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1 Cedar County Courthouse Why Hartington? Cedar County Museum Imagine..your dream job, home environment, Great schools, low cost of living, safe environment, caring people, business opportunities, etc we have it all! safety, short commute times, recreation, and Hartington has a little bit of everything and is a great place natural beauty ~ all in the Hartington area! to invest in! Let us give you the opportunity to show you Priceless! what a great place the Hartington area is to live, work Hartington Swimming Pool AND play! Chris Miller, President Hartington Community Development Corp. Nebraska has an overall cost of living that ranks below the national average in all major categories, including food, housing, utilities, transportation, and health care! Chris Miller, President Hartington Community Development Corp. 107 West State Street Hartington a great place to POB 427 Hartington, NE 68739 call home . . . and a great place Business Phone: 402-254-6897 Fax: 402-254-6575 to start a business! Email: [email protected] The opportunities in our area Carla Becker Economic Development Coordinator are worth checking out! Hartington Community Development Corp. 107 West State Street Nebraska..the good life! PO Box 427 Hartington Community Hartington, NE 68739 * County Seat Complex Phone: 402-254-6357 * Cedar County Museum Fax: 402-254-6391 * Industrial Park (72 acres available!) Email: [email protected] A COMMUNITY WITH PRIDE & PURPOSE Hartington Municipal * Beautiful 9-Hole Golf Course Airport * Terrific Park and Swimming Pool Dedicated to a high quality of life, Avera Sacred Heart Medical * Hartington Municipal Airport (accommodates jets) Clinic prosperity and growth * Hartington Public Library & Art Gallery www.ci.hartington.ne.us * Hartington VFW, Am Vets and American Legion * Hartington has 2 Schools: Hartington Public School and Holy Trinity Aerial of Felber Park Elementary/Cedar Catholic High School (together serving approximately 810 students) and Golf Course * Vibrant Downtown Business Area * 3 Churches * Close Proximity to Lewis and Clark Lake * State of the Art Athletic Complex Hartington Public Library & Arlo & Anne Wirth Art Gallery Aerial of 2 Schools Hartington City Offices www.ci.hartington.ne.us

2 Hartington, Nebraska has a population of 1,652 and is the county seat of Cedar County. Hartington is located 30 +/- Acres Available at the Industrial Park eight miles east of US Highway 81 and 25 miles SE of Yankton, South Dakota. Hartington is a countywide hub for retail, industrial, and professional businesses and services. & 15.2 Acres of Highway Frontage! Hartington Community Development Corporation Mission Statement The mission of the Hartington Economic Development Corporation is to provide proactive leadership and vision for the City of Hartington that results in perpetuating short and long term sustainable economic growth through job and business growth, a competitive wage scale, suitable housing, a stable population, and fosters and preserves a high quality of life for all the citizens. What is Economic Development? Economic Development centers on the development of business, industry, job growth, and income in a community. The creation of jobs and career options for all ages and education levels help communities grow and prosper, and provides opportunities for people to remain in or move to our communities and state to live, work, and raise a family. Opportunities: Quality and good paying jobs are some one of the essential goals of economic development efforts. This job Available Industrial Sites and High- creation is accomplished with the assistance of economic development organizations working in cooperation with way Frontage Lots! private industry and retail businesses through partnerships of local, state and federal government programs. These efforts together with the local business and citys leadership team, all help to promote and sustain a vigorous Available Retail and Commercial Buildings for sale! economy and a solid commerce base. City Sales Tax for Economic De- velopment was passed in May 07 Hartington Offers: enabling business assistance! High-Speed Internet Access Local Re-Use Fund Hartelco provides high-speed broadband DSL service with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps Available Work Force throughout the entire service area of Hartington, including 100% of homes, businesses, and rural farms. Faade Improvement Loan Program Two (3) Commercial Real Estate Agents Don Miller Land Company: www.donmillerland.com ResourcesCan be found on the Citys website: www.ci.hartington.ne.us/econ.asp Don Peterson & Associates: www.donpeterson.com Westfield Acres New Housing Development! Farmers National Company: www.farmersnational.com Labor Survey completed in 2013. Hartington has 5 Lending Institutions for financial assistance (please call for contact information). Hartington Economic & Demographic Trends Bank of Hartington, Cedar Security Bank, Farmers & Merchants Bank, First National Northeast, and Hartington Community Guide. This gives information about Hartington and the general area. Security Bank. Location One Information Systems (LOIS Online) - Another source of Hartington Data Hartington also offers: Information packet is available upon request Forward thinking city leadership Recognitions: Favorable utility rates Nebraska Community Improvement Program Award Winner! High quality work force Strong Unity in Organizations and Volunteers Recipient of the 2014 Governors Honorary Showcase Award Winner! This IS community development at its finest. - Judges Comments

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