the possibility to meet some old friends and more flexible and globalized world, the social and professional domain. (you remember the SB network mentioned these kind of networks will gain more and Then what happens? IEEE Student branch above?). After getting to know each other, more importance for people and so this is a is no longer available, the science might not we decided to give it another try. great chance for IEEE to fill a niche in its be relevant to the job, costs of living compete The second meeting took place at Stuttgart service to the engineering community. with costs of IEEE membership. People quit University. The author explained the idea of By Gerald Anleitner IEEE membership. GOLD and the Get Local approach to the GOLD Germany High-Tech and Visions IEEE Germanys new webpages were German GOLDies visit Philips demonstrated. They were designed and Semiconductors built by members of the group. The semiconductor foundry in Hamburg is Philips principal office in Germany and Hiding Places, Tapas & Drinks the countrys second biggest manufactur- We visited the German Customs Museum er of semiconductors. Mainly discrete which tells the stories of customs and duty semiconductors and ICs are produced. through-out the ages. Of special interest On September 5, 2003 GOLD mem- were the items from discovered smug- bers were given an overview over the com- algorithms allowed for a quick glance at the glers hiding places and trademark protec- plex process. future of DVD and video. tion including various falsifications, from The design of LCD displays one of clothes to computer software. many applications for the fabricated ICs GOLD Committee Elected Our group finally rested in Hamburgs addresses various aspects of digital imag- During the GOLD meeting, Helmut nice Portuguese village where all aspects ing: Colour correction, motion compensa- Hauschild was elected new chairman of the of IEEE GOLD were discussed while tion etc. A demonstration of the latest chip Affinity Group and successor of Peter Knott enjoying tapas and drinks. generation including image enhancement who founded and supported it for many years. Contributed by Peter Knott November 2003 Region 8 News 11

12 IEEE his issue of Region 8 News My education in T brings you several articles under the banner of IEEE Region 8 Industry. Turkey saw me achieve HND equivalent quali- fications in electrical The intention is to give recognition to and mechanical engi- our members in industry. So I welcome your neering. Life around stories, articles, photos which illustrate our our family home wasnt professional activities on-the-job. so much about A, B & This month features a profile of the founder C much more U, I & of a small company Robotica, Cemal Ozturk, R. With this back- who started making architectural models in his ground in electrical native Turkey (Ozturk Modelmakers) and engineering, I was then today - in Glasgow, Scotland UK - also manu- introduced to the world factures robots which are specially useful in of architecture by my sister, now an The team at Robotica now includes my teaching robotics. Associate Professor of Architecture in brother as Technical Director and an in- Next Issue (February 2004) will profile - Istanbul. Three worlds collided to hugely house architect. The business is completely David Rhodes, a Fellow of the IEEE who positive effect when I integrated electrics, self-sufficient with an electronics lab, cad- started building microwave filters in a electronics and architecture. cam and modelmaking workshops. The core garage, and built this into a public company I founded an architectural modelmak- staff of highly versatile people produces with three thousand employees Filtronics. ing company in Istanbul, which allowed me complex prototypes and thoroughly tested Future issues will need stories sent in by to combine these three strands thereby working products. All the robotics products our readers please write to tell me about pushing forward the boundaries of tradition- are designed, developed and manufactured your enterprise!! al modelmaking into an altogether more hi- in-house. Roland Saam, tech world. The business flourished in The business plan for the next three Editor, R8News Turkey as many clients appreciated the ben- years has as its objective the development of e-mail: [email protected] efits of architectural and marine models the main robotics product Edubot and which comprised electronic features such as the progression of its high-level marketing Member Profile: Cemal infra-red remote controls and fibre-optic abroad. I am now working on the design of Ozturk lighting. a conveyor and a rotary table. This is to Its undoubtedly true to say that electrical I moved to Scotland to get married in complement our robotic arm EduBot to engineering is in my blood. I was born in 1989, and transferred my business to form a robotic cell for which I have to find Istanbul - into a family peopled by electrical Glasgow. Since then, Ozturk Modelmakers affordable industrial grade sensors with engineers. My father, one of the very first has become the biggest firm of its kind in vision for object recognition. men ever in Turkey to become a registered Scotland. Many of Scotlands landmark Please visit our website www.roboti- electrician, was a highly respected business- contemporary buildings and developments ca.co.uk man who ran his own electrical engineering have seen their inception within our premis- Cemal Ozturk company. He was later joined in the busi- es; we have modelled, amongst countless Robotica Ltd. ness by my two elder brothers, also quali- others, the new Scottish Parliament 17-19 Park Terrace Lane fied electrical engineers. Just to make up the Building in Edinburgh, a major Scottish Glasgow G3 6BQ, UK numbers, my younger brother has now also golf course designed by Severiano Tel: +44 141 353 2261 joined the ranks, as he is now a qualified Ballesteros and the new stadium for Celtic Fax: + 44 141 353 2614 electronics engineer. FC at Glasgows Parkhead. During these years, I have expanded my passion for all things electrical and mechanical into an area that combines modelmaking and electronics to futuristic effect that of robotics. Expanding my business into the manufacture and supply of educational robotics is the reason I joined IEEE. When I established the robotics company - Robotica I was keen to ensure I was part of a serious network of like-minded professionals. 12 Region 8 News November 2003

13 First Meeting of Industrial Relations IEEE UK&RI Section On 17th January 2003, a group of members met in London to set up Industrial Relations activities in United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland. Present were Theresa Schofield, Steven Gao, Roland Saam.. Further team members were Nihal Sinnadurai , Simon Jones. and Ahmed Shihab. In UK&RI we have some ten thousand members, and there are vast numbers of people who work in our fields of interest but do not know about IEEE, or how they can join and participate in activities. Theresa Schofield outlined the purposes TAYFUN AKGUL 2003 of EMTA (Engineering and Marine Training Authority); which has wide con- tacts to Industry in UK and how it might help us. For example IEEE UK&RI IR team could gain the attention of heads of industry in the UK. She suggested a method to choose Companies to target, ie those which already have an awareness of IEEE 1. Promote and inform the concept of IEEE There is a great deal of information on benefits (USA companies on UK&RI) - as a progressive technical information this subject. I encourage readers to search quick hit = likely success. Success would provider to industry and its employees. the IEEE website for useful material such as gain more names, incentive as well as give 2. Promote and inform the relevance of sup- PDF files of helpful brochures which experience to the team in approaching port of IEEE in developing/changing explain the IEEE European companies. technologies. IEEEXe.pdf a three page executive A report by the Region 8 Industrial 3. Work with industry to establish our summary; Relations coordinator, Terje Gegendahl gave understanding of their needs, to deter- WhatIsIEEE.pdf What is the IEEE?; details of how he started up IR in Norway in mine their further needs and to demon- Guidelines1.pdf Guidelines For 2001, and what results they achieved, with a strate how we can help address their Developing Executive Contacts business plan for development. needs. There is a lot of potential in Region 8 for The UK&RI Industrial Relations team 4. Encourage the establishment of informing the world of commerce and initial meeting got off to an early start. Leadership Training within the Regions industry about the benefits to encouraging and Sections. membership in the IEEE. I hope that you IEEE Industry Relations So at the Region level there is a commit- will contribute to this series. Please write In this first of a continuing Series, Region 8 tee headed up by Jean Gabriel Remy (jean- about what your Section or Chapter is doing Industry will tell its readers about how [email protected]). He works with to bring members and non-members closer IEEE Industry Relations is set up. At the the Sections in our region to stimulate activ- together to our fields of technical interest. I top, the Regional Activities Board (RAB) ities which inform people in industry about am also interested in Personal Profiles of has set out the scope:- the benefits of IEEE. He is there to help members in Industry. The Industry Relations Committee is your Section IR Volunteer to establish Roland Saam responsible for the following RAB objectives: Industry Relations Editor Visit the Women in Engineering website www.ieee.org/women - New WIE PhotoContest - Search Women at www.ieee-virtual-museum.org November 2003 Region 8 News 13

14 Photo Quiz Our Iceland correspondent The orginal coin-telephone box was It shows the main central square in writes: known as a symbol for Reykjavik at that Reykjavik, Laekjartorg. The street on the The photo (published in September time. When it was taken down it was right is Bankastraeti and the big house on R8News) shows a true copy of a coin-tele- destroyed. The box which stands outside the the left is the Prime Ministery. phone box that was long time ago in the Telecoms museum today, was bought from Thorvardur Jonsson, middle of the center square in Reykjavik the producer in Sweden. Iceland (Laekjartorg). The sign SIMI on the top of the box I think that the orginal coin-telephone means TELEPHONE. Editors Notice: To all who entered the box was put up shortly after the opening of The enclosed photograph - was taken September contest The Winner will be Icelands first automatic telephone by the photographer Skafti Gudjonsson announced in the February 2004 issue of exchange in Reykjavik 1. December 1932 (1902 - 1971) on 14. june 1942, - the region 8 News. As I write this, the closing and it stood there for 30 to 40 years. (The orginal is in the Reykjavik Photograph date for the September contest had not yet first public telephone in Iceland). museum. finished. New Photo Quiz November 2003 Many readers are familiar with the engine compartment of a modern car. It surely is complex, as this photograph proves. The words Hybrid System appear on it. So the questions for November are: Q.1 What is an engine with a Hybrid System? Q 2. How many electrical, electronic, computing systems in this engine can you describe? I guess that many readers are involved with design and develop- ment for the Automotive industry. The engine shown is from a pro- duction car, but it is unique. Maybe you belong to the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. The Society concerns itself with land, airborne and maritime mobile services; portable commercial and citizens communications services; vehic- ular electrotechnology, equipment and systems of the automotive industry; traction power, signals, communications and control systems for mass transit and railroads. Have a look at their website: www.vtsociety.org All entries must be received by 1st December 2003. Winner will receive a IEEE Milestone 02 SWATCH quartz wristwatch in a pre- sentation case. The SWATCH kindly donated by IEEE Switzerland Section. 14 Region 8 News November 2003

15 Harnessing Geothermal Heat for the Supply of Energy A visit to the Nesjavellir power plant in Iceland by Jacob Baal-Schem on an active volcanic belt), was discussed for heating cold water taken from a near- for a long time. In 1948 the Town Council by lake. The hot water flows by a 23 km The word Geyser is quite well known of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, pipeline to Reykjavik, with a temperature worldwide, but only a few know that the approved participation in research. decrease less than two degrees, and serves original Geysir is a hot spring site in Nesjavellir became the focal point, as it had to heat about 26,000 houses serving more Iceland. the greatest geothermal activity in the area. than half the population of Iceland. Geysers erupt because the thermal water Nesjavellir is the biggest geothermal I was impressed to see how the ascending through their channels boils at some power plant in Iceland, 177 metres above Iceland nation harnessed geothermal depth below the surface. As the water boils it sea level. Exploration and planning for power for the production of electricity flashes into steam, and as the steam occupies utilization started already in 1947 and was and the heating of houses without harm- far greater volume than water, the water above continued for two years. A few experi- ing the environment. in the channel is thrown high up into the air. At mental boreholes were drilled for the eval- Contributed by about 23 m depth in the Geysir pipe the water uation of the exploitable power and the Jacob Baal-Schem is at 120C temperature. The turbulence chemical composition of the steam. After Editors note: (boiling) can increase to the point where the a rather long intermission, exploration and For further information please look at web- water above in the pipe is lifted slightly, and research continued with shorter intervals site http://www.energy.rochester.edu/is/reyk/ a chain reaction starts - the pressure decreas- from 1965 to 1986. index.htm where you will find interesting es making further boiling possible and the The construction of the geothermal facts about the Geothermal Resources in water flashes into steam, resulting in a power station commenced in 1987 and the Iceland and the Reykjavik Heating & Geyser eruption. cornerstone was laid in May 1990. The Electricity Plan. In previous centuries, the utilization of processing power of the power station is History of geothermal sources of energy geothermal heat in Iceland was primarily now 200 MWt (heat energy), with the in Iceland limited to bathing and laundering. In 1930 water production reaching more than 1100 How the plant works a primary school near Reykjavik was heat- litres per second. In June 2001 the third Geothermal Resources in Iceland ed by a supply of hot water (at 87 degree turbine was put into operation, making the Output & Distribution centigrade). The harnessing of geothermal total production of electricity 90 MWe Economy and Investments heat especially in the Hengill area near the (electrical energy). The steam is utilized Research & Outlook for future original Geysir (about 50 square kilometers both for generating electricity as well as developments November 2003 Region 8 News 15

16 8 Student Representative: Basak Yuksel ([email protected]) Send news to e-mail address: [email protected] Website: http://www.ieee.org/r8sac Hi everybody, Number and quality of activities reported by the Student Branch, Hi! To say these are active times of stu- Quality of the web, dent branches may be a considerable Awards and prizes won by the Student Branch in the last two statement. After a resting summer period, student years OR at least participation and submission of candidates (Web branches restart to organize activities and look for Contest, Outstanding Branch Counselor Contest, Region 8 SB different IEEE opportunities. This November Membership Growth Contest, Student Paper Contest, Region 8 issue of Region 8 Student News is a rich collection Photo Contest, etc.), of challenging IEEE announcements. Once more, I thank all our stu- Participation in R8 News, dent branches for their contributions to these pages and want to invite Number of Student Branch Chapters and WIE Affinity Group, all of you to write about your announcements, activities i.e., anything Years of term of SB officers (the less the better). you want to share with IEEE student members. This is a preliminary announcement and we will let you know of Best regards, more details as soon as possible. Basak Yksel For more information send an e-mail to: [email protected] Also, Regional Student Representative send us an e-mail with ideas of activities you would like to see in SBC04. Message From R8 SAC Interested In History? Hola! Check the Virtual Museum web site: http://www.ieee-virtual-muse- How are you all? There are a lot of new opportu- um.org/ but more important: nities that we are sharing with you in these pages. IEEE Student History Paper Competition Take a look at them and find out more in our Investigate the History of Your Profession and Win a Trip to brand new web page: http://www.ieee.org/r8sac England! Take your time to browse through these pages 28-30 June 2004 and find out about the highlights that your IEEE membership pro- This is an unusual opportunity for a student of electrical engineer- vides. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to ing and computing to do some historical research and present it at an contact us at: [email protected] Also remember that we are looking international IEEE conference in England, with travel expenses paid. to forward your feedback, your constructive critics and your support. The IEEE 2004 Conference on the History of Electronics marks Best regards from Spain! the hundredth anniversary of the invention by John Ambrose Pilar Molina Gaud Fleming of the diode electron-tube, the first of the radio tubes. The Vice Chair Student Activities conference will take place from 28 June through 30 June 2004 at Bletchley Park, 50 miles northwest of London. Bletchley Park, the Student Branch Congress 2004 (SBC04) centre of British code-breaking during World War II, is an appropri- Preliminary Announcement ate site for the conference since it was there that the Colossus, con- The biannual Student Branch Congress that joins together all the sidered by many to be the first large-scale digital electronic comput- Student Branch leaders in Region 8 will take place next year in er, was designed and built. Passau, Germany on 4-7 September 2004. This congress will be held The student should investigate some topic in the history of electronics in conjunction with the Region 8 GOLD Congress. I first want to broadly defined, including, for example, computers, signal processing, show my gratitude to the local volunteers that are doing a good job control systems, and consumer electronics. He or she may focus on any to make this a great success. aspect of this historytechnological, economic, or socialand should For the first time there will be a maximum number of Region 8 present the research results and conclusions in a 10- to 20-page paper. sponsored delegates. To be able to receive travel support from (See the Guidelines for more information at: http://www.ieee.org/organi- Region 8 for the Student Branch to send a delegate, the Student zations/history_center/Che2004/contest.html) Branch has to meet the following criteria: Ten winning papers, one from each of the ten IEEE Regions, 1) Student Branch has more than 15 members in May, 2004. Now will be selected, and each of the winning authors will be invited the renewal campaign for 2004 is open, so it is time for SB lead- to attend the conference, expenses paid, at Bletchley Park. In ers to recruit new members. addition, the Student Branch of each winner will receive an hon- 2) Student Branch has to submit the Annual Report before June, orarium. After presentation at the conference, from the ten win- 1st 2004. ners, the Conference Program Committee will select the overall Furthermore, if there are more applications than travel grants, the first-, second-, and third-place winners. following guidelines will be followed by the organization: This IEEE Student History Paper Competition is sponsored by the 16 Region 8 News November 2003

17 IEEE History Committee and the IEEE History Center, and it is made possible by a grant from the IEEE Foundation. Briefs: These are short reminders and information that you might find useful: 1) REMEMBER: Region 8 STUDENT BRANCH MEMBERSHIP GROWTH AWARDS This Awards prizes to the top 5 Student Branches with a higher membership growth with $600 for activities. This is a lot of money! And now the 2004 Membership Renewal campaign is TAYFUN AKGUL 2003 open. More information at: http://www.ieee.org/r8sac 2) MONEYLESS and willing to travel to an IEEE technical confer- ence? Now you can earn yourself a trip if you volunteer to orga- nize a Student event at the venue. Again you can find the details in the web page. Dont miss this chance to get this travel grant! 3) Region 8 Student Activities offers up to $500 help to Student Branches to organize activities, contact us! held by Prof. Frank Prochaska from Colorado Technical 4) There is a Region 8 Student Photo Contest going on. Check it out! University and 15 Students received a valuable Certificate; 5) I INSIST do not forget to check the web: http://www.ieee.org/r8sac! Round table on Academic Exchange was the place where excel- lent ideas and concrete agreements drew the most attention; IEEE Sarajevo SB IEEE SEEGEE, idea about making the Olympic Games in EESEE 2003 Electrical Engineering was well accepted and a team of people The Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, from 1st till 3rd who will work on this idea was formed; of July was the host of the IEEE International Conference EE Visit to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo; Education in the 21st Century in the Southeastern Europe (+Greece Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Politehnica and Turkey), organized by the IEEE Student Branch of Sarajevo. University of Bucharest Prof. Mihai Octavian Popescu initiated Reforms in Higher Education are taking place in the SEE at this the forming of the Southeastern Europe Deans Network moment and the implementation of EU standards is in front of all This conference was organized with support of the IEEE of us, so we felt the need to create an appropriate environment for Foundation and the help of several local companies and organizations. the representatives of Universities, professors and students from Many thanks to: the region in order to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences Prof. Branislava Perunicic Drazenovic, Mr. Leid Zejnilovic, Mr. Jasmin about education systems and to improve cooperation in the region. Velagic, Miss. Alma Skopljak, Miss. Sabina Vejzagic, Mr. Duvnjak Three days of the Conference were full of activities and here are Dragan, Mr. Amar Uzunovic, Mr. Adnan Strojil, Mr. Damir Mudric, some highlights: Mr. Senad Uka, Miss. Sabina Dacic, Miss. Lejla Becirbasic and others. 20 papers were presented; Edin Drljevic Leadership and Creativity in EE Workshop for students was IEEE SB Sarajevo Chair Electrical Engineering Education in SE Europe Conference Sarajevo EESEE 2003 November 2003 Region 8 News 17

18 Kwame Nkrumah University STUDENT PAPER hard work - from inauguration in 2001 to weekly branch meetings, regular member- of Science and Technology, CONTEST 2004 ship campaigns on campus to technical vis- KNUST The Regional Student Paper Contest 2004 its to industries, hosting the Nigeria section IEEE Student Branch Kumasi, deadline is approaching. Deadline for sub- and organizing an SPAC to an effective rep- Ghana mission of papers is 15 December 2003. To resentation at an IEEE R8 conference in The KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University participate, you have to be a Region 8 Student South Africa. of Science and Technology) Chapter was belonging to a Student Branch. The size of A lot of thanks to the R8 Student formed in September 2002. In less than a the paper should not exceed 6 pages and you Activities Committee for such a nice initia- year, the branch has increased its number can read the detailed rules in the web page. tive and also to the Nigeria section execu- of members over 50 students. The There are three prizes 800, 500 and 200 US tives for their support. increase in membership was impeded by dollars respectively that are offered by the Contributed by, the recent 78.5% increase in the student Life Member Fund. Furthermore, the Region Igboanugo, Charles registration fee. The branch is also taking 8 Student Activities Fund offers 250 US part in as many contests and activities Dollars as the Dick Poortvliet Award to the IEEE Federal University of organized by IEEE as possible. As such, branch where the winner comes from. Technology Owerri Student it participated in this years regional web- The oral finals will take place in Branch (FUTO SB) site contest. Dubrovnik, Croatia, as part of Melecon Teaching Evening (July 14th, In preparation for the Student Paper 2004 (http://www.melecon2004.org), the 2003) Contest, the branch organized an orientation 12th Mediterranean Electrotechnical The Technical Evening started at 4.00 pm for members. Prof. Toby Cumberbatch, a Conference (12-15 May 2004). Finalists get with overwhelming enthusiasm of Futo stu- visiting lecturer from Cooper Union, N.Y., travel support to the venue, and Dubrovnik dents. The Branch Chair, Mr.Chinonso USA, carried out the orientation. He gave an is really worth visiting. Emehelu, introduced the speaker overview of how to plan for the contest and For further information, contact: M.J. Mr.Okwudili Nwachukwu who made a pre- choose a topic. [email protected] sentation on Bluetooth Protocol, which was The branch is also planning strategic the technical paper of the evening. The pre- means of increasing membership. As part of The Nnamdi Azikiwe sentation was well received by the partici- these, there will be a one-year anniversary University, NAUSB Bags R8 pants with so many follow up questions and celebration in September 2003 .The activi- Award contributions in the Q&A session. This ties, which will mark the occasion, are list- The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Student brought the technical session to an end and ed below: Branch was, in June 2003, declared the the general session then started. 1. A presentation of IEEE organization, FOURTH BEST STUDENT BRANCH in This was the first Technical Evening of 2. A symposium on the topic The recent Region 8, in terms of membership growth. the semester, the Branch Chair gave a talk technological advancements in Ghana., The award, which carries a cash prize of on IEEE, going back to basics: history, 3. A cocktail party. $300, got all the students (and faculty mem- organizational overview, purpose, function The listed activities will also be used to bers!) jubilating. Few hours later, the branch and benefits to students and the relevance of register new members into the branch. inbox was full of congratulatory messages. a branch to student activities. He also Yayra de Souza Such recognition, at a time when student emphasized the networking advantages as Branch Chairman membership was almost discouraged by the suggested by the motto, Networking the [email protected] dues increase -especially in Africa- goes to World, as well as the scholastic provisions IEEE-KNUST show that NAUSB is actually one of (if not) for outstanding and upcoming engineering http://www.ghana-youth.com/ieeeknust the best SB in IEEE! students. To the members, it is simply a product of This elicited a lot of questions from par- Warsaw University of ticipants, especially non members who were Technology, enthusiastic about joining the IEEE. Also, IEEE Student Branch, Poland members indicated their interest in partici- IEEE Student Branch of Warsaw pating in the regional paper contests. University of Technology in cooperation With the attendance of over 50 people, with IEEE Poland Section and SPIE the technical evening ended with a lot of Poland Section is organizing annual con- participants expressing their satisfaction ference on Photonics and Web with immeasurable benefits of IEEE student Engineering to be held in WILGA Village registration and looking forward to the next near Warsaw, on 26-30 May 2004. The technical evening. WILGA Village resort is owned by the From L-R; Efeyena Duke, Chukwu Michael Emehelu Chinonso Oha Onyedika Warsaw University of Technology and (Membership Comm. Chair), Igboanugo Charles (Branch Chair) during a membership Student Branch Chair Student Branch offers unique friendly country side condi- campaign on campus. Secretary tions. The conference is designed primar- 18 Region 8 News November 2003

19 Neural Net Notes Up to $600. Travel Grants for Students: The IEEE Neural Networks Society Conference Travel Grant program offers a limited number of travel grants to assist IEEE Student Members presenting papers at IEEE NNS sponsored conferences. Students who reside in the local area of the confer- ence will receive the equivalent of the early student registration fee. For more information, please contact IEEE-KNUST members with Prof. Toby Cumberbatch at orientation for the IEEE student paper contest Slawo Wesolkowski, IEEE NNS Education Chair at [email protected] or visit the ily for young researchers from academia, organizations in Ibadan, Nigeria. Internet webiste: http://www.ieee-nns.org/edu/travel/ industry and hi-tech business including to GSM mail/text technology, web NNS offer up to $4,000. spin-offs. It is also designed for design/hosting, VSAT, networking, IP Scholarships for Summer M.Sc.E.Eng students, Ph.D. students and telephony, certifications, among others Research GOLD members. Every evening there are were topics presented. Earlier in the ses- The Walter J. Karplus Summer Research IEEE sponsored barbeques. The scope sion, we had had an excursion to an ISP Support Program of the IEEE Neural embraces, but is not confined to: complex in Ibadan and a seminar, with the Nigeria Networks Society allows students to apply electronic and optoelectronic systems, Section Vice Chair in attendance. It's for funding to carry out research during the optical and photonic technologies, mea- indeed a privilege to be an active member summer period. surement and telemetric systems, appli- in this great organisation - IEEE and to be This initiative includes (1) a visit to cations of photonics in communications, continually encouraged by the Nigeria another university, institute or research biomedicine and industry, high energy Section. agency for collaboration with an identi- physics experiments, experimental Adebowale Onifade fied researcher in the field of interest of astronomy, optical Internet technologies, [email protected], [email protected] the applicant, (2) expenses (such as soft- Grid calculations, Optical multigigabit Student Branch Chair ware or books) that are justifiable and rel- Ethernet, Optical networks theory and IEEE, University of Ibadan evant to the research being conducted. practice, mechatronics and nanomechan- ics, 3D and 4D object recognition and tracking. Conference website is: http://nms.ise. pw.edu.pl/wilga/2004/eng/index.php There is no conference fee for IEEE and SPIE members and the accomodation price is just symbolic, around 10 Euro per day for night and whole day food. The conference papers are published internationally in the recognized series Proceedings of SPIE (www.spie.org). Official language of the meeting is English. Information: [email protected] Best ragards, IEEE Ibadan, Nigeria SB Participants during the excursion Ryszard S.Romaniuk Warsaw University of Technology, Poland IEEE Student Branch Counselor University of Ibadan, IEEE Student Branch, Ibadan, Nigeria The IEEE Student Branch of Nigeria's premier university, University of Ibadan recently held its third program in the aca- demic session - a technical trip to two From left to right: Adebowale Onifade, Oladiran Amao, Ade Odutayo, Tolu Alalade, Adedotun Oludemi and Segun Tinubi November 2003 Region 8 News 19

20 Region 8 Students get 2-of-4 included a presentation about pre-university EAB offers many materials to support Awards in 2003! outreach activities by Dr. Douglas Gorham, you. Pamphlets, brochures and information The four projects awarded for 2003: Manager, IEEE Educational Activities Pre- are available at the EA website. Direct e- 1. Theoretical Analysis of Multi-Objective college Education mail to Doug Gorham will also bring help. Evolutionary Algorithms - Jian-Hung During his IEEE-Eastern Canada * PEERS, http://www.ieee.org/organiza- Chen, Feng Chia University, Taiwan; Council Tour, Dr. Gorham did a super job of tions/eab/precollege/peers/, tells you how engi- 2. Bio-Instrumental Complex Assess Bio- providing strategies that can connect engi- neers can support educators and how educators Psychological State of the Persons Doing neers with the pre-university community can use engineers support. Answers to the Activity under Stress Conditions, Dan and solve the problem of including technol- who, why, where, how, and when are given. Dobrea, Technical University Gh. ogy and engineering in the schools, said * Teacher-in-Service Program, Asachi Iasi, Romania Dr. El-Hawary. http://www.ieee.org/organizations/eab/p 3. Intrusion Detection with Neural Students and teachers often regard sci- recollege/tispt/, describes a project for their Networks, Timo Horeis, University of ence, technology, engineering, and mathe- classroom and give instructions on how to Passau, Germany matics as being either scary or dull. do it. Specific and practical information 4. Modeling of Reactive Ion Etching Using Engineers can demonstrate that engineering includes many tips. Neural Networks, Chen Min, Beijing projects can teach teamwork, be challeng- * City Technology: Stuff that Works, Institute of Technology, China ing, and fun. http://www.ieee.org/organizations/eab/prec- For more information on the 2004 pro- The IEEE Educational Activities Board ollege/sitytech/about.htm, explains how gram please visit the website at (EAB) pre-university education programs IEEE members can serve as online mentors http://www.ieee-nns.org/edu/research/ and supporting materials are designed to for middle elementary schools. Stuff that index.html or contact Slawo Wesolkowski, form collaborations between engineers and Works instruction sheets are on-line. IEEE NNS Education Chair at s.wesolkows- teachers and/or engineers and students. The EABs goal is to give the pre-university [email protected] EAB pre-university education website fea- presentation at each of the Regional meet- tures over 30 links to programs and strate- ings. If you are interested in arranging a IEEE EAB Pre-University gies for activities at the Section level. regional presentation, contact Dr. Doug Presentation for Regional A corollary is to increase the profile of Gorham at [email protected] . Meetings engineering. Exposure is the surest way to Through the initiative of Ferial El-Hawary, overcome the idea that engineering is too Lynn Murison the Region 7 meeting held on 2 May 2003 difficult a subject to tackle. New! New! New! The R8 Student Forum The R8 Student Forum is an online com- Technological information. Share the things that are happening in munity open to all Region 8 Student Chat: your area with the community. Members. Take a look at it and join in: Chat with other people in the communi- And also: http://www.ieeecommunities.org/region8sf ty and meet people. There are two chat Take part in polls, You will be able to: possibilities: Send images to be posted to the community, Discuss: i. Chat in a one to one basis, just by Get information of other community Share experiences and information with clicking on the Whos On link of the members, colleagues across Europe, Africa and the community. Influence the IEEE leadership with your Middle East, ii. Chat with up to 10 people in the chat views, Create new discussions and respond to room of the community by clicking on Express yourself!, open ones, the Chat link on the left banner. Meet people and network, Share ideas with people participating in Participate in one of the programmed Take advantage of your IEEE membership. Student Branches from half of the world, chats with leaders of R8 SAC and other If you like the idea of the community, Learn about what it means trying to students. and also you want to be volunteer to help us become an engineer in other places. Post calendar entries: a little by developing this tool, you can Share files: Know what is going on in other parts of become a Community Moderator. If you are Share files and information, the world and find out about internation- ready to step forward send an e-mail to Pilar Awards information, al programmed activities, at: [email protected] 20 Region 8 News November 2003

21 Student News Calender of Events * 1st IEEE Region 8 Student * IEEE Student History Paper Competition Branch Chess Tournament The conference will take place from 28 - 30 June 2004 at Bletchley Start of tournament was October 5, Park, 50 miles northwest of London. The papers will be judged by 2003 the Conference Program Committee after the presentations at the First IEEE Region 8 Student Branch IEEE 2004 Conference on the History of Electronics. Chess Tournament! Challenge for Knights of Chess * Student Design Teams Sought for 2004 CSIDC IEEE Region 8 SAC and BTI Students from universities and colleges worldwide are invited to par- (Biysk, Altay region, Russia) IEEE ticipate in the 2004 IEEE Computer Society International Design Student Branch Competition. The CSIDC is an annual challenge that allows teams of New Chess Tournament! - Now in Progress undergraduate engineering students the opportunity to design, from See whos in the team and follow results on the sac website: inception to prototype, a special-purpose computer-based device to www.ieee.org/r8/sac follow links to chess. solve a real-world problem. The competition has a $25,000 first prize. In 2004, the idea of social responsibility is targeted in the theme * Student Branch Congress 2004 SBC04, Passau/Germany Making the World a Safer Place. Examples of devices that might 4-7 September 2004 follow this theme include GPS technologies that could help aircraft avoid collisions, environmental monitoring systems, or devices that * The Regional Student Paper Contest 2004 track patients who experience dementia. Deadline for submission of papers: 15 December 2003. Application materials are due by 1 November. Teams will be [email protected] selected by 14 November. www.computer.org Book Corner Photonics Essentials An Introduction with Experiments, This text was written by Tom Pearsall, a Region-8 member and Fellow of the IEEE. It It teaches photonics the electronic devices that manage light and electricity (Light-emitting Diodes, Photodetectors and Lasers). You learn by hands-on measurement techniques common to all photonic devices. It is designed for students and engineers looking for practical expertise rather than abstract theory. Contact [email protected] for more information et cetera TAYFUN AKGUL 2003 November 2003 Region 8 News 21

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